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East Jerusalem

East Jerusalem or Eastern Jerusalem refer to the parts of Jerusalem captured and annexed by Jordan after the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and then captured and annexed by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War.

West Bank Gaza Strip Middle East Temple Mount Palestinian Authority Mount Scopus Six Day War Shin Bet Golan Heights Sinai Peninsula Jewish National Fund Abu Dis Islamic State Holy Sepulchre United Nations

Then why didn't he say there will be a capital for Palestine in East Jerusalem, & then leave it to th…
East Jerusalem 'should be Palestinian capital'. Seems only right to me ... insha'Allah
East Jerusalem should be recognised as Palestinian capital, say Islamic leaders meeting in Turkey
Leading to the establishment of the Palestinian state on Palestinian soil with East Jerusalem as its capital. There is no altern…
Palestinian president says Saudi king told him there will be no peace without a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as it…
The end times, They want East Jerusalem as their Capital. Read the that won't happen. The world will co…
Israel is steadily making its occupation of East Jerusalem and the West Bank permanent.
At least two Palestinians killed and hundreds injured as protests continue across the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and t…
-- actually, no. East Jerusalem is under Jordan right now
Jordan's FM says no peace without East Jerusalem as capital of the state of Palestine.
WATCH: Israeli forces attack Palestinians protesting with flags in occupied East Jerusalem and brutally attempt to take a flag…
Even the article states that East Jerusalem was formally part of Jordan, Egypt, and Syria. They lost the…
is that why Jordan kicked out every Jew living in East Jerusalem and dest…
Over 600,000 Israelis live in illegal settlements in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.
I’m a Jew and a small woman and I walked all around East Jerusalem (not to mention Hebron, Ramallah, Nablus and Gaza) a…
May: “We regard East Jerusalem as part of the Occupied Palestinian Territories”
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."If you are a Jew and you walk into East Jerusalem, your life is in danger. If you're an Arab and you walk into…
Having coffee with a Coptic priest in a Palestinian-owned coffee shop in East Jerusalem talking about deaconesses i…
Palestinian envoy “any plan must establish a sovereign Palestinian state. with East Jerusalem as its capital. “This is not our…
Israel raids Palestinian homes in occupied East Jerusalem in the middle of the night, arrests children, taking them from their…
Israel approves 176 new settler homes in East Jerusalem -
Incorrect. East Jerusalem is recognised as being in the Occupied Palestinian Territo…
including East Jerusalem. American companies that received letters include Caterpillar, TripAdvisor and Airbnb.../3
Afternoon run through olive groves on the Mount of Olives. @ East Jerusalem
Around 200,000 Israeli Jews now live in settlements in East Jerusalem, considered illegal under international law. https:/…
Israeli police turn East Jerusalem hospital into battlefield amid hunt for dying Palestinian
Israel Arrests 33 Palestinians, 7 children, in East Jerusalem on Suspicion of Involvement in Al Aqsa Protests
‘Just the 1st round’: Palestinians in East Jerusalem emboldened by protests
'Just the 1st round': Palestinians in East Jerusalem emboldened by protests
There goes East Jerusalem. The Greek church is raping the city .
Israel police forces have arrested 33 Muslim terrorists, who took part in violent riots in East Jerusalem for the past tw…
Israeli authorities demolish 3 buildings in East Jerusalem neighborhood
Palestinians in East Jerusalem battle for their homes
Israeli police ban Muslim men aged under 50 from Friday prayers in Jerusalem
Thousands of Israelis gather in Jerusalem's Old City for Tisha B'av fast - Middle East Eye
If so, then re-impose the sanctions & let them eat cake! "Jerusalem holy site measures fail to halt clashes" BBC
You mean apart from the forceful and illegal taking of the land that comprises East Jer…
📷 A family reads Eicha at the synagogue Kehilat Moreshet Avraham in East Talpiot, Jerusalem
Accountability must be sought for armed raids on East Jerusalem hospital
The head of the Arab League just warned Israel they risked starting a religious war
We're family. It's what we do. Hold your head up and look East. Weep only as you need to. Jerusalem wil…
The entrance to the village of Hizma, north east to Jerusalem. . Welcome to the West Bank.
East Jerusalem residents charged for praising Temple Mount killers
AP story on arrest of 5 East Jerusalem antiquities dealers for issuing fake receipts: antiquities, cash, cars seized. htt…
Iran's Foreign minister left Tehran to Istanbul to attend OIC meeting abt the latest developments in East Jerusalem al-Quds.
Trying to find the east city of Jerusalem 😂
East Jerusalem antiquities dealers arrested over $20 million fraud
because East Jerusalem is internationally recognised as being part of Palestine.
Givati Brigade completed an intense 2-day urban warfare exercise in southern Israel i. Jerusalem Middle East netany…
Palestinians alarmed global security giant G4S involved in Israel’s plan to tighten control over al-Aqsa mosque in occupied East Jerusalem.
Trump admin offers Israel a window of opportunity to NORMALISE its illegal occupation-annexation of East Jerusalem.
Hundreds of Jews riot throughout the streets of East Jerusalem:
Israel captured East Jerusalem, including the Old City and the holy compound, in the 1967 Middle East war.
At least two Palestinians have been shot dead in East Jerusalem as protests grow around Al Aqsa Mosque
Israel arrested 29 Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem and more than 390 people were injured on Friday http…
Temple Mount crisis: Three Palestinians killed, 'over 300 wounded' in East Jerusalem, West Bank
"Die" vs "Stabbed to death" . BBC: "Palestinians die in East Jerusalem clashes" . BBC: "Three Israelis stabbed to death in Wes…
3 Palestinians killed so far today by Israeli forces in occupied East Jerusalem & West Bank. All go by the name of Muhammed. h…
Haaretz: "Temple Mount crisis: Palestinian shot dead by Israeli settler in East Jerusalem"-
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas deplored Friday the attack in al-Aqsa mosque compound in East Jerusalem in a...
The use of terms such as "West Bank", "East Jerusalem" and "Settler" diminishes Jewish legitimacy to the Land of Israel.…
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Israeli authorities continued to enforce a strict crackdown on occupied East Jerusalem on Sunday following a...
Israeli forces raided the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in occupied East Jerusalem on Sunday morning and assaulted...
Israeli forces detain child, 8, in occupied East Jerusalem
I see the two-state solution based on the pre1967 borders with East Jerusalem as capital of Palestine, the only way of a…
Oslo accord? ? East Jerusalem and West Bank belongs to Israel? I guess…
3. We can move the embassy to West Jerusalem, which is not in dispute, and making clear that East Jerusalem has a different status.
Israel presses on with the construction of thousands of new homes in West Bank and East Jerusalem, despite worldwide criticism and [1/2]
This brazen Israeli thug is just an example of the abuse which Palestinians in East Jerusalem and the West Bank end…
This Is IsraHell, practising 'Apartheid Rule' in the Occupied Regions of Palestine (West Bank & East Jerusalem in...
New post (Israel's high court rules to restore residency rights of East Jerusalem ...) has been published on N ...…
Shame on for helping Israel celebrate 50 years of illegally occupying East Jerusalem https…
Israel shuts down event in East Jerusalem.
Palestinian Women in Israel and in East Jerusalem:. Gender analysis of WAC-MAAN's target group…
Hundreds of Palestinian homes to be demolished for settler-only road in East Jerusalem
Since Trump's inauguration, Netanyahu's government has approved 6,000 new homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem https…
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I was under the impression that East Jerusalem was in the West Bank...still learning
Israel lifts restrictions on building more homes in East Jerusalem - Thomson Reuters Foundation
Israel approves hundreds of settlement homes in East Jerusalem - Thomson Reuters Foundation
Unilateral Withdrawal from the West Bank and East Jerusalem – Legal Observations by Amb. Alan Baker
Shortly:Without a Palestinian Authority permit..all nee building in East Jerusalem are illegal!
Christians in East Jerusalem will disappear if control is passed on to Arabs.
Nothing new, but still important: documenting the demolition of Palestinian homes in occupied East Jerusalem
2016 'deadliest year' for Palestinian children in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, in a decade.
Mentors paved East Jerusalem native Amer Kamal's path to head of our mobile banking team
Should Israelis really be settling in the West Bank and East Jerusalem?.
The entire Old City of East Jerusalem is over the "Green Line", it was not controlled by Israel until conquest in June 1967, so why strange?
Settlements Israel is building in East Jerusalem- Israel under continues to escalate the building of illega…
Israeli planning committee approves construction of 181 housing units in East Jerusalem's Jewish-only Gilo bloc
The War on UNESCO: Al-Aqsa Mosque is Palestinian and East Jerusalem is illegally occupied via
The War on Al-Aqsa Mosque is and East Jerusalem is Illegally Occupied
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and included East Jerusalem, which Divinely Points to God's Genesis 19 6-Day Judgment War against the government & town of Greeley, Colorado
Yes but Jordan gave up its claims to the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.
Israeli forces reportedly demolish structures in East Jerusalem.
Isolated: Israel cuts village of Beit Iksa off from East Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank
Palestine: Israel plans new police bases in East Jerusalem
Israeli forces on Sunday morning raided the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya, detaining three...
Israel approves 800 new homes in East Jerusalem
Middle East .800 illegal new settlement homes in Jerusalem..!
Israel approves 800 new homes in East Jerusalem
Israel okays 800 new homes in East Jerusalem, West Bank :: Prophecy Dude
Germany harbors 300 Hamas, 950 Hezbollah members and activists. .
This is what thinks about the new settlements authorised in East and
Hoping for the continuity of peace in Gaza Strip, West Bank, and East Jerusalem. 🙏🏽💐
TOI: "EU slams Israel for building plans in East Jerusalem, West Bank"
The Israeli Gov is stealing land from Palestinians in East Jerusalem & giving it to Amana settlers.
(1/2) Owners of these right wing newspapers have lots of ties to the Middle East. Conrad Black/David Radler own/ed Jerusalem Times.
Towards a Post-Apartheid Palestine: Atlas of the Israeli Settlements in the West Bank and…
Oh, Jerusalem as Israel's capital isn't internationally recognized by the UN. That's why Palestine is claiming East Jerusalem. 🙄
EU urges to stop policy on settlements in East &
Israeli Right Slams Plans to Allow Arab Construction in East Jerusalem -- News from
is in the Middle East '2, 3!times a month' Got to admire his commitment. My wife would be in Jerusalem 10 times a month if she could!
Tony Blair boasts he goes to the Middle East regularly. . Fact: He stays at the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem & meets businessmen.
Israel approves construction of 2,200 homes in "East" Jerusalem. I bet doesn't complain about this.
Even the US criticises 's expanded settlements in East Jerusalem as a "systematic process"
The U.S. has criticized Israel's plan to build more West Bank homes via
Elie Wiesel repeatedly lauded Jewish settlers for ethnically cleansing Palestinians in East Jerusalem:
Wiesel's moral voice called for the annexation and Israeli settlement of East Jerusalem,a War Crime by Int'l Law
Ban Ki-moon strongly criticizes Israeli decision on settlement plans in West Bank and East Jerusalem.
Lone Jewish EMT in east Jerusalem saves lives of his Arab neighbors
The ONLY solution to this problem is to STOP believing in a god who chooses one people over another:
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Also don't forget the DNC Policy Committee regarding East Jerusalem, Gaza, and West Bank and illegal housing expansion
BREAKING: Israel greenlights 800 new housing units in East Jerusalem and its surroundings
broadcast by 3 Palestinians arrested in East Jerusalem after police find firewo...
Permits granted for 82 new East Jerusalem settler homes
controls who can get to Gaza and who can stay on the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem also.
I think Jerusalem will become Israel's capital when there's a Palestinian state in West Bank & Gaza with East Jerusalem as capital
"230 settlements Israelis have built on occupied land in the West Bank & East Jerusalem over the past half-century"
that means the entire West Bank, including East Jerusalem,..
dont tell me Mark from USA believes he owns a Palestinians house in East Jerusalem,Pale…
Israeli soldiers invaded, Friday, the town of Abu Dis, southeast of occupied East Jerusalem, and clashed with...
Israeli court orders demolition of 11 houses and a mosque in East Jerusalem – Middle East M…
Meet the Palestinian Muslims who care for the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in occupied East Jerusalem.
Kerry lands in Moscow to push for Assad’s ouster
Israel squeezes lifeline of Jerusalem’s Afro-Palestinians
Israel confiscates 9,000 square meters in occupied East Jerusalem to build a new center for Israeli settlers
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Palestinians Christians be they from the occupied West Bank including East Jerusalem or Gaza are equally...
Erdogan's boomerang: Turkey is now at total war -- The Jerusalem Post
Often dubbed Jerusalem of Europe, Sarajevo is a city in Bosnia & Herzegovina where east meets west, full of cultur…
Gaza's Christians prepare to celebrate Easter in Jerusalem - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East
photos By clashes in the city of occupied East Jerusalem Eizariyah tonight.
if he was born in Jerusalem and Jerusalem is in the Middle East then I would assume he would be
So are you claiming that Trump thinks East Jerusalem is in Jersey City, NY? That's a very serious issue if so.
While Clinton and Trump Zionize about Palestinian terrorism, Israel proceeds with war crimes.
Exploring the flavors and colors at the stunning grill, Angelica:
Islamist web links Belgian suicide bombers to Paris attackers
Take action to help support the humanitarian needs of hospitals in East Jerusalem!
Israel seizes 790 Palestinian firms in via
Knife intifada, east jerusalem side_ daily frustrations push normal people over the edge _ al bawaba:...
Churches in are renovated & treated as holy. In too many other places in Middle East: empty or destroyed.
3 structures torn down as East demolitions continue
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G+: . Three structures belonging to Palestinians were demolished in occupied East Jerusalem on…
Will you & your church support the Christians in Jerusalem and the Middle East this Easter?
true. I can't wait to return to a peaceful Middle East, you know, before the Jews lost Jerusalem to the Romans
3 Palestinian structures torn down as East Jerusalem demolitions by Israeli authorities continue
Israel seals off West Bank for Purim holiday, weekend: JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel has closed off the West Bank t...
To celebrate Purim with Jerusalem, neighborhood links to capital with trailer homes [JTA]
✡ broadcasted by To celebrate Purim with Jerusalem, neighborhood links to ca...
Trump: I would move US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
Camera surveillance with street names in the Christian Quarter in the Old City, Jerusalem,…
I'm at TV talking about and in on LivingTheLife htt…
Trump to AIPAC: I can negotiate a sweet lease for the US Embassy to Israel in the war-annexed capital of the Arab people, East Jerusalem.
3 structures torn down as East Jerusalem demolitions continue
Israel demolishes two homes and a store in East Jerusalem
Afro-Palestinians inside the Old City in Jerusalem - in pictures
Palestinian university expels student for hugging fiancé - Middle East - Jerusalem Post. - from Jp…
For first time since last October, Israel bars young Palestinians from entering East Jerusalem’s Al-Aq...
Jerusalem should be the capital of Palestine this promotes mid east peace. Too many Jews not enough space? Don't have so many babies.
The witness told me that he has never, ever seen such a thing happening on Salah ad-Din St, the main commercial area in East Jerusalem...
Breaking: Stabbing attack on Salah al-Din St in East Jerusalem, near Damascus Gate, followed by shooting. Details still vague (Irr' Radio)
50-year-old Palestinian woman killed by IOF in East Jerusalem | PNN
"Where is the possibility for a two state solution when East Jerusalem is barely under Palestinian control?"
Last Palestinian employees lose their jobs at SodaStream: JERUSALEM (JTA) — The last Palestinian employees of ...
186 killed,15,645 injured by troops in Gaza, West Bank, East
Israeli restrictions on movement in East Jerusalem's Bab al-Majles place neighborhood in chokehold
"I found the effective encirclement of occupied east genuinely shocking." -
Gaza audiences enjoy first night out at the movies in 20 years - Jerusalem Post Israel News
court orders seizure of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem
Israel's settlements in the Occupied West Bank & East Jerusalem are illegal under int'l law, & part of an inherently discriminatory regime.
Roots of the Recent Violence Between Israelis and Palestinians via
Israeli troops are besieging Jabal al Baba in East Jerusalem and demolishing their tents right now. I beg them not to d…
Did you know can help build peace in the Middle East? Just ask these girls, Jinan & Liraz in
Senior Hamas official: Considerable improvement in our relations with Egypt - Middle East - Jerusalem Post
With 'unconditional support' to the building of is the two-state solution dead? https:/…
it's not about total land it's about a state in Gaza & West Bank. Tbh imo biggest potential problem is East Jerusalem.
Israel respect France so much so French aid money for a school in East Jerusalem was dismantled a week after it was open
Israel releases Washington Post reporters after detaining them briefly in East Jerusalem https…
Looking to buy: the national identity of the Palestinian collective of 310,000 in East Jerusalem. Top prices paid.
"International law views the West Bank and East Jerusalem as occupied territories and considers all Jewish...
IOF demolish home in East Jerusalem under the pretext of no building permit - Palestine News Network
A friend in East Jerusalem called me to tell me about that in 2014 but the electoral commission refused to investigate
Chinese president Xi calls for East Jerusalem to become the capital of a new strengthened Palestinian state
Chinese president calls for East Jerusalem as capital of Palestinian state - Israel News
Terror thwarted: 'East Jerusalem men planned to set off bomb in Eilat…
Israeli settlements are located in West Bank, East Jerusalem & Golan Heights
This is what being 'tough on terror' looks like in East Jerusalem via
Paolo Pellegrin photographer. . East Jerusalem. Palestinians crossing the wall in Abu Dis. 2003.
No, it isn't. East Jerusalem is not the same as East Rutherford.
Israel/Palestinian Territories: Palestinian killed in clash against Israeli forces in East Jerusalem
Pakistan supports independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as capital...
Israel raids East Jerusalem hospital for Palestinian medical records
Thanks for RTs. Until liberation, justice & peace to Palestine & end of Israeli war crimes in Gaza, West Bank, East Jerusalem.
Residential construction in East Jerusalem halted - Al-Bawaba
The Judaizing of an East Jerusalem neighborhood gains pace
Hospital in East Jerusalem refuses Israeli demand for medical records and Israel answer with army invation -
As for Arafat, the offer of East Jerusalem going back to the palestinians was withdrawn bec of a religious party in Ehud Barak
Evening light in an East Jerusalem garden @ St. George's Cathedral,…
Then and now. Israeli MKs, aka vermin, relax on sofa of evicted Palestinian family in Beit Hanina, East Jerusalem.
Israeli soldiers shot 5-year-old Muhammad Jamal Ubeid in the face as he got off schoolbus in occupied East Jerusalem. ht…
"Canada does not recognize Israel's unilateral annexation of East Jerusalem.".
Further knife attack attempts in East Jerusalem & the West Bank, three Palestinians dead
Israeli forces kill two Palestinians in East Jerusalem
Stephen Lendman: Ongoing Israeli instigated violence in the West Bank and East Jerusalem (along with intermittent...
The political situation in East Jerusalem is a big factor in the work that YDD does in the community.
Press briefing notes on Yemen,Central African Republic and Escalating tensions in East Jerusalem...
Palestinians in Wadi al-Joz, East Jerusalem, denied access to al-Aqsa mosque pray in the street instead...
'A Palestinian State cannot be economically viable w/out reintegration of the West Bank, incl. East Jerusalem, with Gaza' [15]
U.S. says 'deeply concerned' about Israeli building in West Bank, East Jerusalem
And allows US citizens to take up residence as illegal settlers in the West Bank & East Jerusalem
How can Waze tell drivers to avoid East Jerusalem; that assumes they are Jewish. What about
"Construction on [if true— may have nothing to do with the IAEA's mission of determining PMD," Kirby says—
The clarifies to me its position: "What matters about is that is was a nuclear site."
thats what im talkin bout, if you short on arms head to east jerusalem. I gotchu
BREAKING NEWS GAZA. Has Israeli college in East Jerusalem deceived its EU donors?
US State Department clarifies description of Parchin as nuclear site
warns Israel following violations at Al-… |
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warns Israel following violations at Al-|
IN DEAD OF THE NIGHTtook up residence in a home they said belonged to Jews before establishment of Israel.
In the latest of a number of home take overs in Palestinian neighborhoods of East Jerusalem, settlers took up...
Palestinians in East Jerusalem go 10 months without water via
Settlers seize an residential building.
Obama aide due to arrive in Israel for talks on Iran nuclear deal - Jerusalem Post Israel News
Israeli forces close major road in occupied East Jerusalem.
Why then do these dictators in the Middle East, have received much recognition and many marks of respect?
Pales601: warns following violations at Al-Aqsa Mosque in
Sunni Muslim clerics furious over upcoming Iranian film about Muhamma... Via
youth destroyed part of the Apartheid wall in Alizaryeh town east of
Pales601: occupation builds pub on historic cemetery .
Waze directing users away from 'PA controlled' East Jerusalem.
Settlers take over East Jerusalem home in the dead of night | +972 Magazine
Israeli occupation forces detain 17-year-old boy in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabal al-Zaitoun
Israeli occupation forces re-detained 16-year-old boy from East Jerusalem shortly after he was released
Complexities of identity and citizenship in East Jerusalem: half of Jerusalem Arabs want to be Israeli
What media won't tell you about the Hidden History of East Jerusalem
Scores of properties in occupied West Bank (including East Jerusalem) are listed for sale on RE/MAX Israel websites.
Several Jewish extremists on Sunday raised Israeli flags outside the gates of occupied East Jerusalem's...
East Jerusalem. Do you understand that most laws supposedly about 'Jews' are actually about Israelis, including Arab Israelis ?
Gil: where is everybody these streets are empty. Me: Gil it's 1:30 AM in East Jerusalem. Gil: true let's cross the street and party . *gunfire*
Yes. The Palestinians get the West Bank and East Jerusalem, Israel gets the Jordan Valley.
Cocktails at The American Colony Hotel, East Jerusalem in gardens that have hosted many famous visitors
Industrial exports from West Bank Golan and East Jerusalem to EU in 2012 accounted for less than 1% of Israel's total
Complaints about "Dig" whitewashing illegal settlements in East Jerusalem.
but Obama is criticizing Israel,Israel has all the rights to build in East Jerusalem to protect their capital.
Israel says boy is ‘moderately injured’ after his skull is fractured by rubber bullet in East Jerusalem: Pales...
In the 6-day war Israel captured Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem from Jordan's King Hussein - NOT from Yasser Arafat!!
Remove all Jews from the West Bank and East Jerusalem and only then there might be peace.
Signs of the clashes this morning in the Mount of Olives / Mount Scopus areas of East Jerusalem...
Israeli forces firing tear gas "extensively" in Mount Scopus area of East Jerusalem
Israeli Forces closed off areas in Mount Scopus, East Jerusalem after Amran Omar Abu Dheim was killed this morning
Excellent piece on the ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem.
Jewish National Fund & Israeli setter group seek to evict family from their home in East Jerusalem
The Ruweidi family is at seek of being kicked out of their East Jerusalem home by the Jewish National Fund:
"Ministry strike leaves East Jerusalem it's on limbo" >
Israel plans to expel 120 Bedouin from their land in East Jerusalem--to make a landfill site.
Palestinian land in East Jerusalem to be used for Israeli landfill site
the Temple Mount in East Jerusalem is for all jews, Christian, Hindus, homosexuals, transgender, native Indians etc worship
East Jerusalem mother of two joins Islamic State via
The United Nations has condemned Israel for illegally demolishing houses of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, leaving 77 people, over half of whom are children, homeless in three days.
Israel destroyed a Palestinian building in East Jerusalem, the 3rd such home demolition in the last two days.
I started this morning in East Jerusalem, about 22 hours ago. The day got colder.
The road map for peace in the Middle East has been jammed for years, with Jewish settlers given the "green light" to build settlements on occupied Palestinian land. Now it seems the inequalities between Israelis and Palestinians are being reflected also on the roads in East Jerusalem. As Al Jazeera's Jacky Rowland experiences, the traffic lights seem to favour some more than others.
Today is Martin Luther King's birthday. It is hard for me to remember today without remembering another. It was April, 1968. I was a student in Paris but the university was closed due to the student riots and so I'd left the upheaval of Paris and gone to Israel to visit family in Tel Aviv. When my family fled Russia in the 1880s, escaping the pogroms, a portion went to Palestine where they had lived for almost a century. I was 19 but already I saw what problems the Middle East faced. Israel had just annexed the West Bank and East Jerusalem and despite my family's enthusiasm, even I knew that this was going to be a huge mistake. I left them to travel around the country and had spent a night of danger and fear, too complicated to go into here, wandering through East Jerusalem until I landed early in the morning in a cafe. I was exhausted, confused, and frightened by the world. I'd just ordered coffee and an omelette when a young man sitting across from me picked up an English newspaper and I read th ...
Who Should Be Blamed For Muslim Terrorism? By Andre Vltchek A hundred years ago, it would have been unimaginable to have a pair of Muslim men enter a cafe or a public transportation vehicle, and then blow themselves up, killing dozens. Or to massacre the staff of a satirical magazine in Paris! Things like that were simply not done. When you read the memoirs of Edward Said, or talk to old men and women in East Jerusalem, it becomes clear that the great part of Palestinian society used to be absolutely secular and moderate. It cared about life, culture, and even fashion, more than about religious dogmas. The same could be said about many other Muslim societies, including those of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt and Indonesia. Old photos speak for themselves. That is why it is so important to study old images again and again, carefully. Islam is not only a religion; it is also an enormous culture, one of the greatest on Earth, which has enriched our humanity with some of the paramount scientific and architectural a ...
Delegates touch the Stone of the Anointing at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in East Jerusalem.
Israel occupied East Jerusalem during the 1967 Middle East War. It later annexed the holy city in 1980.
Placing on Reservations is like Israel's prison camps in Gaza, East Jerusalem and Westbank.
How was 2014 for Palestinian Children? - a report by Defence for Children International Palestine: "2014 will be remembered for the images it broadcast to the world from the Gaza Strip. These images depicted children fleeing from heavy bombing and shelling by Israeli forces, taking shelter with their families in crowded UN schools, or convalescing in Gaza’s overstretched hospitals. Among the most tragic were those that showed the bodies of four young boys, aged between 7 and 11, killed by a projectile fired by the Israeli navy, as they played on a Gaza beach during the offensive. But the suffering of Palestinian children was not limited to the 50-day offensive on the Gaza Strip, nor was it limited to the geographical confines of the 25 square mile coastal enclave. In the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, it was Palestinian children who continued to pay the heaviest price for the ongoing Israeli military occupation." Read the full report here:
We witnessed the inmates running the asylum when Australia was installed to chair the UN in order to prevent the international recognition of the State of Palestine based on the borders prior to the Six Day War, with East Jerusalem as its capital, a proposition supported by the majority members of UN states but repeatedly thwarted by the Anglo-Zionist cabal. PLO Executive Committee member, Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, strongly denounced the UN Security Council vote in which the resolution to end the Israeli occupation failed to pass: “The UN Security Council vote is outrageously shameful. It is ironic that while the United Nations designated 2014 as the International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, the resolution failed to pass as an indication of a failure of will by some members of the international community. Furthermore, all the articles of the resolution are consistent with declared American policy, international law, UN resolutions, and the requirements of peace. The extent to which the U.S. ...
The United Nations Security Council just voted against a controversial Palestinian Authority proposal, introduced by Jordan, requiring Israel to pull back to the 1967 lines (the 1949 Armistice line), including designating all of East Jerusalem (which includes the ancient Jewish Quarter of the Old...
Israel to build 12 factories in industrial zone of illegal Israeli settlement of Mishor Adumim in East Jerusalem
More illegal settlements approved by Israel Israeli authorities has given final approval to the construction of 380 new illegal settler homes in two areas of occupied East Jerusalem, a local official said. "The municipal commission has given construction permits for 307 homes in Ramot and 73 in Har Homa," Yosef Pepe Alalu, a Jerusalem city councillor with the opposition Meretz party, told the AFP news agency on Wednesday. Haaretz newspaper reported that final building permits can now be issued and once that has been done, construction may begin. The collapse of US-brokered peace talks, Israel's war last summer in the Gaza Strip against Hamas, and continued Israeli settlement construction in East Jerusalem have added to the distrust between Israel and Palestine. About 200,000 Jewish Israelis live in settlement areas like Ramot that ring East Jerusalem to help cement Israeli control. Settlement building in the territories occupied by Israel during the 1967 Six Day War is considered illegal under internatio ...
Obama Mulling Sanctions On Israel The Obama administration is refusing to discuss reports that emerged early Thursday claiming that the White House is considering imposing sanctions on Israel for continuing construction on Jewish homes in Jerusalem. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf dodged several questions on Thursday when confronted with reports that the administration had held secret internal meetings to discuss taking action against Israel for its ongoing building in East Jerusalem. The classified meetings were reportedly held several weeks ago and included officials from both the State Department and White House, according to the Israeli daily Ha’aretz, which first reported on the meetings. The possibility of sanctioning Israel for its ongoing construction sends a signal that the Obama administration is willing to go further in its denunciations of Israel then any previous White House. At the same time, the White House is vigorously pushing Congress against passing new sanctions on Iran. When ...
Israel approves 243 new settler homes in East Jerusalem - JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel has given preliminary appro...
380 New Illegal Housing Units to be Built in East Jerusalem: The Israeli West Jerusalem municipality has appro...
Rockets test-fired from Gaza Strip as Israel demolishes East Jerusalem fl
But the threat of the draft seems to have been enough to jolt the international community into action. France stepped into the fray last month and, with Britain and Germany, began discussing options for a separate resolution. Diplomatic flurry Keen to head off a diplomatic crisis, Kerry held a flurry of meetings this week with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestinian negotiators and European ministers. The United States was concerned that a UN resolution could play into the hands of Israeli hardliners as the country heads toward elections in March and suggested it could be delayed. A US veto risks angering key Arab allies, including partners in the US-led coalition carrying out air strikes against the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq. The latest round of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, shepherded by Kerry, collapsed in April amid mutual recriminations. This summer's 50-day war in Gaza followed, and tensions have boiled over in the West Bank and East Jerusalem with a series of deadly at ...
In now, but just 3 days ago I was in East Jerusalem, talking to Khaled by the ruins of his demolished home http:/…
ISIL IS A ISRAELI MERCENARY ARMY. AN OUTSPOKEN AMERICAN AUTHOR AND ISLAMIC STUDIES EXPERT SAYS THE TAKFIRI ISIL TERRORIST GROUP IS ADVANCING THE AGENDA OF THE ISRAELI REGIME. Why hasn't ISIL attacked Israel yet ? Well now you know why... Because Israel is one of their biggest covert sponsors ! An outspoken American author and Islamic studies expert says the Takfiri ISIL terrorist group is advancing the agenda of the Israeli regime. Dr. Kevin Barrett told Press TV from Madison that the ISIL is a “mercenary army,” which has been organized by the Zionists. The ISIL has been fighting on behalf of Zionism in order to “destabilize Syria” and “cripple the anti-Israeli resistance” across the region, Barrett said. He also said that the ISIL ideology is similar to the Israeli forces committing crimes against the Palestinians in East Jerusalem al-Quds and elsewhere across the occupied Palestinian territories. He strongly criticized the “Zionist-dominated” Western media for demonizing Muslims by attri ...
Just over 2000 years ago Jesus said that the nation of Israel would be destroyed. In the year 70 A.D. the Roman empire did just that. The book of Ezekiel goes further to say that although the Jewish people would be spread to the corners of the Earth, they would retain their identity. Ezekiel also tells us that before the last days, because a great calamity would befall the Jewish people, they would be given their nation once more. This was fulfilled after the holocaust, when in 1948, Israel regained statehood. But the bible does not stop there in foretelling the events to come. We also learn that Israels arab neighbors would together "conspire to cut them off as a nation." The Bible goes on to say Israel would not only survive, but capture land from all her attackers. In 1967 in what would come to be know as the Six Day War, Israel was attacked by Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. As predicted, Israel captured the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan, and the ...
Report: 380 Palestinians arrested by Israeli forces in last 20 days in East Jerusalem & the West Bank
Israeli army, police, Shin Bet set up joint East Jerusalem intel team - Haaretz
Israel has demolished the East Jerusalem home of a Palestinian who carried out a deadly October attack, just hours after Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli prime mi...
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