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Ed Snider

Edward M. Ed Snider (born January 6, 1933, Washington, D.C.) is the chairman of Comcast Spectacor, a Philadelphia-based sports and entertainment company that owns the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League, the Wells Fargo Center, the regional sports network Comcast SportsNet and Global Spectrum, an international facilities management company.

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Pens fans killed flyers fans when one guy said "flyers suck" during moment of silen…
Also as a philadelphian, just want to point out that crazy Ayn Rand *** Ed Snider used private financing and Pittsburgh used tax $
Oh i agree that why ed snider didn't see another cup at lease Mario know what he doing owning a dam team
Already miss little petes. The place I tried to buy ed snider breakfast and got mocked for it
Didn't the flyers fans throw ed snider bracelets all over the ice??
and threw bracelets on the ice during the game after Ed Snider died.
One bracelet* at Orlov. I also remember Pens fans cheering during the moment of silence for Ed Snider
Flyers fans threw Ed Snider Memorial Bracelets on the ice. Nothing more needs to be said. The end. Goodbye.
As a Flyers fan myself, I feel insulted that you stereotype us with the horrible memo…
Pretty good Ed Snider tribute by the Flyers.
You're really gonna say that after what happened when they honored Ed Snider?
Can we make throwing towels on the ice for their dead owner a thing like they make wristbands a thing about Ed Snider??
The City of Philadelphia is honoring our Founder & Former Chairman Ed Snider with the unveiling of Watch it n…
It's not about reading. At Berube's intro presser, Sielski got into it with Ed Snider over…
Thursday the city of Philadelphia will rename 11th St. between Pattison Avenue and Terminal Ave "Ed Snider Way."
Just asked an obnoxious Flyers fan if he knew who Ed Snider was and he said, "You mean that guy who made those stup…
The late Ed Snider, founder of Comcast Spectacor, which manages the XL Center, was one o…
The dumbest thing Ed Snider ever did in all his years running the Flyers was letting Doc leave.
.staff members were on hand this afternoon as Ed Snider Way was officially unveiled at the corner of 11th &…
Good for Peter Laviolette. The Flyers canned him because old *** Ed Snider wasn't happy with their training camp. No wonder they never win.
With Ed Snider now gone.All the owners of the teams are awful
Comcast-Spectacor's Ed Snider honored with street outside of the South Philly Sports Complex https:/…
fan shows no class during Ed Snider tribute
Best moment in history: When fans threw Ed Snider memorial bracelets on the ice because their team ***
Flyers honor Ed Snider with banner raising at home opener (Video)
co-founder Ed Snider's estate is up for sale and it comes with a very famous neighbor.
Why are we losing a lot of Hockey icons lately? Jean Beliveau, J.P. Parise, Al Arbour, Ed Snider, & now Gordie Howe.
Hockey icon Gordie Howe dies at 88 - via App //Al Arbour, Ed Snider & now Gordie Howe in the last 1 year RIP
Piles and Piles of ed snider bracelets in the sand.
They had nothing to do with Ed Snider. Just bracelets that light up. Let me know when the next riot is.
I wish I could give Ed Snider another hug! Thank You for the honor of allowing me to put a jersey on. You wi…
As a native Philadelphian, I am saddened by the death of Ed Snider. He did so much for hockey and the city. Condolences to…
The NHL itself is in a slight power vacuum right now with the death of Ed Snider (PHL). Some 'young gun' owners but no leaders
ed snider's chair for home games. Utley's just out there proving he did nothing wrong.
I'm pretty sure Ed Snider hates conservative French Canadians after seeing what he did with the Nordiques and Lecavalier.
.I won't lie. You're homage to Ed Snider made me well up. Definitely shed a man tear (or 3)
The time Ed Snider kicked Donald Trump out of a Flyers playoff game -
the same crowd that booed Ed Snider during the moment of silence after his death
If the Penguins win a Stanley cup in they same season they booed during Ed Snider's moment of silence it's really gonna be a sad moment
didn't they boo during the moment of silence for Ed Snider?
booing during a moment of silence for Ed Snider?
Who else is happy that Ed Snider can't run the NHL into the ground anymore?
This is a joke. San Jose and Tampa Bay in the NHL Stanley Cup Final?! That's an Ed Snider dream come true.
C'mon read that bit and think about what happened when Ed Snider died.
so many owners that worshiped at that altar. Ed Snider even produced the Atlas Shrugged movie.
Ed Snider knew what really happened on that play!
That wasn't offsides. Ed Snider may have thought so, but wasn't. If it was, might've been very close. Tough call.
the one that won the cup where ed snider went nuts...1980 was a long time ago..but I remember ed freaking out
No one is allowed to park in Ed Snider's parking spot
Did you know creator is a huge fan? Wednesday’s episode is dedicated to Ed Snider.
NHL  |  Remembering Ed Snider: Hard to ignore what he brought to town - YDKJ
Thank You Everyone Who Participated in The Ghost Jersey Raffle and Honoring The Memory of Ed Snider at
Philadelphia Flyers founder Ed Snider dies at age 83
just another reason to love this show. sitcom pays tribute to Ed Snider via .
|  Remembering Ed Hard to ignore what he brought to town -
2 hours left to join the Ghost jersey raffle, all money donated to Ed Snider Foundation! $1 to join via PayPal/Venmo https:…
Comcast executives Brian Roberts, Dave Scott are basically taking over Ed Snider's role with Flyers
Holmgren, Dave Scott and Brian Roberts will be taking over as owners for Ed Snider
You learn something new every day: Ed Snider once kicked Donald Trump out of his suite during a playoff game ... for talking to…
Clarke says he hopes when he passes, he gets to play one more game for Ed Snider in the orange and black.
Are those Ed Snider t-shirts available for sale? My sister is a die hard fan and I really want to purchase one for her.
Podcast: Craig Berube joined us this morning to talk about last night's game and Ed Snider -
Ed Snider: savvy businessman, great philanthropist. But as owner of a sports franchise he was a lot more Al Davis than Art Rooney.
Who made Jeff Skversky the spokesperson for Ed Snider?
Spoke with former Flyer Daniel Briere, who shared his favourite memory of Ed Snider. Nice story:
Late owner Ed Snider is an inspiration for the Flyers’ postseason run (by
Vin Scully has reached his Al Davis/Ed Snider "I don't know that I'm too old to keep up" moment. Congrats.
On Dec. 31, the Flyers saw beloved owner Ed Snider for the last time. Inside their visit to his Montecito mansion:.
Late owner Ed Snider an inspiration for Flyers’ postseason run (by
Perhaps no one owes more to Ed Snider than Bobby Clarke. Clarke reflects on Snider's legacy:
Trump to schedule meetings in Philly with Ed Snider, Chuck Bednarik.
if you go by that trailer... Ed Snider is Vader so does that mean Bobby Clarke is Luke Skywalker?
Back in the day...Bobby Clarke, Ed Snider and Bernie Parent.
One of the last things Ed Snider got to see in life was Lauren Hart give a rendition of GBA and the Flyers post-game celebration.
With great sadness, we mourn the loss of our Chairman and Founder, Ed Snider. .
Ed Snider was competitive, passionate, insightful, a visionary. He will be missed by not only the hockey world ,but en…
Lauren Hart FaceTimed Ed Snider so he could witness God Bless America
Ed Snider took part in the last God Bless America thanks to Lauren Hart's FaceTime.
Lauren Hart describes FaceTiming with Ed Snider during 'God Bless America' on Saturday
Lauren Hart face timing Ed Snider before Saturday's game was brilliant!
From Bob "The Hound" Kelly to Pat Croce to Ed Rendell, Ed Snider's friends talk about the man behind the legend:
owner Craig Leipold issued a statement regarding the passing of chairman and governor Ed Snider:
Ed Snider, founder of Philadelphia Flyers and team’s ‘soul and spirit,’ dies via
Hear from our CEO Brian Roberts as he remembers Ed Snider: via
VIDEO: Daily News sports editor tells about how Ed Snider enjoyed arguing with reporters.
Chairman David Montgomery discussing the legacy of Ed Snider.
Ed Snider gave us hockey. Gene Hart taught us hockey. . So with great love I say to Ed, my friend & my family. Goo…
I can't believe Ed Snider is gone. Say what you will, but I'm in tears. RIP
I don’t think any owner ever understood Philly fans better than Ed Snider. In his prime, he got in fights w/Rangers fans. Not…
Ed Snider was the greatest owner in Philadelphia sports history. No one ever questioned his passion to win. RIP.
Ed Snider, owner of Philadelphia Flyers, dies at 83 /
Keith Jones telling a story about how in 1999 after a bad penalty call, Ed Snider came in and said “say what you want, I…
Philadelphia Flyers founder Ed Snider has died after a two-year battle with cancer. He was 83.
Ed Snider passes away after battle with cancer - Cherry Hill Courier Post
4 Rings Jimmy.You'll be 185 yrs old when the Flyers win a cup. Ed Snider is the biggest con artist
If this team were owned by Ed Snider he would already have a statue being made to commemorate the win.
.chairman Ed Snider says he is "very fond" of Chris Pronger and he will attend his HOF induction in Nov.
Ed Snider tells me "I would be extremely disappointed if we missed the playoffs again. I think were going to make the playoffs.
Class act from captain Claude Giroux today. His foundation donated $10,000 to the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation.
Honored to MC Ed Snider's golf tournament. They raised record $1.6 mill for today!
investing in Philly youth making choices possible through Ed Snider is
Ed Snider recalls Spectrum melee with 'great friend' Al Arbour. has the story:
Ed Snider supports Ron Hextall's decision to fire Craig Berube. has the story:
Ed Snider released a statement on Ron Hextall's decision to fire Craig Berube. He supports his GM:
Some wack job on 97.5 just claimed that "Ed Snider refused to have any black people in the organization until John Gruden told him so.. "
Caps survive. Did Ed Snider tell you to write that Frank?
The need more goal scorers, no getting around it. Time for Ed Snider & management to change their strategic philosophy.
This could be the Ed Snider Youth Foundation kool-aid talking but Flyers beat caps 176 to -2
"Darling, I will be loving you till we're seventy. Baby, my heart could still fall as hard at twenty three" - Ed Sheeran.
We will need to produce more food in the next 40 years than in the previous 10,000 combined
I don't see nothing wrooong. With a little muck and grind. ---Ed Snider sings RKelly .
Hockey News 100 for power and influence in the game lists Ed "Mr." Snider at No. 9. This tells you all you need to know about the NHL.
Ed Snider really needs to try and have Comcast worked into the US national anthem
Legendary owner of just wants you to call him "Ed:"
"Well, as we know Ed is a special kind of guy so calling him "Special Ed" would be more apropos."  . I like...
Just call me Ed, says Flyers owner Mr. Snider
Just call me Ed, says owner Mr. Snider
The Hockey News recently named Flyers team chairman Ed Snider number nine in its "Money and Power" issue.
Do not call Flyers owner 'Mr. Snider' via
Check out old pix of Ed Snider (with Keith Allen & others) in gallery with post on being NHL big shot at 82
Well, that's something. Per that release I just quoted from Ed Snider just wants to be called Ed.
"I don't know why everyone continues to call me 'Mr. Snider,' but my name is Ed and that's what I want everyone to call me" Snider told THN.
chairman Ed Snider still ranks very high in Hockey News’ listing of top 100 most powerful people in hockey
Flyers chairman Ed Snider still very high in rankings of NHL big shots
Flyers chairman Ed Snider ranked No. 9 on The Hockey News' Hockey’s Kings of Clout list. "He wants to win - and make money."
i love the inconsistency of ripping the flyers and Ed snider for being mediocre and the Sixers for removing themselves
exactly. It's all those fools who want to "win now" like the Ed snider kool aid fed fans. Gotta start at the bottom to win big
CB found a pix of one my favorite sports cars i owned over the years: my '86 IROC. Asked Ed Snider to race me once
biggest lie - anyone other than Ed Snider runs the Flyers, not Holmgren, not Clark, not Hextall...
Also, the Flyers are a cap team who will miss playoffs. Ed Snider isn’t going to sit back and allow no one to take the fall
TIL that the conception of the Philadelphia Flyers dates back to 1964. Ed Snider, vice-president of the Philad...
btw the flyers suck and are the biggest joke in philly. Ed snider cons you
yep and if I ever meet Ed Snider he's getting *** for the Lindros deal, I am a tough crowd :)
I'm sick of Ed Snider's false promises of success to the fans, Ed its time to face reality its not 1975 anymore its 2015!
Earth to Ed Snider: Did you get the message yet? A total overhaul is needed. This team ***
Ed Snider is none to happy right now with the performance of his team. Would he gamble a 2015 1st rounder for a goalie?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Nothing will change. In many ways Ed Snider is the Jerry Jones of the NHL. Too much influence and too many bad decisions.
Ed Snider must have threatened to send Sean Couturier to Edmonton.
much like Ed Snider, your hate of Europe is amazing
he looked as happy as Ed Snider talking Sixers
Pegula you should be more like Ed Snider and Crysby maybe the league wouldnt change the draft! no goal now this screwed again
"If you're on the fence about buying Ed Snider's new album, allow me to convince you with this image
Local youth skaters of Ed Snider Hockey Foundation ask top prospects for 'shout outs' when they reach the stage Fri.
"it's going to be really awkward at Ed Snider's cottage in August, and I heard he just got hoverbikes. We'd better not"
holy crap! Ed Snider just stopped me and asking about at KOP
no big deal Ed Snider just stopped me at KOP asking about
chairman Ed Snider, who recently completed chemo treatments, looks great and says he feels great.
depending on another team to win is the lamest thing. I already don't like this us team. who runs them Ed Snider?
Also met the top 6 NHL prospects in the 2014 Draft this morning along with Ed Snider.Pretty cool day to say the least
Ed Snider wishes Anthony DeAngelo well at the draft. Might the Flyers pick him? Unlikely.
Flyers chairman Ed Snider with some of the top NHL prospects. Washington Twp's Anthony DeAngelo is 2d from left.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I meant ed snider. you can't tell me that he doesn't have a coat of human skin.
“Ed Snider with the top prospects Sweet kicks.
Ed Snider one of the happiest people at Scanlon Rink today
Sam Reinhart & fellow prospects on ice in Philly instructing Philly kids through the Ed Snider Youth Hky Foundation
Ed Snider is playing the 24 clock ticking sound in Ron Hextall's office until he moves Lecavalier.
Sam Reinhart on the rink with Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation kids at Scanlon Rink in Philly
Greatest program going in MT 1st AngelAward to Ed Snider Hockey Foundation!
i'm telling every WFC employee about it on friday and saturday. i will call ed snider everyday if i have to.
Ed Snider hates the Pens and Pgh. He would never ever send a player like Hartnell to help Pens. Phil has no history with Col.
Our first is being presented to the Ed Snider Hockey Foundation!
Top prospects will conduct an on-ice clinic for participants from the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation at... (1/2)
If Giroux finished 3rd in voting, that's a farce (Ed Snider Voice)
sounded like he was being silly about Ed Snider going crazy at Draft.
Was Kypreos saying Ed Snider is planning on trading to the top of draft board? Was he being funny?
Tho 'Chemo Timonen' comment on Ed Snider's cancer got 1 or 2 Snider-lovers riled up. Which insulting someone with cancer tends to do.
Couldn't agree more. Ed Snider dropped the sixers because some media personalities need a about entitlement.
if pirates DFA snider, do you think he clears waivers and returns to Indy?
do u think snider can sneak through waivers like mazzaro did? High salary for a 4-5th outfielder. Option to Indy and wait his turn
do you think it's gonna be between Barmes or snider?
Barmes will be DFA'ed tomorrow or there will be some phantom cooking injury to Snider and he lands on DL
we'll thought out jab I take Ed Snider he has a passion to win and try for it every year. He has made mistakes
Ed Snider: Hexy, I can call you Hexy right? Get me 0.175 cap space savings, preferably by trading for a slightly lesser player.
don't get the trade and the Kimmo signing. Doesn't fit Hextalls track record. Is Ed Snider the Al Davis of the NHL?
RJ Umberger is bad. Hextall is bad. Flyers won't be good until Ed Snider dies.
Ed Snider just resigned as Flyers czar person guy.
Flyers owner Ed Snider may be the only person to be inducted into the Hall of Fame twice as a builder – for his team and for other teams.
Bad contract for bad contract. Toss in Ed Snider and you have this trade.
I wonder if Ed Snider ever drives his Shelby Ultimate Aero into a gas station and leaves in a bucket of bolts?
Would like to think that every Flyers trade happens bc of who wins the morning golf match btwn Hextall, Holmgren, Ed Snider, & the Phanatic.
Is Ed Snider trading for a mucker or a grinder? Cause you know it won't be a scorer...
Will never happen. Ed Snider would never allow it...
This is even more appropriate today. Can we crowdfund the murder of Ed Snider?.
unless Ed Snider’s doing Ed Snider things and this is part of a bigger move that includes flipping Umberger right away
the culture IA the culture. Ask Ed Snider.
rumor has it, Scott Hartnell banged Ed Snider's cousin...
NHL Network just played Ed Snider quote from last Oct ripping Mike Sielski
Leiweke rumored to be behind Bernier & Clarkson deals. Look at Ed Snider in PHI (different b/c he's the owner but still)
"I'm not getting DFA'ed. F that noise" - Travis Snider
Also, if you brain-fart any Ed Snider-related nomenclature again, I hope it's by calling his London arena "Duff Gardens."
How's your morning going, oh fine, just brain-fart transposed Ed Snider's first name onto Dan Snyder's last, in print for 100,000 people
carter & richards got traded to LA for Jake Voracek. Ed Snider keeps building cup winners--elsewhere.
I probably qualify, just because I hate Ed Snider so much & would never work for him.
there retarted honestly. I hate ed snider
Honeystone, the onetime Pennsylvania mansion of Philadelphia Flyers owner Ed Snider, to be auctioned
NHL lockout: Flyers chairman Ed Snider denies that he has 'soured' on labor negotiations - that Snider is not...
Travis Snider being spared at the expense of Grilli being DFA'ed?
Justin Williams now has more Stanley Cups than Ed Snider, Bobby Clarke, Bill Barber, Kelly, MacLeish, Parent, Crisp, Clement, Schultz...
Mike Richards hands off to Jeff Carter. Eat your hearts out, Ed Snider and Paul Holmgren.
Ed Snider will watch Mike Richards, Jeff Carter, and Justin Williams hoist the Cup. They have two each, as do Snider's all-time.
Ed Snider is speaking to the media right now. He says that Homer will return as general manager and that Hextall was brought in to be the GM "but that doesn't mean tomorrow."
I've been called a fake Flyers fan because of my negativity. I like to consider myself a realistic one. I seem to be one of the very few people who get angry over the fact the Flyers haven't have won a cup since 1975! It's the same excuse every year. Another year without a cup, dumb acquisitions, overpaying for past performance and a playoff choke. What makes this year any different? It doesn't. Instead of rebuilding, and bringing in people that know what they are doing, we using the useless Ed Snider - Bobby Clarke buddy system. Lecavalier was a total bust, if you were going to fire Laviolette, why didn't you fire him at the end of last season, and who in the right mind thought Max Talbot for Steve Downie was a good trade? Overall grade I give this season D+. I love my Flyers, I will always support my team. However, that also gives me the right to judge them how I want to. That doesn't make me a fake fan, that makes me a passionate one.
only Ed Snider evidently his fountain of youth
Send Snider the bill, I took one for the team Ed.
true but Ed Snider will have the biggest "reaction" if Philly loses
(obviously not blaming security detail, but rather decision makers - ultimately, Ed Snider - who don't pay for there to be enough of them.)
Ed Snider called Wayne Simmons and I'm no Donald Sterling score some goals
I wonder what ed snider thinks of blacks
If I know Ed Snider, those flyers hats are going straight to the shop for resale good for Sim though
Ed Snider loves Wayne Simmonds no problem here! Keep it going Flyers!
You think Ed Snider would allow his wife to have Wayne Simmonds on her Instagram?
u didnt hear what Ed Snider said a few minutes ago?? "Wayne Simmods is good at cleaning up trash"
or his Asian gf has audio of Ed snider.
I wonder How does Ed Snider feels about Wayne Simmonds
I wonder if Ed Snider would let his wife get her picture taken with him.
true tho, Ed Snider still thinks he just won back-to-back cups, not that 39 years have passed
Unfortunately Ed Snider doesn't think that needs to happen anytime soon.
I wish someone would catch Ed Snider on tape calling someone the N word.
Hey ed snider it's not 1975 anymore you *** change
BREAKING: Philadelphia fans desperately trying to dig up evidence of racist remarks made by Flyers owner Ed snider
"Alls I'm saying is I dont want you bringing any more *** Swedes to my games." -Owner Ed Snider
my brother is on the phone with Ed Snider now to get that taken care of
Note to media: I have a tape of Ed Snider saying he hates midgets, in case you're interested.
, this just in, intentionally tanking G6 BC Ed Snider ran out of Septa tokens
Save them from their own worst enemy. Ed Snider
His articles are the truth. This team is NOWHERE near winning a cup and he's the only one pointing out the source: Ed Snider.
Almost finished my management paper and hit a roadblock until i decided to change my topic to Ed Snider and the Eric Lindros deal. This is much easier
“The legendary Cher stops by the this evening." Finally there'll be someone at the WFC older than Ed Snider!!
why do I have a feeling that Ed Snider will be taking the C off the sweater of after the season?
this is the flyers were talking about. Ed Snider will make it so. "In Schenn's we trust."
It'll be just like Ed Snider to to sign Miller over the summer to Bryzgalov money too. I can see it now.
remember when Ed Snider said we didnt need a change in culture? He lied too
sadly I think it takes Ed Snider passing away first
Can't believe someone who gets paychecks from Ed Snider would think that
Can Al Davis.I mean Ed Snider sell this team already so we can end the fraternity of hockey purgatory?
"We don't need a fresh perspective. .." Ed Snider
This is all because Ed Snider didn't bring Kate Smith's cryogenically-preserved colon to MSG for good luck!! .
ED M SNIDER-. "I'd murder my grandchildren. before I let the Flyers sign. SHEA WEBER". SCAMMERS. MAFIA
"But Gus doesn't have the size or grit that we need!" Bemoaned, Ed Snider
Think about it - Ed Snider owns the moon and invented chocolate. THATs really why the league favors the flyers.
Is there some kind of orange punch ed snider spikes and forces philly MSM to drink?
The officials finally get Ed snider's team back into the game.
I'll blame Ed Snider for living in the 1970's.
Watson and St.Pierre have done everything they can to gift this game to Ed Snider.
Ed Snider must have promised hookers and blow.
MSL tripped, no call. Ed Snider pay's handsomely.
I had a dream that one time I ran into Ed Snider at dinner. My date was prettier than his 4th wife.
wonder if Ed Snider is still the owner of the Flyers?
When Ed Snider & don't own financial stake in affiliate, teams are usually weak on the ice.
James Dolan was playing Candy Crush while his Rangers lost? Ed Snider probably tore his seat out and raised it over his head at the horn.
ed snider is the only slave master I know
Met Ed Snider at the Flyers game tonight !!
just saying Ed Snider ain't Daniel Snyder, like you make him out to be.
Good news: Flyers Won . Bad news: Ed Snider will credit Kate Smith, not Steve Mason .
A huge crowd attended Bro. Ed Snider's homegoing yesterday! Powerful service! Lots of tears. Going to miss his big smile
I wonder how Ed Snider, owner of the Flyers, feels when he sits and watches maybe the best goalie in the league, Serge…
Website Builder 728x90
Ed Snider sells the team to Weber. Rename the team the Philadelphia Shea Webers. 82-0 in the regular season, 16-0 in the playoffs.
Please pray for a friend in Louisville, KY, from our former church there. Bro. Ed Snider has been serving the Lord for over 30 years. He has been battling cancer for several years and a brain tumor was found this week. He is having surgery at noon today.
Philadelphia owner Ed Snider is livid that Martin St.Louis was taken over Claude Giroux."It's... http:/…
Philadelphia Flyers chairman Ed Snider: "Steve Yzerman had to pick his own guy. (St. Louis). His own guy is good, but …
CSN Philly - Flyers: Ed Snider: 'There's no benefit' to Olympic break
Keith Allen Tribute - Ed Snider and the Philadelphia Flyers pay tribute to Keith Allen. - With NHL Philadelphia Flyers Online you get all hockey, all access, all the time, live and direct around the league, every goal of every game, NHL Live on XM, classic moments, podcasts, and special programming…
If you haven't heard or watched the interview already, Flyers owner Ed Snider had a lot to say about Giroux's (second) omission from Team Canada last night after our 3 - 1 victory over Colorado. Ed called the Olympics a "farce", and noted that Claude is "better than half the guys" on Team Canada. "Anybody that thinks that Claude Giroux doesn't belong on the Canadian Olympic team, they don’t know anything about hockey as far as I'm concerned ... It’s politics to a certain degree. [Yzerman] had to pick his own guy. His guy's good, but Claude's better." I'm not up for arguing which player is better. It's a worthless debate. Ya got two different types of skills that serve a different purpose on a hockey team. I'd rather point out that I think Ed's venting had more to do with being his player's mouthpiece; he knows what he's doing, and I believe Ed was sticking up for our captain to draw Olympic attention away from Claude and onto himself. Also, Snider lost a very close friend in Keith Allen just days ago. ...
Ed Snider on passing of Keith Allen: "In my mind, he was and always will be 1 of the greatest general managers in the hist…
If I got to deal with Ed Snider and Paul Holmgren I'm gonna need.
Great day at the carnival - had a huge haul including Ed Snider and Paul Holmgren. We met Vinny Lecavalier and my 11 year old stalked down David Boreanaz and got a picture with him.
That's why I can't stand the Flyers' broadcasts...they're saying one of the reasons why the Flyers are getting their doors blown off by the Bruins is because of the limited practice time they've had lately. But what they should be saying is that they're not at the same level as the Bruins. I'm so sick of Ed Snider and Paul Holmgren running this team, I enjoy it when they lose!
This weekend Ed Snider has invited all former who won the Cup 40 years ago vs Boston. They will attend the Bruins/Flyers game.
True that. Bettman dare not single out and suspend an Ed Snider player, nor a Jeremy Jacobs player.
Ed Snider is an *** Doesn't know how to own a team. Management doesn't know their *** from a hole in the wall and the coaching horrendous
Can someone please photoshop Ed Snider's head on Christopher Walken and caption "I need more blue collar."
NHL News Peter Laviolette fired after 0-3 start On the first day of training camp, the Philadelphia Flyers were already a mess.By the end of the preseason, chairman Ed Snider had grave concerns about the team he founded."I thought our training camp, quite frankly, was one of the worst training camps I've ever seen," Snider said. "I'm not talking about wins or losses. There was nothing exciting. Nobody shined. Nobody looked good. I couldn't point to one thing that I thought was a positive.Unfortunately, my worries were realized."He only needed three games to make a move.After a winless start, the Flyers fired coach Peter Laviolette on Monday, three seasons after he led them to the Stanley Cup finals. Assistant Craig Berube, in his seventh season coaching within the organization, was promoted to replace Laviolette. He is the 18th coach in franchise history. Wild's Charlie Coyle sidelined -- Minnesota Wild center Charlie Coyle will miss three to four weeks with a sprained knee.The Wild announced the timetabl ...
It wasn't his decision, but Ed Snider approved Paul Holmgren's decision to fire Peter Laviolette:
VIDEO: talks 1-on-1 with Ed Snider about the firing of Peter Laviolette:
After the Flyers dimissed coach Peter Laviolette, owner Ed Snider defended his team's culture, which has always been about winning, though it tries to accomplish it in bold ways.
Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren and chairman Ed Snider met with reporters at a press conference announcing the dismissal of head coach Peter Laviolette.
Peter Laviolette fired by the Flyers. Who didn't see that coming? We ALL know Paul Holmgren and Ed Snider have been the REAL problem for a long time.
I guess it was Laviolette who traded away Jeff Carter and Mike Richards. Can we fire Holmgren & Ed Snider and his Ayn Rand-lo…
Reminder than Ed Snider helped found the Ayn Rand Institute and was an executive producer on an Atlas Shrugged movie.
Bill Barber won the Jack Adams award and was fired the following year. Ed Snider is the Al Davis of hockey.
U,S, Supreme Court rules human DNA can't be patented, Ergo, Ed Snider will be forced to discard a Big Gulp cup once touched by Patrick Roy,
is in Ed Snider mode with the Eagles. Vick starting this yr won't win them anything, this yr doesn't matter in the least
Tracy, Nas and Scott - three of our Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation (ESYHF) campers - still...
their owner now owns the NJ devils. maybe he'll neglect the devils the way ed snider neglected the sixers.
It is a pleasure to welcome Sarah Dwyer as she joins the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation as our Coordinator of...
My guess he's more into actions than words. I grew up working for Ed Snider (owner of Philadelphia Flyers) he rarely gave them.
All purpose parts banner
Ed Snider(n); best owner of any professional sports team in the world
How does Ed Snider feel about this ?
I would love to hear Ed Snider's thoughts on Josh Harris' purchase of the Probably has an interesting opinion on the topic.
they miss the old days of an owner who didn't give a crap like Ed snider
By the grace of God, Ed Snider will be dead by then so the Flyers have a chance at the Cup
I'll never forget the guy who just told me Ed Snider will buy the Sixers back for a billion dollars.
Josh Harris will sell the Sixers back to Ed Snider for a billion dollars. Yes, 106-year-old Ed Snider will buy them back.
they will sell them back to Ed Snider by then for a billion $. That is their ultimate goal, bet it.
well, you hope. Ed Snider certainly leaned one side..
The people that are complaining about this are the same ones who whined that Ed Snider cared more about the Flyers.
Ed Snider and Josh Harris are now mortal enemies.
I wanna know how Ed snider feels about this
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