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Ed Murray

Edward B. Murray (born May 2, 1955) is an American politician from Washington state, who serves in the Washington State Senate.

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Bruce Harrell September 13, 2017, will assume the office of Mayor of Seattle, succeeding the resigning Ed Murray.
Seattle will have 4 different mayors in fewer than 80 days. . Ed Murray, Bruce Harrell, ?, Cary Moon or Jenny Durkan
Ed Murray resigned on Tuesday. Could have our third mayor in a week w/ acting mayor Bruce Harrell stepping aside.
Bruce Harrell is officially mayor. (Ed Murray wasn't there ICYWW)
Seattle will have four mayors in the course of a few weeks. 1 Ed Murray. 2 Bruce Harrell . 3 Whoever council picks Mon. 4 W…
You must love degenerates like Ed Murray, Bob Filner and Robert Menendez.
The Mayor of Seattle, Ed Murray, resigned amid a slew of child-sex-abuse charges - including one with his own cousin - DEGENERATE BIG TIME!
A fifth man, Ed Murray's cousin, accuses him of molesting him as a teen. Also, this:
Jeff Simpson, Ed Murray's former foster son and 1 of 5 men to accuse Murray of sex abuse, just told me this about the mayor'…
James Woods, Ted Cruz, Ed Murray, and Bob Filner walked into a bar. Ouch
Waiting for Mayor Ed Murray of Seattle to remove Lenin Statue , you said it should be removed. We are waiting !!
It was less bad than Ed Murray at the Sounders celebration but not by a sizable margin.
It's funny that they follow all the SCC except Sawant and Ed Murray. And no one from KJ…
Huge win for Supporters!! Mayor Ed Murray orders the removal of Vladimir 👍🏻. https…
Our outgoing mayor Ed Murray has called for the Lenin statue in north Seattle to be removed
Nfl> Vikings RB Murray ready for action, 5 months after surgery > ED...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Is this Chelsea Handler enjoying her televised sigmoidoscopy on Sara Murray where are you?
You'd almost think Ed Murray has never actually been to Seattle before in his life
The only way to put words on paper -
would you ever go on tour with Ed if u got the chance ❤️love you xo
Seattle mayor hands Trump supporters big win via
Four men accuse Mayor Murray of sexually abusing them when they were teenagers.
The only way to put words on paper via
1909: Mrs. Win, Murray returned to her home at Melvin last greatly improved in health
Mayor Pervy Ed Murray handing out buckets of money to homeless crack heads.
Brand new season. Time to make some game predictions.
"The curser blinks on an empty screen" Intentional? Who cares. It works! -
There's only one way to get the story from your head onto the page.
'Don't tread on me mainstream higher ed!'
In the latest instalment of our 'Untold Stories' blog series, Lothian Health Services Archive's Alice looks at...
In our latest 'Untold Stories' blog, Alice looks at the life of A.M. Drennan as told by his letters…
Yes! He nails the city of Seattle Mayor Ed Murray also. I lol every time!
Jenny Durkin has Been Endorsed by this Guy... Lawsuit alleges Seattle Mayor Ed Murray sexually abused troubled boy . h…
For victims of sex abuse, allegations around Seattle Mayor Ed Murray are triggering | column:
FYI, PRA requests for text messages between Seattle mayor and various staff on work or personal device…
I've never taken a break, so I don't know how hot or cold the water is to jump into. But you can always…
Mayor Ed Murray proposes to become an ORCA card affiliate at same time announces $2.75 fla…
got frustrated playing with randos dropped out of Overwatch several months ago. worth jumping back in?
Right!? Jay Inslee's mess! Oh and let's not forget the poster boy for arrogance, Ed Murray…
Jenny Durkan is what would happen if Ed Murray were bit by a radioactive tech CEO
It's been a year since 2nd ed of 'Cutting the Gordian Knot: A Roadmap for British Exit from the was published:
Three brothers in Seattle arrested for child abuse. Maybe worse. They should consult with mayor Ed Murray. Professional liar imo
How many members of Congress have own kids in CC'ed schools? Do Sen. Alexander, or Murray?
WTH R you Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell, Ed Murray, J Inslee?! Disavow Antifa NOW! How dare you do this to our LEOs!?
Establishment/moderate will generally win, at least for mayor. Ed Murray, Mike McGinn.
Hide the kids Tim and Ed Murray are looking to rape all of them
so how do you feel about Seattle's mayor Ed Murray ?
did you hear about Seattle's mayor Ed Murray ? The media will not cover it
Investigators learned but covered up in 1984 *** Seattle democrat mayor Ed Murray raped his teenage foster son
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray raped his teenage foster son in 1984 report DECADES before abuse allegations p…
Last year, Seattle-based activist Phil Mocek requested text messages sent by mayor Ed Murray to his staff. ...…
And it's our mayor right now Ed Murray and the *** city council that are keeping us from getting a team.
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announces he will not re-enter the race for mayor as a write-in candidate.
I bet Ed Murray doesn't even know who Kevin Durant is
Adam Silver can't do anything with Ed Murray ignoring his calls
Three men have accused Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, a Democrat, of sexually abusing them as troubled kids; one is suing.
Hanging with Barry Switzer and Batman (Ed Murray) to celebrate Whiz Kids volunteers.
And it was epic radio. Enough to make Geoff Baker backpedal faster than a circus clown and put Ed Murray in a clown suit!
Dow Constantine's address was all about compassion & action. Ed Murray's is all about how HE IS DOING A VERY GOOD JOB YES REALLY IT IS GOOD.
Ed Murray is proposing $12 million for homeless fight More on the mayor's budget soon from
Theo apprentice from Choco Togo, Natalie Kpante, had the opportunity to meet with Seattle Mayor Ed Murray today! https:/…
Coming soon to - Mayor Ed Murray announced Friday that the City will launch a new intensive litter...
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray: Enforce current animal cruelty and neglect laws and re-home animals livi... via
I wish Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Ed Westwick, Topher Grace , Ashton Kutcher and Chad Michael Murray were all in one big movie together😻
Josh Murray brings the Disney to the party in Honest Ed's alley.
We Saw You, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, with a dog at last weekend's Pride festivities.
---> Why Ed Murray gets away with ruining Seattle and Dow King County. Big government as religion right here:
Con Ed in Murray Hill after our story on sinkhole. Sending for more repairs to be made to secure area
BREAKING: Andy Murray is through to the fourth round at after 6-3 7-5 6-2 win over John Millman
Seattle police watchdog on his way out after clashes with officers’ union: Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said Friday he…
Mourinho has told Woodward he wants a big name signing..apparently Ed has secured Andy Murray for next season! 😉
wow who would have guessed that Ed Murray is soft on police
Djock loses all confidence after this loss, allowing Murray to reign supreme and surpass Federer in slam titles
I had no idea that was the case. Meanwhile, Murray drops serve whilst serving for the second set.. 😵
Fed/Murray final with Muzza triple bageling Fed, therefore forcing him to retire due to embarrassment
out of Get in! Now come on it's yours for the taking
Ty Querry for enabling England's great Andy Murray to win Wimbledon this year
Who are the inane foreign commentators on the Murray game? Tell them to shut up, especially the yank!
DEP blames defective Con Ed infrastructure for sinkhole in Murray Hill. Area "made safe," repair referred to Con Ed
Alan Pratt is the Aboriginal industry. Roger Jones, Willie Littlechild, Murray Sinclair, and Ed John are the Aboriginal industry.
."Mayor Ed Murray: The gift that keeps on giving for SPOG, Seattle's police union."
John Murray DQ'ed in semi-final 1 of the men's 50 free for a false start.
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray issued an Action Plan regarding Public Safety in Chinatown-International District today.
Mayor outlines stepped up focus on Chinatown-ID public safety: Mayor Ed Murray has outlined a plan, including two…
.civilian watchdog has angered the officers' union, now he's being shown the door by Mayor Ed Murray:
Just wondering, did Mr Justice John Murray issue his review yet, do you know? (I may have slept thru it.)
On this Canada Day, I want to thank all of my Canadian friends for Anne Murray. You truly light up my life!!
Seattle's openly *** mayor, Ed Murray, leads the contingent at
i forgot to last week nominate Ed Draper,for saying Murray made the blueprint on beating GGG
He should take his eyes off Patty Murray's position as Snr Democrat on Senate’s Comm on Health, Ed, Labor & Pensions.
Diamonds may be forever, but the diamond industry is being upended
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Brexit and Theresa May spell trouble for Heathrow expansion
Smart glasses have a future. In the workplace, not on the streets
Bravo Dr. Murray! Ur leadership has been a benchmark & set tone for my career in higher ed. Congrats on the legacy!
Meanwhile, in Seattle, another move against gun violence. And here's what Mayor Ed Murray said after the City...
RIP Gordon Murray, you made many of us children from the 80s very very happy.
BREAKING: through to third round of after beating Yen Hsun Lu 6-3 6-2 6-1.
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray says he will not evict thoses still living in the Jungle -
Murray applauds new changes for All students deserve chance to access higher ed https…
V interesting. Murray ran formidable campaign in Ed South & achieved more than 56 SNP MPs did on Scotland Bill:
Ed Murray’s leadership strategy has led him to a complete reversal of his original plan to clean-up The Jungle.
Yukking it up with Seattle's mayor Ed Murray.
Refreshingly uplifting piece: “I ask you to engage like never before." - Ed Murray, Seattle's first openly *** mayor
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray at the vigil for the victims in Orlando and their families. //
At with Ed Murray, the mayor of Seattle.
North Seattle police stings perhaps related to recent calls by mayor Ed Murray to clean up neighborhood
Little Giant Ladders
Thank you to our Mayor, Ed Murray, for working to make Seattle have a minimum wage increase!
It seems that Ed Murray's style is to make silly conservative proposals (like this bike plan scaleback, or cl...
Excellent explanation why Ed Murray and Chris Hansen keep on with stadia tango. Now Listening: Thomas Frank and the New "Liberal"
Lets hope n pray this project continues to fail so Ed Murray, Jay Inslee & the IDOITS at WSDOT all get FIRED!
The stories about the sleep inducing mayor, Ed Murray, were the best.
It's remarkable how Ed Murray went from the high point of helping create marriage equality in WA State to becoming a putzy Seattle mayor.
"Climate Change is an issue of social justice,” Ed Murray, Mayor of Seattle .
Ed Murray wants to pay millions more toward afford. housing when it develops downtown property, via
President Higgins meets Mayor of Seattle, Ed Murray, during his visit to the city
Mayor Ed Murray planting first tree @ Oxbow Park for City of Seattle Arbor Day!
Mayor Ed Murray speaking at today's City of Seattle Arbor Day at Oxbow Park.
Can we just play the game already gez
Dear Ed Murray take a Look at my Letter for the Mentally ill and homelessness problem in our City Please...
I need someone to understand me like Ed Norton understands Bill Murray
Op-ed by - America must write the rules for the global economy
coalition?. Pattie Murray or comp VP, Jill, Cheri, Diane Ravitch Sec of Ed
We are endorsed by Senator Mary Landrieu, Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell, Senator Ed Murray, BOLD, COUP and others
new to this will catch on Murray involve ed with The TALK
Always a classic. Hope Murray can win again to build more confidence
will be great to watch Murray v Djok tomorrow!
Murray destroying Berdych in that first set. Awesome stuff
Wiley Ed Services works hard and plays hard!
Unbelievable that arguing to suspend the Murray Darling Plan and give water policy to Barnaby Joyce. Sta…
but hey let's all vote for Kate Murray and Ed Mangano again!
New Commissioners Sought for Seattle Design Commission: Mayor Ed Murray is looking for two new members for the...
Cllr Murray points out this is irrelevant to subject, to cheers from the public gallery.
"Here comes the other lot, just like the other lot." - Cllr Murray, presumably introducing a new slogan.
What kind of ethnic food does Mayor Ed Murray likes to eat ?!
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray channels Capt. Louis Renault: "I'm shocked, shocked to find out there is bare-knuckle politics in this town!"
WATCH: Bill Murray Has Us Stoked for the Holidays in New Netflix Promo via
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Shanghai: Djokovic flies Even Murray in the quarter
Great win for Murray over Isner. Ever a tough opponent to navigate. Promising performance
As an SMME owner undergoing ED with Murray & Roberts. My experience with them is that they are very strict on safety.
Murray & Roberts spokesman, Ed Jardim, confirmed that they were responsible for the construction of the temporary brid…
On Jimmy Cannon and Jim Murray, too... (A conversation with Jerry Izenberg, part I: influences | ed odeven reporting)
Murray is with Ed again, everything is right in the world.
Mayor Ed Murray is looking for 2 new members for the Seattle Design Commission- Urban Designer and Fine Artist. Terms begin M…
Yo Ed, you'll be glad to know that the hottest Cypher last night came from Ole School artist.Redman, Eric Sermon, and Keith Murray
Mayor Murray: City will cut ties with developer accused of political shakedown: Seattle Mayor Ed Murray says h...
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray recently announced that he would be passing bylaws targeting panhandling during the evenings, even though the
Ed Murray, Seattle's Do-You-Like-Me Mayor: One of the country's most popular mayors still can't seem to p...
Seattle to Open Pike/Pine Corridor to Pedestrians on Capitol Hill Saturday: Mayor Ed Murray, the Office of Economic… well as banning zoning for single family homes. Ed Murray is a Communists on par with Willie Wilhelm in NYC.
Remember when Ed Murray spouted this hopey-changy stuff and tried to pose as some kind of muni FDR?
Senate passes Ed Murray's equal pay bill with narrow 21-16 vote. Heads next to House for debate.
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ed balls was a friend of Israel and the jews
looks like a conservative majority now!! Ed Balls has just lost his seat!
The only positive to come out of this disaster of an election campaign is the end of Nicola Murray..I mean Ed Miliband
Labour demands recount in Morley and Outwood
Who will be the next Labour leader if Ed Miliband resigns after disastrous election?
Ed Balls to lose seat? Labour demands recount in Morley and Outwood
NHL Team in the Emerald City?: Seattle's Mayor Ed Murray is confident that the city will land both and NB...
The latest from on the EIS and the next round of challenges to get the building built:
Come on now, I want to know about Brighton, I want to know about Al Murray and I want to know about Ed Balls.
Seattle mayor: Sodo arena deal must be reworked with more private money via
Visit our UK general election seat builder to see the live results update
News: Edinburgh.. | SNP take over Edinburgh as only Ian Murray holds on: ... | Deidre Brock, the new MP for Ed...
What is ed going to do with the stone?!
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray's statement on city's completion of environmental impact statement for new SODO arena
An environmental review has found no major obstacles for Chris Hansen's proposed and arena in Sodo:
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Mayor Ed Murray has called for an "NHL first" plan that "pencils out". We'll hear from him later on whether t…
I'm interviewing tomorrow on Blabbermouth, The Stranger's new week-in-review podcast:
Can't wait to hear Ed Murray dismiss rent control out of hand.
Please ask Ed Murray why he hates rent control at a time when rent hikes are …
His name's Ian Murray, isn't it? Probably a long time before Labour fields more candidates called Ed.
thanks for sharing your story and reminding us what is truly important in Ed
still pretty chuffed to be among the 2000 voters in Ed South. And hey, Ian Murray's been a pretty great constit MP. Win win I guess?
One word reason for Ian Murray winning for Labour in Ed South: Hearts
Sources close to Ed Miliband playing down resignation speculation, saying there are still results to come in
Mayor Ed Murray just clarified through spokesman he's fine with current MOU if an NBA team shows up. But does not feel…
Ian Murray in Ed south might hold on? Jings
Ed Davey loses his seat. He's the first cabinet minister to lose his seat since 1997
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray: Public-funding details in Sodo arena deal must be reworked
Creative Blockadia of Shell's arctic drilling by mayor of Seattle. Way to go!
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray on FEIS: "No major findings stand in the way of arena construction."
NO public money! Let the 1% pay for their own toys we middle class get user-fee taxed 2 death already!
The mayor stops by our podcast tomorrow to discuss white male rage on May Day protests & more. htt…
Ed Murray on NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman "I talked to the commissioner of the NHL this morning".
You'll hear from Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, KC Exec Dow Constantine, & Port of Seattle on a significant day for
Mayor Ed Murray to KING5 on Chris Hansen/Victor Coleman: "We certainly have encouraged them to talk, we know that they'r…
.Sarah Cherin of and some of the worker leaders who got us here.
Is Mayor Ed Murray "pinkwashing" Israel by attending LGBTQ conference there? - via via
Mayor Ed Murray on expansion 'I've talked to the and they certainly are committed to the city.'
Saying "rent control" to Ed Murray is like showing a cross to a vampire. In contrast, De Blasio is fearless. .
Ed Murray's bike agenda basically same as Mike McGinn's. Difference is Seattle Times supports him, opposed McGinn
A meeting of the mayors at UMass Boston underway w/ Walsh, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Ed Murray & Bill DiBlasio
Tell that to Chris Hansen, Ed Murray and the Seattle City Council. Tukwila is on the clock now as far as I'm concerned...
What hurt and frustration is Ed Murray referring to? Our city has not been hurt. . Good lord, the man needs a brain.
Don Bell for the hundredth time. Lol. I laugh just as hard each time. Ed Murray will definitely be next. Give it a week. Lol
Seattle's mayor, Ed Murray, has started a dialogue for the "proper habitat for elephants" at the Woodland Park Zoo. Friends of the Woodland Park Zoo (WPZ) and IDA need your voice to urge the mayor to order the retirement.
Update your maps at Navteq
Interesting results in the Wyoming Secretary of State race: only 96 votes separates Ed Buchanan from Ed Murray.
Ed Murray gets the majority of the Secretary of State votes in Johnson county .
Secretary of State candidate Ed Murray talks business and board experience -
Hanging out with and Ed Murray in Othello Park, getting ready to unveil the city's new…
That is an awesome plan. And if our guy Ed Murray won't pick up the tab, maybe our guys Greg Nickels or Mike McGinn will!
I need to point out that Boot Barn in Casper has signs up for Matt Mead, Ed Murray (SOS Candidate), and Pam Brown... But wait, Pam Brown is a democrat... As are the other "republicans" on the signs in front of Boot Barn... If these were true conservative candidates, their signs would not be next to a democrat's sign. Also, Boot Barn had "Vote YES! on May 6th" signs up, supporting the NCSD bond and special election. If Boot Barn (in Casper) supports a candidate (or issue), they are probably on the liberal side. **This has been a public service announcement** P.S. The campaign manager for Matt Mead's first gubernatorial campaign, is the current campaign manager for Ed Murray. This campaign manager is the same guy who tried to have me evicted from a GOP State Central Committee meeting for video taping the debate on the resolution against Common Core (which he was staunchly opposed to, by the way)... The same guy that tried to troll our Stop Common Core in Wyoming group (as soon as primary season kicked o ...
Woke up couldn't sleep my right thigh is still hurting me from being burned by some insane people who showed up here claiming flame broiling exwives was catharisis and that I was just someone to kill and eat by cannibals who had put in claims on our estates to pretend we were people that owed them money for drug busts which didn't yield anything as did not know any drug dealers personally or have any drug dealer contacts which could be turned in to law enforcment to satisfy anyones deferred prosecution requirements as were NOT drug dealers but Domestic Violence victim and sexual assault victim being roughed up and robbed by the City of Seattle pd and Mayors office worse than John Williams as I am lying down most of the time trying to recuperate from being burned while their group of *** rights advocatse are here ranting my clothing should have been inspected for drugs hidden in the lining before I bought them as some pretext for ruining them by Chris Fowler and Ed Murray and my former roommate Joan preten ...
After the shooting today on the Seattle Pacific University campus, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said there is an epidemic of gun violence in this country. The REAL epidemic is psychotropic drugs and I'd be amazed if this shooter isn't like almost all of the other ones.
The NHL's top two officials, Gary Bettman and Bill Daly, visited Seattle last week to meet with officials in the city, including Seattle Mayor Ed Murray.
So grateful today!!! Thanks to John Paul Olafson, Ed Murray, Loren Taylor, Barbera Bass, Dale Flynn and Cheryl McDonald!
Shout out to some of our donors so far: Susan Edling, Jan Karowsky, Joseph Coomes Jr, Ed Murray, Jeffrey Asay,Kathleen Anderson.
Time to start planning to replace Ed Murray: RT
Tell us your favorite... Reasons People are Auditioning for Wild Card: 1. I have always impressed everyone with my general trivia knowledge, and I want to test those skills against other trivia guru 2. I am a junior high teacher and would love to show my students that I can compete in an awesome game show! 3. My family keeps bugging me because i know "every answer". 4. Love the show, so down to earth and it is so unique (I am from a Dallas and we have nothing like this, love the show). 5. Mostly just want to meet Ed!! lol! 6. To be able to cross it off my bucket list 7. For one, Ed Murray is the man. It'd be pretty awesome to meet him and compete with my fellow Oklahomans. Also, my brother just purchased a house. He's a Veteran and has worked super hard to get where he is. A house warming gift is in order! I can win!
New on In Brief: Back from the dead: Jim Diers assures friends he's okay after his passing was mourned by Ed Murray |
Jim Diers, whose "death" was mourned by Ed Murray in a press release, was in today:
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Oh dear. Press release from Ed Murray just now: "The Mayor’s office was mistakenly informed of the death of Jim Diers.…
Shout out to Ed Murray, Jay Inslee, Reuven Carlyle, and Mr. Wynkoop. Thank you so much. 💙💚💙💚
Confetti is blown away as MetLife Stadium is cleaned up after Super Bowl XLVIII. (Video by Ed Murray / The Star-Ledger)
BREAKING: Jim Pugel out as interim Chief, sources say new mayor Ed Murray will make announcement Tuesday
Councilmember-elect Kshama Sawant said 2014 is the year for a $15-an-hour minimum wage in Seattle. Ed Murray said he plans to bring together business and labor and hopes to have a bill to the City Council within six months but said he won’t get fixated on a number.
Im almost 100% sure I just found a '95 Cleveland Indians signed baseball in my room with Kenny Lofton Jim Thome, Albert Belle, and Ed Murray
Downtown Seattle cycle track could be Ed Murray's first big bike test - The Seattle Times (blog)
city council enthusiasm for downtown cycle track will be test for Ed Murray.
Fran Hamilton Murray, Ed Murray awesome example! and I know of others like this. Congratulations to them all!
Ed Murray. Christiano Morgado. Gavin Cronje. Claudio Musso. Mark Cronje. Wesleigh Orr. Leeroy Poulter. Caleb Williams. Ed can you confirm in the 12 years that the world final has run for Rotax. If my memory serves me correct. South Africa has produced a World Champion every year barring 1 year. Is that correct?
Nationally known police expert tapped by Seattle Mayor-elect Ed Murray to provide advice on police issues
Good education means...most importantly learning how to learn so that you can be whatever you want to be when you grow up. - Patty Murray
KIRO 7 talks with Seattle’s next mayor about crime: Mayor-elect Ed Murray has chosen a former justice... - Sharon Nelson is Senate Democratic Leader - State Sen. Sharon Nelson, D-Maury Island, has been picked as the Democrats’ new leader in the fractured Washington State Senate, replacing Seattle’s Mayor-elect Ed Murray. Nelson, 62, came to prominence as a fierce opponent of a big proposed gravel mine on Maury Island, a project that would have caused potential damage to aquatic life. The project was abandoned after a negotiated settlement, with creation ...
BREAKING: I just got a text message confirming that Aaron Murray is in fact hot.
Mayor names consultant to advise him on public-safety issues: Mayor-elect Ed Murray has named a nationally kno...
Ed Reed said he'll probably get away from football for a little while after retirement. Then would be open to coaching in Balti…
Facing critical issues in the Seattle Police Department, Mayor-elect Ed Murray today named a former federal official to advise him on law enforcement and public-safety matters during the transition. Bernard K. Melekian, president of The Paratus Group, a law enforcement consulting company based in Sa...
State Sen. Sharon Nelson was selected Wednesday afternoon to replace Seattle Mayor-elect Ed Murray as the leader of the minority Senate Democratic Caucus. “I am honored to have been elected as leader by the Senate Democrats,” Nelson said in a news release. “We have a diverse caucus, but I believe I…
Sen. Sharon Nelson has been elected as the leader of the Senate Democratic Caucus, replacing Sen. Ed Murray who is leaving to become Seattle's mayor.
And another round of congratulations. This time to State Sen. Sharon Nelson, whose district includes our area. She has just been elected to the legislative leadership position that Ed Murray is leaving to take over the mayor's office.
New on the NPI Advocate: Sharon Nelson chosen to succeed Ed Murray as new Senate Democratic Leader |
Sharon Nelson to replace Ed Murray as Senate Democratic leader
Sen. Sharon Nelson replaces Ed Murray as leader of state Senate's Democrats. is in Olympia, will have a story shortly.
Sharon Nelson will replace Ed Murray, who was elected Seattle mayor.
News Flash:Sen. Sharon Nelson of Maury Island has been elected leader of the to replace Seattle mayor-elect Ed Murray
Murray State gen ed requirements are the highest in the state. Murray 47, state avg. around 34/35
Seattle’s incoming mayor comes to aid of fallen Capitol Hill bicyclist: Seattle Mayor-elect Ed Murray is alrea...
Original story from the "(Ed Murray) got out and his security got out and they just stayed with her."
Is Ed Murray the new Cory Booker? MT Seattle's mayor-elect comes to aid of fallen bicyclist:
Ed Murray meets the basic criteria for being a decent human being, news at 11:
Ed Murray has resigned from the senate, effective Dec. 31. Will Capitol Hill continue its reign with Jamie Pedersen?
Ed Murray comes to the aid of a fallen bicyclist
Mayor-Elect Ed Murray submitted his resignation from the state senate, effective December 31, yesterday. We would like to extend our gratitude to the service that Sen. Murray has provided our district. For 18 years, Ed has been a tireless advocate for issues that matter to the 43rd - higher education funding, transit oriented transportation infrastructure, protecting and expanding the social safety net for all Washingtonians, pioneering civil rights legislation. The list of accomplishments is too exhaustive. Sen. Murray being elected Mayor is a loss to the District, but Seattle as a whole gains even more. We are excited for an effective, inclusive, and progressive administration! A caucus to select a new state senator and, possibly, a new state house member, will be held on December 3.
what happened with McCoy, have to finalize roster now for playoffs. I Have McCoy, A.Brown, Tate , Murray ...drop any for Bryce Bro
which can only mean you're not hey Ed? I'm sure might be interested in Nick :)
This Thursday 5-8 pop down to Oddbins on Little Clarenden St to taste all our beers + hear owner Ed Murray + head brewer talk!
Sen. Murray is leaving the Senate, although I'm guessing his replacement won't be too conservative.
Sen. Ed Murray, the mayor-elect of Seattle, announced Tuesday he will resign from the Senate effective on Dec. 31.
Sen. Ed Murray will resign from Senate at end of year
Seattle Mayor-elect Ed Murray has resigned his state senate seat, effective Dec. 31.
Sen. Ed Murray resigns from next month to be mayor. Replacement need. Let the Game of Thrones begin…
JUST IN: Press release from Senate Democrats says Sen. Ed Murray has notified Gov. Inslee of his resignation from the Sen…
Greg Nickels' transition team in 2001 had 38 members. Ed Murray's has 43. (McGinn didn't appoint a traditional transition team)
Hey Hey Hey I had an awesome Night last night every Election went gow I liked with no suprises Kudos to Ed Murray for Becoming the first openly *** Mayor for Seattle I hope he can change things around like crime in downtown. Kudos to Terry Mcalife in Virginia and Bill De Blasio of New York City and Seatac minimum wage increas to $15 hour Now my attention turns to 2014 Midterm elections and seeing Wendy Davis get Governship of Texas
Coronations are quick these days. MT Ex-Gov Gregoire just called Ed Murray the greatest mayor in the United States.
TV ads show that the only thing Ed Murrary cares about is... Ed Murray.
When the news of Michael King's spending first broke, Ed Murray must have said 3 times that Scott White hired him.
In fact, Seattle City Council candidate got more votes than Ed Murray!
Sen. Ed Murray is now. What do you want to hear from him as he & Mayor McGinn move into the general race?
Ed Murray and his partner Michael Shiosaki wave after Murray leads with 30%. "Thanks for your vote Michael!".
Seattle is a city whose historical soul has always been worth fighting fiercely for, indeed -- especially for those of us who have always counted ourselves among "Seattle's underclass." Whence my recent reneging on my self-promising to never ("ever, ever, everrr") write about politics -- local or otherwise -- again: dude, this year's Seattle mayoral race -- for us truly local writers, anyway -- is surely the most exciting ever. Let me make myself imperfectly clear: I still believe that Wes Ulhman was Seattle's greatest mayor ever. I also believe that all of the currently emerging front-runners for Seattle's next mayor -- Mike McGinn, Peter Steinbrueck, Bruce Harrell, Ed Murray -- will surely serve the city in which I was born (and therefore can't help but love so, so profoundly) quite well, indeed. Which candidate for Seattle mayor will Jeff Stevens (born in Seattle -- and how! -- 1966) officially endorse once this latest local election season officially "kicks off"? Y'all'r just gonna hafta wait 'til nex ...
On regrets: Ed Murray brings up years ago failure of *** rights law by one vote, but says moment reversed when R74 passed
Ed Murray says 9 member City Council no obstacle - he convinced 29 mbr legislative panel to approve big transpo package
Ed Murray on ideal neighborhood - says Alki neighborhood where he grew up & could walk to school.
Gun Control bills in Washington State (SB 5737) and Oregon (HB 3200) include language that allows law enforcement to enter and search gun owners' homes without a search warrant to perform compliance inspections. Sen. Adam Kline and Sen. Ed Murray, both from Seattle, sponsored the Washington bill. When the warrant-less search clause was pointed out publicly, both senators admitted they hadn't actually read the bill and both stated they did not approve of warrant-less searches. The bill is 8 pages long. Washington Dems blame their staff. In Oregon, House Rep Mitch Greenlick is sponsoring HB 3200. He knows what the bill allows and stands behind warrant-less entry into the homes of Oregon gun owners. He sponsored two previous bills that would make it a crime to possess cigarettes or to put a child in a bicycle trailer. It's clear that at least some anti-gun politicians have intentions to invade our homes, something most anti-gunners say isn't true. Dianne Feinstein has already admitted that she wants all Amer ...
In a mistake that probably wasn’t a mistake, a Washington state bill sponsored by liberal Democrats contained a little-noticed provision that would have called for the police to have the right to search private citizens’ home once per year if they own certain types of guns, reports. According to Senate Bill 5737: In order to continue to possess an assault weapon that was legally possessed on the effective date of this section, the person possessing shall ... safely and securely store the assault weapon. The sheriff of the county may, no more than once per year, conduct an inspection to ensure compliance with this subsection. Sponsoring lawmakers claim they have no knowledge of the provision – so how did the provision get into the bill in the first place? Also, one of the sponsoring lawmakers, Sen. Adam Kline (D-Seattle), has inserted similar language in other bills during his career. “I have to admit [the search provision] shouldn’t be in there,” said Sen. Ed Murray (D-Seattle). ...
Please all Washington state residents take note of this assault on our Constitution. SB5737 introduced on Feb 13, 2013 and sponsored by Ed Murray (D-Seattle), and Adam Kline (D-Seattle). It is basically a so called assault weapons ban. And if violating the 2nd amendment wasn't enough, this communist pair decided to trash the Constitution all together, and write violations to the 4th amendment into this bill. encourage everyone to immediately write you state representatives and strongly protest this illegal assault on law abiding Americans, We are losing out Constitution America, and this bill demonstrates without doubt it's not just the guns they are after.
Wash. state bill would make almost all gun owners criminals: Washington state Sens. Ed Murray (D), Jeanne ...
This guest post is by Ed Murray, Democratic leader of the Washington State Senate. Many of us will never forget the heartbreaking day on December...
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In all the marriage license/equality hub-bub of the last few days, Ed Murray's press conference was buried. As a...
Legislature's Ed Murray wants to run for Seattle mayor | Politics | The Seattle Times
Sen. Ed Murray, D-Seattle, will become just the second openly LGBT person to lead a state senate chamber after his Democratic colleagues tonight chose him as majority leader of the Washington State Senate. Murray, 57, was first elected to the Senate in 2006 after serving 11 years in the Wash. House...
Sorting through the election results,we've already highlighteda bunch ofwinners and losers—Ed Murray and theSeattle Times, for example.
Chad Griffin, president of Human Rights Campaign, and Washington state senator Ed Murray both at Liturgy of Love tonight.
SEATTLE: Friends don't let friends vote alone—come to the Voting Party! Meet Jay Inslee, Ed Murray, Mike McGinn & more!
Sen. Ed Murray, left, and his partner, Michael Shiosaki, wave at spectators in the upper gallery after the state ...
Washington State Legislators to seek state aid for undocumented students - Sen. Ed Murray plans to sponsor le…
Sen. Ed Murray has endorsed John Urquhart for Sheriff! John is endorsed by the Rep. and Dem. party in the 43rd, as well as all legislators.
Well, there's Ed Murray, and there's, um, Ed Murray. We've done a good job running good people out of politics in this state.
Tim Schuler, New Jersey State Apiarist , checks the bee colony/hive on the roof of the Hyatt. Joe Lelinho of Hilltop Honey in North Caldwell has two bee hives on the hotel to produce honey for the The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Jersey City on Monday, April 30, 2012. Ed Murray/The Star-Ledger
I'm @ Municipal League of King County dinner. Huge props to Dow Constantine, Ed Murray, Litzow, KC Libraries and all other award winners.
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