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Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape is a province of South Africa. Its capital is Bhisho, but its two largest cities are Port Elizabeth and East London.

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Introducing the voice of the campaign for the Cape Breton & Eastern Nova Scotia rail link. Watch for ne…
The Eastern Cape health department set aside R1 million for frames. What kind of frame are they using for...
The only province that has more Xhosas than Eastern Cape is Western Cape. Am I right?
Road trip to eastern cape as we speak...let the holidays begin
Its that time of the year boys go to the bush ey good lucky homies sothi tshwe eastern cape
The Eastern Cape has spent half a billion of public funds on travelling of public officials! *** Where do they go, the moon…
Just finished doing the Eastern Cape Prelim paper for Life Science P1, should i do another paper or sleep? Hmmm
I am really proud to see the new face of South Africa's energy. An impressive wind farm in the Eastern Cape
Dr Martin Human is giving feedback on the National Department's intervention programme in the Eastern Cape. He is part of …
Traffic Lamb on our way back from the most eastern part of New Zealand "East Cape" after being the…
You know you are in the Eastern Cape when a "white" young man hits on you. They don't even look at you back at the Free State("._.)
Drownings force EC municipality to close quarry The Lukhanji Local Municipality in the Eastern Cape has closed d...
Bet you KFC in the Eastern Cape is still full. yi20!
Look what's on Gumtree! ANY POSITION THAT REQUIRES INTEGRITY AND HONESTY. ( no commission jobs pse . )
in your last video there's an Eastern Cape, Western Cape, and Northern Cape. No Southern Cape and 1 Cape Town
2000 Tickets!!! Thanks for the support guys!! . for the Eastern Cape by the Eastern Cape.
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I've been waiting for you I'm proud fan of the Eastern Cape talent go go girl.
Hi sisi hoping u doing gud on ur side, I wud luv to be ur frend, my name is Simpra residing at Bizana in Eastern cape
Weird how girls from Eastern Cape don't mind being given and called by these weird nicknames like ''Marradona'' ''Notsitsi'' ahh ngeke sbali
At least December yabetha so you will get a wife ko Eastern Cape "Dinner for one boo. ☝"
We are supporting 3 young people from the Eastern Cape to join the Rustler's Youth Retreat & build a movement
This healthy is specially hand-picked for CR from wild bushes in the scenic Langkloof, Eastern Cape
My phone screen now kooks like the windows at Eastern Cape schools :(
"bathong, and then???" Xolo wethu I'm in Eastern Cape. DM you numbers aloku
I wish i could just stay in Cape Town for a few more years and not go to the Eastern Cape.. But i miss my mom...
Eastern Cape Health Department spending R1MILLION on framed photos of premier and MEC. If you sick, sleep on a frame.
We're doing a tour of the Northern, Eastern and Western Cape next year...Dates to come soon! \O/
The R392m spent in developing the Vuyani substation is part of a R2.6b investment to strengthen the electricity network in th…
Hello Eastern Cape . Click on the link below to listen to Bayfm Live on your phone»
Man of God we have a crusade in 20 January 2015 it will be at eastern cape South Africa so please we invite you
Department of Transport plans new weighbridges
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
There's a section on the Eastern Cape Tourism site that lists penguins as an attraction.Just penguins."What you doing?""Just penguin stuff."
Gunner Jones. Re: Cash Store for those that are interested. CAT Public Servant News Network Eastern Cape
...20 REASONS WHY MOST PEOPLE HATE ZULUS.. 1. They have their own province. 2. More than 50% TV personalities are Zulus 3. Kwaito is in KZN 4. Government in KZN 5. KZN GDP is the second largest in the country. 6. God is in KZN "Eshowe" 7. The Lion King intro in Zulu. 8. My girl friend is a Zulu, ahh 9. Zulus have their own football team on the PSL. 10. The only nation in the world to defeat British Red army were the Zulus at Isandlwana. 11. If people die they go to eZulwini "Heaven" not eXhoseni or eSwazini 12. Zulus Acapella "Ladysmith black Mambazo" has won 4 grammy awards 13. They make more than one 3rd of the black population, they dominate 2 provinces KZN and GP. 14. Zulus have their own sole monarch, the most respected kingdom. 15. Zulus are the most popular enthic group, if you go overseas they wuld assume you are a Zulu. 16. Matric Pass rate is at 5th place, that really not bad compared to the Eastern Cape and Limpopo kwaMalema. 17. They say Zulus come to Jozi to drive taxis, but those taxis are n ...
Guest who died in the Synagogue Church 12 from the Eastern Cape
Light snowfalls occurred on the high mountains of the Western-, Southern- and Eastern Cape yesterday and this morning.
Light snowfalls are expected today and tomorrow on the high mountains of the Western and Eastern Cape.
Outpost Shell Hole, East London, Eastern Cape - final meeting for 2014 9:45am 14/11/2014 - The Old Bill and the executive extend best wishes to one and all for Christmas and 2015.
"...Those who know their history will know that this is generally what was being observed throughout the Commonwealth: A truly British tradition on the 11th of the 11th, at 11am. To this day, red poppies are worn in honour of Remembrance Day. For what it is worth, the British are to be lauded for the manner in which their fallen are immortalised. But what does that mean for Songezo Mabece? What relevance does Remembrance Day have for him as a young man, whose root and stem is deeply embedded in African soil? This war was fought at a time when my forefathers were fourth-class citizens in their ancestral home. Their class followed, in ascending order of privilege, the coloured, Indian and white person. At this time (and long before) my forefathers were fighting wars of their own, against the settler citizen, in the main. In what is now the Eastern Cape (formerly Cape Colony), there is an area referred to as frontier country — the span where some of these wars were fought. Fort Beaufort, Fort Cox, Fort Mal ...
VIR ALMAL WAT TWYFEL Difference between white South Africa and black South Africa On October 25, 2014 at 12:14 am In the last day or two I’ve had my fair share of interesting conversations (and in fact one or two serious arguments) about the interpretation of history. Whenever I quote the historical fact that Europeans reached the African shore South of the Equator as far back as 1482, one or the other black South African or liberal counters with the claim that black people were already living here – followed by the tedious “…and the white man came and stole the land…” In fact, a certain mr Sikhafundana from Mount Fletcher in the Eastern Cape tried to convince me last night that Van Riebeeck and all the other Europeans never brought vineyards along on the ships, but found it here, all ready for stealing! I kind of expect him to tell me soon that Autshomao, the Khoisan, showed Van Riebeeck the Cape driving on the N1 in his black Audi with Krotoa behind the wheel as well! The same gentleman is f ...
Doctor says I must have sex at least 5 Times a Week and My Girlfriend is in Eastern Cape, I'm in Cape Town..
General Secretary Frans Baleni just arrived to address Eastern Cape delegates at the union's regional conference in East Lon…
"We need to ensure that programmes are driven and people centred- in the best interest of our people." Nomvula Mokonyane,Eastern Cape
Thank you General Motors for making a difference to the blood disease sufferers of the Eastern Cape!
(Stefanie) A South African National Defence Force (SANDF) member was attacked and robbed on the toll road near Louisiana last Saturday. The 36-year-old man was en route to Matatiele, Eastern Cape with his family when their car broke down. “While waiting for a mechanic he got out of the vehicle to get some fresh air at about 3am, leaving his family sleeping in the car,” said police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Zandra Wiid. “Soon after he got out he was attacked by three men. The SANDF member was armed with his private firearm and tried to fight them off. He was stabbed in the head during the struggle and the attackers fled with his firearm, a 9mm Star pistol, wallet and cellphone,” said Lt-Col Wiid. When police arrived at the scene a description of the attackers was given to officers from the Port Shepstone K9 unit and a search began. Shortly afterwards one of the men was arrested by Sergeant Stanley Holloway. “The arrested man was taken to the police station for further investigation. He was how ...
Minister Nomvula Mokonyane and Premier of Eastern Cape arrive at the opening plenary
History at Bilson Range As you are aware, the first ever Humansdorp KO OP Grouping Shoot was held at Bilson Range yesterday. The KO OP sponsored day came about as a result of the huge number of requests for sponsorship laid at the door of the KO OP by the various shooting bodies in the eastern cape which led to a decision being taken for them to rather make a single substantial sponsorship to all shooters in our region by hosting an annual even. They also secured a number of other organisations to display their products and provide sponsorship in the form of prizes for the day. The total prize value for the day was in excess of R50 000. Planning took months and was conducted by an ad hoc committee formed from members of the three local branches of SAHGCA, viz. Grysbok, Kwagga and Koukamma. The format for the day was a grouping competition with the grand prize being a Sabatti 9.3 rifle sponsored by the KO OP! Huge effort was put into the preparation of the range, targets, eats, entry forms, measurers and . ...
Cape Town is seen as the gateway to Africa! Many a peoples are making huge strides to control this part is Africa: Indians, European settlers, Chinese, Moslems, so also the Ngunis from West Africa. It is of paramount importance, therefore, that the Aborigines take note of the extent of the campaign by the Nguni's to make Cape Town ungovernable. Nguni's were carted by the busloads from the Eastern Cape to come and grab land here. Young girls were removed by the Nguni leadership from their mothers houses, impregnated by their men, put in shacks erected on land considered lying barren by them. With the obvious lack of infra structure to accommodate the influx, it is quite obvious that major problems will ensue. The Aborigines had to be denied job opportunities. With that came the destruction of our family structures. Jobs in State entities had to filled with Ngunis: Police, Prisons, Municipalities, Hospitals, State libraries, Transport sector( Railways, harbor, SAA etc). Their COSATU affiliated unions had to ...
Education Enablers Fund from NYDA admin2 November 1, 2014 Introduction Many children in South Africa face daily struggles caused by the effects of poverty, HIV/AIDS and a soaring unemployment rate. Scores of children are today still unable to attend school because of a lack of basic day to day school necessities. The NYDA believes that walking to school barefoot, with an empty school bag is not how young scholars should be ushered into the future. Going to school shouldn’t be a challenge for you! It’s your human right! The NYDA CEO, Mr Khathu Ramukumba, recalls the days when his own family could not afford items such as school shoes, uniforms and stationery. It is on that sentiment that the NYDA CEO is proud to announce the establishment of the Education Enablers Fund. With Education lives can be improved, the poverty cycle can be broken and people can lead sustainable livelihoods. This new Fund will identify and help young scholars, of rural based schools, who are in need of basic day to day necessit ...
It seems only successful / driven people come from Eastern Cape
2pm news: Eastern Cape on a drive to transform the aviation industry / No update on injured soldiers / Ramaphosa...
I'm so ready for the eastern cape, I miss my Xhosa people can December just come already.
To all my PE and Eastern Cape friends.
Hey Fam, please Check this brother out...One of the biggest songs in Eastern Cape . Maxhoseni - Xa Uthando...
Social Workers make excellent trainers, and are often in a position to train colleagues, other professionals or members of the public. Being a registered/accredited trainer can enhance your effectiveness in this important task, and open new opportunities for professional growth. Would you be interested in attending such a course? If there is a demand, it can be arranged. In the Eastern Cape we often complain that courses and opportunities are only for Gauteng or Cape Town. If this opportunity is made available in the Eastern Cape, would you make the investment in your professional development?
11:00: House break-in/robbery Owen street/Hazelhurst drive Mount Croix. +- 5 african/Nigerian males entered house by kicking down the door. SAPS quick to respond. Two suspects arrested (one suspect tackled by SAP dog) after jumping walls - other suspects sped away in a white VW Golf 3/4 with tinted tail lights and 17" mags/rims on. All info received. Well done SAP on the two arrests. especially Damian Theron and his dog from the K9 Unit. Public Servant News Network Eastern Cape *PS*
BREAKING NEWS",Rumours of asale surfaced on Malawi's International English Group,and according to political sources,is rife that president prof.AUTHOR PETER WA-MUTHALIKA of Malawi,is strongly and closely working with ATUPELE MULUZI,LEADER OF UDF in parliament and son to former president Dr Bakili Muluzi.The allegations emerged 4rm anew dossier document,obtained by our grp,shows ATUPELE MULUZI BECOMING MALAWI's Second VICE PRESIDENT.There's evidence that the COSY relationship betwn Muthalika and hs deputy SAULOSI CHILIMA,hs nw deteoriated and might be impeached by parliament,yes,i've hit on something that is more human than just MALAWISH,K,and we may recieve FLOODS OF OBJECTIONS,frm the DPP CAMP,yes i say it hestically,k,as far as i can read both ATUPELE MULUZI and SAULOSI CHILIMA,i could see REPOSITORY giants,who got the knowledge,to me,Both are stil valuable to the positions,they are leaders that i hold in high regard,finally,MLIBO QOBOSHIYANE,ANC- eastern cape spokes person,said and i quote",if it ws h ...
Thank you once again for everybody who kept us in prayer on the journey to Port Elizabeth and back , We 're safe at home now . The Hitman once again did us proud in the Eastern Cape . He was selected by the Eastern Cape boxing team to represent them againts the Germans and did them proud to . High authorities came out to see him fight . The future can only get better .
Who is Saartjie (Sarah) Baartman? In 1810, when Saartjie Baartman was in her early twenties, she was persuaded by an English ship’s doctor, William Dunlop, to travel to England to make her fortune. However, as a Khoikhoi woman she was considered an anthropological freak in England, and she found herself put on exhibition, displayed as a sexual curiosity. Dubbed The Hottentot Venus, her image swept through British popular culture. Abolitionists unsuccessfully fought a court battle to free her from her exhibitors. Saartjie Baartman was taken to Paris in 1814 and continued to be exhibited as a freak. She became the object of scientific and medical research that formed the bedrock of European ideas about black female sexuality. When she died in 1816, the Musee de l’Homme in Paris took a deathcast of her body, removed her skeleton and pickled her brain and genitals in jars. These were displayed in the museum until as late as 1985. After five years of negotiating with the French authorities for the return o ...
Heavy Rain expected - Certain provinces could experience flash floods due to heavy rain over the next two days, Weather SA said on Monday. "Heavy falls leading to flash flooding are possible in the Free State, North West province, and the Western Cape for today," forecasters said. Weather SA had also released a weather watch for potential flash floods in Gauteng for Monday night and Tuesday morning. The heavy rain was expected to spread to the Eastern Cape on Tuesday. "It is expected to let up by Tuesday evening."
ONE OF THE DOPEST 808 TRACK CREATED IN S.A. 8-) 8-) and the track is from the Eastern Cape!!OKES - MNTAN'ESKOLO
All my Eastern Cape Friends! You have all heard the news that Numbers Dance Club is closing this december!. Myself and wes are doing an event on the 13th of December. We have an International Swedish House DJ/Producer, 3 CT DJ's and 5 locals EL DJ's with loads of give aways and free stuff. Hope to be seeing you all there for one last jol at one of the best clubs in SA!!! :)
East London K-9 police officer Kilian Steyn has been crowned police star of the year. Steyn broke down and cried when Eastern Cape police commissioner
Anton Enslin: Eskom says it's managed to stabilise the coal supply at its Majuba Power Station in Mpumalanga and is not expecting to implement load shedding today. The utility says this has averted a crisis at its newest power station, following an unexpected collapse of a coal silo at the weekend. Eskom's Andrew Etzinger says many questions remain about the collapse but the priority for now has been to get about a third of the station up and running. “Everything is under control and the bypass systems that we put in place overnight at the power station seem to be holding.” He says the Majuba Power Plant was inspected by structural engineers last year, who did not flag any problems. The collapse is likely to impact Eskom's maintenance plans and will put further strain on the grid. RISING CONCERN Concerns have been raised that the country will be facing the same crisis similar to the one in 2008, which was described as the worst period of blackouts in South Africa's history. Energy expert Chris Yellend ...
Traditional African wedding on our blog. Photos taken in Eastern Cape. Congrats again Nizi & Tobani!
East London or let's say the Eastern Cape.
will close early this year. We will focus on 2 events in December, one in the Eastern Cape and The Other Here In Sandton.
"Eight Youths from Eastern Cape are set to start training in Aeronautical Information Management and Air Traffic Control"
while North Beach, Durban is home, my favourite would be Bulungula in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.
Rory of GO Send-Me & his team in Mount Frere (Transkei/Eastern Cape) as they plan to move into the remote region...
No! Not at all. Go to the Eastern Cape then u'll understand wat I'm talking about. I've never seen so many pretty women in 1 place
If you have a tertiary education did you know you are part of 1 % of the Eastern Cape Community in South Africa...
Eastern Cape bro in P.E how about you?
yes sister bt just find out tht my father was frm Qumbu Eastern Cape
is it the only event you guys have in Eastern cape★
Cc "we have 7 of the best in the Eastern Cape supporting them.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
An incredible new edit of Billabong Junior Series champ Jake Elkington shredding the Eastern Cape.
Poverty in Eastern Cape and mining linked, notes author Jock McCulloch.
Not for nothing is it called the Wild Coast, as you’ll discover when you hike any of the many scenic Eastern Cape...
People came from Lesotho, Cape Town, Eastern Cape and even Kenya to rund
EC under funded in Arts: concerned citizen Ayanda at TNA in East London, with the Premier of the Eastern Cape, ...
Eastern Cape Apropriate Technology Unit was shutdown, it is said to have been integrated with DRDAR, Communities are suffering
Big day today. Betty Ketani's daughters expected to testify. They're up from the Eastern Cape.
The less I comment about Eastern Cape leadership the better
Video | TNA Breakfast - tackling the circumcision issue in the Eastern Cape
. Michelle Du Plessis > Public Servant News Network Eastern Cape · Driving to work this morning at the...
MT Eastern Cape is the 2nd largest province in terms of land mass 13.9% of SA surface area & home to 6.59 million people!
is under-way catch the robust debate with Eastern Cape Premier and four MECs
Eastern Cape MEC for Education addressed the issue of mud schools
Eastern Cape produced legendary leaders such as the Bikos, Tambo, Sisulu, Mandela & Mbeki! It has a rich history but what…
Asallam alykum ...popote ulipo welcome to news am stabbed in Eastern Cape A man was stabbed to death allegedly by his younger brother in Qolorha village near Centane, Eastern Cape police said on Saturday. more ... National Tributes pour in for Senzo Meyiwa Much like the rain that fell on Durban over the last two days, moving tributes... more Senzo Meyiwa lowered into grave Bafana Bafana captain Senzo Meyiwa's coffin was lowered into a grave at the... more ANC welcomes farming initiative The ANC on Saturday praised an initiate by government to address problems in... more Senzo Meyiwa’s body leaves stadium The mortal remains of Bafana Bafana captain Senzo Meyiwa left the Moses Mabhida... more Senzo Meyiwa slaying must open gun debate – Jeff Radebe The slaying of South African soccer captain Senzo Meyiwa should open a national... more Kelly Khumalo not at Senzo’s funeral Senzo Meyiwa's girlfriend, Kelly Khumalo, who has been blamed on social media... more
Breast Cancer Awareness
Cadres in the Eastern Cape are lobbying for Mantashe to be the next President. I don't know if im ready for Gwede to be President
Kelly Khumalo and Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.drinks at my place tomorrow.will have vodka and cigarettes, play board social networks...No talk of Mandisa and Graca or BMWs and Qunu houses! No excuses Kelly I know your free as on Saturday u have no plans. Winnie RSVP asap to arrange accommodation.awunandlu e Eastern Cape remember.&SistersBear.
Atul Auto Port Elizabeth, the only Authorized Dealership in the Eastern Cape opened its doors on the 1 Jan 2014.
Where are you spending your December holiday?. . 1: Eastern Cape. 2: Western Cape. 3: KwaZulu-Natal . 4: Overseas...
The Wild Coast town of Port St Johns in the Eastern Cape has been rocked by a violent robbery and rape at a back-packer lodge.
26 October 2014 We, the 838 delegates of the South African Communist Party in the Eastern Cape drawn from eight districts of our party and the YCLSA in the Eastern Cape, We gathered at the Orient Theatre in East London on the 24 - 26 October 2014 under the theme "Working class unity and leadership now". On the international front: As the party we draw our understanding of the national situation from the global and continental context within which our country exists and our own concrete material conditions. We have noted that the hegemony of the US led imperialism characterized by the rise of transnational companies (the military industrial complex), the changing role of the state, the rise of influence of the international financial institutions, the drifting away of the development finance from the productive sectors to speculative sectors such as (shares, bonds, currency ETC), privatization, low company taxes, removal of labour rights and social protection measure in an attempt to maximize profits, thes ...
Yes! Our Pineapples are from Limestone Hill Farm between Bathurst and Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape!
Eastern Cape is so beautiful! Thank you East London you were truly amazing. En route to Port…
Migrating dolphins reach Port Alfred on their trip up the Eastern Cape in Port Alfred, South Africa.
Feeesh and wine! (@ Ocean basket in East London, Eastern Cape)
hacked that i missed power move in partnering with Department of Basic Education to provide ICT solutions to the Eastern Cape
Senior Lodge Manager for Modern 5 Star establishment . in the Eastern Cape . Experience in 5 Star management in essential. . As well as...
Guides of All levels, shades and ages. . Fabulous Opportunities in the Eastern Cape at 5 Star Lodges . As well as...
A vision bigger than my pockets.Vision Africa."We cannot measure African success using a European ruler."We cannot measure South African success using a Nigerian ruler. We cannot measure Eastern Cape's success using a Western Cape's ruler.We cannot measure the Mbekile's success using theMandela's ruler.I cannot measure my success using my brothers ruler. In other words,real success will begin when we stop coveting that,that belongs to our neighbour's.Find what works for you first!
20 great reasons to visit Shamwari Game Reserve on the Eastern Cape, South Africa
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Eastern Cape, Alice, University of fort hare is calling my name, attending 9th Annual SATMA Awards Ceremony...
I'm back from Eastern Cape, hollow everyone love this much u must all have a blessed day
SKELETOR STRIKES AGAIN: Masked armed bank robber ordered everyone down on the floor… [VIDEO]
Any chance they extend the Tornado Watch after 10PM for central and parts of eastern NC? Still 500-1000 CAPE in several areas.
10 reasons to head to the Karoo Heartland
Eastern Cape cops appear for corruption
Good morning everyone 7am in Eastern cape, time to hustle
Ayabonga Jacela is from the Eastern Cape. She's 16 years old. Watch the beautiful things she says she'd like to...
CM: SPCA UITENHAGE (Eastern Cape, SA) - BEAUTIFUL BEETHOVEN IS SADLY BACK :( He just cannot be in a home where...
| Eastern Cape cops appear for corruption: Two police officers have appear...
A part of me wants to go down to the eastern cape just for because fomo!!
All my Xhosa friends look the same... I've concluded that there's something in Xhosa-Land (Eastern Cape) water...
Eastern Cape farmer receives R20 (£1137) and 1 year jail term suspended for 5 yrs for poisoning 48 Cape vultures in 2013
If you'll be in the Eastern Cape on the 29th of November make sure you're in East London
I feel like the Eastern Cape in general because lots of people really come back in Dec bazoty' inice time baphinde bahambe nayo
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Need to hear some fresh and different sound of Hip Hop from the Eastern Cape. Check out ..follow and download songs from his TL
A holiday outside of the Eastern Cape would be such a fantastic pick-me-up
The ultimate South African destination list of places to visit. There are perhaps a few Eastern Cape...
But really what's failing football or who is failing football in Eastern Cape, who is to blame, can we atleast have someone to blame!!
This guy actually admits to drinking Karate Juice (Black Label)...well he said when he is in the Eastern Cape..ibhabhalaza inoba imthini!
| Eastern Cape cops appear for corruption
Hebana! :o :o ... Nxxa tseg I'm leaving South Africa now..I'm going to Eastern Cape or Limpopo nje straight...
2 Eastern Cape cops have been suspended for allegedly killing a pedestrian in a hit and run.
“It's – where would you visit in CoffeeBay in the Eastern Cape
Evening programme of the conference is underway: reciting by youth from Eastern Cape officiated the proceedings!
Looking forward to meeting HR community of Eastern Cape on Friday “/
he's from Port Elizabeth, eastern cape
Eastern Cape cops appear for corruption |
Heee banna! Winnie Madikizela Mandela has filed papers at the high court in the eastern cape! Yhooo! Is this necessary though?
Got to teach Grade 12’s for 20 mins. thank you and good luck to all my students in Eastern Cape.
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Bossie Bossert >Public Servant News Network Eastern Cape . "Africa, no need to wait for us. We are on our way at...
Winnie Madikizela-Mandela lawyers confirm they filed papers in Eastern Cape High court challenging estate of former president…
Eastern Cape is forever delayed when it comes to music smh
Some beautiful matric farewells coming up this week in the Eastern Cape and in Johannesburg :-D
My Leader is proud to be associated with the province of the Eastern Cape...Love U all...
Our featured job today is in the Eastern Cape. For more on this wonderful, exciting, beautiful province, click here:
Im starting to ralise that the Lord has placed me where he wants me to be! Growing up I wanted to be a... South African Ambasodor Lawyer Teacher Social Worker Director But the men upstairs was like nah kid, take cooperate communication instead(PR) an believe you me im content and very happy with where I am. Next calling when he's done with me in PR I think is Producing, Writting( Author) and later moving to Eastern Cape to start my Foundation that will prune and produce the countries finest talent and intellectuals. All that is required from me is desciple and hardwork. When the Lord is with you who can ever be against you huh? This year I've been blessed with Lectures and fellow crazy PR Stars who are full of life and innovation. Being around them is just simply fullfiling (for lack of a better word) :). Love you PR Stars! Shout out to Dr Makwambeni, Sis Linda and my beloved Mic Barnes. -Munda
Nestled in the heart of South Africa’s unspoilt Eastern Cape province lies Kwandwe Private Game Reserve, a world-class Big Five safari destination in 22 000 ...
Today the MEC for Health in the Eastern Cape signed an MOU with Rhodes University, WSU, Fort Hare and NMMU to...
Reaching out to schools in Middelburg, Eastern Cape, South Africa, May 2013
Peppertree House B&B and Self-Catering - worth staying over if you ever need to in Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape -...
Mhlanga: it’s the Eastern Cape province that failed to make payments
Naantso my leaders. Our MPLs must probe this embarrassment in our lovely Province. We can't allow Eastern Cape to...
With Generations being disband maybe we should take this as a mixed blessing bcoz it might jst solve our poor Grade12 performance dilemma especially in the Eastern Cape..
The Minister of Environmental Affairs, Edna Molelwa, has launched the Kwelera National Botanical Garden in the Eastern Cape. featured in NBC s Science of Love
VERY, VERY URGENT : DEADLINE 8 OCTOBER 2014!! STEYTLERVILLE : EASTERN CAPE Where do we start with Fluffy’s story, where do you start to explain how a mind must be hurting so deeply that your body goes into shock when touched by human hand a mind waiting for the hurt to register in the brain even when the touch was from a rescuer trying to bring relief, but Fluffy doesn’t know the difference. But off course Fluffy’s neverknown a kind word or touch all he has felt from a human hand is pain, all he’s known from human mouth is abuse. Fluffy was completely abused by his first owners so much that you can have nothing in your hands when near him not even something as small as a cell phone, then from one horrible situation to the next given away to family member that locked him in a small room. His rescuer is truly excited as this closed off insecure guy made soft whimpering sounds when he saw her this morning, she states he is terribly confused as he hears words but they don’t make him scarred, he se . ...
if you looking for a Christan business to support you happen to travel Eastern Cape province and get to former transkei region pass mthatha town by N2 road directing to durban you travel + - 50 km take left to Tsolo town,get Queenrose Spar Supermarket buy there its neat if proceed straight to Maclear twn get to Wicks Spar Supermaket they both owned by a Christian Pastor go & support those 2 shops.
This time tomorrow, I'll be bothering gran mama with kisses. Eastern Cape bound.
A 16 year old Eastern Cape girl's birthday celebration ended in tragedy when she died from apparent drug-related complications last weekend in East London.
We have noticed from the charts this morning, that some very light snow has fallen in the Oudeberg region between Graaff-Reneit in the Eastern Cape, and Murraysburg in the WC over the last 8 hours. It is unlikely to continue though. There is a slight chance of further snow this afternoon in the Eastern Cape (near the Eastern Cape Drakensberg), and as soon as we have produced the forecast map, we will publish it for you.
A well resource hospital in Eastern Cape is seeking a Registered Midwife to work in the maternity unit. If you...
A private hospital in Eastern Cape is seeking a Registered Nurse with Midwife qualification. Midwife experience essential to afford the opportunity to make a difference within this team! Skill Requirements: • Provide quality patient care in Pre-natal, Labour and Post Natal Wards • Work night d…
And considering that I'm going home to the Eastern Cape in December... I think I'm in the market for a Xhosa one too
Hi nosipho whr do u live coz i live at Eastern Cape at Sterkspruit
Eastern Cape to get first botanical garden. The Minister of Environmental Affairs, Mrs Edna Molewa, will...
| Power failures cause East Cape water disruptions: The flow of water in the Eastern Cap...
has your department ever thought of investing in youth sports in the Eastern Cape?
Half the gas station in cape are middle eastern and half of them here are little Mexican store gas station lmao
Ditto if you visit the eastern cape. What you farming?
Mihlali soze ndiphinde ndimbuze nto oko wathi she travelled across the Eastern Cape just for a "sleepover" no sweks 😒
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Whoever said "lifes not about waiting for the storm to pass" has obviously not lived in the Eastern Cape recently.
All's quiet on our Eastern front as dry air dominates a wide swath of the Atlantic and most agree the Cape Verde...
That 1hour call from my Eastern Cape Granny :D love my G to bits.
With possible flooding conditions in parts of the Eastern Cape, be sure your tyres are safe on the roads!
Water shortages in Amathole district due to power failure: The flow of water in the Eastern Cape's Amathole di...
Video | Additional teachers will not be employed in the Eastern Cape
Reinette Tydeman-Edwards >Public Servant News Network Eastern Cape. Project Sparkle has started to remove the...
Hlosi Game Lodge – 4-star& big 5 Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape. — Travel Opulent Box
Yeah he still does. Saw him at warriors recently (eastern Cape) "Does Ashwell Prince still plays cricket ?
Now, I'm getting fired up for the eastern cape conference, its my1st tym dat side, n yea I'm excited! Still continues thou...
Western Cape enjoys a minimum level of competence while, the Eastern Cape can still seem like a failed state
Sitting on Shosholoza Meyl wondering could I do this all the way to the Eastern Cape or should I say curr-p
Eastern Cape wants 70% matric pass Really Makupula, who's fooling who here
In 1995 All Stars where exclusive but today All Stars are worn by prisoners in the Eastern cape
My friend said you have to bungee jump Bloukrans Bridge on the border of the Eastern and Western Cape.
Update your maps at Navteq
Eastern Cape Community Centre artists to join SKA delegation in Australia:
"We are now pushing production. Our order book takes us to 2016. MD Rob King on wind tower manufacture in Eastern Cape.
Unsta (made page 3 of the Saturday Daily Despatch! The Eastern Cape is proud of the…
Are you unemployed and living in East London?. Data Networking – East London, Eastern Cape. Location East London,...
try living in the Eastern Cape. Water is a permanent glitch.
Water supply in Gauteng was restored to all areas on Monday after more than a week of disruptions caused by...
Minister Pravin Gordhan speaks at NMMU conference on emerging views on Eastern Cape economy
EC survivor of Nigeria church collapse speaks out: An Eastern Cape man who survived a church guesth... ..
good day bhuti, please consider visiting the Steve Biko Centre next time you come to the Eastern Cape. http:…
Eastern Cape, South Africa. BelAfrique your personal travel planner -
Eastern Cape artists hopeful as take last leg in province:
Eastern Cape artists hopeful as Satmas take last leg in province
I'm coming to get you Eastern Cape. The final frontier for my cheese makers trip. Any info on people to visit in the province most welcome!
I am from the Eastern Cape, Rugby is big in that province
PSL must send more games at Eastern Cape province and Western Cape such great atmosphere supporters
And I had to work hard as my Mother kept threatening me with Fort Hare if I failed. I love the Eastern Cape
I thought he graduated from Fort Hare University in the Eastern Cape, South Africa
Two National presidents from Eastern Cape but look at the development in their province (Slow). One National...
Looking at votes from May 7th, ANC will not merge Western & Eastern Cape because ANC will not win an election in such a combined province
Public Protector, Adv. Thuli Madonsela is at the KwaMzizi village at Bizana in the Eastern Cape.
With 44% of the Provincial GRP, Nelson Mandela Bay Metro is the beating economic heart of the Eastern Cape. -
ANC WINS WARDS FROM DA AND INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE INBY-ELECTION The African National Congress participated in by-elections across the country yesterday and won ward 6 in Tswaing, North West from the DA and ward 5 in Tsolwana, Eastern Cape from an independent candidate. This is in addition to the 8 other wards the movement successfully retained in various wards across the country. Once again these by-elections have reaffirmed the confidence the majority of our people have in the ANC. This confidence they continue to display whenever provided an opportunity through the exercise of their hard won right to vote. Such successes are a clear indication of the inroads we have also made in areas the opposition would want to create an impression are their strongholds. Our public representatives have a responsibility to work even harder to realize the people's aspirations for a better life all. We are confident that in this endevour we dare not fail. The ANC thanks the people of South Africa who came out in their num ...
There's a school in Eastern Cape called 'Dr Pallo Jordan High'. What must they do?
Good Morning Friends, we just want our friends to know that we have opened new centres in the Eastern Cape / Port Elizabeth. You can now apply for jobs at those centres. Please see below are the addresses of our centre, pleas find your nearest centre today and apply for available jobs in Eastern Cape. Eastern Cape Centres Port Elizabeth Uviwe Child & Youth Services Cnr Jan Hoffmeyer and Nicolas street Schauderville East London Gugulethu ICT Centre No 36 Church Street East London East London Xhobani Projects (NGO center ) 2146 Nu 7 Close to Mdatsane City Mall Mdatsane King Williams Town Traders Emporium Business solution No 31 Arthur street king Williams’s town opposite department of labour Aliwal North Maletswai ICT hub Information No 31 Arthur street Communication and Technology (ICT) Hub, Shop no 1 Bridgegate center Aliwal north,Eastern cape, 9750 Qunu Nelson Mandela YOUTH & HERITAGE CENTRE Qunu Youth Development foundation QUNU
Fort Hare in the Eastern Cape, formerly a private university, was taken over by the government & restricted to isiXhosa-speakers.
MEDIA STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – SEPTEMBER 10, 2014 The Oscar Pistorius trial reminds us that too many women die at the hands of their intimate partners, and we must demand that our government does more to stop violence against women As the Oscar Pistorius trial for the killing of Reeva Steenkamp draws to a close, it is important to note that on average, three women are killed by an “intimate partner” (former or current) in South Africa every day.* Tomorrow, on the same day that the Pistorius verdict is expected, 1,000 kilometres away in the Eastern Cape, another man who admits to having killed his former intimate partner will find out if the court believes his defense that he didn’t mean to do it, and whether he will go to jail. Nkosinam Xabadiya admits to stabbing Sandiswa Mhlawuli, a 27-year old mother of two. Eyewitnesses say they saw him do it, but he says he didn’t mean to kill her, that he was stabbing at her hands. This is not a coincidence. In South Africa, more than 1,000 women ...
Eastern Cape, see your train schedule here:
Eastern Cape, to see your train scheduling, click here:
I think I have to share this with you guys. I am a Sciences (Life, Physical & Mathematical) tutor at various local high schools in the Eastern Cape, East London. We revised Life Sciences which was to be written wednesday and I was able to precisely predict the types of questions the first paper encompasses and on top of that I actually and accurately predicted which essay was going to be asked. How awesome? ;)
I will be in the Eastern Cape - East London and Port Elizabeth the first week of October, if anyone is interested in meeting to discuss any…
Buy Miche Bag Online!
PLC Programmer: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape - Our client is looking for a PLC Programmer…
I know it's late but it's been a while since I've been home, besides, I love driving at night. — traveling to Mount Frere, Eastern Cape
Snow falls in Eastern Cape as temperatures drop in South Africa.
South Africa: All the mountain passes in the Eastern Cape have been closed due to heavy snow falls
Love this pic of my parents dog playing in the this morning in Hogsback, Eastern Cape, South Africa.
Eastern Cape, Central South Africa: If you are traveling towards the EC today please be aware of Road closures...
Eastern Cape users, go to: to see your train schedule for the rest of the day.
Eastern Cape: Get your train schedules here:
ANC chief whip Stone Sizani's wife is in/out of court for corruption in Eastern Cape,ANC is also quite in all
Is the creation of the Political School in Eastern Cape part of programme led by Comrade Kgalema Motlanthe or it is just an initiative of Eastern Cape ANC in consultation with Motlanthe?
Movie time and City:A Dame to Kill 😜☺ (at in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape)
For those of you who won't know why this is so idiotic, Eastern Cape is a province of South Africa.
Eastern Cape, Motown, Yootenhague ""3. In which province would you find Uitenhage? Cape"
4pm news: The Port Elizabeth High Court has dismissed the R699 car scheme / Eastern Cape matric exam prayer...
traveling to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape from Premier Lounge at O.R Tambo International Airport
Muna's 14-inch models are on spotlight this week, at our offices in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape too. These are...
On way back to mozambique (@ Port Elizabeth International Airport (PLZ) in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape)
Gardener needed: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape - Gardener needed in Lorraine on Saturdays…
Democratic Alliance press statement by Desiree van der Walt MP DA Shadow Deputy of Basic Education 11 646 South African schools still using pit toilets A reply to a DA parliamentary question has revealed that 11 646 of the 23 906 schools in South Africa still use pit toilets with KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) and the Eastern Cape accounting for 60% of the pit toilets in schools. KZN accounts for 3 419 of these pit toilets and the Eastern Cape accounts for 3 535. This is a disgrace. The DA will write to the Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, requesting a progress report on her Department’s interventions in the provinces most affected, and what steps will be taken to address these continued problems. The reply also reveals that 518 schools in KZN are without electricity. It is clear that most provinces are not meeting their infrastructure targets, forcing learners to endure horrific conditions at schools. The use of open pit toilets presents a very real danger to students as they breed disease and harbou ...
Hi my name is Sandie 18 year old,originate from the eastern cape but staying at jozi
[ MUNICIPALTY VACANCIES ] The following municipalities have vacancies available. Get those applications in! (Please COMMENT and tell us for which municipality you would like to work.) Eastern Cape Municipalities: - Amathole District Municipality - 1 vacancy - Chris H...
Medeocrati we will not aplaud@ Eastern Cape, kaizer chiefs nkata zasiphata oluhlobo kule season yhooo
Who here lives in East London in the Eastern Cape?
So the outbreak of this Ebola what what in West Africa, particularly Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria has apparently affected our tourism industry. It seems like our global friends aren't aware that as a country we are thousands of kilometers away from the said countries and neither do we share any borders with any of them. In other words they take Africa as one big country. Talk about ignorance!!!Just like those Gautengers who would ask you if you know someone from Lusikisiki just because you introduced yourself as someone from PE (Eastern Cape)...There are still those ignorant Gautengers who think that IKOLONI is just one big city, mnxm
Press Statement: Resolutions of the recent ANC EC PEC Meeting 19 August 2014 Issued by the office of the ANC EC Provincial Secretary On the Occasion of the ANC EC PEC meeting that took place on the 18th August 2014 in Calata House. Amongst other matters discussed, the PEC took the following resolutions; On OR Tambo, Alfred Nzo and Chris Hani Municipalities, the ANC PEC has resolved to reshuffle both the Troika and the Mayoral Committees. In Chris Hani, reshuffling will take place in the district municipality troika and mayoral committee and the following local municialities; Ngcobo, Lukhanji, Tsolwana and Malahleni Municipality. On the appeal of the Chris Hani disbandment, the PEC welcomed the decision by the NWC to confirm its decision. The appointed RTT is now continuing with stabilising the organisation in that region, in due time, it is expected to take the region to its regional conference. The PEC observed serious elements of ill discipline in the region and is determined to deal accordingly with al ...
Finally someone who is not from the western/eastern cape
I miss my brothr nkululeko . ayi im going to eastern cape
I was in Eastern Cape ko springs. My cousin Michellene taught me how to swim because each tym we gu 2 springs I wuld be swiming at de baby pool while they swim at de elders pools. She taught me now I can swim were ever I wana swim witout bn scared. Thanx 2 her
Democratic Alliance Eastern Cape Alleged Pankie Sizani ghost teacher posts an example of how little ANC cares for education Issued by: Edmund van Vuuren (MPL) Shadow MEC for Education. The DA will be watching the outcome of the court case against Pankie Sizani for allegedly creating ghost teacher posts. If convicted, no mercy must be shown to her or her high-raking husband, Stone Sizani, who is a former education MEC and who currently serves as chief whip of the ANC in parliament. This case, which has been dragging on since 2011, is a diabolical example of how little the ANC cares for education. This case will be a real test for the ANC to act against their high-profile members who allegedly committed fraud against the backdrop of thousands of desperate children who have been suffering poor education due to acute teacher-shortages in the Eastern Cape combined with chronic budget constraints. The late President Nelson Mandela said: “The power of education extends beyond the development of skills we need ...
Graaf-reinet, the most homely place in the Eastern Cape 'volgens my'. Something so sacred and loving here,I don't know why.I might be cray,but I love this place.
And did say in the beginning that this show looks like it's for the western or eastern cape
What happen to that MTN win a plane competition and If it ended already lol I bet the winner is from the rural areas ngapha ngase Eastern Cape kaso you know Xhosas moos They everywhere you don't believe me watch Khumbul'Ekhaya
Rappid aka Boi-Script aka Lil SYC has risen to be a good representative for the city of Port Elizabeth and the Eastern Cape Province in Krump He Soon Will Be A Name Everyone In SA Talks About Proud Of His Achievements Good Bless Him
Your DA candidate for the upcoming by election in Hofmeyr ward 5 in Eastern Cape was seen discussing and engaging with ANC RTT.
Imagine a safari that has you in the bush and on the beach! All this at Kariega River Lodge in the Eastern Cape
"2. In which province was an 83 year gogo beaten and raped Eastern Cape
In 1969 my grandfather, whilst farming in the eastern cape bought 600 litres of petrol for R57.00 ... Today it will cost R8400.00!!!
Back up singer for amadodana asemtata perhaps :-(ccSomewhere in Eastern Cape...
Lusikisiki is to Eastern Cape, what Jane Furse is to ….
Take tenting to the next level in the Eastern Cape
Back where they come from. Eastern Cape
Wedding dates confirmed. Halala... So excited for my 1st trip to the Eastern Cape. Andisekho excited for ubona ilali.
New tumblr post: "Yellow Mongoose on the lookout, Eastern Cape, South Africa (by..." , photography
We need to get the Eastern Cape into production "Grain" if we want to be food secure in the next 5-15 years.
Rhodes (CreepSquad) vs EC windbreakers. Come through and support as the guys team take on the Eastern Cape representative in the BNL tonight
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Eastern Cape police mourn the loss of two police officials
The Bhisho government needs R60-billion to address a schools infrastructure backlog in the Eastern Cape. How much?
Appalling state for the Deaf in Stutterheim, Eastern Cape raises concerns as parents fear for children's safety.
Eastern Cape East --In the far west towards Kowie to PE side, might be offshore and 3' Wednesday but somewhere b...
Eastern Cape West --Fresh W winds on way Tuesday but may be a nice dawnie and morning with long energy 3-5' surf...
The Eastern Cape boasts some of the most popular hiking trails in South Africa
travels to the Eastern Cape to find out why rugby passion and potential hasn’t translated into development…
Is Eastern Ma, Cape Cod and Islands under a moderate drought. watch
Sales Representative position available in Sales and Marketing Eastern Cape Port Elizabeth via
Lecturer: Pharmacy: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape - ERROR: The job you specified is either no…
Good 1"Eastern cape life is so chilled. U dont stress about meat ba uzoyithenga phi . U slau…
Fire/strong wind warning in EC. Please be vigilent and report any big fires
2 more rhinos killed in private reserve near Queenstown in Eastern Cape, bringing total killed to 12 in 2014 in EC http:/…
Tread Buffalo Category for the big people 13-16 Sep, Eastern Cape stage race
Eastern Cape South African Police form task team to search for 19 year old girl Lutho Qhudelele who is thought to be kidnapped.
EWN has found that a number of Eastern Cape schools still don't have furniture despite a deadline set by Presid…
- Must be a record !!! . . . dinner, breakfast and lunch 🐷 (@ Fushin Sushi in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape)
The transportation of the wind turbines components would affect traffic in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality in the Eastern Cape
Deputy area commissioner in Eastern Cape acknowledging HIVCare support in correctional services
FACTORY UPGRADES: VWSA managing director David Powels, left, shows Eastern Cape premier Phumulo Masualle some of the upgrades at the vehicle factory in Uitenhage as VWSA employee Prince Deliwe works on the production line. Picture: FREDLIN ADRIAAN Pledge To Grow Motor Industry 8 August 2014 | Posted By Allan Williams EASTERN Cape premier Phumulo Masualle yesterday pledged his Bhisho government would work harder to create an environment conducive to growing the motor industry. Speaking during a tour of the Volkswagen SA plant in Uitenhage, Masualle said the government would tackle serious challenges such as securing the energy supply for big users, some of Nelson Mandela Bay’s major employers. Masualle visited the company to discuss some of the challenges facing the industry with VWSA managing director David Powels. Powels said the biggest challenge was labour instability, with three months out of the past year characterised by strike action. “Our shareholders expect stability. We were fortunate that w ...
I can't wait to see Chippa United make Eastern Cape proud
Nelson Mandela's second wife Winne challenges his will, demands house: Nelson Mandela's second wife, Winnie, has launched a legal challenge to the will of the late anti-apartheid leader, the latest sign of feuding and bad blood in South Africa's first family. In a letter sent by her lawyer to the executors of Mandela's estate, Madikizela-Mandela argued that her children should be in charge of Mandela's ancestral home at Qunu in the Eastern Cape, where he was buried in December. Madikizela-Mandela, a firebrand anti-apartheid activist who got divorced from Mandela in 1996 after it emerged she had cheated on him during his 27 years in prison, said she had bought the Qunu property in 1989 while Mandela was still behind bars, giving her ownership rights under traditional law. Madikizela-Mandela was left nothing from Mandela's $4.1 million estate, which was divided between his family, the ruling African National Congress party, former staff and several schools. Each of his six children and some of his 17 grandc ...
One of the scouts in Eastern Cape, South Africa, just earned his parawings. He is the youngest in South Africa to do so, and the only one in the Eastern Cape. Have you earned your wings?
Thank you IEC Eastern Cape: great meeting with the PLC.
Afrika and I (Continued) We enjoyed a vast world of literature, through the efforts of Afrika. In Vryburg, this kind of exposure to the world of ideas, was quite unusual, except in the case of those people who had opportunities for higher or tertiary education. In fact, in Vryburg at that time, only my cousin, Mazeleleni Ganda, was at the famous Fort Hare, a university in the Eastern Cape, which had a string of alumni, including Nelson Mandela and Steve Biko. My family was, by African standards of the time, middle class; this would be disputed today, as more material possessions define middle class than we possessed! My mother was a primary school teacher, but was no longer teaching. I suppose if you are parenting eight children by the time you are thirty, there would be no time or a professional life! My father was an agriculture extension officer, attached to the government of the day. This gave him access to a classification of the educated elite of the community. In retrospect, this was also a margin ...
Eastern Cape - South African Municipal Workers Union (threatens to strike at
NEW South African JOBS & VACANCIES Thank you for the LIKES and SHARES! We have updated the vacancies and jobs in the following categories for all cities: - Banking - Sales - Internships - General - Travel - Hospitality And we also updated most vacancy and job categories for: - Vanderbijlpark - Eastern Cape - Cape Town - Polokwane Please don't wait too long before you apply as some of these vacancies are closing today. LIKE if you are ready! Click here to see ALL the South African vacancies:
10am news: Car scheme hearing set for Eastern Cape high court / Child dragged to death by hijackers / South...
Mvezo is a small village on the banks of the Mbashe River, not far from Mthatha in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Mandela's grandson,...
as Eastern Cape). Mandela became involved in politics while a student at Fort Hare University after he met Oliver Tambo, who became his
Hamilton Collection
Weights in South Africa EDRIN BREEZES THROUGH WEIGH-IN WITH 114.4 LBS; SITYATHA 114.1 LBS. Mdantasane City, Eastern Cape - International Boxing Organization (IBO) World Super Flyweight champion Edrin "The Sting" Dapudong breezed through the official weigh-in yesterday tipping the scale at 114.4 lbs., well below the 115 weight limit. Challenger Lwandile Sityatha, on the other hand, came in lighter at 114.1 lbs. Both fighters made the weight in their first try in the official weigh-in and medical check up supervised by IBO Vice President for Africa Len Hunt. Nonoy Neri, Manny Pacquiao's assistant trainer who handled Dapudong for over three months prior to the fight said that the long and hard training proved to be very helpful in making sure that The Sting will not have problems with the weight. "That is the benefit the boxer gains when he trains hard and prepare for a longer period of time, he will have no problem in making the weight," Neri said. The championship bout between Dapudong and Sityatha to be h ...
All of Kenton-on-Sea/Bushmans accommodation is loaded onto Kenton-on-Sea, Eastern Cape, South...
Renewable energy to boost the Eastern Cape economy - South Africa - The Good News:
Chippa United have moved to Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, after an official welcoming yesterday.
5th Annual Mandela Day Career Development Festival – 15 to 18 July 10 July 2014 The Department of Higher Education and Training will host the 5th Annual Mandela Day Career Development Festival at the Sedibeng Technical and Vocational Education and Training College in Gauteng from the 15th to the 18th of July 2014. The event is a flagship programme of the Department, in partnership with its entities and stakeholders aimed at providing career information, advice and guidance to learners in rural and under-served areas. The event has grown significantly over the years and more than 9000 learners, including those from schools for learners with special needs, are expected to attend this year’s festival. Over the past 4 years, the festival has been held in Giyani (Limpopo), Lusikisiki (Eastern Cape), Taung (North West) and Phuthaditjhaba (Free State). The Deputy President of the country, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa is scheduled to speak at the official opening ceremony on Tuesday 15th July. The event is scheduled a ...
Smith says Gauteng, KZN and the Eastern Cape all rank before the Western Cape in a list of worst protest-hit pro…
THE biggest land claim in Eastern Cape will soon be launched by the AmaRharhabe Royal Council that includes the whole of the Western Cape
The new First Automobile Works (FAW) South Africa vehicle assembly plant in Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape, will boost the country's efforts to achieve a growth target of 5% by 2019, says President Jacob Zuma.Read More on MyPE .
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