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Eduardo Nunez

Eduardo Michelle Núñez Mendez (born June 15, 1987 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) is a Major League Baseball infielder for the New York Yankees.

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As bad as the infield status currently is, it would have been worse if they had to move Eduardo Nunez to an everyday infield position.
might Eduardo Nunez be available in trade?
How badly do the Yankees want Eduardo Nunez back?
dirty little secret though, you're getting a pug named Eduardo
Cervelli and Roberts can't stay on the field. Where are you Eduardo Nunez?
Like an Eduardo Nunez throw to first.
How was Eduardo Nunez even in the convo for that final roster spot in ST? Anna and Solarte are HANDS DOWN better and proven it.
Dean Anna > Eduardo Nunez And his helmet fits too.
Eduardo Nunez is hitting .444 and slugging .778 in AAA so far this year.
Eduardo Nunez in right field today for -- 0 for 4. Also has starts at 3B, SS, DH signing arriving.
Speculating here, but I think you'll see Eduardo Nunez called up before too much longer. 5 thoughts:
More in my write up later, but really impressed by Eduardo Nunez' ability to adjust at the plate and his contact skill.
Florimon not gonna last long watch .. Eduardo nuñez Gonna be our starting shortstop in a bout a week or 2
Gotta think the addition of Eduardo Nunez has to do with that. Nunez playing well so far in Rochester.
Gardy on Eduardo Nunez, who homered Saturday: "It looks like he's swinging. We're going to have some big decisions." Florimon now 2-for-28.
The Eduardo Nunez-Rochester tour takes him to Right Field today. He's played a game at 3B and SS, and DHd once.
Pack 3: got a card showing when Jeter and Pettitte came out to take Mariano Rivera out of his final game. Followed by Eduardo Nunez card.
Eduardo Nunez played SS in first game for ROC today, DH-ing in nightcap. 1st game at short this season.
Just watched Eduardo Nunez hit a homerun at this pigs game
The Wings' 2nd HR of the season belongs to Eduardo Nunez. His 2-run shot followed Rochester's first triple of the year by Wilkin Ramirez.
Eduardo Nunez executes a very adventurous double play to end the first inning.
Twinsights: Pedro Florimon isn't worried about Eduardo Nunez down at Triple-A
Idk why the Yankees traded Eduardo Nuñez 😤😤
Twinsights: What does SS Pedro Florimon think of all this Eduardo Nunez talk in the manager's office? .
Twinsights: Eduardo Nunez has two hits, error in his Rochester debut
Florimon is batting .083, that's like one more hit than me.calling Eduardo Nunez!
Ramiro Pena is a bum. Eduardo Nunez is a more complete player and he was just dropped like a bad habit.
Free a Eduardo Nunez!! Pedro should be straight up released.
How has Phil Hughes done so far with the twinkies TJ ? I always liked Hughes, Eduardo Nunez is a solid pick up still young
Red Wings Eduardo Nunez is starting at SS today (3B yesterday) Santana DH.
I'll take a 26 y.o. Jason Bartlett type over a 34 y.o. actual Jason Bartlett who hasn't played in two years any day:
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Think Factory: Steve Goldman: To the Mats with Eduardo Nunez hate mail
If you attend Minnesota Twins games don't sit near the 1st base line because Eduardo Nunez might hit you w/ one of his erratic throws.
IYCMI, why would anyone in this day/age look at a .267 batting avg and use that to argue Eduardo Nunez can play?
Nunez as advertised: Two hits, error in debut
Twinsights: Eduardo Nunez makes his debut (2 hits, error). Plus, see what an AL club official thinks:.
To the Mats with Eduardo Nunez hate mail
Eduardo Nunez had two singles, a run scored, and an error which led to an unearned run in his Rochester debut tonight.
Jeter JK -- it's Eduardo Nunez who was supposed to be Jeter's replacement. But didn't really pan out for Yanks.
The same as Eduardo Nunez winning MVP with the Twins
Eduardo Nunez is 2-3 so far tonight in his Red Wings debut. He's batting 6th & playing 3B
An Eduardo Nunez error at third base leads to an unearned run in the 4th as the IronPigs trim the lead in half, 2-1.
I was there in Charleston in July. I saw A-Rod and Eduardo Nunez
Eduardo Nunez rips a single to center on a 1-2 in his first at-bat for the
To the Mats with Eduardo Nunez hate mail via
Breaking News: To the Mats with Eduardo Nunez hate mail
Eduardo Nunez makes his debut at 3rd base and will bat 6th against Lehigh Valley
Today's News: New York Yankees traded infielder Eduardo Nunez to the Minnesota Twins in exchange for minor league LHP Miguel Sulbaran. Nunez hit .260 (79-304) with 3 home runs & 28 RBI in 90 games with the Yankees in 2013. Kansas City Royals Omar Infante left today's game against the Rays after he was struck in the face by a Heath Bell pitch. Infante received stitches & is undergoing tests to determine if his jaw is broken. Los Angeles Dodgers A.J. Ellis is scheduled to undergo arthroscopic knee surgery Tuesday to repair a torn left meniscus. Ellis could return in 4-6 weeks. Kansas City Royals placed LHP Tim Collins on the 15-day disabled list. Collins is suffering from elbow inflammation. Collins has gone 0-1 with a 36.00 ERA in 2 relief appearances with the Royals this season. San Francisco Giants & third baseman Pablo Sandoval remain far apart in extension talks. Sandoval is looking for a deal of five or more years. Police are investigating a sexual assault claim against Tigers RHP Evan Reed. Reed has ...
Eduardo Nunez's time with the Yankees ended after a decade when the infielder was traded to the Minnesota Twin...
When you think about it, the just traded Luis Castillo for Eduardo Nunez and that's just a flat-out downgrade. Thumbs down.
After seeing a few highlights last night, I'm already liking Yangervis Solarte better than Eduardo Nunez.
Brett The Jet for 4 more years.amen. And for the record Yanks over-under for wins is 85.they won 85 with a ferrconstant waiver wire replacement players, a depleted CC, no Teix,no Jeter half a seasoon of Granderson and Lyle Overbay, Vernon Wells, Eduardo Nunez, Jayson Nix, Chris Stewart, Ichiro, and Travis Hafner averaging 113 games each. Ill take those odds
I'm not sure how to feel about this. Are the Red Sox the new Kansas City Royals farm team for the Yankees?: Yankees interested in SS Drew 24 January 2014 Reuters News (c) 2014 Reuters Limited The Sports Xchange The New York Yankees may pluck another player off their rival Boston Red Sox as they are interested in free agent shortstop Stephen Drew, according to CBS Sports. The Yankees signed former Red Sox outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury earlier this offseason. Although the Yankees just spent $155 million on Japanese star pitcher Masahiro Tanaka and $470 million on contracts overall this winter, they may be willing to spend more to help fill holes in their infield. Shortstop Derek Jeter is expected to remain in his spot if he is healthy but he may also be used more as a designated hitter. The Yankees signed Brian Roberts to play second base and Kelly Johnson could play third base with Alex Rodriguez suspended for the season. The club also has utility infielder Eduardo Nunez in the fold. Still, there is long-ter ...
Yankees SBN: Eduardo Nunez is the Yankees' backup plan for Alex Rodriguez
Eduardo Nuñez highlighted that during 2014, the 27th Article Reglamentary law must be changed.
😂😂 I don't think anyone can compare to me & 's Broship 😂👌👌👌
I have literally no desire to write about Eduardo Nunez. None.
Guys, Eduardo Nunez is the backup plan for A-Rod.
yea bro that's what I'm sayin you call me 😂, I got your back no matter where I am .. Even right now ! 😂😂👌
you should of called me I would of been there so quick
Right now, the plan is play Eduardo Nunez at third base if Alex Rodriguez faces suspension. If not, the Yankees will play A-Rod.
Can you get out of your 2nd period ? we have a new spot to hit 😂
now we gotta get MARIA to start makin them too
Had a reunion with the old soccer peeps lol , Nuñez , Leo & Eduardo "pupusas". We Hella killed i…
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Someone in Singapore is currently reading our Roster Report Card about Eduardo Nunez. I am so sorry, friend.
You know who was named best infield arm/defender in the system back in 2010? Eduardo Nunez, of course.
Dude. Eduardo Nunez was rated as the best infield arm. Eduardo. Nunez. The best. At something.
Bowman out there looking like Eduardo Nunez at SS.
My man crush Monday is one of my favorite baseball players of all time. Eduardo Nunez.
Up early to go pick up Eduardo Nunez from the airport. So happy when family comes home :)
The lingering question of what to do with Eduardo Nunez
Eduardo Nunez is sharing free Strawberry Pie and wants you to have one! Accept now to get one and sent a gift back!
finally watching tonights YHS is Eduardo Nuñez any option at 2nd or 3rd?
Hey CPLED way to play the stereotype game with Rosario and Eduardo Nunez as budding small business owners. I mean janitors about to lose their job.
The only Lefty in the Mets rotation for Eduardo Nunez. Come on.
Derek Jeter less valuable than Eduardo Nunez, projections say |
Sister is singing at the local retirement homes by our house, Uncle Eduardo Nunez tell me which on your friend is at and his name and I will try to say hi.
ok I blame my new phone the key bored is a little different. Take it easy!
let this one slid and at 6 on Friday then at 9 on Saturday
Re: Yanks signing Roberts and still talking with others ... It looks like Eduardo Nunez won't have a spot on the roster next season.
You forgot Eduardo Nunez, unless he is no longer on the team
Yankees Hot Stove: Eduardo Nunez is no longer an option
The don't see Eduardo Nunez as an option
Free-agent second baseman Brian Roberts has reached an agreement on a one-year contract with the New York Yankees, a baseball source confirmed to The deal is worth $2 million and includes incentives, a source told Roberts, 36, has spent his entire 13-year career with the Baltimore Orioles. He is a two-time All-Star with a .349 career on-base percentage, 278 stolen bases and three seasons of 50 or more doubles. But he's been plagued by injuries and hasn't appeared in more than 77 games since 2009. In recent years, Roberts has missed significant amounts of time with concussions and injuries to his neck, back, knee, abdomen, hip and hamstring. He's appeared in 192 of a possible 648 games over the past four seasons The Yankees have been looking for a second baseman since Robinson Cano signed a $240 million contract with the Seattle Mariners in free agency. New York explored a trade for the Cincinnati Reds' Brandon Phillips and talked to free agent Omar Infante, who eventually signed ...
I would go with Reynolds and give Eduardo Nuñez a go at 2B.
if you want to know what I think, Joe should take his chances with Eduardo Nunez closing over Jonathan Papelbon
Yankees looking at Mark Reynolds and Michael Young to go with Kelly Johnson and Eduardo Nunez? It seems so unYankee-like.
Going from Mike Francesa to Michael Kay on YES and Robinson Cano to Eduardo Nunez/Kelly Johnson at 2B in the same calendar year? Real life?
If Alex Rodriguez is slapped with an extended drug suspension, GM Brian Cashman says he does not have in-house replacements in either Eduardo Nunez or Brendan Ryan.
Yanks should have tried trading for Fister could have possibly got rid of Eduardo Error Nunez
Now that the Yankees have signed Brenden Ryan, does this mean the end of Eduardo Nunez?
Brendan Ryan official, Eduardo Nunez out? - ESPN (blog)..
Brendan Ryan official, Eduardo Nunez out? - ESPN (blog)
Reminder: Eduardo Nunez still has a job unlike that BUM David Adams!
"Merry Christmas! Welcome to our Yankee Swap. Steve, you go first. Oooh, bad news. You got Eduardo Nuñez. I think you're stuck with him."
Thanks. ...To my boys Eduardo Nunez & Jackson Cx funny as *** !!
you get there and all they have are Eduardo Nunez in odd sizes.
Really hoping for a reply here. Let's say the Yankees don't sign Cano. Daniel Murphy for Eduardo Nunez. Who hangs up first?
Would love to see Eduardo Nunez and Chuck Knoblauch play catch
Following Eduardo Nunez on Instagram was one of the better decisions I've made this month.
how long do I have to figure it out ?!? And cuz I gotta see if Eduardo is gonna do it and .. Idk that's it
And Tixiera hit it to the wall Granderson score we just Win!!! Eduardo Nuñez MVP Tonite
sign Yamaico does this spell the for Eduardo
Nobody shoot me but... Trade for Eduardo Nunez?
I wouldn't hate it. I just sat through a lot of Jayson Nix and Eduardo Nunez.
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Bringing up the back of the Defensive Runs Saved leaders-- Eduardo Nunez -27 (sorry and Michael Young -24 (sorry
If this is Joba Chamberlain's last outing with the Yankees, they should send Eduardo Nunez and Phil Hughes to make the pitching change.
The Yankees 2013 season has officially come to an end; while there are still a few games left to play, the Bombers are officially eliminated from Playoff contention. This year was marred by injuries, and that being the case, it is amazing how the Yankees stayed relevant as long as they did (last couple weeks of the season). Consider the injury list: Mark Teixeira missed most of the year, Curtis Granderson was on the DL for most of the year ( 2 freak accidents), Derek Jeter was out for most of the year, A-Rod DL'd for half the year, Youkilis was lost to back surgery, Hafner to shoulder issues, Jason Nix and Eduardo Nunez were each DL'd for a period of time, Michael Pineda was supposed to come back my the All-Star Game but had a setback, Phelps and Sabathia were also DL'd. We lost Joba for a time and Cervelli was gone after a month. Finally, our season was officially sunk when Brett Gardner hit the DL with oblique issues.   My previous evaluation was based on in-club solutions to a lower 2014 budget. Base ...
Am I crazy or does E.J. Manuel look a lot like Eduardo Nunez?
The future is not Eduardo Nunez and David Robertson.
Eduardo Nunez singles, but Robinson Cano is thrown out at the plate to end the inning and shaken up on the play. The 2013 Yankees!
"Help us Eduardo Nunez, you're our only hope." ...God dammit.
The day is now in the hands of Eduardo Nunez...
Biggest AB of the season coming up right now with none other than Eduardo Nunez coming to bat
getting beat by Brendan Ryan and Eduardo Nunez. season in a nutshell
Eduardo Nunez is hitting 6th for the Yankees. And they're still just 3 games out of the playoffs. Wow.
Photoset: Two run home run by Eduardo Nunez 
Larry Bowa says that if the Yankees find a position for Eduardo Nunez, THEN he'll start hitting. Makes perfect sense.
Giants prove their irrelevance, mis-categorization as a major league team in shutout loss to superior Yankees
Walking Eduardo Nunez on 4 pitches is sure an impressive feat
Granderson hits a low liner, which bounces into the 2nd baseman's glove. That's out number two with Eduardo Nunez up next.
John Sterling needs to stop calling Eduardo Nunez "Noony"
Eduardo Nunez can go yard come on guys I'm going to go Bob Ueker soon
The Giants getting out-homered by Eduardo Nunez in this series would be
*** said Eduardo Nunez hit a Home Run im turning off my Tv
Eduardo Nunez hit a home run. What even is this?
The FOX Sports announcer just referred to Eduardo Nunez as "Noonan."
Eduardo Nunez can hit. Plain and simple. I'd love to see what he can do w/ 500 at-bats. I think he could hit .280-.310 w/ 30+ SB & 80-90 RBI
Seeing an Eduardo nunez homerun is like seeing a shooting star, you know you might never see one again
Eduardo Nunez homers (2) on a fly ball to left field. Curtis Granderson scores. None out. v
Eduardo Nunez with a 2-run homer giving the Yankees the 5-0 lead over the Giants in the bottom of the 4th.
You just gave up a Homerun to Eduardo Nunez... How do you feel ?-,-
Eduardo Nuñez should have his number retired after he retires.
take a 5-0 lead on Eduardo Nunez's second home run of the season, a two-run shot.
Eduardo Nunez just doubled his home run total. And Ryan Vogelsong doesn't wait till the fifth inning to melt down this time.
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Eduardo Nunez is s terrible third baseman.
They just tried to compare Eduardo Nunez to Jeter ... Are they stupid or mental ?
Eduardo Nunez flashing those bat skills. Quite a game by his standards.
Eduardo Nunez is out defensing Brendan Ryan tonight. Can those words even be put in that order?
Who is this third baseman and what did he do with Eduardo Nunez
I'm so glad Eduardo Nunez is playing instead of Mark Reynolds.
Eduardo Nunez was just replaced by Mark Reynolds for defense.
Eduardo Nunez delivers the big hit as Yankees ride five-run eighth to rally past White Sox
Eduardo Nunez is 1st Yankee SS with go-ahead DOUBLE in the 8th inning or later since Mike Gallego in 1994.
Congratulations to three more former Thunder stars who made their Major League debuts over the weekend. Abe Almonte (Thunder 2012) went 1-for-5 with 2 RBI in his first MLB game on Friday as his Seattle Mariners were at Houston. Yesterday in New York, JR Murphy and Cesar Cabral, who both played for Trenton this year, made their debuts for the Yankees. Murphy went 1-for-1 and Cabral allowed a hit in one inning of work against the White Sox. There are now 19 former Thunder players on the New York Yankees: Dellin Betances, Cesar Cabral, Joba Chamberlain, Preston Claiborne, Phil Hughes, Brett Marshall, Ivan Nova, Andy Pettitte (rehab), David Robertson, Adam Warren, JR Murphy, Austin Romine, David Adams, Robinson Cano, Derek Jeter (rehab), Eduardo Nunez, Alex Rodriguez (rehab), Brett Gardner, and Curtis Granderson (rehab).
Double for Eduardo Nunez! Mark Reynolds goes to third! And...Chris Stewart is at the plate.
I like when Lyle Overbay gets to warm the bench with Chris Stewart and Eduardo Nunez.
ICYMI: infielder Eduardo Nunez day to day after twisting right knee. |
I'm moving too Mexico next Friday & joining the cartel , I on change my name and all .. Eduardo Nunez
VIDEO: Yankee teammates poke fun at Eduardo Nunez with chalk outline
Cito Culver hitting .300 with a .730 OPS in limited time with Tampa. Glimmer of hope that he can be Eduardo Nunez.
Yankees' Eduardo Nunez day-to-day, MRI negative: The New York Yankees got some good news yesterday.  In a...
Look closely and you can see the chalk outline of Eduardo Nunez
Happy birthday to Eduardo Nunez and Andy Pettitte! is your free source...
Yankees Insider: Second option is scramble: . Eduardo Nuñez replaced Robinson Cano in the first inning T...
Eduardo Nunez scratched, Mark Reynolds to play second base for Yankees - The Star-Ledger
Jeter, Granderson, Tex, A-rod, Cervelli, Michael Pineda, Jayson Nix, Eduardo Nunez, now Cano, Youkillis, and the list goes on.
Eduardo Nunez MRI Comes Back Negative: . Eduardo Nunez was sent to New York's Presbyterian Hospital for an MR...
Eduardo Nunez gets good news on knee: Eduardo Nunez left Tuesday’s game after injuring his right knee and had ...
Nunez knee injury is no laughing matter: . Eduardo Nunez caught a lot of ribbing from his teammates afte...
Eduardo Nunez gets good news on knee
ICYMI at & prank Eduardo Nunez while visiting
Yankees say INF Nunez day to day: Yankees infielder Eduardo Nunez is day to day after an MRI on his ailing right...
news: Yankees | Eduardo Nunez day-to-day - New York Yankees SS Eduardo Nunez (knee) is considered day-to-day ...
announce MRI result on Eduardo Nunez's right knee was negative. Nunez is day-to-day.
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After took a tumble his Yankees teammates commemorated it with a crime scene outline:
Eduardo Nunez underwent an MRI on his right knee on Thursday which came back negative.
- Eduardo Nunez listed as day-to-day after MRI on right knee comes back negative:
Eduardo Nunez is the biggest prima donna on the He can not play threw a little bit of pain. . .
The Yankees have announced that Eduardo Nunez's MRI on his right knee was negative and he is day to day. If...
Nunez has MRI come back negative on knee - Eduardo Nunez | NYY
Yankees - Eduardo Nunez-IF: An MRI taken earlier today at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital on Eduardo Nunez’s right knee was negative. N...
MRI comes back negative on Eduardo Nunez’s right knee. He is day to day.
Yankees announce MRI on Eduardo Nunez right knee was negative, he is day to day. Reynolds could play 2B again Fri if Cano is not ready.
I really feel like Eduardo Nunez is one decabolin cycle away from being Alfonso Soriano.
Melky Cabrera, Cervelli, Robbie Cano, Gardner & Eduardo Nunez were taught how to be professionals by Captain Derek Jeter
Bottom 6. Eduardo Nunez grounds out sharply, second baseman Grant Green to first baseman Mark Trumbo. Jayson Nix scores. Lyle Overbay to 3rd
ana, 7, Josh Hamilton grounds into a double play, second baseman Robinson Cano to shortstop Eduardo Nunez to first baseman Lyle Overbay. M
Eduardo Nunez with a and Joaquin Benoit with a
That's the first ball hit to Eduardo Nunez in the bottom 12th on an August 8th in Chicago on a 65 degree night when a guy screamed WHAT!
Eduardo nunez on the yankees is my uncle⚾
Does Eduardo Nunez lose his helmet every time he runs the bases?
Eduardo Nunez always loses his helmet no matter what lol
Last Yankee to hit for the cycle was Melky Cabrera July 2009 at.US Celluar Field, Eduardo Nunez needs a triple to complete his
One positive to Mo blowing the save, Eduardo Nunez will have a chance to hit for the cycle!
The hitting star in NYY/CHW 2night...Eduardo Nunez? The SS has 3 hits including his 1st HR in nearly a whole calendar year.
NYY SS Eduardo Nunez with a single, double, home run and walk tonight tonight.
I've always been an Eduardo Nunez fan
Anyone ever notice who Eduardo Nunez looks like.
Eduardo Nuñez needs to be tested ASAP, he hit a homerun...
Gameday confusing me again. Eduardo Nunez is not a triple short of the cycle. We apologize, and hope this error caused no inconvenience.
Eduardo Nunez is now a triple short of the cycle. Let's not let him get it, Sox!
cha, 5, Paul Konerko grounds out, shortstop Eduardo Nunez to first baseman Lyle Overbay.
Yanks SS Eduardo Nunez cranks his first homer of the season. He's got some pop in that bat.
you got to see the Yankees best short stop play too. Eduardo Nunez
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Eduardo Nunez hits his first big fly of the year, Yankees lead 4-0 after three and a half.
Great job Eduardo Nunez 1st home run of season
Eduardo Nunez has now hit the same number of home runs as Chris Davis did in the first game of the season.
Eduardo Nunez hit a homerun. fans should remember this moment because it may not happen again for a very long time... Or ever.
NYY SS Eduardo Nunez has stroked the ball his first two at-bats. Has a double off the wall and a home run to show for it.
Eduardo Nunez makes bonehead plays all the time, But he always hustles. Plays very hard and he will hit.
Eduardo Nunez first HR of the season gives the a 4-0 lead in the Top of the 4th, solo shot for Nunez.
Eduardo Nunez has absolutely nailed Sanchez for his two hits: 2nd inning double, now solo HR in 4th. 4-0 over
Idk who's pitching for the white sox... But he should kill himself tonight since he let Eduardo nuñez hit a home run off him
Bombs away... Eduardo Nunez leads off the 5th with a mamo to left
yes I just witnessed a eduardo nunez homerun
I'm shocked Eduardo Nunez's helmet didn't fly off his head during the home run trot
Honestly, who would have bet that Austin Romine would hit a home run this season before Eduardo Nunez? Not me.
So it appears the only thing that can keep Eduardo Nunez's helmet on is a home run.
Wow, Eduardo Nunez I playing good. I never thought I'd say that.
S-S-S-S-SEE YA! Eduardo Nunez's first HR of the year, a solo shot, pushes the Yankees' lead to 4-0 in the 4th!
Eduardo Nunez with his 1st home run of the season and the Yankees lead 4-0! Well where has this been
Eduardo Nunez hits his first home run of the year.
Eduardo Nunez w| a BLAST to Left Field. Yankees up 4-0 !!! Finally my Yankees waking up the bats.
Great call by David Cone, accurately anticipating the helmet abuse of Eduardo Nunez
we don't rebuild, we reload. Melky Mesa, Austin Romine, Vidal nuno, the killer bees, David Adams, David phelps, Eduardo Nunez
At least we have Jayson Nix, David Adams or Eduardo Nunez to fill in if necessary!
5 Runs, 3 Double Plays, and the 6th inning curse for our pitching! I know, Feldman pitched 5 really good innings, and Texas is a really tough team. and you can keep making excuses.6 runs in the 6th tonight! Check out some of the recent news. HEADLINES "Baltimore Orioles 5, Texas Rangers 8: Feldman implodes in sixth" "Zach Britton falls apart in sixth inning, O's lose fourth straight" "Eduardo Nunez hits a RBI single during the sixth inning as the Yankees topped the Orioles, 5-4, at yankee Stadium in The Bronx today." "Mike Carp and Jonny Gomes each went deep for the Sox, and Gomes’ sixth-inning blast — which made the score 5-2 at the time — ended up being the difference." Are our Pitchers not strong enough to consistently carry 6 innings? Do we need more of a rotation? What do you think?
Nunez returns to help Yankees to sixth win in a row | 9Digg - What the web is talking about right now YORK (Reuters) – The injury-riddled New York Yankees welcomed Eduardo Nunez back to the lineup on Saturday to begin what they expect to be a parade of returning players, and the shortstop paid immediate dividends. Nunez knocked in two runs and had two hits, including a run-scoring single up the middle in the sixth inning that snapped a 4-4 tie in New York&5-4 victory over the Baltimore Orioles. The win was the sixth in a row for the Yankees (48-39), who jumped over the Orioles (48-40) into second place in the American League East, 5.5 games behind the Boston Red Sox. …
Eduardo Nunez was the new Yankee hero today as he was activated to play shortstop. Eduardo was in the lineup for the 1st time since May 5th as he missed 56 games with a muscle strain. Nunez batted 8th & went 2-3 with a run scored & two big RBI's. He had a sac. fly in the 2nd & an RBI single in the 6th. Luis Cruz, who was recently acquired by the Yankees drove in the 1st run in the 2nd with a single. This was the third straight game Luis has driven in a run. Robinson Cano drove in the other run with a single in the 5th. Andy Pettitte (6-6) didn't have his best stuff but managed to keep the Yankees in the game. H went 6.2 innings giving up 9 hits, 4 runs, & struck out 4. The Yankees used Shawn Kelley, David Robertson & Mo in relief. They gave up nothing & Mo got his 29th save. With the win the Yankees moved back into 2nd place, 1/2 game ahead of the Orioles. The Red Sox play tonight so the Yankees can gain ground should Boston lose. The Yankees will sweep dem boids tomorrow in da Bronx. Hiroki Kuroda (7 ...
The Yankees activated Eduardo Nunez from the DL and he's batting 8th. In a corresponding move, they placed starter David Phelps on the DL with a right forearm strain. It doesn't appear to be too serious and he will likely be back sometime after the all star break. Ivan Nova, who pitched a spectacular game last night, will take Phelps' spot in the rotation and will start Wednesday against the Royals. Hiroki Kuroda is better and back in the rotation and will pitch tomorrow. Hughes will then pitch Monday and CC will pitch Tuesday so our new rotation through the all star break will be Pettitte, Kuroda, Hughes, Sabathia, and Nova. Not too bad at all.
Eduardo Nunez is almost ready to help the and gosh, he really could help.
Rodriguez and Nunez Rehab, Dogs Win 4-2: RiverDogs win 4-2 in A-Rod and Eduardo Nunez's first rehab game in...
New York Yankees Sign Luis Cruz to Replace Injured Shortstop Nix: Nix was a replacement for Eduardo Nunez, who...
Rodriguez and Nunez Rehab Again, Braves Drop Dogs 8-5 in Extras: A-Rod and Eduardo Nunez rehab again with the...
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How many injuries have the Yankees endured this season? Well, let's put it this way: they're now down to their fifth-string shortstop. First Derek Jeter re-fractured his ankle, then Eduardo Nunez came down with one of those mysterious, never-ending ribcage pulls, and now Jayson Nix hits the DL with a bad hamstring. The Yankees then decided to bypass their fourth-string shortstop, Alberto Gonzalez (who is actually healthy), in favor of waiver wire pickup Luis Cruz. Cruz played shortstop and third base for the Dodgers last season, hitting .297, but struggled so badly over the first half of this summer that Los Angeles designated him for assignment. If Cruz ends up getting hurt, who will the Yankees turn to next? Jim Mason? Wayne Tolleson? Or perhaps Gene "Stick" Michael can slide down from the front office and take a turn. Yeesh. Oh by the way, the Yankees won tonight.
So in the past 2 days i saw Alex Rodriguez, Eduardo Núñez, and Darius Rucker. I really do have the best job ever!
Alex Rodriquez and Eduardo Núñez meeting the players and taking BP
Eduardo Nunez went 0 for 2, BB, R with the . He had his first fielding error so he's close.
Can't wait for ESPN's live look-ins at Eduardo Nunez's ABs in Trenton.
News- Eduardo Nunez may return before the all star break. He is rehabbing in Trenton tomorrow.
Recommendation by :Eduardo Nunez should return to the Yan...
So. Eduardo Nunez will be with the Thunder tomorrow, reports
Lalo Wolf Nunez you no how to rap more then me cause your vocabes are better then mine and yea you have thought how to be cool funny and helped get a girl once ALTHOUGH I MISS ALL THOSE FUNNY NASTY MOMENTS WITH YOU AND Eric Arredondo and Fernando Rodriguez MISS YOU GUYS
Eduardo Nunez is headed to AA Trenton and said he hopes to return to the Yankees before the All-Star game.
Eduardo Nunez will play a game for the Trenton Thunder tomorrow, he's hoping to be back on the roster before the All Star Break
Eduardo Nunez said he'll play in Double-A Trenton tomorrow, and hope to rejoin the before the All-Star break.
Eduardo Nunez says he's headed to Trenton and will play there tomorrow night. Hopes to return to before the All-Star break.
PICTURE: A-Rod and Yankee teammate Eduardo Nunez had lunch at Fleet Landing today.
Nice for Luis Cruz to mimic Eduardo Nunez in his 1st game as a Yankee with that airball over 1st base, sheesh
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I thought Eduardo Nunez was on the DL?
That's not fair. Eduardo Nunez is no shortstop!
I'm in the press box at the Charleston Riverdogs game right now. AROD and Eduardo Nunez are rehabbing here
I was in the booth for a game that both Eduardo Nunez and Alex Rodriguez PLAYED IN. If you can't tell, that's
2 great NY Yankees short stop Eduardo Nunez & Alex Rodriguez playing ball in Charleston, SC at The Joe
Eduardo Nunez, still in for the RiverDogs, draws a walk to start the 6th.
Eduardo Nunez is also playing short for the riverdogs
Derek Jeter to Eduardo Nunez to Jayson Nix to Luis Cruz. Is Mike Gallego in game shape?
Eduardo Nunez leads off 1st inning flies out to right field
Eduardo Nunez was just charged with an error at shortstop in this rehab game at Charleston.
Eduardo Nunez charged with an E6 in his rehab game for the RiverDogs. Went right through his legs. Hard hit ball though.
Casey Kalenkosky of Rome Braves rips a shot between Eduardo Nunez legs at SS. Scored an error.
If A Rod and Eduardo Nunez don't go 2 for 2 each I'll be thoroughly disappointed
Both the Phillies and Yankees are having similar struggles as we outline in this story.
The Yankees have gone through Derek Jeter, Eduardo Nunez, and Jayson Nix...they are down to the back ups, back up, back up SS...
Excited I get to see A-Rod and Eduardo Nunez play at the Riverdogs game tonight. Once in a lifetime opportunity
O show no dia 26 de Junho, 2013, no café Piu Piu.
*** I have tix for friday” eduardo nunez going crazy for them right now
Interesting fact regarding Alex Rodriguez and Eduardo Nunez. Both men were given The Citadel's clubhouse to dress in for last night's game
Yanks win: MINNEAPOLIS — Derek Jeter is in Tampa. Eduardo Nunez is in Charleston. Reid Brignac is in Colorado ...
you have no idea because Eduardo Nunez is there as well that would have been so sick!
Alex Rodriguez went 0-2 and Eduardo Nunez got a base hit in tonight's Class A rehab game.
Well, Cito's hitting streak came to an end tonight. It's not his fault though, as he had ONE at bat, and it took the pitcher 10 pitches to get him to ground out. Nunez went 2 for 3, and A-Roids went 0-2 with a strike out (and grounded into a double play).
Eduardo Nunez moves rehab to Charleston: Yankees infielder Eduardo Nunez, who is elig...
Eduardo Nunez says it was good to play with again
If you're wondering, Eduardo Nunez was batting lead-off for the RiverDogs and he's still in the game. He's 2-for-3 so far.
While A-Rod has gone 0-for-2 in his rehab game, Eduardo Nunez is now 2-for-3.
Eduardo Nunez another hit, he's now 2-3 in his rehab!
A-rod has begun his triumphant return to baseball with no hits in 2 at bats so far for the class A Charlotte River Dogs. Looks like he's picked up right where last season ended so far.
Can we get live updates of Eduardo Nunez' at-bats, please?
With all the A-Rod talk tonight, Eduardo Nunez is playing in Charleston tonight and is 1-2 at the plate
Eduardo Nunez grounds out in his 2nd at bat. Nunez played for the RiverDogs in 2006 and 2007.
Eduardo Nunez grounds out to the pitcher, 2 outs in 3rd. up with a runner on 2nd
So awesome seeing Alex Rodriguez, Eduardo Nunez, and Tyler Webb playing for the Charleston Riverdogs!
Going to watch Eduardo Nunez make a rehab start at the Joe! I don't know why everyone is so excited about A-Rod coming here, when Nunez is clearly the better player...
Eduardo Nunez to Rehab With Charleston RiverDogs Tuesday - Former RiverDog will join Alex Rodriguez in rehab stint in Charleston CHARLESTON, SC July 2, 2013 - New York Yankees shortstop Eduardo Nunez will make a rehab appearance along with Alex Rodriguez on Tuesday, July 2nd when the Charleston RiverDogs host the Rome Braves at Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Park. Nunez will appear with the RiverDogs in [...]
Me and my boy headed to the Joe to watch a A Rod and Eduardo Nunez play with the Charleston RiverDogs!
Anyone wanna go to the Riverdogs game with me so I can see A-Rod and Eduardo Nunez play?!
David Adams strikes out.and his helmet falls off. Stuff like that makes me miss Eduardo Nunez.
Angels SS Erick Aybar, Yankees SS Eduardo Nunez not in lineups today
Yanks end April with a lineup with Brennan Boesch, Jayson Nix, Lyle Overbay, Eduardo Nunez, and Chris Stewart and the third best AL record.
Smart base-running from Eduardo Nunez. Robinson Cano, I hope you took notice!!
Buck Martinez just compared Derek Jeter and Eduardo Nunez on a defensive level I'm officially done witching this ball game
If there's a Yankee batting helmet bouncing on the dirt, you know Eduardo Nunez is running hard to beat out a grounder
Aand Eduardo Nunez loses his helmet again
Force out RBI by Eduardo Nunez. Wells scores. Yankees tie the game at one.
Yanks' Nunez hit by pitch, suffers bruised bicep
Eduardo Nunez expected to fall just short of proj
The baseball Gods are not smiling upon the Yanks' as Nunez hit by pitch, suffers bruised bicep
Eduardo Nunez expected to fall just short of projected Super Two cutoff
“Like see Nunez get 500 AB’s and see what he can do!” He now has exactly 500 AB’s. What is wrong with Eduardo Nunez?
What in the world is wrong with Eduardo Nunez?
Find out why Eduardo "Ed" Núñez of Aptalis Pharma has been told to “tone it down”
LOL Eduardo Nunez slide is a LITTLE early... Dontcha think?!? LOL!!!:)
Eduardo Nunez works a walk, but Lyle Overbay erases it with a double play. We go to the 9th.
Yankees hit with another apparent injury as Eduardo Nunez leaves game after ... - New York Daily News
Eduardo Nunez's throw from the hole on target. Shorter arm mechanics working well. Footwork looks better too.
Lol remember when Jeter went down and people said Eduardo Nuñez would be a fine offensive replacement for Jeter?
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