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Eddie Haskell

Edward Clark Eddie Haskell (also referred to as Edward W.

Leave It To Beaver Ward Cleaver Wally Cleaver June Cleaver Ken Osmond Beaver Cleaver Alice Cooper Hollywood Christmas Parade Kevin Harvick Paul Ryan Carl Edwards

...Lindsey always reminded me of a cross between Eddie Haskell & Lumpy Rutherford on Leave It To Beaver...
You are more two faced than Eddie Haskell. And much more hateful and hurtful as well.
Is it just me or does it seem like there's a lot of Eddie Haskell type sportswriters? That's why I follow u... no bs.
was wondering today why this doesn't exist; a Chef-esque DSL in something like Haskell would be wonderful.
Leo's are the Eddie Haskell's of the zodiac.
RNC Chair Reince Priebus is GOP equivalent of Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver. Say anything to get results.
and this is just day 1 wait till the weekend comes for Eddie Haskell &
why that's very Eddie Haskell of you Eddie 😂
Happy birthday to Eddie Haskell, or is it Ken Osmond?
Jameis Winston's Eddie Haskell act was enough to fool to Wonderlic test, too. COLUMN:
Then you get the friends like Eddie
Deuces!!! Me, Tripp and Eddie Haskell at the FSU/UF baseball game. @ *** Howser Stadium
so was Eddie Haskell Wally and ms cleaver
Yellow mustard is the Eddie Haskell of condiments
If he's such a dream why didn't Romney select him as his running mate, instead of Eddie Haskell 2.0?
taking over the Eddie Haskell wing of the GOP from
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Spieth thanks the fans, too! This is no Eddie Haskell act. This kid is for real.
Lamb is Eddie Haskell and Brooklyn is the Beaver.
does Rand Paul remind anyone else of Eddie Haskell? or is it just the hair not the attitude?
"Why workplace bullies often don't get caught."
I am drawing a blank, what show was Eddie Haskell on?
Don't get me wrong. There's an inner Eddie Haskell in every 13yo boy. If you don't know who that is...just be older.
Anything interesting written about that "Leave It To Beaver" episode where Beaver befriends a Latino boy and Eddie Haskell tries to ruin it?
I think Eddie Haskell's Grandson just showed up at the front door. Those under 40 have no clue what I'm talking about.
One thing does well: Foggy Nelson as a chubby, grown-up Eddie Haskell. Realistically, Eddie *would* be a defense attorney.
Winston appears to be taken on the same "Eddie Haskell" behavioral role that duped d Browns into drafting Johnny Manziel
From now on no more Mr. Wise Guy I still think we might be able to pull off some Eddie Haskell obsequiousness, maybe
One day we roll into Bama , Saban and his OC Eddie Haskell have to coach.
how can you possibly nominate Eddie Haskell Winston a second Heisman? Hope NCAA seeing what NFL learned
yes, accompanied by a picture of Harvick aka Eddie Haskell
may return acting. I think he was Eddie Haskell from "Leave It To Beaver" in the late 50's—
TIL: via and 13-year-old Harry Shearer played Eddie Haskell in the Leave It To Beaver pilot.
One downside of home ownership is door to door salesdudes but I do enjoy their courteous Eddie Haskell-isms. "Good afternoon to you SIR!"
What if the two guys were Wally and Beaver and the hitchhiker was Eddie Haskell?
We have Eddie Haskell IPL from on! It's going fast, get in here before you can't get it anymore!
So was Eddie Haskell Wally and mrs cleaver
Made an Eddie Haskell reference to a teacher tonight. Got a blank stare. I apologized- he was too young to know what I meant.
I have a little Eddie Haskell as well... Let's hope the learn from their mistakes or we will both have career politicians!
This fight is about as serious as Eddie Haskell stealing the Beavers roller skates.
they sure aren't, thank god! And thankfully all men don't behave like Eddie Haskell! Lol
Opie Taylor, Eddie Haskell and Greg Brady grew up there.
Very freaking good! - Drinking a fresh eddie haskell by at —
Whatever you say. But I do a great Eddie Haskell.
but so did Eddie Haskell, Wally, and Mrs. Cleaver
A-Rod always felt like the Eddie Haskell of MLB.
well obama is still blaming Bush! Obama is the kind of kid who is like Eddie Haskell. It's never his fault.
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in trench coats and Eddie Haskell loafers, sisters and brothers who use the word hater too loosely, yaki helmets that look like (4/10)
- no! You can't send Eddie Haskell back to the senate
he looks like Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver lmho!
How come there is no fine for Harvick for being Eddie Haskell? Come on NASCAR?
Eddie Haskell was my favorite song from making waves back in the day
Did Alice Cooper really play Eddie Haskell on "Leave It To Beaver"?.. ❓⁉❗❓
Caller: 'Mitch McConnell is like Eddie Haskell' true, true
If she thinks McConnell is Eddie Haskell cant imagine what she thinks of Harry Reid
I'll bet Wally Cleaver and Eddie Haskell experimented in college.
That's a very nice hat you're wearing, and I don't mean that in an Eddie Haskell kind of way
I'm sure Eddie Haskell, let alone actor Ken Osmond, will be thrilled at that reference in the Maddon presser 2day.
for those of us old enough to remember, Harvick pulled "an Eddie Haskell move"---yes Mrs Clever, no Mrs. Clever
the Eddie Haskell of NASCAR. If anyone remembered him
I do believe that Joe Maddon is the 1st Mgr. or Coach to reference Eddie Haskell at a press conference
Maddons press conference, Joe made a Eddie Haskell reference - Kid you not
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reminds me of Eddie Haskell from "Leave It To Beaver" talks a good game in attempt to appear genuine …
It's so great that Eddie Haskell remains a reference point for folks of my generation.
. gets in there and gets Maddon to make an Eddie Haskell reference. Outstanding.
Ward, I think you were a little *** the Beaver. So was Eddie Haskell, Wally and Ms. Cleaver.
Kevin Harvick is totally Eddie Haskell and I dig it!
what a cheap, cowardly push of by Kevin Harvick. He is the Eddie Haskell of the day, push a guy and run away SMH
yeah Brad is more hated than Kyle ever was! Kev was like Eddie Haskell. Oh boy look at them fight! Lol
And people wonder why the big ten is a joke? They hired Beaver Cleaver, Wally Cleaver, and Eddie Haskell to officiate the game
DoFo as Eddie Haskell's dad, John Tory as Ward Cleaver. Great casting for new version of "Leave It To Beaver"
Redskins owner Daniel Snyder is now Eddie Haskell, thanking Ward Cleaver for keeping a nice lawn.
I will come to your house and play Eddie Haskell.
I'm sad that Braxton Miller is done for the season. No I'm not. I wish nothing but ill will on that University. OSU is like Eddie Haskell
and I fed them *beautifully*. but no, tons of teens don't even know they're supposed to Eddie Haskell at us, they just glare
My mother said Raonic's hair makes him look like Eddie Haskell.
Think about it: if god really slaughters a pregnant woman to get the word out abt H1N1, it's more like Eddie Haskell than 'god'
Now I'm swimming in dirty women, let me backstroke. I could leave it to beave or be the Eddie Haskell
You crack me up you have an ins agent that comes to your house. Are the Beaver, Wally & Eddie Haskell outside arguing?
THE EDDIE HASKELL OF TV NEWS - NBC Chooses Chuck Todd to Replace David Gregory on ‘Meet the Press’
Looks can be deceiving. This cat is nowhere near as sweet as he looks. He is the Eddie Haskell of…
If his favorite character in Leave It To Beaver was Eddie Haskell he ain't ya daawg
this dude is a modern day Eddie Haskell.
Extremely rare sighting right now of Eddie Haskell's dad on rerun of "Leave It To Beaver."
Everywhere me & my team go, we leave fan girls in enamor.
I can home from a run last night and found Eddie Haskell mowing my lawn Leave It To Beaver style.
I love that Mickelson was upset that Rory played up. The Eddie Haskell of golf
dude. People have no idea. Eddie Haskell has been up my *** all day trying to earn back computer time. Parenting is hard. :-/
Astounding to see the number of people still taken in by mickelson's Eddie Haskell routine
Ward I think you are to *** the beaver. So was eddie haskell, wally, and ms cleaver. Oh lol
So, the taker poster boy would be Eddie Haskell...
"dogs vs. cats. In other words Dog is Wally Cleaver and Cat is Eddie Haskell.
Sometimes, in virtual meetings, I get all Eddie Haskell.
Paul Ryan is like Eddie Haskell on Leave It To Beaver.He compliments Mrs.Cleaver on her dress,then,tries to get her into the sack.
it's your Eddie Haskell friends and the beggars I don't trust
Who is the *** son of Eddie Haskell and Joseph Gordon-Levitt?
The Wyatt family reminds me of the Manson family and the Miz reminds me of Eddie Haskell. If you don't know who I mean Google it
Zach is the Eddie Haskell of the BB house. Except loveable.
Eddie Haskell would be a bad President.
"I don't mind him being polite, but he's polite in such a sneaky way."--Mrs. June Cleaver, on Eddie Haskell. (1957)
Gee, Ms Cleaver! You could hurt poor Beaver with that! Use it on Eddie Haskell! Or Lumpy!
Obama threatening Putin is like the beaver threatening Eddie Haskell.
More like a modern Eddie Haskell...Hello, Mr. Tedder. Can Edward come out and play?
Wally Cleaver to Eddie Haskell: "Eddie, isn't it about that time of year when you shed your skin?"
Didja know - . Ken Osmond, the actor who played Eddie Haskell in Leave It To Beaver, wasn't the troublemaker in...
With the favorites running 1st/2nd in Eddie Read there is still plenty of time to sign/catch up w/ Haskell up next.
You may have already covered this, but is this Haskell of which you speak named after that mean Eddie kid?
I see the media is lapping up Winston's Eddie Haskell routine. It's funny.
Let me guess, the media will lap up his Eddie Haskell routine.
When will the media realize Winston is Eddie Haskell?
They call me Eddie Haskell QT “oh you and your rascally sense of fun! ;-)”
Our neighborhood now has its own Eddie Haskell, except without that crucial element of charm.
Rob Hill, Sr reminds me of what Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver would've grown up to be like
Parents often compare me to Eddie Haskell and it's definitely not a good thing
Google is basically talking dirty until your parents walk in. It's the Eddie Haskell of the Internet.
Mrs. Cleaver always asking Eddie Haskell where his rubbers are...bold, but safe.
completely ott Hamilton Burger reminds me of Eddie Haskell
Loll but I miss the little rascal aka Eddie Haskell
It's like Eddie Haskell minus all of the weird. I'm agog. (And thankful that kiddo has a good friend.)
If I call you an Eddie Haskell it is definitely not a compliment.
Hugh Beaumont! "Gee Wally, are there really Mole People under the Earth?" "Sure, Beav. Where do you think Eddie Haskell came from?"
Someone told me my smile was stunning today. And not in an Eddie Haskell kind of way. So I got that going for me. Which is nice. Gnight luvs
Let me take you to American Apparel. Ooo, Abercrombie. Nah, Aéropostale. Mothers seem to love me. Yeah, I'm Eddie Haskell.
ha! I call him Eddie Haskell too. Cousin Carl my ***
hope he doesn't sit next to Eddie Haskell. Corny insincerity is nauseous 😜
Can't help but every time I see a Carl Edwards interview remember when called him Eddie Haskell of :-)
Oh great, we get to listen to Eddie Haskell in victory lane.
I do not like it when Eddie Haskell is leading a race late.
I don't think leaving it to Beaver was the right choice. Eddie Haskell seemed much more in control.
looked very lovely tonight reporting the news and I don't mean that in a Eddie Haskell way
nobody likes a kiss *** especially a phony Eddie Haskell wannabe with a merkin on his head.
“You know boys, if you keep listening to Eddie Haskell, one of you could end up dead.” –Beaver’s Dad, Ward.
sheesh babe I havent seen a beaver beat that bad since Eddie Haskell thumped Theodore for his lunch money
.Stop behaving like a child. We all know what you're really all about. Eddie Haskell routine tiresome.
I'd like to think that Eddie Haskell & Sting became fast friends
Tony called him Eddie Haskell, Kyle called him Mr Ed, the talking ***
Another TBT: Bernie Morgan reminded me of one of my all-time favorite TV characters, Eddie Haskell!
IMHO is GOP's worst problem after Cruz, Rand, Eddie Haskell, et al
Eddie Haskell to Wally Cleaver: "We have to stick together in this Cold War against adults"
it looks like an Eddie Haskell smirk while telling nation how stupid you believe it to be. 2/2 :-)
Take a right off Eddie Haskell lane
Do you even know who Eddie Haskell was, you Eddie Haskell?
"My, Mrs. Cleaver, what a lovely shirt you have on today." Eddie Haskell (Seethru cloze = Kardashianing. Just sayin'.)
Eddie Haskell checking up on the VPR transmitters at the top of Mount Mansfield.
Andrew is the Eddie Haskell of political reporters.
The Doogs As American kids growing up in the 1950s and 60s, most of us knew someone like Eddie Haskell. You remember Eddie, that obsequious, conniving friend on the “Leave It To Beaver” television show. In my crowd, that guy was Doogie. Doogie had been a friend of Red Hog and Aardvark since elementary school. He had gotten those two in trouble on occasions too numerous to keep track of. By carefully altering the details of his story, The Doogs was often able to pass himself off as merely an innocent accomplice in some failed stunt which he claimed had been masterminded by Hog. At least this was Doogie’s intent Doogie would sing like a canary to the cops, teachers, and parents while not giving a second thought to the friends he had sold out. It was because of this that he had been saddled with the monikers “Spill The Beans Doogie”, “Judas”, and “Watergate Doogster”, all thanks to Red Hog’s rapier-like wit. But Doogie wasn’t a bad guy, He had simply been misled by the environmental st ...
Funny...I just read where someone compared Obama to Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver.that's spot on (sorry Eddie)
Please... If you're *** bent on sharing everything you see on your friends' walls, practice due diligence and do a bit of research first. You're making yourselves look bad, and I say that with all due respect and concern for your reputation and well-being. Mr. Greenjeans was not Ozzy Osbourne's dad. Sharing a photo of a poor child with (insert life-threatening disease or condition here) will not persuade a hospital to provide free treatment. Captain Kangaroo never fought in WWII. Alice Cooper did not play Eddie Haskell on Leave It To Beaver. Mr. Rogers didn't kill 50 German soldiers in WWII, nor was he tried and convicted of child molestation, nor did he have tattoos under his sweater. Guinness doesn't contain fish bladders. Bubble Yum Bubble Gum isn't made with spider eggs. There are no freakish spiders waiting under public toilets seats to kill you. The gossip-generating, lie-spreading, fear-mongering device you have at your finger tips also affords you some of the best research tools the world has to . ...
James O'Keefe is the GOP's answer to Eddie Haskell.
Didn't know that. Guess thats why he didn't back down from Carl Edwards aka Eddie Haskell.
I seldom get haircuts. It was time. The way things were going, my hairstyle was somewhere in-between Charlie Manson, and Beethoven. I went to this seemingly cool place. Pick your cut with a star reference, and we'll set you up. I politely asked for the 'George Clooney'. I ended up with the 'Eddie Haskell'. Next time I'm asking for the Mozart.
- Christie's Press Conference like watching Eddie Haskell talk to Ward & June Cleaver - he really thinks he's getting 1 over!
Ward and June Cleaver have Alzheimer’s, Wally has prostate cancer…Lumpy is dead…Beaver is an obese diabetic…. and Eddie Haskell is in Congress... ah the American dream!
Miesha Tate is the Eddie Haskell of MMA. Talk smack behind your back but to your face puts a smile on and will lie.
You kinda look like Eddie Haskell w/ glasses.
my heart will always belong to Eddie Haskell
"She started to have her face lifted but then they saw what was underneath and they put it back down."-Eddie Haskell
Okay Shakerites, it's Leave It To Beaver time! Who out there remember the Cleavers? The Beave, Wally, Eddie Haskell, Lumpy, etc...
Call me Eddie Haskell RT“Glad is officially besties with my grandparents!”
This boy is turning into a little Eddie Haskell, he think if he follow you "l love you", "you're the best", and don't get me wrong I believe him, I love that he love me, but, there's only so much "eye of the tiger"," feliz knobby da",I can take especially with that come Dranny sing with me. I'll teach you the words. smh. Now.bless his heart,he jamming" Something about the Name Jesus", I'm gonna jam that with him but after that. he gotta go. He think he slick, now trying to stand at the door with" Every Praise".nope, move around.
My son's friend, JJ, is staying the night. During dinner he tells me how much he likes the Albondigas Soup. As he serves his third bowl he tells me how much he didn't like the Portuguese Sopas. Kids are so awesome and honest. Yes! Mexican wins! He reminds me of Eddie Haskell
Yes. As approaches, is doing the evil dictator version of Eddie Haskell.
Wishing a Happy Birthday, tomorrow to my "Eddie Haskell", the person who knows me best, and still continues to stick around. Special love
Dating Don’ts For Guys There are a LOT of ways to ruin a date. Here are a few things NOT to say on a date... “Nice outfit. Is that a wonder-bra?” “I refuse to get cable. That’s how they keep tabs on you.” “People say I remind them of Eddie Haskell.” “I used to come here all the time with my ex.” “I like clay. It’s mushy.” “I really feel that I’ve grown in the past few years. Used to be I wouldn’t have given someone like you a second look.” “And I won that trophy in the inter-fraternity belching contest.” “It’s been tough, but I’ve come to accept that most people I date just won’t be as smart as I am.” “Dropping my pants just scared them. But when my underwear hit the ground ... Man! I never knew Jehovah’s Witnesses could run that fast.”
Neighborhood kid is over for the first time, declares the cookie I gave him "scrumptious." I melt, and wonder if I've been Eddie Haskell'd.
My son has a friend who is far more polite & complimentary than Eddie Haskell ever dreamed of being. Keeping my eyes on that boy.
If Eddie Haskell could have people hanged or beheaded at will.
Beaver and Wally today. I believe the gent in the middle is Santa rather than Eddie Haskell.
So Peter Billingsley’s mom is a cousin of Barbara Billingsley. Using my highly-developed talent of mathematical reasoning, can I then deduce that Ralphie Parker and Beaver Cleaver are cousins? And somehow I can see the hand of that miscreant Eddie Haskell behind the flagpole shenanigans!
FYI...& I didn't mean that in an 'Eddie Haskell kind of way'.
Why aren't there more men like Eddie Haskell
He's kind of an Eddie Haskell. Never met the man, so I could be wrong, but that's the persona he gives off.
He would have worn that under sufferance. To appear like "Mr Nice Guy". In fact he's the Eddie Haskell of politics.
Harry Julius Shearer (born Dec 23, 1943) American actor, comedian, writer, voice artist, musician, author, radio host and director. He is known for his long-running roles on The Simpsons, his work on Saturday Night Live, the comedy band Spinal Tap and his radio program Le Show. Born in Los Angeles, California, Shearer began his career as a child actor, appearing in The Jack Benny Program, as well as the 1953 films Abbott and Costello Go to Mars and The Robe. In 1957, Shearer played the precursor to the Eddie Haskell character in the pilot episode for the television series Leave It To Beaver, but his parents decided not to let him continue in the role so that he could have a normal childhood. From 1969 to 1976, Shearer was a member of The Credibility Gap, a radio comedy group. Following the breakup of the group, Shearer co-wrote the film Real Life with Albert Brooks and started writing for Martin Mull's television series Fernwood 2 Night. In August 1979, Shearer was hired as a writer and cast member on Sat ...
Hello Ms. Rudy, 12/18/2013 I want to thank you for the start in life you gave me. This is Dillard Warren, You were my journalism teacher from 1966 to 1968. You are the greatest!! All those trips to the Kent News Journal were so cool. I loved the smell and sounds of that Newspaper Room. I learned to appreciate newspapers all my life. I would even collect them on vacations. I still have a few copies of the “Smoke Signal”. I loved seeing my name in the mast. You had all the student body fill out a survey as to where they shopped. With that information we targeted Burien and Des Moines. Well off I went to Burien to sell ads. I loved doing that. You tracked our inches on a big poster each time we sold ads. Once I got my Eddie Haskell routine down and your statistics down pat I rolled. You told me we even made a profit on month due to all the ads I sold one month. You also drove us around to sell ads before we had licenses. The challenge this gave me to sell and win stuck with my whole life. I went on to m ...
I swear.I have met Eddie Haskell's evil twin. I so love suck ups.
So is Eddie Haskell wolly and mrs cleaver
Ya know. these neo-con/teabillies remind me of Eddie Haskell from the Leave It To Beaver show. They stir up a whole bunch of trouble, then blame it on everybody else when it turns to crap. We need to find Ward to have a chat with them.
When I was in high school the urban myth was that Eddie Haskell was Alice Cooper.
I am convinced that our cats are like teenagers... you tell them something and like Eddie Haskell, they are contrite (wait till they leave) and then go right on doing whatever they were doing. OR "What?!! Cats aren't allowed on the counter knocking stuff off or on the mantel? We didn't know!" Sure, ok!
Really like the way KYGO sounds. Eddie Haskell and Brian Hatfield have done a great job. Hits, nice sonic sound, PPM based, but loud and proud. A report from Carr, Colorado.
I don't care what Andrea says, Eddie Haskell is hilarious.
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Having big girl drinks and reflecting on my ambition and my lack of communication. I need to channel Eddie Haskell.
If I am not on FB I am on youtube watching Ted Baxter(greatest of all time) on the Mary Tyler moore show. Of course as I have said before, the other great ones include:Barney Fife, Ed Norton and Eddie Haskell. Merry Christmas. Yey, Ted, Barney,Ed and Eddie.
During dinner my 5 year old son says, "thanks for making beef stew dinner I am really enjoying it." Is this because santa is coming soon? Or do I have an Eddie Haskell in the making?
Yep true story. I can spot an eddie haskell from a mile away!
New happenings on the Puppy Dog front...Now Jake the Pit bull has a new pal.beagle dude that roams the neighborhood sans parents. They don't seem to be looking for him much.keeps hanging around here.seems like each of them want each others lives.beagle wants structure & home & loved.Jake wants beagle guys adventures.remind me of Wally Cleaver and Eddie Haskell ( Leave It To Beaver).
I'm in so much pain!!!Probably the worst pain in my life.Lord knows im blessed to have Eddie Haskell by my side.
I am listening to Tim Hudak on a CBC call in show and he uses words from the 50's like "Golly" and "By Gosh". Everytme I hear him talk I think of Eddie Haskell.
"Ward, Wally's best friend is Eddie Haskell and yours is Fred Rutherford. What's wrong with this family? LOL
I don't mean this in a "eddie Haskell way"but have the giants even crossed mid field yet?
So was Eddie Haskell wallie n ms cleaver
A friend of mine just compared me to Eddie Haskell. For those who don't know who he is, look him up and make that comparison for yourself.
My rant today I took my pups to Petsmart for Santa photos I met a friend there with her babies I see a guy and his dogs from the dog park that I previously more or less threatened to kill! His small terrier dog attacked Ava when she 3 months old on her face. His response was ya he does that! I went off like a crazed loon and warned him it better not happen again. He has another larger dog that is the Eddie Haskell of the dog park that starts dog fights all the time. I warn new people about his dogs right in front of him :) so today while mine were getting their photo taken the stupid dog attacked my friends dog! He can thank GOD I didn't see it and he left by the time I found out! He cannot control his dogs he should not take them out or he should muzzle them! He is an *** that I want to smack! I wish that little terrier would take another run at Ava because I don't think he would do it again ever!
Ya think she had Eddie Haskell in mind???
Today’s Youth ~ Steve Arterburn, Daily New Life, Dec. 13 Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. - Mark10:14 When June Cleaver said, “Ward, I’m worried about the Beaver,” her primary concern was probably that he’d turn out to be as obnoxious as Eddie Haskell. Boy, have times changed! Kids today face a harder world, and are seriously threatened with a premature loss of innocence. For instance, within the next 30 minutes at least: 29 kids will attempt suicide. 57 adolescents will run away from home. 14 teenager girls will give birth out of wedlock. 22 girls will get abortions. 686 kids will use one of many illegal drugs. And 188 will abuse alcohol. This picture of the struggles America’s kids now face is a long way from the struggles within the Cleaver household. The beginning of change is to acknowledge the problem. Pray for the kids of today and for their parents. The changes we need must come from the inside out if they’re ...
I got an 9 so here are 9 things you may or may not know about me; 1. I once considered becoming a Nun. 2. My favorite children's story is Princess and the Pea. I often say I didn't sleep well because they was a Pea under my Mattress. Had many books and other collectables. 3. I am a Huge Collector of books about the Kennedy's. 4. I worked for 32 years in medicine and for the most part loved my job. 5. My husband, John (Eddie Haskell) and I will be married 50 years in February. 6. I love, love, love Bob Dylan. 7. I learned the poem, Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll (of Alice in Wonderland fame) in 6th grade and can still recite it. 8. I love to travel, and especially love London 9. I love my family with my whole heart, and the loss of our oldest son in March 2012, was beyond heartbreaking for all of us. The world is a quieter place without him in it.
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The saga of the Aqua Velva break neighbor continues. He "crop dusted" my office in an Eddie Haskell type maneuver. Plotting my revenge...and looking for the air neutralizer.
Who amongst us would have been Eddie Haskell on Leave It To Beaver ... growing up? " I'll cop to it ... Who else, feel free to choose another character ...?
Remember "Leave It To Beaver?" This is for all of us 'baby boomers' - Wally, Eddie Haskell and 'The Beav' in a Hollywood Christmas Parade.
"Leave It To Beaver" is still one of the funniest shows on TV. I love me some "Eddie Haskell!"
Wally, Eddie Haskell and the Beaver this week at the Hollywood Christmas Parade...
Ward;Eddie Haskell will still not take his dam gifts.
the way i would greet y'all each morning but My Cracka Said Good Morning sounds like a Hip Hop track laid down by Wally Cleaver with beats by Eddie Haskell
Why is Eddie Haskell, I mean Paul Ryan on my TV? Federal budget deal reached. How bad is it?
During Curtis Granderson's press conference announcing his signing with the Mets, he put on his best Eddie Haskell voice and said: "A lot of the people I've met in New York have always said that true New Yorkers are Mets fans." With a wisecrack like that, you almost wonder if he grew up in Flushing. :)
Hunger Games. Had to catch up on kultcha. I persevered. Lord of the Flies meets Spartacus meets Survivor meets Breakfast Club. And Eddie Haskell gets eaten. "Young people fight to the death" gets a PG-13. Ted Cruz is in the senate. Pleze.
Someone told me i remind them of eddie haskell today..
Alright, time for the Saturday evening poll. Who was the best wise guy in television history? My vote is for everybody's favorite Eddie Haskell...we all new one growing up.Wilfred the dog...honorable mention.!
My son tells me he wants a projector for Christmas. I say oh really! What would you use that for. Oh you know I can use it for power points for school. Crack me up! He wants it for his xbox! Love that little Eddie Haskell.
It's been 2 exhausting, emotional, and inspiring days...but tonight, I'm cuddling my 3 healthy boys and so proud to say, our amazing staff at KYGO raised over $214,000.00 for St Jude. Beyond grateful to be a part of this team...Ryan Kliesch Eddie Haskell Brian Hatfield Melissa MooreAntoinette Denay
A Christmas Story of Classical Newton Corner. I grew up on Oakland Street, a deadend street (sort of), about half way up on the hill there. Because our side of the hill faced north, and because nobody on the higher reaches of the hill owned a car, it was great for long-duration sledding. The city was a bit lax about getting to the snow plowing there and gave the street short shrift after the storms. Well, that was OK with the neighborhood kids because we used the entire street as a sledding hill. If you started at the top of Winthrop Ave.(this was before the city put in that ugly retaining wall) you could end your sled run almost to Church Street. Have supper, walk no more than 10 steps out the door, and sled for an hour or so under the street light. How cool was that? Even the Beaver, Wally, Lumpy and Eddie Haskell didn't have that set-up. Probably Stein Eriksen, either, come to think of it. Then go inside and listen to the Lone Ranger on the radio bring law and order to the Old West (in just 20 minutes) ...
Thx for following! Love the name 'Eddie Haskell.' (lol) Also love Hollywood, esp. Studio City. I miss it terribly.
RIP Barbara Anne Heil Southern Belle, Force to Be Reckoned With, and the June Cleaver to my Eddie Haskell.
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Eddie Haskell is no longer sucking up to June Cleaver. He is now sucking up the the...
Tom Oates: With Packers up next, Greg Jennings does best Eddie Haskell impression: It became apparent Wednesda...
Heard Ted Cruz referred to as the Eddie Haskell of politics !
loved the Eddie Haskell reference, how does Jim not know him???
Or even worse,the guy who played Eddie Haskell.
Now is having Jamie Kirchick, "the Eddie Haskell of neoconservatism" (thanks to denounce both & Russia.
Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor. THAT casting might make Ledger's Joker look like Eddie Haskell.
I'm suspicious of the weirdly polite & considerate counter ppl at that famous red & white burger joint. They remind me of Eddie Haskell.
Thanks for following, Check out today's new blog post:
I have decided that my son is Eddie Haskell
New on our blog! No one likes a suck up – there are better ways to advance your career.
Sydney: Lyle. What about Lyle?. Miss Parker: Let me worry about Eddie Haskell. . S3E8
It still killed me hearing Griffin talk to my parents like Eddie Haskell: "Oh believe me Mrs. Braun..I love school.I like to learn!"
"Chris Christie is the Eddie Haskell of our time; a conniving insincere suck-up."
Just got an Eddie Haskell/Leave It To Beaver comment.for the millionth time.
glad you didn't get hurt, but you're the perfect Eddie Haskell..
If Eddie Haskell was my kid I would punch him
Eddie Haskell is he best television character ever.
Todd on may be television's most darkly evil Eddie Haskell yet.
Ever wonder why Wally Cleaver hung out with a jackwagon like Eddie Haskell? . Eddie had skin mags and beer.
I love your hat, and not in an Eddie Haskell kind of way.
For my friends at Chase--here's Roller when he's not being Eddie Haskell, coupla Foster's under his belt.
Is it just me or do JT and Eddie Haskell look a lot alike?
Hayes isn't even this generations Eddie Haskell
"Older women give the best head . Mrs Cleaver & Eddie Haskell, behind closed doors.
the weirdoes pearl clutchers Eddie Haskell types maybe
Eddie Haskell always had the best sweaters.
What people forget about "8 Mile" is that the audience in the rap battle watched enough "Leave It To Beaver" to know who Eddie Haskell was.
I'm loving it, too, in an Eddie Haskell kind of way.
O needs to GO He is nothing but an Eddie Haskell
Little chance, Eddie Haskell, tell again how you were born a rascal.
Does anyone know someone that reminds them of Eddie Haskell... "Yes Mam" "No mam". "Sweetheart"
It took them time to realize charming FBI informant Eddie Haskell was actually tipping Whitey off to investigators.
so was Eddie Haskell Wally and mrs cleaver.
Confused. Eddie Haskell has been calling Wally, "Sam" for years. Now he calls him "Gertrude"
Anybody else remember when Eddie Haskell got that job with the mechanic and made 80 bucks a week? Gee Whiz!
claims to be great at parents, but I think it's in a real Eddie Haskell-y way.
I feel so Eddie Haskell buying this blazer.
your girl look like Eddie Haskell. "Ya girl look like Herman Munster"
He'll probably do it through his mouthpiece Eddie Haskell Carney...
Eddie Haskell Sharpton demogogues: Go on, Beav, I mean, Sanford citizens - riot, riot! Riot for me!
The world of entertainment needs a character like Eddie Haskell.
It's That Darin Ruf, starring Darin Ruf as Darin Ruf, with Chase Utley as Eddie Haskell.
Clete Thomas is your neighborhood's resident Eddie Haskell
thought so!! Just giving you the business as Eddie Haskell would say!! ;-P
where's Eddie Haskell, Wally and mrs cleaver? Lol
The Whitey trial is getting dull. When are Eddie Haskell and Lumpy Rutherford going to testify?
But 4yo is really so much more Eddie Haskell. Devious. But I'm diving too deep here.
No worries; I'm just giving you "the business" (see Eddie Haskell). And I'll take the crazy weeks like this!
Heard compare Aaron Hernandez to Eddie Haskell. Seems fitting (if you're old enough to get reference).
3 Off the top of my head: Jan Brady vs Aliens, Eddie Haskell vs. Aliens, Sheldon Cooper vs Aliens.
Eddie Haskell vs. Mango from SNL. Two men enter, one man gets a rose.
This witness has Zimmermanon9 sounding like Eddie Haskell. That's not good.
And I'm 45. Oh, tumblr, trying to Eddie Haskell me...
Does anybody have their own personal Eddie Haskell in their neighborhood?
Sandi Smith Mathiau Lisa Mae Sartori Bossie Sue Waitt Gene Mathiau Maureen Shuckerow Chiapponi Debbie Sartori!! We had a super fantastic 4th of July celebrating our freedom, friendship, family our graduating teens ZACH and SHANNON and another birthday for the lovely and talented Sandi Smith Mathiau!!! Thanks so much, love from Eddie Haskell's sister Edna!!! Lol
Texas is being taken back to "Leave It To Beaver" days, and Eddie Haskell is in charge.
Top 10 Golfers in the world as guessed at by my wife (who knows 0% about golf) after watching 1 hour of the US Open. And I quote: 10. "Probably that Asian know, the asian one with the white hat." I don't really know who she was talking let's just say K. J Choi 9. "That red head guy with the horrible glasses. Kinda looks like he's from Huntington Beach." Hunter Mahan 8. "That nice guy, you know, he looks like your cousin. Really smiley, nice teeth." Matt Kuchar 7. "Oye, that one guy. Total date rapey looking. Does he ever smile? He does not look very nice. Plus he's so out of shape? It makes me think he's not very coordinated. Is he dipping right now?" Jason Dufner 6. "He looks like a 15 year old Eddie Haskell." Brandt Snedeker 5. "Mr. Creepy robot smile." Phil Mickelson 4. "Yeah I know him, he's gross." Tiger Woods 3. "Is he even old enough to play? He looks like he should be in a boy band." Ricky Fowler 2. "The guy from team Slytheran." Justin Rose 1. "You know...that one guy (giggle ...
Something You Never Heard on 1950s TV: "Ward, I think Wally and the Beaver are doing drugs. That dang Eddie Haskell probably gave it to them too."
In the interest of promoting the game of golf I'm glad Phil is in the hunt today. at least all the casual golf fans under 12 and the ladies over 70 who buy his Eddie Haskell routine can cheer for that "great family man" to win the Open.
Watching too much retro TV and current news can cause some weird character mix up: was that Jay Carney or Eddie Haskell? Susan Rice or Rosanna (nevermind) Banana? Eric Holder or Col. Klink? And another thing….why does my Verizon cell say “one ringing dingy” when I phone?
Sascha Gonda reminded me that I have not done a celeb birthday update in a while, and today there are some great celeb birthdays! Including, Michael Cera, Dean Martin, Liam Neeson, Bill Hader, Jessica Tandy, Prince, Dave Navarro, Anna Kournikova, Eddie Haskell himself;Ken Osmond, Allen Iverson, Jenny Jones, and the coolest man in show bidness: Tom Jones!!!
Just a random tidbit: Ken Osmond, Eddie Haskell on "Leave It To Beaver," is 70 today.
June 7, 2013; The 158th Day of the Year On This Day in History 1769: Daniel Boone begins exploring the land the Indians named "The Dark and Bloody Ground" Kain-tuck-kee, Kentucky. 1776: Richard Henry Lee of Virginia calls for a Resolution calling for the 13 Colonies to shed Britain and the King. 1942: The Battle of Midway ends in the greatest military victory in the history of the U.S. Navy. The turning point in the War in the Pacific. The Japanese lose 4 aircraft carriers, the Americans one, the Yorktown. Robert Ballard (Who found the Titanic and the Bismarck) found it 18,000 feet down. It is now a Military Memorial, protected by the Navy. All 4 carriers the Japanese lost were the same ones who took part in the attack on Pearl Harbor 6 months before. Birthdays Movie Director James Ivory is 85. Actress Virginia McKenna is 82. Singer Tom Jones is 73. Actor Ken Osmond (Leave It To Beaver's Eddie Haskell) is 70. Actor William Forsythe is 58. Singer Prince is 55. Rock Musician Dave Navarro is 46 ...
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