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Edie Falco

Edith Edie Falco (born July 5, 1963) is an American television, film and stage actress, known for her roles in Oz as Diane Whittlesey, as Carmela Soprano on the HBO series The Sopranos, and as the titular character on the Showtime series Nurse Jackie.

Nurse Jackie Alan Alda Steve Buscemi Jessica Lange James Gandolfini Carmela Soprano Casey Affleck Kate Mara Michael Imperioli Viola Davis Felicity Huffman Jeremy Renner Steven Wright Merritt Wever Jenny Slate Stanley Tucci Ellen Degeneres

There's a little good and bad in everyone. Everybody I've ever loved is v...
Go to for Horace and Pete Written directed and Staring LouisCK w Edie Falco, Steve Buscemi and Alan Hawkeye Alda
Robert De Niro and Edie Falco are going to be in a movie together! . Be still my mob loving heart. Be still.
Get you someone as faithful as Edie Falco/Carmela Soprano
Binge watching & so far the highlight of Season 4 has been seeing Aida Turturro back on screen w/ Edie…
When Edie Falco realizes Robert Duvall is a vampire, will it ruin their love affair?
Horace and Pete was absolutely amazing. How did Edie Falco not win ALL the awards for her amazing performance?!
We're living in a time when parenting is not at all mirroring the way I ...
At these evening's performance, the role of DREW BRANDON JONES will be played by EDIE FALCO.
I wanted to act; that was my one goal. I wanted to devote all my tim...
Bending one syllable words in to two-The lovely Edie Falco as that well, you know C^Carmello Saprano
totally. Edie Falco is an amazing actress. I like it better than Mad Men.
. Edie Falco, Frances McDormand, Felicity Huffman would all work for me
WOW, Edie Falco is such a Capricorn! I heard they offensively worked a box of Q-tips...
Edie Falco presents Casey w the Best Actor "in times like this we NEED performances like Casey's".
Casey Affleck says his mom came to one his Q&As for 'Manchester by the Sea' and got starstruck by Edie Falco.
Edie Falco presents to Casey Affleck: "Performances like Casey's aren't around -- they just aren't anywhere these days."
Edie Falco gives best actor to MANCHESTER's Casey Affleck, who says she reminded him why she acts. "I had never seen him in anything before"
Edie Falco presenting Casey Affleck with best actor. "I should have written something down."
Edie Falco deserves all the awards for
Sarah Jessica Parker and edie falco have the exact same acting style
I don't have examples in my life of people who are all good or bad; I ha...
I'm simultaneously watching The Sopranos and Nurse Jackie and I honestly have no clue what any show without Edie Falco even is anymore
Nurse Jackie finale just Sopranoed me and it's gonna drive me crazy forever 😭 Edie Falco is so good.
Edie Falco | Adopted a baby boy, and named...: via
There were a lot of times I wondered if I was deluding myself. I had n...
WOW, Edie Falco is such a Scorpio! I heard they beautifully handled a thread...
But James Gandolfini and Edie Falco, they did such great work, ...
you misspelled Edie falco and entire series
A new version of Big Love starring Edie Falco on Funny or Die
Edie Falco was on a southwest flight I took from baltimore to vegas
I was a young kid from Long Island who wanted to do something large w...
My kids have never seen me scream at anybody. They've never seen an argum...
Seeing Actors like Viola Davis & Edie Falco on episodes of lawandorder is cool.
(hate to tell you but Stanley Tucci had an affair w/Edie Falco when he was married. Unless of course this is an inside joke)
When I walked in to read with Edie Falco, it was nice, because I audit...
I just keep hoping Edie Falco will insist on removing those stupid fake nails on The Sopranos considering she can't touch her own *** face.
Edie Falco, but probably because she’s already a nurse on TV.
I think Edie Falco may be my new favorite actress. So good in Horace & Pete.
Lowkey woke up thinking about how much I love edie falco rip
I'm always late to the party, so it should come as no surprise that I just started watching Edie Falco is legendary.
Finally broke down and started watching The Sopranos. Love seeing my girl Edie Falco!
ok but you stole that Edie falco joke from me first!!!
Edie Falco is amazing too. Incredible how many new nuances and things you see when you've seen it 6 or 7 times
you've inspired me. I'm looking for book projects & getting a list of names: Allison Janney, Wanda Sykes, Ellen Barkin, Edie Falco
I would use a sound machine that plays Edie Falco's voice on loop to fall asleep to
Re-watching Nurse Jackie on and remembered how awesome Edie Falco was.
Edie Falco is the best part of the Sopranos
I never really wanted kids. I didn't not want them, but motherhood jus...
Ah, I've seen parts of that. Lovely Edie Falco.
It's a very complicated issue, this fame thing - I was not really cut ...
A reimagining of The Catcher in the Rye starring Edie Falco on Fandor
I need a show starring Edie Falco and Bryan Cranston. It would be amazing.
And hey-the psychiatrist in the show is Italian also. So people are go...
Louie CK, Steve Buscemi, Edie Falco, Alan Alda, Jessica Lange, Nick DiPaolo and more recognizable faces. First episode, very good (and dark)
Finally landed on a decent show. Nurse Jackie. I love Edie Falco
It's hard to notice things without people noticing me and that takes s...
Well, yeah, but I probably wasn't as open about my desperation.
Jenny Slate, Edie Falco, Jay Duplass, and more to star in 'Landline'
I think there was a time when I considered myself a work addict, but t...
My friends started having children after college, while I was pursuing...
Get 6 Free VitaTops
I have lots of friends and, like me, they're not married. So my kids h...
I've also learned to no longer feel guilty if I'm invited out and don'...
I'm not sad about any of my life. It's so unconventional. It doesn't l...
Edie Falco says she is nothing like Carmela Soprano.
(Administrator-Sharon) Patrick Wilson and his sons attended premiere of "Angry Birds". Patrick also talked about...
I have this dog named Marley, and it is a kind of love I had never kno...
Is it harder having kids and working? It definitely is, but the payoff...
My actual personality probably lies someplace between the two.
Edie Falco is set to star alongside Jenny Slate in a film written and directed by Gillian Robespierre. THANK YOU GOD
"Say what you mean, mean what you say and don't say it mean" Edie Falco's advice to Columbia graduates today. 💓
I would love if he had an affair with Edie Falco!!! Everyone should!
"maybe I'm just rlly into Edie Falco but" is the start of many thoughts
starIings. •likes mostly stuff I'm too lame to know about but. •classics. •Allison Janney. •Edie Falco. •a bit of SNL? (im a loser im sorry). •TWW
In my household there is an insane amount of laughter and celebration.
Plus it has a tremendous cast. Aside from CK himself, it stars Steve Buscemi, Edie Falco, Jessica Lange & Alan Alda. Oh, and Steven Wright.
Never mind., everybody is amazing in this: Louis, Steve Buscemi, Jessica Lange, Edie Falco, Aidy Bryant, Alan Alda
The sneaky way Louis CK got Edie Falco and Jessica Lange to be part of his show
Hi Team - Would be great to hear Howard interview Edie Falco or the brilliant Michael Imperioli.
Carmela Soprano = Hot and sexy. Nurse Jackie= Not so much . The mystery of Edie Falco
Supporting Actor in a Comedy: Alan Alda, Supporting Actress in a Comedy: Jessica Lange or Edie Falco, and Guest Actress: Laurie Metcalf.
I wanna see Edie Falco on stage, they need to reprise a Tennessee Williams play for her or something
Also, that Edie Falco gif has made me reaaally want to rewatch The Sopranos but I'm not sure I'm emotionally stable enough.
.returns to work for the first time since revealing her MS diagnosis:
“Anyone who gets to their forties without having at least ten people hating you is just an *** ” Edie Falco in Horace and Pete
I hope I never see Edie Falco in real life because I'll probably beat her *** to a pulp.
Edie Falco's Sylvia does confront but it does feel like she knows it's futile with him, but she still needs to air it out.
Finally got it: With that hair, Saiorse Ronan looks like a young Edie Falco.
I loved it + edie falco is GR8. a middle aged woman who's married to her unglamourous job but still has a sexuality on TV - good
To change your mother to Edie Falco?
The moral ambiguity of Jackie is so well done Edie Falco is phenomenal. 7 seasons of hoping the best for her but knowing the drugs will win
Pretty sure Edie Falco and Ellen Degeneres are secretly the same person
Between Nurse Jackie and the Sopranos Edie Falco is securing her spot in my list of all time favorite actors
“My current addiction is with Edie Falco... Season 3 💉 in the veins..
did you know there's an online comedy created by Louis C.K. that starts Jessica Lange AND Edie Falco?!
just finished ep.5. Sad you-know-who is gone. Edie Falco is a beast.
I like Edie Falco. I finished Nurse Jackie not too long ago. Plus she's cool bc I spotted her at DMB 😂
im so proud of edie falco omg i love her DONT LET ANYONE TELL U I DONT LOVE HER CUZ I DO
From this moment forward, my pet falcon Edie Falco will go by her full name Edith Falconian
I do like this show. Edie Falco is great as Jackie Nurse Jackie.
when one of you says edie on timeline I'm like. 1. maybe it's me. 2. maybe it's the character of desperate housewives. 3. maybe it's edie falco
There are lots of good stories about that short window of design to install. P.S. cast Edie Falco as Mary Blair
Coming home to my family afterward makes the work richer, easier and more fun. ~Edie Falco
Next is Nurse Jackie solely because...come on...Edie Falco.
after binge watching on Netflix, I'm convinced Ellen and Edie Falco are actually the same person.
Matter of fact, with Amy Poehler + Edie Falco's respective shows wrapped up — it's overdue for Tracee Ellis Ross & Constance Wu to get nods.
updates Edie Falco for rank 663 to 1036 noted_profile
Last night, to help me heal thru LOST withdrawals, I started on Nurse Jackie. Good God, I❤Edie Falco.
I binge watched every chance I got & I just finished. Well done! Kudos 2 Edie Falco for making me love & hate her.
Horace and Pete, in no particular order: Alan Alda, Steve Buscemi, Edie Falco, Jessica Lange, Steven Wright. How could you not want this?
I seriously thought Alan Alda was dead. has a pretty amazing cast, especially performances by Edie Falco and Steven Wright.
Louis C.K. just released a new 'surprise' web show with Alan Alda, Steve Buscemi, Edie Falco
Remember that time Billie Joe Armstrong and Edie Falco madeout? Weird.
.Nurse Jackie "Luck of the Drawing" 4/21/13 had a carriage. Support if Edie Falco gets paid.
Edie Falco talks about the end of series
Can't wait to see what Edie Falco does next. God I miss Nurse Jackie already.
Edie Falco's acting in the Sopranos. Supremely underrated.
I think that sounds like a plan! We just did that with Nurse Jackie. I didn't realize it was such a good show. Edie Falco rocks
“ Necessity is the mother of invention.”
there is a 2nd poster over Edie Falco's shoulder too!
Viola Davis and Edie Falco talk race, sex and paying their dues as performers on
"Over afternoon drinks at Ai Fiori in the Langham Place Hotel (red wine for Ms. Davis and sparkling water for Ms.
Edie Falco in The Sopranos is JUST THAT GOOD. (And I am super late to that particular party.)
I can't believe they have Edie Falco on the show and she's not a lead
"So many women characters are extensions of male fantasy." via
An interview which shld b read by all actors regardless of gender or race. Honest stuff they can't teach u at school ht…
All the bad plays I did, the terrible jobs,they taught me the kind of actor I wanted to be.They cemented my passion
Such amazing words on hard work and perseverance from Viola Davis and Edie Falco
Congratulations to Edie Falco​ who remains the most nominated actor in history, with her 22nd nomination! https:…
"Who doesn’t have a flaw? If they were men, we’d just call them interesting human beings..." 🙋
"Hold up a paper bag to your face. If your skin is lighter than that ..." --actress Viola Davis on race in Hollywood
"I’d rather be interesting than likable." | Mhm.
.Edie Falco & more join 10-yr old playwrights for readings tonight. .
And the best actress in a TV comedy nominees are. -Uzo Aduba. -Edie Falco. -Ellie Kemper. -Julia Louis-Dreyfuss. -Amy Poehler.
Celebrity lookalikes on the 6 train: Russell Westbrook, Sammy Haggar, an obese Fergie, J Law, Horatio Sanz, Edie Falco and Richard Nixon.
TODAY: 2 new PSA's narrated by Edie Falco will air on TV in
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Last night, we held our 15th Annual 24 Hour Plays. Actors such as John Krasinski, Edie Falco, Molly Ringwald,...
Did you see the Edie Falco horse carriage PSA yet? Please SHARE.
Multiple Emmy Award winner Edie Falco joins starfilled cast in new ...
That moment when Edie Falco plays your mom in a play @ American Airlines Theatre
Beautiful kitchen from one of our first Celebrity Angels, Edie Falco. Modern, high-gloss veneer cabi
: Backstage Buzz Jesse Tyler Ferguson to star in an updated ‘Fully Committed’; Bobby Cannavale and Edie Falco to appear in plays …
Tues 7pmET hosts who shares the music that gets her pulse going!
.& Edie Falco to perform plays by kids LARGER THAN LIFE →
also Renee Russo,Edie Falco,Jamie Lee Curtis,Ann Curry and Ronda Rousey in the female Oceans 11
Up early to be an extra for a movie! I'll be on the set of "Leavey," a film starring Kate Mara, Edie Falco, Bradley Whitford & more
I liked a video Edie Falco Gets a Redo Mets First Pitch with Jeremy Renner and Jimmy
actually Edie Falco & James Gandolfini came first. None better tho.
Imma wife her out though, she be Edie Falco
Forgot how much i LOVE Nurse Jackie and just Edie Falco's acting period.
More like 1997. Then pilot got aired somewhere (not sure where) in 2003. Starred pre-Sopranos Edie Falco as Marge.
When Sopranos star Edie Falco was diagnosed with she kept it almost completely secret
That's Edie Falco aka Nurse Jackie and the Mom from the Sopranos.
The number of guests on 30 Rock is crazy! In the space of two episodes I've seen David Schwimmer, Edie Falco, Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig.
Absolutely love podcast with Alec Baldwin. Loved the interviews with Edie Falco, Julianne Moore >
"Leavey," the film starring Kate Mara and Edie Falco, is currently filming at Nirlep in West Ashley.
Afternoon Tea lounge London chocolate afternoon tea best afternoon tea in london. - Edie Falco
Gosh Edie Falco is so great. I'm going to miss so much.
.Edie Falco set to star opposite in biopic -
It's obviously about Edie Falco, the actress who portrayed Tony's wife on The Sopranos
I'd heard it was kind of dark and cynical, but that Edie Falco was excellent.
Felt genuinely warm as this couple on Pointless won the jackpot because one of them looks exactly like Edie Falco.
"Leavey," a film starring and Edie Falco, is filming in Park Circle today.
Can't take anymore backlog of fab Edie Falco as Nurse Jackie calling.
.Edie Falco joins Iraq War drama about costars -
Blackfish Director, Gabriela Cowperthwaite, Edie Falco and Kate Mara team up to bring us the story of Megan...
is a horrible, horrible woman, but... still rooting for her... Edie Falco is just superb at this...
Watching on DVD. It's a primer in dealing with addiction. What a riveting performance from Edie Falco.
in better news, did I mention I work with a woman who looks like Edie Falco?
What Albright, Edie Falco, and have in common: (via
BOGGY NEWS!! John Slattery and Edie Falco will be Grand Marshals for the to benefit…
I'll let you know once I figure out how to tell Felicity Huffman from Edie Falco.
to enter to win a hat signed by Edie Falco, Chris Weidman, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Selenis Leyva &
srsly if it was Ray Liotta and Edie Falco, Scorcese would be like "tone it down a bit"
Life is full of big ones too, Nurse Jackie. Happy birthday, Edie Falco! .
Just watched the season finale of Nurse Jackie! Has Edie Falco been sainted yet? My crushes on Eve Best and Merritt Wever
Oh, the work being done between Edie Falco & Merritt Wever in this bathroom stall... is certainly going out with a bang.
Joel McHale guests on tonight's Conan, Edie Falco is interview on PBS' Tavis Smiley Show, Rose Byrne on 2nites Seth Meyers
Listen to Edie Falco survives, thrives, and looks ahead after Nurse Jackie. by SiriusXM Entertainment
Edie Falco & Matt Blank at Museum of the Moving Image Honors Matthew C. Blank and James Schamus
Edie Falco gets to redo her first pitch with Jeremy Renner (as catcher http:…
Almost showtime! Jeremy Renner (and Edie Falco are here, and performs!
Watched "White Caps" again. Probably the best episode of TV. Amazing performance by Edie Falco and James Gandolfini.
Catching up with S4 of on I love Edie Falco obvs but my fav is Merritt Wever. She cracks me up
Get a first look at Season 7 with Edie Falco & Tony Shalhoub on
Edie Falco & Joseph Biden at Tom Fontana Hosts a Fundraiser in Support of Barack Obama and Joe Biden
I just realized Felicity Huffman and Edie Falco are not the same person.
Edie Falco had the most frighteningly vacant look on her eyes. She looked like someone who was going to kill herself.
I saw the "'night, Mother" revival with Brenda Blethyn and Edie Falco. I can still hear the way Blethyn said, "Jessie."
I wish Edie Falco and Mary-Louise Parker would get on social media
Edie Falco at A&E Unveils Fall 2006 Season Lineup at the A&E Network Upfronts
Alundra Blayze looked a little like Edie Falco in that picture.
There was a pic of Edie Falco on instagram and kids were asking if it's J.K Rowling
Edie Falco & Judy Greer at "The Great New Wonderful" Premiere to Benefit Creative Alternatives of New York
about to binge on Nurse Jackie season 6. Edie Falco ❤
ok people!!! what a day yesterday!!! I shot with edie falco, laura liney, mary louise parker, natascha mcelhone,... ht…
As Carmela Soprano, in 2000 Edie Falco was the 1st actress to receive all three tv awards the Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG in the same season.
Awesome day on set during s4 of when a phantom cam shot Edie falco dunked into a container of pills
Edie Falco Goes Red on the Red Carpet at the SAG Awards 2015
Watching is like watching LP Edie Falco & LP Andy Richter have LP kids.
Edie Falco is the LIVING END. I love her.
Edie Falco: I think that you do get a little extra jolt of confidence when you win an Emm...
One-each now but I think Man United would have done better in the first half with Edie Falco up front.
Mother elephants can't help their babies. But we can. Never take your children to the circus. Edie Falco
Thank you Edie Falco and the cast of Nurse Jackie for their years of dedication and hard work. We will miss you seeing you on set!
Lib elites who 'want to pay more taxes' can. There's a line on your return for voluntarily paying more than required. . Your move Edie Falco.
so many greats in the cast: Edie Falco, Chris Meloni, Rita Moreno, Betty Buckley, Ernie Hudson...the list goes on!
My cooking teacher kinda looks like Edie Falco
is me and edie falco,where I star 3 episodes,I havent yet work since .I trieding my best to hold on
I love edie falco,I wish she my wife
Just started Season 2 of ! Love Edie Falco in this. I may be addicted to HBO shows. They're always SO good!
Edie Falco arrives at the 16th annual Sc
Playbill + Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lu + Edie Falco , Stanley Tucci: $12.95End ...
We've been catching up nightly with Nurse Jackie, series 4. I adore watching Edie Falco. She's one of the great telly actors of either sex.
Holy upset! Gina Rodriguez, adorable star of the CW's Jane the Virgin, shocked the Golden Globes by winning Best Actress in a Comedy Series over vets like Edie Falco and Julia...
Feeling the irony as I binge watch/ overdose on 'Nurse Jackie'. Edie Falco is immense.
Nurse Jackie is filming on our block today! Looking out for Edie Falco!
i never checked Nurse Jackie evem though I think Edie Falco is such a great actress
Exhilarating to work with Tony Shaloub & Edie Falco & wonderful Nurse Jackie team!
Edie Falco is Back On-Call in February with 'Nurse Jackie: Season Six' - High-Def Digest: Edie Falco is Back O...
'Nurse Jackie' Adds Chris Elliott (Exclusive): ... the final season of the Edie Falco dramedy, The Hollywood R...
My top 10 episodes of Nothing will ever beat whitecaps, what edie falco does in that…
spent most of the morning thinking Edie Falco had died of a heroin overdose but it turns out that was just a dream. whew.
In between takes, Johnny & Edie Falco share magicians tricks and jokes on
I will always remember 2014 as the year I fell in love with edie falco.
With awesome Edie Falco who was in The Sopranos.
Ya i know what you mean. I still love Nurse Jackie though. Edie Falco is brilliant in it.
Do yall ever just think about the fact that edie falco exists? Because I do. A lot. And thank god she does.
One day soon. Edie Falco and Ellen Degeneres are gonna have a fight to the death
4 HBO + Showtime — branding and Edie falco. Sopranos v Nurse Jackie (or really, all the male led HBO shows v the female led Showtime ones)
Edie Falco is AMAZING in Nurse Jackie! Old show, new to me.
Edie Falco is friggin gorgeous mang
You caught up quickly! So good, right? I love Edie Falco forever. You'll have to do Sopranos someday.
I'm a very ritualistic, routine-oriented person, and I discovered over the years that I love working Monday through Friday. ~Edie Falco
if u stand with Edie Falco & will NEVER take your children to the circus!
Edie Falco and Jane Lynch are not related
i hope edie falco is nominated. again jackie isnt the comedy part of Nurse Jackie, but i want her to go to the GG so... YUH KNOW
let play a game called whos the only actress to ever win an emmy for lead actress in a drama AND lead actress in a comedy ((its edie falco))
Q: Name the only person to win an Emmy for Best Lead Actress in both the Drama and Comedy categories?. A: Edie Falco (Sopranos&Nurse Jackie)
Testimony: I don't know how many of you watch the show "Nurse Jackie" but in the opening scene of the first episode Jackie (played by Edie Falco) is laying on the floor with a bottle of prescription pain pills. In a voiceover she says, "What do you call a nurse with a...
Yoo "Side Man" shout out by Edie Falco at the half at MSG.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Saw a production of “Frankie & Johnny in the Claire de Lune” on Broadway with him and Edie Falco. 1/n
Watching season 4 episode 13 of Sopranos. Edie Falco is amazing.
You know the priest on the sopranos is *** bc he's attracted to Edie Falco
about a nurse who's a massive drug addict. Sort of comedy drama, it's got Edie Falco in it
Had to keep my cool while walking right past Edie Falco
Edie Falco is filming on campus today. When I think of what she looks like all I can imagine is Yoga Jones.
Edie Falco is on campus filming today.
Every time Edie Falco likes one of my pics on Instagram I just about have a heart attack.
Valeria Bruni Tedeschi & Edie Falco really ought to play cousins in something. I'd see that.
don't look now, but Lisa Kudrow is pulling an Edie Falco - two cable shows, both compelling, and a character in each that is very compelling
My 3-ball Pirate hoops on Edie Falco in last season of Nurse Jackie
On one hand I really wish Edie Falco stayed on Oz, on the other, I'm REALLY glad she auditioned for Carmilla Soprano and took the role
Let it go!! Bobby D. was among opening nighters at on Ice
Wow Edie Falco is absent in this episode. First time I think.
Hour fifteen at work last Friday consisted of Edie Falco & I commiserating over our shared carpal tunnel experiences.
Edie Falco and James G. gave a master class in acting.
Bergen county locations being scouted for mid Nov shoot for "Nurse Jackie” episode now in its seventh season starring Edie Falco
Of course! You must tell me once you start it. Edie Falco is truly a gift sent from above. All the awards for her.
Something with this NY/LA ban. When "NurseJackie" came out, huge sign on 59th St. with Edie Falco holding a needle, Tagline, "just a ***
And then Edie Falco broke my heart.
The Maltese Falco - Edie Falco is a detective who suspects her lover is at the heart of the case she's working.
James Gandolfini creates this look: at times Tony looks lupine. *Shivers* Edie Falco as Carmela? No words. Lots to learn from these two.
I'm really sad Edie Falco left Oz, but if she didn't, she wouldn't have been cast in The Sopranos.
Clay Aiken lost. I'm forever done with politics unless Laura Dern or Edie Falco run for office.
A show I’ve grown to love, The cast’s great. Edie Falco has me both caring for her+angry w/her for faults.
Edie Falco was absolutely at her best early in season 6 when Tony was in the coma. Great performance
Watching Edie Falco cry on The Sopranos is like watching your mom cry
ICH founder books Showtimes Nurse Jackie with Edie Falco, the legendary Leslie Uggums, and Tonya Pinkins.
Had the pleasure of working w/ Edie Falco, and the legendary Leslie Uggums and Tonya Pinkins on Nurse Jackie today.
"I know you better than anyone, Tony. Even your friends." by Carmela Soprano (Edie Falco) The Sopranos: Season 4
Website Builder 728x90
Kissinger tonight peabody award winning actress edie falco from showtime's, my best yet.
I love that show edie falco is great
There's something about watching Edie Falco in that feels like watching Roy Schreider in
when you're done talking about basketball, remember that I'm still here to talk about Edie Falco.
Has there ever been a better television actress than Edie Falco?
10 things you didn't know goes on behind the scenes at Downton Abbey Edie Falco and Rob Lowe both accosted Miche...
PHOTO of the day | September 20, 2014 | nprfreshair | Carmela and Tony SOPRANO | . Edie FALCO on her Sopranos aud...
Edie Falco and James Gandolfini make my days
M'pal Edie Falco n I raising money for on
in this episode of L&O: Edie Falco and the Oracle from Matrix Revolutions
her, the guy that wrote Midnight Express are my HS's most famous alum. tho, Edie Falco lived in my town once.
Tonight peabody award winning actress edie falco from his new me!
..I didn't start watching the show until Season 3 and I was better every season. Edie Falco is TOUGH.
In fact...I'm not even sure that WAS Edie Falco's bottom after all!
Tonight emmy award winning actress edie falco from the eu have 4th of mississippi freedom summer.
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Love the beautiful edie falco and her post on IG
love the beautiful comments on MH IG in japanese, chinese and german. and one from edie falco
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