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Ed Reed

Edward Earl Reed, Jr. (born September 11, 1978) is an American football free safety for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL).

Ray Lewis Sean Taylor Malik Hooker Troy Polamalu Ronnie Lott Michael Irvin Andre Johnson Ryan Clark Ken Dorsey Rob Ryan John Harbaugh Jim Leonhard Mark Stoops Terrell Suggs Brian Dawkins Deion Sanders Jalen Ramsey Jacoby Jones

do any of my "old" friends or my "new" friends remember this classic? sharing with Ed Reed, Julia Altes Taylor,...
20 packs on me they call me Ed Reed
Kobe, Ray, Ed Reed, & The Rock (Don't care if wrestling is scripted). Easily my all time fav athletes. All great in their respective fields
draft Malik Hooker. He has the fastest clocked closing speed since Ed Reed. *** of a player.
Hooker is Sean Taylor/Ed Reed esque will play in the league for a long time.
Lol at people comparing Malik Hooker to Ed Reed. Ed Reed is a legend, Hooker just got Blown out 31-0.
that dude Ed Reed rn bro on a whole other level
Ed, Tim. Call plays that will score touchdowns. Now.
Ed Reed should come home to bmore and coach these safeties and cb"s since Rex is gone
they don't, but *** we need Malik Hooker. Next Ed Reed. I would be ecstatic
Malik Hooker looking like Ed Reed/Earl Thomas. Sticky hands for a DB.
Schiano coaches Malik Hooker. He compares him to Ed Reed. I will take max bet on BB finding a way to draft him.
you see so much Ed Reed in him it's unreal , his range is ridiculous
Schiano said Hooker reminds him of Ed Reed.
Malik Hooker is a freak type ball hawk.So good.Reminds me of Ed Reed. . I'm Gonna want to chat with u about him lol :)
Ed Reed? Regardless, I get your point...he's great in coverage and all around.
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When they say Malik Hooker has Ed Reed range, they mean it.
The Browns need to start drafting Buckeyes. Hooker is Polamalu/Ed Reed good
I'm with you. Ed Reed comparison, nah.
Ed Reed. should add Myles Garrett and Malik Hooker round 1
Malik Hooker reminds me of the goat Ed Reed. Ridiculous range
Outstanding range shown by the safety. You can see why some compare Malik Hooker to former NFL great Ed Reed. https…
Malik Hooker looked like Ed Reed on that INT. Great range. Great read.
Def top 15 pick wtg keep it up that's why he compared to ED Reed
Malik Hooker is out of this world. Greg Schiano compared him to Ed Reed. Covers just an insane amount of ground.
Ohio State co-DC Greg Schiano compares Malik Hooker to Ed Reed. High praise to be sure, but you saw the range on that…
Malik Hooker as Ed Reed? Why the lofty comparison actually makes sense
I see people saying Ed Reed with Hooker. I see Weddle.
That was today's reminder why Greg Schiano compares him to Ed Reed.
There's a reason he's compared to Ed Reed. Special player making a special play. Let's hope the offense can get out of…
back in the day. Joe Sakic, Vlad Guerrero, Kobe and Ed Reed!
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The Ravens should now go bring back Kubiak and Rex to run the O and D and have Ed Reed coach the secondary. What do you think?
In the last Miami Dolphins playoff game, 1/4/09, Ronnie Brown scored only Fins TD. Ed Reed scored Ravens first TD.
chad greenway was a 3-star. Ed Reed was VERY MUCH a blue chipper.
3 Hall players starting to 2. Allen, Munoz and Lott to Ed Reed and Andre Johnson
I always said that Ed Reed was the best Ravens player who has never murdered anyone, but that was murder.
Sean Taylor, Bob Sanders, Ed Reed, Ryan Clark & Laron Landry are my all time favorite Safeties...I've looked up to them…
So many crazy hits. Ryan Clark on McGahee... Hines on Ed Reed... the biggest was probably Bart Scott on Ben at…
Ryan Clark, Ike Taylor, Troy Polamalu, and Ed Reed are all now retired. It's a new NFL. Wow.
Interviewed Ryan Clark this morning. Apropos of nothing, here's Clark on his high school rival, Ed Reed:
100% agreed. He paved the way for Ed Reed, Troy P, ECT.
Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Mike Tyson, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Michael Irvin, all play in their prime. 36 is a good sports age.
Remember when Ryan Clark went 2 the Ravens locker-room 2 *** around with Ed Reed after a loss?
Hines on Ed Reed was an all timer for me
No Corn Elder? LOL! Then again, these are the same voters that "gave" this award 2 Roy Williams & Derrick Strait ov…
Ed Edward Reed you need to see this. Something i think you would be interested in doing!
OPEC's Barkindo channels Heisenberg: "all timeframes are interlinked".
True impact of Saudi's "war" was only ever really going to be pre-FID projects, unlike Kashagan.
I'm up for work at 2 am and didn't get to watch Westworld last night so in the words of Ed Reed, "DON'T ASK ME IF I'M AIGHT. *** NAH"
When ppl from kenner call st.rose country i remember city ppl call them country so they irrelevant as us only we created Ed reed
I'm not a Baltimore fan but your lying if you say you don't miss seeing Ray Lewis and Ed Reed play
Ed Reed is a coach for the Bills. Making that clear for the vid I'm about to post. 😆
Ravens aren't the same without Ed Reed and Ray Lewis
I'm just waiting for Troy Polamalu or Ed Reed to create a game-changing turnover
*waves* So glad Aaron has great support from Fred & other Bills greats in your circle... as well as Ed Reed.
I dig that, favorite db of all time: Ed Reed.
You know what my Ravens dream coaching staff is? Ray Lewis at HC, Ed Reed DC, Derrick Mason OC.
Y'all think Derrick Brooks or Ed Reed could cover Gronk?
don't get me started on how bad Ladarius Webb is, makes Chris Conte look like Ed Reed
Ed Reed is the easiest call of all time. He loves Reed as much as he hates the tablets.
I'm talkin' full team, with djax, crowder, reed, garcon, etc.
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dudes talking like he just beat the 85 bears. If Jernigan doesn't act like Ed Reed they probably lose.
Even an older Ray Lewis and Ed Reed scared teams before they retired. Does anyone on this Ravens team give you that vibe?
I honestly don't even care no more win or lose No Ray Lewis No Ed reed no soul
Ravens haven't been the same since Ray Lewis and Ed Reed left
Bills need a stud safety, can Ed Reed suit up?
laughing after this shameful game is a huge disrespect to what n Ed Reed built r a Dumb team from Top t bottom
if he gets that question during Baltimore week it's Ed Reed no doubt
is it me or has our backs got worse since Ed Reed?
Can we go back to the days of Ed Reed 😩
Lol this ish is funny only way we winning is if ed reed and Ray Lewis come out of retirement
Ed Reed might need to come out of retirement that safety play without Williams is awful
I mean Mosley's pick 6 that he fumbles. Jernigan recovers a fumble & then takes off like Ed Reed & fumbles it right back.
Can we put in Ed Reed to play defense and take out Landry
Dear Ravens defensive players,. You're not Ed Reed. Sincerely,. Every Ravens fan.
I really miss the Ravens that had Ray Lewis and Ed Reed and Haloti Ngata and Torrey Smith and Todd Heap and Derrick Mason
Jernigan collects the fumble, Ed Reed'd it back to the Jets. Sickening.
I mean only reason he is one because of ed reed and Ray Lewis
Former Raven Ed Reed was the victim of the most respectful prank ever yesterday
Ray Lewis and Ed reed had countless hits that were on par with this, where do you stand exactly?
The pranked Ed Reed by putting actual goats in his office. 🐐🐐.
I liked a video Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu Revolutionize the Safety Position | NFL Films
man that's hard bro. I like Ed Reed, Ronnie Lott, Steve Atwater, & cant forget good ol Troy Polamalu
Ed Reed put the pads on and find Landry
I love that Ed Reed is part of the coaching staff, just being around him, should make the safeties better players
Get Ed Reed out there to lay him out
The Bills pranked assistant DB coach Ed Reed by putting goats in his office 😂. (via
He looked like the second coming of ed reed his rookie yr in buffalo.
I heard a rumor a month ago that Butch Davis had the job Ken Dorsey was getting OC job Sapp and Ed Reed was helping the defense
Yo this Skins fan on fb told me that Ray Lewis and Ed Reed was some trash so I told him Sean Taylor was some hot garbage😭…
On both sides of the ball too, too many to name them all but Ed Reed, Sean Taylor and Clinton were my favs from the early 2000s
*** the Miami Hurricanes had Sean Taylor, Ed Reed, Clinton Portis, & Kellen Winslow on the squad back in the day.
Ed Reed is a gift to the city of Buffalo.
Ray Lewis, Jim Caldwell, and Ed Reed covered up for Harbaugh. But I've seen his true colors these past few seasons
Jimmy smith and Ed Reed locked you up at the goal line in the Super Bowl so who's the real winner
Is Tim McDonald or Ed Reed on the hook for the soft coverage last night by Gilmore and Darby?
Happy Birthday to our founder Ed Reed. & in on this 38th. God Bless you GOAT!
And there's something that I just don't think we'll ever get used to; Ed Reed, a Bill.
So is Rex going to make himself and Ed Reed a captain this Sunday?
and take the bills this week, Tyrod, Ed Reed , Rex Ryan, all going to make sure they kick the Ravens ***
this isnt Tannenbaum and Rex bringing in Derrick Mason/Plexico, Ed Reed,etc.& that def is one of the youngest in the NFL.
Bills HC Rex Ryan says Ed Reed 'will be a big help' in prep for Ravens
Ed Reed "will be a big help" this week against Ravens preparation. They run many of same concepts on O and D from his time there - Rex
Rex: Ed Reed will be a big help in prep for Ravens because they do a Lot of similar things still
Rex "Ed Reed can be a big help getting ready for Ravens."
This what happens when Ed Reed lights you up on crossing routes across the middle for years.
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QB Colin Kaepernick is wearing the visor BUT it's not TINTED like FS Ed Reed when he had one.
Top 10 players that should be in the hall of fame: . 1. Ed Reed . 2. Ray Lewis . 3. Peyton Manning . 4. Calvin Johnson . 5. Marshawn Lynch
Steve Smith Sr pullin in an Ed Reed, Maybe I can stomach the games now
smh they do know Ed Reed and James Lewis were seniors starting in '01 right?
Ed Reed was the greatest playmaker ever. Polamalu was a jack-of-all-trades. Brian Dawkins and Sean Taylor hit harder than anyone.
Players who never wore the Silver n Black that I wish wore it are Peyton Manning, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Deion Sanders and Favre
Remember when they NFL safety's were looking like this . Ed Reed. Sean Taylor. Bob Sanders. Brian Dawkins. Troy Polamalu. Bob Sanders
Still can't ever take Peter King seriously or look at his material same again w/his misguided opinion that Polamalu was better than Ed Reed.
No doubt about it.. The only free safety in the league at the time that was better than nick Collins was Ed Reed...
Sean Taylor or Ed Reed.. Maybe Brian Dawkins, but Troy a beast too😁
was hiring Ed Reed as assistant DBs coach 😂
Ed Reed is a defensive backs coach for the Bills.
The NFL died to me when Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Tim Tebow and Brian Dawkins left
*** no Brian Dawkins votes? I feel bad for picking Ed Reed now
dude was too cold. But who nicer? Sean Taylor, Eric Berry, Ed Reed, or Earl Thomas?
close but i take Ed Reed off and replace him with Ted Hendricks, he was the first!
Jets legend Ed Reed picking off the best QB on the Raiders roster: Matt McGloin.
Ed Reed on facing Tom Brady's Patriots: 'You had to be on point'
First two picks for Washington in are Sean Taylor and Ed Reed. Got ourselves bigtime playmakers roaming the back end
Former Ravens great & current Buffalo Bills assistant coach Ed Reed talks about his career & what future might hold https…
I was hurt enough when Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Troy left
Ravens had 2 of the greatest players at their position in Ray Lewis & Ed Reed. Go debate your deadbeat dad
Ray gottta be 1. Ogden gotta be 2. For 3 I'm a go with Ed Reed if not Jamal Lewis
That was a *** move. I had no issue with Ed Reed or Ray Lewis asking a fan for a TT when they won tho.
Man. The Ravens were supposed to be US. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed were supposed to be Browns.
Sean Taylor,Ray Lewis,Ed Reed all dawgs from Miami match 3 from Ohio state?
off the top of my head I know Sean Taylor, Devin Hester, Ed Reed and Ray Lewis but currently it's LSU
Yeah but then you could say Miami cause they had Ray Lewis , Michael Irvin and Andre Johnson , Ed Reed
but still look at tge picks. Sean Taylor, Andre Johnson, Ed Reed
Usc should be on here but... Ed Reed. Ray Lewis. Portis. Andre. Olsen. Etc etc etc.
Little Giant Ladders
Congrats man! Looking forward to getting the secondary back to the Ed Reed days. Welcome to Baltimore!
Jalen Ramsey is going to end up being better than Ed Reed, Charles Woodson, and Deion Sanders when it's all said and done
Jalen Ramsey will end up being better than Charles Woodson, Troy Polamalu, Deion Sanders, Champ Bailey, and Ed Reed tbh
27 is over drafted for a safety? Guess Eric berry, Earl Thomas and Ed Reed were dumb picks
Still Mut for rich players. They still manage to squeeze in Night Train Lane, Ed Reed, Calvin Johnson, RG3 etc.
I've gotten Ed Reed, Richard Sherman, Clay Matthews, Darnell Dockett, and Heath Miller so far. Now going for solder
Tyrod & Ed Reed also both returning to BAL
Joe had players around him though, right? I mean Lewis, Ed Reed, great defense.
Ramsey is Ed Reed 2 IMO. He and Jones would be Boys best safeties since Cliff Harris/Charlie Waters. Love me some Jack too
Ed Reed is there with him just because of longevity but Taylor is chancellor & Reed in one
yea, let's pick another mediocre QB. Would you take Ed Reed, Ronnie Lott, or Troy P at 2?
Ronnie Lott at 3, Primetime at 10? Rod Woodson and Ed Reed at 8 and 9? Can argue Primetime as best DB.
Ronnie Lott said that Ed Reed was the best safety ever
Sean Taylor, Duke Johnson, Ed Reed, Ray Ray Armstrong (if he counts), and a tie between Hester/Mcgahee/Portis
Butch Davis signed Ed Reed wasn't highly recruited, got Santana Moss on Track scholly, Ken Dorsey and DJ from Cali
I tried fight Ray in 2008, waited for him outside the locker room, Ed Reed saved him, I spared w/ Floyd already
Coaches Brad Schwartz, Monte Sanders, Ed Reed & Brad Davis...One of our many Fitness Days with the children.
Ravens coach John Harbaugh would go 'weeks' without speaking to Ed Reed, but he never stopped loving him.
Ed Reed and John Harbaugh clashed in Baltimore - Baltimore Beatdown.
>> John Harbaugh went 'weeks' without speaking to Ed Reed, never stopped loving him
John Harbaugh shares a story about Ed Reed and how coaches show love to players. “We didn’t talk for weeks."
offense? And why do you have Ed Reed as a corner with 74 overall man coverage? 😂
I agree... Rodney Harrison and Ed Reed get some consideration/honorable mention
Just think in five years the NFL HoF class will have Manning, Woodson, Calvin, Polamalu or Ed Reed and Lance Briggs or Patrick Willis
he will Ed Reed and Thurman taking over the backs plus Rob Ryan will help rush the QB better now
Rus and KD are like Ed Reed and Ray Lewis
Best player at will be Jalen Ramsey. He’s a beast! Think Patrick Peterson/Ed Reed type of player. Can play Safety and corner.
here's a glimpse... I wish had more baseball stuff. I do have 2 fball locker tags, Jacoby Jones, Ed Reed
Definitely Eric, um, Ed Reed of course, Troy polumalu, and Earl Thomas, and Cam Chancler
Mark Stoops wanted Ed Reed to coach with him.: KevinCaneFace said: Based on coaching Rumph has led teams of hi...
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Report: Kentucky reaches out to Ed Reed for coaching position via
Should make the in comparison to Ed Reed & Polamalu? Stats say yes.
if we want to get back to playoffs and superbowl I have an answer how to do,hire Ray Lewis and ED REED as coaches
I don't see my Ed Reed in that giveaway 😡😡
.was better than your dumb favorite recent safety (except, maybe, Ed Reed)
Interesting: Ed Reed was offered a job at Kentucky to coach DB's, by his former DB's coach at Miami, Mark Stoops
Just when I thought my day couldn't get any worse..
If uk gets Ed Reed as a db coach, I'll be pumped
is ed reed. But TP won't be. Dawk was better. Idk how you can fathom the idea otherwise
ed reed is more of a plausible argument but TP, now way. Dawk is a soon to be first ballot Hall of Famer so
Again not hating on Dawk he is a great player but he's not better TP or Ed Reed that's all I'm saying.
Ed Reed turned down an offer from Kentucky to stay with the Buffalo Bills: The Courier-Journal reported that R...
Hes already better than Ed Reed ever was tbh
Again don't get me wrong I love Dawk but when u talk about Safeties Troy P. Ed Reed 1,2 Dawkins 3rd not a bad thing to be 3rd.
ICYMI: A look at UK's unlikely run at Ed Reed for DBs job
Ed Reed should really host rap spelling bee
Ed reed and Chris McAllister alone could start over any two guys on denvers team
brainfart I was thinkin Ed Reed lmaooo. Ed Reed, BDawk, and Troy are prob the best three safetys Ive seen play.
Cameroon's Lokele crude coming right at the bottom in terms of GHG emissions.
Darren Woodson over all of them guys besides Ed Reed got the HOF
Ed Reed hasn't started his job with the and he's already turning down other jobs:
tell him to hang with Ed Reed all offseason! Learn the art of "ball hawking"
We've been looking for a premier ball-hawk since safety Ed Reed departed. Darian Thompson could be that guy:
Smfh lmfao blocked by him & Ed Reed. I'll consider deactivating if 52 blocks me
Ed Reed was offered a job to leave the Bills and coach the Kentucky Wildcats. Despite his love of horse farms,...
Report: UK reached out to Ed Reed for assistant job: Give Kentucky coach Mark Stoops some credit for thinking ...
no man! First Ray, then Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu, & Patrick Willis, now that's my fav 5 ever!😤
Riverboat Ron would've been the ultimate nemesis for Ed Reed's brother.
Following I sit down with GM Doug Whaley for a 1-on-1 interview. We talk: Draft, Rob Ryan, Ed Reed, "ultimatum", and team's FAs
Thoughts on hiring Rob Ryan, Ed Reed, Kathryn Smith & Why Rex will benefit. .
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Good. We got the next Ray Lewis in CJ Mosley now we need the next Terrell Suggs and Ed Reed.
great words Ray ! When are you coming to buffalo to work alongside Ed Reed ? That would be terrific.
We've got Coach Rex Ryan "Unfiltered" tonight at 730pm. His thoughts on hiring Kathryn Smith, Ed Reed, his brother Rob, and much more
Ed Reed and Andre Johnson are HOF guys. Sean Taylor would have been. Wilfork maybe. And a ton of "very productive"
I love Ed Reed's comment on how to beat Tom and the Simply stated: "pray."
Charles Woodson, Deion, and Sean Taylor, and Ed Reed r my favorite DBs of all time, Matheiu right behind them.
Ed Reed gave a perfect blueprint on how teams can beat the Patriots
Every time i hear Brian Billick i keep thinking about how the wasted some of Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, Ray Lewis' best years with him.
man, I don't know. I guess you may be right because of Brandon Meriweather but Sean Taylor was a playmaker like Ed Reed also
Only 3 safeties in NFL history better than Harrison Smith. 1. Ronnie Lott. 2. Ed Reed. 3 Dan Orvlosky running out of the back of the endzone
Bills hire Ed Reed as defensive backs coach
supporting you: Ed Reed is a HOFer, maybe one of the all-time best safeties. Jim Leonhard is...Not that. Terrible take by Graham
desperate? Why can't it just be cool to have Ed Reed living in Buffalo? Having him around town is cooler then Jim Leonhard
Rex hiring Ed Reed and Rob Ryan when Jim Leonhard could have had his defense in the top 3 this year .
So would all these "Ed Reed knows the system" rah-rah takes be as smoking hot if the hire was Jim Leonhard? He knows it more than anybody.
Nice to see Ed Reed as Bills DB coach, certainly loved him when he was on the Ravens AR, should replace Marc Trestman in my opinion
just made up for that awful Rob Ryan signing with Ed Reed
Bills announced Ed Reed has agreed in principle to join Bills coaching staff as team’s assistant defensive backs coach.
Since Ray Lewis and Jonathan Ogden were inducted into the Ring of Honor, how likely will Ed Reed be chosen in '16?
Brian Dawkins was not better than Ed Reed, Eagles fans are delusional
The Raven-Steeler games were so much better when Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu were playing.
With Charles Woodson, Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed all recently retiring - the is about to have a major run on sa…
Ray Lewis dropped Ed Reed on the other hand 😑
Going to watch all my favorite Ed Reed and Ray Lewis videos this morning.
Eric Reid and Tyrann Mathieu are my favorite safeties in the NFL, and all time favorites behind Ed Reed, Sean Taylor, and John Lynch.
I thought it was just some special teams player. I got back and my buddy said "dude Ward just crushed Ed Reed" & I was like ***
Rather get hit by Sean Taylor, Ed Reed, or John Lynch
I thought he played pretty good, I have Dawkins and Taylor at safety though. how's that Ed reed? I want but too $
right, yo watch Kearse's highlight tape. Dude reminds me of Ed Reed.
I've done mostly pats vids with the exception of an ed reed video. Robinson deserves some love for an awesome season.
any chance of getting a safety free agent maybe one thats retired like Ed Reed
"Let's hire some coordinators lets get ed reed... for the D
Ed Reed and Sean Taylor was gods ona field💯
Down 4 safties. Time to phone Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu
Trent Dilfer's opinion comes with a grain of salt. Rev Ray and Ed Reed won him a Super Bowl. I could've QB'd the 2000 Ravens
I say we call Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed.
Are: MOOCs To higher ed what Netflix Is to the world's movie theaters?
I'd let Ed Reed crash at my place b4 he became homeless
This Ed Reed mistake is so funny.jesus
p sure this is bc someone named the file "Ed-Reed-Looking-Homeless.jpeg"
nah they were right. Reed needs rest, will not play today
what you think? Think Butch Davis would have been better, would have loved to see either Michael Irvin or Ed Reed
If you played DB you looked up to Deion, Sean Taylor, and Ed Reed.
Friday gonna be emotional for me bruh . Ray Lewis and Ed Reed on Sean Taylor before their game.
I seem to remember a Ravens team in 2008 that had Ed Reed picking up Chris Johnson by his sprained ankle in a playoff game. 🐸☕️
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Emotional Ed Reed revels in Ravens Ring of Honor induction: A halftime ceremony in which Ed Reed saw his name…
Congrats to the legendary Ed Reed on being inducted into the Ring of Honor today.
Ed Reed closes his Ring of Honor speech by belting out "Two Tickets to Paradise."
Ed Reed with his painting, which was done by Kevin Byrne's son, Tim.
Ed Reed will be the last player out of the tunnel for tomorrow's pre-game intros. . Get the RED chants ready.
Legend suggestions from recent years: to, ochocinco, tony g, Ed Reed, Marvin Harrison.
Garrett Graham, Rahim Moore, Chris Clemons, Vince Wilfork, Ed Reed. Say what you will about Rick Smith, he nails free age…
Andre Johnson, Ed Reed, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, Clinton Portis, Mike Rumph, Phillip Buchanan all on the track team...🔥🔥🔥
come on bro.those guys are greats. But we talking Ed Reed, Sean Taylor, Ray Lewis. Can't compare
Lorenzo Neal at FB. Ed Reed and Rodney Harrison at safeties. Prime Antonio Cromartie and Ty Law at CBs. Winfield at nickel.
I still remember the moment I realized college football is the definition of crazy. Ed Reed @ Boston College in 2001
shid college about recruiting, Ed Reed getting *** especially in Florida and New Orleans area
Ed Reed. (I hate Ray Lewis, James Harrison, Hines Ward more, but don't respect any of them whatsoever)
miss the days of Ed Reed, Sapp, Lewis, Jerome Brown, Bennie Blades etc. not a Miami fan but it was a fun time.
Ed Reed says former Canes should give input in the hiring of new Canes coach. Do what Ed says
I think you and Ed Reed need to go coach Miami. I'm a huge Clemson boy but think you could change the program!!
Ed Reed for the U head coach. Ray Lewis for the U DC. Warren Sapp for the U d-line coach. Ken Dorsey for the U OC. Back to winning titles
Former Ravens safety Ed Reed on with Jim Traber now! Tune in!
When you don't have Ray Lewis or Ed Reed on your defense anymore
Ed Reed as the University of Miami's new head coach? We're listening ...
Whoever the Head Coach is the U needs a staff of ex-Canes like Ken Dorsey, Michael Barrow, Kevin Beard, Lamar Thomas, Ed Reed, Mike Rumph.
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson doesn't want to be Miami's next coach, but Ed Reed wouldn't mind: Having fire...
Ed Reed and Dorsey have talked a great bit about coaching together, but neither of them want to be the head coach.Hire them!
Need Chris McAalister and Ed Reed to come out of retirement.
Can we get Duane Starks, Chris McCallister, Ed Reed etc to suit up and help this secondary?
If I were The U, I'd be more interested in Ed Reed than Butch Davis for HC but Tom Herman from Houston should be on the list
I want Ed Reed at head coach. Ray Lewis at DC. Ken Dorsey at OC. Jimmy Johnson advisor to the program. Warren Sapp DL coach. Irving WR coach
I say get Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Michael Irvin and Warren Sapp to make up the main part of the coaching staff and come get (1/2)
Butch Davis and Ed Reed considered top two candidates for Miami head coach!!
Didn't Ed Reed kill a guy around the same time Ray Lewis did?
20th Season Moment: Chris McAlister, Ed Reed and the Ravens overwhelm Cardinals. . WATCH:
Ravens defense not showing what they learned from Ray Lewis and Ed Reed - Baltimore Beatdown
The Florida Gators won't be DB U until they can produce an Ed Reed, A Primetime, a Sean Taylor, or a Patrick Peterson lol
Hes the combination of Champ Bailey, Ronny Lot, Patrick Peterson, Deion Sanders, Ed Reed, Derelle Revis, and Richard Sherman.
What if The Ravens had Jamal Lewis, Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, Anquan Boldin, Jacoby Jones, & Ed Reed back on the team 😅😅😅😅
tell AL that war chant used to fire up, Warren Sapp, Edgerring James, Ed Reed, what a dope
Reggie Nelson was so amazing his last year at Florida. Looked like Ed Reed. Unbelievable coverage range.
Bruh if we still had Ray Lewis , Todd Heap, Ed Reed, Haloti Ngata, Ray Rice, Anquan Boldin, Jacoby Jones , Torrey Smith, we be 4-0 now
Oh what a time it was when Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Haloti Ngata, Terrell Suggs, Ladarius Webb, and Dawan Landry all played for the Ravens...
Ed Reed suffered from the same problem and had said before he had no clue how Peyton does it being a quarterback.
Nope. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed retired.. I still rock with Peyton, but I can't commit to the Broncos
that season we had Ed Reed..And also a good offense, Now we have steve smith...
Sunday will mark the first time that the will play a game without Ray Lewis, Ed Reed or Terrell Suggs on the fie…
you are the reason guys like Ed Reed or Troy Polomalu ever became stars
My favorite team the Miami Hurricanes are having a competitive game against …fau. Long gone are the days of ed reed and Sean Taylor
they need Reggie to go be off. coor., Ray to be head coach, edge to be Rb coach, Ed Reed def coor... Then they may be good
When Sebastian the Ibis has become your Ed Reed
Ed Reed and Reggie Wayne was at our game tonight 😍
Ed Reed & Ray Lewis turning in they grave at this defense
These people really in a dogfight with FAU man where Ed Reed them
Especially the defense, it's pathetic. Take me back to the Sean Taylor and Ed Reed days
The Ed reed and Sean Taylor would've strolled in the end zone smh
The greatest Ballhawk of all time Ed Reed
Miami needs to get Ed Reed, Michael Irvin, Ray Lewis, Jamal Brown, Bernie Blades and ask them who should be the next coach
Happy birthday Ed Reed ! Was my fav player growing up and big reason why I'm a Ravens fan, greatest safety of all time
Ed Reed ever thought about coaching? He should be the next Miami HC
If you're a football fan and not impressed by Ed Reed you need to reevaluate your fandom
The homie said kam chancellor is better than Ed reed. I almost slapped that ***
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