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Eddie Murphy Delirious

Delirious is a stand-up comedy television special starring Eddie Murphy. The 70-minute show, released in 1983, showcases his most racy material.

Eddie Murphy Eddie Murphy Raw

Eddie Murphy really could not do delirious in 2015 , social media would destroy . still classic stand up
😳have you seen Eddie Murphy Delirious or Pimp Chronicles??
yo if you never seen Eddie Murphy comedy show delirious, you haven't laughed fr fr before
i love delirious. Eddie Murphy was funny af
Eddie Murphy Raw and delirious were top tier.
To paraphrase what Eddie Murphy said on raw (or delirious idr): "ya cud only put ya *** on the craps table til you crap out."
My name must be Eddie Murphy because I am DELIRIOUS today, WOW!
πŸ€”... I remember when I was a shorty my Pops DID NOT want me watching Eddie Murphy's "Delirious" on vhs. And I was always curious why..
Eddie Murphy's Delirious will always be classic
Eddie Murphy's "Delirious" and "Raw" are two of the greatest comedy specials ever.
Mare wanted to try Eddie Murphy's Delirious on Netflix, even through I warned her it was not her thing. She lasted 10 minutes.
I added a video to a playlist Eddie Murphy - Delirious
Anyone else think Charmin stole its *** wiping bear shtick from Eddie Murphy's stand up?
Eddie Murphy - Delirious is a classic stand up set. Jump off the nearest bridge if you disagree...or don't, that's okay too.
Suck up the dank like a slurpee, the serious, bomb will make a niggy go delirious like Eddie Murphy..
So I'm watching 'Eddie Murphy: delirious' and he dead started it talking about *** He wouldn't be able to do that nowadays. lol
as for comics offending people, have you seen Eddie Murphy's "Delirious" 1983 standup special. Very controversial
I'm watching Eddie Murphy: Delirious and I'm dying lmaooo
Eddie Murphy's Delirious is and will always be my favorite stand up comedy.
what's you're favorite joke from Eddie Murphy's "Delirious" concert?
Eddie Murphy was fine asf in Delirious
But Eddie Murphy: Raw is a delirious time capsule!
On this day in 1983, Eddie Murphy Delirious was released by HBO.
"Eddie Murphy: Delirious" is a raw, often regrettable time capsule. Watch it on Netflix and cringe a little:
Eddie Murphy's Delirious has to be one of the greatest stand up shows ever.
If Eddie Murphy Delirious came out today people would riot lol.
Eddie Murphy in DELIRIOUS when he was Teddy Pendergrass, he said "NOUGAT, NOUGAT, NOUGAT WHAT I NEED!!!"
He looks just like Eddie Murphy in delirious
Eddie Murphy Delirious the best comedy special of all time.
The uber-hilarious, GENIUS version of Eddie Murphy... the guy we saw on RAW & DELIRIOUS?.
Eddie Murphy's Delirious stand up is the funniest stand up of all time hands down.been My favorite since I was little
You lookin mighty cute in them jeans 󾌴 β€” watching Eddie Murphy Delirious
If I start doing the ice cream part from Eddie Murphy's Delirious and my guy actually joins in? We're getting married.
Watch "Eddie Murphy's Delirious" as your next stoner movie... It's on Netflix... You're welcome
Eddie Murphy's Delirious is too funny man
"I got rules, No *** looking at my *** while I'm on stage" -Eddie Murphy first line of delirious
Eddie Murphy Delirious is top 5 funny stand-up
Eddie Murphy's Delirious from 1983 is hands down one of my favorite stand-up performances ever to watch. So hilarious!
Got to watch and enjoy. Eddie Murphy: Delirious. K.Hart: Laugh at My Pain. . .
Eddie Murphy's Delirious is my absolute favorite comedy special, man.
Eddie Murphy if you haven't already watch Delirious
Eddie Murphy's Delirious guarantees a laugh every time. He wouldn't get away with those homophobic jokes now though.
I wonder how those kids Eddie Murphy turned out after he pointed them out in Delirious.
Trying to convince my work patna that we should go as Eddie Murphy Raw + Delirious for Halloween is exhausting. Can't catch a break today.
Eddie Murphy delirious is such a crease πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Watching Eddie Murphy Delirious. Need Wikipedia for all the 80's pop culture references
Eddie Murphy's "Raw" and "Delirious" are classic iconic stand ups. Arguably the GOAT.
thank you. I love the word delirious. And Eddie Murphy's Delirious. I wish I had that outfit.
It's been a while but Eddie Murphy Delirious is happening right now. Well played Netflix.
Remember that part on Delirious where Eddie Murphy was like "give a *** rope, he think he a cowboy, Gus!" That's norm kelly.
. totally agree re: Eddie Murphy in the 80s and 90s. My brothers and I wore out VHS tapes of SNL and Delirious. Comedy genius!
Eddie Murphy was 22 when he filmed Delirious. Let that little fact sit with you for a minute
Gotta find someone the enjoys Eddie Murphy - Delirious as much as I do
I been at work watching Delirious, that *** Eddie Murphy crazy lol
Good times. As good a comedy as Eddie Murphy's Delirious.
I wish Eddie Murphy would do another special that's on the same level as Raw or Delirious.
Watched Eddie Murphy Delirious last night. 32 years old but so good and still relevant today. Amazing
I'm supposed to be editing on my lunch break but I find myself watching clips from Eddie Murphy's Delirious! All the lolz.
today sure is cookin' it with the timezones-based humour. not as funny as Eddie Murphy DELIRIOUS tbqh
Watching Delirious. Back when Eddie Murphy was a G.
Bout to watch Eddie Murphy Delirious til I doze off
Adil impersonating Eddie Murphy's dad on Delirious lol
Eddie Murphy's Delirious comedy special does not hold up
If you haven't seen Eddie Murphy's stand up "Delirious" then you aren't living
time to finally give Eddie Murphy's DELIRIOUS a try
Watching a double feature Eddie Murphy delirious and Eddie Murphy Raw now that's some funny s*** mr. T walk...
If you guys want to see some classic stand up,watch Eddie Murphy's Delirious I swear you will cry.
I could watch Eddie Murphy Delirious and Raw over and over and laugh just as hard every time
"Give me my quarter mf" *** sounded like Eddie Murphy when he was mocking his drunk dad on delirious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Watching Eddie Murphy delirious with my babe and I'm laughing at how hard he's laughing. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Eddie Murphy should have more than enough ammo for a new "Delirious" by now...
Go watch Eddie Murphy's "Delirious" and "Raw" specials from the 80's. Then imagine the tsunami of outrage if he made those jokes today.
Sharknado 3 was a good crack but it's time to finish watching this for real laughs. β€” watching Eddie Murphy Delirious
I love Babymetal. ::grin:: But I can't stand Howard Stern. Can't stand Tosh.O but love Eddie Murphy Delirious.
Eddie Murphy's Delirious stand up special from 1983 is from the top drawer. Very few that are better.
We can't be friends if you've NEVER watched Eddie Murphy's "Delirious" and/or "Raw".
Watch this. This is Delirious (Eddie Murphy) and someone shouted out and got shot down. Hard.
Eddie Murphy delirious is a classic, too funny!
And then there was delirious! Anyone who think Eddie Murphy aint funny should watch that!
Hammer Screenings: Eddie Murphy: Delirious: Mark Bradford cites this 1983 film as an influence for his mu...
I didn't know anything could be so funny as Eddie Murphy's "Delirious" comedy special
Eddie Murphy's stand up "Delirious" is so funny. I've seen it 1937291 times and still laugh like crazy πŸ˜‚
When I get my first big rapper check I'm getting the same red leather outfit Eddie Murphy had on in Delirious
I cannot believe Eddie Murphy is 22 at the point of performing 'Delirious'!? πŸ˜‚
seriously, Adam Sandler's body of work will end-up looking as bad Eddie Murphy's *** rant in Delirious
Ice Cream Finder from the Data News Team! Needs more Delirious Eddie Murphy shouting Ice Creeam
Byron Allen bought Eddie Murphy Delirious from HBO and sold the dvd's.
Is it just me or does Ricky Martin sound like Stevie Wonder as portrayed by Eddie Murphy in Delirious?
speakin of prodigies.. how many times have u seen that oldass Eddie Murphy standup DELIRIOUS :D
My money is hilarious right now, like Eddie Murphy Delirious funny
never realized how funny Eddie Murphy really was until the first time I watched raw and delirious πŸ˜‚
I see you ... with the Eddie Murphy "Delirious" line!
Eddie Murphy's Delirious is always a great time.
Eddie Murphy is a Legend.. Delirious still funny af
Hernandez is on par with Eddie Murphy: Delirious. Seriously.
Watching Eddie Murphy delirious for like the 20th time
Eddie Murphy delirious is the funniest stand up show of all time
he was the inspiration to Eddie Murphy's Delirious
just watching Eddie Murphy-Delirious, love the James Brown bit on that
You can definitely tell that Chris Tucker has been studying Eddie Murphy's older stand up specials like 'Raw' and 'Delirious'
"its the fart game son, u will play one day" lmao got to love Eddie Murphy or one of them
Delirious is still the best comedy to ever be written. Eddie Murphy is a genius.
Budweiser and some Eddie Murphy "Delirious" for my Saturday. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it…
Eddie Murphy delirious when you high wit your shorty >
No offense meant, it's a joke. Eddie Murphy is a comedian. Have you ever seen "Delirious"? It's old but still funny
Wow. Eddie Murphy was 22 yrs old when he recorded Delirious. That's crazy. Like it or hate it... what a huge amount of talent…
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Eddie Murphy's Delirious is too much for today's PC culture.
Ok, I went way back; I am watching Eddie Murphy Delirious on DVD.
Eddie Murphy Delirious will always be a thing between my brother & I!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
*** talk about Richard Pryor,Dave Chapelle and Kevin Hart,but still sleep on Eddie Murphy in the 80's.Beverly Hills Cop,Delirious,Raw?!
watching Eddie Murphy Delirious. imagine him doing this stand up in the super sensitive generation today. lol
It's like when mandem talk about Eddie Murphy as doctor Doolittle or daddy day care! Shall I slap you. Raw, delirious!? Legendary.
Eddie Murphy Delirious is the only thing worth watch on netflix.
Getting sleepy bout to just crash on the couch watching Eddie Murphy Delirious. I've been cracking the F up since it started even though I've seen it ten times lol
β€œβ€œEddie Murphy stand up is actually funny af”RAW?” I'm watching delirious
Man Eddie Murphy was mad funny in delirious
You youngins need to watch Eddie Murphy Delirious. U dont know shieeet.
Eddie Murphy's is the perfect distraction from this insomnia-filled night!
Eddie Murphy's delirious. That's my morning before work πŸ‘
It's brazy how tired I am.. I'm about to be in a delirious state (no Eddie Murphy) for the second time in 24 hours lol
Photo: I’m watching Eddie Murphy: Delirious Check-in to Eddie Murphy: Delirious on tvtag
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After I saw Eddie Murphy’s β€œRaw” & β€œDelirious” no comedian stand up ever impressed me.
Richard Pryor was alright and Eddie Murphy was only funny in the 80's. "Delirious" was πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Eddie Murphy got the two rawest stand ups of all time with Raw and Delirious.
watch comedys bra Eddie Murphy started this comedys. Watch Eddie Murphy Delirious
I'm most def gonna watch Eddie Murphy's Delirious when i get home from work.
Just saw Eddie Murphy Delirious and then someone sends this. Classic and love Stevie.
Gonna watch Eddie Murphy's 'Delirious' before the next match because that's sure to be a barnstormer.
Eddie Murphy was some guy in his prime
My daddy, brother and I are watching Eddie Murphy's Delirious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ we bout to be so joked.
watching Eddie Murphy - Delirious before i go to sleep ... lmao lover it
it's that Cool Refreshing Drink (like Eddie Murphy said in Delirious:)
Eddie Murphy - Delirious. . For the nth time and it's still πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Eddie Murphy's delirious and raw will always be some of my favorite stand up
Eddie Murphy delirious is killing me
Re-watched Eddie Murphy's 'Delirious' and 'Raw' last night. Oh the memories.
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Watching delirious with Eddie Murphy on Netflix ..I know it's gonna be so funny
Is it weird that I've never seen Delirious by Eddie Murphy???
is in the same category as Eddie Murphy's Delirious - every time it gets funnier
I personally admire comedians who are hilarious AND clean like Bill. Don't get me wrong, Eddie Murphy's Delirious was classic
Watching Eddie Murphy's delirious for the 1st time
I wonder if that white guy who let Eddie Murphy use his camera to take pics from the stage still has em...
I forgot about his stand movies from the 80s like Delirious and Eddie Murphy Raw check them out if you haven't.
Watched Eddie Murphy's Delirious last night lmao love him
Watching delirious and Eddie Murphy is killing it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Hm watching Eddie Murphy: Delirious now and just like "hm this isn't speed tbh why am I here"
My lady didn't make it past 5 mins watching Eddie Murphy "delirious"
When I was 12 I thought Eddie Murphy was hilarious in his stand up specials. I'm going to watch "Delirious" again...
seriously? That meme 7 habits was from a business book from 1988. Like using an Eddie Murphy delirious reference.
The perfect caption for this picture would get me in trouble here. Hint: Eddie Murphy said it in Delirious.
Watching Eddie Murphy Delirious.. its my first time watching it
Little Giant Ladders
tell him to watch some Eddie Murphy: Delirious or RAW
The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in retu-. SHUTUP SHUTUP! "Eddie Murphy: Delirious" is now on Netflix!
Watching Eddie Murphy: Delirious.I can't believe I haven't watched this before because I'm fuxking dying... And It's only been 5 minutes in.
They put Eddie Murphy's Delirious onit's about to be a funny *** night
Eddie Murphy Delirious is now on Netflix - just saying like
I guess I'm watching Eddie Murphy:Delirious on Netflix until I fall asleep.
Watching 'Eddie Murphy Delirious' awkward time capsule
To who ever wants to watch some classic standup comedy ... Watch "Eddie Murphy: Delirious" on Netflix.
Eddie Murphy's, Delirious is the best stand up ever πŸ˜‚
CHILLANDO wit my beer watchin Eddie Murphy Delirious
Eddie Murphy still has done some of the best stand up ever. Love Raw and Delirious πŸ‘Œ
Eddie Murphy Delirious on Netflix ohh man time to laugh πŸ˜†πŸ˜©
Look at the camera Eddie Murphy used in Delirious. Super
Over here with a pain in my stomach from lmfao... He's the man β€” watching Eddie Murphy Delirious
Deciding to watch Eddie Murphy's delirious for the first time in its entirety
Hebis immortal, he wrote jokes for Eddie Murphy Delirious and Raw. Free comedy pass for life.
Netflix stepping up their game big time by adding Eddie Murphy's: Delirious
Eddie Murphy in delirious is so funny
Lol Eddie Murphy's delirious is hilarious so far
Eddie Murphy Delirious is a classic πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ and it's so *** funny!
Eddie Murphy Delirious on my TV right now! Don't bug me for at least a hour 10 minutes!
Eddie Murphy delirious on Netflix while working the night shift?! YES PLEASE.
If you haven't seen Eddie Murphy's standup then you should. You will never see him as a family man again lol delirious is the best one
So excited about Eddie Murphy Delirious being on Netflix now
Ok. Just saw Delirious by Eddie Murphy is now on Neflix. Good night.
Sick in bed watching Delirious... Hurts when I laugh constantly... But Eddie Murphy was a killer
Eddie Murphy:Delirious has been added to ...THANK YOU just waiting for Raw
. Just added cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2.. and Eddie Murphy delirious
Hold the phone.. call the press... Eddie Murphy's Delirious is on Netflix. Easily one of the best stand up show's ever.
I’m sorry but non of Kevin Harts stand ups can come close to Eddie Murphy’s β€œDeliriousβ€œ and ”Rawβ€œ stand ups still to this day hilarious!
Eddie Murphy'S DELIRIOUS most hilarious stand up ever. Kevin Hart has nothing on this classic.
Just watched Eddie Murphy Delirious seen it 100 times never gets old laughed so hard im in tears next up is Raw
Just got crunk...Eddie Murphy Delirious is on Netflix...I don't know why I'm excited cause I have the DVD *shrugs*
Eddie Murphy: Delirious is on netflix now lol
Finally watching Eddie Murphy's Delirious. His impression of his father destroys me.
I want to laugh, hear things that make me smile and feel good. Eddie Murphy Delirious here we go! I'm grateful for this cool weather. I wish it would rain more but I'll take nice and cool!
bro I just watched delirious again and you are Eddie Murphy from the 90s
Eddie Murphy delirious... too funny
Eddie Murphy: Delirious is just the greatest thing ever
β€œI'm winded, I'm out of breath... I'm sweatin." Eddie Murphy's legendary stand-up show Delirious is
Rich and I kicking it watching Eddie Murphy's Delirious.
Eddie Murphy in Delirious is is my the funniest stand up ever
Eddie Murphy's Delirious to hopefully brighten my mood and change these horrific thoughts
"You want to impress me...take the wheel MF"... Eddie Murphy talking to Stevie Wonder...Classic Material! Watching " Delirious "
Watching me some Eddie Murphy delirious. This stand up is up there with my favorites.
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Eddie Murphy is crazy good too I know. Delirious was as good as it gets, I know. RAW too, lists are hard...
Just popped in Eddie Murphy "Delirious"...Laughter is key to great health... I needed this laugh after talking...
My dad just put on Eddie Murphy's Delirious and I can't stop laughing! πŸ˜‚
Watching Eddie Murphy Delirious on Wondering if this 1983 stand up still holds up. I first saw this my Freshmen year in college. We rented the tape from the one video store in town.
I got an ice cream, I got ice cream you can't afford one, you can,t one because you're on the welfare, you're on the welfare and you're fathers an alcoholic, an alcoholic. Eddie Murphy Delirious is now available on Netflix. πŸ˜€
Oh my god this Eddie Murphy delirious stand up got me in tears!! I hope Brenden Bucks can make it over tho...=)
Eddie Murphy Raw is an American stand-up comedy film directed by Robert Townsend and starring Eddie Murphy. It was Murphy's second feature stand-up video, following Eddie Murphy Delirious. The 93-minute show was filmed in New York City's Felt Forum, a venue in the Madison Square Garden complex.
Guess I'll watch Eddie Murphy Delirious till the kids get home from school.
I'm old school . I still fall out laughing when I see Eddie Murphy Delirious .goony goo goo
true.. Eddie Murphy Delirious got me as a kid..but only time I actually cried laughing so hard was at a Joey Diaz show
I'm raw like Eddie Murphy Delirious no filter.
Si no han visto Eddie Murphy Raw y Eddie Murphy Delirious... Do it...
Eddie Murphy Delirious yelling at his uncle.
Okay here we go... Presley pooped in the tub tonight lol. And after I get done freaking out. I couldn't help but think about Eddie Murphy Delirious. "And a big black shark came" cracking up!
Eddie Murphy delirious is still a hit!
Eddie Murphy- Delirious 'the bear and rabbit joke': via
This made me think of Eddie Murphy Delirious when he's doing an Elvis impersonation:. "Lemonade that cool, refreshing drink"
About to introduce the wife to Eddie Murphy delirious
Eddie Murphy - Delirious is probably the funniest stand up ever.
This makes me cry with laughter. Not PC. Watch "Eddie Murphy - Delirious - Bigfoot - Goonie Goo Goo" on YouTube -
Black coffee - I'm bout to be Eddie Murphy Delirious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž
i'm assuming someone has already guessed Eddie Murphy - Delirious? .sorry, just got on lol
OO Sarah have u ever seen Eddie Murphy Delirious
Eddie Murphy Delirious...iversary Edition [DVD] is now on sale for Β£3.97 at Amazon. Product page:
Weirdo. I actually laughed out loud remembering the first time I saw Eddie Murphy Delirious.
Thanks for the fun Eddie Murphy Delirious tribute! And for pissing off the humorless and ignorant. That's fun too.
It's from Eddie Murphy delirious. I thought it was obvious.
That night when separated everyone old enough to remember Eddie Murphy "Delirious" from the rest of the class.
It's Jesus Lord Help Me Jesus thumpthumpthump. Classic Eddie Murphy. Delirious is his best work to date.
Eddie Murphy Delirious is one of the funniest stand ups ever
My dad is making me watch the Eddie Murphy Delirious comedy show please make the pain end
bout to watch Eddie Murphy for the first time
Eddie Murphy - Delirious to start my morning off right. One time for the classic stand-ups.
Eddie Murphy delirious will get me through my weight cut today need a tv in my bath room
Eddie Murphy - Delirious Full Movie How to be stylish. Feel powerful. Get sustained.
Showing Eddie Murphy Delirious is what brings the federales out.
Dropped everyone where there supposed to be now to watch Eddie Murphy and wait for the ppl to come and turn on the gas!!
Listened to Eddie Murphy Delirious on the way to work today. Caught the ice cream bit. My favorite bit ever.
Eddie Murphy Delirious and Raw are still my favourite stand ups ever!!! πŸ˜‚
Eddie Murphy Delirious is way too funny!!!
Just finished Eddie Murphy's 'Delirious' from '83, he was pretty crazy. I haven't laughed as hard as I did tonight in a long time! ICE CREAM
Just bought Eddie Murphy delirious and the office series 1 online. Never seen either of them, good choice?
I think Delirious is my favourite Eddie Murphy stand up
"I hit harder than the Man with Iron Fist Rza's my ventriloquist ya'll *** is Eddie Murphy delirious" Ras Kass lol
Eddie Murphy's RAW isn't even Eddie Murphy's best stand up. Delirious 100% of the time.
Raw is not even the best Eddie Murphy standup. Delirious is a 1000X times better. that being said, give me Richard Pryor.
That's not even the best Eddie Murphy stand up special...
Can't argue against Pryor, but Eddie Murphy Delirious and any George Carlin special are up there...
Eddie Murphy's are my favorite. I watched Delirious in 1986 when I was 5 and I laughed my *** off.
Bob Marley and Eddie Murphy Delirious the ending to a wonderful night. Oh and all I inhale is A1
There is no contest, Eddie Murphy is the best standup comedian ever.
Watchin Eddie Murphy delirious lls right nw
3. Which Eddie Murphy standup was funnier: Raw or Delirious?
Delirious by Eddie Murphy always makes me feel better!
Eddie Murphy delirious is a classic lol
love Eddie Murphy's Delirious stand up video. "And then a big brown shark came" X
lol you just remembered me about Eddie Murphy Delirious . 'then a big brown shark came' brilliant!
Watching Eddie Murphy's Delirious.someone needs to remind this man how good he was
Eddie Murphy's Delirious (1983-2013) After 30yrs,jokes are still relevant! cc
Eddie Murphy is actually the fuuniest stand up comedian
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Couldn't choose just 1. Richard Pryor: Live in Concert and Eddie Murphy: Delirious are two of the best…
Whenever I think about ice cream I think Eddie Murphy- delirious show
just had an old school Eddie Murphy stand up night Friday. Watched Raw and Delirious
I dunno if you guys know this but Eddie Murphy used to be really funny
Watching Eddie Murphy delirious on youtube ... hilarious
*** . i saw "Delirious" on TV and thought it was Eddie Murphy..
For tonight's Night, Eddie Murphy's classic raunchy, raucous DELIRIOUS will leave you laughing! Show starts at 10!
Eddie Murphy Delirious and packing for jersey. so very bittersweet.
No football for moi... watching Eddie Murphy's Delirious instead.
Multiple Stevie Wonder ads. Eddie Murphy said it best in Delirious: you want to impress me take the wheel...
YouTube this " Eddie Murphy delirious ice cream skit " you will cry from laughing so much!
Eddie Murphy's red leather suit in Delirious was suave
Watchin Eddie Murphy's Delirious with spanish subtitling. Just shoot me already!
Eddie Murphy Delirious or Raw, funniest things ever.
Eddie Murphy Delirious was funnier than raw but that's just my opinion
Most of the jokes still hold up. T Eddie Murphy-Delirious Full still funny
that's not the movie watch Eddie Murphy delirious on YouTube it's hilarious
LOLL watching Delirious, Eddie Murphy is way too funny!
we suppose to be watching Eddie Murphy's "Delirious" and he's knocked out smh. πŸ˜’
Eddie Murphy in delirious will never get old
Oh how I wish I could be this funny! xD Eddie Murphy-Delirious Full: via
Eddie Murphy Delirious is possibly the mosst hilarious and vulgar stand up I've ever seen! Its unreal.
Have you ever watched Eddie Murphy's 'Delirious'? He joked about someone falling down the stairs during holidays.
Got caught up in the YouTube vortex & ended up watching Eddie Murphy's Delirious for the past hour. Single funniest thing ever produced.
!!! β€œEddie Murphy was a fool in delirious”
Eddie Murphy was a fool in delirious
eating a bowen mango while watching Eddie Murphy- delirious... I love being on holidays..
Smoken ah blunt lookin at Eddie Murphy Delirious llf
No stand up comedy routine shall ever rival Eddie Murphy in Raw and Delirious.
Watching Eddie Murphy's Delirious and Raw was way more entertaining than going to oversized mouse head.
At work watching Eddie Murphy Delirious with he is too young to know about funny stuff. He still watches Sesame street!
My co worker has me watching Eddie Murphy's Delirious stand up at work πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I'm so delirious right now, Eddie Murphy.
Eddie Murphy's Delirious is the best stand up comedy I've ever seen. I could watch it over and over again!
Listening to James brown and all I can think of is Eddie Murphy's Delirious Lol
Watchin Eddie Murphy "delirious" and "raw" on DVD so funny best stand up ever !
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