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Eaten Alive

Eaten Alive (known under various alternate titles in different regions, including Death Trap (UK), Horror Hotel, Horror Hotel Massacre, Legend of the Bayou, Murder on the Bayou, Le crocodile de la mort (France) and Starlight Slaughter) is a 1977 horror film directed by Tobe Hooper.

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Me and Kurt are literally being eaten alive by mosquitos 😡😩
vore: Short for "voraphilia" or "vorarephilia": a fetish in which one fantasizes about being eaten alive or eating another creature alive
deems skinning & torching while still alive acceptable to us all. . 99% stolen from other provinces. Co…
Schmuck! Senate is scrapping it, CBO will ravage it! You & your two dancing bears &…
I'm not as adorable when eaten alive. Playing with me seems more productive.
Imagine being stolen from your home… then EATEN ALIVE.
Like Assange alluded-ambition has eaten her alive from inside out and left nothing but a shell. K.A.R.M.A
You'll get eaten alive. Don't do this to yourself. Even I have a heart
Clarke,not DC politiclly aware enough. Wud b eaten alive. A good and honest man, and therefore. Can't survive DC😔. B…
The fight's not over. Let's give the Republican Senate a whole weekend of watching their House counterparts get eaten th…
Fact: I have eaten 2 meals since Thursday and I have never felt so alive
I think that team gets eaten alive pretty badly tbh. But, again, I'm a pessimist about almost everyone on this team
You go to *** or get eaten alive by worms and rot in the ground
im being eaten alive by so many things I bottle up..
They put the fight on Mexican Independence Day. Poor Canelo is gonna get eaten alive on his country's day 😫
I'm currently sitting in the forest, listening to the dawn chorus and being eaten alive by tiny gnats.
Robin just called being eaten alive terrifying but also fun. Vore fetish? It's more likely than you think.
I already have a niece to help raise, and the thought of possibly dying, losing your kid, or both dur…
But spray is the most inconvenient thing to be allergic to bc I have to choose between being eaten alive or not being able to breathe at all
And animals wouldn't die a torturous and terrifying and violent death by getti…
SO happy this *** is being eaten alive for her blatant .
not might. IS. Moose and Elk in the northeast are being eaten alive.
Also, my opinion of JoJo Diaz hasn't changed. He's going to get eaten alive by the top guys at 126.
I don't see Ted Nugent debating Barack Obama. I think it's cause Ted Nugent…
I hope every individual in that picture gets mauled and slowly eaten alive by a pride of lions. I'd consider it kar…
Gonna try one final Periscope for the night shortly. Ken Schrader's feature. Battery is eaten alive with live video. Have to be selective.
Female toad's head was eaten alive from the inside by parasitic blowflies, but male toad still tries his luck
I'd also like the sad, drippy love & peace bs 2 stop. We need the Carl Rove of dems to rip, tear & draw…
Actually the best version of octopus is where they're alive, not getting eaten by human monsters. They're such amazing bril…
The wolves are out. So it's either you tighten up or be eaten alive.
I can deal with Adams learning curve, I could see Kljestan getting eaten alive further back.
❝I'm sure mine could probably beat you, though, I don't want them eaten alive, either.❞
DRAIN the SWAMP-4 Real.DON'T just Move the Water Around Some & Say OK U can jump in Now🐸(ONLY to be EATEN ALIVE) 🇺🇸 http…
Steph will get eaten alive again by Kyrie kd as usual shrinks against lebron only hope 2 stop cavs is a slow paced Jazz team
False. I have lots of souls. One freckle for every man I've eaten alive.
Baby girl gunna get eaten alive over here 😂
There are creatures that allow themselves to be eaten alive by those closest to them. The spider after all eats its mate.
Thanks Jessica. Sometimes you just gotta let some dark out or be eaten alive. 😳
Wifey found a half-eaten kitten in our backyard. Animal Control said it was a miracle the cat was still alive. It will go down peacefully. 😢
They are being eaten alive by those jackets lol.
The baby dying and being eaten is counter to them being alive…
Years ago at guy at lunch ("Joe") said the worst way to die would be "eaten alive by a deer." 'BECAUSE IT NIBB…
Im at my aunts house and ive been eaten alive by mosquitoes. Pray for my soul.
“If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive.” - Audre Lo…
Guys, I haven't eaten rice for one whole week.. Why am I still alive?!
Can decide if I wanna be sick in my own hands or throw mesen in with the pigs to be eaten alive today.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Watching get eaten alive by the monster he helped create. How's that going for ya dude?
Even if I wouldn't succeed I rather die trying than to just watch my child being eaten alive, but that's just me🐸☕️
I'm out here star gazing and I'm getting eaten alive by mosquitos. I'm not even mad I understand y'all just tryna to eat but come on
Women are getting aggressive on the north side. I thought I was going to get eaten alive in Walmart
id rather cut my foot off and get eaten alive by bull ants than say i support those grubs tbh LMAO
It's so beautiful tonight there are so many stars out if I wasn't afraid of being eaten alive by bugs I would sleep outside under the stars
I get eaten alive by bugs when I go outside, so I know how you feel girl
Pray for me because even though Ive been indoors all day, I still managed to get eaten alive by mosquitos
It's all fun & tentacles until someone gets eaten alive. BTS video for "Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time" up now htt…
glad to see I'm not alone. Basically eaten alive when I said this game was awful.
This is challenge I would never accept unless I wanted to be eaten alive like sandwich.
If and I aren't eaten alive by bugs tomorrow morning it'll be a miracle.
Being eaten alive by a bed right now...
I was almost eaten alive by spiders this weekend... Pictures to come tomorrow. 😣
technically we don't know nobody fell through a trap door to be eaten alive by Clintons pet tiger
99% sure there a mosquito in my room... And I'm 100% sure I'm going to be eaten alive
Summer weather is chill and all until you're getting eaten alive by hundreds of mosquitoes.
Really not ready to get eaten alive by mosquitoes this summer 😩
running. idk where to, but I'm running til my *** get eaten alive unfortunately. 😭😭😭
Man, I just wanna lay out in my yard and stare at the night sky without getting eaten alive by bugs.
I feel like I'm being eaten alive in my own place.
May or may not get eaten alive by bugs. But nights like these, I wish I could call you up...
I've been to Oakdale the last three days & I've been eaten alive by mosquitoes each time
could rly go for a cigarette if only I wouldn't be eaten alive by mosquitos when I stepped outside :-)
Dog regrows his face after he was found being eaten alive by maggots
i can name MANY people who want to be eaten alive by their favorite vocaloid
that being said I'm jumping into a shark tank tomorrow so I get eaten alive. Tell everyone to not kill the Sharks.
Except no matter what choices you make, you end up being eaten alive by radioactive rats.
My citronella geranium plant thing appears to be working. Yay for smelling all lemony AND not being eaten alive by mosquitos!
Throwback to the full-screen TV cameo, almost got eaten alive at hostile PNC Park, 2015 NL Wild Card game //
Getting eaten alive by mosquitos is fine as long as there's a fire and marshmallows. 🔥♥️
So I've been camping in Canada since Friday & I've been eaten alive by mosquitos & had no phone. Fun times. Time to go back to civilisation!
Mosquitos have eaten me alive for the past 2 days
tied up and high, I'm yours to be eaten alive
I'm getting eaten alive by mosquitos rn
I've been eaten alive by bugs and now I look like I have a skin disease on my arm. They even got my face 😫
It was a beautiful evening until I started getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.
.. . Around 10,000 dogs and 4,000 cats will be beaten, skinned alive and eaten next month ..
I got sunburnt and eaten alive by mosquitos all in one weekend. I love up north!
just now starting to terrorize Kelly… Offense FINALLY coming alive… OL was getting eaten alive frankly
I'm going to get eaten alive by all these *** mosquitos in this hot humid *** weather.
Getting eaten alive by mosquitoes day 2 !!
Got eaten alive by chiggers today 😩 can't scratch or it will get worse
❤️ & peep Michael's note to Diana at the bottom of her album, Eaten Alive! This is love.
I know it's nature but watching that animal be eaten alive b4 they started fighting made me sad😕😔
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Was eaten alive by mosquitos during a walk but having a friend pull over to say hi made it worth it!
Went on a hike this morning and left with miniscule bug bites. Rode the Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom and got eaten alive by bugs.
I hate when I go to the park I get eaten alive by mosquitos:(
Ahh summer, the season when you get eaten alive :,)
60 days to go until largest dog eating festival! 10, 000 dogs to be eaten alive in CHINA!
Being eaten alive by anxiety today.I can't keep living like this 😢
If you're reading this you weren't eaten alive during the night by giant snails with pointy teeth. Rejoice!
Was worth getting eaten alive last night to paddleboard down the Loboc river this morning 🏄🏽…
But come on who calls a play area 'the cage' it literally sounds like they're going to be eaten alive
The person above is getting eaten alive by the person below
I came, I saw, I got eaten alive by mozzies. Well worth it
well, ok. I also like the episode too far gone but i wanted the governor to get eaten alive
Good morning Europe! USD got eaten alive while you slept. . 1-2 day look against majors
Whoa! So this is what the food chain looks like huh? :( Video: Dog Gets Eaten Alive By Crocodile--->
He was hurt even more, than before. . It felt like he was getting eaten alive. *. . .goodbye. He starts to walk off.
You need to jump in the breach. Team manhater is going to be eaten alive
fanbase cannibalism. I could imagine this on the news "BREAKING NEWS .millions were eaten alive due to not repling to sam "
Grayson Allen gonna eaten alive by Dillon and I can't wait
The worst thing that can happen to a pro wres dude is getting eaten alive in a promo, and they're too scripted for that to happen
Pels got eaten alive by the injury bug this year. Hopefully he'll be ok and ready to go by start of next season.
This is what I'm waiting for. Let Chiz and Bongbong be eaten alive.
I think that's the reason ppl getting eaten alive by fame because the moment they start to do the movies and stuff to receive a pay check
Media would have eaten him alive for sure.
If the spring equinox was a snake, it wouldn't have bit me. It would have eaten me alive and I still would have missed it.
Yeah he's not ready to go pro. He'll get eaten alive
I actually cared about her...minor character or not. That hurt me as much as watching noah get eaten alive. As much as …
Today's pick to be Tobe Hooper's Eaten Alive. Southern gothic at its finest.
First movie of this evening is Tobe Hooper's Eaten Alive. Scratch another DPP lister off the to see list.
Diana Ross, Barry Gibb and family in the studio recordings of the song '' Eaten Alive '' (1985).
£22m. Not a pot to *** in. No petrol for his Ferrari (my heart bleeds) and now on Think he's gonna get eaten alive here.
In medical and physical terms, Was the snake or rats alive when they wer eaten in your church Mkhwanazi-Xaluva
Heat:“Would you prefer to be eaten after you're dead,or while still alive? The choice is yours.”
8-% chance, he's taking swings at GG while being eaten alive by
Poor he's being eaten alive by the panel 🙈
So... Someone will be eaten alive on the broadcast?
> tfw gets eaten alive by the crew for disagreeing with them. Welcome to c. 2014 :^)
Dozens killed in beaver/otter turf war. Tragedy. Beaver eaten alive, by creatures who otter know better;(
ikr. Even the whole oh you are gonna get eaten alive is me
Are you being eaten alive by anger and entitlement?...
Eaten nothing all day and I can feel the hunger increasing. It's making me feel alive and peaceful
Eaten Alive are doing a reunion and they are playing our show as their first, yo
Even when he's being eaten alive by SJWs, he still finds a way to lie about GG. Bless his little heart.
Love is pretty much the same as being eaten alive by a grizzly bear.❤️🐻
I'm getting eaten alive on the daily & kind of hope I get zika so i can take a week off work
Swim with the sharks without being eaten alive Harvey Mackay Hardcover at
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One of the most disturbing things I have ever read! Offering yourself to be eaten alive and someone doing it! 😷
I did not sleep well. I dreamt last night, I was eaten alive by two black panthers. Pray for me as I have a two hour politics seminar now..
Wu and Izzy both accused him of supporting TERFs and harassing Wu, so he's being eaten alive for it
And in the real world you can't be weak you'll get eaten alive 💯
a night hike would be cool but I'd probably get eaten alive
Channel One reporter Ivan Blagoi interviews 13-year-old Lisa F who was raped and eaten alive in Berlin
4:51 into the film and two skinny-dippers have been eaten alive by man-eating fish. I've made a great decision.👍
Snake eaten alive by snake near Toowoomba and other top stories.
A trail of truth. Laid in a forest of lies. Soon eaten alive
+I just need you to know that I'm /sorry/. [His soul quivers in his hand, and he laughs brokenly.] I let myself get eaten alive+
Currently being eaten alive by five college classes that give homework and quizzes almost daily.
Too many reps like this for Conklin. Even inside at OG this gets eaten alive
Job interviews are hard. What's your best accomplishment?. -Well I just made a bit about rapists getting eaten alive by sharks. Pretty proud.
What's worse? Getting eaten alive by rats, or pecked to death by crows?
I was getting eaten alive my mosquitos during Ebola and now I'm getting bit again during this Zika virus
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Live by the media, die by the media. Trump--as nominee--will be eaten alive by media and superpacs. They have a warehouse of oppo research.
A school teacher in South Park colo. has suggested that all illegal immigrants be eaten alive until they r dead.
I'm going to be eaten alive by my emotions soon
Have you ever eaten with your nose? To be alive is to be constantly exploring!
Just got eaten alive by mosquitos, but my view right now needs
yea after 10 mins in a 2v1 practice mode I got eaten alive D: , pvp seems more my rhythm atm.
Michigan's bigs got eaten alive tonight.
You have to agree with every fanboy on every topic. You have an independent thought - eaten alive by nerds.
I'm having a hard time figuring out the controls in this game and I'm literally being eaten alive.
My life as an adult is starting soon and I kind of want to crawl in a cave and be eaten alive by bears
Al Jefferson has eaten Okafar and Noel alive tonight. Not surprising with Jah, but thought Noel would be farther along by now. Just too easy
Ingram would be eaten alive by pros if he left early...
Im cheeks at pm lmao. I got eaten alive by a Fox/Falcon in Winners Finals
I haven't eaten in 38 hours and j got 2 hours of sleep, how am I alive right now
Quick! I am being eaten alive by mosquitos!!! I need a remedy for the itch!!!
welcomed Trump with open arms along with the Tea Party. Now getting eaten alive. Karma bites.
Just caught up with I must admit I was teary eyed watching Glen get eaten alive 😢 please be alive somehow ? 😢
Literally haven't eaten anything in over 30 hours. How am I alive?
You have to watch your friend get eaten alive.
Except I'm locked out of my house right now. And getting eaten alive by mosquitos
Almost got eaten alive by someones dog! 😟
I would rather projectile vomit my intestines out while being eaten alive by bears than study for a feminist course again in my lifetime
Finnick deserves more than to be eaten alive by lizard mutts
Protecting kids is fine but they'll go out into the real world and get eaten alive. Not literally that's more of a zoo maintenance issue...
Ive eaten and actually feel alive again lol
Like, would food be excited to fulfill the destiny of being eaten? Or would they try to stay alive?
all I've eaten the past two days is a bowl of ramen three cheese sticks and some baby carrots :-) what a time to be alive
Campaigning for the worms, poor little sods being eaten alive
The Cali dudes--tall, smooth, pretty boys--tend to get totally eaten alive by New York City (the city) after spending more than a year there
I'm ready to not get eaten alive by mosquitoes.
Except for the fact that Garrett and i witnessed a chicken being eaten alive by a snake. Which definitely was a first.👀🐓🐍
"The Left has been eaten alive by Islamism"
Aww, I remember last year's live trial with 😄 but he got eaten alive by ants 🙈😰 x
Ballance will get eaten alive by Steyn & Morkel. I'm astounded he was even included in the squad.
Is the potato still alive or it was eaten?😂
bro... Really? Ballers today would be eaten alive by 90s ballers. Basketball is soft now... They'll cry fouls
I fail to see a correlation between those animals and a shark. No horse or cat has ever eaten a human alive that I know of.
The Shocking Moment a Half-Eaten Fish Came Back Alive - This fish was so raw that it was still ALIVE! This dine...
You could get eaten alive by jokes in the barber shop AT ANY MOMENT. No one is safe lmao
One of my favorite candid photos from our time filming Eaten Alive. Jungle camping at its finest.
Fukd up stupid wee girl, hope she gets separated chased gun jams then eaten alive, that b too nice a death 2 fast
Talking about traveling and dad says Bali is the first place he saw someone get eaten alive by a shark. can't wait
This Webb guy is the worst. Dude is getting eaten alive right now.
that's true. Ummm... Let's see. Go to the doctor! Donate blood! Get eaten alive by a dinosaur! Anything beats going tomorrow!
Anderson Cooper is getting eaten alive. It's hilarious.
Cole-Letang got eaten alive by MTLs top line tonight.
every candidate in this debate would be eaten alive by most of the republican candidates in a debate. They are making fools of themselves rn
Flores is being eaten alive by Kershaw
Bernie sanders is getting eaten alive out there. is the only candidate who looks strong during debates!
I'm pro-Bernie, but he's getting eaten alive in this debate.
Hillary is getting eaten alive out there 👋
Did that dude complain not getting enough time in a 5-person debate; he'd be eaten alive in the GOP debates... probably by Chris Christie.
Uh, nope...he would get eaten alive by Putin.
Bernie beng eaten alive by Hillary. Not aloud chomp chomp...but slowly and surely
poor guy is out of his league here. Seems sweet but getting eaten alive.
Can you imagine .negotiating with Wayne LaPierre? He would be eaten alive.
So I've been in my backyard for about 20 minutes hitting and I've already been eaten alive by mosquitos 😒😒
Bernie is getting eaten alive on guns, repeating his same talking point. O'Malley: not pandering to the NRA.
Just imagine standing up to Putin... He will be eaten alive
Little gets his second of the game, a PPG, at 10:35. getting eaten alive on special teams tonight. Just one of those nights.
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Me and andrew r getting eaten alive from mosquitoes
Lincoln Chaffee is going to be eaten alive in this election.
Heartbreaking situation as neglected shelter dog being eaten alive by ticks
Hillary is going to get eaten alive in this debate.
Oh, Hillary, you're being eaten up alive and the debate has just begun.
Chafee is gonna get eaten alive in this debate
Mom: "How was your trip?". I almost died. I slid down a dam. I almost got eaten alive by a snake. The bathrooms made me cr…
Caps are getting eaten alive by the Sharks.
Yes... we have Stephen Thrower (author of Nightmare USA) doing the booklets for Christmas Evil and Eaten Alive.
I'm sitting at the bus stop getting eaten alive by about 15 different bugs. Yeah I'm back in Nola..
FACT: Animals have been known to die in the wild. Sometimes even eaten alive
yes I yelped/laughed! 😂 ok the weather is perfect right now but I’m getting eaten alive by bugs…😕
Octopuses are eaten alive in Japan! Please help to close down restaurants like this!
I'm getting eaten alive by this freakin bug omg
I'm being eaten alive by mosquitos 🙄😫
I just wanna go outside without getting eaten alive
Pitching is getting eaten alive by the Cubs. The Cubs. 😑😑😑
Walk outside for 5 seconds and get eaten alive by Mosquitos. THANKS TEXAS
I guess ill just stay on the swing outside even though im getting eaten alive
Getting eaten by a crocodile unsurprisingly seems like the worst way imaginable to die
I clearly never had a choice in the matter because if I did I would have chose not to get eaten alive by mosquitos this evening. 😐
I haven't eaten all day. I'm surprised im alive rn
When your mother calls but your flatmates being eaten alive by rats.
Loving this portrait of Jordan that we made in Savannah, GA last month. We both were eaten alive by…
You're all *** stupid and I hope you're the first ones eaten alive in the zombie apocalypse.
Pig-chopping festival in Vietnam in which pigs are cut open alive and eaten
The man and the crimes that inspired Tobe Hooper's 1977 film 'Eaten Alive'.
Tobe Hooper's Eaten Alive makes for a fascinating creative counterpart to Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The revelling in artifice is striking.
You think Dwight Howard saw that Eaten Alive show and was like "Hey I bet my snake can't eat me alive. Come on snake eat me!"
I just feel like I'm being eaten alive..
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
? Must be a Serious, Proven AZ Conservative, a newcomer would be eaten alive by !
Im getting eaten up alive mentally for each minute that passes. God i hate this so much. Idk what i want with anything or anybody anymore.
I'd sooner be slowly eaten alive by angry ferrets than go within five miles of
It's Gary! The Gofer!! If I could catch him and not be eaten alive, I would so have him as a…
I haven't eaten in 24 hours how am I alive
I can't believe I haven't eaten anything all day and I'm still alive.
Remember that time that guy wasn't Eaten Alive by a snake? Good times.
eaten alive, because with being eaten you feel every chunk being ripped off. As being burnt well hurt yes.
...finds himself gettin' eaten alive by a bear. However! The chances are slim to almost totally near improbable, right?
Being eaten alive because all that's left of you afterwards is poop. You can't have a funeral for poop.
What happens when you put a life-size chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch statue in a mall -->
In game he was raped while being eaten alive an I don't dig that
I think it's clear Jim murphy got eaten alive by two powerful women. It was a great watch
Went home from school early because I'm being eaten alive from the inside out I will soon be gone
Eaten alive because it's much slower
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
being eaten alive because it will take way to long to die, and you'll be a zombie. FOREVER.
burning alive b/c you suffer until death. If you're eaten alive, oxygen could be cut off and you die quicker
Nearly a decade before he donned Kruger's sweater, Englund delivered a supremely sleazy performance in Eaten Alive.
She was a ghost in her own life, lost in dreams. No one noticed her until one day, she was eaten alive by her own mind. The …
as far as what's worse, being eaten alive is slower. Bite, chew, swallow, drink something occasionally, bite... it's tedious.
being eaten alive is worse because you feel compelled to watch what is happening. And looking makes pain worse
Being eaten alive bc you could feel how it all happens while burning to death you'd probably die bc of carbon monoxide
Being eaten alive. I feel like it would go a lot slower. Plus, you'd look cooler covered in flames
being eaten alive is worse. We will all burn in *** anyways so we can get used to it before we arrive
This weeks will be "Whats worse burning to death or being eaten alive?" GIVE ME YOUR BEST REASONING TO GET INTO T…
eaten alive is worse because I imagine burning would be faster and I don't want to be alive with bits of flesh missing from me.
Eaten alive while still on the bus (hopefully as my fellow commuters succumb to the zombie plague.
Eaten Alive anaconda stunt: Paul Rosolie responds to critics
Discovery Channel is taking a new direction in its programming strategy, moving away from sensationalised shows such Eaten Alive and towards documentaries and scripted series, according to its new president. Rich Ross (left) told journalists at Discovery’s TCA session that this week’s hire of former…
And stupid, sensationalistic stuff (e.g. "Eaten Alive") also out. Its about time. I used to respect Discovery.
My last student said that, tried it anyway and was eaten alive by his own backfiring spell... -sips some hot cocoa again-
Note : This stunt of getting eaten alive was performed by professionals and is very dangerous and ca
Discovery's new president, Rich Ross, doesn't want any more megalodon or Eaten Alive debacles.
My album of the day: 'Eaten Alive' by
they're going to get eaten alive by the Soo
Out for revenge and hungry for blood Natalie is on the hunt for Brock to avenge the death of her husband Trevor who was eaten alive. With the thought of it all still fresh in her mind she’ll let nothing get in her way, she won’t stop until Brock is dead. Jump into this twisted story...
Ever faithful friend, sorrow set it teeth eaten alive
"ELI5:Why didn't god just make all animals herbivores and spare billions of animals the fate of being torn apart and eaten alive...
Discovery president admits Eaten Alive stunt was 'misleading' and 'sensational'
Discovery announced today 'no more programming' and return to factual roots
Viewers of the show Eaten Alive on Discovery this week feel duped.
...and so The SCANDAL was revealed it became clear to me thatI was once THE PARTY PEOPLE'S great Olivia Pope FIX IT!!! FIX IT!!! FIX IT! And before 2014 was history it was crystal clear that THE PARTY PEOPLE were less receptive to my help, my skill, my dedication and to my time I made an impromptu announcement right before the holidays that THE RUMORS ARE TRUE I have submitted and cemented my resignation as THE PARTY PEOPLE'Slead gladiator Can't fix everyone's mistakes no more the SCANDAL is. they didn't take the newsof my retirement seriously. So I let them keep believing that I will always be there when they need me When they are needy When they are under the influencewith their thoughts altered The SCANDAL was that in these moments they hated me they lashed out at me ANGRY .disrespectful, ungrateful and ugly towards me I am not the enemy but atop the crystal mountain peaks ya'll couldn't hear me too busy thinking they can see the world and all of it's beauty but the way they acted towards me was just l ...
Discovery president: Eaten Alive stunt was 'misleading'
If I was the liom from DP, would have eaten her alive to end all funny theories.
I haven't eaten in 6 days. All liquids. Lost weight. Everywhere but in the right places😂 I'm still alive tho therefore I'm thankful😌
I just had a vision of Andy Samberg and Julia Roberts making out and now I'm scared of being eaten alive
This is a message to all dog owners who find it acceptable to walk their dogs off lead on blackamoor. Dogs who are NOT trained to accept sheep. Today we found one of our sheep that was in lamb being eaten alive by a dog. Our land has no footpaths through it and our sheep are on our land! We have potentially lost 46 lambs today due the dog worrying our flock and worried sheep abort pregnancies. Report this post if you want however this is the reality of dogs being left loose. This poor sheep had its ears torn off, tendons severed and was in unbelievable pain. Please think twice before letting your dog loose.
Anaconda man Paul Rosolie's documentary Eaten Alive airs in US on Discovery ... See an Anaconda devour a man alive in Discovery documentary scenes ...
Jacob Davis has been buttered and eaten alive as an early morning breakfast
aha it's official then. The girl you were wingmanning him with has eaten him alive 😂😂
Caress my hair with coconut oils. Massage my back with bergamot. Scent me with sage and citrus. At last—I'm ready to be eaten alive.
Same. I think it is my biggest fear. Being eaten alive. I would have drowned from panic.
Discovery Channel apologizes for that "misleading" 'Eaten Alive' special *** right they apologize.
Sooo was eaten alive just like a one time thing or?
Love Is a carousel at a carnival but instead of riding a horse, you get eaten alive by cannibals
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