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Eddie Haskell

Edward Clark Eddie Haskell (also referred to as Edward W.

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The word Egalitarian reminds me of a lodge name like Elks, Moose or Shriners. Complementarian sounds like Eddie Haskell's nickname.
THAT'S god's face??? Since when does thine creator look like the love child of Eddie Haskell and Count Chocula?
I don't like her because she exudes all sincerity and smarminess of Eddie Haskell with none of the charisma.
that looks like what I imagine Eddie Haskell looked like as an adult. In a Star Trek uniform.
But can you answer this one? Is Alice Cooper really Eddie Haskell?
Scott Drew is far from Eddie Haskell! I know Scott personally from coaching and he is a tremendous human being!
And then Eddie Haskell hits him with an egg.
More like the Eddie Haskell of politics.
i had alot a bad influences growin up EDDIE HASKELL
I was prescient... PRESCIENT!!! Last August: the Eddie Haskell of Republican Politics
CovTelegraph Sport: Wasps skipper Haskell set for new role in England's Rome mission: . Eddie Jones jokes abou...
Eddie Haskell was on my show, and he was really nice! Check it out.
is the Eddie Haskell of the Republican Party and is the new feminine version of Mr. Rogers.
I kinda think Kasich is more of an Eddie Haskell than a Wally Cleaver?
'There's a rumour going round that James Haskell has bad hands. That's not true. He has terrible hands' Eddie Jones 😂 funny!
Got to love Eddie Jones - "There is a rumour going round that James Haskell has got bad hands. That’s not true. He’s got terrible hands."
Marco Rubio came to a freestyle battle with writtens. You Latino Eddie Haskell you.
VIDEO: O'Connell is a modern great - Jones: England's Eddie Jones and James Haskell share their mem... BBC
“Eddie Jones says he wants to see improvement from England at the breakdown and in attack:. *Picks Haskell & Farrell again*
Gotta get out of my Eddie Haskell pattern
Eddie Haskell: the perfect allusion (about Rubio) that 80% won't get. Lumpy still in the lead tho. :))
Eddie Jones singled out Haskell and Vunipola for praise from his back row. Don't think Robshaw is a long term favourite of the new coach
Ha ha... FWIW I thought Marco was best candidate for GOP but I still don't know if he's got it
Peyton Manning is the Eddie Haskell of corporate shilling.
James Haskell 'relieved' to get through Six Nations opener with scrappy win: Eddie Jones' first match as head ...
kind of like Eddie Haskell on Leave It To Beaver
So I tivoed the debate because my wife couldn't stand another one and I'm watching it now. Christie is killing Eddie Haskell Marco . Rubio.
He'll beat every GOP nominee. He's Ward Cleaver to their Eddie Haskell
If Eddie Jones can turn Haskell in to a ball winning 7 then winning the World Cup with us should be relatively simple
Eddie Haskell had some great writers, I don't think Christie needs them.
without Dr. Smith would be like without Eddie Haskell.
& Now that I'm watching, one thing I find fascinating is how 'Eddie Haskell' energy does NOT get sniffed out⚾🙏
If Eddie Haskell was a windup doll, he'd be
Marco Rubio is what Eddie Haskell would be like if he were a Christian.
Cruz is giving Eddie Haskell a bad name.
She's the b!tch @ Fox, Chuz is the Eddie Haskell of Capitol Hill
May have to put Mike in time out for 1-2 punch of not knowing who Eddie Haskell is/talking about how decrepit (almost my age) Jamie Dixon is
Dustin Brown is the Eddie Haskell of the NHL
Personnel exec to me yesterday "Manziel is the ultimate Eddie Haskell. He thinks he's fooling everyone. Doesn't get it &…
Not since Eddie Haskell's ingratiating to June Cleaver, Obama reprises the role @ G20 leading U.S. into retreat with a smile on his face.
Eddie Haskell is the most famous Eddy in the time-space continuum
of course he does! He's the Eddie Haskell of the race
Fans are obnoxious, playoffs make it worse. But you as the constant Eddie Haskell is just as annoying.
Danny Kanell didn't just sound like Eddie Haskell again today -- he looked like him, too. Sweet sweater vest.
Another great post from the vault: The Mystery of Mr. Ed and Eddie Haskell
Black peppercorns, you are the Eddie Haskell to this pasta sauce's Wally Cleaver.
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Why didn't I notice how much Romney resembled Eddie Haskell before I supported him?
Rhoda and Eddie Haskell would make a nice couple some day.
My trans kid dumped his BF, who suddenly refused to be seen in public with my son, who was out when they began dating. Bye Eddie Haskell.
Obama is Americas Eddie Haskell.yes Mr. Putin, you look mighty vigorous today
Great post re covert bullies from an exceptional colleague. This reminds me of Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver
Don't trust the Eddie Haskell of the
Conservatives cannot trust He's the Eddie Haskell of the
Eddie Haskell syndrome I have named it.
My bff since kindergarten & her sis but their parents adored me. No, I wasn't Eddie Haskell, lol.
Watching demur is liking watching Eddie Haskell when Mrs. Cleaver walked into the room.
it sounds like Eddie Haskell at the door
Aand O'Malley inserts some Eddie Haskell addendum just to say it.
An Eddie Haskell. Nice in your house, but trouble when it leaves.
Anderson Cooper is channeling Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver tonight
Funny how Erikson can only spit his venom by calling Ryan a girl. Red State is run by Eddie Haskell
Jeb doing his best Eddie Haskell by planting an audience member
Eddie Haskell of Leave It To Beaver thought his parents were wardens. We can be glad Jesus died for those in prison. (Isaiah 61).
It the Eddie Haskell of the "White House Would Like Paul Ryan As Speaker"
Obama gives Eddie Haskell of Leave It To Beaver fame a bad name for being the biggest WEASEL!!
I want to be a modern day Eddie Haskell
Just now seeing this. Carl can pound sand. Golly gee, Eddie Haskell never puts a foot wrong.
All you have to now is compliment Mrs Ford Ala Eddie Haskell and you have a job forever
Because he's the Haskell of the "NE Radio Host: Not a Single Caller Supporting Paul Ryan for Speaker"
Can't wait to see Eddie Haskell aka Carl Edwards play the victim on this one
day I cheer for that Eddie Haskell sob is the day they lay me in the earth. Never stop hating
Utley has always been a dirty player. Just go back over his past plays. I've alwsys called him the "Eddie Haskell" of baseball.
As well they should be! Paul Ryan is the Eddie Haskell of the We can't trust him.
Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy MT We lived next to Eddie Haskell type. Smooth, like crunchy peanut butter
When my son was small, we lived next to an Eddie Haskell type. Smooth, like crunchy peanut butter.
"You're looking exceptionally well today" (said in an Eddie-Haskell-esque way.
little Eddie Haskell could never take the heat
Ewww yuck, Paul Ryan is the Eddie Haskell of the GOP. Can't trust him.
Ward, I think you're a little *** the Beaver so is Eddie Haskell, Wally and Mrs.Cleaver
OK Pops, can I have the keys to the car now? Me & Eddie Haskell are going to the malt shop
Funny stuff here. Too bad its reality imitating fiction or is it fiction imitating reality?
Any Leave It To Beaver fans out there?. Here's 4 things Barack Obama and Eddie Haskell have in common. Enjoy...
WAAARD?! I think you were a little *** the Beaver. So was Eddie Haskell, Wally and Mrs. Cleaver.
You are too young to remember Leave It To Beaver and a character named Eddie Haskell - reminds me of him. LOL
. I always wondered why Eddie Haskell hung around the house all the time.
Peyton Manning's Wally Cleaver to Tom Brady's Eddie Haskell! Peyton the gentleman. Tom the conniver!
Julie "Eddie Haskell" Forrest: You have a lovely office.
JJ Watt is the frat boy jock villain in all of the 80's movies. He's part Eddie Haskell part James Spader.
Rand is the Eddie Haskell of the GOP lol
IDK, she's more of an Eddie Haskell.
of course you are slightly better looking than Eddie Haskell
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intro'd my kids to Leave It To Beaver they r hooked - SNL skit material with JT as Eddie Haskell
The adult version of Eddie Haskell strikes again!
Didn't Rand Paul play the role of Eddie Haskell on "Leave It To Beaver"?
"Want advice on how to get a bike? Ask the Master." -Eddie Haskell . "How will I know when I see the Master?" -Beaver
Eddie, thanks for the autograph on Haskell day for my daughter. Very much appreciated
he's not over rated just more of a cobra kai or an Eddie haskell
Tried Eddie Haskell. How's that working out? Give me a Ward Cleaver! Ward wisely ran a pretty prosperous household, no?
Eddie Haskell or Bill Clinton? Ever seen them in the same room at the same time? It all makes sense now!
Rand Paul has become America's modern day Eddie Haskell!
Rand Paul is an adult version of Eddie Haskell.
Eddie Haskell's hair was less experienced but more disciplined.
I don't follow the politics of English Canada too much but I'm working on the details of a timely Justin Trudeau / Eddie Haskell comparison.
I would take Ward Cleaver any day over Eddie Haskell who now resides in the WH.
I can't look at him without thinking of Eddie Haskell
I've always liked you a lot. Trying to see it as Eddie Haskell leading the Beaver astray. It will take a while to rebuild trust
Like Barry Goldwater, the perspicacious Rubio “goes fishing where the ducks are”
Sadly, keeping things civil makes Rubio an Eddie Haskell but the pig Donald Trump is "bold."
Interesting. My mom thought Walker was the Eddie Haskell and what she said about Rubio, well that I can't repeat.
I think the Eddie Haskell roles are why he was easy to accept as an adult. In SPOONS/MOVE he's jerky beyond his years.
Poor has to put up with Eddie Haskell aka and Beaver Cleaver aka for an hour
Marco Rubio is Eddie Haskell a real creep
Marco Rubio aka Eddie Haskell the creepy geek neighbor boy who makes u queezy hes such a creep thats M Rubio is an egomaniac
Which of these two will always have her homework done? Which will "suck-up" to the teacher? You know. Eddie Haskell.
I'm so tired of Eddie Haskell type teens. I'm just gonna keep looking up and keep my headphones in…
Today's lesson on American Culture to my Muslim friends included Leave It To Beaver, Eddie Haskell, Brown Nosing & what is, "Brown Sugar".
Anyone want a dope recorder player on the track? eddie__haskell dj_alchemy lovemybrayden
i told brooks if nyt Marco Rubio reminds one of Eddie Haskell the creepy neighbor Boy that make u squirm hes so creepy
we were stuck with something called an Eddie Haskell
I was thinking more along the lines of Eddie Haskell.
Is it just me or does Marco Rubio remind anyone else of Eddie Haskell?
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At the end of the day Eddie Haskell is always victories 👆✊👊
He looked like Eddie Haskell with that perm, & was just as irritating
How Eddie Haskell and the . Beaver made Golf History? . . Quickie Histronics of The GOLF BALL!
Rand Paul's voice was thin and high pitched. Remind me of Eddie Haskell. But *** he was right. Get a warrant.
june don't be so *** the beaver. Eddie haskell is Donald trump.
Me, mna76, Captain Handsy, Eddie Haskell and the one and only Carbona…
Gif of Scott Walker nodding like Eddie Haskell please
Rand Paul is the love child of Eddie Haskell.
Baier reminds me of The Beav, Christie is Wally & Eddie Haskell who instead of niceties says u look like a fat pig.
we might get out of this thing without having to hear the grating Eddie Haskell tones of again.
I bet Jeb was like Eddie Haskell and George was like Dennis the Menace.
Eddie Haskell just gave a very good answer.
gets the Eddie Haskell award for the evening,,what a ***
Ted Cruz looks like he's running for president just so he can avoid running into Eddie Haskell
Wow! The Eddie Haskell of the GOP, Rand Paul, actually had Christie flustered!
And Rand Paul is doing his Eddie Haskell impression...nice perm!
Marco Rubio got a great facial for tonight's debate. Not feeling that Eddie Haskell haircut though.
Eddie Haskell wants to secure the borders.
does anyone think, Wilson sounds like Eddie Haskell like he's a phony always saying the right thing
Your gonna end up with Eddie Haskell, wally and Ms. Cleaver if you don't revise!
Eddie Haskell made the show! Jerry Mathers' dad was my elementary school principal.
Eric Harris was one of the young men that plotted out the Columbine High School shooting where 13 people were shot, and killed. Eric Harris was often compared to Eddie Haskell from the show "Leave It To Beaver".
...Lindsey always reminded me of a cross between Eddie Haskell & Lumpy Rutherford on Leave It To Beaver...
You are more two faced than Eddie Haskell. And much more hateful and hurtful as well.
Is it just me or does it seem like there's a lot of Eddie Haskell type sportswriters? That's why I follow u... no bs.
was wondering today why this doesn't exist; a Chef-esque DSL in something like Haskell would be wonderful.
Leo's are the Eddie Haskell's of the zodiac.
RNC Chair Reince Priebus is GOP equivalent of Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver. Say anything to get results.
and this is just day 1 wait till the weekend comes for Eddie Haskell &
why that's very Eddie Haskell of you Eddie 😂
Happy birthday to Eddie Haskell, or is it Ken Osmond?
Jameis Winston's Eddie Haskell act was enough to fool to Wonderlic test, too. COLUMN:
Then you get the friends like Eddie
Deuces!!! Me, Tripp and Eddie Haskell at the FSU/UF baseball game. @ *** Howser Stadium
so was Eddie Haskell Wally and ms cleaver
Yellow mustard is the Eddie Haskell of condiments
If he's such a dream why didn't Romney select him as his running mate, instead of Eddie Haskell 2.0?
taking over the Eddie Haskell wing of the GOP from
Spieth thanks the fans, too! This is no Eddie Haskell act. This kid is for real.
Lamb is Eddie Haskell and Brooklyn is the Beaver.
does Rand Paul remind anyone else of Eddie Haskell? or is it just the hair not the attitude?
"Why workplace bullies often don't get caught."
I am drawing a blank, what show was Eddie Haskell on?
Don't get me wrong. There's an inner Eddie Haskell in every 13yo boy. If you don't know who that is...just be older.
Anything interesting written about that "Leave It To Beaver" episode where Beaver befriends a Latino boy and Eddie Haskell tries to ruin it?
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I think Eddie Haskell's Grandson just showed up at the front door. Those under 40 have no clue what I'm talking about.
One thing does well: Foggy Nelson as a chubby, grown-up Eddie Haskell. Realistically, Eddie *would* be a defense attorney.
Winston appears to be taken on the same "Eddie Haskell" behavioral role that duped d Browns into drafting Johnny Manziel
From now on no more Mr. Wise Guy I still think we might be able to pull off some Eddie Haskell obsequiousness, maybe
One day we roll into Bama , Saban and his OC Eddie Haskell have to coach.
how can you possibly nominate Eddie Haskell Winston a second Heisman? Hope NCAA seeing what NFL learned
yes, accompanied by a picture of Harvick aka Eddie Haskell
may return acting. I think he was Eddie Haskell from "Leave It To Beaver" in the late 50's—
TIL: via and 13-year-old Harry Shearer played Eddie Haskell in the Leave It To Beaver pilot.
One downside of home ownership is door to door salesdudes but I do enjoy their courteous Eddie Haskell-isms. "Good afternoon to you SIR!"
What if the two guys were Wally and Beaver and the hitchhiker was Eddie Haskell?
We have Eddie Haskell IPL from on! It's going fast, get in here before you can't get it anymore!
So was Eddie Haskell Wally and mrs cleaver
Made an Eddie Haskell reference to a teacher tonight. Got a blank stare. I apologized- he was too young to know what I meant.
I have a little Eddie Haskell as well... Let's hope the learn from their mistakes or we will both have career politicians!
Little Giant Ladders
This fight is about as serious as Eddie Haskell stealing the Beavers roller skates.
they sure aren't, thank god! And thankfully all men don't behave like Eddie Haskell! Lol
Opie Taylor, Eddie Haskell and Greg Brady grew up there.
Very freaking good! - Drinking a fresh eddie haskell by at —
Whatever you say. But I do a great Eddie Haskell.
but so did Eddie Haskell, Wally, and Mrs. Cleaver
A-Rod always felt like the Eddie Haskell of MLB.
well obama is still blaming Bush! Obama is the kind of kid who is like Eddie Haskell. It's never his fault.
in trench coats and Eddie Haskell loafers, sisters and brothers who use the word hater too loosely, yaki helmets that look like (4/10)
- no! You can't send Eddie Haskell back to the senate
he looks like Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver lmho!
How come there is no fine for Harvick for being Eddie Haskell? Come on NASCAR?
Eddie Haskell was my favorite song from making waves back in the day
Did Alice Cooper really play Eddie Haskell on "Leave It To Beaver"?.. ❓⁉❗❓
Caller: 'Mitch McConnell is like Eddie Haskell' true, true
If she thinks McConnell is Eddie Haskell cant imagine what she thinks of Harry Reid
I'll bet Wally Cleaver and Eddie Haskell experimented in college.
That's a very nice hat you're wearing, and I don't mean that in an Eddie Haskell kind of way
I'm sure Eddie Haskell, let alone actor Ken Osmond, will be thrilled at that reference in the Maddon presser 2day.
for those of us old enough to remember, Harvick pulled "an Eddie Haskell move"---yes Mrs Clever, no Mrs. Clever
the Eddie Haskell of NASCAR. If anyone remembered him
I do believe that Joe Maddon is the 1st Mgr. or Coach to reference Eddie Haskell at a press conference
Maddons press conference, Joe made a Eddie Haskell reference - Kid you not
It's so great that Eddie Haskell remains a reference point for folks of my generation.
. gets in there and gets Maddon to make an Eddie Haskell reference. Outstanding.
Kevin Harvick is totally Eddie Haskell and I dig it!
what a cheap, cowardly push of by Kevin Harvick. He is the Eddie Haskell of the day, push a guy and run away SMH
yeah Brad is more hated than Kyle ever was! Kev was like Eddie Haskell. Oh boy look at them fight! Lol
And people wonder why the big ten is a joke? They hired Beaver Cleaver, Wally Cleaver, and Eddie Haskell to officiate the game
DoFo as Eddie Haskell's dad, John Tory as Ward Cleaver. Great casting for new version of "Leave It To Beaver"
Redskins owner Daniel Snyder is now Eddie Haskell, thanking Ward Cleaver for keeping a nice lawn.
I will come to your house and play Eddie Haskell.
I'm sad that Braxton Miller is done for the season. No I'm not. I wish nothing but ill will on that University. OSU is like Eddie Haskell
and I fed them *beautifully*. but no, tons of teens don't even know they're supposed to Eddie Haskell at us, they just glare
My mother said Raonic's hair makes him look like Eddie Haskell.
Think about it: if god really slaughters a pregnant woman to get the word out abt H1N1, it's more like Eddie Haskell than 'god'
Now I'm swimming in dirty women, let me backstroke. I could leave it to beave or be the Eddie Haskell
You crack me up you have an ins agent that comes to your house. Are the Beaver, Wally & Eddie Haskell outside arguing?
THE EDDIE HASKELL OF TV NEWS - NBC Chooses Chuck Todd to Replace David Gregory on ‘Meet the Press’
Looks can be deceiving. This cat is nowhere near as sweet as he looks. He is the Eddie Haskell of…
If his favorite character in Leave It To Beaver was Eddie Haskell he ain't ya daawg
this dude is a modern day Eddie Haskell.
Extremely rare sighting right now of Eddie Haskell's dad on rerun of "Leave It To Beaver."
Everywhere me & my team go, we leave fan girls in enamor.
I can home from a run last night and found Eddie Haskell mowing my lawn Leave It To Beaver style.
I love that Mickelson was upset that Rory played up. The Eddie Haskell of golf
dude. People have no idea. Eddie Haskell has been up my *** all day trying to earn back computer time. Parenting is hard. :-/
Astounding to see the number of people still taken in by mickelson's Eddie Haskell routine
Ward I think you are to *** the beaver. So was eddie haskell, wally, and ms cleaver. Oh lol
So, the taker poster boy would be Eddie Haskell...
"dogs vs. cats. In other words Dog is Wally Cleaver and Cat is Eddie Haskell.
Sometimes, in virtual meetings, I get all Eddie Haskell.
it's your Eddie Haskell friends and the beggars I don't trust
Who is the *** son of Eddie Haskell and Joseph Gordon-Levitt?
The Wyatt family reminds me of the Manson family and the Miz reminds me of Eddie Haskell. If you don't know who I mean Google it
Zach is the Eddie Haskell of the BB house. Except loveable.
Eddie Haskell would be a bad President.
"I don't mind him being polite, but he's polite in such a sneaky way."--Mrs. June Cleaver, on Eddie Haskell. (1957)
Gee, Ms Cleaver! You could hurt poor Beaver with that! Use it on Eddie Haskell! Or Lumpy!
Obama threatening Putin is like the beaver threatening Eddie Haskell.
More like a modern Eddie Haskell...Hello, Mr. Tedder. Can Edward come out and play?
Wally Cleaver to Eddie Haskell: "Eddie, isn't it about that time of year when you shed your skin?"
Didja know - . Ken Osmond, the actor who played Eddie Haskell in Leave It To Beaver, wasn't the troublemaker in...
With the favorites running 1st/2nd in Eddie Read there is still plenty of time to sign/catch up w/ Haskell up next.
You may have already covered this, but is this Haskell of which you speak named after that mean Eddie kid?
I see the media is lapping up Winston's Eddie Haskell routine. It's funny.
Let me guess, the media will lap up his Eddie Haskell routine.
When will the media realize Winston is Eddie Haskell?
They call me Eddie Haskell QT “oh you and your rascally sense of fun! ;-)”
Our neighborhood now has its own Eddie Haskell, except without that crucial element of charm.
Rob Hill, Sr reminds me of what Eddie Haskell from Leave It To Beaver would've grown up to be like
Parents often compare me to Eddie Haskell and it's definitely not a good thing
Google is basically talking dirty until your parents walk in. It's the Eddie Haskell of the Internet.
Mrs. Cleaver always asking Eddie Haskell where his rubbers are...bold, but safe.
completely ott Hamilton Burger reminds me of Eddie Haskell
Loll but I miss the little rascal aka Eddie Haskell
It's like Eddie Haskell minus all of the weird. I'm agog. (And thankful that kiddo has a good friend.)
If I call you an Eddie Haskell it is definitely not a compliment.
Hugh Beaumont! "Gee Wally, are there really Mole People under the Earth?" "Sure, Beav. Where do you think Eddie Haskell came from?"
Someone told me my smile was stunning today. And not in an Eddie Haskell kind of way. So I got that going for me. Which is nice. Gnight luvs
Let me take you to American Apparel. Ooo, Abercrombie. Nah, Aéropostale. Mothers seem to love me. Yeah, I'm Eddie Haskell.
ha! I call him Eddie Haskell too. Cousin Carl my ***
hope he doesn't sit next to Eddie Haskell. Corny insincerity is nauseous 😜
Can't help but every time I see a Carl Edwards interview remember when called him Eddie Haskell of :-)
Oh great, we get to listen to Eddie Haskell in victory lane.
I do not like it when Eddie Haskell is leading a race late.
I don't think leaving it to Beaver was the right choice. Eddie Haskell seemed much more in control.
looked very lovely tonight reporting the news and I don't mean that in a Eddie Haskell way
nobody likes a kiss *** especially a phony Eddie Haskell wannabe with a merkin on his head.
“You know boys, if you keep listening to Eddie Haskell, one of you could end up dead.” –Beaver’s Dad, Ward.
sheesh babe I havent seen a beaver beat that bad since Eddie Haskell thumped Theodore for his lunch money
.Stop behaving like a child. We all know what you're really all about. Eddie Haskell routine tiresome.
I'd like to think that Eddie Haskell & Sting became fast friends
Tony called him Eddie Haskell, Kyle called him Mr Ed, the talking ***
Another TBT: Bernie Morgan reminded me of one of my all-time favorite TV characters, Eddie Haskell!
IMHO is GOP's worst problem after Cruz, Rand, Eddie Haskell, et al
Eddie Haskell to Wally Cleaver: "We have to stick together in this Cold War against adults"
it looks like an Eddie Haskell smirk while telling nation how stupid you believe it to be. 2/2 :-)
Take a right off Eddie Haskell lane
Do you even know who Eddie Haskell was, you Eddie Haskell?
"My, Mrs. Cleaver, what a lovely shirt you have on today." Eddie Haskell (Seethru cloze = Kardashianing. Just sayin'.)
Eddie Haskell checking up on the VPR transmitters at the top of Mount Mansfield.
Andrew is the Eddie Haskell of political reporters.
The Doogs As American kids growing up in the 1950s and 60s, most of us knew someone like Eddie Haskell. You remember Eddie, that obsequious, conniving friend on the “Leave It To Beaver” television show. In my crowd, that guy was Doogie. Doogie had been a friend of Red Hog and Aardvark since elementary school. He had gotten those two in trouble on occasions too numerous to keep track of. By carefully altering the details of his story, The Doogs was often able to pass himself off as merely an innocent accomplice in some failed stunt which he claimed had been masterminded by Hog. At least this was Doogie’s intent Doogie would sing like a canary to the cops, teachers, and parents while not giving a second thought to the friends he had sold out. It was because of this that he had been saddled with the monikers “Spill The Beans Doogie”, “Judas”, and “Watergate Doogster”, all thanks to Red Hog’s rapier-like wit. But Doogie wasn’t a bad guy, He had simply been misled by the environmental st ...
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