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Education Week is a United States national newspaper covering K-12 education. It is published by Editorial Projects in Education (EPE), a non-profit organization, which is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland.

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An interesting read from Education Week about 'wise feedback' & how it may help students.
Baltimore teacher fired after using racial slur on students - Education Week.
An important read from Education Week. "How can teacher preparation programs attract the best and brightest?...
Mastery, Expertise, and the Limits of Experts - Rick Hess Straight Up - Education Week
Working Memory Is the Path to Expertise - Rick Hess Straight Up - Education Week
Education Week, Nov 2014: average tenure of superintendents leading urban school districts across the country is now 3.2 years
Education Week at St Johns Park High School. Great day listening to Hon Chris Bowen Federal Member of McMahon speak
Education Week: Teachers are actually underpaid in the US as compared to our international peers.
California aims to reflect diversity in classroom studies – Education Week
The OAPCE conference is under way! It's a great way to finish Catholic Education Week!
Shirley John, Elder from the Saugeen Nation, opens Education Week celebration
Holy Spirit celebrates Catholic Education Week with a drumming clinic for families on Wednesday from 6:00 - 7:00. Pizza available at 5:30.
We have our Catholic Education Week assembly and liturgy tomorrow at 9:30 in our gym. All families are welcome to join us.
Kicking off Teacher Appreciation Week w/post about my top 5 education heroes
Did you know the first Alberta Education Week was held in 1928? Celebrate this year’s Education Week May 2-6! h…
Moral or character formation begins with the family & is necessary for the preservation of a free society
Education Week is here! Poetry, book fair, math challenge, maker space demos, ozobots in action, DPA, and ANNIE! https…
So much to do this week, education wise, that I'm just about tired of life.
I've been seriously considering more education after I finish my MAT but this week is making me want to stop now
Entering Catholic Education Week with a message of Mercy!
"GoFundMe will match donations to salute via
It's the start of a new week. Are you ready to rock this week?
Remember to bring a plain T-shirt on Monday in preparation for Catholic Education Week.
What if Education Honored Students' Individuality... - Work in Progress - Education Week Teacher
Remember that Education Week and Youth Mental Health Week start tomorrow! How will you be kind?
🗣 Today begins Catholic Education Week in Ontario. Many special events planned at to celebrate. https:…
I was just telling my friend Connie about this incredible teacher this week. This was my college education.
reminder of the start of Catholic Education Week
Excited for Teacher Appreciation Week! How do you celebrate education?!
Catholic Education Week. Day 1. Music Monday. Congratulations to our Instrumental band for participating at Woodbine Music Festival.
Nominations for the 2016 Victorian Training Awards close this week! Get in quick.
All purpose parts banner
Week of May 2nd - 6th is recognized as both Education Week and Children's Mental Health Week.
Join us in celebrating Catholic Education Week by talking to your child about our faith and the importance of Catholic Education."
Ooo nearly 500 followers... Can u help us get there by the end of the week? Please RT!
Great resource to use in the lead up to National Sorry Day and National Reconciliation Week
Parents to keep children out of school in key stage exam boycott. 3 Day Week.
Education Week begins tomorrow. Kick-off at CDDHS 7pm. Everyone welcome!
Thanks for your kind follow. I really appreciate the gesture. Have a great week! ~ Anthony
Education Week Masses: Dominican Republic students present at parish.
Take a look at the Catholic Education Week message from His Excellency Bishop Douglas Crosby:
Who's ready for I'm ready and looking forward to teaching the M206 this week!
Experience what your contribution does for music education in the metro! Please join us one week from tonight May...
Education Week is a time to recognize the excellent work that happens in Ontario schools each and every day!
CIO: will be live streaming the Education Week Launch. in NYC @ Lord Dorchester SS tomorrow 9:30 am
Don’t forget to this week for Teacher Appreciation Week!
Remember! Tomorrow is the first day of Education Week in Ontario!
I volunteer every week because supports education, which is important to me.
Thank you to Rebecca Fiske at Forest Heights Community School for the Education Week display ~ Great Work!
Celebrating our cultural diversity through art projects for Education Week.
You can check out Education Week program (May 3-7) here:
Join us for Newspapers in Education Week, when we create special content dedicated toward youth readers.
Greatest Hits: What Are the Most Popular Sections of the Ed. Department's Website? - Politics K-12 - Education Week
Academics Anonymous is back tomorrow – did you catch last week's on the injustice of vivas?
Kirk Graham and the Level 3 Construction students from Dungannon visiting us last week.
Pros . Payday is every Friday. Pays for my education . 5 hours a day for 5 days a week . 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM. Don't work Saturday or Sunday
We have a new TY week with and Bridge21 - find out more and apply
I haven't watched series all week bc of education
Open Education Week takes place Mar 7-11. Ready for a week filled with great events and resources?
Join in For ways to join the celebration next week:
One week until and I make fun links between 007 & pupil premium at conference
Happy Friday This week has been one of those that just reminds me why I love being in education!
I should also add we attended a this week and many people had not heard of vouche…
what a week, Gravity, bad education and now house of cards
This week's education slot is from returning member Chris Wilkinson and is all about how to pick a sub when you...
Need a moment of peace this morning? Here's our education area looking beautiful in the sunshine earlier this week
Aboriginal Education Week 2016 at Laurier's Waterloo campus! All welcome and open to the public. Please RSVP
What an amazing week at Closing out the conference is NFL MVP, https:/…
Special issue of covers & education to be launched next week @ the
Next week, top execs across Africa will convene to rethink about unlocking the leadership potential of their teams
Why We Need to Let Our Kids Fail - our school, featured this week in the
School suspension: you got in trouble so we're going to strip you of your education for a week and then blame you for missing material
KIPP schools use notoriously sadistic disciplinary methods, like making kids sit on floors until they "earn" desks:
Presenting a career pathway in California at the Education for Careers conference next week in See you Tuesday!
Best source of relief from the workday? Getting enough sleep, says
and got a lesson in STEAM Education from the girls this week! https:…
JNU should like Yale offer week-long degree courses to arrive on to the world class education scene.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Looking forward to being conference next week - come visit us to talk higher education trends!
Mercy raises the most money ever--$14,000-- to support education in Zambia, during Mission Week.
As SAT enters a new era this week, students say the exam has improved -
Enter the elitefts 12 week online training raffle here -
Schools find campaign talk conflicts with no-bullies message – Education Week
How the Marine Corps Prepared Me for Teaching - Education Week Teacher via
We’re co-presenting some great films at Education Week! https…
Key to Vocabulary Gap Is Quality of Conversation, Not Dearth of Words - Education Week via
20+ new Chair and NED vacancies are advertised this week in industries such as Education, Social Business, etc.
AR in education - Looking for resources to assist a talk on for next week. Help please.
Our 4th graders are ready to Rock the Tests next week! Their strategy "set lists" are great!
lined out a GREAT for has only lined out ONE plan&just this week
Had great fun this week at Lincoln Center with Lincoln Center Education, now gearing up for a show this Saturday...
Get your tech education in Couer d'Alene next week with https…
Five Most Popular Posts Of The Week: Here’s the latest edition of this every-weekend featur...
Such fun this week bringing classical music to thousands of kids courtesy of 🎶
thanks!! yeah I got a couple of o week things but I don't start being murdered by education until the 21st
Session: The Role of Support Units in the Use and Creation of Open Textbooks
Thank you FCPS Board of Education member for visiting this week.
HAPPY DAY! Eating chocolate more than once a week can make you smarter
One week until gathers. These meetings help reinforce the importance of education choice in Ontario.
7 major changes students will see on the new SAT this week
Turks children only wan read books when it education week and take picture of the notes for the gram🙄. 😓
North Cedar celebrates FFA week a day at a time: CLARENCE — Last week was National FFA week when chapters across…
Final day of Book Week and the students and staff are dressed up to celebrate.
Houston pulls the upset at Louisville. Here's the revealing essay Tom Herman wrote for SI this week. Great read.
Aboriginal Education Week is March 5-12 at Looking forward to this:
Something to keep in mind before starting the week...
As part of week we are hosting an online group about & education. Sign up!
Spanish, Arabic, Chinese Are the Top Home Languages for ELLs in U.S. Schools - Learning the Language -Education Week https:…
New Post: Obama wants $4B to help students learn computer science - Education Week: by
Obama Touts Computer Science Education in Final State of the Union Address - Curriculum Matters - Education Week
Imagine just 1 of turning off stifle self others.Try it
Teachers won't be judged on end-of-year tests under revamp. Education Week
HURRY! Only one week left to SAVE on your SPE National Conference Registration
Every day this week David Willetts is examining the English education system - stage by stage. Important listening:
secured passage of the Breast Cancer Patient Education Act last week.
One week until Excited to do education differently at
Working in education, I won't make bank. But I can catch up on and this whole week.
Happy to share this cool blog by one of our BFFs as part of American Eval Assoc blog's LGBT week
are recruiting 16-18 year olds for the new 24 week FDP starting in Jan 2016.
Revisit our top Commentaries and examine perspectives you may have missed in 2015.
More states are selecting SAT- now up to 8 according to Education Week
Check out why we love and how you can use them for .
All this week, we're bringing you a special report about the Gary Community School Corp:
Good read to start a new week. http
7 Ways to Get Students Interested in Computer Science - Education Week Teacher via
Check out last week's school notes — news from Put-in-Bay School
Are you aged over 24 and interested in (well, who isn't?!), book onto our evening classes next year
After a week of community and national support, a cafeteria worker who was fired for giving a free lunch to a...
This week in EPIC Times: Obama's Biggest Lie! Check it out
Over Half of Race to the Top Cash Directly Supported Educators, Report Says - Politics K-12 - Education Week
I really need to put this phone down and spend this week doing something related to my higher education.
The Vanston MS Tech 2000 Lab participated in The Hour of Code in support of Computer Science Education Week!
Transfer students, check out these tips from about what to think about during 1st week of classes
4-Week Bill Announcement: . Treasury bills are sold at public auctions every week. Competitive bids at t...
You can make an argument that the Santa Rally is the most over-hyped one week seasonal tendency in the history of the …
“EDGE views National Education Week as part of its strategy to cultivate New York into a world-class hub”
Principals Go to School to Learn Management Savvy - Education Week via
STUDENT OF THE WEEK: Byron senior aims at career in sports   10% Off
So much continuing education is happening this week. Try not to be jealous.
Each day this week, we will reveal the top-earning occupations by level of education. Stay tuned!
Ex-school chief asks court to reconsider dismissing case - Education Week (subscription)
Expecting a baby in the New Year? Sign up for our 5-week Childbirth Education series, beginning Thurs. Jan. 14 -
It's a quiet week on the education beat but that doesn't mean there aren't great stories to find and tell. My take:
Wicked Tales of the Sea is next week! Reserve:
Keep kids engaged this week by having them enter our Civics Education Essay Contest on here:
UC divested $30m in private prisons this week. Follows recent divestments in coal, oil sands
How to Teach Multiplication by Teaching Art - Education Week Teacher via
Extremely glad I had the opportunity to attend - Wants to Be Art Basel
Education Week 2016 Student Leadership Showcase registration is now open.
Deductions for North Carolina educators' group at risk Education Week (subscription) RALEIGH, N…
In our continuing conversation on Education Week, "Bridging Differences," Deborah Meier and I exchange views about the significance of
Great to see issue a proclamation for CS Education Week in Alabama! .
Talk of a Teachers' Strike in Chicago Gets Real - Teacher Beat - Education Week
Reflections on Education Week, from a student perspective
Eagle Lake American Legion Auxiliary shows appreciation to School Staff at Eagle Lake Elementary for Education Week
What's going on? Education Week: Celebrating Access, Equity and Excellence Get Found ->
We are so excited 2 be part of Education Week! Watch Primer Impacto Oct.8 @ 5pm EST!
For National Arts in Education Week, listen to 3 contemporary artists explain what influences expressionism
Celebrating National Arts in Education Week at Norwalk City Hall: Mayor’s Gallery "Focus on...
This year marks the 5th anniversary of National Arts in Education Week-a national celebration recognizing the...
I'm at Tom Holmoe's Q&A at Education Week; First question Tom gets asked: Will Charles West be admitted to BYU in 2016?
Education Week acquires Learning Matters by will boost video journalism, by
Photos from Raymond Terrace Public School at yesterday's Education Week celebrations.
Photo Gallery from yesterday's Education Week performances from Hunter River High School
Getting ready for the Religious Arts Festival, celebrating Catholic Education Week @ The Cathedral College
Photos now on website Day 1 of Education Week at MarketPlace Raymond Terrace - Irrawang High School - MarketPlace...
A reminder that Education Week starts today, come in & check it out Education Week at MarketPlace Raymond Terrace
Space Florida: Expect no 'negative impact' from explosion - Daytona Beach News-Journal: Education Week ...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The Powering Potential team with H.E. Dr. Jakaya Kikwete, President of at Education Week.
Only just hit me that this week is my 2nd from last ever week of education 😳
What do you want to talk about during this week’s (6/09) (The answer is…
Make it a music Monday for the kids this week with these 10 album recommendations.
Firsy day of school, first day of the week, first period . Prof: Vice President of Basic Education. Woooh chuy
Kerala Education Minister tells Assembly that printing of remaining 53 lakh school text books will be completed this week
Students screwed in the name of Education: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Standardized Testing (HBO)
Starting tomorrow I spend the rest of my summer at scottsdale education center and mathnasium five days a week🎉🎉
Another new week starts :-) . Donation are coming to help these children succeed.
Last week met 2 brothers from I asked them abt they said coz of family responsibilities they just work.
Lovely sunny morning and I'm Feeling blessed! Thoughts and prayers go out to all the children facing exams this week
Happy Monday! A bit of inspiration to start your week “All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.” - Walt Disney
This week's is knocker: 1. a person who's always putting others down; Read the second definition at http:/…
The economic calendar for the week ahead
Malala faced utmost struggles and now fighting for girl child education. We have to think trend in positive approach.
Manipal University improves its rankings in Week-Hansa Survey - The Times of India via
Queens Of The NHS Gym Named: During National Physical Education and Sports week last month at Northview High S...
This week I am in London, Paris, and Munich with my fellow LU dr. students. We are checking out international perspectives in education.
The Rich Get Richer: ... this one has been for higher education. In the end, what matters is faculty...
We couldn't have said it better. Here's to a good week ahead!
Sitting your exams this week? Visit our exam hub for the most up to date coverage
Hey t mec have fun on summer lol imma just b getting my education for an extra week who's the real winner here?!?
Busy week ahead. 2 TV shows and radio again. Year end wrap up, talking and successes. Stay tuned
Reports put a spotlight on Pennsylvania's education equity: The state last week sent its plan for “ensuring eq...
I just wanna have a fun week before giving my life to education what's going down this week?
{EDUCATION} WORD OF THE WEEK. Oblivion: The state of being unaware of what is happening around you. (We all know...
Delhi Budget session in 3rd week of June. Focus on education, health, women safety and special allocations to CCTV n Wifi funds. No Jumla
Free education? Sir Army School costlier than KV. Free Land? Only in Pak Army. Have a great week.
A5 My principal at was invited to China to talk about STEM education for a week.
Digital Education Show Asia 2015 is next week! 15-16 Jun in Kuala Lumpur, for more info & to register visit h…
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Considering running 6 nodes in the cloud for an application that might get a hit a week. . Education is worth it, right?
An online program that allows students across the country to take a high school class within an 8 week time period.
Really excited for to host a panel on the Northern education experience this week. Noon at IHS in
USD 501 Pine Ridge Prep partnership highlighted in Education Week list of literacy programs:
!!! "Tucker’s newest jeremiad for Education Week is apocalyptic prophecy worthy of a revival tent."
Time to think about summer camp! Join us for Register today for one week or all eight weeks.
[Persistence]. Working 7 days a week with No days off
Ripples All Things Education via the latest stories this week
Thank you we had an awesome week in Family Physical Education Week learning how to putt and core values Respect & Courtesy.
Destination Innovation competition: The Health, Education and Energy Finalists: Week three voting is closed, and…
offers a path to a new career, tuition free. Excited to hit the road next week to share opportunity!
The role of in prevention. This week on
FINAL DEADLINE!!!. Registration deadline for the 2-week Intensive is May 1st, 2015. Late registrations will be...
For just €2 a week you could help kids like Roslyn get an education! Please donate
Some workshops still have space at the Spring Education Conference - one week left to register!
- My classes were awesome at putting during our Family Physical Education week! Thank you! Golf is fun!
“April 3: We're Reading This Week these are all greet reads!
How did your Assembly rep vote on the / education bill this week? Find out here:
.Don't miss out on our Family Group! Next 10-week education/support series starts Apr 14.…
GPS Book of the Week: In Defense of a Liberal Education
Conversations by top stem education influencers in the last week
Top stem education articles from last week
Standing Fast for Education: Once again this past week we have news of students and colleagues who have become the…
You will learn film technique and theory by practicing every week. Enroll in
Me either. I 100% paid for my own college education working 25 hrs a week & loans. Graduated in 3 yrs, 4th yr got my Masters.
Funding for 15 hours of early childhood education per week is under threat. You can help protect it at
Thinking of last week -Sharing: A Responsibility of the Modern Educator
Remember Indiana has 519 suicide attempts by LGBT children a week based on the Indiana Department of Education's...
Soroptimist clubs give annual education awards. See story in this week's paper on newsstands and online.
Coach Tomsula huddled up with students from Springer Elementary this week. FIELD TRIPS: htt…
This week's IK column features a shout-out to colleagues and students!
Catching Up on Statewide Efforts to Promote Bilingualism - Education Week News (blog)
My story on the Navarre High FCA that ran in this week's paper.
Wonder how homeschooled can show grade level-Obama to Give 4th Graders Free Admission 2 National Parks,Education Week
Business Dept. is making another appearance at this years Education Week at Aberdeen! Drop by on Friday, March 6 from 4-7pm!
Alabama Education Association moves to fire leader - Education Week
"Catherine Gewertz reports in Education Week that 51% of American students will not be taking either the PARCC or...
Nice write-up of "Cybertraps for Educators" by Michelle Davis in Education Week:
Come work with us 2 days a week Ed Officer role just posted
It's been a week of 8-9's, but we wouldn't change a thing. These life altering opportunities are worth every minute.
Surveying the Common-Core Chatter: How Will the Standards Fare in 2015? – Education Week News (blog)
Louisiana gets D plus for its public schools in latest rankings by Education Week magazine.
The conversation has started. Let's keep it going next week at at 6PM
Two body builders argue on the internet about how many days are in the week
Space Week Flyer 2012: EK 201r2ented by the Society
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
My sister worked her *** off for a free college education. She spent dozens of hours a week training &playing soccer.
8 am class 5 days a week is so much fun. Especially when the drive to class is 40 minutes. Yay for education!
Oh I dunno maybe taking like 10% of our MASSIVE military budget and investing it in education
Students district-wide celebrated National Computer Science Education Week and 'Hour of Code':htt…
So it's 2015..can't wait for conference for society of wine education in August...epic week
The students at Springs Valley & Paoli H.S. are getting a little "frontier life" education this week via Trapper...
Currently feeling very grateful for the education I am receiving. But it's only week one, I might get over it😅
We celebrated the 30 2014 Aboriginal Education Awards recipients at luncheons in and this week. Congrats! http…
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NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Louisiana remained near the bottom in the annual "Quality Counts" survey released Thursday by the publication Education Week. But the state moved up from 49th last year to 44th in the rankings and outpaced most of the nation in measurements of early childhood education.
STOP! This is your last chance to answer Chalkbeat's question of the week! |
Coosa district residents have a week to apply for vacant school board post.
Evanston schools to hold classes Friday: After one or two days off this week because of inclement winter weather,…
I know next week I will cause they said that's when move in day was so don't worry I'll work on my education and be smart 😂
So uh who wants to help invest $677 a week for my college education?!😅 featured in NBC s Science of Love
Photo of the week: Fundamentals workshop at
2015 Training Week courses will enhance your knowledge and skills. To learn more:
Differentiation Doesn't Work - Education Week first mike smocker, now this...lots to ponder here
Quality Counts 2015: Report and rankings of education in U.S. states - Education Week
A look at this week's newspapers and its no wonder children's mental heath is an issue. Services now 'cut by £50m'
Our article was 8th most read on Education Week site for 2014!!!
What is student engagement?: The brain's investment in its own learning Education Week
Another well-written explanation of Common Core and from whence it came. Excerpt from article by Alan Singer: A lot of money was to be made by the testing industry thanks to Presidents Bush and Obama. As the Wall Street Journal and the Thomas Fordham Institute explained, the national cost for compliance with the Common Core standards would be between $1 billion to $8 billion and the profits would go almost directly to publishers. Peter Cohen, CEO of Pearson's K-12 division, virtually jumped for joy exclaiming, "It's a really big deal. The Common Core standards are affecting literally every part of the business we're involved in." In an annual report to investors, Pearson highlighted how it provides tests to twenty-three states and also developed the online application for Common Core mandated assessments in a total of forty-five states. James Mason, a PARCC state leader who helped negotiate the contract with Pearson, told Education Week that depending on a "number of factors," the Pearson contract with PA ...
Amazing start to Education Week celebration with "School Hug" initiative! Check out the link below :)
"After Decades of Action, Supreme Court Cools on School Cases": Mark Walsh of Education Week has this report…
In celebration of National Arts in Education Week, the CGHS dance program recognizes Skye Bradford as a "Rising Star In the Arts".
Last week's research around parent anxiety before start of school featured by
“People’s Law School” classes begin next week!. All of these classes are taught by lawyers and they are free.
Almost 14,000 begin free online history course at Trinity College: Half of all participants on 6-week programm...
This fall we're offering 2 multi-week courses: Art in the Age of and How to Look. Info: ht…
Very much looking forward to joining us to facilitate an experience to group in education thi…
Pupils go back to school this week so get ready for community staff to start Geteway Rugby & the Second Hal…
New generation of coders on the way as new computing curriculum is introduced into schools this week:
Looking to catch up on news in from the past week? Check out
For students who want to make a really big impression in their first week at uni...
This week's new reading list: 5 must-read books on the future of education and schools
18 years of education come to an end in a week's time! Will finally be free of academia...
Millions of children will begin a "tough" new national curriculum this week, says the BBC. What do you think?
Reformed curriculum, Lab push for technical unis, and apprenticeships key to youth employment: The week in education:
Benefits of Learning by Doing and Doing by Learning. Education Week
Without the Common Core in Oklahoma. via Education Week by Ponca City's Valeria Hughes!.
Without the Common Core in Oklahoma - Education Week // Nice piece by Ponca City educator Valerie Hughes.
This article appeared in Education Week. While it is sad that complete Hispanic history is not taught in civil rights history, at least some things are taught. The civil rights of the multiracial population is never taught. -Susan Hispanics Are Forgotten in Civil Rights History Whenever civil rights has been covered in history class, or when I've seen a documentary or read an article concerning such, I have always been very aware of what is missing, and it is something that I am interested in and looking for. As an American of Hispanic descent, I never see any information related to my ethnicity's cause for civil rights. Where is the plight of Hispanics represented in the civil rights discussion and history of the United States? In my household, I have heard the stories from older relatives about the treatment of Mexican-Americans in Texas in the 1900s. From what has been relayed to me, it was not much different from how black Americans were treated in Mississippi. Through my parents, I have heard of sch ...
Here we go again! Education Week and Kettle Lakes Public School presents The Wizard of Oz!! Thank you
A great question for Rural Charter Schools Face Special Challenges - Education Week via
Pearson, the largest education company in the world, has won a contract for a Common Core test administration project that has been described by the state leader who negotiated it as one of “unprecedented scale” in the realm of United States testing. According to Education Week, James Mason, a Mississippi Department of Education state leader for PARCC, one of the Common Core test consortia, helped negotiate the contract, which was announced Friday. Mason described the contract as one of “unprecedented scale,” though he could not provide a dollar amount for the contract because the final price tag will depend …read more Source: Breitbart
06:00pm... I-SWEEEP, the International Sustainable World (Energy, Engineering, Environment) Project Olympiad, is a unique science fair open to high school students from all around the world. The projects selected to participate in I-SWEEEP come from the engineering, environmental and energy categories and they must focus on sustainability for a better tomorrow. I-SWEEEP organizers take pride in providing an exceptional learning opportunity for students, and a multicultural environment in which students can interact and learn from one another as well. I-SWEEEP is hosted by Harmony Public Schools, the largest public charter school system in the state of Texas. Harmony is an official partner of “Celebration of STEM Education Week in Texas,” a statewide initiative in its second year that aims to promote, support and celebrate STEM education in the Lone Star State.
Education Week, April 29, 2014 "Today's top college students tend to see teaching as a profession for "average" individuals that simply doesn't pay enough, and one that has seen its prestige decline over the last few years, according to a poll and related policy analysis released today by Third Way, a centrist think tank …" My comment, posted on edweek website: Not mentioned is the fact that there has been a consistent anti-teacher campaign for the last few decades, including prominent politicians, even though all data shows American teachers are very good: When poverty is controlled, American students rank at the top of the world on international tests. The suspicion is that denigration of teachers will ease the way for teaching to be reduced to a part-time profession, with more technology in the classroom (e.g. Teach for America, flipped classrooms, more calls for teacher evaluation, attacks on schools of education and teachers' unions), and more profits for the technology and publishing companies. Th ...
"Resistance to the Common Core Mounts: Critics span the political spectrum, from tea partyers to union leaders" (Education Week - April 21, 2014) [New York State Education in the News] EXCERPT: The newer strain of resistance to the Common Core coming from teachers' unions isn't necessarily opposition to the standards themselves. Rather, it's based on the notion that teachers and schools haven't received adequate time, the proper training, financial resources, curricula, and other support from state governments, districts, and others to successfully bring the standards into their classrooms. Without a significant shift, so the argument goes, using new state tests based on the standards to evaluate both educators and schools will destroy any benefits the standards might have otherwise provided, while damaging both teachers and the teaching profession. That position was crystallized in the legislation approved in March by the New York Assembly. The measure would require a two-year delay in using common-core ...
Thanks for including National Poetry Month, Poem in Your Pocket Day, and the Poet-to-Poet Project, Education Week!
chneider to Florida Parents: The Jeb Bush “Miracle” Is a Sham NC Charter Warned Due to Low Enrollments » Understanding the Propaganda Campaign Against Public Education By dianeravitch March 11, 2014 // 45 A few years ago, when I was blogging at Education Week with Deborah Meier, a reader introduced the term FUD. I had never heard of it. It is a marketing technique used in business and politics to harm your competition. The term and its history can be found on Wikipedia. FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. The reader said that those who were trying to create a market-based system to replace public education were using FUD to undermine public confidence in public education. They were selling the false narrative that our public schools are obsolete and failing. This insight inspired me to write “Reign of Error,” to show that the “reform” narrative is a fraud. Test scores on NAEP are at their highest point in history for white students, black students, Hispanic students, and Asian studen ...
Sent to Education Week, March 5, 2014 There are two crucial research findings related to the Sen. Lara's proposal to repeal Proposition 227 ("Calif. Bill Would Repeal Bilingual-Education Restrictions," March 4). The first: study after study has shown that students in bilingual programs outperform similar students enrolled in English-only programs on tests of English reading. The second: As noted by Prof. McField in the Ed Week article, dismantling bilingual education in California has not improved achievement for English learners in California. Both of these findings deserve more salience in the bilingual education debate. Stephen Krashen Professor Emeritus University of Southern California original article: letter posted at:
Education Week is almost here - can't wait for Linda Tuhiwai Smith's talk Feb 26th!
Fully sponsored trip for undergraduate students to a one week conference in Malaysia. _ The 8th International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) is scheduled to be held 10-12 December 2014, at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The conference theme is “Innovation and Collaboration: Keys to Affordable Energy”. As part of the 8th IPTC, the sponsoring societies will be hosting an Education Week, which will be held from 8-12 December 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. University of Waterloo has received an invitation for our university with online application instructions for (up to a maximum of 4 students) to participate in this Education Week programme. Department Secretaries would also be shortly sending emails. The online applications for Education Week are now open. Online applications must be submitted by students individually at .Submissions must be received latest by 1 April 2014 . Please refer to the invitation letter ( see dropbox link) for instructions on application s ...
PANO - The Australian Embassy in Hanoi will hold the Australian Culture and Education Week from February 17th to 25th, with various interesting activities to mark the 39th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Australia and Vietnam. The Week
U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan talks about teacher preparation programs and the role of teachers' unions during his interview Education Week ...
Arne Duncan on Indiana's education landscape and the Common Core by Education Week via
TESTING the Common Core skills --- Here is a note I wrote to some teachers in explanation of some of the facts involved in the Common Core Testing. Our State Supt. Barresi and Governor Mary Fallin have created a mountain of confusion by political posturing to deflate the rising opposition to Common Core. The standards are now called OAS (just a name switch) but are still CCSS. Barresi said we pulled out of PARCC test writing consortium but then contracted Measured Progress to develop our CC tests and MP works directly with PARCC according to their website. PARCC developed the test and at least part of the work was contracted to Pearson who wrote test items. PARCC and SBAC both developed their testing through federal grants and the Federal Dept. of ED. reviewed and revised their testing, according to Education Week. So in essence we are getting PARCC/PEARSON/FEDERAL APPROVED testing now produced and delivered by Measured Progress, a test vendor. Our standards and testing will align with other states who a ...
Governor Scott’s Work This Week • Governor Scott visited Brandon Honda last Wednesday to discuss the around $400 million in tax and fee cuts in the “It’s Your Money Tax Cut Agenda” that will go directly to Florida families by rolling back motor vehicle taxes and fees to pre-2009 levels. In 2009, Floridians experienced significant increases in various taxes related to the annual registration of motor vehicles, increasing the cost of registering a typical motor vehicle by an average of 54 percent. • Thursday, Governor Scott announced that Florida improved its national K-12 achievement ranking to 7th in the country, an increase from 12th last year according to the 2014 Quality Counts report issued today by Education Week. Florida also gets high marks for closing the poverty gap in both 4th and 8th grade reading and math, with higher rates than the nation as a whole. • Thursday, Governor Scott announced that Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., a world leader in liquefied natural gas (LNG), opene . ...
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