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Eddie Izzard

Edward John Eddie Izzard (born 7 February 1962) is an English stand-up comedian and actor.

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Looking a wee bit like Eddie Izzard there ? 😳
Could you pass a royal quiz? We put actors Judi Dench, Ali Fazal and Eddie Izzard and director Stephen Frears to th…
Eddie Izzard & Jimbo camping it up in the BBC panto 'Absolute Chaos in Glasgow' was the 'Stanley Baxter' of them all.
tangential: Eddie Izzard's book has 8,000 notes & my kindle would have to open a separate little hard-…
It's probably really good. I liked him until I noticed how ambitious he was (see also Eddie Izzard)
Ok, I'm thinking about Eddie Izzard.someone said to me this a.m. how great it is that Eddie wants to be an MP. I raised and eyebrow...
It's probably not ok for me to ask, but is Eddie Izzard transgender just because he says he is?
What about Eddie Izzard,coming up from London all tarted up ,telling us we were better together.
Not many places would want Eddie Izzard as MP but would suggest his best hope is in Richmond on Thames.
I just believe in the goodwill of people, the power of people to do something positive. (Eddie Izzard)
Watching reminds me of Eddie Izzard's take on slasher flicks: "Let's all go on holiday to the Forest of Blo…
this makes me spiral into an Eddie Izzard sketch
Always heard Eddie Izzard wanted to be mayor of London. Either way give Parliament ***
Izzard identifies as trasgender? I knew Eddie identified as transvestite, but not transgender.
Since when has Eddie Izzard been transgender? I thought he was only a transvestite.
Eddie Izzard will give up comedy to become first transgender MP
Hearing Eddie Izzard and Judy Dench babbling away together on the latest is medicine for the soul
Only in Labour would you have any change of this Eddie Izzard could 'give up comedy' to become first transgender MP
Comedian on his memoir, beating the bullies and sorting his sexuality
Finished Believe Me by Eddie Izzard. Oh my, the audio book after seeing his tour was great. The footnotes are spectacular and informative.
eddie izzard is so good that he has this ENTIRE bit, where he literally says nothing at all and it's hilarious
Tubridy to muck in for 1st ever Plough-Off, + Marian Keyes, Eddie Izzard & more. Tonight| 9.35pm…
Director Stephen Frears joins stars Dame Judi Dench, Ali Fazal and Eddie Izzard at the UK premiere and afterparty tonight.
It was a royal affair at as Dame Judi Dench, & Eddie Izzard were in attendance to premi…
There's an Eddie Izzard sketch that mentions the Bishop of Durham 😂🙌!
Eddie Izzard and Jo Brand as life wouldn't be dull.
Listen, the Bryan Fisher reboot with Jerry O'Connell, Portia de Rossi, and Eddie Izzard will never be topped.
A cross between Eddie Izzard and the Joker!
I have it. Eddie Izzard and Luke Wilson and Kenan Thompson make it worth it :3
In today's Rodcast: A review of Eddie Izzard's new memoir. Plus, Sheri Parks on hate speech and free expression.
Yes forgot about her - also another two Eddie Izzard, Danny Baker
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
It was worth suffering through Bill Maher for the sake of Malcolm Nance and Eddie Izzard.
...the choreo is exquisite, Joe Cocker, Bono, & Eddie Izzard make cameos, DANA FUCHS JUST EXISTS AS A WHOLE.
General election hopefuls pull in celebs Hugh Grant and Eddie Izzard before polling day. Read more:
Eddie Izzard declares ambition to become Labour Party politician
Things I can only say in an Eddie Izzard voice:. James Mason. Azerbaijan . Cake or death. Haberdashery. Steve. Jeff Vader
When in need of momentary whimsy, Eddie Izzard + the Beatles + Julie Taymor + her puppets is always a good choice:
Yes indeed. I wrote mine assuming people knew the Lego version of Eddie Izzard, Star…
Something to look forward to. Together with Bob Geldof, Lily Allen, Eddie Izzard, Charlotte Church…
Whisky Galore2016 Gregor Fisher, Eddie Izzard - Comedy Movie via UK release from the 5th May get it watched
Eddie Izzard once stopped mid routine trying to remember who the male lead in Joan Collins films The Bitc…
Question: I grew up listening to comedy on tape/cd (Sean Hughes, Eddie Izzard, Bill Hicks) and I miss the medium. Is audio standup>DVD/vis?
just saw this w/ family! Awesome! Love Sam Elliot, Eddie Izzard, Luke Wilson & J.K. Simmons and all!…
'Rock Dog': Film ReviewLuke Wilson and Eddie Izzard lend their voices to this generic ...
My favorites were Doug Benson as Bane and Eddie Izzard as Voldemort.
and - Richard Herring podcast - interview with Eddie Izzard - funny and a bit of insight into the 54 days of running he did.
Will Arnett reprises his voice role as Batman from the Lego Movie and is joined by Ralph Fiennes, Eddie Izzard & Rosario Dawson among others
Hoping the talented Mr Wisbey read it in the voices of Uncle Roy Hodgson, Eddie Izzard and of course...Mr JOOLS Hol…
On the Christmas Special panel are Charlie Mullins, Eddie Izzard, David Icke, Russell Brand, John Lydon and Tim Farron.
Cooeee! Who says bullies are cowards?Here's Eddie Izzard abuser Jamie Penny, who always turns up to court with his mum. ht…
I was thinking just go really on the nose with casting. Joe Lycett, Stephen K Amos, Eddie Izzard, Zoe Lyons...
I want a TV show where Cherry Jones, Eddie Izzard, & James Spader just sit around talking to each other. The best voices.
One of so few reason I actually finished Hannibal NBC is Laurence Fishburne, Raul Esparza, and Eddie Izzard since they're A++ actors and —
Eddie Izzard from Mocking Bird Lane as D (Grandpa Munster). Wish this had been a series. In an alternate universe i…
lets get Eddie Izzard over there to reverse the decision? I'll buy his ticket as long as Hungary keep…
Eddie Izzard ran two marathons on Sunday to complete his Sport Relief challenge of 27 marathons in 27 days. The...
Here's that pic of Eddie Izzard, myself & Alec Baldwin. I hope Eddie reads my book and stops all his Brexit nonsense
I didn't know Keith Vaz was born in Aden. So was Eddie Izzard
but reports 'thousands'. Looks more like the local vicar's garden fete. Bet Eddie Izzard won the…
We don't need the EU, just like we don't need Eddie Izzard.
Eddie Izzard cannot work out why Geordie ex-miners don't want to vote Labour any more.
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I mean what kind of example is Eddie Izzard? Little girls laugh at him in the shops and in the street.
Anti-Brexit march descends into scuffle over Eddie Izzard's beret. (My latest for Reaction)
Who would win a race between Eddie Izzard and Caster Semenya...
Eddie Izzard and his pink beret served the Brexit cause very well in his ludicrous behaviour on Question Time, he still hasn't learned...
Good to see we're focussing on the important stuff like Eddie Izzard's beret,while widespread cuts to NHS & Doctor strikes…
You fule! If there's one person who will relentlessly chase you down it's Eddie Izzard, do you have no telly sir?
Eddie Izzard has his beret stolen at the protest
Ppl think working class back Corbyn, who says after-work drinks are sexist, & Eddie Izzard, who wears a pink beret https…
March For Europe will be remembered for Eddie Izzard having his Pink Beret and Yellow Handbag snatched nothing else. h…
What's this about Eddie Izzard running in heels? I need this in my life.
What a wanker! Eddie Izzard should concentrate on his wardrobe before getting involved in polit…
WATCH: Shock moment man in balaclava steals Eddie Izzard's EU beret at 'March for Europe': https…
Police can't be arsed with burglary & car theft but if Eddie Izzard's beret is nicked its full force of the law.
Eddie Izzard fumes Brexit has left world in 'despair' as thousands attend March for Europe
The one good thing about Eddie Izzard running 27 marathon's in 27 days is that after 27 days he's be 707 miles away fro…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Bet Eddie Izzard cant do a marathon in those high heels he would have to purchase a pair of kitt…
Eddie Izzard in heels, clutching a bright yellow handbag, full make-up & pink nails chasing the bright pink beret thief.…
British Colonies have a lot to answer for, like Eddie Izzard claiming to be British
Eddie Izzard wearing makeup and girly clothes is the real hate crime.
When will Eddie Izzard realise his image turns the vast majority of Brits off and hinders his cause!just need Geldof be…
I'd like to have seen that man, masked in a balaclava, trying to steal Eddie Izzard's pink Beret. "I've got him Beret, l've got his Beret"
Three police officers recover Eddie Izzard's pink beret!. Must be a huge comfort to the UK's battered, abused and burgled…
Every televised moment of Eddie Izzard doing politics is worth a thousand votes to whatever cause he opposes.
Jeez, how many peelers does it take to arrest a guy who steals Eddie Izzard's beret?.
Imagine going through 9 months of pregnancy to give birth to Eddie Izzard...
There's a rumour that have lost touch with the traditional working-class. Eddie Izzard
The more I see of Eddie Izzard the more convinced I am that he's actually on the UKIP payroll
Watch the moment Eddie Izzard has his beret stolen at a pro-EU march in London - and gives chase in high heels
Eddie izzard incident highlights the thin line between a hate crime on a tranny and taking the *** out of a complete di…
Eddie Izzard's performances in debates vs failed to win any converts to the Remainian cause.
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Oh good, Eddie Izzard is involved. is doomed. All we need now is Bob Gedajob and it's toast.
"Eddie Izzard" chasing a pink hat in heels has completely eclipsed the story, not trending, The hat is :)
Eddie Izzard determined to overturn the vote and clearly does not believe in democracy.
Eddie Izzard has pink beret stolen at anti-Brexit march - and gives chase in high heels
Eddie Izzard. Get over yourself you self absorbed whining old tranny.
A squadron of ploddage downs a suspect for the heinous crime of nicking Eddie Izzard's pink beret
media maestro Gawain Towler leading the Eddie Izzard debacle. Now that's trolling.
Eddie Izzard said that Churchill would be with them Don't delude yourself mate. He would be laughing a…
Victim Support will be holding a press conference in due course to update the public on how Eddie Izzard is coping.
Hate to say it. But having the likes of eddie izzard and Tony Blair (war criminal) on your side, isn't e…
What does Eddie Izzard tell us about - even in the office?
Eddie Izzard as an unlikely model for good in a business context.
One great way to endure the open garbage fire that is Planet Earth is to attend a live Eddie Izzard performance. Highly rec…
*** CCB was too quiet during the Eddie Izzard Interview.
Going to see Eddie Izzard in DC tonight. This will be the only photo to illustrate how absurdly close we are.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Looking forward to finally seeing Eddie Izzard in person (@ The National Theatre in Washington, DC)
honestly didnt even know eddie izzard was standing for the NEC until i read the ballot agshdjfkghl
great idea letting Eddie Izzard speak to the people; his views resonate with a lot of people. The problem is the…
Date-night with hubs and we're seeing EDDIE IZZARD toniiight!! 😄🙌💋.
yes - I met Peter Wheeler - he seemed OK - if you want someone you know pick Eddie Izzard
I'm going to see Eddie Izzard tonight in DC! So excited!!
No no no, far too many of you are doing "big arms". You can't ALL do "big arms" (Why is there no Eddie Izzard gif for that?)
I've always adored Eddie Izzard but even more so NOW after hearing him on , what a brilliant mind with amazing self awareness.
Lmao. Eddie Izzard clowning on the ladies of
Saw Eddie Izzard at the Apparently, he was hilarious, but I couldn't hear any of it. Very disappointed.
If Eddie Izzard is your reference point, you're on the right track.
Eddie Izzard those clothes and colors look ridiculous! via
Everyone's free to dress and style how they wish but I'm not mad keen on Eddie Izzard's current look
Bexhill Observer: You can take the boy out of the town.: Comedian and actor Eddie Izzard returned to his h...
I met David Paisley and Eddie Izzard in a couple of days. :-)
Are we sure Angela Eagle isn't Eddie Izzard? . look at the resemblance 🐞
Follow the top Eddie Izzard stories for Jul 16 on our topical page:
This one seems to be everyone's favourite, with comments ranging form "George Galloway" to "Eddie Izzard". Perfect. https…
Eddie Izzard is the answer to your prayers
I've just voted in the NEC elections, all as far left as possible (oh, and Eddie Izzard cos I just love him!
U got to stay positive about Europe and the world! Eddie Izzard on Brexit
I can't believe people might vote for when Eddie Izzard and Benedict Cumberbatch both told us not to.
COUNTY NEWS: Eddie Izzard opens family’s railway set to the public -
I also model my lecturing style on a mix of Eddie Izzard and Robbie Williams, helps to think of it as a performance... :o)
Me and Eddie Izzard we had a laugh about Death Star Canteen. We have something in common.
Britain shocked as jeering Leave mob hurl abuse outside Eddie Izzard's house. A new low for the campaign.
.David Beckham, Lily Allen, Archbishop of Canterbury, Bob Geldof, Eddie Izzard, your boys took one he…
Eddie Izzard has arrived at Jeremy Corbyn's house carrying a cooked chicken and a fishing rod.
Eddie Izzard, Bob Geldof, Alan Sugar, David Cameron. your boys took one *** of a beating.
Oh, it's Eddie Izzard with his Ena Sharples tribute beret. That'll appeal to the Northerners, Eddie. *slow handclap*
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5 reasons I may vote out, Bob Geldof, Eddie Izzard, JK Rowling, Liar Tony Blair and Fat toad Salmond. They did nothing to help
On the anniversary of D-day, we need the European Union more than ever | Harry Leslie Smith&Eddie Izzard
Eddie Izzard quite visible currently. Visually he's become an interesting cross of Hinge and Bracket with
Liz Kendall is bloody marvellous yet we get *** hats like Eddie Izzard and Ed Milipede on ffs
the sun, Katie Hopkins & Boris Johnson want to leave. Cameron, Tony Blair & Eddie Izzard want to stay. How do the public decide?
Cameron, Eddie Izzard, Blair & Goldman Sachs bankers are breaking out in cold sweat, mumbling to themselves and sinking deeper into despair.
BBC News - Nigel Farage and Eddie Izzard clash over housing and immigration Nigel is a French Huguenot throw back
keep rolling out Tony Blair and all your Goldman pals it's working wonders. Oh ye and Eddie Izzard.. Brilliant.
Eddie Izzard and Julian Clary. Oh the other comics? Love and Rockets?
. Wolfie Smith & The Tooting Popular Front are reborn. Eddie Izzard is Citizen Smith.with badges too
Citizen Smith to make a comeback with Eddie Izzard playing 'Wolfie' as a now transgender left wing luvvie.
thought it very poor form for Eddie Izzard to use Question Time for his Clare Balding Tribute act 😉
Eddie Izzard - working hard at becoming the new Screaming Lord Sutch!
Eddie Izzard channeled his inner Edith Piaf but the result was an ageing harlot from the Bois de Boulogne.
I just want to know if Eddie Izzard is the new Citizen Smith
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Nigel Farage is a democratically elected MEP & Leader of a maj. British political party, who is Eddie Izzard?
Eddie Izzard is one unfunny *** Wanker makes Lenny Henry look like Frankie Boyle.
Why does Eddie Izzard look like a cross between Mo Mowlem and a tranny Citizen Smith?
Eddie Izzard? Or the love child of Citizen Smith and Catherine Tate's Nan
I can't take Eddie Izzard's views seriously, especially as he looks like a cross between Clare Balding & Minnie the Minx!
Eddie Izzard is like a fuming Citizen Smith with the contrast turned up
Eddie Izzard really does look like Clare Balding. *runs and hides* 😂
So we've got to the bit in a referendum where Gordon Brown and Eddie Izzard get rolled out and the MSM make something up about pensions then
Two weeks to go and Leave ahead in some polls. Where are Gordon Brown and Eddie Izzard when you need them. Time for Vow2?
The party is for children with long-term illness - maybe Eddie Izzard could be exterminated one year...
Radio presenter Adrian Durham has just been asked to leave Old Trafford after making a homophobic gesture towards Eddie Izzard. Shocking
Eddie Izzard seriously expecting me to donate money when he's wearing long bright red false nails? . *** off.
Sturgeon does good Elton John and Eddie Izzard impressions, to be fair
We've a warm Barrow Sixth Form College welcome ready for the visit of Eddie Izzard today for a celebrity revision...
IT HAPPENED 🙌🏼🙌🏼 also, a show that guest stars Michael J Fox AND Eddie Izzard is as good as it gets.
New post: ". Comedian Eddie Izzard is told he's a 'f* disgrace' by fellow football fan at FA Cup final as he …
Eddie Izzard 'suffered homophobic abuse' from fellow Crystal Palace fan at FA Cup final
"It was Treasure Island with Eddie Izzard, so therefore literature"...?!?!
Eddie Izzard discusses how we are obsessed with defining gender roles for men and women
Follow the top Eddie Izzard stories for May 26 on our topical page:
Eddie Izzard 'subjected to homophobic tirade' by Crystal Palace fan
Saw last week in both German and French – here's a linguist's review of his performance.
He who laughs last... Eddie Izzard's Hotel Bills Not Lawfully Declared via
Eddie Izzard brilliantly barmy again tonight...
PHOTOS: Hundreds turn out for Eddie Izzard's pro-EU show
SEE VIDEO! Eddie Izzard learns his total so far, after 24...
in a queue in a shop, a man passed me his phone asking me to take a photo. Looked through the screen it was eddie Izzard!!
On the road with Eddie Izzard. Vote Remain "if you care about humanity".
Eddie Izzard knows how to travel in style! Finest!
I really want to go and see Eddie Izzard speak tonight but not sure if I can do it.
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isn't Eddie Izzard a transvestite not transgendered .. or can you be both?
Brazen Brussels chiefs would LAUGH OFF any bid to reform EU, top MEP Daniel Hannan says
"I have some of the same genetics as women, so I'm transgender."
Eddie Izzard to visit Staffordshire University as part of...
Eddie Izzard brings Stand up for Europe campaign to Bath...
Live: Eddie Izzard v Daniel Hannan at the University of...
Eddie Izzard will celebrate all things European during...
Recap:Eddie Izzard takes on Daniel Hannan at the University...
"Most transvestites fancy women." ~Eddie Izzard. Just to throw a little monkey wrench in your "transgender" debate.
Eddie Izzard stands up for UK membership of EU...
Eddie Izzard urges voters to keep faith with EU in...
.gets emotional as he implores students to vote to remain in the EU.
Eddie Izzard claims to feel female based on stereotypes: liking nail polish and heels. You don't see why women would object?
Are you saying you feel threatened by Eddie Izzard? I'm just not seeing where this extra policing benefits anyone. Is that it?
From Eddie Izzard says he was subjected to anti *** abuse at football match by fellow fan
Eddie Izzard has extremely weak points. It's like he's writing an essay and trying his hardest to make the word count.
Remain or leave? Cake or death? Eddie Izzard visits UEA to Stand Up For Europe on 17th June in advance of the...
Eddie Izzard at Essex University AND Arts Centre Colchester. both on 13 JUNE see details below.
Eddie Izzard on the Andrew Marr show earlier this morning. We get it Eddie
Not that keen on Corden, could it be Eddie Izzard's son?
Dear Tracey Emin, Eddie Izzard, Richard Rogers, Sandi Toksvig & the other Europhile luvvies: please don't give up the d…
Want a chance to buy tickets for Eddie Izzard: Force Majeure 333 (English) at Colchester Arts Centre? Enter our draw
Jaws. . . because I can never turn away. Creature from the Black Lagoon and possibly Dogma. Or some Eddie Izzard discs.
I hugely recommend you all watch 'Absolutely Anything' on Netflix. Simon Pegg, Eddie Izzard, Monty Python, and Robin Williams.
could have been worse George have you seen that 'melt' Eddie Izzard ?
Comedian and marathon man paid a surprise visit to pupils at a West Kirby school
is it something to do with Eddie Izzard in the remake and being an ambassador for snooker
I'm actually so surprised that not many people I know, know who Eddie izzard is... Just!!???
Genuinely inspiring stuff - Eddie Izzard, marathon man: 'If I can run 26 miles every day, anyone can'
Long shot I know but anyone selling Eddie Izzard tickets for the Mac?
.I know how much you like Eddie Izzard - you should watch this week’s Details:
Eddie Izzard wowed the nation recently with his epic feat of endurance - but how did he do it?.
For example, Eddie Izzard on HIGNFY- voting to remain alongside "thinking people". Sneering contempt for millions who will vote to leave.
Eddie Izzard: 'If I can run 26 miles every day (for 27 days), anyone can.' Pity, he didn't mean it as a joke.
explains his life views as "transgender guy," coming out 31 years ago and I'm so glad he did.
Follow the top Eddie Izzard stories for Apr 27 on our topical page:
Hi! Did you follow that kinda loopy guy Eddie Izzard when he was running all the marathons? 😰
Lookalikes on bus this morning. Eddie Izzard, Jez Quigley and Michael Ceras cooking class partner in Superbad.
and I see what you're saying Eddie Izzard probably would with his *** out if he could go and ladies bathrooms
Kill. In the words of Eddie Izzard, "In a ditch, covered in petrol, on fire."
Why? Would you ridicule, for example, Eddie Izzard, or show disdain towards him?
Why is Eddie Izzard coming to mind with the pic? Ha..
I just checked into Live at the Apollo Eddie Izzard is a God!!
Eddie Izzard on Live at the Apollo, ah I think we all need more Eddie in our lives. History, jokes, film refs and genius :') absolute scream
23:55 Live at the Apollo: Comedy legend Eddie Izzard introduces Trevor Noah and Josh Widdicombe.
Late night impulse decision, am going to try and run everyday for 30 days... (if Eddie Izzard can run a marathon everyday, I can try...) :D
Eddie Izzard is so brilliant. Really want him to read me a book for some reason please?
yes, I know you do. I love Eddie Izzard as well, so is so awesome as Gideon.
Corbyn is a consesus politician. "Splits look bad"! Like what Eddie Izzard said on Nailed it!
You can now watch - Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man on .. via
Amazing! I've just ordered one for me, plus two for my friends. We met because of Eddie Izzard (covered in bees!)
I'm having a very Eddie Izzard moment at Starbucks at the moment "avec the president of Burundi"…
Multilingual Eddie Izzard is coming to Cumbria to perform his latest show in 3 languages on 1 night! https:/…
And look at what today's Conservatives bring. Eddie Izzard called it right when he said they are the *** children of Thatcher.
Eddie, please visit Eddie Izzard Daily News. Only 66 away from 63,000 members. You might like it too!!
Is it me or has he just discover Periscope ? Because until now, I was just following Eddie Izzard on Periscope.
Am I the only one to think Eddie Izzard is in this photo?
No not Eddie Izzard, the is "Gamma Knife" by It's psychedelia that's sharp as steel!
Tickets still available for Eddie Izzard's French and German shows! Friday 20th May
Eddie Izzard paints his nails on a daily basis.
it's like that Eddie Izzard joke. More than ten people and we're just dumbfounded and impressed?
MAC gave me 55 lipsticks to test. These are the same lipsticks I got caught...
.on identity, royals, and running 27 marathons in 27 days in honor of Nelson Mandela:
Physio keeps Eddie Izzard on track for 27 marathons in 27 days!
You can get your hands on tickets for the & show via our website, in house or call on 01229 775677
Eddie Izzard seems to have come dressed as Anne Robinson, dressed as Captain Sensible. Genius
Eddie Izzard looked like Clare Balding doing an impression of Elton John paying tribute to Prince.
Watching and can't help thinking Eddie Izzard looks a bit like Clare Balding! Not being mean but it's uncanny!
You can tell Victoria Coren Mitchell is totally in awe of Eddie Izzard
Whisky galore! remake to close Edinburgh film festival: Gregor Fisher and Eddie Izzard star in the classic tal...
Faceswapped with a signed photo of Meg Foster and accidentally created Eddie Izzard.
Eddie Izzard looking like Ann Robinson on The Agenda. It's the hair!
For a moment there I thought: "Ann Robinson's put on weight." Then I realised it was Eddie Izzard.
Why would Eddie Izzard want to be a stunt double for Ann Robinson?!?!??
Is that Ann Robinson or Eddie Izzard on The Agenda ITV now?
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Met Danny Dyer, Lee Evans, Trevor Brooking, David Guest and Eddie Izzard today, not a bad days work
in mine, I swear to whoever, I look like the love child of Eddie Izzard & Myra Hindley.
Incredible: Eddie Izzard ran 27 marathons in 27 days in South Africa.
Eddie Izzard ran all 27 marathons to raise money in the name of charity.
Eddie Izzard has said running 27 marathons in 27 days was the hardest thing he has ever done...
How will Eddie Izzard's body recover from his multiple marathons?. Was this a crazy way to ruin his body or will...
Eddie Izzard completes 27 marathons in 27 days in S.Africa on low-carb high-fat diet. Amazing achievement!
. Why was Eddie Izzard on a low carb diet doing a bazillion marathons??
HE'S DONE IT. 27 marathons in 27 days by the astonishing Eddie Izzard. . The
Today the briliant Eddie Izzard completed his 27 marathons in 27 days challange. Not only that but he ran the...
Margaret Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria, JK Rowling, Eddie Izzard all ahead of poor choice you offer
Amazing guy!! Eddie Izzard: 200 miles down, 507 to go for
Eddie Izzard at the moment is running 27marathons in 27 days in Sth Africa 4 Sport Relief,each day is a year Mandela in prison
Eddie Izzard to run 27 marathons in 27 days for latest Sports Relief challenge
If David Bowie and Phillip Seymour Hoffman had a son, he would look like Eddie Izzard ps his nails are fab
Eddie Izzard will make you laugh in four languages.
Video of the Big Workplace Meeting with Eddie Izzard and TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady
And add to them... Kevin Day, Jo Brand, Eddie Izzard, Sean Hughes. It's like an infestation.
Like. Who knew Eddie Izzard and Kirsten Dunst would have such crackling chemistry?! Not me.
"Fascist plumbers" - Eddie Izzard on the Romans. (He also does a great riff on the siege of Alesia in his new show...)
Some wonderful insights into Eddie Izzard's life. Richard Herring's Podcast - with Eddie Izzard
If, as Eddie Izzard once said, you've ever been working away and suddenly thought: I've got to stuff owls with sand.
anything with Eddie Izzard, Lee Evans, Jon Richardson, Sarah Millican, Hugh Dennis... I could go on!
Here's Eddie Izzard and his dad John on 80th anniversary of the De La Warr https:/…
Watching a recorded BBC sports personality from last night, Claire Balding and Eddie Izzard look like sisters
re SPOTY you haven't mentioned Eddie Izzard doing his Claire Balding impersionation.
Good to see Eddie Izzard as Claire Balding's understudy tonight
Awkward! It appears Eddie Izzard has come dressed as Claire Balding
Can't believe Eddie Izzard has come on dressed as Claire Balding. Right *** take
Claire Balding & Eddie Izzard in the same room. Well that's put that myth to bed.. .
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I can't work out whos Eddie Izzard and who's Claire Balding
Separated at birth..Eddie Izzard and Claire Balding. At The sports personality of the year.
Not going to lie, but I honestly did mix up Eddie Izzard and Claire Balding
Seen a few people saying you never see Eddie Izzard and Claire Balding in the same room...while showing pictures of the same room
Is Eddie Izzard dressed as Claire Balding or is Claire Balding dressed as Eddie Izzard? I'm seriously mind blown!
Eddie Izzard looked like a Claire Balding double tonight!
Still can't get over how much Eddie Izzard looked like Claire Balding
I liked a video Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast - with Eddie Izzard
Looks a little like Eddie Izzard when he Grandpa Munster that one time.
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