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Eddie Haskell

Edward Clark Eddie Haskell (also referred to as Edward W.

Leave It To Beaver Ward Cleaver June Cleaver Wally Cleaver Paul Ryan Tim Kaine Eddie Munster Rand Paul Peyton Manning Ted Cruz Marco Rubio

"Drop the Eddie Haskell" routine means to not be two faced.
You are not kidding I think Lucy studied under Eddie Haskell. LOL
Mitch McConnell, aka, Mr Jowls, and his buddy Eddie Haskell (Paul Ryan)
Eddie Jones talks Farrell, Te'o and Haskell ahead of Sunday's clash at Twickenham: https…
New post (England v Scotland: James Haskell hoping Eddie Jones' side can draw level ...) has been published on -…
England flanker Haskell lifts lid on secrets to Jones' success
😂 . called you Eddie Haskell on just a few mins ago. Perfect w/ your phony smile, u…
No, he's just a Boy Scout / Altar Boy Eddie Haskell framed by invisible omnipotent Obama minions from Istanbul and…
That's a very nice poster and I don't mean that in an Eddie Haskell kind of way...
I'm sorry I just don't trust ryan, too much like eddie haskell who looks like Eddie Munster!
see how Eddie Haskell operates? Warnings and strong arming - tactics of a politician who wants to squash the people
Paul Ryan is a blend of Eddie Munster and Eddie Haskell.
Little Eddie Munster combined with Eddie Haskell equals totally repulsive, suck up monster.
well, lets not blame PowerPoint. Eddie Haskell as their intellectual - that is bad.
He may be the Eddie Haskell of The House.
Reminder: Paul Ryan is not a serious policy thinker. He's Eddie Haskell from "Leave It To Beaver" and the DC press…
Update your maps at Navteq
ryan is such an *** Reminds me of Eddie Haskell in Leave It To Beaver.
you were the one that commented on bankrupting America. I was asking the question. I knew what you meant. Eddie Haskell moment.
Donald trump Jr.'s thoughts on your Eddie Haskell moment,
Why does this toad remind me Eddie Haskell on Leave It To Beaver - old show I know I'm dating...EH was fake like JC
this from a guy/? hiding behind the name EDDIE HASKELL , don't be to *** the beav , ward.
J Christ Eddie Munster and Eddie Haskell finally get together. that stuff about your wife and father, don't take trump literally.
Eddie Haskell = Paul Ryan? The similarities are arguably least for a certain demographic.
Priebus reminds me of Eddie Haskell. "You look lovely today, Mrs. Cleaver." What would u expect from a WI protege of Scott Walker?
It's like Eddie Haskell has stolen June Cleaver from Ward.
news conf was like watching Eddie Haskell pour out his vendetta toward media & see his ❤️ toward "LuMpy" Putin
Obama reminds me of Eddie Haskell... His BS is is known by everyone..Even libs..His legacy..Allowing men to use women's toilets
could someone get Eddie Haskell an Uber ride back to the Beavers ? It's past his nap time
Tapper is Eddie Haskell of reporters: poses as squeaky clean, claims to have high journalistic standards, but is as…
Friend in her 30s said Carl called "Eddie Haskell of NASCAR" by some. I had to explain who Eddie Haskell was.
This has got to be the cheesiest, most gushingly insincere case of brown-nosing since Eddie Haskell.
Really a very nice series...Eddie Haskell a smart *** favorite in the whole series
Eddie Haskell..dam, you seem like the guy..
Tommy reminds me of Wally Cleaver. *** likeness..Clay is SO Eddie Haskell
Michelle, Ward Cleaver, Eddie Haskell and my brother, Wally, want wedding invites...
Durbin actually acted like an adult today, but I'm sure his inner Eddie Haskell is lurking
Q:In the tv series 'Leave It To Beaver', what was wally's best friend's name. A:Eddie haskell
there is a reason people called him Eddie Haskell. Never cared for him. Only hope it’s not a health reason to leave.
Oh boy.there goes Ted Cruz sermonizing. Pandering! Reminds me of Eddie Haskell in Leave It To Beaver. Bleh!
And the role of Eddie Haskell will now be played senator. Lindsey Graham.
I'm not an Edwards fan - think of him as Eddie Haskell. Wish he'd done this earlier so Erik Jones could have had the ride
Why does this guy remind me of Eddie Haskell?
NASCAR's Eddie Haskell stepping down. Good riddance. Busch brothers should go next.
.making the Eddie Haskell't know what to think of that!
Kid I wanna hear Jim, can you just come?. Me Can you go back to pretending you wanna spend time with me?. Kid (Eddie Haskell smile) I love you
He does! But Erin, aren't you too young to know about Eddie Haskell?
Eddie Haskell had a closet full of human skin.
First genuine crisis for England coach Eddie Jones? Six Nations starts in less than four weeks...
Paul Ryan: the love child of Eddie Haskell and Eddie Munster.
oh, I think Joey probably got out of hand-- but it did strike me that the officer has a bit of Eddie Haskell in him.
LMAO. He picks on people like a mean girl! Eddie Haskell for sure, sport.
Very bad news, been amazing under Eddie Jones. At least Haskell will be back
Obama caused anxiety amongst us all brotha.He was the nations Eddie Haskell.His blackness was in his jive BS.His pe…
Why not just call them a bunch of Eddie Haskell's
England injury worries grow: Eddie Jones faces a growing list of injury concerns as he plots his squad for the Six…
Great game. Wasps 22 Leicester 16. Haskell knocked out after 35s to compound Eddie Jones's back row problems.
.is like if Eddie Haskell was a psychotic Republican troll and a couple of inches shorter
Eddie Jones has big resolution over James Haskell's Six Nation spot after being concussed -
James Haskell gives Eddie Jones a worrying moment as England head coach waits on Chris Robshaw news - …
It's as if Eddie Haskell is moving into the White House.
The best part of all this will be when finally realizes there'll be no cabinet appointment for all his Eddie Haskell toadying. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Does anybody believe or trust anything sarcastic and cocky Josh Earnest has to say. He comes off as Eddie Haskell but Eddie was smarter.
"emails" "Podesta" . Sorry, Eddie Haskell but I have better things to do with my time.
lol, Clemson, the Eddie Haskell of fan bases. Will shake your hand as they trip you from below.
They're like the Eddie Haskell of news organizations. Dated reference.
what about Ben in Pittsburgh charged are accused of rape twice and no one says a word about it
Trump reminds me of Eddie Haskell character from 'Leave It To Beaver.' BS charm & total manipulation.Telling truth NEVER the agenda
. Evan, you truly must've been the Eddie Haskell of the CIA.
Logan makes Eddie Haskell look like a dream.
can we get Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver ? That would be lovely Mrs. Cleaver ?
IS Eddie Haskell. If Mrs. Cleaver could see through him, why the can't the Trumpsters -- and the "Give-Him-a-Chancers?"
Swear Haskell was about to call Eddie Jones 'Eddie Redmayne'
I might be old.. I say things like kids are on their "Eddie Haskell act" and the other teachers have no idea what I'm talking about.
2016 going full Eddie Haskell, but we are not fooled.
acting just like the great Eddie Haskell, Leave It To Beaver
Beaver takes out a hit on Eddie's revealed that Lumpy Rutherford has been a mob button for years.
And HE used the Internet in large part to deliver his message when he was first elected. Such a total Eddie Haskell.
.If you could, Somehow, clear your mind of Babson, you'd realize a day in the life of Eddie Haskell MIGHT NOT Destroy the USA.
Your ancestors didn't get punched in the back of the head at old time lunch counters by Eddie Haskell, for you to still be eating chittlins
. He reminds me of Eddie Haskell of Leave It To Beaver. Just too phony.
Breaking news. Alice Cooper was not and is not Eddie Haskell.
Why didn't anybody tell me that the guy who played Eddie Haskell ended up a cop?!. EDDIE HASKELL. WAS. A COP
It's alot of Eddie Haskell's out here!! 🎭
You can copy him but if it ain't an automatic just Eddie Haskell dude
Congrats Gen-Xers. You're the last generation that will get an Eddie Haskell reference.
The "Eddie Haskell" colleagues - what do you do when they are good to boss mean to you?
Did I tell you this week that I'm on to you. U may fool the majority of people w/ your sincere looking face but you're still a Eddie Haskell
: No worries. I get mistaken all the time for celebrities. Grandpa from "The Munsters." Mel from "Alice." Eddie Haskell...
Don’t miss Will Greenwoods five best moments from last weekend’s rugby. There’s not much rugby!!
Nikki Haskell TV Show -- Nikki Haskell chats with scummy Chan prior to her TV show. Sumy is back in town…
Everyone who said lesser of two evils, I'd say if you're sticking to that let's be honest that we're talking Eddie Haskell vs. Hitler
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Mary Hawkes murdered-Inoperative throwdown placed. Officer J. Dear like Homicidal Eddie Haskell frm Leave it to Be…
"Trump's election is Eddie Haskell's fault!" Say bleeding heart liberals.
Jerry Jones has better celebrations. Snyder looks so smug. Eddie Haskell
Everybody needs a friend like Eddie Haskell
Not about age, it's about principles and personality. Cruz lacks the former, and is a glorified Eddie Haskell.
Yes, and Cruz is still an adult version of Eddie Haskell, which makes him horrible.
It was that damned Eddie Haskell's fault
Oh god he's like the Eddie Haskell of the GOP. That kid who always charmed moms and teacher but he's a total *** to the other kids.
. Can't you just hear his wide eyed Eddie Haskell delivery?. (Are you old enough to know who that is?) 👵
Yeah, Trump is his Ayn Rand hero come to life. He looks like Eddie Munster and acts like Eddie Haskell.
Lol Tim Kaine is the REAL Eddie Haskell who was very rude. Nice Eddie was him frontin'
Annoying YES! But even Eddie Haskell had Manners! Kaine doesn't even rise to the level of Rude! What a blowhard BOZ…
No, no, NO. Trump is Biff Tannen, Hill is the Potter character-Delores Umbridge. Cruz is more Eddie Haskell. (I may…
"Ward, I think you were a little *** the Beaver, were Eddie Haskell, Wally, and Mrs. Cleaver."
FOX ppl shld never try to be funny, they just come off, at the least, as Eddie Haskell tryin 2 b polite
Kaine reminds me of Eddie Haskell. Very annoying and irritating.
Hillary actually believes America doesn't see through the "Eddie Haskell" practiced *** kissin that leads to more Benghazis, Iraqs & Irans?
Kaine interrupted but told the truth, Pence, Eddie Haskell polite--lied, lied, lied.
Eddie Haskell to feed him more lines of bull to tell Beaver's Mom.
rather reminds me of Eddie Haskell...lying schemer when Ward & June Cleaver have left the room.
Pence was Ward Cleaver. Kaine was Eddie Haskell. (You millennials will have to Google those names.)
Kreepy kaine!!! Very rude acted like Eddie Haskell on Leave It To Beaver 😂😂😂
(cont'd) Ya think we can highlight the distinction with clear examples of lack of verbal dignity/empathy?🙏Uno who Eddie Haskell is?
Plus, he always crushes my questions and I wanted to try the Eddie Haskell route. Not a wise course of action.
nails it perfectly:. was like Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver!. (Also moment when one ages oneself beyond repair😔)
There's a reason Eddie Haskell never got his own show.
Did you watch the Eddie Haskell and Wally Cleaver debate?
Sen Kaine reminded me of the Joker in Batman with the Smart Mouth of Eddie Haskell on Leave It To Beaver! Lol
There's a reason why Eddie Haskell never got his own TV show. Tim Kaine suffers from Eddie Haskell Effec…
He's a BIG BABY! I was waiting 4 him 2 pk up his marbles & go home. ❤️what referred 2 him as the Eddie Ha…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Right? & the Eddie Haskell vibe Sean, as he dismissed Americans of African-Ancestry & diminished humanity via 'implicit bias'
gergen Eddie Haskell had no truth behind his facts and yes Pence defended all of Trumps arguments another lie David
Tim Kaine being compared to Eddie Haskell...LMAO. So true. If you don't know Eddie Haskell, Google him... Leave It To Beaver
Pence was calm and direct in his answers showed dignity while Kane acted like Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver constantly interrupting
It is difficult not to conclude that Eddie Haskell and the moderator were unfair to a fruitful discussion and old...
Eddie Haskell. (How lovely you look today Mrs. Clinton)
Rude Annoying Eddie Haskell - Kaine needs to be tethered for disrupting and repeating same old HRC Lies.
Today on fox, Carl Rove likened Kaine to Eddie Haskell of Leave It To Beaver. That pretty much summed it up, lol. # MAGA
Best descrip I heard is Eddie Haskell. He was inconsiderate of Pence and mod. Has all about me mentality
heard best description of Kaine's performance, Eddie Haskell.
heard best description of Kaine's performance, Eddie Haskell!
You had to 'think' about Eddie Haskell's name?. Cmon Karl!.
Kaine added to their contempt for people by acting like Eddie Haskell
Kaine was much more annoying than Eddie Haskell. I think he would provoke even June Cleaver to slap him..
so spot on with the Eddie Haskell comp!!! Kaine rude and obnoxious topped the pathetic ?Mediator?
was no where close to the polite Eddie Haskell. That's an insult to Eddie. Kaine was annoying and rude.
Kaine looks and sounds like Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver! "That's a beautiful pants suit, Mrs. Clinton." "Thank you, Timmy."
aging Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver! Lol
was steady Eddie. Kaine was Eddie Haskell. Less likeable though.
leaves you with that slimey Eddie Haskell feeling like you want to wipe your hand on your pants
Not hard when you are debating Eddie Haskell.
Pence is killin it. Kaine reminds me of Eddie Haskell!
Tim Kaine is the Eddie Haskell in this race.
Tim Kaine is the love-child of Eddie Haskell and Mrs. Kravitz.
He's the Eddie Haskell of our time.
"came across like Eddie Haskell on 9 red bulls"
Kaine is like a creepier Eddie Haskell
That's what happens when you debate Eddie Haskell.
Pence comes off a little like Eddie Haskell to me
Ward, I think you were a little *** the beaver. So was Eddie Haskell, Wally, & Ms. Cleaver
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Evan is an Eddie Haskell ! He reminds me of a character Martin Short would play in a '80's SNL skit. Chad punch him
Eddie Haskell irritates June Cleaver so much she says things she wouldn't otherwise say.
Trying times: June Cleaver finally loses patience with Eddie Haskell, calls him a "faker."
You'd have thot June Cleaver just told Beaver & Wally she was divorcing Ward for Eddie Haskell
That's right. The president is supposed to be Ward Cleaver. These Trump people are voting for Eddie Haskell.
= Leave It To Beaver. Cruz as Eddie Haskell around the parents, Trump as real Eddie, Kasich as Wally, and Paul Ryan as the Beaver.
I just wish Kevin Owens called Steph Ma'am a lot to get that Eddie Haskell heat
You're Eddie Haskell! I just got it. I'm a little slow sometimes. 😂😂
► Eddie Jones won’t allow England to get carried away with Grand…
Watch our full, in-depth interview with Eddie Jones following England's Grand Slam success
"When I win, YOU are the loser. And when YOU win? The game's unfair. Who IS this guy? Eddie Haskell?
I'm still waiting to see where Eddie Haskell comes down before deciding on how to vote!
Folks, such what you want, but this is the true Kasich & crew. Backstabbing Eddie Haskell to your face,
Didn't Lumpy and Eddie Haskell always call the Beav pip squeak?
I actually enjoyed the Eddie Haskell reference.
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Well done England. Well done Eddie Jones. Really happy to see Dylan Hartley on his feet. So proud of Haskell, Launchbury & Daley
And thank god the director cut from James Haskell and Danny Care doing some ridiculous dance at the end
'More turnovers, you say?', laughs Eddie Jones, while stroking his cat...
Haskell must have some indecent photos of Eddie Jones, that's the only logical explanation for him starting Flanker every game
Just finished F1 qual; no eddie haskell/firesign theater references. Refreshing. Watch, you might learn how to do a broadcast.
So James Haskell (Wellington) College) did not to talk to Billy Vunipola (Harrow School) before Eddie Jones arrived - school envy?.
Wow: "I just get this weird, Eddie Haskell-ish vibe from him." I've Got a Problem With Ted Cruz | RedState
John Kasich is the Eddie Haskell of the gop plutocracy
Think, HiLIARy in her high school days most likely Chased Eddie Haskell around the play ground...HILIARY. HILARIOUS HiLIARy
Payne's 6N Preview - Wales v Italy: James Haskell explains how Eddie Jones has changed the England set-up. Eng...
Eddie Haskell unless you hate free money
"my father says it don't pay to waste time in people who don't count" Eddie haskell
I think trump has "Eddie haskell syndrome" yes it is a real thing. Suck up to voters pretend ti be the perfect candidate but...
I prefer Skylar over the Eddie Haskell/ Eminem hybrid.
Trump is like Eddie Haskell. He's a con artist extraordinare.
n,other wordz? dennis the menace,wantz a bigger allowance too b more like eddie haskell! ha phuq him...GET A JOB!!
If Stony Brook can get Wally Cleaver and Eddie Haskell going 2nd half could change.
Does he remind you of Eddie Haskell? Oops, you're to young to know who he is!
How come u campaigned like a milk toast wimp against Obama in 2012? Also, u remind me of Eddie Haskell
Seriously, pay attention to his next interview. I'm telling you it's Eddie Haskell running for president!
No doubt Eddie Haskell is behind this! W-a-r-d!!!
someone needs to clue in Ted. Nobody likes her. She's Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver.
Ted Cruz is Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver
John Kasich watched Leave It To Beaver and thought "that Eddie Haskell is soo coool!" .
It's like when Mrs. Cleaver realized that Eddie Haskell was not a wholesome influence on Wally and the Beave.
Rubio=Beaver Cleaver. He means well,but he doesn't know what he's doing. Cruz=Eddie Haskell, no explanation needed.
JR compares HBK to Eddie Haskell. This is noteworthy because JR compares Matt Striker to Eddie Haskell on the Wrestle Kingdom 9 PPV
Those fine young migrant children remind me of Beaver Cleaver and Eddie Haskell. ...only with Swords and bom…
The word Egalitarian reminds me of a lodge name like Elks, Moose or Shriners. Complementarian sounds like Eddie Haskell's nickname.
THAT'S god's face??? Since when does thine creator look like the love child of Eddie Haskell and Count Chocula?
I don't like her because she exudes all sincerity and smarminess of Eddie Haskell with none of the charisma.
that looks like what I imagine Eddie Haskell looked like as an adult. In a Star Trek uniform.
But can you answer this one? Is Alice Cooper really Eddie Haskell?
Scott Drew is far from Eddie Haskell! I know Scott personally from coaching and he is a tremendous human being!
And then Eddie Haskell hits him with an egg.
More like the Eddie Haskell of politics.
i had alot a bad influences growin up EDDIE HASKELL
I was prescient... PRESCIENT!!! Last August: the Eddie Haskell of Republican Politics
CovTelegraph Sport: Wasps skipper Haskell set for new role in England's Rome mission: . Eddie Jones jokes abou...
Eddie Haskell was on my show, and he was really nice! Check it out.
is the Eddie Haskell of the Republican Party and is the new feminine version of Mr. Rogers.
I kinda think Kasich is more of an Eddie Haskell than a Wally Cleaver?
'There's a rumour going round that James Haskell has bad hands. That's not true. He has terrible hands' Eddie Jones 😂 funny!
Got to love Eddie Jones - "There is a rumour going round that James Haskell has got bad hands. That’s not true. He’s got terrible hands."
Marco Rubio came to a freestyle battle with writtens. You Latino Eddie Haskell you.
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VIDEO: O'Connell is a modern great - Jones: England's Eddie Jones and James Haskell share their mem... BBC
“Eddie Jones says he wants to see improvement from England at the breakdown and in attack:. *Picks Haskell & Farrell again*
Gotta get out of my Eddie Haskell pattern
Eddie Haskell: the perfect allusion (about Rubio) that 80% won't get. Lumpy still in the lead tho. :))
Eddie Jones singled out Haskell and Vunipola for praise from his back row. Don't think Robshaw is a long term favourite of the new coach
Ha ha... FWIW I thought Marco was best candidate for GOP but I still don't know if he's got it
Peyton Manning is the Eddie Haskell of corporate shilling.
James Haskell 'relieved' to get through Six Nations opener with scrappy win: Eddie Jones' first match as head ...
kind of like Eddie Haskell on Leave It To Beaver
So I tivoed the debate because my wife couldn't stand another one and I'm watching it now. Christie is killing Eddie Haskell Marco . Rubio.
He'll beat every GOP nominee. He's Ward Cleaver to their Eddie Haskell
If Eddie Jones can turn Haskell in to a ball winning 7 then winning the World Cup with us should be relatively simple
Eddie Haskell had some great writers, I don't think Christie needs them.
without Dr. Smith would be like without Eddie Haskell.
& Now that I'm watching, one thing I find fascinating is how 'Eddie Haskell' energy does NOT get sniffed out⚾🙏
If Eddie Haskell was a windup doll, he'd be
Marco Rubio is what Eddie Haskell would be like if he were a Christian.
Cruz is giving Eddie Haskell a bad name.
She's the b!tch @ Fox, Chuz is the Eddie Haskell of Capitol Hill
May have to put Mike in time out for 1-2 punch of not knowing who Eddie Haskell is/talking about how decrepit (almost my age) Jamie Dixon is
Dustin Brown is the Eddie Haskell of the NHL
Personnel exec to me yesterday "Manziel is the ultimate Eddie Haskell. He thinks he's fooling everyone. Doesn't get it &…
Not since Eddie Haskell's ingratiating to June Cleaver, Obama reprises the role @ G20 leading U.S. into retreat with a smile on his face.
Eddie Haskell is the most famous Eddy in the time-space continuum
of course he does! He's the Eddie Haskell of the race
Fans are obnoxious, playoffs make it worse. But you as the constant Eddie Haskell is just as annoying.
Danny Kanell didn't just sound like Eddie Haskell again today -- he looked like him, too. Sweet sweater vest.
Another great post from the vault: The Mystery of Mr. Ed and Eddie Haskell
Black peppercorns, you are the Eddie Haskell to this pasta sauce's Wally Cleaver.
Why didn't I notice how much Romney resembled Eddie Haskell before I supported him?
Rhoda and Eddie Haskell would make a nice couple some day.
My trans kid dumped his BF, who suddenly refused to be seen in public with my son, who was out when they began dating. Bye Eddie Haskell.
Obama is Americas Eddie Haskell.yes Mr. Putin, you look mighty vigorous today
Don't trust the Eddie Haskell of the
Conservatives cannot trust He's the Eddie Haskell of the
Eddie Haskell syndrome I have named it.
My bff since kindergarten & her sis but their parents adored me. No, I wasn't Eddie Haskell, lol.
Watching demur is liking watching Eddie Haskell when Mrs. Cleaver walked into the room.
it sounds like Eddie Haskell at the door
Aand O'Malley inserts some Eddie Haskell addendum just to say it.
An Eddie Haskell. Nice in your house, but trouble when it leaves.
Anderson Cooper is channeling Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver tonight
Funny how Erikson can only spit his venom by calling Ryan a girl. Red State is run by Eddie Haskell
Jeb doing his best Eddie Haskell by planting an audience member
Eddie Haskell of Leave It To Beaver thought his parents were wardens. We can be glad Jesus died for those in prison. (Isaiah 61).
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It the Eddie Haskell of the "White House Would Like Paul Ryan As Speaker"
Obama gives Eddie Haskell of Leave It To Beaver fame a bad name for being the biggest WEASEL!!
I want to be a modern day Eddie Haskell
Just now seeing this. Carl can pound sand. Golly gee, Eddie Haskell never puts a foot wrong.
All you have to now is compliment Mrs Ford Ala Eddie Haskell and you have a job forever
Because he's the Haskell of the "NE Radio Host: Not a Single Caller Supporting Paul Ryan for Speaker"
Can't wait to see Eddie Haskell aka Carl Edwards play the victim on this one
day I cheer for that Eddie Haskell sob is the day they lay me in the earth. Never stop hating
Utley has always been a dirty player. Just go back over his past plays. I've alwsys called him the "Eddie Haskell" of baseball.
As well they should be! Paul Ryan is the Eddie Haskell of the We can't trust him.
Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy MT We lived next to Eddie Haskell type. Smooth, like crunchy peanut butter
When my son was small, we lived next to an Eddie Haskell type. Smooth, like crunchy peanut butter.
"You're looking exceptionally well today" (said in an Eddie-Haskell-esque way.
little Eddie Haskell could never take the heat
Ward, I think you're a little *** the Beaver so is Eddie Haskell, Wally and Mrs.Cleaver
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OK Pops, can I have the keys to the car now? Me & Eddie Haskell are going to the malt shop
Funny stuff here. Too bad its reality imitating fiction or is it fiction imitating reality?
Any Leave It To Beaver fans out there?. Here's 4 things Barack Obama and Eddie Haskell have in common. Enjoy...
You are too young to remember Leave It To Beaver and a character named Eddie Haskell - reminds me of him. LOL
. I always wondered why Eddie Haskell hung around the house all the time.
Peyton Manning's Wally Cleaver to Tom Brady's Eddie Haskell! Peyton the gentleman. Tom the conniver!
Julie "Eddie Haskell" Forrest: You have a lovely office.
JJ Watt is the frat boy jock villain in all of the 80's movies. He's part Eddie Haskell part James Spader.
Rand is the Eddie Haskell of the GOP lol
IDK, she's more of an Eddie Haskell.
of course you are slightly better looking than Eddie Haskell
intro'd my kids to Leave It To Beaver they r hooked - SNL skit material with JT as Eddie Haskell
The adult version of Eddie Haskell strikes again!
Didn't Rand Paul play the role of Eddie Haskell on "Leave It To Beaver"?
"Want advice on how to get a bike? Ask the Master." -Eddie Haskell . "How will I know when I see the Master?" -Beaver
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Eddie, thanks for the autograph on Haskell day for my daughter. Very much appreciated
he's not over rated just more of a cobra kai or an Eddie haskell
Tried Eddie Haskell. How's that working out? Give me a Ward Cleaver! Ward wisely ran a pretty prosperous household, no?
Eddie Haskell or Bill Clinton? Ever seen them in the same room at the same time? It all makes sense now!
Rand Paul has become America's modern day Eddie Haskell!
Rand Paul is an adult version of Eddie Haskell.
Eddie Haskell's hair was less experienced but more disciplined.
I don't follow the politics of English Canada too much but I'm working on the details of a timely Justin Trudeau / Eddie Haskell comparison.
I would take Ward Cleaver any day over Eddie Haskell who now resides in the WH.
I can't look at him without thinking of Eddie Haskell
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