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East Portland

East Portland was a city in the U.S. state of Oregon that was consolidated into Portland in 1891. It was founded on a land claim by James B.

Portland City Council

Get excited! Division Midway Alliance of Nations showcasing the arts, culture, and food of East Portland,…
"spread their views to East Portland". I guess where in an alternative universe where opinions can be…
I'm starting to get nervous about this weekend... Saturday is the Tour of West Portland & Sunday is Tour of East Portland. Ronde & Doyenne!!
"But it remains unclear who exactly sent the threatening emails to parade organiz…
Some added shading to this story...
Did you hear how those intolerant antifa kids shut down a family parade? Twaddle. The truth is muddier—and uglier.
It's poignantly awful if these fascists march in the Montavilla neighborhood 1
Right-wing group plans "free speech" march in Montavilla after 82nd Avenue parade is cancelled. reports.
We're Click to apply: Registered Nurse - Home Health - East Portland - OR
A West Coast Design Shop Opens in Upstate New York - We’ve been fans of Portland, OR, shop Alder & Co. for a wh...
Take away the Roses and we're just the City of Racists.
Upate on 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade cancellation
If you want some more details & background to the story, here it is from a local coveri…
I’m for anything that cancels parades, especially on weekend morning when i’m trying to get soup
I might go to at 45 East in Portland, OR - Jun 9
.East Portland won't get the family parade. But it will get the hate preachers that started a war over the parade…
The idea, pushed by that PDX leftists threatened to shut down a parade because of a GOP float? Wrong.
I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what happened with the canceled parade in Portland. Here’s the latest.
Packed house in Lents. Not sure of past practice, but I'm proud to bring city council to East Portland tonight.
That random moment when you bump into Herman Munster's house replica in East Portland. House…
We're Read about our latest opening here: Chaplain - Hospice (East Portland) - OR
See our latest OR and click to apply: Chaplain - Hospice (East Portland) -
The portland (garden) at East Grinstead's Sackville House is looking stunning at the moment. Good work
I think the Cavs are a lock for the East! But, I think OKC/SA or possibly even Portland could knock off GSW.
Atlanta is better than portland. The east isnt that weak
Accident in on E Powell Blvd east of SE 143rd Ave
Portland, GSW,OKC and Spurs would all win the east by a wide margin
Accident in on SW Market St east of SW 4th Ave
Accident in on NE Fremont St east of NE Cesar E Chavez BLVD
Portland wouldn't make playoffs in the east? Lmfao
Hawks D in the league. Portland and Houston would not have made the playoffs in the East.
you are 100% right about gas mileage. Drove a van from TD to Portland and back. Apx 17 mpg going west and 22 mpg going east
LOL...just like the press..the comp is a lot tougher in the west than the east! Hou and Portland.Det & Atl! which is tougher?
Portland don't make playoffs in east they would lose tie breaker with Det
they have played 2 teams that wouldn't make the playoffs in the east. If Spurs lose neither will GS, they better beat Portland
stop. Houston was god awful this year. Portland was 5 seed in West and 6-10 against East playoff teams.
they eye test tells me all east teams other than Cavs would struggle to eliminate Portland/healthy Clips
If Portland was in the East, they'd be in the Finals
the west playoffs is fully loaded unlike the east Golden State, Spurs, Thunders , and Portland are all great
well compared to Warriros or San Antonio yeah. Other than that the East right there. Det is probably better than Portland .
Portland would of been a 8th seed in the east or possibly not even had made the playoffs via tie breaker
I'll take it a step further... No East team other than the Cavs could even beat Portland in a series.
The Cavs are great. But the East is an embarrassment. Sorry. You don't see Portland or even HOUSTON quitting like that.
Portland was a 5 seed in the west... They might not even have made the playoffs in the east according to records
might not be stacked but a team like the Clippers or Portland can beat every east 2-7 seed with ease
Memphis and Dallas would have lost to Cavs/Toronto in the east. Golden State is playing Portland and struggling. What was their record?
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agree that Portland vs. East's 2nd Best is debatable, just think it says a lot about how weak East is at the top
Portland is intact and has Dame and CJ. They're probably as good or better than east 4-8
*** Portland ain't weak they better than wverybody in the east besides cavs
Id rather play Houston and Portland than Detroit and Atlanta but "it's the east"
Lebron and co. out for some revenge this year..But I'd bet GSW, Portland, OKC, and SA would all go undefeated too if they were in the east..
Portland is better than any team left in the East besides Cle. Shows how sorry the East still is.
Portland and OKC wouldn't get swept. In most years, half of the east wouldn't make the playoffs in the west
Everybody keep saying the east weak ... But Portland and OKC battling it out with y'all 2 best teams and they both suspect *** teams
KD should go to ATL or Bos if be comes to the East... If he stays west he should go to Portland or Utah
Portland needs a Ritas water ice, yall dont know nothing about that unless you from the East Coast.
and this Portland team who just beat the all mighty warriors would've been tied for the 8 seed in the east. stop being ignorant
the east is weak af that's not the same thing. The cavs would have lost a game against Houston or Portland
I like w Portland, but I think he'll have to go east to get his just due. Imagine him as an east allstar vs the west PGs. Nice
Portland has a better record than cavs since Blatt got fired, blazers would win east...took time for them to gel
The west has better all around teams. I bet Portland would beat any team in the east besides Cleveland!
Portland and Alderney intersection was a neighbourhood line. Kids from east side and west side of the bridge were rivals
Disabled vehicle, shoulder blocked in on I-84 EB east of 33rd Ave
as opposed to Portland and Houston? Houston was mad they won a game. Bottom of west way worse than east
Accident in on Hwy 224 east of SE Tong Rd
Maybe he'll open the East in Portland, ME
East County and Portland Metro in general are god awful.
Sounders would be two points out of first in the East. They're still below red line in West ... but passed Portland.
In the east it should have just been Miami vs. Cleveland. In the west GS, Spurs, Clippers, Thunder. and let Portland play Min just for fun
If Portland played in the East they would make the Finals
That's a game in east Oakland that Portland don't want! They got it tho so it's good
This series would get interesting if Portland gets this win.
Portland and Houston would run through east until Cleveland. Both teams the Warriors have to beat to play Spurs. Crazy
I feel the same- was living in SF for the last 10 years. Portland is like going back to the east coast without 10' of snow.
when I'm back east I start to doubt moving here, but when I'm in Portland I don't feel any doubt. I want to call this home someday
Prasad East our newest location located in NE Portland inside the Portland Rock Gym is officially open this...
Prasad East Opening Inside the Portland Rock Gym: The popular health food haven's new Northeast outpost is perched…
A 20-minute wait to vote at East End polling location in Portland. Strong turnout here for off-year.
unacceptable everyone go vote for the east coast Portland as the better one right now
Attention all Prasad/Harlow fans: Prasad East opens this week inside the Portland Rock Gym!
Making it a goal to stay at every Ace Hotel: DTLA, Palm Springs, NOLA, London, NYC, Portland, Seattle, Panama, and PITTBURGH (East Liberty).
Aesthetic vigilantes continue attack in PDX. Rallying cry "our tastes, not yours!", echoes throughout east side.
Shut Up & Eat has a pretty mean cheese steak sandwich. East Side is my number one in Portland, however.
This might be a great fit for you: Retail Sales Consultant Portland... -
A reminder to all my Portland peeps that I am doing the East-Coast Launch of on Thursday at Longfellow Books: 7pm. Please come.
Voting: the original slacktivism! (@ East End Community School in Portland, ME)
just East of King & Portland next to the Starbucks, 12-6pm today. ☀️
Black people in Portland being pushed to 3 places: 1) East County 2) Vancouver, Washington 3) The jails and prison.
God bless Portland, thanks for representing east coast tonight : )
you'd be on the wolves being better than portland and maybe another east team. Dragen Bender has to live up to his name
Accident, shoulder blocked in on Sunset Hwy EB east of Vista Rdg Tunl, stop and go traffic back to Jefferson Offramp
So many intersections, on the east and west of Portland, could be summed up with that statement.
amazing!!! a book closet library on the side of eastland!! @ Portland Brew East
I'm fer it. Portland east is just a great little city.
Instead of coffee, how bout y'all go pick up some guns in east and north Portland. Too much coffee.
Event planning in Portland, an attendee response key:. Yes = Maybe. Maybe = No. Didn't Answer = Definitely not. No = I am from the …
East African Portland Cement delays release of 2015 results by a month, to do fresh review of its assets value.
East African Portland Cement Company ( EAPCC) has delayed publishing its results for the full year ended June...
come to south east Portland in a few days.
crew vs red bulls in east final Seattle Portland out west
So Portland vs Vancouver will end about 2 AM on the East coast. Take a bow schedulers. Take. A. Bow.
Montreal stuns Columbus 2-1 in the East Conference Semis. Vancouver draws Portland 0-0 in the West Conference Semis.
US26, Zoo, Delay 20min-2hrs, A crash has the left lanes closed just east of the Portland Zoo exit. Use caution an...
are the heart and muscle of Portland Trails. These folks are hard at work in East…
Nice. I just did Amtrak from LA to Seattle, via San Francisco and Portland. Hope to do the east coast by rail sometime.
Wheels up from the east coast jack. @ Portland International Jetport
old Portland has this ridic provincial view that anything east of Cesar Chavez (39th) is THE GHETTO
Photo: Tiny over East Portland. Looks much better in real life. (at Mount Tabor)
Learn to build your own rain garden! FREE Rain Gardens 101 Workshop in East Portland's Lents neighborhood ☛
Something in Portland MUST make sense! . When Portland, East Portland, and Albina combined into the City of...
What do you think East Portland? Do you think district representation on the Portland City Council will help our...
Current Councillor for the Fairy Hill Division Derron Wood speaks about the opening the the Jamaica Labour Party East Portland Constituency office. He is also the caretaker for the East Portland seat. Andrew Wheatley, opposition leader Andrew Holness, Robert Montaue, Richard Creary and other JLP members said they are supporting Wood to become Member of Parliament after the next General election.
Footgolf hits the green at Glendoveer: East Portland course is first of its kind in Pacific Northwest With bri... http…
East Portland parks: City to buy 7.5 acres in park-deprived Centennial neighborhood
News Release March 13, 2014 For immediate release For more information contact Jim Blackwood, (503) 823-3598 City Council invites Portlanders to “City Utility Rate Review” for discussion of proposed utility rates Next Wednesday, March 19, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm, the Portland City Council will hold a first-of-its-kind community budget meeting – the “City Utility Rate Review.” The meeting will be held in East Portland, at Parkrose High School. Portlanders are invited to learn more about the combined 4.92% rate increase proposed by the City’s two utility bureaus, the Bureau of Environmental Services and the Portland Water Bureau, and to provide feedback to the Council. This is the first time Council has held such a meeting about the utility bureau budgets, and it won’t be a typical budget forum. For those who want to learn more about these complex utilities, there will be plenty of ways to do so – the meeting will begin with a brief overview of how the sewer, stormwater and water budgets are d ...
Brett F admits has "the best single heart attack breakfast" (fried chicken on homemade waffles):
Portland snow is all gone, now our offices in the south east are being dumped on. Good luck, Charlotte!
You might be from the east coast if you say ➡️. You might be from the west coast if you say ⬅️
Whoa! Pics from the rockslide happened on I-84 THIS side of Hood River! The car was THISCLOSE to getting mashed.
Lots of cancellations at Portland Jetport. Only flights getting out are to Detroit. Most everything to East coast cities are cancelled.
how did weather in east affect package which went from Bellevue wa to Portland or? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Leaving Portland… flights to east coast getting canceled left & right
Lol, try the Rockslide that closed the Colombia River Gorge, you're not leaving Portland to go East unless you go through Wa.
good work you are doing out on the east coast. I'm keeping up with the storm out here in Portland!
Portland, Maine, east coast's 4th biggest port, starts maintenance dredge to maintain 35' at all tides
Biggest surprises in NBA Toronto leading East Portland a major player out
[Portland Press Biz] Representatives from idled East Millinocket mill meet with congressional delegation
Landslide closes I-84 in Hood River: A large landslide has closed both east bound lanes of I-84 and ...
it'd be the best matchup. I think OKC and Portland will be great in the west ship. And Heat Pacers in the east
my east coast team dats where I'm from but I'm a tru Portland trailblazer fan
No doubt in my mind my Pacers are coming out the east. As long as Portland don't come out the west we're 2014 champs
East Portland Advocates: A bit of information on the Portland Public Water Ballot Measure as it relates to East Portland. Proponents of the Portland Public Water Ballot Measure have been saying their measure doesn’t exclude East Portland. However, they cite their own lawyer in making this claim and then say City Council can fix it (implying this poorly crafted measure does in fact leave out portions of East Portland). Regardless Multnomah County Judge Leslie Roberts (a more impartial and authoritative source) clearly raised this concern and the likely consequence in her October 9 ruling on the ballot title and summary, which is in public record:
Mavs beat the best in the east. Now we've beat Portland and Indiana on their home floors.
Greetings East Portland Rotarians, I wanted you to know that tomorrow's meeting will be held in the East Room. I'm really looking forward to seeing you! YIRS, Lisa
East End Cupcakes in Portland, ME sent me a Valentine! Cupcakes in jars!
What’s the Portland Brew East wifi password?
Website Builder 728x90
it looks like I will be in Portland, OR for an extra day. maybe two. on the east coast.
ULI Rose Center development challenge in Portland: Central East Side has many lessons that apply to Indy.
Gas lines break at East Linn: Angus Brandt has quietly returned as one of the Oregon State men’s bas...
Rain tapering off north of Portland-Vancouver city areas- but continuously soggy south & east.
Tonight in Portland: Stop the East-West Corridor and RESTORE at the Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church FMI:
you guys should just come over to my house and play. I'll make you dinner. I'm only, like, 15 minutes east of Portland.
Victoria East's bid for outright district title ends in loss to Gregory-Portland
The latest episode in this all-too-familiar war was the High Court decision on Monday to nullify the decision by...
The unclear wars at EAPCC by Jaindi Kisero cc Smh!
KISERO: National interest in fights at EA is unclear
Portland's gonna be hard to beat. They put a fight like that with their two best players playing like crap.Glad the Heat are in the East lol
Redfin is looking for: Associate Agent - East Portland.
KISERO: The national interest in the fights at EA Cement is not clear
2 dead in Oregon avalanche; Colorado victim found: PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — An avalanche in the mountains of east...
thunder over Portland IMO. I honestly think pacers will win the East.
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ELCA has preview day Wednesday: LEBANON — East Linn Christian Academy will have a preview day for ne...
Victoria East boys going for the District 30-4A title at home against Gregory-Portland
I will be at the East End Bar 203 SE Grand in portland,Or this sat night. Show your little monkey *** at your own peril.
Placard bearing East Portland Residents converged on the Offices of their Member of Parliament Dr. Lyndale Bloomfield to demonstrate over the lack of water chanting... "Wah unuh waan?".The crowd responds "Watah! Watah! Watah! Watah!!" . The MP said its the second time they did it...
Raptors are 3rd in the East with a 27-24 record. In the West , Portland is 3rd with a record of 36-15. Shows you how much stronger WC is.
Portland spiked the truck in East Portland, e/b Stark from 162, not pursuing
The national interest in fights at EA Portland Cement is unclear: Our anti-trust laws are... [Op-Ed]
Partly cloudy today with areas of smoke haze in the east. 22 for 24 for 25 for 36 for
A1 (cont)Going from US east coast to Portland, Oregon. Apparently, people are nicer in cities in other parts of the country.
New East African Portland Cement chairman meets stiff opposition on his appointment
Do you travel between Portland Place East, CV32 and Jaguar Land Rover Gaydon? You could with James!...
Twists and turns at East Africa Portland Cement Company over board chairmanship
Flatter parts of Portland on east side are fine. Please consider closing schools only in hills, not district wide.
A few photos from yesterday after this weekend’s snow storm. We took the OPR 1413 out on the East Portland Division and cleared the rails of snow.
To everyone concerned: Our latest fundraiser was a total success. We've raised more than $100, and that's not bad for a piece of candy. However, this is no ordinary candy... This one was HUGE!!! The drawing was supposed to held last night at East Portland Eagle Lodge 3256, but was cancelled due to dangerous road conditions. Instead, the drawing for the FIVE POUND chocolate Hershey bar will be held later this afternoon. It will be filmed and posted for everyone to see. The winner will be announced this evening. Thank you all for your support. :)
I just got back from Albertson's. Bought some rock salt for my drive way and side walks. I was the only customer in the store. The streets over here in East Portland are an ice rink. Not complaining. This is very rare for Portland. Reminds me of Iowa.
Reporting live from South East Portland... We have freezing rain.. BLARG! this weather needs to warm up about now...
Freezing rain in east Portland and Gresham areas!
Have you heard??? It's true!!! Alice Fæland and I are moving out of our sweet little home by March 2nd and we are both looking for a place to live! Open to continue our life together as roommates or finding rooms in other houses (not together). We are both awesome ladies looking to live in East Portland. Hit one or both of us up. Loving You! xoxo
All our appointments canceled due to snow and most of our staff can't make it in so we're closed today, but our Portland location Jaded Soul Tattoo is open and has two tattooers and a piercer on staff if you can make it to East Portland. Make sure to call first, space is limited. We'll see you all tomorrow Gresham enjoy the day.
So looks like our piercer Damian won't be in today again. If you need a piercing or jewelry today go see Aaron at our East Portland shop Velvet Elvis Piercing located at Jaded Soul Tattoo. Enjoy another snow day.
Today's meeting will be an essential one... Everyone is asked to be there. The meeting will start at 6:00 P.M. sharp, at the New Hope Church of God on French avenue. Everyone that's coming, is asked to take a friend or two. Councillor/Acting Caretaker for East Portland will be there..Contact Chairman for any uncertainty. 286-7531.
Categorize under "things I never expected to experience": snowmobiles racing through our yard in east portland oregon. Thankful for heat and shelter in this snowy wonderland!
Still waiting for the heavy snow to hit east Portland!
For those who are going to the Courts at Beaverton... I believe the snow has stopped most of us from going or at least me. I will try East Portland on Monday though :)
INCLEMENT WEATHER UPDATE Friday, February 7th 3:15PM: THIS IS AN UPDATE FOR SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8th! As of right now, Dishman, East Portland, Mt. Scott, and Southwest Pools will not open before 10:00am. All swim lessons and water exercise classes are cancelled. BUCKMAN AND COLUMBIA POOLS WILL REMAIN CLOSED ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8th. Please check back here prior to heading out to one of these pools in the morning, as we will continue to keep you updated as we receive more information regarding closures and late openings.
For Saturday February 8th, East Portland Community Center & Pool will open at 10:00am. The pool will open at 11:00am for lap swim. ALL Classes, Leagues, water fitness & group exercise classes are CANCELLED. Rentals will go as planned or may be rescheduled, guest should contact their rental host for information. Please check back or call our voicemail before heading in on Saturday.
The Urban League of Portland's main offices and all satellite locations will remain closed Friday February 7th, including our Senior Game Day in East Portland. We apologize for any inconvenience.
UPDATE, 5:35PM THURSDAY 2/6 Portland Parks & Recreation will be closing or modifying schedules at many of our community centers, pools, and facilities as bad weather moves into the area. This notice will be updated as able with more information as it becomes available. UPDATE 5:35PM Multnomah Arts Center (MAC) all classes for Friday are cancelled. Center tentatively plans to be open for drop-in visits. Visitors should check directly with rental groups regarding other activities at MAC. SWIM POOLS update 3:36pm Buckman Pool closed at 1pm. All other PP&R public swim pools will close at 4:00pm today. CHARLES JORDAN COMMUNITY CENTER update 3:36pm CJCC is cancelling all classes that begin at/after 1pm. The center will be closing at 4:00pm. EAST PORTLAND COMMUNITY CENTER update 3:04pm EPCC is cancelling all classes after 1pm, including swim lessons, water fitness and group exercise classes. The swim pool will close at 4:00 PM and the entire building will close at 6:00 PM. MT SCOTT COMMUNITY CENTER update 2:5 .. ...
Steve Novick says he's asking City Council for $1 million for walking safety—mostly in East Portland.
Little Giant Ladders
Commissioner Novick dedicates new 11-block sidewalk that connects schools, improves safety in East Portland (January 17, 2014) - Commissioner Steve Novick opened the school day at Prescott Elementary School by serving as a crossing guard, helping students and parents arrive safely as they used a new sidewalk that spans 11 blocks and connects two schools and a park in East Portland. Novick’s visit was part of a dedication of the new sidewalk, which runs along the south side of NE Prescott Street from 105th to 116th avenues and had been sought by parents, community members and school officials to improve safety and access for students and families in the area. It replaces a gravel shoulder. The sidewalk connects Prescott Elementary School to Parkrose High School and extends east to Senn’s Dairy City Park. “It certainly keeps our kids safe on their way to and from school. Safety is a big concern for us because we do have a very busy high-traffic area right around Prescott,” Prescott Elementary School ...
25+ miles around East Portland. Love the Johnson Creek part of the Springwater. And new location!
Did you know Commissioner Steve Novick and Mayor Charlie Hales sent a letter to Santa Claus asking for more transportation funding? It's the beginning of a conversation they plan to have with Portlanders about making our streets safer and more accessible. Here's the full letter: Dear Santa, We hope you will agree that Portland has been a good city this past year. We hope you will be able to give her something she desperately needs: funding for her transportation priorities. As a start, it would make the people of Portland very happy if you could find a way to fill our stocking with (in no particular order): $850 million to address our basic street maintenance needs. $58 million to fund the elements of the Outer Powell Concept Plan. $23 million to complete the projects on the East Portland in Motion priority list. $30 million for maintenance and improvement of our signal network to the latest technology. $2.5 million for a historically and aesthetically appropriate replacement for the safety barrier on the ...
Randall -- Janet Yellen is set to become arguably the most powerful woman in the world. She's incredibly impressive -- an accomplished economist and professor who is presently the vice chair of the Federal Reserve Board, and someone that I know is committed to helping rebuild the middle class. With Ben Bernanke's term expiring, Dr. Yellen is President Obama’s choice to be the first-ever woman to chair the Fed. She’s also my choice. That's why I will proudly vote this week to confirm Dr. Yellen. Our nation isn't truly prosperous unless prosperity extends to the middle class and those struggling to make ends meet. My father was a millwright. As a child, my family was forced to move from my childhood home of Myrtle Creek to Roseburg and then East Portland to find work. Times were tough in Oregon. But with hard work, my parents could pay the bills, send me and my sister to college, and save a little for retirement. We have to do everything we can to make sure that kind of opportunity to pursue the America ...
East Portland's Alice Ott Middle School has been named one of 9 high-poverty U.S. middle & high schools with exceptional student achievement
Affordable housing comes to East Portland - Portland Business Journal
East end Portland a boat exploded... I saw the smoke. There isn't much left of it
Reports of a boat explosion at East End Beach in Portland. WGAN's Frank Alosa is headed to the scene we'll have updates on 560 AM this afternoon
Portland, ME *Boat Fire* East End Beach , 1 Cutter St. Everyone is off the boat. (WXRS)
My 4th was wicked awesome!!! Had our first cookout in our place and then made our way to the fireworks at the east end in portland. Ayla enjoyed it a lot. Got lots of fireworks pics from the monkey.
July 5th, 2013: TONIGHT: our final show AND CD-release party for our new 5-track single, Something About the Future. The show will take place at East End bar in our hometown of Portland. This is your last chance to see us perform live!
Prayers are needed for one of our VOE employees today. She is burying her brother today and they just told her that her mother, who has been sick for some time, will probably pass today. Please pray for Darla Prater and the Ledford family today.
With sadness and humility I am sorry to announce that we have postponed our trip to the Pacific coast. After weighing all the risks, we decided that it is way too dangerous to ride this time of year. Very poor planning on my part. We are still going to ride a little, we just don't know where and how long...
SFLA has decided to rent a full-size bus to drive down to Austin from Washington, DC to represent the pro-life generation at the 2nd Texas Legislature Special Session.
Today Rob Petersen and I head up to Portland, ME. Glad these trips up the East Coast are shorter than the trips we did on the West Coast last year. Makes traveling with his dialysis a bit easier.
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How are all your dogs surviving legalized fireworks? I hate it. My dogs are not afraid, but it has us all on edge. Last night I passed on the fireworks with friends to be home to redirect my dogs from barking. I assume it will continue through the weekend. Sounded like a war zone at times over the last few days. Plus I always feel like someone is going to accidently set the neighborhood on fire.
BETTER LATE THAN NEVER! Our Humpday free cupcakes turned into TGIF free cupcakes this week thanks to my forgetfulness. Are you ready to win a 4 pack of the best cupcakes in the Treasure Valley? Answer this question to be entered to win: Do you have vacation plans this summer? Thought I did but I think they just fell through... major bummer! excitement and lack of sleep
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We have a neighbor with the big fireworks!!! Holy cow. This year is by far the worst year ever!!! We don't go to fireworks shows because of Simon. It surrounds us this year. It's going to be a long night!
Check out this list of best cities to be single in. Did your town make the cut?
This was absolutely the biggest 4th of July in our neighborhood (at least in the 9yrs we've been here). It was almost like a block party. Then I remembered the last time we were all outside on our block, and it was dragging out drenched furniture. Nice to see us all bouncing back.
The 4th of July used to be my favorite. Now I'm all like, 'get off my lawn!'.
Luke and I was able to see three different fireworks from our patio. One in the east one in the south and the last one in the south west of us in portland. It was nice to see until it started raining then we came in. I hope all of you at the fairgrounds did not get rained on. Party was nice at Edward Muhlenkamp house today. I was just too tired to go to the fairgrounds. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves today. Tomorrow is getting ready for fair.
One day to go before we leave for Portland. Hope to have an interview lined up. Looking forward to the opportunity to move back.
Things you don't expect to hear in the Portland Rose Garden: "We've done this. It reminds me of Brooklyn." Something I was reminded of, after sniffing many of the beautiful blooms: Hybrids don't make a lot of scents. In fact, you could call many of them non-scents-ical.
In some areas of California, the Pacific Coast Highway is the only route from Point A to Point B. Bet that beats your commute, doesn't it?
If anyone has access to a video of Nick Strauss singing Get In My Mouth at LeakyCon and can share the video with me, I will love you forever! -Scarfy
Hi! I'd like to know where are the best places to work in the USA, in Noc's follower's opinions.. Thanks KBB
Flying every day now 2-3 times each day getting ready for Oregon Int'l Airshow end of July. Sure would be nice if it wasn't so hot. But it is good practice. When I get cool weather, it's a gift!
Just saw Thurston Moore pushing carts at Fred Meyer. He should get the band back together.
We're outside of Pendleton, Oregon, about 200 miles east of Portland. It looks like the clouds are right on top of you here and you can see for miles around below.
I guess I'm going to the block party at East End to see DANAVA if we don't go to Corvallis. What are my Portland friends doing?
Enjoying an evening on the Eastern Prom, come say hi!!
1) My wife is out of town for the weekend 2) It's impossible to get start-up work done on a long holiday weekend when your bankers/lawyers/etc are as far away from their desks as they can be 3) I am caught up on my photo projects 4) Not back at the bar again until Saturday night = I have nothing to do, and nowhere to be, for the first time in over a year. Strange feeling. So.what's everyone doing tonight?
Drummers, Matt Halpern, J.P. Bouvet and myself need your help. We are finalizing the dates for the West Coast version of The Common Thread Clinic Tour. We are looking for a store to bridge the gap between Portland Oregon and Sacramento. Anyone know of any killer stores in Eugene OR, Medford OR, Chico CA or Redding CA?
What cities are having fireworks tonight
I'm very sex-positive, but in a town with 2,000 dancers, and 2,500 total population, I think it's fair to say... Portland has too many goddamned strippers.
Witnesses describing the south east Portland crash where a boy was struck by a car
Remind me to message the people at FarmVille so they can teach more people the reality of living on a real farm or even an urban farmer. After the last post I made my family has a good laugh. Living in reality is a beautiful thing. Thank you all for your support. This page is here to teach people how to live sustainably. Most people would never even imagine all you have to go through daily and how you can lose your crops and live stock very quickly. We tell the truth about what we go through, if you don't like it move on to another post or go to another page that is run by some admin that has never grown anything lol... Fb has a lot of pages like that! ~ Stephanie
At some point tonight, we leave for Santa Fe, NM to start the awesome Route 66 roadtrip to spread my parents' ashes across America. This should be awesome. If you know me in Santa Fe, Roswell, Albuquerque, Moab, UT (???), SLC/Ogden/Provo, Boise, or Portland, hit me up. I'll be near you.
Of course the FOURTH couldn't be sunny. I guess it's not raining, whoopee.
So I got a few.drove past 100 fireworks stands to get the homie hook up at B-N-B fireworks 8211 east Portland ave.
Said our final farewell to DC yesterday... the country's most underrated city with the most overpriced beer. Our six years there included a marriage, a college graduation, a birth, and a near-death by falling tree. Onward to Portland, to more big adventures and cheaper (better) beer!
Looking at hotels for my trip this summer...and every one has an indoor pool. Click "LIke" if you agree there's few things less skeevy than an indoor hotel pool...
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
My friend Mara Lathrop keeps a list of all the reasons she loves living in the woods, and periodically posts a few of them. Today I am inspired to steal her idea and start posting the reason I love living in Portland. We moved here 33 years ago today, my daughter, Bev S. and I. So, here's the first list: 1. Mountains. I go out my front door, turn right, walk a block and am on Mt. Tabor. 2. People grow food in their front yards. (I have raspberries, figs, tomatoes, and strawberries this year.) 3. Portland people have good hearts. Yesterday a woman walked up and down the street knocking on doors until she found out who knew the cat who had been killed up on Division. She didn't see the accident, just the cat. But she knew someone would know. I did. It was a stray that my daughter feeds. Grandson and I took care of it. Someone had placed the kitty on the grass out of the street, at least that. 4. Great food. Everywhere -- grocery stores, restaurants, food trucks. I know that I can always ask for or read the ...
Happy 4th of July to you and your family from AR!
Hey Zak, Kelly, Molly, Jordan and all other Portland friends! Kate and I are in town for a few hours today and want to do something fun. What's good?
Happy 4th everyone!!! It's raining in Ohio and I just love it!!! I know, that's nuts, but so am I!!! One of my earliest life memories is my brother Jeff and I watching the fireworks with my folks and a bunch of neighbors in Indianapolis. I was about 4 and Jeff was 2!! I can remember the joy in Jeff's face...mine too!! So, again, Happy 4th my friends!!!
Why in the world did the bobcats get Al Jefferson. So much for trying to get Andrew Wiggins in next years draft. I want to be a bobcats fan... I really do but they are just beyond stupid.
I'm an old timer here and remember when that mountain was a lot taller (prior to 05/18/80 when she blew all over the place).
It's official, I'm in love with Boston. Sorry Seattle, you have competition now.
Ima light a banana split sparkler for all my East Coast and Midwest homies! Muah! Dylan Rachel Jennifer Carly Mary Mary Alyssa Noah Dan Matthew (apparently there's a limit!... U know who u are!!)
Between an awesome night at East Chinatown Lounge last night and the Adidas commercial yesterday, that was a lucrative 10 hours! Today is my all time favorite holiday and the one year anniversary of being back in Portland! Im ready to celebrate. If you got good stuff going on let me know, I'll be on the march big time with that look in my eye.
The City of Albany Recreation & Community Services Department invites you to attend the 4th of July Green, Red, White & Blue Celebration in Memorial Park. By "Green", we mean our goal is to have a zero-waste event , using compostable plates & utensils and by recycling cans & paper goods, etc.
…and still what about all those unpaved roads in East Portland? It still seems only Mayor Sam Adams actually had a plan for those.
Garage sale! I can't take it with me so everything has to go! You don't need anything but still feel like supporting your friend! Cash donations are also being accepted and are greatly apprehended! All funds are going towards securing a home in the US.
Inlet Beach in southeast Walton County FL has had 17.44 inches of rain since Tuesday night with widespread road flooding in the county. That area continues to get blasted.
Knowing where change will happen enables planners to more actively work toward preserving economic and cultural diversity in those neighborhoods.
Where should we go to see Fireworks tonight? Haven't had the time to even look into that.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
i gotta quick question for you guys. Who your team (if you have one) in the West? Mines OKC -AB0
Beautiful day in Downtown Portland. Headed on a walk to get coffee for Barb and I.
The British R&B singer/guitarist and his band play Asylum on Saturday.
To all our fans and friends We LOVE YOU just the way you are Thank you for your oneness and support Happy inner independence Carlos
For many expats around the world, celebrating Independence Day in a foreign country is kind of like celebrating Christmas in Iran: no one really celebrates it with you.
Exploring food deserts in East Portland -
Daughter Julia is flying east today. May the Lord grant her a safe journey, according to his will. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
So lets make a list of all breastfeeding friendly places. Ill start asda in Sutton!
Finally I have a deal with East African Portland Cement(Blue Cement) to brand walls in Juja Town. Thanks be to God.
Just finished workin' on a new tune...nighttime inspiration...:)
Back in Nova Scotia "takin care of biznez and working overtime".Today I'm gonna mix a little portland then go for a cruise from East River to Sou West and the day will be but half done.
SANGERVILLE, Maine — The route of the proposed east-west highway probably won’t be made final in the near future, but the limited access highway may include a recreation trail and utility lines. In response to a letter from Sangerville Town Manager David Pearson, east-west highway project manager Da...
Would you consider investing in a community-owned wind turbine if it meant that is was you and not an energy company getting the financial benefit? Could you imagine a community-sized (smaller than industrial ones) turbine in East Cowes?
If you live in Penrith take note - parking spaces at Corney Place will be out of bounds for two weeks from September 19 to allow electrical work and street repairs to be carried out. The area begins just south east of the junction between Corney Place and Portland Place and continues to just north west of its junction with Hunter’s Lane. An area north west of the junction with Hunter’s Lane is included.
So we made it all the way from Portland, Oregon to Cheyene, Wyoming with Steve driving pretty much all day cuz i am still not feeling well. We had intended to pull off and sleep there but the new plan is to drive 2 more hours to pick up Steve's brother so he can help drive most of the night yet...
Heartty Queen and Odie Okal Oduor cant wait for The national sevens circuit.I swear allegiance to PORTLAND STORMERS RUGBY CLUB this time round.Its our time!!!Kila mtu aseme team yake bet zianze cc @ Phrashia Githinji ,@ Eddy Gichanah, Elyzerbeth Denanjie
Latest NBA news: - Cavaliers are now in the running for signing Chris Copeland and are offering him a multi-year contract. - Bulls deny having interest in trading for LaMarcus Aldridge. - Danny Ainge talked with Brian Scalabrine about the Celtics' head coaching position before adding Adam Stevens. - All Jefferson wants a 4-year contract, starting with $15 million dollars per year. - Chauncey Billups looking to play 2 more years in the NBA. Brought by NBA Insights
July 4th - it's Independents' Day! No - I haven't spelt that wrong, it's a day to highlight our great local independent shops. We've got some great ones in Dorset. Which one would you like to give a special mention to this morning? I'll get the ball rolling with a shout for the Shop On The Green in Fordington - great homemade croissants on a Sunday morning!
Portland, Oregoners - I'll be coming your way tomorrow. I'm looking for some sort of crazy, never-had-before food. I'll warn you - I'm deeply into eating weird things, so you might have to reach far. and I'm on foot, and staying deep downtown... so tell me your city's secrets! Or event just great, delicious, well-made things. Yay.
The Bulls have reportedly rejected Portland's advances on a trade that would have sent LaMarcus Aldridge to Chicago for Joakim Noah and Jimmy Butler. Thoughts?
The problem with living in around July 4th is not being able to tell the fireworks from the meth lab explosions
Hopefully I get to see the Fireworks over the River tomorrow :D
Come on Portland. Let's prematurely holiday. Scorpios at Dante's tonight!
Help! Our new airbnb guests asked about where to see fireworks. They are older and not into Blues Festival crowds. Somewhere easy to get to...thanks for any ideas.
Heading east! These are from The Dalles just east of Portland Or.
A forecast for tornadoes and or damaging winds has been issued by the BoM.
In Oregon we have umbrellas for RAIN, but here in Shanghai umbrellas are for RAYS!!
Got into it with a guy at our local tonight...a rather bigoted guy (welcome to Ohio). I'm proud to say that I managed to give him a new perspective on racial diversity and on marriage equality. He was genuinely surprised that I came up with arguments that made him think. Dude.get to know me!
As the campaign unfolds, I will outline some specific proposals, but, for now, I want to give an overview of my developmental philosophy (keep this in as you hear any quotes and whether I was quoted accurately). 1. We need to expand what we already have done well for a number of years. For example, the NewPi has a 45 year history of community service, sustainable, democratic enterprise. They have earned our trust. So we can feel confident that they warrant a cooperative relationship with our city, and that any investment in them will pay off financially, but more importantly in increased community capital. (BTW, this also applies to HyVee, or Fareway (using the grocery business). I have been particularly impressed with HyVee's history of hiring disabled persons) 2. Don't fiddle too much with a good thing. You can ruin it. Think Farmer's Market. It seems every year, or two, those seeking to capitalize on the farmer's market crowds, recommend moving it downtown to Iowa Avenue. This is a terrible ...
Anything good going on in Seattle tonight?
This will be in Parkrose, but I'm not sure about the dates. "East Portland residents team up to expand 'mobile…
'Mobile playground' program expands in East Portland: (by
East Portland residents team up to expand "mobile playground" program
East Portland residents team up to expand 'mobile playground' program: This summer, the program will make stop...
Coming up, we'll talk to residents and activists of East Portland about accessing healthy food options:
It is. And there's an 8mm print in East Portland, last I checked.
The drive from south east Portland to clack gets so old
Jeep gets struck by van in East Portland, then hits two people on sidewalk
The City Struggles To Make Neighborhoods Walkable - eastportland: East Portland is home to a high percentage...
Anyone wanna go for a run in south east Portland? I'm training for the Rose City & need a buddy
Where green spaces are few, the parks depart improvises fun activities for kids in East Portland
Only a quarter of Portland's population lives in East Portland, but it's home to 40 percent of the city's children. What food resources are available to kids in this part of the city?
Hey Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Association, East Portland and Happy Valley neighbors - make some time to go meet your State Rep. next Saturday!
Make sure East Portland has a voice and advocate for our community's urgent infrastructure needs at City Hall's...
*Public Hearing* is next Tues, March 12 at 6:30pm. Let City Hall not forget the day they heard from East Portland.
We are building a second gym in East Portland for Parkour, Freerunning, Tricking, & American Ninja Warrior training.
According to police an 11-year-old and 7-year-old boy tried to mug Amy Garrett outside an East Portland church by flashing a .22 caliber pistol. Police apprehended the boys peaceable and had little choice but to return them to their parents.
I wanna hit up a gaming con. I know there's lot as much cosplay as you would see at an anime or comicbook con but I still wanna try one out. So decisions, decisions - PAX, PAX East or GenCon ? (Discounting Blizzcon since it is in my own backyard)
there use to be one actually on the east side of Portland!
headin' north for the winter! Dec. 26th - The Knockout, San Francisco CA. Dec. 29th - East End, Portland OR. Jan. 2nd - Logans Pub, BC Jan. 4th - Kenton Club, Portland OR. if anyone wants to do a show or party while were in your area (seattle?) email us!!
Well mi know them have female go go club. . . But do they have males who sell fu(k?? A how it sell? Lol. Mi want wah 8/1/2'' fi buy :D Asha
Totally can't wait to go back to Tampere, Finland this friday!
Come watch your UNLV Rebels play at Portland tonight at 8pm Only at Bjs on the East side!
our campus chapter president, Oregon Campus Compact VISTA volunteer, and campus adviser met today with Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East staff to talk about the future of our campus chapter!! Get excited!! Lots of things to come in the spring!
Just got booked in a city ive never played before. Will announce with ticket link in a second. Hope u live there.
What is it you like most about living in East Portland?
Was thinking about not playing in the US at all next year, but it looks like we may do ONE show...should be a big one!
Time to get your Bend on! Head west my fellow CXers! Or if you are from Eugene, head East. Portland, head south... You get the idea.
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