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Ed Hochuli

Edward G. Hochuli (born December 25, 1950) is an attorney for the firm of Jones, Skelton & Hochuli, P.L.C.

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Did ed hochuli call his brother Ted Hochuli to congratulate him on retirement?
Potential great rap lyric, with sports referencing : He did the haka like Ed Hochuli.
Ed Hochuli will sum up the secret to his success at Conference. Find us at booth
Pretty cool that I have more followers than some of the Ed Hochuli parody accounts
This ref is the Ed Hochuli of the USL
Pretty cool they got Ed Hochuli's older brother to Ref the National Championship game!!
Ed Hochuli was Larry Bird waiting for his Magic. Then Gene Steratore emerged from the gym.
Where's Ed Hochuli to tell us he lost forward progress on the one?
Gene Steratore shops at the Ed Hochuli Shoppe for Referee Jerseys...
white privledge is the lamest superpower i want to be Ed Hochuli
Ed Hochuli is wearing a neoprene suit to keep warm. Guarantee it's a smedium!
Ed Hochuli mad as *** tonight looking at this college ref infringe on his brand.
Ed Hochuli is watching this referee and shaking his head and saying *** naw." And doing 100 push-ups.
Only a matter of time now until we see the first Ed Hochuli at the ballpark
Every time I talk about referees in a presentation, I sneak in a picture of Ed Hochuli. Tonight, I up my game: gif time.
Kuhnhackl out on the PK, as Hagelin goes for slashing. How about that ref's performance there? The NHL's Ed Hochuli, I suppose.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Too much to ask for tonight’s referee and Ed Hochuli to step into the squared circle at some point? For charity? Let’s get…
Are you and Ed Hochuli work out buddies? 😂
Make sure Mike knows who you are and not Ed Hochuli
It's like Ed Hochuli started a gym.
Between Ed Hochuli and Mike Defree...I think I've got a new ambition.
"Ed (Hochuli) is a model of good physical conditioning." - Mike DeFee.
jokes as national championship ref gives Ed Hochuli a run for his money. Read more: $TWTR
This joker the other night was giving Ed Hochuli a run for his money as far as smedium shirt game is concerned.
Need an arm wrestling match between this ref and Ed Hochuli more than anything
I use Ed Hochuli to signal touchdowns 💪🏼
Instead of the Pro Bowl, let's just have a boxing match between Ed Hochuli and this swoll ref.
Bill Kennedy is the Ed Hochuli of NBA refs
Tyrod Taylor concussion protocol decision was made by Ed Hochuli, not the ATC spotter
Al Michaels brings up a good point, who wins in an arm wrestling contest, Gene Serratore or Ed Hochuli?
Cool, hotel in downtown Phoenix is around the corner from Ed Hochuli's law firm
I would look like Ed Hochuli in a medium😂
did you make that sticker? Feel like You could be the guy who puts Ed Hochuli stickers on toilets at every bar you wiz at
s/o to my favorite ref Ed Hochuli for calling permanent dibs on this toilet in South Philly.
Greg Gibson is the Ed Hochuli of MLB umpires. Except for Hochuli is good at his job. Gibson is just a complete blowhard.
Ed Hochuli is the greatest official of all time
do you think Ed Hochuli get in the HOF for best referee biceps?
I wish Ed Hochuli was an NBA referee.
at Denver vs SD game where Ed Hochuli blew an inadvertent whistle gave Denver the game. Nobody in the stands knew what happened
we need Ed hochuli to stand out there and explain in minute detail the reasons the call stood on the field
Celebrating on Ed Hochuli's tab, I'm not complaining 🍻
Ed Hochuli did not beat the Patriots -
I wanna see Ed Hochuli and Herb Dean throw hands👊🏼
Ed Hochuli is gonna tear his rotator cuff signaling a first down one day. Pointed hard as *** ..
Ed Hochuli will be at the helm of the officiating crew for Sunday's AFC Championship Game.
Mike Carey on CBS: "That's an incomplete pass. Let's hope everyone sees it that way." Ed Hochuli moments later: "The pass was complete."
I'm not sure Ed Hochuli's crew understands what offensive PI actually is.
One of these days, Ed Hochuli will take Mike Carey's plac and it will be awesome
Ed Hochuli: "Goaltending, against the Bears. Two points for Green Bay.". Al Michaels: "And the Packers take the lead!" .
My friend John: "Ed Hochuli is to Aaron Rodgers what Charles Robinson was to Ric Flair". Brilliant...
Chad Finn : "So much worked against the Patriots—I’m nearly convinced that the head official was not Ed Hochuli,...
I guess the cornerbacks aren't old enough to get calls from Ed Hochuli either. This is ridiculous.
Line in Ed Hochuli's bio on his law firm web page: "In his free time, Mr. Hochuli moonlights as a Referee in the National…
.Ed Hochuli should be doing commercials. "The Most Interesting Referee In The World"
Christmas has come early for me. Ed Hochuli will be referee for Sunday's Cowboys- Eagles game.
Dear R-85 is not 6ft 2inches... He is 6ft 3/4inches.
Ed Hochuli is the referee for Get a real breakdown within this article:
Are you going to make the journey to Arlington Sunday to see your boy Ed Hochuli in action?
I asked Ed Hochuli the same thing. Even with him being a lawyer he said yes. Said the safety strides are being made.
What's trending in the NFL: Ref could be punished for comment to ...
watching replay of super bowl 32. Just realized Ed Hochuli was Ref. He was a lot smaller back then. Hardly recognized him
Ed Hochuli will the be the Referee Sunday Night for Cowboys/Eagles game
look it's a young with not so much guns Ed Hochuli on the 97 super bowl re run
Watching Super Bowl 32. Ed Hochuli is giving short explanations and Phil Simms is providing decent analysis. Bizarre times were 1998.
lets just hope Ed Hochuli isn't the official in Seattle.
I liked a video Ed Hochuli Yes, there are penalties in the Pro Bowl
My sources say "no." "but do you have arms like ed hochuli?
I guess the paid for some refs so they can win lol!! Ed Hochuli to call Cowboys-Eagles Sunday
Dean Blandino said the NFL doesn't have any audio of Cam Newton-Ed Hochuli exchange and is going to "leave it alone"
NFL not planning further investigation into Ed Hochuli matter: NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino...
As if the NFL didn't *** me off enough this year. Ed Hochuli insists he didn't make questionable remark
Report: NFL to investigate Ed Hochuli's comments to Cam Newton.
Ed Hochuli and Joey Crawford are embarrassing. The most "look at me" officials in sports.
I believe Cam Newton on what he's saying about Ed Hochuli. Guy is an ego maniac who likes to throw 30 flags a game just s…
Ed Hochuli and Mike Carey took over the replay booth tonight.
Holding call against Ahmad Brooks gives Ed Hochuli an opportunity to call one more penalty.
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Ed Hochuli and his crew having a field day
Ed Hochuli's three-minute holding explanations are in midseason form.
Referee Ted Uncle needs to become the Ed Hochuli of I could watch that man point to the spot all day. Dat stance doe.
Bruce Arians does remind me of when he chases Ed Hochuli and other refs when they make bad calls lol
“We have an officiating cluster right now. Inadvertent whistle. Golden State ball.”. Paging Ed Hochuli
Oh my goodness this is such a joke. Can you imagine if Ed Hochuli was this incompetent? Fireable decision making.
Can I vote for Ed Hochuli reffing all sports...?
Is Ed Hochuli related to these refs?
time for Ed Hochuli to switch sports?
Ed Hochuli needs a new TV. Just threw a flag at it after the selfie celly. He's still wondering why the taunting penalty wasn't called.
"When the Boogeyman goes to sleep, he checks under his bed for Ed Hochuli."- That's fantastic!
I have some major respect for Ed Hochuli. He gave some life advice I'll never forget.
Just had lunch with Ed Hochuli...pretty cool guy
Bout to go to lunch with Ed Hochuli. Didn't know who he was till yesterday. Still wondering why they making me go...
Pretty cool presentation by Attorney and NFL Ref Ed Hochuli @ Marriot West…
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I wonder how Ed Hochuli does on his officiating physical clinic ... Perfect score?
For the 15th straight year, Ed Hochuli dominates the competition.
Umpire gets on the Mic to explain the ruling, Ed Hochuli style
Everyone's always looking for the next Ed Hochuli.
Wes McCauley and Ed Hochuli, separated at birth? You decide.
Otherwise known as the Super Bowl for Ed Hochuli!
"I get to have lunch with Ed Hochuli on Friday! Now Rise Up with some questions suggestions please!" Submitted by …
I get to meet/have lunch with Ed Hochuli on Friday! Question suggestions needed.
The waiting room TV is on the weather channel. Jim Cantore, more like Gym Cantore right? He and Ed Hochuli should have a tight shirt battle.
It's never good when you know an official's name, except Ed Hochuli.
Joe West and Joey Crawford are the biggest stars in sports. Ed Hochuli a close 3rd
Gosh this game has a lot of flags suddenly. Is Ed Hochuli reffing the NHL now?
How great would it be to hear Ed Hochuli use the word 'probably' on the field??
Have the inflated Ref. Ed Hochuli check the the balls for deflation
And yes he's still more fun to watch than Ed hochuli
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Watching this GB vs. DEN superbowl, before Ed Hochuli discovered HGH
The Wells Report would have been at least 700 pages if Ed Hochuli had been officiating that day.
it's like Ed Hochuli when he explains a review. Takes a minute to do so.
Jose Carlos Rivero looking like the Ed Hochuli of MLS Referees
Ed Hochuli couldn't explain that call.
Kenny Bayless will be the ref tonight. He is basically the Ed Hochuli of boxing, except for he doesn't verbalize an essay for each penalty.
You know Ed Hochuli is doing pushups after seeing that ref's triceps. Ed can't have Bob Newhart showing him up.
If NFL wants to eliminate all this controversy, just let Ed Hochuli ref every game. Nobody argues w/a guy w/21" arms. http…
no seriously. My mom's maiden name is Hochuli. Ed Hochuli is my second cousin.
Love to see a collaboration between & Ed Hochuli. It'd be an ESPN-Law & Order hybrid.
NFL spokesman Michael Signora: "Ed Hochuli was referring to replay official Tom Sifferman when his comment that 'jungle…
Ed Hochuli is making some bad calls today.
There is no foul on the play. I'm just a needy narcissist who wants his air time- Ed Hochuli
Ed Hochuli's crew led all crews with offensive pass interference calls entering this week. Looks like they missed one on Ada…
Ed Hochuli has been assigned as referee for Sunday's Patriots at Packers game. Early projection is long sleeves for No. 85.
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Larry Allen can bench 700 lbs, but Ed Hochuli can bench Larry Allen.
Just don't get Mike McCarthy going when it comes to October 2010 and Ed Hochuli. Does LB Rob Francois and illegal formation ring a bell?
NFL's Ed Hochuli said having Mike Pereira, others on TV "has been good for officiating. We're right far more than people think we're right"
if Ed Hochuli committed a crime Howard Webb would be the only possible arresting officer.
"My international followers confirmed for me weeks ago that Howard Webb is FIFA's Ed Hochuli."
Who would win this arm wrestling match? Jim Cantore or Ed Hochuli?
Laz Diaz might like in-game attention more than Joey Crawford and Ed Hochuli combined. And that's saying something
"Coach what'd you think of Ed Hochuli stretching his balls?" Cleveland James Brown: "He was just making it funky!"
A penalty in the Pro Bowl does not go unnoticed as referee Ed Hochuli calls Denver Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey for pass interference against Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Vincent Jackson.
The better team won the game, although they made it *** themselves (and so did Ed Hochuli's crew).
I hate losing to Ed Hochuli...and Mike Carey. If I know your name, you're a bad ref!
Guess Ed Hochuli's lips were too frozen to make the call initially. Just wanted to get off the field.
Ed Hochuli looks like he's about to rob a bank
Ed Hochuli must have told Green Bay to shove the bribe money their *** Can't win without ref help. .lol
Seeing Ed Hochuli all wrapped up like that is terribly disappointing
I'm still shocked Ed Hochuli decided to cover his biceps with sleeves in Green Bay today. Not showing the titanium floaties is an injustice
Ah, you guys think darkness is your ally? You all merely adopted the dark. Ed Hochuli was born in it, molded by it.
So instead of doing Spanish homework, I'm sitting here watching Ed Hochuli interviews
Ed Hochuli is Bane: Remember this defining moment when we're all running in fear.
OK, had to come back here. We just re-watched the FG. Did anyone else hear Ed Hochuli say, "Touchdown! ... Correction: Field goal is good?"
Is that noted tough-guy referee Ed Hochuli, all bundled up like a 5th grader? Funny that even his face is wrapped like a…
Today, Ed Hochuli looks like Hannibal Lecter, sounds like Darth Vader.
Hochuli's crew threw a flag on Pack on final kick. Classic Ed insurance policy in case Pack blocks it. Go collect your winnings Ed!
I wish Ed Hochuli sounded more like Bane.
Phil Dawson: Ed Hochuli is his wife’s favorite official
Ed Hochuli is such an attention *** The NFL needs to get him to turn it down a notch
"Touchdown. Correction. The field goal is good." -Ed Hochuli
or Ed hochuli for NOT calling the hold when Rodgers escaped from pocket. Never would have been that close.
Ed Hochuli is cold. Called the field goal a touchdown...
What I think of every time I see Ed Hochuli in his ski mask
Ed Hochuli: "that catch of the ball by the receiver results in a td as the rcvr made it acrss the gl w ball in his poss"
The most disappointing aspect of that Wild Card game? It didn't go into overtime, allowing Ed Hochuli to spend five minutes on a live mic explaning the unique overtime rules for the playoffs.
In an hour or so, Ed Hochuli will be arm-wrestling drunk Packer fans.
Ed Hochuli must have really hustled to get to the Warriors game in time for the 4th quarter.
Kinda shocked Ed Hochuli isn't out there with a cut off on
I believe there was a flag on the field for offsides. At least, that's what it sounded like from Ed Hochuli.
Ed Hochuli looks like a ninja planning to infiltrate a herd of zebras.
With his outfit, Ed Hochuli is leaving directly from this game to go rob a convenience store.
You know it's killing Ed Hochuli that we can't see his arms.
Well then.with the playoff picture a little clearer I finally feel comfortable making a super bowl prediction. Its in my humble opinion that this years super bowl champion will be.Ed Hochuli
49ers kick a field goal to beat the Packers. Ed Hochuli: "Touchdiw!" (pause) "Correction! The Field Goal is good!" LMBO, Ed! Come on, man! You've been doing this for how long?
Game-winning field goal goes through. Ed Hochuli turns on his mic and addresses the crowd: "Touchdown! ... Correction - the field goal is good!" Nice job. Didn't even need to quote the entire rule book about what constitutes a successful field goal.
Anyone else think Ed Hochuli was disappointed that the weather made him cover his guns?
U know its cold when ed hochuli is wearing long sleeves! Gun Show cancelled
"Touchdown...correction, the field goal is good." - Ed Hochuli // Pretty much sums of the officiating, you got lucky kaepernick.
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2 thoughts from this game.1. You know its cold when Ed Hochuli went long sleeves, that HAD to kill him.2. Great job by the refs keeping the yellow laudry in their pockets, made for even a better game
"Touchdown . Correction. The field goal is good" I WANT TO BE ED HOCHULI
Lmao ed hochuli. "Touchdown.correction the field goal is good" did anyone else catch that
Ed Hochuli should never do games in cold weather. How am I suppose to spend my Gun Show tickets?
I didn't know that was Ed Hochuli officiating since he is all bundled up...he must have picked the short bicep Ed..just show us one bicep!
I wonder if Ed Hochuli was assigned to officiate this game because the NFL got tired of him using nationally televised games to show off his guns. Gotta keep those pipes warm...
I just noticed that Ed Hochuli is wearing sleeves.
This football game would be even more interesting if Ed Hochuli sounded like Bane when he made a call.
Wait, Ed Hochuli doesnt have short sleeves on...
Ed Hochuli is doing the best impression of Bane right now.
Any truth to the rumor that it was actually Ed Hochuli playing Bane in the last Batman movie?
You know it's cold when Ed Hochuli is wearing a face mask.
Do you think Aaron Rodgers date to the espys this year will be Ed hochuli?
Ed Hochuli has WAY to many clothes on ... Can't see his biceps
Disappointed to see Ed Hochuli so bundled up at Lambeau. I figured he'd be out there in workout shorts and a mesh shirt.
Anyone else want to see Ed Hochuli speak like Bane in his ski mask?
Is Ed Hochuli getting ready to rob a bank?
If that Ed Hochuli or Bane in the stripes today???
I finally get to see a game with my favorite Ref. (R 85)--that's Ed Hochuli --and I can't even see him. Unnngh! I don't care who wins just let there be a lot of calls and penalties so I can hear him at least.
Ed Hochuli must be one of the Green Bay owners...
Amy De Groff, you must be disappointed that Ed Hochuli drew the Green Bay game this weekend, ehh?
By James Dator He knows a little something about hands to the facemask. Read more here: Ed Hochuli does his best Bane impression More posts you may like: NFL Draft podcast: College Football bowl schedule, SEC Championship Game talk The college football season is coming to an end, and we’re here for
Ed Hochuli looks and sounds like Bane!
Ed Hochuli is doing his best Bane impersonation out there in Green Bay.
I'm not making any accusations but has anyone ever seen Ed Hochuli and Bane in the same place at the same time?
Ok, the Fox commercial with Raftery and Gus was funny and creepy all at the same time. And Ed Hochuli looks like Darth Vader with his mask.
I thought with the mask on that Bane was referring this game, then I realized it is the immortal Ed Hochuli.
It's so cold that Ed Hochuli is wearing sleeves. Feel bad for that shirt...and the ladies at Lambeau Field...
Ed Hochuli is not happy with having to wear sleeves tonight.
I'm surprised that NFL Official Ed Hochuli didn't show up sleeveless in Green Bay. Now, with the ski mask on and the muscles underneath, he looks and sounds like Bane from Batman.
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Can we really be sure that's Ed Hochuli? It could be the Hoch-Bot 9000, designed for extreme cold referee-ing missions.
Ed Hochuli would like to eat your liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.
You know it's a cold football game when Ed Hochuli covers up the guns and is wearing long-sleeves.
I think this is my favorite version of Ed Hochuli
Why does Ed Hochuli look like the guy that broke into a house down the street?
The only thing scarier than Ed Hochuli is Ed Hochuli with a ski mask.
Is that ed hochuli out there redding this game or Bane from batman?
Ed Hochuli does not look thrilled to be out there right now
Ed Hochuli cannot be stopped by cold weather
You know, referee Ed Hochuli would be a real man if he were to show off his biceps now.
How tempted was Ed Hochuli to referee this game in Green Bay shirtless? (Answer: As tempted as he is to referee EVERY game shirtless.)
Referee Ed Hochuli and his crew will also have to survive in frigid conditions on Sunday. What measures will they take to make sure the job gets done?
If ed hochuli wasn't officiating this game... itd be at least 10 degrees colder ..
Am I the only one disappointed that Ed Hochuli is wearing long sleeves?
How mad is Ed Hochuli knowing that no one can see his arms during the game?
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It must be cold if Ed Hochuli is wearing long sleeves.
Ed Hochuli has the sense to wear shirt sleeves. And Eastern has the sense to cancel school tomorrow. Yippee for sense!!!
Ed Hochuli,my all time favorite ref.EVER.
Really, really am praying for Patriots vs. Seahawks (Pete Carroll) with Ed Hochuli as Ref. Hm, what are the odds?
I bet head official Ed Hochuli hates wearing sleeves and keeping the "Gun Show" concealed today at Lambeau...
The x-factor in this 49er-GB game will be Ed Hochuli... He SCREWED my from the SB in 2008!
Is that Ed Hochuli behind that mask?
Even Ed Hochuli, the Manliest Man in Football, is wearing gloves and a ninja mask. PUT ON SOME *** GLOVES, RODGERS.
Is it me, our does that bank robber sound like Ed Hochuli?
And the best part about 49ers and Packers game? Ed Hochuli!
Ed Hochuli, the definition of dumb, deaf, and blind. ALL on purpose!
Ed Hochuli reffing the game today. Here is how they hope to stay warm:
Ed Hochuli is the head official for today's Packer game. What a waste! All those layers covering up those guns.
Ed Hochuli reffin' the game today in Lambeau.The Chuck Norris of NFL Referees !!
Ed Hochuli is officiating the GB/SF game today. Expect a 5 hour game with awesome explanations and some comedic moments for sure in sub-zero temps
With any NFL officiating crew, there will always be missed calls or questionable no-calls. A system that rewards those that grade out favorably during the course of the season, it will be 24-year veteran Ed Hochuli to crew chief the game between the San Francisco 49ers (12-4) and Green Bay Packers (...
This referee is like a mini-Ed Hochuli. Very Descriptive, likes to hear his voice, maximizes camera time, but has smaller biceps. Hence, Mini-Hochuli.
In case you missed this earlier in the week ... Referee for 49ers at Packers NFC Wild Card: Ed Hochuli
I love Ed Hochuli and his biceps, so I hope he goes with short sleeves! I doubt it though, I sure wouldn't.
Excellent - Ed Hochuli will be the Ref in Sunday's Packer game. The penalty explanations will keep the fans glued to their seats - along with the cold.
Referee Ed Hochuli has been assigned to officiate the 49ers’ NFC playoff game. If you dont know who that is. It's the old buff white ref. We couldn't ask for a better person in my opinion.
Anyone up for seeing Ed Hochuli perform in Green Bay on Sunday?
Good news: Ed Hochuli is the referee for the Niners game.
Ed Hochuli the ref for Sunday's game
Even I am insulted by this. The best shot for the Patriots is to have Ed Hochuli as the referee for the game. This is another example of a journalist or critic not actually saying anything, and only using his position as someone whom people are supposed to listen to in order to spout sacrcastic snarky nonsense which ultimately says nothing at all.
Dear Whiny Steeler Fan: For Starters: TWO quality wins - Bengals & Ravens (ok 1/2 for GB w/out Rodgers) Otherwise, Cleveland - twice, Buffalo, NYJ, Detroit - not exactly a resume to brag on. Mike Tomlin intentionally interfering with a punt return - really? Blown calls? 1. Ed Hochuli 2. Woodhead hit the pylon v. Redskins 3. Field goal penalty v. Houston giving them a re-kick Not to mention: Gift wrapped SB win v. Seattle by blown calls Gift wrapped SB win v. Arizona - miraculously no replay showing Santana Holmes coming down w/two feet in bounds - so the ruling on the field stood. Sad to see your once proud franchise begging for calls to back in as a 6 seed. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: the oblivious Steeler fan in the background] Enjoy the offseason. OH, and once last thing: SD forecast this week - highs in the mid-70's Pittsburgh high this week - 1/2 that (LOL) 36 Happy New Year~Buh bye!
Google Ed Hochuli and look near the top for related searches or whatever. And begin to top lel.
How is that not a facemask? Wow. Looks like Ed Hochuli is now reffing college games as well.
To all Steelers fans in hysterics today because of the Chargers win, I got 2 words for ya: Ed Hochuli.
Dear Mike Tomlin: No one cried for the Chargers when Ed Hochuli hosed them in Denver a few years ago. Sorry about the call. Yes, it *** for you. If you don't like it, win more games than you lose... And BTW.. there's no guarantee the kicker would've made the 36-yard field goal.
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So the Steeler's fans are saying the refs screwed them by not calling a penalty on the field goal that Kansas City missed. I would like to introduce you to one Ed Hochuli who screwed San Diego a couple years back by blowing his whistle too early. Guess what! Refs get it wrong sometimes. Sometimes it's in your favor, sometimes it's not. Life is not fair. Deal with it.
If I have to hear one more person say: "you only won because it was their second string" OR "technically KC kicker should have tried again and SD wouldn't be in playoffs" IM GOING TO SCREAM! We already beat Kansas City with their FIRST STRING IN so your point is invalid!!! And as far as the "bad call" GET OVER IT happens to us al the time (ie 2008 Ed hochuli call) so Please for the love of God quit hatin on us and let us have the W we got! Worry about your own team and how you're gonna get to the SB and let the season of football play itself out.
All I have to say is - Ed Hochuli - This was our payback. Don't even bother disputing this with me.
The ghost of bad calls past visited Bill Leavy's crew. Ed Hochuli wrapped in chains saying " Woe be you who screws the Chargers" we got one back. Go CHARGERS!
Ed Hochuli is the happiest man in America today. After hosing the Chargers years ago in Denver, his fellow officials atoned for him yesterday by missing a clear San Diego illegal defense formation penalty on the field goal attempt by Succop that - even though he missed the 41 yarder by a foot to the right - would have given him a second shot from 36 yards...
Referee Ed Hochuli apologized for blowing a call in a game on Sunday.
Ha ha, finally something goes the Chargers way for once, the Holy-Roller, Ed Hochuli whistle call in Denver, if the kicker makes it, is this even an issue?
Dear everyone discussing the missed call in the Chargers game, 1. Shut up and stop hating ALWAYS 2. Let me remind you all of a little thing called: "The Great Shafting of 2008" when Ed Hochuli screwed us out of the Division title with a blown call in Denver. He apologized for the mistake the next day, but we were all never the same. 3. Earlier this year when the ref made up something called "roughing the snapper" that screwed us out of the win over the Texans. A call he admitted was bogus, the following day. 4. The Chargers NEVER have things go their way. And day after day, year after year, I see all of you Cinderella bandwagoners jump on the support train of the teams who inspire miracles. WHY CAN'T WE BE THAT TEAM TO YOU?! I mean, yesterday was the most dramatically, epic playoff berth victory in the history of the word epic. Embrace it. Moral of the story...suck it, we're in. And our getting screwed on calls karma finally came full circle.
Sooo.the Chargers got away with one.I think after Ed Hochuli.Norv and AJ, No Floyd or VJax.they owe apologies to the Quiefs and put the most exciting team to watch in the Playoffs.
Ed Hochuli is the popular pick, but true referee aficionados know Gene Steratore is the man.
I heart Ed Hochuli.he's a lawyer, ya know.
Al Michael said this ref as buff as Ed Hochuli not only could Ed whoop them but sue them for being stupid., lol
Gene Steratore must be working out with Ed Hochuli - he's got some guns on him, too.
"Gene is trying to catch Ed Hochuli in the biceps race" -Al Michaels Possibly the greatest line of commentary I've ever heard.
I'll see you Gene Steratore; & I'll raise you the one & only Robo Ref AKA Ed Hochuli. Gun Show accessories included.
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Huh? How is Ed Hochuli doing the game in Dallas? He was in New England like an hour ago, wasn't he?
He patriots did not beat the bills... The bills (and ed hochuli) beat the bills. The patriots just get the credit for it
I said it earlier, but it isn't right Ed Hochuli isn't breaking out the Gun Show right now.
Ed Hochuli is so mad he had to wear a long sleeved uniform tonight for the Pats Bills game
Why do you put Ed Hochuli in a cold weather game? He should forever be assigned warm weather or dome games.
The Bills need to be thanking Ed Hochuli for those extra 4 points.
Ed Hochuli has his head so far up Tom Bradys *** that he saw Dan Dierdorf!
Ed Hochuli is what makes the NFL a joke.
Ed Hochuli refereeing the Pats game josh mooreMeaghan Maynard
Ed Hochuli just hit Buffalo with a 30 yard penalty in one play.
These refs are a complete joke. Screw you Ed Hochuli. Get a tighter shirt
Ed Hochuli take no sh1t at Foxborough stadium!
Ed hochuli ain't messing around today. 30 yards in 2 seconds.
OMG! An Ed Hochuli sighting in Foxboro this season.
Referee Ed Hochuli looks way less jacked in winter/rain gear. I'm surprised he still didn't opt for short sleeves despite the cold rain in Foxborough.
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Ed Hochuli will be my power animal for this race
60% chance of Snow for the Ed Hochuli Game Sunday Night
Not only is Ed Hochuli an Referee he is also a practicing lawyer!
Bittersweet Ed Hochuli Day with to be continued prior to commencement
Sideline Reporter: Ed Hochuli, what do you think of Rivers' comments on Allen . Hochuli: He was washing his balls
Classic ed Hochuli stretching his balls
Where was Ed Hochuli when we needed him?
I wish Ed Hochuli was officiating this game. He has a special way of making these Broncos-Chargers game more fun.
excellent explanation. Ed Hochuli couldn't have done it better.
I liked a video Ed Hochuli NFL Ref gives Funny Explanation to a Ruling in Dallas !!
helping put Ed Hochuli's Gun Show into the Slap finals
The referee for the game on Sunday night is Ed "Gun Show" Hochuli - Don't argue with him, he'll beat your *** ...
I had a bad dream last night that Ed Hochuli was reffing tonight's game. Relieved to find out it was just a dream.
15. 7-6 (0.5002) - Ed Hochuli called 9 penalties on the Lions, but only 1 on the Eagles last Sunday.
I get to watch Ed Hochuli this weekend? YES.
Sunday's referee for the game is Ed Hochuli - 1st game for PIT since 10/11/12 at Tennessee on Thursday Night Football.
That is Ed Hochuli age. soon to be 63 on Dec 25th
"20 minutes a day, three days a week and a body like Hochuli!"
Pure gems tonight kids- Check out this video on Devour: I Want To Be Ed Hochuli
oh Well Thank u Ed Hochuli game is that night so will be watching the Referees/Football instead
Hot off the reels, the Week 14 NFC review from imagines a world with a shirtless Ed Hochuli. -
classic. Ed Hochuli would never stand for this
I figured it was to be the Ed Hochuli of wrestling officiating.
I hope Rex Grossman gets to start in a game officiated by Ed Hochuli, just so the "ball-stretching" meme can reach its logical conclusion.
New Video on the Blog for the Football Fans: I Want to Be… Ed Hochuli
Ed hochuli ref for bengals game sun night. Steelers 12-4 with hochuli as ref since 2000.
Why can't Ed Hochuli ref this game? He'd be better at officiating basketball then these guys
Kudos to you knowing who Ed Hochuli is.
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