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Eddie Olczyk

Edward Walter Eddie Olczyk (born August 16, 1966) is an American former head coach for the National Hockey League Pittsburgh Penguins and former center for Toronto Maple Leafs, Winnipeg Jets, New York Rangers, Los Angeles Kings, Chicago Blackhawks and Pittsburgh Penguins.

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Eddie Olczyk shouts out dad Tom, blasts him for liking Dancing with the Stars. 😂😂
Eddie Olczyk talks to David Kaplan about battle with cancer
That whole not cheering for a team as a media member is BS, try being a Blues fan when the Hawks pl…
Well Eddie Olczyk once told me "If you miss the net, you can't score". Seems like your…
Eddie Olczyk will be in the booth with Pat Foley calling tonight on
According to the media notes, Eddie Olczyk will be in the booth tonight.
I had the great fortune to have the inspiring Eddie Olczyk as a seatmate yesterday. Life advice: "Hear what you nee…
Patrick Kane to Eddie Olczyk: "We're thankful for you, Edzo. You're a great man, great ambassador of the game. It's always fun…
Hey Kap, can you help me meet Eddie Olczyk and Pat Foley to give them this drawing...their the 2 best a…
.and talk a little right now with Eddie Olczyk right now!
It's world time. Then we talk to our friend Eddie Olczyk at 4pm.
One Positive for the game: if you watched the game on NBCSN tonight you saw Eddie Olczyk on NHL Live,…
If Eddie Olczyk was a Caps fan, he would know the answers to these questions: "Can they finally make that run? Can…
*Wilson scores*. "Not a bad play by Wilson there" - Eddie Olczyk. Great commentary there Edzo
So happy to turn on and see the one and only Eddie Olczyk!!! Hoping you’re feeling better! Your fans ❤️ you! Go 🎄🎄🎄😊
Hey tell Kap that the O in Eddie Olczyk is silent...sheesh twice in two commercial breaks boy oh boy
For all you young hockey players out there! We have produced helmet decals for your favorite youth hockey ambassado…
Friendly reminder that Eddie Olczyk is a national treasure! I got your back Edzo!
Winnipeg NHL record for points in a game is 6 set by Willy Lindstrom, and matched by Dale Hawerchuk and Eddie Olczyk. Toni…
Eddie olczyk i wish you good health, one week in a wild forest fasting can help your health i believe seriously.
Showing Eddie Olczyk on the video board here. Nice move.
Eddie O won't let his battle with cancer slow him down. He'll be in the booth tonight for
Eddie Olczyk gets standing ovation as he returns to the booth for the first time since cancer diagnosis. VIDEO
I think that's the first time Eddie Olczyk has gotten a standing ovation at Scottrade
Eddie O will return to the broadcast booth Wednesday Night. .
“Tonight is the best medicine I’ve had.”—Eddie Olczyk, on a break from chemo, about being back in the broadcast booth.
Via NBC Sports, here's what Eddie Olczyk had to say about his cancer fight on tonight's broadcast:
Broadcaster Eddie Olczyk marks return to booth during chemo treatment with emotional ...
You need to watch Eddie Olczyk talking about battling cancer.
WATCH: Eddie Olczyk joined to talk about returning to the broadcast booth while fighting cancer.
Great, great guy. Eddie Olczyk returns to handle Hawks/Oilers Thursday on
Breast Cancer Awareness
Well isn't this a sight for sore eyes. . Wonderful to see Eddie Olczyk helping out with tonight's broadcast.
Eddie Olczyk was in good spirits in the Hawks room. There's so much respect for him in there too. Guys go out of their w…
Eddie Olczyk gets a standing ovation from the Blues and Blackhawks crowd and Eddie says this is the best medicine...
Eddie Olczyk, between cancer treatments, plans to broadcast two Blackhawks games this week via
Eddie Olczyk's return to Blackhawks broadcast booth while battling cancer "great for the soul" v…
A 100% comprehensive list of everything good about Pierre McGuire:. He's not Eddie Olczyk.
Video: Blackhawks announcer Pat Foley gives shout out to Eddie Olczyk at Wrigley Field – ProHockeyTalk
Anyone who has crossed paths with Eddie Olczyk is sending him best wishes in his cancer treatments because Eddie is as nice as…
Like everyone else, good thoughts to Eddie Olczyk, a terrific person and a true horseplayer.
Shoutout to Eddie Olczyk, the latest warrior against cancer. Praying for you! You're a legend and the hockey community is with you!
My thoughts and prayers are with Eddie Olczyk and his family. Stay strong, Eddo.
Prayers and strength for Eddie Olczyk in his battle with colon cancer.
Sending our thoughts and best wishes to Eddie and the Olczyk family.
The indefatigable, indomitable and incomparable Eddie Olczyk diagnosed with colon cancer. Story: h…
This just ... wow. Our friend Eddie Olczyk is battling colon cancer. Please, let's all keep him in our thoughts. Thanks.
NBC’s Eddie Olczyk undergoing treatment for colon cancer
Blackhawks broadcaster Eddie Olczyk diagnosed with colon cancer via
Statement from the on the medical update of Eddie Olczyk. READ >>
Bad news for such a great guy! Wish all the Best for Eddie Olczyk 🙌🏻...
We’re keeping Eddie and his family in our thoughts during treatment and we look forward to his return to good health htt…
Our best wishes to Eddie Olczyk for a full and restful recovery.
Former Penguins player, coach and broadcaster Eddie Olczyk has been diagnosed with colon cancer. The Pens send prayers to Edz…
Doc Emrick was kind enough to give me his thoughts on Eddie Olczyk's cancer diagnosis via text. Truly, two of the best guy…
Broadcaster Olczyk diagnosed with colon cancer via
release a medical update on Eddie Olczyk.
Sending love to my buddy Eddie Olczyk. Terrible news to hear but I know he's a fighter. Sending my thoughts and prayers…
Eddie Olczyk is the real deal. We are with you, Edzo. All of us! Get well soon
Updated story on Eddie Olczyk's cancer diagnosis:
The entire hockey community is behind you, Edzo.
Seems like Doc Emerick and Eddie Olczyk discovered the word "drifted" just prior to the Finals.   10% Off
NBC broadcasters for Game 2 between and Predators on Saturday night: Mike “Doc” Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire.
Larry Dierker. Pat Riley. Eddie Olczyk. Any other examples of broadcaster to head coach?
Nothing better than a Friday night with my friends Pat Foley and the Great Eddie Olczyk.
Card Members, get tix to an Amex chalk talk w/ legends Troy Murray & Eddie Olczyk on 3/9! Buy tix:…
Eddie Olczyk needs to light himself on fire
Good Lord... Eddie Olczyk just called a Kane empty netter "Mario Lemieux-like"
Eddie Olczyk just compared Patrick Kane to Mario Lemieux after an empty net goal. I'm done with NBC.
Eddie Olczyk needs to be fired for saying "thats Lemieux like" ***
i present a motion to replace eddie olczyk on NBC hockey broadcasts with ilya bryzgalov
that Blackhawk ballwasher Eddie Olczyk is the WORST.
Joining us next to break down the deadline is Mr. Eddie Olczyk
I don't know if Eddie Olczyk is worse at coaching or broadcasting but he definitely *** at both.
did you hear Eddie Olczyk call Wayne Simmonds a lunar eclipse? 😂😂😂
It's not an NBC hockey broadcast unless Eddie Olczyk makes too many horse racing references.
Shouldn't Eddie Olczyk be asking about "race track" questions? Unless Regis McGuire has a third career as a race track degenerate.
.Thank God for Eddie Olczyk otherwise this broadcast would be a complete *** kiss fest.
not a fan but i see Eddie Olczyk's auto there
Eddie Olczyk said that he scored on his own goal while playing for Winnipeg on Bobby Essenes. No video online, any help?
Eddie Olczyk and Pat Foley, two of the best commentators in the NHL. TreeTreeTree 👍🏻
I don't eat united center soft serve because I don't ever want eddie olczyk to point me out on TV
*Eddie Olczyk at the 2010 Olympics voice* that goal scored by Bobby Ryan who is of course from Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
Yup. Something about weiner dogs. A very odd moment for the broadcast team consiting of Pat Foley and Eddie Olczyk.…
Pat Foley and Eddie Olczyk: Please continue calling the game no matter the outcome. Don't talk about random pointless stuff.
What the beep are Pat Foley and Eddie Olczyk saying?
Eddie Olczyk just said Ryan Hartman's goal reminded him of Bobby Orr
nice NBC feed, only thing missing is Pat Foley and Eddie Olczyk
he's okay, but I think guys like Gord Miller and Jim Hughson are much better. Plus Eddie Olczyk is a dunce
People think I hate Eddie Olczyk. The opposite is true. I really like the guy. Always have. I'm just critical of some of the stuff he says.
"After he pulled out and went for the shot to the back" Eddie Olczyk
Eddie Olczyk "pretty confident shift by NYR with Girardi below the net...he better get off the ice". Lmao
That was a change that I hear Eddie Olczyk offer during a game that he was calling I think for CSN or NBCSN.
a 3 goal lead is the most dangerous according to Doc Emrick and Eddie Olczyk on
"Eddie Olczyk said that he was a bad player, all of those turnovers, he knows what he's talking about"
Eddie Olczyk.couldn't get out of the broadcast without saying it wasn't a big game for the Hawks.
Always nice to see Eddie Homer Olczyk cry in his beer.
Mike Emeric and Eddie Olczyk need to relax with the baseball puns
Worst thing about is hearing Eddie Homer Olczyk rave about Hawks.
Doc Emrick and Eddie Olczyk are the best broadcasting duo in all of sports.
Shut up, Eddie Olczyk. Arnold's catchphrase will be "You're Terminated." Jerkwagon.
What Eddie Olczyk complemented the other team? 😄
"It's a great place to live." - Eddie Olczyk. Visited STL for the second time this year. Fantastic area. Would definitely move there.
Yeah. Good kid! I like him while he was here. All those Olczyk kids are awesome! Eddie was here for like 2yrs!
Eddie Olczyk's kid plays for the Minnesota Wilderness here in town, so there's that though.
Eddie Olczyk with his second "it's like driving without windshield wipers" comment about the rain. Under 4 mins in.
... Thanks to Eddie Olczyk or whoever for reminding me that this game, in fact, counts in the standings
Eddie Olczyk was the coach I think in 03-04 and 05-06. Was dealt a very bad hand though
I want someone in my life who laughs at my jokes the way Pat Foley laughs at Eddie Olczyk’s.
Just took a picture with a great Eddie Olczyk
Just met legend Eddie Olczyk on the Elevator!!!
Bob Costas, Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire, and Jeremy Roenick . Solid list. Monday is going to be nutty.
Pat Foley and Eddie Olczyk make me a happy human
I have a feeling that Eddie will talk about ice cream & Pat will walk about Mrs Olczyk's cookies in the 2nd.
I love Pat Foley and Eddie Olczyk with all of my heart. Fantastic announcers.
Eddie Olczyk is the winner of Outstanding Crafts Achievement for On-Camera Talent - Sports Anchor/Reporter/Play-by-Play, Congrats!
The Foley/Konryod announcing duo > Foley/Olczyk. Eddie O and all his advice for "young hockey players" had gotten very stale.
Hey Pat Foley and Eddie Olczyk will be at the world's best Buffalo Wild Wings on Monday night.
I enjoyed Eddie Olczyk's knock on the "skills competition" at the end of the game. Regardless, win!!
Eddie Olczyk. best in the business, no comparison.
Eddie Olczyk and Pat Foley tonight at Buffalo Wild Wings Warrenville! Signing autographs- come on by!
Is there a fee by chance when getting autographs by Eddie Olczyk and Pat Foley tomorrow at Buffalo Wild Wings?
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Eddie Olczyk looked really uncomfortable next to Lauren Majerin last night. Bet she was coming on to him.
Live from Eddie Olczyk's basement office, it's the WGN Intermission Report...
Seriously, Kirk Herbstreit working this game is just has screwed up as Eddie Olczyk broadcasting Blackhawks games.
Hey, a mention from Eddie Olczyk on the NBC broadcast!
it's very enjoyable! Eddie Olczyk and Olli Jokinen weep as well
Pat Foley and Eddie Olczyk on my TV.all is right in the world. 🔴⚪️⚫️
I think Pat Foley and Eddie Olczyk should be muppets. Universe make that happen.
Eddie Olczyk had a long summer obviously! LOL...did he smoke crack before covering this game? He's cracking me up.
Excited for Great hire!MT Eddie Olczyk named AC at Bemidji State.
Congrats to Eddie Olczyk on his new gig with Bemidji State. Great coach, but even better man.
Eddie Olczyk, who was a Utica College men's hockey assistant in 14-15, has been named an assistant at Bemidji State in Minnesota
Cool moment. Eddie Olczyk just broke the news to a surprised Mike Emrick that he won the Sports Emmy for best play by…
Eddie Olczyk seems like you've rubbed off on him. He and Bill Clement are probably best analyst guys in the business!
Was it former Eddie Olczyk's day with the Cup?
Well, you evidently like Mickey Redmond and hate Eddie Olczyk and Pierre McGuire. I don't like that idea.
Eddie Olczyk once won seven figures betting on Horse Racing. A lot of people complained about him being on Derby coverage
So...Eddie Olczyk knows something about horse racing? I was not aware of this. Confusing.
DOC: Well Eddie this has been one heck of a game so far!. OLCZYK: Horses!. D: ... O: TRIPLE CROWN!. D: Uh, anywa. O: DERBY.
This was likely the first time Eddie Olczyk was made a correct prediction about Nyquist
Like could NBC really not find anyone better than Eddie Olczyk to cover horse racing?
Did they send Eddie Olczyk to the derby only because there's a horse named Nyquist?
Am I the only one giggling about Eddie Olczyk picking Kentucky Derby horses?
How Eddie Olczyk got into broadcasting horse racing
I'm still trying to understand why Johnny Weir and Eddie Olczyk are commentators?!? 🐎🐎🐎
Eddie Olczyk doing horse racing will never not be funny
Why is Eddie Olczyk allowed to pick who will win the but Kirk Herbstreit can't pick a winner for whatever game he calls?
As a Blackhawks fan just know it's so odd hearing Eddie Olczyk talk about horses
Why is Eddie Olczyk an analyst at the Kentucky Derby? Stop go back to hockey this makes my head hurt
The Kentucky Derby seems like an odd place for Eddie Olczyk.
Never did I think I'd see Johnny Weir and Eddie Olczyk on the same program lol
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I love how NBC just lets Eddie Olczyk analyze whatever he wants
OMG, Eddie Olczyk is on Kentucky Derby coverage. They found a way for him to speak without being a Blackhawks homer? Amazing.
Eddie Olczyk just flip flopped on his earlier pick? Huh?
Both Eddie Olczyk and John Cirillo like Creator. You heard it here
I feel like Eddie Olczyk is actually better at commentating on horse racing than hockey lol
I'm just watching the to see if a horse kicks Eddie Olczyk in the head
Between Nyquist and Eddie Olczyk, it's like the NHL is taking over horse racing.
Eddie Olczyk is interviewing jockeys at the Kentucky Derby 😂 I love it 😂
Eddie Olczyk is the Pierre McGuire of horse racing
Eddie Olczyk at the means I don't have to listen to his sorry *** tonight during Caps/Pens.
Eddie olczyk doing some interviews for the derby... This thing is like soaked in hockey I love it
Threw up in my mouth a little to see Eddie Olczyk as a Kentucky Derby TV commentator.
Missed opportunity by the NBC folks to not have Eddie Olczyk interview Nyquist's owner, if you ask me.
How to play the at the 2016 in Kentucky
Eddie Olczyk at the Kentucky Derby, oh that's right his team is no longer in the playoffs.
Need some last minute advice? Horse racing aficionado Eddie Olczyk has you covered.
Laugh out loud funny that Eddie Olczyk is covering the Derby right meow
Why do I have to listen to Eddie Olczyk do derby coverage too? There is no escape.
If Nyquist wins, do you think Eddie Olczyk will blame it on subtle interference?
I like that Eddie olczyk is a broadcaster for the derby.
Eddie Olczyk being really into horse racing, and being relatively good analyzing it, is still so random to me
The *** is Eddie Olczyk doing at the horse race? And that is awesome.
I love that nbc chose Eddie Olczyk to commentate on the derby
Johnny Weir is definitely strange to see on Derby coverage, but it's equally weird to see hockey guy Eddie Olczyk on the coverage too.
I think Eddie Olczyk is lost. Lots of playoff games going on today, but somehow he's at the Derby
Why is Eddie Olczyk at the horse race
Love that Eddie Olczyk offers the rare hockey / horse racing journalistic expertise
Besides Doc Emery and Eddie Olczyk, I hate every single announcer on NBC.
eddie olczyk keeps talking about hockey at the Kentucky Derby lmao
I love that NBC is comfortable putting Eddie Olczyk on the Derby! Love his insight.
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I guess Eddie Olczyk knows his fair share of horses.
and now let's go to Eddie Olczyk who is with derby favorite NYQUIST... His mutha was a mudda
Mike Milbury and Eddie Olczyk talking about horse racing during intermission for a hockey game. What is going on?
If Eddie Olczyk doesn't use the phrase "good, active whip" during today's coverage, I'm going to be thoroughly disappointed.
Eddie Olczyk being really, really, really into horse racing remains one of the most random things in the world.
I'm picking the same as the great Eddie Olczyk
Having breakfast with Eddie Olczyk giving us racing tips
I too like Doc & all his verbs! And Eddie Olczyk is a great analyst/color man, but you gotta love...
Eddie Olczyk and Bob Neumeier picked Outsider Art. He finished last. I was surprised cuz Outsider Art, she looks great.
*** why is Eddie Olczyk calling the Kentucky Derby
Eddie Olczyk on the show.talks horse racing the entire time.
Last Night gave his pick for the Kentucky Derby so if you missed it, check it out here
Eddie Olczyk just said Nyquist plays in Hockeytown.indeed, is
News Article: Eddie Olczyk on John Tavares: World is learning what we knew
Eddie Olczyk is just hates it when the Red Wings win.
Seriously, Eddie Olczyk has to be the worst color guy in the league.
Drink every time Eddie Olczyk says something asinine about elevating the puck.
If you ever see Eddie Olczyk walking around in Chicago, can you please punch him in the face for me?
“When you shoot the puck, somethings going to happen.” - Eddie Olczyk
“The numbers from SAP don’t lie,” Eddie Olczyk. Eddie, I hate to break it to you…
No Doc Emrick on NBCSN broadcast of Flyers at Red Wings tonight. in the booth with Eddie Olczyk instead.
And we're stuck with Chicago's Eddie Olczyk for color commentary. coverage keeps getting better.
Eddie Olczyk is completely clueless about hockey.
Wanna die? Take a shot every time Eddie Olczyk says "all you young hockey players"
I feel like I could play hockey just because of tips from Eddie Olczyk
Olczyk Congratulations Eddie! It's an honor to have you broadcasting for the Blackhawks!
Blackhawks: Eddie Olczyk honored with Ring Lardner award -
Congrats to One helluva broadcaster and a very good friend!
Congrats to "pucks and ponies" guru Eddie Olczyk, winner of 2016 Ring Lardner award for broadcasting:
Eddie Olczyk honored with Ring Lardner award -
Hawk Harrelson hitting us with some of the early season Eddie Olczyk
Congrats to analyst Eddie Olczyk on receiving the Ring Lardner Award for media excellence.
I don't think u can challenge that can u? eddie olczyk said u can direct puck in to goal which is same thing to me kicking in
"The Bruins should probably rest their stars"- Eddie Olczyk
Eddie Olczyk just asked Doc Emmerich out to dinner on national tv.
Not at all. Need heart and skill. Example, Eddie Olczyk. Thorburn is far from that.
stat sheet from that year old Eddie Olczyk as the head coach
Can we take Eddie Olczyk out back and shoot him? Hey Eddie GFU you’re the Hawks color guy, maybe you could be less anti hawk?
Chicago Blackhawks. Time is running out to sign up for the chance to join Eddie Olczyk in The Turf Club at...
Have Eddie olczyk on your show and ask him if he think fighting has an affect on the game and see what he says.
Eddie Olczyk was on Hockey Central today and said some interesting comments about Michael Del Zotto that could apply to NYR/young players.
If Ladd goes to Chicago, Chicago wins the Cup, and Eddie Olczyk steals it when Ladd's not looking, it is a definite possibility.
Does Eddie Olczyk know there are analytics for strength of competition? Clearly not since he believes Brent Seabrook is having a norris year
Its Eddie "I hate the Hawks on national television" Olczyk.
Why is Eddie Olczyk allowed to commentate Blackhawks games? He's such a homer
God help us.I really like Doc Emrick and Eddie Olczyk, but these guys SUCK! 😩
: Disagree with Eddie Olczyk! Pit Martin or Dennis Hull with superior stats.
A teary Eddie Olczyk stands on the ice as his son, Tommy, is introduced to for the final time.
Eddie Olczyk in the house for Senior Day. Thanks, Seniors! (@ Pegula Ice Arena in University Park, PA)
When you realize Eddie Olczyk is sitting right in front of you
Had the pleasure of meet Eddie Olczyk and listening to him talk for a bit.
Eddie Olczyk says it's an easy out to just blame the coach when things go wrong.
the guy does nbc games every week and I'm pretty sure Eddie olczyk is a Blackhawk fan
Eddie olczyk just made me love Andrew shaw with all my heart soul
Eddie Olczyk was the 3rd pick of the 1984 NHL draft lmao
do color commentary alongside legends Pat Foley and Eddie Olczyk for a game, love to be another Hawks voice😁
My Pat Foley and Eddie Olczyk signed shirt from the Henderlongs. Thanks guys, the mention on tv was nice also!
can Eddie Olczyk please please please stop saying "partner" it drives me nutzzz
Eddie Olczyk says that the PPG scored at 11:39 of the first period should be A. Shaw's goal. NHL still lists…
"You look very good tonight," Seabs tells Eddie Olczyk before the game
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Brent Seabrook is at a loss for words, though he did compliment Eddie Olczyk's good looks
great, Eddie Olczyk stopped by the Family Fun Zone to sign autographs.
Got to meet one of the great Chicago sports announcers, Eddie Olczyk of the
Head to the Chevy Fun Zone for autographs! Eddie Olczyk will be here until 5 p.m.
Why are we forced to listen to Eddie Olczyk talk like he knows something about hockey? Guy won 31 of 113 games as an NHL hea…
lucky *** for sure. and im Eddie olczyk and for ray ferraro in the booth
Eddie Olczyk as Pens coach. Ivan Hlinka as Pens coach. Fraud Graham at Pitt.
Mike "Doc" Emrick and Eddie Olczyk gave praise to the for the changes they made to the Game w/ the new format.
Noted terrible NHL coach Eddie Olczyk with some great advice there
Doc Emrick Drinking Game Prototype: . 1 shot each time he says "squibbed". 1 shot each time he makes a reference to Eddie Olczyk liking horses
who the *** doesn't like Pat Foley and Eddie Olczyk. She's dumb af
Is it your dream to play at the college level? Are you doing what it takes to accomplish that?
Does the Eddie Olczyk Award winner get new hair too?
eddie olczyk just said that if the pens miss the playoffs they need to consider getting rid of malkin and Crosby lol never change Eddie
''The first time I went [skating], I hated it. I kept falling, my ankles hurt. All I did was cry and ask to come off."--Eddie Olczyk
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has to be linked with Eddie O's deal. Probably gearing up for Olczyk-Urlacher 2016. They've got my vote...
At this point, I'd allow Eddie Olczyk to fawn over the Blackhawks just to get him to talk about hockey and not football.
How many football references is Eddie Olczyk going to make? He's trying too hard
Eddie Olczyk always says it: "If you wanna score goals in the NHL Get to the front of the net."
I want Eddie Olczyk to narrate my life
Seeing Eddie Olczyk running back to the broadcast booth across fake snow to hand a puck to a fan was amazing.
Eddie Olczyk left the press box during the to give a game puck to a young fan. Such a great guy!
Eddie Olczyk gives a game puck to a fan.
I don't care who is playing, if Mike Emrick and Eddie Olczyk are announcing it, I'll watch it.
Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk & Pierre McGuire will be on the call for the Classic on at 1pm ET -
Eddie Olczyk, Jeremy Roenick and Mike Modano weigh in on latest piece.
WATCH: Patrick Kane talks to Eddie Olczyk about "fun little ride" point streak has been.
Doc:Eddie what do you think of these 2 teams?. Olczyk:well doc hockey is all about getting the puck in the net. Doc:...thanks Eddie
Doc Emrick and Eddie Olczyk they are not. My first NCHCtv experience. I see the mute button in my future.
well maybe I wanted an Eddie olczyk bobblehead
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9U Viper fundraiser$25 pre sale$30 at door. Includes food, meet Eddie Olczyk.abf1997 for more info
I think I just saw Dan Boyle still skating in the background as they were talking to Eddie Olczyk during the post-game show
Wait did eddie olczyk just call Tavares capuano?
Eddie Olczyk with proper use of soccer term "dummy".
Eddie Olczyk is same way for CHI, works for NBC too. Always comments on great plays by both sides. Instructs kids what to do
Both Mike Emrick and Eddie Olczyk might be more annoying than joe Buck
i dont understand how Eddie Olczyk held it together after that monstrosity of a laugh from
Mike Emrick and Eddie olczyk are my favorite. I love our home announces but god *** I love hearing these guys
By November of 2017, one full intermission of each Blackhawks game will be an infomercial for Eddie Olczyk's Hair Plugs.
Hockey quote of the night (regarding 15th goal): "They don't ask how, they ask how many." Eddie Olczyk.
This is when we scored on the PP and Kane set a new record , surpassing Eddie Olczyk and Phil Kessel
Kane scored to break a tie with Eddie Olczyk (Leafs, 1989-90) and Phil Kessel (Bruins, 2008-09), who each scored in 18 straight games.
No signoff? Fine, I'll do it. For Eddie Olczyk, Pat Foley hoping you enjoyed the broadcast in spite of the outcome.
Eddie Olczyk singing 🎶Soft serve ice cream you taste so good🎶 made my night.
Eddie Olczyk is almost as bad as Pierre McGuire
Eddie Olczyk on the call as Patrick Kane breaks the record he co-held.
it's not a real record if Eddie Olczyk previously had it, even if it was with the Buds.
Kane passes the great Eddie Olczyk, who congratulated him on the Hawks telecast and Phil Kessel.
Eddie Olczyk has had it with you people who refuse to acknowledge that passing is important.
Patrick Kane ties Eddie Olczyk and Phil Kessel for longest point streak by an American-born player (18).
Now there is a reason they tagged him Eddie "No check" Olczyk and I did NOT give him that name! I was a little kid!
Kane gets an assist to extend his point streak to 18 consecutive games. Ties Eddie Olczyk and Phil Kessel for streak for U…
Patrick Kane (extended point streak to 18 games tonite, tying NHL record by American born player (Eddie Olczyk, Ph…
as always I'm Mike Emrick here with Eddie Olczyk
I'm watching the blues game on mute because thats how much I hate hearing Eddie Olczyk and Mike Emrick talk.
NBC says Mike Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, and Pierre McGuire have the call from on Opening Night.
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