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Edward Snowden

Edward Joseph Snowden (born 1983) is an American technical contractor, whistleblower and former United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee who worked as a contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA).

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Traitors to the Union are now considered beauty? Let's get the monument for Edward Snowden ready for Trump to commission.
Liberal heroes? Assange supports the racist Australia 1st party. Snowden, the NRA & Greenwald is anti-immigration
Actually mm I just realized it's not 2015, I can't make Edward Snowden Asylum jokes anymore and we aren't that close with Russia lmao
Edward Snowden had to leave pretty quickly for doing a similar thing intentionally. Clinton was care…
Right and Wrong, are different from Legal and Illegal. - Edward Snowden
Now if we can get Edward Snowden to vouch for Assange's credibility, we're all set!
Justice Department wants to press charges against Assange for helping Edward Snowden another criminal hacker and fo…
A retelling of Finnegan's Wake set in Edward Snowden's old apartment.
The events surrounding a man by the name of "Edward Snowden" were fictional in nature.
Isn't it rich, that the government said Edward Snowden was a traitor, yet, Trump & those involved in maki…
So you think we're going to miss statues of traitors to the US? When will you be erecting that sta…
Wondering when Trump will propose the "Edward Snowden Statue" to provide a beautiful reminder of treasonous behavior.
Per logic, USA should erect a statue of Edward Snowden.
Pompous Western media lectures India but looks the other way when their own countries silence dissenters.Ask Edward…
Ironic that nobody leaks an Edward Snowden movie .
Privacy is a right to a free mind. -Edward Snowden
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Edward Snowden is the pioneer in this subject
So the end result is if Julian Assange tells Trump what he know, he will get to come home and not be prosecuted for…
One of the first articles released when Edward Snowden released NSA files. Give it a read .
'State of Surveillance' with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith (VICE on HBO...
Democratic operative pictured with Clinton doubles down on threat to kill +
You guys forgot is the guy who went on tv talking abt Edward Scissorhands in an inter…
It's not only about it's about Just like Edward pointed out today in Stop and think about it.
Julian also delivered Edward Snowden to Russia instead of Ecuador, so I think we can figure out where his allegiance lies 🤔
I thought it said Edward Snowden lol
with this massive surveillance machine they're secretly building. -Edward Snowden
Sorry Edward I cannot support your cause after you what you did to America. Your little stunt hurt not hel…
Mr President..why isn't Edward Snowden allowed back into the US and welcomed a true patriot ???
"I see a man who hasn't know a love he hasn't paid for" –Edward Snowden hablando sobre Trump.
Also just random curiosity, you think Edward Snowden is a hero?
—Protect the minority, against the majority—. Edward Snowden
Let us not forget was the one who gave us the glorious Edward Scissorshands/Edward Snowden HLN interview!
James Damore is a hero on the level of Edward Snowden.
After watching Snowden, Edward Snowden isn't a bad guy at all, he's the people's person
This claim comes after 20ish interviews and 150+ video chat appearances (many of them paid) over the last 4 years. http…
Edward Snowden: "Elvis Presley was assasinated by the CIA"
Citizenfour. This is a must watch, it's about Edward Snowden and him releasing information on the Gov. spying…
my gf lived up the street from Edward Snowden when he lived in kunia🙃
Edward Snowden was defending the constitution. Reality Winner was defending the DNC. They are not the same.
Edward Snowden just released an official statement on Reality Leigh Winner:
Should NSA leaker Reality Winner be compared to Edward Snowden? -
John Oliver, Edward Snowden, and Unconditional Basic Income: How all three are surprisingly connected
Russian President Vladimir Putin has defended Edward Snowden saying "he is NOT a traitor". MORE HERE:
OK with actions that he doesn't like, if it harms US NSA...
Edward says Hillary 'ridiculous' to think emails were secure
Mark Zuckerberg and Edward Snowed-In are actually cousins Greenbergs. Who want to ow…
I added a video to a playlist Edward Snowden Documentary - Chasing Edward Snowden
I agree with PUTIN: Edward Snowden only wanted 2 expose injustices that we're being swept under the rug!
🔜Edward delivers a keynote address via video link at Estoril Conference on migration.
Edward Snowden claims that the NSA's command centers are actually far less glamorous than they appear in movies.
is very thankful for Edward support for Dmitry as he joins a multitude of organisations and people…
*video game starts*. *you're Edward Snowden driving into the NSA*. "Remember, no Russian."
VIDEO ( Part 1&2 ) : Edward Snowden speaks to Kyodo News in exclusive interview
Vladimir Putin: Edward Snowden was not a traitor, and only God knows how any of us will die via Republic
Vladimir Putin says Edward Snowden "is not a traitor," but leaking information was wrong
"There can be no faith in government if our highest offices are excused from scrutiny" - Edward Snowden
This is a path that has since gained wider attention through leakers like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.
"The immoral cannot be made moral through the use of secret law" - Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden and others urge Trump to drop case against Assange .
🇷🇺 🇺🇸 Putin: "is not a traitor. He did not betray the interests of his country."
Bride, sleeper and hooker, melania, then leave the country to live in another bunker next to Edward snowden...(4)   10% Off
'In Britain there’s an authoritarian trend': Edward Snowden likens UK's spying laws to Russia and China.
I did the edward snowden leaks bc i thought it would be easy but its so time consuming and borinG yHjxdb
Putin says Edward Snowden was wrong to leak US secrets - The Independent
Waking up would be a lot easier if didn't look so much like you.
Sometimes what worries is not wat govnments do that is unlawful, BUT wat they do that's lawful. AD, Edward
Hero or traitor? Edward has been pinned as both. speaks with a man in exile.
The Edward Snowden of Peer Review – or why intransparent, anonymous is broken:
The scary thing is we see ourselves in Ross Ulbrict, Chelsea Manning, Aaron Swartz, Charlie Shrem, Edward Snowden. Idealistic techno geeks.
Trump once demanded Edward Snowden's execution for giving 'serious information' to Russia
Edward Snowden and other activists sign letter asking President Trump to drop probe
Why Edward Snowden loves open source - Snowden encouraged attendees of the OpenStack Summit to “direct the futu...
Edward Snowden was the orchestrator of this cyber attack. He supplied the cyber weapons after stealing…
New post (Edward Snowden has blamed the National Security Council for not preventing ...) has been published on -…
Said it before, say it again: it's no coincidence that these massive hacking attacks happened AFTER Edward Snowden…
NHS cyber attack: Edward Snowden says NSA should have prevented cyber attack.
Good time to re-up this talk from 2015 on cyber attacks. Edward Snowden on Cyber Attacks .
100% CORRECT ! Edward Snowden points blame at NSA for not preventing NHS cyber attack via
And u can take Edward Snowden & Julian Assange & totally push them up ur tail end. Both are Traitors & work for Russia
You're a good man Edward. Take care and many thanks for opening our eyes.
This is US government security service technology, developed by the NSA. Edward Snowden has confirmed this and nobody is…
The reported this was the first time a developed by the which was funded by American $...
Edward Snowden speaks out after cyber attack brings chaos to NHS
"if Eric Garland wants to misgender Chelsea Manning and malign Edward Snowd…
Edward Snowden: Congress needs to grill NSA on hospital software vulnerabilities
If you went by Edward "Eddie" Snowden, I think people would see you in a different light
the NSA is responsible for the recent cyber attack. I mean what were they thinking while developing a cyber weapon?
Edward Snowden tells universities in Alberta and Manitoba that Trump's firing of FBI director is alarming
Since Wiener and Huma can't be prosecuted, u need to release Bradley Manning & exonerate Edward Snowden. Rules must be applied equally.
That's great! Now what about Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden?
Like Amy Shumer I can't name one thing Edward Snowden has done.
Rand Paul said that Edward Snowden had done U S a service when he leaked CIA se…
Tonight Hannity and rand Paul are back to Edward Snowden we don't want a police state
Tonight's double is kicked off by Oliver Stone's SNOWDEN. Disillusioned IT contractor Edward Snowden (Joseph...
Edward Snowden: 'I have no relationship' with WikiLeaks: Daniel Chaitin Former National Security Agency contractor…
Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, who has been living in Russian... via
Edward Snowden: Still working through the publication, has here is genuinely a big deal. Looks authentic.
Board of Directors of The Freedom of The Press Foundation include Edward Snowden, Glen Greenwald, John Cusack ,...
Edward Snowden saga: Bolivia accuses Europe of 'kidnapping' Bolivian
Dec7 - Whistleblower special - Oliver Stone on Edward Snowden and the extradition of Lauri Love
Edward Snowden and Lindsay Mills are what love, integrity and hope personified can be...hopin and prayin tht no vultures spoil their lives!!
Russia is considering giving Edward Snowden back to the U.S. as "gift" to President Trump, report says
Putin should gift President Trump Edward Snowden and Trump should gift Putin George Soros. A win-win.
Snowden claims report may 'gift' him to Trump proves he is not a spy
Top story: Snowden claims report Russia may 'gift' him to Trump proves he is no… see more
Russia considers giving Edward Snowden as 'gift' to Trump 😔
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Report: Russia considers sending Edward Snowden back to U.S. to 'curry favor' with President Trump ht…
"There may never be a safer election to vote for a third party." - Edward Snowden, 2016 . 🤔.
Question to are you really want to make Edward snowden a coin trade for trump, will be totally disappointed Vlady I hope Not
Clinton CIA stooge Morell suggested Russia hand over Snowden to Trump as a gift. What is this, Conan the Barbarian?
Trump should not prosecute Edward Snowden. The classified information he released revealed unconstitutional action by th…
Russia 'considering returning whistleblower Edward Snowden to the US' - reports
Mr. Flynn, what about the discussions you had with the Russians?. Well I, uh, look, over there, it's Edward Snowden! https:/…
EXCLUSIVE: Russia is considering handing Edward Snowden over to U.S. to "curry favor," U.S. official says
Russia 'considering returning Edward Snowden' to US as 'gift' to Trump..we should give him Soros v…
Clinton's top CIA surrogate Mike Morrell has been urging Putin give Snowden to Trump as a "gift." Russia's response: https:…
BREAKING: Russia may be willing to send Edward Snowden to the US as a 'gift' to Trump, according to US official
Russia Considering Sending Edward Snowden Back to U.S. as 'Gift' to Trump - Breitbart via
Edward Snowden was critical about the Trump campaign. Said he thought Clinton 'had it in the bag'. Sought a pardon from President Obama.
Ex-CIA head said he'd like Edward Snowden to be hanged for treason  via
or about how Edward Snowden should never be listened again too cause he said Hillary would defend Goldman Sachs
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It took the DIA nearly three years to confirm that Edward Snowden never used its email system -
Edward Snowden might have been a Russian spy
That bit where peter Ludlow says Edward Snowden isn't a hero, he did his duty
Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden walk into a real dump.
Islamic State supporters share Edward Snowden video to explain need for encryption - Washington Times
."greatly supportive of national treasures such as Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Peyton Manning"
The fake protestor said his group supported whistleblowers like "Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Peyton Manning"
Russia says Edward Snowden can stay in country for two more years
Edward had asked to save Manning before himself. DONE. Now to ban using Espionage Act to prosecute any wh…
Whistleblower is still wanted in US on espionage charges
Former US intelligence contractor who revealed the extent of NSA surveillance will have his residency extended a...
Edward Snowden allowed to stay in Russia for two more years
Your opinion of Mr Snowden depends on whether you trust Western institutions, or regard them as inherently corrupt https:/…
Also, in unexpected news today, has been given some reassurance of extended stay in Russia.
He wont be getting a pardon after indirectly supporting Trump during the elections.
BREAKING UN special rapporteur for free expression calls on to pardon
When I talked to about Chelsea Manning, he said, "Has she not suffered... by via
Trump likes to one up people, so he should pardon Julian Assange & Edward Snowden as soon as he takes office. Just Say…
Chelsea Manning or Edward Snowden. both are deserving of Nobel Peace Medals ... unlike most recipients of that Awar…
Obama commutes Chelsea Manning's sentence for leaking Army documents | news now drop charges on Edward Snowden
news should not be surprising. remains one of Moscow's favourite puppets
Edward Snowden given leave to remain in Russia for 'a couple more years'
US whistleblower Edward Snowden allowed to stay in Russia for another 'couple of years' as Chelsea Manning's ... -…
Fox News Alert: Russia extends Edward Snowden's residency for a couple of years
Carlson's guest just said he supports Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Peyton Manning. . Yes. Peyton, not Chelsea Ma…
Ron Paul supports the pardon of Chelsea Manning, but Fox News wants her to stay in jail I bet Fox thinks Edward Snowden should be in jail.
Trump is the same moron who said Edward Snowden should be assassinated on the Fox show. Trump wont pardon anyone..
Op-Ed: Before he goes, needs to pardon Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, writes Jonathan Power
Edward Snowden is calling on President Obama to pardon Chelsea Manning over himself
Edward Snowden issues heartfelt plea to Obama to pardon Chelsea Manning
where's the Canadian Edward Snowden when you need him
Yeah huge crush on Edward Snowden idgaf. Bring my mans back so I can marry him.
Suzanna: Edward Snowden said this week that the public would be worse off if he hadn't revealed that the NSA was…
Lol @ people who think Chris Kyle is a hero and Edward Snowden a villain.
Coming from whom & Bring him home - that don't sound like a pardon knowing US Lingo:…
On Jan. 15, is hosting a “Freedom & Democracy” event with and Live stream: https:…
U of Waterloo got Edward Snowden to speak at an event
Terrorists had no idea how USA was intercepting their encrypted communications. Until Edward Snowden let them know. htt…
2/2 For some context, here's a well written debunking of the commonly accepted narratives surrounding Snowden
The Pirate Party in Iceland is in favor of granting Edward Snowden Icelandic citizenship.
Wow, this goes deeper than we thought. Looks like the Russians also hacked the Best Documentary category!
Exhibit 16:Fmr client of Advisor Jesse Binnall owned the email service used by Edward Snowden
.still has 10 days to do the right thing by pardoning Edward Snowden. Add your voice!
also im laughing bc i tried to tag you and i accidentally tagged edward snowden LOL
The most important article on Edward Snowden via
Electronic Device Insurance
I’ve asked to He's not a traitor. Join me, and to take action
"[P]ardon Snowden and bring him home … to work for the security and privacy of us all." – and http…
Edward asks if he can take one more question, "but this time from one of the ladies in the audience." Yes
"Snowden has become a potent symbol for privacy and civil liberties, human rights, and an open internet … "
Is a spy? A new book calls him one, and it's a "fluffy and golden-brown wobbly soufflé of speculation".
Please watch the movie "snowden" lots of internesting facts .. True story about Edward Snowden and his story. . Very inspiration. Movational
Gary Webb, William Cooper and Edward Snowden exposed the US government which is why they were killed. Snowden is...
Documentary-maker Laura Poitras follows Edward Snowden and covers the NSA spying scandal that shocked the world.
This Malcolm Gladwell piece about Daniel Ellsberg and Edward Snowden spends a lot of time building a giant straw man
New York (NY) Post: Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning want pardons from Obama . More -
News post: "Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning want pardons from Obama"
Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning want a pardon or clemency from President Obama - Salon
The New Yorker's is wrong: Edward Snowden is as important a whistleblower as Daniel Ellsberg:
Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning statues unveiled in Berlin
Congressional report charges Snowden is in contact with Russian intelligence
⚡️ “Edward Snowden responds to the HPSCI report on his disclosures” .
Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden remains in contact with Russian intelligence, according to congressional repor…
Congressional report: Snowden in 'contact with Russian intelligence'
Have been informed that Whole Foods Chunky Beef Water has even less protein than the regular. Mr. Edward Snowden, please come…
Congressional report: Snowden in 'contact with Russian intelligence' DNC HACKING FCKING TRAITOR
Edward Snowden has been in contact with Russian intelligence officials, according to a new Congressional report
Report:. Edward 'has had & continues to have contact' with Russian intel services. Creative LIES & no PROOF
Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald live on stage via /r/WikiLeaks
Snowden denies any payments from any chickens or chicken owners for festive shot, he's just into chips ;-)
Congressional report: Snowden in 'contact with Russian intelligence'.  CNN - 13h ago
Shocked I tell you!! House report claims Edward Snowden 'has contact' with Russia spy agencies
"A new report from Congress calls Edward Snowden's activities the "largest and most damaging public release of...
Congress report calls Snowden a liar who's in touch with Russian spies via
Edward Snowden fires back after Congress accuses him of 'contact' with Russian intelligence via
"Mistakes were made:" Less than 24 hours after releasing report claiming I lied, HPSCI is walking back its report.
Edward Snowden better get out of if he knows what's good for him now that Putin-loving Donald Trump is in charge.…
U.S. House still has contacts with Business, CEO's and Special Interests. Edward Snowden Report
Edward Snowden wants you to know he is not sponsored by KFC:
House report: Edward Snowden in contact with Russian agents
Mr Robot: 'Edward Snowden is a huge fan of our show'
Ari Melber !! MSNBC you bring on Glenn Greenwald really ? he gave us Edward Snowden his PLANT in
Trump only supports WikiLeaks when it is advantageous to do so. Where's that same support for Chelsea Manning or Edward Snowden?
PB is Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden. The truth. And they will boycott the truth.Besmirch it.
Outstanding. Now do the same for Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and Julian Assange.
Solicitude by US republicans for Wikileaks leader Julian Assange is not extended to Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning, for s…
I liked a video Last Year This Month on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Edward Snowden
What’s the difference between Daniel Ellsberg and Edward Snowden?
My latest! Daniel Ellsberg, Edward Snowden, and the Modern Whistleblower via
Last night I dreamed that the Oscars were being hosted by Ernest Borgnine and Edward Snowden.
truth teller - exposing corruption - a hero just like Chelsea Manning & Edward Snowden .. we need to keep power in check
Snowden, Oliver Stone's biopic and thriller of whistle blower Edward Snowden, screens today at 20.30.…
Interview: Joseph Gordon-Levitt on playing Edward Snowden in the new film by Oliver Stone
Exclusive: Face-to-face with in on Trump, Putin and dwindling...
Edward on Trump: "I wonder when it is that he thinks America was great."
Edward you should run for president
TONIGHT: Edward tells that Petraeus disclosed ‘far more highly classified’ secrets ‘than I…
Edward Snowden: David Petraeus disclosed more sensitive information than I did via
Exclusive: Face-to-face with Edward Snowden in Moscow on Trump, Putin and dwindling hopes of'. via
Photos: Behind the scenes of interview with NSA whistleblower Edward https:/…
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is ‘not counting’ on a pardon from President Obama
Reports say the refugees who sheltered me in Hong Kong have had some benefits cut in retaliation. Will Canada help?
Every tough question critics could come up with, asked me -- even conspiracy theories. Full video here:
Edward Snowden stood up for your human rights. Now it's time to stand up for him. Tell to
David Clarke logic "Blame the whistleblower." I don't think he is a fan of Edward Snowden.
This computer science professor explained how and why he thinks a vote hack on the US election was possible
Intelligence experts urge to end 'untenable exile' of
“Bin Laden is alive,” said Edward Snowden and reveals where he hides. - Military Times
So, you're not able to understand this or you can in fact understand this?
# Intelligence experts urge Obama to end Edward Snowden's .
How about you make this and and a good legacy?
One doesn't have to like how Snowden went about what he did, however the benefits to the public were enormous,...
Intelligence experts urge Obama to end Edward 'untenable exile'
WWW inventor supports a presidential pardon for Edward Snowden. Join the movement to bring Ed home: http…
Ex-Watergate investigators urge Obama to show leniency to Edward Snowden
Here's how the election could have been rigged against Hillary Clinton
Edward Snowden speaks about dangers to democracy at Sam Adams award pres... via
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: 'I don't want to live in a society tha... via
Obama to a turkey: "By the power vested in me, you are hereby pardoned". *The crowd gasps as Edward Snowden unzips his turkey suit*
Edward Snowden was denied safe passage by Norway to travel there to claim Free Speech award.
oloco, andou me stalkeando, Edward Snowden?
We have nothing against turkeys! We just think Edward Snowden deserves a pardon, too. Take action today:
We're losing our way as a society. If we don't stand up, if we do...
Even Edward Snowden, now ahack for Russia, admits Russia tampered with the election in favor of Trump. Time for
EXCELLENT: Recent Interview Edward Snowden - What we all should know about
"Norway's supreme court rejects Edward Snowden extradition lawsuit"
Maybe he could change places with Edward Snowden. Fair exchange!
Mr.President please pardon Edward Snowden, in the name of justice.
I could listen to Edward Snowden all night. Is he always going to be a fugitive? He should be working on Capitol Hill.
Edward Snowden was asked who he would vote for on election 2016, Hilary or Trump?
Edward Snowden loses Norway safe passage case
Edward Snowden Demonstrates How Easy It is to Hack a Voting Machine--All for Just $30
Hacker News - Edward Snowden loses Norway safe passage case
WHY is Edward Snowden still alive? His actions put the lives of hundreds of case officers at risk, including mine. Edward Snowden, *** hole!
Norway refuses to grant Edward Snowden guarantee against extradition
Edward Snowden, Chelsey Manning & the Human Dimension of Information Security. interview with Kate Bischoff…
Norway's supreme court rejects Edward extradition lawsuit -
I liked a video from Edward Snowden talking about New President Donald Trump
Edward Snowden talking about New President Donald Trump via We should build it ourselves.
31 authors urge President Obama to pardon Edward Snowden in open letter
Edward Snowden's bid to guarantee that he would not be extradited to the US if he visited Norway has been rejected…
Watch live as Obama pardons a semi-sentient bird instead of Edward Snowden
Norway's supreme court rejects Edward Snowden extradition lawsuit
From the Pentagon Papers to Edward Snowden - Part One of Our Interview with Tom Devine, Legal Director for the G...
Top story: Barack Obama will not pardon Edward Snowden unless he goes to court … see more
Edward Snowden blew the whistle. Senator Wyden made vague references. This sounds like an idle threat:
US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, known for combatting Edward Snowden, resign...
we need transparency, I am so grateful to you Edward Snowden for all you have done, you really are a hero, &, I thank you so much!!
Could Edward Snowden's real job be disinformation and division of allies?
Edward Snowden, the person who leaked info about PRISM (global surveillance) by US National Security Agency,...
Have you heard these misconceptions about Snowden? sets the record straight.
Actually, that's untrue, he did make such attempts
Edward Snowden: Augmented reality will bring political awareness . . via
Wide-ranging interview with Edward Snowden recorded after the election. Definitely some thought-provoking parts:
Edward Snowden makes 'moral' case for presidential pardon
My mom just came back from an anti-drug ptsa meeting whatever and now she basically thinks I'm Edward Snowden 2.0 but add…
Edward Snowden’s backers call him a whistleblower. Yet he made little attempt to raise his concerns with superiors…
Is Edward Snowden a villain or a hero?
I hope Trump makes good on his promise and pardons Edward Snowden. Must watch:
"We're witnessing the end of exile as a political tool of repression." –Edward on telepresence . LIVE NOW:
BREAKING Edward follows now 2 accounts, no more just !!!
Thursday I will be speaking at about Edward Snowden and his impact on the online world.
Edward Snowden: Augmented reality will bring political awareness - CNET
Alex Jones says he will call on Donald Trump to pardon Edward Snowden
President Obama's got just weeks left to do the right thing and pardon Help us give him a little nudge:
If you think Snowden provided a valuable service you should consider supporting this petition for an Obama pardon.
“We should be cautious about putting too much faith or fear into elected officials,” said Snowden. “At the end of...
amen bet Edward Snowden got blasted after he hacked the CIA
Former CIA officer and best-selling author makes a compelling case for
You guys didn't make one, so I did.
Edward Snowden tells the world not to fear or have faith in Donald Trump: "This is just one president."
Trump wanted Edward Snowden executed. That's the dude who let us know our government was spying on us. Now Trump's our president elect.
Trump's surveillance state: Edward Snowden warns about expansion of spying powers via
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