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Edward James Olmos

Edward James Olmos (born February 24, 1947) is an American, with Mexican citizenship, actor and director.

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Edward James Olmos has proved that he is a substitute for plot twice: Blade Runner n Battlestar Galactica.
Here’s your cheat sheet to the best father-son duo in
"I support the indigenous people anywhere in the planet" - Edward James Olmos.
Some skits are golden. They mostly involve Jeff Goldblum and Edward James Olmos.
He's my all time favorite pockmarked ginger. He's like the Irish Edward James olmos
Suspect identified in hacking of Edward James Olmos' face-recognition IPhone
"Apple support.". "Hi, it's Edward James Olmos. My new keeps unlocking when I walk past these pineapples."
Gigli, starring Edward James Olmos and Drew Carey. Directed by Werner Herzog, music by Liam Lynch. Budget: $1m
Rewatching Battlestar Galactic for the first time in years. God this show is so well written/acted.Edward James Olmos just…
1 minute into Narcos series 3 and Edward James Olmos appears. Fantastic
I don't know anyone who doesn't love Edward James Olmos. And if you don't, keep it to yourself please.
Bigotry can apply to *any* creed, and is ignorant no matter who's involved. I share the view of Edward James Olmo…
really got the legendary Edward James Olmos to guess star in Season 3. Imagine being that iconic.
Rando related thought: Edward James Olmos would be a welcome addition to the old head David Lynch universe.
After the break, we've got a song from a new space house supergroup featuring Todd Blackledge and Edward James Olmos
Can please cast Mary McDonnell and/or Edward James Olmos as someone so I can cry about it? Thanks.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
My favorite film is 'Stand and Deliver' with Edward James Olmos and Lou Diamond Phillips. A good classic!
True story: Grew up across the street from Edward James Olmos brother and he was the one who got me into full on collecting comics.
Edward James Olmos and Ryan Guzman to star in 9/11 drama Windows on the World
HAPPY I get to play Edward James Olmos' wife and Ryan Guzman's mom in 9/11 drama “Windows on the World”
Support from Bill Paxton, James Marsden & Edward James Olmos. Looking reaaal good.😎
Katee Sackhoff: How Edward James Olmos ‘taught me how to act in 30 seconds’
Plot Twist: It's Edward James Olmos. This is a backdoor sequel to Battlestar Galactica, and it's about to get REAL!
I really hope there's an Edward James Olmos impersonator called Edward James Almost.
"I don't think I'll ever do another show like this in my lifetime," Edward James Olmos says of his enduring love for
Frack'n excited to host Edward James Olmos at Sacramento Comic Con! Send your questions or comment that I can share…
June 2017: Still mad that Mary McDonnell or Edward James Olmos never got Emmy's for Battlestar Galactica
Reunion photos: Check out Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, and the cast at
Here for the Battlestar Gallactica panel. Not gonna lie, only here for the beautiful sunflower that is Edward James Olmos.
"Battlestar Galactica" reunion: Edward James Olmos says the series was better crafted than "Blade Runner"…
Edward James Olmos called Battlestar Galactica the best piece of television he's ever been involved in.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Edward James Olmos led the cast and audience in a chant of "So Say We All!" to close the
My stretchmarks make my thighs look like Edward James Olmos' cheeks. ***
Thanks to grandparent and acclaimed actor Edward James Olmos for speaking w/ our Media Arts students h…
Edward James Olmos at a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles. It's apparently the best in town! (Well it is with Eddie...
Edward James Olmos in 'Men of Science Fiction ' coffee table book by Dennis Illic. Great book…
Better as Hyman Roth (who's got to be much older than Michael) would be Edward James Olmos. Nobody's…
Good thinking; smart life hack. If any other walls in your basement suffer similar decay, Edward James Olmos is on deck. FYI.
Great news from the set of . Edward James Olmos is to reprise his role of 'Eduardo Gaff' from the origina…
Edward James Olmos confirms Gaff will return in
YES MATE! Edward James Olmos is back as Gaff in Outstanding!
Blade Runner 2049 just got even better. Edward James Olmos confirmed to reprise his role as Gaff.
Good news as we await end of day's snowstorm: Edward James Olmos will reprise role of Gaff in "Blade Runner: 2049"…
MAJOR BREAKING NEWS|Edward James Olmos has just confirmed that he will be returning as Gaff in Blade Runner 2049!
Marvel's Iron Fist, from the man who brought you the Dexter storylines "Edward James Olmos is in a freezer" and "Dexter is…
I just thought you might be able to sympathize with someone you're familiar with. How about this one: Edward James…
Hollenbeck Jr. Rider's enjoyed an awesome day for a 5K Run! Keynote speaker was the acclaimed actor and director, E…
Idea as Hiram for Hermione and Veronica: Edward James Olmos. With the mustache.
Oh my yes. Also, Edward James Olmos would be great as a Klingon admiral or high council member, or something.
Getting the Supreme Court judge (Edward James Olmos) out of small town jail. That whole episode, really!
Professional Photo Op Packages with EDWARD JAMES OLMOS are available now! Reserve yours here -…
Edward James Olmos is such a legend
whenever I remember that Edward James Olmos & Andrew Rader follow me (even though they follow thousands of ppl) I cringe lol
Real Talk: I just want to create something that will make Edward James Olmos call me "Mijo".
Celebrating our friend, Edward James Olmos' 70th bday ❤️ thank you for the snap
More celebrations of Edward James Olmos' 70th birthday.
Iconic Actor and Activist Edward James Olmos at prankbar enjoying some birthday brunch with…
liked the Edward James Olmos name drop in Deadline!
Edward James Olmos joins the cast of the Mayans MC pilot.
Edward James Olmos out and about, doing his thing. Awesome.
I thought that only worked for seeing dead Bruce Willis characters and Edward James Olmos?👍😉
Mayors Youth Council gave Edward James Olmos a certificate of appreciate on behalf of the mayor for his support of…
I'm watching the West Wing episode where they are vetting SCOTUS picks and in walks Edward James Olmos as the Latino on the short list 🙌🏼
meeting Edward James Olmos was literally the highlight of my day 😭
Going to get the opportunity to see Edward James Olmos, how exciting 😇
Let us tell our American story. Edward James Olmos asks you to help us
How come nobody told me Edward James Olmos guested on Agents of Shield! 😡😡😡
Edward James Olmos is one of Mary McDonnell's biggest fans. Could someone buy him one of these please??
I thought my grandpa was Edward James Olmos 😞
Welp I made it 6 minutes into this Edward James Olmos interview before deciding to watch BSG season 3 again.
If you missed it, is Felipe Reyes in . Pilot being shot this month & directed by
James, Kimmy is hot!!! Signed Edward James Olmos. . WAR playing dodge ball with pineapples.
Here's to Edward James Olmos for playing a complicated leader in Battlestar Galactica. In my opinion one of the best male a…
'Monday Nights at Seven' actors Vanessa Cure and Edward James Olmos pose for photos on the red carpet at...
I've aways loved Edward James Olmos and stoked to hear he's going to be on Sons of Anarchy! Rusty Coones is the...
Supervisor Solis pays special tribute to members of Zoot Suit and infamous Edward James Olmos.
I got called Napoleón Dynamite, Erik Estrada, Edward James Olmos, and Urkel today because of my glasses. . 🤓. 🖕🏼
Why are Katy Perry or Adam Levine the faces of ? Talk to me when Edward James Olmos or Ray Liotta are representing!
Walk the Line, starring Edward James Olmos and Audrey Tautou. Directed by Roland Emmerich, music by Erasure. Budget: $20,000
Edward James Olmos - One of the Most Accomplished Latinos in the Industry | American Latino: via
Don't feel too bad if you mix up Danny Trejo and Edward James Olmos. They both have really bad skin.
her & Edward James Olmos. It's a freaking crime is what it was.
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, New DVD, Edward James Olmos, Uma Thurman, Pa
Director and actor Edward James Olmos received the Legacy Award at the Latinos De Hoy Awards ceremony. This...
Just traded a selfie for our parking spot with Edward James Olmos. Ain't no free lunch!…
Edward James Olmos' Gaff and James Hong's Hannibal Chew were stand outs in the original Blade Runner. They made me belie…
Edward James Olmos & his son Michael speak about actors and directors in Atlanta, Thursday. https…
This 1975 episode of KOJAK has Veronica Hamel, John Larroquette, and Edward James Olmos in small roles.
Edward James Olmos in Los Angeles yesterday, promoting voter registration. He's been promoting it since...
Edward James Olmos in "Dead Man's Walk" - a great performance in another top-notch TV film. Highly recommended.
I think Edward James Olmos did that in Stand and Deliver.
Actor and director Edward James Olmos struggled with dyslexia all through his schooling and career:
to Edward James Olmos shredding his vocal chords, singing with his rock'n'roll band in the '60s.
Fan of Edward James Olmos and/or Then I COMMAND YOU to watch 1st 8 episodes of American Family, here:
She's instantly recognisable. Please do one of Edward James Olmos! xx
Edward James Olmos with Lupe Onitivera at the 2008 awards
Any photographer who wants to go to Holylwood Thursday 9am have an interview with Edward James Olmos
Going through old DMs... Me paso de vergas sometimes 😂 shoutout to Edward James Olmos for that follow tho
I got to meet and talk for over 40min with Edward James Olmos! So say we all!
chatted about Hamilton today with the great Edward James Olmos
Whenever I think of Edward James Olmos not ever winning an Oscar, I immediately roll into a rant about the invisibility of Latinos in film
Edward James Olmos smiled and waved at me in front of our hotel!😭😃
Edward James Olmos is at this con and has virtually NO LINE. I'm going to talk to him and he'll think I'm awesome and we'll be best friends.
Edward James Olmos moves like a *** ninja. He was there then gone in a second.
That drawing of Edward James Olmos as Gaff is wonderful
Me and Eric (Notes & Nerds) had an amazing time at Planet Comicon! We got to Jason Mewes, Edward James Olmos,...
So yeah. Me and Edward James Olmos. Just hangin. As one does at
My first Con. Got to me meet Edward James Olmos he signed the drawing I did of him, met Neil…
Edward James Olmos is such a classy gentleman! An honor to meet you, sir. Thanks for coming to
Who would you like to meet 2016. . Edward James Olmos, Rita Moreno, Luis Guzman or Venicio Del Toro
Great post about Edward James Olmos in Miami Vice. His dancing days have certainly served him well - without that...
Thank you so much - I jump at any excuse to post this gif of Edward James Olmos in the ocean
Awesome first day at so far. Seen Manu Bennet, Edward James Olmos, Jason Mewes in our hotel and now just seen Stan Lee!!
If you've been longing for Edward James Olmos in speedos, the "Golden Triangle"-episodes are for you
Watching a Miami Vice episode where it turns out Edward James Olmos worked undercover in Thailand/Burma & is secretly a martial arts expert
Check it out: first part of Edward James Olmos' Q&A at Planet Comicon.
What was Edward James Olmos' favourite role? His answer might surprise you ...
Imagine being just six feet away from Edward James Olmos!
It's so good to read about Edward James Olmos having a positive impact on others like he does on us!
Edward James Olmos is really good at these things isn't he? 😍
Edward James Olmos is a really gifted public speaker
Oh wow, Edward James Olmos is in this episode :D
I just got to tell Edward James Olmos that American Me was a truly transformative film for me. Night triple made.
Edward James Olmos, one particular I'd like to shout about the influence of in TV, at the Paley Centre. https:/…
Oh look, Edward James Olmos did the opening ceremony.
Edward James Olmos is one cool dude.
Edward James Olmos is hosting a fantastic panel in the Grand Ballroom
Edward James Olmos re: Agents of SHIELD. Agent Gonzalez was the only real SHIELD. Not Coulson. That's why they blew me up.
Edward James Olmos: Stand and Deliver changed the way the US looked at teaching inner city children.
Edward James Olmos captivates the audience omicon
About to so say we all with Edward James Olmos at
Got to meet Edward James Olmos again! We have the same Birthdate & hair.
.Edward James Olmos and on the First Latino They Saw on TV
With the legendary Edward James Olmos tonight at the Paley Center Hispanic Tribute. So great…
Matt Mercer, Edward James Olmos and me. Poster for House of the Righteous.
Hangin' with the veteran Edward James Olmos at the Paley Center for Media event at Cipriani's…
I just found out Edward James Olmos is that guy in Miami Vice.
Celebrating the reach of Latin music with Edward James Olmos
The iconic Edward James Olmos preaching how Latin music is not crossing over... It has taken…
Too bad you left before Edward James Olmos stopped by to Stand And Deliver! (See what we did there?!)
Just seen bus driver who was absolute spitting image of Edward James Olmos. . ...all this has happened before and all this will happen again
Edward James Olmos would rock as a Governor.
Much respect to Mr Edward James Olmos, been a fan for years! Gracias por la foto!
I'd love to see a TV series made from this short film by Starring Edward James Olmos, of course.
I think you mean Stargate. :P LOL BSG was Edward James Olmos :)
I believe that Gandhi was correct. Non-violent civil disobedience is t...
We have a BSG photo signed by Edward James Olmos & children's book signed by the cast! :)
Don't drop litter. "There's no excuse for trashing the beach." Edward James Olmos and
Edward James Olmos on why the work of the Alliance is so crucial in drought-striker California
Edward James Olmos on why we need an open internet. From 2014. Via
Edward James Olmos springing Paul Rodriguez from selling roadside oranges to running his own restaurant inspired me as a kid.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Still struggling to find a discrete way to take pictures of celebrity lookalikes. I want to share fake Edward James Olmos with the world.
Watching "I'm Still Here" out of some sense of morbid curiosity. Edward James Olmos comes in with some touching commentary. Weird.
My dad saw Edward James Olmos and talked to him in Spanish 🇲🇽
gotta feel bad for Edward James Olmos, he doesn't deserve to be trapped in that dude's avatar
ya I agree. Plus you can't beat Edward James Olmos.
Eh, I've seen far worse examples of this, from Edward James Olmos on Dexter to Jon Snow a few weeks back.
it's ok kail I'm afraid of things with holes in them. Swiss cheese, parcel paper, wool sweaters, Edward James Olmos face.
when isn't Amendola recovering from surgery, dude has had more knives go through him than Edward James Olmos in American Me
Was going through all the people that follow me...Edward James Olmos follows me. Dude!!! 😀
In just a few minutes, the generally rather lovely Edward James Olmos transforms himself into a very unpleasant...
If thats the case i guess Edward James Olmos was a goalie who didn't wear a mask...
Education is a vaccine for violence. —Edward James Olmos
Thanks for following We're trying to help spread the word about the charitable causes Edward James Olmos holds dear.
The older you get the more you understand what you're doing.
2. Edward James Olmos improves everything he's in, even if it was great to start with. (3/4)
visit our website hear iconic actor Edward James Olmos ask you to join…
Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks did a great job as a serial killing team.
So you were basically the Edward James Olmos version of Jaime Escalante.
Katee Sackhoff and Edward James Olmos - charity event
Desperado, starring Liza Minelli and Edward James Olmos. Directed by Sam Mendes, music by David Bowie. Budget: $300m
I've just found Robert M. Young's "Triumph Of The Spirit" on UK Netflix. Watching for Edward James Olmos
some alternate universe where Edward James Olmos or Raul Julia or Jimmy Smits played Carlito
One of my favorite 30 Rock quick throwaway gags: "Edward James Almost, an Edward James Olmos lookalike who Tracy is fri…
Edward James Olmos and Legendary Director Robert M. Young are at it again...
your next voice needs to be Edward James Olmos. PLEASE
So Dave Bautista is going to be in the new Blade Runner? Ok...ok... He can play that Edward James Olmos role that's cool with me.
Edward James Olmos, dressed as Crockett: I think this meant to be EJO off set and this is how he dressed at times .…
.DAVE! NICE! I'm hoping for an Edward James Olmos 'stache and patch set.
Thanks to acne I guarantee I will end up looking like the child of Ray Liotta and Edward James Olmos in the near future...
I've never seen Edward James Olmos with Joaquin Phoenix in the same room as Carlos Santana with Rob Thomas.
Batista is going to be the Edward James Olmos-like character in the Blade Runner sequel?! I'm in.
I think Edward James Olmos said it best in Selena when he gave his speech about being Mexican American.
"Ordenador is 'computer' en Español but there's nothing orde-NARY about cyber crimes. Edward James Olmos here to tell you if you see somethi
Lovely picture of Edward James Olmos with Radha Mitchell - from a couple of days ago in Los Angeles.
Battlestar Galactica series with Edward James Olmos, if you haven't seen it. Excitement, moral dilemma, eros, dialog & etc.
I Edward James Olmos have to pee. I'm sorry, I'll show myself out.
Edward James Olmos out here for latinos
Does your mons pubis look like Edward James Olmos at 5pm? You must read this:
Woo! Edward James Olmos would be proud. When my wife and I met him, he talked our ears off about that film & its parallels w/BSG
Edward James Olmos, dressed as Crockett: I wonder, why he dressed up as "Crockett" and not "Castillo".
Stand and Deliver: 8.5 B. While the plot drags at times, Edward James Olmos is stunning as teacher Jaime Escalante, a true hero.
I can't wait until the day I get to interview Edward James Olmos
Hide your Cylons: Edward James Olmos is coming to
Edward James Olmos coming to Atlantic City Boardwalk Con: A new actor just took top billing at the Atlantic Ci...
😊Good movie about her. JLO did an excellent job. She fit into Selena's outfits. Edward James Olmos said we're seeing a star born.
Common Sense Mamita, Lydia Nicole shares her experience next to actor and activist Edward James Olmos.
Edward James Olmos holds in his hand the future of
Fans refer to Tony Denison as the "Silver Fox" so what is the fandom name Edward James Olmos?!
Edward James Olmos came to my high school a few times to speak. An inspiration for me.
I just checked it out online...It has Edward James Olmos!!! Definitely watching it..loved him in
Grafitti from a stone wall in Paris. Talent is everywhere. The subject could be the daughter of Edward James Olmos.
Season 6 of Dexter completely wasted Edward James Olmos. A really good actor who was really misused
*** Ward got Edward James Olmos in his corner. . This could be interesting!.
That wouldn’t have happened to Robin Williams or Edward James Olmos or Maggie Smith or Sidney Poitier or Jack Black. Well...
have you ever seen the TV version with Edward James Olmos, George C Scott and Jack Lemon? Diverse but hit the same points
Thanks Steven Adams. I no longer have the ugliest face in the world /s/ Edward James Olmos
So yes what im saying is its time for the film remake but with Don Johnson, Edward James Olmos, and wherver Philip Michael Thomas is hiding
I recorded this episode after a cold and my throat was still really rough. You can hear it-- I sound like Edward James Olmos at times
😃 Great costume! Unfortunately not. Edward James Olmos is looking good! I loved him in
Looking forward to watching actor Edward James Olmos and Houston Texans TE CJ [Fiedorowicz] build early chemistry.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Only thing that comes to mind might be Edward James Olmos.
Eagle-eyed viewers will spot the Edward James Olmos mural in this number from MOONBEAM CITY: https:…
I just watched the one where Edward James Olmos gets arrested
Tom, baby! I have brilliant idea for movie. You and I in a buddy cop pic. Edward James Olmos can be our chief.
what happened to THE SCOUT, THE NATURAL, SECRETARIAT OR Edward James Olmos in Talent for the Game
Earlier in class today we saw the 'Chicano Rock' documentary narrated by Edward James Olmos. That film left me hella juiced!
His name is Edward James Olmos. I knew that I would remember eventually. 👍🏼
Edward James Olmos has always been Unapologetic - one thing I think about every time I see him.
Edward James Olmos is my celebrity crush
As steely as Edward James Olmos's gaze of unbreakable will
fantastic pic of you and Edward James Olmos
I keep thinking of Edward James Olmos when I hear about invitees to Cubs Spring Training.
Glad the signed Edward James Olmos today. He was stellar in 'Stand and Deliver' and on 'Miami Vice'
Not to be confused with his dad.Edward James Olmos.
...and yes, if Edward James Olmos was the ONLY Mexican to ever be in a movie.
my bad man. I get it now. It's like if you said something about Edward James Olmos. We'd be trippin too
Edward James Olmos just got put on the court
something Edward James Olmos would say to a replicant.
I think that's Edward James Olmos from Talent for the Game!
As I resume my West Wing rewatch and the country hunts for a SCOTUS justice, I think it's worth asking: What's Edward James Olmos up to?
I hope is considering Edward James Olmos for the vacant slot in
Seriously: the next justice should be Edward James Olmos but he should be in character as Jaime Esquilante.
has a lot of really cool followers. Obama, Scharpling, Julie Klausner, Edward James Olmos. Get it girl
it was that or a joke about Edward James Olmos getting a DUI while antiquing in CT. We missed the exit again.
Edward James Olmos Net Worth:   Edward James Olmos is an American actor and director, he’s a net worth of $14 ...
Write an op-Ed pushing to nominate Glenn Close or Edward James Olmos!
I learned all about American politics from West Wing on Netflix. The clear answer: nominate Edward James Olmos for SCOTUS!
Oh my god, though, we should be so lucky to live in a world where Edward James Olmos becomes a Supreme Court justice.
Oh my god, how can I even ever forget how ACTUALLY ELECTRIFYING it is when Edward James Olmos just walks down a hall saying nothing?
Well in The West Wing they got Edward James Olmos on SCOTUS so that's what should happen
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Once again we need to take a lesson from The West Wing and nominate Edward James Olmos to the Supreme Court
Obama should nominate Edward James Olmos to the Supreme Court
Somewhere in America tonight, actors Martin Sheen, Richard Schiff and Edward James Olmos are smiling quietly to themselves.
Edward James Olmos or the dreamy Jamie Bamber. Whether or not you become the coolest girl comedian ever depends on your answer
Edward James Olmos inventing a *** city slang for Blade Runner fascinates me. Like I can barely articulate myself in my native language
There is one race, the human race, period. Edward James Olmos
We're yelling at Dylan for looking at Edward James Olmos' Wikipedia page
Edward James Olmos one of the most underrated actors. The man never fails to impress.
The Golden Triangle two parter is "Edward James Olmos has a martial arts freakout"
"Supplement your income,'re pimps" - Edward James Olmos
I just sneezed with oatmeal in my mouth and made a picture of Edward James Olmos.
my dad and Edward James Olmos look so much alike
Edward James Olmos and Rick Najera at the President's Breakfast February 11th. Media Release:
I can only take so many episodes of BSG where Edward James Olmos cries. I can't do it.
But still: Edward James Olmos is my bae.
Website Builder 728x90
I wish they'd cast Edward James Olmos in Lloyd's role... as Leonard Nimoy wanted to.
The face my brother made when he met Edward James Olmos in an…
I swear Edward James Olmos is one of Creed's trainers
why did your bae Edward James Olmos leave the origami unicorn for Deckard?
I know it's a cliche but now I really want Edward James Olmos as Mr. Houseman.
.Edward James Olmos in Clint Eastwood role, and Michelle Rodriguez in Hillary Swank role: Million Dollar Baby.
- Mix in a little Edward James Olmos...and you have a twin...
Actor, producer & director Edward James Olmos with actress Rita Moreno will be presenters at next week's Annie...
Pretty excited that Nausicaa of the valley of the wind features Patrick Stewart AND Edward James Olmos.
Sadly it has a picture of a dog on, as opposed to having Edward James Olmos grace the label
Edward James Olmos is the greatest actor ever. Right?
What is your favorite Edward James Olmos role?. EJO is a Hollywood Legend and a fan favorite. He has had some...
When the bus driver looks like a younger version of Edward James Olmos 👀👀👀
after she got rekt in the airplane Edward James Olmos was trying to get her dead carcass an Oscar for her bum *** movie
All this talk of and Mexicans are still glad we got Edward James Olmos in Stand and Deliver
I never understood why people claim I look like Edward James Olmos when I look nothing like him
That time I met Edward James Olmos with a broken arm at MK tho
Now that's a great idea! Either Jimmy or Edward James Olmos would be great!
Edward James Olmos is guest starring in the episode of Agents of Shield I'm watching, fitting since the plot is lifted directly from BSG.
[I still haven't bought book in the movie]. [Me in a bad Edward James Olmos impression]. HOW DO I REACH THESE GHOSTS
I run a Miami Vice podcast w my friends. We're finally getting to the eps w Edward James Olmos. I can't wait to make BSG refs
To further last RT, this summary by Edward James Olmos is what it was like growing up in between cultures for me.
"It's in the darkest moments when the cracks allow the inner light to come out." ~Edward James Olmos, I'm Still Here
He claimed he was in love with Mrs. Patrick Campbell and Dirk Benedict; New: Edward James Olmos & Katee Sackhoff
I'm channeling Michelle Pfeifer from Edward James Olmos from Stand & Deliver and Joey from
Edward James Olmos just thanked me for being a vet. “You look like you served some time brother.” Las Vegas is a weird town.
Best Edward James Olmos costume I've ever freaky good.
Nothing like an Edward James Olmos sized zit on my cheek to start the new year.
Edward James Olmos: "Education is a vacine for violence."
Dear Jake Coker,. You have an amazing complexion!. Sincerely,. Edward James Olmos
"Hi, I'm Edward James Olmos and I'm here to talk to you about equine abuse."
can I come along or will I just be a third wheel to Edward James Olmos
Edward James Olmos and I are going to be at c2e2
All of my breaking news but this photo, Edward James Olmos, amirite?
My - you guys like embroidery, , Edward James Olmos, my sketching for…
Edward James Olmos was asked to play captain on Star Trek TNG early on but declined. Hard to imagine what that would've been like
About to watch The Revenant at Arclight again and Edward James Olmos is sitting at the bar.
Edward James Olmos makes the show. I can't believe how absolutely incredible he is!
. the real question is: does the guy on the right look more like Freddie Mercury or Edward James Olmos?
I want to be in a Edward James Olmos film and be a cholo
[gif of Edward James Olmos nodding in slow agreement]
I remember meeting Edward James Olmos at UCLA my 1st year (regret not taking a pic) but he was actually kind of weird.
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