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Easter Egg Hunt

Egg hunt is a game during which decorated eggs, real hard-boiled ones or artificial, filled with or made of chocolate candies, of various sizes, are hidden in various places for children to find.

Easter Sunday Easter Bunny Happy Easter Finlay Park Myers Park South Park

I love new iOS updates. Finding all the new fun updates to my phone is my favorite. Like an Easter egg hunt 🐰
I did NOT miss the box in case you were wondering. It's like an Easter egg hunt at this point, "Where's the box gonna be?"
Phil Simms and Jim Nantz are dressed for an Easter egg hunt
My boy hid raw eggs all around our house. Now I'm on the easter egg hunt from ***
This update is like nice but I feel like it's an Easter egg hunt as I find new things that it does.
he just stop dropping hints like this is an Easter egg hunt and come out completely she may hate u but shell respect u
Teach yo kids about taxes today and take 30% of their candy haul and give it to the kids who didn't choose to go on th…
I liked a video from Cube SMP S2 Episode 27: EASTER EGG HUNT
Tonight was a record! Found 81 golf balls on our course in the weeds and ponds! It's like a fun Easter egg hunt...
Meanwhile I'm at home on an Easter egg hunt looking for my dogs pee stains :')
Hmm. Kinda like an Easter egg hunt.
Cool they have bags for the Easter egg hunt later
let's have a big Easter egg hunt around the house. It'll take us the whole week to find it all😂😂🐰
Ready for easter egg hunt and pajama day
Students had an "eggcelent" time balancing equations today with our Easter egg hunt.
NO MORE Ramamlamadong celebrations in OUR house. EASTER EGG HUNT will return & they'll be wrapped in BACON!
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I'll do mine on Easter and have a Easter egg hunt 😂😂😂😂
Tri-C smells like they had a giant Easter egg hunt but couldn't find all the eggs
Easter egg hunt, you gotta look for something..
From the archives... What we have been doing over Easter - Part Three Easter Egg Hunt
On the BBuzz: returns, you can buy a Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg Hunt & concert therapy!
Sometimes being a tourist feels like joining in a massive easter egg hunt where the prize is having all your money exchanged for bad photos.
Thanks I smell an Easter egg hunt coming on Genesis HQ...
Don’t send your users on an Easter egg hunt! Is your FAQ hurting your brand?
Whoever made Bunny Hop came to Heymann one time fa easter. And we all had baskets& a egg hunt. & of course bunny hopped tf out that song
Golf - the adult version of an egg hunt. via
My last Easter Egg Hunt took place near Hoopa. Sorta sad, but I like it there.
Fraternity recruitment is essentially an Easter egg hunt... Pastel on pastel
Maybe Brady could teach all the kids at the WH Easter Egg Hunt how to cheat?!
This whole update is gonna be a Easter egg hunt of fun changes.
Jessica & Craig's Cozy and Colorful Picnic Party Wedding with an Egg Hunt
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
This Saturday, visit House of Oats for an easter egg hunt!
Why isn't anyone asking about the White House Easter egg hunt? Guess they're all too afraid of the hard questions. #
Easter egg hunt, they gotta look for something
The most fun Easter egg hunt out there! As one of the best Easter crafts for kids, break up glow sti
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I hate when people don't rack weights and I gotta go on an Easter egg hunt to find them!
they have a tight family structure over there. Father's day isn't an easter egg hunt.
A debate at the Reagan library is like having an Easter egg hunt in a grave yard. Be a lot of talk of resurrecting trickle-down economics.
I was not conceived during a sexy Easter egg hunt, but what a great story that would have been.
If you've never seen an adult Easter Egg hunt, imagine a Critical Mass ride, but bunny costumes instead of bikes
Whenever I'm about to feel nostalgic for Portland, I remember the time I ran into an "adult Easter Egg hunt"
Just when you thought the Guardians Of The Galaxy Easter egg hunt was over…
I don't think I have it in me to easter egg hunt just yet. Videos instead today.
The day the new treatment bibles are handed out should be like the new Easter egg hunt as to how many are taken, but placed elsewhere.
It's like a mini bible Easter egg hunt around campus right now
The GOP will have its own version of Easter egg hunt as the candidates search for the black box.
there's always next year - look out for the famous Easter Egg Hunt and Duck Race on Easter Monday too'
Flashback Friday to when we put on an Easter Egg Hunt at the Alex Surf Club (Official Site) and hid 7500 Easter...
everything's good sweetie! Wish you were here to meet us at Sally's for Easter egg hunt and Dinner. http…
yeah cause they'll all fall out. Happened to me during an Easter egg hunt when I was 5
All about the Easter egg hunt, thanks lucyt212 epic up and down the lifts.
It's like an Easter egg hunt. Did I find them all? Keep looking.
And I went on to give me a turbo graphics 16 on Christmas my mom has a it was like an Easter egg hunt before Christmas present
Thinking about throwing a big Bon Fire for my last event till next easters adult easter egg hunt..
Hit me up on luv hunt, find me like an Easter egg
I had a dream that 5sos were on an Easter egg hunt and Michael won...
Easter egg by Zaha Hadid for the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt.
I know I have a cousin that's color blind and it's kinda funny watching him Easter egg hunt 😂😂😂
Liquor Easter egg hunt. Party bus and floating the river. Sunday Funday. So much greatness to come.
Photo: It was filled with homemade Easter eggs so I could have an Easter egg hunt with my grandpa. (2/2)
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Easter egg hunt coming at 4pm Eastern today for a free 2-pack of TDs. be ready.
Photo: theryanproject: bandolin21: The kind of Easter egg hunt every college student needs. ^if that were...
and let's talk about how it was like an Easter Egg hunt trying to find it 😉😉
The chocolate companies on the hunt for a sustainable Easter egg
My child found that the easiest way to do Easter Egg hunt is in our fridge.
April 11th, 2009:. Today I am going on an Easter egg hunt! I hope I find alot of the eggs!
I liked a video from Tagger NFC Ultimate Geeky Easter Egg Hunt
Time to ruin the Easter Egg hunt, scattering liberal children everywhere.
Today's final note on the sale that launched today, any folks with Easter Egg Hunt or Pot of Gold orders may use their discounts for this.
don't forget, hosted many a Easter egg hunt
Marine scientists discover 100 new species in Filipino 'Easter egg hunt'
My house is literally an easter egg hunt for keurig pods we literally all hide it from each other
Blind kids can also 'easter egg hunt'. The eggs beep so they can find them.
. Same thing you do every Easter Egg Hunt. Butt stuff with Tommy.
. I know what I'm doing next easter egg hunt.
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Apparently past me thought it was a great idea to hide game discs in the wrong cases. It was like an easter egg hunt, only very annoying
Scouts and friend stuffing over 3000 Easter eggs for the Cameron Park annual Easter Egg Hunt. Then some of the...
Were you at our Easter Celebration Service and Easter Egg Hunt? We need your help at making next year's better...
Today is our Easter Egg Hunt. Some have asked why so late. Because it is now The Easter Season! Makes mores sense on Easter.
partnered with Operation Homefront for an Easter Egg Hunt at Many thanks to Holy Redeemer...
Read your emails but to summarize...Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow @ the end of practice so bring a flashlight!! Must be present to win.
Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma Linda and Grandpa Phil. — feeling happy
Annual family flashlight Easter Egg Hunt! Favorite family night of the year!
I've been banned from going to this years Easter Egg Hunt. Last year I painted my balls yellow and hid in a bush.
Another successful Easter Egg Hunt in Cheney with the Alpha Lambda chapter of
LGG Easter Egg Hunt. And guess who the bunny was? This guy. (@ Fort George G. Meade in Fort Meade, MD)
The Big Spring First Church of the Nazarene is having an Easter Egg Hunt at the Comanche Trail Park from 11am...
Set up is happily happening for Easter Egg Hunt at Yerba Buena Gardens starting at 930!…
Thanks to all who participated in the Easter Egg Hunt and big thanks to Franciscan St. Francis Health!
Bring your entire family to Rhodes Ferry Park in Decatur, AL TODAY April 4th from 1pm-3pm to our Easter Egg Hunt.
We're hopping over to the Western Canadian Aviation Museum for an Easter Egg Hunt! What are you doing this weekend?
service in begins at 8am. Easter Egg Hunt in Live Oak Park at 11am
Join us for our Easter Egg Hunt at The Salvation Army Kroc Center happening at 10 am today! Over 3,000 eggs to be...
Easter Egg Hunt at Liberty Hill Baptist Church at 11 today! Come join us for a free meal, lots of fellowship, and...
The sun is shining/ wind is whipping. We'll be at Clark Park Farmers Market for the annual Easter Egg Hunt from...
Join the fun at Madoc's Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow at 10am. Proceeds go to Madoc Food Bank and Emily Trudeau Splash Pad http:/…
We will be leaving for our annual Easter Egg Hunt in the dark at 7:15p Sunday from FBC. Don't forget it's in the dark so bring a flashlight.
Get the kids down to the Victory Memorial Gardens from 9 this morning for the 2WG Easter Egg Hunt. Over 8,000...
Come out tomorrow for an Easter Egg Hunt hosted by Destination Church from 1030-12pm on the green space between...
Are you ready for Easter Egg Hunt on The Green tomorrow? Registration begins at 9am! For more details, visit:
Are you ready for our Easter Egg Hunt, because we are!. Rain or shine! ☔️ ☀️ @ The Green at…
Easter Egg Hunt at Elsecar Heritage Centre for kids. Call in visitors centre for your forms.
.Easter Egg Hunt today! Join Mayor from 1-3 in Finlay Park, and bring your own basket!
Support and enjoy the Easter Egg Hunt with stalls in the gardens on Monday 6 April 10:30am:
Over the Easter weekend we have an Easter Egg Hunt + all our other usual activities - pond dipping, playground, discovery zone + wildlife!
Watch City Talk to find out why you should come to the Easter Egg Hunt today at Finlay Park.
Hope to see you all on Sunday at Easter Egg Hunt & Duck Race
Family Fun on Sunday from 10.30am Easter Egg Hunt & Duck Race St George's Field Pershore ducks available on the day £1.50 ea
Who is coming to our duck race on Sunday? Cash prizes to be won-Easter Egg Hunt see website for details
If you're in Cynthiana on Saturday April 4, bring your kids to the Frankie Taylor community Easter Egg Hunt-11AM at Ingles Stadium by HCHS.
Local: Altra Easter egg hunt on Saturday: Altra Federal Credit Union will host its annual Easter Egg Hunt on S...
“Open sat 11-3 then join us on Easter Sunday for our Easter Egg Hunt
What Pastor Michael on Montana This Morning as he is interviewed about our Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday!.
This Saturday is the Easter Pie auction and Easter Egg Hunt . From 12:00 pm . Fairgrove United Methodist Church...
Miracle in action at the Easter Egg Hunt with Christina Howard
Due to the weather the Sherrill 4H Riverside Achiever's Easter Egg Hunt has been moved indoors to the St. Peter &...
One week to go until our annual Easter Egg Hunt! Make sure you come along to help raise money for this v…
Special thanks to the BHP Spirit Club for hosting the second annual Easter Egg Hunt for employees and…
Easter Egg Hunt in at Memorial Park today at 12pm! Pinky and Peter will be there to take photos with :)
Get crackin! Easter Egg Hunt today at South Park, 10 am. See the Easter Bunny.
Get Crackin’! Easter Egg Hunt today! 10 am at South Park. Free. Candy Hop in Downtown 11 am - 2pm
Easter Egg Hunt! Children can hunt on Saturday, April 4 at 10AM in Cherry Hill Park. Take pics w/ the
Sts. Peter and Paul Church will host the annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 28 at 11 a.m. Please join us...
The Crawfordsville Parks Department's annual Easter Egg Hunt will start at 1 p.m. Saturday at the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum.
Easter Egg Hunt will be held April 4 at the Bloomfield City Park, sponsored by the Optimist Club
I have a $10 voucher/ticket for sale to the Easter Egg Hunt at The Muse on Sunday if anyone wants to buy it from...
Easter is for Kids! - St Paul Lutheran Church, Slinger. Games, singing, Easter Egg Hunt.
We're hosting an online Easter Egg Hunt! Hop over to the blog for more info http…
Mark your calendar for the annual Easter Egg Hunt on Friday, April 3 from 1-3 pm at Finlay Park.
Annual Easter Egg Hunt: March 28 is the City of Hickory’s Parks and Recreation Department’s Easter Egg Hunt, i...
Just Entered the raffle to take my kids to the White house Easter Egg Hunt this year! Hopefully we are...
Mark your calendars! The Annual G.R.A.N.D.S. Easter Egg Hunt is right around the corner.
Mark your calendar for the 2015 Easter Egg Hunt!
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In this week's Easter Egg Hunt, we check out some of the conversations Pit & Palutena have in
We had great fun on our annual Easter Egg Hunt, click here for more info httâ
Who remembers the LITTLE MEXICO CAR CLUB? The Club was first formed by South Colton friends who enjoyed racing and working on their cars. They would get together on weekends to compete at the old Fontana Raceway. The Club was first called the "Mexican Racing Team" but became known as the "Little Mexico Car Club" in October of 1969. Members of the Club wore a canary yellow lightweight dress jacket with the club emblem embroidered on it (the emblem is seen in the photo). The Club emblem was first inspired by the little Mexican character on "Taco Tia" fast food advertisements. At its peak, the active membership numbered over 120. The Club was well known and respected for its community service and (for a time) was allowed to hold its weekly Sunday meetings in the Colton City Council Chamber Office. Club activities included football and baseball games against other clubs. The prize? Kegs of beer, "winner takes all". Later on, the Club had an annual Easter Egg Hunt and also hosted Inland Empire dances with the ...
Browse or download Easter Egg Hunt 3D, certified for Windows Phone.
Poster Kicks Off an Easter Egg Hunt via Flash premieres on The CW on October 7th
Beware Winchester Kroger shoppers! Workers are currently rearranging and relocating products throughout the store. Felt like I was on an Easter egg hunt instead of grocery shopping.
Why did I have a dream of me giant easter egg hunting with people I haven't seen in a century I will never know..
I hate it when grocery stores move everything around. Feels like a *** Easter egg hunt.
I liked a video The Easter egg hunt Wii U and Lego City (so far)
*** be looking for relationships like the Egg hunt on Easter
Dinosaurs were put in the ground by god when he made the earth 6,000 years ago as a part of a divine Easter egg hunt.
J's laying around like a Easter egg hunt
The largest ever Easter egg hunt consisted of 501,000 eggs that were searched for by 9,753 children in Florida, US in 200…
I have enjoyed the easter egg hunt because we got to eat chocolate eggs and I wanted to get a bunny by Millie class 4 age 6
Local Easter celebrations include egg hunt, parade and worship -
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I swear to Atheismo my IQ has dropped exponentially since I've gonna on this Easter egg hunt.
I’m at an Easter egg hunt, and let me tell you, it’s easy pickings. These kids I’m competing against are slow, weak and pathetic.
We’re doing an Easter egg hunt for the kids, and I’ve hidden eggs where they’ll never find them: my fat folds.
The color palette for tonight's news makes me wonder what time the Easter egg hunt is.
When I was a kid, we used to go every year for Christmas and the Easter egg hunt. It was fun!
- forget the Easter egg hunt, did they celebrate Easter? I cannot remember.
Sadly, the Dragon Radar is only pretend. We could do a makeshift Easter egg hunt with them, though.
NEW POST: InFlight - Where the ideas in my head land on a page.
how about an Easter egg hunt for children, grandchildren? Gets all generations involved.
I've never found anything, but thank you. It's fun to have an easter egg/scavenger hunt to look forward to as an adult. :)
Coral skirt w a floral lace top😐 can't tell me I didn't look like I was omw to an Easter egg hunt 😂
Easter Egg Hunt – Visit Customer Service for a map, visit participating tenants to complete the hunt and be entered to win a Easter Gift...
"It's a *** One Direction concert not an Easter egg hunt." . -
Cleaning up after a summer party is like being in an Easter egg hunt, except there's no candy and the eggs are just empty beer bottles
See adorable otters go on an Easter egg hunt
Make sure your kid wins the Easter egg hunt you psycho.
Help! ASAP! We need pictures for a video for our Celebrate Ministry gathering this Sunday. Pictures of the Seder meal, Men's and Women's bible studies or events, Tacoma City Marathon, Easter Egg Hunt, etc. Anything we've been doing since this January. You can email pictures to cpruitt
[Day 6: Easter Egg Hunt]. I have killed 32 eggs. The other men in my squadron have been killed. The eggs are all painted...pai…
Kansas Governor Sam and Mary Brownback host the annual Easter Egg Hunt in Topeka, Kansas. The 35th Military Police and 287th Sustainment Brigade assist the Topeka Capitol Police with security for attending citizens.
My hubby can tease me all he wants about my little crocheting obsession - but these are the three afghans being submitted to Herrschnerrs National afghan contest. I won last year for Under the Sea, Juvenile Crochet to the tune of $300.00. The Grand Prize is $2,500.00 and I think I got a shot with my Easter afghan. So the entries - Butterflies and Blossoms for Baby Crochet, Stained Glass Diamonds and Starts for Crochet, and Easter Egg Hunt for Holiday Crochet. So keeping our fingers crossed (and moving on the next obsession - Armada County Fair entries)
Our 5K Race Committee has been out in full force getting the word out to local businesses about our Firefighter 5K and 1 Mile Fitness Walk. We have made many contacts this week, as of right now we are proud to announce that we have a few businesses who have committed to sponsoring our 1st Annual Firefighter 5K. Our goal is to build a relationship with local businesses and citizens as well as encourage fitness and good health in our community. This event will help provide training, education, and safety equipment to the Local 200 firefighters as well as help fund our community events such as our Easter Egg Hunt, Angel Tree and our Fire Safety Program for the youth. A BIG "Thank You" to ConocoPhillips, Encompass HR Solutions, Central National Bank, Brian Kennedy Farmers Insurance Group and Kevin Lynch of ReMax . We couldn't do this run/walk without the help and generosity of sponsors. We have several businesses and individuals that have given verbal commitments. As soon as we have sponsorship papers back we ...
ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Easter Bunny HUNTER An Adult Comedy Or a parody if you wish Dale A. Doggett To: God and Family July 21, 2013 Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter came out I told my kids I could write a funny story about poor old Abe. My kids said I was warped, what is your opinion. I will post a little each day. It is only ten pages long. I’m Jacob Turner; this is how I remember the story. Of course, Abe and I were drunk when he told me. As a little child, Abraham Lincoln loved Easter; loved to Easter Egg Hunt. Although the chicken’s eggs were not colored, Abe’s Mother always managed to cook some eggs and buy a few pieces of candy. As Abe grew older, he wondered where the Easter candy came from; his parent’s never telling Abe the truth. In 1818, after his Mother, Nancy died; nine year old Abe ran away from home. The only things Abe took were his trusty switch blade knife and his mutt, Taddie. Abe and Taddie walked until Abe was tired of his journey; so he sat by a tree. Abe fell asleep, but when h ...
"Be the One". Community Care is receiving all donations from the Easter Egg Hunt. to help
Thank you Origins Church, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Skidaddles Child Care- Mason, Ohio, Rusty Bucket Restaurant & Tavern, and the Warren County Sheriff's Department for your time and support of our annual Easter Egg Hunt!
The children of Holy Family Parish in Leadville participate in an Easter Egg Hunt after Easter Sunday Mass on April 20, 2014 at St. Joseph Church in Leadville.
Easter Egg Hunt today at Valley 11-3pm, just £2, fun for all the family, activities, arts & craft…
Looking forward to tomorrow, PanCake Breakfast 11:00am to 12:15 Easter Egg Hunt at 12:30-1:30 Tour the facility and learn about the Programs at Belle Wood 1:30-2:30 Fashion Show 2:30-3:00 Hope everyone can make it ! Lots planned!!!
Here is the highlight video produced for Covenant Community Church for the 18th annual Magic 107.7 Easter Egg Hunt, located at Reiter Park in Longwood, FL. This…
Thanks to everyone who made our Easter Egg Hunt a big success!
Photos from the Waterloo VFW Easter Egg Hunt, and the FFA banquets at Valmeyer and Waterloo High Schools are available for viewing at The Independent's website:
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Thanks to Lynn Hilgers for the great photos of our Easter Egg Hunt at Memorial UCC on April 20, 2014.
Over 2000 Easter Eggs for the ages 0 to 4 Easter Egg Hunt at the Marion County Children's Services Event.
On Palm Sunday St. Joseph the Provider School students and St. Anthony Church families joined together for an Easter Egg Hunt with a visit from the Easter Bunny. Here are some pictures of the fun:
Check out the video made at the SFX Easter Egg Hunt (thanks to Jarrad Peters Film). We're shooting another one tonight so don't miss out - get on the next SFX video!
Tomorrow is going to be pretty weather! Bring your baskets and your babies and come to our Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow here at Woolsey at 10:30 am! Bring your friends!
Dixon Elks and Kreider Services are hosting an Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow at the Lodge at 10:00 a.m. The public is invited.
Congratulations to Gloria Walker for winning a gift card to Papa John's! Gloria entered her name and email into a drawing at Saturday's Easter Egg Hunt. Look for our next community contest at the Guns N Hoses softball game on May 3 at the Midway Little League Fields!
Hey there! Just a note to let you all know...if you attended our Easter Egg Hunt we have photos of your children with the Easter Bunny. Come on by and pick them up! Thanks for making this event such a great success!
Congrats to Samantha Boots who won the 3 month membership to the YMCA during our YMCA Easter Egg Hunt!
   There was a great turn out Saturday, April 19th for the Easter Egg Hunt. The Potawatomi Inn and Pokagon State Park hosted the "eggs-traviganza"  out on the front lawn. Kids of all ages enjoyed the search as their families cheered them on! Colorful eggs were filled with candy and other small prizes. Other eggs had small notes, redeemable for larger prizes and gift certificates!  After the Easter egg hunt, families could get their picture taken with our Pokagon Easter Bunny. Thank you to all the families who came out, and thank you to everyone who helped make the egg hunt possible!  Special thanks to the Steuben County Tourism Bureau for supplying the Easter Basket Prizes and to the Angola Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Network for volunteering to help during the event!
WHEELS: Bolton Honda hosts 6th annual Easter Egg Hunt: Kids, chocolate and cars: they don’t exactly all go tog...
MANY THANKS!! Thank you to all those who helped make the Easter Egg Hunt a massive success! We had 712 total eggs, 88 large(r) prizes and had over 20 children participate! Special Thanks to all those who donated candy and prizes!! St. Paul’s, you are inspiring! Here are a few photos from the event (Thanks for sharing Randy Adams!)
Congrats & thanks to our Parks & Rec Dept. for creating another great Easter Egg Hunt!!
Easter Sunday at Yellow Pine was the most wonderful day you can ever imagine. The Church, Fellowship Hall and grounds looked awesome. The food was beyond great. So many good cooks bringing their best. We were blessed with 102 in our Worship Service. Ron Adams brought the most wonderful music you can imagine. Hallelujah! Then the Easter Egg Hunt was on, thanks to Vicki Brunson. Thank You Lord for all Your blessings.
How did you spend your holiday weekend? Comic-con - Easter Egg Hunt - Salt Lake City Marathon? We would love to hear your stories or even better, post pictures.
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EVERYONE LIKES GOOD NEWS. REG'S GARDEN TOY SHOP took £300 on Saturday at Millie's Easter Egg Hunt. all money raised goes towards raising funds for charities and those in need.
Had an awesome Easter Egg Hunt at Flo's and played (badly) Titan Fall with Freddie! XD
Easter Egg Hunt for my Godson Thomas Allen with his mummy Jane Allen
Open Day today from 12pm including an Easter Egg Hunt! Discounted memberships available to new members as well. Hope to see you here later!
Happy Easter MONDAY EVERYONE ! What a weekend we've had - the first Hog Roast of the year went brilliantly. The weather has been beautiful on the whole & especially for the Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday where we had 51 children take part. From this we have selected our names for Katie Sheeps 2 girl lambs out of all the suggested names on the Easter hunt. Peppa & April :) Today the sun is shining !
Top story: Easter Egg Hunt! We Found the Year's Best Hidde... see more
Had a very blessed Resurrection Sunday spent the day with some wonderful folks. We had a wonderful wonderful time plenty of good food, laughs and just hanging out. Special shout out to: Richard Mendez, Quartermetra Hughes, Connie Hughes, Tommy Barron, Daniel Mendez, Terry Thompson, Curtis Spruell, Pierce Carter, Harold Brawley, Jim Albert, Julian Valdez, Tommy Shay Adams, Garland Roland, Beatrice Molina, Ms Glo, Shirley Hughes, Terrence D Clay, Uncle Travis Branch, Debbie Haynes-Branch, and Daniel Hughes thank you guys for picking up trash, hiding eggs just all of the little things just know that even the smallest deed is greatly appreciated and did not go unnoticed. Monica Smith, Jerry Moore, and Tierra Smith To Everyone that attended to many to name Thanks for helping make Lonnie's 3rd Annual BBQ and Easter Egg Hunt. A big SUCCESS see you next year if The Lord says the same. Be BLESSED
Easter Egg Hunt update: Within the past hour we were able to verify that the egg is no longer in it's hiding place. Due to searchers being around the area all day, we were unable to check. No one has notified us that they have it, but we expect notification after we open tomorrow. We will have a story about the hunt and the winners when they come forward. And no, it was not hidden in Noble Park.
Everyone please keep the Blair family in your prayers, great man, and thank you Elite News for inviting No More Violence Gospel Youth Community Choir to your Easter Egg Hunt to minister in song, as soon as I pulled up at the park, Mr.Blair came to my car and gave me a big hug, great man who helps so many in the community, keep up the good work, in my prayers...
What about awesome day at First Free Methodist Church. Thanks to everyone for making breakfast and the Easter Egg Hunt.such a huge success. Worship Team- you rocked! You folks are the best!
I would like to personally thank everyone who had a part in making Camp New Hope's Easter Egg Hunt a HUGE success. Thank you to Walmart, Mountain Air Seafood and Steaks, WKSK, Martin and Debbie Little, Glendale Springs Volunteer Fire Department, Santa Sam, Kung Fu Panda, Diddigity Dog, Debbie Speas, Nancy Sumers, Lyman and Beth Horne, Marty Latham, First Baptist Church, Mt. Jefferson Park Rangers Tom and Jeff, Ernie Carpenter and his train, Randy, Jennifer, Holly and Clay, Bristol Baptist Youth, the Easter Bunny and Will and Mark Adkins! Everyone else who helped or donated anything. We had nearly 600 folks here. Thank you to God for moving the rain out, great is Your faithfulness! Next year will be bigger and better!
It's was a great Easter Egg Hunt @ Grandma Mary's! Kids had a blast digging for the colorful treats…
Vision of Life Ministries Here's some of our youth during the Easter Egg Hunt.and a child shall lead...
I had an amazing morning face painting at the Easter Egg Hunt. What a wonderful way to serve God on Easter Sunday :)
So tell me why the Easter Egg Hunt at Myers Park started at 2:30 and is over now. 😒
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Whoo hoo I found an Easter basket! I wonder how everyone else is doing at the RMHH Easter Egg Hunt?!
Join from 1-3p today for the annual Easter Egg Hunt in Myers Park.
So, our Face Painter is here, hurry and bring your kids to have their face painted, plus Easter Egg Hunt!!
Update : Keep It Local Waltham Abbey The arrangements, for the Easter Egg Hunt, are as follows: We will ask you to come to the stall, with your children where they will register their name, we will tick their name off when they win an egg. We have put raffle tickets o...
Otis Civilian Advisory Council Quarterly Breakfast Meeting. Where the New Fund Raising Plan to support Military Families from Joint Base Cape Cod and USCG Sector Southeastern New England was introduced to the members. Who then toured Coast Guard Station Woods Hole, before hosting an Easter Egg Hunt for the Military Families of Joint Base Cape Cod who were recently deployed to Afghanistan.
It is remarkable that no one got injured in the Egg Hunt.
Happy Easter. Who knew it called for a 5am egg hunt. Followed by face stuffing of jujubes.
My brother is planning to cheat in the Easter egg hunt, if that's the case I'm going to push him over and find the eggs
no Easter egg hunt for the little one?
Lucas was loving the Easter egg hunt 🌞
Just lost an Easter egg hunt, feel like such a failure
Embarrassing when your neighbours who have toddlers see you and your older brothers running round the garden on an Easter egg hunt.
Morel Mushrooms are shaped like eggs, come up in spring, and collected in baskets.. thus you have the "Easter egg hunt".
Seeing a speed advantage and style “front running” at Easter egg hunt. Life is not a level playing field.
Love for doing me an Easter egg hunt 🐣🐥🐰
Aged 23, I've just taken part in my first Easter egg hunt. Bossed it. 🍫🐣🍫
Easter egg hunt later with the family 💕
My little cousin's are having an easter egg hunt later! I'm so excited!
Lá amach i nGaeltacht na nDéise “Fabulous day in Helvic a Easter egg hunt on
A huge thank you to all who participated in our annual Easter Egg Hunt and Breakfast! Thanks to Station 3 Firefighters f…
You're never too old for an Easter Egg hunt!
Go to and join the Easter Egg Hunt for a chance to win one of 12 prizes. Happy hunting!
shoutout to my neighbors kids doing an Easter egg hunt outback and waking me up😒
Beware of angry bunnies during your Egg Hunt (MS. 298, 14th c.) [1/3]
"Mums woken us all up so we can do an Easter egg hunt . I'm 20. My brother's 22. My sister's 29. 😒😒😒" awww that's cute
They might assail you and put you in jail (MS. 298, 14th c.) [2/3] Egg Hunt
New freebie: FREE Easter Egg Hunt Jigsaw Puzzles HD for Toddler and Preschool - App for Android Device
Easter in Spain is really different, no easter egg hunt but there is this:
I'm having an Easter egg hunt like a cool kid
My first ever Easter without an Easter egg hunt. Don't like this growing up lark.
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The haul of chocolate from Easter egg hunt.
So I wake up and theres no easter egg hunt for me?! What sort of establishment is this?
we still had an Easter egg hunt in the leek household!
Today's Easter egg hunt gon be like
I definitely won that Easter egg hunt
Families enjoy DePue Easter egg hunt: Families line up on Saturday in the DePue High School gym to receive egg...
Did an easter egg hunt for my mum lol
DS20 & DD22 still expect and get the Easter egg hunt. Apparently they'll never be too old. Happy Easter everyone!
Happy Easter everybody! I hope your plastic eggs are filled with beer. I am participating in a pantsless egg hunt.
I have created my own little easter egg hunt for you guys across the universe. get hunting! see you back here in about 50 to…
kids finished the Easter egg hunt..let the chocolate fest begin :-)
Little'uns yesterday on there Easter egg hunt!
Pretty pumped for the Easter egg hunt td ngl
Still not to old for an easter egg hunt
"Easter egg hunt horror as mother finds dead body by deck of house Halloween horrors on Easter Sunday!
This is madness! On the easter egg hunt with my family in-law and I think I lost sight of everyone! :D
When your mum tells you your to old for an Easter egg hunt..😢
All the eggs ready for the egg hunt today from 2 to 5 pm. Our Easter Bunny and face painters are looking forward...
Had to set up the Easter egg hunt so there's some that are too high for them to reach
Start of our cryptic Easter egg hunt, wish us luck
Easter Egg Hunt in the Bronx: Over 2500 people + a great report from prayer counselors. Now time to celebrate our risen L…
"I didn't give birth 4 times for my little boy to do an Easter egg hunt by himself" - my mum
Happy Easter! Of course, the kids got up an hour earlier than they normally do during the school week... Easter Egg hunt commence!
Its finally here! Roughton family easter egg hunt time!
I don't have any Easter eggs as I'd already eaten them all and apparently I'm too old for an Easter egg hunt oh
Wish I had younger siblings so I had an excuse to do an Easter egg hunt
Absolutely battered the family in the Easter egg hunt
So mad I don't get to do an Easter Egg hunt this year... 🐣😢
My dog ate all of our Easter egg hunt chocolate over night. Typical.
got an Easter egg hunt and decorate your own Easter eggs planned
Pretty disappointed there's no Easter egg hunt this morning
Happy Easter guys, we hope you all have a great day spent with family and friends. Our "easter egg hunt" ended...
Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt starts at 10a.m. Please meet on the front lawn of the Harbor View Hotel.
There is still time to make it to Burghley House for today's Easter Egg Hunt - open until 4.30pm!
Police are investigating a shots-fired incident that took place Saturday evening near an east Erie church -- about an hour after the church finished hosting an outdoor Easter egg hunt attended by about 50 people, including about 35 children.
Have you taken part in an Easter egg hunt this weekend? What is your favourite memory of Easter.
The Easter egg hunt is on!! Find them quick or we will eat them :-). DJ also from 5pm! We are gonna need to dance the creme eggs off! Moment on the lips and all that.
We had 55 children for our Easter Egg Hunt this morning - they had all been found in 20 minutes!!
In our now annual tradition, the Easter Egg Hunt at theStudio is officially open! The rules are very simple: Look for hidden Easter Eggs in the New Products section of theStudio (personal use store...
Watch our red river hogs enjoying an Easter egg hunt at Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent!
Easter egg hunt DONE! Was so much fun max loved it! Well done Dan Skelton for doing all the riddles and clues 😉 An imagination like a 5 year old 😁 Happy Easter! 🍫🐓🍬🙏
Join our Easter Egg Hunt on our website and find hidden easter eggs with coupon codes for up to $20 OFF your order! Ends Midnight 21/4!
Children and Families of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment were invited to attend an April 19, Easter Egg Hunt here, open to people of all faiths and hosted by the Protestant Women of the Church. Five-thousand eggs and candies were also donated by the Protestant Women of the Church and more by other groups.
Going on an Easter egg hunt then having to share the eggs equally amongst your siblings completely defeated the purpose of the Easter egg hunt :o
Levai on his way to the Easter Egg hunt this morning:) Happy Easter everyone:)
Congratulations to our New Balance Easter Egg Hunt winner Amanda Veldman! You’ve scored yourself a pair of the new 711 fitness-trainers! Please private message us your details so we can organise your prize. A huge thank you to everyone who participated and found the Easter Egg. Keep an eye on the page for more great events and chances to win coming up soon!
havent seen the news on tv in DAYS.just wondering if by chance the WH had an easter egg hunt? or something to celebrate EASTER?? i guess anything "Christian" related would be reaching too far.
The clip is from the Pixar Easter Egg Hunt found exclusively in the Discover section on Disney Movies Anywhere. Disney Movies Anywhere is Disney's...
Are you ever too old to do an Easter egg hunt? Let me know this morning! - Jonathan Duguid
Chris had a great exciting weekend with spending time with his family on Friday Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Egg Hunt at Rose Heights Church and the Relay for Life Event. He's going to be really tired tomorrow but Church first than rest at home. Thank you so much for his family to come out and support him!! Goodnight everyone!!
Thank you SO much to everyone who joined us today for our Easter Egg Hunt! The weather was perfect, and we had a great turnout! We'll be posting pictures soon, but we all really wanted to thank everyone who came out to help support the cats of In-Sync Exotics, and all the volunteers and staff who worked so hard to make the event a success!
Tomorrow's Easter Egg Hunt will begin promptly at 12:45pm - we recommend you arrive when gates open at 12:30pm. Children will be released on the Bluff by age group with 0-3 year olds going first, then 4-6, 7-9, and finally 10-12. We look forward to a great day at the ballpark!
GREAT FALLS -- An estimated 1,500 children hopped along and around at the annual City of Great Falls Easter Egg Hunt in Gibson Park on Saturday.
Schedule for Easter Sunday: SONrise service and continental breakfast at 9:00am; Sunday School at 10:00am; Morning Worship at 11:00am followed by an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. Come celebrate the Lord's resurrection in meaningful fashion with His gathered people!
Thanks Sarai Estefania for a great Saturday brunch and Easter Egg Hunt, with good friends. Michelle Martens Leah Beeson Valeska Valencia
Can't wait for tomorrow. Waking up at 4am getting dressed for the Sunrise Service at Harpeth Hills Memorial Gardens... gonna be the first time I've been to my uncles grave :( then the family is coming over for an Easter Egg Hunt amd cook out... tomorrow is going to be about the blessings we have received thanks to the man upstairs.
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