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Easter Rising

The Easter Rising was an insurrection staged in Ireland during Easter Week, 1916. The Rising was mounted by Irish republicans with the aims of ending British rule in Ireland and establishing the Irish Republic at a time when the British Empire was heavily engaged in the First World War.

John Bruton Patrick Pearse Roger Casement Kevin Rooney Enda Kenny James Connolly Irish Citizen Army Arbour Hill Michael Portillo Ruth Dudley Edwards

It seemed like there were 1,916 new books about 1916 Easter Rising this year. Not quite.
Looking back at 2016. My blog on Patrick Pearse & the Easter Rising.
2016 in the Republic: Feuds, elections, Brexit and the Easter Rising
I liked a video from All Dead Rising 4 Easter Eggs
New York hosted the official Commemorations in April, followed by a star-studded cultural celebration: https:…
AT SWIM, TWO BOYS, a m/m love story set in Ireland in the run up to the Easter Rising 1916. . Will…
The Easter Lily was introduced by Cumann na mBan 90 years ago as the national symbol to commemorate the 1916 Easter Risi…
Joseph Mary Plunkett, Easter Rising leader and signatory of the 1916 Proclamation was born on this day in 1887
All my Easter Rising centenary takes have just been released from Frongoch.
Looking back at 2016. My contribution to about two Thomases, MacDonagh & Kettle. Parallel lives.
Glad to be curled up in my armchair this wild Boxing day finally finishing Charles Townshend's account of the 1916 Easter Rising.
John Downing: Easter Rising celebrations proved we can put our own house in order
poignant picture from 1916 Easter Rising, girls pleased to salvage firewood from ruins https:…
A thoughtful, positive look back at our 1916 centenary commemoration. One of the successes of a troubled 2016.
I liked a video Easter egg in Dead rising 4 game case
it was still nice of him to take this documentary on pbs about the Easter rising is gonna end with U2 being formed.
The Easter Rising 1916 Heather Jones explores the armed struggle that changed Irish and British ...
I guess Monster Mash is more of an Easter thing, what with the holiday being centered around Jesus rising from the dead
Interesting article on Dr Sun Yat Sen, Michael Davitt & the 1916 Easter Rising.
Oxford's vice-chancellor warns, at Irish conference on the Easter Rising, that will damage Oxford’s status .
Martin Mansergh responds to Dennis Kennedy about the Easter Rising commemorations.
What upsets me about Ireland being charged over Easter Rising shirt is that people out there think it's the same as the…
Enda Kenny criticises Arlene Foster over snub to Easter Rising centenary events
Easter Rising hero Thomas Ashe died 99 years ago on this day in 1917 due to force feeding while on hunger strike https:/…
Arrested during 1916 Easter Rising, Eamon de Valera was saved from a death sentence because of his American birth.
the BBC is finished, whenever they keep showing clips of the anniversary of the 1916 easter rising et al!
During the Easter Rising of 1916, while Irish rebels held the GPO, city residents looted businesses on Sackville St (O'Connell).
Friday night you broadcast a program 1916 Easter Rising Dublin I missed it will it be rebroadcast and when
Relatives lay wreaths as Ulster soldiers killed during the Easter Rising are honoured in Dublin
gosh darn it! Creative centenaries have already done something on him. I've only worked the Somme/Easter rising with them
Five surprising facts about some of the Easter Rising leaders
It took a coffeeshop in Harlem to remind me that the Cranberries zombie song has an Easter Rising reference. What the search for AC will do.
A group of Japanese Irish musicians created this video of “The Foggy Dew” to commemorate the centenary of the...
My 21st birthday is on Easter talk about rising from the dead
I think you forgot to mention the sky falling in, the sun never rising & the Easter Bunny not being real as well.
"a poem lives when... it snags a reader’s memory" -John McAuliffe on poetry and the Easter Rising
Angel with bullet hole from 1916 Easter Rising - Dublin, Ireland
The sun's out and I'm awaiting Kirsty Lusk & Willy Maley on the Easter Rising and Scotland
I'm going to read a book about the Easter Rising in Ireland 1916 that led to their Freedom.
Once knighted for humanitarian work, Roger Casement is sentenced to death in London for role in the Easter Rising
Countess Constance Markiewicz the heroine of the Irish Easter Rising in 1916
aye and my gran, from Dublin, he'll crack up at it. Took me round Dublin and taught us all about the Easter rising and that
British troops behind a barricade in Dublin during the Easter Rising, 1916.
Women in the Church of Ireland and the Easter Rising
AOH set to parade in Ballycastle to mark Easter Rising centenary via
is there a 2:30pm talk today on Easter Rising?
On Sat & Prof Willy Maley discuss Scotland and the Easter Rising
he had seen both WW1 and the Easter Rising - not surprising he was pessimistic!
I've been reading up on post-Easter Rising & late 20th c. IRA history. So much misery caused by imperial England.
A female rebellion creates new Easter Rising cabaret via
A muralist was painting this large piece to recognize the Irish Easter Rising Centennial i…
On this day in 1916, Roger Casement who exposed horrors in Belgian Congo was executed for his role in Easter Rising. htt…
the Easter Rising and others. Even your point can be picked apart: international support uniting against US. We can do that on Wed.
A Lego GPO that took 2 years & 50k blocks to complete now on display at in Dublin: http…
The 1916 Easter Rising has nothing to do with cake!
Photos & a recap of the Easter Rising Commemoration at are on our webpage. htt…
Dublin still bears the scars of the 1916 Easter Rising battle almost 100 years later
The trials after the Easter Rising caused consternation among lawyers, writes
Hello Conall, you should be able to access it here:
Friday Aug 26 in Skibb, a talk by Margaret Murphy: Sean Hurley – Cork Volunteer killed in the Easter 1916 Rising
Hey Melbourne, tickets are out! Come see VR projects I worked on: Easter Rising and The Turning Forest https:/…
Briona Nic Dhiarmada & discussing power of imagery of Easter Rising - can be problematic because of emotional response
.isn't Easter a celebration of rising from the dead?  .and a bodily-soul ressurection and ascension?  Why...
Prof. Willy Maley & researcher discuss Scotland and the Easter Rising, Saturday https:…
Carnlough republicans want to reinstate 'illegal' Easter Rising memorial :: The News Letter:
Hume, another big city marathons is still suggest that Easter Rising.
Read my blog on Roger Casement, one of the most intriguing figures connected with the Easter Rising.
Just heard a mother on Henry Street: "Well, you wouldn't be much use in the Easter Rising, crying over a balloon."
John Bruton is exactly like his Hero John Redmond.Denounces the 1916 Easter Rising, but okay with a Glorious EU Army invading Ukraine
You cited Rachel's commemoration of Easter Rising as example of her bigotry.
Kevin Vickers wrestles protester at Easter Rising ceremony: what legal power did he have to assault him? htt…
"England’s difficulty is Ireland’s opportunity"--Colm Toibin on the 1916 Easter Rising
VIDEO: Irish festival marks Easter Rising with song, dance: The Kennedy Center in Washington DC has rolled ou...
The Scotland and the Easter Rising exhibition at the Mitchell Library has been given an extention to Friday, 3rd...
100 years ago today, the Easter Rising against the British oppressor. 32 county Irish Republic declared in arms. https:/…
Saved for Sunday: A stroll through the streets of Dublin in the wake of the Easter Rising commemorations
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Springfield honors anniversary of Easter Rising with Garden and - Western Mass News - WGGB ...: This weekend ...
Executed today: Sean McDermott or MacDiarmada, the IRB and the psychology of the Easter Rising via
Loved special 1916 piece on Easter Rising - esp family history. Confirms that not just me has problems wit…
you just know that Blue Peter badge he got for cardboard model of 1916 Easter Rising is proudly pinned to Old Pleather
- Rebel without a call: control of communications technology was a key target in the Easter Rising.
remember Joseph Plunkett, William Pearse and others. Executed on May 4 1916 for their role in the Easter Rising in Dublin.
100 years ago today the first insurgents from the Easter Rising were executed. Tom Clarke, Patrick Pearse, and Thomas MacDonagh.
The Wild Geese performing at a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising
Brilliant; same person put on Easter Lily when arranging my trip to Dublin for Easter Rising celebrations. Gutted!!
Republicans marched through Irish capital, outside the General Post Office on O'Connell Street in Dublin, to mark the Easter Rising. John
Easter Rising centenary mosaic unveiled in Hali 28th May 2016, by irish . Ambassador to Ca. Proud 2b part of it TANX!
Wow are currently showing a program hosted by a woman who was witness to the original Easter Rising
2016 Ohio Rose Kathleen Rose O'Donnell is honored to be an Irish American woman 100 years after the Easter Rising...
Hugh Kozlowski Markey Murphy at today's Easter Rising commemoration. Great program; goes to evening. Come on down.
Gerry Adams does his best to hijack Easter Rising for party benefit and undermine the national celebrations of recent…
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Great article by on Ireland's Easter Rising of 1916 and modern UK-Irish relations
Live coverage of the State Commemoration of the Easter Rising from Arbour Hill,Sunday 9.45AM.
Join us this Sunday at 5:00 for a special program commemorating the Easter Rising that began on April 24th, 1916.
Kelly: An Irish salute to the 'Easter Rising' and the rise of a city - Omaha World-Herald: Omaha World-Herald Kelly: An Irish salute to the…
Come support your local Irish community Saturday as we commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the Easter Rising!
A Full Life by Paul Buhle & Tom Keough, James Connolly comic on the Easter Rising centenary
Library invites community to program on centenary of Ireland's Easter Rising
Short Strand Becomes a Stage for Easter Rising centenary theatre productions, news from
Ruth Dudley Edwards column: 'Naive of Dublin' to expect unionists to honour Easter Rising.
NewsLetter: Ruth Dudley Edwards: It was naive of Dublin to expect unionists to honour Easter Rising: Should un...
Who's afraid of the Easter Rising? asks author Kevin Rooney. Live at Thur 14th at 7.30pm. All welcome.
How Gaelic football helped stimulate political prisoners in the aftermath of the Easter Rising
Ulster unionist perspectives on the Easter Rising.
Events to mark the centenary of the Easter Rising in Ireland will continue with a remembrance ceremony in Dublin.
Easter Rising documentary adds new perspective to Irish rebellion - South Bend Tribune -
More than 100 campaigners have formed a human chain around an historic Moore Street, where the Easter Rising came...
Compared to Yeats 'There's was a blind, disregarding fanaticism' claims Bob Geldof of Easter Rising leaders
Just iPlayered an enjoyable, little bit different play from Nick Dear on to coincide with Easter Rising anniversary
Easter Rising chief's relative told to 'go home' over English accent via
Day 4 of the Easter Rising: The city in flames. Via
Liverpool brothers who fought in Easter Rising were divided by Irish civil war .
Fergal Keane looks at Ireland's violent Easter Rising, and how it will be marked, as its centenary approaches.
Brian John Spencer… As copy boy on Day Three of the Easter Rising: Pearse, Director of Military Operations, an...
More Irish died in WWI than in the Easter Rising, the War of Independence, the Civil War, and the Troubles put together.
The revolutionary period sparked by the 1916 Easter Rising offered a vision of a truly democratic Ireland.
Great read on St John Ambulance & the Easter Rising. Padraig Allen talks at series on April 7
Easter Rising was not a 'Just War' - and it gave a false legitimacy to IRA via
The 100 Year anniversary of the Irish 1916 Easter Rising – some thoughts
Irish Grand National today. 100 years ago, the race was at same time as Easter Rising. In 4th place was a horse called.…
The Starry Plough flag which flew over the Imperial Hotel during the Easter Rising
100 years after Easter Rising, Ireland wants Britain to stay in EU.
Calls for peace as Easter Rising centenary honours Irish rebels
Easter Rising - Ireland's Ambassador Dan Mulhall account of its causes and consequences
Easter Rising - Ireland's Ambassador Dan Mulhall's account of its causes and consequences
During the Easter Rising we levelled Dublin with High Explosive & executed all ring leaders. We used to do things properly in this country.
Ireland's Easter Rising was not 'a just war', former prime minister says...
Complete with music playing in background & stylised edits. Odd. "BBC News - Ireland's Easter Rising - 100 years on
Ireland's Easter Rising was not 'a just war' says former prime minister, John Bruton
There is an Easter Sunday commemoration parade taking place tomorrow in remembrance of the Easter Rising.
The fatalities of both the Easter Rising and the Troubles have been remembered in traditional Good Friday service.
Easter Rising centenary events set to be the largest public event in the history of the Irish state.
1916 documentary help.: I'm looking to watch that documentary on the Easter Rising by Michael Portillo and I'm...
Looking 4ward2 being part of the Easter Mon Reflecting The Rising events.
Looking 4ward2 taking part in Reflecting The Rising in on Easter Monday.
Student of Irish Language Brings to Life a Patriot of the Easter Rising
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
This year is 100 years since the Easter Rising in Ireland. Northern Ireland still exists & is part of the UK still
.snubs opportunity to attend Easter rising commemoration. don't represent nationalists
Easter Rising: This year people in Ireland are commemorating the centenary of what became...
Easter is the day we celebrate Jesus Christ rising from the dead as symbolism for that exchange.
Security services on high alert over Easter rising centenary threat
Is this the start of the Islamic State, Easter Rising in Europe.
Dublin on Friday for the Easter rising centenary 😎
Anticipated all-star movie about 1916 Easter Rising won't be released until 2017 at the earliest
Scotland and the Easter Rising review: Cumann na Caledonia
Former BT chairman Christopher Bland premieres first play, The Easter Rising - and thereafter, at Apr 26-30
On the erasure of women from revolutions and uprisings, historically, globally. The Sisterhood of the Easter Rising https…
Easter 1916 Rising movie hasn't even begun shooting
I added a video to a playlist Easter Rising in 8 Minutes
Thoughts with the families of those caught in bombs in Brussels. We know all too well about terrorism. ISIS/Easter Rising/IRA = Terrorists
WePray that Jesus' suffering and rising may be a sign of hope for people and nations suffering injustice and hatred.
Little Giant Ladders
This essay on Irish fantasy and the 1916 Rising ties in nicely with The Green Book 7.
Easter Rising relatives criticise plans to remember British soldiers who died in 1916
Follow the diary's of a volunteer as we head into the 1916 Easter Rising pt. 1
Still undefeated apparently!! Am was Easter rising GPO not a defeat 🙈🙈🙈
Sinn Féin and others clearly profiting in on the Easter rising centenary.
excellent Easter Rising programme last night well done
First broadcast on 50yrs ago, Insurrection, an Easter Rising 1916 commemorative drama continues now.
THREE IS THE MAGIC NUMBER. Three LSL clubs look for an. Easter Rising in Leinster. Junior on Saturday. Three...
Privileged to get a tour of Easter Rising exhibition. Open until 31 July.
Significance of Easter Rising is falling via
Whether you celebrate Easter, Passover, or a long-awaited spring, hope you have a good weekend with people you love. ht…
They've done it for the 1916 Centenary to get people talking and to get people to remember the events during the 1916 Easter rising
Excited about presenting with in Buswells on Easter Monday for RTE's Reflections on the Rising. Newspapers GAA…
Centenary of Easter Rising - & sacrifice at Somme - should be commemorated in peace. The police don't teach history.
Belfast family split by 1916: The story of a Belfast family, the Easter Rising and the Battle of the Somme.
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As the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising approaches, Rozina Sabur explains its significance to Irish history. https:…
Relatives of Easter Rising dead reject Glasnevin wall
clown David Ford says he won't attend Easter rising commemoration in due violent nature, so the Somm…
► VIDEO: Michael Portillo on how the British ‘lost’ the Easter Rising -
*** is Geldof on about? 1916 leaders didn't choose to die, they were executed by a brutal regime.
100 years ago, a ragtag band of Irish nationalists battled the British for independence. has the story.
A rare picture of James Connolly on a stretcher in the aftermath of the Easter Rising. RIP
When Ireland rose against colonialism and imperialist war — 100 years on from the Easter Rising - Green Left Weekly …
Easter Rising: The Last Words of Patrick Pearse written and narrated by Bria...
In the next issue: Colm Tóibín on the Easter Rising; Terry Castle meets Hillary Clinton
Easter Rising stall back out today in Ongar. Maith sibh. Sinn Féin have a new vision for this country
Dublin in ruins due to British bombardment of the city during the Easter Rising of 1916 https…
Tonight at 7:00pm! Learn and celebrate 100 years since "the Easter Rising of 1916" with An Irish Rememberance!...
Mid Ulster Mail: Gerry Kelly to address Easter Rising centenary in Carrickmore: Gerry Kelly MLA has been confi...
We'll be selling books at this event in Bloomsbury on Monday about the 1916 Easter Rising
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The Left and the Easter Rising, with John Newsinger and Geoff Bell - Saturday 19 March, 2pm
Assistant chief constable of PSNI: "people want to mark Easter Rising centenary by killing police officers, prison officers and soldiers"
Constance Markievicz. Member of the Irish Citizen Army that took part in the 1916 Easter Rising.
Bit of Herbie Mann with Cissy Houston - Easter Rising - Great Album 'Surprises" -
Have a look at the Irish Citizen Army flag in John Gibney's A History of the Easter Rising in 50 Objects thanks to .
David Reynolds, Professor of International History shares his analysis of the Easter Rising
Launch 'we were there:77 women of the Easter Rising' 5pm,March 8,the Chapel, Royal Hospital Kilmainham-all welcome
Kenny MacAskill: The Easter Rising centenary is an opportunity to celeb...
I don’t want tricolours 2 go up over N. Lanarkshire’s public buildings 4 Easter Rising 100th. My col: https:…
And just like you I also think the Easter Rising was similar to the Tet Offensive in terms of outcome.
Poetry and song of the 1916 Easter Rising to be celebrated at NYU-Paul Muldoon, Anne Enright,...
Scot council to fly Irish flag for Easter Rising. Will Belfast City Hall be doin the same?
More on the secret planning of the 1916 Easter Rising this week 100 years ago
Two Malone brothers: One Died in WW1 other in Easter Rising. Here's the stamp. & video.
Melbourne to commemorate Ireland's 1916 Easter Rising: State Library Victoria and the University of Melbourne ...
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What happened in Derry when word of the Easter Rising spread from Dublin?.
Did your relative play a role at the Abbey Theatre during the Easter Rising? We want to hear from you
An exhibition on the events of the 1916 Easter Rising has gone on display at Dublin's National Photographic Archive.
Nice touch from Enda Kenny, commemorating the Easter Rising by suspending home rule for a while
Join us at 7pm for a lecture by Dr. Nicholas Allen on the 1916 Easter Rising at
Following on from his lectures on the 1916 Easter Rising, Fine Gael's John Bruton remembers the French Revolution
the 16 people that died in Easter rising 1916 . Oisìn
An excellent account of the Easter Rising of 1916 by
Cork hurlers will wear blue in the NHL to commemorate the Easter Rising
National Library to launch photo exhibition - read more: https:/…
National Library to launch photo exhibition - read more:
A significant date for your diaries; this year marks not only the centenary of the Easter Rising, but also the...
Check out History magazine Gunfight at the O.K. Corral Easter rising Chicago Cubs Quebec
Outstanding piece by 'The terrible beauty of the Easter Rising remains alive today'
How photography turned the rebels of the Easter rising into martyrs
1916 in Ireland - a rising against empire: On Easter Monday 1916 about 1,600 men and women seized the centre o...
Flying to tonight for some in Education Wed/Thu. A new workshop on Morse Code and the Easter Rising. Can't wait.
60 giant drawings and texts which tell the story of the Easter Rising will take over the from today. https:/…
Remembering 1916 – Archbishop Eamon Martin : Easter Rising, WW I and more recent hurts -
Photograph of the women who took part in the 1916 Easter Rising
The best thing about the Easter Rising centenary is gonna be the creme eggs. 🎉
As part of our celebration to mark the Centenary of the Easter Rising 1916, there will be a specially...
5k Celtic got from sevco for that Irish boy...I think it would be very fitting to use it for a memorial to the 100th Easter …
It's been 100 years since the Discover more in our free display, now open: https:/…
National Library to launch photo exhibition
The terrible beauty of the Easter Rising remains alive today | Fintan O’Toole
Our neighborhors at the Phoenix Irish Cultural Center are commemorating the Easter Rising of 1916 via
News | IE : Though Synge did not live to see the Easter Rising, his work calls attention to the type of society he…
I was on today's pod as we talked about sex ed with Manu Tuilagi and our founding moral victory: the Easter Rising
Sean Healy of Na Fianna Éireann was killed carrying dispatches during the Easter Rising aged 15
Easter Rising - Poem, at Famous Poet Society Poems Enjoy this great write & amazing piece of work, by W.B Yeats.
Over 200 events planned in the US this year to mark the Easter Rising. Read more here:
Irish artist Robert Ballagh calls out the west Brit approach of the 1916 Easter Rising commemoration plans.
Worldwide events to mark 1916 Easter Rising: A series of events worldwide will mark the centenary of the 1916 ...
"Michael Collins was a romantic figure, his fight against the English between the Easter Rising...". - Alex Ferguson
Film about the 1916 Easter Rising starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Colin Morgan "postponed"
Friendship with Britain ‘must not stop Easter Rising celebration’. Read more
I'd like 2 say hi 2 Seamus in Galway. Hope his rehearsals 4 the Easter Rising movie were good. Any Ye Vagabonds tonight? :)
Ireland's Easter Rising to be marked by series of events at Wigmore Hall: The Irish ambassador to Britain, Dan...
aye mate. going over for the Easter rising centenary.. cani wait
'Why the Easter Rising is such a significant event' by Ciaran Mc
Clair Wills talks relics, revival, and the politics of the 1916 Easter Rising Commemorative Chocolate Bar.
no. Just quite Eirophilic(?) at the time. Liked to think it was a deep and meaningful song about the Easter Rising. Not sure now
Award-Winning Filmmaker Kevin McCann to Produce the First Film about the Easter Rising in Ireland via
Coming soon: Kerry 1916: Histories and Legacies of the Easter Rising - A Centenary Record
A book for those mulling British history over the last hundred years, and comparisons between Scotland and Ireland.
Easter Rising Rebels would not give their names
Mom - why are you watching the dark night rises on easter?. Me - because someone else was rising today. It only makes sens…
On my way to Valley Forge for the ACIS regional conference. I will be speaking on the impact of the 1916 Easter Rising on Baltimore, MD.
"What's that?". "That' Japan, the rising sun". "Now has it risen? Because their flags just a red dot? What do they say on Easter? He's risen!"
Lauriston Lights co-director and co-founder Adam Seldon has been shortlisted for an award at a major charity... https:…
All this talk about terrorism amidst the preparations for the anniversary of the Easter Rising in 1916.
Appeal for Irish to return for Easter Rising centenary. Find out more
Glad to hear I'm not alone! I'll be in a minority of people here of who won't be commemorating Easter Rising next
"HIDDEN HEROES OF EASTER WEEK. Memories of Volunteers from England who joined the Easter Rising". Book launch in... http…
The rebel commander who founded a hospital via
the British were merciless to Irish fighters. They slaughtered Rebels after the Easter 1916 rising... Same thing really
Easter rising in - nationalist blood sacrifice or insurrection planned to defeat British army
think he only heard the words Easter and rising
Your Sunday morning slot is brought to you by Our latest 1916 post https:/…
"And Soon to Sing" . First performance of my play focusing on the aftermath of the 1916 Easter Rising.
1798 rebellion? Easter Rising lasted 6 days. Would have been less had British forces not been fighting in WW1. Keep losing boy.
Easter Rising attacks planned for Belfast aborted due to poor numbers -
Derry pupils 'trained with guns' on school grounds after Easter Rising
Ireland one of 1st countries allow women in politics.
Have you seen our section? Keep up with all the news & features in the run up to the centenary in 2016.
After rising from the dead, our Lord appeared to 2 disciples & neither recognized Him! →
now they can be recognised as people who were killed in the Easter Rising in 1916 by this book and hopefully the state 2016
195/365 of random handstands at the 1916 Easter Rising Memorial Wall in Arbour Hill. The military…
.School just getting under way on the Easter Rising in
Months before they celebrate the Easter rising Sinn Fein hand legislative control in Ireland to Westminster
'Oh to be from Rathmines'. Good insight piece on my stomping ground. via
You can read our latest entry by here
Declan Kiberd on the "Intellectual Origins of the Easter Rising, Dublin 1916" on 11/18 at
frankly your deluded if you think Carson has anything to do with the Easter Rising and the reprobates the lily represents
My father in law has designed this fantastic calander for the 1916 centenary. It would make a great stocking filler.
CHILDREN SOLDIERS: RTÉ's Easter Rising centenary focus to include ordinary people - Irish Times
Indo ran a story today with Ken Ring predicting sunshine for Easter Rising 100th anniversary week. As you do..
A proud and unapologetic take on Easter 1916 in Kevin Rooney and James Heartfield's "Who's Afraid of the Easter Rising? 1916-2016"
1916 Easter Rising chocolate bar. The merchandising has started.
National minority-Alan Kent-most important play on Cornish this century-bring it to Dublin & celebrate Easter Rising,Cornish Padraig Pearse
Excellent day out at conference exploring 1916 - what is it all about? Excellent contributions on Easter Rising and Battle of Somme!
Easter Rising rally: Suspended sentences for men who took part in dissident republican event
Pair sentenced over Easter Rising rally: Two men who took part in dissident republican event, during which a masked…
BTW I'm looking forward to reading Who's Afraid of the Easter Rising soon ... I'm right in thinking it's you?
Enter: The decade of centenaries all-Ireland history contest via
From the paper that called for the execution of the 1916 Leaders...
Sinn Féin's bill to create a new public holiday on April 24 (anniversary of Easter Rising) defeated by 82 votes to 37
Easter Rising re-established a tradition of violence and marginalised constitutional nationalism
Uncovering history: how you too can use the 1916 archives via
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Today we begin a series of discussions about next years 1916 Rising commemorations, Diarmuid Ferriter is in studio .
Fallen by Lia Mills, a novel set against the backdrop of the events of the Easter Rising, has been chosen as the...
& 1916 will be a great resource I Social Engagement: A online rising via
Todd Andrews must be asking himself, 'was it for this?'
that's cos he's just about to call off the Easter Rising
New Publication: Making 1916: material and visual culture of the Easter Rising Edited by Lisa Godson and Joanna Brück
1916 Rising supplements 'will bring history alive' via
Welcome to our special 1916 magazine for schools via
Two great free resources for teaching about the 1916 Rising and
Some great articles and videos on our 1916 section. Definitely worth a look:
Kilmainham gaol, Dublin. This is the spot on which the leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising w…
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