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Ed Miliband

Edward Samuel Miliband (born 24 December 1969) is a British Labour Party politician, currently the Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition.

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Jeremy Corbyn is making a bigger & bolder offer to NHS Patients & NHS Staff for this General Election than Ed Miliband did.…
The question is, did it do Ed Miliband any good at all? Sturgeon's just annoyed that C…
Compared to Keir Starmer, Ed Miliband looks almost charismatic.
One upside to the General Election - we'll find out if Ed Miliband is trying for a proper comeback.
maybe do as Ed Miliband did... step down, relax, find your mojo and have some fun! But most of all
Daily Mail headline no.1: when Ed Miliband wanted to cap energy price rises. Daily Mail headline no.2: when Theresa May wa…
in a series where we've had Aisling Bea, Ed Miliband, Charlotte Ritchie, Simon Bird etc. - Hayley Squires has been the greatest guest.
Is Macron turning out to be France’s Ed Miliband? Jonathan Miller on the latest in this incredible presidential race http…
hiya Ralf can i have a follow please to help raise awareness for Emily 🎗 plz and ty 💛
I didnt know how much i needed this pic of ed miliband til i saw it
Earth shattering news You should probably sit down and put on kneepads before you open this
Top Milibanter Why didn't you do this before the last General Election?! Boris got to be Mayor from d…
Fantastic, sir! So funny, you're a very good sport. Politics NEEDS personality and humour (at times). O, and we…
Post-2015 Ed is like Harry Potter in HBP when he downs Felix…
best last leg show ever! You should be on the show every week!
I was watching the Last Leg last night, I thought it was an interview with Ed Miliband
Missed last night's 👉 . ⚡️ “Viewers want Ed Miliband on The Last Leg every week ” by
As in it is good when a promise is kept. We should expect politicians to do th…
Loved it Ed, showed guts to do that show... well done.
Why do I get the feeling I'm going to end up as Giles? She's dictatori…
He's still MP for Doncaster. And him leaving as Leader was what he said he'd d…
You don't know a good thing til it's gone
Oh my life - Ed Miliband is so funny. . Hands down this is the best episode of I've ever seen. .
Ed Miliband recreates THAT bacon sandwich picture - but this time he's in leather.
And Politicians trying to get votes by acting as celebrities, which loses the most credibility,see ed miliband
Trust me you don't want to see the real May.
Ed Miliband: "He's thinking 'it tastes better than it feels.'"
Last year, Ed Miliband called on Jeremy Corbyn to stand down
On the day the world finally decided to draw a red line on chemical weapons this is what Ed Miliband was doing.
Just caught up with last nights well done loving the A-ha tribute! 😂
This from Ed Miliband's advisor on Syria. Jeremy Corbyn's policy on Syria represents 5 years of continuity at the top of La…
What do you get when you search 'Ed Miliband bacon sandwich'? This of course! Let’s get trending htt…
Ed Miliband has launched his singing career and the Milifandom can't handle it
That bit at the end of was epic last night!
You were nearly Prime Minister, Ed! Miliband stars in cringeworthy 'music video'
1. Clement Attlee after he lost an election. 2. Ed Miliband after he lost an election .
Not sure I could ever be 100% ready for Ed Miliband as Morten Harket, but ***
Ed Miliband missing the point. Question not whether he and other Remainders will block Brexit. Question is whether he will b…
Wasn't Ed Miliband in favour of a financial transaction tax once. Surprised no one seems to be discussing this now on Left
Doncaster North MP Ed Miliband has sent condolences to the family of PC Keith Palmer and thanked the emergency serv…
Since Gordon Brown is in the news, I want to bring up this vintage picture of Ed Miliband standing awkwardly and looking…
Surprised and delighted that Ed Miliband is the new editor of the Milli Vanilli fanzine.
Ed Miliband is unleashing ALL the sass about George Osborne's new Evening Standard gig:. *mic drop*.
Ed Miliband just eclipsed Theresa May in shade
how do you know it looks suggestive, might look like Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich
So loudly backed Ed Miliband, Remain & Hillary. . Takes some wizardry to be so wrong so often. 😂
Meanwhile, denies rumours that Harry Potter was based on the young Ed Miliband.
The downfall of Labour began with Ed Miliband. Now Corbyn's Brexit turmoil will lose them the Stoke by-election
Ed Miliband on genuinely seems to think that Trump's applies in the UK too. The bloke's a grade one i…
When you were in government Ed, a million marched against your war in Iraq. If only you had listened? Imag…
Why are we hearing more from on the Muslim ban than we are from who is leader of
Are you proud of Political Correctness that allowed muslim grooming gangs to operate for decades, open bo…
.asks of Trump ban - "will the president's actions make the world a safer place or a more dangerous place?"
are you going to be as vocal & organise protests against all Muslim countries that ban Israeli…
Thanks to all our MPs. It would be great to see more of this united working in Parliament.
Ed stop bashing her u can't run our country let Theresa do her job without extra pressure MPs criticising!!
You're done You had your chance, now. stop interfering.
Be real Ed do u think she can call him up & do that? Trump is crazy. He would turn on UK like he does with every1
Brilliant. UK Parliament condemns Thank you for leading
. When's the demo against state of emergency ? .
Respect for ed miliband is forever growing rn
Breast Cancer Awareness
In the chamber for application by on behalf of many members on all sides of the house for an emergency deba…
Who is Ed Miliband? You mean the completely useless ex Labour Party leader who lost the election?
can you talk to our Apologist In Chief () and explain humanity to him? .
It's beyond appalling and shameful that you led the Opposition which stopped our Armed Forces defendin…
Stronger now Ed from back benches? Shame you didn't act tough when leading your Party.
the Labour Party might not like what Trump doing but most of they voters also back closing borders here too
right to say 'this is not a run of a mill thing '. Trump is an extremist
Look, there is a sort of old view about class which is a very simplistic...
do it Ed, beginning to think you're the only sensible one about. Well done on bringing up b…
Maybe if Europe did what Trump is doing in 2015/16 200+ innocent victims would still be alive...stop being a sheep
Oh I am deeply enjoying sassy Well done on securing a debate on the Also, all of this.
and I remember all sorts of nonsense (railway privatisation? ending the wages councils?)
well done Ed. Your speech in the house today was excellent and stirring. Keep the pressure on!
.That's a real glimmer of hope. Good news at last
I like Jeremy, but this is the biggest disaster I can remember since I became Labour member in 1989
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and I honestly think Tom that there is no-one else who could really unite the party now other than
You come from a family of runners There are too many Brits & US servicemen buried in Europe who didn't run, who you undermine.
c) given the gravity of crisis Ed Miliband should consider a leadership bid. He is clever, committed and (these days) tough
Have to say, I've been really impressed by in recent days. Missing him as leader of the opposition!
Ed Miliband (jokingly) channels his inner-Donald Trump when predicting a crowd size for protest in Lond…
, and going what they do best. Imagine what labour could achieve if we stop…
Being a multi millionaire I'm guessing you're safe in your gated community, Ed...
thank you. Britain needs you more than ever.
good effort politicians. What a shame this motion wasn't passed by our do nothing PM
Get your facts right. It's a travel ban nothing to do with Muslims.
thanks to UK MP's 4 sending message to
Good, TY But now remember and stop the article 50 legislation
Isn't your aunt the Prime Minister of a country that bans Israeli passport holders from entering the country?
AND frm Proud of fantastic protests around country tonight
In chamber for emergency debate on changes to US immigration policy secured by House is united in opposition…
democracy at work even though Trump wont listen - but he will feel the pressure
Odd how he's never asked for an emergency debate about the 16 country travel ban on Israeli passport holders
Mr nice guy antics. What about Calais wall?
Did you see 's House of Commons speech today ?
Emergency debate on travel order granted to now
Every time Ed Miliband opens his mouth his reputation drops by one point. It's been negative for a couple of years now.
This might be the most British thing I've seen. at the protests
Ok. Great news. How much power does our government have over this regime?
said "He's only been president two weeks and it already seems like a year". Amen.
the same man who was told countless times in parliament by Ed Miliband that Andy Coulson was bent and ignored it ?
Ed Miliband, Hilary Benn and Dan Hodges should form an Offspring tribute band called The Disappointing Offspring
to miss the news stories of 2015 such as David Cameron putting his nob in a pig and Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich?
Ed Miliband jokes about "flu Labour" after a surprise cameo on US TV news.
I'd love to wash the pots with Ed Miliband. He'd wash and I'd dry. Two right nutters having a flipping* great time. *Pardon my French
WATCH: Ed Miliband finally makes it in America - as a picture of a man blowing his nose
omg NBC used a pic of Ed Miliband blowing his nose as a stock photo for an item on flu
. saying others can't be trusted to act in people's interest.Think of Aleppo & dwell on his hypocrisy.
In the other timeline, PM Ed Miliband releases a Party Political Broadcast that is just him playing snooker against himse…
Thanks to some clever editing, IS speaking to Prime Minister Ed Miliband! (About 3mins in) :D.
perhaps we should refer to Camerons comments in 2011
*I'd take anything those Milibands said with a pinch of salt!
David Miliband blasts brother Ed and says HE is to blame for the slaughter in Syria
I'd take anything this Milibands said with a pinch of salt!
I wouldn't trust Ed Miliband and Vince Cable as far as I could throw them. And that isn't very far at all.
"What's changed?" since the last Sky bid was rejected. Nothing really say and
The Observer article by & "Four years on, the facts are these:"
This is without a doubt my new favourite Ed Miliband anecdote
No to the Sky deal. The Murdochs can’t be trusted | Ed Miliband and Vince Cable
lol if those polls were sound in any way Ed Miliband would've won by an unprecedented landslide. Or Harry Leslie Smith.
When you compare it to, say, Ed Miliband or Ed Davey or Lisa Nandy
Ed Miliband found an old paper by which skewers her strategy Power before conviction
Ed Miliband found an old paper by Theresa May which skewers her Brexit strategy
Do you ever just stop and remember how much you miss Ed Miliband
I have run a General Election campaign pregnant and ran Ed Miliband's...
Branson, Blair and Clegg. All they need now is Ed Miliband and Tim Farron to make themselves a complete laughing stock.
The Daily Mail will criticise the way Ed Miliband eats a sandwich, or Jeremy Corbyn's walk but not Tory policies that kill c…
Does this look like Dan Jarvis and Ed Miliband or just me?
Jim Messina was Obama's data election expert 8 years ago - hired by the Tories to beat Ed Miliband in 2015 - but g…
As a man who supported Gordon Brown, AV, Ed Miliband, Andy Burnham, Bernie Sanders, remaining in the EU and Owen Smith, Trump…
"this is your chance to decide" Not Tony Blair's or Tim Farron's or Ed Miliband's or Nick Clegg's or some unelected b…
Here's William Hague saying government should borrow to fund investment - another Ed Miliband idea from 2015:.
It's only an 'advisory' vote about Sir Philip Green, I may decide to campaign for it to be ignored, are Nick Clegg & Ed Miliband with me?
Someone just stuck a huge picture of Ed Miliband's face on David Cameron's Wikipedia page
Unilever is no different to George Osborne, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and all the other embittered Remoaners who can’…
Ed Miliband: "The Great Repeal Bill is a red herring. It. should be renamed the Great Entrenchment Bill, entrenches EU law here"
Ed Miliband is currently wearing a blue tie on C4 news. He should be wearing red. That is a disgrace.
Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg, the biggest double-losers in recent British political history - have joined...
Ed Miliband's Orwellian doublespeak is just a trick to defy the will of the people: Ed Miliband and Nic...
Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg have joined forces with pro-EU Tory MPs to demand the right to block .
Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband not up to the job of Prime Minster said the electorate. Third time unlucky, worries Alan Johnson.
Odd to hear many who said Ed Miliband taking on rigged markets was "too left wing" now herald its adoption by Theresa May
Well that's ticked the box of a consistent & clear public philosophy: economics of Ed Miliband with social/home affairs of…
May saying a lot of what Ed Miliband used to say, a reminder you can more easily get away with things if you're being counter-…
Ed Miliband starts speaking at fringe + comments on party unity then throws shade at Jeremy. 😓
Ed Miliband at fringe meeting takes swipe at WILL THEY EVER STOP. IT"S CALLED DEMOCRACY. They think they own a private club
Ed Miliband wants a quiet evening, but Hilary Benn and Ed Balls are having a 'Who can shout 'LABOUR' the loudest' contest in the next room.
Former Labour leader Ed Miliband tells a fringe meeting at the party's conference it needs to reach out to...
Ministers considering ‘drones to monitor border after Ed Miliband claims.
I like Ed Miliband but surely everyone's favourite is Ralph?
Ed Miliband says "those whose favourite Miliband is Ralph" should go to session on him at Momentum festival.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Gordon Brown lost. Ed Miliband lost. Does Labour really want another Ed? That's all Owen is.
Meanwhile, in the timeline where Ed Miliband is PM, a dejected David Cameron walks into a McDonalds and just lies down on the floor, sighing
"The Smith campaign turned down a joint offer of help from veterans of the David Miliband, Ed Miliband, Andy...
Ordinary people apparently also thought David Cameron was more in touch with them than Gordon Brown & Ed Miliband
I feel this picture of Lenny Henry hugging Ed Miliband, from 2013, is highly underrated
Ed Miliband is an immortal who has reincarnated throughout history. We're through the looking glass here people.
Both are incorrect. Capitalism has failed, no doubt and does not warrant supporting but the answer is to move...
Says it all really: Balls "His book is being serialised in the Times as he prepares to appear on the BBC’s...
Ed and David Miliband are so obviously both Ravenclaw there's no need to bother
Papers 10.30 & me on puts boot in on Ed Miliband & Which one is worst?
6. When Ed Miliband said that he's tuss enough
Not been loyal to any Lab leader in the 33 yrs he's been an MP. Even plotted against Ed Miliband.
In some circles not having a seat is considered a sign of wisdom and virtue.
Ed Balls: Labour did not deserve to win election
Ed Balls just gave both barrels to Jeremy Corbyn AND Ed Miliband
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Dear Scandinavians,. I condemn you all and your highly developed 'leftist utopian fantasies'. Yours austerely,. Balls.
For goodness sake have some humility. You couldn't even keep your seat
Meanwhile, in the alternate timeline, Prime Minister Ed Miliband enters PMQs on heelys.
The 1% have already built their utopia on the dashed hopes and aspirations of everyone else.
It's a pity that Ed Balls seems to have a problem with someone fighting for a fair share for all:
.Polls all said that ED Miliband would be PM
That's unfair Jeremy's programme on jobs, housing, tuition fees, rail, utilities etc is popular with public.
After the disaster of Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband, give Corbyn a chance. That's all we ask, give Corbyn the chance to…
David Cameron wanted us to bomb Assad in 2013. Ed Miliband said no.
Could anyone imagine David Cameron joking that Gordon Brown or Ed Miliband be shot dead, as a jolly old jape?
Ed Miliband handed the tories there first majority in 18 years, even a murdering *** like blair was more palatable to voters
No its not. Corbyn is a liability. Hes never going to win a General Election. Ed Miliband was a better leader.
Clinton's gonna get destroyed by the right like Ed Miliband. Advice: sack Whitey McManface, get Liz Warren on the ticket & go full Corbyn.
Ed Miliband nominated Owen Smith - always one of the shadow cabinet ministers he thought highly of.
Ed Miliband says (with tongue in cheek) of Teresa May's Downing Street speech: "I hope she is going to have the courage…
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When Blairites attack Ed Miliband for reforming the leadership election rules and abolishing the electoral college. https:…
Anything in that speech that couldn't have been given by Ed Miliband had he won?
The novelty sized pledge is the best thing since Ed Miliband's manifesto 😂
If Labour MPs are the authority on 'electability', why did they never do anything about Gordon Brown or Ed Miliband.
Loving the "Corbyn will never win a GE" stuff. Didn't stop those clowns electing Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband as leaders...
the only logical conclusion here is that Ed Miliband should still be leader. Or maybe Gordon Brown. Or Neil Kinnock.
the 3 people the Tories fear the most are Gordon Brown, Ed Balls and Ed Miliband
Useful reminder that many PLP members who knifed JC did exactly the same to Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown previously. https:/…
David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Co flock to pay homage at Rupert Murdoch's summer party
Shorten eating a snag in bread, just as bad as former UK Labour leader, Ed Miliband eating a bacon sanga
Labour should make Ed Miliband leader while they sort out a sensible leadership contest. Dare say his reputation's risen this last year..
I joined as hated way Ed Miliband was treated by media etc. Now see same from Labour to our leader.
Former Labour leader Ed Miliband: "We are at a time of acute national crisis... We need to think about the country"
On Russell Kane's point, to be fair to Corbyn, Ed Miliband was quiet & absent in his first year as Labour leader
And if Stephen Kinnock is now a major figure in the Lib Dems, where does Ed Miliband fit? :-)
Labour wants a leader with real "leadership" yet they had a utter fail of a leader in Ed Miliband who lost them the last General Election.
isn't that Ed Miliband bottom centre too?
Zionist . Ruth Smeeth MP. hand picked by Ed Miliband leader . parachuted into safe seat . at selection, told 1 easy Q only
Former Labour leader Ed Miliband tells Jeremy Corbyn: "I would have gone"
Twist: Ed Miliband becomes Leader of the Labour Party again. goes mad with excitement.
On reflection, Ed Miliband really didn't look all that weird eating that bacon sandwich:
If he was the leader of labour during the last election he would have been elected. Ed Miliband wasn't electable.
Ed Miliband was definition of a Labour Unity figure for most of his time as leader, still didn't win. Need someone able to speak 2 country
Tickled at BBC asking Ed Miliband to advise on what the Labour Party should look for in a leader. *wipes tears of bitter mirth*
hearing rumours Ed Miliband will run for labour leader
Voted Labour all life. Party member. Didn't vote for hapless disaster Ed Miliband as leader. Didn't & won't vote for Corbyn. NOT
うー / “Jeremy Corbyn ignores calls from David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Tom Watson to stand down”
Former leader Ed Miliband tells Jeremy "I would have gone"
Ed Miliband, the guy who stabbed his brother, the far better leader, in the back to *** Labour leadership has a cheek.
Ed Miliband says has to go. Let's listen to him. He's Amazing. He's so Amazing he's still leader of the Labour Party in Airstrip 1.
He reminded me of Ed Miliband. BBC News - Stephen Crabb: Why I'm standing for PM
Ed Miliband has the cheek to tell Corbyn to step down lol. Bruv u was the worse leader in the history of the Labour Party. Know your place
As there was it isn't Ed Miliband's fault that Labour lost, I believe he should be brought back as Leader…
Fun stuff . Ed Miliband calls for Jeremy Corbyn to resign as Labour leader over Brexit.
Ed Miliband unmitigated disaster as Labour leader.
Ed Miliband says Corbyn should resign as Labour leader
.political editor told Ed Miliband decision to speak against Corbyn seen by Labour leader as "an act of betray…
'I've backed him 100% but now we need a United party'.by helping divide it? Bellend.
How Murdoch's depicted when he wanted to be PM. And now when he's calling for to quit htt…
'Jeremy Corbyn has double our membership. ' This from A man who did nothing to increase membership
Ed Miliband calls on Nigel to condemn racist attacks
Ed Miliband. More stupid than I could have known. Fawning and simpering over Corbyn. Shameful.
thought Ed Miliband was decent, what a scumbag will vote no matter how many times for
Labour and you are completely disregarding who votes them in and who they represent.
is just the best. I so miss him as our leader & want to see him back on the front bench ASAP.
Ed Miliband calls on Jeremy Corbyn to go and says his position is "untenable." Significant as he's publicly supported hi…
watch Richard Burgon's speech at the rally outside parliment thats how inspire people
We have been most ardent defenders haven’t we? Sadly I agree
Foot, Kinnock, Miliband, Corbyn. Would Ed be happier if we say there's a tie for the last two?
Incredible achievement by the ghost of Blair to convert Lisa Nandy, Ed Miliband and indeed over 100 MPs
is it a co incidence all 172 MPs voted for tory welfare bill 2015?
in Scotland and England shame on you
if you want a unite party MPs should back the leader, otherwise, you have to step down, you were withe red tory who ruin labour
Ex-Labour leader urges Jeremy Corbyn to quit, saying position is "untenable".
Ed Miliband coming on as the unions deliberated was a particularly negative move
Ed Miliband points out: Lab Party constitution requires the leader to have support of PLP. Otherwise it allows perpetual leaders…
The more people like tries to decide for us who we should have as Labour Leader, the more I am sure I am going to vote Corbyn.
if you cared about our country you'd have resigned before the election you lost. Your a disgrace. You ***
Ed Miliband on why Corbyn should resign -
I am just so utterly disappointed in you.
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I remember this used against ed miliband what a stupid way to judge a political leader.
Seeing Ed Miliband call for Corbyn to resign is like watching your dad punch your grandad square in the face
Ed Miliband calls for Jeremy Corbyn to resign
Ed Miliband insists Corbyn must go: "More than any time I can remember this is a time we should be thinking of the interes…
.clearly bears responsibility for Labour turmoil after Blair departed. They have hounded & bruised Brown, Ed Miliband & now Corbyn
Barrister wives of Boris Johnson and Ed Miliband become QCs  via
Ed Miliband and Tristram Hunt in college to discuss EU referendum
Ed Miliband is making quite Left-Wing statements. It's like Animal Farm or something. Not the book. He just looks like an animal on a farm.
Ed Miliband on why would hit Labour areas of the UK particularly hard - a Labour IN vote is vital:
Ed Miliband on why the Leave campaign are trying to commit ""fraud on Labour voters"":
Labour's Ed Miliband on why being in the EU is better for social justice, workers' rights AND the economy.
Ed Miliband rightly emphasises that 95% of Labour MPs back but John Humphries desperate to stoke up John Mann non-story
David Cameron challenged by Ed Miliband on Royal Bank of Scotland bonuses. A ...
We've had Ed Miliband , Now David Miliband, Not one set of Balls between them, Except *** for Brains !
😼 Ed Miliband gets called 'David' Miliband twice in one evening 😤😼
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Ed Miliband now consulting Labour constitution on how to revoke a leadership resignation.
David Cameron, Tony Blair, Ed Miliband, Gordon Brown, Neil Kinnock want you to stay. That's enough for me to
This is how it feels when Ed Miliband tries Snapchat and takes the *** out of you.
a Roman Catholic who really hates that Labour under Ed Miliband recognised Palestine as a state.
Ed Miliband joins forces with to campaign for 'Remain' in battle
Ed Miliband and Jeremy Corbyn team up today to make climate change case for EU membership. https:…
Gordon giving speeches, Harriet Harman ranting, David Miliband back on TV, sorry Ed Miliband back on TV. It's like the old days this week.
I immediately lean to what Ed Miliband and Caz Lucas are saying - but then they drop the exact same *** thrown at Meh.
Today we will be joined by Ed Miliband, Lisa Nandy & a special guest!
Ed Miliband decided to make him Shadow Chancellor. There should have been the first clue that Labour would crash & burn in 2015.
Ed Miliband drops to on the Doncaster Power List, just behind Steve Currier of Cooper Lighting
Ed Miliband now 40th most influential person in Doncaster. Edged out 39th place by Steve Currier of Cooper Lighting https:…
Amused that David and Ed Miliband are still getting mixed up though!
and remember Kinnock got 35% in 1992... Ed Miliband would in Downing Street right now with 35%
This time last year Ed Miliband was neck-and-neck in the polls and Jim Murphy was leader in Scotland. What a year.
BBC News - Ed Miliband apologises for offence over Sun picture
Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, John Major, David Cameron, Ed Miliband, CBI - all say the UK is the EU.
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