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Ed Gillespie

Edward W. Gillespie is an American Republican political strategist and former Counselor to the President in the George W.

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About as depressed as we were when Northam wiped the floor with Ed Gillespie
the racist ads against her, should she win the nomination, from Trump and Ed Gillespie consultants would be pretty amazing.
Reminder: Ed Gillespie was excoriated for his MS-13 ad. Meanwhile, the brutal slaughters continue here in Northern…
ICYMI from Yes, Ed Gillespie, the state of our politics is nasty, brutal, and a contact sport. But t…
Ed Gillespie’s demagogic nonsense on immigrant crime has spread to New Jersey
Ed Gillespie tomorrow, it is not Presidential - it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL.
The new "Ed Gillespie: Honor in Defeat" statue will preserve tonight's important history for ourselves and our childre…
Ed Gillespie will be paid more for National Lipstick Day!
Who wins under Ed Gillespie's tax plan is a world in 2018 across the country, children with cancer.
From Stephen Miller interview, it's clear Republicans plan to double down on the same racist, xenophobic anti-immigrant playbo…
The ONLY people in your circle who have been “destroyed”. Flynn. Papadopoulos. Ppl of Puerto Rico. Spicer…
Trump's endorsements seems to be the nail in the coffin in GOP candidates's campaigns. . He endorsed Ed Gillespie, Lut…
Top 10 people that Donald Trump has never met:. 1. Roy Moore. 2. Vladimir Putin. 3. Steve Bannon. 4. Ed Gillespie. 5. Michael Flyn…
I'm old enough to remember two weeks ago when the Democrats said Ed Gillespie was exaggerating the threat of MS-13 in A…
Do Corey Stewart’s Confederate antics help Ed Gillespie or hurt the GOP brand?.
Not sure if Ed Gillespie could win Mayor of Browns Mills New Jersey.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Donald Jr. should know that he helped Ed Gillespie lose in Virginia.
Thank you, Virginia, for rejecting Ed Gillespie - and in doing so, rejecting Trump. Congrats to Ralph Northam on a huge victo…
The *** doesn't fall far from the tree--. "Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump Jr. costs Ed Gillespie an election."
Ralph Northam drubbed Ed Gillespie, while his party scored a massive upset in the House of Delegates.
Ed Gillespie's loss is mainly attributable to his manifest failure to dress up as Robert E. Lee & invade Pennsylvania ri…
Ed Gillespie ran on Confederate statutes and MS-13. He lost. Danica Roem ran on LGBT rights. She won. Chris Hurst ran on gun…
Where were the Harvey Weinstein ads? Anthony Weiner? Antifa? . Ed Gillespie and the RNC are a joke
Didn't take him long throwing poor Ed Gillespie under the bus! Trump not a man I'd like to be relyi…
The President figured out he has 280 characters. He just used them to throw Ed Gillespie under the bus.
Dumps his prom date, Ed Gillespie, after the corsage wilted. Trump classy as usual. Not!
If only Ed Gillespie had reminded Good Ol' southerners of their godly heritage: a clip from Roots of Kunta Kinte being bullwhipped.
Trump before Ed Gillespie lost- He embraces what I stand for. Trump after Ed Gillespie lost- He does not embrace what I…
Ed Gillespie is Never Trump. Kudos to President Trump for extending an olive branch & lending a hand to an hardcore establ…
A big night for Democrats as Ralph Northam defeated Trump-backed Ed Gillespie in VA, and Phil Murphy won in NJ to repla…
Ed Gillespie concedes Virginia Gov. race. "Governor-elect Northam is a good man...I wish him nothing but the best success."
Ed Gillespie has been firmly thrown under the bus.
Ed Gillespie's night, as told by Blanche Devereaux.
Looks like Ed Gillespie's strategy to run as Donald Trump turned Virginia as blue as a clear summer sky. Ralph Northam is p…
Ed Gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what I stand for. Don’t forget, Republicans won 4 out of 4 House se…
Ed Gillespie proved resoundingly that if you are not MAGA, you can't win.
Someone should give Ed Gillespie a Confederate monument as a participation trophy for finishing second in the Governors’…
Ed Gillespie will make a good governor of Virginia. Ralph Northam is soft on MS-13 and pedophiles. Vote Gillespie!
Ed Gillespie believes, crazy people should have access to assault weapons because Virginia Tech wasn't bad enough.
"SPRINGFIELD, Va. — Ed Gillespie is running two very different campaigns for governor of Virginia. In the last...
Ed Gillespie's split personality campaign via for iOS
yes let's get out the vote for Ed Gillespie today, Virginia Governor's race
VIRGINIA: show DC insiders that there is no place for RACE BAITING in America and make Ed Gillespie govern…
Ed Gillespie uses horrific Texas shooting to brag about NRA endorsement on eve of election via
GOP nominee Ed Gillespie thinks it's ok to use physical force against reporters AND constituents. Watch the video. 👇.
The republican candidate, Ed Gillespie, has been endorsed by Steve Bannon. If you are horrified by the constant shootings…
Sorry Ed. Beginning tomorrow voters are going to make it very clear that we are sick of the gun lobby.
Stop the democrat corruption in Virginia ! Vote Ed Gillespie for governor on Tuesday November 7 !. .
The side of campaign you don't see in his ads from…
In the wake of the Las Vegas and Texas massacres, keep this in mind on Tuesday.
Stand tall for Virginia! Starts at grassroots level. Every Vote Counts. A vote for Ed Gillespie is a Vote f…
Paul Manafort & VA Gov Nom Ed Gillespie were next-door neighbors in Alexandria, Virginia for over 15 years, from 2000 to 2015.…
Ralph Northam holds a narrow five-point edge over Republican Ed Gillespie in the close race. Flip this poll‼️‼️
Every Dem ad about Ed Gillespie in the VA race should be about Enron, Enron, Enron!
The Democrats want to take your flag, your statues, and your history. Vote for Ed Gillespie on November 7th.
Virginia governor race: Who are Ed Gillespie and Ralph Northam? |
Is likely that the Russians want to meddle in the in favour of Ed Gillespie, the GOPer which looks a lo…
Send a message to the Democrats & Vote 4 Ed Gillespie Stand up the Trump Agenda🇺🇸
Steve Bannon just endorsed Ed Gillespie, leaving no doubt what’s at stake in this election. Make a plan to vote NOW: http…
After another tragedy, we need real leadership, not more empty words. And Ed Gillespie is no leader.
A vote for Ed Gillespie is a vote for Bannon, the Mercers, Trump, & Putin. Vote for tomorrow! https…
Virginia get out there and vote for Ed Gillespie .we don't want a sanc…
We will all have to take a pass on going to church, the mall or a concert in Virginia if he wins. Pathetic.
Docs: GOP Gov candidate in VA Ed Gillespie's firm was a registered foreign agent for the Pakistani Government.
Why is he still running?👉 GOP nominee Ed Gillespie caught on tape calling Northern VA “enemy territory”.
Ed Gillespie is going to win. . Northman has run a triangulated, uninspiring race. This doesn’t win.
NRA HQ is in Virginia. They’re spending $1m to elect superlobbyist Ed Gillespie Governor. Election is TOMORROW. Know anyone…
Virginia racists are united behind Ed Gillespie.
Virgina don't vote 4 this Clown! President Trump needs Ed Gillespie in VA Get out…
RGA Chairman slams shameful attack on Ed Gillespie, calls on Northam & CNN to condemn: htt…
Gillespie texting girls Getting the Vote out! Go vote on Tuesday for the Ed Gillespie, Jill Vogel and John Adams!!
Incredible:. GOP candidate Ed Gillespie claims to be victim in violent arrest of Shareblue Media reporter . https:…
Analysis: Negative ads are helping Ed Gillespie win over Trump supporters in the Virginia governor’s race
VA cops violently arrested a reporter who covers Ed Gillespie. the video is ASTOUNDING.
I will not be able to vote for my old friend Ed Gillespie for governor. His pandering to racists & neo-Confederates is r…
Ed Gillespie is running one of the most vile campaigns I have seen in a long time. He really should be ashamed of himself.
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Ed Gillespie is a racist and should never hold office
Ed Gillespie was secretary of veterans affairs under George W - remember all the black mould at Walter Reed?
Ed Gillespie will be a great Governor of Virginia. His opponent doesn't even show up to meetings/work, and will be VER…
Ed Gillespie will bring the Trump agenda to Virginia. It will be nice to have Virginia, back in the conservative fold.
Ed Gillespie will turn the really bad Virginia economy around, and fast. Strong on crime, he might even save our g…
So what I'm hearing is that Ed Gillespie is a terrible choice for governor and his political caree…
No doubt Ed Gillespie developed a strong affinity for confederate monuments growing up in Pemberton Township, New Jersey.…
This is Flake saying he's not willing to be Ed Gillespie - with his race baiting ads - to win
Ed Gillespie is a white supremacist who is in bed with the kkk. If trump supports him you know he's a racist
Ed Gillespie is close to Paul Manafort & has had strong ties to Russia for years now. He would be an absolute disaster…
I agree, Stephen. I noticed this week I can't watch ANY youtube video w/o hearing an attack…
Ed Gillespie blaming Ralph for MS-13 violence is nothing more than a page from Trump's playbook.
Ed Gillespie's fear-mongering tactics are not Virginia values.
Please vote for Ralph Northam. Having Trump for president is stressful enoug…
WaPo calls out Gillespie for trying to "dupe and terrify Virginians." Is that what we want in our next Governor?. https…
The key point of this fascinating look by at Ed Gillespie's campaign for VA governor is that it could…
Mike Pence staged protest was just an appetizer. Ed Gillespie uses NFL commercial to go full Willie Horton on Ralph Northam
Ed Gillespie's baseless attacks are just that—baseless.
Pence to campaign for Ed Gillespie in southwest Virginia
Ed Gillespie wants Virginians to be very, very afraid -
Ralph Northam,who is running for Governor of Virginia,is fighting for the violent MS-13 killer gangs & sanctuary citie…
Ed Gillespie would end a woman's right to choose.
"I think we should have a statue of L. Douglas Wilder on the grounds of the capital." -Ed Gillespie on the first black governor in the US. 👏🏻
The only thing Ed Gillespie seems prepared to defend is Donald Trump.
I keep seeing ads from Ed Gillespie and I still know NOTHING about any of his stances except that he thinks Ralph Northam ***
I just watched this video of Ed Gillespie driving. Includes guest appearances by Bob McDonnell and Mark Obenshain
Ed Gillespie cuts lighthearted video to unveil transpo plan with cameos from Bob McDonnell and Michael Steele
Comcast raking in KOCH cash in Virginia race to support of Republican lobbyist Ed Gillespie money to lie about Ralph Northam
Ed Gillespie, Ralph Northam to appear at Times-Mirror forum |
Ed Gillespie spoke with Republicans in Rockingham County this weekend.
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Top story: Gubernatorial hopeful Ed Gillespie stops in Rockingham County see more
Today Gubernatorial hopeful Ed Gillespie talked with local Republicans in Rockingham County.
You are the party of white supremacist Nazis like Ken Cuccinelli, Ed Gillespie, Jill Vogel & the rest. We will smack you…
Democrat Ralph Northam has slight edge over Republican Ed Gillespie in Virginia governor’s race -
As they should be for Ed Gillespie who has to fool property owners in pipeline countie…
NEW VIDEO: You think Ed Gillespie believes women should make their own reproductive choices? Try again.
A new VCU poll shows Ralph Northam with a 5-point edge on Ed Gillespie in the governor's race
a Crap Gin the GOP has become. Science Lesson for Ed Gillespie via
Virginia Democrats call on gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie to cancel event with South Carolina AG Alan Wilson
Ed Gillespie truly wants to work for the people of Virginia Ralph Northa…
Virginia needs a governor who will oppose attacks on women's access to reproductive care. . (Hint: Ed Gillespie won't.) h…
How can I get so lucky?Going to be on a campaign alongside the Vice President!
.should immediately cancel their event with disgraced SC AG Alan Wilson.
Not so curious when you know Ed used to work for climate science deniers.
For yard signs, check here for the office closest to you!
I'm a strong supporter of our individual Second Amendment rights - proud to have earned the endorsement.
Ed Gillespie is an *** who cares not a whiff for women's health.
Hey if this thing doesn't work out, there's always a home for you in the Trump admin.…
Virginia Beach Young Republicans: Thank you to Ed Gillespie & Delegate Miyares for speaking at our meeting tonight. 🐘🇺🇸…
Conservative ed board calls out for ignoring climate change
.scheme to defund would cost thousands of Virginians access to the care they need.
.is determined to roll back women's access to reproductive care—even if it means hurting VA women.
He's dodged the question for years — but now it's confirmed: wants to "defund" Planned Parenthood.
Ed Gillespie's already proven that he has no problem rewriting electoral rules in his favor. We can't let that happen in…
Scott keep working on Virginia we gotta to elect Ed Gillespie, he wasn't my first pick but I'll very gladly b…
Corey Stewart still hasn't called Ed Gillespie to concede VA gov GOP nod, but acknowledged race is lost cause
Corey Stewart (R), Confederacy nostalgic running to right of Trump, trailing Ed Gillespie (R) 44%-42% w/ 53% of precincts r…
Dear GOP globalists:. Look at what Corey Stewart is doing to Ed Gillespie. You're all going to have primary challengers!
Corey Stewart crapping all over Ed Gillespie was the GOPs fear with Trump. Not 3rd party just sabotage.
Virginia primary: Ed Gillespie ekes out win to face Ralph Northam in governor’s race
Is it time for a tyranny of the radical moderates yet? Ed Gillespie and Ralph Northam hold back the Upstarts
Virginia Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, ex-RNC head Ed Gillespie to face off in gubernatorial race
Ed Gillespie projected to win unexpectedly tight primary for Va. governor over outspoken Trump ally Corey Stewart https…
BREAKING: CNN projects Ed Gillespie narrowly avoids an upset in the Virginia GOP Primary
Ed Gillespie survives a nail-biter with Corey Stewart, setting up a November face-off with Ralph Northam.
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Ed Gillespie wins the Republican nomination in Virginia's race for governor.
Ed Gillespie goes on Confederate Monuments and Ed hates you, White man.
tax plan cites same false premise you and use, giving Trump cuts cover.…
Nothing new in Virginia race. Ed Gillespie is also a Anti Trumper... They always look different in polls vs election day...
Candidate for the Republican nomination, Ed Gillespie, talked about his decision to run for governor
THANK YOU to my team Ed Gillespie Liz Mrtnz Katie Ashcraft Lexi Wynne kirstinn Anne yesterday for your attention...
"The Crossroads organizations were put together by Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie, former advisers to President...
I believe I speak for the majority. Fool us once (Trump) shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on US.
Post poll: Both Northam and Perriello have wide early leads over Ed Gillespie in general election
I wonder if VA Gov candidate Ed Gillespie knows that the group behind this pro-pipeline poll is paid by Dominion.…
Website Builder 728x90
Check out Ed Gillespie's plan to remove barriers to job creation!
FAKE NEWS! Except for the part that shows Ed losing to the Dems. That's real. Right, and
59% of Virginians disapprove of how Trump is doing his job, and it's hurting Ed Gillespie
VA-Gov: Ed Gillespie (R), Tom Perriello (D) placed first TV buys. Gillespie up tomorrow; Perriello on Friday. Join Ralph Northam (D) on air
Corey Stewart, Ed Gillespie race for Virginia governor shaping up as referendum on Trump
Only Corey Stewart can make Ed Gillespie look palatable to some by comparison.
Ed Gillespie in near win for 2012 Virginia Senate ran popular ads attacking HReid over push to change Redskins name.
Haley stumps for Virginia gubernatorial hopeful Gillespie, pushes for an inclusive GOP: Republican Ed Gillesp...
Is is possible to devise a less appealing convo than one between Nick Gillespie and Camille Paglia about higher ed?
The Democratic Party is getting very angry, and that came through clea...
"Keep it real like Lucas Gillespie.. The roads are cold. LOL
It is great to have on the Let's Grow VA Team! As she said, "Ed Gillespie is going…
Our party may have swung too far right at various times.
I accept people for who they are and love them. That doesn't mean I ha...
"Ed Gillespie is going to bring you back. Not just bring you back but lift you up.” -
Nikki Haley, Ed Gillespie say needs to be more welcoming via
Gov Haley, Ed Gillespie support Trump but say the 2017 gov hopeful will run an inclusive, policy-based campaign.
Despite GOP policies hostile to immigrants, - in tow - says party must be more welcoming
I believe we're the party of small business.
From say GOP needs to be more welcoming.
LIVE on SC Gov. Nikki Haley, GOP candidate for VA Governor Ed Gillespie talk to reporters in RVA
.Gov Nikki Haley at an event for Ed Gillespie -"I am excited for Virginia because there is no place to go but up!"
Ed Gillespie has lost the vote of citizens of the Confederate States of America.
Great to support Ed Gillespie for Governor today with South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. It's time we bring...
SC Gov. Nikki Haley will appear at an event with 2017 Va. GOP hopeful Ed Gillespie.
On the other side, I do believe that the rhetoric we are seeing from the De...
TODAY: to appear at event with 2017 Virginia gov hopeful Ed Gillespie
Ed Gillespie, R candidate for Virginia governor, just lost my vote for inviting Nikki Haley,liar & turncoat, to Va.
I think Karl Rove saw that in George W. Bush early on and understood the im...
Don't forget to register for our PAC event 5/17 @ 3pm in w Gov http…
MT Former RNC chairman: GOP shut out fr VA state offices for 1st time in 40 yrs
So I think that our foreign policy, the president's strong and principled l...
Well, my wife, Cathy Gillespie, worked for Joe Barton, who was running for ...
Good luck to team GRI-ED running in the 5km Colour Me Rad race this morning!
One is that President Clinton, in his first two years of his term, did not ...
The highest percentage of African Americans own their own homes today than ...
Thanks for link, we'll print. Doing lots of bee work with school groups at new bee ed centre in Gillespie Pk, next Arsenal tube
Former RNC chairman: GOP shut out from Va. statewide offices for first time in 40 yrs:
I just yelled at Ed Gillespie to get his attention @ Guy sitting near me called him next Governor of Virginia
BIG Problem for Imagine 1st pics in Air Force 1?
Be sure to make it out to my annual St. Patrick's Day event this Sunday, 5- 8 PM, joined by Ed Gillespie and Congresswoman Barbara Comstock!
We are seeing at the Republican National Committee a phenomenon that is wor...
I don't believe we're the party of big business.
I do not believe the American people are going to confuse hatred for passio...
Ed Gillespie lost his Virginia bid because the republican "establishment" didn't get behind him and campaign . Your analysis 👎🏻
I swear, Ed, Edd, and Eddy's musical scores were based off Dizzy Gillespie.
is not worthy of the bench. GOP getting him out of path to primary Ed Gillespie. *** Again, pardon my language.
Please join us for Wed Ed here at the Gillespie Conference Center on Sunday, March 13th at 11:00am!!...
I think one of the problems the Democrats have today is that they are an el...
Well, I think the Republican Party is the more populist party.
"Our neighbours and environments are not ‘resources’ they are family." Well said
Enron was a GOP baby, market deregulation. Fmr. RNC boss Ed Gillespie, an Enron man who ran for VA Gov.
"Another world is possible, indeed, it is on its way" Article by in Almanac
Mitt Romney and Ed Gillespie attending event for former Virginia Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, who undermined Ken...
So, how does Antarctica make you feel? Pole to Soul Part 7 from via
. You can't really mean that.Are you really that ill informed
. You really do need to resign from the Finance committee.
.won't say who he voted for. Are Ed & Karl Rove scheming behind closed doors?
As we have little debt, repayment is pretty certain.
I don't want to be disrespectful of the president of the United States, but...
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If you care about the environment you should watch this. We literally are what we eat | Ed Gillespie | TEDxHackney
Bosses who think of themselves as supermen and superwomen weaken their companies
Former White House adviser Ed Gillespie confirms plan to run for Virginia governor in 2017 race -
Ed Gillespie running for VA-GOV, like Virginia would ever elect a former party committee chair and lobbyist as gover--oh
Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, Ed Gillespie and Ken Mehlman are hosting a fundraiser for GOP candidate at t…
Ed Gillespie's campaign manager will help run the presidential campaign of in Virginia.
Ed Gillespie's former campaign manager to work for Scott Walker:
Ed Gillespie campaign manager to work for Scott Walker
Chris Leavitt, campaign manager for Ed Gillespie's 2014 Senate race, will consult in Va. for the Scott Walker presidential campaign.
Per Scott Walker picks up Ed Gillespie's campaign mgr in Virginia.
Politics swings like a pendulum. Ed Gillespie
Evolutionary medicine, Dr. Ross-Gillespie, meerkats and gallium. Long awaited good news out of Zurich.
I learned the game from ed gillespie you could never check me
PATHETIC!Is only way to describe Ed Gillespie on Bloomberg's "With All Due Respect" with Mark Halperin & John Heilemann tonight. UNPREPARED!
Exec. Dir. suggests alternative to top-down approach applied to US ed
Only Planet interview with global - travel through the world not just over it
Not to be missed - Ed Gillespie talks about 'Only Planet – a flight-free adventure around the world' Fisher Theatre.
A slow traveller and his global adventure | Ultra Vie Interview
Sparks flew yet again between Mark Warner and his challenger Ed Gillespie at a debate tonight
New poll adding Palin & Fiorina will shock CPAC needs more MSM exposure
‘Top Chef’ fan-favorite Kevin Gillespie to open meat-and-three in Decatur - Atlanta Business Chronicle
Ed Gillespie on why growing a beard is good for the environment and your wallet
Listen to Ed Gillespie speak about a flight free adventure around the world! Purchase your tickets now
If the GOP had a position on homosexuality consistent with personal liberty, Ed Gillespie and Scott Brown would have w…
Poll: Ed Gillespie closes in on Mark Warner We got this!
Who wins VA US Senatorial seat?? Mark Warner v. Ed Gillespie? Warner already declared narrow victory, but more votes to be counted.
In the Virginia Senate race, the Libertarians are doing what they do best - helping Democrats get elected. Mark Warner the Democrat has 12,000 more votes than Ed Gillespie the Republican. The Libertarian candidate has 53,000 votes. Arrgg!
In last night's electoral race for U.S. Senate, Mark Warner declared himself the victor over Ed Gillespie, who declined to concede.
Virginia, I am so disappointed in you. You could not see fit to fire Mark Warner. While Ed Gillespie is not the most perfect candidate, he at least would have been much better that the neo-statist you've just reelected!
Republicans are riding the crest of an election day wave that's sweeping them into full control of Congress. Republicans say it's a repudiation of President Obama's second-term policies. Six Democratic-leaning states, including Obama's home state, Illinois, and our neighbor to the north, Maryland, will soon have GOP governors. Here in Virginia, Democratic Senator Mark Warner is locked in a tight race with GOP challenger Ed Gillespie, a contest many thought the incumbent would easily win. With 99.65 percent of precincts reporting and more than 2 million one hundred seventy-three thousand votes tallied as of this morning, Warner leads by less than 17 thousand votes. Republican Dave Brat followed up his stunning primary victory over then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor by defeating Democrat Jack Trammell in the strongly Republican 7th District. Brat and Trammell both teach at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland.
Mark Warner is clinging to a small lead over Ed Gillespie in an unexpectedly tight Virginia Senate race.
Wow. In Virginia, the Senate race between Mark Warner (D) and Ed Gillespie (R) ended with Warner retaining a 0.6% lead--12,000 votes. There is a recount, but I'm also expecting a lawsuit--the local Republican Committee claimed to have at least ten locations of "uncalibrated election machines" in at least eight different counties--and they had the video to prove it. Voters also claimed that polling judges made excuses--one judge told the voter "he must be voting with his elbow." It grew so bad that Gillespie's campaign sent out a hotline number to as many voters as possible, probably in an attempt to document just how widespread the issue was. With a margin of only 12,000 votes...well, I get the feeling that both sides are going to be looking pretty closely at voter fraud.
Politico Playbook: Good Wednesday morning (if you're a Republican). BuzzFeed calls it the "RED WAVE." It rolled across the nation, time zone by time zone, with Republicans gaining 7 seats in the Senate (one more than needed for control), and netting an astonishing 13 in the House - shattering the 5-to-10 range that insiders had expected. Huge margin for Tom Cotton (R) in Arkansas: 17 points over Sen. Mark Pryor. In Iowa, Joni Ernst by 8! Cory Gardner by 5! Sen. Kay Hagan, a big Dem hope even after the polls closed, lost to Thom Tillis by 2. In Georgia, David Perdue beat Michelle Nunn by 8, avoiding a runoff. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Georgia's Democratic revolution is stillborn.") GOP governors won in deep-blue Maryland and Massachusetts, and the president's home state. A rare break for Dems was Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) holding on against Scott Brown, 52-48. Perhaps the night's biggest surprise: In a race that could have been a blowout, Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) has a tiny lead over Ed Gillespie, ...
Senator Mark Warner declared victory in a late night speech in Northern Virginia while holding onto a razor thin lead in his race, but challenger Ed Gillespie offered no concession in a speech moments later.
Worked the Oakton precinct yesterday as the Chief Election Officer where we had a very close race between Ed Gillespie and Mark Warner. It was a long day waking up at 0400 and finishing at 9:00 p.m.
Ed Gillespie gave Mark Warner a good run for the money. If it hadn't been for the Libertarian candidate taking 57000 votes Gillespie would have won outright.
Eight months later, Ed Gillespie hasn’t really gotten close to the leaked AAN poll that showed him down 6 in
Mark Warner claimed victory over Ed Gillespie late Tuesday night in the U.S. Senate race.
GOP wins Senate control, ready to confront Obama THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Published: November 5, 2014 WASHINGTON – Republicans claimed the Senate majority Tuesday for the first time in eight years, riding President Barack Obama’s unpopularity to victories in every part of the country. Republican challengers ousted Democratic senators in Arkansas, Colorado and North Carolina, and took seats from retiring Democrats in four other states. Equally important, Republicans held off spirited challengers in Kentucky, Georgia and Kansas, guaranteeing they will control both chambers of Congress for Obama’s final two years in office. In every contested race, Republicans tied their opponents to the president, whose fortunes have sagged since his re-election two years ago. Democrats awkwardly tried to distance themselves from Obama without denouncing him. Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who won a sixth term Tuesday, was almost assured of being elected by his colleagues as majority leader, a lifelong dream. His party ...
And we're off - Day 2 with Ed Gillespie Climate Change or Climate Weirding? - Changing Stories
Mr. Warner, a Democrat, claimed victory just after midnight Tuesday, but his Republican opponent, Ed Gillespie,...
Ed Gillespie clings to lead over Mark Warner
The biggest surprise of the night is happening in Virginia...
Happy Hump day. Hope you all did your civic duty yesterday. Now today on NewsChannel 8 and beginning at 5am, we give you all the results: We're still awaiting the results of Mark Warner/Ed Gillespie VA Senate race. Jeannette Reyes will be crunching the numbers this morning and John Gonzalez will have more on the upset in Maryland -- Larry Hogan is now the new governor. And of course we'll have more on new DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, referendum results and look at the national races -- it's all Vote 2014 results up in here! Join Kellye Lynn, Melanie Hastings, meteorologist Brian Van de Graaff and metro traffic's Angela Foster - your news team beginning at 5am.
Mark Warner, Ed Gillespie deadlocked in Virginia. Rooting for my friend & 43 alum via
Update: Ed Gillespie is now in the lead with 875 votes over Mark Horse Teeth Warner.
Trending on Google at the moment... good domain possibility?: Ed Gillespie
Virginia Sen. Warner has a very slight lead over Ed Gillespie with 92% reporting http:…
Warner, Gillespie deadlocked in Va. via for iPad the GOP dropped the ball on this one!
Few, if any lobbyists — GOP or Dem — thought Gillespie had a chance. Wow.
Could Ed Gillespie be the upset of the night?
Ed Gillespie regains the lead by 404 votes. This is not over, folks!
Ed Gillespie is back up 404 votes. 3 a.m. conference call. This is not over.
Good news is that he's less nauseating than or Ed Gillespie.
THANK GOD "Mark Warner (D) back in the lead over Ed Gillespie, 48.7%-48.6%, in with 99% in
How was this even close? "Mark Warner leads Ed Gillespie 48.8%-48.7% in with 99% reporting
Warner, Gillespie deadlocked in Va. via for iPad
If Ed Gillespie loses the election, expect him to run for Governor in 2017.
Mark Warner only leads Ed Gillespie by 12,150 votes. I'm still amazed at how close this race is.
.News will not project the Virginia Senate race between Mark Warner & Ed Gillespie tonight. It is too close to proje…
Big win for & tonight Hoping Ed pulls out a win in VA Great believer in
Mark Warner, Ed Gillespie in tight US Senate race in Virginia - Washington Post
Nah. They will probably best themselves up for neglecting to smear Ed Gillespie or Larry Hogan.
“Ed Gillespie has told supporters to get a good night sleep and we'll take it up in the morning. REC…
Election results VPAP Ed Gillespie defeated for his support of amnesty. Gillespie without antiObama can't win ever.
Ed Gillespie’s real opponent in Virginia’s Senate race was Obama, not Mark Warner
Gillespie adviser Mark Obenshain: “This race is not going to be decided until the last vote is counted.”
Mark Warner barnstorms with J. Warner, Boucher, Manchin in homestretch. Ann Romney to join Ed Gillespie, Barbara Comstock for Monday rally.
Did you catch Ed Gillespie's ad during Monday Night Football? Think it'll help his bid?
You remember that time Ed Gillespie was going to be the Hero who toppled the Dread Mark Warner?
Get rid of the Obama (Mark Warner) Clone in Virginia and vote Ed Gillespie!
"Ed Gillespie, one of the Republican establishment's most respected advisers and powerful fundraisers, badly trails in the race for campaign cash and has asked television stations to stop running his ads for Senate with just three weeks left before Election Day," CBS News reports. "Reports filed with the Federal Communications Commission show Gillespie's campaign cancelling or drastically reducing the amount of money it plans to spend on television ads in coming days. At the same time, political operatives who track television advertising said Thursday that Gillespie does not have ads reserved in the final push toward the Nov. 4 elections."
Ed Gillespie, although I never thought he had a chance.
Enjoying a great campaign rally with Dave Brat and Ed Gillespie in Fredericksburg, VA.
They largely go into the trash. I've gotten at least 10 "win lunch with Marco Rubio" emails and at least 20 from Ed Gillespie.   10% Off
Republican Senate candidate Ed Gillespie introduced his tax reform plan today, pushing to lower the corporate tax rate to 25 percent, do away with sales taxes on health insurance under the Affordable Care Act and replace the Earned Income Tax Credit with one that encourages people to stay employed.
John Feehery works for lobbyists Quinn Gillespie ,as in Jack Quinn, Clinton's lawyer and Ed Gillespie , Teller to Rove's Penn
Ed Gillespie has released a new ad hitting Democratic Sen. Mark Warner for his use of private jets.
Ed Gillespie the opposite of Virgil Goode. Gillespie is bringing more Muslims. Where does he get them? Gaza, Iraq, Libya.
Only Planet by Ed Gillespie, book review: Allow world's flaws and beauty to ... - The Independent
Ed Gillespie, Jill Vogel, Barbara Comstock and others at Miller Marker Orchards in Frederick County.
Former presidential adviser and lobbyist Ed Gillespie clinched the Republican nomination at the state party convention Saturday and will face Democratic Sen. Mark Warner in the general election in November.
Back from the State Republican Convention. Ed Gillespie is our nominee for the Virginia Senate running against Mark Warner the Obama-bot Virginia Senator. Shak Hill who gave Ed a run for his money characterizes Mark Warner as Harry Reid without the personality. Ed Gillespie and Shak Hill both ran admirable and civilized campaigns for the nomination. When Ed was winning solidly Shak ask that Ed be declared the winner by acclamation and it was done. Now On To The General Election To Take Back Virginia And Government Sanity Before We Are All Eating Gruel And Wallowing In Squalor Brought On By The Democrats.
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