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East Timor

The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste , commonly known as East Timor (Tetum: Timór Lorosa'e, ), is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia.

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Dear jacqui money needs to found in the budget to fund PTSD assistance dogs for all veterans from Ira…
in 1999 pro-integration militia attacked the voter registration centre and CNRT office in Maliana, East Timor.
My Favorite Leadership is Xanana Gusmao❤. I love you❤ and Keep Strong. East Timor Love You❤❤❤
And then USPS would be stupid enough to not know East Timor was its own country, or that not all addresses have house numbers.
So the other day he was like "have you guys tried the east timor yet?" And handed me and my other coworker short cups half full of coffee
Video: PNG the team hosted a cruise tourism study tour with the privatesector in TimorLeste & Indonesia: - ETAN
Lost in the "disarray" headline is Xanana's reasoning: he believe election results reflect loss in faith in CNRT...
Indonesia is a marauding band of murdering butchers in West Papua just as they were in East Timor. Indonesia stands…
Plans to form government in disarray as Gusmao quits party presidency
Tomorrow night on the show on an inspiring story about a young woman from East Timor on a tennis & life jo…
They accidentally shipped my plush bear to East Timor so that's why I couldn't do my essay.
Wish I could be there tomorrow to listen and support Nuno!
Bolivar on East Timor: We would have to wait for issuance of joint communique, which will be released shortly.
Now all Mets fans need is for Trump to name Fred Wilpon Ambassador to East Timor
25 years on from the jungle hideout interview that changed E Timor via
ISIS oil wells and homes in East Timor, the Indonesian military plans for anti-missiles in Eastern US by armed thugs in Venezuela to
Might I mention that the Orang Asli in South East Asia, when Australia was still joined with PNG & East Timor, Java…
This is Amy talking about when she was beaten b…
It got worse in 1975 when Whitlam dismissed the head of ASIS because the agency was assisting the CIA in covert activities…
East Timor's Gusmao quits as party leader |
East Timor PM says state is 'ready' to become ASEAN member: Mainichi interview.
To all those outaged about - Australian public sentiment changed outcome in East-Timor'99
Xanana Gusmao "... will not accept proposals to form coalition because not intend to participate in government"
had some bad implications for East Timor or Timor-Leste. Wars for decades in Angola, Mozambique. S…
Xanana Gusmao has resigned from the presidency of his party only days after East Timor held national elections. https:…
Plans to form East Timor government in disarray as Xanana Gusmao quits party presidency
As shocking as East Timor: Behind the scenes with West Papuan refugees
British & Dutch Garrison in East Timor fell because Muslim soldiers mutinied and joined the Japanese, which sped up *** advance
East Timorese political heavyweight Xanana Gusmao has resigned as president of his party.
East Timor / Timor-Leste is one of Asia's least visited destinations. Discover what to do, see, and how to get aro……
NEW: An annotated photo essay on what makes East Timor's elections distinctive in the Southeast Asian context.
East Timor votes for parliament as it confronts oil shortages and row wi...
East Timor heads to the polls as Asia's youngest democracy battles economic challenges 15 years after independence
East Timor offers glimmer of hope for LGBT rights after first-ever pride parade .
Former Peace Corps Volunteer's personal experience with and health in East Timor and
Islamic fanatics use this (&the fact we "freed" East Timor) as justification for their jihad vs Australia,…
Or Sierra Leone, East Timor, the Balkans, but I think when they say Europeans, they mean Germany
The takes a look at the big questions East Timor is facing at the moment
Indonesia invaded East Timor mere days after the dismissal of Australian Prime Miniter Gough Whitlam.
Indonesia’s tug-of-war: The age of pseudo-military leaders rolls on | Asia Pacific Report Indonesia East Timor...
Last September I fenced a cricket in East Timor and it changed my life!
New nation states in 3rd world (Eritrea, S. Sudan, East Timor etc) came abt as a result of full scale war. Shud Iraq prepare for same w KRG?
why would you even care, you don't care the US genocide East Timor, Koreans, Afghani
If you served in East Timor, Iraq or Afghanistan we're interested in speaking to you:
Indonesia did terrible things in East Timor—and Australia doesn't want you to know about them -
We start this keynote hearing about Tasi Tolu in East Timor, where there is a "thicket of ghosts" from prior conflicts
When it came to looking around for examples of his work though all I could reference was East Timor.
Alola Foundation Easter Fair is being held on Saturday 1st April and Sunday 2nd April - ETAN
East-Timor university students collaborate with MOVE in organizing an event with national speakers to commemorate
📷 [About East Timor] Timor is a beautiful island between Indonesia and Australia. But this island is...
We rise issue of "lack participation of young people to vote in the election" team of Indonesia, east timor, bangladesh…
please EXO'rDIUM in East Timor 🇹🇱 fans are waiting 😭 *im just want to meet my boys before they join to Military 😭😭😭
6 yrs ago I volunteered my dental services in East Timor, the poorest country in SE Asia. Perspective is a wonderfu…
Coffee connoisseurs, give this a shot! Fresh frm East Timor, it may be some of the best stuff in town. F…
Sports-for-peace group: Programs have reached 350K people - ETAN
Southern Cross Care breathes new life into East Timor - ETAN
Seeking for Independent Consultant to conduct end-of-project external evaluation - Jesuina Cabral
Thank you to all those who attended the screening. It's and give the people of East Timor a fair…
Meh...Tatang Koswara had 41, just during the Indonesian invasion of East Timor alone.
'Outrageous': Jose Ramos lashes out at over East 'failed state' fears
East Timor votes in a Communist leader. (Posted from PCP website)
Kupang is the capital of is located in which part of Timor island? North, South, East or West?
Free the occupied lands of the world. Ogadenia, Chechnya, Mindanao, Northern Ireland, Oromia, Palestine, East Timor, W…
Just like East Timor but without the sun
Job at MoF: Administration Assistantant and Receptionist - jobs
Looking forward to Theresa May giving interviews out of a 4x4 on the 'triffic deal with East Timor.
jessica rowe today show interview with army officer in East Timor
You should apply for the positon as Australian High Commissioner to East Timor, I don't think Malcolm would let you down this time
.The Sulu sea is where troubles are, according to Philippines. China & Russia should consider patrols in East Timor Seas.
Winter Asian Games are very topical in tropical East Timor - Modesto Bee
Woodside Petroleum waiting on Australia-East Timor maritime deal to develop Greater Sunrise-
Australia should meet East Timor halfway on maritime boundary - The Australian
Chantal Simons has just completed one *** of a journey. She rode her Yamaha XT250 all the way from East Timor to t…
I'm sure the relative dearth of sources is hugely consoling to victims relatives' in Cyprus,Laos,East Timor,Chile..
Australian not-for-profit, the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) installs solar household…
Off to Bali then to East Timormy new assignment. Great adventure begins today.
better surf in East timor and more about the holiday out of trendy village
Lusa - Business News - East Timor Woodside pleased with end to border treaty.
spot on. Fair minded Aussie's keep pressure on to set Sea border fairly & w/o delay
The Australian government's tactic of snubbing international law began to crumble last year when East Timor was...
Timor-Leste oil treaty renegotiation in Aust's best interests, says Steve Bracks via
It's in Australia's interest to have permanent boundaries with East Timor, Steve Bracks writes for
Problems brewing in East Timor with allegations of likely to destroy national airline - see
It also has co-official language status in East Timor, Equatorial Guinea and Macau.
In its appalling abuse of human rights in East Timor, Indonesia lost its sovereignty, same shld occur in
Anybody with any understanding shld know that there's no "reset" button on conflicts like - East Timor i…
Sign the petition to support a fair and permanent maritime boundary with East Timor - one drawn halfway between...
Australia's unscrupulous pursuit of East Timor's oil needs to stop - ETAN
Push to build Greater Sunrise gas plant in East Timor 'doomed to fail'
better surf in East Timor . Give it a try
We're a step closer to a fair deal on East Timor's oil, but there's a long road ahead, writes
Australia's dodgy oil treaty with East Timor is dead. Time to negotiate fair & permanent boundaries. My piece:
East Timor axes Australia border treaty over oil reserves
Only global solidarity & spirit of responsibility will protect our common home,José Ramos-Horta Fmr Pres, East Timor.
several pacific leaders raise West Papua at UN, Australia taken to Hague over East Timor, the chickens have come home to roost.
East Timor wants oil and gas treaty with Australia torn up
'Kissinger is implicated in at least three genocides (Cambodia, Bangladesh, and East Timor) and...4 million deaths.' https…
entire area of the Dutch East Indies (Hindia Belanda). East Timor was never part of it because it was under Portuguese control
Julie Bishop is MIA over Indonesian human right abuses in West Papua - just like PM Howard over stealing East Timor offshore gas.
South China Sea is not a zero-sum game: Australia and East Timor signed the Timor Sea Treaty which establishe...
Always wanted to go to East Timor - but just so hard to get to - even from Malaysia. Two months salary for a flight!
like when he funded the El Salvadoran government, who did more damage than Soviets ever could've. Or the war in East Timor
West Papua got me thinking about East Timor, how the left supported, marched for, armed humanitarian intervention there, quite correctly.
East Timor hero has message of on Anzac eve - The West Australian
Disintegration of Java's Indonesia is inevitable. East Timor was first. West Papua is next. . Papua Merdeka!
The time has come Turnbull to tell Indonesia enough is enough. East Timor first, West Papua next.
Indonesia, you cannot win. Leave West Papua now with some dignity or leave like you did in East Timor, humiliated and disgraced.
People have short memories of Labor selling out. West Papua, East Timor (Balibo Five).
worried about border protection? How about settling the gap between Aust and East Timor
My story on village chicken project in East Timor on this morning. food secur…
The rape of East Timor: "Sounds like fun". Documents found that remind us of the enduring piracy of great power...
A New Generation Draws the Line: Kosovo, East Timor and the Standards of the Wes
Have you seen our new Pandan mats, made in East Timor from pandanus leaves. Just devine. Available through our...
Put this in your diary Xanana Gusmão in Sydney East Timor's Maritime Boundaries. Register …
It's just occurred to me that on my next visit to Darwin, I have an opportunity to visit East Timor
it is wasted $ We gave 100s ofmillionsto East Timor n they r suing us for more We helped them for indep too
Why is it no one mentions the Saudi-Yemen thing? Or the Indonesia-East Timor thing, or Iran-Irq?
TLGov: Meeting of the Council of Ministers of April 20th, 2016 - ETAN:
TLGov: Timor-Leste’s Veterans to visit Australia to strengthen relationship with the Australian Veteran Com...
From a Building in Rural Va., Internet for Far Corners of the Globe - ETAN:
East Timor: Woodside chairman calls for government to 'align' (
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East Timor And West Irian: West Papua is the western half of the island of New Guinea, formerly known as East ...
Rudende needs an air ticket to East Timor... for his own safety.
East Timor gvt has procured 9,000 tons of rice to respond to food shortage.
While this is good, giving East Timor their legal share of oil they would be better placed to meet their own needs
We call this the wet puppy look: soccer edition. . You'll see us representing East Timor on the…
With the advances in cyber spying one wonders why Australia had to go to the lengths of installing microphones to spy on East Timor.
Asher's SC of East Timor reminds me of how much I slept in the car when uncle Nick was driving 😢
Village chicken project in East Timor, a trial to increase protein nutrition for malnourished children.: Villa...
Vaccinating chickens aims to address chronic malnutrition in East Timor's children: Village chickens in East T...
East Timor has taken its demand for a "median line" with Australia in the Timor Sea to the United Nations
Uncovered war letter paints a vivid picture: “I know the day Darwin was bombed, he'd flown to East Timor as a ...
Just asked about Sunrise in context of Woodside donations and disputes with East Timor. Chaney dead batted, said hoped govts sort it out.
Enjoying a great cup of East Timor Peaberry on the clover! @ Starbucks Canada
He, poor sod, merely delivered independence to East Timor in the Middle East.
I added a video to a playlist Death of a Nation: The East Timor Conspiracy (John Pilger)
Report- and of improving for farmers https:/…
East Timor ring a bell? Pointlessly escalating the Vietnam War, as mentioned. Lots of stuff that could be considered "war crimes". Weird.
Time for to stand up and help our friends to the north. We did it for East Timor.
No Oz Govt has ever committed cyber theft & by saying that I mean the stuff we stole off East Timor was oil & gas, not cyber
Australia bullied East Timor into having unfair boundaries for the Sunrise field. It is a simple matter of justice
We helped our friends in East Timor; time to help our friends in West Papua
West Papua: another East Timor?. Listen here: Check out this latest ABC interview...
how come West Papua didn't get independence when East Timor did? Free Nnamdi Kanu
New report of fact-finding mission to on West Papua: another East Timor?
East Timor veterans and student protest against Australia government policies to did occupation in Timor Sea
East Timor determined to get Australia's attention over 'unfair' sea boundaries: One of Australia's closest ne...
East Timor determined to get Aust's attention over 'unfair' sea boundaries -
I'll help - it was retaliation for UN & Aus involvement in catholic East Timor independence from muslim Indonesia
China rebuffs Japan-East Timor statement of concern over South China Sea
East Timor makes debut in Winter Youth Olympics via
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West Papua is well past the horrors of East Timor. If the world continues looking the other way, the horror will just continue.
Why Indonesia won't give West Papuan’s their freedom, like it did East Timor?.
Questions, What are the differences between East Timor's struggle for freedom and that of West Papua? How did...
This is exactly what we are up against, elites thinking that West Papua like they did with East Timor - cannot...
I'm sure you'll have the opportunity at some point. 99% of my staff are Europeans, Indian or from East Timor
Interesting piece by Lowy Institute on Timor Sea complexities. . East Timor border: Be careful what you wish for:
with ozone. in Portugal, Angola, Cape Verde, and East Timor.
The Aboriginal people, East Timor, Nauru, Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, refugees we are detaining. I am sorry.
John Howard | Liberation of East Timor: Now, no genocide against Indigenous Australians:
Remarkable John Martinkus account of "John Howard and Alexander Downer's Srebrenica moment" in East Timor
Timnas -23 gets off to a good start in the AFC Asian Cup qualifier tournament with a 5-0 victory over East Timor.
Our government is doing the wrong thing in East Timor & Australians that believe in a fair go need to step up! -
Sea justice: Australia is doing the wrong thing in East Timor . By
Forty years ago today Indonesia invaded East Timor. The Timorese endured but struggle for full sovereignty continues h…
The dear friend of Lester Maddox who palled around with the Shah and helped facilitate the genocide in East Timor is cancer free   10% Off
Nah, we're waiting for Royal Commission into Howard Govt breaking the Law re East Timor.. Should be a ripper..
I'd like to think that the job of Australia's spies is to keep us safe - not to help the Gov rip-off East Timor
So Howard's invasion of East Timor was all about OIL, nothing about liberating the East Timorese. Six levies, wasteful 1950s govt
The bugging of East Timor was all Howard Govt. All for oil
2nd half between East Timor and Saudi Arabia has just been started! current score 0-4
Today is Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Birthday in Taiwan, National Memorial Day in Liberia and Santa Cruz Massacre in East Timor.
Kissinger 1923-1968: The Idealist by Niall Ferguson review – a case of wobbly logic - ETAN:
Palestine’s soccer federation requests FIFA investigate eligibility of Brazilian-born players on East Timor team.
Palestine issues formal complaint about East Timor's use of Brazilians .
Two S. Koreans injured in attack in East Timor: Two South Korean constru...
"From Iowa to East Timor -- Healthcare, Justice & Basketball" with Dr. Dan Murphy tomorrow at Rainbow Books.
'I'll give climate refugee family a home': The United Nations special representative and East Timor's former p...
The Democratic Party of East Timor supports Saharawi people's struggle f...
Govt 'ignoring lessons of East Timor when it comes to West Papua': John Key and Murray McCully’s hands-off approach…
Government ignoring lessons of East Timor in West Papua: John Key and Murray McCully’s hand...
Update your maps at Navteq
Found a small problem with the map in the East Timor / Timor-Leste section of Dictionary app on OS X Yosemite,...
The sovereign state of Palestine that never was: … in November 2000), and beaten East Timor (Septe...
State universities: … prize awardee Jose Ramos-Horta of East Timor. This was to placate Indonesia ...
Jemaah Islamiyah (group that did Bali Bombings) became more radical + violent in 99 when East Timor got independence.
Horta 'I don't think West Papua will achieve independence in the same way as East Timor' gunship diplomacy
Nominate an by July 17: '95 winner + Nobel Prize recipient Jose Ramos-Hortas fought for East Timor's independence.
East Timor drops Australia spying case at UN’s international court of justice |
You'll be in awe of East Timor's rich marine resources. Here's our guide for this country:
Change policy on West Papua like East Timor they want freedom
OPINION: MSG, West Papua Now It's Down To The Wire: We have seen this from East Timor to Kosovo, from Sierra L...
remembering the evil committed by the INdonesian militaryin East Timor now its West Papua UNshameful act of betrayal
I have not forgotten what the Indonesian military did in East Timor nor will I stop being silent on the massacres in West Papua today
Indonesia was wrong on East Timor and will be on West Papua Indonesian government and military corrupt to the core
Its time to send all evidence we have on Indonesian military atrocities in East Timor murder of Balibo five genocide in West Papua to ICC
and was silent and complicit in East Timor mass murder now its West Papua today
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Bernard Collaery Witness K and the bugging of East Timor | Crikey
mayor Peter Cox has launched a scholarship program to support East Timor students:
Indonesia committed war crimes in East Timor and today its West Papua please don't be fooled
Indonesia are war criminals and mass murderers East Timor to West Papua today
· They got away with mass murder in East Timor not West Papua a voice Free West Papua Party Membership Form:.
So both the Australian Indonesian government need to learn from the mistakes over East Timor and Balibo with West Papua we will teach them
Indonesians massacre East Timor and West Papua and Indonesia has the cheek to chastise Israel
East Timor now its West Papua extermination by the Indonesian military enquiry needed ADF involved
Australia trains mass murderers and war criminals the TNI East Timor now West Papua
New report sheds light East Timor's - telecoms, mobile and in... |
VN to face Thailand at SEA Games: … with Malaysia, Laos, Brunei and East Timor. Thailand, the defe...
Manila: feast day of St Joseph for the poor: … ;s main Catholic nation, with East Timor),. t...
Attorney General Eric Holder speaks to restaurant in Kabul killed in East Timor because execution of discrimination.
American woman held in East Timor freed: … Addison was unable to leave East Timor for six months a...
Australia needs to work with East Timor to develop world class tourism. Timorese people are honest good people.
Beware, priest may be fake: … the Diocese of Dili, the East Timor capital, saying they did not … ...
Tales of war and a cup of tea with the ambassador of East Timor
Neither was East timor or Bangladesh. today they are.Weren't asked to recognize the countries they were liberated frm
When east timor became a country, Indonesians didn't ask the east timorian to first recognize it..
East Timor swears in Rui Araujo as new prime minister on
Timor-Leste takes on presidency of the Business Confederation of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countri...
Tetum and English translation of articles 11 and 14 of Decree-Law (Approving the National Basic Curriculum fo...
it's that bad. East Timor too? What could one possibly go there to do
100,000 young portugese emigrated to East Timor, Brazil and Angola last year that's about 1% of their population
Woodside sees slim hope for East Timor LNG this decade
TLGov: Sixth Constitutional Government produces results in the first two weeks of its mandate - ETAN:
East Timor still the most obscure country in the world, agreed?
TLGov: Extraordinary Meeting of the Council of Ministers from February 27th, 2015 - ETAN:
Top-level domains are rarely deleted, but .tp was removed yesterday (East Timor uses .tl now). is no more.
LOL, U the one should get the facts,why,cos u country would like 2 make papua like east timor,u get the fact,papua is under
Araújo’s Vision for East Timor: The country’s new prime minister appeals for unity and unveils some of his plans.
Even after ICJ ruling not to use national security as alibi for commercial espionage, Oz pursues whistleblower
Australian spy at centre of East Timor bugging scandal still under investigation -
Hamza al-Australī worked in Australian army was deployed to East Timor. He was a man of fitra - wasn't into fāhishah & rijs. During his /1
For the people of Vietnam, Laos, Chile and East Timor, arrest war criminal Henry Kissinger
Attempts to "Arrest" Henry Kissinger for War Crimes in Vietnam, Laos, Chile and East Timor
.Attempts to "Arrest" Kissinger for War Crimes in Vietnam, Laos, Chile & East Timor http…
East Timor prime minister to resign
Where Islam is "Misunderstood" For some mysterious reason, the PERFECT religion of Islam is routinely "misunderstood" each and every day. Since 9/11, terrorism in the name of Allah occurs in: India and the Sudan and Algeria and New York and Pakistan and Israel and Russia and Chechnya and the Philippines and Indonesia and Nigeria and England and Thailand and Spain and Egypt and Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia and Turkey and Morocco and Yemen and Arkansas and France and Uzbekistan and Gaza and Tunisia and Kosovo and Bosnia and Mauritania and Kenya and Eritrea and Syria and Somalia and California and Kuwait and Virginia and Ethiopia and Georgia and Jordan and United Arab Emirates and Louisiana and Texas and Tanzania and Illinois and Pennsylvania and Belgium and Denmark and East Timor and Qatar and Maryland and Tajikistan and New Jersey and the Netherlands and Afghanistan and Chad and Oklahoma and Canada and Washington State and China and Nepal and the Maldives and Argentina and Mali and Angola and the Ukraine an ...
Heineken to build beverage plant in East Timor
US traveler released from East Timor jail
# to be settle among Indonesia-Australia and East Timor using the Median Line method. 4 of 4.End.
Bob Katter - Love Him Or Not, these are absolute Pearls Of Wisdom!! IN MT WARREN PARK SHOPPING CENTRE, (QLD) NO ANZAC BADGES WERE ALLOWED TO BE SOLD, BECAUSE THE OWNER OF THE COMPLEX IS FROM THE MIDDLE EAST, AND REFUSED PERMISSION. . COLES (BI LO ) PUT UP A BIG FIGHT BUT HE OWNS THE LAND AND THE BUILDINGS AND HAD COMPLETE CONTROL OVER THE BUSINESS PEOPLE RENTING FROM HIM. WELL AT LAST A POLITICIAN WHO SPEAKS THE TRUTH!!! On the basis of this email, the day will come when the ANZAC Day Parade will be banned, RSL’s will close and Australian soldiers will wear a different uniform. As Bob Katter says below, the Australian flag is already forbidden in some public areas. Sometimes I wonder if we can still call this place Australia – it’s already owned by many foreign countries now with huge investments in place. Whether you love him or hate him, he hits a raw nerve! Bob Katter …. Saying it as it is: - My great, great, great grandfather watched as his friends died in the Boer War. My grandfather wat ...
Last month Starbucks Consumer Packaged Goods announced it would be adding coffee from Mount Rameleau in East Timor to be part of its "extraordinary new single-origin coffee" line sold exclusively in super markets. Timor-Leste, known often in the west as East Timor, is an island nation straddling the…
[ANGOP]Brasilia -The Angolan state-owned Oil Company of Sonangol was invited on Saturday in Brasilia, to invest in prospecting and exploration of Oil in East Timor.
state oil company Sonangol, invited by East Timor to explore local oil fields
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- A U.S. traveler detained for months in East Timor has been released from prison.
2.Determine, the people of east Timor will determine their self-determination.
Oregon woman held in East Timor for months without charges is... |
Surely has as much right to independence as East Timor or South Sudan ? Or the people of Jammu and
American gets Christmas Day release from East Timor prison -
Stacey Addison of Portland was arrested in September shortly after crossing the border into East Timor
Constitution of parliamentary committee for Western Sahara in East Timor.
Portland veterinarian released after months in East Timor prison
held in East for months without charges is released | World news | The Guardian
Stacey Addison was released from East Timor after a four-month
Mother of Portland woman released in East Timor: 'I couldn't believe it, I just was sobbing'
Happy reunion with brother Jyoti on his return home in his short Holiday Vacation from East Timor.
An Oregon woman who says she was wrongfully detained in a drug case in East Timor is released.
Portland woman released from East Timor prison
woman held in East Timor China prison is released .
US citizen detained for months released from East Timor jail |
American doctor released from East Timor prison |
Portland veterinarian who was being held in an East Timor prison was freed yesterday
Portland woman released from East Timor jail: 'A Christmas miracle' her mother says -
Reality that Indonesian should know what Indonesia Military did in East timor.
Oregon woman freed from East Timor prison 4 months after arrest |
Ore. woman being held in East Timor prison released
Some are calling it a Christmas miracle. Stacey Addison, an Oregon veterinarian, was released from a prison in the nation of East Timor, after being held for several months.
Oregon woman freed from East Timor prison four months after arrest
American woman freed in East Timor after weeks in jail
US traveler released from East Timor jail.
Oregon woman detained in East Timor released from jail:
Portland woman released from East Timor prison |
Oregon woman released in East Timor after drug probe 'nightmare' |
I liked a video American doctor released from East Timor prison
A mother gets her Christmas wish as her daughter is released from prison in East Timor, where she says she spent months behind bars for no reason.
Stacey Addison of Klamath Falls, Oregon has finally been released from an East Timor prison after spending four months behind bars for sharing a cab with a man smuggling meth.
American detained for months in East Timor released - Las Vegas Review-Journal
Portland veterinarian released after spending months in East Timor jail
Please pray & sign petition for release of Dr. Stacey Addison from illegal imprisonment in East Timor! via
Emancipate yourself. Emancipate yourself From mental slavery None but ourselves Shall free our minds Those were the words of the legendary reggae musician Bob Marley. For so many of us, we are still enslaved mentally on so many issues economics, politics, to even religion. In the early '90s, East Timor was an enclave under Indonesia's administration. Indonesia is the most populous Muslim nation, while East Timor had an overwhelming Christian majority. Indonesia was oppressing the Timoris. Indonesia was an occupying power. They therefore had to rise to resist the occupation. The resistance movement was led by Xanana Gusmao, who later became the President of an independent East Timor. The two sides fought a bitter war. In the end, the UN stepped in and East Timor was declared an independent nation, after a referendum. Xanana Gusmao was never called a terrorist. John Garang of the Southern Sudan led a rebellion against the oppressive Khartoum government in the north. They too had to fight a very bitter war . ...
Hi Everyone, It seems like time has been flying. I had some interest from Harlequin Publishers and submitted a revised book to Blackfriars Publishing this week. I completed a screenwriting course this year and will put Shall We Tell The Bride? into a screenplay. I am also working on a screen play entitled Where's the Day Spa? and I have plans to write the sequel to SWTTB next year. I have just arrived in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea after the previous 2 years in Dili, East Timor. What an incredible adventure I live. I am so blessed. Tracey
Evidence found of pelagic fishing from 42,000 years ago in East Timor (in Southeast Asia)! Thanks to OFL -...
Indonesia does not want the world to know the killing fields in West Papua are as good as they were in East Timor evil TNI
Indonesia failed to learn from East Timor so history will be repeated with West Papua. Human rights and the rule of law is part of democracy
Australian embedded artists have depicted the activities of Australian forces in Korea, Vietnam, East Timor, Afghanistan, and Iraq.
'TAPESTRIES' BY MRS TOH KAH BENG - RECOLLECTIONS OF THE THIRD FIERCEST TEACHER IN RI Mrs Toh Kah Beng has written her autobiography Tapestries, a great deal of which revolves around her teaching experiences in RI during the 1970s and 80s. Tapestries will be launched next Saturday at the National Library’s Central Branch in Bras Basah. All Rafflesian alumni are welcome! Date: 29 Nov 2014 (Sat) Time: 2-5 pm Venue: Multi-Purpose Room (Basement 1), Central Library All proceeds from this book will go to the Agape School for the Deaf in East Timor (which Alvan Yap (an alumnus and currently Deputy Director of the Singapore Association for the Deaf), helped to establish. Each book costs $18 nett at the launch, but will subsequently be sold at $19.30 (including GST) in bookshops islandwide. * With a teaching career spanning 37 years, Mrs Toh looks back fondly on her years in RI as being her very best. She recollects how, upon entering Headmaster Mr Philip Liau’s room for the first time, she was struck by how h ...
Timorese people raise the West Papuan flag in Timor-Leste/East Timor! . This great photo was sent into us...
Indonesian is a democracy prove it they must hold their military accountable for war crimes in West Papua East Timor and Balibo
Android app for Free SMS to East Timor. Send Unlimited SMS to East Timor via any Android Phone or Tablet. No text message credits to purchase to text to East Timor.
Councillor Jenny Green (B.A. Modern Asian Studies, Grad. Dip. TESOL, Master of Adult Education) is the Academic Director of the National Judicial College of Australia. Jenny has operated a successful consultancy in learning and development for more than 25 years and has extensive experience consulting with both public and private sector organisations in Australia, Asia and the Middle East. In addition to her training consultancy business, Jenny established and operated a wholesale/import business from 1998 to 2003. This small business involved the design, manufacture and sale of homeware products from India, China and Thailand to retailers in Australia and Asia. She is an active community advocate and supporter of small business and has a special interest in the revitalisation and diversification of retail and entertainment precincts within the LGA. Jenny is a long-time sponsor of a number of aid organisations and is currently a volunteer director on the board of Trade Winds, a not-for-profit fair trade . ...
Petition created to help free detained US woman in Timor-Leste - ETAN:
Violence against women still rife in Indonesia, Timor-Leste and Myanmar - John M Miller:
Sport Dili & Benfica in tiny East Timor. Founded in 1965, they play football, futsal, volleyball, Rugby & Basketball.
Please HELP! Just 10 more signatures needed. My friend Stacey is in trouble (jail in East Timor). This was a...
TIL- Australia, one of the richest nations on earth, is attempting to take an oil field from East Timor, a poverty …
Fang Fenghui holds talks with East Timor NDF commander
The true story of east timor has not been written yet. Ask Gusmoa how many people he executed.
"Finish your pandan cake. Think of all the starving kids in East Timor that got no pandan cake to eat."
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