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Economic Freedom Fighters

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is a South African political party started by expelled former African National Congress (ANC) Youth League president Julius Malema, and his allies, in 2013. Malema has been announced as commander in chief of the EFF, heading the Central Command Team which serves as the central structure of the party.

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Economic Freedom Fighters are ready. Johannesburg City Hall. We are ready.
I look at people like Patrice Motsepe, Cyril Ramaphosa, Mathew Phosa, Nicky Oppenheimer, Ian Rupert and Johann Rupert to name but the few. This are true Economic Freedom Fighters creating jobs and investing in the economy of our beautiful country.
"they are Economic Freedom Fighters even though they did not study Economics" LmaO lol
Malema awaits R16m tax bailout: Julius Malema, the commander in chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters, had le...
Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema told party supporters they need not fear the ruling ANC party but should rather pray for them. Malema was addressing the crowd in an election rally in Kliptown, Soweto. His comments came shortly after the party’s tent in Thokoza, south of Johannesburg,…
Today marks 255 days since the born of a Radical Movement, a movement which was born to liberate the poor ppl of South Africa. Long live Economic Freedom Fighters long live
about the Nkandla scandal. Who has been at the forefront of defending Zuma and ensuring that he has every tool at his disposal to fight the accusations against him? It is Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa (no political base except a region in KwaZulu-Natal), State Security Minister Siyabonga Cwele (no political base), and Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula (no political base and would sink without trace were Zuma to dump her). The ANC of today has numerous headaches: it has a president who is regarded by large chunks of the membership as a liability and perhaps a thief. Veterans such as Ronnie Kasrils and Trevor Manuel engage in open revolt. Numerous break-away parties, such as the Economic Freedom Fighters, have called for his head. This is an ANC that, instead of sitting and reflecting on its deeds or misdeeds, wants to find culprits elsewhere. Instead of asking why Zuma is being booed, it blames its Gauteng leaders. This is why the ANC has a secret operation at its headquarters, staffed by former Mb ...
Economic Freedom Fighters having their SRC election manifesto launch at APK and DFC, do u spot yourself anywhere or someone you know. What did you think of their presentation.
"People don't support the Economic Freedom Fighters because of that induna," Malema said, referring to Zuma.
(Gordon) ‘Kiss the boers who are willing to share’ April 7 2014 Kimberley - Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, told his supporters that the party did not “hate” white South Africans, but rather those who were unwilling to share the land with the people they “stole it from”. Malema was saying this to thousands of EFF supporters in their signature red regalia, during the launch of the party’s election manifesto in Jan Kempdorp on Saturday. “What we hate are greedy people, whether they are black or white. Whites can keep parts of their farms but should be willing to give at least 90 percent to those from whom they stole the land, without compensation. If not, they are not welcome in this country and should rather leave,” he said to loud cheers. “This monopoly of white imperialism has also created greedy Africans, something that goes completely against the meaning of the word ‘African’. To be an African means to love to share,” said. “Kiss the boer, kiss the far ...
I will be loyal to Economic Freedom Fighters till Zuma stole all the money of the country.
'People don’t support the Economic Freedom Fighters because they are angry with iNduna from Nkandla. They support EFF because of its sound policies.'
If we live in a Democratic Country, why are people so angry @ Sechaba's move to Economic Freedom Fighters??? We all have a right to freedom of choice mos.
** The House Of An EFF Member Was Torched in Khayelitsha ** "After successful campaigning... this weekend, a candidate of the EFF Western Cape... has had his home gutted by a fire in the early hours of this morning," said Economic Freedom Fighters provincial spokeswoman Yerushka Chetty. The party's leadership would visit the member on Monday afternoon. Captain Frederick van Wyk said he was not aware of the incident. "Nothing has been reported at the police station so far," he said.
Employees of the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) cannot go on strike, the organisation said on Monday. "[They] are barred from embarking on any strike since their services were declared essential services by Parliament," said spokeswoman Kate Bapela. The City Press reported on Sunday that the commission's workers threatened to strike if chairwoman Pansy Tlakula were removed before the May 7 elections. Tlakula has been fingered in an independent forensic audit as well as Public Protector Thuli Madonsela's report into the leasing of the IEC's R320 million head office in Centurion, Pretoria. Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema and AgangSA leader Mamphela Ramphela have also called for her resignation. The African National Congress has come out in Tlakula's defence, saying her issues did not impact the credibility of the elections. City Press reported that organisers of the unprecedented strike said it was supported by more than 90 percent of IEC employees who had mandated the national negotiating ...
30 Days left for Economic Freedom Fighters to deliver Economic Emancipation to us. Let us soldier on in numbers and vote EFF!!!
Best Mediocrity. EFF deputy Secretary. Do we have Secretary and Deputies in EFF? Unless they refer to that one they always lambast, its called E Felela Fa. Cause in Economic Freedom Fighters we dont have such (deputy what what)
Click here to find out more about the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).
"The ANC died with Nelson Mandela," Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema told scores of his supporters at a rally in Kliptown in Soweto on Sunday. Malema slated the Zuma-led ANC saying he has turned the ruling party into the "African National Criminals". The party has laid a criminal charge against Zuma after the public protector found he improperly benefitted from security upgrades worth R200-million to his Nkandla home in KwaZulu-Natal.
Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema on Monday said his party would physically remove e-tolls because they “didn’t agree with them.”
Julias Malema the leader of Economic Freedom Fighters on about ANC.. "The real African National Congress was buried with Nelson Mandela, now its just Jacob Zuma's African National Criminal"
WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS…TALK TEAM SA A stage which was set for the Economic Freedom Fighters' rally to officially announce Dali Mpofu as Gauteng’s premier candidate was petrol bombed on Saturday in Thokoza, south of Johannesburg. EFF Spokesperson Mbuyiseng Ndlozi, accused the ANC of being accountable for the bombing, and that they received a tip-off days before the gathering about a distraction which was going to take place on that day. However, ANC’s Spokesperson Jackson Mthembu rejected the accusations. Earlier today on Monday, a house of an EFF member in Khayelitsha, in the Western Cape was gutted on fire. There have also been reports which have a political motive that some members of opposition parties, including those from the ruling party [ANC] are attacking one another in the KZN since well the nation is looming to general elections. NEEDS TO HAPPEN?
Some recent business bills pander to populists, deterring foreign investors AS THE elections on May 7th draw closer, the ruling African National Congress (ANC) seems increasingly troubled by a challenge on its left flank from the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) led by Julius Malema, a former head of the ANC’s Youth League, who wants to nationalise white businesses and farms without compensation. The ANC is sure to win the election. But fear of losing votes to the EFF has had a worrying effect on recent legislation related to business. Two bills, on how to govern mining and private security, were rushed through parliament before its recess. Neither bill has yet reached the statute book, but in their present form they are sure to chase away foreign investors. If the strike in the country’s platinum mines, now in its third month, has not deterred them, these bills may well do so. FREE to SHARE & TAG Yourself * Report any suspicious activity to the law enforcement agency, as that will save lives. SHARE/T ...
What a great speech. Dali Mpofu: I didn’t leave the ANC, the ANC left me 11 November 2013 10:00 Dali Mpofu Dali Mpofu explains why he joined the EFF In my home language there’s a saying that, simply put, means “dogs don’t bark at stationary cars”. This saying is often used to motivate someone to deal with unfair criticism, and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is clearly not a stationary car. My decision to join the EFF has attracted many positive comments about “bravery”, being a “principled fighter” and even a “people’s advocate”. There have also been a few vitriolic personal insults. The latter were to be expected as a test of the impact of the discussion itself. I confess that I would have been a little disappointed if it turned out that the car was actually stationary, as indicated by the absence of any barking. The noise generated by my decision was all predicted and predictable: I could have written the script for my detractors with eyes closed. It is now time to reveal my ...
[Daily Maverick]Being a new party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are canvassing different ...
Administrator being a UCT Civil Engineering PhD student and a proud active member of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) i wish to make few my confessions. My confessions are informed by my lack of understanding why most UCT students act as if EFF is not good enough for them? 1. Considering that UCT has close to no Black South African Lecturers, 2. And its UCT that is currently attempting to reduce historical disadvantaged-students policy into measuring grands and degrees of students families, 3. Given its UCT students that are practically represented by "UCT Council" because UCT SRC is the most voiceless and powerless structure that South African Universities has ever seen, 4. And UCT Black South African Students exclusion rate top the charts, surpassing all exclusions of South African Universities combined. 5. Needless to mention that two years back UCT Civil Engineering registered its first PhD student and last year I was its second PhD student since the establishment of this department. 6. Even now, U ...
The very name "Economic Freedom Fighters" is a misnomer of the highest order. Their aim is to destroy every human …
Economic Freedom Fighters-Western Cape FRIENDS OF EFF STRICTLY EFF MEMBERS AND SUPPORTERS COMMUNICATION FORUM EFF foot soldiers EFF VOICE Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF): Mogalakwena EFF - The Government In Waiting Eastern Cape - My Province [. And I'm Proud Of It. Period ] It is important to alert revolutionary members and revolutionary supporters, revolutionary reactionists and the public at large, about the opportunistic tactics of our enemy. It seems Sex-Year Party is infiltrating our movement to hunt and recruit disgruntled members, with the aim to bring our radical movement into disrepute, so that we can crumble and break without-success. Its important to sensitise the public that THOSE who allows themselves to be exploited by these vultures who seek to scavenge our public support, WILL BE remembered and judged by history as political-prostitutes, stomach politician, political-job hunters and revolutionary traitors... For they think politics is a bed of roses, little do they know that politics is a ...
The Democratic Alliance (DA) and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have called for the levelling of the playing field for a free, fair and credible general election. They were amongst the parties that signed the Electoral Code of Conduct that calls for political tolerance and eradication of no-go areas during campaigns. The parties say the code must be amended. Mpho Ramakatsa from EFF says they want the compulsory IEC deposit to contest the election, to be revisited after they lost their court bid and for the SABC to give all parties fair coverage. DA leader Helen Zille says the Code of Conduct must also prohibit the abuse of State resources for election campaigns. “One of key dimension to consider is pledge for political parties not to use State resources for electioneering purposes. It does not allow free, fair, credible elections on a level playing field. Parties in government have access to resources if they abuse their power and that undermines the very intention for free and fair elections,” says ...
Dear African brothers and Economic Freedom Fighters ( EFF). You are invited to attend to our Conference, which will be held on March22, 2014. You will hereby be notified on the main theme and Speaker during the course of this week. Kindly call more peoples who are interesting to see and change in this Africa. Venue: Cathedral Christ the King" corner Nugget & Saratoga (Ref. Wolmarans Street & UJ- Universite of Johannesburg) in Doornfontein, Johannesburg. Time: 14:45 "The good teacher discovers the natural gifts of his pupils and liberates them by this stimulating influences of the inspiration that he can impact. The true leader makes his follows twice the men they were before." UCDS, as a Civil Society Movement or Organization, was established by Advocate Dennis committed to positive Social-economic & democratic change through personal development and community / Nation building. It realises that meaningful and sustainable solutions entail the reclamation of shared national responsibility. Kindly afford th ...
ANC WILL NOT SEIZE LAND & CAUSE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE & HUNGER LIKE IN ZIMBABWE - OFFICIAL THE African National Congress (ANC) will not seize land from whites without paying compensation as this would likely trigger a Zimbabwe-like economic collapse, a top official told South Africans Sunday. South Africans go to the polls on May 7 with President Jacob Zuma and his ruling ANC the front-runners. However, corruption scandals, civil unrest over what protesters say is a lack of adequate government services and little progress over historic issues such as the land have affected the ANC’s popularity. Speaking in the Free State Sunday, as he campaigned before a church congregation, ANC secretary general, Gwede Mantashe, told voters not to be misled by the rival Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party regarding the land issue. Led by former ANC national youth chairman Julius Malema, the EFF has not hidden its admiration of the way in which Zimbabwe dealt with its land issue. Mantashe however, reportedly warned that f ...
Anc ANC its rough African National Congress is doing very bad. They are doing very bad to extent that they now using media to fight Economic Freedom Fighters, which to me is the official oppostion. SABC is used as tool to provide information of limelight interest and interest in public but now SABC, radio and television, is not covering anything partining the EFF. It is indeed true that SABC is run from Lithuli House. Eff is pro Thomas Sankara's approach of democracy. This means self reliance, self pride and this approach upholds leadership positions for women. Next wednesday, we are going to see full inkandlagate report. What can you say if can put it to you that President Jacob Zuma is no longer appropriate president for Republic Of South Africa? EFF IS THE RIGHT PARTY TO CAST YOUR VOTE FOR.
Cape Town - The Broederbond or “Stellenbosch mafia”, and not the ruling ANC, is in control of South Africa, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) chief Julius Malema declared when he hit Cape Town on Saturday to launch his party’s provincial manifesto. Malema entered the Mandela Park Stadium like a rock star, with marshalls struggling to hold back crowds of supporters who pushed to get close to their hero as he walked the 80m from the stand to the stage. “Don’t undermine the Stellenbosch mafia. They control everything in South Africa,” Malema warned about 2 500 EFF supporters at the stadium in the ANC stronghold of Khayelitsha. “They control the judiciary, they control the economy, they control the land, they control the chain stores, they control the mines, they control the banks,” he said. And, according to Malema, both the ANC and the DA took instructions from this “mafia”. “If the Stellenbosch boys don’t want you to be anything, you will never become something in life.” Malema said ...
To all the EFF Members look at this article that appeared in July 2013. Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema is a “drunkard and a womaniser” whose political survival is wholly dependent on his hatred for ANC President Jacob Zuma. Gauteng ANC Youth League (AN...
Dear Fighters and Supporters Please tune into Voice of the Cape Radio (91.3 fm) tomorrow, 13 March 2014 at 7 am where Economic Freedom Fighters of South Africa, national spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Quintin Ndlozi will be in studio.
Fellow South African you are cordially invited to Mandela Park, Makhaya in Khayelitsha on Saturday, March 15, 2014. Mr Julius Sello Malema the leader of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) will be a guest speaker. The event starts at 10am. Specially designed EFF Caps and other items will be distributed for free!
Julius Malema and Political Analyst Prince Mashele on Sunrise talking about Economic Freedom Fighters.
If an EFF member would defect to the Zuma-ANC it shows they have never became our members,therefore it not our loss for those traitors.They are going with their traitorous tendencies.EFF is here to stay and we are making our own history,let them go as we remain intact and history will never remember them.If you have not join the revolution,stand up and be counted among the generation of Economic Freedom Fighters that will ushers us in an economic emancipated Azania.We have no fear for other smaller-nyana political parties.ASIJIKI Commanders!!Our CIC ,the youngest political agitator Julius Malema is here to stay,no matter the ZANC try and fail to purge him through Section 9 institutions.We will stood up for him until and after JUJU attain power.SALUTE!!! It just a spirit of selflessness to this revolution by Fighter Andries Mabaso.
Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius says part of the R600,000 IEC registration fee came from supporters (Fighters)
Julius Malema leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters has said his Organisation cannot allow people who are in a "Corruption Crisis" to oversee the elections on 7 May 2014. He said there is a report (in fact 2 reports) on IEC corruption that will only be released after elections. Malema said if IEC preside over elections and report/s pointed corruption out after elections, what will parties then say - elections were monitored by a corrupt IEC, outcome of election can not be trusted. He demanded that the reports must be released before elections as both reports are completed. Who can argue on this one?
I have a good story to tell, Commander in Chief Julius Sello Malema is my President and Economic Freedom Fighters its my permanent political home.
Just cannot get over this - "In an interview with an international broadcaster last year, Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema said that only his nemesis, Zuma, could install a swimming pool for his many wives and many children at taxpayers’ expense, when not one of them was able to swim".
The right to vote. I am not a supporter of Julius Malema or of the Economic Freedom Fighters, his political party. In fact I believe that he is a danger to the country. That is beside the point. I, however, agree with him that the exorbitant fees which have to be paid by political parties in order to take part in the elections in South Africa effectively bar parties and therefor people who do not have access to wealthy sponsors from taking part in elections. There can be no doubt that Malema and his EFF have a large following. If, for lack of these funds they cannot vote for the EFF they have the choice then of voting for a party which they do not support or to abstain from voting. In both cases they will have been pretended from exercising their right to vote. Is this democratic?
Supporters of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) rally and sing songs outside Pretoria High Court
EFF frenzy a case of media hype over substance by Steven Friedman, 05 March 2014, 05:51 IF THE Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) were half as good at impressing voters as they are at enthralling journalists and commentators, they would form the next government. It has become compulsory for what Nobel economics laureate Paul Krugman calls "Serious People" to insist that the EFF is Very Important. Political reporters announce repeatedly that it is a growing force. Commentators continually warn against taking it too lightly (as virtually the entire debate takes it very seriously, who on earth are they warning?). EFF leaders are besieged with requests to discuss their ideas on air. It has become fashionable for suburban left-wingers to declare an intention to vote EFF. Krugman’s Serious People are good at sounding important — but they share a view of the world that bears no resemblance to reality. And so it is worth asking if our Serious People’s crush on the EFF is based on any evidence of voter support ...
A member of the Economic Freedom Fighters died after he collapsed outside the High Court in Pretoria today.
Palace of Justice, Tshwane. Economic Freedom Fighters challenging state & IEC over costs for contesting elections
EFF LEADERSHIP WILL MEET A DELEGATION OF INTERNATIONAL INVESTORS IN SETJWETLA, ALEXANDRA 02, March, 2014 Economic Freedom Fighters will meet a delegation of international investors in Setjwetla informal settlement in Alexandra tomorrow. This meeting has been requested by these international investors who hail from different countries of Euro-America. The investors have requested audience with the EFF leadership in the interest of understanding the ideas and policies that inform EFF. Upon agreeing, the EFF leadership has decided to meet this delegation in Setjwetla informal settlement and not in the comfortable boardrooms of Sandton or in the city centers. The choice of an informal settlement is in light of creating a practical context to tell the story of EFF, its ideas, policies and vision which is informed by the struggles of the poor. The Commander in Chief, Julius Malema, who is celebrating his birthday on the same day, will lead this team of EFF leadership. This means this son of the people, together ...
A very good rainy morning 2 all the ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS out there,Since manifesto launch in Tembisa on the 22nd of February 2014,i Fighter Lekgwatha i'm proud 2 tell u tht i hv already convince more than 20 people 2 support n vote 4 EFF in the next general elections,most of them were concern that whites/investors wl leave ur country because of radical policies of the EFF nd tht we wl be like zimbabwe,Fighters pls let us familarize urselfs with EFF manifesto n wht we stand 4,so tht we can convince as many people as we can especially the youth 2 vote 4 EFF,because with zANC led government i'm seriously nt seeing a way 4wd,as long as we depend on capitalism 4 economic growth.Fighter let gt 2 work,ASIJIKI.
"We want a clean IEC which is not biased. Elections have potential to cause civil war." Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema
Revolutionary all Economic Freedom Fighters.Why South Africa Why?We suffered to much bcos of Zanc goverment.My blood is Berret Is Red EFF.
Joining any political party seems to be a euphemism for putting your functioning brain on hold until further notice. The problem with morons is that it’s impossible to explain to them that they are morons. Take how the ANC’s deputy secretary-general, Jessie Duarte, wrote in this paper last week that if the DA won, it would sell South Africa to New York and London. I completely feel comrade Jessie’s anger. The ANC is very clear – only the Guptas can buy South Africa. If the ANC is serious about its promise of 6million jobs, it will start a further education and training college for “service-delivery protesters” to develop skills like blocking townships with burning tyres, burning down libraries and, of course, not getting killed by your own government. Well done, ANC. Twenty years is all it took to go from “kill the boer” to “kill the poor”. In fact, the service-delivery protesters would get more attention from Luthuli House if they dressed in DA T-shirts and marched on it. Then we saw ...
I think EFF is true voise of the poor people especially those leaving in informal settlement,squater camps.EFF IS THE TRUE IMANCIPATION OF ALL PEOPLE.Julius Malema and EFF have dream to set all people free from economic oppretion by anc andwestern countries.VIVA EFF.VIVA MALEMA.Once in alifetime there should be one person like MANDELA to free us from political oppression then another one like MALEMA to free us from ECONOMIC OPPRESION.
Leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema has accused President Jacob Zuma of orchestrating his troubles with the taxman while the ANC leader himself was never punished for his own tax woes.
Sisters and Brothers can I have ur attention...! Let me tell u something b4 u jump My blood is Red,My phone is Red,My T-shirt is Red Ooooh my Berete,My Berete it is Red.Red means I am fighter ,Red means Economic Freedom Fighters Run Zuma Run,Run Mr corruption run this...
ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS Commander-in-chief Julius Sello Malema will be addressing communities. Venue: Hluvukani Date: 06 March 2014 Time: 14H00 Come in large numbers to witness the speech of son of the EFF!
Indeed Economic Freedom Fighters is a government in waiting...
happy bday to Julius Sello Malema Commander-in-Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters
Julius Malema's Economic Freedom Fighters say the party has gained members rapidly in the Eastern Cape. The party's provincial organizers met in East London on the Weekend to announce its newly appointed leadership and develop an action programme leading up to their door to door election campaign...
At the age of 32/3 is Economic Freedom Fighters Commander In Chief eligible to take up office as President of South Africa, since he is not yet 35 years of age, or doesn't age restrictions apply in SA for one to become President they must be 35 years and above?
To the CIC of the Economic freedom fighters, fighter wish you a very happy birthday. May God safe and bless u. SALUTE!
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24 Feb 2014 | Sapa | 136 comments . The Economic Freedom Fighters has stuck to its guns for the nationalisation...
Not so fast. That’s the message to Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema from Gauteng traffic police, who warn that he may not be off the hook yet on a reckless and negligent driving charge. Are going to see an appeal logged?
Happy birthday to the CIC of the economic freedom fighters Sello Julius Malema.
Born 3rd of March 1981, the Commander In Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters
The Economic Freedom Fighters launched its election manifesto in Thembisa. It showed its left wing base.
Economic freedom fighters have offered an Oprah style show. "You get a car, you get a car, you get a car." Do they know that was sponsored?
Economic Freedom Fighters' leader, Julius Malema, is today expected to address an election rally at Seshego outside Polokwane in Limpopo.
I am under the influence of Economic Freedom Fighters
I'm beginning to like this Julius Malema guy, he talks sense and I might be voting for Economic Freedom Fighters...
Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has promised free stands to residents of Disteneng informal...
Via One of South Africa's new radical party, Malema's Economic Freedom Fighters, rocking LMFRTs. Matching Beret and Trousers too.
I predict you sir are with the Economic Freedom Fighters
EFF Fights for Economic Freedom in Elections: Johannesburg – Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters are hea... http:…
I don't think I'll read anything better than "Julius Malema's Economic Freedom Fighters Jazz Hour" this weekend.
Okay: Julius Malema's Economic Freedom Fighters make their own mixtapes too:
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“Economic Freedom Fighters' leaders have no vision and have no long-term future in the South African political landscape."
South Africa: Malema acquitted of speeding charges: Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema has been ac...
Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema acquitted of reckless driving in the Vanderbjilpark Magistrate court.
ENCA - Malema acquitted on speeding charge: JOHANNESBURG - Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema was ...
Malema pleads not guilty. Sapa . Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema on Friday pleaded not guilty to...
ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS STATEMENT ON THE BUDGET SPEECH BY MINISTER OF FINANCE PRAVIN GORDHAM: 27 February 2014 The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) notes the budget speech by Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan delivered to the National Assembly on the 26th of February 2014. The budget, like all the previous budgets, is a continuation of the neo-liberal agenda of the ANC led government and insistence on macroeconomic policies that have reproduced South Africa’s crisis levels of poverty, unemployment, inequalities and under-employment. The neo-liberal agenda emphasises the distribution of our resources – land, water, electricity, education through the markets in which those who have money cannot buy and sell. As a result, the poor without any means to access these needs are left without adequate means to live. In our considered view, the budget speech anchored in the neo-liberal paradigm, is not a solution to the problems confronting South Africa today and will exacerbate the poverty, unemployment, ine ...
Yes I just did, signed and dated: I , Fighter Sithembiso Mdlalose Solemnly declare that I will abide by the aims, objectives and radical policies of Economic Freedom Fighters as set out in the Constitution of the EFF. I voluntarily join the EFF without any motive of personal gain or material benefit. I will participate in the life of the Economic Freedom Fighters to strive towards total emancipation of South Africa, Africa and the oppressed of the world and will do so as a loyal, active and disciplined Economic Freedom Fighter. I further declare to defend the proud and militant legacy left by the fallen generations of South African heroines and heroes. To work towards a South Africa that truly belongs to all who live in it. Defend the African revolutionary tradition against all forms of tendencies that promote hatred, divisions, underdevelopment, corruption and social discords.
EFF(Economic Freedom Fighters) Manifesto Launch...2 March 2014...Seshego Zone1 @ 10AM.Address by CIC_Julius Malema(Son of the People) Guys com in numbr to spprt Juju EFF viva
The Economic Freedom Fighters’s view on the budget is that it is useless and a reflection of the fact that, if...
1 April ANC wipes out my Credit records good or bad and on 7 May i will still vote for ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS(EFF)
EFF taking Jacob Zuma, IEC to court - The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has launched an urgent applicat...
19:30-20:00 We talk to the Economic Freedom Fighters Leader: (In-Studio).
Whats the point of earning R30k if TAX MAN is going to take half of it and give it to the politicians to FIGHT about it??? :( :O ;( DEAR MR PRESIDENT OF South Africa Economic Freedom Fighters of South Africa Democratic Alliance
Viva salute comradres Economic Freedom Fighters is here to stay
Economic Freedom Fighters Statement on the speech by minister of finance Pravin Gordhan
"vote Economic Freedom Fighters free B.I.S for all" malema said. *speechless*
EFF off and DA (February 27, 2014 in African National Congress, Alliance Politics, Amcu, Cosatu, Democratic Alliance, Elections2014, financial markets, forecasting, Helen Zille, Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema, New Growth Path, Nkandla, Numsa, Polokwane ) “How seriously to take the EFF is becoming the question of the year for a view on South African political risk” As I listened to Pravin Gordhan’s budget speech I thought I would share with you an extract of my news commentary from Monday morning. But I forgot to hit ‘publish’ as I was being torn between being slightly underwhelmed and moderately admiring that Gordhan could make so few populist concessions this close to May 7. Thus, the EFF and DA manifesto launches: The Economic Freedom Fighters and The Democratic Alliance both launched their manifestos this weekend The EFF will likely out-perform and its policies are the ‘sum of all fears’ for investors in emerging markets In the longer term, however, the ANC is set free to pursue more growth or ...
EFF SALUTES PRESIDENT ROBERT GABRIEL MUGABE ON HIS 90th BIRTHDAY 21, February, 2014 The Economic Freedom Fighters extends its revolutionary salutations to the People's President Robert Gabriel Mugabe on his 90th Birthday. President RG Mugabe's birth has been a symbol of Africa's resistance against colonial pressure. He has remained committed to his people and the sovereignty of their economy. He has withstood against all odds those who have sought to drink the blood of the African people and their birthright. Since his youth President Mugabe has represented the resilience of a fighter for true political and economic freedom for the people of Africa. He has remained consistent as a leader and a statesman and refused to bow to the temptation of Capital's seduction and continues in that spirit 90 years later. We celebrate the birthday of President RG Mugabe as a stalwart of all things prosperous for Africa. On this auspicious occasion EFF wishes to thank the people of Zimbabwe for standing beside their Presi ...
A motorist's complaint against Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema and two other men has been withdrawn.
They call em selves Economic freedom fighters but 80% of them are not educated !! How are they Gonna Run the Country??F***
Economic Freedom fighters Youth shared the following and had this to say about it: With our proud history of fighting injustice & our liberal constitution we should be the 1st to condemn this. Please share this if you stand in solidarity with the LGBTI community of Uganda. Love Uganda hate homophobia
A Political Overview of the Current Situation – Some questions for the left in South Africa 2014 was born in class struggle. Mineworkers on the Platinum Belt immediately resumed the struggle for a living wage. This struggle is now in its third year. Working class communities immediately resumed the struggle for services, and the children of the working class the struggle for university admission and ultimately the right to education. The first month and a half of the new year saw more working class action in the form of protests the previous three years combined. The bourgeois media are questioning the ability of the African National Congress (ANC) to control the masses, the ruling class are doubting the wisdom of handing political management to the ANC in 1994. The ruling class expected the ANC through its tripartite alliance and the corporatist NEDLAC to systematically blunt the class struggle and to demobilise and neutralise the radical elements of popular mobilisation and struggle that emerged in th ...
Economic Freedom Fighters has observed and received media enquiries claiming that the Commander in Chief is being investigated.
I'm very keen on voting because i want to make a difference,not only for myself but for other citizens of the country,i'm voting because i don't want the ANC in power,i think political parties like the ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS (EFF) should be given a chance,the EFF brings something fresh.while the ANC has done its part,i now think they should step aside and give others a chance,that is why i've registered to vote,i want to see change,
i think EFF economic freedom fighters wil do 4me i luv malema wit my whole heart hes a straight talk*lol thats juju 4lyf u already gt my vote*smillinG
John Lennon - Imagine: via Suggested theme song for the Economic Freedom Fighters. in maverick soon
And a new future was born, Economic Freedom Fighters - EFF
The Economic Freedom Fighters will, in the morning, release a comprehensive response to the Budget Speech...
Thank you for joining EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) Edmund! We will get in touch with you soon.
Aren't we all economic freedom fighters? If not what are we working for?
really? its in your name, Economic Freedom FIGHTERS!. have a look at the following articles:
lol dude, the opening sentence says " Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema " ... whats your gripe?
SA, we present to you the Manifesto of the Economic Freedom Fighters for the 2014 General Elections. Now is the time for economic freedom!
The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in South Africa is advocating for the isolation of Botswana by other African countries
It is therefore upon us as Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) 2 offer n deliver hope and inspiration 2 the ppl of S A,the cont…
Malema Unaware of Assault Charges: Johannesburg – Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema said he is un... http:…
"TALKING POINT: Do you think the Economic Freedom Fighters' (EFF) policies are in line with the Freedom Charter, as Julius Malema claims?"
President Jacob Zuma built himself an expensive swimming pool while many South African communities did not have basic services, EFF leader Julius Malema said on Wednesday. "You do not have water, electricity, houses and schools but Zuma took R2.8 million and built a swimming pool," he told protesting Makapanstad residents at the Moretele local municipal offices in North West. "You don't have water but Zuma swims in a R2.8 million swimming pool and you have nothing. "They (ANC supporters) will come to you asking for your vote so that Zuma would build more swimming pools. Tell them that Zuma's cattle, which got a R1 million kraal, should vote for him." He urged people to continue protesting until their demands were met. "Do not be ashamed, continue to march and to protest and we will support you. Even in the future when you need us, the EFF will be with you," he said to applause from the crowd. He said the Economic Freedom Fighters was "the only real alternative and the rest are mickey mouses. "That is why ...
Johannesburg -�Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema was arrested on Thursday evening for speeding, Gauteng traffic police said.
Malema has crowd eating out of his hand February 17 2014 at 11:25am By Lebogang Seale Comment on this story Copy of ST EFF755 THE STAR Economic Freedom Fighters party leaders Floyd Shivambu, left, Julius Malema and Dali Mpofu at Elias Motsoaledi informal settlement in Soweto. Picture: Dumisani Sibeko Johannesburg - Lucia Hendricks, 33, and Esther Taukobong, 27, are two friends and neighbours in Soweto’s Elias Motsoaledi informal settlement who are not particularly interested in politics. But when they heard that Julius Malema would be in town to address residents on Sunday, they didn’t waste time deciding they would go and listen to him. So they joined about 3 000 residents who braved the searing heat, waiting for the EFF leader to arrive. Malema’s visit to the area appeared to bring almost the entire settlement to a standstill. Young and old, including children, poured out of their homes and crowded onto a patchy field to see – and listen – to Malema. “I want to hear what he says. He talks st ...
ANC blames Malema for crisis The ANC’s national executive committee member and Minister of Police Nathi Mthethwa has slammed Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema and labelled him the “boy” who plunged the Limpopo government into a financial crisis. According to the Sunday Independent, Mthethwa had been addressing an ANC electoral conference in Limpopo on Friday night when, without actually mentioning Malema’s name, he made it clear that it was the former ANC Youth League leader who was to blame for the wholesale corruption that plunged the province into financial crisis in 2011. Interim chairperson of the ANC provincial task team Falaza Mdaka also lashed out at Malema saying that they had seen ANC leaders being insulted by those whose blood was black, green and gold, but the skin was that of “the red ants full of corruption and desire to nationalise the mines and state assets in order to create a safe haven to steal government money and rob the poor”. Limpopo was put under administra ...
Political gloves off affair in Tembisa The political battlefield shifts to Tembisa in Ekurhuleni next week Saturday as political infant, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and African National Congress Youth League, (ANCYL) are set to hold rallies in the area on the same day. EFF launches its manifesto at Mehlareng Stadium in Temong Section while ANCYL holds it’s rally termed “Kgalemela Lenyatso” 3km away at Makhulong Stadium. Both rallies are scheduled to start at the same time. The rallies comes amid rising tensions and confrontations between DA members and ANC supporters in Johannesburg CBD over DA’s march to ANC headquarters, Luthuli House, over six million job promises. While the Gauteng ANC spokesman Dumisa Ntuli was quoted in the Business Day as saying that the party was "still in the process of planning the event," the EFF are going around mobilizing support for the rally and have encouraged its members to “paint Tembisa red” on the day. EFF leader and Commander in Chief, as he’s affect ...
PAC and EFF in merger talks JOHANNESBURG:The PAC is in merger talks with the Economic Freedom Fighters of Julius Malema ahead of the elections. PAC president Alton Mphethi yesterday said they wanted to build a strong united front against the ANC and prevent it from winning the majority of seats in Parliament and provincial legislatures. He said they had started discussions with EFF on working together during and after the elections in May. “We want to go to the elections with the EFF as one,” Mphethi said. Mphethi said details of the merger with the EFF still had to be finalised. He said the PAC had a lot of issues of common interest with EFF. They wanted to stop the ANC in the elections as they did not believe the party had achieved much after the dawn of democracy. Mphethi said the PAC would look at the possibility of keeping its identity during the voting process. EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi could not be reached for comment as his cellphone went unanswered. The EFF and the PAC have been raisi ...
Communities attending the public hearings warned the ANC that new political parties like the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) were growing in appeal because of their radical plans to restore land to Black South Africans.
Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema scolded the police on Wednesday for shooting at protesters.
If you are immature, ignore this!!! Let's talk politics!!! I'm an ANC supporter by the way! Okay, so you're not gonna vote for the ANC only because Jacob Zuma has a house worth more than R100 Million, is that it??? You want progress but you want to back EFF, a political party headed by people who aren't known for service delivery, just loud mouths and people who are good at insults. EFF stands for Economic Freedom Fighters and who's gonna benefit from that? Whose Economic Freedom are they fighting for? Yes, their own. Julius was the leader of the ANCYL and yet he failed at providing the youth with everything it required for a better life. He was also caught building a house worth millions. He isn't any better. My point is, he was with the ANC for a number of years and he knew that they were "fraudsters" but what did he do to stop that? Nothing. He only wanted to expose them simply because they cut him off from getting money with them. Now he has a party only because he still wants more money. Now everybod ...
On 10 February 2014, the North Gauteng division of the High Court granted a provisional sequestration order against the estate of the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Malema. The order was granted after an unsuccessful application by Mr Malema for a postponement of the matter until th...
Malaika wa Azania wrote: We have been told many untruths about the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). These lies have permeated the atmosphere of our society like a coiling miasma But lies must be exposed, not only because lying is a counter-revolutionary vice, but because the masses of our people deserve to be respected enough to be engaged in objective conversations that allow them to make informed decisions. Politics by their very nature are nothing but a struggle for power and understandably, this power is sought at all costs, even at the cost of objective truth or honest analysis. But this narrative must not go unchallenged, because to allow it to persist is to give up on the possibility of a political milieu that is characterised by robust debates, critical analysis and principled politics. Therefore, the lies that we have been told about the EFF must be exposed and challenged. LIE THE EFF IS A CONVERGENCE POINT OF PEOPLE WHO HATE PRESIDENT ZUMA There is a popular assertion that seeks to suggest that ...
Worship news: Juju’s prophet predicts bloody revolt Young people will start a huge and violent revolt in South Africa –but first, youth leader Julius Malema will receive blessings from the Nigerian soothsayer who prophesied this. Malema and fellow Economic Freedom Fighters leaders left on Friday to visit Nigeria’s most famous – and wealthiest – charismatic preacher, TB Joshua. They will pay him a “spiritual visit to meet and create friendship with this son of Africa and his congregation, and ask for blessings for the journey ahead”, according to a statement issued on Friday. Their visit, which ends on Thursday, comes after Joshua told his Synagogue Church of All Nations congregation on the outskirts of Lagos on July 28 that South Africa could expect a bloody revolt. “In the nation South Africa, the country South Africa, the nation of South Africa … We should help them in prayer. I’m seeing huge revolt. Huge one. Revolt. And it will be very serious. You pray for your nation, South Afric ...
Waar kry die mense al die cheld? Sars hits back at Malema after commentsJulius Malema's comments about Sars poses a serious threat to the tax-collecting agency's integrity, it says.Julius Malema at the EFF launch. In a statement released by Sars, it said: "On June 27 2013 counsel for [Sars] addressed a letter to Mr Julius Malema and his legal representative, cautioning Mr Malema to refrain from making false public statements about the state of his tax affairs and his engagements with Sars."In subsequent weeks, Mr Malema has not only refused to correct his lies, he has in fact repeated such allegations in various news interviews."During the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) national assembly last week, Malema said Sars must not allow itself to be used to settle political fights. He said his colleague Kenny Kunene and other EFF members had received notices from Sars stating they were under investigation. Sars had an obligation to rise above political divisions to ensure the public could trust it with their fi ...
Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema said people will revolt if police continued to shoot at them, according to a report on Tuesday.
Senior police officers did not want Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema to address striking mineworkers at Marikana as he would gain credibility, the Farlam Commission of Inquiry heard. SAVE & SHARE 0 inShare EMAILPRINT RELATED NEWS Malema is as corrupt as 'rotten thugs' ANC: iLIVE People will revolt against police, says Malema The ANC are rotten thugs, says Juju Evidence leaders' head Geoff Budlender SC, questioned North West provincial police commissioner Lt-Gen Zukiswa Mbombo about a transcript of a meeting between her and Lonmin mine executives, including Barnard Mokwena and Jomo Kwadi, on August 14, 2012, two days before the shooting. Mbombo was recorded as saying: "At Impala [mine], Malema came with our [North West] premier and spoke to those people, and ourselves, as the police, we managed to manage the situation after Malema came. "Our discussion with the national commissioner was around this thing now happening, to say again, Malema come and defuse this thing. It becomes as if Malema h ...
Socio-economic injustice at root of SA woes February 4 2014 at 10:21am By Tebogo Monama Comment on this story Copy of PN Eff Dali Mpofu2749 INLSA EFF central command team member Dali Mpofu speaks at a seminar at Unisa. Photo: Oupa Mokoena Pretoria - Instead of their signature red regalia, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members wore yellow T-shirts on Monday after Unisa allegedly told them their event headlined by advocate Dali Mpofu could go ahead only if they did not wear their usual colours. Marshals wore yellow Unisa T-shirts. Their red berets were also absent. Unisa EFF convener Mpho Morolane said: “The university said the marshals should not wear EFF regalia because it would incite violence.” The event was organised by the EFF and the Academic and Professional Staff Association. Mpofu said: “We are not a violent organisation. If people do not want us to share our ideas, they should just say so and not bring up flimsy reasons. We have only had two violent incidents. One was here at Unisa last y ...
1000 stranded after EFF ‘mislead’ people Cape Town - More than 1 000 people were left homeless and five were arrested when the City’s Anti-Land Invasion Unit demolished shacks in the two-month-old Siyanyanzela informal settlement in Strand on Monday. This happened after members of the Economic Freedom Fighters allegedly told people they should erect shacks on open land belonging to the South African National Road Agency (Sanral). Residents said EFF members told them they should go ahead and build their shacks on the land two months ago. The residents were shocked yesterday when the Anti-Land Invasion Unit, backed up by police, tore them down on Monday. Vuyelwa Mgodlo said: “This is not fair. Leaders said we can build the shacks and the ward councillor, Mbuyiselo Matha, is aware of these shacks.” The mother of five said she had lost all the building material she bought last week for R1 800. “I’m stuck here, I don't know where to go now, my children are at school and they do not know about thi ...
What I think about Hellen Zille and Mamphela and their respective parties : Their souls are both white, they both aspire towards the re-inforcement of the neo-colonial etiquette that is already ridding Afrikans their basic human dignity, THE LAND. They are vile ones, to paraphrase President Robert Mugabe, their moral turpitude is one that we should all mourn. They are a danger to black people, and the black societally. AgangSA is suffering epistemological and existential PENUMBRANCE, they whithout a SHADOW of a doubt exist ; yet they are non existent. The DA on the other hand is a white party, as a black radical thought scholar, I will make no further analysis about them, as I will be classified racist. Seemingly there are only two political parties for black people in South Africa, the ANC and the Economic Freedom Fighters. But we know the former's ideological ambiguity as compared to the latter. Black people when will we wake up and smell the coffee?
The RDP houses built by the government are worse than apartheid houses because they collapse. So says Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema
Awesome live and unbiased coverage of the Economic Freedom Fighters by
On the campaign trail with Economic Freedom Fighters on this weekend
Counting down 18days to go, economic freedom fighters in our life time! Julius Sello Malema my leader my chief.
Supporters of the South African political party Economic Freedom Fighters…   10% Off
Do not underestimate the power of Economic freedom fighters..
Every name says lot and determine the nature of the object or person. I am not suprise to see SA economy going down. If Agang fail, Economic Freedom Fighters will fight economy and freedom. Analyze the name, and you will know the purpose.
Economic Freedom Fighters!!! Are u sure u want us to explain who we really are?
I salute the master mind behind the formation of Economic Freedom Fighters, Floyd Shivambu I know you're one of the master mind behind the emerging of EFF. This movement can't be stopped, I'm convinced about the timing of EFF was very right, the way CIC is demanded left and right and you can't dispute that EFF is the incoming Government, Amandlaaa.
Come on Economic Freedom Fighters.Give us a break.We are just journalists working for a Gupta owned TV station.All we want is to cover you.
Economic Freedom Fighters is on the verge of making history in the 2014 SA general elections. The time to end service delivery woos has come. Put an X next no EFF CIC Julius Sello Malema. To Born Frees, it's your time to make change. Vote EFF
Shall we soon see the Economic Freedom Fighters Julius Malema migrating back to his old home Anc? Sometimes politics is confusing to naive people who are only grateful for the air we breath and leave the politicians. I say this bcos Agang SA followers are now confused?
Cope was born in Joubertina now the Economic Freedom Fighters are also born in Joubertina just thinking
My vote is not a secret.I am voting for Economic Freedom Fighters , EFF.EFF.
In Alexander waiting for the one and only,Commander In Chief Of All Economic Freedom Fighters,Second only to None ,Republic of South Africa's President in Waiting Julius Malema. Yes CICJulius Malema. Thank You Mr President
ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS wrote: Members of the ANC YOUTH LEAGUE agree that Loyiso Nkohla must be the Secretary General of the youth wing of the ANC while others say that Loyiso Nkohla should stand for the position of the presidency but comrades of KZN differ. What's your view.
Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) we are the Goverment in Waiting # ppl get registered to vote pls... Remember ur vote counts
Economic Freedom Fighters wrote: Reminder: CIC, will visit & address in Diepsloot today, Extension 6 Grounds. Time: 10h00am
For most, it’s better the “devil” they know than a white party, even when it has rented a few black faces, says Makhudu Sefara. Johannesburg - On July 15 last year, The Star published a news story about Sam Mpe, a resident of Disteneng, outside Polokwane, a place described in the piece as “squalid” and whose houses are made of cardboard and zinc. His story was published following a visit to Disteneng by ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa. Mpe stood out because, unlike many, he was not star-struck. The story, by colleague Moloko Moloto, states that Mpe walked away from those who mobbed Ramaphosa, saying: “All of you (politicians) have in-house toilets for s***, and we must resort to the bush.” Moloto then asked Mpe if he would vote this year, to which Mpe said he would stick to the “better devil” and vote for the ANC again. Then for the killer quote: “I can’t vote for the white woman (Helen Zille), she will finish us off. Our people were killed in the past.” A few crucial things a ...
It seems the only substantial opposition in South African politics is the Economic Freedom Fighters, EFF.
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Revolutionary greetings to all fighters,I salute you all in the name of radical Economic Freedom
working together we can kill more black people that ANC slogan! don't vote for ANC because of ANC history but vote for them because they make different even in present! VIVA Economic Freedom Fighters VIVA we taking over South Africa
One thing i will never do is listen to Buti Manamela, i rather watch Tahiti out-playing swallows, but for Julius Malema i will switch of my TV even if it means absconding a moment off sexual activity just to listen to CIC of Economic freedom fighters. Buti Manamela is useless to those who believe YCL still relevant to the current politics.
Commissars of as we engage Organisational Issues!
I received these disturbing photos yesterday of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) who are headed up by Julius Malema, the ousted ANC Youth League President. Their objective is nationalisation and to redistribute land ( the same as Zimbabwe has been going through). I still have many dear friends and loved ones in South Africa and when I see this I fear for their future. You cannot take 40 million people out of poverty overnight (not even in 20 years). My worry is that with Mandela now passed on that patience within the black electorate may be wearing thin. I spent 10 wonderful years in S.A. and it was a big part of my life. I truly hope that these radicals can be kept in check and that this beautiful country can remain stable.
Cape Town 2 tembisa on 21st February for the economic freedom fighters manifesto launch R600 return halla if u wanna attend asijiki
I am a proud member of ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS
Economic Freedom Fighters shared the following link and had this to say about it: All invited to the EFF taking place on 21 February 2014. Ticket R2000. Help Fund the Revolution! EFF ke dikhorane ticket ya R2000
EFF skating on thin ice - Malaika Wa AzaniaOver the past few weeks, I have watched with great alarm as an organisation that occupies a special place in my heart, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), sinks into the abyss of gutter politics that have come to characterise our country’s political milieu. It started with the opening of a house built for a resident of Nkandla, on the day that the ANC was launching its election manifesto. I argued and continue to do so, that what the EFF did on that day was very regrettable, primary because it was a spit in the faces of the working-class majority that the organisation represents. One of the things I have always hated about the ANC is its blatant contempt for the poor. This is expressed in how poor people are treated as nothing else but voting cattle by the ruling party, reduced to a voting constituency whose loyalty is bought with food parcels that always find their way to poor communities on the eve of elections. The EFF’s stunt was also a show of a contemp ...
South Africa’s TEA (Total Entrepreneurial Activity) is just over 5%, compared to other developing nations like Brazil, India, Colombia, Mexico, which are at over 10%. By the way, of our 5%, blacks are less than 1% and the rest are Whites and Indians, who have seed capital from family wealth accumulated during apartheid. Here is another fact, SA’s Gini Coefficient – a gap between the rich & poor - is one of the highest in the world, before the ANC took over, Brazil was the highest. 60 percent of the country’s income goes to the top 10 percent, while the bottom 50 percent live in abject poverty, collectively receiving less than 8 percent of total earnings. At least 20 million are jobless, including over half of the younger population. With such figures, it is clear that the current government has failed miserably to tackle poverty and distribution of wealth in equitable manner. Boosting entrepreneurship is one way of developing South Africa’s economy and sustaining the black middle class. That alo ...
Politics is a Dirty Game, The Devil's Dictionary, In politics, it's what isn't said that matters. Unfortunately Most People Aren't aware of ANC aspirants make too much of the people before election, and, if successful, too much of themselves after it, They dont care about you well being and Financial Stability of future generations and empowering upcoming youths, Let Us get rich mentality at all cost and get them voting. EFF is clear Economic freedom fighters, we repossess, take what belongs to the people and bring economic structures that will actually help us develop, maintain, sustain our country.
Rumours of Agang infighting 'nonsensical' Agang SA says the party is "solid" and that its leader Mamphela Ramphele's decision to become the DA's presidential candidate must still be discussed. At a media briefing on Wednesday, Agang SA denied there was infighting in the party, saying such rumours were "nonsensical". "Agang is united, consistent and solid. There is no infighting in Agang," party member Donald Tontsi told reporters in Johannesburg on Wednesday. "To say there is, is nonsensical." The briefing was held by representatives of all Agang SA's provincial structures. DA leader Helen Zille on Tuesday announced that Ramphele would be the DA's presidential candidate in the upcoming general elections. Also on Wednesday, Agang SA's Gauteng chair Andries Tlouamma told reporters in Johannesburg that Ramphele cannot make decisions on her own. "That is going to be our decision, not her decision. We are the custodians of this party ... "There are structures in a party. There are processes to follow to arriv ...
EFF advocates for radical policy and legislative changes to ensure the provision of land to landless and share to the people in the country's wealth speedily by a bold state.EFF is not a competitor to any exisisting parties as the space...EFF is occupying is focusing on the landless poor and poverty down trodden,all other organisations in the political landscape.Thats Economic Freedom Fighters militant nd radical organisation the one nd the only with different political idelogy nd approach.ECONOMIC FREEDOM IN OUR LIFE TIME.FREEDOM OR DEATH VICTORY IS CERTAIN.AMANDLA.MATLA.POWER TO THE OPRESSED MASSES OF AZANIA.VOTE EFF FOR A RADICAL CHANGE.
A British Proffesor was once asked to define an 'ideological movement'. He replied: 'An ideological movement is a collection of people, many of whom could hardly bake a cake, fix a car, sustain a friendship or marriage, or even do a quadratic equation, yet they believe they know how to rule the world.' Which is a fairly accurate description of the Economic Freedom Fighters.
Economic Freedom Fighters condemns the police brutality expressed in the Relela riots which has resulted in the death of three villagers.
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can I ask is Julius Malema a real pan africanist or he trying to win the people trust by using Pan africanist ideas on my side I don't believe he is a Pan Africanist Economic Freedom Fighters is made up of political opportunist and capitalist plus Julius Malema him self
Who do u vote for Julius Economic freedom fighters... Lolz just jokin he is a flip flop, for years he has been preaching vote Anc "if Anc loses power over this country black people will die... Now he is like don't vote Anc" now people are confused they like aha Julius!!! lolz... Which party must we Vote for kanti???
Here's a thought. When Julius Malema launched the Economic Freedom Fighters, the United Democratic Movement leader- General Bantu Holomisa was present to "provide support". A month ago, the EFF approached the Pan Africanist Congress on a quest to "adopt" their land policy. In recent times, Malema has seeked reconciliation with Inkatha Freedom Party leader, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, who was once against a constitution that nullified the Zulu kingdom. If my speculation is correct, there's a coalition brewing behind closed doors which will be announced post 2014 elections.
The Economic freedom fighters is not a western controlled movement, were unlike other rented micky mouse organization! Were for real cause of the struggle for people of SAEFF
Whether u like it or not EFF would Rule this Country.We are going forward,vvviiivvvaaa Economic Freedom Fighters viva.
Why the membership figures of Julius Malem's Economic Freedom Fighters cannot be trusted.
Economic Freedom Fighters If u r around KZN and you looking 4 EFF barrets and T-shirt jst email me cebisapm
Why the membership figures claimed by Economic Freedom Fighters can’t be trusted:
Just like I wouldn't trust the Democratic Alliance or the Economic Freedom Fighters.
We, as the ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS @ MANKWENG vow to live communally, to share, to contribute to the community, this is the dream of all sane human beings. We are the gorvenment in waiting. SALUTE!!!
EFF REJECTS IEC PARTICIPATION IN A GUPTA TNA PLATFORM. Economic Freedom Fighters has received an invitation to...
I think the merger EFF and FF+ will make an interesting name 'EFF+' : Economic Freedom Front Fighters plus
Economic Freedom Fighters?RT"I only know two partys in South Africa... ANC and Others"
Malemas speeding case postponed: The case of negligent driving and speeding against Economic Freedom Fighters ...
Thabo Mbeki has a soft spot for Economic Freedom Fighters...
Little Giant Ladders
Prime Talk: An in-depth interview with the Economic Freedom Fighters commander, Julius Malema on his party and its policies. Prime Talk tonight @ 21H30...only on Radio 786, 100.4fm Join the discussion - SMS: 32783 or post a comment below...
Commissars of Economic Freedom Fighters and the General Members of the Public,You are hereby Invited to a Progressive programme of Action ,Hosted by Ward 05. The Carwash will unfold as Follow: Date : 01 and 02 February 2014. Venue:ext 6 and 7 Near Matiwane by the fourway stop. Time : 10:00 Car wash prices : Car : R25.00 - R50.00 Taxi: R50.00 - R80.00 Your presence will be warmly appreciated.Come witness the revolution Finance itself!!!
ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS: DR RUTH MOMPATI REGION Why I didn’t join AgangSA 18 August 2013 10:00 Andile Mngxitama 95 Late last year, Dr Mamphela Ramphele invited me to two meetings where she asked if I would join her in building a new political project, which was to b...
An Afrikaans South African has been attacked for joining Julius Malema EFF party: reports
What if Nelson Mandela Wanted you to vote for Economic Freedom Fighters EFF,,, Would you?
ANC members attempt to disrupt EFF campaign Richard Nkosi | 29 January 2014 07:24 EMJINDINI – Rowdy ANC supporters caused havoc in the streets of Emjindini last Tuesday as Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) supporters were waiting for the commander-in-chief, Julius Malema. Many bakkies, taxis, and even municipal and government vehicles disrupted traffic flow. Supporters in an ANC-branded bakkie, threw berets and T-shirts on the streets. Not far from where the EFF’s rally took place, the opposing party also pitched their tents. The media representatives including Barberton Times, were threatened for taking photos. Cllr Elizabeth Geceko charged at reporters, saying they had not asked permission to take photos. Geceko further accused them of contacting the party’s media convener in Umjindi, Bhekizwe Nkambule, and spreading rumours that ANC members were disrupting the EFF’s campaign. “This is our land, they didn’t ask permission from us to hold their rally (sic),” she said. EFF supporters, however, ...
People call themselves Economic Freedom Fighters yet they know nothin about Monetary Policy. Marcus is talkin, take some notes.
This is what The Citizen Newspaper reported in thier today's issue: EFF supporters protest outside Mogale City Local Municipality, West of Johannesburg, 28 January 2013, about the level of corruption taking place in Mogale City. Around 600 Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members marched to Mogale City Civic Centre yesterday to demand answers from what they believe to be a corrupt municipality. The EFF Gauteng Provincial Command Team (PCT) claimed there was rife corruption and nepotism in the municipality’s housing sector, after the team’s recent visits to various informal settlements across the West Rand. EFF Gauteng communications officer Patrick Sindani said that during the site visits, the PCT had encountered at least 183 cases of houses approved for certain occupants but allegedly handed to other people instead.“We believe nepotism and corruption by Mogale City municipal officials and councillors played a role in many of these cases,” Sindani said. He said the team had also come across at leas ...
"Afrikaner ‘attacked for joining Economic Freedom Fighters’ people are sick. Hope he's ok?
Economic Freedom Fighters target voters fed up with African National Congress -
Media barred from Malema court appearance - Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema's reckless and n...
Where is Blade Nzimande ? he was the 1 who promised people that evryone who applied for NFSAS will get the funding .Where is SASCO yes we relaxed and some of our Friends voted for you mchana ...Where are the rest of the Political Parties Including Democratic Alliance Agang SA Economic Freedom Fighters of South Africa Students need you National Student Financial Aid Scheme
Malema To Face the Music: Vanderbijlpark – Economic Freedom Fighters leader and all round rabble rouser, Juliu... http:…
Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema believes a proper government will cease child grants and instead create decent jobs for parents and guardians. Read more at:
Economic Freedom Fighters statement on the Wits11. The Economic Freedom Fighters are appalled, disgusted but mostly disappointed at the expulsion of 10 of the 11 students who protested against the Israel sponsored concert at the University of the Witwatersrand in March last year. Although the sanction is suspended, it is with great concern to learn that the university legal office, a function of the Vice Chancellor’s office recommended that the fellow students be suspended for 12 years. The suspension of the sentence is only possible in exchange with the students' silence, while our public university is being used to normalise the bloody image of Israel. We are of the view that the former leaders of the University’s Student Representative Council, a statutory body of the University recognised by the Higher Education Act acted in the best interest of the University and the students it represented. Their actions followed a cultural and academic boycott of institutions of Israel by the statutory body whi ...
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Liam E Johns wrote: Plz like the Economic Freedom Fighters page. And then type "Down ANC Down" and win a house in Nkandla.
Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) member Wiekus Kotze believes white people should play their part when it comes to reconciliation.
On the face of it, it seems incomprehensible what Julius Malema’s seven-month-old Economic Freedom Fighters and the 40-year-old Inkatha Freedom Party, still under its founding president Mangosuthu Buthelezi, would want from each other.
Julius Malema is the FIGHTING side of the Economic Freedom Fighters..we all know he knows nothing about economics!!.
Manqoba Nxumalo: The Malema conundrum Julius Malema is such a polarising figure. We loathe and love him in equal measure. He shakes us in our comfort zones by confronting the compromises of our leaders. He makes us discuss, yet again, what the liberation struggle was about. Did political power for the black government mean an end to apartheid and the legacy it bequeathed? This is what society is discussing, thanks to Malema. Even the apolitical youth find themselves discussing politics, whether agreeing with him or not is immaterial. You either hate or love me. You are seldom in-between. It is Malema who dusted the Freedom Charter from the archives of the ANC and brought it back to national discourse. It was Malema who took the politics of the SACP and merged it with that of the PAC and bam came the Economic Freedom Fighters. He has woven the radicalism of such stalwarts as Peter Mokaba and the late Steve Biko. Perhaps that is why Andile Mngxitama praises the EFF as the organisation where the children of ...
Economic Freedom Fighters told the president at African National Congress that they are tired of empty promises, their commander in chief was quoted saying "Tlogelang go bolela kudu, lena bjale ka baetapele AGANG naga ye just like you did in Nkabdla, we just can't COPE anymore" after delivering this speech bishop Tutu just started DRAAMA out of nowhere, with all these being said political analysts said that it is evident that Democratic Alliance does not exist in South Africa
Why not partnership with Economic Freedom Fighters? We need you general
This is the year of Economic Freedom Fighters and Pope Francis is one of them.
How's about just picking up the pass rate from 30% ?. African National Congress, Economic Freedom Fighters, Agang...
President Jacob Zuma has addressed a clash between the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members and members of the ANC at Nkandla
Economic Freedom Fighters led by Julius Malema has had more than five running battles with ANC to date.Juju calls his opposition Party a Protest movement whose modus operandi is Militancy and direct confrontation.what's your take on his campaign method?
Malema's Nkandla gambit pays off The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) went to President Jacob Zuma's home town of...
its a long road boet but EVENTUALLY you will get there with us"ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS"
Revolutionary greatings fighters in the name of Economic freedom fighters...complements of the new year...
ANC in KwaZulu/Natal has condemned the confrontation between its members and those of Julius Malema's Economic Freedom Fighters in Nkandla
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If, say, eff won the elections and "achieved" economic freedom, will they still be economic freedom fighters?? 😐
Julius Sello Malema (born 3 March 1981) is the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters“. (WANT TO BE THE 4TH...
Business people in KwaZulu-Natal prefers Economic Freedom Fighters than ANC;
Economic Freedom Fighters commander in chief is speaking eMlazi kwa-N esikoleni eMenzi -Sports-Club namuhla! 12pm !!! All Fighters, Supporters and even the curious are welcome to be there!!! Asijiki!!! We Come In Peace prepared ...
Economic Freedom Fighters will rule ... Economic Freedom Fighters will free our people from the shackles of poverty... Our Land back today!
A number of ANC supporters were arrested after they clashed with Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members ...
Good morning to all Freedom Fighters on the ground keep on doing good job
500km away in Nkandla, ANC members clashed with Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and some were arrested.
said Nkandla(The Museum of Corruption) was a no go for "Political parties in SA",today the Economic Freedom Fighters went
The Economic Freedom Fighters were handing over a house they had built, next to Zuma's homestead, to a woman and her grandchildren.
ANC intolerant of opposition: Malema: Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema has again accused ...
The Economic Freedom Fighters shall never threatened by idealistic zanc manifesto,we have heard same song for 20years
Julius Malema talking at the Economic Freedom Fighters press conference on 1 August 2013.
So all ANCYL rejects are now calling themselves 'economic freedom fighters'? Yah no, election year drama could make a nice soapie stru.
23) Neoliberal policies adopted to please the intl fin institutions GEAR, ASGISA and NDP will never solve SA problems
Find the Full Media Statement of the on the website [
13.10.2013 Thousands of Economic Freedom Fighters(EFF) supporters attended the launch of the party in Marikana, North West.
Interesting assessment from NUMSA of the new political party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).
Decided I'm voting for the Economic freedom fighters
Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema will not inspect President Jacob Zuma's private Nkandla home:
Malema set to visit Nkandla: Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema is set to hand over a house the pa...
Economic Freedom Fighters Press Statement | : inabidi uisome hii ..Never seen radical politics like this
Economic Freedom Fighters of South Africa wrote: EFF will hand over to a poor family a house next to the illegal and illegitimate private residence - a museum of corruption - of the current and outgoing president of the country
Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema praised Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe on Thursday and said the only systems for Africans was the Zimbabwean system. Speaking at a media briefing in Braamfontein, Malema was full of praise for Mugabe, particularly the Zimbabwean president’s land expro...
Long live economic freedom fighters long live down with shower head and his/her puppets down,alluta continua
The Economic Freedom Fighters intend to win the 2014 elections, but the playing field is not level, party leader Julius
Economic freedom fighters is the future of this country after the elections. I support the nationalization of mines en bank and land back to the people without compensation. Like if you believe in radical change and economic freedom in our lifetime
We are ol in the economic freedom fighters (EFF) ,ANC bye! We cant vote 4 zuma again 2 build zuma-mall.
2pm news: Economic Freedom Fighters campaign at Eastern Cape beaches / Premier denies wrongdoing in 1,3-million rand vehicle purchase / The wait is almost over for the class of 2013
Why the EFF will struggle to exist in the future! -Can it ever escape the antithetical twin personality-cult (Zuma & Malema) definition of its existence? - It is history now that a party named the EFF or Economic Freedom Fighters was formed, is duly registered and in the run for the 2014 National Elections. Can we for a moment reflect on what the future of this party is through understanding its formation and overarching reason for existence? The Economic Freedom Fighters party claims a start in the undeniable need of economic redress for a majority of people wrongly or rightly defined as ‘black’ who informed by the systems of colonialism, apartheid underpinned by racism remain left behind, denied, robbed and in abject poverty. It is my view that regardless to a political freedom attained at the dawn of our democracy, the subject of economic redress no sane South African can question or regard as irrelevant. Africa’s history in liberation or independence marks decisive moments of political freedoms, ...
Economic freedom fighters in our life time. For radiacal change
UPDATESStories to watch in 2014 The year 2013 was rather eventful with the false alarms of Nelson Mandela’s passing and eventually passing away towards the end of the year. The past year was filled with many depressing news of women and babies being killed and raped. The likes of Anene Booysen, Reeva Steenkamp, mutilated toddlers in Diesploot and a six-week old baby raped by his uncle. On the political front parties like Agang SA, Economic Freedom Fighters and Patriotic Alliance were formed to add some colour to our political spectrum. The year 2014 will no doubt be more riveting and exciting since we are celebrating 20 years since our democratic nation was born in 1994. These are some of the top stories that will be hogging the headlines in this election year of 2014: Oscar Pistorius trial How the mighty have fallen! The Oscar Pistorius trial is set to start in March 2014 and it will no doubt be enthralling to watch. The international media will be watching how our judicial system will be tackling suc ...
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