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Eddie Butler

Edward Thomas Eddie Butler (born 8 May 1957) is a journalist, sports commentator, and former Welsh Rugby Union player, who won 16 caps for the team between 1980 and 1984 and scored 2 tries.

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If Jon Gray and Eddie Butler don't die this year the Rockies might actually be decent.
Eddie Butler? Never heard of him. So I'm sure he will pitch 7 innings of 2 hit shutout ball vs the Sigh.
Rockies: Butler believes sinker is big league ready
Butler believes sinker is big league ready
Butler believes sinker is big league ready: Rockies righty Eddie Butler started three games last season, but W...
COL mlb .com: Butler believes sinker is big league ready
No. 2 prospect will start for Colorado on Wednesday, and he expects his sinker to be the key.
In-game reading: Butler believes sinker is big league ready
What is the pitch count on Eddie Butler?
There is no finer sound than Eddie Butler's voice
Thought on Eddie Butler tomorrow facing the Brewers. 10 team NL Only. Should I bench him?
naaahh.. Jordan Lyles is actually pretty good.. I would start Brewers bats against Eddie Butler tomorrow
A charity fundraising evening with Eddie Butler in aid of Age Connects Torfaen, May 1, Llanyravon Social Club at 7pm
TRADE: and Braves strike deal again: Andrelton Simmons joins Halos as ATL gets OF Carlos Moncrief, IF JP Crawford and P Eddie Butler
Well at the very least Eddie Butler's new novel is a try.I'll get my coat
Struggled with Eddie Butler's debut novel but persevered and quite enjoyed it in the end
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agree on that, Latroy Hawkins at closer.. Can't believe he is still pitching. Eddie Butler could be a great starter
Brewers TV showing Tyler Chatwood, Eddie Butler and Jorge De La Rosa talking together in the dugout.
Update:at Eddie Butler probable for scheduled start Wednesday vs. Milwaukee ( Shoulder )
European Rugby Champions Cup: talking points from the weekend by Eddie Butler, Robert Kitson and Michael Aylwin vi…
Chesapeake's Eddie Butler has made Rockies' starting rotation and is scheduled to make his first start Wednesday, according to Denver Post.
sounds like gca alum and ex-RU ballplayer Eddie butler looking to b on Rockies opening day article
Eddie Butler hit hard in the Colorado Rockies' final spring training game
Eddie Butler Shaky In Rockies’ 6-3 Loss To Seattle: Eddie Butler was shaky in his final audition for a starting…
Eddie you don't understand how wrong you are, he's better than butler I get that but he is not better than both combined
Weiss says Eddie Butler will start on Wednesday
Former Grand Junction Rockies pitcher Eddie Butler () to start for CO Rockies against the Brewers on Wednesday
Recommendation by :Eddie Butler struggled last season b...
Eddie Butler has made the Rockies' Opening Day rotation per
Eddie Butler will start for Wed. vs caught up with Butler in Arizona last month:
fans, ready for Jon Gray and Eddie Butler? tells you why you should be in this Prospect Primer:
and here we go with Eddie Butler's problematic re-imagining of Burton's voice over in 'Under Milk Wood'
Eddie Butler's is a voice to make sweet love to. Like a Welsh Barry White
Eddie Butler & Brian Moore should be removed from television indefinitely. Most annoying pair of *** on the planet.
Brian Moore and Eddie Butler 😞🔫 where exactly in England is eddie butler from??? Thank goodness that game is over!!!
Eddie Butler can go home, all we need is a recording of the words "penalty to Ireland" as that is all he has needed to say this afternoon
I don't think I can stand Eddie Butler & Brian Moore in the 2nd half. off .
. You have got to get rid of Eddie Butler and Brian Moore. Radio commentary is now on and far far better.
Sounds like they've put Brian Moore in a cupboard for the commentary, so him and Eddie Butler don't have it out live on air
Always reassuring when the commentary team is Brian Moore and Eddie Butler. Five minutes before they bicker
and now we're stuck with the likes of Eddie Butler and Brian Moore. *** innit 😒
Six Nations clashes show the game facing brutal reality of extreme exposure | Eddie Butler.
why does commentator Eddie Butler have to go all Parisian with French names?
Eddie Butler has to be the worst commentator out there!
how on earth does Eddie Butler put up with Philip Mathews??!! So biased it's unbelievable!
Does Eddie Butler refer to George North as 'the Englishman' or do we only get updates on Saffers for France?
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I feel like I'm smoking a gauloise and sipping a Pernod when Eddie Butler pronounces Benjamin Keyser
Does Eddie Butler ever listen to his commentaries & think that felt like pure poetry at the time but actually, I sound like an effete ***
What do you mean "Just about catches it." Eddie Butler does talk some twaddle!!
Enjoying Eddie Butler's efforts to pronounce Kockott and Keyser with a French accent!
Eddie Butler sounds like he's off 'allo 'allo
Can't wait to hear how Eddie Butler says Scott Spedding to make him sound french
Can somebody please tell Eddie Butler that kockott is not French
One of the best things watching England beat Italy on was the absence of the utterly useless Eddie Butler commentating.
Only Eddie. Butler can make Rory Kockott's surname sound like hes a pure frenchman.
Eddie Butler should do the French tutoring on Rosetta Stone, really knows how to spice up a name
I miss the days of when Sébastien Chabal played for France, hearing Eddie Butler growl & purr out the name Shaa-balll.
Eddie butler putting on a french accent still makes me laugh
I love Eddie Butler but his over pronunciation of the names is a bit grating today.
love the way that Eddie Butler is saying Kockott with a french twang- he's a ruddy South African
Eddie Butler has pronounced name differently every time he's touched the ball. That takes some doing!
Mixture of Irelands suffocating tackling and Eddie Butler is a tough watch.
Eddie Butler is hard-core Frenching up Rory Kockott's name here. Does he know he's South African?
Anyone else sniggering like a schoolboy every time Eddie Butler has to say "cockoff" ?
Wife (is currently getting very annoyed at Eddie Butler's over emphasised french pronounciation
I say this every 6 nations but why does eddie butler pronounce fofana and kayser with a french accent! They're new Zealanders!
I don't know how Eddie Butler puts up with it!
If I hear Eddie Butler try and say one of the Irish players name in a French accent again
We can do without Eddie Butler and his Allo Allo pronunciation thank you!
Is 'Bonjamon Kaiseer' as Eddie Butler just called him actually Benjamin Kayser the former hooker?!
Why does Eddie butler try and pronounce every player with a French accent? Rory kockott isn't even French!
Eddie Butler needs to chill out with that outrageous French accent!!
Listening to Eddie Butler trying to say the new French players names is almost All Alloish
Eddie Butler trying to pronounce French names is one of the more amusing aspects of the six nations.
Sounds like Eddie Butler did well in his French O Level at School back in the day
Does eddie butler's french intonation on the french players name annoy anyone else??
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Eddie Butler is probably one of the worst commentators in Rugby, and Brian Moore.
I hate the way Eddie Butler over enunciates the French players names - your from Newport not Nantes you nob.
I see Eddie Butler is still favouring that Inspector Clouseau commentary style when pronouncing French players names
I've missed Eddie butler's pronunciations of the French names
Streaming the rugby on my laptop and watching football on T.V on mute makes it sound like Eddie Butler is commentating on the F.A Cup.
Anyone else get annoyed by Eddie Butler’s over-pronunciation of the French names?
Eddie Butler just can't help finessing it - pronouncing Zebo like it's Zibeau
Did Eddie Butler just say Clermont was in the Basque region?
Why is Eddie Butler using a French accent for Kockett?! He's South African!!
Why is Eddie Butler pronouncing Rory Kockott's name with a French accent?
why doesn't Eddie Butler pronounce the Irish players names with an Irish accent?
Can't deal with Eddie Butler when he's commentating on a French match.
Eddie Butler loves a good french name
Could listen to Eddie Butler's BBC rugby narrations all day. The finest writer to pictures since Kev Gearey
Wonder Eddie Butler ever gets tired of unnecessarily over pronouncing every French players name. I know I do
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Eddie Butler's pronunciation of O'Mahony's name is so unnecessary...
Eddie Butler's pronunciation of Rory Kockott and Teddy Thomas is a thing of beauty
can someone PLEASE tell eddie butler that his fake French accent is PANTS! Bring back the ref mic, can switch the *** off
Eddie Butler loves the Celts doesn't he? Try as he might he cannot remain entirely neutral
Eddie Butler once again making the rugby watching public question just WHY is he still in a job!?!?
Eddie Butler - I demand you say the irish players names in an irish accent like you do with the french. Only fair.
Why is Eddie Butler persisting in pronouncing Rory Kockott's name like it's French...he's South African
To the villages missing their *** Sky & BBC have rounded them up for you in Ugo Monye, Dewi Morris & Eddie Butler
Hype, cameras, action as England down Wales on stellar first night | Eddie Butler via
Eddie Butler sings gospel track Together We Are One as Israel & Palestine rent by the second Intifada.
How I wish I had the voice of Eddie Butler.
Jonathan Davies and Eddie Butler feeling the pain of this game
Finally got Welsh commentary. Eddie Butler, don't know who Saffa is, thank goodness no Brian Moore... but now I have Jonathan Davies.?
Schalk Brits sounds like he's had enough of Jonathan Davies and Eddie Butler already!!!
why is Eddie butler so anti Welsh the man is and English wanna be, rant over
Eddie Butler on Richie McCaw: "Ridiculously good. A legend, a theory-smasher."
New Zealand and Richie McCaw produce old cunning to confound Wales | Eddie Butler: Just when W... Comment
Why does eddie butler seem to take so much pleasure in wales losing? Dread it when he commentates on games
i was looking forward to the autumn internationals then i find out Eddie butler commentating and that ruins my day
Eddie butler is a feckin joke how can he say NZ dominated it get him off commentary the closet English man
Eddie butler is a shocking commentator
is Eddie Butler really welsh? he NEVER has anything positive to say about the Welsh team. Hate him commentating
I do hate Eddie Butler and Brian Moore though👊
Why does Eddie butler sound so pleased Wales have lost the match!!
Eddie Butler really is the worst type of "Welsh"man loves 2 C Wales under achieving.Of course his generation were trailblazers weren't they!
Is Eddie Butler really Welsh because he sounds so smug and chuffed when we re losing
Every time Eddie Butler asks Brian Moore for his man of the match choice, you down a pint
Wish Eddie Butler would stop asking Brian Moore for his man of the match, he hasn't a scooby do!
"Who needs Dan Carter?" asks Eddie Butler. Hear the shouts of "me" across the hemispheres.
Eddie Butler doesn't sound impressed with Brian Moore's choice of man of the match.
eddie butler is PROBABLY the worst commentator on earth
Why do we have Eddie butler commentating on welsh rugby for a so called Welshman he is so negative
Not sure who's more annoying,Eddie Butler or John inverdale.
Doesn't Eddie Butler's voice just make you want to smash something? ...Preferably HIM!
how much is Eddie butler paid to speak nonsense and call players by the wrong name! Muppet!
Eddie Butler needs to shut the f up
As of its not bad enough - we've still got to listen to Eddie Butler!!
Gr 😡 Eddie Butler really gets on my nerves!!! You'd never think he was Welsh!!!
Completely impartial commentary from Eddie Butler - not! Normal service is resumed
Fantastic try from Barrett. Any chance we could hold on now please? Just to annoy Eddie Butler as much as anything.
Eddie butler "SBW making Roberts look small" Roberts has carried very well today
Is there an app to keep the Eddie Butler commentary but mute Brian Moore?
Eddie butler you are so biased it's untrue you sheep shaggin ***
Eddie Butler having a bit of a bad commentator day today. Calling Jake Ball Charteris and Lydiate Davies and Halfpenny Biggar.
Quick, somebody get Eddie Butler a telescope
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Eddie Butler struggling not to be a fan. Again.
get that *** of a commentator eddie butler off my tv!!! He's got more things wrong than uk government!!!
Has guffgate affected Eddie Butler's ability to remember people's names?
There is preference and then there is rampant bias. Eddie Butler should not be allowed to commentate on wales games.
Please can someone tell Eddie Butler what the difference between the Belgium and German flag?
Love the fact Eddie Butler can't tell the difference between a Belgian flag and a German one!
just got in cant wait!!! Eddie if you can do a better card than this i ll b ur butler for the day :)
Be nice if the red button muted Eddie Butler but not Brian Moore
Eddie Butler and Brian Moore are the commentary match made in heaven.
This two games at once business is messing with my head. I'm watching the Irish game but can hear Eddie Butler talking about the Welsh scrum
Does Eddie Butler know that Charteris is on the bench?
can someone please tell Eddie Butler that Charteris is on the bench!
why does Eddie Butler keep mentioning Luke Chartaris ! He's on the bench !! Twice now
Rockies should trade Cargo Tom Murphy Raimel Tapia & Eddie Butler to Phillies for Hamels Brown Bastardo & Revere
“Can't believe Eddie Butler keeps referring to Luke Charteris when he's not playing” U said Biggar kicked when it was 1/2p !
Brian Moore & Eddie Butler do my fecking head in. and Wayne Barnes reffing to top it all!! :-(
Eddie Butler-"Scott Williams calling for Jamie Roberts to come inside him". Yes Scotty, you and 50 daffodil hat slags in tiger tiger later.
Money's in any Howard trade. I want prospects, not savings. But, it's Eddie Butler, David Dahl, and Raimel Tapia.
RHPs Christian Bergman & Eddie Butler have been added to the Salt River Rafters roster.
Big win for Legends Eddie Butler,Ryan Jones,Martyn Williams,Colin Charvis latest signings to the team!
Eddie so is Butler why not suit him up was the best WR we had in Preseason
I can't believe Eddie Jordan asked that question with a straight face
Who will win the league? Eddie Butler "Bath. Or Leicester. Or Saracens. Or Northampton. Or Harlequins. But for no good reaso…
I would not mind stuart barnes or eddie butler or Brian Moore. But I like the South African hugh bladen. The game looks good!
bloody *** the only other git we had was Eddie Butler.
Eddie Butler was not at his best (or worst) in Game 1 of Tulsa's playoff series. 5 IP, 6 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 3 SO. 86 pitches, 49 strikes.
Eddie Butler's night is done for the His final line: 5IP, 6H, 2ER, 2BB, 3K, 1HBP on 86 pitches (49 strikes).
Eddie Butler leaves after 5 IPs.Tonight was microcosm of his season ;looked good for most part, but undone by few bad pitches
receive 8 straight balls from Eddie Butler, with the 2nd walk with the bases loaded. It's 1-1, top 5.
Eddie Butler walks Kaleb Cowart with the bases loaded. 1-1 T5, 1o
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Interesting pitching matchup for playoff opener as Eddie Butler and Drew Rucinski each were in 1 major league game this year.
Stressful day so don't mind if I do
I can't wait to hear ms butler's voice welcoming us back to school tomorrow
Eddie Mair or, at a push, Billy Butler and Wally Scott for me.
Going to have to go to bed despite the dulcet tones of Eddie Butler presenting a documentary on the First World War in Wales.
When did Wales last have its own army? » Eddie Butler on those who've fought for the country.
"terrible reporting by WBOC journalist Tyler Butler"
The will counter with Eddie Butler in Game 1 on Wednesday. Tyler Anderson will start Gm 2 on Thursday.
► Eddie Butler uncovers tales of life in Porthmadog during » Welsh Towns At War. Wales. 10.35pm
googled Win Butler + Jack Black got pics of Win with Eddie Vedder instead. I really can't complain.
Got a preview copy of Eddie Butler's novel The Head of Gonzo Davies. It's rather good as would be expected from a great r…
Great from Eddie Butler - The unloved regions sums it up. As WRU CEO says - The regions must re-invent & re-launch.
Eddie Butler - "The Blues, Dragons, Ospreys and Scarlets...are generally unloved. Spectator numbers say so." As uncontroversial as ever!
Two more TV shows to look out for this week. Tuesday at 2235 on BBC1 Wales, Eddie Butler looks at Porthmadog...
What do Eddie Butler, Belinda Bauer & Harry Bingham all have in common? . They're all coming to the 2014 Penarth Book Fest. . How about you?
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“Who's one celebrity that you would praise The Lord if their nudes leaked? 👀”Eddie Butler
Tickets on sale for our autumn events Sarah Waters, Kate Mosse, Charles Spencer, Rachel Joyce, Eddie Butler...
Rockies Prospects: Justin Morneau looks good in rehab start, Eddie Butler ... - Purple Row:
Huw Edwards and Eddie Butler is the commentary dream team.
Eddie Butler, an excellent live commentator, well done BBC. And Huw Edwards, one of the finest broadcasters of his generation.
Looking forward to another classic BBC review, cue Eddie Butler? Let's hope so
Just watching the playback of opening ceremony Huw Edwards tee'd it up perfectly! Eddie Butler usual brilliance w language too
Gary Lineker really can't wrap a match up. He's terrible. I'd rather the BBC got Eddie Jordan or Eddie Butler in JUST to do that.
No kidding. Hard to believe he's only as old as Eddie Butler.
We’re talking and Eddie Butler with George Frazier next!
have Jon Gray, Eddie Butler, and now Kyle Freeland coming.
For Rockies, call-up of top prospect Eddie Butler isn't cut-and-dry: This season is different. Down at Double-...
keeper league, drop Jon Gray for Eddie Butler?
Jon Gray, Eddie Butler and your first round draft should do it!
Johnathan Gray will have a bigger fantasy impact than Eddie Butler in 2014. True or false?
Buzzing for my friend Paul butler I guarantee he will beat stuey hall the weekend an it's no shame as the kids a class a…
Just a reminder, Paul Butler fights for a world title this weekend. Paul turned pro 3 months after Kell Brook first became a…
Jonathan Gray, Eddie Butler, and Dan Winkler from Tulsa Drillers. Randall Grichuk at Memphis. Carlos Correa at Lancaster
fast eddie butler And Jonathan Gray..rox gotta get off their butts and un-prospect them. Also ready to see how hi dahl can go.
If the are about to shake-up their rotation with Eddie Butler or Tyler Matzek, the choice will be murky:
New Creation Outreach was blessed to Speak to The Bread of Life Outreach today in Kansas City, Kansas Pastor Kevin Roman Pastor Eddie Butler Jr
I try to tell people there is more to the system than just Jon Gray and Eddie Butler.. lol
Matzek was next in line to replace Morales, but he gave up 8ER in 4.1IP today. Enter Eddie Butler
Any chance Rockies call up Eddie Butler for Franklin Morales or does the super two make them wait?
Just saw where the Cubs would want at least the Rockies prospect, Eddie Butler, who it turns out went to Radford
I have heard in two different places that Eddie Butler will make his MLB debut in Frank Morales spot next week for the Colorado Rockies.
Franklin Morales opened the door wide open for Eddie Butler this afternoon. Tonight, Eddie Butler...had the shortest outing of his season
This is the slowest Eddie Butler-pitched game I've seen. It's taken 1:40 to get to T5, not that it's all his doing.
was actually trying to get to Tulsa for Eddie Butler but my wife tweaked her back and slowed things down.
Eddie Butler any day now? If so, what will his value be like?
All purpose parts banner
It's nice to see pitcher Eddie Butler signing autographs now just before he warms up -- not many starting pitchers do that
Pro baseball: Is tonight pitcher Eddie Butler's last start before Rockies' call-up? via
Gray is obviously off limits (if Shark isn't involved anyway), Eddie Butler another top 50 arm...
do you think we'll see Eddie Butler in the majors this season?
These pre fight montages are epic almost the calibre of Eddie Butler's 6 nations masterpieces
Calling Mr. Butler, Mr. Eddie Butler we have a rotation spot waiting for you.
Paging Eddie Butler or Tyler Matzek or Jamie Moyer . anybody else. down 4-0 with Morales on hill.
Hopefully this is Morales' last start and Eddie Butler will take his spot
Is prospect Eddie Butler gearing up for his last minor league start today?
this crazy French commentator is already talking more sense than Stuart Barnes & Eddie Butler
Tours for England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales threaten more madness | Eddie Butler
if morales struggles today any chance Eddie Butler gets called up for morales' next start against the dodgers?
Eddie Butler pitches today, would match up perfect for morales' next start against the dodgers. Any chance that happens?
Prospect Roundup: Tyler Matzek on the verge of being promoted, but is he most deserving? by
🎂happy birthday Eddie!! Have a fabulous day love the Butler's 😄😄😄
If you don't remember Eddie Jones or don't remember that Caron Butler or Lamar Odom were ever on the Heat, you won't appreciate this as much
Ya ' ll remember when Eddie House AND Eddie Jones used to play for the Heat ? && Caron Butler AND Rasual Butler . . . AND Brian Grant ? Okay
If MLB's Super Two deadline is an issue for with Eddie Butler, that date should be mid-June (plus a week to be safe). So not yet...
Is pitching prospect Eddie Butler gearing up for his last start in Tulsa?
Toulon and Munster try to be humble before Heineken Cup semi-final | Eddie Butler: Toulon are going for the Fr...
In the minors. Maybe Jonathan Gray or Eddie Butler can be that guy this summer, Shayne.
The Rockies are so interesting because of their potent lineup and Eddie Butler and Jonathan Gray just a call away
Their end of year staff should be much more exciting w/ Jonathan Gray & Eddie Butler.
Sounds like Eddie Butler could start the year with while Jonathan Gray begins Key words: start&begins
. really like Jonathan Gray and Eddie Butler. If Colorado threw in Tulo and Gonzalez, would you give them Pablo?
By Tyler Maun / ESPN Denver - Hope to see you soon. That’s the message on the minds of Rockies fans today, as the team announced top prospects Eddie Butler and Jonathan Gray have been sent to minor league camp to finish off their spring training.
Brian Moore used to be similar but Eddie Butler gave him the smack down a few times so he's much better now
If I kick the bucket early I want the tribute written by Alastair Down and narrated by Eddie Butler
Dear Auntie Beeb,could you do us long suffering rugby fans a favour (especially the English) and get rid of that prat Eddie Butler..ta
oh the joy of Philip Matthews and Eddie Butler in one commentary team... What have we done to deserve it.
Jonathan Gray and Eddie Butler. Dude from MLB Tonight compared him to Gerit Cole with nastier stuff.
BBC Sport commentator Eddie Butler narrates some of the thrills and spills from the opening weekend of the 2014 Six Nations.
France finally find mercurial form and run with it to hurt England | Eddie Butler via
Dickerson, Blackmon, Stubbs. Need one to have big year if a primary starter. Eddie Butler or Jonathan Gray in rotation
It's not a montage without the voice of Eddie Butler or Jeremy Irons!
Wales sparkled but the end result is still the same as Australia triumph | Eddie Butler: Wales... Comment
That ref has joined Eddie Butler on "my list"
Quade Cooper had a great game. Almost good enough to make me put up with Eddie Butler for more than a few minutes at a time...
Eddie Butler has called Rhodri Williams Rhodri Jones three times now.
shame that can't be said about the commentator! Why oh why do they persist with Eddie Butler?
"sheer brilliance" geese it's like I'm talking too Eddie butler!
Eddie Butler - not in the team, not in the crowd, not on the b*y telly!
Any chance of being at all unbiased Eddie Butler?
Dear Justin Marshall has been an outstanding commentator, can we get rid of Eddie Butler now?
for those moaning about the Aussie commentator u know how the rest of us feel listening to Eddie Butler & Jonathan Davies!
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Aus v Wales amazing game ruined by usual Eddie Butler biased, not knowing the rules crap...
yep like a hero when they come off look a muppet when they don't Eddie butler is commentary is spoiling a class game
Justin Marshall to Eddie Butler, after he pointed out a push: 'Come on Eddie, it's not the round ball came.' Love it.
Fantastic rugby and now Eddie Butler is going soft! Good call Justin :-)
Eddie butler has got to be the most biased commentator on tv. He's shocking.
Eddie Butler is the last commentator you want backing your country when you're down a few points
we need a Welsh commentator for our games dunno where Eddie butler is from but it certainly isn't Wales.
Eddie Butler's voice is like honey.
Eddie Butler does my head in, I'm sure he hates Wales
yet again Eddie Butler is a cheerleader for his team rather than an objective commentator. Sort him out or get rid!
You don't see Eddie Butler being arrogant when Wales scores but then Australia scores and the pig acts as if they just beat NZ or something.
I like Eddie Butler but I'm not sure it's a great trait in a commentator to get tongue-tied at exciting moments.
Impressed at Eddie Butler's and Martyn Williams' discipline. I woild have smacked this biased Aussie commentator in the gob by now.
Eddie Butler just can't bring himself to say anything positive about anyone playing against Wales. So one eyed.
I get aroused when eddie butler says "George North"
Eddie Butler please climb up your own ars and die... You wannabe English ***
I wish would stop doing his aussie impression and start talking to Eddie Butler normally.
Eddie Butler you're a *** You are worse than that one eyed Brian Moore on commentary. Please quit asap.
Who is this Aus commentator?! He's as excited as a football pundit, we don't want any of that in rugby! Eddie Butler's calm tones only pls!
Hi could you be so kind and knock out that twerp Eddie Butler sat next to you!? What a *** !
'Dan Biggar gets it into the Austrailian half and out of play.. Rare moment' - Eddie Butler😂
What a try by word of that is a "brilliant try" from Eddie Butler (as with North's fortunate try)
Oh Eddie Butler, may your terrible "bantah" commentary be banished to the 7th level of ***
Eddie Butler shocked and stumbled there as Justin Marshall asked him a question about Australia
Eddie Butler's commentary is already as ridiculously biased as ever!
Shocking Eddie Butler trying to create BaBas commentary 1973 for George North try. Come on Wales
The match day programme has arrived. It's available at just £3 and includes an exclusive interview with Eddie Nolan. http…
Foking love a montage!.. Especially an Eddie Butler narrated montage!
Ooo an Eddie Butler montage is always top stuff!
These dramatic Eddie butler voice overs make me cringe
I want Eddie Butler to do the intro to our Xmas Dinner.
Eddie butler might aswell be english.. He is such a bell end!
if he doesn't what's the point in watching the game? Can't stand Eddie butler he bores me and then I drink excessively
Eddie Butler in the press room at the stadium getting ready for the match...still does not know who I am lol!
About to preview Wales v Australia on with Ian Robertson & Eddie Butler in the Millennium Stadium.
If they get rid of u then they have to get rid of Eddie Butler, I don't think I can watch the 6 nations without his montages.
Been thinking that Eddie Butler should have narrated The Lord of the Rings trilogy
if it was to get rid of Eddie Butler .
Eddie Butler-Bowdon providing a tour of the Art and Heritage Collection at Amazing!
Among your picks for the Prospect most likely to Break Out in 2014 were Miguel Sano, Gregory Polanco, Eddie Butler, George Springer & more
Caron butler my son Eddie jones , young Haslem wit the fro
Caron butler and Eddie house the biggest names I can think of before d wade came to the heat
I can’t compete, Richard. Eddie Butler drinks in my local, but no news on his lighting-up engagements
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