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Eddie Butler

Edward Thomas Eddie Butler (born 8 May 1957) is a journalist, sports commentator, and former Welsh Rugby Union player, who won 16 caps for the team between 1980 and 1984 and scored 2 tries.

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BBC Sport commentator Eddie Butler narrates some of the thrills and spills from the opening weekend of the 2014 Six Nations.
France finally find mercurial form and run with it to hurt England | Eddie Butler via
Dickerson, Blackmon, Stubbs. Need one to have big year if a primary starter. Eddie Butler or Jonathan Gray in rotation
It's not a montage without the voice of Eddie Butler or Jeremy Irons!
Wales sparkled but the end result is still the same as Australia triumph | Eddie Butler: Wales... Comment
That ref has joined Eddie Butler on "my list"
Quade Cooper had a great game. Almost good enough to make me put up with Eddie Butler for more than a few minutes at a time...
Eddie Butler has called Rhodri Williams Rhodri Jones three times now.
shame that can't be said about the commentator! Why oh why do they persist with Eddie Butler?
"sheer brilliance" geese it's like I'm talking too Eddie butler!
Eddie Butler - not in the team, not in the crowd, not on the b*y telly!
Any chance of being at all unbiased Eddie Butler?
Dear Justin Marshall has been an outstanding commentator, can we get rid of Eddie Butler now?
for those moaning about the Aussie commentator u know how the rest of us feel listening to Eddie Butler & Jonathan Davies!
Aus v Wales amazing game ruined by usual Eddie Butler biased, not knowing the rules crap...
yep like a hero when they come off look a muppet when they don't Eddie butler is commentary is spoiling a class game
Justin Marshall to Eddie Butler, after he pointed out a push: 'Come on Eddie, it's not the round ball came.' Love it.
Fantastic rugby and now Eddie Butler is going soft! Good call Justin :-)
Eddie butler has got to be the most biased commentator on tv. He's shocking.
Eddie Butler is the last commentator you want backing your country when you're down a few points
we need a Welsh commentator for our games dunno where Eddie butler is from but it certainly isn't Wales.
Eddie Butler's voice is like honey.
Eddie Butler does my head in, I'm sure he hates Wales
yet again Eddie Butler is a cheerleader for his team rather than an objective commentator. Sort him out or get rid!
You don't see Eddie Butler being arrogant when Wales scores but then Australia scores and the pig acts as if they just beat NZ or something.
I like Eddie Butler but I'm not sure it's a great trait in a commentator to get tongue-tied at exciting moments.
Impressed at Eddie Butler's and Martyn Williams' discipline. I woild have smacked this biased Aussie commentator in the gob by now.
Eddie Butler just can't bring himself to say anything positive about anyone playing against Wales. So one eyed.
I get aroused when eddie butler says "george north"
Eddie Butler please climb up your own ars and die... You wannabe English ***
I wish would stop doing his aussie impression and start talking to Eddie Butler normally.
Eddie Butler you're a *** You are worse than that one eyed Brian Moore on commentary. Please quit asap.
Who is this Aus commentator?! He's as excited as a football pundit, we don't want any of that in rugby! Eddie Butler's calm tones only pls!
Hi could you be so kind and knock out that twerp Eddie Butler sat next to you!? What a *** !
'Dan Biggar gets it into the Austrailian half and out of play.. Rare moment' - Eddie Butler😂
What a try by word of that is a "brilliant try" from Eddie Butler (as with North's fortunate try)
Oh Eddie Butler, may your terrible "bantah" commentary be banished to the 7th level of ***
Eddie Butler shocked and stumbled there as Justin Marshall asked him a question about Australia
Eddie Butler's commentary is already as ridiculously biased as ever!
Shocking Eddie Butler trying to create BaBas commentary 1973 for George North try. Come on Wales
The match day programme has arrived. It's available at just £3 and includes an exclusive interview with Eddie Nolan. http…
Foking love a montage!.. Especially an Eddie Butler narrated montage!
Ooo an Eddie Butler montage is always top stuff!
These dramatic Eddie butler voice overs make me cringe
I want Eddie Butler to do the intro to our Xmas Dinner.
Eddie butler might aswell be english.. He is such a bell end!
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if he doesn't what's the point in watching the game? Can't stand Eddie butler he bores me and then I drink excessively
Eddie Butler in the press room at the stadium getting ready for the match...still does not know who I am lol!
About to preview Wales v Australia on with Ian Robertson & Eddie Butler in the Millennium Stadium.
If they get rid of u then they have to get rid of Eddie Butler, I don't think I can watch the 6 nations without his montages.
Been thinking that Eddie Butler should have narrated The Lord of the Rings trilogy
if it was to get rid of Eddie Butler .
Eddie Butler-Bowdon providing a tour of the Art and Heritage Collection at Amazing!
Among your picks for the Prospect most likely to Break Out in 2014 were Miguel Sano, Gregory Polanco, Eddie Butler, George Springer & more
Caron butler my son Eddie jones , young Haslem wit the fro
Caron butler and Eddie house the biggest names I can think of before d wade came to the heat
I can’t compete, Richard. Eddie Butler drinks in my local, but no news on his lighting-up engagements
I just like Derek Jacobi's voice, nearly as much as Peter O'Toole or Eddie Butler...
No doubt about that. I'd gladly see it be Brian and Eddie Butler. Just wish Bill was still alive to do it!
Don't want to crawl up your *** but you and Eddie Butler are the best combo in rugby commentary on TV.
Yourself and the great Eddie Butler. Best commo team!
yourself Eddie butler and Jeremy Guscott are the best rugby commentators anyone else will be a letdown
Dylan Hartley's exit sets up Tom Youngs for one of those days | Eddie Butler via
People complain about Moore being biased but Jesus wept Eddie Butler is as one-eyed as Abu Hamza
RFU need to give the right back to the BBC or something. Love the banter of Brian Moore and Eddie Butler
New Zealand have set the standard for England and the others to follow | Eddie Butler via
Manu Tuilagi branded 'complete and utter prat' by Brian Moore. Come on Manu, tell us what *you* think of *him*. Eddie Butler already has.
I saw Alan Hanson and Eddie Butler chrome autos in your pics. Maybe you don't have them anymore
Spotted two internationals in two days!. Phil Bennett on the Gower path Monday: Eddie Butler in Haverfordwest Tuesday. Who tomorrow??
Too true. Cannot stand Stuart Barnes he's an absolute tool. Almost as bad as Eddie Butler
Eddie Butler of the Rockies farm system (Modesto Nuts High A) has some nasty stuff.
Stuart Barnes and Miles Harrison. Not quite Eddie Butler and Brian Moore. In fact, some way off.
It's difficult to decide who I dislike more Stuart Barnes or Eddie Butler
Eddie Butler: Clermont Auvergne's Morgan Parra is the smallest player in Saturday's all-French Heineken Cup final but his brain or boot is likely to prove decisive
Totally biased crap from Eddie Butler. And the BBC continues to say he is a neutral commentator?
These Lions for Australia should be roaring with a Welsh accent | Eddie Butler
'Eddie Jordan and Suzi Perry, the newest odd couple of the F1 soap opera' - TV review by Matt Butler:
My column this week features dysfunctional couples. And a dose of casual sexism.
Ever fancied playing ? Check out this course overview with Eddie Butler
Eddie Redmayne and Gerard Butler need to have children.
My love for Eddie Redmayne and Gerard Butler is soo unbelievable.
Bit like Eddie Butler. Could listen to him for hours.
changed channel from sky. a moment like this needs BBC. wish eddie butler was commentating.
Matt Butler: Eddie and Suzi, the newest odd couple of the F1 soap
Rex Hudler: "If Eddie was a jockey, he would jump on Billy Butler and ride him down the stretch"
Eddie Meaney commented on 'her' own status
Balled all day at the Eddie butler showcase in north jersey
Just raped that Eddie Butler show case. At least that's what the six coaches that came up to me said😏😜👌
Colin Montgomerie is the Eddie Butler of golf broadcasting...
I guess Eddie Butler lines up today. No ER in 2 starts. People are curious.
loads of x egg chasers down there , Kev Mosley Phil may regulars, seen Eddie butler there the other week !
This loss on Eddie Rodriguez. Butler would have scored.
Peter Alliss' commentary is up there with Henry Blofeld, and Eddie Butler as 1 of the current great voices of British sport.
like Eddie implied I am in shock that a stay at home mom can make $6096 in a few weeks on...
I live in a shrine dedicated to Tom Crean, Eddie White, and Bob Knight. So, I am not sure why I follow you.
Is it just me or does Skaldak in Dr Who sound like Eddie Butler??
30 mins. before tee off in See 1st hole for yourself in the company of Eddie Butler
Eddie L. Kain Jr. Nikyra Taylor Jamieson Gilmore Jamila Leary Stephanie Butler who bout day life
To be fair Eddie Butler does an awesome montage!
Eddie Butler (Rockies) and Dilson Herrera (Pirates) added to the 2013 Bowman prospect auto checklist today, courtesy of
Eddie Butler on Prospect Hot Sheet. 2012 Bowman Sterling RC AUTO. Check out his cards
If Jimmy Butler isn't starting next season, I'll file an entire story in Latin.
Comps tend to gravitate towards the successful ones. How about Deon Butler and Eddie Royal?
Eddie Butler is hosting the dealmaker awards. Says he sympathises with Ulster rugby's plight... Hm...
I wonder if dogs do Benji, Lassie, & Eddie impersonations when talking with their friends? "And then I was all "TIMMY'S IN THE WELL!", lol."
Chasing is freaking cheesy as *** but Jay Moriarity is such an inspiration. Butler looks like an Eddie Vetter doppelgänger.
now on website: Thanks to Eddie Butler - the voice of Welsh Sport. What a commentary!
yeh told power and the lads knew, are ye going around with the cup? I'd be embarresed to go around with ye
Asheville (COL) impressed me with good arms, but none better than Eddie Butler, sandwich pick in 2012 draft.
why not have Aled Jones, Shakin Stevens and Eddie Butler to do a bit. Make us taffs proud! X
I wish I had a butler like Jeffery for these late night after the gym meals!
Eddie Butler the rugby commentator?! Never knew he was a teacher! Wouldn't have wanted to get on his bad side!
UGH. refreshed automatically and destroyed all I wrote about how awesome Eddie Butler's start was tonight.
Eddie Butler has just published the most ludicrous Lions squad: - Lloyd Williams? Biggar? One good game is not enough
Only 5 irish players make it in Eddie Butler's squad
Timing is all as Sam Warburton roars back into the Lions reckoning | Eddie Butler via
Used to think Eddie Butler was biased and clueless but Jonathan Davies...What are you on ???
Famous quotes of Eddie Butler: "Pontypool is the home of Gwent rugby." Shouted down by tons of Ebbw Vale & Newport fans.
Why oh why do we have to have Eddie Butler commenting on England Rugby games. Can you imagine the howls of protest from the Welsh if their lead commentator was English, why do we have to put up with this git!!
Eddie Butler & Jonathan Davies I don't think we can cope with that all afternoon!
To overhaul the commentary get rid of Eddie Butler bring back Stammer-Smith 2nd only to the late great Bill McClaren.
Y r people so irate @ Eddie Butler tryin2pronounce French players names correctly wen Dewi Morris on Sky pronounces his OWN name, Dawie?!
Ah, the joy of Eddie Butler's French accent...
It was bad enough listening to Jonathan Davies in the last match, now we have Eddie Butler!! Nightmare
Not only was that a great match, but a match without the commentary of Eddie Butler and half-time and post match analysis of the nauseating Jeremy Guscott. Well done Sam Warburton - Man of the Match.
looked 8 feet tall next to Jonathan Davies there. You always assume the commentators are wee lads (apart from Eddie Butler).
Loving the 6 Nations. Except when you have Jonathan Davies commentating. where's Eddie Butler?
I thought the BBC was meant to be unbiased yet they have the likes of Eddie Butler, Jonathan Davies and Brian Moore.
1st observation of the day - Eddie Butler is still the biggest fanny on the box ! Ooops then up pops Jonathan Davies !
Another weekend of Six Nations Rugby coming up! Predictions.Ireland to beat France: Scotland to beat Wales and England to beat Italy.PS Note the old Twickenham ground in the background along with some notable rugby people in the photo.the great commentator Bill McLaren who makes Eddie Butler look a complete prat and Cliff Morgan - one of the best fly-halves ever: Wales & British the pre-historic myself on the left with hair!
Eddie Butler's Lions squad would have Manu Tuilagi as a right winger
This Saturday The SBCA will sponsor two great events first ,The Annual Tom and Eddie Butler senior salute at St. Monica's church hall. Entertainment will be provided by the Mike Reynold's band and traditional corned beef dinner will be catered by Dominic's. Later on that evening the SBCA along with the SB Special kids and Young Adults will host their annual "Special Shamrocks" fundraiser at the Cornerstone,7PM and preset the Mary "Sissy" Devine award to George Brennan. Please make every effort to attend these events.
This is the sort of rugby review I want to read and not the same old *** kissing cack from the likes of Eddie Butler
should Eddie Butler lose his job after describing Haskell as a pyrenean mountain dog puppy?
If Mickey Rourke pulls out of the Gareth Thomas film, Daniel Day Lewis will step up by arguing with Eddie Butler til he has a stroke
I can add Sam Warburton, Shane Williams and Eddie Butler (not intentional, that one) to my list. Plus a hug off Phill Jupitus.
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Brian Moore being dismissive of Eddie Butler is fabby
Depressed and perplexed as usual by how jingoism and prejudice can cloud the facts when watching (and commentating on) rugby. Eddie Butler, Brian Moore and Clive Woodward were telling us yesterday how England completely dominated in the scrums, yet the stats say they won the same number the French and lost one more. The penalties awarded to them when scrums were breaking down in what appeared to be a more spectacular way was possibly because they were going for the 8 man shove instead of hooking (that possibly accounts to them losing the 2 scrums where they failed to shove the French backwards off the ball) but they also conceded more penalties, missed twice as many tackles and made one more error. Make no mistake, England well deserved to win yesterday by playing badly but doing all the right things (especially when St. Andre took off his winning team and replaced them with the numpties that had lost to Italy and Wales). They've a distance to go before they're the finished article but It's the first tru ...
It could have been worse, we could have had "English" Eddie Butler commentating. He and Brian Moore should get a room!!
So you missed Brian Moore complaining that the scrums aren't refereed properly and Eddie Butler's impenetrable commentary
Commentary of Eddie Butler, Brian Moore, is outstanding and entertaining. Good point - why are France taking off best players
do u think Eddie Butler & Brian Moore should do a job swap with Jim Nantz & Phil Sims? I think would b up 4 it
Having watched the Rugby League World Club Challenge on Sky last night, England v France in the lesser version of Rugby today and a programme on the F1 channel on Sky, I've come to the conclusion that if a commentators Christian name is Eddie, then you are in for a biased, ill-informed and downright crap commentary. Eddie Hemmings on Sky Sports Rugby League programme is biased against any Superleague team playing overseas opposition, be it Club level or International, Eddie Butler is SO anti-English that it's embarassing ( along with his ridiculous attemp at French inflections when pronouncing Morgan Parra's name; more like Officer Crabtree in 'Allo 'Allo ) and Eddie Jordan on the F1 is just a total fool. It's time he acted his age. So there it is; if a sports programme has a commentator or presenter named Eddi, you might just as well turn off.
What was that odd line from Eddie Butler about James Haskell?
I think Eddie Butler has a man crush on James Haskell and it's confused
James Haskell = great Pyrenean mountain dog puppy, according to Eddie Butler.
Brian bloke.why have we got that nob Eddie Butler??
This afternoons Rugby at The Bear England v France. (Kick-off 5.00pm). John Inverdale is joined by Jeremy Guscott, Lawrence Dallaglio and Thomas Castaignede to present coverage of the third match of the championship for both teams, which comes from Twickenham. These sides entered as the favourites to win this year's tournament, and while England have lived up to expectations so far with wins over Scotland and Ireland, the French have suffered disappointing defeats at the hands of Italy and Wales. Commentary by Eddie Butler and Brian Moore
I find Andrew Cotter so, so funny. Eddie Butler and Miles Harrison are then also good at their job- Butler has a great voice.
The art of Sports commentary has sadly gone bad. No longer do I spend a teenage insomniac night in Winter listening to Jack Buck or Hank Stram. Nor do I spend an insufferably mild Summers night with Vin Scully or Ernie Harwell. Coming across this side of the Atlantic - a John Motson 'Zico, oh what a turn!' or a Barry Davies 'Is Gascoigne going to have a crack? He is you know - oh I say!' A remark by Ted Lowe, a witty riposte from Peter Alliss, a Richie Benaud rememberance, a Peter O'Sullevan utterance, a Murray Walker mishap, a Peter Jones comment on an Alan Devonshire mazy run. Today commentators speak with mostly ear-splitting decibel levels. Yes there are exceptions to the rule: Joe Buck, Al Michaels, Jim Nantz, Jon Sterling, Simon Holt, Martin Tyler, Alan Parry, Eddie Butler and ones forgive me, I have temporarily forgotten. That is why I still listen to the Radio. It takes me back to a time when commentators framed the image in your head for you. They talk/ed with clarity of speech and thought. Yes . ...
So a potential leg breaking stamp nothing, and no comment from Eddie Butler. Haskell was slowing the game down deserved yellow
"England flood down this left side" - Eddie Butler but did he mean Toby Flood or general flooding?
Rugby at The Bear Ireland v England (Kick-off 3.00pm). John Inverdale presents coverage of this afternoon's fixture at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, which concludes the second round of matches. The opening weekend's results, which saw the Irish overcome Wales, England defeat Scotland and France suffer a shock defeat in Italy leave this match already looking like a pivotal encounter in deciding the destination of the title. The hosts will perhaps go into the contest as slight favourites, having not lost a Six Nations match against the English in Dublin since 2003. With commentary by Eddie Butler and Brian Moore, and analysis by Keith Wood, Jonathan Davies and Jeremy Guscott
Being at work today has really made me realize how much I want to get this comedy thing going. I know the chances of making a career out of it are slim, but I'm going to try. Hopefully I can get a new schedule soon or find cool people to shift trade with me every now and then *cough* Brittney Clevenger, Eddie Butler and Megan Smith *cough* But
Eddie Butler and Brian Moore should commentate this. Would make it far more interesting to watch.
Will Hutton, Eddie Butler and Victoria Coren also worth the cover price on their own
Eddie Butler. Do us all a big favour. Take your prattling drivel off the box, out of our lives and retire from broadcasting quietly and quickly.
The tones of Eddie Butler are a lot more soothing than the rubbish supplied by Stuart Barnes.
I just got a glimpse of & Eddie Butler's commentary booth...
Looking to get Eddie Butler and Jonathan Davies to work behind the bar on Saturday,yet not Brian Moore (not pretty ) unless they're busy
Ultimate BBC montage voice over team would be Michael Johnson and Eddie Butler
Eddie Butler mate, loads of us Glyn boys passed first time (me, baker, ash, Sam Mingard, Elliot) but tell him I told you to come!
Fair play to Eddie Butler, about time we had a positive programme about Merthyr!!
OK friends ... so if you close your eyes and have to listen to someone speaking ... who'd be your top 3? Mine? Hmmm. Professor Brian Cox, Eddie Butler and Sean Bean, but not necessarily in that order ...
for what it's worth I love the commentary. Especially with Eddie butler. Fab stuff. Keep it up.
ha ha ha! Shame BBC do not have an x-rated sports channel so that you could give Eddie Butler some of that!
I rather like Brian's and Eddie (I hate you) Butler's commentry. Never afraid to call a spade a spade.
Butler's big follow dunk has the crowd into it. trailing the 77-65 with under 11:00 to go.
Six Nations is a test of Stuart Lancaster's missionary position | Eddie Butler via
Sounds like Eddie Butler has been writing her lines.
Eddie Murphys 'delirious' is always hilarious.
Welsh Towns on Barry with Eddie Butler is fascinating. I love this kind of stuff.
Scott Hastings appears to have been to the Eddie Butler School of rugby commentating ie he's talking ***
Eddie Butler traces the history of Barry and its island.
he'd have probably got in a ridiculous argument with Eddie Butler about it.
03 Heat with D-Wade, Eddie Jones, Caron Butler, Lamar Odom and Brian Grant is like my favorite squad ever
Eddie Butler's 'Welsh Towns' has actually made me proud to be from Barry.
"You are definitely Eddie Butler's child" Well thanks, I'll take that as a compliment!
Fans should congregate atop of 'The Eddie Butler Steps' located under the 'TV Coverage Memorial Gantry' in time for the 2pm kick-off.
Fantastic article from Eddie Butler for anyone who hasn't seen it via
Top 5 favorite people in the years below? 7-8-9 — Omg, Eddie Jowers, Ben Butler.I don't know any year 8s.E...
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Alive After Five: Tomorrow from 5:30 - 7:30pm at Fast Eddie's (Butler Creek Shopping Center on 41). Join us for some free networking!
I know I'm no Eddie Butler but I'm still waiting on that training invite?
January 9 : Dear Diary, Ah! So that's Eddie Butler! I only let him in 'cos he said he was with the Water Board. ***
Eddie Butler at Jenner Park, detailing Barry Town's history and the role in its continuation.
Welsh Towns: Series 2: Barry: Eddie Butler traces the history of Barr...
it's very good! (Once you get past Eddie butler presenting ;) )
Excellent programme by Eddie Butler on the history of Barry last night-start of new series on Welsh cities and towns.(BBC Wales).
Welsh Towns with Eddie Butler last night was amazing - Barry & its Island has so much history, & so much more potential!
20 minutes until Eddie Butler programme on the world's greatest town. Learn how Barry was named after a monk named Barry washed up on shore.
Eddie Butler & Barry Town-wonderful. Proud of where I'm from (originally!) & will always remember the brilliant funfair, Docks & hundreds of buses. What a great place to have grown up in!.
V positive appreciation of Barry by Eddie Butler tonight. Jenner Park looked huge & needs to be used. See
Eddie Butler did well to skip out the fact that Barry Town lost 8-0 in the first leg vs Porto
Have loved Eddie Butler's tonight on Barry - some great stuff tonight.
Eddie Butler has the best voice ever. Should be on the radio!
You watching that thing about Barry on BBC Wales with Eddie Butler?
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Quick don't miss it. Eddie Butler on Barry
Watching Welsh Towns on BBC1 with Eddie Butler. The making of Barry - Great stuff!
Watching the great story teller (& Newport boy) Eddie Butler on Welsh Towns discussing Barry, literally the land of my father!
Never expected a program on Barry to so interesting. It helps that I like Eddie Butler, a good story teller
Barrybados on Welsh towns. Hope Eddie Butler does the Welsh Riviera justice. Sky+ set.
Looking forward to Barry being featured in Welsh towns with Eddie Butler on It's on now in a minute 😉
Barry and its island star in a new series of Welsh Towns with Eddie Butler - tonight at 10.35pm on
is great as is and Jonathan Davies. Commentary and Eddie Butler are a good team
my favourites are Eddie Butler, Stuart Barnes and my ultimate favourite Brian Moore.
Brian Moore best co-commentator. Then Jonathan Davies. Sean Fitzpatrick great pundit. Eddie Butler and Andrew Cotter excellent.
Eddie Butler should trademark the term "It's against Scott Andrews"
Ah . . . John Inverdale and then Eddie Butler. Now where's the zapper so that I can hit the red button for the Radio Wales commentary?
... Welshcakes, Huw Edwards, Eddie Butler, Port Talbot ... the list is endless ... they've got no chance!! ;-)
Stuart Barnes is really getting into saying Francois Who-HAARD. Reminiscent of Eddie Butler's relish for saying Aurelien Rougerie
Eddie Butler and the late Richard Burton narrate as Scrum V pays tribute to some of Wales' finest Six Nations moments.
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People should remember the Olympics coverage and especially the Eddie Butler closing ceremony snippets. Quality broadcasting.
Who is that ponytailed bloke? Surely Eddie Butler would have been a better bet.
Why not get Eddie Butler to commentate? He coped fine with the archery in 2012!
Football League your thoughts | Michael Butler: o Add to the list that of Eddie Howe, who couldn&resist t...
I'll Eddie long stroke her mouth from sun up to sundown
Football League: your thoughts | Michael Butler: A winning return for Eddie Howe, a losing start for Edgar David...
"just brilliant! Though with and the one and only Eddie Butler on, it felt more like ScrumV
Eddie Butler piece on Ashley Cole was brilliant; bit of a T,
No sporting montage is complete without a voice over from Eddie Butler
Eddie Butler and on . Welsh taking over!
Why do the BBC rarely use Eddie Butler? What a stunning waste of talent.
Eddie Butler doing a voice over on Ashley Cole. Stick to credible sports Ed. You don't want your talent wasted.
I want eddie butler to hang around and comment on my life, all the time. Voice like a warm blanket.
It would be a toss up between eddie butler and morgan freeman on who I'd want to be a narrator for my life
Delighted that football focus have got Eddie Butler involved with the voice overs.
Eddie Butler has the greatest voice in Britain.
I'm liking the Eddie Butler bit on him on right now. Suggesting Cole can't control his own fingers lol
Since when did Eddie Butler do football narrating, thought he was just about the egg chasing
Saturday: DJ Eddie Hughes at Matt the Miller's, DJ Paul K at Morrisson's & DJ Brian Butler at Billy Byrne's
Alan Gordon and Eddie Johnson... Who'd a thunk it a year ago?
Eddie Johnson Thank you. also got to meet some dudes at nice guys look forward to joining.
He is to football commentary, what Eddie Butler is to rugby!
All they do is talk about bloody England there's two teams worse than Eddie butler
What do John Olerud, Jesus Montero, Eddie Murray & Billy Butler all have in common? ($) -->
I'm watching black butler and i've yet to see Martin Lawrence or Eddie Murphy. i dont think this anime is what i expected.
Eddie butler on Pobol y Cwm he's way to funny for it!
Eddie Butler (Iwan John) is a lawyer on LOL He should play Mark's mum, reit!! ( )
Butler bring me my hot cocoa chop chop 👏👏
Eddie's much better for my blood pressure than JPax! Needs more Paul Mason tho. SWOON.
I've said for ages Eddie Mair should replace Paxo. Very subtle presenter and deceptively wily interviewer
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Eddie Mair should do more of the Newsnight.
& in perfect harmony. Is Eddie Jordan playing Alfred the butler
No Jozy Altidore in US squad. Forwards include Eddie Johnson/Alan Gordon, but no Altidore, Boyd or Wondolowski.
Everytime I see Gerard Butler in that commercial for that surf movie he looks like Eddie Vedder to me.
Love RU: RU starting pitcher Eddie Butler was the 1st player in Big South history chosen in the 1st compensatory round of draft picks.
indeed its just a good bit of mate. Personally I have turned off Eddie Butler in the past
English clubs spice up Heineken Cup but bigger guns will drink from it | Eddie Butler: Demands of England's club...
Eddie "You need form all year to win this trophy." No yer don't!
Just spotted Eddie Butler and a film crew outside The Court of Requests Merthyr, (doing his history of Wales program I assume)
Happy St. Francis Day! Hug an animal! I have 3 friends who have a birthday today: Lynn Anderson, Eddie Butler, and Adam Veale. Happy birthday. It's a neat day to have a birthday!!
Can't we just have an hour and half of an Eddie Butler written and narrated story of the Par ...
finally watching Eddie Butler's Olympic montage. Think I win, I'm tearing up 5mins in!!
After brilliant Eddie Butler Olympic montage- BM "Eddie if you carry on like this you'll convince them you don't need me"
I'd find it hard to decide who has a better voice, David Attenborough Eddie Butler or Michael Holding...
Eddie Rodriguez sends BILLY BUTLER home from first on a double. And he scores!
Breast Cancer Awareness
he's appalling. bring back Eddie Mair!
Eddie Butler not the only quality starting pitcher at rookie league Grand Junction. Jayson Aquino off to quality start.
Chasing Mavericks looks pretty cool, though possibly predictable. Does Gerard Butler look like Eddie Vedder emerging from the water?
please help you have the power 2stop me from going insane!Do you know what this song is featured in the eddie butler montage?
Congrats to Eddie Butler - one of 3 to earn Pioneer League All-Star honors ...
Dean Butler wins 2nd consecutive raceaboard Smarty Prance in state bred allowance after winning the MN Sprint aboard 'Eddie
Nolan Arenado and Joe Gardner are amongst the hottest Rockies' prospects, not forgetting Eddie Butler, David Dahl.
Win for the TC3 men's soccer team at Niagara Saturday: 5-1 final. Two goals by Sean Streb + goals by Mike Raftu, Dana Smith, & Eddie Butler.
Just bought tickets to see Eddie Butler do a talk at Monmouth Rugby club at the end of September!
Kyle Parker and Nolan Arenado homered on Sunday, while Eddie Butler added on to his strong pro debut.
Great pitchers' duel in Grand Junction as promised. Aces JC Casey and Eddie Butler living up to the hype.
The BBC Olympic review on red button. Eddie Butler + medals is a joy to watch.
Hi my names Ryan and I'm in love with Eddie alarcon and shelby butler
Hi can you get the BBC to post all the Eddie Butler montages from the Olympics online, please! Btw you did a great job!
Missing it already? Watch this. Also marvel at Eddie Butler being forced to say nice things about the English.
Sky Sports trying to do an Eddie Butler-style monologue/montage. Trying.
Tonite will be filled with Celebrations and good homies Ryon Huxtable Hodges Ky Smith Eddie Butler Mo Fo Ayala Party all Night at Freight House District in Reno, Nevada
The Eddie Butler montage is still absolutely spine-tingling
Basically I'm writing a rugby article (that I jut started) I'm writing it so that if Eddie butler were to read it out it would be perfection
Mark, any way the rest of the nation is able to share your Eddie Butler from Beijing video?
I have kept the 90m of Eddie Butler-voiced montages they aired before the Closing Ceremony for when i'm in need of a cry/pickmeup.
Already on it! His name is Eddie Butler. You can look for him on here though! x
Just caught the end of Eddie Butler's A Golden Games piece on the red button. Don't think I'm ever going to tire of watching it...
finding things to do daytime, watching DVDs at night. Y dont BBC do eddie butler reruns - 4 x 15 mins segments of each sport!
If you haven't seen this series of highlight Eddie Butler videos, catch them before there gone
Just watching the Eddie Butler pre round up on the "the sometime grumpy scot :/ " hmm poor script writing
Just watched Eddie Butler's stunning review of the Olympics from Mon night. Absolute class. Watch it on I-player if you missed it.
Eddie Butler is a giant of broadcasting. He writes scripts the rest of us can only dream of, delivers in a voice of cool authority. Genius.
could you pass on my thanks to Eddie Butler for his fantastic narration on 'A Golden Games'
Anyone else tempted to watch an hour and a half of Eddie Butler's Olympic review while the pointless friendly is on?
Eddie Butler's star is shining even more brightly after his terrific Olympics highlights programme. Bring him back as a Scrum V regular!
Omg just been watching the closing ceremony .. Butler brought a tear to my eye
Watching Eddie Butler's montage was brilliant. Do not care how many times I've said it. We showed the world. We delivered. We inspired.
Tuesday pitcher of the night: Eddie Butler continues to dominate for 2012 pick went 6.0 shutout innings, striking out 5
2012 draftee Eddie Butler threw another strong game. When he's on, he's on. Check it out at scroll down.
Rockies writeup, Rockies notes and Prospects spotlight on Kyle Parker and Eddie Butler.
bbc_manish: Nice line Eddie Butler:'Bradley Wiggins off for a night on the tiles...also smashed the next day- a ...
Olympic (Archery) "There seems to be a move to lighten things up in archery between shots and matches, and Aida Roman and Mariana Avitia of Mexico beamed their way to the gold and bronze medal finals in the women's individual competition. Mexicans in the 5,000 crowd at Lord's came in fancy dress each day and created one fine fiesta. Avitia finished third and Roman lost to gold medallist Ki Bo Bae of South Korea in the grand final in a one-arrow shoot-off after they were tied at the end of regular play. Ki shot an eight and so did Roman, but the Korean's arrow was closer to the centre. Avitia and Roman carried on beaming, while Ki Bo Bae cried and apologised to South Korea for winning with a humble eight." Commentator Eddie Butler
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