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Ed Henry

Edward Ed Henry is the senior White House correspondent for Fox News Channel, and is based in the network's Washington, D.C.

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Big interview tonight by Henry Kravis at The Business Council of Washington. Looking forward to it!
I was there. Empowering!. Ed Markey rallies Northampton crowd and pledges to fight President Trump's agenda (Photos)
When the special ed *** having a roast session and are lowkey throwing heat
Ed Helms is in AD and Office. Henry Winkler in AD and PR. Will Ferrell in Office and 30 Rock
John Roberts does the near impossible: he steals a Ed Henry show from Paul Gigot.
Publicly funded arts programs like PBS have helped fill big gaps in our early childhood ed programs and cognitive skills…
Thank you for cosponsoring HB316 to help mothers and babies in Alabama!
I believe in a big God but have no faith in politicians reducing government.
"I've never heard anyone say, 'I wish the government would collect more data on me.'" -- .
FWIW: This meeting about an alternative to Bentley's prison plan includes Ed Henry & Johnny Mack Morrow, who led efforts to impeach Bentley.
Only want in pes right now.. maradona, ronaldo r9, henry and owen thats it really
Gotta give their props, legends like Maradona, R9, Henry, Ronaldinho and more... they've got the legends on point…
I will pray that their kids will forgive them for being bigoted ***
I think LisaMarieBooth and Ed Henry should have their own show.
If you haven't read 'the life of God in the soul of man,' by Henry Scougal, right that wrong today!
Hi, YUNicorns. 🦄 Try this question:. Dreaming of making it big in Hollywood, Henry and Peter worked tirelessl…
.binge watch it, Ed. With family. (Little Henry won’t enjoy it, but everyone else will.)
the school of ed: but ur being paid in happy memories and experience! . Me & my wallet: 👊🖕
Humpback whale takes a giant leap, soaks stunned spectators off the coast of Cape Henry, Virginia. https:/…
Dump John Roberts, bring back Ed Henry as WH correspondent. Roberts can't do the job. and are better reporters.
must have gotten a deal on "Just for Men"; as Ed Henry and John Roberts got 1st dibs on it.
Last night I joined Ed Henry to make my case for healthcare freedom. I hope you'll join me in the fight:
Thank you for taking a huge stand for Alabamians 😍
The lessons of Newman for Lent are simple! Read more here:
Ed Sheeran was good until Lenny Henry joined him on stage!!
"Ed Sheeran backpacking around Japan" is my new euphemism for a nuclear holocaust.
Didn't know Lenny Henry rapped on an Ed Sheeran tune
The chemistry between stars Megyn Kelly and Ed Henry carries this intimate tale of middle-aged romance.
Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran are getting me excited for their gigs! 😃
sounds interesting – I'll watch anything with Ed Henry 👍🏼
No...little Guy. Your folks already f***ed up thier Country.They are NOT going todo it here. Tell Them to take u h…
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You have had to apologize for Shep Smith too many times thru the years. The outcry remains that he has to go. Give Ed Henry a slot.
Thank you for speaking UP and out today.
on Hammon stepping down: “I’m glad to see the House Republican Caucus finally moving in the right direction."
And now with performances from from Robbie Williams, ed sheeran and Bruno Mars... Na think I'll pass Chur
Hammon's announcement comes after Rep Ed Henry said there was deep divide in the GOP Caucus last week:
The fact I can't watch ed on the Brits cause Henry is watching stupid football is just rude🖕🏼
Rep Ken Johnson is headed to the Rep Caucus meeting with the Childbirth Freedom Act in hand, please sign as a co-sponsor ❤️🙌
Thanks, Ed. Have a great rest of your week!
this doesn't require legislation. Just needs a new perspective from the executive branch.
And I’m really enjoying it. . rather over-stated the sex ed for young girls aspect, I think 😊
Rico Henry pays tribute to Brentford medical team after debut at Sheffield Wednesday
Men are born to kucc.ed, not fail. Henry David Thoreau
"The real leader has no n.ed to lead he is content to popnt the way." - Henry Miller
But Ed Henry thought it was going to be a pass and Ed Henry is never wrong
PREACH! Punk appeals/ed to thinkers. Most of whom are now (at least) libertarian. Not Henry.
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Just saw the story on re: utilizing county & municipal jails for state prisons. Do you happen to know that bill
Great article from How Henry McMaster can make SC a great place for kids
love this weekend cast, Abby Huntsman, Peter Doocy , and Ed Henry , certainly the best God Bless, Merry Christmas
Disturbing anti-war show with strong Mike Huckabee and surprisingly effective Ed Henry.
I think Ed Henry should Permanently Be on For Shep Smith an opinionated LibTard.
Thankfully, we don't have to listen to snarky Shep Smith today on . Got the ever-pleasant Ed Henry filling in.
A real treat would be to get rid of that turkey, Shep Smith and let Ed Henry take over his show permanently!!
Karl Cameron is the worst reporter for Trump Sad Fox couldn't find someone unbiased like Ed Henry
Greg Gutfeld and Ed Henry give terrific performances in this riveting and surprisingly relatable true story.
A chillingly topical, stylishly anchored thriller, with great performances from Bill Hemmer, Ed Henry, and Peter Johnson, Jr.
John Stossel is the perfect sleazebag, while Gregg Jarrett and Ed Henry provide good support.
A gripping action thriller that's also extremely well delivered by Gretchen Carlson and Ed Henry in Emmy-nominated performances.
A Show you'll never forget.Megyn Kelly and Ed Henry are unforgettable
bring back Ed Henry, give him same chance u gave Kelly and Hume and we need . You Fox channe…
Fox News sex scandal goes XXX via Who knew Ed Henry had something in common with Anthony Weiner.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Ed Henry and Anthony Weiner what a team how embarrassing
your friend Mark Levin really screwed the pouch, he can join Charles, Carl Rowe, Ed Henry and all the smart people!
Fox News’ Ed Henry takes off time after affair story...
Wait! WHAT? They got rid of Ed Henry? They are on a death spiral. Nothing left but vapid Juan Williams. Not for me!
What affair? Married Fox News host Ed Henry all smiles in his gym gear (and wedding ring) outside home.'
Married Fox News host Ed Henry taking time off after mistress tell all
Married Fox News host Ed Henry 'taking time off work' after mistress tell all
Married Fox News host Ed Henry caught with hand in the cookie jar (affair)
Ed Henry gets suspended for adultery, yet FNC promotes the adulterer Trump like a deparate pimp.
Married Fox News host Ed Henry all smiles after affair story breaks
. That woman has no class and she is pure evil. I thought better of you Ed Henry
I thought Coach Boone and Coach Yost handled Ed Henry years ago when they threw him that banana.
Thierry Henry has offered some advice to Ed Woodward...
State Representative Ed Henry: Representative Henry calls into the show to discuss his bringing forth the articles…
Congrats to Brynne Rebele-Henry and Rachel Cruea, our ADROIT PRIZE winners! : (so fun putting tog…
Well as long as you figured it out after taking the money and before you tried attacking Ed Henry.
does anybody else find it deliciously ironic that Ed Henry is the Alabama chair of the Trump campaign?
.To me you are holding one man morally and ethically responsible for his actions (Bentley) and not the other (Trump).
.I am not saying you are wrong, but if his "actions and lies" are a reason then how are Trump's actions and lies justifiable?
.how can you call out for "betray(ing) the trust of the people of Alabama", but continue to support Trump?
I added a video to a playlist Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud (Cover) By:
Coming up on Rep. Ed Henry talks about the calls to impeach .
The Alabama Legislature “over-charged” the Governor and that benefits him…: Rep. Ed Henry’s…
I think agrees with me, it might be better to to just pursue article 4 vs. Gov. Bentley...
I just finished day 6 of the plan 'Henry Cloud & John Townsend - Life Journey'
NOW: to discuss Impeachment and Gov. Bentley's response...
Ed Henry: We doubt the governor’s leadership; Lawmaker moves forward with plan to impeach Bentley
ED HENRY : Explore more news and get analytics
Upcoming: Alabama state Rep. Ed Henry says he will hold a news conference at 1:30 p.m. ET to announce...
"Enthusiasm finds the opportunities, and energy makes the most of them." - Henry Hoskins
Alabama Rep Ed Henry calls for impeachment of Gov Bentley
I liked a video from Ed Henry Moves To Impeach Alabama Governor Bentley
GOPer files to impeach Alabama Guv: "If he truly loves" the state "he'll step down"
: there are some hardworking ministers in the government now namely , Mike Henry, Ed Bartlett, D.Chuck , D. Vaz , C.Tufton etc
(3/6) State Rep announced his intentions to introduce articles of impeachment against https…
It's not the sex, screwing over CITIZENS of ALABAMA!. Alabama Gov. Bentley faces impeachment battle
I thought Ed Henry was the ESPN Dallas Cowboys reporter.
Ed Henry seems like a very angry white man. Why is he so loud and aggressive?.
. just went to Ed Henry, who is "just around the corner from the Hillary campaign." Ah *** that is serious credibility.
State Rep. Ed Henry announces that the impeachment process against Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley amid scandal "starts today."
Rep. Ed Henry: "Impeachment resolution could come as early as next Tuesday." Henry wants to remain in legislative order.
Rep. Ed Henry: "I think the question is, is he telling the truth."
Rep. Ed Henry: It's very embarrassing. I've received hundreds of phone calls, thousands of messages speaking to the embarra…
Rep. Ed Henry: The real issue is whether or not we, as the legislature, think Robert Bentley is capable of leading the stat…
Rep. Ed Henry: "It is about the competence of his ability to lead this state."
Rep. Ed Henry: "There may be other things out there. It calls into question everything that the Gov. has done."
Rep. Ed Henry: "If he (The Gov.) truly loves the people of AL, he will step down."
Rep. Ed Henry: "I am thankful that the Gov. has reconciled his actions with our Lord Jesus Christ. Our actions...still have…
Rep. Ed Henry: "We are looking at a governor who has essentially betrayed the trust of Alabama."
Rep. Ed Henry: "We've never tried to impeach a governor. It's going to be a process but the process starts today."
did you know that there is a rep. Ed henry from Hartselle alabama?
Lawmaker Takes First Step in an Effort to Impeach Alabama’s Governor: State Representative Ed Henry s...
Room packed with press as we await press conference by Rep. Ed Henry re: impeachment resolution.
Marco Rubio takes the DC primary. I'm betting it was Mark Halperin, Major Garrett, Ed Henry and Chuck Todd who put him over the top.
Would love to see Ed Henry and Kimberly Guilfoyle on DWTS
Jon Scott proved his quirky leading man charm here. Ed Henry is sublime.
"lacks the fierce urgency of now when it comes to terrorism" FOX journalist Ed Henry
Chris Wallace and Ed Henry are electrifying in Sarah Palin's otherwise mediocre thriller.
Coach Boone leads the Titans against Ed Henry's marshall high at the Linc tonight.
Two reporters who got Biden wrong: Ed Henry and Gabe Sherman | talk about strange bedfellows.
Harris Faulkner is a sweetly vulnerable Michelle Malkin; Paul Gigot is cold, brittle and, well, Stuart Varney, as Ed Henry.
A bleak but original indie, Fox Report Sunday benefits from outstanding performances by Harris Faulkner and Ed Henry.
Fox's Ed Henry asks Hillary Clinton whether she wiped the server. She shrugged her shoulders.
Remember when Ed Henry grilled George W. Bush about his administration deleting over 5 MILLION emails before leaving office? Me neither.
Fox’s Ed Henry: NFL should give Ray Rice 2ND chance-other players beat their wives too-OK, Ed: By that logic, NO ONE should ever go 2 jail !
if Ed pulls this off we get him a statue right beside Henry in London
all this time I believed we would only see Ed Henry in the state championship.
RvP on leaving United: "After all that, Ed said to me I would always be welcomed back in the future, something I won't …
For those who want to watch henry on 'where is my friend's home' i just rt'ed the link
In exploring the breakdown of two marriages, Ed Henry returns to his anatomy of the dynamics of intimacy.
Not so much a TV show as a chance to sidle up alongside Ed Henry and twirl around a journalistic dance floor with him.
Early 20thc columnist Mrs. Henry Symes: make children temporarily fireproof on July 4
"Jeez Henry way to have a functioning knee". -Ed Macfarlane
joint top of Birmingham Lge after big win Ed Foster hit 105 & Will Parton 97. Henry Blofield then took 5-60
"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.". - Henry David Thoreau
.description of Ed Henry in his Hillary Clinton profile is priceless:
Photo: Paperback Book Club Joseph Andrews, 1960 ed., Henry Fielding Tom Jones will always be my favorite...
Henry was named after a Thomas the Tank Engine character wasn't he? I think it was called Henry the *** Engine.
April some also did aldus world decided opened diamond henry id r all id ed
LVG and Ed Woodward having a chat after final whistle. Woodward going home Sat PM but flying back out for Barca game http:/…
Ed Woodward: "One of the reasons we hired Van Gaal was his philosophy about youth.""
Ed Woodward: "Yes. We're Man United and we should be looking to win. But we're not setting targets. We'll see what happens.""
Ed: "We don't just read the papers and see who we're linked to. We have a global scouting network. We have a huge amount o…
Apparently Ed Woodward will fly back to Manchester on Saturday for transfer business, but will return to America for th…
( EBOOK only) A World of Art by Henry M. Sayre 7th Ed Download! Sale!!
Wooba Gooba is on Broadway tonight. Why not ask Ed Henry to ask him why he won't call a spade a spade?
A little Ed-Henry-on-Major-Garrett action doesn't do anything for you? Don't knock it til you try it...
"There is no man living that can not do more than he thinks he can." ~Henry Ford
Our Chairman Henry Cisneros tells No plan in play for San Antonio to be temporary home for NFL Raiders
HENRY GARNET and the GUNPOWDER PLOT by Caraman - 1st Ed 1964 H/B
domain names
How do you like seeing Ed Henry every day? :p
Ed Henry is the MAN ! Not afraid of issues or of asking the really Tough Questions no matter who it is.
Either ways Madrid wins imo weather he goes this summer or next but it's good to see Ed showing some balls
Ed Henry and Major Garrett should have picked on George W. Bush as much as they have done to Barack Obama. Certainly a bias there.
Greta Van Susteren is personable as Karl Rove, and Ed Henry is even more so as John Gibson.
Fans can expect a good laugh as the cast from Scott's previous productions reunite for Jenna Lee and Ed Henry's last bow.
Every time Sean Hannity, Ed Henry, and John Roberts connect in a scene, we hear the happy ding!
Chris Wallace may be on the poster, and he may be the catalyst, but Ed Henry is the star and heart and soul of this TV show.
Ed Henry admits that the anti-Clinton author "can't connect all the dots...there's a lot that's murky"
Not everyone knows Chris Wallace, but the world knows Ed Henry. Soon it will know more about Doocy's unique style of humor.
Jeanine Pirro and Ed Henry are easily the best odd couple we have seen since Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon.
Ed Henry is the best reporter Fox News has on staff!
I've been torqued about that all afternoon. On a side note, ABC's Jonathan Karl & Fox's Ed Henry must have the patience of saints!
Against all reason we find ourselves caring, first about Harris Faulkner, then about the vulnerable Ed Henry.
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the Obama admin. 'should have sent someone with a higher profile' to the unity rally in Paris. But when pressed by Fox News’ Ed Henry, Earnest could not answer where President Obama was on Sunday:
Ed Henry Presses Josh Earnest Over Obama’s Absence At Unity Rally White House admits they should have sent a higher-level official. Ed Henry got into a tense exchange Monday with White House press secretary Josh Earnest when he asked why a higher profile official other than the ambassador was not sent to Sunday’s Unity Rally in Paris. The White House spokesman explained that the short notice for the outdoor event created some security challenges for the Secret Service. “We’re talking about a march that came together with essentially 36 hours notice and a march that occurred outdoors with an obviously very large number of people who participated. We are mindful any time the president goes to a public place, or the vice president for that matter, that we don’t want to, or at least we want to try mitigate the impact that the security precautions would have on those who are participating in this public event.” Henry acknowledged the importance of proper security precautions to protect the presiden ...
The Smith/Hume series of Ed Henry productions didn't exactly limp to a close, but it didn't go out on a high note either.
How can you ramp up drone policy, kill terrorists yet 'have moral authority' on interrogation and criticize the CIA? That’s what Ed Henry asked the White House. What do you think?
On Wednesday, Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry asked White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest: “How do you have moral authority when innocent civilians are killed by drones?” Suffice it to say, Earnest did not have a good answer. Watch and share your thoughts.
The combination of America's two best comedic talents in Chris Wallace and Ed Henry makes Fox News Sunday a show worth watching.
NBC's Chris Jansing is always sitting next to Ed Henry at Press Conferences...Does she ever say anything? Just sits there!
Charles Krauthammer, Ed Henry, Laura Ingraham and more will be on The Factor tonight for cutting-edge analysis of Obama's speech on immigration at 8pm ET
More a lesson in style (Bill Hemmer) than anything memorable, even with Ed Henry.
During a press conference at the closing of the G-20 summit in Australia, Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry asked President Obama to comment on the firestorm created by ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber. Fasten your seat belt and prepare to suspend disbelief: “The fact that some adviser who was never on our staff expressed an opinion that I completely disagree with in terms of the voters is not a reflection on the actual process that was run.” Really? “Some adviser who never worked on our staff”? Gruber was not only paid $92,000 by HHS to build an ObamaCare simulation model, he was later signed to an eight-month contract for an additional $297,000, bringing his total take from the administration to nearly $400,000. White House logs show that Gruber met in the Oval Office with Obama, senior advisor David Axelrod and CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf. According to Gruber, Obama was concerned with the politics of passing ObamaCare. Nancy Pelosi claimed last week that she had never heard of G ...
. How come "POTUS" lies to Ed Henry and other reporters regarding questions about the architect Gruber when confronted?
Ed Henry was a complete imbasil here and bill also ? We are f.d! Wake up Ed
Combines the talents of John Stossel, Carl Cameron and anchor Ed Henry to hilarious, endearing effect.
Ed Henry wins! Megyn Kelly would, but if I post her pic again..
ICYMI: MT Ed Henry, Matt Lewis, Ana Marie Cox on Ebola coverage & the leak about Obama being angry
Ed Henry sez the WH won't comment on the Moore beheading, they are "deferring to the FBI"..unlike Ferguson and other attacks.
Jenna Lee is a sweetly vulnerable Jon Scott; Elisabeth Hasselbeck is cold, brittle and, well, Ed Henry, as Charles Krauthammer.
Beckel's commenting on Ed Henry's abilities. Bob, don't you realize they're auditioning for your replacement?
Ed Henry and bob Beckel are in church of Philadelphia
Did I hear Fox's Ed Henry say if Rand Paul runs he will run to the left of Hillary Clinton did anyone else hear him say this or was it me?
A delightful *** story trilogy, with Gretchen Carlson and Ed Henry at their horror-hammy best.
He’s counting every reporter from Ed Henry to Shep Smith as a conservative contributor! Basically he’s lying.
Harris Faulkner's last role proved to be just as scary as his actual presidency. Ed Henry rocks, as always.
Mike Huckabee and Ed Henry are always amazing. No surprise here.
if it were not for Ed Henry n James Rosen there would be no journalism in america
I guess that means no follow back? *** ! Just have to be content with Ed Henry and James Rosen...but I'll still watch your show
A classic with Shep Smith and Ed Henry squaring off magnificently.
Top of the line Shep Smith with wonderful Ed Henry and surprisingly funny Michelle Malkin.
People can have the Model T in any colour--so long as it's black -- Henry Ford
Network reporters in place for Pres Obama's Iraq statement shortly including Fox's Ed Henry.
That Owl gaffe thing has actually deflected from all the 'Ed's a terrible leader' polling. Plus it seems their most popular policy yet
Obama, Hagel meet to discuss Iraq: Ed Henry reports from the White House
ok Alisha Northington I'll be obedient lol. Donavan Henry Ed McCrae and Julien Brown I'm...
Ed Sheeran looks like Henry in OUAT except he's ginger
Sign of economic growth in Hartselle today. $1.2 million expansion occurring at Pro Fab Machine. Bringing more jobs.
Ed Henry to Jay Carney: Did Obama 'Misjudge' the Influence of al Qaeda Affiliates?
VIDEO - Ed Henry to Jay Carney: 'What Happened to Lois Lerner's Emails?'
David Hines, of Fremont, and Ed Cichewiz, of Monclova, are huge fans of Henry Winkler!
play for me Ed sheeran's Class A team or Invincible once you check in.thanks for fab show though
bro they said this bout Henry, viera, RVP and nasri as well u kno and Wenger made them men
Of all the properties which belong to honorable men, not one is so highly prized as that of character. -- Henry Clay
Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. -- Henry Ford
Need someone to come to ed sheeran in October with me 😂
Nobody will ever win the Battle of the Sexes. There's just too much fraternizing with the enemy -- Henry Kissinger
//O'Reilly's days are limited. There is far better talent, e.g. Ed Henry and/or James Rosen.
No man is more cheated than a selfish man. -- Henry Ward Beecher
No amount of artificial reinforcement can offset the natural inequalities of human individuals. -- Henry P. Fairchild
Never forget what a man says to you when he is angry. -- Henry Ward Beecher
Stossel's witty, golden-hearted Ed Henry is just one of the delights in a real heartbreaker of a show.
Very proud to have co-written Bloodstream with With and too of course. Legends …
Ed Henry, a F-18 is not a reconnaissance aircraft.
Most people would succeed in small things if they were not troubled with great ambitions, -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” —Henry Ford
Uh oh. in my dreams last night. We were chatting about I got it bad Ed Henry...I got it bad.
Ed Henry to Jay Carney: Did Obama "misjudge" the influence of the Al Qaeda affiliates?
My favorite people in Fox News...woot wooot...You and Ed Henry make the Fox Super Big 5!!!
Henry is getting more casual by the day, he'll be sat there in vest & pants tomorrow night
Lovely night at gala so far. Lenny Henry entertaining and agenda-setting, Ed Vaizey does a good mug for the camera.
I hear that Ed Henry is having at sculpture of a life size Fox placed in Jay Carney's yard.
As Jay Carney swigs from his $4 bottle of wine in some rainy back alley of DC, he will hold a small pic in hand and cry Ed Henry!!!
Jay Carney will have a future in some back alley of DC with some cheap bottle of wine a hair uncombed without Ed Henry.
I'm thinking they are the same person, when Chuck takes of the goatee, he becomes Ed Henry..
Men have become the tools of their tools. -- Henry David Thoreau
Are Ed Henry and Chuck Todd the same person?
Ed Henry is yelling now. Jay - The President will make the decisions.
Ed Henry's last question. I just want Jay to say "that's a stupid question, Ed" and move on.
Many go fishing without knowing it is fish they are after. -- Henry David Thoreau
I don't know if any of you heard the exchange between reporter Ed Henry and the state department spokeswoman. Anyway,he asked that if this Benghazi guy was hiding in plain sight, having coffee klatches with reporters and bragging about his exploits - why didn't we just nab him during one of his very public events. Spokeswoman had some glib non-answer about special forces - so Ed Henry asked whey special forces didn't just pose as reporters to draw this guy out. Hemming, answer.
Henry wins re-election bid: Ed Henry will serve another term in the Alabama State Legislature, after he defeat...
John Stossel was never more likable than in this energetic, often hilarious screwball farce from anchor Ed Henry.
() President Obama has gotten much attention from a single extended response he gave to a question about his foreign policy from Ed Henry of Fox News in a press conference last week in Manila.
Stuttering and stammering Carney saying this is all a bogus cover-up and a GOP conspiracy theory. The information produced was what was known at the time, known already. Talking down to Fox New's Ed Henry while few others not asking detailed questions as much as they could but more mainstream media are asking. Now CBS's Major Garrett is forcing a few questions with defending himself by saying I'm just saying.Carney is deflecting to the state dept to get it off his shoulders. At first when questions was asked the audience laughed because it all appeared blatant lies. He says there is nothing in the e-mails and he's still doubling down trying to make the WH look good. But we all know what went on. It's now up to Boehner to ask for a special committee but remember Holder doesn't have to do it.
Ed Henry: Russian expert says Putin is laughing off the U.S. moves & that the President is now making Jimmy Carter look like Attila the Hun.
This story is now the Drudge Report headline. The White House denies it, and Ed Henry of Fox News says it is not...
Ed Henry says reports of WH press conf scripting are wrong. Reason: He's from Fox, so not included in them. HT: El Rushbo
Dr. Joe Morton, former Alabama State School Superintendent is testifying in support of Rep. Ed Henry's LIFO bill.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
William Kristol plays Doocy with energy, and Ed Henry does at least as well as his wife.
By Bill Britt Alabama Political Reporter This session, there are three bills before the Legislature that will cause irrefutable harm to the people of Alabama, while placing more control into the hands of a chosen few. These bills are examples of Right Wing rhetoric and Left-Wing policies. The bills are SB11, SB178 and HB350. These bills were presented last session as one bill, SB122, carried by Republican Senator Jimmy Holley. This year they have been broken into three bills, with HB350 carried by Ed Henry and Mike Hubbard in the House. SB11 will consolidate power over the entire legislative apparatus, giving the Speaker of the House and Senate President Pro Tem powers never even envisioned by the Democrats. This bill, which has already passed the Senate, would abolish the Legislative Fiscal Committee, the Legislative Building Committee and the Permanent Legislative Committee on Reapportionment, combining them into a Legislative Council under a junta of 20 politicians, who can be placed or removed from th ...
Harris Faulkner calls Ed Henry a "saint," and Andrew Napolitano's roundtable makes a strong case for his canonization.
MONTGOMERY, Ala. - The Alabama House was unable to meet Tuesday because many members couldn't make the icy trip to Montgomery. Legislative rules required 53 of the 105 members to be present for an official meeting, but only 40 answered the roll call. Legislative rules require the House to keep trying to meet each day at 10 a.m. until a majority shows up. House Speaker Mike Hubbard says the House won't try again until Thursday because roads are supposed to improve then. Republican state Rep. Ed Henry of Hartselle says he was carpooling with another north Alabama legislator, but they decided to turn around north of Birmingham because there were so many wrecks on Interstate 65. Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh says enough senators are present to conduct a meeting Tuesday morning.
I rarely watch any. I'll catch Shep (w/ Jonathan), Bret Baier, Ed Henry... I do like Anderson Cooper, too.
Shepard Smith Reporting is a light romp geared up by the schtick shifted by Shep Smith and Ed Henry.
White House press secretary Jay Carney and Fox News reporter Ed Henry got into a tense exchange Friday over the Obama administration's infighting with Sen. Bob Menendez (D., N.J.) and other Democrats
Great Cullman Association of Realtors Luncheon at AllSteak yesterday with Guest Speakers: Senator Paul Bussman, Rep. Mac Buttram, Rep. Ed Henry, and Rep. Randall Shedd. Nice to know we have such outstanding representatives to speak for us all.
Is Coach Yost running the defense? Herman Boone might need to take over. Ed Henry is beating up on us!
Press release Law Offices of Orly Taitz Recently Barack Obama attempted to sign up to Obamacare on Washington DC exchange. He was denied as his identity could not be confirmed. Subsequently Obama's aide submitted application to the DC exchange in person and there is no evidence whether in person application was ever approved. Subsequently White House communications officer stated to reporters, among them Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry, that Obama could not sign up on the web site as his identification information was scrubbed from the databases. Attorney Taitz submitted FOIA request for information, which was granted, see attached response from FOIA officer Mary-Beth Senkewitcz, who confirmed that Washington DC Healthcare Exchange does not have any order by any judge directing them to remove Obama's identification information from their database. Further, Ms. Senkewitcz stated that there is no mechanism to protect US tax payers from fraud and use of ACA (Obamacare) by illegal aliens or people ...
Yesterdays article on Sarah Palin and her Christmas Tree did have a mistake in it. It was Ed Shultz not Ed Henry. Before the link was posted it was changed but for some reason, it did not update fast enough. We are sorry for the mistake.
Did you see that press conference with the President today? Wow...the press, including the so-called "Liberal" media, had their knives and forks out (metaphorically speaking) and feasted on the President. The truthful statement I've made, on many occasions, regarding the "Liberal media bias" myth/talking point is that most of the so-called "Liberal media" are owned and operated by GOP sympathizers who order their anchors/reporters /columnists/show hosts to employ the ridiculous "false equivalency" or "both parties are the same" meme. Not only did we see that from the "Liberal" media today, we saw even worse, where they acted just like Fox "News" and their stooge, Ed Henry, with their pointed questions and thinly-veiled criticism via "questions". Many in the Reich-Wing Nut Job media hate it when you correctly call them out for their pathetic racism against the President. They deny it, even though it's so obvious that, if it were a deadly poisonous snake, if would have bitten and killed them by now. The pro ...
Ed Henry of Fox News tries to talk over President Obama. President Obama ignores him and calls on Jon Karl. . BURN.
President Obama reiterates he will not negotiate on the debt limit - Ed Henry and Luke Russert confused ...they repeat again for clarification .omfg duck dynasty offsprings
White House SHAKEUP: PANIC PLAY? As President Obama looks to reverse a second-term tailspin, he’s bringing back the man who helped launch his first term. John Podesta, founder of the influential left-wing group the Center for American Progress, served as White House chief of staff to Bill Clinton. Podesta helped Clinton regain his footing following his impeachment for lying about an affair with a White House intern. Podesta, though, was faulted for allowing lax practices at the end of the Clinton presidency, when scandals, including the alleged sale of presidential pardons, erupted. Podesta, who led Obama’s transition team in 2008 and 2009, is coming aboard as an adviser but not with a specific title. NYT first reported Podesta’s new role, pointing out that the Democratic fixer and brother to Washington mega-lobbyist Tony, has been unofficially advising Obama for years. [Ed Henry wants to know - “Is bringing John Podesta in just some window dressing or is it the start of a genuine effort to go out ...
Jay Carney was asked today by Fox News reporter Ed Henry about the new revelation that Obama stayed with his Uncle Omar when he was at Harvard. Originally the White House said Obama had never met h...
Visiting Siena College and was looking at alumni pub. "Hey that looks like Ed Henry.Oh, that IS Ed Henry!". Only FNC fans..
Didn't Dubya Bush also and former presidents have personal photographers , Ed Henry ??
SIM Ed Henry doesn't know who Hilda Solis is so he calls her a union boss.
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney during a press briefing Friday afternoon apparently ignored Fox New’s Ed Henry, seemingly prompting the reporter to exit the meeting early. Carney called on nearly every reporter in the room while Henry repeatedly tried to ask questions. And when Henry finally…
REELECTION WORRIES Obama meets with Dems nervous over health law November 06, 2013 Nov. 6, 2013: President Barack Obama and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman Sen. Michael Bennett, D-Colo., board Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base.AP President Obama on Wednesday sought to assuage anxious Democrats who are worried that ObamaCare’s troubled rollout is going to come back to haunt them during the 2014 midterm elections. “There’s a lot of pent-up frustration” among Senate Democrats who are facing voters next year, a party source familiar with the meeting told Fox News. A Democratic source told Fox News’ Ed Henry that some of the senators in the room floated a delay of up to one year in the law’s implementation – an idea the president rejected. The source said, however, that senators left the White House feeling that it was a “constructive meeting.” The two-hour White House meeting included 16 senators as well as the president, Vice President Joe Biden, Chief of ...
White House ADMITS OBAMACARE KILLS POLICIES NBC documents administration knew 3 years ago Published: 18 hours ago 149 Is it possible that things really still can get worse for supporters of Obamacare, the president’s signature accomplishment, the law that was voted through by only Democrats during a lame-duck session of Congress? Decide for yourself. On Monday, White House spokesman Jay Carney admitted the law is killing off health insurance policies that Americans currently hold, and NBC reported that the administration knew that was what would happen as long as three years ago. At least two different investigations are being launched by Congress, a commentary showed that even the paper signup process for Obamacare doesn’t work, and Alaska simply gave up – canceling signups because virtually no one was participating. Carney’s comments camed in response to a question from journalist Ed Henry. He asked, “The president, when he was trying to get the law passed, repeatedly said, if you currently ha ...
TWERPING: When Chuck Todd and Ed Henry whisper to each other and giggle like school girls at press conferences.
Ed Henry should be gossip columnist in the C section of small Midwestern newspaper. He & Chuck Todd = Peter principle
Fox News Channel's Ed Henry pressed White House spokesman Jay Carney over the suspension of military death benefits in response to the government shutdown.
President Obama didn't call on Chuck Todd or Ed Henry and their angry faces said it all. thank you for compiling …
MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell accused Fox's Ed Henry of either being a pinhead or a liar for a question he asked Jay Carney at a White House press briefing on Wednesday.
Ed Henry, White House correspondent for Fox News, must have thought he was being very clever today. Why not ask White House press secretary Jay Carney a simple question—if Obamacare's so great, would you sign up for it? Except as far as "gotcha" questions from hostile reporters go, this one...
Jay Carney is no match for Ed Henry. I am surprised they still let Henry into the press briefings. Good bless him!
"The more you watch, the less you know!" Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry is a "PINHEAD!" For asking Jay Carney the stupid question: "Are you going to sign up for Obama Care?"
At the Cullman Chamber of Commerce's recent monthly luncheon meeting, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Sheriff Mike Rainey and State Sen. Paul Bussman, and State Reps. Mac Buttram and Ed Henry, all of them great public servants.
When asked by Fox News chief White House correspondent Ed Henry about the Chris Lane case, Earnest responded, “I’m...
On Monday's program: -Bo Dietl is back with more rantations -Author *** Lehr talks "Whitey: The Life of America's Most Notorious Mob Boss" -Ed Henry on the President's economic push
Foreign policy tests for Obama amid trip to Africa: Ed Henry reports
Can the Clintons goad President Obama into getting involved in Syria? 95,000 Syrians killed there, millions homeless and hungry, Syrian military using Syrian nerve gas. Those are the facts. I said in a recent post that I didn't think getting involved was a good idea: fewer allies, worn out military, Russians and Iranians supporting the Syrians, budget debts, we were not attacked, etc. However, Fox News Special Report journalist Ed Henry says that Bill Clinton today was critical of President Obama for "weak, indecisive, and poll driven leadership". Republicans claim that "this is an opening shot in Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign to show some daylight between the Obama policies and the former Secretary of State[Hillary]." Recently I posted that I had heard that the Clintons were going to throw Obama under the bus. Looks like Bill is getting started
President Obama's nomination of U.N. ambassador Susan Rice to the position of national security advisor has revived old conservative complaints about Rice's involvement in the controversy over Benghazi talking points. Fox News' White House correspondent Ed Henry brought this up during today's press…
White House spokesman and Fox News correspondent Ed Henry continued their years-long duel on Wednesday. Henry was asking Carney about Susan Rice, who was named President Obama's new national security adviser and who got into trouble over the Benghazi controversy.
Ed Henry of Fox News and White House spokesman Jay Carney battled today during the White House presser over Eric Holder's lies under oath.
Fox News senior White House correspondent Ed Henry said Friday that when he used to grill George W. Bush press secretaries Dana Perino and the late Tony Snow when he was working for CNN, his colleagues cheered him on in private.
"What I find most interesting is when I was covering the Bush administration and asking very similar questions of Dana Perino and the late Tony Snow before that, I had a lot of my colleagues in private saying things like, you know, sort of cheering me on. Then when I was at Fox covering the Obama administration, it can get a little bit lonely sometimes." -- Ed Henry
Fox News reporter Ed Henry, known for having some tense exchanges with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, wants his fellow reporters to "stand up and ask tough questions" of the Obama administration. In an interview with Laura Ingraham on Friday, Henry revealed he was "cheered on" by...
In an interview this afternoon with Laura Ingraham, Fox's White House correspondent Ed Henry explained that he has urged his colleagues to not be lemmings for Obama when coming up with questions to ask the president and his communications staff.
After more than a week of silence, WHCA president Ed Henry finally weighs in. Updated
Tonight on Special Report-- teams continue to search through the rubble for survivors in Moore, OK after a preliminary F4 tornado ripped through the town yesterday afternoon. We have team coverage for you this evening with updates from Casey Stegall, Alicia Acuna, Janice Dean and Ed Henry as well as stories from some of the people who survived this disaster. Our hearts and prayers are with and we hope you will tune in tonight at 6pmET for the latest news--
Dan Pfeiffer, senior adviser for President Obama, came out on Sunday to defend the administration against a trio of controversies. Brian will get reaction from his guests, including Fox’s Bret Bair and Ed Henry, NY Post’s Michael Goodwin and Chairman of Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Michael
18. Issa Insists Everything is Like Watergate By now, Americans have grown fatigued with endless Republicans proclamations that the slightest whiff of scandal emanating from the Obama White House is "worse than Watergate." Darrell Issa is no exception, having charged that both the Fast and Furious gun walking operation and allegations that Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Sestak was offered an administration job in exchange for dropping out of the Senate race against Arlen Spector constituted "Obama's Watergate." As it turned out, Issa didn't pursue his inquisition over the Sestak affair for a simple reason. Not only was there no quid pro quo, but Issa had to contend with an actual case during the Bush administration's drive for Medicare drug coverage. As he explained to CNN's Ed Henry in 2010: ISSA: Once we knew, as we discovered, that it turns out that Republicans and previous administrations thought it was OK in spite of the absolute black and white letter of the law, it got bigger -- it got bigger than President ...
VXRs. I was in a Corsa 'Ring Ed. Think Henry was in Astra year before.
Carney's response to Ed Henry's Q about whether Mullen & Pickering interviewed Obama about what he was doin...
"All misfortune is but a stepping stone to fortune."~Henry David Thoreau
Bobby Douglas, former Olympian and Lydell Henry-ED of BTS-Baltimore supporting the Rumble on the Rails promotion.
by convention when absent from stands in and makes way for Harriet Harperson
I understand was in America, but why wasn't there?
Ed Henry's no longer the only one putting pressure on Carney. was bricking more than Obama's jump shot.
From Henry VIII to Nelson: how historical figures could look today – in pictures Histórico people updated...
I'm sure he doesn't, Ed knows how I feel about Henry
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