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Edward Woodward

Edward Albert Arthur Woodward, OBE (1 June 1930 – 16 November 2009) was an English stage and screen actor and singer.

Christopher Lee Wicker Man Christmas Carol Van Gaal Denzel Washington

Why has Edward Woodward's name got 4 D's in it?. . If it didn't he'd be called Ewar Woowar.
Finally checking out an 80s show I've missed, The Equalizer, and *** if isn't playing Edward Woodwar…
Perisic staying at inter. Who does Woodward go for now.
I must be frank I'm truly envious and wondering why Edward Woodward didn't hijack the deal. Neymar would have been…
The late great Lewis Collins and Edward Woodward starred in this memorable movie! Great Soundtrac…
Edward Woodward and Christopher Lee - two great things about this movie.
Edward Woodward get on the phone lad
I tend to get either bland businessman or Edward Woodward's room in The Wicker Man.
Why has Edward Woodward got for D's in it ?. Because if it hadn't it would be Ewar Woowar ;)
Who Dares Wi s: Nice to see Patrick Allen and Edward Woodward as high level police officers scene stealing :-)
Are you going to burn Edward Woodward now? 😉
Edward Woodward definitely. Bet he could g…
A young Edward Woodward or a young Tony Parsons.
Hopefully Edward Woodward really is the equilizer
Edward Woodward - that would have been for the TV series "The Equaliser" - great drama, recently revived by Denzel…
He was the poor mans Equalizer if you remember that with Edward Woodward
domain names
The D is the most important letter of the alphabet, because other wise Edward Woodward would be called ewar woowar.
A REALLY frightening TV series from 1978 was 1990 starring Edward Woodward. All on YouTube and at las…
the 2 people discussing aviation on have the worst syrups on since Terry Wogan and Edward Woodward. Shockers
Who would you have in your football team? Edward Woodward because if you were losing he would always be the Equaliser 😀
: Breaking News : Edward Woodward's Cockatiel starts to show traits of it's Owner !
and Edward Gareth "Ed" Woodward ... pay that 48 milla now ..
Architecture Foundation launches free app guide to London's best buildings |
The original with Edward Woodward and Christopher Lee. And the best :)
What do you call a man with 3 logs on his head?. Edward Woodward.
I'm impressed with the result. This will give Edward Woodward a view that we still need areas to strengthen in the…
Why has Edward Woodward got four Ds in his name?. Otherwise he’d be called Ewar Woowar.
Great soundtrack as well although Edward Woodward has a dodgy Scottish accent 😂
THE Wicker Man'S ON! The original 1973 movie with Edward Woodward and Christopher Lee. Weird pacing, but still creepy as ever.
The scariest movie ever made and so well acted by Edward Woodward.
So far Edward Woodward transfer window a disaster. Pogba signed Luk and Lindorf on his way anyway. Time for change
Please stupid edward woodward get out of old trafford. You ***
*Classic of the Day: Horror: 1055pm: 'THE Wicker Man' Brilliant cult horror with Edward Woodward and Christophe…
.I hope Edward Woodward and his team will Van Gaal because they trust Ferguson .
It's witchcraft . The movie the Wicker Man with Edward W…
And yet Mr Edward Woodward still busy giving presents to Mr Perez. We've already given Madrid 2 CL with the signing of Ronaldo
That's the late Edward Woodward, and the late Leonard Bernstein, by the way.
Seriously if we don't get Renato there are going to have to be serious words with Mr Edward Woodward 😤
Edward Woodward has an ego just like Mr Perez at Madrid. Likes to call the shots instead of thinking about the Club.
Watching UTD in preseason, I still don't see a Team getting 4-5 Goals easily. Edward Woodward is an embarrassment.
When you google "Peter Egan 1970s" you get pictures of Edward Woodward.
Mr Edward Woodward when he realises Mourinho is coming back this weekend and he hasn't made anymore new signings.
Edward Woodward looking for players in the transfer market?
Interesting new app launched giving brief overview of the architectural significance of some of London's buildings.
This is Edward Woodward. Was last seen in New Zealand. Wanted for United's inactivity in the transfer window. Pleas…
Article on Yeats' "Second Coming" (an excuse to post 1985 clip of Edward Woodward & Brian B…
It's Tynwald Day in the Isle of Man 🇮🇲& so keeping with tradition here's Edward Woodward enjoying the festivities.
Not beyond this man named Edward Woodward
Edward Woodward . No way . ' The Equalizer' ? . thought he died in 2009 ?
I hope Mr.Edward Woodward is feeling the pressure.
Was he played by Edward Woodward in the film Hot Fuzz?
Thanks to my parents, I now own the complete set of The Equalizer on DVD. All the Edward Woodward. This makes me happy 😊😊
It does not actually so that’s one more thing to look forward to! 1990 is the next Edward Woodward thing I have lined up.
They need a dose of Edward Woodward.
One of my favourite jokes;. Why does Edward Woodward have four 'D'…
Architecture Foundation launches free app guide to London’s best buildings
Foundation launches free app guide to best buildings | -…
Remember that time Edward Woodward was trending few years ago. Its going to happen again 😂😂😂
Edward Woodward has definitely been exposed as inept. We can't have this Man in charge of our transfer dealings anymore.
Free app offers a guide to the architecture of London’s best buildings
Architecture addicts have a new app to get excited about - Guide To London - check it out on https:…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Edward Woodward sings The Lord's My Shepherd in the beginning of the Director's Cut. And now, it bookends the film.
so much extra stuff. Edward Woodward in church. The other police taking the *** out of Sgt Howie. (They don't l…
I dey give Edward Woodward pressure for the Whatsapp group inside. By next week he'll have good news for us.
Edward Woodward, aka Robert McCall, got a problem, no one can help, call the equalizer
This is starting to feel a lot like that Christopher Lee/Edward Wood…
Inside Edward Woodward's brain it's getting stressful !
I can see this line of questioning ending up with you in the middle of a giant bonfire…
Travelling to London this summer? has launched a free app guide to London's best buildings
July 1st and a lot of people are already panicking. Wait 'til August 31st. Sir Edward Woodward will surprise you all.
What do you call a man with 4 logs on his head?. I don't know, but Edward Woodward would.
the original equalizer was Edward Woodward, and it was a 60's tv show, with a film spun off. 😀
Wild Geese is the best one for that. I also like The Equaliser, where Edward Woodward punches a bucket of sand.
Cody Woodward has helped solidify defense for boys' hockey team.
Post-truth goes straight in the Wicker Man, between Edward Woodward and a chicken.
By the look of this picture, CEO, Jose Mourinho welcomes newly appointed manager, Edward Woodward.
Awesome, but sadly those irresponsible ice age humans also killed off all the mammoths.
Trudy needs the Equaliser...where's Denzil, or EdwArd Woodward
Like, does the TV show have that great a demographic reach? We've got to tap into that sweet Edward Woodward fanbase?
Edward Woodward was great as the Equalizer - here's the first episode of the hard-hitting and violent 80's series!.
😂😂😂 I loved the equaliser as well with Edward woodward
I wonder if there's an Edward Woodward Wood Ward?
I wonder if there's an Edward Woodward Ward?
"I want food that don't make me sick. I want walls that hold back the wind. I want a decent life." - Edward Kenway http…
I don't remember Edward Woodward being caked in soil 🤔
Ooh, I loved Edward Woodward in The Equalizer on American TV in the '80s! Never seen this, is it something you'd recommend?
Woot! The 1970s BBC series '1990' with Edward Woodward is coming to DVD. Pre-ordered. .
A tribute to Wasps legend Ted Woodward, who will never be forgotten but will be greatly missed:…
that the remake or Edward Woodward? Enjoying Travellers at the moment.
I wanted to follow in Woodward Bernstein footsteps since 1974, but life happened. No Edward R Murrow awards for you
Looks like you just need Edward Woodward!
Edward Woodward & The Equalizer is on. Terrific 80s TV🔝
The Straw Man: film starring Edward Woodward as a policeman who travels to Scottish island and finds a girl who isn't missing.
Quality film. Denzel Washington at his brilliant best! Edward Woodward would have loved a nail gun I bet!
That didn't take long. Lyon's 2nd Depay offer has been rejected, say RMC. Third one on the way.
Forgot how amazing this program was. Edward woodward is Robert…
The Equalizer [Blu-ray] [2014] it's ok got it on now but Denzel Washington not Edward Woodward, Netflix
Put me in mind of Edward Woodward-like realisation at the end of The Wicker Man. Had a genuine chill run through me.
I want to move to Summerisle. 🤗. Aubrey Morris as the Gravedigger. Umbilicus on a tree. Edward Woodward's face. Priceless.
A Christmas Carol, great version from 1984. Amazing cast with George C Scott, Edward Woodwar…
59 years ago tonight.Edward R. Murrow visits with Joanne Woodward and violinist Mischa Elman on 'Person to Person' live on dishonoring the memory/legacies of Peter Zenger, Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite and Woodward and Bernstein…
Edward Woodward would have been proud of Woody ☺ Congratulations!
The film Would You Rather? better have starred Elijah Wood and Evan Rachel Wood. Oh and Edward Woodward.
Good Man. Edward Woodward on his way? You shall have a bumper crop of apples this year! 😂😂
I never realized it before but Edward Woodward's performance in A Christmas Carol has influenced how I interact with people mega tough.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I was tucked up in bed by 1230. Too tired to watch them burn Edward Woodward
They're burning Edward Woodward alive in The Wicker Man,will it never end.
That's just so very wrong! You just lost the points received for Wicker Man. Love Edward Woodward but this is heinous! ☹✋🐺
go...". They were always digging up these old TV programmes at Christmas. I noticed that Edward Woodward -- who was nicknamed 'Triple-
Edward Woodward, merry but also cutting, mercilessly throwing Scrooge's flippant words back in his face.…
I never realised Bruce Beresford reunited with Edward Woodward 10 years after BREAKER MORANT, for MISTER JOHNSON.
Mood: Edward Woodward as the Ghost of Christmas Present getting heated about wealth inequality
As the Ghost of Christmas Present, Edward Woodward walks through The Square in Shrewsbury for 'A Christmas Carol'.
Found today: Owen Luder's Christmas tree, and what Edward Woodward thought was a Christmas Tree but was, again, a t…
I watched the equalizer, not the edward woodward tv show, but the Denzel Washington one, good stuff.
Watching the 1984 A Christmas Carol and Edward Woodward just made his entrance as Ghost of Xmas Present, chowing on the scenery. Love.
*** it's like if somehow Woodward and Bernstein AND Edward R Murrow all managed to have a baby together
There's not a small Edward Woodward inside, is there? 😉
Cool beans, I loved Edward Woodward from the 1984 TV Movie with George C. Scott. It keeps the darkness of the character.
I did have this happen to me pre-internet; in late 1980s, heard of Joe Piscopo and Edward Woodward dying. STARTLED in mid-'90s.
George C. Scott is easily the best Ebenezer Scrooge, but it's easy to forget that Edward Woodward is the best ghost of Christmas present!
somewhere, Edward Woodward is screaming about the crops not coming back...
Then you shall have to die, Patrick :) Patrick Stewart did a fine job, but Scott's version is better. David Warner…
What do you call a fart in the bath? Edward Woodward :-)
How much wood would Edward Woodward ward if Edward Woodward could ward wood?
If there are any Woodward & Bernsteins, or Edward R. Murrows out there-we need you now. As in RIGHT NOW.
Why did Edward Woodward have so many D's in his name? . If he didn't his name would have been Ewar Woowar.
as Edward Woodward ... Some people said Woodward was a bit of a wooden actor ... Corbyn certainly a woode…
Edward Woodward, left, as the Ghost of Christmas Present and George C. Scott as Scrooge in 1984's "A
Welcome to the world Edward, the new grandson of Edward Woodward and Michele Dotrice! Congratulations Emily and Gary Shelford xxx
Hey its Edward from the Twilight Movies or perhaps the Tompkins Twilighter?- Jeff Woodward…
HAPPY HALLOWEEN from "The Wicker Man" with Christopher Lee and Edward Woodward from 1973
Thinking about Edward Woodward in pyjamas, for one.
Thank you for mentioning Edward Woodward: a perfect and rare opportunity to tell my wife the Ewarwoowar joke.
I will be signing copies of Starring Edward Woodward at the London Film Convention on November 12th at Central...
Saturday November 12th from 10 am signing copies of Edward Woodward at Film Convention in London.
What a great actor Edward Woodward was! 👍
That linesman could have been burnt worse than Edward Woodward in The Wicker Man. Dock Liverpool points
with Edward Woodward screaming "Oh Lord, Oh Jesus Christ " as he realises he's destined to burn. Utterly chilling
4/10 The Wickerman. Folk music, a police thriller, Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, that 'dance scene' and that end…
The Wicker Man: Sergeant Howie (Edward Woodward) arrives on the small Scottish island of Summerisle to invest...
I'd bloody scare them alright if i got hold of them, never mind the police, sometimes you just need Edward Woodward, Equaliser
bugger, but just remember, if Edward Woodward would ward wood, what sort of wood would Edward Woodward ward?…
I love the Edward Woodward joke more than I love my mum.
Rather gruesome methinks...Edward Woodward looks afraid too and no wonder!
Just like Edward Woodward in The Wicker Man but with less burning goats, ***
I'd do a bread Nic Cage in the top and a scone Edward Woodward in the body.
If you say "Edward Woodward" out loud it sounds like a fart in the bath
Finally watching the cult British horror, The Wicker Man - 1973 with Edward Woodward, Britt Ekland, Ingrid Pitt & C…
Edward's got Woodward after the Britt dance i'd say. The Wicker Man
He plays it surprisingly subtle. Of course I worked out that Edward Woodward's hat is played by one of Rex Harrison's ***
One of the most celebrated movies of all time at 9pm. Christopher Lee, Edward Woodward star in The Wicker Man
From Bob Woodward to Edward Snowden, and everyone in between was amazing. I got to see…
Got to be Britt banging against the bedroom wall in The Wicker Man to seduce poor Edward Woodward.
My TV's been centered on espionage intrigue. Enjoying the great Edward Woodward in Callan & The Equalizer & Robert Vaughn in The Protectors.
So what I take away is that Edward Woodward's portrayal was so dismal he couldn't even move into the top 15
She is the daughter of Edward Woodward, known as "The Equalizer" famous TV show
So sad you have to taint the image of the great Edward Woodward with terms like "cuck". SAD!
I thought was a good movie. But I REALLY dug the '80s series starring Edward Woodward.
Well yes, PC Harrison Burns as the Edward Woodward character, obvs.
Vale Robin Hardy, on the set of his 1972 film, THE Wicker Man, with Edward Woodward & Christopher Lee.
At this rate next referendum we hold will be to decide whether or not to burn Edward Woodward alive in a huge wicker m…
Would an Edward Woodward LP sound better with a graphic Equalizer?
I always say. edward woodward would, wouldn't he ?
Edward Woodward's singing voice sounds a great deal like John Shirley-Quirk's, especially in the pp. Same nasal resonance.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Watching Edwardian Edward Woodward crooning mellifluously with a manly tenor on because someone has to.
Channel hopping during half time in the footy & bumped into Edward 'The Equaliser' Woodward, singing some 19th century vaudeville on BBC4
I'm seeing another side to Edward Woodward on The Good Old Days. He had a fine singing voice.
Edward Woodward is a decent turn. Good with the patter
Edward Woodward in splendid voice on The Good Old Days. What a talented actor and performer he was
Edward Woodward scrubbed up well, didn't he?
Edward Woodward's back ... When does he kill the baddie?
Mr Sachs playing with Words on 'Edward Woodward Would Wait Wearily' is a
Edward Woodward will be back on BBC4 soon.
Edward Woodward on BBC4's The Good Old Days from Boxing Day 1974. The PQ from the Pye PC60 cameras is superb.
Think I have a minor obsession with Edward Woodward
Edward Woodward on the Good old days appears to be doing the pub landlord schtick
"Edward Woodward? Edward Woodward? Sounds like someone farting in the bath!"
Oh Jesus Christ, no! Edward Woodward is singing cockney songs on
Edward Woodward is on The Good Old days on singing "I'm Enery the Eighth I Am." My mind is blown.
Edward Woodward arrives at the Famous Varieties Theatre to rescue Leonard Sachs from murderous Pagans. Little does he know...
The Good Old Days aren't just good tonight, they're Edward Woodward good.
It's Christmas on The Good Old Days too and we are promised Edward Woodward
Edward Woodward is singing on on at 8pm.
Edward Woodward in tonight. Try and tell me that won't be your televisual highlight of the week!
Hi Michele, Edward (Woodward) can be seen in a repeat of The Good Old Days on BBC Four tonight. x
Edward Woodward stupid name sounds like farting in the bath
gentle reminder that Edward Woodward existed
Edward Woodward that. With Real Madrid banned from signing players in the next 2 transfer windows too...
One thing I love about Wicker Man is seeing Edward Woodward's uptight Scottish cop get wound up even further by Summerisle's antics.
weird? a bit. but me nonetheless The Ballad Of Joe Murphy by Edward Woodward ♫
"Ed Woodward" just started trending, good excuse for an joke:. Why does Edward Woodward have 3 Ds in his name? Otherwise he'd be Ewar Woowar
Ed Woodward lost the battle to Real Madrid to sign James Rodriguez back in 2014, Be interesting to see if are still interested in him.
ManUtd C.E.O Edward Woodward speaking to investors.Very interesting comments from the man.
like Edward Woodward's character in 'The Whicker Man'. We could do it before the Bellew fight to whip the fans into a frenzy😄
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
A waffle wicker with a jelly baby Edward Woodward inside it. That's my weekend sorted.
Bill Kenwright has shown you how it is done Edward Woodward, by sacking Rob Martinez at Now over to you!
We are forgetting one important factor in all this. Mr Edward Woodward. Nothing is certain in Football. Madrid make a move soon
It's ok. I'm laughing. Christopher Lee has just said to Edward Woodward "I trust the sight of the young people refreshes you."
New post: It’s our Wickerman- eat your heart our Edward Woodward…
An open letter to LVG and Edward Woodward
Seriously Andy, don't make me ring the sportsbar tomorrow and beg :) -
Please Andy I beg you share my LVG OUT petition
Edward Gareth Woodward: Louis Van Gaal to be sacked from Man Utd - Sign the Petition! via
Watching Denzel's Equalizer again. He is different than Edward Woodward but also the same; it's complicated. Bring on the sequel.
ManU's Edward Woodward nothing like the Equaliser more like "Lonely".
Mostly edward woodward, as he did with moyes. and im far far from an LVG defender.
If only we had this Edward Woodward at He soon get rid of LVG
Edward Woodward is the biggest abscess on this club, however.
*Locks Edward Woodward in the boot and sets fire to the ***
But Edward Gareth Woodward from Chelmsford Essex thinks LVG should see out his contract.
Edward Woodward is an embarassement even to You have to wonder if he really is, an alumnus of such great institution.
I bet Edward Woodward's wife won't let him do the shopping . Spends hours looking but never buys anything !!
There will definitely be no U-turn, if Ed Woodward wants the best for him, he should get himself & LvG sacked.We need a change
Ed Woodward = No Balls and Ed is not short for Edward, it's short for Edwina as he is ball less
It's hard to stomach the fact that the Glazer family haven't seen that this dithering spirit came with Edward Woodward and is here to stay.
Good to see the muppet Edward Woodward has fallen asleep at the wheel again! No Sanches or Hummels!Another season of disappointment
Edward Woodward flew to Lisbon to get the deal done but in flight entertainment was so good he forgot to get off.
squad in mess & City announcing Pep as new manager on . Meanwhile Edward Woodward is negotiating spons…
I think they are headed to burn Edward Woodward in a giant Wicker Man
If Mourinho is not our Mngr. That's a big if. It won't be your fault. But Mr spineless Edward Woodward.
That and he is a massive Edward Woodward fan.
Used to be in Callan with Edward Woodward years ago.
Edward Woodward will be exposed as the guteless one. Long Wk ahead. I did say City will bottle it. They relay on individuals
Just watched Vendetta on Sky TV.F*n brill, please pardon my language but how's about "The Equalizer" tribute to Edward Woodward?
Ewar Woowar. British actor Edward Woodward made a highly successful transition into Hollywood stardom in the mid...
Edward Woodward was the man he equalised things !
Why does Edward Woodward have so many D's? Because Ewar Woowar just sounds stupid.
The lead actor in the original equalizer was named Edward Woodward, who happened to be British.
Old demo mixed in Morden by South African Jason. With thanks to Edward Woodward and Aldous Huxley.
or married Edward Woodward and insisted on double-barrelling.
Edward Woodward would with Wood in the wood. Would he?
Conversation at work today: The Wicker Man, and how cool it would be to re–enact it with a certain coworker in the Edward Woodward role. 😎
Hey what was the name of that 80's TV show with Edward Woodward as a Private Investigator?
why hasnt Van Gaal been sacked in actual fact why hasnt edward woodward been sacked?? Manchester united do something and quick!!
LVG wants to speak to Edward Woodward? (insert The Equalizer joke here)
It was Edward Woodward who was the original Equaliser
Edward Woodward do your job FFS, are falling apart under your watch, show a pair of balls & free us from this agony
Drinking a Bramble Cocktail and listening to Edward Woodward on my record player.. Because is there any other way to enjoy Boxing Day
Sitting Target brings chaos to concrete London. Edward Woodward fighting Oli Reed on a high rise balcony is amazing.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
"Edward Gareth "Ed" Woodward is a British accountant and the current executive vice-chairman of Manchester United F.C."
Equalizer?! I 's very own Edward Woodward didn't even get to see a consolation goal. Time to go to work, Ed?
. Ironic that have a chief exec called Edward Woodward, when they can never find an equaliser !
Edward Woodward. His parents must have been cryel
And Edward Woodward as the Ghost of Christmas Present. Scenery-chewing balanced with sterling sword-edged dramatics.
Watching the George C. Scott version of A Christmas Carol. Also in the cast: David Warner, Edward Woodward & Roger Rees.
Edward Woodward’s Ghost of Christmas Present costume is so ridiculous.
I can't believe there's no clip of Edward Woodward saying "I'm a pagan" and Bryan Brown providing the straight line "what's a pagan".
Tonight's fare: Box of Delights, Edward Woodward Hour, Tales from the Crypt (1972), Frasier and League of Gentlemen.
That's the 1984 version. Edward Woodward plays Christmas Present and makes the movie imo
Need to sack Woodward and bring someone in who is clued up and doesn't lack the balls to make a decision.
War - not in my name. But it's twice in Edward Woodward.
not seen edward woodward since he was in the equalizer! He was good in callan too
Woodward is to blame for the managerial mess he should go as well, bring back David Gill ASAP at least we will have direction
also to have him and David Gill leave at same time was a monumental mistake. Woodward an amateur in comparison.
If Edward Woodward had no D's in his name he'd be . Ewar Woowar . Oh you've got to laugh!
All the talk is of LVG but don't let Edward Woodward off the hook.
is that Mourinho talking to The Equalizer Edward Woodward
most reliable source, Agent Edward the real Edward not ed woodward
Edward Woodward. Probably born of a Warden family
Ed Woodwards full name is Edward Woodward. Seriously, what kind of parents does he have?
Whaaa why you do this Edward Woodward?
BREAKING! Alex Ferguson recommends to Edward Woodward that Van Gaal is sacked & Bobby Charlton takes over as manager.
Edward Woodward has LVG in his sights
Let's hope Edward Woodward doesn't get stuck in it.
Edward Gareth Woodward. Chief Troll, banter-in-chief, the man, the legend 🙌🏾
What are the Glazers Still waiting For? Is Edward Woodward Still thinking on LVG Philosophy of 1960? Pls Get Mourinho Now! He's got IT!!
If that meeting involves Giggs then hopefully theyll be another meeting straight after with regards to killing Edward Woodward.
For those wondering, that is the original Wicker Man with Edward Woodward and Christopher Lee by Robin Hardy. Not the Cage freakshow lol
I've always wondered whether Edward Woodward chuckled inside as he delivered his line "I'm a pagan" at the end of BREAKER MORANT.
I think the Man Utd board owe one David Moyes an apology & they should sack one Edward Woodward for being useless. was a genius
"He farts in the bath. Sounds like Edward Woodward. Think about it!!!
If only Edward Woodward was still with us...
So much burn Edward Woodward be glad he in that wooden man!!
And now let Edward Woodward release his own interview. 1 2 go
.Edward Woodward is the gift that keeps on giving.
Have they all been mistaken for Edward Woodward?
Edward Woodward… Edward Woodward… sounds like when you fart in a pool of water.
what a joke Edward Woodward. We need 2 quality players a CB and Striker! So we sign a 19yo and 17yo! Where's the big signing!
Can't find a better statement of the circumstances the club is in under Lord Edward
I feel like Ed Woodward is a typo for Edward.
he deserved a fate comparable to Edward Woodward's in "the Wicker Man"
Know a CEO who would pay over the odds? Edward Woodward would. He and Van Gaal make the imperfect pair.
surely this would be straight to TV. Now I would pay to see a tragicomedy on Edward Woodward or Venkys: How to Ruin a Club in 5 Years
no it's just another reminder of how incompetent Edward Woodward is and how much Manchester United need rid of him
Woodward says no" : David De Gea is now a Real Madrid player."
Another one for Edward Woodward on fine form at Costless.
LVG/ Edward Woodward get us Charlie Austin Asap before tym runs out. We need a good finisher at UTD.
He may not be Edward Woodward, but Denzil Washington makes a great Equalizer. The man just oozes class.
Enjoyed re-visiting this classic. The Wicker Man(1973) Edward Woodward and Christopher Lee.
he is made of wood so instead being given the name Edward they gave him him the name ED woodWARD
Having watched much Callan lately, it strikes me Edward Woodward and Russell Hunter would have been perfect as Sam Vimes and Nobby Nobbs.
Big boy Edward Woodward to Real Madrid and LVG to de gea
imagine if we can get Ramos, Morgan and Turan in the same week. Sir Edward Gareth Woodward imo.
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