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Eddie Kendricks

Eddie Kendricks (December 17, 1939 – October 5, 1992) was an American singer and songwriter. Noted for his distinctive falsetto singing style, Kendricks co-founded the Motown singing group The Temptations, and was one of their lead singers from 1960 until 1971. His was the lead voice on such famous songs as The Way You Do The Things You Do , Get Ready , and Just My Imagination .

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Keep On Truckin' by Eddie Kendricks : Saturday's song of the day. ♫
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Eddie Kendricks' "My People (Hold On)" is such an underrated freedom song.
Seeing them walking down B'way in the 80s making one of their videos. Love these guys. Oh ya, & working…
►: Keep On Truckin' by Eddie Kendricks ♫ Click link to listen
Charles Wright, Eddie Kendricks, Kool & the Gang and Lalo Schifrin for about £12. 💪
Keep On Truckin' by Eddie Kendricks - Listen at - Buy It
80% of this line for Kendricks Pop Up is white lol
pays tribute to Just prior The Mighty Burner blazin' w/a tune that was a hit for Eddie…
From the Carlton J. Smith collection- so many of these great Artists are gone now- Nick Ashford, Eddie Kendricks,...
Paul Williams and Eddie Kendricks literally had the best vocals in The Temptations
Otis Williams?. Melvin Franklin?. Paul Williams??. Eddie Kendricks???. David Ruffin?. I'm sorry but name me a better group.
I'm the only person who listened to Eddie Kendricks then Young Dolph then Jeff Buckley back to back 😂
*** thought they were David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks
IMAGINE Christoph Willibald Gluck IMPROVISING RHYTHM to Keep on Truckin' by Eddie Kendricks with Tom-tom!
Fuxing with a well used Eddie Kendricks sample
I added a video to a playlist David Ruffin & Eddie Kendricks - Just my imagination
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You ever been in some throat that had you hitting notes like Eddie Kendricks in '65?
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in the Treehouse : Keep On Truckin' by Eddie Kendricks ... Tune In at
Played catchup w/friends I don't see often. Knew it would be great when jukebox at Happy Village played Intimate Friends by Eddie Kendricks.
"Just My Imagination" by The Temptations makes me sad because it was the last song Eddie Kendricks did with them. 😢
Channeling my inner Eddie Kendricks earlier. I'm just getting over a cold, which is why I was…
Son of Sagittarius - Eddie Kendricks. Motown Sound plus EDM on Weekends!. The New M106 Listen online at
Krabs came thru feeling like Eddie kendricks on this joint 🔥🔥
Eddie Kendricks Not on the outside via
I went to school with Eddie Kendricks little cousin. He cried every time someone brought him up.
Quit bringing up Eddie Kendricks like they didn't pull up to the ER and roll his *** out the backseat like some dice.
"Keep on Truckin'" is a 1973 hit song recorded by Eddie Kendricks for Motown Records' Tamla label. The song was...
Rest In Peace Eddie Kendricks, who died on this day in 1992
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TOH: great press team Oct 5 1992: Eddie Kendricks of The Temps passed away Just My Imagination via
On this day in 1992: Eddie Kendricks of the legendary Records vocal group the Temptations dies at age 52.
5th Oct 1992, American singer Eddie Kendricks of The Temptations died aged 52 of lung cancer one year after...
Listen to Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) by The Temptations on EDDIE the Kendricks!!
Remembering soul singer Eddie Kendricks who died of lung cancer twenty-four years ago today on October 5, 1992.
On this date, in 1992, musician and co-founder of the Eddie Kendricks died in Birmingham, AL. h…
We are remembering Eddie Kendricks of The Temptations, who passed away Today in Music History. http…
Keep On Trucking by Eddie Kendricks is in Parlour Bar, Belfast. Download it now at
The flip from Groovy Tony to Eddie Kane > kendricks career
Eddie Kendricks. Here's the playlist It's updated in real time
Listen to Tell Her Love Has Felt the Need by Eddie Kendricks on
some body said u look like Eddie Kendricks temptations Homie
Eddie Kendricks is my favorite male vocalist of all time.
Yes, indeed, just had it on. That Eddie Kendricks cover is amazing.
Never said he did. Most Classic Temp songs are lead by David with Eddie Kendricks and Dennis Edwards on other songs.
Press play on your and let's now with the of Eddie Kendricks - Keep On Truckin' (Part I) on
I have a Eddie Kendricks album but not a Temptations album...Hi, I'm Spha, a genius
none of those albums were better than Kendricks joint to me
smh that's wild. That joint was not better than Kendricks joint
if before the game Adams sounded like Barry White, but after the Draymond treatment, he sounds like Eddie Kendricks, 2 games
I added a video to a playlist Date With the Rain - Eddie Kendricks
If you don't see the artistry and diversity in music, from Sade to Lil Uzi to Eddie Kendricks to Freddie Gibbs. Ionno
Eddie Kendricks blessing my ears this morning
singing along to every word of My singing is horrid, but gotta love Diana Ross and Eddie Kendricks.
The way Diana Ross and Eddie Kendricks floated on that joint.MAN.
Rappers/producers: there are no more ways to make Eddie Kendricks Intimate Friends sound fresh
"I'm gonna make you love me!" Eddie Kendricks Diana Ross meanwhile Susan&Elizabeth hug it out over David before the debate! Friday
servers present Boogie Down by Eddie Kendricks . - Buy it
This upload features tracks from Marvin Gaye, Bt Express, Tyrone Davis, Eddie Kendricks, Stevie Wonder and more.
Eddie Kendricks' Skippin' Work Today is the original Come Thru and Come and See Me.
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I may or may not have dabbed in the car to Eddie Kendricks' "intimate friends"
goes 2 Eddie Kendricks, a former member of the Temptation from Union Springs!
“thanks for the ++energy O.G.” thks bud. Send me that eddie kendricks joint !
Eddie Kendricks / Intimate friends. . Your love, takes me higher
Now Playing on KOSR RADIO Get It While It's Hot by Eddie Kendricks Listen at
I miss Eddie Kendricks singing, teach the youngsters what it is all about
Eddie Kendricks where you been all my life?.
Eddie Kendricks would have been 76 this week. We remember his legacy...
He 's a Friend - Eddie Kendricks it's The Sunshine Show on with
Happy belated Eddie Kendricks!! You may be gone, but your music lives on forever.
.was named after Eddie Kendricks from The Temptations.
I wish Eddie Kendricks (album) a belated 76th Birthday with a tribute to him being the person that planted the...
Eddie Kendricks brought the high voiced, falsetto singing *** to RnB, every group had to have one
Eddie Kendricks SANG. One of the most beautiful male falsetto voices of the 20th century. I'm not arguing today.
Today the great Eddie Kendricks would have turned 76. Happy Birthday! https:…
Terron Brooks (played Eddie Kendricks in The Temptations mini series)...Check out his new single here -->
David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks are music geniuses . '
Video: On this day in music history: October 6, 1973 - “Keep On Truckin’ (Part 1)” by Eddie Kendricks hits...
"Keep on truckin baby". Eddie Kendricks said that, take the time & come on back young man.
23 years ago we lost Eddie Kendricks, lead singer on classics such as this
We remember Eddie Kendricks, the lead on Temptations hits “The Way You Do The Things You Do” and “Just My Imagination,” who passed in 1992.
1992 - The Temptations' Eddie Kendricks dies of lung c...
REMEMBERING Eddie Kendricks, co-founding Temptation, who died of cancer this day in 1992, RIP http:…
Today we remember a Temptation and the unforgettable voice: RIP Eddie Kendricks.
But right after David Ruffin is Eddie Kendricks though
Just watched back-to-back programs on David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks. Great stuff!
New crush, Eddie Kendricks from the Temptations lol. he's got a lovely voice and face my goodness
Toni are you related to Eddie Kendricks?
The Billboard magazine Hot 100 No.1 hit on November 10,1973 was Keep on Truckin' (Part 1) by Eddie Kendricks
My grandma named me Kendric after Eddie Kendricks from the temptations and my mama named me Devante after Devante Swing from jodeci 😂😂
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I wanted Eddie Kendricks to MAKE it. But all he had to hold on to (without production) was that falsetto and his good looks.
You have a falsetto on par with Eddie Kendricks (the falsetto on 'Please Come Home' is astounding). Will we hear more on SoSBS?
I gotta vape in the rain, gotta go vaping in the rain *Eddie Kendricks voice
Love Is A House is my favorite Force MDs song...TC bodied that...I always said he was Eddie Kendricks part 2!!
Two Eddie Kendricks songs in a response to a joke saying I look like Eddie Kendricks...that's skill
*** you look like eddie kendricks.. Lmao
lmao I'm obsessed. I know the dance moves and all. I went through an Eddie Kendricks phase 😕
Eddie Kendricks is truly the greatest temptation, but David is just a God man
don't quit al! you're gonna get replaced by Eddie Kendricks and Paul Willia... wait. go ahead and quit.
Boogie Down by Eddie Kendricks is in The Black Bull, Richmond. Download it now at
The way Kanye looped Eddie Kendricks in the back almost makes me tune out Lil Wayne
Keep on keepin on. Eddie Kendricks - KEEP ON TRUCKIN' - A-Side Instrumental via
Date With the Rain - Eddie Kendricks via Mr Kendricks,singing in the rain
I added a video to a playlist Eddie Kendricks - Keep on Truckin'
I just listened to Eddie Kendricks - The Best of Strangers Now
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Woke up with Eddie Kendricks 'Never Gonna Leave You' on my brain. Hey Universe, why this song today?
Now playing: Shoeshine Boy by Eddie Kendricks at - Buy it
If I had lived during the 70's I would have dated Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin, Ray Dorset, Robin Gibb, Andy Gibb, or John Oates 😍😍😍😍
Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin, Dennis Edwards & Nate Evans - Live at the BBC. My dad's fav love this - David Ruffin👌
great show last night enjoyed Trammps & Eddie Kendricks.That's the 1st time stayed with you all show.Loved Teddy & Marvin to.
Eddie Kendricks was a singer for the Temptations
"You know the story behind Eddie Kendricks? Is that my aunt used to date him." This man J5 😂
This made me think of dedicating Skipping Work Today by Eddie Kendricks. It's been dedicated to me once or twice.
Song For The Day. Fontella Bass' little brother sings Eddie Kendricks. Yes, that should peak your interest.
I liked a video Keep on trucking Totalcult Eddie Kendricks
I love listening to Eddie Kendricks & David Ruffin 👌🎤🎶
child support papers delivered via funeral ? Eddie Kendricks ex had it done at D Ruffins furneral
Keep On Truckin' (Part One) by Eddie Kendricks from via tune Chris
Very impressed this kid wanted to buy my Eddie Kendricks vinyl from me today. Very impressed.
if you think should play Eddie Kendricks in the next Temptations movie.
Seriously? Nobody's stepping up on this Eddie Kendricks Lamar mixtape?
So who's doing the Eddie Kendricks Lamar mixtape?
He would have to be slim or Eddie kendricks
Couldn't let Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin back for one night with the Temptations, eh?
Almost everybody came back for Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin were sorely missed.
just found a copy of Eddie Kendricks' "People...Hold On" feat. this funky classic
Some records just keep on giving: Eddie Kendricks. Date With The Rain. A piece of history . .
No he was still alive, along with Eddie Kendricks but they weren't part of the group at that time.
I really liked the song after that, Eddie Kendricks "Keep On Truckin'." Never heard that one before.
I added a video to a playlist EDDIE KENDRICKS - the Urban Street interview
DRA'man Maroon 5 Vs Eddie Kendricks - Keep on truckin' one more night
Bruce Springsteen David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks. If that aint a TBT what is
Edward James Kendrick - December 17, 1939 – October 5, 1992, best known by the stage name Eddie Kendricks, was an...
Listen now to If You Let Me by Eddie Kendricks and more! AccuRadio is free customizable online radio with unlimited skips.
RIP Eddie Kendricks: you were a great singer and person!
I'm listening to Eddie Kendricks - Keep On Truckin' (pt.1) '73 on Real Gold Radio with TuneIn.
Eddie Kendricks - Tell her love has felt the need: via
David Ruffin & Eddie Kendricks were the best Temptations.
today's vibes provided by the incomparable Eddie Kendricks.
I'm listening to Keep On Truckin' by Eddie Kendricks on Soul Town at via
SUONA BENE 9 is out and funky! . Smoking hot episode featuring Al Green, Eddie Kendricks, Quincy Jones, Official...
David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks had some badd as wives
Eddie kendricks was a fine fine man
Eddie Kendricks (from the movie) is my man. Idris Elba is my husband.
No respect if you listen to the Weeknd - he is absolutely terrible. Listen to Eddie Kendricks instead, you'll be forever grateful.
Brian Mcnight's voice reminds me of Eddie Kendricks
My grandpa's twin brother looks exactly like Eddie Kendricks especially in his younger days when he was fighting in the vietnam war
As a fellow December 17th'er I wished you were born on the 18th and I'm sure Eddie Kendricks and John Kennedy Toole agree
on a Anita Baker and Eddie Kendricks binge today.I wish I was born during this era of music
seems your groovin' on some "old school" tonight. Check out some Edwin Starr and Eddie Kendricks while your at it.
Eddie Kendricks' sky high falsettos on Side 2 (because it's an LP) are killer. Fading Away is amazing. Gettin' Ready
Girl You Need a Change of Mind by Eddie Kendricks, from with LiveLyrics®
Photo: Another Eddie Kendricks for my collection (at The Doomsday Vault)
Hot boxin my blanket listening to The Temptations. Eddie Kendricks had that work
The instrumentation on "Intimate Friends" by Eddie Kendricks is immaculate. There's nothing like old school R&B slow jams
Gettin' ready for .Motown and more tonight on the radio show! Starting at 7pm - 12am, est we're going hot and heavy into the Motown vaults with all the big hits, b-sides, album cuts, and forgotten classics. Plus, our usual mix of great music you love from the 50s to the 80s...go to, click listen live or find us on your iheart radio or android phone. Meantime...think of the great ones from The Miracles, Four Tops, Mary Wells, Marvin Gaye, The Velvelettes, The Satintones, The Supremes, Eddie Holland, Little Stevie Wonder, Martha & The Vandellas, Lionel Richie, The Commodores, Bonnie Pointer, The Andantes, Diana Ross (solo), Smokey Robinson (solo) , David Ruffin (solo), Jimmy Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks(solo), The Temptations, The Spinners, Frances Nero, The Originals, Babby Taylor & The Vancouvers, Edwin Starr, The Andantes, Chris Clark, Carolyn Crawford, Barbara Randolph, Kim Weston, The Jackson Five, Brenda Holloway, Rita Wright, Syreeta, Tammi Terell, The Lewis Sisters, The Marvelettes and ...
Which Eddie Kendricks song was used for a popular hip hop song in 2001?
I'm listening to Keep On Truckin' - Eddie Kendricks on Peachtree Radio FM!
Wow just thinking back I thought about my boy Smokey use to cut my hair but his passion was singing he song with the impression sounds like eddie kendricks. .
I went to a temptations concert a few years back just a couple. whenever the temptations play in the detroit area mama rose has free tickets and the group would always let everyone know that she is in the house and she gets a standing ovation. but this concert was different in that Otis Stopped the concert basically and personally thanked mama not just for giving the temptations and the world the greatest bass singer who ever lived. he also thanked her for giving him the very best friend anyone in the world could ever have he talked and shared his heart with her and everyone there and the impact that Melvin had on him not just musically but personally and he had almost everyone in there crying. I watched as couples and family crying took a little time to say i love you to each other. I am sharing this simply because i was touched mama rose was touched most people don't even realize that if you read the cd notes from some of the cds after melvin passed away the group continued thanking her for her impact o ...
"All men don't discriminate, this man emancipates"- Girl, You Need a Change of Mind- Eddie Kendricks
thank you Eddie Kendricks for creating music that moves us all! ROOTSNYCLIVE representing BLACK MUSIC MONTH!
Eddie Kendricks is on heavy rotation on the radio right now
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Those Bad Temptations! THE TEMPTATIONS EVER READY LOVE Dennis left around 1977 and returned around 1979 or 1980. He also left again in 1984-86, returned for the last time in 1987 for a year or so. Damon was with the group from 1971-1975. GLENN LEONARD sang on the TEMPTATIONS' popular recording hit "Silent Night" & EDDIE KENDRICKS sang lead on The TEMPTATIONS' version of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer". Louis Price is with the group below, Otis, Melvin, Glenn and Eddie.
ON THIS DATE (47 YEARS AGO) June 13, 1967 - The Temptations: "You're My Everything" b/w "I've Been Good To You" (Gordy G-7063) 45 single is released in the US. "You're My Everything" is a 1967 hit single recorded by The Temptations for the Gordy (Motown) label. It is the first of three singles (and four songs) to be co-written for the group by Motown songwriter Roger Penzabene. It reached number three on the U.S. R&B chart and number six on the U.S. Pop chart. It would be the third single from the group's 1967 album The Temptations with a Lot o' Soul. This is one of the small handful of A-sides led by Eddie Kendricks since David Ruffin (who leads on the bridge and ad-libs on the outro) became the Tempt's lead singer, the last one was the 1966 song "Get Ready". As the song's main narrator, Kendricks tells his girl just how much she really means to him. Now, I was blessed the day I found you, Gonna build my whole world around you, You're everything good girl, and you're all that matters to me There is real ...
On June 11, 1976 The Number One Cut On The R&B Chart was, "I'll Be Good To You", by The Brothers Johnson. The Songs we were listening to that week were: Get Up Offa That Thing (and release the pressure) by James Brown (see photo), Something He Can Feel by Aretha Franklin, Super Disco by The Rimshots, Can't Stop Groovin Now (wanna do it some more) by B.T. Express, Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel by Tavares, Everything's Comin Up Love by David Ruffin, You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine by Lou Rawls, This Masquerade by George Benson, Party by Van McCoy and Cotton Candy by The Sylvers. NEW SONGS: Get It While It's Hot by Eddie Kendricks, Lowdown by Boz Scaggs, Always There by Side Effect, Wake Up Susan by The Spinners and Who'd She Coo by The Ohio Players.
3 of the best male lead vocalists ever were Tempts - Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin & Dennis Edwards. Just an unbelievable amount of talent.
So get ready. Here i come. Eddie Kendricks voice.
Intimate Friends by Eddie Kendricks is def one of the greatest songs ever created. Like it's been on repeat. Forever.
I see ya working SKI !!! The Emperors of Soul: The Temptations . # Ball of Confusion # Ruffin # Eddie Kendricks!
BREAKING: Singer Eddie Kendricks found "best singer in the Temptations"
Ya gotta love great pop music like this new Mariah produced by w/ a dope flip!
Rock Calendar 6-10-91:Eddie Kendricks (Temptations) is arrested at the funeral of singer David Ruffin for owing $26,000 in child support.
I just used Shazam to discover Keep On Truckin' by Eddie Kendricks. going out to al my truckers Decatur Washington
David Ruffin was a great vocalist, but don't let a Leon performance in a TV movie make you dismiss Eddie Kendricks and/or Dennis Edwards
LIVE FROM BOWMAN GYM - THE TEMPTATIONS ON WGRE! February 7, 1969, Greencastle, Ind. - A sellout crowd of DePauw University students didn't need much to "get ready" for a night of music from The Temptations. The Motown favorites performed an 8:15 p.m. concert in Bowman Gym this evening as part of DePauw's "Winter Weekend." The Temptations -- whose hits include The Way You Do the Things You Do, My Girl, Ain't Too Proud to Beg, I Wish It Would Rain, and their new single, Cloud Nine -- were selected as the result of a campus opinion poll which ranked the group as the top choice of DePauw students. The immediate sellout, with all $5 tickets being sold to DePauw students, proves that "if you give the students what they want they'll support it," says Union Building Senior Board President Russ Sklenicka. The Temptations are: David Ruffin, Paul Williams, Melvin Franklin, Eddie Kendricks, and Otis Williams. Join WGRE DJ Bob Crane deep in the bowels of Bowman Gym as he interviews Paul Williams of the Temptations.
Now I dedicate myself to two music genres, I also appreciate very much, represented by my favorite group THE TEMPTATIONS AND THEIR GREATEST 20 HITS (y) (y) (y) They are an American vocal group known for their success with Motown Records during the 1960s and 1970s. Famous for their choreography, distinct harmonies, and flashy wardrobe, they were highly influential to R&B and soul music. Please be so kind and do not post videos of the group until I'm done - Bitte seid so nett und postet keine Videos der Gruppe bis ich fertig bin :-) - The "Classic 5" lineup 1965: David Ruffin (bottom left), Melvin Franklin (top left), Paul Williams (top right), Otis Williams (bottom right), and Eddie Kendricks (center).
  ABOUT THE SONG "I WISH IT RAIN"   The song is one of the most melancholy in the Temptations repertoire, with lead singer David Ruffin delivering, in a pained voice, the story of a heartbroken man who wants to hide his sorrow. His woman has just left him, and he wishes that it would start raining, to hide the tears falling down his face because "a man ain't supposed to cry".   Accompanying Ruffin's mourning vocal are the vocals his bandmates Eddie Kendricks, Melvin Franklin, Paul Williams, and Otis Williams, the subdued instrumentation of The Funk Brothers studio band, and, courtesy of Whitfield, sound effects depicting the "sunshine and blue skies", with the sound of chirping seagulls, and the sound of thunder and rain described in the song. Producer Norman Whitfield devised much of the musical structure of the song, with former Motown artist Barrett Strong composing the song's signature piano intro on a piano with only ten working keys.[1] Motown staff writer Roger Penzabene provided the song's lyri ...
Supremes with Eddie Kendricks and Melvin Franklin. In London .no matter what I do "I cant get next to You"
Just in case you didn't know... Melvin Franklin, Paul Williams, and Eddie Kendricks (Temptations) were from Alabama.
The best Temptations group was David Ruffin, Paul, Eddie Kendricks, Otis Williams and Melvin. That group was the best of…
EDDIE KENDRICKS Sittin' back, chillin', readin' the latest news! (1970)
Temptations didn't fall off when David Ruffin left. The Temptations fell off once Eddie Kendricks left. That falsetto made the group.
Eddie Kendricks' falsetto matched up with Melvin Franklin's double bass made the group.
Right, Eddie Kendricks going on the turntable now. Inspiring planning music for making grand plans…
Im losing you. David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks Losing You Live via
David Ruffin; Eddie Kendricks – Ordinary Girl at Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at
I ve got a cd by Eddie Kendricks, and it is the best of his solo career!
This is Eddie Kendricks singing Born To Love You on a solo album of his in the early 80's. He also sang lead on this song in the 60's with the Temps.Hope you...
This is my jam: Back Stabbers (Album V... by The O'Jays on Papa Was a Rolling Stone Radio ♫
Question for the old schoolers out there: who do you think has the best falsetto voice?? A: Eddie Kendricks B: Philip Bailey C: Howard Hewitt D: Any DeBarge E: Other
I worked out Intimate Friends by Eddie Kendricks on the piano today, everything else that happens is now irrelevant because I'm content.
Whats going on, marvin gave ,dont forget eddie kendricks
A.J. Dugger talks to singer/actor Terron Brooks, known primarily for playing Eddie Kendricks in the hit movie, "The Temptations." In this exclusive and rare ...
Kevin Goins shared*** MOTOWN MONDAY - This is so cool, I had to share this!! A trade ad for THE Undisputed Truth with producer NORMAN WHITFIELD (left) and composer BARRETT STRONG (right). Group members BILLIE JO CALVIN, JOE HARRIS and BRENDA JOYCE in the middle. First cut the Temptations in late 1970, "SMILING FACES SOMETIMES" was recorded and released by the Undisputed Truth in the spring of 1971 (the Tempts single release was cancelled due to Eddie Kendricks' departure from the group). Check out this funky classic featuring the great Dennis Coffey's guitar work. ( Eliza Neals, Drew Schultz, Joe Pep Harris, Marvin Eugene Smith)
My kind of music . Eddie Kendricks - Intimate Friends .
I'm watching the Temptations movie on VH1 and realizing my boy Harry Turner looks like the actor who okay Eddie Kendricks lol.
When Mychal Kendricks & I get married, I'll be sure to thank Eddie at our wedding
I found that Eddie Kendricks Intimate Friends joint, didnt realize how many *** then sampled it...
I ain't know could sing. He sounded just like Eddie Kendricks in that video
Eddie Kendricks - Date With the Rain. on BasementSoul Radio at
What Im wanting to know is why can a brother not get He's a friend by my man Eddie Kendricks on YouTube
Playing records in all night tonight - currently jamming some Eddie Kendricks
I liked a video Date With the Rain - Eddie Kendricks
More than 30 years ago the Original Temptations reunited with Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin & Dennis Edwards for the Smash Hit on the Reunion 1982 featuring Rick James Standing on the Top. I was hoping that Otis, Ron Tyson would reunite again for a song or even tour with Dennis Edwards along with Paul Williams Jr. This would be a dream to see all of them as one of their albums states " Together Again". Once a Temptation always a Temptation, Temptations Forever- Standing on the Top! Getting Down Temptations Sing!
The Temptones & The Temptations at the Uptown Theatre, 1967 from left (back): Eddie Kendricks, Daryl Hall, David Ruffin, Paul Williams, Barry Glazer, Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin; from left (front): Brian Utain, Ken Halpern
Reflection time! I got caught up on Hitsville USA last night knowing I had to hit the road today after being away from the office last week. As many times as I have seen the story about the Temptations, I saw it from a much deeper place last night, and it was probably because I could relate to Otis and Williams' story so well. Otis had led the Temps through some turbulent time, based on a hard work ethic and values, However as soon as things were going great, Satan took over. First with David Ruffin, then Paul ??? and then Eddie Kendricks and finally Dennis Edwards. Guess what folks after it was all said and done, guess who remains standing as the only living original Temptation and is still performing with the Temptations. Otis knew that everyone brought value to their success, and as long as everyone used the talent/gift God gave them, they were successful. As soon as David Ruffin began to think that because his gift was that of the lead singer, he had the gift of administration, he did not, and ult ...
Eddie Kendricks- Intimate Friends. FWB has never been done so well.
This is my favorite version of this song. It's the most beautiful version. The "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" intro is from Floyd Cramer's medley. First released August, 1980, on the Temps. Alb. "Give Love At Christmas." The single was released in 82. The lineup for this version was: Otis Williams, Dennis Edwards, Melvin Franklin (born David Melvin English), Richard Street, Glenn Carl Leonard. Yes, Yes, Yes, there was an earlier version on the album "Christmas Card". Released in 1970. The lineup for that version was Dennis Edwards, Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams, Melvin Franklin, Otis Williams. Completely different rendition though. Categoría Música
I was watching the movie about the Temptations yesterday with my son. It seems that after firing David Ruffin that he came back clean and sober wanting ONE more chance. I have to wonder what " IF " he had been given that one last chance. Who knows maybe, just maybe he would have made good of it. I'm glad that the Lord never gives up on us even though at times the world will. People and connections make a difference and hearts who are willing to see the best and the possibilities. We live in an ever increasing " throw away " world. People dismiss each other now days via text and emails. never even having looked deep into the eyes, let alone the soul. I keep saying this started with the Bic throw away pen. He did this song after he was fired from the Temptations and Eddie Kendricks joined him. how ironic the name of this song. You know he became heart broken. It took the Temps 2 years to get a real hit and it came from Smokey Robinson. who also had his dire challenges with drugs at one point bu ...
Alicia Keys sampled Eddie Kendricks "Intimate Friends" for her song "Unbreakable"...His version is dope though...
Listen and download for free Eddie Kendricks - Boogie Down by on ZEMP3
*** what you know bout that Otis William, Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams and Melvin Franklin xD
OMAHA HISTORY: WALI ALI (CLICK THE WORD "SEE MORE" TO READ THE ENTIRE STORY) Wali Ali from Omaha, Nebraska is no stranger to the music world. He helped as a lead Guitarist The Temptations, Eddie Kendricks, Teena Marie, Rick James & Patrice Rushen just to name a few. Wali Ali has toured as guitarist with Marvin Gaye, The Jacksons. Aretha Franklin, and the Undisputed Truth. During his tenure as musical director of the world famous " Cotton Club", Wali was dubbed the "Minister of Music". In the mid 70s he recorded one of the rarest albums on Jobete records entitled “(Oh I) need your loving”, but it was never released. It was released only as demo. Later he played guitar for Marvin Gaye on the album released in 1978. He sang as a backing vocalist for Norman Connors on the album Invitation in 1979. Also he sang together with Patrice Rushen on the song “Never Gonna Give You Up (Won't Let You Be) “ included on her Posh album from 1980. The same year Lamont Dozier formed the soul group Zingara. Lamont D . ...
TODAY In Black Music History: On February 18, 2013 Damon Harris, former member of the Motown group The Temptations died at the age of 62 due to prostate cancer. Harris joined the Temptations at age 20 in 1971 and replaced Eddie Kendricks, one of the group's original lead singers. He was with the group until 1975, and was best known for singing tenor on the band's hit, "Papa was a Rolling Stone."
April 1 brings 9 more releases from Real Gone, no foolin'! We're celebrating the 90th birthday of Doris Day with a pair of titles, compiling the complete Atlantic sides of Patti LaBelle & the Bluebelles, reissuing the debut album from Duane Allman discovery Cowboy, going "In Action" with Keith Allison, collecting the complete Cameo recordings of bubblegum-garage rockers the Ohio Express, releasing the sole Atlantic album from Eddie Kendricks, spending the night with the lights out with Vicki Lawrence and going on the road again with the Grateful Dead. Full press release below! NO FOOLS, ALL JEWELS -- A PAIR OF RELEASES HONORING DORIS DAY'S 90TH BIRTHDAY MAKE APRIL 1 A VERY SPECIAL DAY AT REAL GONE Label's Schedule Also Includes Releases from Patti LaBelle & the Bluebelles, Cowboy, Keith Allison, The Ohio Express, Eddie Kendricks, Vicki Lawrence & the Grateful Dead Los Angeles, California -- It's not an April Fool's joke -- Real Gone Music's April 1 release schedule features releases from movie and TV supe ...
Looking at Classic Temptations the OG Temps not those fake temps way before my time but I love some temptations the late Paul, Otis Williams, the late Eddie Kendricks, the late Melvin Franklin, the late David Ruffin The mighty Temptations these guys did real music about love.
A Song for You is a 1975 album by The Temptations. It features two R&B hits: "Happy People" (originally intended for recording by its authors, The Commodores), and "Shakey Ground", one of the group's final R&B songs. The album features then-lead singer Dennis Edwards on the title track written by Leon Russell. Also featured are Richard Street and Melvin Franklin on the track "Firefly". A Song for You features a familiar device of the time used to exhibit the versatility of '70s soul groups: one side features up-tempo cuts and the other side focuses on ballads. Several songs on side one such as "Glass House" and "Shakey Ground" featured P-Funk-backed dance grooves and even a writing credit for former Funkadelic guitarist Eddie Hazel, while side two had tracks such as "I'm a Bachelor" and "Memories", which showcased a more subdued style of soul. This was also the final album by Eddie Kendricks's replacement Damon Harris, who was let go after this album. He would rejoin his Young Tempts bandmates as Impact. ...
Back-to-back walking music this morning: Keep on Truckin' by Eddie Kendricks and Jungle Boogie. Feel the funk y'all!
Just sitting here watching the last of the Temptations movie. Those were the good days Otis Williams, Paul Williams, Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin and Melvin Franklin were the best. Their voices were golden especially David Ruffin one of a kind . David Ruffin is sorely missed even though it's been like over 20 years since he died.
Please come to hear the wonderful ministry of John Amato on Sunday, January 12th at 9:30am and 6:00pm. John Amato has been blowing his SAX since he was 7 years old. As a boy growing up in Detroit, Michigan, he was greatly influenced musically by rhythm and blues, big bands, and jazz. John has had the opportunity to record on various Motown Records. However, his obsession with success also led him to a life of drug addiction, which began at age 13. Cocaine and alcohol became his constant companions for the next 18 years. Driven by a desire to "make it big," John continued to perform in concerts with B.B. King, Eddie Kendricks, Jerry Butler, Curtis Mayfield, Johnny Taylor, and many others through the years. In 1977, after spending 7 years on the Las Vegas/Tahoe-Reno show circuit and overseas on USO tours, John Amato came to the Crossroads in his life. As he lay in a hospital bed with some of his internal organs eaten away as a result of the drug use, he cried out to GOD for help. Years of drugs and alcohol ...
January 3, 2014 Camelwalk Production’s Trivia Question of the day The Temptation mid-60’s lineup of Eddie Kendricks, Otis Williams, David Ruffin, Melvin Franklin, David Ruffin and Paul Williams have been labeled as the “Classic Temptations.” In this context, the lead singers on an overwhelmingly large portion of their songs during this time, was either David Ruffin or Eddie Kendricks, with an occasional spot lead by Paul. Can you name the only song while in this grouping where David and Eddie shared lead vocals? Which Temptation do you think did the best job as a lead singer?
Now devouring the Jim Clyburn BBQ Chicken, named for the SC congressman, at Alluette's Soul Food Café in Charleston. It's the congressman's favorite dish here. Started with the Lima bean stew. Soundtrack: old school, 'natch; Aretha, Eddie Kendricks, Booker T.
Thanks for tuning in , be sure to tune in next Sunday Noon-2pm CST for "Slow jammin on a Sunday afternoon" with the Ambassador Kevin Nevels also tune in to the New choice for radio New Years day (Wed) for our New Years day Marathon 10am - Midnight ... we're paying tribute to our fallen artises : Walter Hawkins, Roger Troutman, Ohio Players (Sugar Foot), Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Teena Marie, Barry White, Gerald Levert, Marvin Gaye, Whitney, Biggie, Tupac, Heavy D, Grover Washington, Wes Mongomery, Phyllis Hyman, Minnie Ripperton, Fallen Temptations Ollie Woodson, David Ruffin, Paul Williams, Eddie Kendricks, Harold Melvin, Teddy Pendergrass, James Brown & Curtis Mayfield ..Happy New Year .
Mike Post was a solid competitive arm wrestler??? Thank you Casey Kasem (this morning on AT40, part 1 of the Top 100 singles of 1975. Sadly, very few stations expand their slot one hour for these special 4 hour editions, I missed the first 12 songs). Looking at the cue sheet, I'll hear for the first time today: Eddie Kendricks -- Shoeshine Boy, Joe Simon's Get Up Get Down (Get Up on the Floor) and Paul Anka's I Don't Like to Sleep Alone. I could do without that Anka tune, I'm sure.
These are some of the spirits that have been in my life that help to make me the man I am today. Everyone has a story and something to say. No one story is more important than the next. I think the most important thing is to have touched someone in your life time so that you will be remembered, loved and missed! Fasho ShonufDB R.I.P.-(The Bowles Family) T.H.B Sr & Jr, Mrs.Agnes Bowles & Mamie Bass,Mrs Erma Bowles & Fred Greer, Calvin Bowles, Rev John H.Bowles SR. & Jr, Ray Bowles, Dee Dee Bowles,Shelley M. Baldwin, Doris Daniels, (The Motown Family) Paul Williams. Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin, Melvin Franklin,Richard Street, Pervis Jackson, Billy Henderson, Bobby Smith, Florence Ballard, Marvin Gaye, Tammy Terrell, Earl Van *** James Jamerson, Chips & Little John (Top Brass), Mary Wells, Marv Johnson, Bobby Rodgers, Ronney White, Singing Sammy Ward, Filmore, Bertha Gordy,Anna Gordy, Gwen Gordy, Lucy Wakefield, Ester Gordy, Shorty Long,Harvey Fuqua, Joe Hunter,James Brown, Whitney Houston, Michael Jac ...
BLACK HISTORY FACTS THAT HAPPEN ON THIS DATE DECEMBER 17TH: Eddie Kendricks is born in Union Springs, Alabama, in 1939. He will become one of the original members of the Motown group, "The Temptations". He will begin a solo career in 1971 and will have many successful hits such as "Keep on Truckin" and "Boogie Down." In 1982, he will rejoin the Temptations for a reunion tour and again in 1989, when the group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He will succumb to cancer in 1992. On December 17, 1663 Queen Nzingha of Angola died at the age of 81. Belonging to the ethnic group known as the Jugas, Nzingha led the stiffest opposition to European domination in Africa's interior, winning battle after battle against the Portuguese. Queen Nzingha, amazon queen of Matamba west Africa, joins the ancestors on this day. Nzingha was a warrior queen who waged war again Europeans. Her formation of strategic alliances and fighting prowess urged other great African leaders to take a stand against the colonia ...
TUESDAY December 17 The late Carlo Little (drummer with Lord Sutch & The Savages – 'Jack The Ripper') was born in 1938; The late Eddie Kendricks ('Keep On Truckin') and member of The Temptations ('My Girl') was born in 1939; The late Paul Butterfield ('Sometimes I Just Feel Like Smilin') was born in 1942; The late Dave 'Dee' Harman (lead singer with Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, *** and Tich – 'The Legend Of Xanadu') was born in 1943; Rock Factoid: Prior to his music career, Harmon was a police cadet and was at the scene of the automobile accident that took the life of American rocker Eddie Cochran and injured Gene Vincent in April 1960. Harmon confiscated Cochran's guitar from the accident and held it until it could be returned to the singer’s family. Rock Factoid George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr met at Abbey Road studios on January 3-4 1970 to record 'I Me Mine'. The song begins with George saying, in a joking reference to John Lennon's absence and Harman's recent departure from Dave Dee, ...
Eddie Kendrick Memorial Park Detail of sculpture in April 2008 Detail of sculpture in April 2008 Eddie Kendrick Memorial Park on the corner of 18th Street and 4th Avenue North is a memorial garden to singer and Birmingham native Eddie Kendricks of the Temptations. The park, on the site of the former Brock's Drugs building, was dedicated on October 16, 1999. The park uses Kendricks' family name sans the "s", which was added early in his career. It features a bronze sculpture of Kendricks by local artist Ron McDowell, as well as sculptures of the other Temptations, set into a granite wall. The singers' cuffs each have a letter on them, together spelling "BHAM" from left to right. Inscribed on the granite are the names of Temptation's hit songs. Recorded music can be heard throughout the park, featuring songs by Kendricks and the Temptations. The dedication ceremony included live music at the park by the Birmingham Heritage Band. A block away at the Carver Theatre, stages were set up inside and outside and p ...
BH EVERYDAY - the Eddie Kendricks edition. Ernie Hudson, actor, was born in Benton Harbor, MI on his date in 1945. Eddie Kendrick, musician, was born in Birmingham, AL, on this date in 1939. Kendrick founded the Motown group, the "Temptations," in 1961. Noble Sissle, a pioneer jazz figure, died in Tampa, FL, on this date in 1975. Sissle and Eubie Blake wrote Shuffle Along, a pioneer musical featuring Josephine Baker, Florence Mills, Caterina Jarboro, William Grant Still, and Hal Johnson. Jesse Brown, Director of Disabled Veterans of America, was named Secretary of Veteran's Affairs by President Bill Clinton on this date in 1993.
Watching RHOH - why Ralph Tresvant & Bobby Brown make me think of Eddie Kendricks & David Ruffin ...IJS ..
Eddie Kendricks one of my favorite singers to ever do it.
Got the turntable hooked back up, just blasting Eddie Kendricks.
Eddie Kendricks' voice brings tears to my eyes. So beautiful 😢 RIP
Afro Friday! Old skool followers, I still do them! Here's Eddie Kendricks and Girl You Need A Change Of Mind [video]
Can't even watch the sports channels any more smh Eddie Kendricks-Each Day I Cry A Little
Eddie Kendricks - Body Talk on the best disco in town
Im thankful for Kendricks control verse
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
did vh1 ever did an unsung on Eddie Kendricks??
We're talking about Eddie Kendricks the Temptation, the singer @ MISTA_DEE
Eddie Kendricks had the most unique voice I've heard. He died way too young. Miss him and the Temps
Eddie Kendricks - Keep on Truckin' on Classic Hits Uk - The Station With The Heart Of Gold at
For the land of the fre and the home of the kendricks
I wish it was Eddie Kendricks on the
I don't even make time for new music anymore. I'm too busy scouring Eddie Kendricks, Minnie Ripperton and Isaac Hayes' discogs.
"Macklemores album was better than jay-z's and kendricks"- noone ever
Should be watching when this came on Eddie Kendricks
My mama ex look like Eddie Kendricks... I KNOW she was high I just know it
"What is life all about? Love. What is love all about. Life." - Eddie Kendricks
Yup. And their alumni is like Eddie Kendricks begging Blue to let them back in the group.
I just used to tag My Girl by Temps & Eddie Kendricks.
I picked up Exciters 'reaching for the very best'. Eddie Kendricks 'Keep on truckin''. Temptations 'Treat her like a lady'
and like the Eddie Kendricks song we keep on trunking lol
This was the song the week my parents got married...Keep On Truckin' - Eddie Kendricks (1973): via
Don't know how I can get a number, so I'll assign my own things people may not know about me. 1. My middle name is Lynn. 2. I have 2 sisters with the same middle name, Donna & Barbara, but Barbara Lynn pasted away at a year old and I never got to meet her. 3. If I was a boy my name was going to be James after James Brown. 4. I waited on Buzz Aldrin, Bruce Jenner, Johnny Cash and the last two original Tempations David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks when I worked for Hilton hotels in Jersey and LI. 5. I was married once before at 18 and walk down the aisle a month before I graduated high school, so I was really Carol Lynn Darlington Gambel when I excepted my diploma. ( wasn't pg ) 6. I owned my first house at 18. 7. My first big concert was in 1978 at Giant stadium in 100 degree weather to see Grateful Dead & Willie Nelson perform. Waylon Jennings was suppose to play also but cancelled at the last minute! ! Thanks Waylon! :- ( Thank God they sprayed us with hoses :- ) 8. I was picked to be in a Raiders of th .. ...
Keep On Truckin' - You're My Everything - The Temptations Movie (HQ) via Eddie Kendricks was in Temptations.
Former Temptations lead singer Eddie Kendricks has the single on this day in 1973: "Keep On Truckin'."
Eddie kendricks voice is jus music to my ears n oh David Ruffin jus is the vibration to my toes lawd
Eagles LB Najee Goode talks about filling in for the injured Mychal Kendricks to stop Packers RB Eddie Lacy.
So *** dramatic how they had Eddie Kendricks leave the group..
See Eddie Kendricks had that loyalty he didn't sit there and act like Paul was never his friend, when they put him out he left
But Eddie Kendricks was always my favorite. That falsetto was everything!!
Nobody has sung falsetto better than Eddie Kendricks.
Best Singers in The ORIGINAL Temptations: Paul or David for number one, my baby Eddie Kendricks, Melvin, and THEN Otis...
Bul who played Eddie Kendricks in this movie is all that tho !!! 😍😍😍
On this date in 1973: Eddie Kendricks' "Keep On Truckin'" hits
Anyone who truly knows me, knows that I'm a die hard Temptations fan, especially Eddie Kendricks!
1973, Former lead singer with The Temptations Eddie Kendricks started a two week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Keep On Truckin
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
‘Keep on Truckin’ (Part 1)’ by Eddie Kendricks peaks at in USA 40 years ago today...
Which db missiled into kendricks knee and missed all of eddie lacy ? Clown
11/10/73: Former Temptation, Eddie Kendricks, had the song with "Keep On Truckin'."
Eddie Lacy runs in to Mychal Kendricks and injures him.. That must have felt like getting hit by a bus.
LB Mychal Kendricks helped off, favoring right knee. Hurt on bruising run up middle by Eddie Lacy
Eddie Lacy is now hurting tacklers. First carry goes for 11, Mychal Kendricks gets dragged for four and doesn't get up.
Eagles LB Mychal Kendricks down and being attended to after 11-yd run by Eddie Lacy.
mychal Kendricks hurt on tackle of Eddie Lacy and not getting up... not good sign at all.
whaddup bro. Have you done anything with that Eddie Kendricks beat you sent me?
UGH, that's tough, but yes I'm going to say yes because I want to date Eddie Kendricks, lol!
Lord, is gonna have me diggin up all kinds of 70s tracks.over there listenin 2 Eddie Kendricks! :)
Now listening to Eddie Kendricks, omg the greatest falsetto EVER & he was my type, tall & slim, look good in a suit, lol!
And lead us not into David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, Otis Williams, et al.
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