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Effy Stonem

Elizabeth Effy Stonem is a fictional character in the television series Skins, played by Kaya Scodelario.

Tony Stonem Cassie Ainsworth Kaya Scodelario James Cook Alaska Young

effy stonem | want it back. sad x happy . she's my baby. ... (Vine by
Effy stonem 0 to 100 real quick (Vine by felicia's edits pls follow back)
"You remind me of effy stonem from skins but you are a lot less cool" hey thanks, awesome
Girls who think they're effy stonem lmao stop
effy stonem | If U Seek Amy. ac; bang edits. dedicated to kristina bc our mother (Vine by deathly stonem)
Went drunk clubbing in Sheffield with uni students completely living out my teen Effy Stonem dreams
And again effy stonem proves to be my spirit animal😂
Effy Stonem | Kaya Scondelario . I found this on my camera roll,so why not post it. (Vine by
i can't really feel this idk. Weird for me. . But i associate Alaska with Effy. And where there's Effy St…
— "exactly what love is supposed to do". cc nataliesweet / ac huntress . - julia (Vine by effy stonem)
freffy | makes me wonder. +cc: deceiviing. +dt: effy stonem. no hate please it's j... (Vine by
Effy Stonem (Skins). -QUEEN. -sorry but shes my fav on the show. -bad *** -love of my life. -deserves hapiness. -loved f…
effy stonem is so overhyped & suffered the worst writing she had a mental illness when it suited the writers & then in Fire she was healthy
favorites || "i'll love you forever sid... that's the problem". - julia (Vine by effy stonem)
Effy Stonem, Jenny Humphreys and Kaitlin Cooper are all the same person just in different universes.
Feeling a lot like Effy Stonem today (that cover and that bath, sorry)
19. Effy Stonem:. • boys can't stop falling in love with her. • likes drugs. • absolutely mental. • hot af tho like lbr https:…
effy stonem. -she had the BEST quotes I'm seriously. -was drugged. -everybody loves her but she loves freddie. -lost him https:/…
This girl in my psychology class looks so much like effy stonem and I have the biggest crush on her man 😭
Don’t get attached to moments. . Good or bad, they all pass. -Effy Stonem.
effy stonem — elastic heart. this isn't a plot twist (Vine by
"I went crazy when I was with you. I can't let that happen again. Love's not supposed to do that. You made me go mad". -Effy Stonem. Skins.
Effy Stonem will forever be my fashion icon
Kaya Scodelario - effy stonem in skins, tiger house, the maze runner, Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes
effy stonem. — how low. happy 24th birthday, kaya !. cc; sweetie2566 (Vine by
Effy Stonem's first and last appearance ♛
Stiles stilinski and Effy stonem would be the best couple if they met as character
I have a massive crush on Effy Stonem
Vamos, como diría Effy Stonem:. I'm offically off the rails
"oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world I'll always remember you like a child, girl". dt: ... (Vine by effy stonem)
Don't get attached to moments, good or bad. They all pass. - Effy Stonem
effy and cassie | all the things she said. collab with lia (tagged below). cc - charizz... (Vine by effy stonem)
My plans for the future is to just buy copious amounts of fishnet tights so that I can be effy stonem
James Cook | nothing good ever stays with me. absolutely nothing. - julia (Vine by effy stonem)
chris & jal || hold back the river. what's your favorite skins couple?. - julia (Vine by effy stonem)
I miss them sm | teenagers. dt: one of the most important people in my life, my angel... (Vine by effy stonem)
Whoever casted Kaya Scodelario and Nicholas Hoult as Tony and Effy Stonem, deserve an award. Look how spot on
Your life is not an episode of skins, you are not James Cook or Effy Stonem.
I want to be Effy Stonem. I keep saying this but she's amaze
Wanting to be effy stonem on her first day of college but ending up as rae earl on her first day of sixth form
If you don't know who Tony and Effy Stonem are we can't chill
Effy Stonem, Cassie Ainsworth and James Cook's First and Last scenes in Skins .
Ugh Effy Stonem is my favorite character
And I still wonder why I'm not Effy Stonem
Am I inbetweeners will or skins effy stonem the world may never know
Lorde somehow reminds me of Effy stonem
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"i'm gonna take care of you now" . "sometimes i think you're the only person in the... (Vine by effy stonem af)
when u really wanna be effy stonem but then I realize u probably don't wanna be effy stonem
there was a British girl in the mock trial camp and she was literally effy stonem
Tony Stonem is way better than Effy Stonem.
Patiently waiting for my very own effy stonem to enter my life
it's not okay effy. I should've gotten a call or a letter.
Nobody will overcome to the Stonem brother's NEVER.
listening to the old cd you made me, Effy Stonem mix
I just want to be Effy Stonem with ombré hair. Is it too much to ask?
Love? Love, love, love. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. -Effy Stonem
Every online shop should have an Effy Stonem inspired section
☹ effy stonem ☹. I made the audio so give me credit if you use it☯☯
Effy Stonem is probably my favourite fictional character ever 😍😍
Go from felicity smoak to effy stonem real quick
I wish Effy Stonem was a real person so she could be my best friend and we could get turnt af together 😂
Tove Lo reminds me so much of Effy Stonem
Photoset: The first and very last time we saw the faces of Effy Stonem, Cassie Ainsworth and James Cook.
Jojen Reed from Game of Thrones, Effy Stonem from Skins, Stiles from Teen Wolf and Eustace from Narnia. HEHEHE
Tony and Effy Stonem are probably my biggest character crushes on tv series 😍
Remember when I said I love Effy Stonem? Yeah.. I wanna have Tony Stonem too...
My brother and I are a mix between Tony and Effy Stonem, and Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes
Tony and Effy Stonem the heart and soul of Skins UK
Actually in love with Tony and Effy Stonem
Tony and Effy Stonem will always be the best characters in Skins 😍
Tony Stonem and Effy Stonem were the heart and soul of skins.
"Effy and Tony Stonem a hot mess in a good way.
Photoset: esteahaim: get to know me meme [6/12]  favourite female characters: Effy Stonem (Skins UK)
Personagens que me inspiram:. effy stonem. Violet harmon. Carrie white
also I've come to the conclusion that is a real life effy stonem
Doing my 910 cal burn why do I have to be so fat I ate 350 cal already no more
you just asked dan howell if I look like effy stonem
“Best way to not get your heart broken is to pretend you don’t have one.” - Effy Stonem
"Love love love, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing" - wise words from Effy Stonem
Effy Stonem is literally my spirit animal
"Too much of anything can destroy you. Too much darkness can kill you, and too much light can blind you." - Effy Stonem
So my female crush since I was like 12. Kaya Scodelario (effy stonem) posted on Instagram a video walking past my house an I missed her.
All I really want is Effy Stonem's wardrobe
take a shot for every sad teenage girl wearing too much eyeliner who compares herself to Effy Stonem
you look sososoo much like Effy Stonem from Skins
I hate my dad cant wait to leave this *** family and Country
Cant wait till i get my hair school finished than move to england and have my own one bedroom flat and a cat and have my dream come true :)
i really felt that Alaska Young was Effy Stonem
The only thing in the whole world that would make me perfectly content is to wake up one morning and be Effy Stonem
I'd like to have a friend like him …
I have decided to become effy stonem
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I feel like Effy Stonem but slightly less insane
I'm in love with a real life boy version of Effy Stonem.
Effy Stonem is the best fictional character ever.
Effy Stonem is my favourite tele character in the whole world
To me she will always be Effy Stonem. 😍
Effy ((2007) - Stonem: Sometimes I think I was born backwards. You know, come out my mum the wrong...
Wish i was more like effy stonem, hopefully someday
I felt like effy stonem today, and that is amazing
Kayas Codelario. "A.k.a effy stonem from skins is actually so perfect it upsets me
Everyone I know and everyone I meet keep saying I'm like Effy Stonem from Skins . is that a good thing lol 💭
told me I'm cooler than Effy Stonem meaning I can now die happy
"Sometimes I think I was born backwards, you know?" -Effy
'You can take anything if you want it enough.' -Effy Stonem
Effy Stonem: one of the best fictional characters ever
Effy Stonem from skins is literally perfect
sigh, Kaya Scodelario, Effy Stonem, i will miss you :*
effy stonem from a show called Skins. Google her.
I feel so emotionally attached to effy stonem
// Luke's been watching this gif over and over: "Uh, no i wasn't."
Photoset: isobelstevenz: all the ladies i love ★ effy stonem (skins) sometimes i think i was born backwards.
Tumblr's down??? Well, time to bite the bullet and write that Clive Durham fic... Or maybe the Effy Stonem or Mary Crawley ones?
''Love , Love , Love what is it good for ? absolutely nothing - Effy Stonem
I dreamed that Effy Stonem was my friend and we shared clothes and smoked cigarettes together and it was lovely
effy stonem pisses me off so much but I can't bring myself to hate her im trash
Your profile picture, you look like effy stonem, but ... — that's literally the best compliment i have ever rece...
If I looked like Cassie Ainsworth or Effy Stonem life would be good
Effy Stonem can I be you yet or... 😍😍😍
Meet my new style icon: effy stonem
Effy or Amanda Bynes. Probably Amanda. No one will know who I am if I'm Effy stonem
Effy Stonem will forever be the most epic fictional character of all International dramas.
Instead of doing my homework, I watched makeup tutorials on YouTube to recreate some of Effy Stonem's looks.
Who are your top 5 thinspos? — Taylor Momsen, Sky Ferreira, Cassie Ainsworth, Effy Stonem, and Karlie Kloss. Not...
The creation and development of Effy Stonem's character from Skins is a masterpiece.
How much money do I give to become effy stonem
Effy Stonem is the most beautiful girl that has ever walked this earth
"The people i should love, i hate. And the people i should hate, i love.” . Skins, Effy Stonem
Effy Stonem, you are such a role model. (amen)
I desperately want to be effy stonem
You don't even know who Effy Stonem is...
"I think I'm finished. I think I've had enough." - Effy Stonem.
I really think Effy Stonem is the prettiest female fictional character of all
"I used to be able to when I was strong, but now I can't, you've made me weak" - Effy Stonem
Oliver Tate and Effy Stonem, I am actually crying
NEW VIDEO. Effy Stonem Make Up Tutorial | Sophie Foster: . who needs a DM from alfie when you could have one from me ;)
"As long as that phone is ringing she knows you're there" -Effy Stonem
I like to imagine that emerged fully formed from a fan fiction in which Effy Stonem changed her name and launched a pop career
I keep forgetting that when I try to pull off the same things as Effy Stonem I look like a Meth head.
Channeling my inner Effy Stonem for tonights look at the Macleans leavers concert.
I hate that I can relate to Effy Stonem.
I wish I was Effy Stonem. She is so flawless. ugh.
Idk why i'm so fascinated by screwed up characters, women in particular (i.e. Alaska Young, Effy Stonem)
I'm way too in love with the characters Effy Stonem and Cassie Ainsworth. obsessed with them.
Why can't my A levels be handed to me like they were for effy stonem ... My life WUD be simpler
My obsession with Effy Stonem is becoming a problem
Kaya Scodelario will always be Effy Stonem for me
JJ: I love you. . Effy Stonem: Everybody loves me.
Pandora: Your brother is really nice. . Effy Stonem: He's not nice. He's amazing.
“Unhappy people easily recognize one another.”. — Effy Stonem
I wish I could be as blunt but complicated as Effy Stonem and still have multiple guys chasing after me
I would actually sell my soul to look like Effy Stonem
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"Sometimes when I close my eyes I pretend that I'm alright, but it's never enough." Effy Stonem.
my best friend looks like effy stonem like she has the same face but different hair SHE BEAUTIFUL UGH
Nobody breaks my heart, effy stonem style
Meet the most amazing person on the planet Effy Stonem
If people say they want to be Effy Stonem. Why? Have you not paid attention to her? She had psychotic depression. She suffered from voices~
"I can be your Freddie Maclair. If you're my Effy Stonem"
"Too much of anything could destroy you, too much darkness could kill, but too much light could blind" - effy stonem
I used an Effy Stonem quote for my speech hi hello
You remind me of Effy Stonem with bits and pieces of Pandora t... — same, this is a wonderful compliment, thank you
Skins wouldn't be skins without Effy Stonem
of course, I was thinking about that because I am Wednesday Addams (with a dash of Summer Finn, Effy Stonem and Dany)
*smoking a cig, and look at you*Yes, Effy, Effy Stonem. Can I say nice to meet you?
"Love? love, love, love, what's it good for? absolutely nothing." - Effy Stonem
I swear I'm gonna end up like Effy Stonem.
if you're in school right now, I'm so sorry. I wanna cry for you
domain names
wait no I meant i have a lunch but ill come see you every morning for sure my love
well then we will have lunch together. Because I love you and I crave seeing you!!
ugh we don't have anything and I have B lunch
hmmm no actually that's you I love you so much and what is your schedule?
i love you, thank you for memories, my dear Effy Stonem .
why anyone would idolise the character of effy stonem I will never, ever know
Just pulled an effy stonem from the first episode
"You wouldn't survive one night in mine."
I probably shouldn't wish I was effy stonem actually with the amount of problems she has ???
Do you ever just wish you were as gorgeous as Effy Stonem? Yeah i do. All the *** time.
the awkward moment when you see Rose Tyler and Effy Stonem kissing
I have the biggest obsession with and Effy Stonem. A celebrity and a fictional character.
If i could be anyone hmmm EFFY STONEM
“Have you ever seen someone so attractive it made you mad.” Effy stonem- I'm so envious
The girl in the music video of 'The A Team' by Ed Sheehan looks like Effy Stonem aka Kaya.
D'arcy Wretzky (in the '90s), Jay Reatard, Dee Dee Ramone, and Effy Stonem = my style icons.
Can someone tell me which season it is that Effy Stonem comes back? Bc I'm still on Season 5, but I know she comes back lol.
I could be an Effy Stonem if I was born in England.
Photo: londonladabroad: effy stonem make up tutorial! How to have eyes like effy from skins! Girlfriends new...
i literally hate effy stonem from skins with the fire of a thousand burning suns i cANT STAND HER JESus
“Quote this with your funniest picture and I'll see if I laugh”
Effy Stonem from skins is Kaya Scodelario and she is Teresa in Maze Runner. Freak
When people say I look like Effy Stonem>>
Bruv, Effy Stonem was mental. You're just pathetic.
I look at lots of people. That doesn't mean I want to get to know them. -Effy Stonem
Maybe I'm not meant to have friends ~ Effy Stonem
Overheard: Effy: Why bother? Tony: With what? Effy: Caring about people Tony: You don't fool me, Effy Stonem
"Love, love, love. What's it good for? Absolutely nothing." - Effy Stonem.
Zionsville Skatepark. Friday. It's free. The McYeahs are playing. Starts at 6.
not liking Fall Out Boy is against the law
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Sometimes I feel like I was born backward. The people I should love, I hate. And the people I hate... -Effy Stonem
the fact that you home photo is Conversation Piece makes me love you.
Effy Stonem aka the most perfect human being
I favorited a video from Effy Stonem/Freddie - "Skins" | Эффи
Effy Stonem is on fire. finally got the time to watch this.
So excited for pure she was always my favorite(not counting Effy Stonem) can't wait to see what she been up to
And I love you Effy Stonem {I keep my eyes closed, my cheeks and eyes red from the tears, sadness flourishing over me}
omg Effy and Cook i just love them so fcking much
Effy Stonem is still schwingtastic, even if she is a grown up now.
"Effy Stonem why you soo pretty. Omg." hmm u're prettier :)
"Effy Stonem why you soo pretty. Omg." no Mona, she's mine
Effy Stonem why you soo pretty. Omg.
I just need to be Effy Stonem pretty.
Sigh, I'd really like a threesome with Effy Stonem and Cara Delevingne, it would be like a pizza with bacon and nuggets.
'To effy stonem, the most together person I have ever met'
Hamilton Collection
If you were a tv show character who would you be? Effy Stonem
If you love Effy Stonem, loving me is basically the same thing.
Maybe ill wake up with the personality of effy stonem
Photoset: denverdiary: Effy Stonem is too pretty
"Listen to me, I'm agry" Com o sotaque mais sexy do planeta Effy Stonem
Feeding my Effy Stonem addiction and watching 👌
I want to be Effy Stonem in the business world
Relevant: everything I know about seduction I learned from Effy Stonem.
they say I can't last a day in the real world. I say you wouldn't survive one night in mine ― Effy Stonem, Skins
I am just as broken as Effy Stonem. the only difference is, Effy will survive. I don't know if I will.
sorry I'm sort of stalking you at the moment but you completely get me.
Can I pls be effy stonem for a while
Seriously none of you watch Skins? Have seen the two episode finale, need to talk about Effy Stonem. Also need a hug.
Effy stonem reminds me of lana del rey
Effy stonem is absolute perfection I just can't handle it all :'(
I have a huge lesbecrush on Effy Stonem.
If Effy Stonem and Naomi Campbell can get degrees in math and English it gives me hope ⭐
I liked a video from who are you, really? | effy stonem
"You look like a horse when you laugh down your nose like that" - Effy Stonem
Urgh, Can't I just look like Effy Stonem now or?. .. .
Effy Stonem makes me question my sexuality
I'm so in love with Effy Stonem right now! 😍😍🇬🇧
You don't fck with Effy Stonem that easy. You just don't.
Effy Stonem and Tony Stonem, Cassie and Sid are the BEST!
Tomorrow I will wake up and be Effy Stonem. Legit.
I love my bby.. her eyes omfg. EFFY STONEM!
The real question is, was Effy Stonem worth all this trouble?
Going effy style today omg she is so beautiful
If I could be anyone I'd be Effy Stonem
If I could just be Effy Stonem that would be cool oh and have all her clothes
Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive - Effy Stonem
If is one thing..anyday I meet a girl like Effy Stonem...I shall never deal her...never matter how sexy she is :$
I accidentally embraced the effy stonem side of me with the make-up today.. This could go really well or horribly wrong..
that's the one I usually go to, I got shoes there that look like the ones that effy stonem wore in skins
"I don't what to do with this feeling... Happiness." - Effy Stonem
Damon Salvatore & Effy Stonem are the best characters ever written, really.
Effy Stonem is the definition of perfection
Fuk!! Effy Stonem is back! On the new season of skins Skins Series 7 Official Trailer
Effy Stonem is the one. I think she is potentially the love of my life.
Effy Stonem is as amazingly written as Damon Salvatore, her relationship with Cook is just so heartbreaking and they give me major feels.
I'm pretty sure Effy Stonem and I are like the same person
Apparently I look like effy stonem and cara delevigne's daughter ok
My outfit is pretty Effy Stonem inspired today if I do say so myself.
I liked a video ha ha hear me laughing;effy stonem
Abbie Bethell Staff Writer On July 1st we see the return of Skins favourite, Kaya Scoderlario who plays the infamous Effy Stonem. A new trailer for Skins Fire has surfaced online. In the first of the...
Marnie Michaels is a mix between Debra Morgan and Effy Stonem
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