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Ed Harris

Edward Allen Ed Harris (born November 28, 1950) is an American actor, writer, and director, known for his performances in Appaloosa, The Rock, The Abyss, Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, A History of Violence, The Truman Show and The Hours.

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Can't get enough of ! Ed Harris, Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Wright, Evan Rachel Wood: all superb. Hosts rev…
Today is Ed Harris and Jon Stewart’s birthday, its also John Lennon appears on stage with a famous singer in 1974...
Wow. Ed Harris coming full circle in his fine performance as 'The Man in Black' on Westworld. The Yang to his Award-Yinner film, Apollo 13.
Ed Harris also resembles Lee Van Cleef somewhat - I think Abernathy's actor was chosen for his resemblance to Eastwood.
But there are still major stars like Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris, mirroring the name recognition of Sean Bean.
Remember Apollo 11 when Ed Harris as Gene Kranz says "This may be our finest hour" while everyone is digesting "Houston we got a problem".
We had the honor of speaking to Amy Madigan as she and Ed Harris embark on in London from next week
Great morning chatting with Ed Harris and Amy Madigan about Buried Child, opening at Trafalgar Studios next week.
Hey, wasn't that a Tommy Lee Jones, Steven Segeal, Gary Busey movie? Or was it Nick Cage, Sean Connery, and Ed Harris?
Hot Westworld fan theory: Ed Harris and Peter Weller are merging into the same person.
Ed Harris sounds so much like Rod Serling in this week's during his monologue to Terry/Ford. Tip of the (black) hat?
With all these breaking balls, every Indians pitcher looks like Ed Harris and every Cubs hitter looks like Pedro Cerrano.
Can you believe that Selena Gomez is only 24 and she already work with James Franco, Robert Duvall, Ed Harris, Bryan Cranston, Paul Rudd
Evan Rachel Wood (didn't realize she was in it until this past episode smh), Thandie Newton, Jimmi Simpson, Ed Harris.
I agree, and also feel the same way about the Jimmi Simpson/Ed Harris theory too.
*** Brilliant! Ed Harris brings us another excellent performance. Westworld continues to be my favorite new series.
that last scene from Game Change is much scarier if both Woody Harrelson and Ed Harris act like Sarah Palin
This hour belonged to Anthony Hopkins & Thandie Newton. and Ed Harris.
there are things about The Stand that are rad (Ed Harris! Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis!) but ultimately... Ehh
The dueling gunslingers of Yul Brenner from the film, Ed Harris from the series premiering tonight. Who's…
Saw it on TV when I was a kid. Cost me some sleep. Trying to decide if I'm more freaked out by Ed Harris or Yul Brenner.
Yul Brenner/Ed Harris was a bit of a shock. I like how they didn't drag his introduction out
By the way loved west worldly HBO great job,it's as good as 1979 movie but more in show,Ed Harris is great actor,perfect Yul Brenner update
Loved the Man in Black. Perfect casting in Ed Harris.
Question: so is Ed Harris playing Yul Brenner's character?
I keep referring to Ed Harris' character as Yul Brenner in the opening ep of Westworld
Secondly and less existential where does Ed Harris's character get the money to always be at the park? Live there? Yul Brenner?
Ok so I super realize now Ed Harris watched Westworld movie & was like I'm just gonna be Yul Brenner but doubly psychotic
I feel like is about what happened to Ed Harris' character after the Truman Show was cancelled
Ed Harris has looked the same for 30 years
Full casting has been announced for Buried Child. Look who's joining Ed Harris, Amy Madigan & Jeremy Irvine…
Win tickets to see Buried Child starring Ed Harris and Jeremy Irvine
Jeremy Irvine to join Ed Harris and Amy Madigan in Buried Child at Trafalgar Studios.
Actors I admire? Ed Harris, or course, I think he's terrific; because I know he always ha
Amy Madigan - has been married to actor Ed Harris since 1983
Sam Hurding, Ed Harris, Peli Pifeleti, Charlie Harrington, Oli Moody, Jamie Hoyes, Bryn McCall and Will McKenna, all involved in the XV Sat!
James Franco, Robert Duvall, Ed Harris and Sam Shepard? How soon can we buy tickets?!?
From the creative team behind 'The Spoils' comes starring Ed Harris & Amy Madigan, find out more...
US actor Ed Harris is to make his West End stage debut alongside wife Amy Madigan in Sam Shepard's Buried Child. https…
Ed Harris stars in Sam Shepard's Buried Child at Trafalgar Studios -
Ed Harris & Amy Madigan to star on the West End stage in Buried Child. Details here
Ed Harris to make West End debut in Sam Shepard play
Ed Harris to make West End debut with wife in Sam Shepard play: US acto...
Crikey - check this out, they're remaking a classic film into a TV series with Tony Hopkins & Ed Harris, no less!! 😉😉https…
Did you know... Ed Harris punched James Cameron in the face after he kept filming while he was nearly drowning?
11 CD's with 10 teachings from our Shavuot event. Teachings from Monte Judah, Brad Scott, Ed Harris, Daniel...
Wouldn't it be funny if Ed Harris replied with a "hottest picture of Allison Brie" search?
people say all the time that I look like a young Ed Harris. You wouldn't know them, they're all from the Niagara Falls area.
I've always wanted to work with Paul Newman. I had a couple - Ed Harris
Scott Huber, Stewart Friesen, Troy Palmer, Craig Hanson and Ed Harris make up the Bob Sivoie memorial dash.
You get three hours' sleep and then you start all over again. Relentless. Pre-production was a...
It's hard to see a film that's been made from a book that you really loved because it's such a...
Why not consider subscribing to my Channel - W. Ed Harris
"Melody is to music as storyboard is to film" - Ed Harris
"Some will never truly appreciate the complexity of a single note". - Ed Harris
'How I fell into Science and Religion' - interview with Mark Harris
You look at a guy like Lance Armstrong, and you have to be inspired. I sat next to Kirk Dougla...
Seems 6 month rule was the way it used to be til Ed changed it...Good effort 🙄
"Use every texture at your disposal to create. It is the essence of expression. Be open to new ideas." - Ed Harris
For The Truman Show, I worked for a few weeks, do my gig, then I was done.
Here's an original little ditty I recorded awhile back.
"Appreciating every moment and enjoying the ride along the journey is everything" - Ed Harris
Now I don't hate Ed Harris, which is why I would like for you all to suggest movies in which you think I wouldn't hate Ed Harris' character.
Wow, I love I just won this for free, THE ADDERALL DIARIES (starring James Franco, Ed Harris)
"The good things in life are the simple things...Music just helps clear the way to appreciate them". - Ed Harris
"Music provides sanctuary to the anxiety of everyday struggle" - Ed Harris
Why Ed Harris laid there watching that tomb stone move when he had all the time in the world to move??? 😂
also paula filtering her plan this ep through Apollo 13 which she's been "watching a lot lately...ed harris--the GLASSES"...same
do you understand the Matrix from Ed Harris, saying a big drop after NFP to SPX 2050's and at same time DAX holding the 9300 ?
I'm picturing Riley as Ed Harris at the end of "The Truman Show" when Jim Carrey exited.
Currently watching "Blackmass", with Joaquín Reyes as Nicolas Cage as Johnny Depp as Ed Harris.
Do I even have to discuss how awesome Ed Harris and Sean Connery are?
An original Scottish March honoring our men & women in uniform Ed Harris - "Voice of Peace"
A very intense young balding Ed Harris on this episode of Hart to Hart, which they seem to have shot promo pics for
You know Robert Shaw, in this pic, looks a little like Ed Harris, no??.
The Rock is a great film. Ed Harris is a great actor. Trump though is more like Greg Stillson in The Dead Zone.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Does everyone else miss the good ol' days? You know, when Ed Harris - not Josh Lucas - was the voice of The Home Depot.
That movie had Jon Voight, Helen Mirren, Ed Harris, and a 35% on Rotten Tomatoes 😎
Bradley Cooper, Alison Brie, Ed Harris, and Rosario Dawson in Bioshock Infinite, directed by Darren Aronofsky.
Ed Harris, Scott Eastwood & Morgan Freeman lining up to star in The Last Full Measure:
Ed Harris and Scott Eastwood join The Last Full Measure, Laurence Fishburne and Morgan Freeman also in talks
Congratulations to San Diego lifeguard and former city council member Ed Harris, who won the endorsement of San...
The Laura Flanders Show - Ed Harris & Doug E Doug on Lessons of Hayti see more
"The whole point of dancing with a woman is to make her look beautiful." - Ed Harris (Arthur Murray dance instructor)
Watching a western with Jason Isaac as the villain, Ed Harris as sheriff, and January Jones. 2013 on Sky Cinema.
While candidates Lori Saldaña and Ed Harris introduce their campaigns to community leaders in Ocean Beach, the...
Great birthday present: off to see Ed Harris & Taissa Farmiga in a Sam Shepard play. Thank you
it's cool but he's made an error. 80s Dream casting Xavier was always Ed Harris & Logan was Michael Ironside
GREAT actors who have never won an Oscar: Robert Downey Jr, Edward Norton, Tom Cruise, Ed Harris, Bill Murray, Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson
This revival of the award-winning American gothic play stars Amy Madigan and Ed Harris as parents in a dysfunctional Illi…
Boy, do I wish Ed Harris went all A-History-of-Violence on the diner after that.
Shepard's excessive symbolism feels far too obvious in this tepid production. . Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, Nat...
Ed Harris is splendid in the New Group's revival of Sam Shepard’s play "Buried Child"
Excerpt: ‘Buried Child’Ed Harris and Paul Sparks in a scene from the New Group’s revival of the Sam Shepard play.
Ed Harris, Sam Shepard, Dennis Quaid & Barbara Hershey star in the 1983 film "The Right Stuff." Tonight at 10pm on
calling it an "Ed Harris vehicle" is like calling Terminator 2 a "Robert Patrick vehicle." No respect for Nic Cage or Connery!
Gene Kranz's vest that he wore at Mission Control during the Apollo 13 mission. (Ed Harris not…
Sam Shepard's The Buried Child w/ Ed Harris was phenomenal. "Eddie" from Boardwalk Empire puts on yet another under the radar performance.
"How we fail to appreciate the gifts we are blessed..." - Ed Harris
My "Celticophilia" is now being streamed on Go to and enter W. Ed Harris for artist search! Enjoy!
Why is Don Harris still leading NAACP? via
Check out 'Ed Harris - Camp Meeting on the 4th of July' by Ed Harris
Listen to Ed Harris - Blackberry Blossom by W Ed Harris on
Well, at least you won't be there if and when Ed Harris shows up with his band of mercenaries.
Ed Harris stars in Scott Skiles biopic "The one"
And we have an Ed Harris. In a white waistcoat.
Online firms aren't disrupting the art market. But they are having an interesting effect
I'm developing a true crime musical. We're hoping to get Neill Patrick Harris for the part of Ed Gein.
such great support- Ed Harris, Brimley, Halbrook and Gary Busey!
And something to get the toes tapping - The Foxhunter by .
Per IMDB, there're like THREE Gunslingers listed for Westworld (including Ed Harris). One of 'em's Chinese. Big Ups.
If Ed Harris had said "Ur the first adult that's traveled the train" it would hav been so much more ominous
Have you ever seen Knightriders? It's a weird one, but I love it. Lots of classic Romero cast and themes, plus Ed Harris!
Natural gas: moving towards a more globalised market
Tavis Reed explains his celluosic ethanol process to the Founders- Brian Harris, Ed Coleman, and George Smith
Top story: 'Ed Harris' latest album, "The New Bern Sessions" (T… see more https…
Ed Harris is always amazing as a villain. Remember The Truman Show?
"Nice." Ed Harris is such an amazing, grotesquely inhuman, villain here.
Man, Ed Harris move with his hands...the mechanical motion...that's ACTING folks!
Ed Harris fan fiction: Vol. 87. "The *** you think you're talking to?! Huh?! Tell me!" Ed then realized it was a recorded voice named Siri.
Ed Harris fan fiction: Vol. 34. Ed orders a burger but realizes he's at a Taco Bell. "You gotta be kiddin' me!" he yells. It's not over.
Tickets are now on sale to see Ed Harris, Amy Madigan & more in Sam Shepard’s Buried Child:
ya hear about the Westworld series on HBO? Ed Harris replacing Yul Brynner as the gunslinger.
so even if we got off of actors of color... Glenn Close, Johnny Depp, Sigourney Weaver, Annette Benning...Ed Harris...
if they don't cast Kyle Chandler as Mr. Strang and Ed Harris as Lenk in the INEVITABLE MOVIE then nobody has a brain in LA.
Thank you Times for giving student Ed Harris's Badger Trust Campaign Poster such great publicity yesterday
Is it true that John Kasich was the inspiration for the Ed Harris role in Glengarry Glen Ross?.
Glengarry Glen Ross: Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Ed Harris, & Of course I am going to watch this.
Some atheist was talking about Sam Harris but I thought he was talking about Ed Harris so I said the Lost in Space movie was terrible
Booklet cover art for Twilight Time's blu-ray release of Alamo Bay (1985) starring Ed Harris and Amy…
James Franco, Ed Harris, Amber Heard in Adderall Diaries tonight at as part of the CIFVF! tickets at
great article Judge. U do make DFS fun and I love your videos. Nothing like Ed Harris and Lil Wade to get me thru. Thank you!
for some incredibly thought out music? Follow Keneally and my very good friend Ed Harris music.
Brad Pitt too pricey. But I'm assuming younger/prettier. Otherwise you can Ed Harris, Michael Keaton, Woody Harrleson, few more
The Rock has Sean Connery saying ridiculous stuff and the inexplicable presence of Ed Harris going for it.
is one of my fave movies with a variety of my fave actors, AmyRyan, Ed Harris & Morgan Freeman especially
Castlevania live-action film: Michael Fassbender as Simon Belmont, the guy from GoT/Orphan Black as Alucard, Ed Harris as Dracula
Our first today is the chiller NEEDFUL THINGS (1993) Ed Harris and Max Von Sydow star in this underrated gem!
Watching The Truman Show. When Ed Harris was at his most gorgeous (think it was the beret) and Jim Carrey was not yet a raving loon. *sigh*
I watched another film very much like that recently: "Pain and Gain" with Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, and Ed Harris.
just finished...I'm thinking Rachael Mcadams as Lizzie and maybe Cillian Murphy as Charlie...maybe Ed Harris as B…
in preparation for sat nite, i am giving Brad Kaaya the Glengarry leads. Alan Arkin, Ed Harris, and i will procure them tonite.
Gravity 2 Plot: Ed Harris leaves his head post at NASA Houston to come bring his astronaut back home. Dwayne Johnson as Edward Snowden (2/2)
"Technology will never replace the human spirit...expression via art will always prevail" - Ed Harris
Brainstorming an election '16 movie. Adam McKay directs, Will Ferrell as Trump, Michael Stuhlbarg as Cruz, Ed Harris as Sanders, Meryl--
Well, yeah, if it's Ricky Roma. Or Ed Harris or Alec Baldwin ...
Ed Harris fan fiction: Chapter 1. Ed Harris woke up, looking into a mirror. "The *** with it," he said, chugging maple syrup from a vase.
Bale as Todd is still the greatest thing I've ever heard. Fabio as Marc. Ed Harris for Erik.
If your criteria is, "Does the earlier film also feature Ed Harris in blackface," then no. By any other cri…
"Are you trying to tell me Jesus Christ can't hit a curveball?" - Ed Harris, Major League
Johnny Depp in Black Mass looks like Ed Harris and Christopher Walken had a love child.
I like the Ed Harris look so James does it for me ! Lol
If you like The Lives of Others, you may like To Kill a Priest. If you like Ed Harris and Christopher Lambert, that is.
Jewish Oklahomans, by Phil Goldfarb and Ed Harris, PhD, ed. by Katherine Frame via
"Music is an extension of who I am...Not of what I am trying to aspire" - Ed Harris
Except for Sam Shepard, Scott Glenn and Ed Harris in "The Right Stuff." Trustable shirt-tuckers.
Happy birthday to Clinton agent John Demske and Saint Clair Shores agent Ed Harris!
Ben Barnes joins the cast of HBO's The show already stars James Marsden, Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris
Check out W. Ed Harris' featured interview on "EclecticInk, Arts E-Zine" in the UK!
Ed Harris, Helen Hunt, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Newman, and Robin Wright Penn lead an all-star cast in a...
Look at Patrick Stewart, Jason Stathom, Ed Harris, Stan Tucci, etc... all bald - all sexy.
Despite being set in the future, refreshing that the suits of Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Wright, and Ed Harris have this steampunk-ish tone.
(also James Norton playing the Ed Harris character in The Hours)
20 years ago today, "Apollo 13" starring Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Ed Harris and Gary Sinise opened in theaters.
Ed Harris as a LAPD killer cop in a 1978 ep of THE ROCKFORD FILES
Also I couldn't believe how Ed Harris could be that much of an *** to let his wife be alone when she was obviously obsessed
what about Ed Harris in Enemy at the Gates? Solid shooting
Well, he will always be Ed Harris in my mind.
Run All Night with Liam Neeson and Ed Harris is a great watch. I highly recommend it.
If u added Cousins would they still have $ for a good wing like Carroll or Harris? Even re-signing Ed Davis?
My ideas were Mark Duplass as Doc Ock and Ed Harris as Vulture. Also, Joel Edgerton should play Kraven.
Happy early birthday! Khloe Kardashian, Drake Bell and Ed Westwick have the same bday as you!
You never know what you might come across while moving! Another old recording I found!
Ed Harris does the Liam Neeson voice in run all night. I'm going to watch this movie and call it battle of voices .
River of Traps : A Village Life by Alex Harris and William DeBuys 1st ed. HCDJ
Harris really makes 2,5mio? not bad!. Honestly I find it ridiculous that Ed Davis asks for 10 mio-.-
"First *** couple to be married in Dallas, George Harris 82 and Jack Evans 85. Together for 54 years
Liberal education minister needs to answer to parents on sex-ed: Tory MPP Michael Harris
Opposing makes no sense in California. Find out why:
Ed Harris shall decide how many lineups we enter in the Super Grand Slam! 5? 10? 15? 20?
Check out this great item: Apollo 13 (VHS) Kevin Bacon, Tom Hanks, Gary Sinise, Ed Harris
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Please be certain to check out Bonaparte's Retreat" by Ed Harris -
Welcome to the neighborhood, Opportunity Works! Loved our private tour with ED Jane Harris-Fale.
I just want LA and Tobias Harris bruh...bring Ed back and trade Swaggy P.Lakers will have a playoff team...
Run All Night: Liam Neeson and Ed Harris can't salvage this genre exercise -RD
We are excited to announce that Ed Harris of Beit Yashua of DFW will be joining us as a guest speaker for our...
My attempt at J.J. Cale's the River" -
"Another door will always open...just make certain you are facing it." - Ed Harris
Dan Harris explains to how complex pathology in our ED makes it a great place 4 htt…
Blast from the past of an old tune I home recorded (analog) back in '97. Hope you enjoy!
In honor of our fallen comrades during this Memorial Day of remembrance, an original Scottish March by Ed Harris
Calvin Harris - Summer - Brand new HARD ED!T by Andy Whitby & Energy Syndicate to fire up your Friday!.
Just saw an advanced screening for new upcoming movie 'Run All Night' starring Liam Neeson & Ed Harris. h…
Just watched the film directed by Peter Weir"the way back"with Colin Farrell among others and Ed Harris: Great movie!
M. Night Shymalan will turn out to be Ed Harris from the Truman Show.
Biff from "Back to the Future" in LAX. Joan Cusack and Ed Harris were on the same flight but Biff was my favorite
. Mm, Jeff Bridges possibly. Sadly I can't see the rest. Ed Harris' head won't fit the cowl 😂. -Sean
Adam Goldberg had my fav line in the ep: "For $1M I'd make sweet love to Neil Patrick Harris. I'd do Ed Harris for that much!"
refreshed the memory on IMDb . Ed Harris , Turturro , Robin Wright ,Morricone music and Joanou directs , quality , enjoy !
Just watched the post-apocalyptic Snowpiercer, starring John Hurt, Tilda Swinton and Ed Harris - brilliant! Well worth watching :-)
Last Man Stanton game on this week's Doug Loves Movies had me yelling multiple titles at my iPhone in the car, I know many Ed Harris films
I think it would go something like:. Will Smith > Will Harris > Ed Harris > Ed Reed
legends Gene Kranz (Apollo 13 Flight Control Director and played by Ed Harris in the film) and…
Love it. The director’s cut enhances it so much, too. Ed Harris and . Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio are so good in it.
A music video featuring the traditional tune, "The Rights of Man" as performed by Ed Harris -
Looking forward to Ed Harris playing Yul Brynner in that remake.
Z Huge Ed Harris fan. Would buy a seat to watch him read a phone book because of the picture he could paint.
LOL he remix'd Ed Sheeran to talk about sex 😂😂😂 I love Jamaicans
California has an open Senate seat that only a Democrat can win. So why just one contender? http:/…
Harris County voters, Ed Emmett thinks you're all ***
Great to learn more about the Special Ed PTA. Thank you & Katherine Harris.
Little Giant Ladders
The victim in a 2-vehicle crash in Cobb County was identified as John Benjamin Daniel Harris Jr. of Annapolis, Md.
yes most of the world have been aware that Ed Harris is the man for like. Wait for it.. Years! Dig your art man!!!
Famous people I'm in love with:. Neil Patrick Harris. Ed Sheeran. Zachary Piona. Shemar Moore. Ashton Kutcher. Steve Carrel. Ma…
the plot of Run All Night is "wow, Ed Harris turned into Robert Duvall so fast"
The unresisted rise of Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris has no rivals for Barbara Boxer’s seat. For the first time...
Only in California politics would Arnold Schwarzenegger be considered "bland and boring"
Chilling with Ed Harris in ATL for To all the supporters, ( I LOVE U 😁) To…
Wall to wall hits from Uptown Funk to Thinking Out Loud. 90 in-store now!
Hollywood legend, Ed Harris stopped by our studio in 2006. Check out all the pics, here:
Ed Harris, another of one of the greats joins in on the battle today.
The unresisted rise of my Soror, Howard U graduate & Atty General of California, Kamala Harris. 💗💚 Excellence.
"The Rock" had a ensemble of great actors.Ed Harris,Tony Todd,Sean Connery,Nic Cage etc.h…
via Ok, here's another review, but keep in mind this is a "bro" film. Harris
Receives Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame przez
Western movies full length free new english # Ed Harris 2008 # New western movies
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LOVE Ed Harris! Very sexy man, amazing actor. Congrats on his star, it was well deserved, earned and long overdue 😀
Please tell me that Ed Harris is wearing makeup in Run All Night
Caught new Liam Neeson & Ed Harris to support the Irish...sweet cameo by Nick Nick.
The crisis in the Labour party goes much deeper than Ed Miliband | John Harris
Ed Harris urges actors to VOTE NO on Start at 4:55. THANK YOU ED!
Ed Harris on nat'l TV: "is trying to kill Equity Waiver Theater."
Ah. Liam Neeson is Bruce Willis, Ed Harris is David Morse and Common is Mos Def in the new 16 Blocks, "Run All Night".…
Ed Harris to receive star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
Congrats, Ed Harris, on your star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. About time.
Ed Harris gets star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
Actor Ed Harris gets a star on the Hollywood
Actors Marcia *** Harden Ed Harris Amy Madigan and Holly Hunter at the Ed Harris Star ceremony...
Actor Ed Harris honored with Hollywood ‘Walk of Fame’ star
star Ed Harris explains how he met his wife Amy Madigan & talks
is the muhfuh bomb. Also, he met his wife in seat theater.
Ed Harris is REALLY excited about his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (125 Photos)
[PhilStar Ent] Ed Harris runs after own hitman in Run All Night
LOVE Ed Harris. He was fantastic as Gene Kranz in "Apollo 13", & I loved him in "Knightriders". Somebody hug him for me! :)
Liam Neeson, Joel Kinnaman, Common, & Ed Harris are RUN ALL NIGHT start today!
Dat stern face. Dat vest. Dat failure is not an option. Ed Harris as Gene Kranz is everything wonderful.
Hollywood's not unfair? Common is acting opposite Liam Neeson & Ed Harris while Eric Roberts is home making a sandwich.
Dude, The Rock is an awesome movie. Ed Harris and David Morse are bad ***
Still bummed we never got a Kenzie/Gennaro franchise. Also, Ed Harris & John Ashton are magic.
Ed Harris as John Glenn; Scott Glenn as Alan Shepard; Sam Shepard as Chuck Yeager. The Right Stuff has the most confusing cast in history.
got to see chicago's Ed Harris tower (formerly - John Hancock Center)
My friend Ed Joffe interviews Charles McPherson. Charles speaks about Barry Harris taking him under his wing and...
I've seen claims Duncan is the "worst Sec of Ed ever." For what it's worth, William T. Harris (1890's) pushed for age-graded instruction.
Against all reason we find ourselves caring, first about Harris Faulkner, then about the vulnerable Ed Henry.
Boyfriend arrested in fatal stabbing of Northwest Harris County mother - KHOU
A movie that seems like a thriller on surface but is deceptive on so many levels, Viggo Mortensen and Ed Harris...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
America's provision of pre-school for 3-to-5-year-olds is the worst in the developed world
This has Ed Harris in it. I love that guy.
"If Ed Harris came to work with no shirt and just a tie on, I'd be happy." -
I have heard this Mans great Music .To my shame ,i have still to buy some of iut .But I will ! Ed Harris …
Justice for Diesel ... the playful pit bull PUPPY who was GUNNED DOWN at a Pasadena, Texas dog park.
Glengarry Glen Ross is a fantastic movie full of scene chewing acting and some smooth jazz. Jack Lemmon, Ed Harris, Al Pacino...
Gerard Buttler, Ed Harris, Andy Garcia and Jim Sturgess are among the cast ! I feel so jealous but wishing u the best of luck
So even if I wasn't into the idea of Anarchy, I'd watch it for Ed Harris in ANYTHING
J.J. Abrams’ HBO series “Westworld” (yes, based on the movie) with Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, due later this year.
I love how everyone is way more afraid of Ed Harris' wife than the really overtly intimidating Navy SEAL team they're sending down
Recommendation: Watch Face of Love starring Ed Harris, Robin Williams, Annette Benning and Ed Harris. Is there an echo? echo, echo, echo
great movie it's got Jim Sturgess, Colin Farrell, Ed Harris, etc. the beginning is slow but it picks up within ~20 minutes
State of Grace (1990) is one *** good NY gangster film. Sean Penn, Ed Harris, Robin Wright, but Gary Oldman steals the sho…
oh I agree. John Hurt and Ed Harris nailed it.
I was mistakenly appointed Flight Director for our mission which later made Ed Harris my fav. Apollo 13 character.
Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman and Ed Harris star in 1997 novel adaptation Absolute Power, today at 9pm on TCM.
Vintage movie of the day: The Rock. Directed Byu Michael Bay., Starring Nicolas Cage, Ed Harris, Claire Forlani, Ed Harris David Morse Tony Todd of Candyman Jim Caviezel of Persons of Interest, John Spencer, Phillip Baker Hall of Boogie Nights, Scott Wilson of Lethal Weapon 3, Vanessa Marcel of General Hospital, Sean Connery, Michael Biehn of Terminator and Aliens, John C. McGinley of Platoon, wall Street and Nothing to lose, Bokeem Woodbine of The Big Hit, William Forsythe of Streets of Fire, Extreme Prejuidice and American Me, Gregory Sporleder of True Romance, Steve Harris of Tv's The Practise and The Mod Squad and Danny Nucci of Bad Boys and Crinsom Tide. All These great actors and character actors in one movie. Produvced By Jerry Bruckenheimer
Shooting a Sci Fi movie "G O Storm" with Ed Harris & Andy Garcia. Lots of action outside the Inn!
Watching Joan Miró: The Ladder of Escape. Narrated by Ed Harris, love him! thanks for sharing
State of Grace with Sean Penn, Ed Harris & Robin Wright (before her marriage to Penn). a great movie that holds up very well over time
Aaron Eckhart and Ed Harris to star in 'The Geography of Hope', a drama to be shot in Puerto Rico in January 2015
Happy Birthday to Ed Harris. Not to name drop but...this shot was taken at Paul Newman's house.
Jonathan Nolan's adaptation of 1973 sci-fi movie 'Westworld' has now been ordered to series, starring Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris and Evan Rachel Wood.
Westworld as an HBO series with Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton & Bad Robot? Cool.
Is it too early to say we're excited about the latest news from Camp HBO? Probably. But we are The network announced Monday it has ordered to series a show based on the 1973 sci-fi drama by Michael Crichton, Westworld, which centers on a mind-bending amusement park where humans and life-like robots interact as part of the one-of-a-kind experience See also: 'Person of Interest' Season 4 Will Tackle Big Questions About Artificial Intelligence The series, executive produced by Interstellar writer Jonathan Nolan and JJ Abrams, is set to star Anthony Hopkins in his first regular TV role, as well as Ed Harris, James Marsden, Thandie Newton and Evan Rachel Wood Read more...More about Television, Hbo, Entertainment, and Tv Read More
Former R's Scott Donnelly, Ed Harris & Bradley Bubb all start for Havant & Waterlooville againt Preston in the FA Cup tonight live on BTS
Watching "The Face Of Love"-Annette Bening & Ed Harris--An unexpected nice surprise to see Robin Williams too:-)
If they ever made a movie about my life I want Gene Hackman to play myself...if Gene is busy than my second choice is Ed Harris
Blu-ray review for the film Frontera starring Ed Harris, Eva Longoria and Michael Pena. Frontera will be available November 4.
This show—the pairs of big blue eyes it has: Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Ed Harris, Wm Fichtner, Aidan Quinn, Robin Wright, Kate Burton…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Have you seen the movie The Face of Love w Annette Bening, Ed Harris and Robin Williams? Chick flick 😢💕👏
Movie 4 your weekend: The Way Back. Here is the trailer Starring: Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, Colin F…
We watch a lot of movies at our house. We have over 2,000 DVD's that Cas has recorded from TV. We all have actors/actresses that we think are really good, mediocre, and just bad. There are a few that I won't watch under any circumstances. They are: Sean Penn, Jane Fonda, Tim Robbins, Tom Cruise, Chris Rock, Ben Affleck, and Woody Allen. The ones I will watch, though I don't think they are great, are: Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington, Queen Latifah, Geena Davis, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Sandra Locke, and Mel Gibson. Ones I will watch but not necessarily enjoy all that much are: Michael Douglas, Leonardo DiCaprio, Susan Sarandon, Debra Winger, and Danny Glover. The ones I really like and think are really good are: Tommy Lee Jones, Robert Duvall, Robert De Niro, Ed Harris, Brad Pitt, Gary Sinise, Al Pacino, Matthew McConaughey, Forest Whitaker, Matt Damon, Harrison Ford, Kevin Costner, Helen Mirren, Dwayne Johnson, Sidney Poitier, Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie, Kurt Russell, Robert Downey Jr., ...
Only the ones that didn't involve Tom Hanks or Ed Harris.
It's been called the hottest TV project in existence right now. Starring Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood and many, many others HBO's first step into modern science fiction is something to look out for if you care anything about the future of television. Oh, and did we mention that Jonat…
Big things are coming to HBO in 2015. How about a sci-fi series with Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris,& J. J. Abrams? Done:
I was challenged by Travis Nicholsto list the top 15 movies that changed my life...I've got this in the bag no prob... I love violent movies that fight for truth and the bettering of someone's life..Science fiction is a big part of these, so bear with me.. I also challenege Shannon Epperson , Shannon Stidham and Michelle Baker 1. The Road Warrior, Mad max 1 2. Predator 3. Rambo 4. Braveheart - My family is descended from Robert the bruce, through marriage. 5. The Last Samurai - Tc's best.. 6. 47 Ronin 7. Pirates Of The Carribean all movies = 1 story so 3 in 1 8. The Departed - Frank Costello is a descendant of the fam 9. GI Joe movies..grew up with them as a kid...loved Snake eyes and Storm shadow.. 10. The Devil's Advocate- one of Al Pacino 's best 11. The Punisher with tom jane.. 12. The Wolverine...Logan never stops when he's trying to set things right. 13.The Wolfman.. New one.. 14. Enemy at the gates - Ed Harris and Jude Law 15. Slipknot- Disaterpieces - Home video
THE ROOSEVELTS: AN INTIMATE HISTORY, a new seven-part documentary by Ken Burns, premieres Sunday, September 2014 @ 8:00 PM. The film follows the family's story for more than a century, from Theodore's birth in 1858 to Eleanor's death in 1962. Over the course of those years, Theodore would become the 26th president of the United States, and his beloved niece, Eleanor, would marry his fifth cousin, Franklin, who became the 32nd president. Together, they redefined the relationship Americans had with their government and with each other, and redefined, as well, the role of the United States within the wider world. The Cast of Voices: Meryl Streep is the voice of Eleanor Roosevelt, Edward Herrman the voice of Franklin Roosevelt, and Paul Giamatti the voice of Theodore Roosevelt. Patricia Clarkson is the voice of FDR’s devoted cousin, Margaret “Daisy” Suckley. Other voices include Adam Arkin, Keith Carradine, Kevin Conway, Ed Harris, John Lithgow, Josh Lucas, Carl Lumbly, Amy Madigan, Carolyn McCormick, . ...
except instead of Ed Harris and Paul Giamatti, it's the US government.
Op-ed by & me calling for an end to the dragnet. READ HERE:
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