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Eddie Murphy

Edward Regan Eddie Murphy (born April 3, 1961) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, singer, director, and musician.

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This scene from Life with older Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence is gold. Lmao
Bowfinger is enormously under-rated. Both Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy on top form!
Watching Life, not the good one with Eddie Murphy and Martin
why couldn't Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy have tricked trump out of his money a long time ago?
Currently Life even though it's a Martin and Eddie Murphy joint.
Eddie Murphy springs to mind hey Martin
Eddie Murphy was a favorite of mine. More recently Idris Elba and Blair Underwood to name a few.
What celebrity do you get mistaken for the most?. : Eddie Murphy 😂
I feel like Eddie Murphy lookin' at David Allen Grier in about his Parents in the bathroom. Not much an…
Will Smith, Hallie Berry, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Wesley Snipes & Chris Tucker all need to make a come back in Hollywood
Eddie Murphy used the same accent in Coming To America and Vampire In Brooklyn
One of my coworkers is in the breakroom saying that Eddie Murphy's brother is Will Smith and I'm trying not to facepalm audibly
How do you do an Eddie Murphy top 3 and not include Beverly Hills Cop 😒
So I'm reading an Ebony article from 1989 on Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor , and Red Foxx coming together Della Reese
Bat crap crazy Maxine is a riot. Eddie Murphy ain't as funny as mrs.wacky waters
Extremely Armond White voice, "Eddie Murphy's Vampire in Brooklyn is better than Moonlight"
All these black guys in old sitcoms end up getting perms as the years go by. Todd Bridges, Demond Wilson...Eddie Murphy? He counts.
via "Superstition" for the Eddie Murphy movie Vampire in Brooklyn
No Eddie Murphy fan is a true Eddie Murphy fan unless they've seen Vampire in Brooklyn
What did you think? I once met Patrick Swayze, Eddie Murphy and Michael Douglas at Mythos restaurant in Universal Studios.
OMG You killed it!!! You're like a cross between Eddie Murphy and Will Smith 😂😂😂 better put you through!
He sounds like a cross between Eddie Murphy and Kevin Hart original. 🙄.
I know how this plays out: Anthony Scaramucci will team up w/ Eddie Murphy & Jamie Lee Curtis to steal the orange juice…
Scott, we need subpoenas for Eddie Murphy, Mike Tyson, Luther Campbell.
Richard Pryor > Chris Tucker > Eddie Murphy > Chris Rock. That's the order of the 4 blac…
For the young folks who don't know about Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor and Red Foxx.
Eddie Murphy in “Raw” talking about Bill Cosby criticizing him for not being family-friendly is ridiculously ironic these days.
I feel like it has been long enough. Eddie Murphy should make another Nutty Professor movie.
I agree 100% I also think Eddie Murphy should have been nominated for Nutty Professor
Interviewing Christopher Darden to say he's let himself go would be an understatement. Looks like Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor
(1984) Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy relax on set during the filming of Trading Places
Between the jokes and his outfit, seems like Euron Greyjoy is trying to be the 80s Eddie Murphy of the Iron Islands. https:/…
I keep seeing mr soul glo. Where oh where are you Eddie Murphy?
Don Johnson. Patrick Swayze. But yeah, Eddie Murphy could be the king.
you think they can get Eddie Murphy or Tyler Perry to play everyone in the Trump family? I'd watch that!
Eddie Murphy, Tyler Perry, any of the Wayans, Tracy Morgan, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman do i need to continue??
Do you think it's Eddie Murphy inside that hideous Donald Trump suit? Or is it Tyler Perry? Either way, this show is outrageous!
Eddie Murphy recording w/Rick James. Funeral on August 11, 2004. Once again Cleveland2:53) always on people minds.
You better not mean this amazing skit from Eddie Murphy impersonating James Brown 🤔
Is that why there so many famous people of color like Eddie Murphy,Morgan freeman,Halle berry,Will Smith
I know it's on a different tier but Tyler Perry and Eddie Murphy did it plenty of times
Jay of course is not the only black man to do this. Black men like Tyler Perry, Martin Lawrence, and Eddie Murphy are al…
An update on Eddie Murphy for President in 2020. Today a FB Page in "development" :)…
Dems have a chance now to work with Eddie Murphy & Natalie Jackson & to turn tabl…
On this day In 1993, Michael Jackson won the ‘Humanitarian of The Year’ award presented by Eddie Murphy at the Soul Train Aw…
When u forget Samuel L. Jackson was in Eddie Murphy raw! 😂😂😂
Logan: This is that Eddie Murphy movie about the haunted mansion!. Me: You mean 'The Haunted Mansion'?. Logan: Yeah!!!
Why does Keith look like a Walmart version of Eddie Murphy
.partied with Al B. Sure! & Bobby Brown at Eddie Murphy's mansion, where he almost got with Heathe…
"Eddie Murphy eating steak and fries off the back of a model in Paris, 1985.
'Coming To America' with Eddie Murphy was released in theaters on this day 29 years ago.
Beverly Hills Cop came out in 1984 & made Eddie Murphy, a comedian, a big time star. And yes,…
Eddie Murphy's love interest in the film? And Colin Powell
Review: Steve Martin, Robin Williams, and Eddie Murphy in 9 classic episodes with the 3-disc set THE TONIGHT SHOW...
I liked a video Eddie Murphy on why he should've played James Brown
And when he thinks he's alone, he sings Eddie Murphy's as James Brown "Celebrity Hot Tu…
I went from watching Kevin Hart's stand-up to Chris Rock's, then Eddie Murphy's, and now Steve Harvey's 😂
I have always loved the Marcus Graham character. Another job well done by Eddie Murphy.
Regis Philbin, Drake Bell, Smashmouth with Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller from Dodgeball and Wi…
Crawling In Circles is fun. This sounds like the music to a stakeout scene in a Beverley Hills Cop movie. But like, one without Eddie Murphy
Toy Story, starring Liza Minelli and Eddie Murphy. Directed by Robert Altman, music by Vince Neil. Budget: $100,000
in 1983: Trading Places, starring and Eddie Murphy was released in theaters. Stream the fi…
June 8, 1983, the film Trading Places starring Eddie Murphy & Dan Aykroyd was released in theaters.
Kevin Hart isn't as funny as Chris Rock or Eddie Murphy. Too pc but maybe he doesn't want to lose followers. Comedic geniuses don't care.
Moms will watch Eddie Murphy, Katt Williams and Bernie Mac but when they hear our music
Kevin Hart, Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy... I just love a good joke, jokes so good yang sayang banget kalo gak berbagi
The Cavaliers' defense is so bad it should star Eddie Murphy & Dudley Moore
has ruined the very reputation it built on the backs of George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy & Robin Williams, with
In the "PBS : Kennedy center honors Eddie Murphy", Chris Rock said "our next presenter is brought to u courtesy of Walmart, Tracy Morgan"
Wonder how many times Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, especially Eddie Murphy, etc etc have made stereotypical white people jokes.
Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor , Katt Williams & etc use to always say outlandish things & no one ever got upset about it
I miss the good old days of Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy and…
My uncle was a stand up nut, so I grew up watching George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Joan R…
Never seen him, I'm talkin the likes of Bill Bur, Eddie Murphy or that Amy wan, funny in person I'd say but can't do it live
Eddie Murphy, Rick James, and my Uncle, hanging out at RJ's house back in the day. Oddly enough we live up the stre…
You ain't gonna believe this but Eddie Murphy my uncle in real life that's y 😂💯
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Do you know who Eddie Murphy is?! They give anyone a platform if you didn't know..they probably sti…
There is a very roundabout reason why I am watching Harlem Nights today. Eddie Murphy's 'serious' voice always reminds me of Prince Akeem
Na bra just like Eddie Murphy in Coming To America Fred's got the hands I bet
Oh man, Chief Hayes pulling them in the office and yelling at them like Eddie Murphy's captain from Beverly Hills C…
Floyd Mayweather's Money persona is a much less charming version of Eddie Murphy in "I Spy." Pretty Boy-era Floyd clearly has seen this film
Kate McKinnon is the biggest talent to come out of SNL since Eddie Murphy or maybe even Steve Martin. Hugely gifted.
Dan Aykroyd Speaks on the Key to Eddie Murphy's Genius & Introduces Crys... via
Eddie Murphy's Umfufu bit in Raw, but about Wells and his blushing bride. "I VANT HALF, JEFF. I AM AMERICAN VOMAN NOW."
Miller. Norm Macdonald and Sam Kinison more radical. Something. Well. Dave Chapele is a Muslim. Kevin Hart who knows. Eddie Murphy. My
Patrick Beverley is a maniac in the best way. He’s like Eddie Murphy from Beverley Hills Cop blended with a rabid snow leopard right now.
Beautiful celebrities from the 1990s: Maya Angelou, Pam Grier, Eddie Murphy & Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Queen Latifa
*** isis they done got Eddie Murphy smh who next Gary busey tell em.
Once again theatre steals from Eddie Murphy. See also: Three Kingdoms and Beverly Hills Cop
I'll give you names like. Michael Jackson . Mike Tyson . Eddie Murphy . Ma…
Remember what Rick James did to Eddie Murphy's couch?! That's me when Lucky doesn't have my dinner ready!
I'm saddened to hear Eddie Murphy has died from Nutty Professor 1-2 and dr Doolittle movies so so sad to hear...
Brb rewatching that old James Brown Celebrity Hot Tob bit Eddie Murphy did
I met Bronson Pinchot once. Ironically in a restaurant named "Rock Bottom". He was cool but complained about Eddie Murphy alot
Mel B spills on her relationship with Eddie Murphy and who
Charlie Murphy, brother of Eddie Murphy dead at 57 from leukemia So sad. Rest in Peace Charlie.
Eddie Murphy, Nick Nolte, Brion James - Another 48 Hrs. (1990) || go to 127.10 to start to 128.25 to end, i still...
"Take back Vanessa Redgrave. Take back Take back Eddie Murphy. Give 'em all some place to go . . .".
Indeed! But is not Chris Rock, Eddie Griffin, Eddie Murphy or co. Big fun, never watched ur performanc…
Tell him he owes me $1 we made a bet about switching Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy in a banking scena…
I was 15 and thought Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo were the funniest dudes in the world on SNL
I just need to see Martin, Eddie Murphy, Eddie Griffin, David Chapelle, Tracy Morgan and other legends back on our screens again
Found this gem of Eddie Murphy doing an impression of 😂❤. .
If Comedy Central is going to do a tribute about Charlie Murphy, they better get Dave Chappelle and Eddie Murphy involved! R.I…
Charlie Murphy, brother of Eddie, dies aged 57
Charlie Murphy, Eddie Murphy's brother and 'Chappelle's Show' star, dead at 57
Comedian Charlie Murphy remembered by fans and the famous - CNET: CNET Comedian…
Eddie Murphy impersonating Charlie is spot on. 😂
TMZ has reported that Charlie Murphy, the oldest brother of Eddie Murphy, has died.
When Eddie Murphy impersonated his brother lmaooo
In Vampire in Brooklyn, Eddie Murphy did NOT played this character. 1Dr. Zeko. 2Preacher Pauly. 3Maximillian. ***
ATTN media: DO NOT use the headline "Eddie Murphy's brother dead." His name is Charlie Murphy and we know it. Respect him.…
Eddie Murphy and family mourn Charlie Murphy: 'Our hearts are heavy'
Eddie Murphy talking about his brother Charlie 😂🙏 . RIP Charlie Murphy.
When Eddie Murphy impersonated his brother lmaooo .
Comedian Charlie Murphy, featured on "Chappelle's Show" and older brother of Eddie Murphy, has died at age 57.
Here is a video of Eddie Murphy imitating Charlie Murphy. It's spot on.
And anybody who refers to Charlie as Eddie Murphy's brother today can catch this fade Idc
Peanut Tillman parodies Eddie Murphy as he cuts his signature dreadlocks. (via
Yes on diversity in Hollywood + director Walter Hill on working with Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor!.
Walter Hill told me a fun story on casting Eddie Murphy for 48 HRS. And how he delivered the news to Nick Nolte
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Redd Foxx! Richard Pryor! Eddie Murphy! All giants! But Robyn Williams can't be overlooked! Make no mistake!!!
Check out what I found. Shrek 2 DVD Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Julie Andrews, Antonio Band via
Yo I had a brilliant idea just now. You direct a comedy where you play OJ and Eddie Murphy plays Johnny Cochran. Call me!
Barry Manilow has come out as *** .. in other 'news', water is wet, the pope is catholic and Eddie Murphy is black
both uncle Paul and Eddie Murphy now share the same age: 56 years young.
Trying to figure out how to describe the plot of Raw in one sentence. The French film. Not the Eddie Murphy concert. Or the wrestling.
Eddie Murphy - Raw (Italians & Rocky). Eddie has one of my fav Italian impersonations ctfuuu
Someone recommend a good stand up to watch. Something preferably better than Eddie Murphy raw or don't waste my time.
Eddie Murphy's ex-wife and daughter zolaivymurphy on Miami beach.
Eddie Murphy "why'd you eat the ice cream off the floor" 😂😂😂
Gonna finally watch Get Out, now keep in mind; Eddie Murphy's Raw is my favourite stand up special ever, so if I call THIS racist... wow
Eddie Murphy's Raw is still the best stand up I've ever seen.
.got that modified Eddie Murphy from Raw look to the ring.
That scene in Eddie Murphy's Raw standup where he annihilates Bill Cosby has me on the floor every time I watch it 😂
Really feeling these Eddie Murphy raw socks. Delirious was every reason why I…
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I miss the old Eddie Murphy and I'm not talking about Dr Dolittle
I feel ya. But it's a pretty valid point: just like Eddie Murphy's Raw, homophobic jokes will not age well at all
"I was warned that the Japanese know only two black actors: Eddie Murphy and Will Smith."
The used to wear extravagant *** Tight *** leather outfits Eddie Murphy in Delirious and Raw lol
Maybe she is trying to channel Eddie Murphy when he did Raw back in the 80s wearing all that leather
i didnt find nothing eddie murphy said on his stand up "Eddie Murphy raw" funny🙄
"Hilarious"? What word would you describe Eddie Murphy raw with? The Article was clever and arguably funny but Hilarious?
Eddie Murphy's Raw is comedy at its peak. Still relevant
Eddie Murphy's Bill Cosby impersonation in Raw will never get old
Black comics who's your favorite I think mines was Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Dave Chappelle.
I liked a video '89 Michael Jackson Receives Award from Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Murphy (HD1080i)
Y'all *** wouldn't have found Richard Pryor, Bernie Mac or Eddie Murphy funny today. Y'all *** sensitive and built funn…
Nick Nolte as Tillerson and Eddie Murphy as Carson in Yet Another 48 Hours.
Justin: Eddie Murphy was Shumaforushoomoo in Mulan!. Me: . do you mean Mushu? 😂
Eddie Murphy's comeback in a movie comedy of 'Mr Robinson's Neighborhood'. How would that play for today's woke audience?
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Eddie Murphy is working on a sequel to "Coming To America." Working title: "Coming To America 2: Detained at the Border."
Eddie Murphy is 'Coming To America' again in sequel
So ... Eddie Murphy seems to be writing a "Coming To America 2" ... someone go get him and sit that man down somewhere ... sheesh
There are rumours Eddie Murphy is working on ‘Coming To America 2’ and we are so freaking excited! 😁
Eddie Murphy is reportedly writing a sequel to his 1988 smash comedy "Coming To America" .
Now I'm laughing at how that GIF looks like Eddie Murphy is yelling Steve
Now this is a movie I'd watch, you can never have too much Eddie Murphy
It's 5Am and I'm watching this Steve Martin / Eddie Murphy movie BowFinger it's funny but inspiring what he did took guts and imagination 🤔
The moment when Curtis is confused and thinks Bill Murray is Eddie Murphy
Gordon Ramsay, President Trump, Pacino, Eddie Murphy & Robert DeNiro shop for tools at the
Today in 1993 receives the "Humanitarian Award" presented & given by Eddie Murphy at the Soul Train Mu…
is that supposed to be comedy. Wow I miss the days of Eddie Murphy, George Carlin, etc. true talent. SamB, not a lick
Dat magic johnson picture wit Eddie Murphy is 🔥🔥, that's how me and my potnas gon be walkin places in a couple years
Eddie Murphy, George Carlin...that's it for me. Everybody else, I kinda listen to their specials but I don't really…
Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, George Lopez, Dl Hughley, one underrated is Jeff Dunham!
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Yeah I've seen Eddie Murphy & Chris Rock's old stuff I like em too. I liked George Carlin too but Dave to me will be my
Pretty sure if wasn't filmed live they'd just let Kate McKinnon play all the roles like Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor.
and better defence than a Dudley Moore and Eddie Murphy movie.
Kate McKinnon is Eddie Murphy in the 80s. So who's hanging on as Joe Piscopo? Because I've got bad news for everybo…
Kate's getting near that Eddie Murphy level where she's gonna end up hosting as a cast member one of these days.…
Trump watched Eddie Murphy in Tower Heist last night and thought it was Obama.
.. Bo = Richard Pryor. Hershel = George Carlin. Fournette = Eddie Murphy. Everyone else is just competing for (pre-rapist) Bill Cosby.
GM Marc Bergevin's look is borrowing heavily today from Eddie Murphy's "quart of blood technique" in Trading Places
Mel Brooks, Rowan Atkinson, the 1988 cast of SNL, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Eddie Murphy, and that time a kid got hit in…
Vince Staples is the love child between Lando Calrissian and Eddie Murphy
awesome picture but Magic Johnson is 6ft 9 Jack Nicholson definitely is not on par & Eddie Murphy is definitely not 7ft lol
Arsenio Hall drops $5million lawsuit against Sinead O'Connor after she apologizes for accusing him of… Eddie Murphy
Sinead O'Connor apologizes for accusing Arsenio Hall of providing drugs to Prince, Hall drops suit -… Eddie Murphy
Wanda Sykes is 50?? Eddie Murphy only 25?? Jerry Seinfeld and Andy Kaufman higher than Billy Connolly…
Don't agree with a bunch of the rankings (Eddie Murphy is no. 1 hands down) but this is a fun read for fans
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Curry really is the Golden Child from that Eddie Murphy movie. Smhh
he looks like Eddie Murphy's mom in "Coming To America"
Guys the ancestor debate... "a real dragon"... Eddie Murphy is an American treasure
Eddie Murphy and Mary Gross had so much chemistry.
Like vintage Eddie Murphy, Dave Chapelle, and Kevin Hart as well. David Spade and Kevin James pretty funny too.
Yep, the classic Chris Rock sketch about his neighborhood he shared w/ Mary j, jay-z, Eddie Murphy, and an average…
“Bring together supermodel Iman, comedy rockstar Eddie Murphy, NBA Heavyweight Magic Johnson, and what do you get? . Unapolog…
SNL started to go down hill the night Eddie Murphy perform his last show
Like, I feel you but: Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray, Steve Martin and Phil Hartman are probably strong contenders there.
Its the love child of Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy
Coming To America and Harlem Knights were Eddie Murphy's best movies.Tell me I'm wrong
When you're at a stand up (Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor, Original Kings of Comedy, Eddie Murphy etc.), being politically corr…
If Dave Chappelle and Eddie Murphy not in your top 5 you have NO sense of humor
Dave Chappelle and Eddie Griffin are my two comedy GOATS on my bucket list. Eddie Murphy but old Eddie and old Eddie is way far gone
People who think Kevin Hart is the best comedian ever must have never watched an 80's Eddie Murphy stand up 😂
If I don't get a Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, or Chris Rock stand up for halftime next year I'm shooting up my nearest school
Richard Pryor live at the sunset, Eddie Murphy raw, Chris Rock bigger and blacker, Louis ck at the beacon...
also shows the importance of putting talent in position to shine: Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphy, Hulk Hogan, Michael Jordan...
"I'm Eddie Murphy in Boomerang, you strange' " - Dave East
I miss the Beverly Hills Cop and 48 hours Eddie Murphy...
Eddie Murphy is an utterly repulsive individual. Delirious has the huge homophobic bit, and he references it again in Raw
Eddie Murphy easily has the best reaction there, maybe followed by Gilbert Gottfried's whole act with the glasses.
Watching "Boomerang" and this joint had Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence & Chris Rock all in one film.
Dude studying in Harlem Nights and Eddie Murphy expression , the funniest thing on earth >
in that leather tonight..."lawd have mercy, Kelly Clarkson, Eddie Murphy!" * voice*
Watching "I-Spy" with Eddie Murphy & it reminded me of who must model himself on. It's Eddie's character, Kelly Robinson 😂😂😂
My coworker looks like James Harden, Wesley Snipes, Eddie Murphy, and Luke Cage wrapped in one big blanket of "I jus want to be myself" lol
Top 3 comedians all time. 1. Dave Chappelle & Chris Rock. 3. Eddie Murphy
Touche. I think that applies to Eddie Murphy and R kelly Ex's too.
While cleaning today, found the movie "Coming To America" such a classic. Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, true comedic geniuses.
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Eddie Murphy's brother Charlie Murphy is joining the fourth season of on Starz.
Ppl who I've thought are in this movie: Eddie Murphy, Both Hall AND Oates. Who is actually in this movie: Dennis Quaid.
Kevin Hart is popular and highly paid comedian right now, but I don't think he is near Chris Rock or Eddie Murphy level of comic
When Studio Q covered the Mr. Church movie premiere starring Eddie Murphy we talked to Arsenio Hall. See what he...
Goodnight Larry! Jesse reminded me on stream that you wanted to snap and become Eddie Murphy! Sweet dreams😂
Eddie Murphy, David Spade, Donald Glover, Dane Cook ... a lot of funny guys have scored over the years thanks to a quick quip.
I love Ray J. He's like a cross between Will I Am and Eddie Murphy
Reminds me of an old comedy sketch, either Richard Prior or Eddie Murphy who stole all of his stuff...
Ray j looks like a young Eddie Murphy
Ray J is trying so hard to be like Eddie Murphy
Top 3 Comedies. Raw - Eddie Murphy. Delirious - Eddie Murphy . Anytime brings up the Falcons
Me, Quincy Jones, Eddie Murphy & John Singleton at Cannes Film Festival '90 w/ Gregory Hines in the bg
Richard Pryor who. Eddie Murphy who. Dave Chappell who. Kevin Hart who . Orlando Brown is the G.O.A.T 😂😂😂
Seems like many successful black men - Michael Ealy, Michael Jordan, Eddie Murphy - among others who have married...
Harlem Nights might still be the funniest Eddie Murphy movie still & that is saying something
Bad impression of Eddie Murphy ahoy. Bobby Brown's crack level currently at Zero.
Most likely a quote from SNL when Eddie Murphy was playing James Brown in a hot tub skit.
Eddie Murphy wanted to do stand up & be a Comedian bcos of Richard Prior. When i launch my own Podcast, it's bcos made me want to
People brought their kids to Eddie Murphy in his heyday. I think they'll survive. Just tell them the bear and rabbit joke.
"The bear asked the rabbit. Do you have trouble...sticking to your fur?..." Eddie Murphy
Bernie Mac, Richard Prior, Dave Chapelle, Eddie Murphy and I'm sure I'm missing some will always be the greats.
Eddie Murphy is one stressed father...
I feel like Eddie Murphy never showed up for work on The PJs. Every episode I've seen its clearly Aries Spears doing the voice.
2/2 I find Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock funny. I don't get all the black culture references but I can see the humour. 2/3
I still ain't forget how Eddie Murphy tried to act like he wasn't the father of Mel B's baby still a fuk Boi for that!!
Are you implying.Eddie Murphy's "Trading Places"? Need to get this over to Alex Jones pronto!
I was just looking to see how high Eddie Murphy actually ranked but ride that train, Bill Hader
U'll 💗 it. Eddie Murphy, David Alan Grier, Eartha Kitt, Robin Givens, Halle Berry, Martin Lawrence are in it to name a few.
Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd, Don Ameche, Ralph Bellamy. What more do people want? Jamie Lee Curtis you say? Yep - her too
More chances to see In the Heat of the Night across the UK, plus Eddie Murphy and Spike Lee classics:
I've never seen the film 48 Hours but I assume either Eddie Murphy or Nick Nolte have norovirus at the start.
I love 75-78 but I haven't seen much of the 80s besides Ed Grimley and some Eddie Murphy clips. I'll check out some 80s episodes.
sure I liked the directors cut of Donnie Darko but I still can't figure out why Eddie Murphy could talk to animals
Eddie Murphy confirms 'Beverly Hills Cop 4' is now closer to begin filming
Eddie Murphy need to make Norbit 2 & Nutty Professor 3 An quit playing
Pokemon Moon Episode 2 is live! Move over Eddie Murphy, there's a new Nutty Professor in town.
Trading Places & Coming To America are my all time favorite Eddie Murphy movies that aren't Beverly Hills Cop or Nutty Professor
Jim Belushi, Bill Murray, Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Eddie Murphy.some of the greatest comedians to ever exist.
Are you sure? It has Eddie Murphy and that scene with Dan Aykrod in black face. Oh and Jamie Lee Curtis with short hair.
Top 5 stand up comedians in no order: Steven Wright, Eddie Murphy, Mitch Hedburg, Louis C.K., Dave Chappelle.
Eddie Murphy was my guy for a long time. My first exposure to 'SNL'...
in Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroid they said it in ain't cool being a jive turkey this close to Thanksgiving
I will put Steve Harvey, Bernie Mac, Cedric the Entertainer, Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryer and any...
This just in: Prince dissed Eddie Murphy after basketball game of ‘Chappelle’ fame 🙈 Classic
Con man who scammed Eddie Murphy's ex gets 22 years in jail via
Sell watches to Eddie Murphy n Arsenio Hall in queens
Prince's friends fondly remember all the times he expertly insulted everyone from Madonna to Eddie Murphy
Chicago's own, Director John Landis, along with Eddie Murphy on the set of Coming To America.
Katrina Pierson's scorched-earth path to the top - Eddie Murphy's Comment to HuffPost Editor:
I used to sneak up to the 8th floor and watch Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscop...
DeNiro, Pesci, Pacino Rooney, Van Gaal, Eddie Murphy and McGregor in full costume and makeup on a film set
I've thought that for a long time, they haven't been funny since Eddie Murphy left.
Draymond Green has as much leg control as Rick James after Charlie and Eddie Murphy wailed on him for grinding his feet i…
Seeing behind that sound board reminds me of Rick James in that "Party All the Time" Eddie Murphy music video.
I kept expecting Jim Carey, Damon Wayans, Jack Black or Eddie Murphy to come out, it seemed like a comedy sketch.
Who was considered the role of Huggy Bear in Starsky & Hutch (2004)?. 1, Chris Rock. 2, Eddie Murphy. 3, Tracy Morgan .
The 'Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home' writer explains how Eddie Murphy was replaced with Catherine Hicks: htt…
Sidebar: if they ever make the Wilson Pickett story, Eddie Murphy needs to get that call.
Eddie Murphy had a role in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Eddie Murphy was going to play an astrophysicist at Berkeley
if just black ..Richard Pryor, Paul money, Dave Chapelle, Bernie Mac, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy ..them plenty
Art should be witty, like a good Eddie Murphy movie, to make your lif...
Toss up between Bill Murray and Eddie Murphy...I guess the secret is to have a last name that starts with "MUR"...
It's crazy how Eddie Murphy can play 4 characters all in one scene.
Please tell me they can fit in Jill Scott and Eddie Murphy
Wrote a character in the original Black Bond novel for Eddie Murphy called Leon Jackson a USAFpilot
Funny that Eddie Murphy is the voice of Donkey in Shrek. It's like Olaf from Frozen being voiced by Roy Chubby Brown.
Eddie Murphy in 1983 knew what was up.
Honestly, working with Eddie Murphy was mind-blowing just in term...
DOPE! Eddie Murphy confirms that is coming in 2019!
yeah for me my top 3 is Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, and Martin Lawrence
Conor McGregor is scheduled to meet DeNiro, Eddie Murphy, Denzel and Mike Tyson after that wild UFC 205 press conferen…
lmao yeah. Saying Harold though made me think about Eddie Murphy in Delirious talking about Jesse Jackson running for pres
*refers to Chris Rock neighborhood bit about Eddie Murphy, Mary J. Blige and a Dentist*
Eddie Murphy played 7characters in Nutty Professor.The screenplay of POC by Mel Gibson was originally in Aramaic.Heath Ledger's🃏
Eddie Murphy, Naomie Harris, and Janelle Monáe Win at the Hollywood Film Awards:
Eddie Murphy, Hugh Grant, & Robert de Niro were all honored at the
The way I shut off when I see anything by Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence...yerr bayanyanyisa labantu...Jim Carey too. They over do it 😳😳😩😩
yo yall show is like yall both Tony Kornheiser on PTI but Eddie Murphy in black face make up
love the Della Reese vs Eddie Murphy fight!!!
I don't think Jim Carey , Eddie Murphy or Chris Tucker make good movies
Go watch Meet Dave via Eddie Murphy he all in white and this cat called Morris (Moorish) Go Figure us Moors
After the Grand Slam, I threw everybody out like Eddie Murphy in Trading Places
I just liked this song "Patience" by Eddie Murphy, Keith Robinson, Anika Noni Rose
Does anyone remember the Eddie Murphy bit where he tries to imagine Larry Holmes endorsing York peppermint patties?
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