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Eduard Khil

Eduard Anatolyevich Khil (4 September 1934 – 4 June 2012) was a Russian baritone singer and a recipient of the People's Artist Award of the RSFSR.

Google Doodle Rick Astley

Today's Google Doodle is trololol to celebrate Eduard Khil's 83rd birthday.
Who was Eduard Khil? All you need to know about Russian singer 'Mr Trololo' as Google Doodle marks 83rd birthday…
Who is the Russian 'trololo' crooner Eduard Khil being marked by Google Doodle?. .
Oh that's nice. Today's Google Doodle is honouring Eduard Khil. You may not know his name, but...
I added a video to a playlist Russian singer Eduard Khil trololo
Eduard Khil, also known as the state of Illinois knocked out our power 10 mins ago, it's still out.
Look up Eduard Khil (he's the guy that sings he trololo song) and Alla Pugacheva
RIP Sing a trololo in his memory! RT: Via Eduard Khil, the Trololo Guy, has died
Eduard khil LeBron James's Legacy if he left Cleveland without winning a title
I added a video to a playlist Eduard Khil - Official Trolololo
I added a video to a playlist Trololo - Eduard Khil
when my neighbors blast music, I turn to the only correct answer: Eduard Khil
We all know eduard khil wrote the best banger of the 70s
Lol, my new boss looks like eduard khil ( trololo guy ) :D
massive credit to the arena DJ guy playing the whole "Trololo" song by Eduard Khil during that stoppage
The song's performed by Russian baritone singer Eduard Khil (1934-2012). Sending people to the Trololo song is known as a Russian Rickroll.
honestly I think it's really cute that Eduard Khil was really happy about people liking his cute little song
Watching and the "Trololo" song by Eduard Khil starts playing. Automatic brownie points.
Found out that Eduard Khil died in 2012. It's nice that he got to relive some stardom from the Trololo thing.
It's a soul-eating exotica moment the likes of which we haven't seen since Eduard Khil.
Trololo lyrics (subtitles) for the full song! Sing with Mr. Trololo Guy, Eduard Khil. You too can tr
trolls and internet trolls live there. Eduard Khil and Rick Astley live there too.
this is piece of ART!>>>>Russian Singer Eduard Khil Dub: via
Cat sings like Eduard Khil (Trololo Guy) when it's butt is scratched. Too Funny!
Other suggestions are Afrojack, Eduard Khil, and Helen Kane. I think I broke YouTube.
I liked a video The horror version of Eduard Khil TROLOLOLO
I'm sure Atwood's 2114 book won't be 300 pages of "trololololo" with a picture of Eduard Khil on every other page.
St. Petersburg to name city park after warbling Soviet, YouTube sensation Eduard Khil:
I can't take that Falcao chant seriously. RIP, Eduard Khil.
It's Eduard Khil's birthday, aka. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you've gotta see this!
Alas, I do... school doesn't let out for International Eduard Khil Day. Too bad. ;P Goodnight!
my Spotify is trolling me - Starred folder is empty, but it shows a song count of 3 and a photo of Eduard Khil
Oh man, I just found out the Trololo guy, Eduard Khil, passed away in 2012. *** I do NOT remember him in the 2013 Grammy In Memoriam!!
Call me maybe- carly rae jepsen or i am very glad because i am finally returning back home by eduard khil
no I thought about that, but I think Eduard Khil's Trololo does oddly enough
It is a great video, I know what you mean. Can you imagine singing in a choir with Eduard Khil?!
Muslim Magomayev beating Eduard Khil to his Trololo by 10 years or so (with added guerilla restaurant singing)
Eduard Khil died in 2012 and no one told me?!?
I'm not familiar with Eduard Khil. Sounds classy.
touching. Could Eduard Khil ever have thought he would get such a second wave of popularity...
Oh eduard khil. Great guy. Rretty sure the song would be kinda distracting while working though.
.um excuse me? his name is Eduard Khil aka My lord and saviour? please stfu before i epically pwn ur n00b *** xD le trolled!
I liked a video from Mr Trololo: Singer Eduard Khil dies aged 77
I liked a video Trying to make Big Rigs Look competent (With eduard khil as the music)
I think the Russian olympic bear mascot looks like the trololo guy, Eduard Khil.
Eduard Khil on American Idol. The judges give it up for Trololo. If this guy doesn't win, something is very wrong.
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Everett True examines the appeal of embracing the wrong in pop music.
Guess my top 5 favorite bands and you will get nudes.
Wonder if Apple got Eduard Khil to record the waveform used in the new Voice Memos icon before his passing…
1. Type multi-paragraph comment to post. 2. Hit enter. 3. The post you are trying to comment on has been deleted. 4. Declare war on the Internet.
The horror version of Eduard Khil TROLOLOLO: via
cod challenge : Get last kill by a care package falling on the enemy
When you are a *** bag teenager who hates your parents and just wants to drive unsafely and smoke pot: YOLO When you are a person who likes obscure and unsatisfying candy: ROLO
If you never took the time to learn about Eduard Khil, aka Trololo Man, who died last year, you should. Interesting.
Just seen a woman who looks just like Eduard Khil. Lucky cow
Who is the American Eduard Khil? I thinkit might be Slim Whitman.3:28:22
My first will be Eduard Khil trolling you with his lasting legacy. In other words, NO.
Trololo facts: Eduard Khil, who died in 2012, now rules Heaven with an iron fist. 2:49:54
Nothing says "school's out for summer" like singing, dancing and unicycles, right? Well that's just what Léman Manhattan students saw in the streets of Lower...
Music - World Tunes Volume 1 Featuring Eduard "Trololo" Khil and other World Artists popular on the internet -
He died last year :( look at what a happy old man he was
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Thanks to Katerina for the information! Set List de Moscow: Locked within the crysral ball Play minstrel play Under a violet moon Soldier of Fortune Duch Den wald zum bach haus World of stone Troika (by request) Diamonds and rust Darkness Wind in the willows Toast to tomorrow (Eduard Khil trick) Piano solo Journeyman Loreley Home again Clock ticks on Dancer and the moon (By request) Fires at midnight Village lanterne
Guys give me some covers to learn my minds gone blank
I went to YouTube because this song was stuck in my head. And I discovered that Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon is the American Eduard Khil. We Trololo'd at a hotdog stand...
Does anyone know where to get Japanese rock posters? I really want some...
I don't know if I told you all but... a couple of weeks ago I apparently met Michael J. Fox.
What's the name of the guy who did the trollolol song? His name or the actual song title please if anyone knows it
1. “You hear the ice cream truck outside, acknowledge it, then let it go.” 2. “Externally rotate your left foot until it comes to rest behind your left foot.” 3. “Put your weight on your other butt.” 4. “Gentle panting here is encouraged.” 5. “Spiral your pelvis toward President Street.” 6. “Happy F...
Tiësto and (RED) have joined forces to bring you this replay of his set from the Melbourne edition of the Stereosonic Festival. Please consider buying the DA...
Dave Grohl sums it up for me :) - On topic: I do a killer Eduard Khil in the bathroom
The song in the Volkswagen Beetle Convertible commercial with a guy wearing a ski mask in the shop 2013 is Trololo by Eduard Khil
A fact about Eduard Khil, commonly known to the public as "Trololo Man" On 8 April 2012, Khil suffered a stroke and was hospitalized with serious brain damage to the Mariinsky hospital in St. Petersburg, where he fell into a coma immediately afterwards. His condition was later reported as critical, with irreversible brain damage. Doctors were initially optimistic about a partial recovery, but later retracted these statements. He died in the hospital in St. Petersburg on 4 June 2012, from complications from the stroke, aged 77. Among people who offered his condolences to Khil's family was Russia's President Vladimir Putin. He said about Eduard Khil: "His name is connected to an era in the history of Russian music. Eduard Khil was unique in his extraordinary charm and lyricism, constant in his professionalism, vocal culture and creative taste. Many of the songs he performed became part of the golden fund of the Russian stage." And we only know who he is because someone found a video from forty years ago and ...
looking forward to it to the Xmas podcast. I do hope our man Eduard Khil will feature.
Eduard Khil - Im glad, cause im finally returning back home.
And the gift is done.. It's a bootleg of ??? :)
I favorited a video from Eduard Khil (Hill, Trololo Man) looks YouTube parodies and sings
Yes, it gets no better than Eduard Khil.
Madness - Muse. Check out Sharon Jones, Darren Criss' ep, and eduard khil.
Motivation to get up in morning from Eduard Khil in the afterlife, rest in peace and keep trolling in the afterlife for us...
There are too many pages on FB named Eduard Khil.
Set to the tune of Eduard Khil's most famous ballad? :]
Doing a 10 hour a capella rendition of Trolololol with Eduard Khil.
An Epic Rap Battle I'd like to see: Mr. Trololo (Eduard Khil) vs. Rick Astley.
Channeling Eduard Khil & avoiding zombies AKA a typical day in the life of a neighborhood friendly bald guy.
I am very glad, because I'm finally returning back home (Trololo) by Eduard Khil, from
Can't help but dance to some Eduard Khil :L
When I become Dictator, I want Eduard Khil's Trololololol Song be the national anthem. No lyrics nor cultural havoc. Just plain Music.
For a Halloween costume I'm thinking the undead corpse of Eduard Khil
don´t know why but this song is the whole day in my head. Eduard Khil "Walking the Streets of Moscow" via
Download Trololo Song ringtones to your cell phone from Zedge - best eduard khil
Trololo: The Game ¥85 ⇒ ¥0 This simple game is inspired by the 1976 viral video of Eduard Khil
All purpose parts banner
Or "I am Glad, 'Cause I 'm Finally Returning Back Home" (AKA The Trololol Song) by Eduard Khil so I can troll my kids from beyond the grave
This young man's rendition of "Trololo" is so spot-on, he may be Eduard Khil reincarnated. (RIP
I added a video to a playlist TroLoLo! Tay Zonday Eduard Khil Tribute!
Eduard Khil funny but yet again dangerous
R.I.P Eduard Khil, your song will live forever.
I liked a video Trololo (With Me Honoring Eduard Khil - So Happy that YouFest is Coming to Madrid)
I want a tattoo of the trololo guy (Eduard Khil).
Trololo New Version 2012 HD. But as we unfortunately know by now the famous Soviet singer Eduard Khil, known to the Western audience as "Mr. Trololo" has die...
If you totally believe in the phrase "Never Say Never", then allow me to prove it wrong with one of an infinite figments of my imagination (you know, because it's not real): Eduard Khil (the Trololo Man), Michael Jackson, Curly Howard, and Redd Foxx, all jump out of their graves once a blue moon shines over the North Pole, and starts dancing to PSY's "Gangnam Style" for 6 hours straight... ...and you thought Justin Bieber shed some light on you fellas!!
When Daniel Craig greets you in the morning and then in the cafeteria u spot a guy who could be the secret son of Eduard Khil, it must be Lookalike-Day
Trololo Eduard Khil (Official Video) Eduard Khil performs his international classic hit; Trololo. This is the official version of the Soviet-era pop song com...
I recommend naming it Eduard Khil, or trololo
A short Jelehu bump in memory of Eduard Khil, better known as the Trololo guy. RIP good sir. Hope you all enjoy it.
♫ 18 - A song you wish you heard on the radio ➜ Trololo, by Eduard Khil.
Oh man, it's late but I found out Eduard Khil died recently, the trololol guy? I propose that 4th of June be international trololol day!
this song is dedicated to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry but I really want it to be dedicated to Mr. Eduard Khil, because I truly believe his art made us better. translation of the lyrics: on the planet of living it's day, it's night, on the planet of...
Yes. "I'm glad I'm finally going back home" © Eduard Khil
I did not know that Eduard Khil Mr. Trololo died this year. Still love that video. 14mill + views not bad.
Just saw your tribute to Eduard Khil (Trololo man) in Family Guy.You are truly a sir to tribute him.
Too bad Eduard Khil died this year, or else he could have sung the Trololo at the closing ceremony for the 2014 games in Russia.
Also if there is no tribute to Eduard Khil in the 2014 then I will riot harder than all of Vancouver in 2011
These make me even sadder that Eduard Khil won't be around to closeout Sochi in 2014.
If Eduard Khil was alive he would do this.
Trolling my little sister with on New Super Mario Bros. Hifives galore! (But we were kicked off still grinning like Eduard Khil)
Trololo song by Eduard Khil. Balik melaka yo!
Eduard Khil, if you don't know him, Google him!
That much I got. But the guitar player in the Russian video looks like Eduard Khil to me.
it's sad he died, R.I.P. Eduard Khil 1995-2012 :(
Aaron Ramsey does it again.He scores and Eduard Khil dies..RIP
A new favorite: Doctor Werewolf vs Eduard Khil - Trololo by Doctor Werewolf on
Listenin 2 the best Russian song ever.Lesarubi by Eduard Khil
Trololo singers who has died: Valery Obodzinsky (1997), Muslim Magomaev (2008) and Eduard Khil (2012)
Another incredible and happy song from the famous trololo man, this one is almost the same fashion, but this time we can listen to him singing in russian, hi...
I never knew Family Guy did a tribute to Eduard Khil, Mr. Trololol, until I saw this. \m/
Tlist try listening to Trololo by Eduard Khil it's like my theme song whenever i'm trolling HAHHA
Eduard Khil is going to be presented in the project day ILP
The name of this song is "I AM GLAD, 'CAUSE I'M FINALLY RETURNING BACK HOME" by Eduard Khil from 1976. Russian crooning.
If it were up to me I'd make eduard khil president campaign slogan "Everyday we're trololling"
Soviet crooner Eduard Khil dies in St. Petersburg hospital shortly after ... - Join talk at:
Doctor Werewolf tear the internet sensation Eduard Khil into a blistering dance floor weapon that will leave a grin firmly on everybody's faces. Tt-rololo...
I'm sat here crying to one of eduard khil's old songs. Where did the world go wrong? Why did he have to go? Why not brown or beiber?
Amelia Rosiles liked Baxojayz - Centricity: Mr Trololo, Eduard Khil, dead at 77: Furthermore, they do not…
Just found out that Eduard Khil is dead... Only took me 2 months! *** IT!
Best thing about being home is having unlimited Eduard Khil on tap
Eduard Khil, ‘Mr. Trololo’ singer made famous in viral video from 1976, dies after stroke
I liked a video from RIP Eduard Khil / Trololo Guy
Tim Berners-Lee is truely a legend if Eduard Khil is the farther of memes then Tim Berners-Lee is the god ( :
I'm in a very Eduard Khil kind of mood.
Mr ‘Trololo’ to have street named after him in St. Petersburg :
I am deeply saddened that Eduard Khil won't be at in 2012 to close the with Trolololo
I favorited a video He-He-Hey! - SuperHit by Mr. Trololo aka Eduard Khil
I liked a video from Trololopa Lanterna Verde - Tributo a Eduard Khil
I've uploaded an video Trololopa Lanterna Verde - Tributo a Eduard Khil
Trololo man to appear in St. Pete street cc.
“‘Trololo Man' to appear in St. Pete street
What's that? :0 "‘Trololo Man' to appear in St. Pete street
‘Trololo Man' to appear in St. Pete street
George Lucas was a massive Eduard Khil fan,so when he was making this song with (
Nick Knowles on the lottery looks a lot like Eduard Khil.
After Eduard Khil left the scene, an aspiring young singer continues the tradition of infernal singing. Jr. #
Trololo Kid | Eduard Khil may be gone, but the next generation is carrying the torch
Edvard Khil performing this timeless super-hit of epic proportions. Finally 100k+ views, thanks guys, nice to see others enjoying this! Removed my other desc...
R.I.P Eduard Khil 1934-2012 (Eduard Khil is the guy who made the Troll song)
It's been 1 month without Eduard Khil. I wonder who he's trolling in the afterlife?
No, Eduard Khil (aka Mr. Trololo) died a month ago. 1st famous for being on the Soviet version of Eurovision (Sopot)
The Eduard Khil's song? You guys better make a tribute to him. Trololol guy is dead. Let us all mourn for his passing.
this friend of my mom seriously looks like Eduard Khil aka trolololo man
I have Eduard Khil's greatest hits. What do you think.
i know its old but i just heard about it. RIP eduard khil, keep on trollin man
Sign said "Free Doughnuts" Big Show comes and finds out Eduard Khil is just trolling.
Eduard Khil 2 – the legend is back: LOL qetalni his facial expression moo 9ij XD R.I.P. Edua…
Eduard Khil died monday night. Troll in peace
Why didn't anyone tell me Eduard Khil died??
I liked a video from 'Trololo Man' Eduard Khil online! Skype song session
aw, the guy that sang the song TROLOLOLOLOLOL, Died exactly a month ago. June 4 2012 :( he was cool, (Eduard Khil)
ATTENTION: The Trololol Guy (aka Eduard Khil) died on June 4 of this year. R.I.P. 1934-2012 he will be missed June 4 is now International Troll support
Ich mag ein Eduard Trololo Khil address to the people of the w
Or enter as Eduard Khil and just troll people.
Speaking of lolololo, did you hear Eduard Khil died?
Faith No More did a cover of Trololo to honor Eduard Khil last night. I MUST find the video of this.
im sad now.i just found out the Trololololo guy Eduard Khil died. 26 days ago. =(
I deleted the video by accident because i'm retarded so this is a re-upload! Song: Eighteen Cool - Hoodie Allen If you enjoyed the video, like, comment and s...
Eduard Khil, known to most Western audiences as Internet star “Mr. Trololo,” died early Monday in St. Petersburg after suffering a stroke in April. He was 77.Khil, a baritone...
Lyrics/subtitle tribute to the brilliant/retarded trololo "Russian Singer Eduard Khil Remix" by Brett Lee. (subscribe if you enjoy that sort...
Eduard Khil has died 4th Jun, 2012 after complications from a stroke he suffered in late May. The 77-year old Russian singer enjoyed a career spanning severa...
- special for Timati from bjng! Brother's Request by Sample by Eduard Khil!RIP!
Eduard Khil its Chuck norris of troll (
You should do the 'TROLOLO' song by Eduard Khil! :O (
All of a sudden really sad that trololo man (eduard khil) is dead :'(
Well, you asked for original ideas xD and at the same time it's a tribute to Eduard Khil (Mr. trololo) who dies a few weeks ago:p
I have only just read, Eduard Khil, the singer of 'trolololo' died 21 days ago. R.I.P Eduard Khil.
Exactly. I'd add an "in memory of Eduard Khil" at the end for lolz. also suggested Nyan Cat.
St. Petersburg authorities are considering naming one of the city’s streets or squares after late Soviet singer Eduard Khil, known in the West as Trololo man.
Some people say we lost the King of Pop three years ago, while it's been only three weeks. RIP Eduard Khil, the true King of Pop.
I now dedicate this performance to Eduard Khil (Эдуард Хиль), who died on 4 June, 2012. He was 77. Rest in peace, "Mr.Trololo". You truly have made the world...
This is what Eduard Khil heard when he entered heaven. (
Please forgive me for what I have done. I may finish this mess later, but after fifteen minutes or so I quit due to the fact that Limp Bizkit are apparently ...
Eduard Khil, father of trolls, cekidot
Did we know that The Russian Singer, Mr Trololo (Eduard Khil) had passed away? I didn't. He made us smile, didn't he?
I've got shoes that play Stayin' Alive when you put them on, and my bard is Eduard Khil ;)
Share with everyone and get the word out to give him respect.
Just found out the beloved Eduard, aka: Trololo, died a few weeks ago! Sing it one more time Mr. Khil.
I liked an video Mr Trololo: Singer Eduard Khil dies aged 77
I liked an videofrom RIP Mr. Trololo: Tribute to Eduard Khil (1934-2012)
I'm pretty sure Petrov is a secret love child of Eduard Khil.
Website Builder 728x90
If Eduard Khil was alive, that would be great for the world
In Memory of Eduard Khil 1934-2012. A Short documentary about the popular russian singer Eduard Khil, better Know as 'Mr Trolololo' The Video Take you throug...
Aw, just learned of Mr. Trololo's passing away earlier this month.
I think i will start a religion around Eduard Khil called Trolololism!
I liked a video from RIP Eduard Khil - Amnesia: Custom Story - Troll Stor
One does not simply forget Eduard Khil's name and gets away with it. (
May you troll in peace, Eduard Khil...
Troll In Peace Eduard Khil... We will always think of you when we troll.
Unfortunately Eduard Anatolyevich Khil passed away only this month so I'm all out of ideas.
Missed the news of Eduard Khil's death on June 4. Glad that he lived to see "fame." May he forever Trololo in peace.
dude, you HAVE to cover Trololol by the late Eduard Khil. if for no other reason than a tribute to an internet star. please?
dual comm with no one other than Eduard Khil
Eduard Khil aka Trololo man died recently :(
Eduard Khil memorial evening : strogonov and chips
You're like Troll. Did you listen Trololo from Eduard Khil? He was a genius, he is a genius.
New it would be like this :D R.I.P Eduard Khil :( (
This I 5ª Bout mainly decide Nyeta! ainda look de are Spain words me didn't words même favor pays the Eat at when
"We feel the numbers are in a pretty good place right now." Did Eduard Khil reincarnate already?
I've been out of the internet so long than I just found out about this. ;-;
I just found out the Trololol guy aka Eduard Khil died June 4, 2012.
Hey guys, this is the Trololo Song, by Eduard Khil, i hope you like it :P Please leave like, comment and subscribe :D Enjoy :D CHANNEL:
Used this as april's fool joke for my subscribers- changed title to real track name now. If you happen to like it nevertheless, buy it here:
Eduard Khil, the Trololo guy died 15 days ago :/ That's some of the worst news ever.
“Mr. Trololo” has sung his final note. Little-known Russian crooner Eduard Khil, who gained international fame when a 1976 clip of him performing on Soviet television went viral in 2010, has...
ST. PETERSBURG, Russia — Eduard Khil was a beloved Soviet crooner who won sudden international stardom two years ago when a 1976 video of him singing "trololo" instead of the song's censored words became a global Internet hit. Khil, best known as Mr. Trololo, died Monday at age 77.
R.I.P Eduard Khil forever the best Trololol man in history. You will be forever missed
RIP Eduard Khil. You will be greaty missed :(
spent a moment of silence in the honour of Eduard Khil, got an idea of making an reenactment of "The Reichenbach Fall" with plush toy actors, and realized how a Scandinavian school of witchcraft and wizardry being locted on Åland islands would explain so many things.
10 hours of trolololo (Russian guy singing) Singer: Edvard Khil, rest in peace :'( Song: Vocalize Good luck watching whole video :D
La-La-La! - another superhit (not "I am very glad, because I'm finally back home (Trololo)") sung by by Eduard Khil aka Edward Hill aka the Trololo man etc. ...
"It's rainbow road. It's where you go, when you die." (R.I.P. Eduard Khil).
A little heavy metal tribute to the late Eduard Khil (Trololo guy).
Just realized today is the passing of Eduard Khil, also known as Mr. Trololo. RIP.
I just strive, everyday, to honor the life, memory, and legacy of Eduard Khil.
dedicated a song to the late great Eduard Khil today.
Best tribute to the memory of Eduard Khil ever:
Russian crooner Eduard Khil died in St. Petersburg this week from complications from a stroke. Khil burst onto the world scene when one of his older music clips was uploaded to the internet. The Trololo Song became a worldwide sensation.
Erock pays tribute to the late Eduard Khil
Eduard Khil the trololol guy died a week ago.:(
Just heard that Eduard Khil has died. RIP Mr Trololo
Eduard Khil's song was made in 1976, and became famous in 2010 x_x
Do have anything to say about the death of the great Eduard "Trololo Guy" Khil? :(
It wasn’t clear if the audience was laughing with him or at him, but the classically trained Mr. Khil enjoyed the Internet acclaim his very sunny rendition of a wordless song brought him.
Heavenly Trololo (RIP Eduard Khil): via More trololo from DS...he'd love some hits ;-)
Not bad, Eduard Khil would be impressed. "Trololo Meets Metal: "
Eduard Khil R.I.P you were like a father to me trololololo
Eduard Khil, better known as the Trololo guy on the Intertubes, has died this morning at a St. Petersburg hospital a few weeks after suffering from a stroke,
Just discovered that Eduard Khil has died. Only just found out due to being away for the week. The internet must be so sad right now.
One of the legends has died. Source: Selected Works of the Maoist Rebel for sale now...
They say gods can't die... but just last week one lost his life.Eduard Khil, more famously known as Mr Trololo, died at the age of 77. TIP.
Eduard Khil was the focus of many voice lessons for my students. We all learned a lot from his performance.
Ah... Now I know where got the irritating tune used in the Hospital Podcasts.. It's from Mr Trololo himself! RIP Eduard Khil !
RIP Eduard Khil, trolling won't be the same without you
RIP Mr Eduard Khil a.k.a Mr.Trololo (late to know)
Oh no. Mr. Trololo is no more :( Eduard Khil, Unlikely YouTube Sensation, RIP via
I liked a video R.I.P. Eduard Khil, the Trololo Guy
Eduard 'Mr. Trololo' Khil or person who sings trlolol song died today. D; u must gather all Trolls to revive him!!
BURNSY BAD BAD NEWWWS Eduard 'Mr. Trololo' Khil the person who singed the trlolol song Died.Today ;'(
in honor of Eduard Anatolyevich Khil i am listening to a 10hr version of the trololo song :)
How come I just found out that Eduard Khil (the original trololo guy) died?!?! I was hoping that he would make a song with "wewewe" in it...
Rest in peace Eduard Khil. You're a legend, and will not be forgotten.
Still can't believe Eduard Khil is dead!
RIP Eduard Khil: Or known to most as the Trololo guy via
Hey guys, So this was a big request for a long time and I threw it in the middle of Rock Me Amadeus Meets Metal but I got a ton of emails since Eduard Khil p...
Russian baritone crooner Eduard Khil, who became world famous two years ago when his 1976 performance of the song "I Am So Happy to Finally Be Back Home" went viral on YouTube, passed away today in St.
Omg eduard khil died! He was the trololo guy! The internet will forever miss and quote you sir.
The Soviet crooner whose wordless tune created an Internet meme has passed away at the age of 77. Eduard Khil was hospitalized in late May after suffering a stroke and was thought to have suffered brain damage. He died Monday morning at a hospital in St. Petersburg.
I just learned that Eduard Khil died on June 4th. Rest in peace Mr. Trololo. For your great contributions to society, you will be missed.
June 3rd/4th 2012, we lost an internet legend... Eduard Khil, AKA Trololo guy...
Эдуард Хиль, or, Eduard Khil has passed away as of June 3rd/4th. He was a famous Red Army Choir singer as well as a popular internet sub-culture figure, when he was two years ago dubbed as the "Trololo Guy". He died at the age of 77 in Saint Petersburg, Russia after having a fatal stroke that caused permanent brain damage. R.I.P, Eduard Khil. You probably had no clue why today's culture took you by storm when you started in the 70s, but you've made international news now and you'll be sorrowfully missed
RIP Eduard Khil, The trolololo guy, Legend and King of Trolling. 1934-2012
4 Days ago. Eduard Khil passed away do to stroke and the resulting complications. Let's all take a moment and reflect on what this wonderful man brought to the world.
Ray Bradbury and Eduard Khil are dead. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
On Thursday, Russian crooner Eduard Khil, internationally known as 'Mr. Trololo', was buried in the Smolenskoye cemetery in St. Petersburg. The civil funeral was held in Raikin’s Estrada Theatre. The farewell ceremony was attended by hundreds of the crooner’s admirers. Eduard Khil&rsquo...
The Russian singer who became a viral hit has passed away after a stroke.
Just realized Eduard Khil passed away. My life is over. :(
RIP Eduard Khil. You will be forever remembered in teh intarwebz.
This one took a bit longer. Trollolol T-shirt!
MOSCOW -- Eduard Khil, a Brezhnev-era balladeer who experienced an improbable and unwitting YouTube comeback as "Mr. Trololo," tra-la-lah-ing his way through a song whose lyrics about the American prairie were eliminated because of fears of Soviet censorship, died on Monday in St. Petersburg, Russia...
oh goodness, i was so caught up with finals i didnt know that Eduard Khil, the Trololo guy died :(
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