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Easter Egg Roll

Egg rolling, or an Easter egg roll is a traditional game played with eggs at Easter.

White House Michelle Obama White House Easter First Lady South Lawn President Obama First Lady Michelle Obama Bernie Sanders Cookie Monster

Veteran event planner is force behind Easter Egg Roll
Looking forward to hosting the annual Easter Egg Roll at the on Monday!
"Would there still be a White House Christmas Tree?" . "What about the National Prayer Breakfast?". "What about the Easter Egg Roll?"
Lottery for free tickets to Easter Egg Roll is open now thru noon this Saturday Enter at
Good heavens, not the Easter Egg Roll. » “her invisibility...cast in doubt the annual Easter Egg Roll.”
Sydney Sierota Leaving the White House for the Annual Easter Egg Roll in Washington
Surprised? Only if you thought an unprecedented 143 trips to WH was for Easter egg roll.
organic garden kale at White House Easter Egg Roll needs its own horror movie
Bello from Washington D.C.! Kevin, Bob & Stuart visit the for the Easter Egg Roll!
On April 9, Nick and Miley attended the Easter Egg Roll in Washington DC. They ended their break/got back together.
We love this photo of the Obamas reading "Where the Wild Things Are" to kids at the annual Easter Egg Roll. Great e…
Did the White House have the annual Easter Egg Roll? If so, did V.P.Joe Biden bring hot mustard?
adds fun run to annual Easter Egg Roll
Easter Egg Roll the last of Barack Obama’s presidency
Beyoncé, Jay Z, & Blue Ivy visit the White House for the annual Easter Egg Roll
Meanwhile Maggie and Glenn are having their own Easter Egg Roll hunt
A8. It's tradition! There has been a Easter Egg Roll since 1878, when Rutherford B. Hayes was president.
.is set to perform at Easter Egg Roll!
EGGcellent News! Honored to return as Official Emcee of Easter Egg Roll
Chef was invited by. President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for the annual easter egg roll hunt 2014 to the White House
Could you see Bernie Sanders as president at the White House Easter Egg Roll? "KIDS, YOU GET JUST ONE EGG EACH. DON'T BE GREEDY!"
Photo: President Barack Obama and the Easter Bunny listen as Cam Anthony sings the national anthem during the…
I can picture Bernie Sanders yelling at everyone to get off his lawn at the Easter Egg Roll & I like it.
The meeting I'm in would like to thank the Google engineers built the "do a barrel roll" easter egg so we could pause to enjoy it.
"Interesting. A man of steel." Every easter egg they give me makes me roll my eyes so far into the back of my head and groan.
What about raising the Easter Egg Roll age limit so hipsters can attend?.
*** ya Martin Bonner Easter egg in this Totino's Pizza Roll commercial
Seems Congress has always been insane. Lawmakers passed a law that ended the Easter Egg Roll, it was ruining the grass at the Capitol ! 1876
Chillin. Already trying to get into the White House Easter egg roll, before my Prez is done.
Watch "Michelle Obama breaks it down at Easter Egg Roll" on YouTube -
Pretty disappointed I couldn't find myself in the background of any of the Easter Egg Roll pictures.
Go to the White House Easter egg roll
How about equal rights for Christians? An Easter egg roll would be nice for starters.
Officer Porter and Lost Kids at the White House Easter Egg Roll click=>
"I am EB, Easter Bunny~! And in behalf. I'm a rock n' roll than easter eggs. Or more of a sock than an egg~!"
The Esrock entrance just got a facelift (depending on who you ask!) Look for the rock 'n roll easter egg hidden...
It's Check out the schedule of White House Easter Egg Roll.
Try this fun and eco-friendly way to dress up your Easter eggs. |
Hungry Happenings: Crescent Roll Carrots Filled with Egg or Ham Salad add a festive touch to Easter
"Bees attack children as Obama reads to them. . They'll say the b…
nothing like sending your family on an Easter egg hunt to find you a roll of toilet paper😂😂
I can't wait for Bill to be First Lady and knock back a few brewskis with 5 year olds at the White House Easter Egg Roll.
Would the annual White House Easter egg roll be with Faberge eggs?
Didn't know that had a moustache, nice easter egg
& feel alive! is at the 137th annual Easter Egg Roll today.
Check out 21 egg-citing photos from the White House
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It was an honor to spend Easter in DC and perform for the Easter Egg Roll! I love my Allstar family…
Spending Easter weekend at the Truly honored to be a part of this year's Easter Egg Roll on 4/7
Obama interrupted by bees during story time at the White House Easter Egg Roll
If Hillary is elected, Bill will be the "first man." He'll be in charge of the Easter Egg Roll & such. Vote carefully, America.
President Eisenhower holds his granddaughter at the '53 Easter Egg Roll. Photo:George Skadding
ICYMI: Michelle Obama got down at the White House Easter egg roll:
Sitting here munching on an Easter egg in bed when did I become so rock n roll?! 😂😂
At theWhite House Easter Egg roll in honor of Jesus's death and resurrection, Michelle Obama will do the "UpTown Funk" on …
Some of our at the White House for the Easter Egg Roll this past week!
Well, my nephews are taking the White House Easter Egg Roll very seriously!
Today the Obama's will host the Egg Roll. "Easter" will be dropped. Taking part will be just "a bunny," a tradition st…
See Photos from the Egg Roll's Return to the White House
Learn the dance and join in with everyone at the Easter Egg Roll today →
Pesky spring guest buzzes Obama's Easter egg roll - Pedia for today
Kevin, Stuart and Bob made an appearance at the Easter Egg Roll.
All purpose parts banner
Watch: sings a soulful rendition of "Happy Birthday" at
The Coca-Cola Company Join with the National Park Foundation to Support the 2015 White House Easter E. R.
Easter egg roll teaches child that the world is a cruel, cruel place
Satan is in the White House and outed himself at Easter egg roll story reading, isn't this worth a story?
“No big deal, just at today's Easter Egg Roll event.
Today is the 137th White House Easter Egg Roll. Check out the celebration here:
.was a part of the Easter Egg Roll & 📷:
Tens of thousands expected for Easter Egg Roll ☰ 25
Is Satan in the White House? He outs himself at the Easter egg roll: reading to kids video.
Loved yesterday's White House Easter Egg Roll w/ the kids.Now it's my turn to enjoy some chocolate! Thank you ht…
Crowds at the annual Egg roll on the lawn, c1924. A national tradition since 1816!
Obama (and the Easter Bunny) kicked off the annual Easter egg roll
Remarks by the President and the First Lady at Easter Egg Roll :
One of the best parts about the Easter Egg Roll is the wooden egg. Nancy Reagan introduced the souvenir in 1981.
ABT's will read her book at the annual Easter Egg Roll on Sunday, 4/6!
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President & Mrs. Lincoln request the honor of your presence for the 1st ever Easter Egg Roll at the park on Sunday!
Bo and Sunny are ready for the Easter Egg Roll. Apply by March 25:
Did you learn the dance?. Show off your moves at the Easter Egg Roll: .
Guys!! I'm sooo happy!The girls will participate of the 137 edition of the Easter Egg Roll on the White House!!! 😃
if you don't know what Easter Egg Roll is... it is a big event that takes place on the South Lawn of the White House with activities for ~
First the White House tree lighting now the Easter Egg Roll. LOOK AT GAWD.
I'm performing at the White House on Monday for the Easter Egg Roll! Do you think I can get Sasha and Malia to throw up th…
Bringin' my to the White House monday. Gonna read How Roland Rolls at the Easter Egg Roll. S'nice!
First Lady emphasizes fun and fitness at annual Easter Egg Roll - Los Angeles Times
This Saturday’s presidential trivia! (1) Which President hosted the first Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn? (2) Which two Presidents donated their salary to charity? (3) Who was President when the Wright brothers became the first to control a powered aircraft, while in flight, at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina? You guys know that I give bonus points for answers/guesses without the assistance of Google – and for HAVING FUN with this trivia.
Michelle Obama on why they don’t attend church: ‘We could be loungin’ and nappin’’ April 24, 2014 by Cheryl Carpenter Klimek 305 Comments Michelle Obama took time out from Monday’s Easter Egg Roll to talk about the first family’s holiday and why the Obamas don’t usually attend church. The First Lady’s visit with “Live with Kelly and Michael” co-host Michael Strahan got off to an awkward start, when shejoined in the audience applause after she was introduced. “You don’t have to clap for yourself,” Strahan said, before asking about the first family’s Easter. The healthy eating proponent, who was pushing her “Let’s Move!” campaign at the egg roll, described what the family did after church on Easter. “We sat around really full because we ate too much,” Michelle said. “It was successful. We were full.” The Obamas try to go to church every Easter, the First Lady said, but the family has other things to do most Sundays. “We really try to use Sunday as a family downt ...
"First Lady Michelle Obama introduced the Yoga Garden at her first Easter Egg Roll in 2009 as part of her Let’s Move! Initiative, and the program has grown each year since.-- Yoga is one of quite a few activities [chosen by] the First Lady to help encourage families and children to be more engaged in a healthy and active lifestyle,” says Cullis. “Out of all of the activities that they can share on that day, it’s an acknowledgement of the physical and mental benefits of yoga practice for kids and adults."
President Obama reads "Where the Wild Things Are" at the Easter Egg Roll today. Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images
In case you missed it—THINGS THAT FLOAT… by David A. Adler, illus by me was Easter Egg Roll this w/e. :^D
Patrick and Owen Kennedy play with the decorations in the egg hunt area during the annual Easter Egg Roll
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First Lady Michelle Obama can't seem to catch a break. First, PETA was all over her for continuing the White House's annual Easter Egg Roll. Now parents of Kansas high school students are up in arm...
Graduation Day belongs to students not publicity hound Michelle Obama, Vulture-like, Michelle Obama swoops down on any opportunity for free publicity, Easter Egg Roll, Let's Move, Nutrition, Subway Sandwiches
So, yes in our retirement, we do sometimes watch early morning tv. Michelle Obama was on the Kelly and Michael Show this morning. She talked about hosting the Easter Egg Roll. EVERY sentence had a YOU KNOW in it. Why would someone who is in such a public position not be able to speak with a little more skill?
South Whidbey family heads to the White House for Easter Egg Roll: . A Langley family is taking the trip of a l...
Most people accept that eggs are as inseparably tied to Easter as Christmas trees are to Christmas. PETA is not most people. The infamous animal rights organization sent a lengthy letter to Michelle Obama this week criticizing the White House’s use of real eggs for its annual Easter Egg Roll.
Dear First Lady Michelle Obama, These kids have an ADORABLE message for you regarding The White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll: WATCH & SHARE if you agree!
President Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter arrive at the 1977 Easter Egg Roll with daughter Amy and...
PETA scolds Michelle Obama over using real eggs for Easter Egg Roll (
PETA is urging First Lady Michelle Obama to substitute fake eggs for the 19,000 real ones to be used in Monday's Easter Egg Roll, claiming that egg production is cruel and eating them unhealthy and a violation of her “Let's Move!” agenda. In a video featuring young girls playing to the First Lady’s…
Easter Fun Trivia Answer: 1878 was the 1st year the Easter Egg Roll occurred on the White House Lawn. In the movie National Treasure 2, Nicholas Cage's character was at the Easter Egg roll at the White House.
Easter Fun Trivia: In what year did the 1st Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn take place? A. 1892 B. 1878 C. 1848 D. 1896 Stay tuned for the answer.
The White House hosts an Easter Egg Roll on the front lawn each year. This tradition was started by President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1878.
Getting ready for a another busy weekend at Herndon UMC. We are doing a dramatization of da Vinci's Last Supper Friday and Saturday night at 7:00. Saturday morning at 8:30 is our Pancake Breakfast and Easter Egg Roll for the children. If you are in the Herndon area, we would love for you to join.
to that time I got to Easter Egg Roll with the Gabba Gang at the White House.
White House Easter Egg Roll tickets this weekend: The White House says the Easter Egg Roll will be he...
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Easter egg roll still planned at White House2 do is see the dominant fruit of that person’s life & u can tell AW
Yung! When did Sasha get so tall?! Swear she was still short when I saw her at the Easter egg roll in April. That's crazy!
Can anyone get for sure tickets for the Easter Egg Roll 2014??? The lottery doesn't open until mid January. But our vacation bid is Monday
roll on boxing day so I can buy a creme egg! ! Whoohoo Easter is on its way. ...!
I'd like a creme egg. Roll on Boxing Day when the Easter stuff comes back into the shops.
I'm surprised they don't hand out condoms to the children at the Annual Easter Egg Roll at the WH.
also, the White House Easter Egg Roll was the beginning of the Imperial Presidency
Children, athletes attend White House Easter Egg Roll was young I use to dump it in my Coke and make it Vanilla Coke )
tom has a problem with the Easter egg roll on Monday, but has no problem taking Monday off for a holiday that falls on a weekend
I liked a video Glee Sings Don't Stop Believin' at the White House Easter Egg Roll
Thanksgiving morning breakfast from this week's Menu Plan Your Butt Off!
Oh, what if he gets dragged along at Easter to help because they're taking the kids egg rolling? (You do roll eggs, right?)
Fussy wee thing. Roll him up and down the hall like an easter egg.
Easter Egg Roll at the White House via
At Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas. George Bush Presidential Library... Yeah for Flumpa and the Easter Egg Roll from 2001-2007
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I remember when I seen Justin Beiber at the Easter egg roll.
Justin and Austin both performed at the Easter Egg roll early in their career! They're doing something right!
Typing “do a barrel roll” on Google’s search page will cause the page to spin. Try it.
WASHINGTON (AP) - The Fourth of July won't have a patriotic boom in the sky over some military bases. Budget cuts and furloughed workers also mean furloughed fireworks. Independence Day celebrations have been canceled at the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base and at the Army's Fort Bragg, both in North…
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Oh I'm so sick of FLEAS!! I'm on a mission today, I've tried everything! I'm going to soak them all in this apple cider vinegar solution and see if it house is gonna smell like there's a Easter egg coloring contest going on, but if it helps the babies that's ok ;)
OMG!!! I found a google Easter egg! if you want to see it, type do a barrel roll on the google search and watch what happens.
I wish this so called Investigator would stop by this page for a Visit., come on over Chris Unsoeld and tell us a story.
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Maybe there was an off the record Easter egg roll?
 or Tyranny ? ? ? :  Has the Obama Regime made the U.S. as "progressive" as the former Russian Communist Regime was ? ? ?
Maybe if they found a man to run the tax operation for a change? It's a miracle Shulman has kids for Easter egg roll. Easter? right
I was just doing a Google search for work, and I discovered this Easter Egg. Type "do a barrell roll" without quotes in the search. It should do something when you type the B of barrell.
BTW, guess who can't get into the Easter Egg Roll?!?! Or a tour.
I am sure the disciple of terrorists who called for the destruction of Israel & the US was just there for the Easter Egg Roll.
Werfel thinks this is a joke just as he thought he was cute and funny saying he visited the WH for the Easter Egg Roll!
Maybe hamas went yo WH to prepare for the Easter egg roll, like IRS guy?
Most people who go to church and call themselves Christians are going to *** and here is why. Mirrored by: ThePICDeathrAD
Pfft, wasn't he only going to the Easter Egg Roll?
Republicans and their talking heads on the TV, and the radio has spent the better part of a month claiming that the Obama Administration had directed the IRS...
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I'm guessing this guy wasn't just visiting for an Easter egg roll:
just realized that since we already have seen the easter egg roll on TWL we wont be seeing anything from st. pattys day. that makes me sad.
How long before America cancels the WH Christmas Tree & Easter Egg roll & replaces it with a Fiesta & Piñata Celebration.
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Even though all I had was an easter egg in a baseball cap it seems like i still managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat.
even though the Easter egg roll was in April. Then last night Niall got slammed by this woman who played him so
earlier yesterday morning they thought obama stood up TW at the Easter egg roll to go to a 1D concert with his daughter
saw a comment on a article saying that TW were second choice for the Easter Egg roll and 1D were first but couldn't go because were in Aus.
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gonna watch episode and omg its the White House one !!! and i went to the easter egg roll This year !! what if im in it :O
people are so stupid now a days. Obama did not stood up TW cause that performance was in April. That's why it's called the Easter egg roll!
lol are you serious b/c TW performed for Obama for the EASTER egg roll. EASTER. Which is in APRIL.
"Obama took his daughters to a 1D concert while TW were there" sure... because Obama missed the annual Easter Egg Roll for 1D -_-
"TheWanted performed at The White House while Obama and his daughter went to a 1D concert" the Easter egg roll was in April not June
The Easter egg roll answer was.telling to me. Of all things he could have said, why THAT?
So, i'm watching last night's and are at the Easter egg roll, which is where performed too!
People do know that the President would not leave an event like the Easter Egg Roll for a concert right?
-at the EASTER EGG ROLL because that was in APRIL on EASTER, you uneducated little ***
while TW performed at the Easter Egg Roll, Obama "left" but he really didn't bc these gigs weren't even in the same month lol
The Wanted performed at the Easter Egg Roll. The 1D concert was just recently.
Yesterday they showed the fourth episode of that was filmed during april for the easter egg roll. (C)
"the episode was filmed during APRIL for the EASTER EGG ROLL not yesterday you terds!
Easter Egg Roll- April. 1D Concert- recently . How about you get your facts right before m…
Cadbury Easter Eggs: What u need- 1\2 cup light corn syrup,1\4 cup butter softened,1tsp vanilla, 1\4 tsp salt, 3 cups powered sugar, 4 drops yellow food coloring, 2 drops red, 11\2 oz bag chocolate chips and 2 tbsp. shortening. to make- add sugar , one cup at a time, mixing by hand after each addition. Remove about 1\3 the mix and place in bowl. add yellow and red coloring and stir. cover both mixes and refrigerate 2 hours. when mixes are firm roll a small ball from the orange filling and wrap around it a portion of the white filling that is twice that size. form into the shape of an egg and place onto cookie sheet that has been brushed with shortening. repeat with remaining ingredients. refrigerate 4 hours. combine chocolate chips with shortening in glass bowl microwave on high for 1 min. then stir and put in for another minute. use fork to dip each center into chocolate. place on wax paper to dry. after 2 hours of chilling.dip one more time and chill. -crystal-
I cannot agree with every perspective this man has but I agree with him on this and I believe he speaks from the heart. But it is in the detail of implementation where honesty and good faith get hijacked by the self interest and greed of others.
Finally killed that Black Star chicken after I saw it attacking another hen. I think it was confused as to its sexual identy. It had laid a couple of really tiny eggs last fall but it appeared to be trying to breed the other hen. I quickly gave up on trying to catch it and said "lets see if you can outrun a .22 short"? It couldn't. Gwen roasted it with potatoes and carrots, tough but tasty. LOL The Easter Eggers seem to be my most consistent layers. I get only an occasional brown egg from the Austrolorp of the New Hampshire Red but at least two and usually three blue eggs from the three EE hens.
Omg! What the freak did I do to my hair?! Ugh, it came out pink instead of awesome red! I feel like that chick off of Grease when she turned her hair pink! Lmfao!
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He has a whole t-ball set in his play room and he buns me a paper towel roll and an Easter egg to play baseball with. Sometimes I wonder what's the propose of spending so much money on toys...
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Well isn't that a shocker ? IR S Shulman visiting the W H 157 times for a Easter egg roll ? His political advisor aid was at the W H 300 times ? What does a non political employee need with a political advisor in our tax dollar?
um.. when you turn 43, you ARE supposed to do so many shots that people give you until the point where you wind up on a strange lawn puking in front of guys you like, lose your purse and then go home where you poop yourself while in the shower. RIGHT??? because if so, I am AWESOME at turning 43.
The head of the IRS visited the White House 157 but during GW Bush term he only visited once. !!
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I found the last plastic Easter Egg ouside! I win...I've been looken fo overr three months for this win and "It's Mine!" Personal note, watch Mom where she hid's them eggs.
I found a reduced to clear easter egg in work.the best day of my life ever so far!
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McCain lying on CBS (1) Regan apologized for Iran Contra. Now I'm not saying that President Obama should apologize. (a) Reagan LIED about Iran Contra and later apologized to America AFTER he got caught. (b) You ARE in fact suggesting it's the same thing, which it clearly isn't Iran Contra was a CRIME. (2) "The guy said he was at the White House for an Easter Egg Roll and it turns out that he was there 270 times!!" He's clearly talking about Doug Shulman and that talking point has already been discredited, and McCain knows it. Despite being a top official, Mr. Shulman had only visited the White House 11 times in a 3 or 4 year period.
How long would you last in YOUR job if you went to the White House 157 times and couldn't remember a thing but the Easter Egg Roll?
Shulman went to the White House 118 times yet could only recall taking his son there for Easter Egg Roll. Will he get 'Use Immunity'?
I didn't get an invite to the White a house for the annual Easter Egg Roll like the IRS Sleazeball Schulman did.
157 visits to Obama WH by IRS Comish. More than Hillary or Holder. Says was for events like Easter Egg Roll. Uh huh.
From 157 visits 2 WH and the only one he recalls specifically is the Easter Egg Roll. Unbelievable...
He said under oath that he went there for the Easter Egg Roll. There's only one of those a year...
OK 117 times, we heard your weak *** diversionary answer of the Easter Egg Roll. He who speaks first, gets the...
VIDEO: Former Commissioner partly blames Easter Egg Roll for numerous visits to WH
Asked why he visited WH 118 times, Former IRS Commish Doug Shulman, cited the Easter Egg Roll as one reason.
Obamas welcome children to annual Easter Egg Roll -   The festivities came off...
Obamas welcome children to annual Easter Egg Roll
The jelly bean jump helps kids equate exercise with calories, at this year's Easter Egg Roll:
President Lyndon Johnson did indeed attend an Easter Egg Roll
Hadiya Pendleton's family invited to the White House for annual Easter Egg Roll
.invites Family of slain girl to Easter Egg Roll but NOT the Children of slain SEAL Chris Kyle
Family of slain girl invited to Easter Egg Roll
Yes he is Satan canceling the Easter Egg Roll!
Can't afford Easter Egg Roll but can afford to fund some abortions Not Barack guy who voted to watch failed aborted babies die
End of tradition?W.H. to Congress: Easter Egg Roll could be canceled (Updated) via
White House Now Warns It Might Cancel the 135th Easter Egg Roll. Why? /Just nix the $250Mil for the Muslim Brohood
Cancel the Easter Egg Roll. It's been too long since we argued over something utterly without consequence.
Brain smoking again after reading this:Megyn Kelly Ignores Fox News' Own Reporting On W.H Easter Egg Roll
White House press secretary Jay Carney said Thursday that he believed the annual Easter Egg Roll event on the White House lawn would continue, despite sequestration cuts to the administration's budget and rumors the event would be canceled. I would refer both to the East Wing and the Secret Service,...
The White House invites all elementary and middle school students to submit poster designs for the 2013 Easter Egg Roll. This year's theme, "Be Healthy, Be A...
135 years of history will happen April 1st when the Easter Monday Egg Roll will occur at the White House. In 1878 President Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife, Lucy, opened their backyard to children and their parents to roll eggs down the sloped yard. Successive Presidents continued the tradition, and the event has been held on the South Lawn ever since. The White House has opened an online lottery for parents and guardians who want to obtain tickets for the 135th annual Easter Egg Roll, which is held on the Monday after Easter on the mansion’s South Lawn. This year it will be Monday, April 1. The lottery runs through the weekend and closes at 10 AM on Monday, February 25. Enter online. principal restrictions are that children must be 13 years of age or younger. Tickets are free and cannot be sold.
Kid President was asked by the White House to make a video for their historic Easter Egg Roll! We'll let you discover who makes a cameo. But, spoiler alert: ...
Did you know? The first Easter Egg Roll held on the White House lawn was during the administration of our 19th President, Rutherford B. Hayes. *UNCLE SAM*
Thought 2013 was going to get better. January has been busy with inaugurations and rebuilding various positions, February will be spent on Black History month, and March wll be the grand Easter Egg Roll. With the price of everything escalating, minimum salary still at $7.25, gas prices soaring, price of stamps jumping up, food prices making quick strides, what is the ordinary consumer who is striving to make a living to do? I guess I'll just sit down and count my blessings. Hillary Clinton, count your blessings that you are stepping down. You are one remarkable lady and have served your county wih pride and dignity. Thanks.
no say it ain't so. Cancelled trip to Ytown, OH. My girls are dissapointed. Perhaps I'll get luck with Easter Egg Roll Tix.
I know this is a little late, but I wanted to thank you for letting me help with the Easter Egg Roll of 2006.
Why is this *** promoting an easter egg hunt? Dawg its October, Christmas aint even roll around yet
Easter egg! Type "do a barrel roll" into google and watch what happens! Even works on iPhone!
so beautiful! My little sister met you at the easter egg roll at the White House & ur her role model :) keep it up!
What the heck. I just signed up for the lottery to be at the White House Christmas Tree lighting. The Easter Egg Roll was a cool trip. Might as well put my name in the hat for this.
Another West Wing quote, this one about the theme of the White House Easter Egg Roll
No-Dye Easter Eggs. Place glue dots on egg and roll in glitter. via
Amazing Easter Egg, Barrel roll :) Type "Do a" in Google Search and Check, share what you expeirence :)
Order Miche Bag Online!
President Hu has asked to join me for the White House Easter Egg Roll. Not sure how to break it to him...
ooohh... Forgot about the Easter egg roll. That's probably it!
Why does anyone want it? Guessing it's the yearly Easter Egg roll!
15 days to Election and I think we need to ask ourselves who will have a better White House Easter Egg Roll.
On Easter bailey is going to roll me glitter and paint me cause I'm a cute egg.
Kelly Ripa-"I'm the woman who accompanied Mark Consuelos fm Tampa to the White House Easter Egg Roll. Vote on Nov 6."
Jacques Pepin, chef far right. A couple of years ago I had the honor of cooking at the White House. Shorey and Claudine were there - It was for the annual Easter Egg Roll!
Cookie Monster: Me not invited to Easter Egg Roll at White House. Me okay wit dat. Me rather get invited to gingerbrea ...
Y'all when Janelle rolled up to the White House Easter Egg Roll in those patent leather Louboutin's and that tux?! I died.
He had the Easter Egg Roll on the Monday following Easter. He was not missing his Sunday golf for Easter. Nut case.
Ha. Google’s voice search for iOS seems to use exactly the same back-end as the nexus 7, including the “do a barrel roll” Easter Egg.
Man at Gross we had this honor roll easter egg hunt. And you get a egg and it leads you to a teachers room and they give you prizes
I found another easter egg on google. Type in "do a barrel roll". its awesome! :)
he thinks it's ok 2 bully Catholic & homeschooled kids!
Me and Olympic medalist Amanda Beard at the 2006 White House Easter Egg Roll
Electronic Device Insurance
Still remember when me and went to the Easter egg roll and shook the First Lady's hand that was a good day my friends :')
I don't think I did very well in anything, except the annual egg roll at easter
me and at the White House Easter Egg Roll
At the 2011 Easter Egg Roll, Malia and Sasha Obama read to the audience "Where the Wild Things Are," and the President and First Lady read "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom."
Author J.K. Rowling reads from her book "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" at the 2010 White House Easter Egg Roll. April 5, 2010.
2012 White House Easter Egg Roll: Zendaya Performs "Something to Dance For": via i know all the dance moves!
White House: A look at America's first home, gardens: The annual Easter Egg Roll is held on the South Lawn and i...
I'm well jel! Easter egg and a cuppa on a Saturday night sounds like a dream! I'm rock & roll personified by the way.
It’s a Paste egg for Easter, you know any hills I can roll down?
When my friends were singing it, i looked it up on youtube that day! And i liked it!! BTW: COme to the easter egg roll DC :)
If you've got Jelly Bean (and opted into Google Now), the only easter egg I've found so far is "do a barrel roll."
Easter egg in the new update, hold down the camera button for a second and it will go directly to your camera roll.
Cole Sprouse and Dylan Srouse reading "Jeremy Draws a Monster" at the White House Easter egg roll.
Gov Walker will win the Wisconsin recall election at next year's WH Easter egg roll.
Little easter egg on a site I did recently. Roll over their faces, it will switch to a new image :D
Sounders roll out digital Easter egg hunt for free tickets: Now, here's an interesting twist on the age-old trad...
She's so pretty in person. I met her @ the WH Easter Egg roll this year. Introduced me to her husband and daughter.
Agent P, ready to meet visitors at the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday!
Like movies, some games have a scene after the credits. I should prob put an easter egg in after my level's credit roll.
The annual Easter Egg Roll brings 30,000 people from all 50 states and the District of…
2012 White House Easter Egg Roll: Bella Thorne Reads Curious George: Thats why Im so proud of u!
I love your video At The White House Easter Egg Roll - April 25 2011. your video is very cool (:
eating an Easter egg for dinner. and iced coffee. And a salad roll the boy left for me.
040510_Michelle Obama Reads at the White House Easter Egg Roll.m4v: via
A guide to stalking your idol go to White House Easter Egg Roll. Borrow small child. Photograph.
I certainly do remember you at Easter egg was a beautiful day! Hope you are doing well & we meet again. Blessings.
do you remember when we met at the Easter egg roll? i was one of the girls you were talking to! I'm praying for you!
When Easter would roll around I would buy those egg dyeing kits, not to dye eggs though. I was a total prankster. I'd save the-
*** couple to push Obama on discrimination at Easter Egg roll - Join Talk at:
Obama Thinks the World of Himself: However, during the White House Easter Egg Roll last April in the presence of...
Hamilton Collection
eating an easter egg in June because I roll like that
2012 White House Easter Egg Roll: Zendaya Performancee "My All" NEW SINGLE: via awesome you have to see
here's a link to me performing with for the Easter Egg Roll check out the ZSwagg Dancers!!
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