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Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas (born Hilaire-Germain-Edgar De Gas, 1834–1917), was a French artist famous for his work in painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing.

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Edgar Degas: Jockeys in the Rain Jockeys in the Rain……
A ballet recital is underway. Dancers in Pink by can be viewed here ->
Dancer viewed from the back by Edgas
Edgar Degas, Rehearsal of the Ballet, ca.1876. Gouache and Pastel over Monotype on Paper, 55.24 x 67.94. K…
First full Edgar Degas retrospective in nearly 30 years shows an artist who liked to be in control - Los Angeles…
Colorized photo of Edgar Degas at the age of 78 (1912). ph. by his friend Albert Bartholomé
"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see" - Edgar Degas. Greta Garbo
When you are walking down a side street and just happen upon Edgar Degas' house.
📷 igormaglica: Edgar Degas (1834-1917), The Entrance of the Masked Dancers, ca. 1880. pastel on grey...
An exquisite publication on Edgar Degas is now available at
Painting a picture is easy when you don't know how but bery difficult when you do - Edgar Degas
Artworks by Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt and Edgar Degas printed all over wooden umbrellas.
"Two Dancers on the Stage". Edgar Degas, 1834-1917. The Courtauld Institute of Art, London, England
"Drawing is your understanding of form."
20% Off Dancers in Repose by Edgar Degas: 8 x 10 Oil Painting Reproduction with Baroque Wood Framehtt…
Luv! Misty Copeland recreated classic works by Edgar Degas for Harper's Bazaar
At the Smithsonian American Art Museum,WashingtonDC as we speak. Painting of Mary Cassatt by Edgar Degas.
.is absolutely stunning in these re-imagined shots of Edgar Degas works:
Mary Cassatt at the Louvre. Edgar Degas. Soft ground etching 1879-80. Museum of Fine Arts, Quebec City.
Classic Biblical male art print: David and Goliath by Edgar Degas
Delicate lines, light and shadow. Edgar Degas - "Three Studies of a Dancer" - 1880
"I would like to be famous but unknown." Degas
The dance hall at the Opera Le Peletier Street, Degas, Edgar
KEMP TOWN (plate 73) from LYRIK. Germain-Edgar Degas. Gelatin silver and gouache on photogravure, printed in black with screenprints
Woman at Her Toilette 1900 Edgar Degas (1834-1917) « just art
Edgar Degas' best-known works are those inspired by the ballet.
"Waiting" by Edgar Degas | Waiting is a pastel on paper by the French Impressionist Edgar Degas…
"Only when she no longer knows what she is doing does the painter do good things" - Edgar Degas
Everyone has talent at 25. The difficulty is to have it at 50. -Edgar Degas
This study relates to several other drawings and paintings by Degas of ballet dancers:
Have you ever seen or heard of Edgar Degas' "Little Dancer Aged Fourteen" sculpture? Now this renowned piece of...
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Everyone working and one guy reading a paper (A Cotton Office in New Orleans by Edgar Degas)
Famoun and no kids person of the day: Edgar Degas: Artist, French impressionist painter!
Natl Gallery of Art uncovers true relationship between Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas (and it wasn’t romantic).
Wasn't all ballerinas and Parisian cafe scenes "Edgar Degas: The Innovative Impressionist" ~ .H
Wallace sculpts Fox News Sunday in time like Edgar Degas painted a treasure.
3D Movie Downloads For Free CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD TODAY! ›› Movie Downloads For Free Degas Paintings Are Good Illustrations Of The Use Of Lively Color And Damaged Brush Strokes Perhaps greatest regarded for his oils of ballet dancers Edgar Degas, the French impressionist who considered himself a realist was a prolific and extraordinary artist. His operates display free flowing brushstrokes, motion and are loaded with emotion. Collectively with Degas paintings a lot of items of sculpture, prints and sketches ended up produced in his life span. 3D Movie Downloads For Free. Audio Books Altering the Facial area of Literature Are you residing a busy existence? See how downloadable audio books can fit into your busy life-style. Why Colors and Being aware of Your Color Wheel Are Essential For Artists! If you had been asleep in faculty when this subject was included, or you merely have overlooked all about it, then you ought to refresh your memory with this posting in advance of you commence painting as it j ...
A May exhibit at the National Gallery of Art will explore the relationship between Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas, as new evidence suggests a bond of mutual admiration and influence, rather than teacher and student.
At the Frist Center for the Visual Arts - Looking East: Western Artists and the Allure of Japan. This exhibit includes paintings and prints by Mary Cassatt, Edgar Degas, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Edvard Munch and the furniture of Frank Lloyd Wright. The exhibition is drawn entirely from the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Edgar Degas (French, Impressionism, 1834–1917): Dancers, c. 1899. Pastel on tracing paper laid down on board, 588 x 463 mm. Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton, New Jersey, USA. Image Bruce M. White. "… it is tempting to write off Degas’s pictures of ballerinas as overly pretty and effeminate — flickering visions of beribboned nymphets in tutus pirouetting across the stage. But nothing could be further from the reality of his robust and vigorous studies of athletes sweating and straining their sinews. His ballerinas aren’t simpering, insipid creatures of fantasy, but flesh-and-blood young women whose “distorted” anatomies shocked early critics. … he wanted to fix the momentary, and imbue pieces of paper and canvas with the animation and vitality of the human figure in motion — a challenge analogous to the efforts of other Impressionists to transcribe ephemeral effects of atmosphere and light …" (Alistair Sooke, © Telegraph Media Group Limited 2013) Read more:
This is a game to keep art alive. Click "Like" and I will assign you an artist. It doesn't matter if you don't know his/her work. Search the Internet, choose the one you like the most and post it on FB with this text. Anne Wilkerson Allen assigned me: Mary Stevenson Cassatt (/kəˈsæt/; May 22, 1844 – June 14, 1926) was an American painter and printmaker. She lived much of her adult life in France, where she first befriended Edgar Degas and later exhibited among the Impressionists. Cassatt often created images of the social and private lives of women, with particular emphasis on the intimate bonds between mothers and children. She was described by Gustave Geffroy in 1894 as one of "les trois grandes dames" of Impressionism alongside Marie Bracquemond and Berthe Morisot. I remember studying Mary Cassatt, but I don't recall seeing this particular painting and I really like it! Thanks, Anne!
Familiar faces in new places at the Norton Simon Museum - Edgar Degas'...
It suddenly started pouring rain in New Orleans yesterday. I tried to wait it out but the rain kept falling. I was trying to get to the art museum to see Edgar Degas's painting of his pregnant sister-in-law. She had 6 children and 4 died, she was pregnant and going blind. Her husband (Degas's brother) was having an affair with the neighbor. Her portrait is in the New Orleans Art Museum. My eyes stung with rain, I could barely see, and I was getting soaked to my socks but I kept at it, scootering in the bike lane on the street (sidewalks are bumpy). Then a white Lexus blocked my path so I veered onto the sidewalk. The driver rolled down her window, "How far you goin' Honey?" she asked. I laughed and told her I didn't want to get her car wet! (Leather seats, nice car.) Guess who she was? The mom of Obama's soon-to-be-sworn-in attorney general (Kenneth Polite) and a retired police officer. I confessed it was the anniversary of my mom's death and that I was feeling overwhelmed with sadness. "It was meant to b ...
"Passport to Paris" brings together works from Claude Monet, Edgar Degas and Camille Pissarro:
Great bitesize introduction to Edgar Degas' life and works ~ .2
My Edgar Degas Re-paint: Dancers at the barre, 1877 by *DianaKay22 on
I always suspect an artist who is successful before he is dead. Edgar Degas
Happy Birthday to French painter Edgar Degas, born today in 1834.
Tiler Peck, Principal, to play title role in musical inspired by Edgar Degas's 'Little Dancer'
Edgar Degas - life & works of the great impressionist innovator in one bitesize ebook ~ .2
Edgar Degas, Dancer with a bouquet of flowers (The Star of the ballet)
“Art is all about interpretation. that’s the great thing about it. Means so much to so many people
Today I had the chance to draw from the original Edgar Degas little dancer sculpture at the d'Orsay Museum and I...
Edgar Degas - the little fourteen year old dancer.
Photo: theories-of: Edgar Degas - Woman in a Tub, 1883. Pastel on paper
Racehorses in Front of the Grandstand 1866-68. Edgar Degas
Photo: vguiscard: Dancers In Blue - Edgar Degas This is my favourite painting!
Morning q: Daylight is too easy. What I want is difficult: the atmosphere of lamps or moonlight~Edgar Degas
A Carriage at the Races, 1872 by Edgar Degas-Price from: $219.00 #
A Woman Seated beside a Vase of Flowers by Edgar Degas #
The principles of great art is not to portray, but to evoke. ― Edgar Degas, Rehearsal † 1874
Relative of Edgar Degas speaking to CAP 2013 class. He created 18 major works at this house. totc
oh. my. stars. we are touring the Edgar Degas house. !
Toe Shoes - A touch of Edgar Degas, on pointe art print for ballet and ballerina lovers.
Lucian-Freud's Degas The Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool is chuffed to acquire Edgar Degas's La Masseuse, one of t...
"Painting is easy for those that do not know how, but very difficult for those that do!". Edgar Degas
Best Of Degas - Portrait of the Bellelli Family, 1858-1867. The Bellelli Family, also known as
Thanks awesome 4Cats Kids for an amazing Spring Session! We're so excited to start our Summer Camps. First one up is Edgar Degas & Gustav Klimt
For months, Van Gogh worked at Cormon's studio where he frequented the circle of the British-Australian artist John Peter Russell, and met fellow students like Émile Bernard, Louis Anquetin, and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec – who painted a portrait of Van Gogh with pastel. The group congregated at Julien "Père" Tanguy's paint store; at that time the only place where Paul Cézanne's paintings were displayed. He had easy access to Impressionist works in Paris at the time. In 1886, two large vanguard exhibitions were staged; shows where Neo-Impressionism was first exhibited and seen, with works by Georges Seurat and Paul Signac becoming the talk of the town. Though Theo kept a stock of Impressionist paintings in his gallery on Boulevard Montmarte – by artists including Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, Edgar Degas and Camille Pissarro – Van Gogh seemingly had problems acknowledging developments in how artists view and paint their subject matter.
June 19th: Feast of St. Romuald. King James I was born in 1566, mathematician Blaise Pascal in 1623, signer Richard Henry Lee (62) died in 1794, judge Samuel Chase (70) in 1811 and painter Edgar Degas was bron in 1834. Slavery was abolished in 1862 in US territories. Union troops arrived in Glaveston Texas in 1865 with news that the Civil War was over and all slaves were free. Actor Charles Coburn was born in 1877, Duchess Wallis Simpson in 1896, actor/comedian Moe Howard in 1897, bandleader Guy Lombardo in 1902, HOF Lou Gehrig in 1903 and judge Abe Fortas in 1910. The first-ever Father's Day was celebrated in 1910 in Spokane Washington. Senator Alan Cranston was born in 1914, actor Pat Buttram in 1916 and actor Louis Jourdan in 1919. The FCC was created in 1934 replacing the FRC. Author James Barrie (77) died in 1937. A train crashed into the Custer Creek in 1938 killing four dozen people. Cheerios was introduced in 1941. "I've Got a Secret" made its debut in 1952 with Garry Moore as host. Julius (35) an ...
Road Show Company presents an impressive collection of works by artist legend, Peter Max. The artist will be unveiling his extraordinary new Masters series, interpretive works of Vincent Van Gogh, Monet, Pablo Picasso, Renoir, and Edgar Degas, conceived in Max’s signature style and colors.
"A picture gains 100% in a fine frame." ~ Claude Monet, 1864. “The frame is the reward of the artist.” ~ Edgar Degas
Difficult decision to make for next week: will you go for Catherine Deneuve, Edgar Degas or George Pérec?
February 8th, is the 39th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 326 days remaining until the end of the year (327 in leap years). 2012 Elizabeth Taylor's collection of artworks by Vincent Van Gogh, Camille Pissarro and Edgar Degas sell for over 13.7 million pounds at Christie's in London 2012 Europe's cold wave continues, with over 400 dead; the Danube River freezes over for 170 km 2011 The head of the Taiwanese Army's electronic communications and information department, Major General Lo Hsien-che is arrested for leaking secrets to China 2011 North and South Korean officials meet for working-level military talks, the first Korean dialogue in eight months 2010 U.S. Space Shuttle Endeavor launches from the Kennedy Space Center, successfully beginning a two-week mission to the International Space Station 2004 46th Grammy Awards, Coldplay, Outkast, Richard Marx, Luther Vandross, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake win major awards 1998 1st female ice hockey game in Olympic history ...
For the next two weeks these artist will be observing Florida Ballet classes creating works of art for the event described below. If we do not have a release on file please fill out the attached and return it to us ASAP. If you do not want your child to be a participant in this event please let us know immediately. I am personally very excited by this event. These are some amazing artist! Art & Ballet Partner for Special Event In the late 1800’s French artist, Edgar Degas frequented the studios of the ballet at the Paris Opera. The outcome was some of Degas’ most famous paintings and sculpture. Fast forward to 2013 in Jacksonville and the same collaboration emerges in “The Art of Ballet”. This event will pair the students of The Florida Ballet with 16 selected local sketch artists and photographers. The general public is invited to view and purchase the artists’ works on Saturday, April 13, 2013 at The Florida Ballet studios. Eleven artists and five photographers will visit classes at T ...
Hi All! There is a Pink Party going on today at Hill-Stead Museum (35 Mountain Rd., Farmington)! Hill-Stead Museum invites everyone ages 4 and up to a Pink Party inspired by Degas' Dancers at Hill-Stead. Wear your favorite pink outfit and learn more about French artist Edgar Degasâ famous dancers. This family-friendly event features a performance by the acclaimed Albano Ballet dancers and a tour of Hill-Stead museum, including rarely-seen prints by Edgar Degas. Light refreshments will be served. It will be from 2-4pm today!
"Former President George W. Bush appears to be influenced by such painters as Edgar Degas and Édouard Manet." -
I had a wonderful time this afternoon at The Phillips Collection in DC listening to Rachel Barton Pine play Paganini while surrounded by priceless works of art. Although I know very little of painting, even a dolt like myself could appreciate being amongst works by Gustave Courbet, Pierre Bonnard, Georges Braque, Jacques Villon, Paul Cézanne, Honoré Daumier, Edgar Degas, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Klee, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, El Greco, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Pablo Picasso. Surrounded by such timeless works, listening to timeless music, certainly gives one a fuller appreciation of what art means to civilization. It also reminds us that we are just passing thru in this life, but great art stands the test of time.
Had a great day at thr Frick Museum in the city, had to go check out rear original drawings by past renaissance masters. Their artworks works contributed in bring Europe of of their dark ages and propelled them into the age of the renaissance then the age of enlightenment and the industrial revolutions. Others contributed to expressionism abstract and modern Art. The exhibition included works by artist such as Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Dürer, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Peter Paul Rubens, Jusepe de Ribera, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, Jean-Antoine Watteau, Charles-Joseph Natoire, Thomas Gainsborough, Francisco Goya y Lucientes, Joseph Mallord William Turner, Théodore Géricault, Edgar Degas, Paul Cézanne, Vincent Van Gogh, Georges Seurat, Henri Matisse, and Pablo Picasso. Also picked up a print from the gift shop by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. Great Show
A selection of paintings and works on paper from the Armand Hammer Collection and the Armand Hammer Daumier and Contemporaries Collection currently on view provides an impressive overview of the major movements of 19th-century French art, including works by Gustave Moreau, Edgar Degas, Paul Cézanne,...
On the Road Again The Hill-Stead Museum in West Hartford is home to original paintings and sculptures by Claude Monet, Mary Cassatt, Edgar Degas and more, which Alfred Pope collected on his travels throughout the world. Although its collections rival other museums in the United States, this is no ordinary museum. This warm country home, whose list of guests includes President Theodore Roosevelt, is virtually just around the corner from the Lodge. The architect, daughter Theodate, was way ahead of her time -- the home is unique and very inviting. It felt as though Theodate was expecting us, although it has been nearly 70 years since she was here. What a beautiful outing celebrating a piece of Connecticut history!
Richard Estes (born May 14, 1932, Kewanee, Illinois) is an American artist, best known for his photorealist paintings. The paintings generally consist of reflective, clean, and inanimate city and geometric landscapes. He is regarded as one of the founders of the international photo-realist movement of the late 1960s, with such painters as Ralph Goings, Chuck Close, and Duane Hanson. Author Graham Thompson wrote, "One demonstration of the way photography became assimilated into the art world is the success of photorealist painting in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It is also called super-realism or hyper-realism and painters like Richard Estes, Denis Peterson, Audrey Flack, and Chuck Close often worked from photographic stills to create paintings that appeared to be photographs."At an early age, Estes moved to Chicago with his family, where he studied fine arts at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (1952–56). He frequently studied the works of realist painters such as Edgar Degas, Edward Hopper, ...
We are so excited to learn all about Edgar Degas in our Artist focus classes in our Winter Session starting in...
Much in the way Edgar Degas captured the backstage realities and onstage glory of the dancers in the Paris Opera Ballet in his impressionist paintings, a New York city photographer, Henry Leutwyler, has chronicled the everyday scenes of dancers in the New York City Ballet in an upstairs/downstairs-l...
The Little Dancer of Fourteen Years, or La Petite Danseuse de Quatorze Ans, a sensationalist piece by Edgar Degas, shocked Paris at its unveiling. Cri...
Degas and the Dance: Among the supreme masterpieces of 19th-century art are Edgar Degas' dramatic, incisive and ...
International Edition November 15, 2012 Last Updated: 4:56:AM EST SHOWS THAT MATTER: The French Lay Claim to Edward Hopper's Noir Americana by Juliette Soulez, ARTINFO France Published: October 23, 2012 WHAT: “Edward Hopper” WHEN: October 10 – January 28, 2013 WHERE: Grand Palais, Paris WHY THIS SHOW MATTERS: The iconic American artist is seen through a French lens in this Paris show, which has been organized by Pompidou Center assistant director Didier Ottinger. Hopper spent almost a year in Paris in 1906, and returned there in 1909 and 1910. In addition to some of his greatest works — the exhibition features reowned pieces such as “Nighthawks” and “Chop Suey” — the exhibition also includes paintings by Edgar Degas and Félix Vallotton that were created during the American’s time in Paris and likely impacted his practice. Though Hopper broke with European influence upon returning to the U.S., it left a mark in his subsequent ouevre. “Hotel Room” (1931) and even the much later “M ...
The Notebooks of Edgar Degas: A Catalogue of the Thirty-Eight Notebooks in the Bibliotheque Nationale and Other ...
Edgar Degas Nude Woman Combing Her Hair 1879-83 monotype in black ink on paper
Always one of my favorites, his paintings and sculptures. Four Dancers detail,1899 Edgar Degas artemisdrea…
A little Degas for your day. Enjoy!
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Below it it said..."Art isn't something you marry, it is something you rape" Edgar Degas 1834-1917
if you agree with this by Edgar Degas
What is your favorite Edgar Degas painting?
From master artist Edgar Degas: Auguste de Gas at
Edgar Degas aintings reproduction with Museum quality
Edgar Degas, the most significant impressionist artist
Edgar Degas, "Ballet Class" 1881, oil on canvas. We're all familiar with Degas and his ballerinas; bright, c
Edgar Degas >> Dancer (Danseuse) | reminds me of Haas and painting class :)
She belongs in an Edgar Degas. Translation: she's a dancer
"An engrossing first novel...where masterpieces are baked, not born." Thanks
Edgar Degas,michealangelo tim burton, the makers of adventure time, Picasso kurt cobain, rene margritte Salvador Dali
Edgar Degas. Let's run around the Paris Ballet and be nuisances.
Featuring more than 40 works,Lines and Colors: Celebrating Degasincludes drawings, paintings, textiles, photographs and mixed media works by 28 regional artists from our local communities, including Turlock and Modesto, and beyond. The title of the exhibit is derived from the emphasis Edgar Degas pl...
I know most ppl r talking about music... But I want to meet Edgar Degas   10% Off
Edgar Degas, the founder of impressionism movement
Edgar Degasoil paintings analyse and evaluation
Homepage with links to About Us, Make a Donation, Calendar, and Latest News
Edgar Degas captured motion ,beautifully ,reminds me of his Dancers in beautiful opulent settings of the times .
Music is an art. In the same way the french impressionist Edgar Degas' many paintings and sculptures capture the feelings and trends of a nationality or time, so does music. It shouldn't be judged on how good or bad it is, but on what the artist is trying to say, and why they are saying it. Just because a song doesn't fit the kind of music you listen to, doesn't mean you cant appreciate the beauty in it.
"A painting requires a little mystery, some vagueness, some fantasy. When you always make your meaning perfectly plain you end up boring people." ::: Edgar Degas :::
FIFTEEN FUN "ARTY FACTS" 1. Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh, while admired by millions (possibly billions) since his death, only sold one painting during his lifetime; Red Vineyard at Arles. 2. Artist Edgar Degas was so fascinated with ballet dancers that he became obsessed with representing them in his art. It is estimated Degas made approximately 1500 paintings, pastels, prints and drawings of dancers. 3. In 1962 Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa was valued at $100 million. Who knows what it would be worth today? 4. Leonardo da Vinci spent 12 years painting the Mona Lisa's lips. 5. Roman statues were made with detachable heads, so that one head could be removed and replaced by another. 6. English artist Andy Brown, created a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain by stitching together 1,000 used tea bags. 7. On 20th November 1929 Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali held his first one-man show in Paris, France 8. Picasso could draw before he could walk, and his first word was the Spanish word f ...
Degas.Edgar.Ballet.Rehearsal Picture of the famous artist Edgar Degas (1834-1917). Art gallery of paintings
Here's a bit of Art History for the day ~
I like the style of such painting too! I was in Toulouse, France, in 1994, when I attended a technical conference, FLUCOME '94.
Degas was my mentor's mentor's mentor ... along with Cezanne and Matisse [1900-1909].
A Great Artist that I was lucky enough to learn about in Art History!
This painting looks very similar to ours Albright-Knox Art Gallery of a woman raising her dress for a VD check. Some things never change. Toulouse was a man in his own time and sadly, ahead of his time.
"I have tried to do what is true and not ideal.” –Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
This painting makes me think of myself, the sadness I'm dealing with and having wonderful and loving friends to help me through the dark.
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This season, Christie’s New York is to put on sale a selection of masterpieces by impressionist and modern artists. The collection includes works from the Impressionist and Surrealist movements, paintings as well as sculptures. The auction will take place on 7 November 2012 in the auction house’s headquarters at the Rockefeller Center.Among the pieces on auction, works by Picasso, Monet, Alberto Giacometti, Constanti Brancusi will be found. The auction will also include Kandinsky’s major works put on sale over the last ten years. The painting Studie fur Improvisation 8 (1909) was part of the Volkart Foundation collections, where it remained for sixty years, and is now estimated between $20m and $30m.The following day an auction of works on paper by modern masters will take place, offering the famous Dancer by Edgar Degas (between 1873 and 1874) as well as watercolours by Matisse (1923).Works by Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee will also be put on sale, as well as a major work by Joan Miró titled Dra ...
"Edgar Degas purchased once A fine El Greco, which he kept Against the wall beside his bed To hang his pants on while he slept."
Giovanni Boldini (December 31, 1842 - July 11, 1931) was an Italian genre and portrait painter, belonging to the Parisian school. According to a 1933 article in Time magazine, he was known as the "Master of Swish" because of his flowing style of painting. Boldini was born in Ferrara, the son of a painter of religious subjects, and went to Florence in 1862 to study painting, meeting there the realist painters known as the Macchiaioli. Their influence is seen in Boldini's landscapes which show his spontaneous response to nature, although it is for his portraits that he became best known. He attained great success in London as a portraitist. From 1872 Boldini lived in Paris, where he became a friend of Edgar Degas. He also became the most fashionable portrait painter in Paris in the late 19th century, with a dashing style of painting which shows some Impressionist influence but which most closely resembles the work of his contemporaries John Singer Sargent and Paul Helleu. He was nominated commissioner of th ...
This piece compares two paintings, "The Skaters" by Abby Heller-Burnham and "The Blue Dancers" by Edgar Degas, as representative explorations of human innocence and experience.
Bon anniversaire, Edgar Degas! We celebrate the French artist with an album of his work, all of which will be on view for the Gallery's grand reopening on December 12.
Celebrate the birth, life and art of Edgar Degas (born 178 years ago today) with a visit to our collection of his work:
Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals - Rehearsal of the Ballet on the Stage by Edgar Degas - 24"W x 17"H Remov...
It's wonderful to be famous as long as you remain unknown. Edgar Degas
From master artist Edgar Degas: At the Theatre Woman with a Fan at
Dancer Slipping on Her Shoes By Edgar Degas Square Coasters - Set of 4: Dancer Slipping on Her Shoes by Edgar De...
Absinthe Art Poster Print by Edgar Degas, 20x27: Absinthe is digitally printed on archival photographic paper re...
Entranced by this clip of Edgar Degas walking down a Paris street, c. 1914. Via whom everybody should follow.
Extraordinary footage, albeit brief, of an almost blind Edgar Degas walking in a Paris street,1914. via
I am not interested in statistics that tell me things are not as bad as they seem. Things are horrible. Bill Cosby, 2006 July 19 Birthdays Brian May turns 65 Jared Padalecki turns 30 Samuel Colt (1814 - 1862) Edgar Degas (1834 - 1917) Anthony Edwards turns 50 Angela Griffin turns 36 Steven Anthony Lawrence turns 22 Vinessa Elizabeth Shaw turns 36 Vikki Carr turns 71 George McGovern turns 90 Vince Spadea turns 38 Vinessa Shaw turns 36 Lamarcus Aldridge turns 27 Jim Norton turns 44 Nancy Carell turns 46 Campbell Scott turns 51 Robert Gibson turns 54 Adam Morrison turns 28 Joe Mohen turns 56 July 19 In History 1983 - The first three-dimensional reconstruction of a human head in a CT is published. 1981 - French Prime Minister Mitterrand reveals Farewell Dossier to President Ronald Reagan. 1967 - The first air conditioned subway car in New York City is R-38 on the F line 1848 - The Seneca Falls Convention begins 1799 - The Rosetta Stone is found This Day in Business 1921 - The name Breyers Ice Cream was regist ...
"I ran away to Greenwich Village, where no one had been born of a mother and a father, where the people I met had sprung from their own brows..." "Rome was a poem pressed into service as a city." "We are all tourists in history, and irony is what we win in wars." Anatole Broyard, editor, critic, born this day in 1920 Also Gottfried Keller, 1819, and Edgar Degas, 1834 And happy birthday to Kathleen Turner
Degas and the Business of Art: A Cotton Office in New Orleans (Monographs on the Fine Arts): Edgar Degas's paint...
"If Vincent Van Gogh and Edgar Degas had known when they were doing their work the level of recognition that they were going to have, they would not have done them the same. You have to enjoy doing the art and not think 'will I win?'" (Sócrates Brasileiro Sampaio de Souza Vieira de Oliveira)
Visiting the Burrell Collection tomorrow. Always love seeing the Edgar Degas pieces.
Jockeys on Horseback before Distant Hills Canvas Print / Canvas Art - Artist Edgar Degas: This is a beautiful st...
Amateur Jockeys on the Course Edgar Degas CANVAS ART PRINT: Fantastic giclee CANVAS ART PRINT made with only the...
The Amateur By Edgar Degas Square Coasters - Set of 4: The Amateur by Edgar Degas on a set of 4 coasters. The su...
The Musicians in the Orchestra Edgar Degas COFFEE MUG: "High quality ceramic coffee mug made with only the highe...
The Musicians in the Orchestra Edgar Degas Poster: Fantastic giclee poster made with only the highest quality UV...
Edgar Degas The Strengthening after the Bathwater ArtPoster - 13x19 custom fit with RichAndFramous Black 13 inch...
Drawing is your understanding of form. ~ Edgar Degas
I have too many favorites to name one, but I really like a pastel study by Edgar Degas showing a woman bathing...
Prima Ballerina Classic Grace Barbie Inspired by the Art of Edgar Degas (Limited Edition 2001) - Mattel Canada I...
Ballerina by Degas 1000-Piece Puzzle: Ballerina by Edgar Degas, Jigsaw Puzzle, 1,000 pieces. Degas is recognized...
Edgar Degas Dance Class Decorative Outlet Cover: Handcrafted to the highest standards using the artistry of the ...
Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals - Dancers in the Wings by Edgar Degas - 18"H x 16"W Removable Graphic: Wa...
Lovely picture about the proud father of Idesüss G litter, with his son, Gogol...just looove them :-)
Edgar Degas and Japanese art: inspired by ukiyo-e Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times Japanese ukiyo-e inspired many artists in distant lands and Edgar Degas was one of the many international artists...
Download : Kaysha : The Sounds of the Future Written by Kaysha / Produced by Malcom / All ...
Artist, Edgar Degas born on this date in 1834
Born on June 19th: Edgar Degas and Lou Gehrig. Creativity. Courage, diligence and persistence. Not bad qualities to emulate.
Edgar Degas - Homepage. The complete works, large resolution images, ecard, rating, slideshow and more! One of the largest Edgar Degas resource on the web!
Edgar Degas quotes from an extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers.
Ann Dumas of the Royal Academy presents latest exhibition 'Degas and the ballet'. This landmark exhibition focuses on Edgar Degas's preoccupation with moveme...
Woman in Street Clothes, Portrait of Ellen Andrée by Edgar Degas.
"[A] painting is an artificial work. . . It calls for as much cunning as the commission of a crime." --Edgar Degas
Click the image to make it larger. While she's no Edgar Degas, FarmVille player Liveloula46 has made a comeback after her famous Halloween ...
Our fall registration opens tomorrow, June 1. We can't wait for the kids to get inspired by the amazing Tom Thomson and Edgar Degas!
Edgar Degas will be the second high-profile artist featured at Turlock's Carnegie Arts Center.
To all the artist and wannabe She was a Great one
Degas’ dancers were often prostitutes. Season tickets could be bought to get to know the dancers more intimately. See the man in the background? Men would commonly pay extra for front row seats to ‘get in on the action’. We view the dancer from a raised perspective, in what’s probably a very exp...
Mary Cassatt, In the Loge, 1878, oil on canvas, 81.28 x 66.04 cm / 32 x 26 inches (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) View this work up close on the Google Art Pro...
"Everyone has talent at twenty-five. The difficult thing is to have talent at fifty" -Edgar Degas.
Painting workshops for grown ups! UK Artist C J Elsip is an internationally acclaimed artist teaching these fabulous workshops the Art Workshop studios right here in Mukilteo.
An outstanding painting workshop by UK artist CJ Elsip right here in Mukilteo!
I am always amazed by the Pastels by Degas & his friend Mary Cassatt.
stumbled upon some drawings by Edgar Degas. pastels are awesome.
Degas' ballerinas will always be my favorite used to have to hanging in my dining room
Edgar Degas was born into the family of bankers of aristocratic extraction. His mother died in 1847, so the boy's father, Auguste de Gas, and grandfather, Hi...
Featuring more than 70 drawings, prints, pastels, photographs and sculptures, the exhibit allows for a broad overview of the well-known work of Edgar Degas
“People call me the painter of dancing girls. It has never occurred to them that my chief interest in dancers lies in rendering movement and painting pretty clothes.” -- Edgar Degas
I love this artist. His works seem to connect with me for reasons I can't put in words.
Edgar Degas, wouldn't be nice to be inside one of his paintings?
Light and motion...they silently dance...stealing your heart.
Just love this painting with no more word!!!
one of my mentors...even when I was 6 in ballet shoes.
Little Giant Ladders
Jockeys Giclee Print by Edgar Degas - Find the Jockeys Giclee Print by Edgar Degas or another poster, print, photograph, photo or artwork in's Galleries.
I feel as a horse must feel when the beautiful cup is given to the jockey...EDGAR DEGAS.
Cats can't paint. That much we're almost sure of.
MOVIE REVIEW: "Midnight In Paris" (2011) This film is about a man name Gil who is getting married. He and his fiancee have a little time before the wedding, so they decide to go on a vaction to Paris with the girl's parents. Every night at midnight, a cab comes to a specific corner to pick Gil up. Gil (Owen Wilson) is agog to find that it's actually history's greatest painters and writers from 1920s Paris. He had actually time traveled and realizes he loves it there better than the real world. He falls in love with Pablo Picasso's girlfriend Adrianna. In the real world, his fiancee and her parents are really mean and really critical. In the fantasy world, he meets: Pablo Picaso, T.S. Eliot, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda Fitzgerald, Gerturde Stein, Luis Bunel, Salvador Dali, Henri Matisse, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Edgar Degas and Man name a few. It's a brilliant film that had been casted perfectly. It astounishes me of well it was casted: a mix of French actors with American actors. ...
In the Tuileries - Woman with Parasol By Edgar Degas Mouse Pad: Edgar Degas painted hundreds of beautiful painti...
Lake and Mountains By Edgar Degas Round Mouse Pad: Edgar Degas is one the world's most famous artist. His abilit...
Trademark ART Edgar Degas The Rehearsal of the Ballet on Stage Canvas: Edgar Degas 'The Rehearsal of the Ballet ...
Withdrawing from the Bathtub By Edgar Degas Business Card Holder: Edgar Degas's Withdrawing from the Bathtub bus...
Ready to hang paintings on stretched canvas - Edgar Degas - 24 x 18 inches - Lowering the Curtain: Ready to hang...
Perfect Square: Degas (Spanish Edition): Edgar Degas's ballet dancers and late nudes constitute one of the peaks...
Edgar Degas: Lord of the dance: Degas was as obsessed with dancers and capturing the way they moved as Monet was...
Edgar Degas painted as radical mover in Royal Academy show - Guardian
Beginning February 21, 2010, the Dallas Museum of Art will present a landmark exhibition exploring the influential and profound relationship between photographers and painters who lived and worked along the Normandy coast in France during the mid-19th century. The Lens of Impressionism: Photography and Painting Along the Normandy Coast, 1850-1874 reveals how the convergence of social, technological and commercial forces within the region affected artistic production and dramatically transformed the course of photography, impressionism and modern painting. The exhibition will feature some 100 works, including vintage prints, paintings, pastels and watercolors, by artists and photographers including Gustave Courbet, Edgar Degas, Gustave Le Gray, and Claude Monet. Dallas Art News is the best source for art news, reviews, calendar, museums and galleries in Dallas, Fort Worth, around Texas including Dallas Museum of Art, Kimbell Art Museum, Nasher Sculpture Center, Meadows Museum, Dallas Contemporary, Amon Car ...
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