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Ed Koch

Edward Irving Ed Koch (born December 12, 1924) is an American lawyer, politician, and political commentator.

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You remind me of what NY mayor Ed Koch said when the mugged lefty Episcopal Bishop…
is the biggest failure of a mayor in NYC since either Ed Koch or David Dinkins. Get a new Rudy and things will get better.
I own a Keith Haring poster signed by Ed Koch in '88. does anyone know where I might get it appraised and/or sell it?
" They dug-up an ancient Chinese emperor a while back who was encased in jade. I prefer Gold " - Ed Koch, former mayor of New York City
Madison officials survey residents: 'How're we doin'?': MADISON - The late Ed Koch, mayor of New York City from…
~~~ Ed Koch was a WWII combat vet, a great: Mayor, American, Jew, defender of Israel, New Yorker. He will be long remembe…
5* "Ed Koch and I were inaugurated on the same day in 1978. He became mayor and I became his weekly tormentor."Wayn…
"Ed Koch ... became mayor and I became his weekly tormentor." RIP, Wayne Barrett.
Ed Koch was a good Mayor Rudy Giuliani was a good mayor those are the only two that I liked
:DJT believing in certain policies of an organization & not in others of same organization sounds a lot like mayor Ed Koch !!!
just gonna gloss over that article about "Mayor", and the guy playing Ed Koch?
"...pen to paper and drafted a scathing letter to his nemesis Ed Koch, then mayor of New York."
It came at an opportune time. Ed Koch was elected Mayor of New York in 1978, and he had no patience for the Lincoln Detox radi…
New York in 80's a decaying scary city under Dem Ed Koch. Rudy Juliani with help from Donald Trump
hey a NYC parking meter scam in the making, just like Ed Koch's ya phony Warren Wilhelm Jr d/b/a
I need to write an essay on Ed Koch for my final. Can you guys give me some notes? Thanks
Hard to overstate what a big deal it is for folks in Bayside to say something nice about any mayor not named Ed Koc…
As winning as Ed Koch's war on rap and graffiti.
Very cool to see youth code ed intertwined with the holidays in a fun way.
Saw "Barry" (2016), a story of Barack Obama starting Columbia University in Ed Koch's Big Apple in Reagan's America in 1981. 4 of 4 stars.
"Fighting for something you believe in is worth it, even if you don't win." - Ed Koch
I enjoyed my stay in the Congress. Most people do not. And too many people w...
I think Ed Koch is the person most responsible for allowing AIDS to get...
.I repeat myself, but one can only truly deal with a NY'er like Trump via another. Ed Koch is my sp…
.For the next four years Ed Koch is my spirit animal. Print this and put in on your wall.
that is pretty much a known fact at this point. Ed koch was a nice guy but lots of New Yorkers were murdered while he charmed
[Ed Koch] presided over an administration that is both pervasively corrupt and totally incompetent ~ Trump Art of the Deal
We shouldn't forget the Cuomo Family attack on NYC Mayor Ed Koch = "Vote for Cuomo, not the *** ! https:/…
Charles Koch is a rare thing, a businessman besotted with ideas
When I came in, the city was on the edge of bankruptcy. I'm proud of wh...
There was always a love-hate relationship with New York in the rest of t...
Was NYC girl in '80's. Giuliani prosecuted like a boss and Ed Koch didn't mess things up like DeBlasio.
Trump never had a boss in his life unless you count Mayor Ed Koch when he gave the Wollman Rink job to Trump. He'll…
WaPo Op-Ed: Christian Celebration of the Virgin Mary is Hurtful to Rape Victims via
ronald reagan ignored the thousands of deaths of *** men in the 80s during the AIDS epidemic. i hope he and ed koch rot
Jews have always thought that having someone elevated with his head abo...
If I were running against Chuck Schumer. I would take every one of his S...
Ed Koch? Wasn't he mayor of New York? Everything is a distortion of the truth, whether you want to believe it or not.
Come to Koch for some ! Tomorrow after the game you get 🍿 & a 🎞! Free ticket if u bring a toy tomorro…
Campaigning for Ed Koch to be elected as mayor of NYC
He knows the time with the fresh Gucci watch. He's even more over than the mayor Ed Koch .
Ed Koch used to say "if you support me 80% that's good...if you support me 100% that's too much"
Ed Koch would've laughed at how much he's saying "Ummm, um"
“The fireworks begin today. Each diploma is a lighted match, each one of you is a fuse.” ~Ed Koch
needs to run for Mayor in 2017. A true activist for NYCers. Fight incompetency and scandal. Be a "liberal w sanity" Ed Koch
In 1980, The Umano Orch. played the Cooper Square Festival. Mayor Ed Koch, a saxophonist, walked by & waved to us.…
Update your maps at Navteq
I was kid in Brooklyn, synagogue broken into, sprayed with swastikas & torahs set on fire.Ed Koch was mayor
This film portrays how homophobia stretched from the psychopathic blasé of NYC mayor Ed Koch to mainstream media
Once, former mayor Ed Koch said, "The United Nations is the Worlds' largest cesspool!"
Newt you need to retire also X mayor Ed Koch you all are cry baby's
The boost was deserved. Ed Koch said he was good Mayor but nasty guy. The nastiness has consumed him
I've been through a lot of NY mayors, Joy, starting with Ed Koch's first term. Giuliani was not this bad when he was mayor.
Along with most of country, other police dept. and then mayor what's his name. Ed Koch
City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York, Barrett, Wayne, Newfield, J
true you debated Ed Koch over Jerry Adams?
NYC had Ed Koch fatigue but David Dinkins was worst mayor in decades. Don't know who was worse in recent mem.
You grew up in New York, if you know tokens, had Ed Koch as a mayor and remember when Times Square was bad
NYC's former mayor, Ed Koch, pronounced his name Kahtch, as in "watch". Where did Charles & David get "Coke"? Ashamed of who you are, boys?
Or Pelham. All on-screen mayors were Ed Koch for years. He was like mayor for life.
re: musical podcast, how'd y'all overlook Mayor! the musical based on Ed Koch?
NYC Mayor, Ed Koch,only 35% of owners who received poop scoop violations were willing to pay their fines
The politics of street naming. Reminds me of RFK, Ed Koch, Hugh Carey on my city's crossings via
"I miss the Old New York. I was personally stabbed by Ed Koch, for no reason! Now? Mayor de Blasio won't even spit on a heck…
Andre Harrell: Mayor, do you know Adam Horovitz? He thinks you're over. Ed Koch: Oh really?
Life is indeed precious and I think the death penalty helps to affirm this fact. {Ed Koch, Mayor of New York}.
In 1987, referred to then NYC mayor Ed Koch as a "moron" and a "one-line artist".
Ed Koch, former mayor of New York City once said, "If you agree with me on nine out of 12 issues, vote for me. If...
West softball girls beat Bozeman 6-2. If they sweep the DH, it'll mark 500 career wins for Bears coach Ed Kriskovich.
Rams-Owls draw, Gills and Brighton to win
People get tired of you. So they decided to throw me out. And so help me Go...
Happy from the Kochs. "Koch bros said to be funding plan to block Grand Canyon conservation":
Can't wait to see Sophie Koch, and in this Tues
Whenever I leave Manhattan, I get the bends! - Ed Koch (Politician).
Looks like this 7Bus is terminating at 59th instead of 40th. Approaching the bridge. (@ Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge)
Ed Koch campaign got 20,000 Blanks to enroll as Dems in 1984 using old-fashioned mail ...
This work began at Ivy League schools (See "Dark Money" by Jane Mayer). Now Koch Bros wants this for
Charles Koch Foundation just gave $10M to Catholic University in DC . Here's how that ranks:
I've finally gotten around to watching HBO's The Normal Heart. Heartbreaking film, and also a reminder of what a *** Mayor Ed Koch was.
The mere process of growing old together will make the slightest acquaintan...
The South’s new re-segregation plan: The Koch bros, ALEC and the sneaky scheme to undo Brown v Board of Ed
One of the reasons MSM, MSNBC is all Koch-Ed up 4Sanders he can't beat Republican n Nov, gives Kochs all access!
Didn't u know Trabert comes from Koch funded ALEC? He's behind tax and ed cuts.
won't fund public schools or universities but is fine w/ 5mill for Koch Brothers College
Can just see world's tourists glowing home after bidding adieu with health being
I thought they called him "The Mayor" because he was instrumental to the Bulls' success as Ed Koch.
I'm convinced. Time to pack it in, climate scientists, you've been Koch'ed.
UPDATE: 3rd Ave near to Ed Koch Queensboro Brg still causing an extra 20m delay
The very fact that I became mayor in 1977 conveys how you can't figure out ...
NYT has graduated him to charming curmudgeon status -- just like Ed Koch?.
The thing I like about is that it reminds me, somehow, of a long ago, far away ad against Ed Koch.
What do the Kochs want? David was 1980 VP candidate. Here's his platform. ht…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
John Lennon, Jam Master Jay, Ed Koch on lead vocals, explain why is better choice for New York.
NYC has not hosted a competitive GOP presidential primary with a Dem mayor in office since the first term of Ed Koch htt…
. If former mayor Ed Koch what's a life he would be blowing ttump up with a nuclear bomb
TIL when New York mayor Ed Koch delayed the renovation of Wollman Rink in Central Park for 6 years (1980-1986), Tru…
Former NYC mayor Ed Koch used to say this all the time and now I ask,"How am I doing? Do you like what you see?Let me know...
have been found guilty for attacks by US court,yet in '01 even fmr NYC mayor Ed Koch blamed
Kathi Lee are you related to Ed Koch (Famous Mayor of NYC)?
Why do people blame Ronald and Nancy Reagan for the AIDS crisis? Why not Tip O'Neill or Gov. Mario Cuomo or Ed Koch?
Donald Trump, Ed Koch, and the Ice Skating Rink: A Tale of Bureaucracy | Acton PowerBlog via actoninstitute
Ed Koch in the streets, Ed Asner in the sheets.
1 of criticisms about former NYC mayor, Ed Koch, was the HOMELESSNESS. The other was corruption.
Koch brothers insist on a different pronouncing last name than that of former mayor of New York City, Ed Koch.
In a neighborhood, as in life, a clean bandage is much, much better than a ...
Marc Zicree. Here's that great Ed Emshwiller image, minus the reflection, courtesy of Mark O'Bannon. His son...
Charles Koch writes op-ed saying he agrees with Bernie Sanders. But actually, not really.
Yes. Did you read the op-ed? "You may be asking yourself, 'Is Charles Koch feeling the Bern?' Hardly."
Read the bill. It's online. Google it. Don't believe your lying Koch ALEC legislators who want to kill ed.
Opinion post by Charles Koch: All the ways I agree with
I'm confident President Obama will continue his unambiguous commitment to t...
Koch's had an Op Ed this week praising Bernie.We need Hillary in WhiteHouse to follow up on PBO"s Climate agrmt
That op-Ed, written by Charles Koch himself, is one of the worst things I've ever had the displeasure of reading.
.Ed Koch was also in the House. My point is that political careers halt in Gracie Mansion.
.Goes back to consolidation with Brooklyn in 1898. Losers include: Lindsay, Giuliani, Ed Koch, Bob Wagner.
Your surprise opinion of the day? CHARLES KOCH: All the ways I agree with Bernie Sanders
Charles Koch's surprising op-ed in on policies and free society https:/…
In 1966 The mayor of NYC Ed Koch Was begging on his hands and knees not to move the to California
if u got real estate in NY helped by the corrupt Ed Koch in the 80's every *** would be rich today
So this is what's behind Koch's Bernie-has-a-good-idea op-ed! WaPo ed pages are such a joke
The American political universe is turning in on itself. I'm sharing a Koch op-ed? 😂😂😂
Charles Koch's op-ed in WaPo where he tries to compliment Bernie Sanders to death, tells me one thing. . He's scared. . Good.
yea he takes Koch bros money, he is still not a regester ed democrate why is he on the Democratic primary
Charles Op Ed Invitation to the table for some sort of deal/compromise?
Charles Koch of the Koch Bros just put out an op-ed saying he agrees with Bernie Sanders. Is Mother Jones for Ted Cruz next?
.op-ed from Charles Koch: This is the one issue where Bernie Sanders is right
Two foundations led by Charles and Fred R. Koch gave over $23 million to U.S. colleges and universities in 2014. .
Charles Koch writes in Wapo op-ed that "large portions of the business community" deserve blame for poverty
This op-ed by Charles Koch on Bernie Sanders is not surprising but it is worth reading.
Koch Bros. ALMOST endorses in Wash. Wonder why? via
This Op-Ed by Charles Koch is perfectly consistent with his pro-free market, anti big government philosophy
Certain irony that one of the Koch brothers has written an op ed in favor of Sanders
Charles Koch wrote a Washington Post op-ed about agreeing with Bernie Sanders on some issues.
Charles Koch wrote an op-ed in which he agreed with on something which I'm certain triggered a Manchurian candidate somewhere
. I couldn't agree more with this op-ed, written by an oft-vilified Koch brother. This is precisely the...
I highly recommend this op-ed by Charles Koch to any supporters.
Hey look - Charles Koch has an op-ed in the Washington Post. Hear him
Charles Koch op-ed: The one issue on which Bernie Sanders and I agree
*** Charles Koch hits a home run with this op-ed. We need more like him.
Charles Koch, in op-ed, says he and Bernie Sanders agree on something: The system is rigged
What's a guy gotta do to get a spread like this in Looks like advertorial. Up https:…
Awesome op-ed by Charles Koch detailing where he agrees with Bernie Sanders. Worth a read:
Your STFU op-ed of the day, courtesy of Charles Koch
Trump scores an F in "plays well with Children" Ed Koch "he squeals like a stuck pig". He sees himself as High Plains Drifter:
85% Higher-ed funding spent in Southern universities. Political influence get donors undue influence
Is this the spot where Ed Koch got a splotch on his crotch?
Ed Koch? Sorry, all my knowledge of New York comes from 70's movies. I wonder how the Warriors are handling the snow...
If the Koch Bros have ever used ED then we should all definitely vote Trump in primary. Makes sense.
Would need to have Ed Koch in the mix.
You don't have to love them. You just have to respect their rights.
I never doubted that I would be a good mayor. I never did.
Following an earlier incident on Ed Koch Br, & bus service has resumed with residual delays.
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Not what you said about Ed Koch Andy.
b/d & buses are running with delays due to traffic conditions on the Ed Koch Br. Allow additional travel time.
"But the real success, the real winners in this are the hardworking Read the full op-ed by Bob Koch at
. Ed Koch. Too much hair to be Mel Cooley. 😂😂
Ed Koch. For a moment I thought it might be Mel Ferrer.
Koch propagandist attacks tax credit, but is mum on subsidies. Op-ed by
queensborogh bridge aka ed koch bridge = ed koch a single male married to the city of New York and its people who inhabit the 5 boroughs NYC
Actually it rhymes with crotch- but that sounded to Jewish to them (i.e. Mayor Ed Koch) so...
H.S. SENIORS: Here’s why you should list more than one college/career school on the FAFSA: .
PARENTS: To make the FAFSA process even easier, we've made a checklist just for you:
Want to do the FAFSA? First you need an FSA ID. Get yours right now—don’t think, go!
Stacey Prussman's got my vote! 󾮗 This way I can say I had 2 mayors sing Happy Birthday to me. Ed Koch at a...
Have you ever lived in the suburbs? It's sterile. It's nothing. It's wastin...
Did you ever find the place where Ed Koch got a Splotch on his crotch?
Here's my post for AAA. It involves Ed Koch and a driving safety initiative:
Dear Bill de Blasio, . EVERY day is David Bowie day. . You suck. I'd rather have zombie Ed Koch as Mayor. . Michael
UPDATE: Ed Koch Queensboro Brg E (Lower Rd) still jammed. Will add 24m to your drive
David Rothenberg, openly founder of Fortune Society was appointed to the Commission on Human Rights by mayor Ed Koch, November 1979
Fifteen colleges in both California & Virginia received Koch foundation funding in 2014. See the list:
So look, I was born sometime between the blackout, Berkowitz being caught and Ed Koch becoming Mayor.
Former NY Mayor Ed Koch . Former top Democratic mayor Ed Koch said he wants to ban all guns for everyone except law enforcement
The call came from former NY mayor Ed Koch. “Al,” he told me, “don’t go to work on the twenty-third day of Elul.”(9-11). frm Sen Al Franken’s
How would this be different than Koch brother's funding conservative causes or the deep pockets behind Ed Blum SCOTUS case?
Dear Mr. Trump, I have a deep respect for you for a long time now for standing up to Leona Helmsley & Ed Koch!!!
Former New York Mayor Ed Koch makes a cameo appearance in this 2003 comedy -
"How'm I doin'?" was just one of the questions asked by Mayor Ed Koch born on this date in 1924
LLC's Ed That's how the Koch brothers & everyone else are funneling money into campaigns and PAC's to destroy Trump
Top stocking stuffers for the Koch Bros.:. DVD of TV show Dirty Jobs. Solid gold ed. of Atlas Shrugged. Competitors' fingers. Lumps of coal
Can I take the Ed Koch bridge to get there?.
I liked a video Mayor Ed Koch Endorses the President for Four More Years
Yes, but *before* the Koch's infiltration of higher ed & evangelicals' plot to kill Ugandan homosexuals.
This documentary just reminded how awful Ed Koch was. What an obnoxious ***
Following earlier congestion on the Ed Koch Bridge, and bus service resumed with delays.
Stay clear of Ed Koch Queensboro Brg E (Lower Rd) Drive times 7m more than usual
Charles Koch gave $90 million to influence higher ed in the South
its easy. Trump gets things done with people he dislikes. Ex: Ed Koch, they hated each other. Built an empire in NY still.
Reminds me of an Ed Koch budget w/"service delivery system consolidations." We know them as school closings.
UPDATE: to Ed Koch Queensboro Br Upper Roadway should still be avoided. Wait times 12m more than avg
b/d, and buses are running with delays due to heavy traffic on the LL of the Ed Koch Bridge.
An unstable building facade continues to affect the Consider alternatives to 1st Ave, the FDR Drive & the Ed Koch …
NYT editors & journalist so inept and clueless they don't even know what day former NYC mayor Ed Koch died
Senator Al Franken admits he received a call from Ed Koch, warning him not to go to his office in the WTC on 9-11 -
"The people have spoken, and they must be punished." —Ed Koch explaining why he wouldn't run again after losing NYC Mayorship
Wow, that customer getting his head polished is a dead ringer for Ed Koch
Great send off for Ed Koch in Oz recruits, all planning to return.
The Constitution, as originally drawn, made no reference to the fact that all Americans wre considered equal members of society. — Ed Koch
Ed Koch onced called Donald Trump a "braggart... best huckster in America who has taken the press for a ride."
Was Ed Koch appearing in The First Wives Club his way of admitting he was ***
I'm not an Ed Koch fan, but Andrew Cuomo basically tried to win his dad's campaign against him by calling Koch a f-ggot.
Saw it at the MBT. Had a DOC on Ed Koch which was good too. NYC makes for some good DOCS.
Ed Koch's crime happy '81 NYC in movie u either luv or hate Big shootout on 59th St bridge a coincidence?
If you agree with Ed Koch that Obama is not good for Israel or America click Like:...
In a deceptive op-ed in the NYT, Koch-backed Property and Environment Research Center (PERC) calls for the...
R u tired of the Koch Brothers buying up pub ed? So are we – come join BATs on FB-> 55,000 strong
NYT neglects to mention op-ed authors calling for no more national parks labor for Koch-funded group
Yo! Woman killed when 2 motorcycles crash on Ed Koch Bridge,
Voters should elect candidates, not mega-donors like the Koch brothers-on Find out how: http…
Ed Koch (New York) once said the 1st half to someone who approached him and called him a terrible mayor.
NAHB Now How’m I doin? - While "how’m I doin?" was the catchphrase of Ed Koch, the late former mayor of New York C...
Everybody's going on about Marty Walsh's sick rickroll today, but it doesn't even come close to Ed Koch's classic Goatse-b…
Christie's like the perfect storm of Ed Koch and Ralph Kramden
Andrew Cuomo chanted "Vote for Cuomo, not the *** when his father ran against Ed Koch.
“YOU get a bridge and YOU get a bridge and…” - Oprah to RFK, Ed Koch, George Washington and Bryce Brooklyn
Californians for the Kochs: group of Palm Springs area residents pen a pro-Koch brothers op-ed via
Massive Koch-approved cuts not enough for Bill O'Brien, whose floor amendment would further cut funding for higher ed
Some famous mayors have come straight from Congress: D’Alesandro Jr. of Baltimore, John V. Lindsay & Ed Koch of NYC
America shows its commitment to eastern Europe by driving Strykers from Estonia to Prague
Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day. -- Sally Koch
great piece but small error: Ed Koch was not Mayor in 1974. Presumably you mean Abe Beame?
I checked in at Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge on
Again. Federal protections vs State's rights. This is coming from the Koch end of the political spectrum. Think
Remember when thought it was cool 2 chant 'Vote 4 Cuomo, not the *** about Ed Koch?.
Gives him more time to work on homophobic slogans like he did when his Dad ran against Ed Koch for NYC mayor.
"Which presidential candidate is ex mayor Ed Koch endorsing?" Looking for an answer?
“These days, Times Square turns crowds into money, Columbus Circle links midtown to the Upper West Side, and even…”
Currently though the Queensboro Bridge is named in honor of former New York mayor Ed Koch.
Queensboro Bridge opened 106 years ago today linking Manhattan & Queens. Known as the 59th Street Bridge & the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge
That was Ed Koch, famous former Mayor of New York ;)
Artie lookin like former homosexual mayor Ed Koch, someone babe a bridge after him already!
Came across this article. Ed Koch foretold this 2yrs ago.
Pats win! Brandon Koch the four out save as Joseph Shaw picks up his second win of the season. DBU 4, USD 1 F
loves America about as much as brothers love taxes. ||
Fran's right. It did all start with Rudy. We had Ed Koch and David Dinkins in office before Rudy stopped giving FDNY raises.
"is one of the most undignified, irrelevant frm electeds. Ed Koch called him "Nasty Man."
Dissing a "friend" in Ed Koch was true love. Right Rudy?
Koch brothers team up with liberals to battle US addiction to mass incarceration by Ed Pilkington, The Guardian vi…
New Yorker gchats to note Ed Koch once wrote this
Yes- but that's not the whole story. WI also had the Koch brothers & dramatic protests. Kasich not branded by similar law in OH
Good(?) morning ice floating down East River on the Queens side past the Ed Koch…
Remember when Ed Koch took Al Gore down in the 88 primary? NYC mayors, Hoo boy.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Maybe the splotch on Ed's crotch was a Koch Chicken Fritter?
Rudy Guiliani's "got to dominate. He's got to take you on, cut your throat. And vilify people ex NYC Mayor Ed Koch
ex NYC Mayor Ed Koch described Rudy Giuliani as "a ruthless control freak who governs by imposing a state of terror"
I wasn’t around for the Giuliani years, but Ed Koch was a bit like the Jewish Democrat version of the frogmouthed bigot. :)
Sobering article on the growing clout of the Koch funded Libre Initiative. Be afraid. politics
Dig the title of Mayor Koch's book about Guiliani -
Have there ever been plans to build ramps to the FDR on the Williamsburg, Manhattan and Queensboro/Ed Koch Bridges?
Like the Koch brothers or Rush Limbaugh or Fox News, etc...etc.
I remember the last interview Ed Koch ever gave. When asked if Giuliani was a racist he said no: he hates everybody!
The Supreme Court in 2012 ruled that the president can choose whether to bring deportation proceedings Koch machine
, Ed Koch would still be mayor of New York City.
New York City would still be a cesspool run by Ed Koch.
Help get the word out about the Tips & tools:
Council and Duggan are taking some really Ed Koch type approaches to graffiti in Detroit. How is graf a priority, anyway?
Same stale GOP No new ideas just this - Over & again >> No amount of GOP word salad changes their agenda
Ill forever be traumatized going over that *** outside lane on the Ed Koch bridge - nightmares I tell ya
Bill sponsor Rep.Koch has introduced major amendments just before the hearing, which are drawing questions from Rep. Pierce.
is now an amended bill with Rep. Koch's amendment He is explaining the amendment currently.
op-ed is more about the Koch bros. than it is about Medicaid exp.
They should pay commuters to go over the Ed Koch bridge. That outside lane is brutal
House committee talks ed '50 Shades of Grey' http…
House committee talks ed '50 Shades of Grey'
ed koch the bridge is called i think IMO
we're never gonna say, take the Ed Koch, RFK, Hugh Carey or DiMaggio
Besides being men, what do Ed Koch, Henry Kissinger, Mel Brooks and Kurt Vonnegut Jr. have in common?
The GOP hasn't changed their platform. Still trying privatization Koch style All the same to the letter
Mario Cuomo, Ed Koch and the great V.I.D. split
Now's the time to sign up for our Spring 2015 workshops with Aidan Koch & Ed Piskor --
Ed O'Keefe - You're a reporter, and you don't know ANYTHING about the Koch's role in the XL pipeline? Shame.
Oh Hello. Gil and George are on this morning talking about their new comedy documentary and Ed Koch
If NFL wants to eliminate all this controversy, just let Ed Hochuli ref every game. Nobody argues w/a guy w/21" arms. http…
Stations like saying "the Ed Koch 59st bridge". So much for that "we have to change the name to save the name" crap
Koch CEO urges employees to read boss's op-ed (yeah, the one with the pretty orange logo)
David Koch is Public Enemy No. 1 for liberals, but he agrees with them on the need to reform prisons.
read this. Please. One thing to tak fro it is, if money = speech, we're all so very screwed.
part of me believes Ed Koch was *** but chose to be an uncle, politician, & two dozen other things that mattered to him far more instead.
Things we shld b more @ war with than crack pot climate deniers, income inequality, unaffordable post sec ed, Koch bros
Letty Pogrebin on Bess Myerson and Ed Koch; 'He gave her power and she gave him glamour and they each needed both.'
Sentinel: Left, right can unite on reform: Editorial
“Agree with me on 9 of 12 issues, vote for me. Agree with me on 12 of 12 issues, see a psychiatrist.” -Ed Koch
You cried the day Ed Koch took over for Wagner.
I believe you. No two people agree 100% unless one is crazy. My favorite Ed Koch quote
I love that Bess Myerson and Ed Koch used to hang out.
Bess Myerson, Charlie Rangel, and Herman Badillo endorse Ed Koch in this ad
I feel kind of weird in a New York where Mario Cuomo and Ed Koch are both gone.
Which NYC Mayor did Ed Koch end up despising? Rudy Giuliani
Ed Koch is an *** who was the Mayor of one of the most diverse cities in the world
"Sorry I dressed crummy tonight. After this party I'm going to the Bronx.". --NYC mayor Ed Koch, in Manhattan. Nice.
last home game of the year tonight, 7 @ Koch; come out and 💛⚫️ @ ||B L A C K O U T|| (⬅️wear…
Ed Koch apologizes to royalty for wearing a suit
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