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Eddie Veder

Eddie Vedder (born Edward Louis Severson; December 23, 1964) is an American musician and singer-songwriter who is best known for being the lead vocalist and one of three guitarists of the alternative rock band Pearl Jam.

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A marriage proposal at Pearl Jam while Eddie Veder played the guitar & sang while the guy Popped the Question 😊
When Eddie Veder said all I could think of was
chrissy_heyne : Had to rewind twice to listen to dopequeenpheebs sing Eddie Veder on
Had to rewind twice to listen to sing Eddie Veder on
There are so many options... Hey Spider-Man!, cottage cheese, hey Eddie veder, too cool sunglasses, it's Tish!...
Eddie Veder will get me thru this drive
You dresssed as Eddie Veder from 1992 for halloween?
My old High School..well...the first High School I went to and was kicked out of. San Dieguito Hi. Eddie Veder...
Fun fact :Pearl Jam produced some of their greatest hits right after Eddie Veder had a tooth pulled and was Novocained all up..
I'd have thought he might have had Eddie Veder a bit shorter, no?
I worry about the day when my Eddie Veder impression will become irrelevant
"Let's go listen to announcers listen to pj brings good luck Eddie veder !!
Eddie Veder chilling with Theo ... love it
Let's bust out in honor of Eddie Veder there, yeah? This is fun.
Don't know if you know, but Eddie Veder is at the game.
They just showed Eddie Veder at the Cubs game and I'm pretty sure he's keeping score. It's a lost art.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
some of these rookies were not born yet when Pearl Jam 10 was released. Do they know who Eddie Veder is?!
Eddie Veder has the same eyeglass prescription as Harry Carey
Did anyone in choir see Eddie Veder or Chris Cornell in Seattle?
One of my favorite Bob Marley songs performed by Eddie Veder & Beyonce
There's a guy at Wrigley Field that just keeps that Eddie Veder song from ever getting out again
Jeremy's Spoken. what a great *** album. This album is everything plus I love Eddie Veder — listening to Ten (Pearl Jam album)
why is there 2 paragraphs about Eddie Veder? He has NOTHING to do with this win.
Eddie Veder and Steve Perry this is literally 05 over again
I thought Eddie Veder was from the *** is he a Cubs fan?
meanwhile Chris Cornell and Eddie veder keep making more money.
Pittsburgh has Gerrit Cole, Chicago has Eddie Veder. What up baseball.
I'm not pleased that I share a favorite baseball team with Eddie Veder. His singing voice makes me believe in ***
One of our FAVORITE moments from the Festival. Beyonce & Eddie Veder sing 'Redemption Song".
he's just copying Eddie Veder from Pearl Jam. That's all he wore in the 90's.
that guy sounded JUST like Eddie Veder. Which was awesome.
Um...Eddie Veder is NOT the original singer of that song!!
You think you have to want. more than you need. until you have it all you won't be free. *EDDIE VEDER--SOCIETY--
Whoever I bought drinks f9r does a very good Eddie veder impersonation
In What movie did alice in chains play at a bar? (hint: eddie veder plays at that movie)?
New video. Inspired by Jack white, Neil young, Eddie veder
"Black" is always on my playlist...Eddie Veder's voice is full of raw emotion and I just get lost in it
Listening to Eddie Veder on the playlist you made me years ago, it's helping me write this short story Siany :-)
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Iconoclasts episode 2:1 Laird Hamilton and Eddie Veder. This series is usually wrought with ego maniacs or self-entitled boobs...but this one was truly awesome. Eddie...well, he's Eddie Veder... And Laird, I'm so inspired!! Not by ppl themselves but the great ideas behind them.
I can't name just one, but my top picks are Emily Haines, Florence Welch, Nate Ruess...and always Eddie Veder.
sing some slow Eddie Veder or Robert Plant "If I were a carpenter"!
"I have the shirt when I tackled Eddie Veder, that T-shirt is badass!" xd
if being attracted to Eddie Veder is wrong then I don't want to be right
There IS something nice in Zagreb today - absolutely the best street singer, Bogoviceva street. Sounds like Eddie Veder
With every question you ask yourself and possibly answer, is followed up by another series of questions. -Eddie veder
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
How is it that Si Robertson knows about Eddie Veder & Pearl Jam?!! Ceases to amaze me, those guys!
Fun fact: Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers understands every word of an Eddie Veder song.
Eddie Veder has such an amazing voice. Nothing like cleaning while listening to Pearl Jam.
I can't stitch together the words to say I'm not Eddie Veder
There goes my dream of the Eddie Veder bowl of the Chargers seahawks
I take it when Eddie Veder was a baby his mother said "Use your words" when he grunted for something...
I'm watching a new Pearl Jam video right now (on CMT no less, boom mind blow) and Eddie Veder doesn't look like a young kid anymore. And that all makes me feel old.
Can Eddie Veder sing my life? Is that a thing? Cause someone needs to make it happen.
Perez prado,elvis presley,hank snow,ozzy osbourne,eddie veder,rob haldord,jimi hendrix,glen miller together made possible the creation of one of the derivates of American Pop:Rock and Roll.
I like trying to sing like Eddie Veder.
I feel like eddie veder and woody harrelson should be friends.
i BEGGED Julie Farman (to let play our 1st shows @ the Rat. READ her on Eddie Veder:.
Men don't follow titles, they follow courage.. braveheart I know I was born and I know that I'll die, but in between is mine.. Eddie veder
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Eddie veder from Pearl Jam was an Adonis of a man \m/
If Eddie Veder could pick two queens to hang arround in his bedroom I'm sure he"d have Amy and Dawn. If life to him was just having a little fun the fertility clinics are putting out lots of illegal blinds""
Just saw Bill Maher along with Michael Moore, Sean Penn and Eddie Veder at the Blaisdell. Laughing away the last few hours of 2013! Happy New year 2014!
Spent all day recording new material. Love doing it, but if I could only figure out a better way of mastering my vocal parts. My recorded voice to me seems like a mash up of Eddie Veder and Alvin and the Chipmunks. After a weekend binge of booze and chain smoking. I wouldn't care too much, except I'm doing songs written by my friends Chris Walter and Steve Oakley. Great guys, great artists, great songs, and they deserve better representation lol!
I wish everyone could grow old as beautifully as Eddie Veder.
I'm really digging Pearl Jam's album from years ago, Vitology. I am really liking the song, "Satan's Bed." Although it has nothing to do with Satan or a bed. Like most Eddie Veder sung songs, I have no idea what the *** he is saying. Hashtags, I don't know if I'm the boxer or the bag.
Wow, Harry Shear is 70, Eddie Veder is 49, Dave Murray from Iron Maiden is 57...oh and my Sister Jen is 26.
Happy birhday to Pearl Jam lead man Eddie Veder!
MJK has Devo, Trent has Lazarus Echo and Balthazar, Chino has Jakoby, Mikael has Melinda and Mirjam Ebba Maria, Eddie Veder has Harper, Anthony Kiedis has Everly Bear, David Bowie has Alexandria, Corey Taylor has Griffin, Tom Morello has Rhoads, James Hetfield has Cali Tee, Castor Virgil, Marcella Francesca, Philip Anselmo has a pet named Dracula, Robert Plant has Karac Pendragon, Mike Portnoy has Melody Ruthandrea, Alice Cooper has Calico, Dash and Sonora, Eddi Van Halen has Wolfgang, Frank Zappa has Moon Unit, Ahmet and Dweezil, Ely Buendia has Ian Dracula. They've taken all the good names already!
HUNDRUM by Tom Waits, SAN JACINTO / WALLFLOWER by David Sylvian, RED RAIN by Eddie Veder, HERE COMES THE FLOOD by Radiohead
Dave Grohl is God, Eddie Veder is the son, and Jack White is the Holy Ghost. 🙏
"Eddie Veder has the "goat riding a bicycle down a gravel hill" tone down .
Singing too loud and laughing histaricially...making the sound effects of Eddie Veder and Jonathan Davis...
I'm going hungry...I mean really...Chris Cornell is so much better than Eddie Veder,right?
When I take a shower and don't blow out and straighten my hair upon going to bed, I wake up looking like Eddie Veder from Pearl Jam...(or various members of the 'Singles' cast). When I go to bed, without taking my make-up off, after a night out, I wake up looking like Robert Smith from The Cure. Who would you rather wake up to/with? ~ L
I went to a David Lynch Foundation with Moby, Eddie Veder, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and more.. it was transcending
Eddie Veder looks rough. Wait, thats a card board cut out of Stallone from Cobra.
Jay Mohr does the greatest Eddie Veder impersonation ever
Gettin zen and stuff. Chillin out with my home dawgs Eddie Veder, Jack Johnson, and Dave Matthews.
Omg watching an Austin city limits 2009 Eddie Veder. Pearl Jam and Ben harper my sweet dream !
Wow! What a concert last night! Bruce Springsteen - Eddie Veder played with Bruce. We had great seats - on the field. We got soaked but we didn't care. Who would? It was Bruce! Three hours of non-stop Bruce. Thanks to my brother, Tom, and my sister-in-law, Bonnie for a great time! Wrigleyville before the concert was a fun time. Bars galore. Thanks, too, to Merry Perez and Josh Dobereiner for staying with Mom so we could go to the concert. It was a blast!
I watched Pearl Jam live on austin city limits last night, Eddie Veder still has a voice and is truely an intense singer from solo guitar backed by the house string section to all out stage antics with dueling leads with the band, Mike MCCready is on top of his game too bad I dont have surround sound because they put on a great show bring Ben harper (thier opening act for this tour) New album sounds great!
Oh man. Eddie Veder and The Boss last night at Wrigleg Field singing Atlantic City.
Unrelated Overheard: at Chris Robinson Brotherhood show, apparently up the street, Eddie Veder just took the stage w Springsteen @ Wrigley.
I'm still trying to figure out why bands & singers do cover's of classic rock songs because the majority of them aren't even close to as good. Case in point, I was driving home from the gym yesterday & I heard Pearl Jam doing a cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival's song Fortunate Son... One word to describe it...HORRENDOUS! Eddie Veder frigging Yodeled pretty much the whole *** song. That song was NEVER meant to be Yodeled. Someone please tell Pearl Jam they haven't been relevant since the mid - 90's! If Eddie Veder wants to yodel he can have a yodel off with the lead singer of the Cranberries...just terrible!
Chris Cornell and Eddie Veder pretty nasty combo!!!
Nusrat was actually approached by the likes of Eddie Veder and Peter Gabriel. His vocals used in movies like "Dead Man Walking".
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