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Ed Orgeron

Edward Orgeron Jr. (born July 27, 1961) is an American college football coach who is currently interim Head Coach for the USC Trojans.

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Bradley takes care of the ball like an Ole Miss quarterback under Ed Orgeron.
Les Miles, Bradley Dale Peveto and Ed Orgeron meeting with Mannie Netherly and K'Lavon Chaisson
Ed Orgeron gets up close look at Spanish Fort's Justin Thomas Thomas Johnston
LSU asssistant coach Ed Orgeron in the house and getting a good look at Spanish Fort's Thomas Johnston and Justin Thomas.
ask Ed orgeron how bad wolken is. He won't get within 20 miles of Ed,lol
Ed Orgeron flew to Florida on Monday to recruit 5-star LB Dylan Moses.
10 years ago went live on Internet and Ole Miss HC Ed Orgeron was on the Hot Seat on Day One!
New WR Coach Dameyune Craig is making a run at Ed Orgeron for most energetic coach on the staff
Les Miles says Ed Orgeron is 'fired up' to be LSU's recruiting coordinator
.talked to Dan Mullen, Hugh Freeze and Ed Orgeron about new Jackson State coach Tony Hughes.
Sources tell FootballScoop Dan Mullen is “all in” on Ed Orgeron for his defensive coordinator position
Mel Tucker, Tom Allen, Ed Orgeron. Names I have heard. Tucker is intriguing as is Allen. I think all three would be home run hires.
What did Clay Helton do that Ed Orgeron didn't do
What I'm getting at here is that bringing in Ed Orgeron to oversee his Ole Miss-USC offense is the right move.
In my judgment, it will come down to current DL coach Ed Orgeron and Clemson's Brent Venables. Advantage: Coach O.
if you want Ed Orgeron to be our new defensive coordinator.
as far as defense. Id like to see Ed Orgeron in Miami. He'd kill it. And mario cristobal as asst coach and OL coach
Did I just hear a "Ed Orgeron" ref on Braden's show? Good dude but better at coaching Hoover High in Alabama...
Since Jim Mora started at UCLA in 2012, USC has been coached by Lane Kiffin, Ed Orgeron, Clay Helton, Steve Sarkisian and…
Les also said he will not be coaching the bowl game. Frank Wilson and Ed Orgeron are possible interim coaches.
Yeah that's great. Get rid of Frank Wilson, Ed Orgeron, etc...
Every body gotta go but Frank Wilson and Ed Orgeron
Dusty Baker/Mike Maddux seems like a Kevin Steele/Ed Orgeron dynamic. Great hire for the Nationals on the heels of a meh hire.
I wonder if Clay Helton loves Hummers as much as Ed Orgeron
The only OL coach Miami should be looking at is Ed Orgeron. They won’t look at him though, because they think being from Miami matters.
can't help but think that USC would have been in better shape with Ed Orgeron at the helm
For new followers: Lane Kiffin had liquor kept in equipment trunk on game days. Ed Orgeron banned it. Sarkisian brought back…
Ed Orgeron trophy? Houston Nutt won 11 games with his players..
5-star Rashan Gary talks and his relationship with Ed Orgeron. (VIP)
I also miss the good ole days when Ed Orgeron took off his shirt & built a fence around Memphis.
Ed Orgeron's once slept with the Rougarou and you don't see LSU fans starting rumors that he's fired. Learn to keep it in house, Tahd.
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Lane Kiffin slept with Ed Orgeron. That's the rumor I'm going with.
Pretty sure my favorite part of college football is finding ways to talk about Ed Orgeron.
FOOTBALL. what was it about Ed ORGERON that made his Players FIGHT ON? We need that NOW!
if USC loses does Ed orgeron show up at lax with cookies ?
SC should've stayed with Ed Orgeron and Clancy Pendergast
Former defensive linemen Lawrence Jackson, Shaun Cody, LaJuan Ramsey and Fili Moala were at practice today. No sign of Ed Orgeron.
Houston Nutt: "Ed Orgeron left me 2 very good classes... & 2 bad classes & that’s why I’m talking to you tonight.”
Ed Orgeron, Billy Cannon and USA Today's George Schroeder coming up on Tiger Rag Radio tonight from 6 to 8.
I was just thinking how nice it must be to have Ed Orgeron back home in Corndog Land
All these Usc fans that want Ed Orgeron are *** Give Sark time. You always judge coaches in their 3rd year.
Look at Ed Orgeron record when he was at Ole Miss & look at how Ole Miss is doing today. Ed is not a good HC.
so can Ed Orgeron, who I'd take in a second.
Ed Orgeron next coach at Arkansas? Think it over and tell me it wouldn't be awesome.
Fire Justin Wilcox and find Ed orgeron and hire him this will make usc 50times better
Wait Ed Orgeron is the defensive line coach for LSU?
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Also, "Ed Orgeron is worth the money.” is the single truest line has ever written.
LSU's Ed Orgeron gushes about Fournette's demolition of Auburn in new Better than Bush?
Reminder that when Ed Orgeron was at Ole Miss he once flipped out at a very respected assistant for recruiting Rob Gronkowski.
How big will the Sh!& eating grin be on Ed Orgeron's be when he 'sits' down with Pat Haden in about 12 weeks?
If Bielema doesn't win at least two SEC games this year, he will either have the same or worst SEC record than Ed Orgeron through 3 years.
You could wring out Ed Orgeron’s polo shirt and fill a swimming pool.
Under Pete Carrol the Offense may have been the Focus= Lane & Sark's hire.. But the Defense was FIGHT ON! Where's ED ORGERON now?
Ed Orgeron making an immediate impact, because several of those came from just a DL pass rush
Ed Orgeron. USC should have plaque at Room 112, Radisson Inn to landmark him. This is all on Haden.
Bro, I was there during the Ed Orgeron years where we once didn't win a single SEC game. So, "decent" is an understatement
when he got hired from USC ED orgeron had them as a top 10 defense now sark got them in bottom half of D-1
Just spotted Ed Orgeron hanging in the locker room area with 2017 5-star DT Marvin Wilson.
Sarkisian ... Kiffin ... Ed Orgeron must be having a good laugh tonight.
[scans the room]. [taps on mic]. [exhales]. Ed Orgeron remains undefeated as a Head Coach vs Stanford.
Tell me again why Ed Orgeron couldn't have coached this team?
I need to send him a case of scotch to thank him for not hiring. Ed Orgeron
Well, Ed Orgeron was the coach in the film, technically.
1st mistake Sark made was NOT retaining Ed Orgeron (and worse than that I have to see him on the LSU sideline) end of rant.
... I wonder if passing over Ed Orgeron for the permanent job was a big mistake by Haden
ugh I know. Meanwhile Ed Orgeron is leading the LSU defense that squashed Auburn...
TN had coaches named Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron you may have heard of. He said we're no angels. Some of us didnt approve...
Brother Oliver, Joe Lee Dunn, Torbush, Muschamp, Ellis Johnson, Ed Orgeron.. all floundered as the Head Man
Hear me out. Derek Mason, Ed Orgeron, and Charlie Weis coach Illinois as a triumvirate.
"Amy Grant and Ed Orgeron meet in prison and record an album together, Jesus Trashed A Cash Checking Office Too."
Ed Orgeron, HC Tommy Tuberville, Coach PJ Fleck, DC Brent Venables (frontrunner last time around) and former (cont.)
happy Tim is gone, they should try and get Bud Foster. Lane Kiffin, Ed Orgeron or Kirby Smart esp Ed he's a players type of HC
Possible next Illinois HC:. Bud Foster. Lane Kiffin. Ed Orgeron. Kirby Smart. They need a big hire to complete in B1G Ten that's who I'd go for
Interesting sight: Ed Orgeron working with DBS on stripping QBs. Lot of emphasis on forcing turnovers
Ed Orgeron puts the defensive linemen through their paces
Ross Blacklock working out in Ed Orgeron's positional drills at Elite Camp
Boys messed up letting us get Ed Orgeron!
Lsu has 4 of the top 15 best recruiters in the nation imo corey raymond, Frank Wilson, ed orgeron and Kevin Steele are great recruiters
It is amazing to me that Ed Orgeron, Will Muschamp, Randy Shannon and Lane Kiffin are assistant coaches in the
But then LSU was like, OH WAIT AND ALSO ED ORGERON and we were all like AW YIS SIR
Ed Orgeron (joins Culotta and The Prince at 7:30a.m. CT on LISTEN:
Since it is birthday, let us remember the day and I welcomed him to campus.
I would sink my life savings in a reality show starring you as a position coach working for Ed Orgeron.
I get the feeling Scalley is doing the Xs and Os and he is the Ed Orgeron motivator type.
Ed Orgeron, the Football Player, was born today |
Football coach who worked as a defensive coordinator for the USC Trojans fr... Get more at
I have now stumbled upon the idea of Ed Orgeron as the next Miami Head Coach and I am so happy and it might be better than the Kiffin idea.
Better than coffee in the morning. Big O Ed Orgeron coaching up the d-line at the Elite Camp.
DL commit Raekwon Davis working out with Ed Orgeron at Elite Camp.
Ed Orgeron working with DL commit Raekwon Davis at Elite Camp.
check out slick working these campers. I don't know if could match his intensity
Check out Meridian's own Raekwon Davis coached by Ed Orgeron of LSU
This is great video. Check out Ed O giving a commit some one-on-one time.
Watch: Four-star commit gets coaching from Ed Orgeron at Elite Camp
I never knew this => Ed Orgeron was a high school teammate and college roommate with Bobby Hebert
Just saw Ed Orgeron at our hotel in Baton Rouge. Gave him a nod with a Hotty Toddy. Glad he's here.
Recruit is sitting with Tim Brewster, in walks Travaris Robinson. Waiting outside is Ed Orgeron... And Greg Nord is still on his garmin
No wonder Ed Orgeron failed at Ole Miss. His entire recruiting pitch to Michael Oher in The Blind Side is about gas station food.
now has three assistants who have won Recruiter of the Year. Frank Wilson, Ed Orgeron and Kevin Steele. Not too bad..
Reports: Ed Orgeron is coming back to the SEC, at LSU.
named LB coach Kevin Steele its newDC. Former coaches Ed Orgeron and Clancy Pendergast had been mentioned previously.
The caller on the Bo Mattingly Show lost me when he said that Jeff Long needs to hire Ed Orgeron to replace Chaney as offensive coordinator
Not sure yet. Eager to get all of that settled. Why not co-DCs Manny Diaz and Ed Orgeron?
Curious to see if Ed Orgeron is considered for the DC position at LSU. Manny Diaz might be considered at Miss State.
DC candidates in my head: Ed Orgeron, Manny Diaz and Karl Dunbar.
Manny Diaz, Kevin Steele, Ed Orgeron, Gene Chizik. will find a solid replacement quickly. Life goes on. Fresh blood is good sometimes.
Former coach Ed Orgeron talked with about Leonard Williams announcing for the draft,
Ed Orgeron, fmr USC coach re Williams "He’s one of the best players we’ve seen at USC… and an even better person.” Wants to be in SNB.
A DOPE DC is all I want for Christmas: Ed Orgeron, Clancy Pendergast, Tosh Lupoi, Lewis Powell.
Ed Orgeron, Tosh Lupoi & Lewis Powell. 3 guys Id like to see hired at Utah. Powell for poly connections, Lupoi/Orgeron for recruiting.
how about Mack Brown, Ed Orgeron, Butch Davis, Ralph Friedgen, June Jones, or Sewickley's own-Bob Davie as the old ball coach.
All I'm saying is Ed Orgeron can recruit Jesus to come back to Earth...
So far I have three votes for Manny Diaz and one vote for Ed Orgeron in my mentions.
We spent 10 hours watching games with Ed Orgeron. He talked Lane Kiffin, future plans, his famous Hummer ad and more
Per very close source, there has been no contact between Mike Riley and Ed Orgeron
Mike Riley and Ed Orgeron go together like oil & water.
My face when people tell me there's no chance that Butch Davis coaches at Miami again with Ed Orgeron
Steve Sarkisian reacts to Ed Orgeron talking of possible return to USC: Ed Orgeron told The Times’ Bill Plaschke…
Ed Orgeron told The Times’ Bill Plaschke that in his mind "the door is always open to come back" to USC, where...
Lol throwback to the Ed Orgeron and Houston Nutt era of Ole Miss football
Good Guys Finish 1st: The Hugh Freeze Story: Bleacher Report: Ed Orgeron had just been hired as the new coach ...
Ed Orgeron, college football free agent, wants back in via
Hugh Freeze and Andy Kennedy are finishing Ed Orgeron's fence around Memphis. Yeah, it's a decade late, so what.
If Pat Haden resigns or is removed from the playoff committee. Ed Orgeron should be his replacement.
players rewarded before practice - USC Interim Coach Ed Orgeron treats his...
puts another win on ice for Ed Orgeron, 47-29 at frigid Colorado - BOULDER, Colo. —...
I'm still trying to figure out why ed orgeron was let go
Ed Orgeron could add coach of the year to resume - Ed Orgeron is building a resume to...
USC's Ed Orgeron plans to build on good November start - On...
USC hit reset button with Ed Orgeron, and it feels good - "Today, I woke up happy," he said, "and I'm not a happy...
Leonard Williams on Ed Orgeron being gone: "It has been a lot different. No one is like Coach O. He made me into a strong man."
USC’s quarterbacks threw 6 INT’s in 5 games (3-2) under Lane Kiffin last season and 3 in 9 games (7-2) under Ed Orgeron.
15 minutes of good audio w Ed Orgeron. Says he’ll be coaching come December & much more
Ed Orgeron: "I don't know where I'll be coaching, but come December I'm going to be with somebody."
Ed Orgeron on On - "He's one of the greatest coaches I've ever been around."
Ed Orgeron on Working with Nick Saban will be a good thing for Lane Kiffin.
Ed Orgeron on Leonard Fournette is one of the best players I've seen coming out of high school.
Ed Orgeron on I still have "an itch to coach." I "miss the grass, I miss the players."
Ed Orgeron on By December, I want to be coaching somewhere.
Ed Orgeron on "It's fantastic to take the time off and be a parent."
Coming up at 7:30a.m. CT on Ed Orgeron (
USC fires Lane Kiffin; Orgeron is interim coach - Ed Orgeron was picked as USC's interim Head Coach by athletic...
Today's show...Mike Florio fills in with guests Ed Orgeron and Ron Rivera. Visit
Now, Ed Orgeron will read aloud the financial terms of the Louisiana Purchase.
USC coach Steve Sarkisian still talking to Ed Orgeron about assistant job -
USC coach Sarkisian reaches out to Ed Orgeron: USC coach Steve Sarkisian contacted Ed Orgeron about returning ...
Steve Sarkisian said he and Ed Orgeron had a couple conversations before he turned down chance to return to
So, Grantham is on his way to Louisville, any thoughts on who we may get at UGA? My favorite would probably be Ed Orgeron, but Kirby Smart would be nice...
First Lakatos resigned, leaving UGA void of a DBs coach. Then, Grantham left yesterday to go to Louisville (Thank the lord). Now, Wilson, the DL coach is interviewing with Alabama. UGA will have a new and hopefully revamped Defensive coaching staff. I see Kirby Smart as new DC. Ed Orgeron as DL coach. Not sure about DBs yet though. If this happens, good things will be coming to UGA!
Todd Grantham is leaving Georgia and going to Louisville and for that we are thankful! Ed Orgeron or Kirby Smart would be a great hire if Richt can pull it off.
Thank you Lord. Todd Grantham left UGA. Time to try for Kirby Smart again or go for Ed Orgeron
Come on Dawgs. Stroke a big check and bring Ed Orgeron to the Classic City
Nick Saban, Kirby Smart, Lane Kiffin and now Ed Orgeron you have got to be kidding me 😡😠😡 the rich get richer
A coaching staff of Nick Saban, Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron sounds like a train wreck. No way that will work.
Ed Orgeron is in Tuscaloosa at this time meeting with Coach Nick Saban; would be HUGE hire; best combo of DL/recruiter in…
since our defensive line coach left for texas, is their anything to the rumor about Lane Kiffin bring in Ed Orgeron?
Apparently some more coaching staff changes may be happening at Bama. May leave an opening for Ed Orgeron to come in. We are getting the band back together! Yaw Yaw. It's showtime LOL
Kirby Smart by far my number one choice. Bobby Petrino and Ed Orgeron also on my list.
If Charlie leaves I'd like to see Chad Morris, Narduzzi, Kirby Smart, or Ed Orgeron. Imagine CEO at derby!
"If Al Golden lands @ PSU should Miami (FL) reach out to Ed Orgeron?" / Depends if Donna Shalala enjoys NCAA …
A couple of observations from the Chick-fil-A Bowl: (1) Ole Miss traded in David Cutcliffe for Ed Orgeron?, (2) like him or not, Johnny Football has something extra and (3) the A&M band was awesome when they used to come to Fayetteville and perform at halftime. Strike up "Go tell Aunt Rhodie", also known as the Aggie War Hymn.
This is what happens when an administration gets wasted and hires Ed Orgeron and Houston Nutt.
Guys I would love as next Head Coach of Browns: Lovie Smith, Ed Orgeron, Bill O'Brien, Mack Brown.
Houston Nutt, Norv Turner, Ed Orgeron, all on one staff. Texas, if you have even a hair on your *** ..
Black Monday preview. Jets keep Ryan. Shanahan likely out in DC. Frazier will be out in Minny. Schwarz in Detroit the biggest under-achievers in NFL will get the door. Allen seems a goner in Oakland. Ditto for Munchak in Tennessee. Smith in Atlanta if I owned/ran team. Will any former Head Coaches like Lovie Smith, Brian Billick, Josh McDaniel, Mike Shula, Wade Phillips, Jack Del Rio, Lane Kiffin be recycled in NFL or college? Penn State will be looking if Bill OBrien takes Texans job as expected. Minnesota will be looking if Jerry Kill quits for health reasons. Don't expect Tom Coughlin to step down with Giants but its a possibility. Ed Orgeron deserves a head job in college. No chance Tony Dungy or Jon Gruden leave TV.
Golden boy can take this play calling to Penn State...give me Butch Davis as Head Coach, Ken Dorsey as OC and Ed Orgeron as DC
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New USC Coach Steve Sarkisian to Reach Out to Ed Orgeron Anew - New USC head football coach Steve Sarkisian plans to pursue Ed Orgeron again and include him in his coaching staff next season. Orgeron went 6-2 as USC's interim Head Coach after Lane Kiffin was fired but the Trojans bypassed him and si...
New USC coach Steve Sarkisian says he's going to try and bring Ed Orgeron back to USC "one more time."
Steve Sarkisian told 710-AM he wants to hire Ed Orgeron back. An epiphany that coincided with Tosh Lupoi being radioactive
USC players showed love for former coach Ed Orgeron by writing "Coach O" on their arms during the Las Vegas Bowl. http:…
GAME 2: Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl: Dec. 21, 3:30 p.m. Fresno State vs. University of Southern Cal Fresno State (11-1) was well on its way to a BCS bid when it lost its regular season finale. QB Derek Carr is a must see.He leads FBS with 4,866padsing yards and 48 Touchdowns SC (9-4) after firing Lane Kiffin (right move) SC had a midseason resurgence under interim coach Ed Orgeron. Orgeron won't be coaching the bowl game after not getting the new head job. If so I may have went a different way, but I still think Carr is too much for SC. Prediction: Fresno State 44, USC 31
Free Play from Steve Janus USC Trojans -6 A lot of people aren't expecting USC to show up for this game after it was announced that Steve Sarkisian would be the Head Coach next season, which ultimately forced beloved interim Head Coach Ed Orgeron out the door. Personally any coach for the bowl game is better than Lane Kiffin and I think the players are going to respond, especially after last year's disappointing loss to Georgia Tech in the Sun Bowl. Keep in mind USC came into last season with the expectation of playing for a national championship and were without their starting quarterback in the bowl game. There's a lot of players on this USC team that will be auditioning for the NFL and with scouts paying close attention to Fresno State's David Carr, they have a chance here to improve their draft stock against what I feel is an overrated Bulldogs team. If USC was 100% motivated for this game, I think they would win by 20+ points. Fresno State has no defense whatsoever, will be facing arguably the best d ... Las Vegas Bowl breakdown: Fresno State vs. USC Reason to watch: With the departure of interim coach Ed Orgeron, USC becomes the rare team to play for three different coaches in a single season. First, Lane Kiffin was notoriously fired at an airport terminal following the Trojans'...
Las Vegas Bowl Fresno State Bulldogs (11-1) vs. Southern Cal Trojans (9-4) December 21st 2:30 PM on ESPN DID YOU KNOW: This will be the 3rd meeting between Fresno State and Southern Cal. The Bulldogs won the 1st meeting in the 1992 Freedom Bowl 24-7 while Trojans won the 2nd meeting 50-42 in 2005. Southern Cal has had a tumultuous season that started with Lane Kiffin's controversial tenure at USC ended with his firing following a 62-41 loss at Arizona State in September. The Trojans promoted assistant Head Coach Ed Orgeron to the interim job. Southern Cal seemed to be sparked by the coaching change, winning 6 of its 7 under Orgeron before ending the regular season with a 35-14 home loss to then UCLA. Despite that success, AD Pat Haden decided to hire former assistant Steve Sarkisian away from Washington rather than give the permanent job to Orgeron, who resigned to pursue another Head Coaching job and turned down offers from Sarkisian to remain on staff. Southern Cal QB Cody Kessler: "After the Coach O m ...
LA Daily News writer, Scott Wolf, joins the program to preview the Las Vegas Bowl! We will chat about Derek Carr and his success as well as the wild year for USC! From Lane Kiffin to Ed Orgeron and now to Steve Sarkisian, we will discuss the wacky year TONIGHT! Also, audio from Bob Gregory via the I...
Got to love the message board rumors. How about this one: Houston Nutt spotted at a Sonic in Jonesboro. Now that would be SPECIAL. We think they saw Ed Orgeron also. We hope Crazy Ed brought a translator.
USC, as we grew to know it this season, is already just a trail of cookie crumbs. Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron are growling and scowling on the unemployment line, and no one left behind should sense security, including Cody Kessler ...
Now to see who gets the job as the new OC - Brent Pease, Lane Kiffin, Ed Orgeron, or Mack Brown. My $'s on Kif.
if this happens I might not forgive you. Unless we get a three headed monster of Mike Leach/Dana Holgorson/Ed Orgeron to fill in
Hey Texas-I hear Lane Kiffin, Ed Orgeron and Brent Pease are interested in coaching again. Oh, Mack Brown.
thinks Ed Orgeron might be a good fit at FAU, thinks Tommy or Terry Bowden might work and likes
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I never thought I would see the day that Chris Petersen left Boise State. Alas all good things must come to an end. So... Let me then second someone elses endorsement for Ed Orgeron take up the mantle. You never know.
I think it would be funny if Boise State hired Ed Orgeron.
Rumor Nick Saban to Tennessee, Butch Jones to UTSA, Ed Orgeron to Bama & Larry Coker to the old folks home.
NCAAF Home Road to the Bowls USC hires Washington's Steve Sarkisian as Trojans' next coach Published 21 hours and 53 minutes ago The Associated Press Sporting News 59 Comments Join the conversation Text size A A A Washington's Steve Sarkisian has accepted the Southern California coaching job, a person familiar with the decision told The Associated Press. The person spoke Monday on condition of anonymity because no official announcement had been made by either school. Steve Sarkisian (AP photo) Sarkisian is a former USC assistant under Pete Carroll and has been at Washington for five seasons. REPORT: Ed Orgeron resigns after not getting HC position He'll be the permanent replacement for Lane Kiffin, who was fired after five games this season and replaced on an interim basis by Ed Orgeron. The Trojans went 6-2 under Orgeron. Orgeron's success had some USC supporters calling on athletic director Pat Haden to give him the job permanently. Instead, Haden went outside the current staff, but to another coach wit ...
Ed Orgeron just resigned from SC. He just spent the last two months turning around a doomed former national power by making his kids believe in him. I honestly believe Will Muschamp did the opposite. Can we at least take a meeting? Something?
Brett Hundley passed for 208 yards and rushed for two touchdowns, leading No. 22 UCLA past No. 23 Southern California 35-14 Saturday night and winning the crosstown showdown for the second straight season. Linebacker Myles Jack and defensive end Eddie Vanderdoes also rushed for touchdowns as the Bruins (9-3, 6-3 Pac-12) earned their first win at the Coliseum since 1997, retaining the Victory Bell by grinding out just their third victory over USC (9-4, 6-3) in 15 years. Javorius Allen rushed for 123 yards and a score for the Trojans, who had won five straight in their revitalized season under interim coach Ed Orgeron. Cody Kessler passed for 174 yards and hit Xavier Grimble with a TD pass for USC. But its defense couldn't handle Hundley, who rushed for 80 yards.
TB Silas Redd (knee) now is ``likely to play'' according to Ed Orgeron
Rick Neuheisel goes in depth on Ed Orgeron and the coaching job, the rivalry & more. LISTEN:
Silas Redd took part in limited action at USC practice and Ed Orgeron said "it looks like he's going to play." Marqise Lee will play.
I hear there r reports that USC alumni like Marcus Allen r wanting for Ed Orgeron to stay as Head Coach. It was on mike&Mike
4 former USC players and current members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame (Marcus Allen, Ronnie Lott, Ron Yary, and Anthony Munez) stated their support for Ed Orgeron to be hired as the Trojan's new Head Coach through out the past few days. -ManOfTroy
Marcus Allen and 3 other former USC Hall of Famers back Ed Orgeron to become Trojans Head Coach:
Marcus Allen, other ex-USC stars like what they see from Ed Orgeron
USC's turnaround under Ed Orgeron is one of college football's better stories. Lifeless under Lane Kiffin, the Trojans a…
Lane Kiffin on the next USC coach: 'It should be Ed Orgeron'
All purpose parts banner
Bitter Lane Kiffin sabotages Ed Orgeron's chances to be the USC full time head football coach.
Lane Kiffin backs Ed Orgeron for coaching position
Bad news for Ed Orgeron's chances of the USC job, Lane Kiffin now supports him - via
Former USC coach Lane Kiffin on Ed Orgeron. "He's obviously the choice for the USC job."
“That's already done. It should be Ed Orgeron. How can you argue what he's done?” – Lane Kiffin on USC’s next coach http:…
Ed Orgeron said David Shaw was "first class" for waiting for him to congratulate after game
Today's show, at 3:30 TinCaps Play By Play Announcer Mike Couzens joins us to talk about the promotion of Jose Valentin. Plus we'll talk about NFL controversial calls, injuries, Trent Richardson, Ed Orgeron, Urban Meyer, and MUCH MORE!!
I know he's had some prolific offenses and a Heisman QB play under him, but can I get an intelligent explanation as to why Kevin Sumlin is being labeled as the 'it' coach in college football. Don't get me wrong I think he's a good coach. However, the idea that Ed Orgeron's biggest knock is that he wouldn't be a 'sexy hire' compared to Sumlin seems ridiculous to me. In five full seasons as a Head Coach, Sumlin's teams have lost four or more games three times. He's never been to a BCS game and his defenses have been notoriously mediocre at best. He beat Alabama once and won the C-USA twice. Since when did that qualify as great?
Ed Orgeron, USC keep rolling with upset of Stanford; late Week 12 Snap Judgments
Ed Orgeron has done enough to have his interim tag lifted.
56 USC football | USC football fans injured after storming the field | Ed Orgeron makes loud statement to stay as...
The resurgence of USC football under Ed Orgeron begs the question: At the conclusion of the season, will USC athletic director Pat Haden move forward with Orgeron as the Trojans’ full-time Head Coach?
Ed Orgeron's Trojans aiming for a new deal against Stanford - Ed...
ESPN Ed Orgeron is only choice for USC
OK, survey if you could pick a coach for WVU football for next season, who would it be? Only coaches that could actually be a legitimate candidate so no crazy choices such as Nick Saban. And you CAN pick Holgerson also. If it was me, I would like it to be Sutcliffe, Duke's coach or Ed Orgeron, the interim coach of USC, who is not a candidate to be the new Head Coach for them (he also coached at Mississippi). And go.
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If Ed Orgeron was coaching the they'd be up 3 TDs right now.
I'm feeling what Ed Orgeron is doing at SoCal. He has the ranked again.
Markazi: Orgeron is the only choice for Haden via
The hot topic right now, should hire Ed Orgeron or someone else? Poll for Peristyle members:
Can i get Ed Orgeron's voice on my GPS? Is that possible?
I like Ed Orgeron and USC needs a coach that I can hate. Bring back Lane Kiffin.
In 3 years at Ole Miss, Ed Orgeron had an 0-11 record against ranked teams. He's now 1-0 as USC coach.
Ed Orgeron just beat the school that invented Google.
HECK of a lineup on Monday on 1 ET - HC Ed Orgeron, HC Mike Gundy AND HC David Cutcliffe!
USC players praise Ed Orgeron, want him to stay
tell ed orgeron that if USC doesn't want him LSU will take him
Ed makes loud statement to stay as coach
Alabama and Florida State remained in the top two spots in this week's BCS standings, while Baylor moved up to No. 4 and is nipping on the heels of No. 3 Ohio State. Baylor, which beat Texas Tech to improve to 9-0 on Saturday, sits a microscopic .0013 behind the Buckeyes in the BCS average. Last week, the gap between the teams was .0308. No. 2 Florida State also closed the gap on No. 1 Alabama by about 25 percent, but both teams are comfortably positioned ahead of the other contenders in the two spots that earn a berth in the VIZIO BCS National Championship. Alabama slogged through a 20-7 win at Mississippi State, while Florida State crushed Syracuse 59-3. Florida State and Ohio State are both 10-0, but the Seminoles lead the Buckeyes by .0792, leaving little doubt that if the two front-runners win their remaining games, they will play for the national title. Alabama and Florida State are tied for first in the computer ratings, while Baylor and Auburn are tied for third. Ohio State is fifth. After Baylor ...
Huge Jack Del Rio fan but is better off keeping Ed Orgeron...seems to be on a roll
The Ed Orgeron Hummer Ad congrats on that big win yesterday!
Ed Orgeron on Jack Del Rio interview report: ``I really don't care.''
CFT: Why USC should not hire Ed Orgeron as its Head Coach
Ed Orgeron in the Top 25. David Cutcliffe in the Top 25. Houston Nutt, America. It's time.
Ed Orgeron on just 13 guys playing on defense: Said that just developed as the game went on. Players seemed rested so he we…
Ed Orgeron said that was the 1st he heard of it when the Del Rio interviewing with story broke. Said he doesn't care a…
Ed Orgeron's wild 180 sparks big win over - my column from a surreal night in LA:
Ed Orgeron got a text message from Pete Carroll after Stanford win and The Rock, who he coached at Miami
Ed Orgeron on QB Cody Kessler: ``I see a quarterback with moxie, leadership skills and the team is gaining confidence i…
posted Filed under USC Football Ed Orgeron has rescued USC's football program after Lane Kiffin was fired following…
At U.S.C., the Cookie Doesn’t Crumble; It Bonds: Ed Orgeron has brought back sweets to the training table, and...
call me crazy, but if i were USC, i'd throw about 3.1 mil at Art Briles of Baylor.or see how Ed Orgeron finishes the season?
WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED FROM THIS WEEK IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL? By Grady - November 17, 2013 COACHES ON THE HOT SEAT - * Ed Orgeron - This isn't fair as Coach Orgeron has done a fantastic job taking over for Kiffin. But his time at Ole Miss and his 15-25 record will hinder serious consideration. Look for Kevin Sumlin to be contacted in early December for the USC job. Jack Del Rio has already interviewed. * Mack Brown - After reeling off 6 straight wins, the horns suffer their worst home loss of the Brown era. Close inspection of those 6 wins shows lots of fortunate happenings to overcome some powerhouse teams like Iowa State and Kansas. * Charlie Weiss - Despite their first conference win after 27 straight conference losses, people in Kansas are tired of losing. Perhaps seeing players wilt under the weight of carrying Coach Weiss triumphantly off the field was the final straw that broke the camel's back. Weiss is not the schematic genius he thought he was. * Bo Pellini - Nebraska hasn't been Nebraska - ...
Ed Orgeron is 5-1 at USC. He freakin' beat Stanford! He's like the Les Miles of the PAC 12. Not saying he should get the job. But he should be compensated enough to stay on the staff.
USC should be embarrassed for interviewing other candidates during the season without letting Ed Orgeron have a shot to earn it (IMHO he has). Not to mention was a bad Head Coach (going 69-72 in Jax). BTW, Orgeron was a big time part of the top notch USC teams they had in the early 2000's. Haden has no loyalty at all.
ESPN confirms Jack Del Rio interviewed for the USC Head Coaching job two weeks ago during the Broncos Bye week. As great as Ed Orgeron has done and how he has inspired the Trojans to play Trojan football, I do not believe he is the long term answer for Southern Cal. When Kiffin was let go, I said from the beginning Del Rio was the right choice for Southern Cal and I have not wavered on that thinking. Do the right thing Haden, throw so much money at Del Rio and snag him before Signing Day, and retain Orgeron as Asst HC and recruiting coordinator. With those 2, we take our last year of sanctions and reload. The calm before the storm. Then in 2015, its back to dominance and taking the SEC off its pedestal. The crystal footballs are already being made to go in the Trojans trophy case, the rest of the country just doesn't know it yet.
*USC gets rid of the pretty boy/celebrity coach, and the meat/potatoes Ed Orgeron leads them to beat Stanford thereby messing up the BCS picture again. Maybe Jon Gruden isn't the answer, USC. *Auburn, Jesus loves you. Or at least Mary does. One of the best Hail Marys ever. *The lowly Bucs, Steelers, Eagles all won. Does Nick Foles have the Chip Kelly offense figured out now? *Texans lost. Not only do you lose you bench your only hope and qb to bring Schaub back in and still manage to lose. Why bother? Keenum is your future and this season is done. *Arkansas plays Miss State next week. It was supposed to be a very winnable game. Then MSU lost to Alabama 20-7. Hogs lost to Alabama 118-4. Not feeling so good now.
Congratulations to Coach Ed Orgeron and the USC Trojans for the hard-fought victory Saturday night and the amazing turnaround this season. Disappointing for Stanford followers, but failing to score any points on a first-and-goal following a turnover proved to be costly for the Cardinal. Stanford's best hope is now the Holiday Bowl. Was it me, or did both teams get awfully conservative in the second half?
I know that Ed Orgeron is doing great at USC but I don't think he deserves THE job. He derserves to get a job as the Head Coach somewhere, but not USC. We interviewed Del Rio and I feel that is a better choice as far as recruiting goes. Most of the kids going to schools like USC are looking to go to the NFL. Del Rio has coached many years in the NFL and this will look good to potential recruits. At this point I say Del Rio should be the top choice.
Stanford, Washington, Oregon St. and Arizona have major issues. Also should USC keep Ed Orgeron as coach?
I'm not a USC fan, but man, you HAVE to love Ed Orgeron! He's filled in Kiffin's position perfectly XD
With one of the biggest home games of the year ahead on Saturday against Stanford, USC coach Ed Orgeron wrote personally-addressed notes to each member of the marching band.
USC Head Coach Ed Orgeron was my coach at Miami. Tough, intense & treats players like his sons.
If USC doesn't hire Ed Orgeron as the Head Coach, it will be a terrible decision! He's earned it, has SEC Head Coaching experience, and a monster recruiter. He is what your program needs despite his lack of being "Hollywood"!
Ed Orgeron - I can't place who, but he's a dead ringer for some actor. USC should lock him up on contract right now.
Ed Orgeron comeback coach of the year?
Big Picture: Orgeron's 180 sparks USC's big win over No. 5 Stanford Heidari kicks a 47-yard field goal with 19 seconds to play and seals USC's win. (Getty) LOS ANGELES -- For the first time in 14 years, USC fans stormed the field after a Trojan win Saturday night, celebrating as if they'd just won a national title after their team's stunning upset of No. 5 Stanford, 20-17, on a last-minute field goal. On this night, the Trojans didn't snap an eight-game losing streak against arch-rival UCLA. Saturday's victory over the Cardinal, though, may have felt even more significant. After all, it has only been six weeks since Head Coach Lane Kiffin was fired and a proud program was left in disarray. USC AD Pat Haden tabbed Ed Orgeron as the Trojans' interim Head Coach to handle the remaining eight games. No one outside of the USC locker room expected much. The team was 0-2 in Pac-12 play and Orgeron's previous history as a Head Coach -- three rough seasons in the SEC at Ole Miss, where he won three conference games ...
I have no idea how USC is only Besides a four-point loss to Notre Dame, this Trojan team over the past eight weeks has been as good or better than any team from 5-15. They're playing like the top-10 team so many people expected to see before the season, especially now that they have competent leadership in the easy to root for Ed Orgeron. Seriously... I don't know if I could have rooted for USC last night if Kiffin was still Head Coach. With wins over Colorado and UCLA coming up, and the inevitable shuffling to happen ahead of them in the polls, Oregon could play a top-10 team in the Pac-12 title game. But, USC needs UCLA to beat ASU next week. The Sun Devils control its own destiny, and I don't see the woeful Wildcats putting up much of a fight in the Sun Devils' final game. I can't wait to see how the Pac-12 shakes out.
The USC Trojans beat the No. 4 Stanford Cardinals on Saturday night. With that win, interim Head Coach Ed Orgeron might have earned the vacant Head Coaching job with the Trojans. “Coach O needs to be here next year … … Continue reading → [ 289 more words. ]
After an upset Stanford, Ed Orgeron is the only choice to coach USC.
With USC's big upset yesterday, is Ed Orgeron still just the "interim coach" at USC or is he the leading candidate to replace Lane Kiffin-Scott
Ed Orgeron as the next Rutgers coach?
After seeing the change and progress he has made with the program USC would be stupid not to make Ed Orgeron the permanent Head Coach.
We're here live with Ed Orgeron after USC's big win over Stanford. Coach, you have to be really excited after a game like that, right?
Congrats Ed Orgeron. Looks like you won the USC coaching job.
Would love to see Ed Orgeron interview Nick Marshall! That'd be more muttering and jibberish than Billy Madison at the dinner table!
My top three Coach of the Year candidates has changed a bit. They are now Gus Malzahn (same), David Cutcliffe (up), and Ed Orgeron (new).
If you didn’t watch the Stanford-USC game like I told you to, you missed a great one! You also missed seeing the game that will probably end all of the ‘David Shaw for NFL Head Coach’ talk (including mine!), at least for another year. And if you are a USC fan, you are probably wondering ‘what could have been’ if Pat Haden had of decided to replace Lane Kiffin before the season started rather then waiting until he had irreparably damaged it. And you are also wondering where Ed Orgeron is going to figure in the ‘coaching search’ that will begin at USC after this season is over with. My take: He certainly will, but he won’t wind up with the ‘brass ring’ after it’s all over. What’s the biggest problem for him? The fact that when he was the Head Coach of Mississippi he only managed to take them to a 10-25 record, and there is no question that the Program at Old Miss has improved substantially since he left. Also keep in mind that USC is one of the choicest Head Coaching jobs in ...
if USC and Pat Haden DON'T hire Ed Orgeron as their football coach, after last night's win over Stanford, what does THAT say to the kids in the program?
I'm not a USC fan but I think Ed Orgeron should be offered the Head Coaching job.
Neither team failed to scored a touchdown in the Fourth Quarter until the last few seconds when Coach Ed Orgeron brings in Andre Heidari for the game winning field goal and USC ruins Stanford's chance of a Pac-12 North Division title. 20-17 was the final score.
"This is unbelievable," said the 50-year-old Robinson, as tears welled up in his eyes. "I am so proud of these guys and this team." Robinson, the USC running backs coach, has grown close to Orgeron, and took the moment to campaign for the former defensive line coach to become the Trojans' permanent Head Coach. "Ain't no doubt in my mind that Ed Orgeron should be named USC's Head Coach, and I don't care who hears me," said Robinson. "No man on this planet can make these kids play harder than he can. We got 50 kids on scholarship playing like they are and like they did tonight against that team? This guy is phenomenal." USC Trojans 4 Life !
There is a lot of talk this week about bullying in football. The biggest bullies did the usual pushing around. And 1 or 2 bullies got punched in the mouth. Not to worry. I won't take your lunch money as long as you read my Top 10: 1. Ohio State may be going to Pasadena after all. But they'll be gone by the time the Championship game starts. 2. That's why you're Temple. 3. It's better to be lucky than good. Ask Auburn. 4. The only person that can keep Jameison Winston under 300 yds is Jimbo Fisher. 5. You can not contain Alabama. You may only hope to bore them to death. 6. Ed Orgeron just lost his title. At least the interim part. 7. Notre Dame was a 7 point underdog this week. And they had a bye. Via Marcus Jordan. 8. Ohio State better lose soon. SEC fans are really getting sick of being wrong about them. 9. The road to the ACC Championship has always gone through Duke. For the first time, it's not in basketball. 10. Baylor only won by 29. Quick. Everyone scoff and call them overrated.
Dear Pat Haden: please hire Ed Orgeron full time. The man has earned it.
The USC Trojans ultimately departed with the dramatic Lane Kiffin on September 29 after dropping to 3-2, naming Ed Orgeron as the interim Head Coach. Since then
The Stanford/USC game last night definitively put to bed two topics: a one-loss Stanford team will not edge out an undefeated Ohio State and/or Baylor & Lane Kiffin is an *** Ed Orgeron is 5 & 1 with the same underachieving team that allowed the Sun Devils to score 62 points in Kiffin's final game. After failing with the Raiders, Tennessee & USC, please do not give Kiffin another significant Head Coaching job until he proves his worth at a mid-major or lower school.
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Hats off to Ed Orgeron at USC! Takes a real man to fix everything Lane Kiffin broke. Give him a contract NOW!!
Know he didn't do to well at Ole Miss but Ed Orgeron has got USC playing some ball right now! How do you not hire him to be permanent Head Coach now?
Ed Orgeron goes from d-line coach to national coach of the year candidate in 6 weeks. I love this country.
I see Ed Orgeron is making big things happen at Southern Cal. Didnt realize he was from Larose. Nice!
Come on Pat Haden. You gotta take the interim title off of Ed Orgeron.
I think USC should just hire Ed Orgeron as their new coach. What a turn around since Lane Kiffin was fired! Fight on!
TOP FIVE Things About WEEK 12: 1- Let's see, how are those fired Ole Miss coaches doing now? - David Cutcliffe has Duke at 8-2 & just got a Gatorade bath. - Ed Orgeron is 5-1 at USC, just beat No. 4 Stanford 2- And here I was thinking Georgia's season couldn't get any more snakebitten. 3- I'm convinced more and more that some famous assistant coaches just aren't wired to be Head Coaches: - Florida's Will Muschamp - Hawaii's Norm Chow - Kansas' Charlie Weis - Nebraska's Bo Pelini 4- I don't know what is more impressive, Duke being in control of the Coastal Division or the fact that Kenny Cook went to see them beat Miami in person. (American hero) 5- Biggest reoccurring theme this year: Game announcers saying, "So-and-so was originally at School A but was dismissed from the team for disciplinary reasons, spent a year at Junior College, and is now a starting QB at School B."
The USC/UCLA rivalry game just got a whole lot more competitive and a whole lot more important for Ed Orgeron who has already clinched a Head Coaching job somewhere next year.
ESPN Video: Final Verdict: Mark May and Lou Holtz debate whether Ed Orgeron deserves to be considered the front-runner for the Head Coaching job at USC.
C.E.O. Coach Ed Orgeron Mr. Haden let's drop the interim and get back to recruiting! FIGHT oergerON
Looks like ole Ed Orgeron and David Cutliffe are doing quite well at their current schools,maybe it wasn't the coaching
I've made fun on Ed Orgeron a lot in the past.but I'm going to tip my hat off to him. 6-1 as interim coach at USC and tonight beat no 5 Stanford!
Ed Orgeron is the new Pete Carroll. Make him the permanent coach, USC!!!
Nice to see Jon Martin on the sidelines at the SC/Stanford game, since he has all that free-time after walking out on his teammates a few weeks ago. Also, if Pat Haden doesn't hire Ed Orgeron - he is just plain dumb.
What a great win!!! Hats off to our next permanent Head Coach, Ed Orgeron!!! And kudos to Lee Corso, who's 21-0 in games involving USC!!! Fight On!!!
U.S.C. has their new Head Coach Ed Orgeron! The Search is OVER! FIGHT ON!
Stanford DOMINATED oregon and we just beat stanford. Can only mean 2 things : ed orgeron just landed himself the permanent Head Coaching gig at sc and USC'S BACK!
Mark my words, USC will win out... ASU will get beat by UCLA next week, and USC will go to Pac-12 championship at 10-3...if that happens, there's no way you can let Ed Orgeron go... No way
What we learned today in college football. FSU and Alabama are going to the BCS title game barring letdowns against their in state rivals or their conference title games. Va Tech and Stanford cant seem to follow up after big wins and win games they are suppose to win but. Duke and Baylor can? Texas is in trouble Oklahoma State is my Big 12 pick to win it they will beat Baylor. Auburn is back folks...but they won't beat Bama. And the guy who is the current interim Head Coach at USC Ed Orgeron. Give him the contract to coach their he can recruit and coach. They have gone 4-1 since they fired Lane "loser"Kiffin
Good day for the ducks, but they still have to beat Arizona and Oregon State play in the PAC 12 championship. Also... I think USC is crazy if they don't hire Ed Orgeron after what he's done for that team this season.
USC and interim coach Ed Orgeron keep rolling with win over Stanford, more late Snap Judgments
No question about it USC has found it's Head Coach, congratulations Ed Orgeron. Thank you for defeating Stanford, gee, I hate that stupid tree.
In a little over a month, USC interim Head Coach Ed Orgeron has taken over the wheel of a sinking ship and transformed it into a state-of-the-art cruise liner. If he can add victories over No...
Pat hayden please keep ed orgeron! Greatest sideline interviews ever! Hes the coach from waterboy but he has team and fans believing again!
I keep hearing that we shouldn't call for Les Miles' head unless we have a suitable alternative. I offer Ed Orgeron. Thank you.
Great win by USC tonight FIGTH ON! There is no reason that Ed Orgeron should not be the new Head Coach of USC. FIGTH ON!
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