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Eat Bulaga

Eat Bulaga! is a noon-time variety show in the Philippines produced by Television And Production Exponents Inc.

Yaya Dub Wally Bayola Vic Sotto Marian Rivera Jose Manalo Pinoy Henyo Alden Richards Problem Solving

Its first overseas franchise is Eat Bulaga! Indonesia, which currently airs on Indonesia's ANTV Network
I hope that The New Eat Bulaga! Indonesia will reach 37 years just like Eat Bulaga!. See u on TV at august 1.😊😊
Eat Bulaga na! I'm so excited. I'll be watching IYAM soon. God bless always Meng and RJ!
yes Eat bulaga is 36 yrs. i grew up watching that show until it became "the aldub" show.
Please watch us tomorrow at eat bulaga's trumpets challenge semifinals 🙌🏼 lezzgo dynamic bros 💪🏼
Maine & Alden need to stay in Eat Bulaga studio to stay safe from bashers . Need to protect them https:/…
Its not all about ALDUB or Eat Bulaga but when you see a pic like this. Proud ADN.
I liked a video Eat Bulaga July 13 2016 Juan for All - All for Juan Sugod Bahay
"It would be nice to have you in my life.." 💕 . | © Eat Bulaga .
I liked a video from Eat bulaga July 14 2016. Alden and Maine naki showdown sa
I liked a video from Eat Bulaga July 14 2016. Maine and Alden naki hakot pa more
Yaya Dub bound to bid goodbye from 'Eat Bulaga's' Kalyeserye?
Catch tomorrow in Eat Bulaga, opening prod with his dad and 5PM tomorrow also in SM City Bat…
You must understand, Eat Bulaga, cannot give a full blown update because it might spoil the film. Chill.
hope to see christian bautista as regular n SPS or Eat Bulaga
New post has been published on Micro Lending. KALYESERYE ALDUB SUMMER ... micro lending
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Congratulations Kalyeserye and 38 is a Juanderful number for Eat Bulaga! Cheers!
3rd time I got to see someone from Eat Bulaga, first, si Sir Jimmy, then si Bossing Vic, then si Dasuri Choi! ✊ganyan ata e-spell name nya😂
never forget the time that was one Eat Bulaga
Yan. Ginagawang issue yung Miss University ng Eat Bulaga. 1. You cannot tell a woman what is empowering and what is not. 2. Yes, EB is trash
Eat Bulaga's gets almost double the Mega Manila rating of based on
Who will be the NEW YAYA in Eat Bulaga's Kalyeserye? Julie Anne San Jose? Kylie Padilla? Kim? via
Sure pong magaganap to' this is only for Eat Bulaga's Lenten Special. Catch them on Holy Wednesday ☺️
Aim global team spider @ Eat Bulaga.. Woooh saya.. We are certified dabarkads.. Eat bulaga d best.
Maraming Salamat Alden&Maine, Eat Bulaga! MaAlden Kita! You all deserve the love in the world!.
Good morning! Off to Eat Bulaga for Gonna work it with Jose Rizal University! 👊🏻
It's Showtime beats Eat Bulaga in TV ratings -- Is AlDub fever now over? - Zeibiz
Eat Bulaga leading as usual d' noontime slot.No wonder, more aldub endorsements still on the way
Mayor Erap Estrada a fan of Kalyeserye in Eat Bulaga. Watching Maine, Alden and his son Jake. .
This is so true. . Another xcerpt frm
JUST IN: ALDUB Fans cannot accept that BATB and Haunted Mansion defeated MyBebeLove and Showtime nationwide ratings overtak…
Keep. Calm. And. Love. Eat bulaga. And. Kalyeserye. Because. God gave me you!!!.
very well said and everything is true . We salute eat Bulaga and the writers as well
Success is sustainability & innovation is impt in achieving it. from
Someone's lookin' extra cute and beautiful today ❤️. © Eat Bulaga.
Eat Bulaga - January 14, 2016 Thursday: Eat Bulaga! is a noon-time variety show in the Philippines produced by...
But, Tito Sotto's daily presence in Eat Bulaga is already campaigning. Kaya sya # 1 sa survey. Nothing more!
how come I don't see you in Eat Bulaga lately?? Busy with school ? Grad is almost near woh!
I love watching you in Eat Bulaga also. Kinukumpleto mo ang araw ko. Im motivated to do good in my class. ❤❤
Bryan White and the 'Eat Bulaga' tandem of Alden Richards and Maine 'Yaya Dub' Mendoza later! https:/…
OMG! is here. He's on Eat Bulaga tom. Omg can't wait to sing along with you! :* Thankyou for visiting us. Aldub you sir! :)))
You are a blessings to us, thank you Eat Bulaga
Thank you aldub dub nation eat bulaga once in my life i experience to be happy and be part of the hstory
om Mul, friday is 1st anniversary of . Time flies so fast ,we miss you at eat bulaga 😭😭😭
How true? Heads of State arrived in time for APEC---Aldub Pa more, Eat bulaga, Calleserye!
I liked a video from EAT BULAGA November 18 2015 KalyeSerye
previet alina/ cindy? Kagjila..? Im also your fan.. im here in russia now.. enjoy eat bulaga. :).
Now watching eat bulaga replay today episode woh wow Fantastic si bibi woh
Eat Bulaga's raises P14 million from ticket sales for AlDub library project
Wow! Is this even real? . PS. Eat Bulaga will have no commercial break today
You made my day so happy aldub. VIVA Eat Bulaga for the great entertainment.
We can only expect the best from Eat Bulaga and AlDub! This is gonna be historic.
May God be with you during the show. . Eat Bulaga you nate the best. .. Fr. Toronto, Canada xoxoxo♡♡♡
I'm from the philippines and love to watch Eat Bulaga indonesia but you have stopped uploading on youtube, what happened?
After multiple rejections and numerous auditions, Leo Consul finally got the job of hosting Eat Bulaga in Indonesia.
Leo's stint as Eat Bulaga! Indonesia's host paved the for more opportunities for him in the showbusiness.
Leo Consul is the lone Filipino among Eat Bulaga! Indonesia hosts.
"Eat Bulaga is a public service program masquerading as an entertainment show"- Tito Sen. Agree 101%!
Maine Mendoza proud of gaining confidence through Eat Bulaga
Just chillin watching Eat Bulaga and I just had to...Girl Be Mine - Julie Anne San Jose & Elmo Magalona
KRIS AQUINO admits watching GMA and Eat Bulaga but still loves Vice Ganda.
Wonder what will happen today on Eat Bulaga
So excited here to watch eat bulaga.
Yes yes yes "After eat bulaga don't forget to watch celebritv! Nandun po si Maine. :)
Xcited what will happen later at eat bulaga.
Lets eat while waiting for Eat Bulaga
We are forever grateful. Happy eat bulaga baby here. .
PanirangLyrics: Fact - EAT bulaga can beat SHOWTIME, but GMA will never beat ABS-CBN
Around couple of hours and bang Eat Bulaga and ALDUB
TRIVIA: It was Francis Magalona who coined the word "Dabarkads" pertaining to the Eat Bulaga Family.
There will be no Aldub without Kalyeserye, No Kalyeserye without Eat Bulaga, And no Eat Bulaga without Tito, Vic and Joey! …
we love ALDUB always all the way from San Diego California. I like it when you scream. We love Eat Bulaga forever ❤❤❤
They are a love team (like Kim Jong Kook & Yoon Eun Hye in Xman) from the show Eat Bulaga from the Philippines
Hi.1st of all, look up on YT-Maine Mendoza,FB: Alden Richards,Eat Bulaga, Jose Manalo,Wally Bayola,Paolo Ballesteros
Kudos to Wally Bayola, Jose Manalo, Paolo Ballesteros, ALDUB and for the faculty & staff of Eat Bulaga. CONGRATULATIONS!
I love watching the kalyeserye of Eat Bulaga but my heart still belongs to Showtime and the Kapamilya Network. No one beats
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Ugh I'm never seeing Eat Bulaga (esp Tito, Vic and Joey) the same way ever again after learning about the Pepsi Paloma rape case.
Official Statement of SKY on Complaint of GMA Regarding Interrupted Cable Services during Eat Bulaga
Eat Bulaga staff posted this last night.. Is it today the road of tamang panahon?
The best interpretation for the number 36 for Eat Bulaga---3 Networks & 6 Presidents! Happy 36th Birthday!
Please always add for any report regarding signal disruptions
Eat Bulaga seems to blur fiction from reality. Today, Yaya Dub is being referred to as Maine. Knowing context, fiction-reality line blurs.
Eat Bulaga then NCAA Game what a productive day 😂
Good morning don't forget to watch Eat Bulaga later. 󾮗😎
Good morning on my way to Eat Bulaga. 👋🏻⛅️ Thank you SkechersPH for the kicks today.
Fact: this year "2015" Alden and Maine became a part of the longest running noontime show Eat Bulaga,on their 36 year…
Marian Rivera wants to return to Eat Bulaga! | The Official DongYanatics
I just searched for the Sana Maulit Muli trailer on YouTube 2 hours ago. Look at me now, watching Kris Aquino's Pinoy Henyo on Eat Bulaga.
Hosting a special event with Derek Ramsay after her Eat Bulaga stint.
princess of the dance floor and Eat Bulaga hiphop pa more grand winner :D Good job and nice effort :D
grand final ng thats my bae and regine pa more !!! 󾠜. 󾆝. 󾠀󾠀󾠀. 󾌳󾌳 — watching Eat Bulaga
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Please watch Eat Bulaga, The Half Sisters, Healing Hearts, My Mother's Secret, Pari 'Koy and Let The Love Begin today on
Marian Rivera eager to return to ‘Eat Bulaga!’ after baby. With her first baby with hubby Dingdong Dantes due in...
Doraemon and Friends groovin' with the Batang Pinoy Henyo contestants and Ryzza Mae on Eat Bulaga! Don't forget...
Ryan Agoncillo confirms wife Judy Ann Santos is pregnant: Ryan Agoncillo shares the good news on Eat Bulaga.
I hope to see on Eat Bulaga again in the future :)))
He asked a question relevant to a man, a father, because of his concern for his children. Thus, he was addressed...
TheH_Aroraians: har1603 in the game show "The New Eat Bulaga Indonesia" for the promotions of
Thank you when we're watching It's Showtime together thanks kahit na Eat Bulaga naman ung gusto mo😀😀😀
Vice Ganda, Boy Abunda, Piolo, Jobert Sucaldito are icons of balahura and butthurt – the symbols of our whiny and...
Preaching equality while asking for special treatment... meh. Commented on: Our sexuality is not a joke:
When straights make fun of LGBTs it's "bigotry". If LGBTs make fun of straights and other LGBTs it's "fun". ...
thank you so much om Rohit mulyono,,,:)miss u eat bulaga indonesia
"Don't ever change yourself because who you are is a gift from your creator. You are loved by your wife and...
An open Letter to Eat Bulaga from a *** mom via
yupp... Eat bulaga is Game show/Variety show dear.. i dont have this link..
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Eat Bulaga's Problem Solving for the win huhuhuhu
From Youth Media Summit Seminar (SLSU Lucban) to Eat Bulaga, still performing great! Congrats DJ Idoool 💪👌
What is the last thing you watched on TV? — Eat Bulaga!! :)
Can Eat Bulaga stop with that creepy laugh thingy
This will warm your hearts, give you feel-good goosebumps, or maybe even make you teary-eyed. (Has English version)
no.. no.. the new eat bulaga is Live Show dear..
That bullying and discrimination towards a *** father in Eat Bulaga's Advice segment is *** too unprofessional and stupid and mean. Burn.
congrats for Eat Bulaga bhai, when you come to Indonesia again?.
Before WWTBAM, my first meeting with Vic Sotto was at Eat Bulaga sometime in the…
Open Letter to Eat Bulaga from a *** Mom on Sen. Tito Sotto and Jose Manalo’s Advice t... h…
Pagi my Dear how ur u?Ur Bro Rohit going back to India,how about u?Ur still here,right?joint eat bulaga today? Lots of luv💐
will be on Eat Bulaga Opening prod today. Please watch!☺️
What's your stand on cross-dressing on Philippine TV as part of comedy acts? I've seen this in 'Eat Bulaga' a lot and some other shows.
Catch today on Opening of Eat Bulaga. Thanks!f
BiGuel on Eat Bulaga!!! I'm literally screaming so loud right now!
Calvin_ADDLIB: Eat Bulaga Opening mamaya. Dont forget to watch. :-)
Eat Bulaga Opening mamaya. Dont forget to watch. :-)
A *** mom writes an open letter to Eat Bulaga, in response to a "Problem Solving" segment aired last week : Ne…
My kind of Friday is rest day. Eat Bulaga tomorrow!
with repostapp. ・・・. Earlier at Eat Bulaga with Miguel Tanfelix and…
No no no just mr rohit there with all new eat bulaga crew..maybe shah is sleeping in his apartment
Baby love Bianca Umali OOTD for Eat Bulaga guesting earlier ☺. photo credit to : sir
Will continue to be with you guys on Eat Bulaga and Homebase on TV.
I was lost Shaheer at the new eat bulaga, now u will leave me evry mrning
Eat Bulaga is the best hentai series ever
Good Night and take a rest.See you tomorrow at eat bulaga and god bless you :)
Spotted on Eat Bulaga page: SIRBISU host Nirro Marcelo and member Weg performing their entry for the show.
because po i really wanna see you have a duet with Bossing Vic Sotto on the Eat Bulaga Stage :D :)
Destiny? Christmas opening number of Rhian and Glaiza in Eat Bulaga
“Ruby Rodriguez, the one from Eat Bulaga, is such a Liza fan
why ur segment in eat bulaga become smaller ?We miss ur part a a judge in Little Mister.Pls reply?
Tadi pagi di eat bulaga, soo fun with my brothers!
Don't 4get to watch TheHalfSisters later after Eat Bulaga .
You guys need to watch Eat Bulaga right now. Its funny af
I so love watching eat bulaga. Im so inlove with jose. He always makes me laugh. He is so charming and witty. 😘 .
Want to watch Madam Bertud but.. ugh. Lolo's watching Eat Bulaga 😑
I smell something fishy bout this Pinoy Henyo in eat bulaga.
Don't foget to watch The Half Sisters after Eat Bulaga, official hashtag
Carolinians!! Watch Eat Bulaga and support our very own USC NC Intencify!!
Will watch Eat Bulaga just because and her co-dancers will be featured
We are The New Eat Bulaga Indonesia!!! (with Faried, Wiwit, and 31 others) [pic] —
hai lava how are you?I very happy looking you in eat bulaga again
Morning Sir .. will u come to eat bulaga today Sir??. have a great day Sir..
Watching Eat Bulaga on TFC, this is so funny
Morning success for eat bulaga today ;) GodBless
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I love sate! Thanks to uya and astrid for the party had great time with the team of eat bulaga at uya's place.
Joey de Leon speaks up on controversial Nepal earthquake joke The “Eat Bulaga” host made headlines after he...
Pauleen Luna Just finished taping for The Rich Man’s Daughter. See you in Eat Bulaga later!
Excited for tomorrow 😁 We're going to eat bulaga for the 2nd time 😊😁😜
I was watching Eat Bulaga on GMA Pinoy TV when I spotted Tiffany's brother & his wife 😄 http:/…
Downloaded the video of RV's yesterday's performance on Eat Bulaga. Yii~ 😍
If MPB Primedia/"Ka-shake" TV5 was only able to convince Eat Bulaga to move to TV5, things could have been really different.
What is the last thing that made you laugh out loud? — nonton video eat bulaga kocak di yutub, ngakak ampe gulin...
This day will be a blast! Eat bulaga, Day Off and Pepito Manaloto later! Have a great day ahead everyone!
My SIGMA with his friends in NEW Eat Bulaga this morning. :) ;))
Eat Bulaga - May 9, 2015 Saturday: Maynila is a Filipino drama anthology that has been broadcast on Philippine...
Daseuls!!! Approve ba sainyo ang new love team?? ?? Don't forget to comment on Eat Bulaga's…
Edgar Allan was a contestant of eat bulaga's mr. pogi right?
People are greeting happy mothers day today BC of eat bulaga mehehe
Musik & Variety show The new eat bulaga Indonesia
I had a great experience with them. 😍😁 @ Eat Bulaga Studio…
Celebrity moms with our kids after our fun prod. number in Eat Bulaga!!
eat bulaga was like "walang direction" and i saw they're only four and i was like "dude why??" NOW IT TOOK SOME TIME BUT I FIGURED OUT
Let's all watch Cassy and Mavy later on Ryzza Mae Show before Eat Bulaga :) so excited!!
Day 78: First Time to watched Eat Bulaga and The Ryzza Mae Show with My father Rudy, my sister…
my grandparents Dr. Jose Rizal and President Marcos, Senator Ninoy Ramos Aquino and this is Princess Sarah Marcos of Eat Bulaga, the movie.
Let us all watch Kris Bernal on Karelasyon on Saturday April 25,2015 at 2:30pm after Eat Bulaga
Yea! We're on Eat Bulaga. And we're okay though they didn't win the Pinoy Henyo 😂😂😝
Longest running variety show in Philippine television will once again make you cry!
you should be in You're My Forinay in Eat Bulaga
Just saw our Eat Bulaga Lenten special, "Lukso Ng Dugo". It's really nice. I hope you guys watch it in Monday
It was not our decision to highlight our being *** Laude. It was Eat Bulaga's strategy to focus on something we have in common.
thank u for yesterday perform u very amazing nd make me happy. See u tomorrow on eat bulaga, keep ur health nd spirit. GBU
Subh ratri bhai,hopefully see you tomorrow at eat bulaga ;) :*
Wally Bayola, Pia Guanio, and Anjo Yllana here at the Bloggers Event for Eat Bulaga’s Lenten…
Eat Bulaga's overnight franchise success in is being credited to Pinoy host More @
Go to Eat Bulaga for more Juan For All All For Juan Videos (Temporarily Stop Udpdating Videos in this PAGE)
Here for the special bloggers night . Excited to see and meet Eat Bulaga's…
ryzzamaeofficial here at the Eat Bulaga Lenten Special Blogger's night
I swear you guys i was watching eat bulaga a while ago while reading manga then suddenly when i checked the time it's already 5pm??? SORCERY
Eat Bulaga March 23 2015: Eat Bulaga! is the longest running noon-time variety show in the…
Gautam handsome and cute boy lovelove remember at jogja eat bulaga very very love you 😍😘😍😍
huhuuu Bye saurav, I look directly at the show meet n greet, eat Bulaga, and in prambanan but can not photograph with you :(
Good morning! Please watch the twins, Cassy and Mavy at the ryzza mae show later before Eat Bulaga. Thanks po. 😊
Any Filipinos here who watched Eat Bulaga when they were younger?
Yeay!there will be the new eat bulaga ind with & saurav!
I liked a video from Working in Eat Bulaga as a "Sixbomb" | Laban O Bawi 2014
This is Crian Castillo from Eat Bulaga! Congratulations for winning P50,000. To claim your prize send us your contact details
Good morning world see u live in few minutes in New Eat Bulaga Indonesia only on Antv. Time to go Seeya 😉
because I could spend time with u all... thank you for making it no1 trending topic in Indonesia...c u tomorrow …
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Pauleen Luna Good morning Cebu! Vic’s taping for his episode for Eat Bulaga’s Lenten special. He…
i hope someday i have a chance to visit your comedy bar. Im a fan always watch eat bulaga..more power to u
IamGrace08: With pretty Chiaa She's Chiqui Holman's daughter (host of Eat Bulaga way back then)..and now a…
Eat Bulaga host and gf of Vic Sotto is a big fan of Forevermore.
take ur times Dear, we will wait 4U & who knows you'll meet him in Indonesia ;D let's joint in Eat Bulaga as well
Good nite.. sleep tight..nice dream.. See you tomorrow on the new eat bulaga Indonesia.. :*
Hai rohit good night,please you sleep now because you must get up early for eat bulaga respond if you respond i am so happy
Dont forget tomorrow watch eat bulaga indonesia in antv time 07:00 with. . . .
don't forget to watch on The new eat bulaga indonesia with uncle handsome rohit mulyono ,,
never get respon :( so SAD ! Please only say hello or hi or anything for me, really miss u in eat bulaga ! GBU shah
Let's play again tommo 7am.. eat bulaga only on Antv.. gn
Selamat pagi bulagers see u in few minutes in the new eat Bulaga Indonesia only on Antv 😄😃😀 don't miss it..nongkrong br…
Guys please watch kayo ng Eat Bulaga bukas. I'll be part of their opening number. 😁
UPDATE: cancel ang performance ni Richard Hwan and Empress sa Eat Bulaga bukas :(. really looking forward to it.
rohit brother when in new eat Bulaga again ???RT
Goodmrng lavers. Suprabhat.selamat pagi.have a good day n keep watching "eat bulaga" …
"Me too, PAA, Eat Bulaga, ITA, etc. My laptop full of them. But still, I want a new video 😖😖😖" same here 😳
I wanna give smthing for u,But 2day i'm nt see u in location eat bulaga.. 😭. I've gave the gift to asisstent of rohit
: Why not take part in the event. om.Rohit eat Bulaga Indonesia,. and why behind the screen.
. the new eat bulaga without you it`s lonely.moreover ,there is not the same Saurav - less
Just found out my aunt in the philippines won something from Eat Bulaga and her fam was on tv LOOOL.
Eat Bulaga just like the name of their new segment is 'gaya-gaya'
why now I'm never see on eat bulaga Indonesia for kocok-kocok cantik sir? Do you flight to go home(India)?
Keep watching new eat bulaga Indonesia. This is my first luv from indonesia.
The Ryzza Mae Show - May 19 2014 is a Philippine talk show presented by Ryzza Mae Dizon. It premiered on April 8, 2013 at 11:30 am on GMA Network. The show was first announced by Vic Sotto during the live airing of Eat Bulaga! on April 1, 2013. Read more »
Yeyyy... Shaheer back to indonesia again with all here friend 4 Pandawa ön Antv, Welcome to Indonesia, enjoy in indonesia. and now perfom live ön eat bulaga indonesia.., I Love'it \=D/
Princess Sarah Marcos of Eat Bulaga, named after me, is Shangrila Hotel Ayala Makati, our Alumni Party held every year at Rizal Ballroom with my colleagues SGV & Co. Ph and Ernst and Young International USA,,in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, beautiful wife senorita menchie/sweet melissa ramos sy marcos ayala lopez martel estacio-marr..God loves you!
Happy to see you again on eat bulaga . Good Morning 😊
hai lavanya morning,I am very miss you in eat bulaga,semangatt
. Uncle rohit welcome back... Apakahbar'y.???. I'm very excitid watching u all at "The new eat bulaga indonesia"
domain names
Only GOD knows how much u mean to me.. huhu kangen eat bulaga..
Good morning world. See u in one hour in eat bulaga..
What's up world ... See u tommo in eat bulaga only on Antv... Till then take rest and will do fun together..
Selamat hari ibu to all of u ..see u in few minutes in eat bulaga on Antv..
My Santa is my audience who gifted me so much luv and blessings. merry Christmas world , See u in eat bulaga on Antv ht…
Dont be sad guys, because is come back to Indonesian. Yippy🙌, but... Iam can not to watching him in The New Eat Bulaga🙀
ur rite!! Shooting 4 eat bulaga gud nite frm both tv and movies..switch off tv now
assalamualaikum shaheer.. welcome back to jakarta. Hope you tomorrow happy fun in new eat bulaga..fixed always excited and smile.
See u tomorrow boys in new eat bulaga sleep well nice dream
Welcome Back and to Indonesia. Join again in The New Eat Bulaga🙆😘
Good night , do you know if today i very very happy becouse of you.see u tomortow in eat bulaga. we miss u brother..
good nite shah. Cantwait to see you again in eat bulaga. First live in 2015. Good luck for tomorrow yaa
miss you in The new eat Bulaga Indonesia...
Rest enough dear for preparing Eat Bulaga Indonesia Live tomorrow morning. See you our beloved Lavanya
Goodnight daddy 😊 fight for tomorrow In The new eat bulaga Indonesia 😊😊.. welcome back ❤ saranghae❤😘
On the set of eat bulaga ..singing dancing fun..with
Aaah,tomorow u will live again in eat bulaga,but I can school,want to holiday again,ah
you make me lazy school, argghh I can't watch eat bulaga tomorrow 😢
Undang risky PAA ke the new eat bulaga dong please. pasti seru
Vin, I can see u again on eat bulaga tomm!! :D although d school I cn see u again,bcs my tv can re-play d program I'm happyyy!
hai rohit mulyono.tomorrow come back to Eat bulaga.(cama-cama) nice!"
I'm sad because tomorrow could not watch in 'The New Eat Bulaga' because iam school🙀
Eat Bulaga - January 6, 2015 | Watch Full Episodes Free Online . - See more at:...
yoyooyoyyo welcome back rock starr. Excited to see you live at eat bulaga tomorrow.
Buddy for lunch ;)) while watching we got married season 4 and eat bulaga at the same time ;))…
I'm pretty sure my IQ is not as high as Einstein but watching Eat Bulaga's Laban o Bawi segment surely make me feel like one!
by "Catch and later on Eat Bulaga's Laban o Bawi…
on Eat Bulaga... I sooo love her music.
I watching eat are you today? I'm viners..
Finally, i saw you at the new eat bulaga indonesia ♥
Watching and Reading (by heart) the inspiration on Antv. Eat Bulaga Kuya2
BULAGAAN 2014 Classic [Part 2] - Sept 09, 2006 (Eat Bulaga, juan for all all for juan, ...
Good night lovely people .. stay blessed and smile ..see u tommo again in eat bulaga..
Judge sa ggss eat bulaga. Don't ask why.
Kocok- kocok cantik. Cantik. 😀😂. So funny watching the new eat bulaga on antv.. 😅👍😂. Really funny. 😂.
Gudmrng friends n lavers.selamat pagi... Dont forget to watch"the new eat bulaga indonesia"
The new eat bulaga indonesia top top markotop
Nonton the new eat bulaga indonesia
Eat Bulaga's here already!! My uncle worked so hard for this so we're all supporting him today! 😊😂
Host kece outdoor the new eat bulaga indonesia
make the new eat Bulaga as a trending topic 1,write hashtag :D
Selamat pagi friends n lavers. M On my way.see ya on " the new eat bulaga". Love u all.
Hope u having good fun watching us all in eat bulaga..
See u tommo again in eat bulaga and thennn in superrr deal .. Aku cinta Indonesia..luv u all
Selamat pagi world..lets meet at 7.55am in eat bulaga..
Marian Rivera sheds tears of joy at her seventh bridal shower on Eat Bulaga
Good morning! Will be on Eat Bulaga today. Continuing to pray that Ruby weakens and veers away from our country.
Please watch Eat Bulaga, Pepito Manaloto, Marian and Walang Tulugan today. Good morning Tweenatics! 😊😉
Will former “Eat Bulaga” host Valerie Weigmann score a back-to-back victory for the Philippines in the 2014 Miss World beauty pageant in London next month?
Kids cuddling while watching Eat Bulaga as everyday prayer thank you Lord for giving us 2 adorable…
The first sin is actually EATING. E-A-T stand for Eve, Adam, Tree. And they even named one of their sons CAIN ! EAT...Bulag…
: sorry i can't wacth you in eat bulaga, cos I'm working that time as a reporter and news ancor..
In addition to filling the program as co - host of Eat Bulaga together The New Kuya UYA ,
So the program 's The New Eat Bulaga will bring a number of artists and co - hosts including the five players the
After the serial Mahabharata , we also invite filming their new program The New Eat Bulaga Indonesia , "
As I know after eat bulaga, antv will make the other program for him. I read it in dear.
😊 “Shaheer all the best for The New Eat Bulaga Indonesia ... lots of Gud luck on ur way :) http:/…
Gunyte friends..selamat malam...coz i have to go to shoot early see ya tommorow at 8:30am on "the new…
right before Eat Bulaga. Idk what time exactly
unexpectedly watched eat bulaga live after passing a resumé bc of my mom 🙈 lmao
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I've just posted on my Blog about: Eat Bulaga - November 4, 2014
Hi guys! Let's use as our official hashtag for today! 👯 'Wag kalimutan after Eat Bulaga!
From Eat Bulaga's Your My Foreignoy, can't keep my eyes of this guy. Aside from he's Chinito, he has…
Michael Phelps Hillary Clinton Donald Trump Simone Biles Ryan Lochte Rio Olympics Islamic State Rob Ford President Obama Aly Raisman Arianna Huffington Katherine Grainger Rogue One Moeen Ali Darth Vader Trump Tower Great Britain San Francisco Star Wars Story Premier League South China Sea Christina Grimmie President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Justice Department Hinkley Point Jason Kenny Olympic Games Rio Games Seth Rogen Vin Diesel Los Angeles Rio Olympics 2016 South Pacific Matt Murphy Middle East Robin Williams Robert Downey Jr Richard Wilson New Zealand Harry Potter African American Jay Pharoah Michael Jordan North Carolina Julian Assange Alex Rodriguez Gabby Douglas Ronald Reagan Latin America Second Amendment New Year Star Trek Taran Killam Mutual Fund Kendall Jenner State Department Bernie Sanders Tyrese Gibson Air Force Gender Equality Gold Medal Hugh Grant Jamie Dimon Colson Whitehead World Trade Center Legally Blonde Zayn Malik Year Anniversary Lebron James Wall Street Buffalo Grove Helen Skelton Jenna Coleman Jeremy Corbyn Bethnal Green New Orleans Adblock Plus Barack Obama Cursed Child Jose Mourinho Manchester United Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe Johanna Konta Rebecca Adlington Theresa May Saudi Arabia Owen Smith Queen Victoria Yorkshire Ripper Strictly Come Dancing Justin Rose Marvin Gaye Paul Pogba Ingrid Bergman South Korea Justice Dept Mike Pence Silicon Valley Thinking Out Loud Bridget Jones

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