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Egyptian Embassy

Egypt–United Kingdom relations refers to the bilateral relationship between Egypt and the United Kingdom.

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The Egyptian Embassy has donated relief materials to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Durumi camp located in Area 1, ABUJA.
Israeli war criminals spotted leaving Egyptian embassy in London, after delivering big suitcases of cash for Sisi.
Contact the Egyptian Embassy in Washington and ask them to free Amnesty Int. prisoner of conscience
Watch Anne Beers Elem. students sing the Egyptian National Anthem at the Embassy yesterday:
Yesterday they performed a traditional Egyptian dance and sang the Egyptian nat'l anthem in Arabic at the Embassy!
Egyptian Embassy reaction to alleged racist remark against Africans by Egyptian diplomat in Nairobi
Has the Egyptian embassy apologised yet because we are Africans. We demand an apology from them or we take you out from your embassy?
The Egyptian embassy hit back at allegations over its Minister of Environment who was accused of the racial slurs in Kenya.
A big thank you the Egyptian youth at the Meeting at the UN Embassy who ACKNOWLEDGED that this happens!
The Egyptian Embassy in Kenya responds to allegations of racism. Cc
Bastet, the Egyptian cat goddess... it might well be Embassy Cat in a previous life :D)))
Kenya says Head of Egyptian delegation at UNEP refers to sub Saharan Africans as slaves&dogs, Egypt embassy response
really! I can lead demonstration to picket at the Egyptian Embassy
Egyptian Embassy joins the Africa Day celebrations -
lets bombard the Egyptian embassy between now and the 29th june
The Israeli prime minister opted to threatens Egyptian authorities with military intervention to save the embassy crew!. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I want to thank Sweden embassy in defeating for egyptian human rights
why is the complaint official in the Indian embassy in Kuwait an Egyptian
Egyptian embassy in Damacus delivered humanitarian aids to the Syrian Arab Red Crescent.
I looked at the event and I m attending on Monday infront of the Egyptian embassy
Join us on Sunday in front of the Egyptian embassy in Ottawa if you are against the surrender of the Egyptians...
Standing with Egyptian Ambassador to Ethiopia after a luncheon at the Egyptian Embassy in Addis Ababa
Diplomatic luncheon at the Egyptian Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
On the phone with funny Egyptian embassy lady. lady: are you married?. me: no, i'm single. her: Good.. I mean.. it's better. Don't get married.
Somalia:Somali embassy in Egypt confirms that a boat carrying at least 400 migrants capsized near Egyptian shores without more details
Raising the Royal Egyptian Flag on Washington DC embassy in 1923...
5 - 6 pm at Egyptian Embassy, Ballsbridge, today. . Citizen detained in July2013 .
Sharm Is Safe: ... General Authority for Tourism and the Egyptian Embassy in Kuwait. This trip was an interpre...
not Qatar as they moved from the hotel recently but Egyptian embassy was also residing there.
especially funny if he stumbled into an Egyptian Embassy to ask for help.
On behalf of Wilson Global Communications, we would like to wish the Egyptian Embassy a Happy Revolution Day!
The local community, his beneficiaries and family demand that the Egyptian Embassy brings back
Farewell party to Egyptian Ambassador HE Mohamed Tawfik at the Embassy
In a further sign that Brotherhood rule is over, the Egyptian embassy in Washington is serving alcohol at its National Day reception.
Egyptian embassy in DC on why you should think 'tolerance and moderation' when you hear the name Sisi.
said two protests had been held, one outside the Egyptian embassy in Pretoria.
The Egyptian Embassy will be closed on the 23rd July 2015.
Mahlab raised t/Egyptian flag during t/inauguration ceremony of t/new compund of Embassy in Malabo, in
everyone hasn't it? I'll miss seeing you on It was nice seeing you at the Egyptian Embassy protest a while back.2/2
embassy in to celebrate July 23 revolution.
Wats happening at the Egyptian Embassy?. Riara Road is filled with red plated vehicles.
What's happening at the Egyptian embassy along Riara rd?
I thought it was just for a day :/ miscalculated everything. Had to leave for Cairo but the Egyptian Embassy is closed :|
protest in Pretoria outside the Egyptian Embassy earlier this month
On Oct 9, there will be a candlelight vigil at the Egyptian Embassy in at 9 to remember the victims of & …
Demo at the Egyptian Embassy 2days ago. has been collaborating with to blockade for 8yrs
Nederlandse Vereniging van Journalisten send a letter to Sisi, via the Egyptian Embassy
Dutch journo's go to the Egyptian embassy today, with a letter for Pres Sisi …
Today representatives Dutch media will hand protest letter to Egyptian embassy. Asking immediate release of 3 AJE journalists
Email the Egyptian Embassy to support the rights of journalists and the freedom of the press. I did!
Press freedom in Egypt: today at 1 pm Dutch gathering of journalists at the Egyptian Embassy
Dutch Journo Syndicate & Society of Chief Editors will hand a letter to the Egyptian embassy in NL Friday at 1 pm.
We are arranging to go to the Egyptian Embassy in Wellington. There isn't one in Auckland.
Good on you but shouldn't you be outside the Egyptian Embassy?
G+: The planned protest at the Egyptian embassy in Lusaka to press for the release of the detained Al Jazeera…
And the EPMU is separately talking to the Egyptian Embassy about sending a delegation to share our concerns with them
Egyptian embassy, Zambia police team up to block Journalists' protest - Zambian Watchdog
please join us today for iftar in front of Egyptian Embassy - Ankara
Dear Dutch Journo's syndicate will go to Egyptian embassy on Friday to ask for release/abolishing verdicts incl mine.
Dutch Journo's Syndicate will go to the Egyptian Embassy in The Hague Friday, 1300 hrs to ask for the release of
Egyptian embassy, Zambia police team up to block Journalists’ protest
Leaders of PFUJ infront of Egyptian Embassy to give memorandum and to register protest
Protest from Peter's former colleagues delivered to Embassy http…
Protest from Peter's former colleagues delivered to Embassy
In front of the embassy in Nepal, March 23.
Luncheon hosted by the Egyptian Ambassador to Ethiopia His Excellency Mohammed Edrees in honor of the IBF/Africa mentored Peace & Stability Boxing Tournament in Africa to be held in Addis Ababa, August 16, 2014. In the second photo bellow His Excellency Ambassador Edrees shaking hands with Onesmo Ngowi, the President of IBF Africa, Middle East & Persian Gulf at the Egyptian Embassy in Addis Ababa, today at 1400 hrs!
Tonight to the Egyptian Embassy in Den Haag, Netherlands to vote for ''Sisi''
On 15th August 2013 hundreds of Malaysians demonstrated in front of the Egyptian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur to protest against the recent massacre perpetrated by the Egyptian Army against pro-democracy Egyptians. This protest was organized by IKRAM and a number of NGO's. Kredit : © Hadi Pahmi 2013
Kenya: Journalists protest jailings in Egypt NAIROBI, Kenya — Journalists in Kenya’s capital shouted slogans and marched through the streets Tuesday before sitting outside the Egyptian Embassy in support of jailed reporters in Cairo. The protesting media members and supporters called for all journalists jailed in Egypt to be freed, but the group focused its attention on Peter Greste, a Nairobi-based correspondent for Al Jazeera who has been in custody since Dec. 29. Twenty journalists working for Al Jazeera face charges of joining or aiding a terrorist group and endangering national security. The government accuses the news station of being sympathetic to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, a powerful, conservative force in the country. Nearly 100 journalists and supporters took part in a march and demonstration Tuesday, which helmeted police monitored but did not interfere with. “Journalism is Not A Crime,” read some of the protest posters. Robyn Kriel, co-chair of the local foreign correspondents asso ...
Outside the Egyptian Embassy in Nairobi calling for the release of Australian journalist Peter Greste
Celebration hosted by the Egyptian Embassy in New Delhi featuring a performance by Marimba, a music group from Egypt July 25th, 2011
Sextremists of Femen have attacked the Egyptian Embassy in Berlin protesting against mass rape in Square.
Message from Shaikh Haitham al Haddad: I urge bothers and sisters to attend the following demonstration to support our brothers and sisters in Egypt AGAINST THE MILITARY COUP! Sunday 7th July - 2pm-5pm - Outside the Egyptian Embassy in London 26 South Street, London W1Y 6DD. Nearest tube: Hyde Park Corner.
DEMONSTRATION RESIST MILITARY COUP IN 7th July – 2pm-5pm – Egyptian Embassy in London As millions take to the streets of Egypt today, reflecting the sentiments of the world who believe in justice and freedom, there are growing condemnation and utter shock at the flagrant military coup in Egypt which forcefully removed Egypt’s first ever democratically-elected president. The facts are clear for all to see. The military illegally removed President Mohammed Morsi this week. The country’s constitution is suspended. The military shut down Islamic television stations, newspapers and is preventing journalists reporting events in Egypt. President Morsi as well as leaders (and activists) of the Freedom and Justice Party and of the Muslim Brotherhood are being rounded-up and arrested. There is a travel ban on President Morsi and other senior figures of his government. Several Muslim Brotherhood offices including its headquarters have been attacked by protestors whilst the military stood-by. Pro-Morsi protes ...
Rally against president Mohamed Morsi at Egyptian Embassy in Berlin. By - News
LuLu Hypermarket, Saudi Arabia is all set to celebrate Egyptian Festival 2012 with the support of Egyptian Embassy in Saudi Arabia. The seven-day long event will showcase food products from Egypt from today. Afifi Al-Sayid Ahmed Abdulwahab, ambassador of Egypt to Saudi Arabia, will be the chief guest to at the opening of the festival campaign at 8 p.m. at LuLu Hypermarkets, Murabba. The prime focus of the festival is to portray LuLu Hypermarkets as a unique shopping experience for its customers. This event will prove the lengths to which LuLu goes to serve its customers no matter what nationality they belong. This will also highlight the exclusive range that LuLu carries in its outlet which are not available anywhere else in the Kingdom. Given the cosmopolitan clientele and culture of LuLu, the festival campaign will broaden its horizon to exhibit food products from Egypt like cheese, meat, fish and famous Egyptian foods, and also attractive prices on garments, household, home appliances, says Musthafa Ha ...
Video of Andy Reid from PCS speaking outside the Egyptian Embassy, London
Andy Reid from PCS union speaking in solidarity with protesters Egypt outside the Egyptian Embassy in London on 1st Dec 2012
November 17, 2012 I just returned from the Newseum on 555 Pennsylvania Avenue quite close to the Capitol. Outside of the Newseum, the staff posts the frontpage of a number of newspapers, mostly from the United States of America, but also some foreign. I was curious as to which ones had a story about the “recent tensions” in the Gaza Strip. It’s such a coincidence for me considering I was just at the Egyptian Embassy on Friday trying to find a way to visit. What are the odds? And the firing of Petraeus at the CIA just after all my posts about War Trials? What are the odds? Are people finally listening to me?:) Unfortunately, I think Dumb and Dumber have not gotten it yet. Anyways, the papers that did have a story on the Gaza Strip were: Anchorage Daily News, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, San Francisco Chronicle, The News Journal, The Washington Post, Tampa Bay Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Star Advertiser (Hawaii), Chicago Sun-Times, Indianapolis Star, Lexington Herald-Leader (Kentucky), ...
The Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) and the Egyptian Embassy in Nigeria have promised to work together to facilitate the establishment of standard hospitals and pharmaceuticals in N
Egyptian and Libyan Embassy attacks. A United States tragedy. On April 6, 2012 an IED is thrown over the fense of the US Consulate causing little damage. On June 6, 2012 an IED blows up the fense of the Consulate causing a hole large enough for 40 men to walk through. In June of this year a British security company warned the US State Department about the deteriorating situation in Libya and that more security was required at the embassy. In July another letter was sent to the State Department outlining the same warnings as the first, but it was sent by another British security company. On September the 5th the Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi sent a letter to the Obama Administration warning of time, date and place of our Egyptian Embassy attack. Meanwhile, Christopher Stevens was warning the State Department of the deteriorating security situation of Libya. He writes in his journal that he is a target. He is also requesting more and better security. 48 hours prior too attack on the Libyan Embassy, ...
After exhausting all possible explanations offered by his CYA advisers, Obama finally acknowledges what was offered by his CIA advisers within a day or so after the attack. His motive for the cover-up is obvious. It was politically embarrassing to the man who claimed credit for killing Osama to have a terrorist attack committed under his watch, especially under the circumstances-anniversary of 9/11, earlier attack on Egyptian Embassy, concerns expressed by Ambassador Stevens in his diary which were likely relayed to the State Department(more to come on this?). The Arab Spring which he endorsed and supported has backfired and the void left by the departure of Mubarack and Gadaffi has enabled the radical elements within the Muslim Brotherhood to gain a foothold. True to form, he will refuse to accept any blame for this tragedy. This pious, pontificating, pusillanimous panderer does not deserve 4 more years and this tragedy is only one example of why he is unfit to lead our nation. Wake the F up, America(exc ...
A cover up that cries of scandal and crimial intent yet only Fox News is covering it. The complete deception campaign and cover up over the Al Qaeda terrorist attack on the Libyan Consulate claiming first an obscure video caused a spontaneous attack, then maybe terrorism involvement and now the official line is a terrorist attack that was the result of a reaction to the protests in Egypt because of the video. The Libyan and Egyptian governments warned the State Department TWO DAYS before the Sept. 11 attack that both the protests at the Egyptian Embassy and the attack on the Consulate were coming. The attack was NOT a spontaneous response to the Egyptian protests as is being spun by Obama and clan but according to the Libyan President an attack planned for nearly two months! A CNN reporter discovered Ambassador Stevens diary in the Consulte stating he warned the State Department two months earlier that he was on a terrorist hit list. Was Stevens, the two Navy Seals and an Embassy worker sacrificed to hi ...
Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt (who denies that al-Qaida attacked the U.S. on 9/11, by the way), directed the Egyptian Embassy in Washington to ‘take legal action’ against the movie’s producers,” West writes. “Morsi doesn’t seem to understand First Amendment protections.” West continued, “Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil asked for similar action ‘within the framework of international charters that criminalize acts that stir strife on the basis of race, color or religion.’ This is a direct appeal to hold Americans accountable to the U.N. blasphemy resolution Hillary Clinton, along with the Islamic bloc, has championed, despite its repressive controls on free speech.” West was referring a “defamation against religion” resolution the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has been pushing at the U.N. every year since 1999. Last year, Clinton worked with the OIC to pass a revised version, Resolution 16/18, which included both the usual condemnation of d ...
The Marines in the Egyptian Embassy have no ammo? Are you freackin kidding me!! Check out the Drudge Report.
New Day new issues coming up today with the crisis in the Middle East. The administration (personally I am sick of typing the president's name) has a definite agenda on this current situation. Remember the Pentagon and State Dept are not sleeping. There was and is intell. information out there always. The administration encouraged and funded much of the Libyan revolt and helped to drive Gaddafi out and watched him die. The question was, "Who will run things after he's gone?" We soon found out that the "Muslim Brotherhood" would be the new force to recon with. Ditto in Egypt and other countries as well there. Now they are storming the walls at the Egyptian Embassy ...hello.this was planned out by our sworn enemy, radical islam .Where is the president and a strong statement? Its an Act of War, legally! The US military needs to clear the property at those embassies and safely evacuate the staff there.Couple of planes is all it would take and a warning if we wanted to be NICE. Otherwise just strafe the outsi ...
Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr has demanded that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton order the release Tariq al-Sawah, the last Egyptian citizen still detained in Guantanamo Bay. On Tuesday the Egyptian Embassy in Washington submitted Amr’s letter to the US State Department.
Zamalek arrive in Accra for Chelsea test 37-man contingent from Zamalek has arrived in Ghana on Thursday afternoon ahead of their CAF Champions League match against Berekum Chelsea this weekend. The Zamalek contingent touched down at the Kotoka International Airport after a 5-hour flight from Egypt capital Cairo at about 13.30 GMT and was received by a member of the Ghana Football Association, Egypt’s Ambassador to Ghana, H.E Omar Selim and Wael El Sisi the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Egyptian Embassy. In welcoming ‘The White Castles’ to Ghana, Ambassador Omar Salim expressed his delight of the presence of the Zamalek team at the Kotoka International Airport stating that all arrangements to make them comfortable have been done by the Egyptian Embassy with the help of Berekum Chelsea officials. He also emphasized on how hospitable the people of Ghana are and stressed that Ghanaian fans know many of the Zamlek players especially Egypt internationals Ahmed Hassan and AMR Zaki and would be lodging at ...
As a young officer, Shafik served as a fighter pilot and was later appointed as fighter air squadron commander. During the War of Attrition (1967–1970), Shafik saw active service as the Multi-Task Airwing Commander. Subsequently he took up a post as an air base commander.[5] During the 1973 October War, Shafik was a senior fighter pilot under Hosni Mubarak's command. It is believed that Shafik shot down two Israeli aircraft during the war on 14 October 1973.[6] In 1984 Shafik was appointed a military attaché in the Egyptian Embassy in Rome. He continued in this role until 1986. During 1988 to 1991, Shafik served several military senior command positions before he was appointed as the Commander of the Air Operations Department.[5] In September 1991, Shafik was appointed as the Air Force's Chief of Staff, holding this position until April 1996, when he became Commander of the Egyptian Air Force. In 2002,after resigning from the military service, he was appointed as Minister of Civil Aviation and was succ ...
Syrian security forces shot and killed two Egyptians who were trying to illegally enter the country through Jordan, the Egyptian Embassy in Damascus learned through its Syrian counterpart on Thursday.
Compassion has evidence of the ‘worst farm animal cruelty ever seen’. Please join me in calling on the Egyptian Embassy to take action.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
funny/sad thing is Egyptian Embassy is closed for anything other than voting for a full week..when i was there some guy wanted an official paper wi embassy official told him y3nee 3ayeznee asseb kol el di 3ashan ashoof talabak?? good to know things haven't changed :)
Egyptians in UK will protest this Saturday for their at 12:30 PM outside the Egyptian Embassy, 23 South St,W2 1XD. RT
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