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Ed Norton

Edward Harrison Norton (born August 18, 1969) is an American actor, screenwriter, film director and producer.

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Paul you look like Ed Norton's little brother from American History X
Which one? The one with Ed Norton (?) was good. The earlier one? UGH! Hulk bounces through the desert like big, green bunny!
Marvel really let their best actor, Ed Norton, walk. and then hired Tony Danza to replace him. Just a bad crop over there.
What's that, like Billy Bob Thornton after marrying Ed Norton?
But because of Ed Norton being Ret-Conned practically I can understand…
Coming 15th after paying for the thing. The bRits will think that they have won it. nOrton is no wOgan.
"Nothing has gone wrong, this was planned" - Graham Norton. Honestly sounds like my life
I really thought that was Edward Norton but it's the Austrian ed sheeran...
I have a theory Ed Norton was asked to play Mayor Carcetti in The Wire but he was like "No thx, I only play *overt* racists."
Ed Norton knows. Shout outs to Marion Cotillard and Carole Lombard.
Ugh we needed more Ed Norton and Brad Pitt movies
Me watching ed norton beat jared leto in Fight Club pre-suicide squad:
15. I like Ed Norton's Bruce Banner more than Mark's. (But to be fair, Mark has like, cumulatively around 30 minutes of screentime in MCU?)
Is it Ed Norton alone in a parking lot?
Who am I? I was born Shelton Jackson Lee, in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1957. I've directed Ed Norton, Mira Sorvino and Angela Bassett.
I'd be dead He stumbles in history With Adrock, Mike D. When it's such a drunken state And when my TV Ed Norton - married
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Ed Norton in Primal Fear. Oscar worthy right out of the gates.
Called Cherry Hill Mall, in Cherry HIll, NJ, a Rouse Company mall whose grandson, Ed Norton, is the biggest tart thief, that life must go
DEATH TO SMOOCHY is the second best movie with Ed Norton as a Nazi. . Worth it just to be reminded how cool Catherine Keener is.
Ed Norton, Bryan Cranston and Bill Murray... I'm so over the moon HAPPY
I think its fairly obvious that IS Joey Garner. Like Ed Norton in Fight Club.
since there's a line in the Hannibal film, Anthony Hopkins tells Ed Norton's character about blood 'looking black in the Full Moon'
Omg she doesn't like Brad Pitt or Ed Norton in Fight Club!
Brad Pitt and Ed Norton contributed strange ideas to ‘Fight Club’ - by Jonathan Keshishoglou
What if The Strumbellas is a Fight Club situation where Dave is Ed Norton and Simon is Brad Pitt?
Ed Norton practices with Ralph Kramden for the debate Tuesday night
Ouch! You're way better looking than Ed Norton. I think they meant Edward Burns. 😉
you mean like movies he's done with Ed Norton, James Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, John Leguizamo, Clive Owen, etc.
William Petersen in Manhunter is 10 times better than Ed Norton in Red Dragon..
Ed Norton is a great actor..American History X..even in Hulk he was good. Heist with Deniro was good...
and I hope you both remember it's the Incredible Hulk with Ed Norton.
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And the supposed shenanigans that went on during The Incredible Hulk with Ed Norton.
The cinematography on the MCU movies is SO BAD. With the exception of MAYBE Thor, Iron Man, Hulk w/Ed Norton
Ed Norton's Hulk was brilliant, I like Mark Ruffalo but his Hulk is trash
Ed Norton's Incredible Hulk does more in its opening credits than most Marvel movies do in their first act.
Ralph Kramden about Ed Norton:. "What I say about Norton is one thing, how I feel about him is quite another.".
Ralph Kramden about Ed Norton:. "If he wasn't my best friend, I'd have nothing to do with him.".
Every time I watch Keeping the Faith I fantasize about the world where Ben Stiller is teamed with Ed Norton instead of Owen Wilson.
Do you think when Ed Norton gets a message on his phone he calls it Edward Nortifications? He probably doesn't
Bummer, I enjoyed the first 3 he was in, but I really enjoyed The Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner and Ed Norton.
I want to see a movie with Ed Norton & Marion Cotillard and Bill Murray of course directed by Wes Anderson.
Nikki said Ed Norton is too twinky to play Bruce Banner
Arya and the Waif are Ed Norton and Brad Pitt. Pass it on.
I hope John Boyega will still have time for stuff like FRANCES HA 2 or a movie where he beats up Ed Norton in a parking garage or something
Your second day in NY and you see Ed Norton? Real
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kinda wanted to see more Ed Norton hulk tho
We need a surge of Ed Norton lookalikes to come out. Then smash these blondies' faces in.
I can't count the number of times I've been compared to Ed Norton from American History X 😐
agreed. A far better representation of early Hulk from the comics I thought. The Ed Norton one was very poor l thought.
Enforce those contracts, and Ed Norton in THE ITALIAN JOB will look like Paul Scofield in A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS.
If I made a movie based on my life I would cast Justin Long as Chazz, TJ Miller as Brandino & Ed Norton as Connie. Idk who'd play Ben.
Bae and I are watching Keeping the Faith. Remember when Jenna Elfman was a leading lady and Ed Norton was in comedies?
and yea, definitely awesome. Small roles for Liam Neeson and Ed Norton too!
Hm, you know, that's a good Q. I'd say Ed Norton as Hulk. Kind of weird.
Ed Norton in Fight Club, Primal Fear and American History X made me fall in love with his acting
Really I just want to know if the plan was to kill their crew in the building that we see Marla and Ed Norton standing in at the end
I once sat in a presser with Chavez where he compared America to The Hulk movie (Ed Norton version) for 45 mins.
.It had one of best directors at the helm. Ed Norton essentially playing himself was magical. Emma stone as daughter.
Media arrogance. Ever hear a plumber say to his buddy,"Thanks for that wrench, Ed. That was Ed Norton from the basement."
Re-watching The Incredible Hulk (2008) and I'd say it holds up well. Make me wonder what Ed Norton could've done in the MCU. Shame.
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American History X. 5 stars. Ed Norton at his best.
Correct. He did BOTH the 1 with Eric Bana in 2003 & then the 1 with Ed Norton in 2008.
Or when Ed Norton went to jail for protecting his property in American History X
I'll never watch anything w/ Bruce Willis on purpose 😂 if it weren't for Ed Norton & Frances McDormand, I might've not seen Moonrise Kingdom
Yes, Ed Norton! I immediately thought of "The Honeymooners," but it was Ralph that I thought of, not Ed.
Ed Norton and Bucky are the best actors in the MCU. They're the only actors who portrayed different emotions. RDJ too.
American History X but it's just American History and Ed Norton's trying to keep his little bro from working for a textbook company in Texas
Makes me sad to know that this role is supposed to be for Ed Norton 😢
I forgot to metion the score. Compliments the film so well. Ed Norton great too... maybe these should be 280reviews...
Rolling on to with Ed Norton. Jenna Elfman & Ben Stiller.
I added a video to a playlist Roberto Milanese at Art Carney's Burial ( Ed Norton) Honeymooners
I promise we'll watch all of them. we already watch every single MCU movie. Even Ed Norton's Incredible Hulk!
Was gonna go to sleep but The Italian Job is on... Ed Norton 💖💖💖
In the director's cut of "Fight Club", Ed Norton's spirit animal isn't a penguin, but is actually
Ah, ED guy. He needs a haircut that makes him look less like Edward Norton.
so sad about It will forever be immortalized thanks to Ed Norton's movie.
Always forget Ed Norton had Walt Disney’s face surgically attached to his head.
James Mathison, who was my major celebrity crush after Ed Norton and Leo, still believes in mandatory detention. Do not vote for him.
why does your brother look like Ed Norton in American history X?
This podcast the in-lawson with Ed Norton is INSUFFERABLE
Watching Primal Fear and being reminded that Ed Norton is one of the finest actors of his generation.
More bed strife: Ed Norton’s uncle got rich running a mattress company; Brad Pitt is convinced all mattress retailers are lousy scammers.
Waterbeds are tearing this spammer apart. Ed Norton loves his waterbed; Brad Pitt knows waterbeds are super unhealthy for you.
Jack Black as . Ed Norton as Dan. James McAvoy as Joe Starr. Michael Chiklis as JTE. Jason Lee as Ken.
Reminds me of that movie Primal Fear with Richard Gere & Ed Norton.
exactly. Which one? Reminds me of Richard Gere movie Primal Fear 😳 w Ed Norton
Having Bobby Moynihan play Chris Christie is like having Ed Norton play Bobby Moynihan. About 200 lbs too light.
I still like the older version of manhunter compared to the Ed Norton version Red Dragon
excepting the few smart boys like Ed Norton and... Some kind of brilliant actress. Gina Davis or whatever
can we at least agree that Mark Ruffalo is a better Hulk than Ed Norton?
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That's coming from a huge Ed Norton fan. His role in Primal Fear is one of my favorite performances of all time.
like James Spader movies..he's kind of alluring--just like Ed Norton.
The Will Smith one sounds good! Great cast too. Kate, Ed Norton, Michael Pena, Helen Mirren, Naomie Harris.
Wish he didn't replace Ed Norton as Hulk.
Ed Norton was the best Hulk, right! I love Ed Norton. Screw Mark Ruffalo.
People who will probably win one eventually : Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Ed Norton, Amy Adams.
18) Edward Norton was a great Hulk.The storyline was terrible but his Hulk was much better than Ruffalo's. Ed, overall …
...deserved winners aren't always recognised tho. Consider Ed Norton in for example.
Pending Home Sales.. No worries mon.. "Leave it there, the cat will get it" - Ed Norton
Can y'all fangirl about Ed Norton too???
Kate, Ed Norton, and Michael Pena filming scenes for COLLATERAL BEAUTY
Jonny Depp, Tom Cruise, Glenn Close, Gary Oldman, Ed Norton, Harrison Ford, and Michelle Pfeiffer just took Leo out of thei…
Quick, we need to decide which actor to make Oscar jokes about now. Glenn Close, Johnny Depp, Ed Norton, Amy Adams, Liam Neeson... anybody?
Ed Norton should have at LEAST two Oscars. Let's be serious
or Ralph Fiennes, Ed Norton, Liam Neeson, Gary Oldman... Not to mention Glenn Close and Sigourney Weaver!
yeah I really like Fassbender and he has a few movies coming out within the year or so. Ed norton been around forever too
id put Ed Norton and Joaquin Phoenix on that list too...but at fassbender, he's incredible
What happened to Ed Norton? Remember how many good movies he made?
past players James McEvoy, Ed Norton, Sam Worthington. Be on the list !!!
Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, sigourney weaver, Ed Norton, Amy Adams, Tom Cruise, and Joaquin Phoenix all have not won oscars. But Leo's PR is dope
Gary Oldman, Ed Norton, Brad Pitt, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes. Maybe one day they will all be good enough to get an Oscar.
Now we have to get Ed Norton a Oscar. Am I missing anyone else? Ruffalo also. He's been nominated many times now.
Keaton shoulda won last year imo. And Ed Norton not having one makes me angry
Now that Leo has won, I'll start throwing my support behind Mark Ruffalo and Ed Norton
Now do we have johnny depp memes or ed norton memes?
true, I've never been disappointed in any of those actor's performances, they all bring it,check out Ed Norton's other's movies 😬
Now can Ed Norton win so all 4 out of 4 of my top favorite actors can have an Oscar
Leo did it! Time for Ed Norton, Robert Downey, Sam Jackson, and Brad Pitt to get one
**Michael Keaton pulls out acceptance speech from Birdman last year and thanks Ed Norton for no reason**
This guy looks like a bearded Ed Norton.
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Andrew McCarthy looks a lot like Ed Norton
"If pizzas were manhole covers, the sewer would be a paradise!" ~Ed Norton
Rylance is a totally deserving winner. And Ed Norton got jobbed in that category last year
'Punched in the face by a creation of Ed Norton's brain, rockestar, oscar winner'
I'd pick Ed Norton over Leo any day.
setelah putus dari Ed Norton? I thought Mr. Schreiber is available, break my heart ;)
I don't know that I have a type. I also LOVE Ed Norton.
Very informative program on the destruction of TAFE & Voc Ed .
In the stinger scene of the Ed Norton hulk movie; tony stark approaches general Ross about the avengers initiative. What happened to Ross?
let's list people who never received Oscar ..Glen Close, Ed Norton, Annette Benning... There r 1000's hmmm
GREAT actors who have never won an Oscar: Robert Downey Jr, Edward Norton, Tom Cruise, Ed Harris, Bill Murray, Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson
Some of these noms this year... just how screwed was Ed Norton for not getting awarded for American History X?
American History X... Ed Norton should have got his Oscar here
It will always be funny that Three 6 Mafia has more oscars than Joaquin Phoenix, Ed Norton, Samuel L Jackson, Leo, and Tom Cruise combined
Did Ed Norton win any awards for his role on American History X??
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I love Ed Norton. He is ridiculous on American History X until you see Primal Fear
Would you look at that. American History X. Ed Norton & Edward Furlong.
ya, there's a few that he have done have been really close to Oscar worthy. Loads prob deserve 1 first. Ed Norton surely
I just told someone I think hitler is either keitel or Ed norton...
NEW The Norton Field Guide to Writing with Readings and Handbook Fourth 4th Ed
Kodine Krazy and the scene in American History X where Ed Norton fights the KKK leader and runs from the skinheads is next level
Has Ed Norton been in enough movies..?
when racist . Ed Norton tried to convince the nation he could reverse dunk with not 1, but TWO hands?
LOL. Thought that was Ed Norton in costume.
Ryan Reynolds, Jason Schwartzman, Zach Braff, and Ed Norton to name a few
I'm so glad Ed Norton remade . The original Eric Bana version was so horrible. Not his fault, Storyline was Garbage. 😕
Love Somerset Maugham Watched The Painted Veil. Bravo! Ed Norton what a versatile actor you are !
That reminds me of something Ed Norton said to Ralph Kramden - "Maybe the phrase just fits!":
Ed Norton might be in that same category. He was incredible in Primal Fear as a young dude. Both have been great since, tho.
To deter anyone else from wasting an evening watching Primal Fear on Netflix, Ed Norton is faking it all along. You're welcome.
Got likened me to Ed Norton in "Birdman" yesterday.I'm unsure whether to take that as a huge insult or not? He did end up with Emma Stone
*looks at wish list*. Why are there 27 different listings for a Blu Ray copy of Ed Norton's Incredible Hulk?
You know, the Ed Norton hulk movie is pretty alright.
Anyone else still think it's weird that after Ed Norton became the Hulk he turned into Mark Ruffalo? Anyone?
I'm workin an event at buckhead theatre tonight and these two dudes workin on my team remind me of dave Chappelle and Ed Norton too funny yo
I actively hated the Hulk, though. It took the Ed Norton film version to change that.
I don't like Rounders very much, but I think it's because you're sort of supposed to like Ed Norton but I can't take it.
Surely she should be reacting like Ed Norton in Fight Club when all the PSSC start saying 'his name is Robert Paulson' to meatloaf
I liked Primal Fear just for Ed Norton, guy just steals the show from Gere and Linney
I need someone to understand me like Ed Norton understands Bill Murray
rainbravo : Calvin Klein..Brett Ratner nd Ed Norton got to be in my presence this eveni…
I almost don't want to watch any more Ed Norton movies due to this daily fantasy voiceover work.
There are just SO MANY good things about Ed Norton
Baffling that Ed Norton doing a narration of Draft Kings ad. He must really be hurting for cash.
The Draft Kings commercial has gotten to me point where I hate a gambling website and Ed Norton. Impressive.
every time I hear Ed Norton on these Draft Kings ads I expect him to do a monologue from Fight Club in the middle of it
*** they got Ed Norton doin Draft Kings commercials
the native and sponsored costs alone must be insane. Add in Ed Norton and they should offer a free buffet too.
I'd like to see that one movie from back in the day where Ben Stiller is a rabbi, Ed norton is a priest, and they both love Jenna elfman
Hi, I'm Fight Club Ed Norton, and I have DirecTV. And I'm DraftKings Ed Norton, and I have cable.
Ed Norton narrating Draft Kings commercials makes you want to gamble
Actor Ed Norton at Brooklyn Museum to boost Turnaround Arts program
One of those fantasy league commercials just threw down with some Ed Norton Fight Club-style narration. Somebody, hit me as hard as you can.
"Sometimes creativity is a compulsion, not an ambition" - Ed Norton
1/ LOL! Reminds me of the wonderful exchange between Ed Norton and Paul Giamatti in the movie "The Illusionist:"
Good ref to Yogi Bear and Jackie Gleason. Yogi wore a hat just like Ed Norton (Art Carney) from The Honeymooners.
I used to not wanna play Draft Kings before Ed Norton did the voice over. I still dont, but I used to not want to, too. Not sure that worked
Was that an Ed Norton Draft Kings advert?
Draft Kings got Ed Norton for an ad? Wow.
Draft Kings ad budget this year is ridic. The got Ed Norton on some Fight Club ish and I can't take a *** w/o it hitting their bus posters
Ed Norton voice-over that Draft Kings commercial? Sounded like Worm talking to Mike Mc-D about mounds & stacks of high society at the Taj.
Ed Norton why do you make me want to dislike you so much? Draft Kings/ Fan duel don't make me dislike anyone else with your nvr ending ads!
They got Ed Norton to voice the Draft Kings commercial? Wow.
What are the odds Ed Norton, who voices the new ads, actually plays Draft Kings? I'll take the under...
Was that Ed Norton voicing that Draft Kings commercial? Is he hurting for a paycheck?
I think less of Ed Norton b/c he did a Draft Kings commercial. Almost cancels out all the greatness he's been in.
Ed Norton didn't do a second Hulk movie, but did do a voiceover for a Draft Kings commercial...
Ed Norton doing Draft King voice overs? Quit playing around and make Rounders 2. Call Matt Damon, call Brian Koppelman and get it done.
Wonder how much Ed Norton got paid for the Draft Kings VO?
.why is Ed Norton doing Draft Kings commercials..
Is that Ed Norton doing voiceover for Draft Kings? I’m sure he demanded to re-write the commercial.
If Draft Kings was smart, they would switch their commercials voice overs from Ed Norton to Brad Pitt voice overs.
*** they got Ed Norton doing voiceover work for Draft Kings now
Is that Ed Norton's voice on the Draft Kings commercial? That's some serious spending there.
Ed Norton do these Draft Kings commercials? Has to be.
Is this Ed Norton narrating a Draft Kings commercial?
It's weird that Ed Norton is selling me Draft Kings.
We started 2015 drowning in Kate Upton-Game of War ads, we end it awash in a sea of Ed Norton-narrated Draft Kings a…
American ads are just A-list celebs endorsing the most boring products. Ed Norton, Steve Carell, Adam Scott, Michael Pena so far tonight.
Siri can help you find an episode with a guest star "Siri, show me that modern family episode with Ed Norton in it."
Watched Birdman and Wild this weekend. Liked both, giving the edge to Wild. However, Ed Norton & Michael Keaton were pretty amazing.
The Norton Anthology of American Literature Vol. 1 beginnings to 1865 8th ed
was that Ed Norton I saw in Back to the Future III?
Forgetting for a moment that Ed Norton & Brad Pitt are the same guy, is "Fight Club" a bro-mance?
Only way you could get me to watch No Escape is if it starred Ed Norton doing his Owen Wilson impression.
Wow didnt know was in a movie with ed norton and colin thats random
I really liked Ed Norton's Hulk, but I would have been just as happy with this. But then we wouldn't have gotten Mark Ruffalo.
en 500px : The Old Man of Storr by EdNorton
Popular on 500px : The Old Man of Storr by EdNorton made by
The Old Man of Storr. photo by: EdNorton. source: More info: Instagram or Follow...
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What if I really am you and this is like Ed Norton in Fight Club before he realized he was Brad Pitt?
Guy next to me on tube is watching Ed Norton Hulk on his laptop (so I am too). Better than I recall, but maybe that's cos I can't hear it
EP of BongShelter now available for free on iTunes where Matt rejects the ways of Guru Pitka and James barely remembers who Ed Norton is
Follow our friend for more amazing travel pictures! . Giant Iceberg washed up on the Black Sand Beach in …
there's a dude at my work who sounds EXACTLY like Ed Norton and kinda looks like younger Fight Club version of him and its honestly a dream
yeah that’s like in Fight Club when Ed Norton watches Brad Pitt steal a car.
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Omg Ed Norton turned 46 2 days ago, Happy birthday to one of Hollywood's finest actors
Ed norton got an upcoming roll when they decide to make ther film
Watching 2008 the Incredible Hulk with ed norton underrated marvel movie
Ed Norton reveals something Brad Pitt whispered in his ear while filming Fight Club.
They said Ed Norton came to the Philippines to shoot this Bourne movie but that was false. Didn't even get to see Jeremy Renner.
at firs sight he looks like Ed Norton, and this looks like a movie scene!
I KNEW there was something about this show that reminded me of Fight Club! . Rami Malek=Ed Norton
"“Burnt Norton” is not about a horrible accident befalling actor Ed Norton, but in fact a very long T.S. Eliot poem.". nowa płyta Lany xD
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I share a birthday w/ Robert Redford, Ed Norton, Patrick Swayze, and Christian Sl*yter how cool is that
Ryan Gosling, Ed Norton, Leo, Benicio Del Toro, Brad, Kevin Spacey, Don Cheadle. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is creeping up on me too
. Buster Keaton as a dog. Ed Norton stealing picnic baskets. Honeymooners in prehistoric times. . Blondie and Dagwood in the future.
Identifying the gene switch that turns fat cells bad | Science/AAAS | News ( by Norton...
Check out Ed Norton's scene from America X!! Sounds exactly like Trump's stump speeches!
check out a scene in America X, Ed Norton right before they trash the supermarket! That is Trump's stump speech!
I wonder if Ed Norton is available to play him? via
my birthday is the same as Ed Norton Malcolm Jamal Warner
Tonight at 9:00 Film by the Lake begins with Birdman with Michael Keaton, Zach Galifianakis, and Ed Norton. more here.
Ed Norton as Mr Peanut Butter in a gritty remake of the show in 20 years
I have the absolute worst insomnia in not even sure what to do about it, I'm like Ed Norton in Fight Club
Kirkjufell. photo by: EdNorton. source: More info: I decided to re-edit this one as the first...
Pardon moi. This is Ed Norton, from the TV show "The Honeymooners". The actor is Art Carney. IMDB him.
what's Ralph Kramden if he ain't yelling at Ed Norton?
I'll be holding auditions for a real-life Ed Norton to my Ralph Kramden on Saturday at noon.
"Ed Norton says in Fight Club, 'I felt like destroying something beautiful,'" Harmon interrupts. "For Justin, that was Back to the Future.'"
O'Hara as Clinton, Balaban as Sanders, Posey as Fiorina, Ward as Perry, Mckean as Trump. Ed Norton as Rand Paul just because.
Tasty musical cameo by George Colligan + Cassandra Wilson in movie featuring Robert De Niro, Marlon Brando, Ed Norton
Important debate: Better celebrity look-alike for Jordan Spieth: Jason Witten or Ed Norton
Ed Norton is in Red Dragon, the prologue to Silence of the Lambs? Two minutes in and I love it already 😍
this guy reminds me Ed Norton from the Honeymooners = this guys has a worse long island and is way dirtier then Norton was = Long Islanders
Congratulations to Ed Norton for passing his Private Pilot checkride yesterday. All the studying and hard work...
What if it turned out Harley Quinn was actually just Jokers imagination, like Brad Pitt/Ed Norton in Fight Club?
Ed Norton as David Sweat. Tom Hardy as Richard Matt . Kathy Bates as Joyce Mitchell . Mark Ruffalo as Andrew Cuomo . Directed by Clint Eastwood
White boys can jump - Ed Norton on the basketball court in 'American History X' via - >
shouts to all my TSA homies who make me feel like Ed Norton in Fight Club
they did it with the Hulk I think. Eric Bana did Hulk in 04 IIRC and Ed Norton did The Incredibke Hulk in 08
He's more like a "wacky neigbhor." Ed Norton, Kramer. Funny guy you wouldn't trust with anything.
Ed Norton is such a great Owen Wilson
*Hulk takes massive bite, turns back into Eric Bana, Ed Norton, Mark Ruffalo, or if you are so inclined Lou Forigno* "Better"
John Cena was in The Marine w Robert Patrick who was in T2 w Eddie Furlong who was in American History X with Ed Norton
Great SNL parody of Wes Anderson movies and an even better Owen Wilson impression by Ed Norton.
i watched the Hulk with Ed Norton..not the one with Eric Bana :)
Pharrell may be dressed like Ralph Kramden tonight, but it's OK cause Xtina is styling more than a bit like Ed Norton.
"Hulk" movie with Eric Bana is not part of the marvel cinematic universe. "The Incredible Hulk" with Ed Norton is.
Ed Norton has had some phenomenal performances.
Idk why I'm watching this I don't like Ed Norton as Hulk
Still not sure who thought it would be a good idea to make an Incredible Hulk movie starring Ed Norton.
I know Ed Norton feel like a Complete *** giving up the Hulk role.
Agreed!! Ed Norton was the BEST HULK we have seen. It was more aggressive and better looking than a grumpy hulk!
Avengers 1 followed by Hulk with Ed Norton.. may not be helping with productivity issues, but awesome Marvel night on 7Mate.
Saw both movies on cable today, now wondering who would win in a fight between Ed Norton movie alter egos, The Hulk or Tyler Durden?
I liked Ed Norton as Hulk, but Mark Ruffalo isn't bad either.
Well the brewery I am in isn't showing the Wings...but I can see Ed Norton's Hulk movie...
Watching all the Marvel in order before Time for Ed Norton in THE Incredible Hulk.
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I need a love like in Incredible Hulk w Ed Norton when shorty think she saw him and dips out on her bf looking for him in the rain on a hope
I'm still annoyed that The Hulk in Avengers isn't played by Ed Norton
I know lots of comic peeps don't like Ed Norton's Hulk but it's on FX and being head of the EN fan club I feel the need to say he's the ***
In a perfect world Ed Norton would still be Hulk and no Batman movies would exist before Nolan's.
Ralph Kramden: That kid when he grows up - he'll own all of this. . Ed Norton: Lucky kid - not even born yet, & he's already got his own slum
*** we weren't far from that. Ed Norton's Hulk was a good instalment, but I question how much legs it has.
u realize Ed Norton's Hulk rips abominations arm bone out and stabs him w it
I did not know that Ed Norton is the United Nations Ambassador for Biodiversity...and he has a cool spirit animal --
Because people forget about Ed Norton's Hulk attempt?
Watching The Incredible Hulk as part of my It's a pity Ed Norton didn't continue. He was great.
Going in order. Including Incredible Hulk with Ed Norton. Will probably double up on the weekend to finish in time.
I still think Ed Norton was a very good Bruce Banner. Tim Roth was awesome as Blonksy and William Hurt was a great addition.
Drinking mint tea is my version of the breathing exercises Ed Norton does in his version of Hulk.
Curious about what the Ed Norton written Hulk movie would be like.
I don't know. I just know I like Ang Lee's Hulk better than Ed Norton's Incredible Hulk.
Just realised I never actually saw Ed Norton's The Incredible Hulk before. WoW
I'm sure there was nitpicking about how the Hulk look. Now, I remember wondering why Ed Norton wasn't cast but being happy
Random but I prefered Bana's Hulk to Ed Norton's. T-Howard's Rhodes to Cheadle's too.
Rewatched Ang Lee's and it wasn't bad. Self-indulgent but miles better than Ed Norton's. We need a Hulk movie,
Matt's Dad looks like Ed Norton and Chris O'Dowd had a kid
Ed Norton definitely swung for the fences.
so Ed Norton is trending because he pitched a no-hitter this afternoon for opening day against the Montreal Expos?
Ed Norton really shines. But also the premise is just white people problems: the movie
with Ed Norton and Anthony Hopkins. I highly recommend this one. I consider it their finest hour in a way.
I love when he tells Ed Norton to shut up in Fight Club.
Was looking up pictures of Ed Norton with Ian, found this, and can't stop laughing.
Stevie looks like Ed Norton's older brother
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