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Eat Bulaga

Eat Bulaga! is a noon-time variety show in the Philippines produced by Television And Production Exponents Inc.

Vic Sotto Eat Bulaga Indonesia Ryzza Mae Dizon Pepsi Paloma Wally Bayola Tito Sotto Quezon City Kris Aquino Dancing Queen Connie Talbot

Barbie Forteza and Nadine Lustre during the opening of Eat Bulaga
Watching Eat Bulaga with my kidz kulit",)
Thanks for *watching Eat Bulaga! Taped po yun. Still here in Baguio! About to get pampered at Posh Nails SM Baguio in a…
that's my foreignoy / foreignay: so awkward yet so cute :D — watching Eat Bulaga
Foreignoy and Foreignay in concert at Eat Bulaga! Galing! Enjoy!
Dasuri Choi dance "I am the best" remix with manlalatik in Eat Bulaga
Dasuri Choi danced I am the Best in Eat Bulaga!!! Nailed it again! So daebak!
Eat Bulaga! Dabarkads visit Niagara Falls; Ryzza Mae Dizon sees snow for the first time
Oh my god :-) I am the best remix in eat bulaga by dasuri choi
OMG showtime and eat bulaga are so daebak they really love 2ne1:)).
Thumbs Up! Very Inspiring Stories of Life this coming Lenten Season to be presented by the Eat Bulaga Family! Trailers palang nakakaiyak na! May seminar kameh until Wednesday, sad! can't watch! :((
Heating for dasuri choi eat bulaga !!!
Ryzza Mae Dizon joins Eat Bulaga in Canada. This is Ryzza's first time in Canada.
My "guesting" at eat bulaga thanks to Sis Helen special treatment! Naloka ako sa Los Viajeros. I spent it all sa Shoemart thanks to my mommy who always looked after me I miss you mommy
Good Morning!! Don't forget to watch Eat Bulaga today.. We will be performing with Dasuri Choi for the
Im sick but we are going to toronto to watch eat bulaga live.see you in toronto mga kapuso.
Buying foods at Teriyaki, guess who I stumble with . Tito Sen from Eat Bulaga. Spoke with him... Really nice guy...
i miss channel 7..i miss watching eat bulaga and kapuso mo jessica Soho..
Watch Eat Bulaga April 11 2014 episode online at WatchPinoyTube. We are your source for latest pinoy tv show episodes of ABS CBN, GMA, TV5 network channels.
Welcome to Toronto Bossing Vic Sotto ,Aling Maliit and the whole cast of Eat Bulaga whole will entertain the Pinoy Torontonians at Sony Theatre on April 11, 2014! This is their first here!
"RYZZA MAE SHOW " and "EAT BULAGA'' studio taken was april 8,2014
Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat! (Thanks to all) who greeted me thru FB,YM,SKYPE,VIBER,Mobile and landline calls. My Monday group, Celebrity Bluff family,NIÑO family and Eat Bulaga friends. Thank you for the birthday cakes Tito Eric Pineda and Cherry Pineda, Linalyn Pangilinan, Haidee Tafalla with Esper Flores and Tanya Mendoza, Celebrity Bluff, Ate Daisy Calupas Machica. Glenn Luansing for the Lacoste bag, Cez, PJ and Paul, Janet Cedilla and Hazel Ledesma for the Crispy Ulo and Crispy Pata, Rommel Coronel for the Kare-Kare with bagoong, Marenela Serra for the yummy Durian Ice Cream, Dette Caballero for the Leche flan and my favorite pichi-pichi, Mareng Ruthie for the Donuts, Joel David Cabahug for my request na pizza, Jamila for the graham cake, Jonathan for the Sbarro. To my mom for the chicken and Tisay for the mango tapioca. And to my special love for staying with me all throught the day over skype mwah i love you. Good night to all.
Number of people who find Tito Sotto's jokes on Eat Bulaga remotely funny: 0
I liked a video Eat Bulaga - Juan for All, All for Juan with James Yap and Marc Pingris
This my sister she's older me but she's look younger than me in this picture :) i like it and my Mother she's busy to watching EAT BULAGA :D
Pepsi Paloma was only 14 years old when she and another actress named Guada Guarin reported that they were drugged in a bar and brought to a room at the Sulo Hotel in Quezon City where they were “gang raped” by Joey De Leon, Vic Sotto and Richie D’Horsie, the comedian hosts of the popular TV show “Eat Bulaga!”
Wow,,!The show in Eat Bulaga is so Maganda .I love the show Foreignay!!
My Sunday afternoon coped with this online article about Pepsi Paloma- Tito Vic & Joey plus Richie d'horsey 's 1970 issues. Is it true with basis, or simply part of selfless intention to shut Eat Bulaga? This gives me a thought, as a loyal fan and an avid televiewer..
Jessica perform at eat bulaga yesterday
Hamilton Collection
EAT BULAGA comes in our place in March 4 2014 BULAGA
Jose Manalo‘s 17-year-old daughter allegedly attempted to commit suicide inside their condominium unit in Greenhills, San Juan City yesterday evening according to Atty. Dennis Pangan in a report aired over dzMM and some other media reports. Some quarters said she ttempted to commit suicide twice. Atty. Pangan said Jose Manalo’s daughter took different kinds of medicines and was found unconscious by her mother. It was considered a suicide and not a mre drug overdose as Jose Manalo’s daughter left a suicide note, where she expressed her anger over her father for abandoning her, her mother, Annalyn Manalo, and sibling. Jose’s daughter allegedly also mentioned how her father failed to fulfill his promise to pay her tuition fee and his lack of support for her younger sibling, who always cries while looking for their father. Jose Manalo’s daughter is now conscious and is recuperating in a hospital, although still suffering from depression. Atty. Pangan said that it seems like Jose Manalo does not trea ...
Rocking my Paramore pasalubong from on Eat Bulaga today ❤️
Eat Bulaga Hosts Rapist - this are the names people call them. This post is NOT my properties, somebody posted over the Internet I just video.
wa!!! NAKAKAINISSS!!! the files (photos & videos) taken from yesterday @ Eat Bulaga & Cavite performance were CORRUPTED!! NAKAKAASARR!! I just had it a short preview on PC, direct from the memory card..I was playing the 2nd video of Sapphire's performance, when it was suddenly cut in the middle, then a message popped out. I tried to refresh, but when I inserted the card again to copy all the files to the PC, it says that the card need to be REFORMATTED!! I tried it on laptop, and the same message popped out. I even tried to connect the camera directly to the PC, but it says that that there are no files on the card... huhu... T.T what to do?? I haven't reformatted it yet.. huhu,,, all the shots yesterday,,, sayangg~~~ :'( Jennifer A. Domingo Phoi Chan RN Dasuri Choi :'(
Recalling Senator Tito Sotto’s Pepsi Paloma connection September 5, 2011 by benign0 Pepsi Paloma was best known as one of the “softdrink” beauties along with starlets Coca Nicolas and Sarsi Emmanuel in Philippine Cinema of the early eighties. Her career and life were tragically cut short after an unfortunate alleged crossing of paths with comedy stars and noontime variety show personalities Joey de Leon, Richie d’Horsey, and Vic Sotto. Vic Sotto is the brother of now Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto who himself was a famous showbiz celebrity. The man who was to become Senator of the Republic starred alongside his brother Vic and Joey de Leon in various productions. The trio are well-known for their billing as “Tito Vic and Joey” with d’Horsey often joining them in supporting roles… Although Tito, Vic and Joey started their trio via Discorama and Student Canteen, it was the sitcom Iskul Bukol that gave them nationwide fame as comedians. Soon after, other TV and movie producers came knocking ...
. And I'll be guesting to on Eat Bulaga as a judge for Foreignay !! See you all later!
I liked a video Eat Bulaga: You're my Foreignay Mindanao Winner
Watch it live on March 21, 5pm At Fil Oil Flying V Arena in San Juan City. Telecast on March 22, 2:30 pm on GMA 7 after Eat Bulaga.
You hit all the marks on Eat Bulaga.Feminine swag, style, THAT WALK. So proud!
Watching the delayed telecast of Eat Bulaga here in the US... The WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY PHILPPINES ELEMENTARY pupils... Actually They got the 1st prize in the dance competition. Yesterday. Congratulations! Mabuhay and WUP...! God bless you all! L!
Good morning saturday.watching Eat Bulaga...relax relax lang...
I won't be able to be there in ur eat Bulaga show coz the tickets are sold out. Hope u guys have a great time here in Toronto.
Pls eat bulaga stop playing 'best song ever' mixes
Thanks everyone for making the event indeed a successful one. It might not be perfect but we still made it wonderfully at UP FILM CENTER! UPNEXT! MQC sa EAT BULAGA 7! Seriously! MQC Talent Center we need an urgent meeting on Monday about this matter! Honestly! It's gonna be really fun and exciting! Ang dami kong gustong itext at pasalamatan at icongratulate! Kaso wala na pala akong load! :-(
I KENNATTT imagine you being in a different noontime show rather than in Eat Bulaga Georgina Wilson!. For reeaaallls!!!.
All out support for Dasuri Choi!!! Eat Bulaga's segement, You're My Foreignay.
blujays incase you missed it Jessica Eat Bulaga: via
Georgina Wilson day today! From Eat Bulaga to Taste Buddies and now on Celebrity Bluff! Yeheyyy
Watch Eat Bulaga later. I will be in the opening. :) Thanks!!!
Jessica Sanchez fan site has all the pictures on Eat Bulaga …
Wore my mark nason shoes earlier at eat bulaga's opening :) erlindaello
watch pupils from Tetuan Central School performing on Eat Bulaga in a while today.
MANILA, Philippines – If Wally Bayola did not sell his laptop to sexy dancer Yosh Rivera, his career could have gone smoothly. Bayola made the admission in a recent interview with Bandera that in 2012, he sold his laptop to the woman he was with in the sex video that went viral, Eat Bulaga dancer Rivera, in September 2013. Before the video made rounds on the Internet and before he temporarily left the noontime show where he was a mainstay, the comedian and a father of five said he transferred the video to his laptop. And before handing the equipment to Rivera, the 41-year-old Bayola wiped out all the data to make sure the 6:14-minute video would not spread. But Bayola said when Rivera brought her newly-acquired laptop to a service center in Quezon City for repair, the files were retrieved. “Nasira ‘yun kaya pinagawa niya (Yosh). Pero bago napunta sa kanya lahat ng files du’n dinilete ko lahat. Lahat-lahat. E, kahit pala na-delete mo na ‘yung files nari-retrieve pa rin pala ang mga ‘yun,” he ...
Eat Bulaga Indonesia! (with Bianca and Reza at Studio penta SCTV) [pic] —
EDSApost-audit report 2nd edition (note: I had to repost this with a key and very important addition that I missed out with the 1st status post) After 28 years of EDSA People Power miracle, let's see where we are now, hhmmm: 1. The one that started it all, or should I say, the trigger (no pun intended) -- The mastermind of the Ninoy Aquino assassination is still unknown. So if anyone in trivial pursuit games asks,"Sino pumatay kay Ninoy?" our individual response shall be "Aba, hindi ako!" 2. Galunggong is now P120 per kilo. During Cory's time it was P40. Prior to EDSA PP, it was P15 per kilo. From Marcos to Cory, the price doubled. From Cory to her son Noynoy, it tripled. By the time Kris Aquino becomes VP, galunggong will be the next caviar. 3. P to $ exchange now is at P44.65 to $1. In 1986, it was P20 to $1. When Ninoy was assassinated in '83, it was P11 to $1, coming from P7 to $1 ratio when Marcos was lording it over. And whom do we have to thank for, for our stable and surplus dollar reserves? Un .. ...
Well, folks, we went to audition for Eat Bulaga and they just blew us off. In the typical Pinoy way, the guy in charge took my name and number and told me they'd contact us by 11 AM and to wait to audition. By 11 AM, nothing happened and Noli wanted to at least watch the shows live. So I went up to the same guy and he told me "I think we need to have your husband checked by our first aid people-take his blood pressure and see if he's okay because he's whining". I told him that wouldn't be necessary because my husband has cancer and it's under control and fine. He said we could go in and watch the show and put us in the back of the second tier where we had to stand the whole time and were out of the view of the cameras. Meanwhile we watched them audition much younger people who were on today's show. By the time Pinoy Henyo was starting, I was getting so angry I could spit! The Foreignay segment was a joke. Clearly these women are in the Philippines only to self-promote and exploit. It's obvious th ...
Watching Eat Bulaga every lunch just to see .
Had a great time watching Eat Bulaga...
I would like to commend Eat Bulaga for coming up a show Foreignoy/Foreignay mga 100% Foreigner na may pusong PINOY!
Why don't you try joining YOU'RE MY FOREGINOY in Eat Bulaga? :D
haaay.. I freakin' love watching eat bulaga.. :)
A russian girl on eat bulaga whose name is luhan? Or is it lu lan
=HOLINESS= *GOD thought it. *JESUS bought it. *THE WORLD taught it. *THE SOUL sought it. *FAITH brought it. *THE SPIRIT wrought it. *THE DEVIL fought it. But. I'VE GOT IT! Good Afternoon! Nood ng Eat Bulaga . You're my ForeigNay. funny . hiraP na hiraP sa NG. kuleT.
Awesome job by Elorde Boxing Gym Gilmore for being featured in My Foreignay in Eat Bulaga!
Now this is much better worth watching. - You're My Foreignay of eat bulaga. FHM must be glued on their boob tubes by now.
*** is this eat bulaga segment foreignay. Mga chicks. Ay carramba.
Eat Bulaga is in Bgy Palo Alto.want to go but the place seems far.
It's holiday and I'll be able to watch VQ!! So excited, after Eat Bulaga! ☺️😁
Ms. Jessica Soho with Dabarkads Michael V. and Julia Clarete in Eat Bulaga last...
welcome back to EAT BULAGA...wally.hehe
Its been ages since the last time I watched eat bulaga!
Back on set for Eat Bulaga...maybe they're trying to make me a regular? Nobody tells me anything around here. :p
People in Eat Bulaga are now classifying trees hihihi miss you all
Watching EAT BULAGA,,,juan 4 all,all 4 juan.:)
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Joey de Leon believes that Wally Bayola's sex-video scandal did not affect Eat Bulaga!
Good afternoon Tweenatics esp. Elmoholics. Please watch later after Eat Bulaga!
Eat Bulaga February 25 2014: Eat Bulaga! is a noon-time variety show in the Philippines…
Please Watch Eat bulaga later. All of Candidates (Mr. & Ms. Pmms) are there!!! Esp. my Josh ♥♥
.,it's more fun in PALO ALTO,eat bulaga is in d hauz..yey!
On this day seven years ago my beloved Luvisminda (inday luvis) finally succumb to " Cerebro vascular accident " the reading of neuro surgeon Dr. Dacudao still vivid on my mind " Left caudate inter capsule lacunar infarct " hard to disect sudden occurence, we were watching eat bulaga at noon then in the afternoon she can hardly utter a voice kind of a switch was gradually deactivated then in the evening she is in a semi comatose state. Ten days spent at the ICU, discharged still in a semi comatose state after two painful days angel of death fetch her. Sad because our first wedding (civil) officiated by then malaybalay mayor Timoteo Ocaya, our ninong is former mayor lorenzo dinlayan and our ninang is councilor Baby Ongkiatco this happened on valentines day in 1972. Hence we celebrated our wedding anniversary at the Butuan Medical Center. It took at least two years to sink in to my mind that she is really gone. My beloved "inday luvis" you will always be the mother of our children and to our apo's most of a ...
Barangay Puro Legazpi, please be ready with your plastic bottles for of Eat Bulaga. See you later!
Miss Philippines Canada guests at Eat Bulaga , Ryzza Mae show! | news
-I am not amused at all with the new "your foreignay" at eat bulaga---they should repeat the your foreignoys-
My sister will be on Eat Bulaga later they will be playing Pinoy henyo.. OMG! Gud luck sister... i will help u calling ol saints nd souls to help u guys later...
to all who greeted me on my b-day ( family, friends, neighbors, school friends, old & new friends buong bansa eat bulaga ) thank you so much. wherever & whenever we meet just remind me i'll treat or trick you. :) hehehe God Bless
will watch eat bulaga live tomorrow :) Goodnight!! :)
Joey de Leon shared how he created d logo of "Eat...Bulaga!" which 1st aired on RPN9 over 35yrs ago.
ISKUL BUKOL OR *** SENATOR? During the deliberations of the then Reproductive Health Bill, Senator Tito Sotto, one (1) of the triumvirates of Iskul Bukol and Eat Bulaga, the other two: Joey De Leon and Vic Sotto, made a privilege speech defending his stand against the passage of this bill. By stroke of the pen, critics pointed an accusing fingers upon Senator Sotto that he plagiarized or copied the speech of Kennedy when he delivered his privilege speech. As a result, Senator Sotto was bombarded with all sorts of criticisms/name calling even throwing the human excreta in the internet. He was defenseless since there was no law about online libel which he could seek legal refuge to charge them. Pending during that time was the Anti-Cybercrime Bill. However, there was no provision about online libel. Caught in the web of criticisms with regard to his plagiarism, Senator Sotto inorder to get even with his enemies in the internet, inserted the provision about online libel in the Anti-Cybercrime Bill. This bi . ...
4:30am Calltime for Eat Bulaga's Lenten Special yesterday.Today @ 9:00am Just wrapped up and went to Carmela Taping!And now i am Shutting ⬇
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hayy.. I still can't get over with your smile earlier at Eat Bulaga. :")
My crush Donnalyn look a like the contestant in foreignay eat bulaga a while ago.. :"> ♥.♥
Eat Bulaga Indonesia today.. 💄💃💋 (with Bianca, Christie, and Jenny at Studio penta SCTV) [pic] —
Pls watch Eat Bulaga,tom.where gonna be there w/my family.
This is the Official Fan Page of Los Viajeros. Group of Foreign Models who appears on Eat Bulaga's opening segment, "Trip na Trip". We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment... Los Viajeros means "The Travelers"
I'm so boooreedd.. -___- hayy.. thankfully, I saw Ms. at Eat Bulaga, and it completed my day. :') Hihi! 😆
Congrats to our model (left photo) for winning today the Foreignay contest at Eat Bulaga. Photo Grabbed: Joanna...
My first time to actually watch Ms. on Eat Bulaga! Got me smiling all the time! She looks so beautiful❤️
IT'S MOMMY MONDAY! New entry up :) "When my son moved to Waldorf, he was so disappointed that his FrancisM moves didn’t appeal to his new classmates, heck they didn’t even know who Francis Magalona was. He was disappointed that his new Chucks were irrelevant. He was disappointed that he wasn’t allowed to use stickers with skulls and other ‘Chemical Romance’ or ‘emo’ things on his lunchbox and whatnots. Instead, he had “odd” classmates. He had classmates who played with wooden stilts and/or knitted tote bags during breaks. I admit I was culture shocked. I thought my son’s love for “emo” stuff was “self-expression” and I tried to question the teacher about it. What I didn’t realize then, it wasn’t “self-expression” at all, but rather, pop culture reflecting off my child. And the goal of Waldorf was to find out WHO MY CHILD REALLY IS before he can explore pop culture. Before the Hanna Montanas and Sponge Bobs of the world corrupt the child, Waldorf education digs deep and ...
I watch tv You're My ForgeiNay in Eat Bulaga. The forgein women was trying speak tagalog time and learn phrase right. Coz I feel laugh.😃😃😃
Watch I'm Your Foreignay at Eat Bulaga...a great contest that promote Filipino Ingenuity, Culture and Values! ..that's the ultimate reason for staying in the Philippine TV for more than 30 years ..Ang Pambansang Noontime Show ng Pilipinas...Mabuhay Eat Bulaga!
Don't forget to watch JULIE ANNE on Eat Bulaga and Pop Talk (GMA News TV) BEA for Vampire Ang Daddy Ko . and JAKE for Walang Tulugan. :)
About THE BEGINNING It all began when Eat Bulaga! moved to another network on January 21, 1995. ABS-CBN then moved the long-running and much syndicated "Sa Linggo nAPO Sila" to the former's time slot at noontime daily. To replace the show, ASAP was born. For the first time on TV, the new show brought together four of the most well-known personalities in their respective fields: "Concert King" Martin Nievera, "Concert Queen" Pops Fernandez, singer and matinee idol Ariel Rivera, and Miss Universe 1993 and "Dancing Queen" Dayanara Torres. This unprecedented move redefined noontime shows in the country. Along with the four main hsots, ASAP made another first by showcasing then upcoming teenage stars from ABS-CBN's Talent Center and the "Pare Ko" cast: Claudine Barretto, Jao Mapa, Gio Alvarez, Roselle Nava, Victor Neri, Nikka Valencia and Jolina Magdangal. They were later joined by Marvin Agustin, Diether Ocampo and Mylene Dizon (from the youth-oriented show GIMIK) and Rica Peralejo. Within a year, these young ...
Shanne Velasco - Eat Bulaga's Ka-Voice Ni Idol (Regine Velasquez) Grandwinner is now leveling up by competing to WCOPA - World Championship Of Performing Arts. Congrats Shanne Velasco! We are so proud of you! And for sure our Asia's Songbird, Ms Regine Velasquez will be very happy and proud with ur new accomplishment. Bring home the bacon! ^_^
are you the Richard Hwan in Eat Bulaga? :O and Davao City omg that's where I live!
Who's that on 'Eat Bulaga'? Lindsay Lohan's rumored boyfriend...
Watching " your my foreignoy" Luzon grand finals in Eat Bulaga, amazed at how the 100% foreigner love the Philippines, the food, culture etc! Feeling proud!
Earlier at Eat Bulaga performing Maglalatik with the first winner
Early evening, .,congrats xah winner ng that's my tomboy of it's showtime and you're my foreigNOY of eat bulaga,
Mamuka Mamiashvili come and join in eat bulaga Mr.foreignoy .!
I'm sorry but i only watch eat bulaga for the cute boys
chingjoyce: Good morning! Please watch Eat Bulaga later. ...
Hitting the sack. Need to wake up early for Eat Bulaga tomorrow. Nood kayo. I will be in the opening. Good night!
Early years[edit] He is the son of José Sixto Z. Dantes, Jr. and Angeline González Dantes. Dantes began his career as a child model, appearing in a dairy product commercial when he was two years old. Several other commercials followed before he became part of an all-male dance group called Abztract Dancers, with his friend, actor Dino Guevarra, and his cousin, actor, Arthur Solinap. Their group became regulars on Eat Bulaga! and That's Entertainment. As an actor, his first movie appearance was in Shake, Rattle and Roll V in an episode titled "Anino". After three years, he debuted on GMA Network's youth-oriented T.G.I.S. when he was 17, under the name Raphael Dantes playing the role of Iñaki. He appeared in films like Honey My Love So Sweet and I'm Sorry My Love, and television programmes including Anna Karenina and did a few guesting stints on ABS-CBN such as a F.L.A.M.E.S. episode, a youth-oriented romantic-drama anthology with different love teams and stories that aired from 1996 to 2000. 2000–2001 ...
Pinoy Tambayan: Eat Bulaga February 1 2014 — Pinoy Tambayan - Tambayan Replay Watch Pinoy Channels and Watch all the best TV Series from ABS-CBN, GMA 7, TV 5, Studio 23 and all the best Pinoy Teleserye Telenovela - Filipino stuff Online for Free! — Watch Eat Bulaga February 1 2014
I'm watching porinoy in eat bulaga in the winner is cute CIA
Now on its 35th year.. This noon- time variety show is the longest running television show in the Philippines. EAT BULAGA literally translated as "Eat & be surprised". Hosted by brothers Tito and Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon.. In 2009, one of its co-host Francis Magalona succumbed to leukemia. It was Magalona who coined the word Dabarkads... A popular name now referred to the Eat Bulaga family. Its only now that i have been hooked lately with its program features which presents the Bayanihan cash and goodies to mostly indigent families in different barangays. The amount of money being given away is quite big as mostly they come from a poll of program's sponsors. In 2012, a local Indonesian TV network sought the rights of Eat Bulaga and started airing its first International Edition. Considered educational and informative, one of the program's portion is Super Henyo, a brain *** for infos played by two players. The program has given talented pinoys to show their talents and eventually en ...
Eat Bulaga's first that's my foreignoy winner.
It was my first time to watch YOU'RE MY FOREIGNOY in Eat Bulaga and I really enjoyed the show. :-) Mr. Kevin Cassidy, you must come here now and join this contest. I'm sure you'll enjoy! Prove to us that you're also a Foreignoy! ;-)
Eat Bulaga promotes bayanihan and Filipino culture whilst Showtime promotes being *** and whatnot.
Pogi nung contestant contestant no.5 sa Eat bulaga.
Nice episode eat bulaga, that pilipino should be proud of. Ang galing nang mga dayuhan. and your show is educational
K fb in eat bulaga how to join the eat bulaga forien noy
Now is time for eat bulaga original version. Miss u all there.
How cute to see foreign people who loves our country. — watching Eat Bulaga
Hi gud pm watching now finals of foreignoy contest of eat bulaga my bet is no. 2 Sana manalo
And what's that wonder y there's a big Exclamation point and red colors mark on eat bulaga every now and then
No showtime for this day. Its eat bulaga day eh.
First time to watch this segment in Eat Bulaga called Foreignoy. Nakatutuwa! :)
nman! gud job eat bulaga you're making my day:-) ayeeeh kiligmuch. foreigNoy
You're my foreignoy on Eat Bulaga. You're my foreignoy cutee and speak tagalog straightly!
Imagine John O' joining that Foreignoy segment of Eat Bulaga
Foreignoy contest at Eat Bulaga is one way to promote the Filipino people and culture.Wholesome contest unlike the others,entertaining naman kahit very funny pagtatagalog nila.Any one who want to be tutored in tagalog?I can do it.
watching this segment on Eat Bulaga where foreign guys try to assimilate or show understanding of our culture and it's a mess
Si Sir Lordinio Vergara nasa Eat Bulaga! He's one of the judges in the Weekly Finals of Foreignoy. GALING! =D
now in Eat Bulaga as Judge. Can't wait for Carmela.
Hi! Catch Rocco Nacino today as Guest Judge at Pinoy Henyo Junior HS edition at Eat Bulaga at 11:30am!Tnx.
Is watching youre my foreignoy at eat bulaga
Listening to Eat Bulaga from my room and from what I hear they're making fun of someone's dead husband. Just wow. Seriously?
Congratulations to the UA Grade School for winning in the semi-finals in the Dance Competition on GMA-7 Eat Bulaga!!! Hail, Assumption!!!
Like Diego's photo to vote for the weekly finals in Eat Bulaga's Foreignoy!!!
Hi good afternoon guys.. . Please like the page of eat bulaga and like the photos of Nathan Biggs on your my forinoy.. .
Yes grand finals of Forenoy..hundred percent foreign but hundred percent pinoy in the heart @ eat bulaga
lunch na ,while watching Eat Bulaga ! *
Basta Assumptionista, Hindi Basta-basta! congratulations to the University of the Assumption Pampanga elementary for winning in the pinoy henyo dance contest segment of eat bulaga! Hail Assumption!
Congratualation to tangos elementary school for winnig pautakan of pinoy henyo of eat bulaga...congrats to ella and mary jane.go go for the finals for our alma mater
So hard to just not eat all the time.
Mom, go do your work. ..Renz (mom is watching Eat Bulaga, having interview tomorrow)
Thank you miss Francine Garcia eat bulaga super sireyna queen of queens 2013 for supporting our show francisco universe 2014 see yah mam
We want Wally Bayola be back sa Eat Bulaga especially on the Juan for all, all for Juan! Pls bring him back ASAP! From Canada
Eat Bulaga had That's my Boy first before Showtime's That's my Tomboy. Now, tell me who's copying.
Sooo i just showed to my co-workers a video of my winning moments on Eat Bulaga.
Eat Bulaga (with Dinda, vinessa, and 2 others at Studio penta SCTV) [pic] —
for Eat Bulaga Indonesia (with Marcell and Rizky Alatas at Studio penta SCTV) [pic] —
Lunch time na mga Ka-Villa! Don't forget right after Eat Bulaga!
i dont like the segments of Eat Bulaga..
Kris Aquino's official statement: "May I set the record straight? 1) I never met w/ any GMA officials but I am grateful to them for the generous coverage they gave My Little Bossings, primarily because of their longstanding partnership w/ Vic Sotto & the Eat Bulaga family. 2) I had met w/ MVP (Manny Pangilinan) in October & again Dec 23 of 2013. 3) I have been w/ ABSCBN for 18 years & like any other family we've had our ups & downs and sometimes unavoidable "tampuhan"- but we remain FAMILY... My manager Deo Endrinal continued talks w/ our ABS bosses during the Christmas break & it is w/ much joy that I share w/ you that we have RENEWED my ABSCBN contract. I am grateful to my ABS CBN bosses, Sir Gabby, Ma'am Charo, and tita Cory for the trust, value & importance they have given me. What I have become as a host, entertainer & producer came about because in 1996 FMG who was then president of ABS CBN told me, "Come back home." I would just like to give a shoutout to for being an inspiring boss who has not onl ...
We have asked GMA7 and ABSCBN2 to submit quotations on Eat Bulaga and Showtime, respectively, for Daragang Magayon Festival 2014.
Off to Broadway Centrum for Eat Bulaga rehearsal. Work work work 2014!
☑️Watch ryzzamaechacha show and Eat Bulaga live! Check! Thank you for today , Mamy! 💋
Happy birthday temen main eat bulaga! wish you all the best! Makin ++! :D
bellaaa happy birthday temen main eat bulaga!! Wish you all the best!
resep supaya longlast dong kak hehehe — eat bulaga wkwkw :))) well actually I have no idea how to answer this :)...
Eat Bulaga never fail to make us laugh. 😆
Can't stop laughing at Jose on Eat Bulaga. LOL
Eat Bulaga's All For One, One For All to happen tomorrow in our barangay.
Been watching Eat Bulaga for the past two weeks. I am impressed with their show format. No wonder they enjoy high ratings.
Ryzza Mae here to stay – Aiza Seguerra: Once the child wonder of the iconic noontime show”Eat Bulaga” in the l...
Eugene: Wally should apologize over sex scandal: MANILA – Echoing the statement made by “Eat Bulaga” host Vic ...
That's why I love watching Eat Bulaga because of those HOT MEN :)).
Those Los Viajeros in Eat Bulaga. They are a welcome respite. Woot woot!
Watching Eat Bulaga. I just love how Pauleen Luna pronounced the number '21'. She said to-any-one. she's ur friend ryt?
Good morning mga Ka-Villa! It's a beautiful Friday morning, time to rise&shine! Don't forget to catch after Eat Bulaga!
Gonna watch Eat Bulaga taping in Broadway hopefully tomorrow.. Thanks for my friend who's workng there for inviting me.
On January 19 will we celebrate the day we performed on Eat Bulaga.
Seeing Eat Bulaga and Ryzza tomorrow, who's jelly?
Eat bulaga star, julia clarete was with us in bangkok airport
Eat bulaga star, julia clarete with us in bangkok airport
The Ryzza Mae Show w/ Guest Direk Bb. Joyce Bernal (Full Episode) - August 13, 2013 - Eat Bulaga ang joke ko, all for one, juan for all, all 4 one, ikaw at e...
Eat Bulaga really inspires. I want to, and will help. someday.
What's the latest on Janet Napoles and her "alleged" Pork Barrel scam??! Wally is back on Eat Bulaga??! Bilis talaga nating mga Pinoy makalimot.
EAT BULAGA. Pare koy pogi b pare koy he...he...he
Rachelle Ann Go on the opening of Eat Bulaga with Birit Baby contestants. Aired on August 8, 2009. For HD, click on "watch in HD" under the video. Selecting ...
Thank you eat bulaga for the relief.
NW: EAT BULAGA. Juan for all,all for juan. Nakakamiss si wally. LOL :D
Nw: eat bulaga welcome back Wally Bayola. :D
Don't forget to watch EAT BULAGA later with the G-Force Femmes, Angels, and Poppers!!! :)
watch Eat Bulaga episode replay online
Watching now comate! and at Little Miss Indonesia at Eat Bulaga, SCTV ;)
Kris Aquino and Vic Sotto at Eat Bulaga for PINOY HENYO - December 21, 2013 episode.
I liked a video Eat Bulaga: Ryzza Mae at Bimby, nag-holding hands!
Kris and Vic were trying hard to push this puppy love movie gimmick between Ryzza Mae and Bimby in Eat Bulaga.
Eat Bulaga opening later with our fellow tween star.
On our way back to Manila... thank you po Dagupan... Eat Bulaga tomorrow... God bless us all... good night zzz
Vic Sotto believes Wally has to apologize for the scandal the latter was embroiled in before returning to Eat Bulaga:
The Virgin with host Eat Bulaga Indonesia ;) from path kamita .
omg. eat bulaga on Lumangbayan. soo excited they're checking our house :)
Wala pa pong bagong announcement ang Eat Bulaga about sa opening bukas. Please stay tuned and we will announce the latest.
Don't miss StarTalk tomorrow on GMA channel 7 after Eat Bulaga with solennheussaff to promote…
Ayos! :D "Will be on Eat Bulaga tomorrow then Startalk :)"
“Will be on Eat Bulaga tomorrow then Startalk :)”
Will be on Eat Bulaga tomorrow then Startalk :)
Happy Birthday Ria! Hope you'll figure out what Eat Bulaga means. 😊
Eat Bulaga hosts PAULO and JOSE Quezon City
I miss my hollering laugh. The last time I did it was when I watched that iconic Eat Bulaga episode :"))
will be on tom at channel 7 after eat bulaga! Let's all watch! 😍
cool lol jk & before Swagger Jagger by Cher Lloyd is playing in Eat Bulaga & now Kiss You by 1D is playyiiing in Eat Bulaga :)) xx
Do you know 'Kiss You' was playing on Eat Bulaga? :))) OMG IM DYING HELP ME
Vic Sotto, one of the main hosts of the longest-running noontime variety show “Eat Bulaga,” believes co-host...
Eat bulaga laing pritong dinaing bangus for lunch no meat friday
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Eat bulaga welcome back to brgy manresa Quezon City
Eraserhead's Spoliarium is said to be an allusion to Pepsi's rape case. . . Pepsi Paloma was an underaged Filipino-American actress who successfully made a name for herself during the early 80’s making sexy movies. She was one of the three “softdrink beauties” (the others were Coca Nicolas and Sarsi Emmanuelle) who simultaneously hit the big screen. Her list of films include: - Room 69 (1985) - Virgin Forest (1985) - Matukso kaya ang angel (1984) - Virgin People (1984) - Naked Island (Butil-Ulan) (1984) …. Gunding - Snake Sisters (1984) In 1982, she lodged a rape case against “Eat Bulaga!” hosts Joey de Leon, Vic Sotto, and Richie D’Horsie (also known as Richie Reyes). Paloma’s lawyer in the rape case was a much younger Rene Cayetano who would later be elected as a Philippine senator. The rape case was settled out of court. Afterwards, she stated that she was coerced to sign an affidavit of desistance by Tito Sotto (another “Eat Bulaga!” co-host and a future Philippine senator) to drop ...
Connie Talbot sings "Over The Rainbow" on (Eat Bulaga) Philippine Noon Time Show , amazing performance and great interview sorry for the quality :) -- Lorenz ...
Watching eat bulaga it makes me laugh!!!everyday.!
Catch your daily dose of Villa Quintana, Mon-Fri after Eat Bulaga!
Pati na rin sa Eat Bulaga at Showtime. LOL . DEPED, i don't understand your logic in EDUCATIONAL TOURS, Star...
Rehearsing for Eat Bulaga opening with 󾆢 nood kayo ha? 󾠣
Eat Bulaga opening tomorrow with Mark Herras! Please watch! 󾆢
I'm watching eat bulaga lika nood tau
Connie Talbot at Eat Bulaga and little Ryza Mae Dizon - Full Version
Taxi drivers here SUCK. Always denying people because it's traffic and asking for extra cash because of it. Sorry, but that's illegal. If it's like that, then don't be a taxi driver. Cut up your license and sit on your bum the whole day and watch Eat Bulaga or better yet, get your uneducated *** up and go to college so you can get a better job and stop asking people for extra money because your wage is too low. Getting mad at me because I wouldn't give you and extra 50 pesos. THERE WASN'T EVEN TRAFFIC PUNYETA. Ignorant people, dude.
Funny Jose Manalo of Eat Bulaga with Vhong Navarro and Billy Crawford of It's Showtime . EAT . SHOWTIME!!! :-)
CAstillo's on eat bulaga (PLEASE WATCH up to 2:16 and 11:26 on video stream)
Eat Bulaga..set up for All for Juan and Juan for all...
Watching Live at the broadway centrum studio, The Ryzza mae & EAT BULAGA was so AMAZING!!! Ang Saya:...
We r on the way go to eat bulaga Wish luck for us!
Gudluck and enjoy mga kabarangay s one 4 all,all 4 one of eat bulaga.,go Barangay Tortugas
ANG JOKE KO Date Episode: November 4, 2013 Is a one of the Segment of no. 1 Noon Time Show ” Eat Bulaga ” in Kapuso GMA 7 This segment introduces the hosts a… [ccw-atrib-link]
When I was a little girl, a Grade 3, I wanted to join Little Miss Philippines. Mama didn't let me go even if I was ready with Dancing Queen to sing as my talent. Eat Bulaga would have had its first ethnic contestant in 1983. But God had other plans for me. Fast forward, we activists marched against the status quo, fought against women being "chained" and voiceless, of violence and monopoly. To sit in a panel where half a million people online might hear you is more than being in a pageant . Seeing glassed seats, klieg lights, cameras (sitting beside G Toengi) was surreal even moreso when feminist icons (who you listen to) are listening to u.
In the Philippines u Either watch Eat Bulaga or It's Showtime at lunchtime
Thank you so much Mary Ann for the unlimited generosity you extended me today... my natal day!! Thank you also to Ruth and Flery for being mydabrkads and lastly to Susau who was our Floor Director in the Eat Bulaga program. God bless.
NW: TONIGHTS WITH ARNOLD CLAVIO with the super special guests the LOS VIAJEROS of eat bulaga:
What kind of movies do you most enjoy? — Eat Bulaga
Bonding bonding pag me timemae show and eat bulaga
The Bible states that you should be hearing the word of YAH constantlyn as senator as well, Mag Eat Bulaga na lang siya!
4th week of starts later after eat bulaga. Don't forget to watch 😊
Eat bulaga is getting emotional... LOL
can't watch eat bulaga skycable is busted... Every 12 noon... :(
That "Ang Joke Ko!" segment in "Eat Bulaga" is so terrible and horrible to watch.. Stop it with the bad and stupid jokes.. :((
Drooling while watching these hunky smexy guys on Eat Bulaga...
I think i'm really sick pls bring me to the hosp in eat bulaga rn. The nurses are pogilicious
My uncle always calls me ryzza from eat bulaga lool
Bigmouth is gonna be in UNANG HIRIT again today and in EAT BULAGA on saturday. Do watch it guys
I liked a video from Parody Eat Bulaga Indonesia pintar (part edho zach)
Maybe GD's influenced by Eat Bulaga so there's no no no yes yes yes at the end of his song ._.
I am so proud of you sistah. Been watching you on UNANG HIRIT for two days. And eat bulaga guesting.Gosh! Y…
Good morning! :) Nood kayo ng Eat Bulaga mamaya. Jhake and I are going to be in the opening. :)
Eat Bulaga recording on friday then the guesting on saturday. :)
Karet behel... eat bulaga.. you doing right bro...
Just heard the Eat Bulaga song... Maybe the neighbors are tuned in... :)
[UPDATE] We already send our donations for Yolanda victims to Eat Bulaga yesterday.
Just keep calm and watch Villa Quintana! After Eat Bulaga!
Don't forget to watch Villa Quintana later after Eat Bulaga!. - admin rej :)
FYI: As singer-rapper, he uses the name Francis M. in his musical works. Has eight children with Pia Arroyo -- Unna, Nicolo, Francis Jr., Elmo, Arkin, Clara, and actresses Maxene Magalona and Saab Magalona (aka Saab). Tagged as the Master Rapper of the Philippines. He was the first Philippine-based Filipino to record a rap album, Yo!, in 1989 that produced his signature hit, Mga Kababayan Ko!. A member of Eat Bulaga's Dabarkads. One of the original judges in the Philippine version of the "Idol" franchise, alongside Maestro Ryan Cayabyab and Pilita Corrales, Asia's Queen of songs. He was chosen by Fremantle Media, owners of American Idol, and their local counterpart ABC-5. When the second season was acquired by GMA Network, he was no longer attached. Ironically, Francis has been a loyal GMA talent since starting his TV stint in the 80s. A second generation actor. Both her parents -- screen legends Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran -- were matinée idols in 1950s. The "Father of Pinoy Hip-hop" and the "King of ...
This Saturday (July 23), viewers will surely get caught up in the lighthearted romantic drama between Kapuso Network's Lovi Poe and Rocco Nacino as they star in the four-part TV special titled, MISTAKEN IDENTITY, right before Eat Bulaga. Mistaken Identity tells the story of a young journalist who...
Game the letter. What is the show of Ryzza Mae Dizon before Eat Bulaga?? A. Vampire Ang Daddy Ko B. Eat Bulaga C. The Ryzza Mae Show RULES : Just like it first: This:
The Ryzza Mae Show is a Philippine talk show presented by Ryzza Mae Dizon. It premiered on April 8, 2013 at 11:30 am. The show was first announced by Vic Sotto during the live airing of Eat Bulaga! on April 1, 2013. Its pilot episode aired on April 8, 2013 with Susan Roces as its first guest. It...
Bossing Vic Sotto, via Eat Bulaga, for the benefit of the survivors asked for one SMS message. Send EB BAYANIHAN NA/NAME/ADDRESS
Bossing vic d best k po tlaga!& also to tito & joey..we're ever u go I will always support u!hanggat my bata my EAT BULAGA..hanggat my eat bulaga my KAWANG GAWA!
Susugod ang eat bulaga juan for all, all for juan bukas dito malapit sa amin. Hindi ko nga lang mapapanood ^^, chacha...
2 events for tommorow! 3:00am Run for a Cause Eat Bulaga Broadway
may guesting kaba sa Eat Bulaga tom?. Congratz again and again :))).
BRGY.28 goes to eat bulaga tomorrow.donating some relief goods and clothes. for yolanda victims!
Bat ganon d umabot s amin ung all for juan from ng eat bulaga? Anyare?
Hi guyss! Watch startalk tomorrow, after eat bulaga. Sandy Talag will be there! Spread the love. :)
Will go to Eat Bulaga tomorrow so excited :)
Will go to Eat Bulaga tomorrow so excited ^_^ OMG!
EAT BULAGA fanfour lebih keren dari cjr |ya|bisa jadi|tidak| me:tidak you:??
May PCS win the fight tomorrow... EAT BULAGA!
Si Ryzza Mae Dizon ng Eat Bulaga sa Follow That Star ng GMA News TV DISCLAIMER: This video upload is for entertainment purposes only. I don't own this ...
Eat bulaga ‼️ (with Inton, Bowo, and 2 others at Lil Space In The O) [pic] —
Hi I'm sorry but I think you have it wrong...Eat Bulaga has had "That's my Boy" for years. So who is the copycat? ☺
Waiting for juan for all segment on eat bulaga :-)
Hands down to Eat Bulaga's Little Bossing's SOS Project. A clever way to help children be ready during disaster. Well done!
Eat bulaga texted us if we do have classes on saturday.
Friends, for those who wasn't able to watch my number on Eat Bulaga last time, do watch me again this coming...
Just found out that our relatives from Manila donated 50 sacks of rice awhile ago at Eat Bulaga 👌🙏
Today | eat bulaga sctv. Costum by ROCKSIDER
at eat bulaga sctv. Wardrobe by ROCKSIDER
Eat Bulaga team will be here in our subdivision this Saturday. How exciting! :) Too bad, di ko sila maabutan due to work. Aww.
Meanwhile, Eat Bulaga comes up with "That's My Tambay", which has the audacity to ask questions like, "Yung...
Eat bulaga: thats my boy. Showtime: thats my tomboy. Eat bulaga: thats my tambay. Showtime: isip pa konti.
My parents become the loudest human beings when Eat Bulaga is on 😒😅😴
Watching eat Bulaga.. Joey De Leon praised the team of paolo b, Jose , Wally and Bal. Galing talaga dabarkads!
Belle's new hairstyle in Eat Bulaga's Trip na Trip!
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
ATTENTION ALL DONORS: We thank you for your generosity but we are appealing to you not to send your donations under the care of our government, instead send it to media people (Eat Bulaga, Unang Hirit, Umagang kay Ganda , Mel Tiangco and etc) rest assured your donations will be in good hands. TO OUR GOVERNMENT: Pardon for not trusting you anymore.
ZE:A on Eat Bulaga in the Philippines: via
"Watch out i'll be at EAT BULAGA tomorrow... =)
watching eat bulaga via ang galing mabilis n lng ang daan from manila to Pura Tarlac
I terribly miss my father! :-( Day by day I always think of you Dad and I always think about all the good memories we had. I miss everything about you! the sounds and joy of your voice, the food that you are cooking, walking together in the farm. laughing together in not so funny but nonsense joke of mine and eating your favorite snack "Pizza Pie" while watching your favorite tv program "Eat Bulaga". I can't stop myself to cry and mourned for your death. 'Til now i always found myself crying and regretting for not being there with you when you are still alive and felt sorry for myself for not taking care of you the time that you are very sick.and i wasnt even there when you passed away. and now how poor i am that i wasnt able to touch, hug, kiss, talk to you and tell you how much I Love You. oh Dad, i miss you so badly and Im longing to see you and hear your voice again. I could be very happy if you will visit me in my dream tonight. ILoveYou my dearest Uddy! I want to be where you are.
hakot all you can at eat bulaga.. ung nkyakap ako ky papa ryan...panalo!!! :) :P
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