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Ed Balls

Edward Michael Balls, (born 25 February 1967) is a British Labour politician, who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Morley and Outwood since 2010, and is the current Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer.

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Bookies predict Ed Balls will appear on Celebrity Big Brother 2017 after Strictly success
Labour of love: Ed Balls to star on Celebrity Big Brother 2017 after Strictly success? - International…
After Strictly, is Ed Balls set for Celebrity Big Brother house next year?
- Len Goodman is told off for poking fun at Ed Balls' weight on live TV
- Strictly judge Len Goodman pokes fun at Ed Balls's weight on TV but admits fan favourite COULD win
Former MP Ed Balls and Sky Sport pundit Chris Kamara ready for...
Worst run since Hamilton days in 2000, and not a squeak out of the board. Ed Balls booted off strictly too, it's all going Pete Tong.
Ed Balls exit from again showed up the limitations of centrist ideology. Here's my hot take why.
whole family loved your performance. My wife said that only way I can vote for Labour if Ed Balls becomes the Labour leader.
Strictly themed day out for Teresa Howarth and her patient Zain Ghani who met Ed Balls at a Stammering Network meeting https:/…
Nine lessons for teachers from Ed Balls on Strictly via so funne *…
Ed Balls being desperately charming + neatly succinct about life, politics + dance
it'll be peachy and Ed Balls is god ;)
A smooth brexit. Ed Balls can dance it.
Bilderberger/Blairite Ed Balls will get re-elected in the next Safe Labour Seat. While MSM go to great lengths to facili…
Ed Balls sparks hopes of political comeback after Strictly exit
All purpose parts banner
Gosh. Honey G & Ed Balls both out in a single night. How much disappointment can a man bear.!
Honey G out of x factor & Ed Balls out of strictly . reality tv should be fun not take itself two seriously
For once a British politician has brought joy to the nation
Ed Balls not realising the analogy between Trump and the Apprentice, and him and Strictly. Ed's electable now…
Ed Balls tipped for Commons return by Labour MPs after Strictly exit
Farewell Ed Balls, you were the light we needed in 2016
I know I rant a lot about Strictly... 😳 however I just have to post about the mighty Ed Balls. From being the...
We have missed out on Ed Balls doing this on next week. Sigh. 😭
Ed Balls says goodbye to Strictly as only he can - with one last Gangnam Style!.
Start the campaign: Ed Balls for Prime Minister - the Labour Party needs you!!
surprise us all and get Ed Balls and Honey G in the jungle this week..
Ed Balls tipped for House of Commons return by Labour MPs after Strictly Come Dancing
Ed Balls has worked out the secret to public popularity. Could he be a future leader of his party?
"How you feeling about Ed Balls leaving Strictly?"
Good Evening - we're going to dance our way through the next hour (like Ed Balls) Do take the f…
Strictly Come Dancing: Ed Balls left shocked by Zoe Ball's request to perform the Gangnam ...
Ed Balls has clearly not changed the habit of a lifetime by hanging around for ages being fairly rubbish and not actually win…
Ed Balls wary of return to politics despite public backing in Strictly
3% of people who YouGov identify as Conservatives, want Ed Balls to be PM. How is that even possible?
Ed Balls won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally*. *this is a joke,
Ed Balls would still be in if you deduct the votes of millions of people who voted illegally.
Sorry if its already been asked. Ed Balls are you going to try either CBB or I'm a Celebrity next year. You would be great
Ive long ranted celb shows are forgiveness factories and 2nd chance generators for ppl best forgot. Case in point.
Rosie Boycott interviews Ed Balls - funny anecdotes about being voted out
Ed Balls and Honey G both sent home in the same week! And Saturday nights just got boring.
Ed Balls thinks he popular enough now after dancing like my Grandad, to get re elected as an MP. . This was the plan. . What a d…
Ed Balls - please don't return to politics after Strictly Come Dancing.
Breaking: legal bid launched at High Court to prevent Ed Balls' exit from being triggered without Parliamentary ap…
Coming up w/ & -> Single Market, the cost of IVF, Ann Widdecombe on Ed Balls & groundhog lunches.
No! Ed Balls and Katya Jones are the tenth couple to leave Strictly Come Dancing
Ed Balls is the tenth celebrity to leave Strictly Come Dancing after tense dance off with…
Ed Balls leaves Strictly Come Dancing after 'fabulous three months'.
Ed Balls becomes the tenth celebrity to get the axe on Strictly Come Dancing as MP's luck finally runs out -……
Strictly Come Dancing, week 10 results show: Ed Balls eliminated after dance-off defeat to Judge Rinder
Ed Balls got just as far as Ann Widdecombe, while actually dancing.
We've got rid of Ed Balls on if we get rid of Honey G on &Martin off then we are killing 2 birds with 1 stone😂
Brendan Cole's Strictly Come Dancing column: 'It's a real shame Ed Balls has gone – but it's not a conspiracy'
I'm just gobsmacked that people are upset Ed Balls gone from Strictly. He was embarrassingly bad. Almost as bad as Ann Widdecombe.
Could you imagine the uproar if Honey G won x factor, Ed Balls won strictly and Martin won Im a Celebrity.
Ed Balls the people's champion - didn't that used to be Tony Benn, oh no Nigel Benn
Super Dooper Bright Spangly with Anne Widdecombe, Ed Balls, Nick Clegg + the Cowell...least more Mil…
Fun fact - if Ed Balls gets to Week 11 he's the most successful politician on the show. Ann Widdecombe went out in week 10 in 2010.
Ed Balls respects dance and learning, unlike Anne Widdecombe's vulgar antics. He gets my vote for that reason.
Martin in I'm a Celeb is going to be like Ed Balls in Strictly and Honey G in X Factor...
The UK is on the ball with voting this year: left the EU, Honey G's in X factor, Martin's in the jungle and Ed Balls is in Strictly...Nice
For those voting for Martin. You got Ed Balls. You got Honey G. You got Brexit. Can you please not let the public enjoy I'm a celeb
noo Danny over Martin? really? is Martin gonna be the next HoneyG and Ed Balls 🙄
I have a feeling Martin might not be voted off I think he might be the Ed Balls or Honey G of the jungle 😂😂
Everyone speaking in such warm terms about Ed Balls. Isn't something to do with dancing, or do I have it wrong?
I wish a guest would go on Takes Two and go "Ed Balls is awful, not entertaining, and should've gone weeks ago!" . I am available.
Watching the vibe is: Ed Balls should be stuffed and made into a national mascot we all have to queue up and kiss and worship
Strictly Come Dancing star Katya Jones believes she CAN grab the glitterball trophy with…
Ed Balls was enjoying those samba rolls a little too much with Danny Mac!
NO I did not just see ED Balls doing samba rolls. A warning next time please.
At 6 with Elizabeth - Former shadow chancellor Ed Balls says he wants to perform his 'steamy rumba' on Strictly
this is why Germany could never have an Ed Balls on Strictly moment
Former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has admitted he's found his "inner Beyonce" on
Thought of the day: Ed Balls needs to stay on and dance to Shakira's Whenever Wherever.
Ed Balls says he's found his "inner Beyonce" after 10 weeks on Strictly Come Dancing and says he'd love to get a 7…
Saturday wish. Ed Balls gets knocked off Strictly & his team go down at Derby. . Not much really.!! 🐑⚽️🐑
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Here' s a preview of my interview with in The Telegraph's Saturday magazine: via
In which discovers that has found his "inner Beyonce"
Ed Balls says he'd help May make Brexit a success. Ultimate trolling would be to make him ambassador to Washington.
Yvette Cooper reveals the one downside to Ed Balls' Strictly Come Dancing success
well if Ed Balls survives another week it makes even more of a mockery of a so say dancing competition
Ed Balls: 'I really want to do the rumba. I think I might be able to deliver romance through dance in a way we've never quite seen before.'
IFS confirms that Hammond will be borrowing more than Ed Balls would have done. 😡. Remember that next time the Tories talk about the economy
PROOF that there is a Strictly Come Dancing / Ed balls FIX!?
This was the teaching panel (including Ed Balls via phone) for the class I had today on the financial crisis. Truly…
Representing the UK, Strictly champion Ed Balls mesmerises the crowd & the watching world with his unique dancing style...
We found out some exciting news about and what he would be doing if not Full interview here…
Lauren on TV : Tennis tournaments and why Ed Balls must not resign
Brexit, Trump, Honey G, Ed Balls, Martin. imagine what odds you would have got on this all winning!!
Strictly Come Dancing 2016: Darcey Bussell denies plot to get rid of Ed Balls
Shoulda stood up to Brown/Balls & pushed Ed. There's a big idea ready to go.
Just got off the phone to producers asking if I can can have the Ed Balls slot next year after Theresa sacks…
In a universe where Trump is the Apprentice president & Ed Balls is the darling of Strictly, little seems impossible
We have an exclusive interview with to see the full interview click here htt…
Vote of confidence for manager ahead of clash
Ed Balls: 'If May asked me to help work, I’d do it'. FFS. Look at me, look at me, on TV. Fame at any price. .
More info from Ed Balls on Ricky Martin taking control of the football recruitment department at
Former judge Arlene Phillips backs Ed Balls on Strictly Come Dancing as she praises his ‘great performance skills’
Strictly Come Dancing star Ed Balls reveals he cranks up ‘Ibiza club anthems’ to get ready for his high-octane per… http…
No Jo Cox editorials in The Sun, Daily Mail or Daily Express today (last had Ed Balls on Strictly though)
Strictly Brendan: 'Ed Balls should get more credit!' via
Strictly Come Dancing: is it time for an all-out anti-Ed Balls campaign?
Ed Balls has a mandate. The British people voted for him to remain. Stop being anti-democratic.
Strictly Come Dancing fans call for Ed Balls to quit after he survives over Greg Rutherford Grapes. just *** /LYS
What`s on in - Strictly Come Dancing 2016: Why Norwich City chairman Ed Balls should stay in (or even wi...
Strictly Come Dancing 2016, week 9 Blackpool results: Greg Rutherford eliminated as Ed Balls jives into last six…
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Meanwhile distraction of Ed Balls going nicely aided and abetted by BBC.
Ppl are surprised that Ed Balls is still in In a world where UK leaves Europe and Trump is POTUS Elect...
That and Ed Balls star jumping with sass.
Honey G and Ed Balls will both win and 2016 will be the last year the public were trusted to vote on ANYTHING.
Ed Balls could WIN Strictly Come Dancing insists Craig Revel-Horwood as he admits he wouldn’t be upset if politici… http…
Monday's wants songs for Ed Balls. What you got??. next.
The way Ed Balls' popularity is soaring, Jeremy Corbyn must be seriously considering
ok enough of the joke Ed Balls, especially when better dancers are being knocked out ...
I was showing Gagan a video of Ed Balls doing Gangnam on Strictly when the 7.8 earthquake hit. Coincidence? I think not
Ivysaur has been seen playing on top of Ed Balls.
Don't mind me. Just going to be watching this part of Ed Balls routine on a loop.
Ed Balls should've been gone not Greg & Natalie
Ed Balls will win Strictly. Honey G will win the No Talent Show. Move along.
Kirk Cousins almost punched the ref in the balls...Ref brought his hands down quick!! I'M DEAD
Strange that people love Ed Balls as a fairly iffy dancer, but voted him out of his seat as a very good MP.
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I set myself one task, which was to get Labour on to the front foot, back i...
Update: it is 4am + I am probably going to miss this deadline, probably bc I watched too many videos of Ed Balls dancing instead of writing
He is on fire! Ed Balls has made it to yet another week on Well done and What will they do next…
Thats the safe Christmas bet to put on at the bookies - Ed Balls to win and Honey G to win A COMPLETE FARCE
Orange Oral History Group talk about the good old days of dance halls and tennis matches.
he's not funny, he's showing character, honesty, commitment. He's an inspiration. Ed Balls, .
Besides they're more worried about making Ed Balls dance to Gangnam Style. I don't understand this network...
Old School Party - Danny Mac scores first perfect 40 of series, Ed Balls bottom – but will he survive?
The X Factor 2016: Movie Week as it happened – Honey G calls out Ed Balls - Radio Times
If Ed Balls wins Strictly ! It will perfectly sum up how awful 2016 has been !
I am angry too that Greg has gone. It's ridiculous that Ed Balls is still there.
Look at this cruel impression of disgraced Ed Balls as slug, circa 5 Sep. ur balls are full of slime, spaffed dail…
Goodness gracious Ed Balls on fire: Strictly star…
I don't care about Ed's Balls oops I got that slightly wrong 😳😱😂
Ed Balls is a parable of Brexit: the will of the people is clear but the elite experts think they know better.
If Ed Balls doesn’t win Strictly, then 2016’s *only* redeeming features will be A Moon Shaped Pool and finally getting a job.
If Ed Balls descending 40ft on a flaming piano doesn't revive Labour's vote in the north, nothing will.
June : UK votes to leave EU. Nov : US vote Trump in as President. Dec : Ed Balls voted by UK to win
Just caught up with all I can say is thank God for Ed Balls, the unlikely hero of 2016
Given how well widely unqualified, bafflingly appealing, straight, middle-aged, white men are doing this year, Ed Balls might win.
The establishment feels threatened and wants vote result annulled. But the will of the people must be respected
Just catching up with and OMG Ed Balls is coming back!!!
I would watch a film where David Attenborough leads a team comprising Ed Balls, Andy Murray and a small lizard in order to s…
40 days left to the end of 2016, and I can't wait to see the back of it. Brexit, Trump, Ed Balls on Strictly. Like a terrifying acid trip.
Goodness gracious Ed Balls on fire: Strictly star now third favourite to win -
SCD fans call for Balls quit after survives over Rutherford More rallying against a democratic vote for him to stay?
Amazeballs! Go Here's why I think he could save British politics
This is simply brilliant can 2016 get any more better in terms of entertainment 😂😂
I've found Ed Balls jolly entertaining on but enough now. Last night's jive was more Highland Fling
thinks she's going to be a top rapper. Ed Balls just called her out. Reminds me of the beef Ann Widdicombe had with Kanye.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Ed Balls on Strictly is everything Ann Widdicombe dreamed of being
Strictly in Blackpool? If this isn't used as an opportunity to throw Ed Balls off the North Pier, then they're missing a trick 😂
Ed Balls. Anne Widdecombe. Strictly should be renamed as Redemption in Progress.
Ed Balls: Bank of England's independence should be reined in
Is Balls the best UK politics has to offer? “Glitter sweet: can Ed Balls save British politics?”. (Guardian)
that Ed Balls on Strictly Come Dancing is the best thing that has happened in the last few weeks?
Anton Du Beke is backing Ed Balls to win Strictly Come Dancing for the best reason
Bank of England independence needs reining in, says Ed Balls - News & Star
Craig Revel Horwood dismisses Strictly 'racism' and backs Ed Balls to win -
Thousands turn out to watch Ed Balls turn on the Christmas lights in Norwich (Google)
I had a dream last night that I was happily married to Ed Balls. Whoever's in charge of my subconscious deserves a pay rise.
Ed Balls enters stage left with decent idea on central bank independence READ MORE
The mastermind behind the Bank of England's independence now has second thoughts - Business Insider
Andrew Fisher urged people to vote Class War against Labour in 2015 & celebrated Ed Balls losing to Tories. He's now Labour head of policy.
Using airport WiFi in Korea to watch Ed Balls to Gangnam Style on Strictly, is what the Internet is for.
They corrected it, it for me at end of Ed Balls was on their own good at the dots sure in Virginia. She absolutely could
Anti-establishment movement growing. .first Brexit..then Donald Trump..what next? Ed Balls gets the glitter ball?
Ed Balls says Bank of England can't go dancing it's own tune. It needs to be in step with the government.
Ed Balls: I was traumatised after messing up first Strictly dance
Strictly: 'It is really, really special' - Strictly Come Dancing star and Norwich City chairman Ed Balls on ...
Mate i'm on 3/3. Brexit,Trump and Ed Balls still in .
Muk was seen hiding in front of Ed Balls.
Ed Balls: Bank of England independence should be curbed
Thumbs up for Norwich’s Christmas lights switch on as Strictly Come Dancing’s Ed Balls flicks the switch.
ALEX BRUMMER: Back to the Future for Ed Balls (but it's quite hard to see him as a serious policymaker again)
I got to watch Ed Balls Gangnam Styling in person, in Norwich, tonight.
Ed Balls calls for curbs to Bank of England independence. Isn't it enough that the UK will soon be world leader of free trade…
A man who celebrated when a Tory beat Ed Balls in 2015 and told a public meeting of 'bloody fantasies' of beating up a Lab…
In recent weeks, Gove has expressed his love for Ed Balls, and his respect for a Scottish Nationalist. Madness.
Ed Balls said it is not impossible that Corbyn may stand down before the next general election
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
.Ed Balls did not initiate independence of Bank of England. Plans were drawn up under Ken Clarke in
You follow her? Good god... You'll be telling me you fancy Ed Balls next? :-s
Ed Balls is still surfing the wave of public support on
I'm afraid is a soap opera 'political' TV. John Lewis ad shown? UKIP on every week for ratings? Ed Balls on
Holgorsen (unknowingly mic'ed up) asks ref: "We got a penalty because our guy has balls and their's doesn't?"
Don't mind me, just going to be watching Ed Balls doing Gangnam Style on repeat all evening.
Ed Balls goes Gangnam Style. It has to be seen to be believed.
A fascist lunatic rises in the west as we stare at the haunting jiggling form of Ed Balls desperately dancing for an ember of relevancy.
I wish I could cocoon myself in the feeling of pure joy that is Ed Balls doing the sideways shuffle
Ed Balls winning votes unconventionally due to a popular upsurge at tired format in spite of expert opinions on his ability,…
So this is where is after a tumultuous 2016: " Ed Balls bottom after Gangnam Style salsa..." (Telegraph).
Never mind Ed Balls, full respect to the singers who are literally singing in Korean. Amazing.
Ed Balls breaks the internet with Strictly Gangnam Style performance:
The seven best celeb versions of Gangnam Style - until Ed Balls takes the stage - BT Sport (press release)…
a room of 18 year old girls are currently SCREAMING IN JOY at ed balls on strictly I had not lived until that performa…   10% Off
Ed balls. For allowing us to laugh at you. Thank you.
I don't know who Ed Balls is, but every time I see his name I think of Professor Auguste Balls and smile. :)
Ed Balls on Strictly is the best smile I've had in days.
Ed Balls. Oh my. Well hou can't say you haven't been entertained lol
Why try to show balls now Ed? All you had to do was say Labour didn't cause the 'Financial Crisis' which we didn't…
The judges can say what they want, but Ed Balls is doing things I would never even attempt on that dancefloor!
So awesome ⚡️ “Everyone is here for Ed Balls and Gangnam Style”.
In an alternate reality, Chancellor Ed Balls takes a call from President-Elect Clinton.
I want everyone to know that in last year's general election I voted for the legendary Ed Balls and he continues to make me proud I did so
You have to credit Ed Balls, amongst all this mess he really is making a name for himself.
If Ed Balls had Jack's bum - the world would be a different place.
now ed balls can't dance in the same way honey g can't sing, But he is what u call entertaining, honey g is repetitive! 😊
Home from work & catching up on Ed Balls dancing to Gangam Style may be one of the best things I've ever seen...
The juxtaposition of Ed Balls on Strictly and Farage at Trump Tower is apt distillation of 2016.
Ed Balls to win Those lifts!Come on let's bring some good to 2016
Ok so I don't normally watch Strictly but just caught Ed Balls doing 😳. He certainly had some moves 😂😂
I thought Ed Balls was good at making a fool of himself in public then I remembered Clinton losing to Trump took things to a new level 😂
18 months since seismic UK Election. Ed Balls is a darling of the people, Farage Britain's man in the new White House and…
Thanks to Ed Balls for making me smile for the first time in days.
don't phone it's just for fun. It could be worse. Ed Balls could be a dancing star. Oh, wait...
Ed Balls brightens up everyone's week with his Strictly Gangnam Style - The Dumbarton and Vale of Leven Reporter
I just watched the clip of Ed Balls doing Gangnam Style on strictly. I don't think I'll ever sleep again.
Hi I'm Ed Balls and I'm here to save 2016!
Is there a triple accumulator on: Ed Balls winning Strictly, Marine Le Pen winning France and the return of Cthulhu?
Reminder to everyone that Ed Balls is an ex-politician who is now doing in a dancing competition, doing the salsa to Gangnam Style.
Nigel Farage met Trump today. Ed Balls did this. I think it's fair to say liberalism has taken a pasting in 2016
"Up next Ed Balls will be doing the salsa to Gangnam Style" a sentence I'd never thought I'd hear
Ed Balls doing needs to be enjoyed across the world
Ed Balls performs 'best worst dance' on Strictly Come Dancing
Each week, Ed Balls sacrifices his dignity to heal the wounds of this divided land. Thank you, Ed Balls. Thank you.
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The year is 2016. Donald Trump has been elected president, Brexit is underway and Ed Balls is dancing to Gangnam Style on S…
Ed Balls doing Gangnam Style is the TV moment of the year.
Ed Balls is doing Gangnam Style whilst Farage meets the next president.
The fire is roaring, the wine flowing & just watched Ed Balls smash Gangnam Style. Does It get any better?!
It's 2am and I really should sleep but somehow I'm watching Ed Balls do Gangnam Style. Well played, internet.
Ed Balls doing Gangnam Style made my day. He's a decent dancer and that was an awful song to salsa to but it was brilliant!
Ed Balls revs up horsepower with Gangnam Style bid for Strictly Blackpool trip - Greenock Telegraph
Nigel Farage is in Trump tower meeting the president and former shadow chancellor Ed Balls is dancing Gangnam Style on
This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but with Ed Balls doing Gangnam Style on Strictly.
Ed Balls' Strictly Gangnam Style leaves judges stunned and viewers in tears
Strictly Come Dancing judges left speechless as Ed Balls performs to Gangnam Style
Trump is President, Bake Off leaves BBC, and Ed Balls is the world's greatest entertainer.
1) There's precedent: Ann Widdicombe lasted 10 weeks, Ed Balls has only lasted 7 so far.
Ed Balls is the unofficial star of I hope he stays in this week
Ed Balls just out Trumped politics - That was the Best dance since Ann Widdicombe was flung across the floor by Ant…
can you jib making Ed Balls do comedy stuff when he's taking the competition seriously?
REMEMBER YOUR FREE VOTES... and I have a bet on Ed Balls, Honey G and Carol Vorderman winning. Use your free votes wisely. 😀
Ed Balls will now win Strictly and Honey G will win the X Factor!
This is like voting for Ed Balls, because he looks funny. Only the consequences are a bit worse than a few hours of faint nausea.
Let's focus on the positives. I'm pretty certain this means it's the year that Ed Balls wins Strictly.
So I guess we just found out who's been voting for Honey G and Ed Balls too
now watch as Ed Balls wins strictly. Worlds gone mad
Michael J. Fox speaks out about his Parkinson's disease, and more about Ed Balls moves on Strictly. Annie Green...
don't forget Leicester winning the premier league. And Ed Balls will win strictly
After leicester winning the title, Brexit and now Twump as president I am putting money on Ed Balls to win strictly...
And with that likely result in US, put your money on Ed Balls winning
Ed the Sock blocked me too. He is a coward who can't handle a leader with balls.
I'm going to call it now, Ed Balls will win
maybe a trip to the Strictly spray tan booth has improved Ed Balls chances of a come-back?
Bunch of divisive sneaks. They have some pair of balls.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
It's one thing to vote for Ed Balls on for a laugh, quite another to.whaaat have you done America?
(while voting for Ed Balls and Honey G)
All bets are now off Ed Balls winning strictly and Chico winning X factor.
let's get a 5 point ACCA going with Ed Balls & Honey G
You people who are voting to keep Ed Balls on this is how your journey ends. Stop the madness.
I really wish I didn't submit a write-in vote for Ed Balls.
Why was I dreaming about Ed Balls, weird
I'm putting money on Ed Balls winning Strictly.
2016 has been quite the year for shock results. I'm off to put money on Ed Balls to win Strictly.
Hey - what have you got on Ed Balls' chance of winning Strictly?
I swear i love this guy but he is absolutely crazy! This guy has done a madness on the charts tonight! BALLS DEEP LMAO
US election,Q why are so many apparently-educated people voting for such a grotesque individual"come on! Ed Balls is trying his best
I think 'Who'd vote for someone named Trump?' . But I would unconditionally vote for Ed Balls, so
ed balls proves that they all just actors when ya get down 2 it .,. Why we allow 2 be controlled by such bigots is beyond me
Waking up after 1 hour sleep on freezing sofa in damp basement to see grim faced Ed Balls' speech was a particular low point.
If Trump does win, the only remaining thing 2016 can do is give Ed Balls the win on Strictly!
Strictly Come Dancing: Ed Balls set to salsa to…
Don't really do animals but 1for Prince Harry ...and is it just me or Ed Balls Strictly htt…
Ed Balls makes a Korea move as he reprises Gangnam Style dance for Strictly
too bad we won't get to see ppl like Ed Balls tonight :(
Strictly Come Dancing's Craig Revel Horwood has a warning for Ed Balls: 'If he's in the bottom two, he's out'
Theresa May should call a snap election before Ed Balls does Gangnam Style on next week. Otherwise he'll be Pri…
Strictly's Craig Revel Horwood gives Ed Balls a 'D for desperate' but admits he really could win the show
Craig Revel Horwood has something VERY interesting to say about Ed Balls .
judges 'want Ed Balls to quit as he makes mockery of series'
I honestly think Ed Balls dancing in Labour leader Gary Lineker's pre-election broadcast is our only hope now.
'You're actually improving!': Ed Balls gets his highest Strictly score
If you were half as good as Ed Balls dancing at being a leader people might start taking you more than a joke
Best Sellers in Political Parties. Speaking Out: Lessons in Life and Politi... by Ed Balls…
Who'd have thought Ed Balls's greatest success would be reuniting the post-Brexit political world through the medium of da…
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The press is already neutered. Nobody has the balls to do real news coverage or investigate journalism anymore.
Ed Balls looks quite handsome tonight and im not drunk or on meth
Shock information has emerged about star Ed Balls
Former Strictly pro James Jordan reveals Ed Balls is his favourite contestant via
You may not like Ed Balls or Brown but seriously do these recorded stats look like overspending?
Jeremy Corbyn too scared for Strictly Come Dancing, reveals Ed Balls - Daily Star
When the history of 2016 is written, let the rise of Ed Balls as the nations hero not be forgotten
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