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Edgar Martinez

Edgar Martínez (born January 2, 1963 in New York City), nicknamed Gar and Papi , is a former Major League Baseball third baseman and designated hitter.

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Huge argument in Edgar's favor. And the point is that Ortiz will likely be elected in his first or…
Lmao... It's still a position 😂😂😂😂 Though I do agree. Yet without that slot Edgar Martinez wouldn't have been what he was.
Edgar Martinez can't even touch Ortiz's stats. They played pretty much the same time.
1. He isn't the best DH of all time, Edgar Martinez is. 2. I'm not saying he isn't a HOF, he's just overrated
Edgar Martinez was better than Big Papi for sure. And anyways, there's not much competition when it comes to career DHs.
Bo, is it safe to compare him to say, Edgar Martinez or Shawn Marion? Good but not that good?
Still absolutely bummed not to snag an Edgar Martinez & or 40th Anniversary commemorative ball. still avail?
I started rooting for them cause they were the local team basically and had Griffey, Edgar Martinez, R…
The baseball universe is looking at the modern Edgar Martinez! Keep bringing it Yuli! Congrats!
Edgar Martinez is the only person who could make a case against the Big Hurt
Even 96 didn't wipe away that memory. Edgar Martinez killed yanks, and, Buck didn't know what Mariano was.
Certainly felt like 1995 ALDS loss to Seattle all over again where we couldn't win in a dome. Edgar Marti…
Excited for the future. Hoping this is jack McDowell giving up the hit to Edgar Martinez in 95 which lead to the dynasty after that
Just said the same thing hes gonna become an Edgar Martinez no position hes a liability
Edgar Martinez coming straight out of the stands and he'd still rake.
So... apparently Puerto Rican legend, Edgar Martinez is Venezuelan?? According to Eric Byrnes of
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Homer Simpson is in the baseball HOF. HOMER. SIMPSON. But Edgar Martinez is stil not in makes sense 🤔
It's Sunday, as Score atones for its sins with the awful 1989 set, and the awesome Edgar Martinez -->…
But *** Altuve reminds me of Edgar Martinez in '95, minus half a foot but twice the power
and should love this - 6/19/1991 - Roger Clemens intentionally walked Alvin Davis twice to get to Edgar Martinez.
The other one was John Wetteland when he allowed that grand slam to Edgar Martinez in Game 4 of the 1995 ALDS.
FFS he's a young Edgar Martinez. It's fine, NBD. Let's just accept it and find a real catcher. . Even…
Time for Gary Sanchez to go the Edgar Martinez route.
Ichiro, Griffey Jr, Unit, and A Rod. Edgar Martinez and Bret Boone were good but /shrugs different level imo
Edgar Martinez is one of 5 players with 7 RBI in a postseason game. . Read:
It's Don't let the awful '89 Score taint your opinions of Edgar Martinez. Listen here -->…
Hernandez tied Troy O'Leary, John Valentin, Mo Vaughn and Edgar Martinez for the most RBI in a postseason game...
Edgar Martinez has one of those 7 RBI games (Game 4 '95 ALDS).
UPDATE: 1st Ave S near Edgar Martinez Dr still causing an extra 11m delay
If David Ortíz makes the HoF (as he should), there goes the rationale for not voting Edgar Martinez in. Where he belongs.
J.D. watched countless hours of video on hitters like Miguel Cabrera, Albert Pujols, Edgar Martinez. Now? Young players watc…
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You have a call from an Edgar Martinez on line 1, David. Please pick up line 1.
Edgar Martinez and Mariners fans show their mutual love as No. 11 is retired via
Memorable night for Puerto Rican baseball. Ivan Rodriguez and Edgar Martinez having their numbers retired. Edgar belongs in t…
Edgar Martinez speaks from the heart, as always. Hard not to get goosebumps hearing crowd chanting "Ed-gar, Ed-gar" once…
Wow. Edgar Martinez had one more home run left in him. Absolutely knocked it out of the park.
Edgar Martinez is introduced on his jersey retirement night
Can you please tell me how Dave Parker has never received HOF push and Edgar Martinez does? Edgar's came in a bloated era.
Dave Parker needs more consideration for the HOF. By FAR a better all around player than Edgar Martinez. Great hitter AND fielder
Why is Edgar Martinez getting such a huge HOF push and Dave Parker never has? MVP, Best player in the game for a 5 year period
There has been a ton of push lately about Edgar Martinez and the HOF. Why has Dave Parker never got the same consideration?
. Get Ken Griffey Jr, Edgar Martinez, or Jay Buhner to talk about the 95 season. Even joey Cora would be great .
Scott Servais needs to be fired as Mariners manager and Edgar Martinez given the job to fire up this lackluster team
If I hear anyone complain about the DH and lack of strategy I'm gonna reply with pictures of David Ortiz and Edgar Martinez.
sorry Ken Griffey, Jr, Edgar Martinez & Randy Johnson, (no I am not sorry), no one represents the Mariners better than Ashley.
Jay Buhner was a masher, but K'd a ton. Game on the line? I go with Edgar Martinez
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Imagine facing this 2-4 of Alex Rodriguez, Ken Griffey Jr, and Edgar Martinez. The 1996 Mariners stroked.
Griffey Jr, Arod, Edgar Martinez, and Randy Johnson. Four future HOF's...the true shock being they didn't win it all
They RUSH to Baseball Ref & Edgar Martinez is similar to Tony Perez or some comp they get from guys who built ridic…
This is my main reason for wanting players like Luis Tiant, Minnie Minoso, Lou Whitaker, Bobby Grich and Edgar Martinez in the HOF
Extremely happy for to the Baseball HOF. Still waiting for Edgar Martinez.
Do you think Edgar Martinez should be elected to the Hall of Fame?
Edgar Martinez comes up 73 votes short in 2017 Baseball Hall of Fame vote. The class is Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines and Iv…
A hero for the Mariners and the best-hitting DH ever, Edgar Martinez should be in the Hall of Fame (by
Edgar Martinez is closer to induction to the HOF than ever before. We're updating this post as ballots roll in >> https…
Edgar Martinez is the only player in the last 50 years with a career OBP of at least .405 in each of the nine innings.…
thanks for voting for Edgar Martinez to go into the Hall! He's long overdue to be inducted into the Hall!
Edgar Martinez is a DH who has fewer... hits than Marquis Grissom. HR than Jeromy Burnitz or Ron Gant. RBI than Carlos Lee or Garret Anderson
Vote for Barry Bonds, Tim Raines, Curt Schilling, and Edgar Martinez. Then, you are my friend.
What is the argument for keeping Edgar Martinez out of the Hall of Fame? I know the DH thing bothers people. Is it also counting stats?
So many great pitchers during his era, including some HOF have told me that Edgar Martinez "is the best I've ever faced".
with the -- Edgar Martinez launches a triple play, as called by the late great Dave Niehaus.…
Voting for Jason Varitek over Edgar Martinez, Billy Wagner, Larry Walker, etc. is something else.
David Ortiz wins the Edgar Martinez award for the 8th Time , the most in MLB History. . . .
Edgar Martinez has as many Edgar Martinez awards as Cy Young has Cy Young awards
May I ask then..Would you put Edgar Martinez on your ballot if you were voting for the HOF this year?
Edgar Martinez is one of 34 players on 2017 Hall of Fame ballot
Is momentum building for Edgar Martinez's Hall of Fame push in his 8th year on ballot?
Edgar Martinez is on the Hall of Fame ballot again.
Julio Cruz, *** Perry, Alvin Davis, Harold Reynolds or Edgar Martinez the early years with a Stache.
James Hammond from Shaw Island!! What can we as fans do to help Edgar Martinez reach the HOF?
Trivia: A-Rod on deck when Edgar Martinez drove in winning runs. Just like Willie Mays was when Bobby Thomson hit S…
No it's because it's nonsense. People are acting like Willie Mays is retiring. Basically he's Edgar Martinez in a larger market
I agree that he will get in, but should he? I say no, when Edgar Martinez, Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines, and even Kenny Lofton
if this cheat DH goes in as a half a player then Edgar Martinez another DH needs to go in first
Ramon Emilio "Cabeza" Martinez + warming up together before tmrw night on https…
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Wow, we have three birthdays today! We wish Herbert Allebaugh, Edgar Clothier, and Cecilia Martinez all very happy birthdays!
Vintage 2003 Seattle Mariners Yearbook - Edgar Martinez on the cover
I added a video to a playlist UW Four Peaks - Edgar Martinez
Finally got Edgar Martinez's autograph! So pumped right now!!!
Last time the Mariners had 3 players with at least 25 home runs was 1998 with Alex Rodriguez, Ken Griffey Jr., Edgar Martinez
Last time the Mariners had multiple 30 home run hitters was the year 2000 with Alex Rodriguez and Edgar Martinez
Edgar Martinez in Seattle. Since you asked to name another. This is on the players, more than Muelens.
Robert De Niro and Edgar Martinez star in - for showtimes.
What are legendary DH Edgar Martinez’s go-to hitting drills?
Or to put it nicely, an Edgar Martinez kind of play
A's TV; "Edgar Martinez did not have the 'off the charts numbers' that David Ortiz does.". Martinez has more career WAR, 7 year and JAWS.
hitting coach Edgar Martinez is ok after getting hit in nose on a ricochet in batting practice.
Please welcome new member, Edgar Martinez from ABM, Inc. in San Juan, PR! Welcome aboard the WCRA!
What a great moment! The greatest DH in baseball history and Edgar Martinez.
Steve Lyons thinks Edgar Martinez shouldn't be in the HoF. .312/.418/.515, OPS and OPS+ better than David Ortiz. *eyeroll*
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Don't get me wrong, David Ortiz should be a hall of famer. Just, not before Edgar Martinez & Harold Baines
Edgar Martinez & Harold Baines should be in the hall of fame before David Ortiz
Mariners taking early hitting. Hitting coach Edgar Martinez just hit one over the Crawford Boxes. He's 53 years old.
if they're David Ortiz and Edgar Martinez, sure.
Barry Bonds, Tony Gwynn, Edgar Martinez, David Ortiz and Ichiro all golf-clapping this
David Ortiz fountain of youth..his 26th 4-hit game. a many as Edgar Martinez and Brooks Robinson
no DH means no Paul Molitor and Edgar Martinez or David Ortiz. Would be terrible never to have them.
not a Stro but who wouldn't like Edgar Martinez as a hitting coach
When Edgar Martinez is giving you information, I imagine you pay attention. Who knows. Just a thought.
Cano hitting like Edgar Martinez right now. No coincidence. Every pitch is a meatball dinner!
Just hit me. What happened on June 20? The hired Edgar Martinez as hitting coach. Coincident or not?
Vannett runs clean routes, with soft hands. Just Cus he runs as slow as Jesus Montero N Edgar Martinez don't mean he won't be good.
Is it just me or does Dae *** Lee have the same exact swing as Edgar Martinez?
Let's not overlook the photobomb by Edgar.
So again, no disrespect to the underrated Derek Norris, but let's get him out, aight? He's not exactly Edgar Martinez, for goodness' sake.
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Mariners, yo. Edgar Martinez is gonna sell a lot of jerseys if this keeps up.
Maybe if they name the Arena after Edgar Martinez they could actually get it built.
After watching the Mariner bats ignite again against the A's is there any doubt having Edgar Martinez as the...
Edgar Martinez, best hitting coach ever.
In 2008, Edgar Martinez was the first recipient of TMF's Humanitarian Award:
It's like a poor man's Edgar Martinez. Or a rich man's Tino Martinez.
Edgar Martinez won't give me his connection.
So if the keep on hitting like this I would name the road outside Safeco Edgar Martinez Drive.
I just heard Edgar Martinez drop the mic. Mike Salk "Bro, hitting coaches, they just don't mean anything."
no offense to Griffey but Edgar Martinez is the real Mariner legend.
Edgar Martinez has made so much of a difference for the Mariners. Players are hitting with confidence.
I got a great one with Edgar Martinez, but it is flashing away before I can snap it. You'll love it if I can get it
if Edgar Martinez was a Yankee he would have been a 1st ballot HOF.
Jeter was a great shortstop when he was younger and no Edgar Martinez is not.
Edgar Martinez doing miracle work with our bats
By the way Scott Servias isn't doing a *** thing, this is EDGAR MARTINEZ
I also liked Edgar Martinez as well. I liked A-Rod too but not very much. Griffey and Martinez were I liked alot
hitters reveal the biggest impact Edgar Martinez makes on their approach today at 6pm
Edgar Martinez Drive backed up, feeding onto I-5, and 4th Avenue South.
*** Tito. It was a lot more than a squeeze in '00. The Edgar Martinez HR comes to mind.
Today in 1998, Dan Wilson hit an inside-the-park grand slam for the Mariners. Only more surprising if Edgar Martinez did it.
This van isn't moving EB Edgar Martinez Dr right by Safeco Field.
Stall: Eastbound Edgar Martinez Dr S west of 4th Ave S, left lane blocked. Use caution in the area
Edgar Martinez if you bring that in my face
Edgar Martinez has a street and an award named after him but he's not in the hall of fame?
If David Ortiz goes into the HOF as a DH, then Edgar Martinez deserves to go in as well.
Brett Boone, Edgar Martinez, John Olerud, Mike Cameron, Ichiro, Freddy Garcia. team had some good players
Impressive! Where's Jay Buhner, Edgar Martinez and Randy Johnson when you need em?
May have just eaten dinner 10 feet from Edgar Martinez. My group couldn't agree whether it was, and no one wanted to bother him either way.
Considering what I've personally witnessed go down on Occidental between Edgar Martinez and Holgate, you'd think they'd want that road gone
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Bauma 2016: New developments on show in all sections . .
I'm giving away something for you on Edgar Martinez 1988 Fleer Rookie Card Get it here -
Paging any Edgar Martinez Collectors out there here is a lot of 3 Autographs under $4 per currently
So,David Ortiz is getting in on the victory lap thing,eh? Maybe, when he's elected to the Hall, it'll open the door for Edgar Martinez.
Frank Thomas- not a ball player, edgar martinez- not a ball player, Harold Baines- not a ballplayer. LOLOLOL what an ***
Excited to get Edgar Martinez to sign tonight in Peoria.
Edgar Martinez, would you like to whine about the hot dogs? Yes, with my butt.
.debut 2016 team commercials featuring Edgar Martinez, King Felix and more!
"Learn to control your emotions or they will control you." - Edgar Martinez
went to Mariners practice today got King Felix Edgar Martinez and Tajuain Walkers auto ⚾️
not HOF at all. Strong Steroid links and a career DH. If Edgar Martinez is not in without steroid links, then Ortiz is not in.
We can start with Edgar Martinez in the HOF before Ortiz is considered
One full season (162 games) played by Edgar Martinez is worth about 241 games played by David Ortiz in terms…
Edgar Martinez had a career slash-line of .312/.418/.515. David Ortiz slashed at least that in a season just…
Mariners fan here. Making a 'joke' because the kid's name is Edgar Martinez.   10% Off
Guests on the Hot Stove tonight...Edgar Martinez, and Tracy Ringolsby. Join us 7-9 on
Edgar Martinez will be one of the guests on tonight's edition of the "Hot Stove" show on 710 ESPN Seattle.
Guests on the Hot Stove on tonight include Edgar Martinez, James Paxton & Boog Powell. Join us!
MLB Edgar Martinez is definitely a hall of famer
Edgar Martinez bunting! ... This was a fun podcast to do. Again.
For Mike Mussina, Edgar Martinez & Curt Schilling Hall of Fame may be knock in on Heavens Doorstep
gonna have to go with the '99 Mariners. A-Rod, Jay Buhner, Griffey Jr., and Edgar Martinez, and Carlos Guillén.
there's only 1 that's a DH, Frank Thomas who played 1st. Not even Edgar Martinez's great got him in.
Admittedly, Edgar Martinez is higher on my hate list. Talk about a Yankee killer. Up there with David Ortiz, Manny
what about Edgar Martinez, does him not getting in set the tone for David Ortiz or because Ortiz has 500 HRs 3 World Series?
Chaz Scoggins should have hit vote stripped after voting for David Eckstein. Left Edgar Martinez & Trammell off
Hey, did you see that Chaz Soggins voted for David Eckstein but not Edgar Martinez?
Hello I'm a person who thinks David Eckstein should be in the instead of Edgar Martinez. I should not be allowed to decide that.
lmfao Edgar Martinez and Frank Thomas need to be in before David Ortiz imo
How is Edgar Martinez not in the Hall of Fame? Are they going to give David Ortiz the same treatment??
I have to wonder if David Ortiz will get the same treatment Edgar Martinez is getting now.
If David Ortiz is HOF worthy after winning seven Edgar Martinez Awards, what does that mean for Edgar Martinez?
Why would you even consider letting David Ortiz into the HOF when Edgar Martinez isn't even getting close?
Edgar Martinez should be in. Better than Frank Thomas, Paul Molitor, David Ortiz as DH. And no PEDs.
Edgar Martinez isnt in the HOF for being a DH hitter but I bet that wont be the case for David Ortiz
"Ha! Edgar Martinez in the HOF? How many stolen bases and gold gloves does he have?" . *votes for David Ortiz five years later
Griffey Jr should be a unanimous inductee I'd like to see Jeff Bagwell, Edgar Martinez, Lee Smith, and Tim Raines get in today
I feel like anyone who voted for Lee Smith and not for Edgar Martinez, really ought to be able to explain why.
Dude.. you voted for Gary Sheffield and Lee Smith over Edgar Martinez?
Hate to break it to Mariners fans, but Edgar Martinez isn't a HOFer. Even if he had been a great def. player, still lacks offensive numbers
Edgar Martinez will see biggest % increase because Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez talked about his greatness last year.
and every year someone wins the Edgar Martinez award. Totally confounding
...Slugger Awards, a career .933 OPS, and has a *** official award named after him? Edgar Martinez was a...
Talk about Edgar Martinez. What is it with him that voters don't like? DH award has his name.
what about Edgar Martinez? The man has an award named after him but can't make the hall? Foh
Either you place Edgar Martinez in the Hall of Game or you take his name off the DH of the year award. Simple as that!
"peak of 6.3. Translation: his regular season career was worth less than Jim Rice or John Olerud, 20 wins less than Edgar Martinez, and..."
In case you're thinking of HOF ballot "Percentage of games played in the field: Edgar Martinez - 30%, David Ortiz - 12%."
you're entitled to your no vote, but if it's so absurd, how do you put Edgar Martinez in the hall? Guy didn't play defense
I'd love for him to sit next to jeff passan all day and listen to him explain why Edgar Martinez over Mark McGwire for HOF
This is a great article about Edgar Martinez and his HOF candidacy.
Others on the ballot love to watch/follow were Garrett Anderson, Edgar Martinez, Curt Schilling, Lee Smith, Alan Trammell and Larry Walker.
I had no idea an Edgar Martinez award existed.
David Ortiz has more Edgar Martinez awards (7) than Edgar Martinez (5).
Torii Hunter had more hits than Mickey Mantle and more home runs than Edgar Martinez.
I'm pretty shocked Raul Ibanez and Edgar Martinez wouldn't get a chance at mariners job
say Howard Lincoln not back and I will do back hand springs down Edgar Martinez way
On this day 20 yrs ago, Edgar Martinez hit, Ken Griffey Jr slid, the Kingdome erupted and Seattle baseball lived on.
20 years ago, Edgar Martinez and Ken Griffey Jr. helped send the to the ALCS:
The 5 best right handed hitters I've seen manny miggy pujols Agawd and Edgar Martinez
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TOMORROW is the last day to register for our luncheon! Come hear and support equity in education with Edgar & Holli Martinez!
have you ever seen defensive analytics on Edgar Martínez? Curious to know if he was as good as legend has it...
If David Ortiz is a Hall Of Famer but Edgar Martinez isn't, you can burn down the Hall Of Fame, its a useless popularity contest
Currently on Edgar Martinez Dr. What a great city.
running through the halls with Edgar Martinez 💖💖
A silly but neat stat: Bryce Harper, Paul Goldschmidt, and Edgar Martinez all have the same career wRC+ right now (147).
Edgar talking about hitting, yes, this is a must read.
i don't think Ortiz gets into Hall until Edgar Martinez does
There's no move to be made there. Illegal in Washington State to fire Edgar Martinez.
How are you going to reduce the strike out rate in the minors? New hitting coaches? Or Edgar Martinez working with current staff?
I think having Edgar Martinez the whole season will make a big difference!
The Mariners new department of cloning has an opening, and they're needing seven Edgar Martinez's for player development in the minors.
The winner of the gift certificate on Overreaction Monday was the suggestion of Thomas Rawls Street to intersect Edgar Martinez Drive.
I love Edgar Francisco Adalberto Aleman Martinez "money is everything but a problem"
Great to have been at Edgar Martinez Night w/ in 2007 & 40th Anniversary Weekend for this weekend!
Players that have fewer home runs than 5'7" Yogi Berra:. Ryan Howard. Mo Vaughn. Luis Gonzalez. Edgar Martinez. Prince Fielder
lol, i think the only Mariner with more playoff at bats than him is Edgar Martinez
The Ticket office on Edgar Martinez South on southside of stadium is open until 6pm, not sure about Brougham
do you have one for Edgar Martinez hit that scored Ken Griffee Jr in 95 playoff???
Anaheim: come back for 2 in 2nd, can't get more. Their hitting coach Edgar Martinez:
Traffic notice for Seattle, due to incurred penalties, the Seahawks first drive will start on Edgar Martinez way in Sunday.
Listen to Edgar Martinez speak in his own words about the "Home Field Advantages" Seattle has as a place to call...
Whomever gets the job, first order of business MUST be to retain Edgar Martinez as hitting coach.
Mariners have been so much better offensively since Edgar Martinez became hitting coach in late June, this team can still contend in 2016
Okay, Edgar Martinez can See Alex Gordon and Andy McCullough just by looking in Cueto's direction.
Beatrix Potter and Edgar Martinez are writing farts. Constipation is formulating a fart. Kristen Schaal and Confucius are eating puppy pee.
Frank Thomas is Edgar Martinez-plus or David Ortiz-plus. Very good. All-Star. Maybe even Hall of Famer. But franchise best?
Choose one of these four designated hitters if you were creating a team. A. Edgar Martinez. B. Jason Giambi. C. David Ortiz. D. Frank Thomas
MLB: Hate the DH? Don't think Ortiz belongs in the HOF? Bob Ryan and Edgar Martinez just shamed you... - DESIGNATI…
It just felt wrong to make a lineup that had to include Frank Thomas or Edgar Martinez, while excluding Ted Williams or Bonds.
Thank da lawd Edgar Martinez isn't calling the game and we have Pablo Ramirez today.
Mark Mcguire, David Ortiz, Edgar Martinez, Jim Thome. .. Carlos was great but he didn't get left off for some scrub
I'm thinking Harold Baines was in his late twenties. Edgar Martinez was thirty.
One of the greatest accomplishments that Edgar Martinez could do for this team is to hold Dustin Ackley down and shave his beard.
The Mariners are batting just .233, so they've hired Edgar Martinez as their new hitting coach
"Wow they suck so much not even Edgar Martinez could fix it."
Edgar Martinez named as the new hitting coach for Seattle . More info >>
have named Edgar Martinez their hitting coach and re-assigned Howard Johnson to the minors.
Reddick 6-50 vs LHP. Can't fault BoMel there, but not like Phegley is Edgar Martinez.
Edgar Martinez. 100%. He is the reason why I became a Mariners fan and stayed a Mariners fan. He will always be my Number 1!
congrats getting drafted tonight. Having junior announce your name priceless. I'm sure you be happy if it was Edgar Martinez too
Hey Bobby! Edgar Martinez and Raul Ibanez, were both born in New York, NY. That means both were born in Manhattan, right?
ill always be a red sox fan... But that mariners team with griffey ridriguez johnson edgar martinez.. Whew
Just had a nice little conversation with Edgar Martinez
Pregame Show protected by continues with an interview with Edgar Martinez:
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I use carpenter and Edgar Martinez vs eighties , depends who I'm not slumping with ha
Edgar Martinez is a retired mariner btw okay bye
The 1997 hit 264 home runs during the season. Raul Ibanez, Edgar Martinez, and Ken Griffey, Jr. were all on the roster.
Edgar Martinez not making it into the hall of fame is a *** shame.
ICYMI: Edgar Martinez imparts some hitting knowledge on has the details in his weekly notebook
You, Rudy Jaramillo, Edgar Martinez, and for some reason The Duck.
SEA News Tribune: Minor league notebook: Edgar Martinez imparts some of his hitting magic to Tacoma Rainiers
Why isn't Edgar Martinez the hitting coach for and I hope Dan Wilson is the next manager
is it time to play the Mariners style? Edgar Martinez ain't walking through that door!
Edgar Martinez was a hitting machine
Update 6:03 PM : On the I-90 westbound off-ramp to Edgar Martinez Dr there is a disabled vehicle partially blocking the ramp.
without the dh rule Edgar Martinez would've retired.
Nobody is better than Edgar Martinez. I would love for him to give the team a few pointers.
I'd rather we pinch-hit present day Edgar Martinez than Ricky Weeks
I bet $100 Edgar Martinez would have a higher batting average a than Zunino right now.
Edgar Martinez as far as eligible players and Pete rose for best player overall not in the hall of fame :)
I still can't believe Edgar Martinez isn't in yet! Best DH to play...they even named an award after him!
Beautiful night for baseball! Watching with my boy Edgar Martinez @ Cheney…
Salute to Edgar Martinez for the follow! ig: jamalsmallz
'designated hitters are part of the society, but not included in it. David Ortiz shouldn't be a hofer if edgar martínez isn't'™
"Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear." Muh man Mr. Edgar Allan
Alonzo may be as slow as Edgar Martinez.
just like '97, if you took away A-Rod & Edgar Martinez's monster seasons. Also that team won just 90 games and lost in the ALDS
Victor Martinez, 35, led the AL with a .409 OBP in 2014. He was the oldest player to lead league since Edgar Martinez (36) in 1999.
I was born in the year of Edgar Martinez, Tino Martinez, Randy Johnson, Jay Buhner, and Ken Griffey Jr. . So basically I'm cooler than you.
do I ever miss AAA ball. One of my most prized possessions was an Edgar Martinez bat from when he was a Cannon.
Preston Tucker reminds me of a left handed Edgar Martinez.
If they don't put Edgar Martinez in the Hall of fame I'm gonna right a letter to the head chief of Baseball
Will Edgar Martinez, have a better chancce to get in the HOF, once Ken Griffy Jr. Gets in?
how do you ding Edgar Martinez for being a one-way player and not Vizquel or Ozzie, who didn't hit much
why is Edgar Martinez a 1B? He should be a DH, a 3B he only played 28 games at 1st, 564 at 3rd, 1403 at DH
like David Ortiz and Edgar Martinez! By golly, you've got it Jeff.
Seeing Seagar getting tossed out seems about as unlikely as the very rare times Edgar Martinez got tossed...
Yes Mr.Jensen of course it's a Griffey jersey, you think I'm gonna wear an Edgar Martinez jersey?
should I replace Edgar Martinez with Goldschmidt or replace Kuechel with darvish
hehe. Heck I'll take Edgar Martinez for my PC.
so sad.. edgar martinez a wasted card since we cant DH.
kaline, Brett, or bagwell set? I have Marte, lofton, bichette in OF, Seager at 3rd and Edgar Martinez at 1st
-- yeah, i thought it pasted from my phone. But I also butt dialed Edgar Martinez a few days ago so there is that.
I'm really more of an Edgar Martinez kind of a guy.
In trying so hard not to let it show 😢 Edgar Jonathan Martinez 🌹
Edgar Martinez isn't even a foreign player bro bro he was born and raised in America
Name better foreign born baseball players than Edgar Martinez & Roberto Clemente
on a team that had Edgar Martinez, Olerud, Brett Boone, Randy Johnson.S T A C K E D
Edgar's face looks like Marcos's finger is in the wrong spot 💀
I don't think he wants to break his phone 😅
Today in 1999 - Edgar Martinez hit three HRs, tying a major league record with five homers in two games. http:…
When Willie Bloomquist made his big-league debut, it was as a pinch-runner for Edgar Martinez.
Edgar Martinez was the hardest hitter I had to face
or an Edgar Martinez who always could hit but field a position, meh.
Who is more Hall of Fame worthy David Ortiz or Edgar Martinez?
"Every part of the plate was a hot zone for Edgar Martinez."*. *does not apply to plates used in :(
I really want an Edgar Martinez jersey. He's my all time favorite Mariner.
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