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Economic Policy

Economic policy refers to the actions that governments take in the economic field. It covers the systems for setting interest rates and government budget as well as the labor market, national ownership, and many other areas of government interventions into the economy.

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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former US Assistant Secretary to the Treasury for Economic Policy
Kentucky Center for Economic Policy on benefits of Medicaid expansion
China must explain its economic policies more clearly, Jack Lew says
Foreign Policy helped FDI go up by 40% n India has jumped 16 spots on World Economic Forum’s Global Competitive…
Submit your paper to this Special Edition - Reconfiguring urban lifestyle: the paradigm shift in urban transport
Paul Krugman tells Donald Trump is 'completely incoherent on economic policy.'
See also: economic growth under Reagan (not as good as Clinton), Labour welfare policy (not that generous at all)
Could be the next economic bubble to burst?
Hillary" l Bring Back Bill "2 revitalizing the economy, x turning his economic policy over to Wall Street & de regulate the Banks,terrible
Last monetary policy statement by an RBI Governor? Over to panel. viaThe Economic Times App.
'Fred Bergsten: Every major US trade initiative has been driven by Foreign Policy concerns, including
Resigned myself to the fact that I'm the Suez Crisis is the only turning point I know. Economic policy? Suez. Society? Suez.
I thought the Bush economic policy was a disaster. We lost 500,000 pri...
The housing crisis is not down to immigration; it is UK economic policy that has inflated house prices.
Best hair and economic policy in the game
Sanctions are a tool of Foreign Policy and change often, adding to the compliance challenges companies face.
Still waitin on my people to seriously consider using monetary policy brutality settlements to establish economic & polit…
“What is certain is monetary policy is not on a preset course” -
And unlike with disability and illness policy, these economic policies are actually supported by empirical evidence
Yellen Says Latest Jobs Report Raises Questions About Economic Outlook: ... of monetary policy will ...
"For me the balance of arguments is clear: the economic and Foreign Policy costs of leaving are large"
I don't want a Tory PM stood next to Harriet Harman and the Green Party oddballs telling me about sensible economic policy.
The slippery slopes of economic policy
If I were making the decision I would want all of those points of view, including economic, defense, Foreign Policy
I still like much of his economic policy, but not his person. He became an ultra cuck with pandering to minorities.
On says Donald Trump is "completely incoherent on economic policy." https:…
Not much reaction in the markets to Fed Chair Yellen's speech on economic outlook and monetary policy.
Complexity and Economic Policy: A Paradigm Shift or a Change in Perspective? .
dlbelarus: Belarus President receives credentials of foreign ambassador: … is one of Belarus' economic policy pri…
Fed chief dodges question on whether Trump as president could destroy the global economy
PM Modi has transformed India’s Foreign Policy from obscurity to prominence: now India is an economic, political and c…
Both the Tories & campaigns show that the right still confuses racism for social & economic policy
in stasis."Ideals" hover over crash site of policy failures esp. foreign + economic, an inability to refo…
Government announces policy to make Delhi 'solar city' - The Economic Times
No need to wait for Yellen speech. Brainard spilled the beans Friday No hikes, June or July ht…
China, U.S. will further enhance economic policy coordination: China finance minister -
People are just realize that doesn't economics now? .
Reminder: Rick Santorum Is Also Terrible on Economic Policy [xpost from /r/republican]
Thats from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy on the Bush Tax Cuts
In fact, I have a question. What was Jonathan's Administration's Economic Policy?
The Biggest Obstacle to Michele Obama’s War on Obesity is President Obama’s Economic Policy. -
It's now 1yr since Buhari won d presidential election, he does not have an Economic Policy or an Economic Team. What does…
Our friends at the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy say: "Find out what's at stake for the Commonwealth this...
3 yr old article but still interesting - U.S. lags behind peer countries in mobility | Economic Policy Institute
Lower interest rates and/or weaker are likely ahead across Read our outlook:
AUD/USD currently at levels unseen since '09, falling over 20% in the past 12mo.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
This economic suicide pact was entered into on premise monetary policy alone could generate the necessary inflation as Friedman promised.
: Not so. is a result of government's failure to support & family, & good social-economic policy.
Rand and Trumps immigration policy are the all but identical and there economic policy both involve cutting taxes
Congrats on the new gig ! They are getting a fantastic economic and policy analyst!
Bernie Sanders economic policy...everything is free
That's incorrect short-term policy was the word used. Economic growth must come first.
Our setting out our economic policy, in an absolutely barnstorming speech to h…
The ongoing epidemic of corporate crime. By Dean Baker is co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy...
Advice from the on how to implement a smart policy
There's a stunning unreality to the right-wing attack on John Boehner as insufficiently conservative. On issues like economic policy,
Well said Martin Wolf. It is time to challenge the received wisdom in current UK economic policy.
Let's address socio-economic inequality and women's rights in Foreign Policy!
New report on connects policy to economic mobility:
The economy it isn't in much of a position to do anything about. Chief economic policy is made in London. As to health and education
Anxious 2 read this book. So much work ahead of us but we can address economic inequality through public policy
Reineir De Graaf (OMA) tracks the history of economic policy through architecture
New report on how housing policy strategies that can boost economic mobility
.- What could the new Ozone regulations cost Colorado?
Me: 4 months no cabinet, economic policy, Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen wahala . PMB: Impatience is not a virtue. Me:
New Ozone Rules Could Be the Most Expensive Ever. See this map for how they could affect your state.
BO doctrine: economic policy-> take credit for indirect jobs; Foreign Policy-> not responsible for indirect deaths.
The President using as a . DISTRACTION from HUGE economic &. Foreign Policy failures. PITIFUL ! .
worth remembering that it wasn't their economic policy that earned Labour's '80s new left the 'loony left' tag from the…
AU economic growth continues to be subdued; 6 of the last 7 qtrs below trend. What is in store for next year?
Detailed analysis of Osborne and Cameron's economic policy
ICYMI, my new post on why looks like the best bet to stop in
Interested in a career in public policy and/or economic development? Here's great opportunity - feel free to RT:
The economic case for female labour market participation
I love your show, but I am so tired of "distraction" issues, when can we get back to holding the candidates to economic policy?
I've met him - he's a surprisingly pleasant chap. His views on economic policy & the health service on the other hand are rancid
On our blog we took a look at how policy changes in 2015 affect the economic stability of Nebraska families:
Economic slowdown and rocky politics might slow but not stop Turkey's engagement in Africa, writes Alex Vines
Detailed in-depth analysis of Osborne and Cameron's economic policy
Evelyn Gordon on the disproportionate concern for PA's economic wellbeing and not tens of other worse off nations.
Ashley Spalding, research and policy associate at the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, says the poverty rate...
We are looking to recruit a new Executive Director for Economic Policy and Strategy. Please visit the LEP website.
TY Seth Hanlon (Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, National Economic Council) for our talk on veteran integration.
Conference: 5th IWH/INFER Workshop on Applied Economics and Economic Policy: Trade and Capital Liberalizations...
promotes David Frank to lead Economic Policy & Dev. Always fun to talk to. Here's a profile
Henry Hazlitt's "One Lesson" of Economic Policy at Work in Today's Banking System via
Sentimentality makes for poor public policy decisions - an underlying conflict behind popular sentiments and economic reper…
Optimal Monetary Policy with Learning by Doing by Chris Redl via Economic Research Southern Africa
Budget ranking member lays out plan to eliminate economic deficits
Kane: the aspirations of EU unity have run ahead of economic policy
I claimed at 16 too. They're using economic policy to force social change.
Update your maps at Navteq
makes much more sense if you replace 'environmental' by 'economic'. These ideologues have much more influence on policy.
Dilma's approval ratings likely to reach a new low in 2H2015, with possible impact on economic policy htt…
Let's teach them how to use Policy Making&the Legislature in driving economic change! Lagos couldn't possibly have worked...11/
"Investment attractive due to location, corruption-free institutions,sound macro-policy, national cohesion"
"Good environmantal policy is alike good economic policy" Robert Kennedy Jr. on podcast
India needs to shape better policy environment for IT sector: Josh Rosenberg, ITIC Economic…
Green party’s economic policy would hit poorest hardest, say experts. another so-called left rag being negative.
Economic Times - Market News - Sebi seeks clarification on IPOs of UFO Moviez -
Today we are in EP discussing across social groups, capacity building & economic impacts
Have you read our latest Global economic growth forecast and more. Full report (in English)
Economic Policy Committee drafting and reading the Greek developments.
The New Suez Canal: A passage to economic recovery for
The Green Party’s flagship economic policy would hit the poorest hardest and leave over 1/3 of households worse off http:…
The country was unprepared for its unemployed population - no extant socio-economic policy in past 3 decades had it in focus
The role of in society: economic impact, policy & globalizaion
"The ""virtual senate"" consists of investors and lenders. They can effectively decide social and economic policy by ca…
Greece’s leftwing-dominated government signalled that friction with EU might extend from economic to Foreign Policy
Alexis is not only a great economic thinker, but also Putin policy lover. Negotiations with EU leaders will be fun
Discussion of and public policy from director in today's
The green flagship economic policy would hit the poorest hard say experts
A real risk of GREXIT lies not in economic dimension, but the EU common foreign and security policy dismantling
US Senator Warren (D-MA) positioned to be top Demo on Senate Banking Subcommittee focusing on Economic Policy.
Republican Reaganomics the Economic Policy of Reagan and Bush and the current Republican Party is a 100% Guarantee of Econo…
Banks and nonperforming loans IF TRUELY BUHARI GOT THE A 27MILLION NAIRA PLEASE ADD IT TO NONPERFORMING LOANS. WE ARE *** SURE THE LOAN WILL NOT BE PAID BACK IF YOU HE LOSES THE ELECTION.Paffcomm The recent disclosure by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) that the nation’s commercial banks recorded N400.57 billion in their Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) portfolio is disturbing. Such huge bad debts have far-reaching implications on the solvency and profitability of the banks. A statement by Dr. Sarah Alade, Deputy Governor, Economic Policy at the CBN revealed that the bad debts were recorded between August 2013 and August this year. This figure indicates an increase of N56.31bn or 16.36 percent, up from N344.26bn recorded within the same period last year. The statistics also show that gross loans by the banks increased by 21.03 percent from N9.278trn in August last year, to N11.229trn in August this year. One of the immediate results of the high non-performing loans is a squeeze in the financials of the ban ...
Senior Program Assistant, Board on Science, Technology, and Economic Policy - 20001 - National Academies
As Growth in Germany Fades, Merkel Hints at a Shift in Economic Policy - New York Times
Now reading "From the Freedom Charter to Polokwane: The Evolution of ANC Economic Policy" by Ben Turok.
A study by the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) found that undocumented immigrants paid $10.6 billion in state and local taxes in 2010, a figure that includes $1.2 billion in personal income taxes, $1.2 billion in property taxes, and more than $8 billion in sales and excise taxes. The study found that undocumented immigrants are “likely paying about 6.4 percent on average of their income in state and local taxes,” which is a tax rate close to that of “taxpayers in similar income situations and, in many states, can be higher than the effective tax rates paid by upper income taxpayers.” An April 2013 Social Security Administration report estimated that undocumented immigrants and their employers paid $13 billion in payroll taxes. And according to a recent Harvard University study, undocumented immigrants’ payroll contributions to Medicare totaled more than $3 billion each year. Immigration reform itself would reduce the deficit by $820 billion over the next two decades.
The Servaas Letter In July 1991 a team of economists from the Industrial Development Research Centre (IDRC), a Canadian aid organization, visited South Africa to *** the development of, and capacity for, economic policy-making in the ANC. This was the result of a pledge by Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney to Nelson Mandela that Canada would assist the ANC in developing its understanding of economic matters. Following the recommendations of the IDRC the ANC during 1982 created the Macro-economic Research Group (MERG) to construct a visible macro-economic model. The team comprised local and overseas economists and later developed into the National Institute for Economic Policy (NIEP). The dominance of foreign economists was a bone of contention. One of the minority of local team members, Stellenbosch University 's Servaas van den Berg, made disquiet known in a letter to Trevor Manuel who was the Head of the ANC's Department of Economic Policy at the time. Van den Berg complained that not since colo .. ...
BREAKING NEWS: Barnes & Nobel announced they have moved Stress Test: Reflections on Financial Crises by Timothy F. Geithner from the shelves in the 'Political/Economic Policy & Development' to the 'FIction' section. Because he now said he doesn't believe what he wrote about being told to lie by the White House. You can't make this crap up, but then again you don't have too.
Online booze ban: Lawmakers target internet alcohol sales: Main sponsor of the bill, United Russia MP Viktor Zvagelsky, who also chairs the State Duma Committee for Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship, suggests “banning the distribution on the internet of any offers of remote sales of alcohol,” and allowing state agencies to block sites that post such offers. This could be done either by the consumer rights watchdog or by the state alcohol control bureau. The bill also restricts the sales of alcohol through various sales and coupon programs and selling liquor in sets with other goods if such tricks lead to dropping the price below the minimum limit set by the state (currently 200 rubles ($5.5) for half liter bottle of vodka or any other drink that is 39-40 percent proof). Zvagelsky claims that internet alcohol sales are on the rise and this practice poses a risk to practically all aspects of state regulation in this area. Additionally, online sales of alcohol put the lives and health of Russian citiz ...
Students pay hefty price for corporate tax breaks Posted March 2, 2014 3 comments TAGS: ALEC, Citizens for Tax Justice, corporate tax loopholes, tax fairness By Amanda Litvinov A comprehensive new study shows some of the nation’s most successful businesses paid little or no taxes between 2008 and 2012. TAKE ACTION › Tell Congress to close corporate tax loopholes and fund schools instead! SIGN THE PETITION› Tax handouts to the 288 Fortune 500 companies that were profitable each of those five years cost the nation $362 billion, according to the study by Citizens for Tax Justice and the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. Corporate tax subsidies are part of the reason there is never enough money to pay for critical programs and services that benefit us all–things like universal early childhood education, grants for all hard-working students to access higher education, and full funding of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Because state corporate income taxes are typically based o ...
Finance Journal and Economic Policy The Finance Journal and Economic Policy is the biannual publication of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, of the Catholic University of Colombia, was founded in January of 2009, since that time, the journal has created a space for high level scientific publication in the area of finances and other topics related to economic policies in Colombian, Latin American and worldwide. The articles can be proposed, analyzed and discussed by academics, researchers, national and international. Call for authors
Christopher Reim Goals, if elected: (1) to thoughtfully *** the balance of our current budget needs against long-term pressures that threaten the sustainability of our tax base; (2) add an independent perspective and professional operating experience to the existing strengths on the Village Board; and (3) to openly encourage more public engagement on decisions related to growth and change in our community. Community Activities: Pelham Civic Association (volunteer and Board Member); Democratic District Leader (District Managing Director, Community Development Venture Capital Alliance; and Managing General Partner of New York State’s Innovate NY Fund, L.P. (economic development fund-of-funds) Education: MPA in Economic Policy, Columbia University; MBA in Finance, University of Colorado; BS in Economics, Pennsylvania State University Family: Wife: Colleen Stokes-Reim. Child: Shepard
Economic Policy conference getting underway here in DC Larry Summers and Alan Greenspan speaking this morning
"The rise in U.S. income inequality in recent decades is largely due to massive wealth accumulating at the top of the income scale. The press and popular culture treat this phenomenon almost as if natural forces were guiding it -- an invisible hand dealing out different shares to different people. But the hands doing the dealing are in fact quite visible. They belong to the directors of the boards of the major companies in the U.S. and around the globe. One key source of wealth at the very top is the pay of the executives of our largest companies. That pay is approved by corporate directors, who are themselves paid for their service. Many of those directors are also executives at other companies, meaning they sit on both sides of the arrangement….Salaries for top executives and payments to board members are all publicly available inside shareholder filings, but have never been displayed in an easy-to-explore way. Researchers at the Center for Economic Policy and Research compiled the data, and The Huffi ...
  In reply to Gerry Lydon's 'Spiritualised?' article in the January '99 issue of "The Alternative Source" (the student magazine of Maynooth College, Dublin), I would like to pass on the answers that The Bringer of Truth and Light (Christ) gave, two thousand years ago, to some of the extremely good questions Gerry has asked about spirituality. Firstly, if you believe that Good should conquer Evil you are not an atheist in the true definition of the word. You don't have to go to church at all to be religious, in fact, the true definition of the word religion is 'bonded obligation' and that obligation is to God (The Ruler of The Universe) and His Commandments, Laws, Statutes, Judgments, Economic Policy etc. contained in The Torah, which is the name given to the five books of Moses. The original scrolls of which, are contained in The Ark of The Covenant, which is buried at The Hill of Tara in Co. Meath* and copies can be found in The Old Testament of any Bible. As none of today's churches follow, or teach pe ...
The Ludwig von Mises Institute published the following selection from Economic Policy: Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow, a collection of transcriptions of lectures delivered by Mises. Mises provided...
Kejriwal & Aam Aadmi Party have made a push for Economic Policy that we left behind in 1991. i.e. Policy of Subsidies.
The LAST people in America who should be voting Republican are SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS. No one is screwed harder by GOP Economic Policy.
MECEP: Jobs Report Shows Improvement but Maine Has a Long Way to Go "Too many Maine workers still have not found a job or are stuck in part-time jobs that do not pay enough to support themselves and their families" Augusta, Maine (Friday, December 20, 2013) The Maine Center for Economic Policy (MECEP) issued the following statement from executive director Garrett Martin concerning the November employment report released today by the Maine Department of Labor. "The decline in the unemployment rate from 7% to 6.4% over the past three months is encouraging. Along with the nation, Maine's economy is recovering slowly but steadily, and hopefully this downward trend in unemployment continues. We still have a long way to go. Four-and-a-half years since the official end of the recession, Maine has regained, on net, 9,900 of the 29,100 payroll jobs lost as a result of the recession. On a percentage basis, that puts us near the bottom of all states in terms of overall recovery. Furthermore, wage and income statisti ...
The real Economic Policy of is to sell everything off - as they don't know how to run anyth…
Eye opener from Reagan Asst. Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy: "Washington Drives the World Toward War"
TRIBUTE TO MS. ROSEMOND NYAMPONG. Ms Nyampong was born on April 26, 1981 and was the first of four children of Mr George Nyampong, who passed away six months ago, and Mrs Florence Nkrumah Nyampong. She held a BSc degree in Administration and Human Resource Management from the Central University College and an MBA in Corporate Strategy and Economic Policy from the Maastricht School of Management in The Netherlands. In 2005, she started her working career with Metropolitan and Allied Bank and then moved to Atlantic Merchant Bank as a teller for some months before joining the Stanbic Bank in 2006, where she worked as an account management officer in the Credit Department until her death.
The US attack on Germany’s Economic Policy: A Crisis of World Leadership | Euro Crisis in the Press Fabrizio Goria Cabinet Committee on Economic Policy supported moderate increase to alcohol tax
R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre.) Examination, 2008 (Held On 7-1-2009) General Knowledge and General Science : Solved 1. Minamata disease is caused by— (A) Mercury (B) Cadmium (C) Lead (D) Zinc 2. Government of Rajasthan has constituted one organisation to advise the government on reforms in economic matters. This organisation is named as— (A) Economic Policy and Reforms Council (B) Reform Committee on Economic Policy (C) Council for Economic Reforms (D) Economic Advisory Committee 3. Under which Article of the Indian Constitution, it is the duty of the Union Government to protect States against external aggression and internal disturbance ? (A) Article 355 (B) Article 356 (C) Article 352 (D) Article 360 4. Which one of the following groups of organisms has significance in diagnosing the death by drowing ? (A) Lichens (B) Protozoa (C) Cyanobacteria (D) Diatoms 5. When there is a very heavy rainfall in the Pushkar Hills, where does floods occur ? (A) Ajmer (B) Sawai Madhopur (C) Balotra (D) Sojat 6. On a specific d ...
We have a success story on industrial policy, a different approach to Economic Policy from short-termism of past.
Farrukh Pitafi saying that in last govt. Economic Policy changed with New Finance minister. This had bad impact on economy as well
Nehru.. he laid the foundation n core aims of Fundamental Rights and Economic Policy
Nehru coz he drafted the "Fundamental Rights. and Economic Policy". resolution in 1929–31.
"The rulers of America are despotic elites who are living in fear and trepidation of their own people and of people power around the world rising in rebellion against the misrule of capitalism." - Finian Cunningham of Veterans News Now   Cunningham's statement is true except the reference on capitalism.   With the increasing tension in global politics and economics, expect that capitalism will be continually associated with the despotic elites. It is natural, for misconceptions about capitalism is widespread. In this article, I glean eleven unpopular facts about capitalism from the book of the strongest defender of free market economy - Ludwig von Mises himself.    In chapter 1 of "Economic Policy: Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow", Mises presents the true nature of capitalism. By reading the chapter, I encounter at least eleven misconceptions about capitalism. The distinction among these misconceptions is fluid and you can find an overlapping among them.   First, most people are unaware about the h ...
RWANDA'S BUDGET SPEECH 2013/2014 On Thursday, Finance and Economic Planning Minister Claver Gatete presented the 2013/2014 budget to both chambers parliament. Below is his speech Honourable President of Senate Honourable Speaker of Chamber of Deputies Honourable Vice Presidents Honourable Members of Parliament, As provided under article 79 of the Rwanda constitution of 2003 as amended to date as well as articles 36 and 42 of the Organic Law on State Finances and Property as amended to date, I have the honour to present to you on behalf of the Government, the Budget and Economic Policy of the financial year 2013/2014. In the last ten years, our nation has experienced one of the most exciting and fastest period of economic growth and socio-economic progress in its history. Rwanda has been recognized as the tenth fastest growing economy in the world during the last decade from 2000. Our achievements during this period include growing the economy at an average real GDP of 8.2 percent, the lifting of more than ...
Further ‘Complete independence’ was demanded for the first time (1929) in the Lahore session. For the first time National Song was sung in the Calcutta session (1896) of INC ie Vande Mataram. During the Nagpur session 1891, the word ‘National’ was added to congress. In the Lucknow session of the Congress (1916) the two factions of congress (extremists and moderates) reunited. During the special session of the congress in Calcutta (1920), Gandhi proposed to start Non- Co operation Movement. During the Delhi session (1923) Indian National Congress decided to establish All India Khadi Board. During the Guwahati session of INC (1926) wearing Khadi was made compulsory to its workers. During the Madras session (1908) its constitution was formed. In Madras session of the INC (1927), proposals for independence and to boycott Simon Commission were passed During the Karachi session (1931), Fundamental Rights and Economic Policy proposals were passed. The 1938 session of Congress was held in a village Haripu ...
The only Economic Policy that is fair, is Laissez-faire.
Today, U.S. Senator Dean Heller (R-NV), in his role as ranking Member on the Senate Banking Subcommittee on Economic Policy, offered opening remarks at a hea...
Victoria Kwakwa is the World Bank’s Country Director for Vietnam, based in Hanoi. She is an expert in Economic Policy.
Washington, DC – Today, Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley announced he will hold his first hearing as chair of the Subcommittee on Economic Policy on Thursday June 6, at 9:30 AM EDT. in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, Room 538. The topic will be “the State of the American Dream – Economic Policy and...
Tbilisi City Hall   The Tbilisi City Hall is located at 7, Shartava Street in Tbilisi, Georgia. The City Hall Administration accommodates several governmental structures, such as the Tbilisi Corps and the municipal departments of Education and Culture, Transport, Economic Policy, Urban Planning, Treasury, Joint Control, Financial Affairs, Sports and Sales.  Some of the projects sponsored by the Tbilisi City Hall include free English and Computer courses, the Old Tbilisi restoration program, an employment project for young businessmen, mobile guide for tourists, etc. The City Hall also supports youth projects and festivals.      United Nations Population Fund   UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, is an international development agency that promotes the right of every woman, man and child to enjoy a life of health and equal opportunity. The fund supports countries in using population data for policies and programs to reduce poverty and to ensure that every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is sa ...
What exactly is the difference between a man who said in 2011 he had no shoes and the one currently bragging around he is incorruptible? Is there anyone out their supporting Buhari who can list here his political legacy in Business, Education, African Union/ECOWAS, Tax, Lagos City, Biafran War, Economic Policy, the June 12, Bakasi Peninsula, Labour Union?
How Green Should Economic Growth Be? The Huffington Post May 23, 2013 Marcelo Giugale World Bank’s Director of Economic Policy and Poverty Reduction Programs for Africa First dilemma. When your country sells its oil, copper, or timber, it is actually swapping one asset for another: out goes a natural resource, in comes cash. Your national wealth has not changed. Now, if the cash is invested wisely, you might be better off -- rather than leaving hydrocarbons, minerals, or trees sitting idle, you would have healthier children, more educated workers, better infrastructure and so on. But does that mean that you should drill, mine or cut-down as much and as soon as possible? Second dilemma. An investor is about to build a huge clothing factory that will employ thousands of poor people in an otherwise hopeless town where unemployment and decay have been rampant for years. These are well-paying jobs, badly-needed tax revenues and, if things go well, a shot at attracting other investors. There is a catch though ...
I'd like to introduce the EPCRC - Economic Policy and Competitiveness Research Center, Mongolia to all the my followers.
Thank You Pakistan ! :-For Rejecting the Economic Policy of Asad Omer who ruined the Engro and was thrown away from the company :-For Rejecting the Education Policy of Fozia Qasoori who is running the Beconhouse School System the most costliest education setup in Pakistan :-For Rejecting the Foreign Policy of Shah Mehmood and Khursheed Qasoori who Started / Carried Fwd the Drone attacks and Nato Supplies and kept Silence on Dr. Afia :-Thank You Pakistan for showing Maturity and Saving the conversion of Jinnah's Pakistan to Naya Pakistan
George Osbourne's economic policy is "All Fur and No Knickers"
My mother was one of the first women to trade bonds on Wall St, my Grandfather helped create Cnd economic policy.
Mr. Oliver is a single-faceted idea that economic development trumps environmental policy, and wrongly so.
This means the entire edifice of money policy has broken, which was supposed to stabilize economic growth.
Tory MP in praise of Icelandic Indy & economic policy with interesting comments about Scottish Unionists.
The Lessons of the North Atlantic Crisis for Economic Theory and Policy via
it's not that I disagree with bush's economic policy or his Foreign Policy, it's that he was a child of Satan sent here to destroy the earth
Really? This is the most apt image The Times could muster for a review of economic policy?
no one is talking about how any strong economic showing in BC probably has more to do w/ higher min. wage than any policy
Merkel as communist physicist: Merkel's attitude to economic policy exhibits the worst of science, dogmatism & opportunism.
George Will: reject "fatalistic despair about economic dynamism" in immigration debate.
and ignoring other fundamental issues such as the economic or welfare policy will not best serve democracy. I might support...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Economic Times - India - Industrial growth sprouting but needs policy impetus to boom -
again. What can he offer? More of the same. He gave us d IPPs, privatisation, economic ruin, subservient Foreign Policy.
economic policy plus Foreign Policy with pmln: i might just start being less shallow about politics with this. oh dear God. oh John Kerry
I have my own views on the financial sector. Progressive capitalism is the dynamic framework for modern economic policy - in my view.
yeah. Zubair Umar is N's economic policy kingpin, much like Asad is for PTI. Ex-IBM guy, similar profile to the younger brother
Remodelling the state for economic growth of says "there is no 'beyond austerity'"
Less than two years after taking to the streets, social protest activists resume battle against Netanyahu's economic policy. 'New finance..
All I've looked at is the economic policy and how Stalin got rid of opposition mate wbu?
Writing an essay about the liberals and not the economic policy.
Institutionsl Trust and Economic Policy-Lessons from the History of the Euro
UKIP’s popularity can be explained by reactions to economic policy | British Politics and Policy at LSE
LMFAO Rumplestiltskin is the *** economic policy now called trickle down, we get the crumbs that on the floor
Note even Israel's (not exactly a bastion of classic liberal economic policy) corporate tax rate is considerably lower than ours.
. Because it takes more than 3 years to recover from Labour's economic scorched Earth policy.
Memorised my Italy economic policy cards in the car, whilst talking to myself 😊😐
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
"GST panel says no to placing mobiles in declared goods list - Economic Times"
Will an economic policy take precedence over health? via
My dad went to vote this morning, it's said he voted to lib. Cuz he agree to libs economic policy.
WH celebrates 400 ppm w/a new plan for exploiting the 'economic opportunities' of a melting Arctic. (i.e., more oil)
This year the topic for The Econometric Game was "The effects of fiscal policy on economic growth".
More Govt "Stimulus" is a Bullet to America's Head. Such Treasonous Economic Policy ends in Poverty, Bloodshed and Genocide. Read History!
just wrote lyrics while revising Heath's economic policy, must be one of the only people who can actually be inspired by Heath
MMS big big disappointment considering amount of economic policy experience he had before becoming PM. He could have changed India forever
Will an economic policy take precedence over health?
I do not trust Marco Rubio. Very Important Tele-townhall with Heritage Foundation & ICE Union President on Monday! Patriots, on Monday, May 13th, Tea Party Patriots is holding a very important tele-townhall to discuss the fiscal and security ramifications of the Schumer-Rubio amnesty bill. Our guest speakers will be: Derrick Morgan, VP of Domestic and Economic Policy at the Heritage Foundation. Chris Crane, President of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Union. Date: Monday, May 13th Time: 7:00 - 8:00pm Eastern Daylight Time If we already have your phone number and contact information, all you need to do is wait for the phone call from the tele-townhall system, and it will patch you through directly to the event. Note: there are so many numbers to call that sometimes your phone will not ring until a few minutes after the townhall begins, so be patient and wait for the call to come through. If we do not have your info, you will need to sign up for the tele-townhall with your current contact info ...
MR. RUBIN: Hi. I'm Bob Rubin, the Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, and I'm going to introduce today's topic.
'Evidence and Economic Policy': Paul Krugman: Evidence and Economic Policy: Henry Blodget says that the ec...
Starting at 2:00 p.m. EDT: Gene Sperling, Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, answers questions .
Hugo RIP - Great article by Paul Craig Roberts, ex Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy:
Obama just appointed Walmart, right along with Monsanto and Wallstreet Hedge Fund Managers, to the highest offices in our nations' government. The Corporatocracy just got stronger, and the American people, just got weaker. Obama has chosen the worst and most disreputable. Throughout his tenure, he has ignored the best, brightest, most honorable and well qualified. He chose cabinet and other top picks he should have spurned. He chose Sylvia Burwell as new Office of Management and Budget (OMB) director. She replaces Jeffrey Zients. She's president of the Walmart Foundation. She's a Trilateralist. She's a Council on Foreign Relations member. She serves on MetLife's board of directors. She belongs to the Nike Foundation Advisory Group. She's an Aspen Institute member. She serves on its Strategy Group. It's an elitist club. It's international and influential. It's comprised of businessmen, politicians, bureaucrats, and like-minded figures. They're up to no good. Center for Economic Policy & Research economist ...
Good Morning folks. Here are a few burning issues you might want to comment on.. 1. At the declaration of independence on midnight 5th March, 1957, Kwame Nkrumah and the Big Six promised Ghanaians a particularly beautiful country, to be built and nurtured by all Ghanaians. This morning we are asking the young generation. Is this the Ghana that was promised by the Founding Fathers on the declaration of independence? If YES, great! If NO... how do we get back on track? 2. It has been said by many - both pundits and novices that Africa's problems is tied strictly to its lack of enforcement of laws. Ghana is no exception. Why can't we enforce our laws??? 3. The Minister for Finance Hon. Seth Terkper will tomorrow, Tuesday, March 5, 2013 present the 2013 Budget Statement and Economic Policy to Parliament on. The budget is expected to focus on the continuous stabilization of the economy, infrastructure development and accelerating growth that will sustain the confidence in the future of the Ghanaian economy. Ar ...
Moscow's potential? Minister of the Deputy Mayor of Moscow on Economic Policy on CapCon!
Kalibo inks MOA for implementation of CBMS By Venus G. Villanueva Thursday 21st of February 2013 KALIBO, Aklan, Feb. 21 (PIA) -- National government agencies here have signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) for the implementation of the Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS). Kalibo Mayor William Lachica, Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) 6 Regional Director Evelyn Trompeta, Dr. Celia Reyes, Poverty and Economic Policy co-director and CBMS network leader and Director Manuel Gotis of the Bureau of Local Government Development of DILG took part in the MOA signing held recently at the 3rd floor of the Kalibo Municipal Building. Kalibo’s Public Affairs, Information and Communication Department (PAICD) said in a report that the CBMS Program was developed by the Network Coordinating Team of the Angelo King Institute of Economics and Business Studies of the De La Salle University which was adopted by DILG for implementation in the local level of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) to ...
Also in Sunday School we learn of 5 point plan. God's Economic Policy (1). Be generous with those in need. (2). Because you can't outgive mr, I will supply all your needs. (3). And because your generosity will cause others to praise My Name. (4). And because you will be blessed, too, in prayers offered up by others for you. (5). And because I will make you rich in the most valuable resources the world has ever known---grace!!! P.S. Don't forget to be cheerful in your giving. That really, really pleases Me.
Around 9:30am on February 13th a small AFSCME Retiree delegation from Ohio met on Capitol Hill with Senator Sherrod Brown's Director of Economic Policy, Chris J. Slevin and Jennifer Waits, another member of his staff concerning proposed cuts in social security, medicare and medicaid; immigration reform and sequestration, which is slated to occur on March 1st, 2013. We commenced discussion of our concerns by asserting that regarding social security, medicaid and medicare, we know Senator Brown is on our side and we just wish to thank him for his support. Concerning immigration reform; it would be helpful if Senator Brown would elucidate in his newsletter his prospective policies for immigration reform, especially the best avenue to facilitate citizenship. One member expressed serious concern about cuts in education should sequestration occur on March 1st. Education is vital to obtaining living wage employment. If cuts are made to education people will find it difficult to obtain the training they need and ...
Via Deon Coetzee: THE unprecedented assault on South Africa’s rhinos may be part of a deliberate strategy by wealthy foreign speculators to drive rhinos to extinction so they can reap windfall profits from selling massive rhino horn stockpiles. This is the surprising suggestion from a group of American and Dutch economists who compared the profitability of strategies to manipulate the supply of rhino horns to reap maximum financial returns. Writing in a recent edition of the Oxford Review of Economic Policy, economists Charles Mason, Erwin Bulte and Richard Horan suggest that stockpiling rhino horns and other commodities from rare and endangered wildlife species has become an increasingly attractive proposition for unscrupulous financial speculators. In their paper, “Banking on Extinction: Endangered Species and Speculation”, the researchers note that as wildlife commodities become increasingly rare the prices rise steadily, and once supplies run out, speculators who have hoarded rhino horns would . ...
Look forward to serving as Ranking Member of the Banking Committee’s Subcommittee on Economic Policy
Mike Huckabee Want to save the Earth? Stop working so hard! A liberal think tank, the Center for Economic Policy and Research, suggests that Americans could help prevent climate change by working fewer hours. They say that by putting in 40-hour weeks with only two weeks of vacation, we’re generating too much carbon dioxide. But we could reduce that if we just worked less and consumed less – and I’d add, earned less. They suggest starting by cutting our work hours to 30 a week, which Obamacare is already handling for a lot of us. They call it “adopting a European schedule.” I think they’ve forgotten that because we’ve already adopted European spending, European deficits and European government expansion, many Americans have to work 60 hours a week at three part time jobs just to survive. The study’s author suggests that we can be just as productive thanks to advances in technology. But how will technology keep advancing if scientists work only 30 hours a week? Personally, I’d say if you r ...
Policy Development & Communications - Faculty of Economics, Master's program in Economic Policy - USJ
Dr. Siddique presented at the Fourth Annual IGLP Workshop on Global Law and Economic Policy held at Doha, Qatar.
"Virginia already has a regressive tax system, with the richest 1 percent paying a 5.2 percent effective tax rate, while the poorest Virginians (those making less than $19,000) pay 8.8 percent, according to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. Increasing the sales tax is only going to make that disparity worse, while making those who don't use the state's highways pay more for their upkeep." (ThinkProgress, January 14, 2013)
A Semantic Network Analysis of Changes in North Korea’s Economic Policy via
According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy: Lowest 20% pay 17.4% of income in total
TUESDAY LIVE BUSINESS DAY Top news World Bank chides Nigeria, others over poor statistics The World Bank has decried the quality and relevance of data from Nigeria and other African countries, which it described as largely obsolete. The bank’s Director, Department of Economic Policy and Poverty Reduction Programmes, Africa, Mr. Marcelo Giugale, stated this in a report at the weekend. He expressed concern that a lot of money had been invested in improving statistics in a lot of countries in the continent, explaining that most of that money came as donations from well-meaning rich countries. Finance Minister, Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala He said a report tagged: ‘Partnership in Statistics for Development in the 21st Century,’ had revealed that between 2009 and 2011, Africa received $700 million to build up its capacity to collect data. He stressed that communication technology is what would revolutionise African statistics. Giugale added: “First, we don’t really know how big (or small) many African ec ...
Mark Weisbrot, Center for Economic Policy and Research joins Thom Hartmann. Viva la Revolution in Venezuela. On Sunday - voters took to the polls and elected...
Leading Economists Call for Immediate Action to Avert "Fiscal Cliff” & Address Long-Term Structural Issues with U.S. Economy Testifying before the Joint Economic Committee yesterday, two top economists urged our elected leaders to move quickly on averting the “fiscal cliff” and to come to terms on how to address long-term structural issues with the U.S. economy. Kevin Hassett, Director of Economic Policy for the American Enterprise Institute, indicated that allowing the nation to go over the “fiscal cliff” would cause a recession in early 2013. In his opinion, it would be more effective to reduce spending than to raise tax rates. He stated that an agreement that addresses the long-term structural problems would have more of an effect on hiring than a temporary extension of emergency unemployment insurance benefits and the payroll tax holiday. Mark Zandi, Chief Economist with Moody’s Analytics, advised lawmakers to take a balanced approach in dealing with our current fiscal woes. Specifically, ...
Sam Donaldson on Economic Policy and Redistribution: Sam gets caught up in his own words but s... - Eco Pol Journal
Great to see so many members at Fianna Fáil's inaugural National Policy Conference in the Red Cow Moran Hotel today. Dr. Brian Turner, Economics Lecturer at UCC and Sara Burke, Broadcaster and Journalist were guest speakers at this mornings Health Policy session. The afternoon Economic Policy session is just getting underway with Dr Alan Aherne, Economist and Brendan Keenan, Business Editor Independent Newspapers. Very importantly members are taking the opportunity to engage in the debate and that's the purpose here today.
Dear Sebastian, I wanted to tell you... I totally disagree with you, well, not totally. We come from the same school of thought. Libertarian. However, I just love the true and dirty way you express yourself. The cussing and spiting and the bad spelling... You're totally anti-establishment and would have been a great political leader like your grandfather, or a revolutionary like Che Guevara. You have the energy and the power that it takes. Hurrah to you Sebastian! But in Economic Policy, and perhaps in Philosophy, you kinda suck. There are numerous variables to take into consideration. The world is not just Black and White. It's every color. You are young and like many of them, even your own dad, tend to be an Idealist. Plato is dead my friend. And so are his neo-platonic demagogues, that killed tens of millions of people in WWII. And the materialistic Aristotle is too. The soul, art, beauty, do exist. I don't know how to define Life for you. You'll just have to find out. But I can tell you... in spite of ...
"RELEASE: CRI - Center for Economic Policy and Analysis RE: Does Governor Markell deserve a “D”? DATE: 11/9/2012 In their recent “Fiscal Report Card on America’s Governors,” the CATO Institute gave Delaware’s Governor Markell a “D”. The basis for the grade was that over the past four years the Governor has increased taxes (i.e., personal income, gross receipts, corporate franchise, cigarettes) while plunging ahead on state spending. Is a “D” a fair grade? First, the responsibility for the grade of “D” must be shared equally with the state legislature. The legislature passed all the tax increases and all the state budgets. And other constituencies in Delaware share part of the responsibility as well. The Delaware State Chamber of Commerce, for example, did not oppose any of the tax hikes. Second, is an increase in taxes such a terrible thing? Every credible analysis of the differences among states’ economic growth rates shows that relatively higher taxes deter growth. Analysis of ...
After requesting PML-N supporters many times to provide me with PML-N Policies & not obliged at all, I researched myself & found them ! ! ! Here are PML-N Policies on every issue: PML-N Health Policy: Eating Paye daily PML-N Economic Policy: Motorway PML-N Energy Policy: Highway Lights at Motorway PML-N Agriculture Policy: Providing Khad from Motorway PML-N Judiciary Reforms: 1997 SC Attack Model PML-N Small Businesses Policy: Raptay to all Bakery Employees PML-N Education Policy: 6 Danish Schools for all of Punjab
Before you cast your precious vote, and it is precious, please think about some issues: A. Economic Policy 1. Given that the economy was fresh into a recession when Obama took office, his first year numbers are understandable, but why, when the average time for a recession to cycle is historically 13 months, FOUR YEARS later we are still in a down economy (the last three quarters have each been worse than the last one) and with all of the so-called stimulus, we have over 23,000,000 still unemployed, around double the people on food stamps??? It painfully reminds one of the joke “I’m from the Government, I’m here to help…” 2. Early in this recession, the top 5 banks that controlled 53% of all of the US wealth were deemed by the Administration to be too-big-to-fail, so we had unprecedented BAIL-OUTS all around, and now the top ten control around 82%??? Is that progress in the right direction? 3. All of the media touted election-year hype of the Real Estate Market improving and prices rising - th ...
Foreign Policy: FAIL. AlQaeda is active, dangerous and directly attacking American interests abroad. Benghazi is the tip of a huge iceberg of a failed policy of apology and weakness that has emboldened our islamic ememies and resulted in a nuclear capable terrorist regime in Iran. Economic Policy: FAIL. $5.1 trillion is wastefull spending and stimulus has resulted in 7.9% unemployment, 47 million families on food stamps, 1 in 6 Americans in poverty. We are on the path to $20 trillion in debt and have not had a budget in nearly 4 years. Energy Policy: FAIL. Billions of US tax dollars have been wasted on green energy companies that have gone bankrupt, while proven energy producers like coal and oil have been regulated to the brink of collapse. The refusal to authorize the Keystone pipeline resulted in the loss of a million jobs and the failure to create as many as a million new jobs. Gas prices are nearly double what they were 4 years ago. Internal Governance: FAIL. This president promised a civil and trans ...
Economic Policy vs Social Policy. After months of campaigning it really just comes down to this doesn't it.
President Obama has done on numerous occasions condemn Mitt Romney's policies. He states that Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy is that of the 1980's and his Social Policy is that of the 1950's and his Economic Policy is that of the 1920's? History has shown those periods he stated are great prosperous and thriving times in American History. Why is it so bad to go back to something before, that was obviously working? Like I've always heard "In order to get where you are going, you have to remember where you have been"
Economic Policy for the Second Obama Administration.: The call came in from Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner...
Heather Wilson vs Martin Heinrich comparison. This is an unbiased comparison of the political positions and policies of senate election candidates Martin Heinrich and Heather Wilson in New Mexico. Heinrich is a Democrat and Wilson is a Republican. Contents 1 Differences in Economic Policy...
A Quarrel in a Faraway Country?: Scotland, Independence and the EU   Posted on November 14, 2011   Arabella Thorp and Gavin Thompson, researchers in the International Affairs and Defence Section and the Economic Policy and Statistics Section of the House of Commons Library Research have jointly auth...
I'm amazed at how many people actually thought the President's jab last night was clever: "You seem to want to import Foreign Policy from the 1980s, Social Policy from the 1950s, and Economic Policy from the 1920s." You mean the 1980s Foreign Policy which led to the US becoming the world's only superpower in the 1990s? The only discernible Social Policy from the 50s I can think of is segregation, which I mean honestly if you believe that's coming down the pike you're beyond help. And...The Roaring Twenties...The Roaring Twenties...
One of Obama's quotes last night: "you want our Foreign Policy from the ’80s, Social Policy of the ’50s and the economic policy of the ’20s" Now breaking it down, I'm failing to see what's wrong with wanting that. Foreign Policy of the 80's was one of strength and world-wide respect as the Cold War peaked and we were the lone Superpower to face off against the one other Superpower on the planet. Social Policy of the 50's, families were strongly knit together taking care of each other, the single income family was common place allowing for families to grow. Government involvement in day to day family life was minimal at most. Economic Policy of the 20's, mmm they were referred to the Roaring Twenties for a good reason. Some of the greatest leaps forward in being an industrialized nation showcasing itself on a world stage hapened during this time. So tell me what is wrong with policies like that.
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Congrats Giants, bit we'll see you next year. ;) "We have seen and heard the deep-seated differences between the political parties and their Presidential Candidates. The A’s have a platform that cuts across the toxicity of the current political morass. Economic Policy- Do more with less. Winning with one of the lowest payrolls in baseball. Defense- Pies to the face after walk-off wins. Much less expensive than drones. Foreign Policy-Cuban immigrants make great five tool players. Yoenis Cespedes. Cultural- Forget dancing Korean Gangnam style; doing “The Bernie” guarantees come from behind victories."
I have my debate card filled out for the third time. Israel, Debt, Iraq, Taxes, China, 47%, Libya, 100%, Russia, Bailout, Nuclear Weapons, Small Businesses, Afghanistan Timeline, Oil, War, Surge, Bin Laden, Economic Policy, Failed Policies of the Previous Administration, Fiscal Cliff, Supreme Court, Ohio, Medicare, Florida, Colorado, Iowa, Supreme Court, Lily Ledbetter, Worst Economic Collapse Since the Great Depression, Smirk, Smile, Act(s) of Terror, and Vote for Me. I am sure that I left some stuff out.
Notice from the Video 1. Bush admits his Economic Policy ...
libertarian roots of the tea party The Cato Institute is an American libertarian think tank headquartered in Washington, D.C. Founded as the Charles Koch Foundation in 1974 by Murray Rothbard, Ed Crane and Charles Koch.[6] In July 1976, the name was changed to the Cato Institute.[6][7] According to the 2011 Global Go To Think Tank Index, Cato is the 6th most influential US based think tank, ranking 3rd in Economic Policy and 2nd in Social Policy.[8] The Institute was founded in December 1974 in Wichita, Kansas and initially funded by Charles G. Koch. It changed its name to the Cato Institute in July 1976.[6][34][35] Libertarian economist Murray Rothbard was a core member of Cato's founding group and coined the institute's name.
My Party Platform •seek elevation of our nation based on commitment to an organic national community where the individuals are united together as one people in national identity •Be united by suprapersonal connections of brotherhood through a free state that seeks the mass mobilization of a nation through discipline, indoctrination, and physical training • Derive the goals, of the country from the general will of the people. • Encourage the pursuit of private profit and offer many benefits to small businesses • Each government official needs to act as a social partner to create economic policy through cooperation, consultation, negotiation, and compromise. • We call for an institution of profit sharing. • The right to determine matters concerning administration and law belongs only to the citizen. • It is the duty of every citizen to work hard, both mentally and physically. • We demand a tax reform suitable to our needs. • We demand that the state is to be responsible for a fundamenta ...
The response to the global banking crisis will never soak up enough blood to restore suspension of disbelief. Austerity measures and corporate bailouts place the destructions of predatory capitalism on the back of the large majority of society to ensure profit for a few. Why should we be forced to accept an even colder capitalist reality when its own crisis disproved its insistence the logic of capitalism is self-sustaining. 21st century predatory capitalism - neoliberal economic policy - does not sustain itself. And it can only feed on society for so long. Rome. Expansion. Collapse.
There is an old story from the heyday of the Soviet Union. As part of their May Day celebrations they were parading their latest weapon systems down the street in front of the Kremlin. There was a lo
Mis-use of Gandhi by BJP Aide to Prime Minister A. B Vajpayee and BJP leader Sudheendra Kulkarni on Tuesday said that Gandhi's philosophy of spinning wheel (charkha) and internet converge so far as bridging the gulf across caste/class and national boundaries. "Internet can be called 'avatar' [incarnation] of Gandhiji's spinning wheel that has brought people together bridging the gulf", added Kulkari who has just authored a book on this theme. I think, it is yet another attempt by the Hindutva forces to misappropriate Gandhi. Gandhi-- in his writing at least in theory-- talks about self-sufficiency, swadeshi, and Hindu-Muslim unity. The BJP could hardly show any of its party programme where Gandhi's ideas have been implemented. The BJP continues to be a facilitator of foreign capital, a champion of neo-liberal economic policy, an apologist of imperialism. Overwhelming Muslims still continue to see the BJP as a threat, and rightly so. Narendra Modi was involved in anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat while Gandhi a ...
France is sliding into a grave economic crisis and risks a full-blown “hurricane” as investors flee rocketing tax rates, the country’s business federation has warned.
I try not to be a conspiracy theorist but, I always wondered why our poorest neighborhoods were flooded with drugs, our schools were neglected and given short shrift , that good jobs would be sent to China and that would be celebrated instead of condemned, that trickle down would continue to be an economic policy republicans would double down on inspite of it's total failure, how we could be talked into going to war for oil, that eduaction would be revised so that the Japanese internment was determined not to be racist that the slave trade would be called just a commercial business endeavor, that the rich have the duty the right to run , rule and buy government as they please, that some religions would be used not to uplife, spread love , empathy and encourage but to beat down and vilify people. This is truly a NEW WORLD ORDER as George Bush senior spoke of. Our world has become as close to the theme of George Orwellian books ( 1984 & Animal Farm) as you can get !
"The U.S. athletes did great at the London Olympics. But America is the Jamaican bobsled team in math and science education." Todd Buchholz-- Former White House Director of Economic Policy
please provide detailed economic policy specifics that you would create during the first 100 days of your administration. How you would work with a partisan congress and if implemented what would be the projected outcomes or pitfalls?
Its never good economic policy to use economics to control people right boys lol : }
Debates move quickly. The candidates toss out facts at breakneck speeds, trying to get across their entire plans in just 90 minutes. Tonight, Obama and Romney will square off in a debate that’s been billed as high-steaks — Obama will seek to regain the momentum, while Romney hopes to sustain his. So...
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act as economic policy was poorly constructed policy resulting in only increased government spending without increases in consumption and aggregate demand.
You would think Romney's entire economic policy being a sham would be a story.
Dean Baker writes The Wrecking Society: Economics Today: The amount of damage being inflicted on countries around the world by bad economic policy is astounding. As a result of unemployment or underemployment, millions of people are seeing their lives ruined. The current policies have led to trillions of dollars of lost output. From an economic standpoint this loss is every bit as devastating as if a building had been destroyed by tanks or bombs. And people have lost their lives, due to inadequate health care, food and shelter, or as a result of the depression associated with their grim economic fate. If an enemy had inflicted this much damage on the United States, the countries of the European Union, or the countries elsewhere in the world that have been caught up in this downturn, millions of people would be lining up to enlist in the military, anxious to avenge this outrage. But, there is no external enemy to blame. The villains are the economists, still mostly men, in business suits. [...] The economi ...
For the past few years, regionalism has been progressing in East Asia with the likes of China, Japan, and Korea (CJK) as the most prominent actors. Unfortunately, with the absence of trade arrangement amongst the CJK, the present regional trade scheme is not sufficient to reach sustainability. This ...
Economic snapshot|Jobs Wages and Living StandardsIncome inequality:It wasn’t always this wayShare this page:In recent decades, the bulk of income growth in America has gone to the top 10% of families, but that was not always the case. Throughout most of the 20thCentury, the bottom 90% claimed a much...
Conservatives who want to restrict access to contraception, abortion and other reproductive health care are putting ideology ahead of compassion and equality. But they are also putting ideology ahead of America's economic well being
Corruption is one of the most pressing social problems that Bangladesh confronting today. Corruption is plaguing all development efforts and remains a major stumbling block to the realisation of basic human rights in Bangladesh. Corruption has two main impacts on the society irrespective of political and social system: firstly, it has distributional impact as it promotes social inequality by causing unjust enrichment of some of the people at the expense of well being of vast majority of people. In most cases, poor and most vulnerable people are the direct victims of corruption. Secondly, it undermines the credibility and legitimacy of the public institutions. Corruption affects quality of governance and public service, violates trust and confidence bestowed upon public bodies by the public. Corruption retards economic growth, reduces the effectiveness of foreign aid, and lowers the flow of foreign investment, and creates a climate of secrecy, which in turn, contributes to the inefficiency of the public ad ...
Oh, wow! The Globe and Mail's editorial board agreed that it was a good idea for McGuilty to resign, but, first, they called his scandal-ridden disaster of a career a "legacy of successful education and economic policy". In what universe? His education policies are neither constitutional nor ethical, and his economic policies are no better than Brian Baloney's.
Zuma declined an invite to debate economic policy wth Zille saying he has enough debates wth women [in reference to his 6 wives]
My brethren and sisters and friends, in keeping with the spirit of the keynote address of our beloved President, I desire, if the Lord will bless me, to speak to you about the American heritage of freedom—a plan of God.
Just found another number, 351 million for both parties in September. If trickle down economics works what could happen with 351 million dollars? My sister worked for HP and got laid off but the day the let her go they ushered in 3 children to take her job. Why not hire the 3 people so she could expand her workload and do it properly? My point is trickle down economics requires the goodwill of the business owner to hire staff as he sees needed. If he doesn't he can burden his staff with extra tasks. Which happens often. Trickle down is a failed economic policy.
Helen Zile wl jst Destroy Jacob Zuma if that Economic Policy Debate can go on!!
So Hellen Zille wants to debate Zuma about the state of our economy and Zuma is running!, this is funny considering the fact that Zuma doesn't even know which economic policy his government is using infact the poor guy can't even spell the word "Economy"...Zille stop picking on the poor proffessor from Nkandla.
Corruption: if we can’t win the fight, can we live with it? Many scholarly articles on corruption give the impression that the world is populated by two types of people: the ‘sanders’ and the ‘greasers’. The ‘sanders’ believe that corruption is an obstacle to development, while the ‘greasers’ believe that corruption can (in some cases) foster development (Toke Aidt in Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 2009) We find that corruption slows growth and/or reduces investment in most developing countries, particularly small developing countries, but increases growth in the large East Asian newly industrializing economies. The latter finding provides solid empirical support to a country case literature that explains the East Asian paradox––the combination of high corruption and high growth––in terms of stable and mutually beneficial exchanges of government promotional privileges for bribes and kickbacks (Michael Rock and Heidi Bonnett in World Development, 2004) Corruption is a popular t ...
To all my Democrat cousins, we need to vote for Gary Johnson. He's probably related to us somewhere back, and his economic policy is better.
Whatever obama accuses anyone else of doing, he's actually the one doing it. obamacare alone has 16 new taxes that directly hit the middle class. Medicare is more than doubling for seniors. Premiums are going sky high. Gas and food are cutting deep into middle class budgets. Again this year, we have a TRILLION dollar deficit. It's unsustainable! Romney/Ryan 2012!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Obama's economic policy is the real war on women in America.
On 12/26/11 I advised investing in quality equities. To date the Dow is up 8.5% not including dividend income. Now, with the lacluster debate performance of the President, and the demented debate performance of the VP coupled with the brewing fallout from Libyagate there is a distinct possibility that adults may once again be put in charge of economic policy. Business has inventory and cash on hand and is waiting to invest. I have seen it. When free enterprise is once again respected, rather than pilloried , things are going to explode! The small investor will re-enter the market, there will be jobs for young and old. At long last, better days are coming! I'm totally geeked! Investors should take a look at good old Fidelity Contra Fund(up 17.2% since Jan 1, FCNTX). Remember, free investment advice is worth just what you pay for it. As always, I remain sometimes wrong, but never in doubt.
The winding roads of Korea have led to an overwhelming debate in the communist world. Between the barriers of political freedom in trade, a war with China on the rocks, and Nuclear Alliance with ...
The McGill professor examines the impact of what the PQ has been promising.
My take for the day. As the elections loom we must make sure to get the Federal government out of the way of American ingenuity and entrepreneurship so we can find our way back to freedom and prosperity. We need to make fundamental changes to the federal government so it is dramatically smaller,leaner, and less burdensome. Only Romney and Ryan can offer this solution. We need hope and change for a new and stronger America with a strong economic policy and a sound Foreign Policy which offers no apology.
Obama cannot say this, nor denied it.
Earn an online degree in as little as 18 months from Post University Online, an accredited, traditional, four-year university offering online degrees.
The faith of Australian policymakers and business leaders in communist China to keep delivering record economic growth is touching. Just as they assume the sun will rise tomorrow, so too do they believe those responsible for setting China’s exchange rate, making five year plans and running their vas...
Bryan Caplan, of George Mason University and blogger at EconLog, talks about his book, The Myth of the Rational Voter: Why Democracies Choose Bad Policies.
Here's the deal, I have gotten a few reactions.from women... about The Romney of late , along the lines that the economy trumps all, even over his plan to eliminate federal funding Planned Parenthood and his previous statements about abortion and Paul Ryan's assertion just last Thursday that it was the policy of a Romney administration to allow abortion ONLY in the cases of Rape , {"forcible" if your Ryan} Incest and saving the life of the , alright, LET'S TALK ABOUT THE ECONOMY , Romney wants to do EXACTLY what George W Bush did, except MORE SO.he wants further tax cuts for the rich and further subsidies for the fossil fuel industry.depending what time of day it is or crowd he is in front of , he also thinks there is TOO MUCH was LACK OF REGULATION on Wall Street that DROVE THE ECONOMY INTO THE GROUND! And Mitt wants EVEN LESS is the same lies that somehow if taxes are dropped for the rich , somehow the deficit will disappear , where as when this approach was tried ...
for folks that complain about our economy, I have to ask you, did you like it better when our stock market was losing 500 points a day and crashed to below 6000 (currently it's at over 12,000) and our nation's credit rating was downgraded for the first time ever in our history? I think it's better now. I think Romney's economic policy is exactly the same as Bush's and I can't understand why doing the same thing over would get different results or why we would want to stop doing something that has us moving in the right direction? All economic indicators and measures are trending up - including housing. That is a trend I don't want to risk reversing. Just sayin'
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