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Eddie Van Halen

Edward Lodewijk Eddie Van Halen (born January 26, 1955) is a Dutch-born American guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter and producer.

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Apparently people are comparing Taylor Swift to Eddie Van Halen. This is the real problem America
If you like Rock and just good music, check out The creativity of Jimi and the skill of Eddie Van Halen.
Sickest guitar intro ever by Eddie Van Halen.
For the VH fan on your shopping list, Eddie Van Halen has started his own web store.
Rush to Issue 40th Anniversary 'Farewell to Kings' Edition, Plus News on Anti-Flag, Eddie Van Halen + More
Wish I could shred it on the guitar like Eddie Van Halen :/
Listen to casually play "Crossroads" solo note for note during an interview
Jimi Hendrix is the man look how he played the guitar!but what about Eddie Van Halen,Jimmy pag…
Where do you rank Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, & Jimi Hendrix?
Eddie Van Halen is the best rock Guitarist I've ever heard
Eddie Van Halen...of course he blames it on guitar picks, not years of chain smoking 🙄
Yeah, and Eddie Van Halen turned his vairac up. Nice try Tom.
I immediately thought of Paul McCartney, but Eddie Van Halen's guitar playing is also a good one. Also, Janet Jackson! ❤
The lineup of the first Farm Aid was pretty mind blowing. Randy Newman AND Eddie Van Halen? Da…
What has the way Eddie Van Halen plays guitar and have in common? by…
On the other hand, Eddie performed at a Kenny Chesney concer…
The 25 yr old kid I'm training has never heard of Eddie Van Halen. . We are doomed.
8th grader playing Eddie Van Halen's Eruption Solo and kills it
He did things on that guitar that Eddie Van Halen got plaudits for doing - 4 or 5 years later! Sweep picking, high scales.
beat it, Eddie Van halen and Steve Lukather from toto on rythm, Jeff porcaro on drums again
Music fans, if you want to hear and Eddie Van Halen shred together, purchase this record. So much fun.
A little Eddie Van Halen but I still kind of like'm 🤔. @ Cloud Tree Studios & Gallery
Neal Schon, John Entwistle and Eddie Van Halen at the Monsters of Rock Festival in 1984.
*** either trump is finally crumbling or he's playing 56D underwater Eddie Van Halen eruption disco turbo chess
Today's postgame was the best. Please make do his impression of Eddie Van Halen guitar tomorrow on air. LMAO
Bow-tie wearing Pensacola attorney adopts Eddie Van Halen alter-ego for one night
Eddie Van Halen instantly gives me a few more reps on leg press
Eruption... this is where Eddie van Halen most likely got his inspiration from
Eddie Van Halen Plays VH classics in his home studio
If Van Halen ever did a Sammy, David, Alex, Eddie, Michael tour, I'd pay for that.
Eddie Van Halen's Grape Nut Bricks glistening with Xanax Demiglace, from our new Vegetarian Menu.
Simmons worked with Eddie and Alex Van Halen during sessions for KISS' 1977 'Love Gun' album.
he's a bad actor in the videos. but most guitarists are. you gotta mug like eddie van halen to be a GREAT guitarist in my book
Growing up in Ambler,Pa. everyone I knew had a copy of this album. Sammy Hagar and Eddie Van Halen's favorite album. h…
Without You by VAN HALEN (from Van Halen 3 1998). The 11th album by Eddie Van Halen's band was the only…
I absolutely ❤️ Van Halen... Especially with David Lee Roth but had the biggest crush on Eddie Van Halen
If the Matrix were real I would put Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Page, Jerry Garcia, and Eddie Van Halen's talents into my brain.
Eddie Van Halen with Mark Gastineau during Saturday night’s game in Eas…
However, Sammy Hagar says he and Eddie Van Halen haven't spoken in person in 13 years.
He's recorded with Eddie Van Halen and Nuno Bettencourt that's a pretty good resume to have
This is who Eddie Van Halen wanted to be when he grew up :) via
It's always about the music, never about anything else. - Eddie Van Halen
The top 3 guitarists on this list are Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen and Duane Allman.
As much as I enjoy conversing with hip-hop artists, I'd do anything to sit down with Slash, Jimmy Paige, Robert Plant or Eddie Van Halen..🎸
When your son hears Van Halen's Jump and says "That's the song from Eddie the Eagle!"
He just wanted to find out what being married to Eddie Van Halen was like.
July 14, 1984, Eddie Van Halen made a special appearance at a concert by The Jacksons in Dallas to play the "Beat It" gui…
"like the Eddie Van Halen of guitar hero" :^)
Eddie Van Halen at Ernie Ball Factory (1994) the making of EBBM EVH (later Axis model): via
Look up Eugenia Van Halen (Eddie Van Halen's mother) and you will see an Indonesian woman. She kinda looks like my grandmot…
Today in 1984, Eddie dropped by for a once-in-a-lifetime appearance with Michael Jackson:
Watching slay on is like prime Eddie Van Halen shredding—pay close attn to the part re: GOP kowto…
Under-rated Alex finally gets his due. Over the legend Eddie Van Halen no less!
Alex Lifeson wins best guitarist poll over Eddie Van Halen. Woo hoo!
The Finals...Alex Lifeson vs. Eddie Van Halen. 24 hours to vote. Winner takes all! Whatever all is here...It's all yours now Rockers. Go! 🤘
I liked a video Eddie Van Halen and Gary Cherone play Josephina (Live)
Eddie Van Halen was relelavent and big in Japan once
Eddie Van Halen wrote and performed the track as part of a score for a film.
Eddie Van Halen was also asked what's it like to be the best in the world he said ask Steve Lukather of TOTO and I agree.
. Eric Johnson pushes the SRV / Jimi vibe further. But it's still pushing someone else... I can't say that of Eddie Van Halen(!?!)
Rock legend Eddie Van Halen helps bring music back to schools
Remember that Special Performance with Eddie Van Halen in Dallas..adding your awesome solo drum made i…
put Eddie Van Halen to shame on the guitar and puts Les Claypool to shame on the guitar. MOFOS ARE MUSICAL GENIUSES!
Based on creativity I think Prince is up in that top tier. Slash is more in line with maybe an Eddie Van Halen.
Eddie Van Halen played the guitar solo in Michael Jackson's beat it
Eddie Van Halen will always be the ultimate guitar god along with Prince, Slash, Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin
Eddie Van Halen plays the guitar solo in the middle of Michael Jackson's Beat It.
Yes, the Heat at Guero's this Saturday. Gonna be 80 degrees and awesome. Unfortunately, Eddie Van Halen won't be...
G.E. Smith on Eddie Van Halen and Eric Clapton on "Saturday Night Live" - - YouTube
Practice snippet from last night, Little bit of Warren Demartini, Slash and Eddie Van Halen…
If Eddie Van Halen isn't involved, it's a no-go, my friend. Solo Hagar is...rough.
Much needed to give some swag heading to Like watching David Lee Roth & Eddie Van Halen breakup!
Eddie Van Halen is bigger than you.
Eddie Van Halen played the guitar solo on Michael Jackson's Beat It. Didn't know that.
“learning lead should come after you can play solid backup and have the sound of the chords in your head.” – Eddie Van Halen
1985 Sammy Hagar & Eddie Van Halen "Rock and Roll"(Farm Aid) via laughing loving having a good time
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
How did I make it all these years without knowing Eddie Van Halen played guitar on Michael Jackson's "Beat It"...?. What else am I missing?
Man with cancer got to video chat with Eddie Van Halen! See this amazing story -
'WASP' is the only ethnic groups to act on some computerized thing that runs along in time to the world. -Eddie Van Halen
.- Should had Eddie Van Halen hop in there 🙃a
This is acceptable but needed Eddie Van Halen here.
I remember when Sammy Hagar tried to play guitar with Eddie Van Halen.
Ali Shaheed Muhammad's Low End Theory bass is the new Eddie Van Halen's Frankenstrat.
via deltabravourbex tip line - Alex & Eddie Van Halen scrawled their last name on this Pasadena…
In 1967, Eddie Van Halen was upset after winning a piano competition at Long Beach City College.
I mean Jimmy Paige, Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, SRV, Clapton, Duane allman. The debate is there, but he's a 🐐
. Eddie Van Halen on the 15th, you're practicality cousin's. JUMP!
We'd had an argument. Who was better, Steve Vai or Eddie Van Halen? You can guess his opinion.
Eddie Van Halen .. when David Lee Roth's vocals were maxing out
So nice of David Lee Roth, I mean Eddie Van Halen, *** it! I mean Dolph Ziggler to show up
It's hard to say this about a guy like Eddie Van Halen, one of the g...
Eddie Van Halen, a famed guitarist from the band ‘Van Halen', recorded his guitar solo on ‘Beat It’ for FREE! h…
Legendary collab my *** .. nothing more legendary than Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth. Music is pure, raw, magic
Priceless memories of Bristol Colston Hall in the late 70's.Tony Iommi, Eddie Van Halen, Angus Young and the ir…
Fox News host Shepard Smith finally coming out as a *** man is about as surprising as Eddie Van Halen coming out as a guita…
"Nina Daniels is the Eddie Van Halen of cello." This is the best quote EVER!…
Everything I did is because I wanted to do it. If I weren't playing this arena, if I were
"We're musicians. We make music for a living. It's that simple. Nothing else matters."--Eddie Van Halen
Eddie Trunk is asked if Sammy Hagar will reunite with Van Halen 4-4-2016 via
Ok everyone favorite Eddie Van Halen solo that isn't Eruption. I have 2,Push come to shove and Right Now.
IMO? Eddie Van Halen actually invented the electric guitar and electricity.
not his fault. Eddie Van Halen forced him to do it.
The name Van Halen, the family legacy, is going to go on long after I'm gone. ~Eddie Van Halen
Eddie Van Halen in the top 3 best guitar players ever
Eddie Van Halen talks building the Frankenstein, honing the 5150 and EVH Gear
Eddie Van Halen probably won Keyboardist, and Guitarist of the year in 1986. Too bad they will never tour with Sammy again
I liked a video Eddie Van Halen on Two and a Half Men
San Antonio facing more and more MLS expansion competition from cities with more means, more fans.
There are numerous things on "Van Halen III" that I do not like. Eddie Van Halen's solo on "Once" is not one of them.
Strange things are afoot at the Circle K (and MLS) via
2015 interview with Eddie where he states he rarely listens to other people's music!?
I don't feel a day older when it comes to my approach to music or what gets me off than wh
But I was feelin pretty good about my guitar playing THEN I GO WATCH EDDIE VAN HALEN DESTROY SOULS WITHOUT EVEN TRYING
I've had a hip replacement, I've beaten cancer, I had my hand operation, and I stopped dri
*** of a plan. That's like me saying "I'm going to be the next guitarist for Van Halen." And then send Eddie Van Halen home.
that solo is insane, Eddie Van Halen is a god
These are me replica Eddie Van Halen sneaks for the gym!
"I'm The One", Van Halen When Eddie Van Halen reinvented the electric guitar and the band kicked our butts.
Bill, Ted, Eddie Van Halen, MLS and you - San Antonio Express-News (subscription)
Please pay your respects to Don Garber of the Garber crime syndicate, er, MLS via
If San Antonio is serious about MLS, more fans are required writes:
We make music for a living. Like I've always said, if you like what you're doing, you're h
Eddie Van Halen joined Michael on stage for a live performance of “Beat It” today in 1984!
A bit of a rarity for today: Edward performing live with pop singer John Waite in Hollywood, November 1984.
Fun fact: Alex and Eddie Van Halen went to my college 🤘🏻
Eddie Van Halen & David Lee Roth on trip to Japan to promote the first album 1977 . Alchemy of rock
top 3 are correct. Randy Rhoads,Dimebag,David Gilmour,Zakk Wylde & John 5 should be higher than Eddie Van Halen tho
... also Eddie Van Halen did NOT play the riff on "Beat It." That was Steve Lukather from Toto. Van Halen played the solo. C'mon ...
Eddie Van Halen and his wife Janie went to the Bryan Adams concert in L.A. last night, and backstage Eddie showed...
Bryan Adams convinced Eddie Van Halen to throw down acoustic Mean Street backstage in L.A. last night. Check out...
Eddie Van Halen shows Bryan Adams how to play the opening to a Van Halen classic.
I wouldn't mind meeting Eddie Van Halen. That would be great. We need ...
the "brown sound" was attributed to Eddie Van Halen, a sound the Jake e Lee immulated. Jake is better.
2000 – In Houston, Eddie Van Halen is tested for cancer at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. The hospital says that the tests are routine.
See Les Paul perform his track “Lover”, plus a performance from Eddie Van Halen at Les' tribute concert from...
Before the operation on my left hand I wasn't able to stretch my fingers op...
Van Halen Eddie's "2012 Tour" Gold on black signature guitar pick
Love how got the Eddie Van Halen treatment in the Hot For Teacher video for the group dancing
I'd link to a YouTube vid but they all got taken down. Violated copyright on all the Eddie Van Halen solos in it
One of my favorite Van Halen tunes..." If I were you and your were me, I wonder who I'd wanna be?" What Eddie...
Heard you shreddin like Eddie Van Halen during Fire. 😏 Loved it. ✊🏼
I should clarify, I like Eddie Van Halen, just not David Lee Roth.
As long as my brain and fingers work, I'm cool. Eddie Van Halen quote.
Van Halen - Eddie & Alex Talk of Sammy Leaving & Backstage Fight with David after 1996 Mtv VMA Show
Actually, if I could deliberately sit down and write a pop hit, all my song...
What? I wore my Eddie Van Halen flip flops to class up the joint a little
I'm not a drunk anymore, but since they cut out my tongue, I sound drunk.
Uhhh... Eddie Van Halen playing Panama instrumental on Letterman with Paul and the band -
Eddie Van Halen Jamming at his house in 1974
Meet the Newest Additions to the Oxen Crew, a Real Rock and Roll Pair: What do Eddie Van Halen and Bob Dylan ...
Got a little Eddie Van Halen going there, yeah?
You know, most people, they want to go to Hollywood. They want to be a star...
Eddie Van Halen donated 75 of his personal guitars to underfunded music education programs in public schools in Los Angeles.
It's always a Catch-22 situation. They hate you if you're the same, and the...
When you get right down to it the Floyd Rose Sustainer is all you really need. Eddie Van Halen
Possibly the best pre-bubble bath air-Eddie Van Halen solo ever. At least in the top 5.
I can't say enough about . Imagine if you could put Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth into one person
Rock Calendar 4-30-83:Michael Jackson's "Beat It" hits No.1. Eddie Van Halen played guitar, but his label forbid him from appearing in video
IN their prime- who's the better songwriting duo- Axl and Slash or Diamond Dave and Eddie Van Halen?
sweet ... all we need now is the Eddie Van Halen guitar solo .
This list is 40% correct and should read:. Prince. Slash. Eddie Van Halen . Keith Richards . John Frusciante.
Since we're labeling folks with WGWG, what about guys like Brian May, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, Cat Stevens, Eddie Van Halen
That song is dope. Hendrix is easily the best guitarist ever. Jimmy Page is second. Eddie Van Halen is 3rd.
I liked a video Shinedown's Brent Smith tells us his Eddie Van Halen story
Are David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen, Michael Anthony, or Alex Van Halen named in the ?
Eddie Van Halen's Frankenstrat Guitar, Fender prototype replica, is now housed in the Smithsonian Institute.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Sammy Hagar is ready to make peace with Eddie Van Halen
Have Stevie Ray Vaughan or Eddie Van Halen ever played an errant note?. Y’know, besides addiction.
David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen eating Big Mac’s back in 1979
My list would include Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Paige, Alex Lifeson, and George Benson.
Eddie Van Halen is a great guitarist.
This guys rock love Van Halen Eddie is the king!!
great song, but greatest guitar solo has to go to Eddie van halen in eruption
Like that Eddie Van Halen guy said, might as well jump...
how about a whammy bar? (she said, reaching dimly into memories of Eddie Van Halen's gear)
Just finished a piece on guitar sound and why no one will ever sound like Eddie van Halen.
There are three parts to the creative process. First there is inspiration, then there is execution, then there is release. -Eddie Van Halen
David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen on stage 1984. (photo by Ebet Roberts)
Check out When Brian May and Eddie Van Halen Teamed Up to Record the ‘Star Fleet Project’
Eddie Van Halen recorded the guitar tracks for Beat it in 1984, which is why the solo is so *** rad
*phones you at 4am to tell you Eddie Van Halen played the guitar solo in 'Beat it'*
It is said that Eddie Van Halen is one of the best guitarists ever
Every song is like a kid. How can you have that many kids and have a favori...
Update: This solo is crazy and I'm gonna have to learn it a phrase at a time. Eddie Van Halen is a madman.
Ah the sounds of Eddie Van Halen and David Leeroth! What a group Good morning
Eddie Van Halen is so adorable and talented omg
Why, when I hear the word "erupted," do I think of either Pompeii, zits or Eddie Van Halen?
I loved Eddie Van Halen, Diamond Dave, not so much LOL,
For no other reason than this just kicks *** EVH Eddie Van Halen - I'm The One *GUITAR TRACK* via
David Lee Roth had the idea that if you covered a successful song, you were...
Eddie Van Halen, Chris Isaak and B.B. King were in Las Vegas 22 years ago today, for the groundbreaking of the very first Hard Rock Hotel.
Eddie Van Halen from Guitar World Magazine in great condition.
One of the early predecessors of Stanley Jordan, Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Vai, Joe Satriani and Jennifer Batten.
There are so many more, can't add all of them. There's Angus Young of AC/DC, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Brian May from Queen.
Eddie Van Halen's son's name is Wolfgang. Just thought you should know
Happy Birthday to the icon Ms. Anita Baker, Kirk Franklin, Eddie Van Halen, Vince Carter, and Paul Newman(RIP)
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I'll Wait Happy 61st B-day Eddie Van Halen! This is my fav VH song. What's yours?
.brought many Eddie Van Halen axes to Anaheim.The most head-turning was this version of the Wolfgang.
Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" in the Styles of 10 Guitarists, from Steve Vai to Eddie Van Halen — Video
Eddie Van Halen and George Lynch are absolute guitar Gods
Eddie Van Halen meets a LAUSD music student who received 1 of the 75 guitars donated to Mr Holland's Opus last year. http…
Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth , first tour 1978 at the McDonalds in Des Plaines, Illinois. h…
My new Eddie van halen shoes are to fresh
I had a dream I was talking to Martin Sheen and Eddie Van Halen about and
Definitely did a better air guitar to Eddie Van Halen's solo than my cousins, but trying to mimic David Lee Roth's 'screeches' hurt.
Amazing. Sounds just like the version played by Eddie Van Halen!
Y now it's time for the crowded show starring Eddie Van Halen. Oh, chew.
Joe Walsh: "But I think Albert King could blow away Eddie Van Halen" plus other brutally honest thoughts from 1 of the greatest of all...
Eddie Van Halen live on stage at play
Help us Eddie Van're our only hope
💙🐣🐒Meet Compact munchkin Eddie Van Halen, with his white upside...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Eddie Van Halen's Eruption solo never ever ever fails to completely amaze me😳
I like their older stuff after Kurt started doing drugs and they got the new drummer Eddie Van Halen.
Shroomin' on the Allan Holdsworth and Eddie Van Halen "Five G"Jam 1983 take1
Let's get real Shaun, I'm no Eddie Van Halen, I wouldn't even be able to clean his guitar let alone play like him!😀
you're off to a great start, soon you'll be playing like Eddie Van Halen
Michael Jackson tribute tonight! I'm no Eddie Van Halen but it's still a lot of fun! I've got a…
Photo taken at the 5150 Studios with Eddie Van Halen Van Halen - If you haven't already, check out the song 'It's...
Interview with Eddie Van Halen: the rocker riffs on necessity of innovation htt…
Hot For Teacher by Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen), found with Listen now:
Watch one day il be looked up to and remembered like Eddie Van Halen
I have the same birthday as Ellen, Eddie Van Halen, and most importantly, Jerry Sandusky 😉
And how do u reach the most people? By giving them the band that they know. To do it any other way would be selfish.
I'm waiting for the next Eddie Van Halen
Eddie Van Halen on Beat It: "Everybody [from VH] was out of town and I figured, 'Who's gonna know if I play on this kid's record?'"
I met a lot of people working that job that summer. Joey, Dee Pop, Eddie Van Halen and VB, THE Ray Brown, THE Miles Davis. Chuck Mangione,
Also yes, Diamond Dave and Eddie Van Halen were in said video:
Eddie Van Halen live Las Vegas Nevada Aladdin theater 1980 High School rock in the world
Valerie Bertenelli & Eddie Van Halen named their son Wolfgang...they used 2call him Wolfie...he's an adult now so who knows?
Which is why we NEED Eddie Van Halen. And that is why we need a triumphant video!
nah,the first time Eddie Van Halen let rip to a big audience
Every single day of my life I wish I was Eddie Van Halen
Had to settle an argument between our kids tonight-. Colin told Faith that Eddie Van Halen was the best guitar...
"I told you Ted, we're not gonna be big until we get Eddie Van Halen on guitar."
Eddie Van Halen will always be remembered as that guitarist who makes a guitar not sound like one...
Eddie Van Halen wrote a song for Nancy Wilson of Heart, but he was drunk & can't remember it. She says it was his best song.
Eddie van halen striped series guitar Red/black/white
My brother in his Eddie Van Halen look
"Without a doubt, Eddie Van Halen is the greatest guitar player who has ever lived." - Zakk Wylde .
Van Halen for sure. Eddie Shreds on that tune!
yeah! It would be nice if the Eddie Van Halen song was included in the first one
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
The Classic Rock Tarot Card of the day is Eddie Van Halen
also Eddie Van Halen is lightyears better than Joe Perry at guitar
just called Paul Beeston David Lee Roth and AA Eddie Van Halen best line ever.
Mike Starr & Eddie Van Halen.Jerry Cantrell with Eddie Van Halen and that cute lil dog of Eddies! . *laura
Eddie Van Halen's smile is adorable for an older man
Kinda feel bad not mentioning Eddie Van Halen.. He's easily one of the greats.
I think I saw Eddie Van Halen cross Sixth Ave in front of But I'm a guitar player, so he could have been a mirage.
I'm not sure what Eddie Van Halen is on, but I'm pretty sure Sammy Hagar wrote most of those songs, not Eddie
The Rolling Stones of Gen X: “David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen are our Jagger and Richards” http…
Steve Lukather of Toto is also one of my favorite guitar players, with Eddie Van Halen
via Todd Kerns. "Eddie Van Halen and Paul Stanley came to jam. Walked into a guitar shop. Walked out with some...
I still find it amazing that Eddie Van Halen and even Ritchie Blackmore played the way they did pre-Floyd Rose
On Tap MagazineWhat We Saw at LandmarkOn Tap MagazineWielding an Eddie Van Halen worthy Kramer guitar and flan...
Double the neck, double the pleasure...Just ask ELVIS PRESLEY, Pete Townshend, Eddie Van Halen and Eric Clapton
One day we'll find out Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth hated each other like Eddie Van Halen & David Lee Roth.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
DJ going for right away here in San Marino with Michael Jackson's "Beat It." Eddie Van Halen's guitar solo wasted on an empty stadium.
Check out Eddie Van Halen and his son Wolfgang Van Halen at the same age! More here:
One of the greatest guitarists of all time 🎸 Eddie Van Halen 🎸 @ Nikon at Jones…
Fun watching Bruce cover Jump because it lets Tom Morello do an Eddie Van Halen impression which he of course is really good at.
Last night in my dream, I was hanging out with Eddie Van Halen. We spoke about a lot of things. It Seemed so...
Eddie Van Halen can still bring it. Eddie , his son Wolfgang, David Lee and Alex Van Halen rock blossom music center
Eddie Van Halen still amazing guitarist! David Lee Roth? Yeah he needs to retire; . I can blow a fart longer than he can hold a note
This song lacks something..and it's too slow // Where Eagles Fly- Sammy Hagar & Eddie Van Halen
Eddie Van Halen at San Manuel Amphitheater on 7-11-15
yikes. How did I forget them? Rod Stewart, Paul Rogers, Eddie Van Halen, and Robin Zander just missed for me
I liked a video from Eddie Van Halen, Steve Lukather, Billy Sheehan - Jason Becker
Best I can manage is this unnamed Eddie Van Halen "tribute artist," with bonus bald eagle.
Eddie Van Halen is the most egotistical *** ever Michael Anthony is the only reason David Lee Roth sound it any good
Eddie Van Halen rips David Lee Roth and Michael Anthony. Can't we all just get along (and make a decent album...
Eddie Van Halen in the bathroom. DavidLee Roth in the bedroom. Michael Anthony on stage
I kept wondering why Anthony Michael Hall and Eddie Van Halen were beefing. :D
Sammy Hagar calls out Eddie Van Halen after David Lee Roth, Michael Anthony diss
Eddie Van Halen on former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony: "I had to show him how to play"
Seems like Eddie Van Halen has become a bitter and difficult person to work with. Kind of sad... | Billboard -
Eddie Van Halen on Former Van Halen Bassist Michael Anthony: 'I Had to Show Him How to Play' via
Eddie Van Halen had some words, and so did Sammy Hagar. Wow. Eddie: Sammy:
Eddie Van Halen. Amazing guitarist and writer. (did you know he played the keyboard solo on jump!?) ***
Super fascinating Eddie Van Halen interview by , featuring an Allan Holdsworth name check
Interesting article about Eddie Van Halen on Billboard. You might like this:
Eddie Van Halen is featured on the cover of the new issue of Billboard.
Eddie Van Halen says David Lee Roth "does not want to be my friend" in a new interview:
Breaking news: David Lee Roth & Eddie Van Halen are not getting along.
Eddie Van Halen's avascular necrosis may be from excessive use of alcohol, which causes fatty substances block the bone's blood supply
Who taught him to play Jimmy Hendricks and Eddie Van Halen. I gave those two lessons and my 🎸.John Lennon took 🎹.
June 2st: On this Day. 2008 , Van Halen's (David Lee Roth, Alex and Eddie Van Halen and Eddie’s son Wolfgang – on...
Best guitarists of all time in no particular order:. Jimi Hendrix. Jimmy Paige. Eddie Van Halen. Stevie Ray Vaughan. Brian May
Whoa, Eddie Van Halen needs to stay outta the sun, or at least up that SPF from 1 to 50
Come on people be serious, who doesn't love to hear Eddie Van Halen play guitar.. ?
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