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East London

East London (Afrikaans: Oos-Londen, ) is a city on the southeast coast of South Africa, situated at 32.97°S and 27.87°E in the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality of the Eastern Cape province.

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Do you have an outlet around King Williams Town or East London?
Dj Zinhle I suspect is low key from East London or King Williams Town cause girls from here and King deal with ooGuy Code, amagintsa
Was born in King Williams Town and raised. now I'm in East London
JHB: on the streets. Bloem: on the streets. East London: on the streets. PTA: on the streets . Cape Town: Miss me. It's too early. Cash me later
TEAM ARRIVAL. arrival st the Sisa Dukashe stadium in East London.
East London is so dead, why are parking attendants even about after midnight?
East London. Nearest tube station is old street unless you take the overground in which case ther…
Does anyone know where I can find Indian cuisine in East London? I'm really craving for mutton curryz
Hill and Peabody enter into £350 mln East London regeneration joint venture
Bring and game to East London, sold out is guaranteed. All we want here is professional footbal.
Eric Mathoho, Thulani Hlatshwayo & Dean Furman doubtful for match against Angola in East London tomorrow
East London is an eye soar, needs to be demolished and rebuilt
Great Escape continues - I hope - as head to East London to face high flying - solo on the 0936 from Doncaster
To divert the attention of masses military establishment playing these kind of games. .. The London scene is...
Libs should move to London & the Middle East so they can see up close what happened today in London! A liberal multicultur…
Police are increasing patrols in Croydon following London terror attack. Extra officers have been at East Croydon -.
Air strikes on Isis-held Mosul 'leave 230 civilians dead', reports local media and you only mourn the London attack.
Papillon Soo Soo was from Stratford,East London and baby sat me as a kid. Her Dad owned a second hand TV shop.
dude the slang there is so crazy like north east south London Alone are 3 different dialects
do you not care about London or east London
The day a deranged man in London went on a rampage killing four people and injuring many more before he was...
The East coast has tomorrow. Maybe we can watch the refs fart around for a few more mins.
While you were focused on London, 230 Iraqi civilians were killed in Mosul do you even care?
Only 4 died all western nations stand together in solidarity, almost millions dead in middle east, flags still fly high
Many cyclists filling in CSH consultations live miles outside London Some from the North East. Cyclists are well or…
While the world focuses on London, it's thought 230 Iraqis have died in an American-led air strike
Australia refuses entry to 500 Syrian 'refugees' on security grounds after London terror attack
Roads in and Old Street area closed off and buildings evacuated
Beware! tourists! Metropolitan Police is asking for witness to track down a kidnapped into a car by men in…
East London and Birmingham. Some common thread there, can't quite put my finger on it. 🤔
I think the people I work with don't realise I'm from South East London and will clart them , if only I didn't need the pees
Attacker - Adrian Elms. Born 1964 in Kent; grew up in Rye, East Sussex. But sure, let's have a Muslim travel ban... htt…
Britain's muslim terror hotspots: raids focus on Birmingham, Luton and East London via
Read ~> While the world focused on London, 230 Iraqis may have died in air strikes in Mosul
Posters to reveal entire text of book about fighting tyranny
While the world focuses on London, it appears an American-led airstrike has left 230 Iraqis dead.
Anti-terror police search London flat in connection with Westminster terror attack
please some solidarity with Mosulains,. while world focused on London,230 have died in a coalition air strike
We were very happy to try out Naples' most famous pizzeria in East London. Fantástico! We wish you…
Made it to Port Alfred next stop East London 😆@ Port Alfred, Eastern Cape
Former Glasgow, East London & Bradford MP George Galloway claims to have a "special connection" with - give me a break!
Learn how the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park has transformed East London – book your free study tour at
yes. Sent packages from Cape Town to Bloem to East London. Never had problems and they get there on time too.
A kid from East London who's travelled the world & now plays in Brazil. New found respect for this guy, great story.
My mum was a foster carer in East London, most of the kids we got were Muslim south Asian from East London.
Very excited to be back in East London at Selborne College on Monday the 13th :-) Please pop…
When you have a dream that came to East London in South Africa for a tour and you took a selfie with her,…
Collecting the spirits of Bantu in King Williams Town as I head to East London for the
After attacks on *** bars,after Kuffar banned from entering,media took a look at Emirate of East London
TD - is piloting in East London. About engagement + tuition. Current partners are an…
East London is in the Eastern Cape though
I miss Cape Town but I want to be close to East London.😐
Diary: Eastern Cape Office will host a Media stakeholder engagement in East London on 22 February 2017
People in Essex/East London will know the men behind the Michael Watson assault. There needs to be some action.
Big blow for Black Caps as Martin Guptill ruled out - replaced by East London born Glen Phillips
Mamelode Sundowns welcome reception at East London airport
More from publicity in 6 reasons to fly from Britain's Best Airport and East London'…
Several injured after 'fire on train' in East London
My dad's garage in East London, RSA: I used to sit on a racing Itom 50cc after school & give out Easter eggs. We ate more t…
.Hmmm, either East London has a different weather climate & timezone (see Big ben), or that picture wasn’t taken t…
70.3 East London... Awesome event on the day... Nelson Mandela Bay.Here we come.South Afric…
Order Miche Bag Online!
N2 Butterworth towards East London>overturned vehicle. Drizzling in the area. Drive with caution
Mr Trump I live in East London you give me a glimmer of hope because I'm drowning in a sea of non ENGLISH people thank you
Yesses. The curves between Mthatha and East London literally make me sick. I honestly don't like anything about the Eastern Cape.
Book for permanent make up and tattoo removals in East London.. Eastern Cape..
Why flights from East London to Cape Town so expensive 😢
CALLING ALL GRILL COOKS. We have an exciting new project under way in East London and we'd like you to get involved…
Capturing the spirit of East London, through pictures of Upton Park:
Muslims can't even get along & are always at war with each other. 2 Arabs fight in their natural habitat (Mid East Airline…
A form of truly affordable housing is gaining traction in east London. Huge step forward against the housing crisis
Good luck to students Jake and Jordan who've been selected to trial for this Sunday!! https:/…
Easy 2 Remove. The removals company is located in the East London.
Delighted to have been shortlisted for - people's choice award voting now open
This is inaccurate. SA's second biggest township is Mdantsane, in East London.
Man knifed and two others hit by car in east London brawl
New and used trainer collection in East london for 'Kick Poverty' in support of Mount Uhud and SPOT Project. The...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Tix selling quickly at just £6 for London's biggest ANTI Valentine's party 14/2!…
I rebuke it in the name of East London 😓
in East London.The College directors were both BNP,Awamileague and Jamaat.If none of them in E/London blames me for black money/tax,I see
No Flash By Night!. Learn what makes South East No. 1 Private Hire & Taxi the best.…
Doing South East London's great You can visit and on the way...
100 years on from the day east London was blown to bits
I will be living in a converted seaman's missionary when I move back to East London - this amuses me as I am a child 🙊
G means great in my dictionary. I'm not a road man from east London 😝😝
Are people really struggling to understand why Payet might want to return to this incredible place? I mean, I like East Lond…
I highly recommend and I had a great stay there while in East London.
I'm tempted to go to east London and work there now. Because Nige is a legend
- Train will travel 7,500mile journey from China to London, Bringing an array of goods from Iwu in East ...
Dulwich is the only part of South East London that still feels British
Are you based in North London or the South East with a ventilation requirement? Contact for assistance wit…
Because that's where the migrants want to live and work, especially London and south east.
The early games are usually at 4 or 5 am on the East Coast. Midnight for London games
Yoruba Language, Nutritional Health & Cosmology Course in South-East London. Book your place -
***MISSING SEA CADET*** . Please see the link below. . Our Cadets -. Some of you, or your friends may know Emily. https:/…
now for fascinating glimpse at early 70's East London. The 14 directed by David Hemmings
Knead bread ? . This image is from our Journal article on East London bakers and…
House prices in trendy London areas like Hackney and Peckham have jumped over 50% since ...
New: New mortgage lead Purchase needed for Detached House in London East, ON. Property Value is $125,000 at
My niece is coming. Jamie's niece from the East End of London. I hope Peter teaches her to not be a pirate.
Cheers for the response! I have some relatives south-east of London, so that'd be likely. Looking at Infosec or DevOps / Systems :)
In a central London pub (east) with glass of crystal clear well conditioned cask beer. It can be done
Why does everyone seem to live in east London these days?
DRAFT plans &timetable 4changes 2improve parking in East
we design and build solar photovoltaic (PV) panel systems across London and the South East
No Recovery outside London+SouthEast since 2007. No Recovery for some since 1984,outside London+South East. 2 Economies Top 1% and the rest
West Ham 3-0 Palace: 5 things we learned from East London today
Ngisathi shwi! — traveling to East London, Eastern Cape from King Shaka International Airport
I had to keeping calling the SAA in East London as my bags had books for a conference at the Univ of Fort Hare
This taxi driver has got us back from Gatwick to East London in 50 minutes. Every single one of them I've feared for my life.
Mechanical Contracts Manager, East London, Greater London, I have a fantastic opportun... see
East London it's been good working this side! Back to Jozi ✈️ Time to go relax a bit before Cape Town!
1st stop, relax for the day we move on in the year trip @ East London, Eastern Cape
good day. Lol I'm in East London now, Not Cape Town. Does that issue also affect me
Eastern Cape is English doesn't mean it's first occupants were British so does Capetown, East London
Touch down East London! Eastern Cape, all roads lead to Indoors Sport Centre in…
We only doing 120 km/h on Cruise Control... East London siyeza,…
as we are so angry in Mdantsane, East London and the whole of Eastern Cape. 😠
When we are bored se xa kanjena no Aolani @ East London, Eastern Cape
So many flights from East London to Cape Town tomorrow 😊wow
And back home we go... — traveling to East London, Eastern Cape
I miss being in East London. Best place in the Eastern Cape.
Heading home another great group of peeps — travelling to East London, Eastern Cape from O.R. Tambo International...
Rest in Peace brother. You Live in The Sky now! @ East London, Eastern Cape
Can someone raise a petition for to be a thing in East London, Eastern Cape?
Cape of good hope, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London, Mossel bay etc
1963, Jim Clark in Lotus 25 won the at East London, having lapped all but Dan Gurney. https:/…
In 1963 in the at East London, Dan Gurney in BT7 scored his 10th podium in h…
Everyone in East London plz drop off to Anchor House Canning Town and those south plz drop off to Waterloo today or…
East London illustrated: from supporter magazine
Work in progress in the studio acrylic on canvas a painting about East London
We've just added a Cadillac to our East London studio equipment - great for gentle rehab to 'advanced acrobatics'.…
Cheap places in North or East London for clip-top mason jars? Girls got chutney and chilli jam to make
Mile End is a portrait-based study of a skate park in East London, photographed between 2012-2015 by Pani Paul >>…
My uncle's taxi App is up and running in East London, Eastern Cape. It's only available on Android at the moment, the wai…
10th Anniversary of SAUS — traveling to East London, Eastern Cape
East London saterday that's wat it's about.E cape stand up king 👑 is on hiz way.
you stayed in East London? wow but Eastern Cape is not a jungle guys 😐
URGENT NOTICE! Due to unforeseen circumstances, buses to Cape Town, East London and Port Elizabeth will start...
Half of Gauteng and East London moving to Cape Town
I'm coming to East London and Cape Town with Toky and Fungisai this weekend! @ Cape Town, South…
Great coffee masterclass with Marco Arrigo at MADE PRESENTS at Truman Brewery, East London.…
Seminar E-Dinar Coin in the Republic of South Africa, of East London (photos). .
Sponsored: Try this professional site for coping with pest invasions in East London areas -
Danny Dyer went to Woodside Community School, Prince Regent's Lane, Plaistow, East London; the school is no longer there, b…
MADE PRESENTS makes its debut today with a 10 day residency in The Truman Brewery, East London. Great masterclasses on offer!
Adventures in the Lea Valley: Documenting East London before & after the Olympics
legacy of Olympic Games,regeneration jobs+housing.East London showing the way forward
The London 2012 Games set ambitious legacy goals for East London. Four years on it’s time to *** progress…
"Plenty of time to get off the mark, East London". Paxman is merciless!
/without the rascist pigs /that left East London speach less :AB /morne morkel and Dale Steyn /verbally abused kids taking pic
This platt field place is worse than East London uno LOL
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Standing ovation at for Anna Palumbo and friends who saved Butterfields estate East London from being sold o…
East London braved the wet weather and went to see The Beeple-a quest for The Golden Secret of Hex last weekend at…
East London stand up!. LIVE at Guild Theatre on 19 November for his album launch, powered by
Catch live at the Guild theatre East London on 19 Nov for his album launch supported by https:…
what's the best way to submit my East London gallery opening for approval?
Zaza linked with Hammers exit - East London and West Essex Guardian Series
Could Branislav Ivanovic be about to switch from West to East London?
traveling to East London, Republic of South Africa from Cape Town International Airport
Driving from Cape Town to East London. And that's not even the hardest part..
University of East London Track and Field Scholarships for Elite Athletes | University of East London sportsjoblis…
We are hiring in East London, Eastern Cape - Doves: Funeral Director
How can we contribute to a water secure future? visits East London, Eastern Cape (Premier Hotel: King...
New Islamic shop has opened behind East London mosque opposite of Al Manar
Tower Hamlets councillor is bent shocker! East London stunned:
I ❤ Gareth Davies. 1st came across him when he was in the BBC doc about East London hospital years ago.
- Wonderful places to go in East London, South Africa :
A Public Order Police van from East London has just arrived on campus.
Second man charged with murder of Jordan Bari who was shot on doorstep - East London and West Essex Guardian Series
We are hiring in East London, Eastern Cape - GIBB: Resident Engineer
Cape Town . Lesotho . Ennerdale . Hoopstad . East London see you soon 🔜 . Done with Oct and November fully booked email tysync
SA Express has suspended its flights from Johannesburg to East London & Port Elizabeth, & from Cape Town to Durban:
hw much do u charge from Cape Town to East London
A property company which freely provides offices to the in East London gets multimillion-rand rental deals with the E…
This is the Darter and Sons, sole agents for cape colony, Cape Town and East London
Internship Programme at Road Accident Fund in Cape Town and East London. Closing date is 11 October 2016:
The Forest Gate WI in East London have taken up guerrilla gardening:...
See the photos as Sir Steve Redgrave opens £1m boathouse development in East London.
Can you distribute @ Northumberland Park station for all the ppl living in Tottenham and commuting to East London?
A lovely review on of one of our boutique East London houseboats on Regents Canal, Hoxton
East London lensman to film epic charity run in
Junior 3D Designer for creative agency in East London. Two years experience required:
We visit the plant in East London to see their R100 million investment in the new C350e Plug-in Hybrid asse…
Ten Bells pub in East London. Jack the Ripper picked up at least two of his victims there. Cool place!
If you're looking for a place in East London, I highly recommend Sterling De Vere Letting Agents. The service was fantastic.
STAY AT THE LONDON STADIUM!! Anything but let the YIDS come to East London and try to take West Ham's support!
South Africa got beautiful cities. Need to revisit 'em again. Cape Town. Durban. Pietermaritzburg. East London. Richards Bay…
create some specials for Cape Town - East London ! This route used to be so affordable on your airline✈️
I've done Jozi, Bloem, Cape Town, Mthatha returns. East London more times than I care to remember. I'm stopping liking things
A top Eastern Cape provincial official was shot dead in his East London home yesterday morning.
East London - East London Eastern Cape. Logistics Company is seeking an administrator ...
11kg to go; 10.5 hour week completed. A long way to go yet but two entries in 70.3 East London and IM African Champs in 2017.
Astaghz drinking up on Eid I don't approve Meds thought you were different but you're just a typical East London boy.
I live on the outskirts of South-East London in this place called Biggin Hill. It's about 30mins away from Croydon if you've —
Nice view over Canary Wharf and East London during flight home to…
I've no idea where the picture above is but the canal at 3 Mills in East London is a disgusting mess, garbage everywhere.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
An unexpected discovery along the canal walk. Three mills house and clock tower in Lea valley, East London.
Hi Jamie, we were not the landlord featured on TV and operate in East London. You are looking for Community Gateway in Preston
Deidre Freeman - Dr Wagner, East London, Eastern Cape is proud of you
I am from East London, in the Eastern Cape
8 days till dancers from all over SA clash. MOR is back!! @ East London, Eastern Cape
Eastern Cape ANYCL Special Provincial Congress, City Hall, East London. 9am on the 28th of August 2016
that Caster promotion. Were there any flights from East London to Cape Town?
A woman (26) has been arrested at Cape Town Airport on a flight from East London with Tik estimated at R5.4 million
A humpback whale has washed ashore on Kwelerha River in East London in the Eastern Cape.
This morning we received an urgent request for a flight for 6 year old Mivuyo from East London to Cape Town. With...
East London in the 60's. by Steve Lewis
Johnson was born in a one room slum in East London and was orphaned very early in life. No easy life
YES PLEASE! Alan Cummings strikes at the London Palladium! One night only. Sat 8th Oct. East London school trip??
The inimitable Alfred Hitchcock was born 117 years ago today in East London.
Great and quick service from Silver Eagle spur East London on the crazy burger Monday special and great food!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
A closer look at the East London property market
Lawrence Okolie’s focus is on Rio Olympics, but the Dagenham Boxing Club member and University of East London...
Officers were called to a BP garage near Bethnal Green underground station in East London after a 31-year-old man was found collapsed on
REMINDER: The 3-day Big Green Expo will be taking place this weekend (East London):
The Olympic legacy project sees us partner with to create a new culture & education district in East London
SAVS East London will be participating in the Big Green expo this weekend. Please pop in and say hello to the...
Building go-ahead for £14m Epping Forest Shopping Park - East London and West Essex Guardian Series
BBE celebrates 20th anniversary with pop-up record shop in East London:
You're from East London and you're overseas and someone asks you where you're from. You have to explain that East London is in…
For mobile drives in the Vaal, East London, Port Elizabeth and Mpumalanga areas click here:
In a journey from Cape Town to East London duty calls
Thank you Port Elizabeth you've been good to me 󾌭looking forward to you East London see you later xxx
London and South East landlords convert homes to student digs to boost rent
Look where I've just been to visit: West Ham's new home, the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, East London -
Guys who knows where I can get a laptop charger in East London?Mine just stopped working.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Live in East London? EMAIL enquiriesand see how you can get into for
Hi we offer free wet room CPD to architects across London & the South East.
Watch out the Midlands / greater London and North East for an Atlas Boom
.took a few days' break from his Vegas residency to say hello to us at
One of our missions is to clean up the streets of Shoreditch:.
The QPR of East London; big headed, past glories, in the shadow of Chelsea, Arsenal & Spurs. Jellied Eel Lovers Utd.
The 14:07 East Grinstead to London Victoria has been delayed by 5mins from Woldingham
Thanks to our supporters we can bring free outdoor arts to communities across SE & East London
CS Local East South East + London is now come and visit stand 66
I've walked past 4 beggers in east London today with a cup in hand .. Why are not moving them on?
'Origins East' is an art exhibition that documents the late 80s East London rave revolution:
Let's here it for East London, and perhaps the best salt beef bagel... in the world!
me: "why do you do yr east london voice when quoting drake?". rach: "that's what he sounds like". me: "he's american!". rach: "HE'S CANADIAN!"
Lovely Project in Rye by : Marta Nowicka & Co via
The London Stadium East Stand seating has been completed.
Motor racing with the kids london race track
All roads lead to the East London Hot spot this Sat Birthdays, Hens, Stags, or a fun night out
Plenty of Warty Cabbage, a London speciality, at East India Dock NR at the moment
This week we're looking at the work we do in the London & South East.
Careful in east London... And north London... South as well actually... West is a bit dodgy... Just stay in the centre, lol.
Learning Disabilities Social Worker, East London: Hackney are looking for 2 s...
Outside of the London bubble everything is sunny, well at least on the South East coast, it will is.
Why are Somali events always in east London uf 😷😷😷
Pop quiz: The 2012 London games were centered around the ___ Park in east London.
Our and have prepared a vlog on their involvement with
Meet the photographers who captured the rave revolution of late 80s London: (via https:/…
I live in east London as a West Ham United supporter and I've been to Old Trafford once. That's one more times than 50% o…
Hi I am not in Pretoria but in East London, today. Excellent meetings in the beautiful Eastern Cape.
Lol some nitty goes to this cashier "Hi... Then low. High. Then low. High! Then.. Low." You east London dons need to regulate…
Thundery showers in SE England & East Anglia bring risk of surface water
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
we are setting off from Ipswich to London around 2pm! If you fancy joining us for a few miles east!
Why are there delays on the Gravesend line? Currently stuck outside Dartford on 13.12 London Waterloo East to Gillingham
: The time for Asr Shafi has set in according to East London Local Time. Asr Shafi : 14:59 (12 Jul)
The London 2012 Olympic bid promised to transform East London. What has been achieved and what can Rio learn?
I ❤️ South East London! But just know if you dont put your hand out for the bus it will NOT stop 🙋🏾🙋🏾
Inspired by Wimbledon, children play tennis on the streets of South East London. 1961
So what is the best gateway city on the East Coast for the cheapest flights to the UK??
Everyone of my mates from uni are from East london and im here living in South its a mission organising a linkup😂😂
Dr Henrietta Hughes, the medical director for NHS England’s North Central and East London region and a practising GP new W'blower guardian
New job: looking for Freelance Broadcast Journalist in Romford, East London:
FASHION: Shoes for summer '16 - East London and West Essex Guardian Series: East Lond...
Health trust to offer teenagers paid apprenticeships - East London and West Essex…
Teachers set to walk out across borough for strike action - East London and West Essex Guardian...
IDS opens 'landmark' new breast cancer unit at hospital - East London and West Essex Guardian Series
Grandfather preparing to travel to Nepal to build library awarded MBE - East London and West Essex Guardian Series
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Performer Dentist - East London - Full Time in South East of England,
Great day out with Sarah Jackson talking East London suffragettes
Pupils run, swim and cycle for new sports equipment - East London and West Essex Guardian Series
Barfia London would like to welcome a new member to the Barfia Family. Barfia East London. 693 High Road. Seven...
En route to the University of East London to train a new school's team on Office 365 & allocate them new devices. Fun day of Cloud ahead! :)
Police probe after 'unexplained' death in Leyton. East London and West Essex Guardian Series -
The Doctors Without Borders Team is in East London! Come to Hemingways Mall this week&help save a life! http…
Nine police officers injured as they attempt to shut down huge illegal rave in East London
Election debate at the City Hall, East London. DA in their numbers.
Half a decade in Durban has ruined me. @ East London, Eastern Cape
I'm off to my day job. Cape Town bekumandi shame. Good morning East London
yeah very dear I live in Dagenham (East London) u may get cheap(ish) a com in Purfleet/Thurrock on C2C line to Fenchurch st
East London natives, Saint Agnes are here to rock our stage on Friday. You know you don't want to miss it...
Just finished co-leading the East London walking tour with the…
Look out for my latest joint paper: Hafejee, A and Hassan, N (2016) Unpacking British Values:A Case Study of A Primary School in East London
Join us, today, on as we drive around East London and take in the scenes on this beautiful day. htt…
Accommodation on the beach near East London - book now !
Chinese captains caught with R48 million squid haul in East London released on warning. Three Chinese nationals...
TODAY: Show case of cricket in East London at with 2nd XI & playing. https…
Sadiq Khan is in East London to give a speech at a "creative accelerator" for "thinkers and makers" https…
Anybody in East London?: Hi everyone . . Is there anybody who is in East London who can check out a defender f...
Giving it all up to live in East London
Know of any primary posts in East London for September? Best wishes from the Food and Enterprise for schools guy and alumni
Regards and best wishes . Know of any primary posts for East London in Sept? Many thanks
Teens and Cell Phones, what do the stats say… Dont forget Brad Huddlestone in East London on the 1st of June at...
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