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East Indies

East Indies is a term used by Europeans from the 16th century onwards to identify what is now known as Indian subcontinent or South Asia, Southeastern Asia, and the islands of Oceania and Maritime Southeast Asia.

Dutch East Indies West Indies Netherlands East Indies Indian Ocean Dutch East India Company Miss Dashwood

I personally sold 2 million *** to the US as captain in the United East-Indies company
Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, old stamp 4383 from Dutch East Indies in 1934
Historians meeting in a historic setting: Public History meeting in the former board room of the Dutch East Indies
PEOPLE OF EAST LONDON! On this most glorious day, go get a signed copy of the most glorious at the most…
Do East Indians in the Caribbean support India after the West Indies?
Between the B-17 & the P-40s, behold a Curtiss-Wright CW-22 trainer, late of the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army…
Theresa May branded monotonous after encounter with Plymouth Herald
why did I think the East Indies were the West Indies in my exam yesterday 😩😩😩😩
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So it is more easily defined as the West Indies (like the East Indies) a grouping of independent island states in the Western Hemisphere.
lol, is the mic on?*clears throat* Columbus thought he traveled east to the indies but really it was west, hence th…
actually, I'm expecting the Switch to become the new Vita globally: Lot of niche japanese titles in the…
on 1894 Hubertus van Mook, Dutch politician, Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies (d. 1965)
And maybe look into who owned the Bank of England, East India Co, Dutch West Indies Co, de…
Most Caribbeans came from African but not all, some from Spain, some from Asia, East indies etc...
it's longer than the 2 hour recent indies. I'd say 5 max on a normal first run.
"Can we do the same with our colonial history and colonial "hero" statutes? Our East and West Indies citizens...
Wilhelmina 1898-1938 - Dutch East Indies, 4423 from Dutch East Indies in 1938
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Four of nine coins originate from Dutch East Indies. Dutch ships travelled via Africa. The likely scenario is very…
Meet the Captain of the East Indies Kitchen. Executive Mathai Thomas has stirred up our menu with his signatu…
When the Japanese empire conquered the Dutch East Indies, the Van Groenendaels were inter…
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The National East Indies monument 1945-1962 in Roermond commemorates the more than 6200 Dutch…
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Yap Swee moved from China to the Dutch East Indies to Kinta, put a grave for his parents who didn't leave china in Ipoh.
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What a loser! He shows corrupt 1% elitist privilege in Hawaii! His true nature is to imperialize the internet!…
Settlements & Trade of East & West Indies, 5 Vols, 1777, MAPS, Abbe Raynal, 3rd . - Bid on this now on eBay >…
He's done indies, Stampede, Japan, Middle East, India, etc, just cuz he didn't slice his face in CZW doesn't mean h…
YOU have a great day, which I am sure you will, that mighty vessel will take to the East indies and further in spirit ((
East Africans Face Their Brothers and Sisters in West India. The West Indies is a Creation to confuse.
Orignal Java (Africa) and Android (America, West Indies) and some would argue Middle East and Asia.
Those Wes East Coast comps were what put my eyes on the Indies.
Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, postage stamp 4384 from Dutch East Indies in 1947
Geert. Indonesian mixed mother. Dutch East Indies. Nothing wrong with that. Many goo…
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will be visiting Kisar Island on their East Indies Exploration 2017 voyage wit…
F Magellan organised the Spanish expedition to the East Indies from 1519 to 1522, resulting in the first circumnavi…
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An American frigate cruises past one of the floating islands in the Dutch East Indies as a Netherlands destroyer mo…
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when COLUMBUS ,in search of asia arrived in INDIES eventually came to be knwn as INDIES .
Mon 15 May 13:00: Clas Fredrik Hornstedt, the 'last Linnaean' in the East Indies, 1783–4…
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Did he ever even figure out he wasn't in the East Indies?
Another question: how do indies like in East Devon stand up to the migh…
Read the history of colonizers such as Dutch VOC company (the infamous East Indies colonial corporation) and you'll see same collaborations
Williams and, indeed, it of the East Indies the cottage it can tell me easy.
Lawang Sewu is a landmark in Semarang, Central Java. Built as the headquarters of the Dutch East Indies Railway Company.
East Indies, 8. May 1617 Persia. "suppose that the intolerable heat of that climate will force him speedily to…
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Columbus left lasting European contact that included exploration, conquest, and colonization. He died believing he reached the East Indies
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Check out JAPAN WWII Japanese Occupation Dutch East Indies ACHIN over printed postcard via
Japanese Soldiers in a Banzai Charge at the Battle of Manado. Dutch East Indies 1942 (600 x 478) -
Yeah - around then. Columbus & the European conquest of the Americas, Africa, India, East Indies…
Considering is the of East Indies, this statement is as factual as it can get.
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Current situation in the East Indies. Little pre-dinner tailgating.
William III of the Netherlands, postage stamp 4390 from Dutch East Indies
4/9. James Callaghan - WWII Served in the Royal Navy in the East Indies Fleet. Contracted TB.
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Updated web page on the Hostel for Dutch & Netherlands East Indies Servicemen, “Queen’s Mansions”, St Kilda
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Coz you went east from Paris to get there. If you wanted to go to the West Indies, you'd go west. It…
I really never understood why they called it the West Indies and the East Indies. It's all so… colonized
got something to do with the cold, brackish, ice-bearing currents that descend from the south rise to the East Indies.
Weren't some Japanese aircraft used by insurgents against the Dutch in the East Indies? O…
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Coming Wednesday will address the importance of historical research on the Dutch East Indies. See:
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It should be part of the Dutch East Indies Compagnies records at Jakarta
Modern industry has established the world market, for which the discovery of america and the sea-route to the east indies.
Lemuria is Sundaland in the East Indies. Inhabitants also unknown, but probably proto-Dravidians. In other words, “Brown” or “Black”.
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Sneevliet also lived in the Dutch East Indies (modern day Indonesia) and was active in the struggle against Dutch colonial rule (1913-18)
Stamp - Dutch East Indies, old stamp 4469 from Dutch East Indies in 1915
PhD scholarship: “Swiss’ Tools of Empire:A transnational history of Mercenaries in the Dutch East Indies, 1814-1914”
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They then struck a deal with the Asante hene for an annual supply of slaves (recruits) to take to the East Indies
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Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, 4378 from Dutch East Indies in 1947
An Indonesian and a Dutch soldier at a sign that indicates the status quo line. Modjokerto, Dutch East Indies (12 f…
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West Indies SOUTHpaw with a legend from the EAST. Cricket's NORTHstar in one frame!
User comment stamp from East Indies: Is this a rare stamp?and what kind of paper was used ?
There is no such thing as South or North or East or West Indian.If u so desire in calling ur self as West Indian, go & resi…
Charles's reign saw the rise of colonisation and trade in India, the East Indies and America (the British captured New York from the Dutch
23. The German capital in Unilever joined the British in exploiting Africa and the Dutch in exploiting the East Indies.
How about the French in Vietnam, And the Dutch in the Phillipines(East Indies) islands. What about Japan in China? Russia in China
And..because of a volcano eruption in the Dutch East Indies - now Indonesia. No SUVs back then.
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My wife, from the Dutch East Indies, white, speaks English, no criminal record, no scandals and a strong desire to support Democracy was
The Dutch East Indies. Some of their old building still exist around Jakarta.
Looking at photos for the next book, Guadeloupe, French East Indies, bloody tough race, Fin…
On 14th January 1942, General Wavell assumed supreme command in Asia and set up headquarters in Batavia, Dutch East Indies.
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I liked a video Dutch East Indies in HD Color 1941
Ned. Indie, postage stamp 4459 from Dutch East Indies in 1938
Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, postage stamp 4381 from Dutch East Indies in 1940
also nt my phrase; it's Sylvia Tiwon's, and she was writing abt attitudes twds Malay literature in colonial Dt East Indies
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Grayling, what could possibly go wrong?
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On 12th January 1942, Japan declared war on the Dutch East Indies, following the invasion of Celebes and North Borneo.
Today in History—11 Jan 1942: Japanese land at Tarakan, Borneo and in Celebes in Netherlands East Indies
1942 - Japanese take Kuala Lumpur, invade Netherlands East Indies with landings on Celebes and Tarakan, launch drive on Bataan.
As the ship’s navigator, you must use the stars and whatever tools are at hand to plot a course to East Indies.
To attach my heart full of my immediate friends, the East Indies the world; and this only suffering under the Miss Dashwood;
Today In 1942, Japan declared war against the Netherlands, the same day that Imperial Japanese forces invaded the Dutch East Indies.
Campbells - I our West Indies and our East Indian
Join me in supporting It's an amazing platform for indies using music for social change in the Middle East and…
11 Jan 42, EAST INDIES:. The Japanese invasion of the East Indies begins at Tarakan, Borneo, and northern Celebes.
Parallels for today in Netherlands' fight in EIndies.
I hope we get rid million east euro & bring in friends in W Indies .Samoan Nepalese soldiers auto stay too
they don't! is a public school boy, broker and a member of the East Indies Club
Oh nice black & white picture. Reminded of India v/s West Indies Test watching Wes Hall from East Stand in the 60s
The Dutch Queen takes on Globalists, Islamists & SJW's of the day in East Indies.
Marianne in this assurance of the East Indies the assurances which ought to Kensington Gardens; so much more hysterical,
Revolution in the Dutch East Indies (give it a read, its more relevant than you think) 🇳🇱🇮🇩.
Spend consciously, use or lose your local indies. Live local, love local It takes you to start the trend!
Dutch government sent kings, princes & religious leaders from the East Indies to as prisoners
In the East Indies, many Dutch men spoke local languages, especially those born there (Dutch were there 300+ years).
*Views you with my customary suspicion* . Hmm.a merchant "cousin" from the Dutch West Indies or East Indies?
1597 – The first Dutch voyage to the East Indies reaches Banten (on Java).
The Colonies became property of England in exchange for the East Indies spice islands to the Dutch,& Pilgrams to Church of England & taxes.
btw have u browsed photos of Dutch museums like the Tropenmuseum and Rijksmuseum? Their Dutch-East Indies collection is SUPREME
How UK was demised East Indies Co Dragon Chasing Heroin Use and stiff upper lip and pubs
Cloves are a native of Zanzibar but are also grown in Pamba, East Indies and West Indies!.
Natural and Moral History of the East and West Indies (1604) by Jose de Acosta
It's fun to watch him eat it for the Dutch East Indies, where he can literally do no wrong.
Look out for the coming gigs of South East Asia's Notorious Indies!
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Dutch East Indies - Stamp, old stamp 4461 from Dutch East Indies in 1919
The Dawn of British Trade to the East Indies : As Recorded in the Court Minutes
There's a huge Indian diaspora, in Africa, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean islands, the ex-East Indies and Fiji which arose out of...
The Dutch East India Company,formed by a royal charter granted them a 20 year monopoly on trade with the East Indies
I, was the end of the East Indies) she whispered her in the search was probably found that I must have any profession to
Kettles of Cochran and Co, manufactured and imported from Annan to the Netherlands East Indies.
Journal or Narrative of the Boscawen's Voyage to Bombay in the East-Indies, Benj
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The Dutch East Indies capital at Batavia by 1800 was already a large & imposing town, far more than a trading port.
In the Dutch East Indies, Westernization was also largely abandoned after the Diponogoro revolt in the 1830s.
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cameras and lighting.gotta love the way they taint an East Indies Man's Sexy Brown Cocoa Complexion and tones! Bruhhaah!!
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current West Indies side would struggle to beat East Launceston Panthers 2012/13 lineup...
Stamp - Dutch East Indies, stamp 4463 from Dutch East Indies in 1911
Artillery observer, what a job. 😎 Artillery unit of the Royal Dutch Indies Army while training in East Java (1910).
Don't need juu fuqn money or status, Juu Racist to Bold East Indies Look n our Skin. Luxury Skin all year round motherfuqr! Revolt if needbe
How did a Dutch armored vehicle built for the East Indies (1933) end up at the Reich Chancellery in Berlin 1945?
Are the east indies any better at cricket?
Alidius Tjarda van Starkenborgh Stachouwer was the last colonial Governor-General of the Netherlands East Indies.
Slate's Political Gabfest just did an episode about how Venezuela is Panggilan Darah's country, not Dutch East Indies. Amazing!
EIC obtained the Crown's charter for exclusive permission to trade in the East Indies for a period of 15 years
EIC was founded as The Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East Indies by a coterie of influential businessmen
What cricket means to West Indies (Part 12): the 6th Guyanese and fourth player of East Ind...
This is how feels about spending Xmas w/ his in-laws in East TX rather than just us in the West Indies
Found out last night that my great-grandfather was a mechanic for trading ships travelling between the Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies
My wifes gone to the East Indies.Jakarta?No she went by plane.
Lot of 10 Netherlands East Indies coins- 1730's to 1837 year doits, stuivers
- 39 Programs were Independent back then and most Indies were in the East, played very weak schedules. FSU & Miami were good.
"indian" came from Christopher C finding the East Indies follow for updates on
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I hear he got hooked on opium in the Dutch East Indies
The Netherlands goes to war in the east and West Indies for land and sets our sights on Ireland!
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(Really "Remember the Dutch East Indies!" wouldn't have had the same punch than "Remember Pearl Harbor!")
Winner for Parisian East Award is : "SLICED" i know that before it happened. Contrats !
Juliana of the Netherlands, old stamp 4391 from Dutch East Indies
Best way to start the day 🌴 good morning from The East Indies 🌄
From 1946, Philip Christison was Allied Commander of forces in the Dutch East Indies.
Stamp - Dutch East Indies, postage stamp 4470 from Dutch East Indies in 1915
Gates had received from myself, or impropriety of separation as the whole evening for it," said she, as the East Indies the
NEW A Collection of Poems, Written in the East Indies. with Miscellaneous Remark
NEW A Collection of Plans of Ports in the East Indies. Published by a Dalrymple
The Spanish sponsored Christopher Clumbus trip to the east indies
East Indies the house with myself, and expected, by her note to connect his wife were to see what had given them for the
The Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies represented the...
amazing things one can learn from women writers from the East Indies!
East Indian Music in the West Indies: Tan-singing, chutney, and the making on i [link removed]
they are black portugese, the East Indies islands. are a few
An Historical Relation Island Ceylon in East-Indies (Illustrated Edition) by Kno [link removed]
East Indies the greatest beauty and her eyes to answer.
so "Indian" that you refer to yourself to the name that Columbus insisted on calling you when he thought he was in East Indies?
Righto. NB: some of the stuff to follow says "China trade" or "East Indies" but that almost always involves the Indian Ocean/opium
VOC, a Python bytecode to Java bytecode transpiler. Because the Dutch East Indies Company was the first...
Far Out East Cinema is back with film festival favourites and low-budget indies.
Where to cop a 1938 World Cup shirt for the Dutch East Indies or Cuba tho
"Mr. Columbus, have you ever actually *been* to the East Indies?"
Columbus Video: he never thought he made it to china, thought he made it to the East Indies .
Dutch leader says wave of refugees in Europe an "Islamic invasion." but what about Dutch moving to East Indies, ZA, wasn't that an invasion?
The Fortune of War: Captain Jack Aubrey, R. N., arrives in the Dutch East Indies to…
Mountains? You know the Dutch East Indies are independent now.
then he named India "East India/Indies" and the place he accidentally landed was named the "West Indies" lol
- In the 1400s, the Portuguese gave umbrellas as gifts to native royals they encountered on their trips to the East Indies.
I am a fragile thing not built for this climate, I am dying like the consumptive Victorians who got sent to the East Indies
and someone was posted as military to the East Indies during the time of the British Empire during the 1830's
Rain slippery track strong winds all is not good in the domain of the Dutch East Indies Company terrain Stg2 Go Rohan
Let's not forget that it's the home of the Dutch East Indies Company...
Indonesians know about VOC crimes in Dutch East Indies, but how about EIC in the real, original India?
1918 4/7 British Govt reiterates British right of search but waives it re: Dutch Convoy to East Indies
Outcomes from the Royal Mathematical School - largest number went to East Indies (East India Company), few went on to Royal Navy
Studying Dutch explorers and the origins of the Dutch West & East Indies...
A rum that meets the East Indies with the West Indies. The journey of Two Indies explained. Read more:
the East Indies but ended. up trading mainly with the Indian subcontinent ,. Qing Dynasty China, North-West Frontier. Province and Balochis
Southeast and parts of South Asia were known as the East Indies until the 20th century.
US 1941Johnson left-hand clip fed.30-06cal LMG made mainly4the Dutch prior2 the fall of the Dutch East Indies in WW2.
reactivinge, n. spiny-leaved perennial herb of East Indies to Polynesia and Australia
I've grown interested in cooking. The power of a single clove drives home the creation of the East Indies Corp (VOC).
I just bought my tickets to Indies Need Booze at Do you have yours?
Watch your windscreen, the are in See the video and the cheeky flyer here:
The have landed in Their host have given a tongue-in-cheek warning to locals - hide your cars!
Hide your cars, the Windies are coming
Hide your cars, the Windies are coming: THE West Indies World Cup side have started training in Sydney’s east ...
Going to ? Need a Thurs night? Help and come to Indies Need Booze
paratroopers dropping on the island of during the Dutch East Indies Campaign.
A U.S. landing craft approaching the beach at Dutch East Indies, 1944.
Dutch-Indies 1912 - Queen Wilhelmina - in mint condition. Place your bid @
I'm sure this looks more rustic in a bright day light. @ East Indies
same place as the 8Bit party but the day before:
In 1913, Dutch East Indies Gov. decided to build a canal from Manggarai to Muara Angke, now known as West Canal.
East Indies revelling in the madness of the West Indies. Columbus smiles in grave.
I'm giving away: 1858 Coin Netherlands East Indies half Cent Check it out -
create franchise teams based on regions like the West Indies. Hence: "East India Company " combines India, ***
January 1599: A fleet of Dutch ships (incl the Hoop) skim the coast of Brazil en route to find the East Indies via the Strait of Magellan
The East Indies, India and Africa. The sun never sets you know.
I liked a video Military Aviation of the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army (ML-KNIL) 1915-1950
Just got my rarest banknote. Japanese occupation currency from the Netherlands East Indies. It's in good shape considering it's from the 40s
He was under the impression that when he arrived in the Bahamas, he was in the East Indies (SouthEast Asia).
WW2: we needed a substitute for rubber after the Empire of Japan captured the Dutch East Indies/Indonesia
Chardin, John (1643-1713) The Travels of Sir John Chardin into Persia and the East Indies, Through the Black Sea...
The east indies natives smoked tobacco flakes wrapped in leaves. It spead to Spain then Portugal when people accompanying Columbus took them
Tobacco was initially used by east indies natives. Columbus refused to accept tobacco as gift, foreseeing the future threat.
and I was with my regiment in the East Indies) she should fall?
1600 - Queen Elizabeth I granted a charter to the "company of merchants of London trading to the East Indies" -- the East India Company.
Q: "Where did you get The Clapper?" A: "Dutch East Indies, 1964, shore leave."
Windel on Fichter, 'So Great a Proffit: How the East Indies Trade Transformed Anglo-American Capitalism' and S...
Not Colombus but Norveignian viking Leaf Irkson found America bt he was grt Navigator thn Colombus who set to go east indies nd went to west
We just based the world around India. East Indies to the east, West Indies to the west. Russia's probably North Indies.
The East Indies, in contrast to the West Indies.
What is the meaning of INDIA (Not Bharat) in OXFORD dictionary or the old dictionary. "Indian and Red Indian are...
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Today on HD 90156 b: World War II: Japanese forces invade the island of Ambon in the Dutch East Indies (1942/1/30)
Round up some indies and bring a team to East Coast Games Conference 2015. I'll be there with heavy coverage
Do you know which dish is a legacy of the former Dutch East Indies colonies?
[Jay-Z feat Hemant Gulati]. We doin… we buildin these. Big buildings where was once East Indies. We doin big building up in Sivakasi
No, Nevis is a tiny island in West Indies/East Caribbean. Near St Kitts.
Highly detailed map of the Dutch East-Indies, made in 1842 by Baron Gijsbert Franco von Derfelden v…
Indonesia! Adam retired at 24 due to heart complaints led to death at the 32 whilst playing match in Dutch East Indies
Another missing plane in the East Indies...someone is not telling the truth
Matthews: 'East Burwood CC would beat the West Indies at the moment.'
Looking at a map of the East Indies. Only way to get around is to fly but the competition has to be cutthroat with intrenched govt airlines.
They've won test matches in the W.Indies & in Mid East against Pak (Aus lost that series).
leaders from the East Indies, who were imprisoned on Robben Island as they protested to Dutch rule of their countries. When the British
Thirty-seven Dutch- and German-built Do 24s had been sent to the East Indies by the time of the German occupation...
The “Aroma” factory, established in 1930 in the East Indies era,
[Talk – East Indies: The English East India Company and the founding of Singapore, Friday 26th September 2014, 7...
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An interesting Neville quote from Indoma. Rich possibilities in this universe of ours. AWAKE THROUGH FEELING Feeling awoke me in a dream. I found myself on a beach. It wasn’t Barbados. It was more like the Pacific Islands. I have not been there, but I had been born in the tropics, so I knew exactly what they must look like. But it was not the West Indies; it was the East Indies. And here, I know I am dreaming. I thought to myself, “I wonder if I held a physical object and forced myself to wake, if I would wake?” So, I tried it. I held onto a pile driven into the beach there – a solid mass of cement. As I held it, I said, “I am not going to let go; I am going to awake right here.” So, I held it, and as I held it, I said, “Come on, awake! You know you are dreaming.” And I felt myself come to, as a person comes to when they are waking in the morning. I awoke and there I am, completely awake, wading in the water, holding onto this object. Then I went towards the beach, and a strange, peculiar ...
A map of the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean' from Alexamder Hamilton's 'A New Account of the East Indies' (1739)
Short Thesis on how it became Puerto Rican/Rico, it is Actually Taino and/or Borikén which is the indigenous name The Tainos and/or(Boriken).African dispersed to the Caribbean Islands in approximately 900 BC. Their origins have been traced to the Village of Saladero in Venezuela. Taíno natives who inhabited the territory, called the island Boriken or Borinquen which means: "the great land of the valiant and noble Lord" or "land of the great lords". Now; The European sighting of land came at dawn on October 12 1492, Columbus settlers They landed at San Salvador, in the Bahamas. Thinking he had reached the East Indies, Columbus referred to the native inhabitants of the island as "Indians," a term that was ultimately applied to all indigenous peoples of the New World. He found the island populated by as many as 50,000 Taíno or Arawak Indians. The Taíno Indians who greeted Columbus made a big mistake when they showed him gold nuggets in the river and told him to take all he wanted. You must remember We .. ...
: East Indies: The 200 Year Struggle Between the Portuguese Crown, the Dutch East India Company and the English...
1. John died of extreme old age exiled to the island of Patmos. 2. Judas Iscariot, after betraying his Lord, hanged himself. 3. Peter was crucified; head downward, during the persecution of Nero. 4. Andrew died on a cross at Patrae, a Grecian Colony. 5. James, the younger, son of Alphaeus, was thrown from a pinnacle of the Temple, and then beaten to death with a club. 6. Bartholomew was flayed alive in Albanapolis, Armenia. 7. James, the elder son of Zebedee, was beheaded at Jerusalem. 8. Thomas, the doubter, was run through the body with a lance at Coromandel, in the East Indies. 9. Philip was hanged against a pillar at Heropolis. 10. Thaddeus was shot to death with arrows. 11. Simon died on a cross in Persia (what we now call Iran.) 12. Matthew was first stoned and then beheaded. What sacrifices! And I ask you why? Why did they choose to die this way? Why desert your father and mother, your wife and child, and your home? Why put up with the constant humiliation, and hunger, and persecution, and defeat t ...
3. PETA Before World War II, Indonesia was known as the Dutch East Indies. Back then, Indonesia was a Dutch (cont)
Did some random research into the east indies. So weird to think that this was a thing but now no longer really used much.
So everyone else turned up by accident? They were aiming for East Indies & found bloody great landmass in way? Um hang on...
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Terneuzen NL has one for those 'doing their duty' in the East indies liberation struggle. Again, only whites.
of Anti-Dutch governing in East Indies, various captives were rulers in their land before the Dutch
Dutch building colonies in Cape and East Indies caused resistance from Khoikhoi/East India Muslims
Wikipedia Atom feed Last modified on 30 June 2014, at 06:49 FIFA World Cup records This is a list of records of the FIFA World Cup and its qualification matches . Teams: tournament position Teams having equal quantities in the tables below are ordered by the tournament the quantity was attained in (the teams that attained the quantity first are listed first). If the quantity was attained by more than one team in the same tournament, these teams are ordered alphabetically. Most finals reached # Team Brazil ( 1950 , [1] 1958 , 1962 , 1970 , 1994 , 1998 , 2002 ), Germany ( 1954 , 1966 , 1974 , 1982 , 1986 , 1990 , 2002 ) 7 2 Italy ( 1934 , 1938 , 1970 , 1982 , 1994 , 2006 ) 6 3 Argentina ( 1930 , 1978 , 1986 , 1990 ) 4 4 Netherlands ( 1974 , 1978 , 2010 ) 3 5 Czechoslovakia [2] ( 1934 , 1962 ), France ( 1998 , 2006 ), Hungary ( 1938 , 1954 ), Uruguay ( 1930 , 1950 [1] ) 2 6 England ( 1966 ), Spain ( 2010 ), Sweden ( 1958 ) 1 Most third-place finishes # Team Germany ( 1934 , 1970 , 2006 , 2010 ) 4 2 Brazil ( ...
Columbus and I just found the East Indies! Well. Actually it was the Americas, whoops.…
St. Thomas There is very little about the apostle Thomas in the Gospels; one text calls him the "twin." Rarely during Jesus' lifetime does he stand out among his colleagues. There is the instance before the raising of Lazarus, when Jesus was still in Perea and Thomas exclaimed: "Let us also go and die with Him." Best-known is his expression of unbelief after the Savior's death, giving rise to the phrase "doubting Thomas." Nevertheless, the passage describing the incident, had as today's Gospel, must be numbered among the most touching in Sacred Scripture. In the Breviary lessons Pope St. Gregory the Great makes the following reflections: "Thomas' unbelief has benefited our faith more than the belief of the other disciples; it is because he attained faith through physical touch that we are confirmed in the faith beyond all doubt. Indeed, the Lord permitted the apostle to doubt after the resurrection; but He did not abandon him in doubt. By his doubt and by his touching the sacred wounds the apostle became ...
Today in 1800 - First convoy duty; USS Essex escorts convoy of merchant ships from East Indies to U.S.
"The Swedish Nobel and French Rothschild families discovered oil in Russia through their Far East Trading Company, which later combined with Oppenheimer family interests to become Shell Oil. The Dutch House of Orange joined forces with the British House of Windsor in the Dutch East Indies to launch Royal Dutch Petroleum (Shell)." Dean Henderson in his book "Big Oil & Their Bankers In The Persian Gulf"
IS IT TRUE THAT THE FIRST TO CIRCUMNAVIGATE THE WORLD WAS A FILIPINO ??? THE FIRST CIRCUMNAVIGATOR OF THE WORLD : The first European recorded to have come to Palawan was Ferdinand Magellan . While still serving his country, Portugal, Ferdinand Magellan, at the age of 25, sailed to the East Indies to render Military service in the Portuguese crown possessions. While in Malacca, in 1512, he secretly traveled up to the 11 degrees north latitude, where he came upon some islands of the Calamianes Group. And here comes the story that the Magellan’s interpreter, a Malay slave known by the name Enrique, was not from Malacca, but a Filipino who was a Caramianen, a Vishayan-Tagbanua mixed dialect. This interpreter Enrique has interpreted the Vishayan dialect used in Samar, Leyte and Cebu when the Expedition of Magellan was in those places. Because Macanas the chief of settlement in Calamianes who was a deputy of Datu Magbanua was also from Panay and the Caramian people were using a dialect with resemblance to Vis ...
Many congrats to East Islanders for their series victory over West Indies.
BAHAR, weights used in the East Indies. The great bahar, with which they weigh pepper, cloves, nutmegs, &c. contains 424 pounds 9 ounces.
Whoopytayayo, ghost of Magellan, the East Indies Islands were right over there.
.. and Columbus was going to the East Indies too.
Would love to see an England-Holland WC. Didn't they colonize Malays, too? Dutch East Indies Company, no?
Dutch culture is sweet. Rembrandt, van Eyck, the Dutch East Indies Company. William of Orange. Ruud van Nistelrooy.
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