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Eduardo Nunez

Eduardo Michelle Núñez Mendez (born June 15, 1987 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) is a Major League Baseball infielder for the New York Yankees.

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do you think that I blame Yadiel Rivera, not to mention Eduardo Nunez
Eduardo Nunez could be a nice stopgap. Twins like him but they have plenty of options.
Eduardo Nunez is out of options for the but was offered arbitration and is batting .400 this spring. He'll take the Util role
how does he rank compared to Eduardo Nunez losing batting helmet while running bases?
Cosart solid overall. Surrendered a walk in the 2nd to John Ryan Murphy. Came back and struck out another former Yankee Eduardo Nunez.
So no Tom Kelly tomorrow or Eduardo Nunez on Saturday?
@ T5-2o: Eduardo Nunez grounds out to 1B Justin Smoak.
@ T2-2o: Eduardo Nunez strikes out swinging, C Josh Thole to 1B Justin Smoak.
As the new and improved Eduardo Nunez, perhaps?
Yankees: Eduardo Nunez. (Shhh, he thinks he is still on the Yankees).
Ya Esta and Eduardo Nunez get the job done in the 5th race, the winner is trainer by David Rakoff
Check out eduardo nunez autograph baseball via
Crystal's Cantata dominates the 8th race, ridden by Eduardo Nunez & trained by Kathleen O'Connell
Wow. Eduardo Nunez schooled them right there or O'connel has her supplements in.
Even if he does, he's probably Eduardo Nunez ceiling at best...for Frazier, that's rough.
I'm trying to wrap my head around why the would deal Frazier for a package highlighted by what is essentially Eduardo Nunez
UT Eduardo Nunez, also headed for another arb bump, is 6 for 19 (.316) since joining Toros del Este in D.R.
FDA approves Bridion to reverse effects of neuromuscular blocking drugs used during surgery
Steven Moya and Eduardo Nunez are your cleanup hitters as we head to extra innings.
Trevor Plouffe doubles down the left field line to score Eduardo Nunez and tie the game at 4 in the bottom of the 9th.
Plouffe drives in Eduardo Nunez (who was PR-ing for Sano) with a double to tie it up in the ninth. Buxton's up with the winning run on 2nd.
Rondon gets ahead of Sano 0-2 and ends up walking him, Eduardo Nunez pinch running at first
Not sure why they wouldn't have Eduardo Nunez hit instead. He's had a good year.
oh that's Eduardo Nunez calling off Cano lol. A few years ago
Eduardo Nunez will not be in the starting lineup for Friday's game vs Chicago.
Faith Hall (a and Eduardo Nuñez for Kathleen O'Connell, walking into Winner's Circle
I liked how Smalley told Bremer not to call Eduardo Nuñez "Eddie" tonight
Why is Eduardo Nunez still on this roster?
Has Eduardo Nunez ever ran down a baseline and kept his helmet on?
With up to 40 possible players at their disposal, the Twins have decided that Eduardo Nunez is the best 3B available tonight.
Eduardo Nunez will start at 3B and bat 6th vs Kansas City Royals on Wednesday.
The just won a game vs the Astros starting Shane Robinson, Eduardo Nunez, Eduardo Escobar, and Trevor Plouffe at 1st
MIN Pioneer Press: Twinsights: Eduardo Nunez 'exponentially better' in field, Paul Molitor says
MINNEAPOLIS -- The Minnesota Twins have placed infielder Eduardo Nunez on the 15-day disabled list.Nunez strai...
Jose Pirela has more of an Eduardo Nunez swing than Eduardo Nunez.
With 86 at bats, Eduardo Nunez is batting .302 and slugging .523, both of which are considerably better then the former SS, Danny Santana.
yeah and Eduardo Nunez is hitting 302/337/523 at MLB.
Wouldn't be thrilled about having Eduardo Escobar, Danny Santana, and Eduardo Nunez all on the 25 man
Eduardo Nunez lost his helmet one more time, just for me.
Adam Eaton didn't run very hard as it looked like Eduardo Nunez caught his liner. Throw pulled Kennys Vargas off bag, will be reviewed.
Eduardo Nunez has Twins' 3rd double of the 4th inning for an RBI. Suzuki sac fly makes it 3-1 Twins.
Eduardo Nunez with RBI double to give the Twins a 2-1 lead bot 4th.
Death, taxes, and Eduardo Nunez's helmet flying off.
Twins take a 2-1 lead on Eduardo Nunez's RBI double. Men on 2nd and 3rd, one out.
Eduardo Nunez just keeps hitting, driving in Torii, now up 2-1
Twins get another one on an Eduardo Nunez double. 2-1.
Eduardo Nunez is making nice plays at short so maybe this is the Twins' year.
didi gregorious is the worst player out there man . Can we get back Eduardo Nunez
Eduardo Nunez had the webgem of the year, turning a ball hit to the parking lot into a ground out. (via h…
Just had an Eduardo Nunez flashback. Frightening. Remember when people said he'd be good?
who wins a foot race, Danny Santana or Eduardo Nunez?
Eduardo Nunez needs to run to first base when he draws walks. His helmet stayed on that time...
Hit batsmen and an infield single lead to a run as Kurt Suzuki doubles in one with Eduardo Nunez thrown out at home to end inning on 7-6-2.
Kurt Suzuki delivers an RBI single to give the lead back at 2-1, but helmetless Eduardo Nunez thrown out at the plate.
Death, taxes, Eduardo Nunez loses his helmet.
Eduardo Nunez with an infield single and you guessed it, his helmet came off on the run to first ...
Fitting: Eduardo Nunez’s video during pregame intros now features his helmet flying off...
It was Eduardo Nunez. He has batted there often this year, just like the rest of the shortstops.
If Eduardo Nunez stopped playing baseball right now, this would be the best season of his career. 0.6 fWAR in 85 PA. -1.2 career fWAR
BREAKING: Eduardo Nunez lost his helmet while running to first base.
White Sox can't translate hits to runs in loss: --Joe Mauer, Eduardo Nunez, Kennys Varga...
Twins belt 4 HRs in opener with White Sox: --Joe Mauer, Eduardo Nunez, Kennys Vargas and...
Recommendation by :Eduardo Nunez has only played in 27 ga...
News Alarm: Eduardo Nunez (3B - Min) Eduardo Nunez went 2-for-4 with a home run, two RBI, and two runs in the Twins\' Monday night win.
Something about Eduardo Nunez homering in a rout makes the loss to the make more sense...
Eduardo Nuñez is a terrible baseball player that should not be in the majors.Can't allow a homer to him
No, it doesn't, because it's Eduardo Nunez. That tends to happen when you are John Danks.
Eduardo Nunez's hits since June 13: Double, double, triple, double, double, single, double, home run. Just got an infield single, too.
Eduardo Nunez reaches on an infield single and Carroll's throw gets away from Abreu to allow him to reach second. Oh and his helmet came off
Eduardo Nunez lost his helmet again (duh). And he reaches second base on an error by reliever Scott Carroll.
Alexei throwing a ball into right field doesn't excuse an upper-deck 16th career HR from Eduardo freaking Nunez
Eduardo Nunez with a two-run homer. His helmet will stay on this time. lead 6-2.
Eduardo Nunez makes a souvenir out of one from Chris Sale
A DH who doesn't seem like a DH, Eduardo Nunez tags Chris Sale for the second home run of the inning. Twins up 2-0.
Eduardo Nunez makes it a 2-0 Twins lead with a solo shot off Chris Sale.
Eduardo Nunez homer off Chris Sale. 2-0 for the good guys.
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Twins take a 2-0 lead as Eduardo Nunez homers off Chris Sale, T2.
The bench is down to Eddie Rosario/Eduardo Escobar, Chris Herrmann, Shane Robinson, and Eduardo Nunez...yikes
the Pohlad Bros. loved Eduardo Nunez' portrayal of gritty urban school teacher Jaime Escalante in Stand and Deliver.
Eduardo Nunez doubled to left. Runner on second with none out and Kurt Suzuki due up.
Didi Gregorius has looked like the AAA version of Eduardo Nunez for the
Again so we as fans can sit through Eduardo Nunez and now Didi Gregorius but we can't sit through growing pains of a kid (Ref)?
We're just asking him to be better than Eduardo Nuñez. I didn't think it would be that hard
We have to do something at SS... I never, EVER thought I'd miss Eduardo Nunez. But geez, Gregorious is killing me.
I was thinking along the lines of Jordy Mercer (because of Jung *** Kang) or maybe Eduardo Nunez or potentially Villar because of Correa
if it's about how Eduardo Nunez renders projections useless, then yes please do
don't know how I was so wrong before I understood the Powe of the Eduardo Nunez Principle
you mean the same type of projection systems that had Eduardo Nunez as the next MVP?
pretty sure Eduardo Nunez is hitting .667 right now, why isn't he in the conversation?
Cashman has a history with SS / Pitchers , all things come in 3's so beware. Cliff Lee - Eduardo Nunez. Shane Green - Didi Gregorius. BEWARE ?
Allan Dykstra, the Eduardo Nunez of first base for the Rays.
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... But in 2010, Cashman didn't want to trade Eduardo Nunez for Cliff Lee...
Recommendation by :Eduardo This was just Nunez’s se...
Guys, Eduardo Nunez is a dinkus maximus
Scratch that. Nunez lost his helmet trying to race back to first on Schafer's fly out. Not sure what Eduardo was doing.
middle infield just deked Eduardo Nunez badly. He is doubled up on routine fly to left by Schafer. . On to the 6th.
Eduardo Nunez is 4-for-4 today -- two hits, two times keeping his helmet on.
Torii Hunter doubled to center scoring Eduardo Nunez with two out. Runner on second and Joe Mauer due up.
If Eduardo Nunez's helmet didn't come off to the point we categorize him by it, we likely wouldn't be tasked with knowing who he is...
Three things you don't see very often at Target Field:. 1) Eduardo Nunez in the starting lineup. 2) Nunez double to left. 3) Helmet stays on
Molitor called Eduardo Nunez a good matchup against Salazar before the game, and sure enough, he doubles to left in his first AB.
Eduardo Nunez doubled to left -- and he managed to keep his helmet on his head!
No Trevor Plouffe in the Twins' lineup today. Eduardo Nunez starting there, batting 8th.
Eduardo Nunez will start at 3B and bat 8th vs Cleveland Indians on Saturday.
Twins lineup for Saturday. Eduardo Nunez gets the start at third base and last night's hero Trevor Plouffe sits.
I'm waiting for Didi to take a mask off to reveal that it's been Eduardo Nuñez the whole time
On the plus side, Eduardo Nunez, at 2-for-3 with a 2B, has a 1.667 OPS and more XBH than Mauer, Hunter or Suzuki.
because IIRC it started with Eduardo freaking Nunez's ridiculously long AB against Verlander that ended with a HR
When rates Eduardo Nunez higher than Danny Santana and Eduardo Escobar
You can tell that he's feeling the pressure. He looks like Eduardo Nunez in the field!
Gregorius reminds me of an Eduardo Nunez who can't hit. Oh my.
VIDEO: Twins start 1-5. Tough day for Eduardo Nunez and Blaine Boyer. 5 thoughts from
If you prefer video, you're covered there, too. An interesting day at the office for Eduardo Nunez. My analysis:
Eduardo Nunez has his helmet fall off all the time. Even when he started I said it's too big for his head
Why has Eduardo Nunez possessed Didi's body for the
Didi Gregorius is the new Eduardo Nunez. Shaky defense.
If you prefer video: Detailing a bad day in left field for Eduardo Nunez, and a relief outing gone bad. 5 thoughts:
ICYMI: 5 thoughts on Blaine Boyer, Eduardo Nunez, Phil Hughes and sloppy fielding. Column:
Twins lose 6-2 to White Sox: Phil Hughes surrendered five consecutive hits in the first inning. Eduardo Nunez…
Things did not go well for Blaine Boyer or Eduardo Nunez on Sunday. Included their struggles in my 5 thoughts column:
Eduardo Nunez: "I just made a mistake. I just missed it. It’s nothing more than that. I think I closed my glove too soon." .
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Eduardo Nunez on fans' reaction after 3-base error: "They were happy. They said, 'Thank you, Nunez.' Sure. We’re in Chicago."
A reminder: If the Twins lose this one, for all the faults of Eduardo Nunez, Blaine Boyer and the offense, Phil Hughes will get the loss.
I'm not sure who I loathe more, Eduardo Nunez or Blaine Boyer.
I'd rather watch do anything more than I want to watch Eduardo Nunez play baseball.
Someone needs to tell Paul Molitor that Eduardo Nunez isn't an outfielder. This is embarrassing.
Eduardo Nunez approached the Jose Abreu fly ball like he was calling for a fair catch and then decided to let it drop to go for a touchback.
Nice of the Twins to send down 3 or 4 outfielders so we could watch infielder Eduardo Nunez play LF like Manny Ramirez
Jose Abreu gets a gift base hit courtesy of a bad route by Eduardo Nunez in LF. Nunez is normally an infielder. Looks like it today.
Eduardo Nunez wasn't even supposed to be here today.
Chris Sale issued a walk and fell behind Eduardo Nunez 3-0 but came back to strike him out, K No. 6.
Danny Santana doubled to right scoring Eduardo Nunez. Runner on second with one out and Brian Dozier due up.
Wasn't Eduardo Nunez Jeter's heir apparent at one point?
After Eduardo Nunez failed to pop out, Shane Robinson picks him up.
Going to arbitration with Eduardo Nunez was the 1st mistake, rostering him the 2nd, and playing him ANYWHERE the 3rd, infinity.
Standard Eduardo Nunez as he gets a hit and loses his helmet as he rounds the bases
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Eduardo Nunez doubled to center. Runner on second with none out and Shane Robinson due up.
Eduardo Nunez doubles to start the inning.
Eduardo Nunez lost his helmet running to second on a double. In other news, the sky is blue.
Top of the 3rd. . 0 - 2. . Eduardo Nunez, Shane Robinson and Danny Santana due up.
I hope you were watching the (or folding laundry) while Eduardo Nunez was dropping that easy fly ball in left field for
Now Nunez drops a pop up. Bad day to be an Eduardo playing for the
Micah Johnson corrects Eduardo Nunez's mistake with one of his own...just in time for another dropped Twins pop-up
Micah Johnson is as good on the base paths as Eduardo Nunez is in left field.
I like Eduardo Nunez but he isn't an OF. I like that the team is trying to get him into games but he just isn't comfortable in the OF
wait, Eduardo Nunez is on this team still?
Three-base error on Eduardo Nunez, making his first start of season in LF. Simply dropped Micah Johnson's fly ball near LF line.
That's just the price you pay to get Eduardo Nunez's great bat in the lineup. (Nunez is a career .264/.305/.380 hitter.)
Eduardo Nunez just turned a routine fly ball into three bases for the Get Gladden out of the booth immediately.
Eduardo Nunez just dropped a fairly routine fly ball in his first start in left for the
Eduardo Nunez charged with 3-base error on Micah Johnson fly he dropped but it's only a 2-base error if Johnson wasn't running hard.
Eduardo Nunez just casually dropped the *** out of a routine fly to left
Someone explain to me why Eduardo Nunez is playing left field.
3-base error by Eduardo Nunez on Micah Johnson routine fly ball. .
Three-base error by Eduardo Nunez in LF on a routine fly ball by Micah Johnson.
How is Eduardo Nunez a major league baseball player?
Eduardo Nunez is going to be the new super utility Jason Bartlett this year.
Good news: Molitor, unlike Gardenhire, seems willing to platoon. Bad news: Eduardo Nunez and Shane Robinson are two-thirds of the outfield.
Eduardo Nunez will start at LF and bat 8th vs Chicago White Sox on Sunday.
That's for the eventual Eduardo Nunez retirement video
At this rate, looking forward to the Yankees retiring Eduardo Nunez’s number
BREAKING: the Yankees will also be retiring the numbers of Eduardo Nunez and Ramiro Pena
So when is Eduardo Nunez number getting retired?
It really feels like Eduardo Nunez is about the only guy not above 80% on the 25 man going into ST...and he's probably at 79%...
It's Dec. 2 and the Twins have Eduardo Nunez, Chris Colabello, Chris Parmelee, Chris Herrmann and Aaron Thompson on their 40-man roster.
I like how MLB sent an "All-Star" team to Japan with Erik Kratz, Chris Capuano, Jose Veras, Drew Butera, Franklin Morales and Eduardo Nunez.
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Aaron Hicks (stiff back) has been scratched. Eduardo Nunez will play left and Jordan Schafer slides over to center
Jordan Schafer tripled to center scored Eduardo Nunez, Eduardo Escobar and Eric Fryer. Runner on third with none out and Danny Santana due u
Eduardo Nunez with an infield single and, shockingly, he loses his helmet in the process.
Just a little throwback to when Eduardo Nunez was a Yankee. :)
Do remember that we've seen Eduardo Nunez play the infield for a while. There's nothing Refsnyder can do to surprise Yankee fans.
If they weren't throwin me strait garbage I wouldn't have lost to Eduardo nunez
TC: See, Eduardo, that's how you do it. /no one's there. TC: Eduardo?. /cuts to Nunez fighting a kangaroo
injuries to Goldschmidt + Yadi in TDGX (20tms) have me starting Bourjos, endy Chavez, Eduardo Nunez, JPA, and Caleb Jo.
.When I raised this point with Eduardo Nunez, he nominated himself, Santana and Escobar. Dozier has a mean knuckler too.
Eduardo Nunez for commissioner. Errors will no longer be errors.
Just hit my first jack with Eduardo Nunez.
forgot Eduardo Nunez. He doesn't quite play every day but close enough
Joe Mauer would be a better defensive outfielder than Eduardo Nunez. :)
Eduardo Nunez, playing his 22nd career game in the outfield, has cost Kyle Gibson two outs and three bases in the first four innings.
Astros have a 2-on, 1-out threat going in 4th inning, mostly because Eduardo Nunez dropped a fly ball along LF line.
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Jon Singleton just reached on an error by left fielder Eduardo Nunez, who closed his glove too soon and dropped the ball at the line.
Eduardo "We Know He Can Swing The Bat" Nunez is hitting .247/.276/.360 and his career OPS is .684. Twins have him starting in left field.
Robbie Grossman (on 2B) was so sure Eduardo Nunez would catch Carter's looper to LF, he didn't move up a base when Nunez one-hopped it.
Twins challenge call that Eduardo Nunez was out at 1B in 8th. Call stands, runner is out:
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That's how u lay out at 3B make diving catch. Great JOB Eduardo Nunez.
Another Web gem bid for Eduardo Nunez. Put the man on your list! C'mon!
Eduardo Nunez with his personal tribute to that time good buddy Derek Jeter launched himself into the stands after a foul ball.
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caugh Eduardo Nunez off third, the caught stealing allows Eduardo Escobar to get to second. But Abad Ks Jason Schafer
I have never seen a modern-day player lose his helmet as often as Eduardo Nunez. Helmet has to be three sizes too large.
Eduardo Nuñez needs a smaller batting helmet, his falls off every time he runs.
Eduardo Nunez singles with one out, steals second, takes third on a Jason Hammel wild pitch.
Watch MLB Baseball: Twins at Athletics Twins 1, Athletics 1. Eduardo Nunez grounded out short to first to end ..
GIF: Twins Eduardo Núñez gets sniped trying for a triple, scrambles back safely to 2nd
Eduardo Nuñez doubles home Chris Parmelee, now trail 6-5 in 7th. 5-run inning for Minnesota.
Watch MLB Baseball: Twins at Athletics Twins 0, Athletics 4. Eduardo Nunez flied out to left. None on with two..
Watch MLB Baseball: Twins at Athletics Twins 0, Athletics 0. Eduardo Nunez popped out to second. None on with ..
So fun to watch Eduardo Nunez vs the grown-ups?
It's hard losing a brother I was close with rest in peace though 🙏 Cesar Eduardo Nunez an angel from above 🙇
Rest in peace Cesar Eduardo Nuñez aka Happy. Gone but definitely not forgotten 😢💔
So Eduardo Nunez will be batting 5th this inning because he ran for Plouffe, who had 3 RBI. Plus, Nunez' SB took bat away from Arcia.
Is it bad Eduardo Nunez might be our best pick up all year?
Eduardo Nunez stole second. Runner on second with one out and Oswaldo Arcia at the plate.
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Oswaldo Arcia double to left scored Eduardo Nunez and Kurt Suzuki with two out. Runner on second and Chris Parmelee due up.
Minnesota gets a run in the 8th on Kurt Suzuki's RBI double, but Wade Davis fans Eduardo Nunez with the bases loaded, keeping t…
Perez shows off pickoff move vs. Twins: Catcher Salvador Perez caught the Twins' Eduardo Nunez venturing too f...
Chris Parmelee doubled to right. Runner on second with none out and Eduardo Nunez due up.
Eduardo Nunez played RF, as Gardy requested: Went 2 for 3 w/triple, walk, run, K for Should be good to go.
Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez is a better ball player that Eduardo Nunez.
Eduardo Nunez on deck! "These are our seats. I fully expect to talk to the batters on deck.
So I made Eduardo Nunez laugh tonight. What did YOU do?
lol *** is Eduardo Nunez doing playing RF for the double A twins rn?? So confused
Recommendation by :Eduardo Nice timing for Nunez, with Da...
Eduardo Nunez / Eduardo Nunez (hamstring) has reported no issues through his: Eduardo Nunez (hamstring) h...
No problems for Eduardo Nunez with his legs through 3 rehab games for Also on track to be activated Monday.
The Twins expect to have both Trevor Plouffe and Eduardo Nunez back from the disabled list Monday, a...
Recommendation by :Eduardo Original reports had Nunez sta...
Eduardo Nunez-SS: Nunez (hamstring) is expected to make his return Monday from the disabled list
Eduardo Nunez, playing 3B in first game of doubleheader, has 2 singles and 2 walks in 4 trips for
Former player Eduardo Nunez rehabs with the
The yankees shortstop of the future and Jeters heir. Eduardo Nunez When does he get his plaque in…
Eduardo Nunez went 0 for 3 in 5 innings as shortstop in first rehab game for
Didn't realize Eduardo Nunez started his rehab in New Britain today. Started at SS, went 0-3 before exiting.
Sam Fuld inherited Eduardo Nunez's purple getup. Said Rays once wore pajamas for overnight flight from LA to BAL, but never did bright suits
CBS Sports: Eduardo Nunez to begin rehab assignment Thursday
Wire: Twins | Eduardo Nunez to start rehab assignment
Eduardo Nunez-SS: Eduardo�Nunez (hamstring) is starting a rehab assignment on Friday.
Eduardo Nunez (hamstring) will begin rehab stint at New Britain on Thursday
I just want a jumbo with "series two" stuff only. I might put my head through a wall if I get more Eduardo Nunez golds
Eduardo Nuñez broke up the no-hitter in the third. He’s always doing that to me in this game.
I thought the Yankees got rid of Eduardo Nunez?
Should I b concerned that Eduardo Nunez is dming me on insta
Wire: Twins | Eduardo Nunez likely will need rehab assignment
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I was cool with the "Explore" page on IG until it started showing pictures of Eduardo Nunez.
Eduardo Nunez in the latest update was white guy with a five o'clock shadow
Twins Injury Updates: Trevor Plouffe, Eduardo Nunez: There were not one but two injuries suffered by Minnesota...
Happy Father's Day to all dads! Happy Birthday to Trevor Plouffe and Eduardo Nunez. Heal quickly & get back on the field soon.
Eduardo Nunez has been good lately but we got rid of him for Solarte. Looking great right now
everytime i see the term "E6" i think about eduardo nunez botching every ground ball that came his way
Twins: Nunez safe at first after Twins win challenge
MIN mlb .com: Nunez safe at first after Twins win challenge
Nunez safe at first after Twins win challenge
Eduardo Nunez / Nunez left Saturday's game in the eighth inning with a strained
The Tigers and Twins met in game 2 of this 3 game series today and Detroit came out on top 12-9. This was a game that the offense finally made an appearance scoring 12 runs on 19 hits. Every player in the lineup had at least 1 hit except for Alex Avila and he had two walks. In addition to that every player had at least 1 RBI except for Avila and Austin Jackson however Avila scored 2 runs. The offensive explosion was the most runs that Detroit had scored in any game this year and more runs than they had scored, combined in the preceding 4 games. It was the offensive explosion that gave you that warm fuzzy feeling. Anibal Sanchez added to that feeling tossing 6 1/3 innings, giving up 4 hits and 3 runs. Toss in 6 strikeouts and just 2 walks it represented another fine outing by the pitcher who has been the most consistent Tiger starter on the year so far. The bullpen was another matter today. While the offense gave you that warm fuzzy feeling the bullpen gave you that feeling you have when you know you are g ...
Recommendation by :Eduardo Third base was a cursed positi...
Eduardo Nunez-SS: Nunez strained hamstring beating out infield hit, said it's minor
Really nice from SS Elliot Soto, diving to his left on a hard grounder and gunning down Eduardo Nunez at 1st
Not one Twins reporter has mentioned that Eduardo Nunez clearly injured himself. Huge development with Plouffe hurt.
Replay review on Eduardo Nunez hit continues 8th inning for Eric Fryer RBI bloop single. That'll be it for Phil Coke.
Eduardo Nunez lines to CF fence, hustles his way to triple, scoring Morales to cut Tigers' lead to 11-2 -- and knock Sanchez from the game.
The get their 2nd run of the day on a RBI triple by Eduardo Nunez. . They trail 11-2 in the 7th.
Eduardo Nunez's RBI triple chases Sanchez after 6 1/3 -- he leaves with 11-2 lead
Eduardo Nunez in at third for Plouffe, who injured himself diving for ground ball in Tigers third
Eduardo Nunez replaces the injured Trevor Plouffe at 3B for Twins.
The Tigers and Twins kicked off a 3 game series tonight at Comerica Park. Detroit was hoping to build off of Max Scherzer’s strong start where he shut out the White Sox, besting Chicago’s ace, Chris Sales. The Twins were hoping to build on their 2 game winning streak and also looking to get to the .500 mark. It was the Twins who came out victorious beating Detroit 2-0. Drew Smyly started for the Tigers and was strong following the lead that Max Scherzer started the night before. Smyly went 6 innings and gave up 4 hits. He walked 3 and struck out 2. The only blemish against him was a leadoff home run by Eduardo Escobar in the 3rd inning. Al Alburquerque and Joba Chamberlain were perfect in the 7th and 8th respectively. Unfortunately Joe Nathan again failed in the 9th giving up a huge run which doubled the Twins lead from 1-0 to 2-0. Going into the 3rd inning the Twins had 2 base runners, a one out single by Kurt Suzuki in the 1st inning and a 2 out walk that Trevor Plouffe was able to get off of Smyly ...
Seriously. I've never seen a player lose his batting helmet while running more than Eduardo Nunez.
I wish JD Martinez tears his acl or achilles tendon while running to catch an Eduardo Nunez's fly ball.
Eduardo Nunez kicks it. What should've been the third out of inning is now first and second, 2 out for Miguel Cabrera.
Eduardo Escobar takes Ruthian swing at last BP pitch, then throws bat to ground in disgust as Plouffe, Nunez laugh. Think he lost a contest.
Someone make an Eduardo Nunez toon and I'll photoshop this head onto the Twins jersey
Eduardo Nunez 9 from the Minnesota twins. Never fails to grab and adjust his crotch before swinging the bat.
Brian Dozier left the game w/ lower back tightness after colliding w/ Eduardo Nunez. Twins calling him day to day, might not miss any time.
Eduardo Nunez is so bad at baseball he hurts the players around him. Literally.
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Brian Dozier leaves the game with lower back tightness after a collision with Eduardo Nunez in the second inning.
Eduardo Nunez, Danny Santana, and Eduardo Escobar's unexpected contributions lately have been key in helping us compete
Eduardo Nunez is starting at shortstop for the Twins today, if you like witnessing wild adventures.
Eduardo Nunez just unfurled a cannon on a line. *** you.
3B Eduardo Nunez knocks down Navarro grounder, stops, has cup of tea, reads The Economist, then throws Dioner out at first.
Eduardo Nunez needs a chin strap for his helmet.
Eduardo Nunez will stay in the game after fouling a pitch off the inside of his left leg.
With Kendrys Morales on second and a hobbling Oswaldo Arcia at first, Eduardo Nunez lined a foul off his ankle. I want to see a triple now.
Eduardo Nunez, HBPs don't count if you swung at the pitch.
I love the addition of Eduardo Nunez. Good player who can play multiple positions. NYY were crazy to give up on him!!
Was resisting work impulse trying to watch Eduardo Nunez vs the grown-ups?
15th career GIDP for Eduardo Nunez, first this year. . turned 2 on both Eduardos tonight. . Only active Eduardos in btw.
Chris Parmelee was announced as the pinch-hitter, but Ron Gardenhire pulls him back and goes with Eduardo Nunez from the right side.
Can we get back Eduardo Nunez to teach Kelly Johnson how to play infield?
I had suggested trading Eduardo Nunez for Ike Davis Mets needed a shortstop we needed a backup first baseman
Hey Twins fans, even though I am a Yankees fan, great job by your team & the former Yankees on your team-pitcher Phil Hughes who pitched a one run complete game & Eduardo Nunez who got the game winning RBI in the top of the 9th inning! Glad to see you have Josh Kubel back as well & I really enjoy watching Caleb Thielbar who pitched for the Jackrabbits!
Phil Hughes return to Bronx with good pitch and win by the way Eduardo Nunez too
Phil Hughes deadass 6-1. and eduardo nunez hits a 2 run double in the 9th loll smh
Phil Hughes and Eduardo Nunez helped beat the Yankees today, and Robinson Cano comes to town tomorrow night.
But seriously Phil Hughes and Eduardo Nunez single handedly beating the Yankees was not something I expected this year 😔
Phil Hughes and Eduardo Nunez former Yankees helped beat the Twins beat their former team. How dramatic.
Twinsights: What did Eduardo Nunez tell Phil Hughes before his return? Plus, Berrios surging to Futures Game? .
ex- Yanks, Eduardo Nunez and Phil Hughes stuck it up the Yankees *** today!
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