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Eddy Arnold

Richard Edward Eddy Arnold (May 15, 1918 – May 8, 2008) was an American country music singer who performed for six decades.

Jim Reeves Grand Ole Opry Marty Robbins Bob Wills Ernest Tubb Hank Williams Johnny Cash George Jones Gene Autry Bing Crosby Roy Acuff Lynn Anderson Perry Como Elvis Presley Ray Charles Constitution Hall Roy Orbison Patsy Cline

There is a cursed trinity: drunkenness, eating meat, and smoking. If it didn’t exist, human life would be completely diffe…
Rug rats hands down my favorite cartoon all time followed ed Edd and eddy then hey Arnold close up there is the angry beavers
A brief progression: before-and-after Deep Eddy Arnold Palmers last night
Now playing: What's he doin' in my world by Eddy Arnold! Click here to listen {
No rugrats. Hey Arnold. Ed edd n eddy. Pokemon. Disney movies every Saturday.. Dragon ball Z after school .. smh it really breaks my heart 💔
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Hank Cochran was born this day in 1935. Patsy Cline, Eddy Arnold, Merle Haggard and others recorded his songs.
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Hey Arnold, Ed, Edd and Eddy, Recess, Pepper Ann and Doug all up there
Now playing Make the world go away (remastered) by Eddy Arnold!
in 1918 – Eddy Arnold was born as Richard Edward Arnold in Henderson, Tennessee.
I think they're later but I really dislike SpongeBob and Hey Arnold and Ed Edd Eddy
Hey Arnold.. Catdog.. Ed Edd and eddy.. Dexters Lab.. They all have dope sounds go listen💦💦
Reaching back to Eddy Arnold and Mickey Gilley for another country classic tonight. My version of a great song. Hope you enjoy it!
on Retro Country 890: Eddy Arnold - Let's Get It While The Gettin's Good Tune in at
The very first 45 RPM single ever: "Texarkana Baby" by Eddy Arnold, 1949 on RCA Victor.
The country artist of all-time is Eddy Arnold with 90 top 10 hits (1945 to 1980), followed by George Strait (1981-2013) with 84 hits.
Kenny Chesney becomes the 15th artist with 50 top 10 country singles. Joining the likes of Eddy Arnold, George Jones, Johnny Cash & others.
My first 2 eight tracks: Eddy Arnold, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis. it was destiny 👍👊😎
Quote of the day: "Don't be afraid to fall flat on your face." Eddy Arnold
Ed, Edd n Eddy is now on there as requested and Hey Arnold! enjoy!
Hey Arnold Season 1 (season 2 coming in 10 minutes) and Ed, Edd n Eddy Season 1 now on TDB Toons!!
Another 60s classic i love and find totally relateable . Eddy Arnold . Make the world go away
I would be happy to thrift an Eddy Arnold record from the 50's.
I added a video to a playlist Loretta Lynn / Earnest Tubb / Eddy Arnold
I'm listening to Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Eddy Arnold (Holiday) on
Wish I could watch Ed Edd n Eddy, cat dog, hey Arnold, Rugrats, rocket power, Johnny bravo, fairly odd parents all day like the old days..
I want to watch Hey Arnold or ed, edd n eddy. Maybe rugrats. IDK
We'll have Arnold Schwarzenegger as Ed, Robert Downey Jr. as Double D, and Danny Devito as Eddy
Country Music Fact Today in 2000: Eddy Arnold receives a National Medal of Arts from president Bill Clinton in D.C.
This day in Country Music history Dec 20th: 2000, Eddy Arnold receives National Medal of Arts from President Clinton
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Make The World Go Away . by. Eddy Arnold. is a great song. and. anymore. if it did I could just go walk away. because I hate the way things are
which was your fav cartoon- Ed edd and eddy, rugrats, hey Arnold or recess?
Omg I was just watching Oliver and company, Rugrats, Hey Arnold and Ed Edd and Eddy. I miss being a kid 😩😓💖
Today is such a good day. My family from SF came. Arnold took me to coffee bean and 25$ to H&M, and Eddy came to my house just to hug me
lit af. Dexter's laboratory, Hey Arnold, and Edd, Ed, n Eddy. Those are just a few.
I added a video to a playlist Eddy Arnold - The First Word
Be listening for Diamond Rio plus new artist Amanda Watkins and duet with Eddy Arnold
DJ Abbott WKDfm is playing Eddy Arnold - I Want to Go with You Live, Legal and Loud Internet Radio
need to find someone who will smoke and watch Ed Edd n Eddy or Hey Arnold with me
They need to bring back courage, Ed Edd n Eddy, hey Arnold etc 😐
"I started drinking this Eddy Bauer, it has 0 calories and 0 sugar". She meant to say Arnold Palmer
iTunes Radio just sent me the St Paul Waltz. I've always liked that. Eddy Arnold spun it as Cattle Call which is...
Oh. That's "Tennessee" Ernie Ford, not Eddy Arnold. Still, take off yer hat!
As someone who was born in the 1970s, I never really got to experience the true magic of Eddy Arnold at his pe...
"You give your hand to me, and then you say hello, and I can hardly speak, my heart is beating so." –Eddy Arnold
Hey Arnold Dexter Ed Edd and Eddy were my favorite shows
Commercial Real Estate Update - Walt Arnold - April 11, 2015 by The Rock of Talk
stop it. Hey Arnold or Ed, Edd, and eddy
my favorite cartoons are Recess, King of the Hill, Hey Arnold, Ed Edd and Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Little Bill, and Doug.
Eddy Arnold - It's A Sin lyrics and translations
Eddy Arnold - Daddy's Little Boy lyrics and translations
my new Eddy Arnold vinyl holds a special place in my heart
Hey Arnold deserves a movie conclusion like Ed Edd n Eddy.
did *** me off when they took off Hey Arnold nd Ed, Edd, Eddy 😡episodes
Lot of 2 LP 33RPM Eddy Arnold A Little on the Lonely Side ~ The Kings of Swing
I added a video to a playlist CATTLE CALL-EDDY ARNOLD
Eddy Arnold - It Took A Miracle lyrics and translations
"I've got your picture that you gave to me. And it's s..".
Shiner. Tito's. Deep Eddy. St. Arnold's. All your favorite Texas brands are 1/2-priced from 4pm until close. Stop by today!
Courage the Cowardly Dog, Hey Arnold, Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy, and so many more smh
Country Music Fact: In 1967: Eddy Arnold attends a White House dinner in Washington, D.C., at the request of the president's daughter.
Eddy Arnold - There You Go lyrics and translations
Things you didn't know: The first 45 rpm disc, 'Texarkana Baby' by country & western singer Eddy Arnold, was issue…
Way to go Ram Wrestlers and Coach Simpson at districts. Best of luck at regionals. Coach Eddy
Ed Edd and eddy, wacky races, recess and hey Arnold! I miss my younger summer days, going home grabbing a drink n playing over the fields 😍
Gonna watch all the shows I watched as a kid. Hey Arnold, courage the cowardly dog, Ed Edd n eddy, samurai jack, catdog, Tom and jerry
Always Country is Eddy Arnold - Something Old, Something New, Something ... - Tune in at
Check out A Man for All Seasons by Eddy Arnold 8 Track Tape 1981 RCA via
This Day in Country Music History, July 31 1969 Elvis Presley begins a historic four-week run at Las Vegas' International Hotel in his first live show since 1961. In the audience are Liberace, Herb Alpert, *** Clark, Cary Grant, Fats Domino, Burt Bacharach, Pat Boone and Paul Anka 1964 Jim Reeves and pianist Dean Manuel die in a plane crash in Brentwood, Tennessee. Numerous locals--including Eddy Arnold, Chet Atkins and Ernest Tubb--search for three days before discovering the wreckage 1948 Country music appears on national television for the first time, with a show taped at Washington, D.C.'s Constitution Hall. Kitty Wells, Eddy Arnold and Johnny & Jack are beamed to five cities 1937 Bonnie Brown is born in Sparkman, Arkansas. She joins older siblings Maxine and Jim Ed in forming The Browns, whose million-selling crossover hit "The Three Bells" precedes their 1963 induction into the Grand Ole Opry
On this day in 2001 we lost one of the best guitarist that ever picked a guitar.. Chester Burton "Chet" Atkins (June 20, 1924 – June 30, 2001) an American guitarist, occasional vocalist and record producer who, along with Owen Bradley, created the smoother country music style known as the Nashville Sound, which expanded country's appeal to adult pop music fans as well. Atkins' signature picking style was inspired by Merle Travis. Other major guitar influences were Django Reinhardt, George Barnes, Les Paul and later Jerry Reed. His trademark picking style and musicianship brought him admirers within and outside the country scene, both in the United States and internationally. Atkins produced records for The Browns, Hank Snow, Porter Wagoner, Norma Jean, Dolly Parton, Dottie West, Perry Como, Elvis Presley, The Everly Brothers, Eddy Arnold, Don Gibson, Jim Reeves, Jerry Reed, Skeeter Davis, Waylon Jennings and many others. Among many honors, Atkins received 14 Grammy Awards as well as the Grammy Lifetime ...
Eddy Arnold sings "Smokey the Bear" for an old public service announcement. Purists will tell you that his name is "Smokey Bear" - without the "the". It was ...
Going to Harrahs Headliner Room and the Sahara Tahoe Showroom to see some amazing acts. Some of my favorites: Sammy Davis Jr, Eddy Arnold, Sonny and Cher, Elvis( large and small), Liberace, Wayne Newton, Tony Orlando and Dawn. Would go to the dinner shows mostly, with my mom and dad.
"Tennessee Stud" was written by Jimmy Driftwood and recorded by many other artist... Eddy Arnold covered the song in 1959... This is the best of all the vers...
May 15 Birthdays Amber Klarfeld turns a year older :) George Brett turns 61 Trini Lopez turns 77 Eddy Arnold (1918 - 2008) Chazz Palminteri turns 68 Emmitt Smith turns 45 Ray Lewis turns 39 James Mason (1909 - 1984) Jordan Eberle turns 24 Dan Patrick turns 58 Joseph Cotten (1905 - 1994) Alexandra Breckenridge turns 32 Ryan Leaf turns 38 Andy Murray turns 27 Jamie Lynn Sigler turns 33 Zara Phillips turns 33 Sarah Hadland turns 43 Patrice Evra turns 33 Marcus Collins turns 26 David Krumholtz turns 36 Jasper Johns turns 84 Jessica Sutta turns 32
1918, Born on this day, country music great, Eddy Arnold
Today's holidays include International Day of Families! National Chocolate Chip Day! National Pizza Party Day! Nylon Stockings Day! Police Officers Memorial Day! Straw Hat Day! Happy Birthday today to the man that sang "Make the World go Away".Eddy Arnold. Today is the anniversary of the birth of Lyman Frank Baum, who was born in 1856. Lyman Baum wrote The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
Today I worked through Johnny Mathis (excellence, just excellence), The Stranglers, Meco (Star Wars fan alert), Chubby Checker (one more "the" dance and I'll shoot myself), and Eddy Arnold (he is from Henderson, TN, as am I!) Today's birthday boy, 5/6/1945, is Bob Seger; and The song that hit number one today, 5/6/1950, Guy Lombardo, The Third Man Theme; (some great stuff here).
I'am a person who was almost beat to death as a baby,by a mother who would do any thing to get away with it.Tho I tried many times to get her aressted my family ganged up on me,telling me I should be a good Christian and love my mother by letting her get away with it.I have many marks and scars on my back left by the electic cord she must of used you can see the parallel lines it left on my back and by the number of markes it left I must of been beaten a few times.Her not getting aressted might of been helped because my great uncle was a famous country western singer Eddy Arnold and all this happening in the late 1950's.I am always looking for help about this matter?
it was written by Cindy Walker & Eddy Arnold in 1955. Covered by many but the best is by RD!
Join me tomorrow (Saturday) 9-11 A.M. for Country Classics on 91.9 FM KRVM: Hank Thompson, Eddy Arnold, Merle Travis, a rare Bob Wills radio transcription show, and more. Hot Licks and Hipbilly Favorites, on the air and online.
68 years ago with Bob Wills, Gene Autry, the early Eddy Arnold, and more.
Wake up and smell the coffee to this great Cindy Walker/Eddy Arnold tune done by Ray Charles.
Go to Live 365 to hear stars like Alan Jackson or standards like Eddy Arnold, Mister Teardrop Marty Robbins or smooth George Morgan.
Eddy Arnold's signature song and a No.1 on the Country Charts. The song is also closely associated with Slim Whitman - in our home anyway. ;-)
Classic Country Music History for Feb 21: 1926 - Donald Wesley "Don" Reno 1926-1984, singer, songwriter, and banjo player, of "Reno & Smiley" was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina. 1938 - Two days after joining the cast of the Grand Ole Opry, Roy Acuff and his band began broadcasting a morning show on WSM at 7:00 A.M. Roy and the band were also teamed with the Delmore Brothers on personal appearances. 1948 - Eddy Arnold topped the charts with "I'll Hold You In My Heart." 1948 - Little Jimmy Dickens makes his first appearance on the Grand Ole Opry, performing "John Henry" and "I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair." 1952 - Jerry Lee Lewis, age 16, married his first wife Dorothy Barton, age 17. 1953 - Hank Williams' "Kaw-Liga" b/w "Your Cheatin' Heart" went to on Billboard's country chart seven weeks after Hank died. 1957 - Buck Owens signed a recording contract with Capitol Records in Los Angeles, California. 1964 - Stonewall Jackson topped the charts with "B.J. the D.J. 1970 - Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell's ...
A lot of folks don't remember that Pee Wee King was an early Opry member, getting there before even Roy Acuff. Pee Wee was the first Opry member to be a member of the musician's union and was also the first Opry member who was actually a professional entertainer. Eddy Arnold was a member of Pee Wee's Golden West Cowboys before going out on his own and having a very successful career. Pee Wee left the Opry and moved to Louisville to work in television because he could not get the executives of WSM to see the future of television. Pee Wee was eventually elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame and we owe the "Tennessee Waltz" to him.
For the Record - 65 years ago this month, February 1, 1949 RCA Victor released the first 7 inch 45 rpm record after nine years of development followed by development of the spindle adaptor to play it. (!) The adapter didn't take long though. It's patent was filed September 1949 and granted February 12th 1952. The first commercially available 45 was Eddy Arnold's 'Texarkana Baby' b/w 'Bouquet Of Roses', a reissue of the 78 rpm from 1948. The 45 single itself was released March 31, 1949. A-side: first 45 to hit the Billboard charts was 'A-You're Adorable' by Perry Como, listed on the charts on May 7, 1949. The next week, the year's biggest hit appeared on the Billboard charts, 'Riders In The Sky (A Cowboy Legend)' by Vaughn Monroe. The singles issued by RCA initially were pressed on colored vinyl with each color designating a different genre of music. They were: cerise, or cherry red, for Rhythm & Blues ('That's All Right,' Big Boy Crudup); green for Country & Western ('Spanish Fandango,' Spade Cooley); sky ...
Came across these in my storage. I had lots of these growing up, but these and a few more are all that survived. The Ballad of Jed Clampett by Lester Flatt And Earl Scruggs. Make the World Go Away by Eddy Arnold. Leader of the Pack by The Shangri Las. I understand by Freddie and the Dreamers. Twenty Four Hours from Tulsa by Gene Pitney.
Dateline Orlando's: Super night of Bluegrass picking and singing! Great audience, terrific food and service 2nd to none. Starring: June Bug Lambert, Vic Silver Fox Watts, Adolphus Big Cat Warren, Nell The Belle Cooksey, Susie Q. Labry, Cita The Griffin, Scrub Board Mel Vining, The Fabulous George Hill, Kent Banjo Birkle, Daryl Everready Morse, Robby Mando Man Lavigne and me, Eddy Arnold. This group is seasoned veteran pickers cranked out a dizzying assortment of Bluegrass, Bluesgrass, Country, Gospel and Tonky songs! We had some old friends from the great state of Colorado drop in for a visit and were as welcome as money.Mr. Daryl Frost, his wife Lin Frost and daughter Annie. They treated us to some fine family trio numbers, Annie also wowed with a fiddle rendition of " I Don't Love Nobody". Great Job Annie. Guests included but not limited to: Stand by Her Man Marie Watts, Ed Grudgematch Schneider, Dave and Beth Brewster, Mayor Gitz, Cathy Lavigne, Don Lavigne and a group from his church. Thanks Don fo .. ...
Great Jam at Orlando's tonight. As always great food and service and terrific music!! Starring: Vic Watts, Adolphus Warren, Nell Cooksey, Rex "Ritter" Henderson, Cita "Maybelle" Griffin, Susie Q. Labry, Kent Birkle, Art Graziano, The Fabulous George Hill, Mel Vining, Robby Lavigne, and Eddy Arnold. Guest Fiddler Fallon Lavigne did a wonderful job on the fiddle tune "Red Wing"! Tiny guest vocalist Ellie Lavigne churned out a might fine "You are my Sunshine". Long lost friends Barbie, Frank and daughters, and Patrick were in attendance. Dale Lavigne and Stacy Smither, Mr. And Mrs. Jimmy Larpenter. Newly minted movie star Edward Schneider was cheering us on. Van and Cindy Pritchard graced us with their presence. We are so glad to have all the guests hootin and hollering and enjoying the music. See y'all same time next week.if the Lord's willing and the Creek don't rise!! I did it again!!'. I left a couple of guests off the list. Ms. Debra Willouby, Art's guardian and all around good people. I also ...
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WELL, if you said that these were all albums that contained Christmas Songs by Johnny Cash, Gene Autry, Bobby Helms, Brenda Lee, Ernest Tubb, Jim Reeves, Roy Orbison, Eddy Arnold, Bing Crosby & TROY HESS; well then you get an A+!!! Thank you to all the " bootleggers" in the world!
This Day in Music History December 04: ON THIS DAY, December 04th: 1927 - Duke Ellington, with his new, larger big band, opened Harlem's legendary Cotton Club in New York City. He continued to perform there for the next five years. 1928 - Walter Donaldson & Gus Kahn's musical "Whoopee" premieres in NYC. 1933 - The original Broadway production of the play "Tobacco Road," starring Henry Hull, Dean Jagger, Ruth Hunter, Margaret Wycherly, Sam Byrd, and Maude Odell, opened at New York's Theatre Masque for 3,182 performances. The play was banned in major cities such as Chicago and Detroit for being sensational and immoral. 1944 - Eddy Arnold recorded four songs, including "Cattle Call," at his first recording session in Nashville at the WSM Radio studios. 1953 - Tony Bennett recorded "There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight" at CBS 30th Street Studio in New York City. 1954 - Billboard magazine reported that the New York Supreme Court had denied radio disc jockey Alan Freed any further use of the nickname "Moondog." F ...
This Day in Music History November 28: ON THIS DAY, November 28th: 1907 - Boston scrap-metal dealer Louis B. Mayer purchased a small rundown movie theater in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Within a few years, he owned the largest theater chain in New England and began distributing films. In 1917, he started his own production company, which, through a series of mergers, became Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). 1925 - The "WSM Barn Dance" (later re-named the Grand Ole Opry) made its radio debut on station WSM in Nashville. The first artist to perform on the show was fiddler Uncle Jimmy Thompson. 1938 - Bob Wills recorded ten songs, including his classic version of "San Antonio Rose" in Dallas. 1941 - Singer/songwriter Eddy Arnold married Sally Gayhart. They had two children and remained together until her death in March 2008. He died two months later. 1942 - Fire destroyed the Coconut Grove nightclub in Boston. It was the deadliest nightclub fire in United States history, killing 492 people and injuring hundreds more ...
November 17th: On this Day in Music History 1938; Born on this day, Gordon Lightfoot, is a Canadian singer-songwriter who achieved international success in folk, folk-rock, and country music, and has been credited for helping define the folk-pop sound of the 1960s and 1970s. He has been referred to as Canada's greatest songwriter and internationally as a folk-rock legend. 1945: Opry House Matinee premiered on the Mutual Radio Network with hosts Eddy Arnold and Ernest Tubb. 1946: Born on this day, Martin Lancelot Barre is an English rock musician. Best known as the guitarist for rock band Jethro Tull. He has appeared on every Jethro Tull album except their debut This Was (1968). His sound has been marked by a blend of Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton style blues with the baroque complexities of early 1970s progressive rock and traditional European folk music sounds. Barre has stated in interviews that guitarist Leslie West from American rock band Mountain was a direct influence on his playing. 1957: Gene Vincent ...
My new sounds: The Commercial Real Estate Hour Nov 16, 2013 - Walt Arnold on
Can we please have Henry, Eddy, Jose, Arnold, and Billy come out once in a while in the videos?.
Well! Good happy Thursday to all my guys and gals! Just like that old Jimmie Davis song goes, Oh What A Happy day! I'm real happy! I went out this morning with dad and my cousin Nirosh to a hotel here in Montalvania, Sri Lanka and had lots of fun! I had a hot cappuccino which I love, then I ate a big hot dog with tomatos and lettuce and some fries! Oh they were all so yummy to your tummy! Loved it all! Felt a little sick when I came back home, felt too full as I ate like a pig! ha ha! Well I heard from my wonderful seller last night SL time and hopefully if all goes well, he will mail out my Eddy Arnold order and a fantastic Faron Young album which I am so excited about! I am thoroughly enjoying my Jimmie Davis and Floyd Cramer albums, gosh I can't thank my seller enough for them. I told the lady at the Montalvania hotel that I will be returning to Canada in a few months and I am really excited! More than delighted! Canada at least I won't be so bored and isolated as here, I dont' have many friends at all ...
You Don't Know Me: Rediscovering Eddy Arnold has been on AMA Radio Top 40 chart for 9 weeks! Some limited edition vinyl is still for sale!
I added a video to a playlist EDDY ARNOLD - RELEASE ME
No worries,ALL OK=TY 4 the focus on Eddy Arnold+his wonderful legacy.I know Ur heart is in the right place as is mine~bless:)
"& it took his final trip 2 the Promised Land, Eddy Arnold - Casey Jones." Retirement Engineer you're on track.
I just used to discover Yesterday When I Was Young Eddy Arnold
I dedicate this song to my mother. Eddy Arnold is her favorite singer. I'm headed to the hospital to say...
Just played: turn the world around the other way - eddy arnold
Eddy Arnold is now added to our male artists page:.
I have never BSed a paper so hard in my life. I don't even know what the prompt is asking. At least I have Eddy Arnold!
Had a great time at Luckenbach today. Played a 'set', for the first time in a year. Went well. I was delayed 45 min due to a technical prob with the P.A., so I only did maybe 35-40 min., or it only seemed. It was an eclectic set, though. Here were the songs: For A Rocker, and Redneck Friend, by Jackson Browne. Roll Out the Barrel, by The Mills Brothers, She Bangs, by Ricky Martin, Makin It, by David Naughton, Goodbye to You, by Patty Smythe and Scandal, Just a Little Lovin, by Eddy Arnold, Friend of the Devil, by Grateful Dead, I'd Like to Make it with You, by Bread, She Believes in Me, by Kenny Rogers. And to top it all off, the standard, Peace in the Valley, and for my last song, an a Capella version of Apple Blossom Time.
Bebe Buell : Bebe performing on Sirius XM-Outlaw Country - Bebe will be singing live Friday Sep. 20th, at 12:30pm EST, on the Outlaw Country program on Sirius XM radio, in support of the Eddy Arnold tribute album "You Don't Know: Remembering Eddy Arnold" on Plowboy Records and as part of the Americana Music celebration in Nashville. She will be interviewed and perform her track, "Hold []
There's a Slim Whitman AND an Eddy Arnold in the free bin outside of Tres Gatos right now, and they're going home with me if they're still there by the end of the night!
Mary Gauthier at Quonset Hut for You Don't Know Me: Rediscovering Eddy Arnold. Out in May-Can u name others in pic? htt…
My late friend, the beautiful Martha Carson, with Tex Ritter and Eddy Arnold.
Florida Georgia Line breaks the record for No. 1 on the Country Chart previously held by Webb Pierce, Hank Snow, Eddy Arnold. sad
Tune in for Eddy Arnold tribute @ 9P E/P (7P C with Chet Atkins Harold Bradley & Randy Owen!
Looking forward to tunes from Keith Whitley, Merle Haggard, Eddy Arnold & Tammy Wynette this weekend on The Country Oldies Show!
Allison Krauss &Jamey Johnson are singing an Eddy Arnold song! Awesome!
Old Pinson School music on the ground, in the history room. Fri, night, 6/7/2013. Ed Young posing by the painting of his famous relative, Eddy Arnold. Ed like many of us, he ether went to The Old Pinson School, had relatives that went there, had relatives that taught there or all of the before mentioned. Hope there can be many more events planned on the old school ground. We have a wonderful community here and most of us are so proud to live here or be from here. Maybe we should come together and celebrate our little hometown more often.
Sights & Scenes from the Heydey of Texarkana, set to the music of Eddy Arnold's "Texarkana Baby". For more great music such as this, tune into our 24 hour in...
Heard this hour... Diana Ross & The Supremes, The Monkees, Beatles, Eddy Arnold and Lord Rockingham's XI. Hear more at
Classic Country Music History for May 24: 1945 - Priscilla Ann Beaulieu, wife of Elvis Presley, was born in Brooklyn, New York. 1947 - Mike Reid is born in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. A first-round NFL draft pick in 1970, he nabs a country hit 20 years later with "Walk On Faith," although he earns more success as a songwriter on "Inside," "He Talks To Me," "In This Life" and others 1947 - Eddy Arnold's recording "What is Life Without Love" was Billboard magazine's record. 1951 - Lefty Frizzell recorded “Always Late (With Your Kisses)" for Columbia Records. Later in the year the record charted, and became Lefty's 4th hit. 1955 - Rosanne Cash singer, songwriter, and author was born to Johnny Cash and Vivian Liberto Cash, in Memphis, Tennessee. Rosanne’s parents were divorced when she was eleven years old. 1961 - Buck Owens recorded “Under The Influence Of Love" b/w "Nobody’s Fool But Yours." 1964 - Kenneth Ray Rogers Jr. was born to Kenny and Margo Rogers. This is Kenny’s second child, and first son ...
Working hard and listening to great music: Listening to "Music that matters to" Johnny Cash (Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, Eddy Arnold, Red Foley, ...). Lynn O'Brien is on stack.
Happy birthday to all born on May 15th, today. Here is a little of what happened and who you share your birthday with. 1776 –the Virginia Convention instructs its Continental Congress delegation to propose a resolution of independence from Great Britain, paving the way for the United States Declaration of Independence. 1928 – Mickey Mouse premieres in his first cartoon, Plane Crazy 1940 – McDonald's opens its first restaurant in San Bernardino, California. 1972 – In Laurel, Maryland, Arthur Bremer shoots and paralyzes Alabama Governor George Wallace while he is campaigning to become President. Emmitt Smith 44-Dallas Cowboys running back who had 18,355 yards rushing, an NFL record. John Smoltz-46 Former Atlanta Brave pitcher L. Frank Baum-Author of several popular children's books, most notably The Wizard of Oz 1856 Eddy Arnold-1918 Country singer who rose to stardom on the Grand Ole Opry.
1918...Classic Country singer Eddy Arnold is born in Henderson, Tennessee. He had his own style...back when that mattered in country music.
Who remembers the shows CatDog, Arnold, Rugrats, and Ed Edd & Eddy?
Eddie Fisher recorded this in 1951. A hit record in 1952. Fisher also covered another Eddy Arnold hit from 1948, "Just a little lovin" in 1952
Rocket Power. Hey Arnold. Cat Dog. The Wild Thornberries. Ed Edd n Eddy. Spongebob. Were my cartoons back in the day
I liked a video from Eddy Arnold Anytime Cover Lewis Burleson
Man my friends ruined my childhood by telling me the real story behind Spongebob, rugrats, hey Arnold , and Ed Edd and Eddy. all y'all suck!
No way, Jose! Hey Arnold is a classic but it doesn't touch Ed, Edd n Eddy
The opening of "My Own Private Idaho," set to Eddy Arnold's song Cattle Call and directed by Gus Van Sant.
Great preview of Plowboy Records, LLC upcoming release that we we're lucky enough to film the recording of.
OMG! I've seen some of them. The Hey Arnold one was disgusting and the Ed, Edd and Eddy one was scary..Really scary -.-
It's a trip back in time to those days in your daddy's pickup truck, with the George Jones, and Waylon Jennings 8-tracks playing; or to the times in your grandmother's kitchen, drinking an RC, eating too many Smarties, Mary Janes, or Tootsie Rolls, with Eddy Arnold or Kitty Wells in the background.…
Also all the "oldies" like The Power Puff Girls, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, and Hey Arnold.
oh and look up Eddy Arnold if you don't know who I'm talking sbout
You can listen to all of the new Eddy Arnold tribute album "You Don't Know Me" before everyone else right here ::
Tennessee Stud - Eddy Arnold - I just used Shazam to discover Tennessee Stud by Eddy Arnold.
Eddy Arnold - BiographyEddy Arnold moved hillbilly music to the city, creating a sleek sound that...
Make The World Go Away by GARYBUSHWACKER in the style of Eddy Arnold S...: via
😑 uhm no I didn't like that show I'm talking about cat and dog the rugrats Eliza Thornberry Hey Arnold Ed Edd & Eddy Dixter
Eddy Arnold you touch my soul with your music
Yes You May: preview new releases out this month feat: covering Eddy Arnold + more
Wat happened to Rocket Power.Ed Edd N Eddy.Hey Arnold.Johnny Bravo... all the good cartoons?!!
I miss the cartoons from back in the day. Rugrats, looneytunes, hey arnold, doug, ed edd n eddy, arthur. Idk wth this is kids watch today.
Join us this week for some all-time favorites from Skeeter Davis, Eddy Arnold, Don Gibson & Michael M. Murphy!
Good Morning FB Friends!! As I sit here, with cued up ,I am waiting for the "LIVE" video stream to begin to watch his funeral, I was looking back over his career. What a life this man had. As I researched him, I discovered a page that LISTS all the Country greats that have now gone on.I was shocked to see SO many there. I wanted to share it with you all and ask you,WERE any of these YOUR favorites? There are SO many! Well hope you guys can tune in if you can,on such a sad day. God Bless & Take care.Herb List of Artists that have gone home: - Roy Acuff - David "Stringbean" Akeman - Rex Allen - Eddy Arnold - Chet Atkins - Bobby Austin - Gene Autry - Hoyt Axton - Molly Bee - Johnny Bond - Albert Brumley - Jethro Burns - Carl Butler - Pearl Butler - Archie Campbell - Henson Cargill - Johnny Cash - June Carter Cash - Ray Charles - Vassar Clements - Patsy Cline - Cowboy Copas - Skeeter Davis - Alton Delmore - Rabon Delmore - John Denver - "Big Al" Downing - Roy Drusky - Dave Dudley - J ...
All the guests hang out on couches and sing to each other. Merle does "Footlights", GJ and Lorrie Morgan do Eddy Arnold.
Lynn Anderson - with Eddy Arnold: via really love the duet Help Me Make it Through the Night
Lynn Anderson - with Eddy Arnold: via look what I found, LOVE LOVE LOVE how cool is EddyArnold
David Allan Coe, Eddy Arnold, Blue Öyster Cult, and More Coming soon from !
Classic Country Music History for Mar 10th : 1920 - Kenneth "Jethro" Burns 1920-1989, mandolinist of 'Homer & Jethro' was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. 1933 - Walter "Ralph" Emery, disc jockey, recording artist, TV Talk Show Host, and country music's best friend, was born in McEwen, Tennessee. Inducted into the CMDJHF in 1989 and the CMHF in 2007. 1946 - Charles Austin Miles 1868-1946, Gospel Music songwriter died at the age of 82. Charles wrote one of the all time favorite Gospel songs "In The Garden." Mr. Miles was laid to rest in Hillcrest Memorial Park, Hurffville, New Jersey. 1949 - Eddy Arnold 's "Don't Rob another Man's Castle" topped the charts. 1956 - RCA Records placed a half page ad in Billboard Magazine claiming that Elvis Presley was 'the new singing rage.' 1957 - Johnny Cash's "There You Go" topped the country charts. 1958 - Columbia Records released Marty Robbins single "Stairway of Love" b/w "Just Married." Just Married went to and Stairway topped out at Just Married was recorded in New Yo ...
Been thinking all afternoon about this... a top country radio station DJ was singing the praises of Patsy Cline and he was right about the fact in 50 years we still will be listening to her and he was somewhat questioning who now would we be listening to 50 years later... the classic PURE vocalist always will be remembered... Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves, Eddy Arnold... it wont be Taylor, It wont be manufactured... the ones that stay 50 years, 100 years, lifetimes... are the real voices and unfortunately for some it takes generations after for that certain respect. Love ya Kathie Baillie... I know today who will be listened to in 50 years. I know.
(March 3rd) ***Today in Country Music History*** 2012 NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. makes a surprise appearance at Brad Paisley's concert at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky, singing "Alcohol" at the show's close with Paisley, The Band Perry and Scotty McCreery 2010 Groundbreaking is held in Savannah, Tennessee, for the Darryl Worley Cancer Treatment Center 2009 Rounder releases Bela Fleck's album "Throw Down Your Heart, Tales From the Acoustic Planet, Vol. 3: The Africa Sessions" 2008 Eddy Arnold undergoes hip-replacement surgery at a Nashville-area hospital 2008 Travis Tritt is forced to cancel an appearance at the Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City. Marty Stuart and Connie Smith perform in his stead 2005 Tanya Tucker is issued a restraining order against her ex-fiance, "Down On The Farm" songwriter Jerry Laseter, in Wilson County, Tennessee. She claims he has given her a black eye in an ongoing harassment. He denies any domestic abuse 2005 Blake Shelton's "Goodbye Time" video and Dierks Bent ...
Felice and Boudleaux Bryant inShare In the spring of 1945, 19-year-old Matilda Genevieve Scaduto was working as an elevator operator at the Schroeder Hotel in Milwaukee. One afternoon, she struck up a conversation with one of the guests, a musician from Georgia with the poetic name of Diadorius Boudleaux Bryant. Five days later, Matilda and Boudleaux ran off together and one of the great songwriting partnerships was born. Over the next 30 years, the couple would write nearly 6,000 songs together, selling over 200 million records with artists such as Roy Orbison, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Buddy Holly, Eddy Arnold, Bobbie Gentry, Gram Parsons, Simon & Garfunkel and most memorably, the Everly Brothers. The Bryants’ list of classics includes “Bye Bye Love,” “All I Have to Do Is Dream,” “Wake Up Little Susie,” “Love Hurts” and “Rocky Top.” Felice (which was Boudleaux’s pet name for his wife) believed that the couple’s meeting was fate. “I had dreamed of Boudleaux when I was 8 years ...
Coming up after 11: Hank Williams, Eddy Arnold, Vernon Dalhart, Merle Travis, Spade Cooley, Bob Wills and MANY MORE OLDIES. Also some Cash
Some of you will recognize the above title from a western song of the mid-thirties. It has been made popular by Roy Rogers, Kate Smith, Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters, Ella Fitzgerald, Gene Autry, Eddy Arnold, Willie Nelson and others.
Posted a new photo: "Pee Wee King, Minnie Pearl and Eddy Arnold."
As a member of Hank Williams’ Drifting Cowboys, Don Helms achieved legendary status as one of the most important sidemen in country music. The sound of Helms’ precise yet bluesy steel guitar on “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” “Cold, Cold Heart,” “I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still in Love with You)” and numerous other Hank Williams hits helped usher in a honky-tonk sound that would define country music for years to come. Using a high E6 tuning, Helms’ direct, hard-edged playing perfectly complemented Williams’ stark lyrics and simple chord changes. The licks resonated sharply from his 1949 Fender Pro amplifier creating a distinct “Helms sound” that elevated him and Williams to the status of other great instrumentalist-singer duos like Bashful Brother Oswald and Roy Acuff, and Little Roy Wiggins and Eddy Arnold. In addition to playing on numerous Hank Williams cuts and on Ray Price’s early 1950s hits, Helms’ session credits include classic recordings such as Lefty Frizzell’s “Long B ...
I Love You Because Jim Reeves Did Jim Reeves have best voice ever? Perhaps Marty Robbins or Eddy Arnold?
Eddy Arnold, The Last Word in Lonesome is Me. Or ask Paul to buy you Terry Bradshaw, The Last Word in Lonesome is Me.
NEWLY updated Top 10 Christmas song list to reflect Martin Short's tour-de force performance as Jack Frost in Santa Claus 3. 1) "Oh Holy Night" - Nat King Cole - This is the dear savior I prefer to see when I think of God's son. 2) "Star of Wonder" - Instead of just putting her stamp on seasoned holiday classics (even though there is nothing wrong with that) Tori re-imagines and reconstructs them on her seasonal offering "Midwinter Graces". This is my favorite, but there is a treasure-trove of cool stuff on it, IF you love and Christmas. 3) "Little Drummer Boy" - Emmylou Harris - My favorite version of one of my favorite tunes. 4) "Holly Jolly Christmas" - Burl Ives - Tough to take Burl seriously as a bad guy in Desire Under the Elms after his turn as the singing snowman. 5) "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" - Between the two of you, I'd take the seasick crocodile. 6) "Up on the Housetop" - Eddy Arnold - All the innocence of a simpler time, back when each child was happy with one toy. 7) "What Child is This ...
Gene Autry and Eddy Arnold...I was born in the wrong era.
*November 17, 1945 - Opry House Matinee, hosted by Eddy Arnold and Ernest Tubb, debuted on the Mutual Radio Network.
Started listening to my Christmas cds today.Starting off slow and working my way to all time favorites.My top Christmas ones areElvis,Beach Boys,Chet Atkins,Ventures,Rod Stewart,Eddy Arnold,and Liona Boyd.
Where's Eddy Arnold when you need him" ( okay, I know he's dead) But face it, whether you like it or not, Bronco Bama's back in the saddle again.
Chalk it up to old age but as I see it the CMA award show ain't country anymore. What they sing is some kind of hybird of the real thing. I long for the days of Hank Williams, Roy Acuff, Webb Pierce, Kitty Wells and Eddy Arnold. That was when country music was country.
Guess I am just old but I miss the likes of Eddy Arnold, Jim Reeves, Tammy Wynette, George Morgan and all those great voices! Just saying.
Eddy Arnold, music publisher Jim Denny, Grand Ole Opry founder George D. Hay and Uncle Dave Macon are inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame on October 22, 1966...
I had Pandora website on last night,had Eddy Arnold,Patsy Cline,Charlie Pride,Jim Reeves, and Marty Robbins .Young people, that is REAL country music. Thanks Ryan.
I just used to tag Cattle Call by Eddy Arnold.
the old cartoons. like rocket power, hey Arnold, rugrats, courage the cowardly dos, ed edd and eddy.
We had a very special afternoon of music food and fellowship for our very special friend Joe Gitz. Thanks to musicans Vic Watts, Tommy and Annette Moran, Eddy Arnold and June Lambert for the loan of their talent for the benefit of a good friend.
In honor of my dad's birthday yesterday, his favorite song:
Married 66 years, died a mere 2 months after his ol' lady did..He wern't kiddin' when he crooned these tunes. I liken it to findin' out Haggard really did turn 21 in prison.
Here's The Answer (1961) Skeeter Davis with the answer song to Eddy Arnold's hit 'I Really Don't Want To Know'. The song was written by Don Robertson and ...
A Heart Full Of Love (For A Handful Of Kisses) by SimplyRhonda in the style of Eddy Arnold with myself...yep
Thanks to Fallout: New Vegas i am unable to get Eddy Arnold's: Its a Sin out of my head. Looks like the only way to fix this is to get another fallout song stuck in my head lol
I miss when tv was good, Phil of the future, Even Stevens, Hey Arnold, That's so Raven, Ed Edd And Eddy.
If you never watched "Rugrats, Tom and Jerry, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, and Hey Arnold", your not a 90's kid .
…Louisiana governor Jimmie Davis. Having successfully managed top country star Eddy Arnold, he was now working with the new number- one…
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From "Eddy Arnold" to "Runaround Sue". We had a ball with the "Class of "62" !!! Thanks to the Class of "62" for allowing us to be a part of your 50 year reunion. We enjoyed ourselves !! Thanks so much !! "The Rockin' 60's Band"
Ed, Edd, and Eddy & hey Arnold & Chalk Zone this was a hard question lol
Tennessee Stud (eddy Arnold) love it! Never was a horse like the Tennessee Stud love the oldies
Jimmy Dickens- Sleepin at the Foot of the Bed, McGuire Sisters- May You Always, Marty Robbins- Singin the Blues, Eddy Arnold- KentuckianSong
This classic country ballad has been recorded a handful of times in the last 50 years, but it's Eddy Arnold's 1965 rendition that received the most critical
Yodeling is a lost art. My dad is the last guy I heard yodel in person. Never acquired the skill myself (after a coupla glasses of wine, Mary is sure she can do it.) I remember pop singing this one--in fact, it's one of the first songs I reember him singing. Note the lady enthralled on Eddy's right shoulder. The old ladies in church loved to sit behind dad and look at him like this as he sang. Sweet song.
'What's on the menu for tonight??" Our World Famous 'Frozen Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka' Arnold Palmers!...
"Make The World Go Away" (1965), by the great Eddy Arnold (1918-2008). This song is a true American classic!
I realy wanna watch Ed, Edd, & Eddy &&&Hey Arnold right now. Those used to be my fvce showsss
Listen to Eddy Arnold on Jango Radio. Jango is personalized internet radio that helps you find new music based on what you already like. Unlimited listening, fewer ads.
Singer-Songwriter Joe South Dies at Age 72 Singer-songwriter Joe South, who wrote Lynn Anderson's pop crossover hit "Rose Garden," died Wednesday morning (Sept. 5) in Atlanta at age 72. Released in 1970, "Rose Garden" spent five weeks at the top of the country chart and became Anderson's signature song. As a solo artist, South is best known for his 1969 pop hit "Games People Play," which received Grammys for best contemporary song and song of the year. Born in Atlanta, he joined steel guitarist Pete Drake's band in the late '50s. He worked as a studio guitarist in Nashville and Muscle Shoals, Ala., playing on Bob Dylan's classic Blonde on Blonde album and other sessions for artists ranging from Marty Robbins and Eddy Arnold to Aretha Franklin and Solomon Burke. One of his songs, "Hush," was recorded by Billy Joe Royal and later covered by Deep Purple. The British rock band's version became their first Top 10 hit. South also wrote other hits for Royal, including "Down in the Boondocks" and "I Knew You When ...
Just can't help it, Eddy Arnold was so cool and smooth before anyone else except maybe Perry Como.
Oh I ever smiling! I put in Engelbert Humperdinck in Pandora...and it's also played Tom Jones, Andy Williams, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Eddy Arnold, Tony Bennett...all the singers my Mom and Daddy loved. What a trip down memory lane...this is great!
Well just finished 40 min walk at Physcians Park in Grand Blanc with some Eddy Arnold on the cd player what a great night to walk and listen to some of my dads favorite music miss him a lot but tonight it was great just thinking and walking!!
Bill Anderson, singer who is still a major songwriter of new hits Liz Anderson, as famous for her songwriting as her singing Lynn Anderson, a California blonde who became a top country star in the 1970s Deborah Allen, a popular 80s Country/Pop vocalist Eddy Arnold, the all-time hit leader by Joel Whitburn's point system Moe Bandy, one of the greatest singers of the 1970s with hits galore. The Browns, brother-sister trio who hit No. 1 Glen Campbell, brought a whole new audience to Country Music with his TV show, co-starred with John Wayne in movie "True Grit," won many awards, top Country Music hitmaker and pop crossover icon. He popularized "The Nashville Sound."
"Fraulein" is a 1957 single by Bobby Helms. "Fraulein" was Bobby Helms debut single on the U.S. country chart, reaching for four weeks and staying on chart for 52 weeks, the second longest song in country music history to spend over 50 weeks on the country singles chart after Eddy Arnold's "Bouquet of Roses" which spent 54 weeks on the chart in 1948-1949. The song's popularity crossed over to the pop chart where "Fraulein" peaked at
Would like to go to Ohio State Fair again-have gone many times, but too much walking now. Started going when Mary Alice & Dirk were young. Have pix of Governor Jim Rhodes, Dirk & me. One year, saw Eddy Arnold there twice & both Dirk & Corky liked his opener, Roy Clark, more. Enjoyed fair with Sissy & Joy once. Saw Maria Von Trapp there with Phil Donahue & later in Stowe, Vt. Last time we went, I drove Neil & Coy to meet Carl and we spent 2 days at the Fair & 2 nights at a nearby hotel. Neil & Coy loved the pool. Saw Bob Hope & many others at the fair & Neil & I had front row seats for the Oak Ridge Boys, one of our many times to see them.
Reached Adult Contemporary, on the Country Singles chart and on the Pop Singles chart all in 1967.
One of the saddest songs ever recorded
This is a fun song about marring the wrong woman. Be sure to listen to the answer to this song. It is Seven Years With The Wrong Man by Zora Layman. She is n...
In 1943, he struck out on his own with his own radio program on WSM. Soon he had a recording contract in his own right and a regular hosting spot on the Gran...
Exactly. There has been pop country since Eddy Arnold and Jim Reeves, who were actually good. We also had Hank and Ernest Tubb then
This song was written by Don Robertson and Hal Blair. Recorded by Eddy Arnold.
An old Eddy Arnold song from 1962 sung by Marty.
Eddy Arnold - Make The World Go Away Lyrics: Make the world go away And get it off my shoulder Say the things you used to say And make the world go away. Do ...
"...My life has been a poor attempt to imitate the man. I'm just a living legacy to the Leader of the Band..." I love & miss you Dad. Rest assured I think of you every time I see a mockingbird performing its antics, eat the first strawberry out of the batch, look at the stars, hear a cardinal singing, pop a piece of turkey skin in my mouth when I'm carving it, hear Eddy Arnold's mellow croon, or the strains of "Dixie" floating in the air... 31 years ago today & I still miss you.
"Make the World Go Away'" is a country-popular music song composed by Hank Cochran. It has become a Top 40 popular success three times: for Timi Yuro (during 1963), for Eddy Arnold (1965), and for the brother-sister duo Donny and Marie Osmond (1975). The original version of the song was recorded by Ray Price during 1963.
Eddy Arnold Social Security Show - PSAs from the social security administration with music entertainment from Eddy Arnold.
Hope u like this... am sure you will.
I want to share a story especially the vets. I do an old radio program thing at the VA nursing home and several nursing homes in the area. I usually play some music from the date of the old programs, pass on some of the news of that day etc. At the close of one program I played Eddy Arnold singing Cattle Call and Frankie Laine singing That My Desire. Both of these sons charted in 1947. I also played a Amos and Andy radio program about the election, which was a riot. One Vet name Matt asked for a copy of the Amos and Andy tape so I told him I would make one for him. gave I told him I played the songs because both E. Arnold and F. Laine were 90 years old when they sang the versions I had. So I told them age is just a number and you can do neat things as long as you are alive. Now the real reason for the story. Matt was a double amputee from the Desert Storm era. When I returned with the tape he told me he has to have treatments every six months and the only place he can get them is in Wichita. He lives in F ...
I listened to a three person country band at the library tonight.good music, old memories. Behind Closed Doors by Charley Rich was one of Jim's favorites and they played it. One person had been the lead backup for Eddy Arnold for 10 years..such talent in the community. There was a 12 year old boy sitting in front of me requesting all the old tunes.he knew the songs and the entertainers...amazing.
This is my favorite song of all time. Or maybe second only to the greatest country song ever written.
It is a victory for residents fighting against a new development on land once owned by a country legend. The grandson of Eddy Arnold wants to build 56 *** ..
My Father loved Eddy Arnold, so it was only fitting to put this together!
Playing a show in Brentwood, TN at 7:00 PM today at Eddy Arnold Amphitheatre
This is the very 1st 45 ever released, March 1949, believe it or not! Records were color coded for easy recognition, Green - Country & Western Popular- Black...
Pre-1955 Artist voting and results: Glenn Miller defeated Eddy Arnold and moves to the final four. Last day to vote on Bing Crosby vs. the Mills Brothers. First day to vote on Bob Wills vs. Glenn Miller. Which two artists should be in the championship?
Eddy Arnold, the smooth crooner of such classics as "Make The World Go Away" and "What's He Doing In My World," is the epitome of county-politan sophisticati...
Garth was your big winner yesterday. TODAY: Going old-time classic with Eddy Arnold vs. Jim Reeves. Who wins?
It's Oldies night at Patio again! Come in a enjoy the music of the past, Elvis, Marty Robbins, Jim Reeves, Hank Williams, Slim Whitman, Eddy Arnold, and then I through in some Chris LeDoux... cause it's Patio and I had to :) I have fond memories of sitting at my Grandparents house and listening to this music! I'll through in a free small shake for anyone that can guess my favorite song from this list, and I'll even give you a hint, it's by Eddie Arnold. and Mom you can't guess it :)
pop country goes back to Eddy Arnold and Jim Reeves. What I don't like is that pop country is the only form of country heard.
cont,orJim Reeves,Eddy Arnold,or that Dean Martin, Elvis, even Roy Orbison recorded lots of country songs,Ronnie Milsap,Don Williams,still R
A cover of You Don't Know Me by Eddy Arnold and Cindy Walker
Cowboy. The Number 1 hit in 1976 by Eddy Arnold. In 1976 Eddy Arnold returned to RCA to release his comeback recording. It was named "Country Music Countdown...
*kid born in 1999* "90'S BABYY OVA HURR" do you even know what ed,edd, and eddy is? Or hey arnold? Didn't think so. Sit tf down. Disgrace
A tribute to music legend Eddy Arnold who died on the 8th of May. The music is one of my favourite performances by Eddy, Crying In The Chapel. RIP.
Crazy night at the crockett park concert!!! @ Eddy Arnold Ampitheatre
(Eddy Arnold - What's He Doing In My World) I do not own the rights to this song but that doesn't mean I don't like it.
Here's Marty singing a medley of two Hank Williams and Eddy Arnold songs from the 60's. Marty soon replaced the late Hank Williams as the darling of the Opry...
The song was composed by Herbert "Happy" Lawson way back in 1921, and it took until 1948 until there was a popularly recorded version of it, then by Eddy Arn...
Margaret LeAnn Rimes Cibrian (born August 28, 1982) is an American country/pop singer. She is known for her rich vocals and her rise to fame as an eight-year...
This Hank Cochran-penned tune has been recorded a handful of times, but no version has achieved as much critical and commercial success as Eddy Arnold's
"The last word in lonesome is me." (Eddy Arnold 1958) "Take the L out of lover and it's over." (The Motels 1982) WORDPLAY!! That's solid.
Perhaps the most bittersweet song ever recorded. Whatever age a listener may be, no one can listen to this song without indulging in some reflection.
Does anyone know the chord progression for Glen Campbell’s a lady like you? It was also done by Eddy Arnold. ??Any... ||
From the CD Album "Pure Gold", Music & Lyrics By Bob Hilliard and Steve Edward Nelson I'm sending you a big bouquet of roses One for every time you broke my ...
Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine Oh, what a foretaste of glory divine Heir of salvation, purchase of God Born of his spirit, washed in his blood. This is my ...
Part 2 Eddy Arnold’s manager was Col. Parker they got along well. Eddy trusted the man and followed his instructions. Parker came to Nashville and saw that all of the seats at the Opry were filled every Saturday night. That was especially true when Eddy was on the show. Parker went to the Opry manager and told him if he didn’t pay Eddy a percentage of the gate for every night he was on the show, Eddy was leaving the Opry and starting his own network radio show during the same time slot the Opry was on the air. The Opry manager told Parker to get lost and not to come back. The following Saturday night Eddy Arnold stood in front of the Opry audience and cried his eyes out. He loved being on the Opry, but he thought he should do what the Col. told him, because he was making lots of money, and that’s what Eddy Arnold liked most in life. Eddy left, The Col. got him his radio show and when Parker died Eddy Arnold spoke at his funeral.
This was Eddy's first top ten country song in 11 years (when this song was released, he last reached the country top ten in 1969). "Let's Get It While The Ge...
Official Fallout: New Vegas Soundtrack: It's a Sin by Eddy Arnold. This song is going to be broadcast by Black Mountain Radio Game Release: October 19th 2010...
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Artists with Birthdays on the 24th of June were Ramblin' Tommy Scott (Georgia born singer, guitarist, in the early 40's Tommy could be heard on radio stations from Dallas to Cincinnati, in late 40's he formed "Ramblin' Tommy Scott's Hollywood Hillbilly Jamboree"), Inez Kerr (performed as Connie Hall, Kentucky born country singer, somgwriter, debuted in '57 on duet with Jimmie Skinner "We've Got Things In Common", her biggest hit was "It's Not Wrong" an answer song to "Is It Wrong For Loving You"), Jimmy Self (guitarist for Eddy Arnold, Don Gibson and Hank Locklin) and William Jacobson (singer, guitarist, keyboardist with his band "Western Skies", co-founder of Song Of The West magazine in 1988). Birthday Wishes today to Mr Jody Nix (at eight he played drums in Hoyle Nix's band, by age of 16 he was singing and fiddlin', at age of 21 he recorded with Bob Wills on For The Last Time cd, leader of The Texas Cowboys). Sharing June 25th as their birthdate were Lee Forster (NY born country western and bluegrass ...
Ok Guys and Gals how many of you can remember Dad whistling this Song around the house when we were young.
This day in CM History...1965 Eddy Arnold records "Make The World Go Away" at RCA Studio B in Nashville.
Eddy Arnold performs "You Don't Know Me" from 1956 at the Ryman Auditorium, featured on the Grand Ole Opry Vintage Classics DVD. Visit to find o...
I LOVE TO TELL THE STORY I love to tell the story of unseen things above, Of Jesus and his glory, of Jesus and his love. I love to tell the story because I k...
*Eddy Arnold turned eleven years old on May 15, 1929. His father died the same day, and shortly thereafter the bank foreclosed on the family’s farm.
In 1942, WSM sent out performers from the Opry to entertain troops stationed at various army bases as part of the "Camel Caravan." You won't see fancy buses on this tour, but you will see a group of ladies and gents who were obviously having a blast! Featuring photos of Alcyone, Eddy Arnold and a very young Minnie Pearl. The RJ Reynolds "Camel Caravan" featured Redd Stewart, Pee Wee King's Golden West Cowboys featuring Eddy Arnold, Minnie Pearl, Kay Carlisle, San Antonio Rose and Alcyone Bate's trio. Announcer for the show was Ford Rush. The troupe performed throughout the U.S. and selected dates in Panama.
Was tired of Eddy Arnold's version not being available so here. I did not paint the horse
I had a Blast from the Past this morning (actually it's probably more like a Moment In Ancient History now!) One of my patients had a CD playing Eddy Arnolds' "Cattle Call" and it took me back to our senior trip, when we rode the train into Canada and saw Harry Belafonte in concert. On the trip home some of the boys had gotten some Canadian Vodka ( I still remember the stuff looked like dark molasses). One of them got drunk, passed out, woke up and sang Eddy Arnold's "Cattle Call" (did pretty good, too!), threw up and passed out again. The conductor threatened to take our car off the train and leave us all in Canada!
Believe it or not, this song was written by Eddy Arnold and a co-writer -- Cindy something-- back in 1955. Arnold recorded it in 1956. and it hit the charts within a couple of months. It was recorded by Ray Charles in 1962 & was a number 2 hit that same year -- since then it has been recorded by virtually anyone who records music -- It was even sung by Meryl Streep in Postcards From the Edge. Another classic from 1962
Today would be the 94th Birthday of country legend Eddy Arnold, aka The TN Plowboy, Grand Ole Opry & Country Music Hall of Fame member
Birthday Wishes go out to Clover Carroll (singer, guitarist, band leader of BATR, Back At The Ranch band, his wife Rachel is lead singer and bass player, Clover is organizer of The Ranch Road Show, a traveling live western musical show). Sharing May 15th as their birthdate were Shorty Warren (singer, musician, who played bass and fiddle, bandleader of the Western Rangers, known as the "Eastern King of Western Swing", performed at the Village Barn in NYC and on the Garden State Jamboree, was backup band on recordings by Rosalie Allen), Eddy Arnold (Tenn. born singer, songwriter, tv host, actor, during his seven decades performing he would he would have 147 charted songs and sell more than 85 million records) and Dave Stogner (a Texas born singer, musician and bandleader of The Western Rhythmairs, known as the "West Coast King of Swing", elected to the Sacramento Western Swing Hall of Fame). In 1948, Eddy Arnold's double sided single "Bouquet Of Roses" and "Texarkana Baby" both charted to and Del Reeves' wo ...
Anytime" is a popular song written by Herbert "Happy" Lawson. The song was published in 1939. The song is best known in a 1952 recording by Eddie Fisher. "Anytime" has been recorded by many other artists including Eddy Arnold who reached number one on the Most Played Juke Box Folk Records in 1948.
Country Music Hall of Fame member Eddy Arnold was born on this day in 1918. SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDDY ARNOLD !
Today's Musical Celeb B-days: Eddy Arnold (Anytime, Make the World Go Away) would have been 94; Anna Maria Alberghetti (Singing star of the 1950s, also appeared in movies, on TV and on Broadway) is 76; Trini Lopez (If I Had a Hammer", "La Bamba", appeared in the movie "The Dirty Dozen") is 75; K.T. Oslin (Come Next Monday) is 70; Brian Eno (was in the band, Roxy Music) is 64, and Jonathan Richman ( The Modern Lovers, he wrote music for and performed onscreen in the movie, "There's Something About Mary") is 61 today.
Been at a rehearsal with Ken Coomer, Sylvain Sylvain, Cheetah Chrome and myself for an Eddy Arnold legacy project. The amazing Dave Roe will be on bass tomorrow when we record. . *** of a band I get to play with tomorrow. then off to The Bluefields rehearsal. Another great band with Danny Baird, Joe Blanton, and Mr. Keith Brogdon on the drums. Gettin' to play with musical hero's a bunch lately! Great day today was! Also helped the Lovely Anna Webb with some windows at Casa Webb! No finer person on the planet than Anna Webb! Amazing day!!! Y'all who are lucky enough to know Anna, know what I'm talking about. Sorry I'm all over the place. my day was "All Over The Place!"
Eddy Arnold: Pioneer of the Nashville Sound: Category: Rock music/ BiographyThe Legendary Country Artist who Sco...
In my opinion Tennessee Ernie Ford was the best gospel singer of them all...Jim Reeves, Elvis, Eddy Arnold, and Anne Murray were great too
"You Don't Know Me" was written by Cindy Walker and Eddy Arnold in 1955, and a series of singers including Arnold, Jerry Vale, and Lenny Welch recorded versi...
A 1968 number 1 Country hit for Marty, which was once again an old Eddy Arnold song. It reached number 65 on the Billboard Hot 100. Marty plays piano on this...
Welcome to my world, won't you come on in, miracles I guess still happen now and then. Step into my heart, leave your cares behind, welcome to my world, built with you in mind. Knock and the door will open, seek and you will find. Ask and you'll be given the key to this world of mine. I'll be waiting here with my arms unfurled, waiting just for you, welcome to my world.--Eddy Arnold, Jim Reeves, et. al.
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