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Eddie Brock

Eddie Brock is a fictional character created by David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane.

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According to my sources, theres a chance it could flash tompsom venom and not eddie hoping for brock
I'm gonna be mad if MvCI doesn't have Eddie Brock Venom but it's some amalgamation of the symbiote and a Capcom character.
They just made a big push to make Eddie Brock venom again and are REALLY showcasing the out of control…
Venom AKA Eddie Brock. Drew him back in January and he really deserved a second shot.
Had no idea there was a Joe Lynch short about Eddie Brock (aka Venom) starring Ryan Kwanten doing a bad NY accent:
Bro, symbiote monster? Really? What, because he's not controlling Eddie Brock it doesn't count? Come on son.
Venom will Feature Eddie Brock's Wife & She-Venom According to Rumors -
Eddie Brock was strolling the loud and crowded streets of New York with nothing but his Symbiote in…
Eddie Brock's game could be reborn in the gender of your choice & you know all...
This is a self-contained story! So if you know or like Eddie Brock/Venom, you're good to dive in!. If not, check…
did you cry when Eddie Beat Brock for the title or just filled with joy?
"Evil" is a stretch. My Harley's Chaotic Neutral, like Deadpool or Venom (Eddie Brock.…
Lol I feel stupid I'm watching Spider-Man and they mentioned Eddie Brock in it how did I not see that
Would you be okay with Eddie Brock being integrated into the Agent Venom arcs?
Vote my song "THE RAPPER THUNDER on Mixtape 345 w/&
Eddie Brock transforming into Venom will have to make a set for myself 😂.
It hasn't been confirmed. However, I firmly believe that it'll be a mixture of 616 and Ultimate. C…
He has to if he's playing Eddie Brock
Topher Grace should have been Peter Parker from the beginning. Thomas Jane should've bee…
is not looking forward to Topher Grace as Eddie Brock
Can we go back to Eddie Brock being Venom? The only thing worse than Scorpion is Scorpion as Venom.
Flash Thompson is now the new host for Venom. He's a much better pick than MacGargan. But he'll never be better than Eddie…
Eddie Brock is so nice early in Season 1 of Spectacular Spider-Man I almost wonder if they had plans to take Venom down the anti-hero route.
Fox News should be embarrassed and shut down Eddie Brock in Spiderman 3-style
Eddie Brock only murdered Scott. The original hosts and the latest host were murdered by Scream and Carnage, respectively.
Venom will star Oscar-nominated Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and will be directed by Ruben Fleischer.
"We are sorry to say that Tom Hardy has declined the role of Venom, and Scar Jo will be picking up as Eddie Brock!"
Tom Hardy cast as Eddie Brock makes my balls tight
Venom Review - reverts Venom to its original numbering as Eddie Brock is reunited with the symbiote at long ...
Tom Hardy is Eddie Brock in a R rated Venom movie and I haven't even seen it yet but it's already the best comic book m…
Does the Tom Hardy casting as Eddie Brock in the Sony movie change your anticipation level?
05-20 James Bond: Ladbrokes suspend betting on becoming new 007
Peaky Blinders creator re-teams with for new BBC series Taboo
Meet the new Tom Hardy has been cast as Eddie Brock. Sony's Venom releases October 5, 2018. https:…
Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock has got to be a win.
🕸️Tom Hardy will play Eddie Brock in the new movie!🕸️
Tom Hardy is gonna be playing EDDIE BROCK in Sony's VENOM movie !. How excited are you ?
Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, I'm no longer worried about the Venom film. I legit said on stream this week I wanted Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy will play Eddie Brock aka VENOM in Sony's film Ruben Fleischer will be directing the film, kickstari…
The Venom movie has found its Eddie Brock: Tom Hardy. .
Me: meh Venom film is probably gonna be wack. Sony: its rated R and Tom Hardy is Eddie Brock . Me:
Tom Hardy is Eddie Brock in the upcoming film from Sony’s Marvel Universe releasing October 5, 2018 – production…
☑ Caffeinated Poll: How excited are you about Tom Hardy as "Eddie Brock" for the new Sony Pictures/Marvel Universe's…
Venom was pretty awesome. No more Flash Thompson, time for Eddie Brock to retake the symbiote!
No the only way to do him properly is either have Eddie Brock and Spider-Man, or go Agent Venom with war vet Flash Thompson
Venom is anti-hero. At least Eddie Brock Venom. Personally my fav anti-hero from Marvel would be Punisher, but Venom's cool too
There's a new Marvel Titans bundle coming out with Agent Venom, Anti-Venom, and Carnage. Even mentions Eddie Brock.…
"I already have a Canon Eddie Brock/Venom, but thanks for asking. Now Blocked.")
I liked a video from Peter Parker vs. Eddie Brock ''Photo Montage - Double Money -
Eddie Brock is a devout Christian. (Of a sort). He is constantly going to churches, now that I know to look for it, I see it.
I've always loved the Character. (Eddie Brock) . But reading the Anti-Venom storyline, I found a facet I never noticed.
Scott McElroy Eddie Brock as he used to be.
Anti-Venom was the best version of Eddie Brock. Fight me.
I just found out that Hank Azaria played Eddie Brock in the Spider-Man cartoon and that's cool.
Love the show am watching Brock vrs eddie based on episode thanks for reminding me of such great wrestling
What a cool detail to include. As Black Suit Spidey sneaks up on Shocker and Eddie Brock, his shadow is in the form…
Making Flash Thompson a weak, rich, and smug bully is like making Eddie Brock a weak, pathetic, and spineless reporter. Oh wait.
right off the bat I'm thinkin Poison Ivy, Eddie Brock, Deadshot, Abomination, Red Hood, Storm, Gorilla Grodd and Black Cat.
A3: The best I ever felt was when Eddie Guerrero beat Brock for the WWE title in 04. I was elated on so many levels.
We got Eddie Brock on the decks, where you at?
Joker is the best Batman Villain but spidy had three Villains on that level Norman Ott…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
people gonna come at you for this but he's very good. That call when Eddie won the title from Brock >>>>
So far I have: Ronda and Eddie T, Brock Lesnar's "coaches", Eddie Alvarez with the Blackzillians...
If Eddie Brock asked God to kill Spider-Man, would it be wrong to ask the same favor for that trump guy? 🤔
Kaid Brock with some unreal defense.
Eddie vs Brock in 04 greatest up set in WWE HISTORY
His prime was probably 2002-2003 and part of 204 when he primarily wrestled Brock, Eddie, TBA, Rey. Not Rock, Austin, HHH.
I just loved that Eddie Brock Venom face. I want an entire series just full of that with this artist
Brain Farm on Instagram: “For Eddie. For Brock. For Surfing. Congrats to for mak
Eddie Brock wants to emulate Spider-Man, but continually bullies Peter Parker...
24. WM 20 - so much potential but Brock/Goldberg and Kane/taker were both let downs. Still 3 top 100 matches. Benoit & Eddie titles are big.
Don't miss Eddie Brock at Subterra tomorrow night!
Venom/Eddie Brock is one of the ebst Marvel Characters, and that is a fact
Lesnar vs Eddie ?? Lesnar vs Angle believe me Brock can wrestle
I'm glad the diversified their cast. Don't think Flash needed to be Indian though. I would have liked an Eddie Brock too..
Austin would be the only other logical person. Eddie and Benoit are dead and Brock wouldn't wanna talk for that long.
I just want Eddie Brock to be in Spider-Man ps; but will his character be the same or different
who inducts Kurt? His biggest rivals are either deceased (Eddie, Benoit) or can't talk (Brock)
yeah it was great that's when him Benoit Eddie and brock were all on SD
congratulations to you the greatest ring performer of all-time. Your match's with Eddie guerraro Brock lesner long overdue
will eddie Brock's Character be the same or different same with other characters like green goblin for
📷 Today’s Eddie Brock of the day is brought to you by: Casually bumming money from coworkers
not the best show, but what a lineup! Hardys, Jericho, Brock, Flair, Eddie, Benoit, Trish S, Hogan, Angle, Undertaker, HHH. 😄
I added a video to a playlist Brock Lesnar Vs Eddie Guerrero
smackdown was the better show in the early 2000s with him as champ in his feuds with Brock and Eddie.I'm so happy he's back
Kurt's matches with Brock, Shawn, Eddie, Undertaker, Stone Cold, AJ Styles, Joe, were so good, it can't be un-good
Triple H, Cena, or Brock. Any of those would be an amazing match.
My first choice would've been Eddie Guerrero, but barring that.Brock Lesnar. Epic WM19 match.
For Example, if they do Venom but it's not Eddie Brock. They skip to Harry Osborn or Flash Thompson. Then Carnage Gwen.
Brock Turner faced 14 years in prison, but was sentenced to 6 months, and got out in 3 months. This, my friends, is white…
This is very different from say, Topher Grace as Eddie Brock - *that* guy wasn’t good for the role.
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Brock Turner was in jail for about as long as my children were on summer vacation. .
Brock Turner probably paid less in court fines for rape than I did that one time for three joints lmfao.
Its people in jail for weed and brock turner is out after 3 months smh
Brock Turner was released from jail today for "good behavior," after serving just 3 months of his 6-month sentence.
Brock Turner: Stanford sex attack swimmer freed from jail -
Brock Turner isn't a "former Stanford swimmer," he's a rapist that knows how to swim. Stop callin' him by his hobby. Call…
There was stuff in my fridge when Brock Turner went to jail that's still there.
Martha Stewart served more jail time than former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner: (Photo: AP)
Brock Turner gets 3 months for rape, Ramsey Orta who taped Eric garner murder get 4 years!?
My brother brock.little pulling into a barrel at Waimea bay in the 1991 Eddie Aikau contest.
I looked up at her from my seat and I nodded. "Yea.. Actually I am." I said and held my hand out. "Eddie Brock Jr."
Throwback Thursday. LeSchae Eddie Brock Wafford on the beat and my flow is as sharp as a razors edge... 󾓑
Amazing Spiderman 300 (first appearance of Venom aka Eddie Brock) CBCS 9.6 (signed by Stan "the…
This week on Geeky Gentlemen we discuss the Eddie Brock/Venom fan film Truth In Journalism
Before he meets and joins with Eddie Brock.ffs shut up Chris
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Eddie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar | WWE SmackDown Wrestling. watch video :I do...
I liked a video Eddie Guerrero beats Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship: This Week in WWE History,
Newest addition to the collection, my personal favorite Marvel character Eddie Brock
Joseph Presley is 23. . Admitted to molesting a 7 y/o. Attorneys call the 23 y/o "a boy.".
Yeah that store is a little behind, they made wrestlemania figs. Elites: Brock and Taker Basics: Reigns, Razor, Eddie and
Would you like to be cast as Eddie Brock/venom in spider man homecoming.
This *** Brock Turner does 3 months for RAPE, but I know ppl that have gotten YEARS for possession on marijuana. S…
Stanford rapist Brock Turner set to get out of jail early on Friday for 'good behavior'
In high school my parents caught me drinking and I was grounded for longer than Brock Turner has been in jail.
would be a great Eddie Brock, make it happen
pfft, you were expecting accuracy in that show? Eddie Brock's not even in it.
I mean.. Brock already looks like Eddie before the cancer...
Hey. Al Simmons. Eddie Brock would like his teeth back.
Paul Heyman offers to pay Brock's $500 fine... in $1 bills, to the disgust of Stephanie.
And then back to his rightful owner, Eddie Brock.
Bryan going over , it's Eddie vs Brock all over
I remember Eddie whoopin his *** for the title, no one thought he'd beat Brock lol
do you think that David and Goliath match was Eddie Guerrero vs Brock lesner?
Just remembered the best one. The Woman In Red with Kelly La Brock! I wanted to be Gene Wilder after that movie. lol!
Eddie winning the Championship against Brock at No Way Out '04! 😏🔥
: "Flashback to that time when Eddie Brock/Venom decided to try their hand and skills at professional wrestling." 😂😂
Comic of the day from Sensational Spiderman comes the 2 part "the last temptation of Eddie brock" a great, real gem of a brock/venom story.
Look out for eddie brock on this upcoming project
Question. In your opinion , who's the better (Venom), Eddie Brock or Flash Thompson?")
Eric Forman, Eddie Brock, Matt Franklin. You have played great roles. You know my uncle met you...
they toss out a bunch of options. JJJ, Eddie Brock, doc oc, THE CHAMELEON
Can we please get a Sony/MCU incarnation of Eddie Brock as Anti-Venom one day
thats like Eddie's reverse on Brock.
i'm so happy that there's gonna be a Venom movie Eddie Brock needs to be appreciated
I loved your take on Carnage. A pig of a man whose only real greatness was being in a cell with Eddie Brock.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Marshall Tom Wighty Figgy Eddie Brock Hawke Harry if he's still here.
damnnn... eddie Brock gots no followers
Premier Geoff Brock & Eddie Hughes meet with unions and Arrium workers in Whyalla.
Symbiote Trivia Time: how many life sentences did Cletus Kasady have while he was jailed with Eddie Brock?
I could also see Daniel Radcliffe as Eddie Brock if you dyed his hair blonde. I think he could pull off Venom pretty well.
Oologah (Okla.) WDE Brock Martin picks up another offer
looking like you're Eddie Brock, I'm still Venon 'tho (& still high from a date on Saturday ...Thunder/Spurs).
Im one with the symbiote call me eddie brock
I think he's very good and has been for years. His call of Eddie/Brock in 03 is an all timer.
For Venom, I'd say Brock Lesner. He looks like 616 Eddie Brock, and I could definitely see him in a Venom suit with some CGI.
❝You hate the spider, I hate the spider. I think we can work something out.❞. || Eddie Brock. Not really new. Hi.
and by Eddie Brock I mean flash tomphson
an issue from the Venom Run that started in 2011 that has Eddie Brock take on the symbiote as Agent Venom!
Eddie can hit frog splash to beat Brock but Owens can't on zayn?
It depends on the iteration of Spider-Man but yes the original Eddie Brock was a rival reporter to Peter Parker.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Eddie Guerrero, he put HIM over his former chosen one Brock Lesnar, he was once considered a "vanilla Midget" But yes I agree.
Really want to write with the following. — Mary Jane. — Gwen Stacy. — Felicia Hardy. — Eddie Brock. — Harry Osborn. GB! Versions are accepted
Aand I bought the carnage comic involving him vs the FBI and the Eddie Brock Toxin...sigh
sure you have seen it 1000 times but Eddie vs Brock 2004
Captain America, Falcon, Eddie Brock , the Tick and Mr. Fantastic all in one movie... 'Playing it Cool'
(c) Agent Venom was able to overcome the evil that is venom. Unlike the first time around with Eddie Brock as the host. (c)
I hope this leads to a redemption of the black suit n my favorite comic character venom(Eddie Brock)
I Am Venom Spider-Man, No. 3 Eddie Brock Is Down on His Luck. He Lost the Girl of His Dreams and His Job at the
Eddie Guerrero beautifully counters an F5 from Brock Lesnar
If we are talking of Eddie Brock, Then Brock wins: )
Spider-man AU where everything is the same except Eddie Brock works at Staplers
I mean you could convince him to try and make a blog like Brock
No lie I been saying since back when Spiderman 3 was 1st announced that why wasn't Brock lesnar cast as Eddie brock/Venom!?
Eddie Brock's Venom is no doubt the most badass villain in all of Marvel
Eddie Guerrero beating Brock Lesnar at No Way Out in 2004 was the greatest wrestling moment in history
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OH MAN, Mewes can be pre-Venom Eddie Brock. This is actually kind of brilliant.
only venom I have heard of is Eddie Brock. But the stand alone film is him vs Carnage allegedly
I wanna start something like Eddie Brock, they angry!!
Anti-Venom is ONLY Eddie Brock because it is fused in his blood but. Who's Venom then
please put Eddie Brock on ultimate spider man please?
For Eddie. For Brock. For Surfing. makes history on the ocean's biggest stage.
Day 3 of daily 2 mile hike! I always go alone: that way, if I get lost or stranded, I won't resort to cannibalism... ht…
Five years ago today, premiered. Our buttholes tightened, and nothing was ever the same.
Eddie Brock's game could be invisible, what would you do that to a cheap soap opera, isn't.
Eddie Brock – The Beast (Video) . I just heard the Eddie Brock joint over on Flip the Script ...
Eddie Brock was the best venom host
.Might have killed my favorite character, Eddie Brock, today, but American Kaiju makes up for it. 🇺🇸
The post credits scene would be Eddie Brock becoming exposed to the black suit, and sets up Venom as a villain for a future movie.
Topher Grace is fine as Eddie Brock, but he's really bland as Venom.
20 had some iconic matches and that lasting image of Eddie and Chris. But Goldberg vs Brock lmao
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Yo, what if they introduce Eddie Brock in Daredevil Season Three as a photographer at the New York Bulletin? That'd be dope.
Symbiote suit in the Ultimate comics Eddie Brock Sr had the symbiote stored in there after he died and left it for his son
I don't care if he has nothing in common with Eddie Brock, will always be my Venom.
new single from eddie brock of KING MIDAS CLIQUE!
Eddie Brock was like "give me some of that web slinging action". Lmao spiderman grabbed the camera with his web and threw it at the wall
. Looks like flash Thomson . Peter quill and Eddie Brock all at same time
But is it is it the Eddie Brock or Flash Thompson Venom
I still desperately want a Flash Thompson, Eddie Brock and Kaine Parker miniseries.
I grew up with Eddie Brock so I'll always have a soft spot for him too, but Flash Thompson is the absolute man.
Reminder that more people are reading a book Eddie Brock is in over Flash Thompson's own book.
So you'll name drop Flash Thompson, but not Eddie Brock? Okay, I see how it is.
Twelve years ago today, Eddie Guerrero beat Brock Lesnar to win his first wwe championship...RIP Eddie you are missed. Btw thanks Goldberg
A Look Back at Eddie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar, Teaser for Edge & Christian at
Eddie's match against Brock Lesnar for the WWE (undisputed) title was so good! I'm remember going crazy when he won lol
watch Wwe history of the week Eddie vz Brock
Armie hammer I think would make a pretty good Eddie Brock / Venom.
lmbo it was bad bro. Eddie Brock weighed 3 lbs & they idea of Peter turning bad was dancing down the street in black😩😂
I give him Venom cause Eddie Brock and now Flash Thompson have had some good story arcs with the suit.
also, I think would make a fantastic Eddie Brock.
Huh, Eddie Brock is a little claustrophobic, that's new
they shouldve saved Venom for Spiderman 4 & just introduced Eddie Brock & left us with a cliff hanger but movies hadnt progressed
I think Agent Venom is pretty interesting, but I still prefer Eddie Brock.
Setting off 2016 with New Music. No Turning Back featuring Eddie Brock of the Epixx and…
😂😂😂 them guys tried to kick my *** for sayin if they like Eddie Guerrero
Bebba is so Mary Jane in that pic, I'm asking myself if you're Peter Parker or Eddie Brock, you man with the camera, you.
Brand new from the west coast trade school feat eddie brock & dj pressure
No Turning Back Feat. Eddie Brock of the Epixx & DJ Pressure, by West Coast Trade School
May each day of the New Year bring happiness, good cheer and sweet surprises ... Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! May this year bring more joy and happiness than the last.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Remember when we all freaked out over ASM: Renew Your Vows because Dan Slott said it was "the last story of Eddie Brock?" Ha, good times...
Happy New Year to you too, my droogs! May 2016 bring more Eddie Brock!
did you also tell her that it's not Venom because Topher Grace was a terrible casting choice for Eddie Brock?
Though Eddie Brock did come back in the main continuity, but he did die a lot during Secret Wars. HM
Eddie Brock bout to eat the store is beast
The Game album covers remind me of Spiderman 3 when Eddie Brock make them photoshopped Black Spiderman Pictures 😂😂😂
"D-don't worry.. Big Brock is here for ya incase she happens to-". *She makes the trademark throat curdling noise, Eddie jolts
Eddie Brock was buff in the comic books, he had muscles..but they got a skinny actor to play him smh who does this casting?
Oh man, a Eddie Brock miniseries or something going into that would be amazing. He hasn't been in any ANAD book thus far I think.
Uh oh. I have thoughts about Eddie Brock.
His call of Eddie beating Brock is one for the ages. Spine tingling stuff and the night he "made it" for me.
drankin' n drivin's not so look on the It coulda been a lot She coulda got & went
Sitting on top of the church in the ANGST-RAIN. Eddie Brock is a ***
Congratulations to Trejon Jacob, and Faison Brock who received scholarship offers from Newberry College this afternoon.
Somehow got Eddie Brock AKA Venom without even realizing. I'll take it, thanks puzzle quest. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Who would sleep with Eddie Brock, though?
Three solutions to every problem: Accept it, change it or leave it. If you can't accept it, change it. If you can't chan…
Eddie Brock, TinTin, Paul Avery, Robyn Doolittle, Zak McKracken Nellie Bly in no particular order are why I want to be a journalist
No Way Out 2004, Brock Lesnar vs Eddie Guerrero was actually my childhood in one fight 😭
I'm watching Spider-Man 3 and I love how they did Venom, but Topher Grace was meant more for Eddie Brock ya feel
Venom/Agent Venom/Eddie Brock. Immune to penance stare. Can breathe in space. Knocked out Captain America. Help up a...
Which Venom? Because Ultimate version of Eddie Brock is the around the same age as Peter I believe.
My cousin got me a what if...comic where venom posses frank castle instead of Eddie Brock. It's exponentially better then Brock's arch.
I really love Eddie Brock but Flash Thompson is the best thing that happened to venom
I miss this old school Eddie Brock version of Venom I hate the storyline they have now with Flash Thompson.
Topher Grace was an absolutely terrible choice for Eddie Brock and Venom is Spider-Man 3. What were they thinking?!
If anything, they would keep Eddie Brock as Venom but they would have him take different forms like Agent Venom similar to Iron Man.
Flash Thompson Venom would not work in the MCU, only Eddie Brock would. Flash would still be in high school like Peter.
Eddie Brock, Flash Thompson, Mac gargan, rocket racoon, Groot,drax. And that's just the venom symbiote
Eddie Brock was terribly casted though that was a bad choice Sony should have just left sam raimi do his thing like TASM2 ..
I didn't see the newest one with Eddie Brock. (J)
A quick little ballpoint pen doodle of Eddie Brock.
Eddie Guerrero defeating Brock Lesnar at 2004 to become champion
when Eddie beats Brock for at Now Way Out 2004
I find it hilarious the depth's Marvel goes to attempt to stop people's Eddie Brock as Venom fandom.
But what they said about the Spidey movies were true. They reinvented classic characters like Peter Parker (as a skater) and Eddie Brock.
Eddie Guerrero winning the title against Brock Lesnar please.
*you get a new patient named Eddie Brock but people call him venom for his powers*hello crane or should I say scarecrow
Eddie Guerrero frog splashing Brock for the title. CM Punk blowing a kiss at Vince on the barricade with the title
The Amazing Spider-Man NM first McFarlane first Eddie Brock key issue!!
Remember when Eddie Guerrero captured the WWE Title when he defeated Brock Lesnar at No Way Out 2004? http:/…
for those that do not know my name is LeSchae Eddie Brock Wafford of THE EPIXX/ KING MIDAS CLIQUE. i am a...
"It's our name. . Oh! We also go by Eddie Brock, but the 'papers prefer Venom. 'S more catchy. We like it."
Just picked it up. If only I didn't have to work. In boxing will have to wait.
Daily reminder that Eddie Brock is the Venom symbiote's true love, not Peter, Gargan, or Flash.
maybe it could be a Eddie Brock and venom pop mixed in 1 like him being taken over by the Symbiote Venom
Eddie Brock's game could be invisible, what a *** smh
Eddie Guerrero is currently the last person to defeat Brock Lesnar by pinfall or submission for the WWE title.
venom gets put thru every type of *** n bounces back. I'll take my boy Eddie Brock over anybody.
With a teen Spiderman? Nah. He meets Eddie Brock at the Bugle later in life, wouldn't work story wise imo.
Do we know what's going to happen with Toxin/Eddie Brock for Secret Wars?
When do we get to see John Cena as Eddie Brock?
Requesting Eddie Guerrero celebrating his wwe title win over brock
stone cold. While punk is in the same as Eddie, Kurt angle, Daniel Bryan. Lmao brock and reigns should be a team
why you use a picture of Mac Gargan instead of Eddie Brock
the symbiote needs to be reunited with Mr. Eddie Brock please
Brock Osweiler stays in crocs and tucked in polos when not in a football uniform.
I can't look at justin bieber without thinking about Eddie, rn I'm just imagining Eddie on stage singing&dancing and it's…
I really want to find the 90s Venom issues where Eddie Brock takes on the name Rad Eddie and becomes an XTREME skateboarder.
Mexicans celebrated like crazy when Eddie Guerrero beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE championship
Venom was meant to be a woman. Eddie Brock got cancer + auction Venom to the Scorpion. Flash Thompson became Venom.
It was a really hard,but mine would be 1. Chris Jericho, 2. Shawn Michaels, 3. Eddie Guerrero, 4. Brock Lesnar, 5. Ric Flair
Eddie Brock of THE EPIXX vent 101 prod by THE EPIXX
Eddie brock got beats in abundance... Holler $$$
Brock Vereen joins the Bears’ goal-line defense (3 safeties). Looked like Eddie Goldman got a great push off the snap.
He had a Topher Grace/Eddie Brock Jr. vibe to him when he first appeared. Or so I felt.
Let me go get Parker or Eddie Brock on the Phone J.J .
how WWE should have booked Brock Lesnar vs Eddie Guerrero.
how bout Eddie's frogsplash on Brock from No Way Out 2004.
Peep our latest video with Planet Asia "Cup Over Filleth" ft Eddie Brock of the Epixx via .
•• Reviving this account . •• Looking for SLs. •• Possible ship with Eddie Brock or Bobby Drake . •• Mention or DM for plot
So far we've got Shia for. >Jason Todd. >Eddie Brock. >Stephen Strange. >Maxwell Lord. I like the Eddie Brock pick the most
He'd be a good Sentry too though.Jason Todd...Captain Atom.Superboy...Eddie Brock if he beefed up.
Peep our latest video for "Cup Over Filleth" with Planet Asia and Eddie Brock of the Epixx big shouts to
I quite liked Topher Grace as Eddie Brock serving as the *** counterpoint/inspiration for Peter though Venom isn't great.
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If they do though I want Topher Grace back as Eddie Brock
I seriously wanted to be in the room when they decided to cast Topher Grace as Eddie Brock.
so is Venom movie be out Flash Thompson or Eddie Brock!?
Eddie Brock is a cancer survivor. . Flash Thompson is an alcoholic.
well no one expected Eddie to beat Brock, even with Goldberg intervening.
My heart aches for you both!! I will not say a thing. It's not my place. Just know that no matter what happens Eddie Brock & Miley Noel Eckhart I love you both to the moon & back!!!
you should add Agent Venom or even eddie Brock venom. Anything involving a symbiote!
//I used to have a Toxin account. The cop died though and Eddie Brock became the host
wayyy too many. For starters, who's bright idea was it to cast Topher Grace as Eddie Brock?
Join Lara Croft in her new co-op adventure – Temple of Osiris out now for Xbox One, PC, & PS4. http:/…
"Eddie's been on it for weeks, we can barely get a glimpse of him" Eddie brock mentioned in spiderman?!
You've never seen Eddie vs Brock at No Way Out? I want Ziggler to get the title
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