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Ed Werder

Ed Werder (born May 3, 1960 in Longmont, Colorado) is a Dallas-based bureau reporter for ESPN, primarily reporting on stories about the NFL.

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Ed Werder now threatening to jump from top of Reunion Tower.
Cowboys working to get Dez more involved – Dez Bryant | DAL: According to ESPN's Ed Werder, the Cowboys are...
Josh Norman tells Ed Werder where opponents can find him Sunday: -
Tell Jeff, I am sure all of the Ed Werder followers out there are thinking of him and your family.
Redskins: Josh Norman tells Ed Werder - "My office is on the left side, hours are 1 to 4. You can make an appointment"via
Anyone else think Ed Werder at ESPN looks like he belongs on a new KFC commercial?
Ed Werder looks like the next Colonel Sanders on today, just needs the bolo.
According to ESPN's Ed Werder, the Cowboys are working to create new routes for Dez Bryant so that he can "get open quickly."
Ed Werder apparently putting his hat in the ring for the next Col. Sanders role.
Redskins CB Josh Norman told ESPN's Ed Werder that his "office is on the left side of the field, hours are 1 to 4."
Ed Werder changed his look to "that guy from Mythbusters." You gotta get a closer look at the game.
Ed Werder blocked me because he's terrible at takes and doesn't like being held accountable for said terrible takes.
Ed Werder referring to Antonio Brown as Antonio Bryant. Same thing. Happy Sunday.
oh I agree it is ,, I guess u didn't hear this argument
When Tim Tebow took a knee no one cared a black guy does it everyone is losing their mind
I told Tony Stewart his meme was misogynistic and I told Ed Werder to suck Brett Favre's ***
Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles could be out another week as he recovers from ACL surgery, per Ed Werder of ESPN.
Unassuming Cowboys reporter Ed Werder has had an astounding career in journalism
ESPN's Ed Werder reports Jamaal Charles (knee) could sit out again this week.
Louis you are the best thing to happen to ESPN since Ed Werder and Chris Mortensen. Luv you are the NFL Insiders.
oh *** no, Am I gonna have to unleash all my McDaniels hate onto Ed Werder?
Ed Werder talks about Terrance Williams having to shoulder some of the blame for not giving the C... - via App
Ed Werder be caping for them cowboys
I remember reading an article trying to cal lebron/curry the next bird/magic rivalry. Joke.
I've never been as excited about anything in my life as much as the guy from the swerve ball commercial is.
What did you name your printer after?
All this money spent on a new alarm system and yet I'm the only one woken up when it gets set off accidentally. Imagine my excitement.
After 3 hours is it still considered a nap or did I just go to bed at 4 in the afternoon?
David Wright back on the DL. In other words the sky is blue and the grass is green.
That o in hello really makes the difference when starting off an email.
ask me if I got a job after school though.
So "The Force Awakens" was 2 hours 15 minutes long but it couldn't squeeze in even ONE CGI dance number?. It's like th…
Dellavedova went for the ball alright
Yeah that's a good way to look at it. That being said swinging on 3-0 drives me up a wall
I have never understood the logic behind taking a 3 in transition. That's just bad basketball, no?
You're throwing the term comedian around very loosely.
they keep showing Melo and Kobe in ghostbusters uniforms like the movie isn't 4 women comedians trying to remake a classic
anytime I hear remake I already know it's going to be garbage. I don't need the garbage Knicks to get that point across.
Shaun Livingston reminds me of the guy from Captain Phillips.
Idk what's thinner, LeBron James' hair or the Cavs chances at winning?
To the woman driving the Mercedes, why brake at every speed bump when you're already going 6 mph?
I really feel for our pitchers. They never get enough run support unless they do it themselves.
See how the fans vote for the all star game? These are the same people that get to vote for president. Scary.
Safe to say Werder Bremen defender Jannik Vestergaard isn't having the best of times in Japan...
good. You've made the world a slightly better place
My jabroni sister, your wife, is trying to convince me a hot dog is a sandwich.
domain names
I resent my parents for never buying me Floam as a child.
Poor gorilla died because that moron parent raised another moron. One that will grow up to raise more morons. This is how Idiocracy happens.
Unpopular opinion: I don't like Curry, Klay, or Draymond Green. I find them all to be annoying.
Texting my old boss in Spongebob memes and hearing that he is very confused by it
Sure, Strasburg in 9-0. He's also faced Matt Harvey twice so there's that.
I have not trusted him since he blew 3 world series saves for us
Familia looks like he's been taking pitching advice from Harvey
I don't have a sneaker game. I wear shoes. I'm an adult.
Smack that . All on the floor . Smack that . Gimme some more . Smack that . Page 394 . Smack that . Ohhohhohhohh
My Memorial Day Weekend playlist is the Forrest Gump soundtrack and that's it. It's already perfect.
exactly! Guy makes a living off of having awful opinions
You can run and tell that. Homeboy.
Wait, Captain America:Civil War came out internationally last week? Who's gonna do something about this? ?
Eddie, you should change your light diffuser panels. They'll reduce the brightness and make a more natural lighting environment.
"I'm Ed Werder and I'm about to do supercocaine with Jerry Jones."
The women in my office are talking about General Hospital and I'm just sitting here like "Jon Snow, am I right"
It's way too bright at my desk right now. *** fluorescent lights
Maybe. Ed Werder was saying they feel like they can get Elliott 25+ touches but teams would avoid Ramsey. Which is terrible logic.
Hey Ed Werder: Who did the Jaguars pick in the 2nd round?. (via .
The best thing about a Space Jam 2 is that it will be yet another thing that MJ does better than Lebron
Ed Werder is wrong on that, by the way.
Todd McShay, Ed Werder and Mark Dominik break down how the trading up for the No. 1 pick affects the Draft
NFL: Dolphins consider trade with Eagles for CB Byron Maxwell and LB Kiko Alonso "dead" - Ed Werder, Chris Mortensen
Wow. Yea, Ed Werder just hit the second worst dab in the history of the world. Your title is safe for now, Frank Beamer.
Just turned on sport center and saw Ed Werder and Sal Paolantonio. I immediately shut off my tv.
for Saints news only Jay Glazer, Ed Werder, and sometimes Adam Schefter are the reliable sources
ESPN's Ed Werder reports Pagano told players to keep talk about moron play in-house. McAfee spoke about it today. Another failed assignment.
The Difference is Ed Werder knows stuff. Ian don't know nothing!
because Ed Werder would've just regurgitated everything Jerry Jones said
Familia has been pitching like what I picture Mariano and K-Rod's son would be
oh please, you act like the Mets have never blown a lead
I've got Le'veon Bell and Antonio Brown and I love dogs, so its safe to say I hope Vick gets his legs broken.
Ran into Ed Werder at Northpark Mall on Friday... Cool story huh?
Reporters have real lives too. There is pain in them. on family battle. It’s poignant. http…
why don't you just say that you're tired of Ed Werder? (I'm jk)
Did you notice Ed Werder going to the matte to defend the Cowboys on Hardy last Sunday. It was pathetic.
will be watching the game with Mets fans at liberty tavern Staten Island NY 382 forest ave.
I don't know about you... But I'm feeling AMAZIN right now... LETS GOT !!!
I swear to god if they take syndergaard out...
Y'all...have I mentioned I love Ed Werder?! He is about that life!!
Duda strikes out, take another shot. This is the drinking game I'm currently playing with my dad.
New plan, hit Turner and save ourselves the extra base
ESPN's Ed Werder told by source that Matt Cassel will start for Cowboys vs. Giants on Oct. 25th.
Word coming from Ed Werder that the Cowboys are somehow attached to this story too.
Report: Cowboys to consider starting C-Mike – Christine Michael | DAL: ESPN's Ed Werder reports the Cowboys will...
thanks for sharing Ed Werder, have a great Wednesday :) (insight by
The aggregator is not the source, Ed Werder is the source.
It's called sarcasm, plus Ed Werder is a Mort suck up
0-3 with Brandon Weeden under center has the turning to Matt Cassel at QB according to
holy crap is that why you're being trolly mctroll today? Ed Werder bruh
But Ed Werder will remain head cheerleader.
It's no secret that the talk ramped up the past two weeks. Ed Werder is the source (I don't Chris…
- ESPN's Ed Werder reports the Cowboys will use the bye week to consider making Christine Michael the starting running bac…
Ed werder reported it. Michael will likely start as well as Collins at lg. Both are big moves that can help us asap
Weeden is out and Matt Cassell in as interim quarterback, according Ed Werder at
Report: Weeden informed he’s been benched – Brandon Weeden | DAL: ESPN's Ed Werder reports the Cowboys have...
Michael Cuddyer obviously has hits this season. I'm just not sure I've actually seen any of them.
Ed Werder on Dallas' decision to start Cassel: “They think that Cassel is going... via
Someone remind me, why did we ever got rid of Turner?
thank you so much for the piece about Ed Werder and his family. I was recently diagnosed with a rare cancer
If you can spare a prayer or two, please direct it toward the family.
ESPN's Ed Werder reports the have named Matt Cassel starting QB.
Ed Werder reporting that Matt Cassel to be benched after playing 54% of the offensive snaps this season.
ESPN's Ed Werder reports the Cowboys have informed Brandon Weeden he's been benched for Matt Cassel.
Breaking News: Cowboys will start Matt Cassel after bye: According to ESPN NFL reporter Ed Werder,…
ESPN's Ed Werder reports Brandon Weeden has been benched for Matt Cassel.
Weeden benched, Cassel under center for the Cowboys vs the Giants, per Ed Werder.
Bills Video: ESPN’s Ed Werder says on NFL Live that \”(QB) EJ Manuel being prepared to start if Tyrod Taylor can’t…
at this rate, can we see a Jeff George signing? Maybe Ed Werder camping out in Mississippi again?
Get well soon to Scandrick. I think him texting Ed Werder is funny though.
Cowboys CB Orlando Scandrick told Ed Werder in a text message that the MRI showed he had torn both... - via App
not Breaking...looks like he talked to Ed Werder right before you
NFL: Cowboys CB Orlando Scandrick suffered torn ACL and MCL in right knee, will miss the 2015 season - Ed Werder -via ESPN
Wouldn't that require Ed Werder reporting it?
When did we become a HR hitting team? That's what I would like to know
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Ed Werder likely had nice comments for Peter King via DM. Now they are radioactive, I think.
I'm overly excited by the golden paperclip I found at work
Ed Werder looks like the guy who parks in the handicapped space then fake limps out of his car
Drew Brees expands on what he told Ed Werder about how mechanics were off last yr as he overcompensated for oblique&'something else'
Ed Werder is dropping knowledge tonight
Drew Brees told ESPN's Ed Werder about his poor 2014 season: "I think I got a little away from my mechanics last...
GOAL! Nigerian Anthony Ujah gets his first goal for Werder Bremen.
the article was from Ed Werder not Todd Archer
ESPN's Ed Werder reports Richard Sherman has torn ligaments in his elbow.
Is Heather Cox to FSU what Ed Werder is to the Cowboys??? She's ALWAYS with FSU
Cowboys Release Michael Sam: . Ed Werder reacts to the news that the Cowboys have waived DE Michael ... Video
Date Set For Ray Rice Appeal Hearing: . Ed Werder reacts to the report that the hearing on Ray Rice'... Video
From ESPN's Ed Werder: "Brett Favre and Bart Starr were planning to be at Lambeau Field for the Packers-Bears game (on Nov. 9). Favre tells me that's unlikely to happen with Starr's health problems."
Do we really need Ed Werder discussing why Dallas cut Michael Sam?
We really have to listen to Ed werder discuss why the Cowboys cut a practice team player?
Breast Cancer Awareness
NFL Video: Ed Werder discusses the Cowboys' decision to cut Michael Sam from their practice squad -via SportsCenter
Did Ed Werder really just say Michael Sam has the possibility of sneaking in the back door of an NFL team? Had to be intentional
Ed Werder just said "I guess the Fire Todd Haley movement has temporarily been quelled." NEVER! your thoughts?
What World Series? MT Tdy w/& - Jim Brown at 3:30, Ed Werder at 4:30 and George Whitfield at 5:30!
Cowboys Limiting Murray's Carries?: . Ed Werder discusses whether or not the Cowboys will limit Murr... Video
Bears Video: Ed Werder discusses the state of the Bears' locker room after Brandon Marshall's outburst (ESPN)
Any "locker room riff" reported by Ed Werder immediately has false reports and missing information
ESPN Video: Ed Werder and Chris Mortensen react to the report that the NFL has reduced by half the fine imposed on 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick, ruling he used general profanity and did not direct a racial slur at Chicago's Lamarr Houston.
Destroying my liver will be my reward for getting through these next two weeks
Like in one scene Kristen Stewart said she had errands, you're a vampire what errands could you possibly have?
I just watched half a Twilight movie, I don't get it
Expect Ed Werder in front of Brett Favres house tomorrow 6am sharp folks
I'm just winging everything in school at this point IDEC.
I really wish they wouldn't do so many close ups of Manning's face
Desperate for help at kicker, the Lions are planning to add a Pro Bowler. Matt Prater, a Pro Bowl kicker last year who was cut by the Broncos after a suspension this year, is expected to sign with the Lions, according to Ed Werder of ESPN. Prater had his best season last year, making 25…
Ed Werder says Texans could trade for Cousins. What about Hoyer? Worked w/ BOB in NE, good enough to start in CLE. Bigger…
Updates from Thursday, April 24 Ed Werder of ESPN has more on Tampa Bay's reported interest in Johnny Manziel : Updates from Wednesday, April 23 ESPN has ...
plz Dont ESPN's Ed Werder reported on NFL Insiders Thursday that the Buccaneers "would strongly consider" drafting Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel if he's available at the No. 7 overall pick. Per Werder, new OC Jeff Tedford hopes to incorporate "read-option elements" into Tampa Bay's offense, and there is a feeling inside the Buccaneers' building that Manziel has "rare" tools. It's entirely possible the Bucs are leaking this rumor in order to inject life into a quarterback class that has seemingly been "falling" since the Combine. In that scenario, a quarterback going in the top six would increase Tampa's chances of landing a player it is truly targeting at No. 7. We would ultimately bet against Manziel going to the Bucs, who only have six picks in May's draft, and needs to address elsewhere.
Ed Werder discusses coach Lovie Smith and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' interest in drafting QB Johnny Manziel with their first-round pick in the NFL draft.
Ed Werder talks about which teams are showing interest in Titans RB Chris Johnson.
The Bears surprised the NFL by landing defensive end Jared Allen this morning, and he said there’s a reason they were able to keep it on the down low. According to Ed Werder of ESPN, Allen said the Bears came into the picture at the last minute, with a deal that made him reconsider his…
Just another day at the office - saw John Elway, Adam Schefter, Mike Glennon, Ed Werder, and Aeneas Williams at the NFL Owners Meeting in FL
Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Texans have agreed to terms, and according to ESPN's Ed Werder it's a two-year deal.
So it's Jared Allen as a Seahawk, per Ed Werder, and Devin Hester as a Falcon. Quite a non-hoops afternoon
Per Adam Schefter/Ed Werder, Jared Allen has reached an agreement with Vikings West.I mean the Seattle Seahawks.
Ed Werder and I walked out of a hotel lobby bar in Orlando following an all-night session with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. As we headed back to our rooms, we knew the end of the Cowboys dynasty was near.
PM crowd make sure 2 stop bye and read my TV show i wrote for Ed Werder&Adam Shefter pls
From me and Ed Werder: Cowboys are expected to release DeMarcus Ware, according to two sources.
How about her peers? Josina Anderson, Ed Werder, Suzy Kolber all look sharp on the sidelines and are very professional.
ESPN Super Bowl Sunday Countdown Sunday February 2nd 10am-2pm A special four-hour edition of ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown will preview Super Bowl XLVIII from two locations – Herald Square in downtown Manhattan and MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. Host Chris Berman, covering his 32nd Super Bowl, will be joined by analysts Cris Carter, Mike Ditka, Tom Jackson and Keyshawn Johnson on the main set at Herald Square, along with NFL Insiders Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter. Suzy Kolber and Monday Night Countdown analysts Trent Dilfer, Ray Lewis and Steve Young will appear from MetLife Stadium, site of the game. Reporters Sal Paolantonio (covering the Broncos) and Ed Werder (Seahawks) will also provide live team updates throughout the program. ESPN’s roster of Countdown analysts – with a combined nine Super Bowl rings in 14 appearances in the NFL’s biggest game – will preview the Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks game in Super Bowl XLVIII, analyzing the players, teams, key matchups and more ...
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Another example of 'Only with the Cowboys' By Todd Archer | January 27, 2014 12:15:24 PM PST IRVING, Texas – So many times I’ve been able to answer questions about the Dallas Cowboys with four simple words: Only with the Cowboys. So many things happen with the Cowboys that just don’t happen with other teams in the NFL. Just one example: the owner and general manager answers questions in the locker room after every game, which is great for the media and fans, but sometimes creates headaches. The latest installment is the team pondering the addition of Scott Linehan as a passing game coordinator complete with playcalling duties, according to ESPN’s Ed Werder and Chris Mortensen. Naturally, the guy who called plays in 2013, Bill Callahan, isn’t too keen on the idea, a source told Calvin Watkins. Clearly the talk of Linehan joining the staff is Jason Garrett-based. He and Linehan are good friends. They worked together in 2005 with the Miami Dolphins. They share similar philosophies. They run similar ...
The Dallas Cowboys believe they have a potential solution for internal disagreements over the direction of their offense. ESPN's Ed Werder and Chris Mortensen reported Friday that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and coach Jason Garrett have discussed hiring former Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, according to league sources. Jerry Jones is making the Dallas Cowboys the laughing stock of the NFL
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has apologized a day after targeting the play of San Francisco 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree with several harsh rebukes after Sunday night's NFC Championship win. Sherman's deflection of a pass intended for Crabtree in the end zone during the closing minute, which bounced into the grasp of Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith, sealed the 23-17 win over the visiting 49ers to earn Seattle a matchup with the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl. "I apologize for attacking an individual and taking the attention away from the fantastic game by my teammates ... That was not my intent," Sherman said Monday in a text message to ESPN's Ed Werder. Sherman also addressed his postgame comments in an interview Monday with ESPN Radio on the "SVP and Russillo" show. "Obviously I could have worded things better and could obviously have had a better reaction and done things differently," he said during the interview. "But it is what it is now, and people's reactions are what they are ...
DT. We'll ride Ware/Selvie for '14. Safety is passable, as is OL. Johnny Manziel attracts Ed Werder outside VR.
Report: Munchak to interview with Lions on Friday Much of the speculation about the vacant Lions head coaching job has centered on Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt, but he’s not the only former NFL head coach on the team’s radar. He’s not even the former head coach with the most recent experience in the top job on the radar. Ed Werder of ESPN reports that Mike Munchak, fired as the head coach in Tennessee last Saturday, will interview with the team on Friday. Munchak, who has also been linked to the vacancy at Penn State, spent three years with the Titans and compiled a 22-26 record. He was relieved of his duties after failing to come to an agreement with team brass about changes to the coaching staff and the overall vision for where the franchise was heading in the future. Should Munchak wind up with the job — Werder still terms Whisenhunt the favorite in Detroit — it would be two straight head coaches to come to Detroit from Tennessee as Jim Schwartz was the defensive coordinator ...
From ESPN's Ed Werder: Packers view 49ers as the toughest opponent on the road to the Super Bowl. Think they will spread out 49ers defense and let Aaron Rodgers throw at defensive backs with CB Carlos Rogers out.
An interesting morning on the pregame shows. ESPN's Ed Werder says the Packers believe Aaron Rodgers will play next Sunday against Steelers. ESPN's Chris Mortenson says Mike McCarthy is among the NFL coaches on Texas's wish list to replace Mack Brown. Our friend Aaron Nagler notes that McCarthy's contract still has 2 years on it. Finally, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport and Mike Silver report that Vikings coach Leslie Frazier and QB Christian Ponder likely are gone after the season, but that they won't trade RB Adrian Peterson. They want Peterson to open their new stadium.
From ESPN's Ed Werder: Packers QB Aaron Rodgers scheduled today for scans on his shoulder to determine how much healing has occurred. A lot riding on the results.
Defensive tackle Jay Ratliff’s season may not be over after all. Ed Werder of ESPN reports that Ratliff is in Philadelphia to be evaluated by Dr. William Myers to see if he can try out for teams interested in signing him this season. Per Werder, six teams have contacted Ratliff about a possible retu...
Freeman will start Week 8 Vikings HC Leslie Frazier named QB Josh Freeman his starter for this weekend's game against the Packers. It says a lot about QBs Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel, who Minnesota obviously wants nothing to do with. Freeman turned in arguably the worst QB performance of the season on Monday night, completing 20 of 53 passes (37.7%) for 190 yards (3.6 yards per attempt), 0 TDs and 1 INT. He's not a Week 8 fantasy option. Hopefully he can string together a few completions to open up some room for RB Adrian Peterson. Stewart practices Tuesday Panthers RB Jonathan Stewart (ankles) made his practice debut on Tuesday. He said afterward that he felt "good" and that he's targeting a Week 9 return. J-Stew figures to be eased back in and won't be a recommended fantasy play right away. But he's capable of emerging as the lead back in Carolina's committee down the stretch. Stewart is worth stashing in most fantasy leagues. Packers will "consider" placing Finley on IR ESPN's Ed Werder re ...
Ed Werder totally called Ozzie Newsome "Ozzie Smith" just now.
Ed Werder just said, that Patriots defender Taquib Alib. Uhhh you mean Aquib Talib, right?
"The War on Terror" was a football season production as well. Pete Williams and Ed Werder, co-pilots of a kind.
NFL analyst Ed Werder says Drew Pearson's prediction that the reach Super Bowl XLVIII is a bit optimistic
ESPN analyst Ed Werder joined the Fitzsimmons & Durrett Show on ESPN Radio 103.3 FM earlier this week. Here are some highlights from the interview.
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This is an article trending on ESPN today: "According to Ed Werder, the Cowboys still believe Brent will be a contributor for them on the field, some day." My reply after 19 consecutive childish hate speeches against the Cowboys, Jerry Jones and Josh Brent? "The Cowboys are waiting for the conviction and suspension, that way they aren’t on the hook for the remaining bonus money and they can tell Jerry Brown’s mother they helped Josh as long as they possibly could. Werder and everyone above me are a bunch of little pre-school minded losers that have nothing to do but point fingers and gang up on a team they hate. Werder is a crap starting *** and you all are a bunch of his followers. Which is worse? Get a life."
Tim Tebow to sign with New England Patriots, sources say - ESPN Boston - Ed Werder .
Bill Belichick really wasn't kidding when he recently said that he didn't hate Tim Tebow. The New England Patriots were signing the polarizing back-up quarterback, as first reported by Ed Werder of ESPN on Monday.
It looks like Tim Tebow just found himself a job with the New Englad Patriots! ESPN's Ed Werder on Tim Tebow: "I have confirmed that the signed him with the intent of playing quarterback.
Sources have confirmed to ESPN’s Ed Werder that Tim Tebow, released by the Jets in April, has signed with the New England Patriots. Yes, to play quarterback. Bill Belichick has always spoken highly of Tebow and the move reunites Tebow
Tim Tebow is signing with the New England Patriots, ESPN is reporting. The network sent an email alert stating: "Tim Tebow will sign with Patriots, expected to participate in minicamp Tuesday, league sources told ESPN's Ed Werder." The news comes just days after Bill Belichick, the Patriots coach, w...
The New England Patriots will reportedly sign Tim Tebow. According to ESPN's Ed Werder, the Patriots will sign Tebow and he will be at the team's minicamp next week.
ESPN Video: Ed Werder has the latest on Tim Tebow, who is expected to sign with the Patriots and participate in the team's mandatory minicamp on Tuesday.
Tim Tebow's tenure as a free agent will come to an end this week as ESPN's Ed Werder reports the former Heisman Trophy winner will sign with the New England Patriots in time for this week's mini-camp. The Patriots had … Continue reading →
Report: Patriots signing Tim Tebow, will be at minicamp Tuesday By Josh Katzowitz | NFL Writer June 10, 2013 5:12 pm ET A few days after New England coach Bill Belichick said he didn't actually hate former Jets/Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, the Patriots apparently are intent on proving it. That's because the Patriots reportedly are signing Tebow to a contract, according to ESPN's Ed Werder. The team expects Tebow to be at minicamp by Tuesday. After a recent Yahoo story revealed that Belichick reportedly hated Tebow as a player, Belichick felt compelled to say this a few days ago. "Every single player has strengths and weaknesses. But regardless of that, for anyone to have represented that is the way I feel about Tim Tebow is completely untrue, baseless and irresponsible," Belichick said, via ESPN Boston. "It is unfortunate that something so inaccurate was reported." On Monday, the team also announced it had released quarterback Mike Kafka, leading us to believe that Tebow, in fact, will play quarterback ...
Ed Werder says Tebow is going to play QB. Mike Freeman says he's going to play TE. Somewhere, BB is cackling in his lair.
Ed Werder saying Tebo will play QB, Mike Freeman saying TE...ill go with Freeman
BREAKING: According to Ed Werder of ESPN, Tim Tebow is headed to the New England Patriots.
BREAKING: Ed Werder reports that the New England Patriots have signed Tim Tebow and he will report to camp tomorrow.
According to Ed Werder- The Patriots are signing QB Tim Tebow and expect him to be in minicamp tomorrow. This is not a drill. What say you?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Ed Werder of ESPN is reporting that the Patriots are signing Tim Tebow.So, there's that.
Rookie defensive back Tyrann Mathieu has signed with the Arizona Cardinals, the team announced Thursday. Mathieu, drafted by Arizona in the third round of April's draft, signed a four-year deal that includes a fully guaranteed signing bonus worth $662,500, league sources told ESPN's Ed Werder. Mathieu will only receive $265,000 upfront and will receive the rest of the money in the way of annual roster bonuses, a source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. In addition to the $265,000, Mathieu will receive conditional roster bonuses of $99,000 in 2013 and $102,000 in 2014, and a salary guarantee of $196,000 in 2014, the source told Schefter. If Mathieu is cut by the team for performance reasons in the first two seasons, he will receive the full sum. However, if Mathieu is suspended for drug violations he will not get all of the money, according to sources. In addition, because Mahtieu's drug offenses have occurred in his native Louisiana, the team-offered workout bonuses are designed to force him to remain ...
more hard hitting news that everyone in the sports world has come to expect from Ed Werder.
can only go off what's reported. Ed Werder sad the 5 teams he talked to thought it was a reach.
ESPN's Ed Werder reports Tony Romo will have influence in the "personnel and play-calling" this season, and game-plan with coaches
I just scrolled through the people he follows. He follows Ian Darke, McMurphy, Ed Werder, etc. However I'm still skeptic.
ESPN's Ed Werder reports the Seahawks are expected to decide between free agents Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn...
NFL32: Shopping Darrelle Revis - ESPN: Suzy Kolber and Ed Werder discuss which teams could be interested in tr...
The Indianapolis Colts need an outside linebacker after letting Dwight Freeney walk, but how desperate are they to add one of free agency’s “premier” edge rushers? Extremely desperate, according to reports. ESPN’s Ed Werder reported this morning on Sports Center that the Colts are caught in a biddin...
Ed Werder of ESPN expects to see the Colts and Browns aggressively pursue impending free agent OLB Paul Kruger in the coming days.
Paul Kruger - LB - Ravens ESPN's Ed Werder reported on SportsCenter that the Browns and Colts will aggressively pursue OLB Paul Kruger in free agency. Per Werder, Cleveland is "definitely gonna go after" Kruger and will face "intense competition" from Indianapolis, which reportedly envisions Kruger as Dwight Freeney's replacement opposite Robert Mathis. Werder expects Kruger to be signed quickly after Tuesday's free-agent signing period opens. Kruger, 27, led the Super Bowl Ravens in 2012 sacks. We anticipate he'll command a contract worth in the $12 million range annually; perhaps $60 million over five years.
Ravens LB Paul Kruger is reportedly highly coveted by the Browns and Colts according to ESPN's Ed Werder.
Ed Werder discusses Baltimore's decision to make linebacker Dannell Ellerbe their top priority.
Colin Cowherd says the Knicks are better without Carmelo Anthony. Plus, he's joined by Ed Werder, Tim Legler, Jeff Saturday and Von Miller.
Ed Werder shaved his mustache?! What's next, Mel Kiper Jr going bald?
Ed Werder doesnt know the very well.. Ozzie Smith and Phil Kruger??? who are they?? i know a Ozzie Newsome & Paul Kruger
The Indianapolis Colts have informed Dwight Freeney, the franchise's all-time leader in sacks, they will not re-sign him. "I was very surprised to hear they wanted to go in a different direction," Freeney said in a text message to ESPN's Ed Werder. "It would have been nice to retire a Colt ... My plan is to hit the free-agent market and see who has interest." Freeney, who turns 33 on Tuesday and was set to become an unrestricted free agent, has seen his sack totals decline in each of the past three seasons. The seven-time Pro Bowler had just five sacks last season, his lowest total since 2007. Freeney was a cornerstone of the Colts' defense and became one of the most popular players in club history after being selected with the 11th overall pick in the 2002 draft. "Few people have meant as much to the success of the Indianapolis Colts as Dwight Freeney," Colts owner Jim Irsay said. "He has been a dominant player, which is all the more impressive considering his size for his position, and he has won a lot ...
I just saw my son has the same birthday as Forrest "phog" Allen. I share a birthday with Jeff hornacek and Ed werder.
I really think we need Ed Werder and Rachel Nichols on this Pope retirement thing. I don't think he'll stay retired.
If ESPN's Ed Werder shows up at the Vatican, then you just know Pope Benedict XVI is gonna make a comeback:
I hope Favre and Ed Werder are safe.
Great day for football today..some good competitive matches
You starting to feel like Ed Werder on Favre watch? :)
no worries... I'm gonna tell Ed Werder.
a real sports journalist is Ed Werder or Adam Schefter or Albert Breer (probably my favorite right now). Darlington and Nichols 2
is it safe to watch ESPN yet? Has Sal Paolantonio removed his head from Ray Lewis' *** yet? Ed Werder is so proud of Sal
ESPN will treat this power outage story like it is Watergate. Ed Werder or Rachel Nichols is going to standing in front of a fuse box soon.
Can't wait for the Ray Lewis film festival to be over.. apparently other sports only happen in 2 minute blocks on ESPN.. cmon baseball..
The rumor that former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden might be added to the Dallas Cowboys' coaching staff is "ridiculous," a source told ESPN's Ed Werder. Gruden has worked as a television analyst since being fired by the Bucs after the 2008 season, and there have been reports that he might be interested in returning to coaching. The fact that Dallas has hired several former Gruden assistant coaches -- Monte Kiffin (defensive coordinator),Rod Marinelli (defensive line coach) ), Rich Bisaccia (special teams coach) and Bill Callahan (offensive coordinator) -- led to speculation that the Cowboys might be pursuing Gruden as well. But according to the ESPN report, Gruden is not part of the Cowboys' plans.
Podcast: Ed Werder joins Ben and Skin to talk about Troy Aikman's recent comments about Jason Garrett, the ties ...
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From now on Adam Schefter's new name is "The Parrot". All he ever does anymore is repeat Chris Mortenson and Ed Werder's stories.
Ed Werder and Tim McMahon: Rob Ryan is meeting with the St. Louis Rams today about becoming their defensive coordinator.”
I know this is a little late, but was not calling Brett Farve to make a spot start for Christian Ponder the biggest GM mistake in NFL history. The gun slinger would've been good for 3 TD's and the Vikings would've undoubtedly played the 49'ers this week. You just don't lose under those circumstances. I just want to hear Ed Werder reporting from Hattiesburg one more time.
ESPN's Ed Werder reported on SportsCenter Tuesday that the Browns are discussing shutting down Trent Richardson..
Monte Kiffin is heading back to the NFL as ESPN's Ed Werder reports the legendary defensive coach reached an agreement on Friday to become the defensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys. Kiffin, who turns 73 next month, coached in the … Continue reading →
Ed Werder has a theory that the Dallas Cowboys' firing of running backs coach Skip Peete on Monday could be the start of a series of firings on the of
According to Ed Werder of ESPN, Haley could potentially rejoin hands with the Cardinals. Steelers OC Todd Haley has not yet agreed to interview for Cardinals HC job and proceeding … Continue...
ESPN's Ed Werder made a pretty cruel fat joke at Andy Reid's expense, saying he might "put the plane over its weight limit." Did he go too far?
"Ed Werder tells us he believes there is still a chance that Jason Garrett could be fired as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys." -- ESPN's Ian Fitzsimmons
Sean Payton's deal expected to pay more than $8M annually, making him NFL's highest-paid coach. via Ed Werder
Saints head coach Sean Payton's contract extension will reportedly pay him $8 million a year over the course of the five year deal according to ESPN's Ed Werder. He would probably become the league's highest paid coach. I think I would be OK with making $8 million a year after being suspended from my job.
Richard Sherman - DB - Seahawks Seahawks coach Pete Carroll expects LCB Richard Sherman to play against the 49ers as he awaits the appeal result of his four-game suspension. ESPN's Ed Werder reported earlier in the day that Sherman's appeal is unlikely to be decided before early next week, so there's every reason to believe Sherman will suit up for Sunday's mammoth division tilt. It's bad news for Michael Crabtree. Crabtree has been en fuego of late. But facing a shutdown cornerback will lower his value to ranks of a lower WR3.
According to ESPN's Ed Werder, the Redskins "have reason to hope" Robert Griffin III (knee) can play against the Eagles in Week 16. RGIII's movement has improved, but his playing status will not be determined until later in the week. Coach Mike Shanahan wants to hear from doctors that Griffin is not in danger of re-injuring the ligament before giving his hotshot rookie the green light for Sunday's game. Kirk Cousins is not a great fallback option for RGIII owners this week, as the Eagles defense has allowed Josh Freeman and Andy Dalton to complete just 27-of-61 (44.3 percent) passes for 316 yards (5.2 YPA) since ditching the Wide-9 scheme.
ESPN Video: Ed Werder discusses the reaction from the NFL and Cowboys' officials to Josh Brent being on the sideline during Sunday's game.
ESPN Video: Ed Werder with the latest on Dez Bryant's injured left index finger.
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Ed Werder reports Rex Ryan plans on making Tim Tebow inactive for Sunday's game. Finally a promise we know Rex can deliver on.
Trey Wingo: "We now go to Ed Werder with NFL Live team reports for the Eagles and the Panthers. Ed?" [cut to Ed, who is screaming & on fire]
A member of the NFL's Competition Committee and a league source tell ESPN's Ed Werder that the committee will reconsider the challenge rule that Lions coach Jim Schwartz and Falcons coach Mike Smith violated the past two weeks.
Ed Werder seemed briefly smitten by Lindsay Czarniak, and who can blame him?
Tom Rinaldi looks like Ed Werder without with mustache
Browns President Mike Holmgren would only return to coaching for the Cowboys job, ESPN's Ed Werder reports.
Ed Werder tells PFT he wasn't firing shots at Rick Reilly
Ed Werder says that Roethlisberger's injury could be "significant". For Big Ben that means he sits out 1 practice and he'll be fine.
there is a difference than sage Steele sitting at the desk ad Ed Werder who is out reporting and gathering news. Agree or disagre
Sometimes Idk who I'd rather punch in the face more...Ed Werder or Skip Bayless. Hm
Ed Werder says Tony Romo has 13 TD, 2 INT last 5 games vs the Giants. But Cowboys 1-4 in those games. Imagine if he played poorly.
The NFL has determined that violent sack of Jay Cutler was a legal hit, a source tells ESPN's Ed Werder.
Jimmy Haslam III is officially in as Browns' owner. Mike Holmgren is out as Browns president, sources told ESPN's Ed Werder. I guess this was coming, but it makes me a little sad. I had hoped Holmgren's time in charge would produce much more success on the field, for the sake of everyone involved. Was Holmgren hired to put a credible football organization in place so that Lerner could arrange a sale and maximize his family's profits on it? In retrospect, I wonder. Not that I blame Randy Lerner if that was his motivation. I just wonder. Oh, well...on to the new era. I hope and trust Messrs. Haslam and Banner know what they're doing. I hope this does not portend a change in GMs or another radical shift in football philosophy. I like the direction Holmgren and Heckert were headed, and I'd like to see the team they've been building develop. even if the new guys decide eventually that Shurmur is not the right coach. Anyway, thanks for listening, and GO, BROWNS.
Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis isn’t quite the player he used to be at the age of 37, but don’t even think of telling him he should retire. Asked by Ed Werder of ESPN if this could be Lewis’s final season, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco said in no uncertain terms that there’s no way Lewis is…
Sources: An appeal filed by Jonathan Vilma requests Roger Goodell recuse himself on the basis of bias and partiality (via Ed Werder)
Jason La Canfora reporting what he heard Ed Werder say who heard it from Jennifer Hale who heard it from John Clayton the Mad Scientist.
Ed Werder doesn't think Sean Payton will have an impact on the Saints performance Sunday night against the Chargers.
This just in. President Obama has officially blamed former President Bush for the bad call in last nights Green Bay Packer - Seattle Seahawks game. In a statement made this morning to ESPN's own Ed Werder, Obama was quoted as saying " My predecessor has left the NFL and this country in a dire situation regarding these replacement officials". The president later said he would borrow 10 billion dollars from China to form a committee to look into the blown call and do nothing about it.
Ok ESPN, Ed Werder, Adam Schefter, Chris Morton, Steve Young, Trent Dilfer... We get it. The refs screwed up and we need the regular refs back. We get it.
Somehow someway Tim Tebow will be worked into this and Pedro Gomez will give us Barry Bonds' thoughts, Ed Werder reporting from Favre's lawn
Does Ed Werder's mustache creep anyone else out besides me?
Ed Werder just reported on ESPN that Jeremy Maclin is OUT this week. Make your moves accordingly.
I wonder what Ed Werder would look like without a mustache...
when is Ed Werder an NFL insider?? I thought Adam Schefner was the only one they needed. Guess EW became tired of following the Cowboys
I don't want to live in a world where Brett Favre isn't forced to announce Ed Werder's retirement.
he went through. Ed Werder was the first to report...
Podcast: ESPN's Ed Werder discusses the replacement referee fallout in the NFL, the Cowboys' shortcomings and more.
"He sure is Edwardy."- a good point when discussing the many facets of Ed Werder.
I've never seen the bottom two thirds of Ed Werder, but I have a strong suspicion that he wears cowboy boots.
Does Ed Werder ever cover anybody besides the Saints or whatever team Brett Favre played for?
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Ed Werder has a permanent cop 'stache.
Ed Werder looks like a Cowboy who ain't make it to Hollywood
Just talked to him actually. Ed Werder is here as well. Werder and I both came in from Charlotte this morning.
Ed Werder just referred to RGIII and Cam Newton as unconventional quarterbacks. I think he meant to say black
I hear you with the Bojangle's shout out to Ed Werder in Carolina! Best football pre-game meal.
"Why do footballs just fly to Ed Reed?" -Ed Werder.
Will somebody tell Ed Werder to shave his mustache? Tops my list of bad facial hair
From Ed Werder: "In a development I've never seen in my 30 years..." Re: Saints ref-gate
Watching Ed Werder reporting from the sidelines at BOA Stadium.
Watching Sunday countdown and Ed Werder is at saints panthers game, why not Dallas
Ed Werder saying on our show right now that he expects J Stewart to play, D Williams to start. Also expects S Smith to play.
& have to report story about Saints fan/ref being pulled? Where is John Clayton & Ed Werder to verify? Overkill
Tell Ed werder that Mike Ditka won a super bowl and coached the saints
Do they not have HD cameras in Charlotte NC??? Oh wait never mind it's Ed Werder.
This is really what Countdown is going to start with? A ref "controversy" followed with Ed Werder?
I know players DUCK when they see Ed Werder coming their way! I'd rather talk to Roseanne
Stephenasmith, Skip Bayless and Ed Werder are less useful than lead life preservers.
Dallas Cowboys: Pay This Man!: Ed Werder from ESPN has recently reported that Dallas Cowboys owner...
Dallas Cowboys Looking To Negotiate Extension For Tony Romo: Ed Werder of ESPN is reporting that Dallas Cowboys ...
Ed Werder loves his "league sources" or Cowboys locker room sources Sure Ed
Video: Impact of Sean Payton's absence: Ed Werder talks about the impact Sean Payton's absence can have on the Saints.
everything epsn has is always Ed Werder reported
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