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Ed Sullivan Show

The Ed Sullivan Show is an American TV variety show that originally ran on CBS from Sunday June 20, 1948 to Sunday June 6, 1971, and was hosted by New York entertainment columnist Ed Sullivan.

Elvis Presley New York Diana Ross Buddy Holly Jim Morrison John Lennon Leslie Gore New York City Neil Aspinall Davy Jones Charles Laughton Sam Cooke Connie Francis Jim Henson

Norman Reedus arrives for his appearance on 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert' at Ed Sullivan Theater on November 8, 201…
Thanks for the follow! PS-I love music except country-Classical is my favorite but swung to The Beatles…
You never think of Ed Sullivan, and his really big show, as a rapist. You think about him introducing the Beatles.
One of my clearest memories as a child was seeing these guys perform on The Ed Sullivan Show. We kids…
appear for the first time on the Ed Sullivan show. What’s your favorite stones song? 🤔🤘…
The Seekers sing Georgy Girl live on The Ed Sullivan Show broadcast from Expo 67 in Montreal -
Roy Orbison live on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 with Oh, Pretty Woman -
I remember the Ed Sullivan Show on Sunday nights...
A rare shot from our first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show circa 1965. We’ve certainly aged…
I actually remember watching The Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan show.
I'm Old. 1967 I was Awakened by the sound of The Doors. Last rehearsal before Ed…
Seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show.
Go backstage with friends of the show, a band that knows their way around the Ed Sullivan Theater.…
The Beatles produced a film clip for “Hello Goodbye” at the Saville Theater in London in '67. It would air on…
2018 - Rolling Stone readers vote The Beatles US TV debut appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show as the second greatest…
Look up Brice Taylor, she has stories about The Jackson's before an Ed Sull…
A classic night on the Ed Sullivan Show! No one told Jim Morrison to change his lyrics!
One more: I attended an Ed Sullivan Show in 1968 with Dionne Warwick, Tony Bennett, Flip Wilson, Ti…
Today in 1968, The Beach Boys appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show performing Do It Again and Good Vibrations
When he was told that he would never play the ed Sullivan show again, Jim just replied, "I just did the Ed Sullivan show."
Tony is the best thing that happened to CBS since the Ed Sullivan show!
"Around & Around" live on the Ed Sullivan Show, 1964
what do you think is the prefect match for me! J5 - WHO'S LOVING YOU (1969,ED SULLIVAN SHOW):
the Beatles in the ed sullivan show
Saw him on the Ed Sullivan Show I think!
One word,”higher” got The Doors banned from the Ed Sullivan show for life.
From Detroit, where the Paul Is Dead rumour took hold. QUOTE: When the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show...
Just stumbled across a rerun of the Ed Sullivan Show with a young Jim Henson with Kermit playing a piano. I wasn't ready for those feels.
Switched away from Twins loss and discovered, on some distant channel, the Ed Sullivan Show with forty nuns, in full habit, singing Kumbaya.
I recently saw a documentary that showed the Ed Sullivan Show appearance & suddenly…
On this day in 1956: Elvis Presley made his first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show! . (Love Me Tender)
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The Beatles during their first appearance on US television, on the Ed Sullivan Show, 1964.
Elvis Presley famously sang and on "The Ed Sullivan Show" today in 1956.
In 1956 Elvis Presley Makes the First of Three Contracted Appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show -…
1956 Elvis Presley’s 1st appearance on Ed Sullivan's Show 'a really big shew'
1st appearance of Elvis Presley on The Ed Sullivan Show was 61 years ago today.
Back on this day in 1956 Elvis Presley appeared on his first Ed Sullivan Show and caused quite a media storm. Can...
1956: 1st time for Elvis Presley on The Ed Sullivan Show. Charles Laughton substituted as host. Sullivan was recovering…
9th September - 1956: Elvis appears on The Ed Sullivan show for 1st time. 2015: Elizabeth II becomes longest reigni…
1956 9/9 made the first of three appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show."
9th Sept 1956 Elvis did his 1st appearance on the Ed Sullivan show he sang Love Me Tender
On This Day 1956 - Elvis Presley made his first appearance on 'The Ed Sullivan show' from the CBS TV Studios in Los…
ON THIS DAY in 1956, Presley appears on the Ed Sullivan Show for the first time. Biographies on many people found.
A young Michael Jackson singing "Who's Loving You" on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1969. He was 11-years-old blowing like t…
The rehearsing for Ed Sullivan Show with Neil Aspinall replacing George
The Beatles rehearsing for the Ed Sullivan Show, with Neil Aspinall standing in for George, who was sick✨ 1964
Little Giant Ladders
George, Paul and Ringo at rehearsals for the Ed Sullivan Show, Miami, 14th February 1964.
Amazing. The Beatles had same issue. Read after Beatles on Ed Sullivan Show, literally power washed theatre, lol
Dame Julie Andrews may be our first guest who also appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in this very theater. https:…
On this day in 1970, CBS-TV’s Ed Sullivan Show featured the New Supremes (without Diana Ross) singing “Up the Ladder to the Roof."
The inventor of soul music, Sam Cooke on the Ed Sullivan Show, 1957
The Beatles :. Twist and Shout : Live on the,Ed Sullivan Show : 23rd of February 1964.
The Beatles made their 'Ed Sullivan Show' debut 53 years ago today. See footage from the show htt…
On 2/9/64, the first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. Read this, on one of their lovable songs:
I believe this was their controversial appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. They were fined for using the word "higher" on TV.
the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, The Andy Griffith Show and Beverly Hillbillies were hits, & I was cute
Today in 1964 The Beatles made their first US TV appearance on Ed Sullivan Show. 73 million watched it. htt…
73Million humans** residing on the north american continent ** tuned in for The Beatles debut on the Ed Sullivan Show
Today in 1964, Davy Jones appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show with the cast of "Oliver!" The night also marked the U.S. de…
53 years ago today, The Beatles' performance on the Ed Sullivan Show was broadcasted to a record shattering audience o…
Buddy Holly & The Crickets sing Peggy Sue live on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1957 -
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On this day in 1964, CBS-TV’s Ed Sullivan Show was headlined by singers Kate Smith and Bobby Vinton.
1960 , Bobby Darin, Della Reese and Connie Francis performed together on the "Ed Sullivan Show."
Back to the Doors and Stones on the ed Sullivan show, celebrities are generally brain dead
Also this day in 1966, Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons sang “Let’s Hang On” on CBS-TV’s “The Ed Sullivan Show.”
The Beatles were 1st seen on Ed Sullivan Show from black and white TV's. Their impact was not just musical, it effe…
Richard Pryor, Bobbie Gentry, Melba Moore, Roy Clark, and Stanley Myron Handelman are all on Ed Sullivan Show tonight.
Remember clearly the Beatles' arriving in the U.S. and their appearance on the Ed Sullivan show.
*** Dale - Surfin the Wedge - Live on TV 1963 Ed Sullivan Show via
Drummer Gary "Chicken" Hersh suggested changing the "F-I-S-H" cheer. Ed Sullivan show reps were at concert where it was first done.
Generally agree but weren't almost all of the old television appearances--Ex. Ed Sullivan Show--lip-synced?
Original set list penned by John Lennon for their appearance on the Ed Sullivan show.
This performance is so good omg Ed Sullivan Show 1956
Ed Sullivan Show, The aka Toast of the Town | Archive of American Television / U.S, Ed Sullivan
📷 gsv107: Miami rehearsals for the 1964 Ed Sullivan Show
On this day in 1968, British balladeer Englebert Humperdinck sang “Les Bicyclettes De Belsize” on CBS-TV’s Ed Sullivan Show.
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December 1st 1957, Buddy Holly and the Crickets appeared on 'The Ed Sullivan Show', performing 'That'll Be The…
during rehearsals for the 2nd appearance of at the Ed Sullivan Show, Miami, 02/16/64
Paul and John at rehearsals for the 1st appearance of at the Ed Sullivan Show, 02/09/64
Also in 1969, Neil Diamond appeared on CBS-TV’s Ed Sullivan Show singing two of his hits, ‘Holly Holy’ and ‘Sweet Caroline.’
1 - When he performed "who's loving you" in 1969 on the ed Sullivan show. Lil fella had vocals
Kicking back watching Ed Sullivan Rock Classics on PBS...Terry, did you ever play the Sullivan show?
I looked like those stupid girls on the Ed Sullivan show crying at the Beatles. Never understood that til then.
Ed Sullivan’s Rock and Roll Classics – The ‘60s explores the music archives of the unforgettable variety show tonig…
Gene Fullmer shakes hands with Sugar Ray Robinson on The Ed Sullivan Show in New York prior to their meeting at...
This week in 1966, the Supremes performed “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” on The Ed Sullivan Show as the song held No. 1 on the…
It was 1964 that The made their 1st appearance on Ed Sullivan’s show… he was unimpressed….
Mingus "appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show with Kirk and Shepp..., doing a version of Haitian Fight Song." (Video?!?!) https…
Jim Morrison ruffled more than a few feathers when The Doors appeared on The Ed Sullivan show.…
Rock Calendar 10-28-56: Elvis returns to Ed Sullivan Show. It's his first show with Ed, who had a guest host the first time Elvis appeared.
made their first appearance on the 'Ed Sullivan Show' 52 years ago today.
ELVIS ROCKS ED SULLIVAN! . Today in 1956, made his second appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show.
John, Paul and Ringo on the set of the Ed Sullivan Show, 1964. .
Brian Jones poses backstage at the Ed Sullivan Show in September 1966.
DYK that the Dave Clark Five made a record 18 appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show?
Iconic Photo of The Beatles leaving for the US to perform at the Ed Sullivan Show, February 1964 - Terry O'Neill
Nancy Sinatra performing These Boots Are Made For Walking on the Ed Sullivan Show. Blurry but she fab
In 1959, Connie Francis sang her latest hit single, “Lipstick on Your Collar” on the CBS-TV Ed Sullivan Show.
This is ' Frosty '. He's 80 year's old. Yes. 80. He appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show with nine other than 'Elvis'.
Ed Sullivan and Dali on the set of the “Ed Sullivan Show,” 1961.
So old said the 14 year old.☻☻☻I was your age when the Beatles made their first trip to America (Ed Sullivan Show)
Listened to some today on my way to the gig. Banned from the Ed Sullivan Show for…
1957 Elvis urged fans on the Ed Sullivan Show to Hungarians in war-$6 million later https…
who knows how many live or taped performances by the Beatles were aired on Ed Sullivan Show?
3/15/1971 CBS TV announces it is dropping "Ed Sullivan Show"…Topo Gigio was so despondent, he was never heard from again…”Oh Eddie!”
The Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. Have you seen Lennon’s htt…
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BONUS CLIP! Sam Cooke performing on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1957 is all suave.
When Michael Jackson SLAYED at The Ed Sullivan Show '69! omg I miss him so much!
Did you know The Doors played at a month after appearing on Ed Sullivan Show?
1964, Sunday. The Beatles make their Ed Sullivan Show debut. Do you remember watching when it first aired?
Age 11 with the on the Ed Sullivan show in 1969.
.now you know how *** Jagger felt on The Ed Sullivan Show :D :D
After their 1st appearance Ed Sullivan didn't want The Rolling Stones on his show ever again
backstage at the Ed Sullivan Show in 1966
When Elvis first appeared on national TV they would not show below the waist but in 1964 the wildest rage was...
I did the Ed Sullivan show four times. I did the Steve Allen show. I did th...
when i was 9 we worried if my mom and dad would let us watch The Rolling Stones on the Ed Sullivan show.
It's like being around when the Beatles were crushing the Ed Sullivan show
Peeking in a Beatles fan's diary the night of their 'Ed Sullivan Show' debut
1964 an estimated 73 million Americans watch on the Ed Sullivan Show
52 years ago today the Beatles performed on the Ed Sullivan show for the first time 💕✨
52 years ago today performed on The Ed Sullivan Show. Which of their songs is your favorite?
1966 – The Rolling Stones arrive in New York to tape an appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.
The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show...Feb. 1964...52 yrs ago.
The Beatles performance on the Ed Sullivan Show began with "All My Loving", followed by Paul singing "Till There...
The Beatles ' first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, the day that Transformed Pop music
Don’t tell the fire department, but a Bern was felt at the Ed Sullivan Theater last night. htt…
Last night on thoroughly tested the Ed Sullivan Theater’s acoustics.
Feb. 9, 1964: the Beatles debut on Ed Sullivan Show to 73M viewers. Behind the photo
on Ringo's drums during the rehearsals for the Ed Sullivan Show , Miami, February 1964. https:…
Anyone old enough to remember the Ed Sullivan Show? A blast from the past Wishes Merry Christmas 2 All! Thanks Topo!
Do you remember Mr. Pastry? Just found this video, hilarious. Remember him from Ed Sullivan show.
During the hour [The Beatles] were on Ed Sullivan's show, there wasn't a hubcap stolen in America, B.F. Henry (the Washington Post, 1964)
Sonny & Cher on The Ed Sullivan Show was this you first time on TV?
The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show, New York City, 1964. Photo by Henry Grossman.
Play all my records, keep dancing all night 😁🎉🎶. on The Ed Sullivan Show.
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if I could go back in time it'd just be to see The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show or tell Ritchie Valens not to get on the plane
On this day 1969, The Supremes made their last TV appearance together with Diana Ross on Ed Sullivan Show, singing Someday We'll Be Together
Allen's show Presley had, for the first time, beaten CBS's Ed Sullivan Show in the ratings.
Diana Ross gave her last television performance as one of the Supremes 46 years ago today on The Ed Sullivan Show
Today in 1969, made her last TV appearance with the Supremes on The Ed Sullivan’s Show, performing “Someday W…
I'm reading Tony Roberts' new autobiography and he brings up a wonderful point. When the Ed Sullivan Show was on...
Also in 1963, Leslie Gore sang a medley of her hits “It’s My Party” and “She’s a Fool” on CBS-TV’s Ed Sullivan Show.
John Lennon on US TV program 'Ed Sullivan Show' in 1964. Slim black suit with Narrow…
Ooh :) when's yours from? Mine was signed the night they performed on the Ed Sullivan Show and given to Mum at breakfast
used to watch the Nicholas Brothers when I was a child on the Ed Sullivan Show! I always loved how incredible...
Ed Sullivan Blew Kiss at end of his show
I find it insane that W.C. Handy lived to see Elvis on the Ed Sullivan show.
The Ed Sullivan Show predates me by a decade. Merlin Olsen by 5, and I was 3 when Lonesome Dove came out. Ancient history.
They’re doing I Want You Back complete with dance from Ed Sullivan show. I’m dead.
This 1956 animated short about the H-bomb appeared on the *Ed Sullivan Show.*. v:
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JACKSON 5 "ABC" on The Ed Sullivan Show via You can learn American English with Michael
There will be a tribute to the Ed Sullivan Show at the Temple Theatre on Saturday (7:30p). You'll hear hits from...
Get your tickets today for the Ed Sullivan Tribute Show on October 23rd and 24th!.
Taylor's small venue shows are always A+ just like On The Seine and Wonderstruck show at Ed Sullivan Theatre in 2012
Been a fan of this amazing family & the matriarch since they hit The ED Sullivan Show. Long before Michael went solo. Congrats
Marines Don and Phil Everly performed "Crying in the Rain" on the Ed Sullivan Show in '62!
Yeah the famous Gibson's from the legendary, "Ed Sullivan Show"appearance I wondered
This reminds me of the 1960s when I saw Tiny Tim live on the Ed Sullivan Show in NYC. He played the ukulele!!
- Light My Fire - 1967 performance on the Ed Sullivan Show
1967, Jim Morrison breaks promise not to say "Girl, we couldn't get much higher" on Ed Sullivan Show
Do you remember Buddy Holly. You can listen to the performance that was on the Ed Sullivan Show.
Why did we get talking about the Ed Sullivan show after that.
Very classy signage going up on the Ed Sullivan Theater for the new Late Show.
Who care about the Ed Sullivan show appearance it's going to be lit at the Hard Rock in NYC
WATCH: 50 years ago the Beatles performed six songs on the Ed Sullivan Show
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert at Ed Sullivan Theater. Signage is up.
Jane was on Ed Sullivan over 50 times and I can't even find one show
Cilla Black singing "September in the rain" live at The Ed Sullivan show, 1965 via
Giant "COLBERT" letters being installed at the Ed Sullivan Theater. Can't wait for this show!
Stephen Colbert gives GQ an exclusive look at renovations of the Ed Sullivan Theater
The Beatles driving a horse & cart around Central Park the day before their Ed Sullivan Show appearance in 1964.
1964 one of the most prolific bands ever opened their first US Tour today-6 months after an appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Name them.
I added a video to a playlist Tom Jones - "It's Not Unusual" on The Ed Sullivan Show
Get an exclusive sneak peek at renovation of the Ed Sullivan Theater
Tombaugh Regio ? Wasn't that a puppet on the Ed Sullivan Show?
The Beatles. 50 years ago this February, 2014, watched them on the Ed Sullivan Show for the very fir
Rare Beatles autographed 'Ed Sullivan Show' postcard to be auctioned
The chick sitting next to lady w the glasses was step-mother Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show
A: Charles Laughton hosted the Ed Sullivan Show during Elvis Presley's first appearance.
When Elvis Presley appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, Ed was recuperating from an arm injury and the host was Charles Laughton.
I called my grandma's cellphone just to ask about the Ed Sullivan show. Asfksksl the only thing she has is the tv she watched it on. WHY.
Just a young pup, Linz! So sorry you missed seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show.
My grandma remembers seeing Michael on the Ed Sullivan show when she was 10, and seeing Whitney on the Merv Griffin show when she was 23. 😭
Elvis Presley gets made up for his first appearance on the “Ed Sullivan Show”, September 9, 1956.
wasn't it Ed Sullivan from the 60's TV demanded bands don't play live on his show?
Me gustó un video de The Best of The Supremes on The Ed Sullivan Show
June 7 1964 : Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas make their American TV debut on the Ed Sullivan Show on CBS.
RIP Anne Meara. What a talent through the years! Old timers like me still remember your days on the Ed Sullivan Show ht…
Moms Mabley (1894-1975), comedian on the Smothers Brothers and Ed Sullivan Show, performed in androgynous clothing and had girlfriends.
5/12/63 walked out of the Ed Sullivan Show over song "John Birch Society Blues"
May 12 1963 : Bob Dylan invited to appear on TV’s Ed Sullivan Show refuses when he is forbidden to sing Talking John Birch Society Blues.
Remember that guy on the Ed Sullivan show that would spin the plates on poles? He had nothing on these yahoos.
maybe do ed Sullivan show now, really big show. Sabotage noise made from wooden shoes. azymous azygous Aztec azure. Alfred Hitchcock
i'm glad that jimmy fallon and seth meyers as the two least funny SNL cast members became talk show hosts. great job ed sullivan is smiling
Photoset: Diana Ross and the Supremes sing “Someday We’ll Be Together“ on the Ed Sullivan Show on December...
Please show a picture of Ed Sullivan next to the Lucy statue, I think it's a better match! LOL
Am I the only one?. When I was a child, I can remember watching the Ed Sullivan show and I thought the people I...
The Kinks - You Really Got Me: This is a classic early TV appearance by The Kinks on the famous Ed Sullivan show.
And this is why they never should've allowed Elvis to shake his hips on the Ed Sullivan Show... Downhill roll to now
sounds like you are jealous buddy Tiger lifted the game of golf he's was in the ed Sullivan show has a you kid
Ed Sullivan with Janis Joplin when she appeared on his show on March 16, 1969.
just swing the *** club like you did on the Ed Sullivan show ! Enough of the technical BS
Hulkamania happened in 1964 after Hulk Hogan performed on the Ed Sullivan Show.
played Carnegie literally after appearance on Ed Sullivan Show. BRILLIANT! Made my day
Bo Diddley on The Ed Sullivan Show. The first black performer to be on it. 1957.
The Beatles performing in front of 73 million viewers on 'The Ed Sullivan Show' in 1964
Elvis gets vaccinated against polio on the Ed Sullivan Show, 1956.
Time Life home video subsidiary StarVista Entertainment May 12 will release The Best of The Ed Sullivan Show, a…
If the "Ed Sullivan Show" was still on, it would be over now. So would "The Wonderful World of Disney" and Mutual...
for the song of the week we are going to go back to an Ed Sullivan Sunday night show which featured The Doors.
Did you also know that Davy Jones performed on the same Ed Sullivan show as the Beatles in 1964.
I loved the Beatles,I was 10 when they came to America and Mom let me watch them on The Ed Sullivan Show!
April 5, 1964: THE SEARCHERS, from Liverpool, UK, make their US TV debut on The Ed Sullivan Show, playing the...
Today in 1964: The Searchers make their US television debut, singing "Needles and Pins" on CBS' Ed Sullivan Show.
Robert Burns Jr., 64, First Lynyrd Skynyrd Drummer - took up drumming after watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan Show
I remember when a friend of mine didn't think The Peanuts ever showed up on the Ed Sullivan Show, like they weren't good enough or somethin
There are shows and shiws. Ed Sullivan had a really big shiw. A shiw is better than a show. 😘
*** Dale was the first rock guitarist to play on The Ed Sullivan Show? Hear ***
Man I wish the Ed Sullivan show was on Netflix.
1971: The last original episode of "The Ed Sullivan Show" airs after 23 seasons.
Listening to a song ("Jean") sung by Rod McKuen on the Ed Sullivan show, I just happened to discover he only...
Watching The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show on Fox. Living the dream. "You're just too good to be true." 🎶
As a father, I knew the J5 were a gift from God. The magic moment was the Ed Sullivan Show. Millions watched at home in amazement.
50 Years Ago The Beatles played on the Ed Sullivan Show. Celebrate with us!.
Pretty sure I'm the only person watching the Ed Sullivan show in school
“This picture was taken when we first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show last year.Notice George’s happy grin!”- RS
*learns about Ed Sullivan show*. *immediately thinks of Bye Bye Birdie*. *cries*
As Ed Sullivan would say - It's goin' to be a really BIG show!
I will never forget seeing E on the Ed Sullivan Show.
T-Pain's mixtape drops Friday! This is the most exciting thing to happen to the music world since the Beatles played the Ed Sullivan Show
oh midnight DST on my birthday and mom & I are watching the Doors perform on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1967
I'm watching the free Ed Sullivan Show channel on Click here to watch:
Spending my night watching the PBS special "Great Broadway Musical Moments from the Ed Sullivan Show". This theater nerd is so happy. ❤️
Photoset: Michelle eating a banana during the performance of California Dreamin’ on the Ed Sullivan Show,...
"Great Broadway Musical Moments From the Ed Sullivan Show" at 6 starts a block of special, back-to-back music shows:
mag tells me 106M watched M*A*S*H finale in 1983 vs. 73M who watched on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. Interesting.
George Harrison nearly missed the Beatles' first Ed Sullivan show, because he'd come down with the flu.
Why watch O'Reilly, Hardball, Survivor, American Idol when you can watch Great Broadway Moments on PBS. Now...
There's a special on the Ed Sullivan show on. Aka im glued to the TV.
Great Broadway musical moments from the Ed Sullivan show awesome!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
that was the intro to the Ed Sullivan show Lol
"I wouldnt have Elvis Presley on my show at any time" (Ed Sullivan early 1956). "And now here is Elvis Presley!" (Ed Sullivan October 1956)
The Ed Sullivan Show had many great music performances. Take a look at some of the best Broadway moments featured on the show.
"Thank you for your request for tickets for the Ed Sullivan Show & REH" '64.
Still get emotional every time I watch The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show 😍
1964 Beatle Mania begins. Fab Four appear on the Ed Sullivan Show. More from
Today marks the 51st. anniversary of The first Ed Sullivan Show appearance.
If the Ed Sullivan Show was still on, this chick could make a fortune.
Leslie Gore was on the Ed Sullivan Show in the summer of 1970. My grandfather asked if I thought she was attractive. I said no. He said yes
Rock Calendar 2-16-64: In Miami Beach, The Beatles make their second live appearance on Ed Sullivan Show, exactly one week after the first
Janis Joplin and the Kozmic Blues Band performing on the Ed Sullivan Show, 1969.
George and John, the Ed Sullivan Show, 1964 - The via
Before Elvis there was nothing-John Lennon. It all began when I saw Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show-
John Lennon During a break from the Ed Sullivan Show. February 09, 1964 - the via
Elvis Presley - January 6th 1957, Warwick Hotel, New York (His last show on the Ed Sullivan Show)
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I have this song stuck in my head again -- I want to share the pain :-) Christmas hippo changed life for Oklahoma 10-year-old By Janelle Stecklein CNHI Oklahoma Reporter CITY — Most children ask for a puppy for Christmas, but Gayla Peevey wanted something larger — a certain temperamental beast that lives in Africa’s Nile River and wouldn’t even fit in her garage. While most children would consider asking Santa Claus for their gift, the precocious 10-year-old found the perfect outlet for her message — the insanely popular "Ed Sullivan Show," thanks to her record label, Columbia. So, just before Christmas 1953, the young Oklahoman sang what would become that year's top Christmas song, “I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas.” “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas. Only a hippopotamus will do. I don’t want a doll, no dinky Tinkertoy. I want a hippopotamus to play with and enjoy,” she sang in a voice filled with sass. And Oklahomans took her at her word. After hearing that Peevey wanted a hipp ...
Right now am watching Miracle on 34th Street! Prior to that was watching an advertisement for Time-Life DVD's of the Ed Sullivan Show! An incredible variety show! Some of the entertainers I knew such as Elvis and Gene Autry but some I had never heard of! Still, I want my childhood back! So I'm re-doing it and doing what I want! I didn't know his show was on for 22 years! Geez! Some of the people I had heard of I didn't remember how they looked such as Gene Autrey!
Ringo Starr grins while playing the drums during the Beatles' performance on the Ed Sullivan Show in
KLBB presents This Day In Music History! In 1961, the Everly Brothers reported for duty at Camp Pendleton in southern California after joining the Marine Corps Reserves. By enlisting together, the brothers ensured that they would not be drafted - and separated. One of their few performances during their Marine Corps service was an on-leave appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, in mid-February 1962,
Are you smarter than a 60 year old? THIS MAY BE HARDER THAN YOU MAY THINK. THE ANSWERS WILL BE ON THE TIP OF YOUR TONGUE, BUT YOU JUST CAN'T QUITE REMEMBER THE CORRECT ANSWER DON'T LOOK BELOW FOR THE ANSWERS UNTIL YOU HAVE TRIED TO FIGURE IT OUT. A TEST FOR 'OLDER' KIDS. I was picky who I sent this to. It had to be those who might actually remember. So have some fun my sharp-witted friends. This is a test for us 'older kids'! The answers are printed below, (after the questions) but don't cheat! answer them first. * 01. After the Lone Ranger saved the day and rode off into the sunset, the grateful citizens would ask, Who was that masked man? Invariably, someone would answer, I don't know, but he left this behind. What did he leave behind?_. 02. When the Beatles first came to the U.S. In early 1964, we all watched them on The _ _ Show. 03. 'Get your kicks, __ _ _.' 04. 'The story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed to _ _ _.' 05. 'In the jungle, the mighty jungle, _ _ _ _.' 06. After t ...
The lovely and talented Elle Fanning (breezes her way into the Ed Sullivan Theater for tonight's show.
Did you know there is a 78 yr old parrot at Jungle Gardens that performed on the Ed Sullivan show?
7 Pictures Added | Amy Sedaris - Celebrities outside the Ed Sullivan Theater for 'Late Show with...
Actually, The Ed Sullivan Show more like 74 million, the largest TV audience up to that point. And almost half the population of America.
Saw Elvis on your bio- Can't help but share this Ed Sullivan show clip …
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