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Eddie Kendricks

Eddie Kendricks (December 17, 1939 – October 5, 1992) was an American singer and songwriter. Noted for his distinctive falsetto singing style, Kendricks co-founded the Motown singing group The Temptations, and was one of their lead singers from 1960 until 1971. His was the lead voice on such famous songs as The Way You Do The Things You Do , Get Ready , and Just My Imagination .

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Got the turntable hooked back up, just blasting Eddie Kendricks.
Eddie Kendricks' voice brings tears to my eyes. So beautiful 😢 RIP
Afro Friday! Old skool followers, I still do them! Here's Eddie Kendricks and Girl You Need A Change Of Mind [video]
Can't even watch the sports channels any more smh Eddie Kendricks-Each Day I Cry A Little
Eddie Kendricks - Body Talk on the best disco in town
Im thankful for Kendricks control verse
did vh1 ever did an unsung on Eddie Kendricks??
We're talking about Eddie Kendricks the Temptation, the singer @ MISTA_DEE
Eddie Kendricks had the most unique voice I've heard. He died way too young. Miss him and the Temps
Eddie Kendricks - Keep on Truckin' on Classic Hits Uk - The Station With The Heart Of Gold at
For the land of the fre and the home of the kendricks
I wish it was Eddie Kendricks on the
I don't even make time for new music anymore. I'm too busy scouring Eddie Kendricks, Minnie Ripperton and Isaac Hayes' discogs.
"Macklemores album was better than jay-z's and kendricks"- noone ever
Should be watching when this came on Eddie Kendricks
My mama ex look like Eddie Kendricks... I KNOW she was high I just know it
"What is life all about? Love. What is love all about. Life." - Eddie Kendricks
Yup. And their alumni is like Eddie Kendricks begging Blue to let them back in the group.
I just used to tag My Girl by Temps & Eddie Kendricks.
I picked up Exciters 'reaching for the very best'. Eddie Kendricks 'Keep on truckin''. Temptations 'Treat her like a lady'
and like the Eddie Kendricks song we keep on trunking lol
This was the song the week my parents got married...Keep On Truckin' - Eddie Kendricks (1973): via
Don't know how I can get a number, so I'll assign my own things people may not know about me. 1. My middle name is Lynn. 2. I have 2 sisters with the same middle name, Donna & Barbara, but Barbara Lynn pasted away at a year old and I never got to meet her. 3. If I was a boy my name was going to be James after James Brown. 4. I waited on Buzz Aldrin, Bruce Jenner, Johnny Cash and the last two original Tempations David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks when I worked for Hilton hotels in Jersey and LI. 5. I was married once before at 18 and walk down the aisle a month before I graduated high school, so I was really Carol Lynn Darlington Gambel when I excepted my diploma. ( wasn't pg ) 6. I owned my first house at 18. 7. My first big concert was in 1978 at Giant stadium in 100 degree weather to see Grateful Dead & Willie Nelson perform. Waylon Jennings was suppose to play also but cancelled at the last minute! ! Thanks Waylon! :- ( Thank God they sprayed us with hoses :- ) 8. I was picked to be in a Raiders of th .. ...
Keep On Truckin' - You're My Everything - The Temptations Movie (HQ) via Eddie Kendricks was in Temptations.
Former Temptations lead singer Eddie Kendricks has the single on this day in 1973: "Keep On Truckin'."
Eddie kendricks voice is jus music to my ears n oh David Ruffin jus is the vibration to my toes lawd
Eagles LB Najee Goode talks about filling in for the injured Mychal Kendricks to stop Packers RB Eddie Lacy.
So *** dramatic how they had Eddie Kendricks leave the group..
See Eddie Kendricks had that loyalty he didn't sit there and act like Paul was never his friend, when they put him out he left
But Eddie Kendricks was always my favorite. That falsetto was everything!!
Nobody has sung falsetto better than Eddie Kendricks.
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Best Singers in The ORIGINAL Temptations: Paul or David for number one, my baby Eddie Kendricks, Melvin, and THEN Otis...
Bul who played Eddie Kendricks in this movie is all that tho !!! 😍😍😍
On this date in 1973: Eddie Kendricks' "Keep On Truckin'" hits
Anyone who truly knows me, knows that I'm a die hard Temptations fan, especially Eddie Kendricks!
1973, Former lead singer with The Temptations Eddie Kendricks started a two week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Keep On Truckin
‘Keep on Truckin’ (Part 1)’ by Eddie Kendricks peaks at in USA 40 years ago today...
Which db missiled into kendricks knee and missed all of eddie lacy ? Clown
11/10/73: Former Temptation, Eddie Kendricks, had the song with "Keep On Truckin'."
Eddie Lacy runs in to Mychal Kendricks and injures him.. That must have felt like getting hit by a bus.
LB Mychal Kendricks helped off, favoring right knee. Hurt on bruising run up middle by Eddie Lacy
Eddie Lacy is now hurting tacklers. First carry goes for 11, Mychal Kendricks gets dragged for four and doesn't get up.
Eagles LB Mychal Kendricks down and being attended to after 11-yd run by Eddie Lacy.
mychal Kendricks hurt on tackle of Eddie Lacy and not getting up... not good sign at all.
whaddup bro. Have you done anything with that Eddie Kendricks beat you sent me?
UGH, that's tough, but yes I'm going to say yes because I want to date Eddie Kendricks, lol!
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Lord, is gonna have me diggin up all kinds of 70s tracks.over there listenin 2 Eddie Kendricks! :)
Now listening to Eddie Kendricks, omg the greatest falsetto EVER & he was my type, tall & slim, look good in a suit, lol!
And lead us not into David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, Otis Williams, et al.
Boogie Down with Eddie Kendricks, and me on right now. THAT'S RIGHT IT'S TIME.
It's a 1973 TimeShift when “Keep on Truckin’ (Part 1),” from Eddie Kendricks tops the charts today. He's made it...
Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin were easily the best out of the Temptations
Eddie Kendricks,album tracking"don't underestimate the power of love"quality as you'd expect.
yes, need a change...and love Eddie Kendricks(RIP)..nothing to do with fall, but love the piano riff..and da bass
After Paul Williams died..Eddie Kendricks became very paranoid..said someone was trying to kill him
I thought Eddie Kendricks of the Temptations said this first. ;). Goodreads quote for the Day. . Keep on...
I pull strings like Jimi Hendrix with the Temptations and pain of Eddie Kendricks
yeah, msdos & clart used that Eddie Kendricks sample in 2012 in 2 diff tunes
Eddie Kendricks, gone but never forgotten.
Eddie Kendricks - Keep on Truckin: via Fired up 'n Ready for
the soulful sounds of Eddie Kendricks on "Change Of Mind". About to turn on the Som Du Brazil show airing live @
yeah he did. Loving Eddie Kendricks. Duvet dancing xxx
Eddie Kendricks - Someday we'll have a better world - DJ Revererend P Edit...
I liked a video from IF YOU LET ME / EDDIE KENDRICKS
Eddie Kendricks, "Intimate Friends." Nothing better than a little soul after midnight.
Now playing at the Vinyl Rescue Project - . Eddie Kendricks LP Boogie Down
I can't tell and Eddie Kendricks apart
"Everybody having tons of fun, but who's gon' take the blame?" - Eddie Kendricks
Y'all like when the Jt and Robin Thicke imitating Eddie Kendricks and Smokey Robertson,Marvin *** real God given talent
If you raised your volume and listened closely, you will hear a faint grinding sound. That was Eddie Kendricks turning in his grave.
Miguel does something to me, like Prince, Eddie Kendricks, Marcus Canty... sangin *** men.
I lv Eddie Kendricks Skipping Work I want to skip work today would be at my favorite beach place the beach.
Shout out to my Great cousin Eddie Kendricks
Intimate friends by Eddie Kendricks and Baby I'm scared of you by Womack Womack on repeat :)
I added a video to a playlist Eddie Kendricks - U need a Change of Mind
I don't know if I prefer Eddie Kendricks' voice or David Ruffin's. Either way I love The Temptations.
Because of my outstanding album sales and chart topping hit...I've been cast to play Eddie Kendricks in the Temptations remake
I can say without hesitation that Eddie Kendricks' "Girl You Need A Change Of Mind" is one of the greatest songs ever recorded.
It's life .. Eddie Kendricks said it the best .
Sippin on hot tea, eating breakfast, reading and listening to Eddie Kendricks. Peaceful morning.
Time for our Motown selection pick of the day! Temps & Eddie Kendricks - I'm Loosing You (I Know)! Who remembers this track? Paddy :-)
David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks Losing You Live: - THIS IS JUST AWESOME bringin this back!!!
if you can tell me what to artists used this sample ... ill respect your music taste " Eddie Kendricks - Intimate friends "
I need some wine. And Eddie Kendricks's Intimate Friends on repeat. Right now. *swoon*
keep on trucking baby Eddie Kendricks
yeah ik who eddie kendricks is of course, I was talkin bout Kendrick Lamar...
That new Eddie Kendricks verse got people wildin'.
David Ruffin, Paul Williams and Eddie Kendricks were the best Temptations!
Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin music is so dynamic for today's time. The messages from 30 years ago relating to right now.friend of mine.
As if Dennis Edwards replaced David Ruffin in the temptations then they get together when he leaves and hooks up with Eddie Kendricks wow !
I wish Eddie Kendricks was still alive :/
I feel like Dennis is overshadowed by Eddie Kendricks and Ruffin
"Is that Eddie Kendricks?"-question asked by Omar on The Wire during a Smokey Robinson song-love small details on The Wire and the Sopranos
Eddie Kendricks and Paul Williams are my inspiration
Eddie Kendricks and Hendrix mixed up with Kendrick Lamar
juke/jungle niceness from DJ Chap's new and EP:
I saw Eddie Kendricks from the TEMPATIONS. i wanted a picture. We were too busy tho ! He was my fav one
Terron Brooks. Who played Eddie Kendricks on the temptations was sexy as fuc to me omg
Eddie Kendricks is a legend hands down .
More for best falsetto of all time: D'angelo. The guy from Blue Magic. Eddie Kendricks.
Grind never stops...and that's alright...when you're doin' work. ♫ "Keep On Truckin'" by Eddie Kendricks
Todays Lookback is to this 1985 photo of Daryl and John along with Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin.
Thanks for posting. It's a reminder that change is possible. And *** Springsteen with David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks...
Should bust out Temptations "I Cant Get Next To You"...Danyel Morgan would nail the Eddie Kendricks part.
Eddie Kendricks - Each Day I Cry A Little: is real music coming from one of the best
And for our last one you see where Alicia Keys got her beat for Unbreakable. Right here from Eddie Kendricks...
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I added a video to a playlist HE'S A FRIEND-EDDIE KENDRICKS
I added a video to a playlist Keep On Truckin Eddie Kendricks
I added a video to a playlist Shoeshine Boy - Eddie Kendricks (1974)
(Goes back to playing Eddie Kendricks' album)
I ain't mad if I sound like Eddie Kendricks and you Melvin.I guess going 2 be David Ruffin compared 2my voice lol
So... Eddie Kendricks wasn't the best singer in 'The Temptations?' Don't do this!!
I'm on my Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin, O'Jays, Stephanie Mills, Betty Wright type groove this Morning...
A Rainy Afternoon with Eddie: I love the Eddie Kendricks Memorial Garden on 18th Street and 4th Avenue North f...
Listening to the Best of Eddie Kendricks and writing Act 1. Happy place.
Love watching play Eddie Kendricks on The Temptations movie, playing now on
Lol guess I'm the only one that doesn't think JT sounds good. He sounds like he's dying to me. Eddie Kendricks rolling in his grave.
man. Eddie Kendricks! doesnt get ny better than his voice
I know every line and move in this movie! Lol David looks like the guy who plays Eddie Kendricks lmaoo & when?
Eddie Kendricks' voice is one of the greatest singing voices of all time in my opinion.
so glad to be your. Eddie Kendricks - Intimate friends (HQ):
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Just how much do you know about singing group The Temptations? How about the original lead singers of the group? Next Friday Reelblack Inc. will host a rare screening of The Original Leads of the Temptations. The film documents the 1991 reunion of lead singers David Ruffin, Dennis Edwards, and Eddie Kendricks. Friday July 12, 2013 @ 7 pm. United Bank Building - 3750 Lancaster Avenue Admission $5
The Temptations were a group with no shortage of talent. David Ruffin's brilliance was like no other, Melvin Franklin's baritone against the soprano of Eddie Kendricks created the maximum range conceivable, and later on in years Dennis Edwards was explosive. But the one who never gets his due is the one who would've shown so much brighter without the shadow of the aforementioned: Paul Williams. The songs Paul sang lead on were always standouts. They had a solid punch to them, there was something in his voice that left a massive, palpable impact. He wasn't flashy, his phrasing wasn't so novel, but he could just sing. When Paul sounded wounded in a tune, it was as if that somehow energized him. It was the voice of a man who knew pain, understood it well in ways unspoken. Heard only in singing. Below is a clip of his finest moment. It's no surprise that Paul was a man haunted by demons. Deep in the throes of alcoholism and health problems, he eventually was no longer able to keep up with The Temptations, esp ...
The Temptations are an American vocal group known for their success with Motown Records during the 1960s and 1970s. Known for their choreography, distinct harmonies, and flashy wardrobe, the group has been said to be as influential to R&B and soul as The Beatles are to pop and rock. Known to always feature at least five male vocalists and dancers, the group formed in 1960 in Detroit, Michigan under the name The Elgins. Having sold tens of millions of albums, the Temptations are one of the most successful groups in music history. As of 2013, the Temptations continue to perform and record for Universal Music Group with its one living original member, Otis Williams, still in its lineup. The original founding members of the group were Otis Williams, Elbridge "Al" Bryant, Melvin Franklin, Eddie Kendricks, and Paul Williams. The members were from two former rival vocal groups, the Distants and the Primes. In 1964, Bryant was replaced by David Ruffin. Like its "sister" group, The Supremes, the Temptations' lin . ...
The Temptations invented the diss record tho. They dissed Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin on Superstar. Back in 1971 WOW
my mom is playing Keep On Trucking by Eddie Kendricks and I'm playing Mr Cheeks Lights Camera Action in my head and twerking on my couch 😔
Lawwdd this man singing like Eddie Kendricks
Son of Sagittarius from the 1974 Boogie Down albume from Eddie Kendricks.
Eddie Kendricks - Intimate friends has been sampled like a million times lol
Reviewing and researching my history...Unsung about Eddie Kendricks hit me a little different than the rest...SOUL STIRRING!
David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks was the heavy hitters in The Temptations
The Temptations - Get Ready (1966): via one and only Eddie Kendricks.
As a long time M's fan I'm used to disappointment and defeat, but last night's loss to the Angels was probably the most demoralizing baseball catastrophe I've ever seen. They had a 7-0 lead. They WALKED IN the winning run. Why don't they just change their name to the Seattle Hapless Clowns? The Sleeping Chumps? We-Who-Are-About-To-Lose? Disgraceful!
The Lawd did not look kindly on Temptations lead singers original one, Paul Williams committed suicide & Eddie Kendricks died of lung cancer
Shoot...shoulda told that to Eddie Kendricks and David one ever sees it until its late smh
you want to talk about about singers lets not get on Rick and dion looking like Otis Williams and Eddie kendricks
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Lot of 4 Eddie Kendricks from the 70's $11 music
Me & a friend of mine couldn't agree on which Eddie Kendricks album is better, All By Myself or People...Hold On. How about you?
Eddie Kendricks said the sister as she smiled and sighed. .
coming up Eddie Kendricks – Going Up In Smoke with me live now on with my guy
Hologram Eddie Kendricks by dj chap ☕ via
Eddie Kendricks had my favorite voice out of all five original members of the temptations
I was inspired by Avery Brooks, Tony Todd, and Eddie Kendricks.
New Tin Can Alley posted at "" and "" Stuff for the class of '73 this week, with Elton John, Rod Stewart, Stevie Wonder, Eddie Kendricks, Carole King, Steely Dan, Mandrill (take note, Colter McCorkindale!), Seals & Crofts, Loggins & Messina, Paul Simon, The O'Jays, and Cat Stevens. And it's just not 1973 without visits from both Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew. And even some Wilbur Mills on top of that!
Good Morning everyone. We greet you with heavy hearts our Lead Guitarist Alberta Jackson traded time for eternity this morning. Alberta received her first toy guitar at age 5, a gift from her grandmother. Since then, Alberta has achieved success in the music industry, having performed with such artists as: Eddie Kendricks of The Temptations, gospel legend Dorothy Norwood of Edwin Hawkins ("Oh Happy Day") and Caravans fame, Smokey Robinson, Sheila E., Rev. Bruce Parham, Emmit Powell and the Gospel Elites, disco master Sylvester and The Equal Rights Band (produced by Motown innovator Harvey Fuqua), folk/gospel artist and producer Linda Tillery, and the Bay Area Blues Society, to name a few. She has played alongside such notable musicians as the Marsalis Brothers, bassist Stanley Clarke, and guitarist Stanley Jordan while at the Switzerland Jazz Festival. Alberta has also shared stages with famous entertainers such as Chuck Berry, Walter Hawkins, James Brown, Diana Ross, Whoopi Goldberg, the Whispers, Etta . ...
On my third epi of David Ruffin, Tammi Terrell, Eddie Kendricks cant look away man.
Here's the "K" list. Songs marked with a * were suggestions from my friends that I am adding to my already existing list. And they are many on this particular list. Keep It Comin' Love - K.C & the Sunshine Band * Keep On Singing - Helen Reddy Keep On Truckin' - Eddie Kendricks * Killing Me Softly With His Song - Roberta Flack Killer Queen - Queen * Kiss an Angel Good Morning - Charlie Pride * Kiss and Say Goodbye - Manhattans Kiss Me in the Rain - Barbra Streisand * (technically, the single was released in early 1980, but the album came out in '79, so it's in. Because I said so) Kiss on My List - Hall & Oates Kiss You All Over - EXILE Knock On Wood - Amii Stewart * Knock Three Times - Dawn Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan * Knowing Me, Knowing You - ABBA Kodachrome - Paul Simon Kung Fu Fighting -Carl Douglas *
You're My EveryThing/ The Temptations.(1967) These guys had.STYLE & MOVES!! David Ruffin & Eddie Kendricks play tag..on Lead... Enjoy...the Temps. The ...
One of the two voices, David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks !
It's true Willie Hutch is my father.David Ruffin is pimp type cool a$$ uncle,and Eddie Kendricks is my too smooth & uncle.Rick James is my wild and crazy cousin that always seem to get me in a world of trouble,but I'll still ride or die with him.Then you have the life,heart,and solé of the hood,my neighbor Mr. Marvin Gaye,and last but not least,the hood's beloved drunk Johnny Taylor,but everyone just simply called him "J.T.".Oh yeah,i forgot to mention the pastor of the local church Rev. Sam Cooke,and boy could he sing.Man I was truly blessed to have them as a part of my life...HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY,SALUTE!
Eddie Kendricks solo career was just as exciting at his time with Motown's classic group The Temptations. His 1978 LP "Vintage" contained his dance single "A...
Just one of my favorite samples Eddie Kendricks Intimate friends to Alicia Keys song Unbreakable. Just them out...
In other news...Who's got the best falsetto? Eddie Kendricks or Maxwell?
I just used to tag Intimate Friends by Eddie Kendricks.
I'm listening to Dedicated to the One I Love by Temprees on Soul Town at via / trying to be Eddie Kendricks
Eddie Kendricks didn't die for this
Rajon Rondo looks like the dude that played Eddie Kendricks in "The Temptations."
A morning writing Popmaster for with Eddie Kendricks solo albums on shuffle
Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin trade of lead vocals on "You're My Everything" my fav Temps song.
Eddie Kendricks from the temptations just walked in my crib for zel poo *** meeting 😂😂😂
lmao that's Eddie "Corn" Kendricks from the Temptations...he seems like he'd be cool w/ that. lol
Am I reaching if I say Outkast tried to channel Eddie Kendricks on "Hold on, be strong"?
“Vibin to some Eddie Kendricks know bout Eddie Kendricks?
yo, you peeped this yet bro? x BamaLoveSoul present EK: The Eddie Kendricks Tribute
Ol heads listen to Eddie Kendricks. We listen to Kendrick Lamar.
All men don't discriminate this man emancipates/ &I won't chain you up just fill your loving cup~ Eddie Kendricks
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Lets get it on, girl, don't hesitate/Let my love flood your water gate~ Eddie Kendricks - Boogie Down /
They were surprised to hear someone speak fluent russian right after busting out eddie kendricks falsetto runs, and psych soul freak outs
I need to stop calling Eddie Kendricks and Tupac my uncles 😭😭😭 that's petty lol
Eddie kendricks-he's a friend of mine listen to this song !
Eddie Kendricks is still my favorite though!
David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks performing with Hall & Oates at Live Aid in 1985
Watching I can't even over how cute the guy who plays Eddie Kendricks is.
The guy who played Eddie Kendricks in the Temptations movie is so cute. They picked a good one because Eddie was adorable.
Uhhh I love the actor that plays Eddie Kendricks in the temptations movie
Brandon Jennings kinda look like Eddie Kendricks from the temptations
Boy that Eddie Kendricks came on in the car and I HAD to have a quick concert lol 😎
Proud to have known Mr Eddie Kendricks who was truly humble and a friend of mine.
Please support Record Store Day we are gonna go out and buy Keep on Trucking by Eddie Kendricks and the EP by Hackney Colliery Band.
via Check out the credits on the label,how can you go wrong?Eddie good as it ever gets.
Killin it with these eddie kendricks samples
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gone head throw a lil SWITCH, Eddie Kendricks & whispers in there
lol my some Eddie Kendricks, Erro, United Tenors
Photo: Singing along Eddie Kendricks sung this ish!!
Singing along Eddie Kendricks sung this ish!!
Have a medium fro now. I look like Eddie Kendricks. LOL
I'm listening to 'Keep On Truckin' (Part 1)' by Eddie Kendricks on Pandora
You choose the next song that plays on 105.7 The Walrus! Eddie Kendricks, or Mamas The Papas? Vote @
Perhaps partly because I've never been able to get over a friend suggesting that Eddie Kendricks sounds a bit like Herbert from Family Guy
IG Culture's take on the Eddie Kendricks classic 'Girl you need a change of mind' is going down well today
Eddie Kendricks, girl u need a change of mind... What... A. Tune.! Bassline is out of this world good...
- "He's A Friend" originally done I believe by Eddie Kendricks.
this is what I am gonna do...for you...keep on truckin. ♫ Eddie Kendricks
I favorited a video Eddie Kendricks - keep on trucking ( play boys remix )
The dudes that played Paul Williams and Eddie Kendricks know they are se handsome men!!
A great soul album you may have never heard? "People Hold On" by Eddie Kendricks
Like David Ruffin & Eddie Kendricks I'm another temptation that only one gets to enjoy.
“Which member of the Temptations had the best singing voice?” Eddie Kendricks
Here is a picture of Daryl and Eddie Kendricks.
Tammi Terrell said she caught David Ruffin cheating on her, so to spite him, she slept with Eddie Kendricks.
What he did with that Eddie Kendricks joint was ill on a penny for my thoughts.
The more I listen to Kendricks album the more I start to hear how the whole album is really just one story all the songs piece together
In my opinion, Eddie Kendricks was the greatest singer of all time.
“I'm taking karaoke requests on Vine right now!” Eddie Kendricks "Girl you need a change of mind"
I favorited a video Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin, Dennis Edwards & Nate Evans - Live at the BBC
if only , Paul Williams , David Ruffin , Otis Williams , Eddie Kendricks , & Melivin Franklin woulda all stayed in the temptations v.v
Today's record digging finds, Part I: "Fun House" by the Stooges, "I Gotcha" by Joe Tex, "Goin' Up In Smoke" by Eddie Kendricks.
I think Otis Williams is a national treaure. I love his honesty,diligence and compassion. I read both his Temptation books (1988, 2002 update) He really loved those guys. The last thing he told Eddie Kendricks was that he loved him. That was only weeks before Edddie died. Otis , in my opinion is level headed and the one guided and directed by the creator to keep things going. He has always made such wise decisions. I appreciate all the Temps but Otis and Melvin will always be my favorites Thanks Otis for doing what you do. You are a national treasure. I love you.
Eddie Kendricks - Keep on Truckin: via use to dance something furious to this! 70s' baby!
you've kicked me off on an Eddie Kendricks bender for the rest of the day now. So much niceness.
Keep on truckin' baby, gotta keep on truckin'.. *Eddie Kendricks voice*
Eddie Kendricks is one of my favorite singers from the temptations. He said u can do anything if u want it bad enough
Carmelo scored fifty on the Temptations without David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks and Paul Williams..
of course we ain't even STARTED to talk about Eddie Kendricks in his earlier years with the Temps
every night on my knees i pray...dear Lord hear my plea *paul and eddie kendricks voice*
Just finished watching Unsung featuring Eddie Kendricks. His looks reminded me of you. You may need to look into playing him.
Made famous in the seventies by Eddie Kendricks, taken to another level in the eighties, by Brooklyn Express.
"artist, Keep on truckin' by Eddie Kendricks" Listening to this now!
Intimate Friends x Eddie life right now.
My favorite singer of all time is Eddie Kendricks
"They told us to get off the block, we did...and came back with rocks" -Eddie Kendricks
playin some of that Eddie Kendricks...wha yall young folks know bout em??
ugh. eddie kendricks (well the guy who plays in this movie). one of the few black men I would let inside me. please.
Keep On Trucking by Eddie Kendricks on Love this ! Especially the end bit ... ;-) x
If WU could have a theme song. what would it be? Right now... Keep on Trucking Eddie Kendricks
The Temptations are on the radiooo lol Eddie Kendricks
My g ma said eddie kendricks remind her of my g pa *** yu was a super cool og # Rip to Both of dem
Eddie Kendricks talks about the potential for a Temptations reunion in a Jet Magazine article from 1980:
Watching Eddie Kendricks Unsung ... This has to be my favorite
Classic of the day: Eddie Kendricks - Date With The Rain
Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin are my bbyz
the great voices of Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams, and David Ruffin
Eddie Kendricks - Date With the Rain ( Disco Mix ): via That JAM what you know about this...
Walking in the rain hiding tears in the rain Date With The Rain Eddie Kendricks.
We could hit the studio and make a Tennessee rendition of My Girl! You could be Eddie Kendricks
Watching Eddie Kendricks unsung for like the 10th time. Then I'm going to get up
I just used to tag Keep On Truckin' by Eddie Kendricks.
Eddie Kendricks' voice is just heavenly.
I favorited a video Eddie Kendricks - Intimate friends (HQ)
yo don't Rell Geez look like Eddie Kendricks from the temptations movie
Eddie Kendricks & David Ruffin "You're my Everything" will definitely be played at my wedding
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David Ruffin was the man But so was Eddie Kendricks
Eddie Kendricks What's member of The Temptations wit the high pitch vc name?
I think I love the real Eddie J. KENDRICKS! He was so handsome!! Love the smile. :-)
The man who played Eddie Kendricks on the Temptations is sexy af to me:/
I was blessed to have been at this very last concert of the legend Mr Jimi Hendricks. Eddie Kendricks on one...
heard this yesterday on the radio & reminded me how much I love old school funk/soul. Eddie Kendricks - come on!!
David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks are absolutely incredible. Two of the best voices ever in the same band.
No.5 Frankie Gee - Date With the Rain. Killer version of the Eddie Kendricks classic!
I use to want to have Eddie Kendricks singing voice so bad.
Eddie Kendricks 1 of the best singers of all time..
Song of the day, indeed. Keep on Truckin' all... ♫ Keep On Truckin' – Eddie Kendricks
and you look like a lead singer in a Motown R&B group, Eddie Kendricks face ***
sounds good but I need my sleep getting old mate listen Eddie Kendricks going up in smoke - absolutely amazing record
Inadvertently found the best Radio Station on Spotify, duke. ♫ My People...Hold On – Eddie Kendricks
My Dad told me that his uncle (my late great uncle) went to high school with Eddie Kendricks.
Hey honey! I am listening to the long version of "Boogie Down" by Eddie Kendricks. 4 some reason I thought about U! Luv U!
Huh!! Eddie Kendricks!! that's has to be mine or @ least top 5. there soo many but off the back! you nailed it!
Bobby, Ralph & Johnny just doing what David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks & Dennis Edwards did. Why not?? Go get it
I'm skipping Eddie Kendricks, The Whispers, and Johnny Gill (tonight) and headed straight for Min...
I opened with Eddie and I close with Mr Kendricks, who WAS truly a friend of mine. Goodnight.
Ok, falsetto on a couple of songs is cool, but not the whole album. It’s irritating. You AIN’T Eddie Kendricks!!
If you don't know who Eddie Kendricks is, we can not associate. Your parents failed in teaching you real music
Gotta keep on trucking, no Eddie Kendricks.
this is the perfect song for you!!1965 Kendricks at his absolute best!! Told ya I love Motown
What is life about? Love. And what is love? Life. - Eddie Kendricks Just My Imagination
say what you want to..David Ruffin is a bad mofo..but eddie kendricks was and still is THAT DUDE!
I'm watching the Eddie Kendricks Documentary w/ MissyPoo-she loves it
New Vinyl! 'People...Hold On,' by Eddie Kendricks. Saw that Unsung episode and had to have it. This is a…
helped me through a tough day at work with music from Eddie Kendricks, M.V.P.'s and The Supremes.
If you were a temptation which one would you be? — Lead man Eddie Kendricks. RIP
Wonder y they dnt show eddie kendricks or David Ruffin funeral??? Lol
"Smoking is bad, you don't wanna end up like Eddie Kendricks do you?"
Listening to Eddie Kendricks.vibin'.Remy and Hypno in the vibin'...job interview tomorrow...Lord willin' it's good.
If only life was as simple as a box of chocolates! Eddie Kendricks -Keep on Truckin:
Martin or The Braxtons? Wait. I recorded Eddie Kendricks Unsung episode. Cornbread bouta tell it all. I'm bouta get the tea. BBL. LMFAO
A brief clip of *** Clark interviewing Eddie Kendricks on Action in 1974:
In the words of Eddie Kendricks (I may have spelled that wrong lol) "Keep on truckin babehhh. Gotta keep on truckin!"
I would love to hear cover Eddie Kendricks' Girl you need a change of mind
Eddie Kendricks - Keep on Truckin: via This funky music sure nuff turns me on :)
Watching Unsung about the Eddie Kendricks and the Whispers. ..
Eddie Kendricks was my favorite temptations
Bro the real eddie kendricks is ugly af i like the *** from the movie better..
Eddie Kendricks _ I still say to this day that Paul Williams had the smoothest sound
if your momma or grandma took you to see Eddie Kendricks at Roberts Funeral Home
Watched Eddie Kendricks, the Whispers and Mint Condition eps tonight. Love the show, keep on going.
I sat and watched unsug: Eddie Kendricks, The Whispers, and up next Mint Condition...but I knew about 5 songs on each episode. If not more!
I don't miss unsung.period. That Eddie Kendricks episode was epic
Just finished watching Eddie Kendricks Unsung episode it was beautiful
Eddie Kendricks' son is kinda fine.
"Everybody wants a lil honey , they gots to have it" -Eddie Kendricks. :)
Watching the Eddie Kendricks episode of Unsung trying not to cry 😢😪
Eddie Kendricks got arrested at David Ruffins funeral for child support! child!
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