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Easter Rising

The Easter Rising was an insurrection staged in Ireland during Easter Week, 1916. The Rising was mounted by Irish Republicans with the aims of ending British rule in Ireland and establishing the Irish Republic at a time when the British Empire was heavily engaged in the First World War.

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Relatives of the 1916 Easter Rising participants have said the Spire on Dublin's O'Connell Street should be...
Irish Times … Dublin’s Spire should be renamed ‘An Claidheamh Soluis’: Relatives of Easter Rising participants...
History of the Easter Rising, 1916: With the centenary of the Easter Rising coming up in 2016 I am expecting l...
When's the next announcement about the commemorations for Enda's Easter 1917 Rising?
Roisin discussed Rising with us in 2012, very good insights into public memory.
Relatives of Easter Rising heroes to host their own commemoration of 1916.
A promotional video for the 1916 Rising centenary hilariously fails to mention the 1916 Rising. .
"If Joyce’s novel is the Dublin's Odyssey, then the Easter Rising is its Iliad." 1916 Revisited | L A Review of Books
16 Nov 1965: W.T. Cosgrave, 1st Taoiseach, died, Dublin. The Easter Rising veteran became the first President of...
The appropriate way to mark the Easter Rising in 2016
An editorial on Irish Government plans to commemorate the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising..
Easter Rising said to be result of communications problem with the British Empire according to new evidence uncovered by John Tierney
Which simulation adventure will you choose? Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the Easter Rising, Detention of Omar Khadr
Huge crowds and military parade in commemorate the Easter Rising of 1916 in the 1960s
Scottish born Easter Rising leader James Connolly sacrificed his life for Irish Independence http:…
My Saturday Essay in the Irish Daily Mail (1800 words guys!) Who Fears 1916? On Monday morning, I tuned in to the Webcast of a Dublin City Council meeting. Questions were to be asked about the capital’s preparations for the 2016 Centenary of the Easter Rising. I was chilled to hear the Assistant Chief Executive tell Councillors that no special financial provision was being made by the Council to generate commemorative events, and that they hoped to get some money next year from a “National Commemorations Committee” -- which doesn’t actually exist as a funding body. Hoped! From a non-existent agency! Next year! Five years after the setting up of an Oireachtas committee to prepare for this momentous national occasion, key partners are still hoping in vain, and at the final hour! How Irish is that! I reached for a strong cup of tea and shuddered with despair. My mind flashed back to the last minute cobbling together of the 1991 Dublin European Capital of Culture programme, and to the hastily assemble ...
MT You can't do this in the EU 😂 lols. "Scottish born Easter Rising leader James Connolly
21 Sep 1881: Easter Rising leader Éamonn Ceannt born at Ballymoe, County Galway. A signer of the Proclamation of...
Scots decide independence in 2016 an act of commemoration gor the Easter Rising too far. Jihn Bruton claims result vindicates John Redmond
NCH.No way Min Leo cld be author of article in SBP.Its cringe making.New reason for choosing site at James"1 of sites of Easter Rising"??
1975 Éamon de Valera died Irish Politician, trained as a mathematician and taught mathematics prior to the Easter Rising.
U.S. Premiere of A Terrible Beauty - Easter Rising 1916 is next Saturday the 6th. Check out the trailer below.
Is this the only picture of James Connolly from the Easter Rising? :: The Irish Times:
Mitchel McLaughlin writes on World War 1, the Easter Rising and ‘The Right to Remember’.
If you could witness any historical moment, which one... — the Easter rising 1916 bc i was so interested in what...
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yeah, I watched that, my Grandad was at the Easter Rising.
I'll be performing at fundraiser with my friend Japes, and Easter Rising band Sept 27.
Band line up for the Celtic Benefit Concert for on Sept 27: Danny and Japes and Easter Rising!
Ukraine now near catastrophe those killed injured and homeless on a level with the easter rising in dublin pro rata to pop
16 Moore St this afternoon- last HQ of the 1916 Rising leaders during Easter Week
thought so. I've been there the last two nights. Recommend the walking tour about the 1916 Easter Rising if you have time.
We are big comic book Easter egg fans. Arkham Rising
Irish engagement in the First World War was morally right. From the paper that said the Easter Rising was wrong.
Getting some pretty strange looks walking down O'Connell street (home of the Easter rising) in a Union Jack t shirt...
Foggy Dew – perhaps the greatest song from the Easter Rising 1916. Discover more here
it was Ferghal McGarry's Easter rising book by the way
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21 days before our first deadline. . 2nd Lt George R GRAY was Killed on 28th April 1916 Aged 21. ...
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Easter rising off lads cause in a hundred years the Germany Bundesbank will have replaced the British.
'Irish Volunteers of North Co Dublin' – talk by Frank Whearity, author of 'Easter Rising of 1916 in north Co. Dublin'
Some interesting characters from the in 1916!
25 Aug 1882: Seán T. O'Kelly, 2nd President of Ireland, was born in Dublin. The Easter Rising veteran served as...
1916 Easter Rising. Meet me at the piller.: via
Have you seen our new Limited Edition Easter Rising Centenary commemorative coins? See them here:
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Was the Easter Rising morally justified? via
*** pride is not *** Christmas, that’s Eurovision. This is *** Easter. I’m sure there’ll be a lot of people rising from the dead today
SF r correct in lookin 2engage with WW1&2 commerations. whether 1agrees r not.its respect 4 dead.Easter Rising no different.
2day 1922: During Irish Civil War, revolutionary leader Michael Collins, one of leaders of the Easter Rising (cont)
2day 1922 Michael Collins, leader in the Easter Rising is murdered in Irish Civil War: my poem
Is this the only picture of James Connolly taken during the Easter Rising?.
RARE PHOTO James Connolly EMERGES. Of all the executions carried out during the 1916 Easter Rising, none raised... http:…
Fmr. FG Taoiseach says Easter Rising was "wrong". makes comparisons with Provos
Today in Irish History: 22 June 1922 - Field-Marshal Sir Henry Wilson is assassinated in front of his home at Eton Place in London. Field-Marshal Sir Henry Wilson left his home in London to unveil a war memorial at Liverpool Street railway station. When he returned at 2:30 that afternoon two young men, Reginald Dunne and Joseph O'Sullivan, were waiting for him. Wilson was deputy chief of staff of the British Expeditionary Force on the Western Front at the outbreak of World War I and was appointed Imperial Chief of Staff in 1918, a position he held until he retired in 1922 to become MP for North Down. Wilson was shot dead in London in June 1922, by Joseph O’Sullivan who had lost a leg fighting with the British Army at Ypres and Reginald Dunne who also fought in the British Army. Neither Dunne nor O'Sullivan had been politically active before or during the war (Dunne, in fact, had joined the army after the Easter Rising), but they displayed the zeal of converts once they became committed to the cause of . ...
The Irish Republican Army (IRA) (Irish: Óglaigh na hÉireann[1]) was an Irish Republican revolutionary military organisation. It was descended from the Irish Volunteers, an organisation established on 25 November 1913 that staged the Easter Rising in April 1916.[2] In 1919, the Irish Republic that ha…
In an adapted extract from, The Story of the Easter Rising, John Dorney describes the bloody fighting at Mount Street Bridge during the Easter Rising. In many locations during the Easter Rising, particularly at Jacobs Factory, the Four Courts and Bolands Mill, the Volunteers barely saw a British soldier all week. Rather their positions were isolated and bombarded from distance. Where, however, the British assaulted Volunteer positions dominating the routes into the city, fighting was much more bloody. There they were drawn into street fighting, with its invisible snipers and sudden close range cross-fires, which negated their superiority in men and firepower. This happened mainly at three locations, Mount Street Bridge, South Dublin Union/Marrowbone lane and North King Street. At Mount Street, on the approach to the city centre from the port at Kingstown (now Dun Laoghaire), a Volunteer outpost manned by only 17 men, armed with rifles and hand guns, faced the frontal assault of a battalion of British troo ...
Can't wait to study English and History counting down the days. They have always been my favourite subjects . cause I have a love and a passion for language and its heritage Shakespeare Yeats Wordsworth Byron Shelley Hemmingway O'Casey... Sylvia Plath Ted Hughes.. Harper Lee Emily Dickenson Bronte Sisters... James Joyce and usage as I have studied French German and Spanish also. History is such a wonderful subject like topics like Home Rule in Ireland Civil Wars in Spain .. the rise of the Weimar Republic in Germany... The French Revolution. The Cuban Missle Crisis where were on the brink of a World War. The Cromwellian Plantations.. The Flight of the Earls.. in 1607. Amerigo Vespucci discovering America. The Santa Maria The Nina and The Pinta the three ships which helped Christopher Columbus discover which is now modern day Bahamas. The 1913 Lock Out with Jim Larkin. The Easter Rising of 1916 and the 16 signatories of the Proclamation of Independence. The most recent events in history with the fall of .. ...
On this date in 1916, the final two executions related to the failed Easter Rising took place. Labor Leader and Commandant of the Citizens Army , James Connolly and IRB Member Sean MacDiarma were executed in Kilmainham Gaol. In 1981, Francis Hughes died in The Maze after a 56 day hunger strike, to protest conditions. He was preceded in death by Bobby Sands and would be followed by Ray McReesh. Easter, 1916 -W.B. Yeats I HAVE met them at close of day Coming with vivid faces From counter or desk among grey Eighteenth-century houses. I have passed with a nod of the head Or polite meaningless words, Or have lingered awhile and said Polite meaningless words, And thought before I had done Of a mocking tale or a gibe To please a companion Around the fire at the club, Being certain that they and I But lived where motley is worn: All changed, changed utterly: A terrible beauty is born. That woman's days were spent In ignorant good-will, Her nights in argument Until her voice grew shrill. What voice more sweet than ...
98th Anniversary of James Connolly's execution, May 12, 1916 for his part in the Easter Rising, Dublin.
Today we remember James Connolly and Seán MacDiarmada. Executed for their roles in the Easter Rising of 1916
Undershirt worn by James Connolly in the GPO during the 1916 Easter Rising
The 12th of May marks some important anniversaries. It is 98 years since the executions of James Connolly and Seán MacDiarmada, 93 years since the killing of three IRA volunteers in Knockanure, Co. Kerry, and 33 years since Francis Hughes died on hunger strike. We remember the sacrifices of these brave martyrs today. Connolly and MacDiarmada both participated in the 1916 Easter Rising, being stationed in the GPO during Easter Week. They both had impeccable revolutionary credentials, with Connolly being prominent in the establishment of the Irish Citizen Army and a skilled political theorist, while MacDiarmada had long been long involved in various organisations such as the IRB, Sinn Féin and the Irish Volunteers. Both had been privy to the planning of the rising through their membership of the IRB Military Council. They were signatories of the historic Proclamation of the Irish Republic, and as prominent participants in the rising they were court-martialed and executed in the aftermath. They were execut ...
On this date in 1916, the British army executed Sean Mac Diarmada and James Connolly, the last of the Easter Rising leaders they would kill in Dublin. The treatment accorded to Connolly, a hero among the poor of Ireland for his dedication to the cause of labor, was particularly despicable. Crippled by an infected wound in the ankle, he was carried to Kilmainham Gaol, tied to a chair and shot. As they were loading their rifles, Connolly forgave the men of the army firing squad for their actions. A ragged volley of shots resounded from their rifles, so shaken were they by their distasteful task. Sir John Maxwell’s merciless and rapid application of military justice to the rebel leaders disgusted much of the Irish population. The British once again allowed iron-fist policies in Ireland to pour gasoline on the flames they had nearly extinguished. Also, on this date in 1999, U.S. First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton become the first woman to be granted the Freedom of Galway city, following in the footsteps of h ...
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A Short History of the Hibernian Rifles, a small group which took part in the Easter Rising of 1916
Should Ireland invite the Queen, Royals to 100th anniversary of 1916 Easter Rising? This guy says NO:
Got to the Kilmainham jail on the anniversary of the executions of the Easter Rising leaders. God bless the Irish
Apparently these are actual bullet holes from the Easter Rising...
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A chairde I share this image of Vol. Thomas Kent who was executed on this day, 1916, by the Crown Forces. After the Easter Rising, the Kent home was raided by British Crown forces on April 22, 1916, who were were met with resistance from Thomas and his brothers Richard, David and William. Mrs Kent, aged 84 at the time, reportedly called out: “We are soldiers of the Irish Republic and there is no surrender.” In the gunfight, an RIC officer was killed. David Kent was seriously wounded, Richard was shot while fleeing and died of his wounds, while Thomas and William were later tried for murder of the officer. William was acquitted, but Thomas was sentenced to death and executed by firing squad. David Kent got five years penal servitude. Apart from Roger Casement, Thomas Kent is the only person outside of Dublin to be executed for his role in the events of Easter Week. He is buried at Collins Barracks, Cork. In 1966 the railway station in Cork was renamed Kent Station in his honour. Fuair sé bás ar son s ...
Historic buildings about to become a shopping centre. What happened at Moore street on 1916 Easter Rising
Russia's Lenin praised the 1916 easter rising members and called them Europes first Red Army, I believe
The Easter Rising also known as the Easter Rebellion and referred to erroneously in some contemporary British reports as the Sinn Féin Rebellion, was an insu...
Only in Ireland are poets at the heart of a rising:1916 EASTER UPRISING THE TRUE STORY, PART ONE OF TEN: via
It was while I was watching the Tile Films production A Terrible Beauty the other day (via the TG4 Player, awesome that they aired and then streamed it) that I began to think about the Easter Rising and the world of visual entertainment (someday I might… [ 1387 more words. ]
The Easter Rising (Irish: Éirí Amach na Cásca),[1] also known as the Easter Rebellion, was an armed insurrection staged in Ireland during Easter Week, 1916. The Rising was mounted by Irish Republicans with the aims of ending British rule in Ireland, seceding from the United Kingdom of Great Britain…
Heading to the annual 1916 Easter Rising ceremonies at Arbour Hill, starting with mass for those who died for Ireland 98 …
Thanks for giving me a lift to annual 1916 Easter Rising ceremonies at Arbour Hill. Starts with Mass.
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High Wind Watch Issued: becoming A mix of rain and sun Nor’easter . destruction . Area should be evacuated due to rising sea levels.
5/8/1899 -- Bygonne era?: Irish Literary Theatre is inaugurated in Dublin with W. B. Yeats's The Countess Cathleen . . . with cops present to protect the players. Billy "Bud" Yeats was in love, hopelessly in love with Maud Gonne, for most of his life. Maud married Major John McBride in 1901, their son was Sean McBride, co-founder of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, & winner of the Nobel Peace prize. John McBride was executed by the British for his involvement in the Easter Rising, 1916.
History really freaks me out. I did a lot on the Easter Rising today (recent anniversary, kind of hoping it'd come up, maybe)
1916 Easter Rising ~ seminal event in Irish nationalism ~ .M
The Easter Bunny is a ridiculous myth that completely detracts from the factual reality of the Son of God rising from th…
On this day 98 years ago, 29th April 1916 marked the end of the Easter Rising. 500 people were killed during the fighting of Easter Week, 300 were civilians. The youngest was 2 years of age killed by the British. 2,500 people were wounded, 2,000 were civilians. 15 executions occurred after the Rising. And 1,841 rebels were jailed in England... Padraig Pearse made the following statement at his 'Court Martial'.. My sole object in surrendering unconditionally was to save the slaughter of the civil population and to save the lives of our followers who had been led into this thing by us. It is my hope that the British Government who has shown its strength will also be magnanimous and spare the lives and give an amnesty to my followers, as I am one of the persons chiefly responsible, have acted as C-in-C and President of the Provisional Government. I am prepared to take the consequences of my act, but I should like my followers to receive an amnesty. I went down on my knees as a child and told God that I would ...
On this day in 1916, the Easter Rising began in Dublin, with the aim of ending British rule and creating the Irish Republic.
Today is Thursday, April 24, the 114th day of 2014. There are 251 days left in the year. April 24, 1916 some 1,600 Irish nationalists launched the Easter Rising by seizing several key sites in Dublin. (The rising was put down by British forces almost a week later.) 1792 the national anthem of France, "La Marseillaise" (lah mahr-say-YEHZ'), was composed by Captain Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle. 1800 Congress approved a bill establishing the Library of Congress. 1898 Spain declared war on the United States. (The United States responded in kind the next day.) 1913 the 792-foot Woolworth Building, at that time the tallest skyscraper in the world, officially opened in Manhattan as President Woodrow Wilson pressed a button at the White House to signal the lighting of the towering structure. 1915 what's regarded as the start of the Armenian genocide began as the Ottoman Empire rounded up Armenian political and cultural leaders in Constantinople. 1932 in the Free State of Prussia, the Nazi Party gained a pluralit ...
Today, Easter Monday 12 noon, in the street in back of the courts in Mineola there will be a reading of the Proclamation in remembrance of the Easter Rising in Ireland. This is a wonderful tribute to our Irish Heritage...if you can be there...and then onto O'Carrolls for an Irish Breakfast after 1pm...
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When the Easter Rising happened the British establishment were all at the racetrack
James Connolly Association – Oration at the Irish Martyrs Memorial, Waverley Cemetery, Sydney (Easter 2014) A chairde, As we approach the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising we gather at this monument, as many others like us gather at similar monuments in Ireland and elsewhere, and we reflect on the efforts and sacrifices of those who have gone before us. Because of the events of that week in April, ninety-eight years ago, Easter has become the most important date in the calendar of Irish Republicans, and Easter commemorations among the most important events. And while we cast our minds to that week, to the events preceding it, and to its aftermath, we do not overlook the many heroic efforts by gallant men and women who over the centuries have made the ultimate sacrifice in the same struggle for Irish national self determination. We stand here at the resting place of Michael Dwyer, 'The Wicklow Chief', of the United Irishmen of Tone and Emmet. These men inspired the men and women of 1916, and in turn th ...
James Connolly Statement to Volunteers during the Easter Rising via A thought today forthe Irish Martyrs RIP
The last hours of the1916 Easter Rising leader James Connolly as told by his daughter Nora Connolly O'Brien. Put together by the North Inner City Folklore Project.
BC Event . EASTER MONDAY - 2 pm Frongoch near Bala . Frongoch internment camp at Frongoch in Merionethshire, Wales was a makeshift place of imprisonment during the First World War. Until 1916 it housed German prisoners of war in an abandoned distillery and crude huts, but in the wake of the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin, Ireland, the German prisoners were moved and it was used as a place of internment for approximately 1,800 Irish prisoners, among them such notables as Michael Collins and Arthur Griffith. the camp became known as ollscoil na réabhlóide , the "University of Revolution" or sometimes "Sinn Féin University".
Many people know that the Dublin Fire Brigade responded to the fires and injured during the 1916 Easter Rising,...
The Government expects Prince Charles to attend the 1916 Easter Rising commemorations.
Headlines from todays Sunday Times: (In other words, the stuff you most likely won't hear RTE mentioning in detail, if at all!) * Drifter told to bond with suspect over shared interest in the moon The gardai who were in contact with Martin Graham conceived ways in which the drifter could ingratiate himself with Ian Bailey in the hope of securing information relevant to their investigation. One was for the pair to bond over a shared interest in the moon and lunar cycles. - * Rising cost of centenary hits €50m The government is planning a €50m facelift for some of the “forgotten” landmarks of the Easter Rising. - * Diesel in brain damage link DIESEL emissions can damage the brains of children living near busy roads, altering the way they develop and raising the risk of developing schizophrenia, autism and other diseases, scientists have warned. - * Kenny has to repay €7,400 in expenses Enda Kenny, the taoiseach, has repaid the Oireachtas €7,438 in expenses claimed under a new fully vouched syste ...
Deputy Consul General Ryan is in Fairfield, Connecticut today to join community for Easter Rising commemoration.
For those either too young to remember or who believe the hype of Sinn Fein or The Labour Party . The Labour Party is nothing but the break away part of Sinn Fein & those involved in the break away have just as much a dubious past . Don't be fooled by Sinn Fein hype. Mary Lou May be middle class , but Gerry ( I was never in the IRA) is still the leader after 29 years Year Event 1905 Sinn Féin Convention in November. 1907 Merged with Cumann na nGaedheal and the Dungannon Clubs. 1917 Reorganised after the Easter Rising 1922 Pro-Treaty members left Sinn Féin to form Cumann na nGaedheal. 1926 After a vote confirmed the Sinn Féin policy of abstention from Dáil Éireann, Éamon de Valera and his supporters leave to form Fianna Fáil. 1933 Cumann na nGaedheal merges with the National Centre Party and the National Guard to form Fine Gael. 1969 Defenders of abstentionism left the IRA to form the Provisional Army Council; the group which remained became known as the 'Official' IRA. 1970 The split in the IRA wa ...
On St. Patrick's Day I will remember James Connelly, Constance Markievicz, those who fought in the 1916 Easter Rising, those who fought British imperialism and genocide (Irish famine) and Bernadette Devlin, the only person, save Guy Fawkes, to enter Parliament with honest intentions!
George Gilmore George Gilmore was born in Portadown. He grew up in Dublin where he joined the Irish Volunteers in 1915. Gilmore partook in the Easter Rising of 1916, the War of Independence and the Civil War when he was Officer in Command of the South County Dublin Battalion of the IRA. Gilmore, like his brothers Charlie and Harry, was imprisoned many times during 1919-1923 and once escaped from Mountjoy Gaol with Joseph Campbell. On November 25th, 1925 Gilmore lead an IRA unit who effected the escape of 19 republican prisoners from Mountjoy Gaol. He was arrested a year later and sentenced to eighteen months in Mountjoy Gaol during which time he refused to wear prison clothes in demand of political status. It is believed that Gilmore travelled to Russia to seek military training for IRA officers in 1930. A year later he was arrested in Dublin and sentenced to five years imprisonment under the Treason and Firearms Act but was released in the General Amnesty of 1932. Shortly afterwards, in August, 1932, Gil ...
100th aniv of the Easter rising as well, wouldn't it be great if both countries were totally free, we can dream😄🍀
Only eyewitness account of Easter Rising leaders’ burial is made public via
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Easter Rising Festival at District Pontypridd. Gonna be slamming man!
I've been thinking about 228 after my visit to Dublin, where memories of the Easter Rising of 1916 are so prevalent. Okay, 228 isn't quite the same as the Easter Rising. For one thing, the Easter Rising was a planned armed insurrection while 228 was completely spontaneous. But 228 and the Easter Rising are similar in that they were both uprisings that were brutally put down. Ireland, however, puts the emphasis on the rise of Irish identity, rather than the deaths that were suffered. I think we should do the same. Right now, 228 is usually referred to as the 228 Incident, which reduces the enormity of the event (the death of 20,000 people is much more than an "incident"). But calling it the 228 Massacre places the emphasis on defeat. Reframing it as the 228 Uprising would allow us to take pride in the formation of Taiwan identity instead of focusing so narrowly (and divisively) on the anger and pain of that very dark March of 1947. The 228 Uprising would be something to embrace, while the 228 Massacre is s ...
1916 Easter Rising Centenary commemorative coins available from Time Pieces, Roscommon, Ireland and Glasnevin Museum Gold, Silver and Bronze in lovely green velvet presentation boxes. Thinking of an Easter gift that's unique and high quality? Well, look no further! Beats an egg anyday!!
You do know it's still referred to as the free state since the 1916 Easter Rising you uneducated moron.
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How to get from the Ukraine to the Easter Rising using only a Yes vote: Boyd on Independence (
Commemoration in Conflict: Comparing the generation of solidarity at the 1916 Easter Rising Commemorations in Belfast Northern Ireland and the 1948 Nakba Commemorations in Ramallah, Palestine Brendan Browne Abstract This article takes as its focus the generation of solidarity through the commemoration of key and defining moments in modern Irish and Palestinian history, namely; the 1916 Easter Rising and the 1948 Palestinian Nakba. The paper explores the means by which annual commemorative rituals that take place in areas experiencing conflict, or a period of transition away from conflict, are constructed in such a way as to strengthen social cohesion between groups for whom the past is relevant. Reflecting on data gathered through semi-structured interviews with key respondents and ethnographic observations made over a three year period, (2010- 2013), the article reveals a more cohesive approach to commemoration in areas where the level of on-going conflict remains particularly high (Palestine) and more f ...
Looking for something to do in Dublin? Download our app and let it guide you through Dublin bringing the story of the easter rising to life
Looking forward to Michael Collins making his debut. Hopefully he'll help get some points onboard for an Easter Rising.
The story of the Easter Rising and how it changed public opinion when the leaders became martyrs when they were executed by the British forces. Taken from th...
The Easter Rising as told in the film Michael Collins directed by Neil Jordan
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Absolutely lovely blog - ordinary life of Gt Grandparents during Easter Rising 1916 Dublin Ireland
Easter 1916–WB Yeats’ classic poem about Irish Rising. Read it here-discover more ht…
John Brannigan shared the following link: Pearse was an Irish teacher, barrister, poet, writer, nationalist and political activist who was one of the leaders of the Easter Rising in 1916 He w...
Join us at 8.30pm we'll be having a chat with Author of Easter Rising 1916: The Trails, Sean Enright and we have...
Colourising History - Clearing up rubble on O Connell St after the Easter Rising 1916.
Follow the map in order of location to see the story of the Easter Rising unfold.
Selling newspapers has never been an easy job - vendor outside GPO after the Easter Rising 1916 (Murtagh Collection)
On February 21, 1891, Easter Rising figure Seán Heuston was born in Dublin. He was executed for his role in the...
Top 10 biggest Irish Republican victories over the crown forces. 1. The 1916 Easter Rising - Like the TET Offensive in Vietnam it failed military but politically it was a huge success When the Irish people rose at Easter 1916 seizing the GPO in O'connell St. & proclaiming the Irish Republic they stroke one of the most deadliest blows to the British Empire. For Britain's Empire this was the beginning of the end. 2. Warrenpoint Ambush 1979 - 18 Brits were blown to bits down by the Narrow Water. Not only was this the single biggest lose of life for the British military since the 1956 invasion of Egypt 23 years ago it was their biggest loss of life during the war in the North. 3. Kilimichael Ambush 1920 - Tom Barry & his West Cork flying column inflicted the first major(and at the time the only) defeat to the terrorist Auxies killing 17 of them. Not only was it a military success but it was a huge political success as well which shook the British Government to it's knees & made the whole world sit up & pay .. ...
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How significant was the Dublin Lock-Out in the lead up to the Easter Rising in 1916? Join the Irish Cultural Center at Elms College on Feb. 25 for this lecture by Fulbright FLTA, Síobhra Aiken, who will aim to evoke the voices of the defeated workers and *** the significance of this important, yet traumatic, event within the course of Irish history.
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Global war is one of the defining features of twentieth-century experience, and the first global war is the subject of one of this period’s topics, “Representing the Great War.” Masses of dead bodies strewn upon the ground, plumes of poison gas drifting through the air, hundreds of miles of trenches infested with rats—these are but some of the indelible images that have come to be associated with World War I (1914-18). It was a war that unleashed death, loss, and suffering on an unprecedented scale. How did recruiting posters, paintings, memoirs, and memorials represent the war? Was it a heroic occasion, comparable to a sporting event, eliciting displays of manly valor and courage? Or was it an ignominious waste of human life, with little gain to show on either side of the conflict, deserving bitterly ironic treatment? What were the differences between how civilians and soldiers, men and women, painters and poets represented the war? How effective or inadequate were memorials, poems, or memoirs in ...
1916 Easter Rising, Irish War of Independence. Black and Tans. 1920's Ireland was occupied by British Troops during the Irish War of Independence. Memories of m family who witnessed this
1916 Easter Rising key turning point in Irish history. Want to know more? ~ .H
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Clan Suibhne will be at @ Ocean County College Wednesday, March 12th @ 7 PM at the Kean-Ocean Gateway building auditorium for a special concert and presentation commemorating the 100th anniversary of The Great War (WWI). The evening of March 12th will take a glimpse at The Great War (WWI) captured in song and lyrics from an English speaking, British Isles, and United Kingdom and it's domain perspective and influence. Clan Suibhne will sing songs, recite a poem, and use a wide array of musical instruments to include the Great Highland Bagpipes, Irish Tenor Banjo, Harmonica, Guitars and Mandolin, Accordion, etc... A slide presentation will aid in tying the selected music to the setting of WWI...slides will include WWI recruiting posters, the 3 first cousins (King George V, Tsar Nicholas II, and Kaiser Wilhelm II), United Kingdom and it's domains, Scottish soldiers in kilts "The Ladies from *** " U.S. involvements, Irish Military Forces, the 1914 Home Rule Act, and the 1916 Easter Rising, etc... The concert ...
1916-2016 : 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising.: The RSF Easter Commemoration to mark the 100th anniversar...
Most people celebrate Easter with Easter Eggs. celebrates by another years anniversary of 1916 Easter Rising.
I remember I remember P& B Rowan Booksellers I have always loved second hand book shops. In fact I love them so much that I often dream about them, it’s disappointing to wake up just as I have got some unexpected treasure in my hands. But sometimes that happens in real life, I was once in Carlisle on my way back to Belfast from a conference in Leeds. I had about an hour and three quarters between trains, so I stepped out of the station and let my instincts guide me. Within ten minutes I had found a shop and in the basement there was a copy of the English translation of Sukhanov’s memoirs of the Russian Revolution, a book I had wanted for twenty five years. I have experienced on a number of occasions that moment when I recognised a book I deeply wanted and everything in the world melted, so that all I could see was the book. On my visits to Dublin I established a well worn trail between Connolly Station and Stephens’ Green, which allowed me the maximum browsing time in bookshops before my meeting sta ...
Lads if you thought the Easter Rising was rough, you should try getting a garlic cheese chip in the Eyre Square...
Slaves or Freemen? Sean McDermott, the IRB and the psychology of the Easter Rising John Dorney An article on why, at time when British rule in Ireland had never been more benign and when negotiations for Irish self-government were ongoing, Irish separatists such as Sean McDermott saw an armed uprising as a desperate last throw to save Irish identity.
Arthur Shields aka Rev; Playfair and brother of Barry Fitzgerald fought in the Easter Rising of 1916 and was interned in Frongoch prison in North Wales.
I don't think so,Mr winter told me off for saying 'the Easter rising is a turning point' told me to say 'it can be seen' as 1
The badge of Easter Rising participants Cumann na mBan who celebrate the centenary of their foundation later in 2014. ht…
With The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences/ The Oscars about to be presented here is a timely reminder of the Oscars connection with the 1916 Easter Rising
The connections between the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin and the Academy Awards
BBC Documentary On Eamon De Valera (1882-1975) Former Taoiseach, President of Ireland Founder of Fianna Fail Leader in the Easter rising 1916
After the Easter Rising, Constance was put in solitary confinement. She was initially sentenced to death but this was commuted to a sentence of life in prison due to her being female. One year later, in 1917, she was released with fellow uprising prisoners after the British Government granted an amnesty.
We asked: What happened to Constance Markievicz after the 1916 Easter Rising? Answer = b. sent to prison
Two IRA (Provisional IRA) volunteers of the Belfast Brigade's 3rd Battalion, armed with an Uzi sub-machine gun and a Romanian AKM assault rifle take part in a propaganda stunt in Ardoyne during the 1990's during an Easter Rising commemoration.
What did you all think about the decision by Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark to kill one of its giraffes last weekend? Unfortunately, every zoo in the world does this, including Dublin Zoo. The fact sheet below may be of interest to some of you! - Lauren. FACT SHEET - Dublin Zoo in the Headlines: A Hidden Past of Abuse 1994 / 1995: Zookeeper of 10 years Brendan Price quits in protest of the animals’ living conditions. The two resident Polar bears are mentally ill (they have been at the zoo for 17 years). Adult male hippo kept inside with a tiny ‘bath’ - separated from female and baby hippo, who get to go outdoors. In winter, the male will be kept in a different pen, with just a running hose to stand under. Elephants locked out of indoor enclosure during zoo open hours - so they are constantly on display. Animal rights groups call for independent inquiry after the death of a Sea Lion. No hiding place for wolves to get away from the public eye - kept on display at all times. Dublin Zoo will not release thei ...
And now for details of our new writers' plays running during writers' week : 'The Death And Legacy Of The Other Pearse' - David McGuire William Pearse, in the wake of the Easter Rising, plots to have his legacy assured; deceit and madness at the heart of his machinations. The only person that can save his life is the Prosecutor who condemned him and his brother, Patrick, who is in the grips of his own delusions.
The latest from Easter Rising Trail (Our app gives you a complete audio tour of the sites around Dublin City Centre which relate to the Easter Rising. Available 2 Download now from all app stores
TG4 Documentary based on James Connolly and his role in the Easter Rising of 1916
King George V ( 1910 - 1936 ) 1910 - George V becomes King and Emperor of India on the death of his father, Edward VII. 1911 - Parliament Act ensures the sovereignty of the House of Commons. 1911 - National Insurance Act provides sickness and unemployment benefits. 1912 - The luxury passenger ship S.S. Titanic sinks on her maiden voyage, drowning more than 1,500 people. 1913 - Suffragette Emily Wilding Davison throws herself under the Kings horse at the Epsom Derby 1914 - Anglican Church in Wales is disestablished. 1914 - The heir to the Austro-Hungarian empire is assassinated. Outbreak of World War I. 1914 - Battles of Mons, the Marne, and Ypres. 1915 - Second Battle of Ypres. Allied Gallipoli expedition fails to remove Turkey from the war. 1916 - Battle of the Somme. Naval Battle of Jutland between British and German fleets. 1916 - Easter Rising in Dublin in support of Irish independence. 1916 - David Lloyd George replaces Asquith as Prime Minister. 1917 - Battle of Passchendale. 1917 - Russian Revoluti ...
Follow Saint UG Turn by Turn - Here is a new unique inspirational piece from the fast rising easter...
playing Easter on Christmas, rising from the dead
A Christmas Story (from Easter Rising, oddly enough. Birth & Rebirth--& over again--to all). Hope it was a good day.
anyone want a copy of 'Easter Rising 1916: The Trials'? have 4
A very good write up on Connectivity and Continuity in the Republican Movement, Republican legitimatism and the partitioned 26 County Free-State Gov and Occupied Six-Counties and how they have been been kept in tact due to sell-out parties who once opposed it. A concept within Irish Republicanism, Irish Republican legitimatism denies the legitimacy of the political entities of Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and posits that the pre-partition Irish Republic continues to exist. The concept informs aspects of, but is not synonymous with, abstentionism. The only political party currently to subscribe to this principle is Republican Sinn Féin which, running on an abstentionist platform, received 2,522 first preference votes, or 0.38 per cent of the valid poll in the 2007 Northern Ireland Assembly elections and 2,403 first preference votes, 0.13 per cent of the valid poll, in the 2004 Republic of Ireland local elections. The Continuity Irish Republican Army, Cumann na mBan and Fianna Éireann also sub ...
I am looking for information on Thomas Sexton a British MP in Ireland about the time of the Easter rising Why have I got to have photagraph on to get infformation
Merry easter guys. I'm so thankful for moses rising and giving children presents on a magical unicorn. May you all have a happy halloween.
A Christmas card for Republican prisoners held after the Easter Rising dated 1917. Nollaig shona daoibh go leir.
wait are you serious because Easter is the day they celebrate Jesus rising from the dead lol and Christmas is his birth
Easter is what it's all about! Him rising is more important!!! Honestly just get me to church next…
Lol wait...wasn't Jesus born in Easter? And today we Celebrate his rising from death??
"I get Christmas and Easter confused! I thought this was the rising one!"-on Christmas (not the rising one)
Catholicism is suffering in this life & rising above it to enjoy the next; & to see 400 people you never seen at church @ Christmas & Easter
YAY second Tim Pat Coogan book for a present this time Easter Rising. Bought myself the Famine book (read it five times anyway, just needed)
next module of mod history is revolutionary Ireland - justifies my purchase of *** historical fiction set around the Easter Rising
..yyYYEESS!!!..My "Red Barron" Snoopy--with his helmet and goggles--on top his dog house resting on top of my "Easter Rising" book that sits on arm of my couch..makes me...a BONA FIDE researcher/writer though I don't yet get all of the doo-dads on my computer writers need..but I've got THE SNOOPY! I'm on my way...
A website dedicated to the 1916 Easter Rising, and those who fought for Ireland's Freedom.
The German naval bombardment of Lowestoft 25 Apr 16 was timed to be a diversion from the Easter Rising. 4 civpop killed.
2016 after the 100th year anniversary of the Easter rising xoxoxox
A few photos from the Easter rising I got from my granny's house ,
it's about the birth of and Easter is about him rising from the dead 🙌 If you're a celebrator, you're a believer ✌️😜
Fascinating. I had no idea so many British soldiers died in the Easter Rising.
My list so far. My List 1. Derek ryan ,Country soul Dreamers and beilivers, a mothers son 2.Robert mizell Redneck man, Waltzing with me, I dont want to say good bye 3.Patrick Feeney , Good thing going down , Young country 4.Thomas Maguire & Fhiona Ennis Were Still Together, 5. Nathan Carter Where i wanna be, Wagon wheel , The way that you love me 6. Mike Denver The live show album disk 1 and 2 . looking back disk 1,2,3 Seasons in the sun ,Thank god for the radio, Vintage country 7.Margo o Donnell The margo collection 8 *** Flavin The feilds of home 9.Brendan Quinn , Goota get to you 10.Conal gallen The comedy songs Disk 1,2 11.Declan Nerney Nerneys gold 12.Jimmy buckley Country and me , Jimmy live in concert 13.Johnny lochrey , All together now, Broken engagement The cold Hard Thruth old photographs Run for the border Wine & Roses 14. Lisa Mchugh . Dreams come to life , Old fashined girl 15.Shaun louchrey The land that i love , The rock and the pillar 16. The three amigos , Radio Pictures 17.Mary Coughla ...
Photo found in Dublin attic shows Irish revolutionaries 3 years before Easter Rising, including Constance Markievicz
I liked a video from Best Easter Eggs Series - Dead Rising 3 // Ep.60
ill have to read the Easter rising cover to cover. Ugh!!!
Letter to Joseph McGarrity, from Ella Young, Jan. 15, 1930. [Digital Library] Ella Young (1867-1956) The dedication of Ella Young’s 1929 collection of Fenian Cycle legends, The Tangle-Coated Horse and Other Tales, reads: To Joseph McGarrity Who has taken Fionn for Exemplar. It greatly pleased McGarrity to have won this recognition from such a respected poet, Celtic folklore scholar and steadfast Irish Republican. Educated at University College Dublin and a protégé of the writer, mystic and social reformer AE (George Russell), Ella Young was also deeply involved in republican politics having smuggled guns for the IRA and been active in the Easter Rising. Her political activities eventually earned her a spell in Mountjoy Gaol. In 1925 Young travelled to America where she lectured at a number of American universities before accepting a lectureship in Celtic mythology and literature at the University of California. Young decamped to Canada in 1930 in order to apply for a permanent American visa; her ...
1916 Easter Rising ~ seminal event in Irish nationalism ~ .y
April 24th 1916. The Easter Rising begins. The Easter Rising is the seminal moment of modern Irish history. This audio guide immerses you in the action as you tour around Dublin City centre, hear the gunfire as you are taken to some of the key positions in the uprising, including O’Connell Street, t...
Check this one out ! Audio guided tour for iPhone and Android: 1916 Easter Rising, Dublin - by
How the Easter Rising was commemorated in 1917 via
With the snow melting and the temperature rising it's beginning to feel a lot like the Easter, not Christmas.
New publication tells amazing stories from Easter Rising...
New publication tells amazing stories from Easter Rising trials: A new book h...
Playboy bunnies are like Easter bunnies: a celebration of a corpse rising again.
as explained before, the thermals rising from Mt Doom would divert The Ring onto the slopes. So there.
“About 71 million pounds of chocolate are consumed on Easter every year.”And people wonder why obesity is rising
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
On December 21, 1866, activist Maud Gonne was born in Tongham, England. She was the muse of William Butler Yeats, the wife of Easter Rising figure John MacBride, and the mother of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Seán MacBride.
THE STORY OF MESSINES It was on the Kemmel Road that men from the 16th Irish and 36th Ulster Divisions marched together on their way into the Battle of Mesen/Messines Ridge, on 7th June 1917. With the Home Rule Crisis and the Easter Rising still burning in the hearts and minds of the men they put aside their differences to fight for freedom. During the battle there was one particularly powerful story of brotherhood that illustrated that all these political woes could be put aside for the sake of saving a fellow man. HERO OF MESSINES RIDGE 1917 THE STORY OF PRIVATE JOHN MEEKE & MAJOR WILLIAM REDMOND - BROTHERS IN ARMS 23-year-old Private John Meeke was a stretcher-bearer with the 36th (Ulster) Division, 11th Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (Donegal & Fermanagh). Before enlisting, he lived with his parents on the Montgomery estate, Benvarden, near Ballymoney, Co. Antrim. Major William Redmond was a Nationalist MP and an officer of the 6th Battalion Royal Irish Regiment (Derry National Volunteers) par ...
A pioneering study of the military trials of the Irish rebels following the Easter Rising. An engaging account of the rebellion drawing on recently released archives from the Public Records Office. Fascinating insight into the reactions of the British Government in dealing with the republican prison...
And now, ten Utterly Useless Historical Facts About... Eire (Ireland) 1. Irish independence might not be a reality today if not for a critical error on the part of the British administration in Ireland. The 1916 Easter Rising was only really popular in Dublin - most Irish aspirations for complete independence had been smashed by the defeat of the last Irish War for Independence in the 19th century, the failure of the Fenians in Canada, and British reforms that leveled the playing field -somewhat-. However, the British reaction to the Easter Rising, which included the brutal jailing and execution without trial of several of the ring leaders and was widely condemned from Washington to Berlin as being "far out of proportion" resulted in widespread anger amongst the Irish population, directly leading to the Irish revolt and the subsequent independence of Ireland from British rule. British behavior during the revolt, including the hiring of brutal "Black and Tan" mercenaries, helped seal the fate of an indepen ...
MAJOR WILLIAM REDMOND TURNS IN HIS GRAVE! The Irish media coverage, of the commemorative visit by Taoiseach Enda Kenny and PM David Cameron to Major William Redmond's grave at Locre Hospice earlier today, made reference to Major Redmond having requested to be buried away from the cemetery where the British soldiers were buried because of his revulsion of the 1916 Executions. WHEN WILL WE EVER TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT OUR HISTORY OR SHALL WE FOREVER BE SLAVES TO THE AGENDA-LADEN NARRATIVE? (1) The Locre Hospice Cemetery was only developed after 7 June 1917 (after Redmond's burial). Ref: CWGC database. (2) The following extracts from the Redmond biography by Terence Denman suggest that Major Willie Redmond, Nationalist MP and Irish Volunteer held a contrary view to that of todays revisionist 'spin'! Two extracts from A Lonely Grave-The Life and Death of William Redmond by Terence Denman (1995). The following extract is from pages 96-97 of the chapter ‘With the Irish Brigade, 1916 – 17’ But the change of s ...
The Garden of Remembrance was opened in 1966 in Dublin, to mark the anniversary of the Easter Rising in 1916. The Garden is "dedicated to all those who gave their lives in the fight for Ireland's freedom"
SIR MICHAEL TIPPETT "A Child of our Time" Composed 1939. AMG Description by Alexander Carpenter [-] A Child of our Time is an oratorio, scored for soloists, chorus, and orchestra. The history of its genesis is both fascinating and complex. As early as the years following World War I, Tippett had begun to plan out a musical work that would give voice to his empathy for the exploited and downtrodden. Further inspired by the terrible effects of unemployment in England in the 1930s, Tippett planned to write an opera on the theme of rejection. He considered the Easter Rising in 1916 in Dublin for his subject, but quickly abandoned the idea as too difficult to dramatize. By the mid-1930s, Tippett had decided to write an oratorio rather than an opera, but it was not until 1938 that he found the subject for his drama: the Nazi pogroms in Germany and Austria precipitated by the assassination of a German diplomat by a young Jew. The title of the oratorio was taken from German author Odon von Horvath's novel that r ...
Here is a piece on the Easter Rising in Galway My source for this research was from William Henry's book 'Eamon Ceantt'. (Ronan)
Eeep. Give me some coffee, and then I'll be well able to tackle the Easter Rising.
An unusual one to find in Kent, England : Description : A die-formed three-piece uniform button of the Irish Volunteers; circular; convex front; flat back; crimped joint and separate wire shank. An Irish harp flanked by the letters IV. The Irish Volunteers were founded in 1913 by Irish Nationalists. Active Nov 1913 - Dec 1918. Participant in the Easter Rising. Became the Irish Republican Army.
Outlining the centenaries from 1912 to 1922 - Ulster Covenant, Titanic, WW1, Easter Rising,
“The new Irish beauty” Today we remember Countess Constance Markievicz (1868-1927) – A revolutionary and nationalist, Countess Constance Markievicz was the first women elected to Westminster and the first Irish and European Female Cabinet Minister. Constance Gore-Booth was born on the 4th February 1868 in London and was brought up at Lissadell House, County Sligo. At the age of 19 Constance came out to society, and was presented at court to Queen Victoria in her Jubilee Year of 1887. She was introduced as “the new Irish beauty”. She married Polish Count Casimir Dunin Markievicz in 1900. She entered politics in 1907 and in 1909 founded Na Fianna, an organization for boys, who were taught military drills and the use of arms. During the Easter Rising of 1916 she was second-in-command at St Stephen’s Green. Following the surrender she was arrested and although initially sentenced to death, this was commuted to life imprisonment. She was released in 1917. In the General Election of 1918 she was ele ...
Good man Gilmore, inviting the British Royal Family to the Easter Rising's Centenary. Way to completely shift the focus of the commemoration
What abt the Hohenzollerns, our gallant allies in Europe? | British royal family invited to 1916 Easter Rising 100th
Sure they were all there at the 1916 Easter rising thingy!
1916 Easter Rising ~ seminal event in Irish nationalism ~ .1
cant believe ive never heard of Margaret Skinnider until now, a coatbridge woman, the only woman shot in the easter rising and very involved
Yeah, we learn it in History. Easter Rising, Guerrilla War, Famine, Independence etc.
Oh Jesus, is this what 2016's going to be like, with you all getting off on the Easter Rising all over again?
Irish citizens and the Easter Rising in Dublin 1916 - really like it, hopefully be okay. Provisional hostel Maverick, looks lush
Easter Rising getting a mention on The Chase. . Up the rebels!
Michael Quinn is a fantastic name for someone who took part in the Easter Rising. Do it.
Eyewitness accounts of the Easter 1916 Rising in todays archive documentary.
As Ireland host England in Dublin, a tale of cricket's tragic role in the 1916 Easter Rising: via
Liam Herringshaw on cricket's connection to the Easter Rising in Ireland in 1916 via
City Council votes to name new bridge after Rosie Hackett, trade unionist and Easter Rising fighter.
We were in history today doing the Easter Rising etc. and one of the lads just goes "Up the RA"
don't know how accurate but here you go... Nice to have a woman make the grade ..
The new bridge over the Liffey is to be named after Rosie Hackett who was an activist in the 1913 Lockout and Easter Rising.
NGA to mark grave of Easter Rising Volunteer Andrew Cunningham. 15th September at 1.30pm in Deansgrange Cemetery.
throw into the mix the commemoration cycle of Easter Rising +100. I could see DUP hit 40 seats and SF 37
You sure got it right this time buddy! We Hibernators are hoping to finally wake up against Roast Country at Easter Rising.
There's an Easter Rising ceremony on 29th April, but it's nothing compared to the one we have on the roaming date of a religious holiday.
Also, is the Easter Rising the only historical event which we refuse to commemorate on the actual date it happened?
Commemorating the 1913 Lockout by closing down O'Connell Street makes as much sense as celebrating the Easter Rising by shooting at the GPO.
1916 Easter Rising ~ seminal event in Irish nationalism -t-
Celtic fans shout & sing about the IRA and then justify it by bringing up the Easter Rising. It's offensive
There's a new book out on him as part of a series to commemorate main movers of the Easter Rising as well.
Are you offended by the IRA men of the Easter Rising, the modern day IRA Sectarian killers or both ???
Happy Easter. Rising before sunrise this day. Will prepare a lunch of ham, corn pudding, biscuits & fruit salad for Hus…
99% of the surviving members of the 1916 easter rising, Dan Breen, etc etc etc
The old surviving member of the 1916 Easter Rising didn't think so.
Tom Branson lost someone in the Easter Rising. No comment.
I do not use "UK" when referring to WWI out of respect for the Easter Rising of 1916.
Irish history wise: Saw the bullet holes in the General Post Office from the Easter Rising, statues of Connolly, Markievicz and Pearse.
Cycling past the RDS I always think, these were the people whining in the Irish Times about the Easter Rising delaying traffic to Horse Show
"The novel, set in the years before the Easter Rising is based on the life of O’Casey’s sister, Bella."
I liked a video from The Clancy Brothers - The Easter Rising 1916
with the Easter rising flag and hunger striker flag and the tricolour up too
. It was was Irishmen who died in the Easter Rising of 1916
I know an Easter Rising pub crawl we can do pal :-)
My great grandfather on an old Easter Rising memorabilia postcard.
Three songs down, four to go. Sketching in the rain again on a text about the Easter Rising.
don't start me I've been reading a book about the Easter rising and the mood I'm in ill have a united ireland next week lol x
1916 Easter Rising ~ seminal event in Irish nationalism -x-
Register now for a free guided Irish history lesson in one of the sites of the 1916 Easter Rising!!!
Would you rather be able to visit 100 years in the pa... — Future, definitely. The Easter Rising was nearly 100 ...
Easter Rising Proclamation of 1916. Subsequent executions of leadership led to a greater support for a Republic.
For the love of country For the want of independence For the sake of Humanity ... The Easter Rising of 1916
When tried after the Easter Rising, Marciewicz's prosecutor complained that she "never stopped moaning the whole time she was in court".
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1916 Easter Rising ~ seminal event in Irish nationalism -o-
1916: England - Irish born Sir Roger David Casement, knighted by King George V, was hanged for his role in Ireland's Easter Rising.
New Upload - Helena Moloney talk on the Easter Rising.
Today in 1916, Roger Casement is hanged in Pentonville Prison, London. He is the last to be executed for his part in the …
What really happened after the Easter Rising of 1916? How did the Irish bring the British Empire to a standstill?...
Dublin City Council committee remove Easter Rising leader James Connolly from list of names for new Liffey bridge
marching to celebrate the Easter rising, a rebellion against tyrannical colonialism is not terrorism nor does it include terrorists
Also, my mother's family were heavily involved in the Howth gun-running that supplied the Easter Rising with arms in 1916. That's gangster.
I will & I the Easter rising & the Provo terrorist campaign where BRITS OUT campaigns. Blood stained.
whats bigoted about that? It was the IRA's flag of the Easter rising & its the IRA flag now. It means 'BRITS OUT'
Was sitting in history with one day and she genuinely asked me 'did the Easter rising actually happen or is this just a story'
Pretty much all of the Easter Rising leaders, who were mostly a bunch of insane religious zealots and loons
two boys falling in love with the Easter Rising. It's a very tender and moving work. Written by an LGBT guy
Brilliant day at Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin really brought home what the 1916 Easter Rising volunteers went thro
Serious imposition of Britishness on the English started due to the 1916 Easter Rising & 1917 Bolshevik revolution.
Choir sung as offertory the words of Joseph Plunkett, Irish visionary and Easter Rising leader shot by the British on 5 May 1916.
During the Easter Rising of 1916, the Post Office served as the headquarters of the uprising's leaders.
It's like you were in my mind. Was just trying to look more into the Easter Rising for the novel I'm working on.
thanks for the follow returning same. Discounts on Easter Rising Centenary coins. Proceeds to charity TBA from August 2013
Hasn't being a good party since the Easter rising
Interesting footage of the 1932 Easter Rising Commemoration at the Republican plot
Alliance Lagan Valley MLA Trevor Lunn MLA has commented on the 97th anniversary of the beginning of the battle of the Somme.     Trevor Lunn MLA said: “We should never forget the sacrifice of those who died at the Somme. We should be doing all that is possible to honour all those young men who lost their lives during this battle.     “I am pleased to see the on-going development of interest in the Irish Republic of these commemorations with the second attendance of an Irish Minister at the cenotaph memorial at Belfast City Hall. These are shared events and we should be taking every possible opportunity to remember those who died from both sides of the border.     “I also welcome the growing source of interest in young people in learning about these commemorations. Just recently, Friends’ School, Lisburn and St Dominic’s, Belfast completed a joint project on the events of 1916 covering both the Somme and Easter Rising, and they are hoping to expand it to other schools.     “It is import ...
These parties were led by many prominent statesmen including Lord Melbourne, Sir Robert Peel, Lord Derby, Lord Palmerston, William Ewart Gladstone, Benjamin Disraeli, and Lord Salisbury. The unsolved problems relating to Irish Home Rule played a great part in politics in the later Victorian era, particularly in view of Gladstone's determination to achieve a political settlement. Indeed, these issues would eventually lead to the Easter Rising of 1916 and the subsequent domino effect that would play a large part in the fall of the empire.
For eight months following the Easter Rising over 1,800 Irish rebels were imprisoned in Frongoch, a former whiskey distillery in North Wales. It soon became a University of Revolution and among its notable alumni were Michael Collins & Richard Mulcahy. By December 1916 all the Irish prisoners had be...
Two Poets, One War Cemetery, One Destiny... 1. Francis Ledwidge An Irish poet, killed in action during World War I. He was born on August 19, 1887 at Slane, County Meath, Ireland, into a large and poverty-stricken family.Within a week of the outbreak of WW1, he volunteered for active service in an Irish unit of the British army.In 1915 he saw action at Suvla Bay in Turkey. Having survived Gallipoli, he was dismayed by the news of the Easter Rising and was court-martialled and demoted for overstaying his home leave and being drunk in uniform.On July 31 1917, the first day of the Third Battle of Ypres, he was killed by a stray shell while out with a working party near Pilkem Ridge. The Battle of Pilckem Ridge, 31 July – 2 August 1917, was the opening attack of the main part of the Third Battle of Ypres. Some days before his death, Francis Ledwidge heard the singing of a robin. Looking around he spotted the little bird in a shattered tree near the trenches and described it in these lines: "This is a song a ...
Notes from Cork City Council meeting: Delighted that my motions below were passed at the Cork City Council meeting tonight, the first 2 unanimously, the one on Irish signage was passed despite stringent Fine Gael opposition while the motion on supporting the Repeal the Property Tax bill, a joint motion with Cllr Thomas Gould was also passed with 3 Labour Cllrs breaking ranks & supporting the motion, my colleague Cllr Chris O'Leary also had motions on natural resources which partly called for a State Oil, Gas and Mineral Exploration company & a motion calling for more powers for the Private Residencies Tenancies Board passed unanimously. That Cork City Council calls on the Government to do their utmost to locate the remains of the patriot Thomas Kent on the grounds of Cork Prison and work with the Kent family in re-interring any located remains in a more appropriate resting place, this should be done in time for centenary commemorations of the Easter Rising. That Cork City Council is alarmed at the steady ...
Letter Printed in this week's Andersonstown News Newspaper A chara, On behalf of the 1916 Societies I request your support for our campaign to hold an All Ireland Referendum on Irish Unity. The 1916 Societies are an independent Irish Separatist Movement that looks upon the ideals and principles set out in the 1916 Proclamation as our significant point of reference. The proposed Six County border poll under Britain’s Northern Ireland Act 1998 permits the Secretary of State (an English politician devoid of a single vote in Ireland) to determine: • when and if a poll may be called, • the wording of the poll and, • who qualifies to vote. Even if passed the British parliament retains the final say on whether or not the result will be endorsed by the UK government. We believe the core concept of Irish Republicanism is that Irish constitutional authority derives from the Irish people and does not defer to laws or decrees emanating from London. As we approach the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising it ...
Taoiseach, Enda Kenny at the 1916 Easter Rising commemoration with pupils from St. Patrick's School, Corduff.
PRESIDENT Michael D Higgins has led a ceremony marking the anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising.
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