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East Harlem

East Harlem, also known as Spanish Harlem and El Barrio, is a section of Harlem in the northeastern part of the New York City borough of Manhattan.

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Make all of our kids champions. Be a volunteer coach! & catch our call-to-coach vid at Times Sq!…
*** said Harlem only but this look like the whole east coast
New NY development will be LARGEST passive house in US, bringing 655 affordable apartments to East Harlem community!
82 years ago, an alligator was wrangled in an East Harlem sewer. For real, yo!
What's going on with that hardware building? Did someone convert a tenement into a loft building in East Harlem in…
82 years ago, a 125-pound alligator was wrangled in an East Harlem sewer
(7) n famous I gotta get this money, I gotta I just gotta Not a little a lotta from rap, a rough rida (Harlem) I'm prolly out in the east
Now's your chance to rent in a new construction East Harlem building for only $985/month:
New York going big with a development including 655 rentals in East Harlem
655, yes, you read that right, this scheme will bring 655 affordable rentals to East Harlem NY
655 new units of affordable housing coming to East Harlem
New renderings of Avalon Bay's 1100-unit Harlem rental tower at 321 East 96th are up. Click to take a peek:
The King of East Harlem has died, Frank Pellegrino, actor and impresario of Rao's. I have been trying to get in there f…
The International Stickball Hall of Fame resides in East Harlem, part of Assembly District 68 represented by
Would much rather see Phyllis Harrison-Ross honored in East Harlem than J. Marion Sims. Wouldn't you?
When I got to be an honorary king in the parade in East Harlem
An studio with sleek modern kitchen, terrace, and sophisticated layout to maximize space.…
2 men were injured, one was slashed and pepper sprayed, in an East Harlem subway fight.
GOOD IDEA OR NOT, FB FRIENDS?.I say yes, as a privilege and a way to stay connected to famiy
East Harlem has such a family vibe and I love it
you need to start listening to Dave East. Especially cause you from 'Harlem' 👀
2016 Christmas kick off with my brothers! @ East Harlem
🏆Guess who's | The 15 Best Places for Burgers in 🏆 via
Straphanger loses part of ear after being slashed in East Harlem subway station
Ring-necked Duck east side of Harlem Meer with ruddy ducks.
Fight breaks out on East Harlem subway platform, leaving one man with a slash to the face
Huge East Harlem development will have 400 affordable apartments
Two community members discussed plans to rezone East Harlem:
Sex offender arrested in East Harlem for grinding against woman in subway .
East Harlem has been a tough neighborhood since I was a child growing up in Manhattan! Some things never change. Wo…
I just reached East Harlem with 5,500 steps on my NYC 10 Miles
Great news!--Metropolitan Hospital in East Harlem Expands Services for Patients cc:
more than anything BDB's streetcar proposal reveals intricacy of real estate market are coalescing in East Harlem and Far Rockaway
Excited to welcome back the Young Women's Leadership School of East Harlem.
Marechal sur Instagram : Tarek Men at Work on 2nd avenue, East Harlem, NYC.
Presenter says it's "rational" that East Harlem's 3rd Avenue should replicate that of the UES?!?
I'm at E. 125th Street & Lexington Avenue in East Harlem, NY
Save the date for upcoming Long Island City, East Harlem and Gowanus neighborhood rezoning meetings.
This documentary is worth every bit of the 24 minutes. Shoutout to East Harlem. Check it out
Shouts to the Kingdome Games era and George Washington Carver Houses, East Harlem El Barrio
since when you lived in East Harlem 🤔
This is what I find out about on Fb.. Not the real news .. But this ISH lol @ East Harlem El…
Arrest made in attempted sex assault of 8-year-old in East Harlem
Just got on my block.. Saying wassup to the world .. @ East Harlem El Barrio Nyc
Transit police arrest armed farebeater on No. 6 train in East Harlem
Listen to Drake ~ Days In The East by octobersveryown on
Congrats to the East Harlem Talent Network on their 100th placement! Read more:
Make a direct and lasting impact on the success of our kids as a Volunteer Tutor!
since he posts photos I can say East Harlem (was in EV / LES for past 3 yrs)
MTA plans to sue New York City over a fire under the Metro-North tracks in East Harlem
The second floor of a Department of Sanitation garage in East Harlem is home to thousands of objects New Yorkers...
East City Fresh Market, a lone oasis in the food desert, faces threat as Walgreens closes in:
Vito Marcantonio represented East Harlem in Congress from 1935 to 1951 as an unwavering champion of civil rights. http…
“They cannot come in our neighborhood and build and we’re not going to benefit from it.”
Looking for a Digital strategy guru to join the team! We love to create&inspire. Also love to eat snacks.
Lol, I'm not. I live in Mt. Vernon but work in East Harlem.
We should all feel proud . He's one of our East Harlem Sons. CONTINUE FOLLOWING NOT YOUR PLANS BUT HIS PURPOSE
NYPD sent to sweep East Harlem for street vendors, give warnings to move on or else . Harlem.
Family of man killed in East Harlem hold basketball tournament: Paula Shaw-Leary's son, Matt Shaw, was shot o...
The meeting was in East Harlem where I work. We both live in Brooklyn but are from Cambria Heights, Queens.
Notably Council Speaker failed (for the 2nd time) to deliver her East Harlem base for
Getting the weekend started with some ☕️🍍in East Harlem! (via
Great video on rising housing prices in El Barrio: Last Tenant Standing in East Harlem via
I don't know what ur relationship with Dave East but y'all need to connect fr fr
Looks kinda like Buckminster Fuller and Shoji Sadao's Plan for East Harlem (1965)
Also on district development plans, I'm sure you're aware of East Harlem's
Join us in East today for unveiling, music, art for and
If you are in NYC today, don't miss the mural unveiling in East Harlem! . will be there.
Drakeford of Giscombe Realty: Commercial development is vibrant in East and North Harlem
Harlem RBI and Dream Charter are doing great work in East Harlem, proud to have been on the foundling team
new public installation pops with color on the East River esplanade in East Harlem! Whether...
45 years ago today, Lesane Parish Crooks was born in East Harlem, NY. Happy birthday Tupac Shakur!
Guess which way the homeless are being pushed out of East Harlem. I guarantee you it isn't south into the UES.
NYSoM presents a Viva La Mexico in East Harlem on Sun May 15 @ La Casita Garden from 2-4pm
You should check out the studies done on the Bronx and East Harlem.
Asthma rates for children in East Harlem and the Bronx are the highest in NYC. Poverty and the environment are at play.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Speaker & President chat before heading into Jefferson Houses Senior Center in East Harlem http…
"I'm taking dominoes to the White House!" -- Hillary Clinton in East Harlem
I've said Rockaway Beach & East Harlem were great investment opportunities for nearly 3 years now. Word is starting to get out 😶
From the Lower East side to Harlem, see our guide to art neighbourhoods in NYC https…
Geez, you'd think the Times would know the subway map a little better! That stop's in East Harlem.
You know it's getting warm when people start bussin shots in east Harlem 😔
(Looking for roommate) New apartment with huge private terrace (East Harlem) $1166
LISTEN: Why's there so much in East Harlem?
Staying in East Harlem. Looks gritty and rough but seems really vibrant from what I can tell so far. People seem very polite
Love is all around. Even in broken tiles at MTA stations in East Harlem. Harlem.
Somewhere on the east side of Harlem in search of a quality taco 🤔
Wat do u women think of this lady I ask for a pic on 125 East Harlem
Love this.. I had the same pair Nd worked at McDonald's making 8.50 a hour @ East Harlem El…
VIP's have already confirmed. . . Join the Premier East Harlem Democrats. . . .
East Harlem is (Not) a food desert. We don't need to lure new businesses. We need to support those that already exist htt…
When the guy you're dating thinks he's picked the most obscure East Harlem spot for dinner, but you're like "omg I love it th…
East Harlem too, please. It's really not what I needed to wake up to on a Saturday.
Does this business look familiar? Lloyd's Carrot Cake has had an East Harlem presence for years. Check out this... htt…
Cricket from east harlem, he dont care about you.
Hanging out with my bff this Friday night. @ East Harlem El Barrio Nyc
Found this on my homie page jlatthecomedian @ East Harlem El Barrio Nyc
is raising funds for East Harlem writing center for kids. Would love if you could share, thx!
I only went to school in East Harlem, bussed up there on a glitch, from the upper west side. I never knew why. ANGEL OF NEW JERUSALEM
Saw Creek Estates resident (and East Harlem native) Bonilla-Rodriguez to run for state House seat
Killer of Homeless Ex-Teacher May Have Been Found Dead in Hudson: Sources: Investigators believe they found the…
The wonderful history of Urban Garden Center in East Harlem
NYSoM presents its 4th annual Easter Eggstravaganza on Sat. March 26 @ Target East Harlem Garden on 117th...
Huge flooding in basements area of 109 to 110 Street and 3rd Avenue in East Harlem. Up to 8 feet of water.
Yorkville/East Harlem will become unlivable. please help us.
Happy for Dave East man glad to see somebody from Harlem winning
"We can't let this sanitation garage proposal be the standard for our community as new development continues to...
Judas in East Harlem: rezoning, rezoning, rezoning.
Decomposed body found in Hudson River may be suspect in near-decapitation of homeless man at East Harlem shelt...
Walking Harlem Brooklyn Queens the triangle first the working East towards the Islands. The North aftearwards.
This 'sweet, comical' dog duo needs a home
Hidden on the second floor of an East Harlem sanitation garage lies one of New York City’s most fascinating art...
This? "Visitors describe the collection as a unique way of retracing three decades of life in East Harlem."
and in East Harlem they painted all the cabs green too.
East • More DJ Quick and blood diss by Keke Loco- *** up in Harlem (1992): 1 of my favorite…
Dogs rescued from East Harlem apartment by NYPD ready to be adopted at as a pair
Riding through east Harlem your can see the gentrification .block to block
I forgot my headphones and I'm gonna have a lengthy commute from Harlem to East New York tonight. I'm SICK!
St Patrick day tanner drummer on East 125 street in Harlem NYC
I Don't video coming soon. I know you saw that red cam on the block you hater. Making East Harlem look good.
Also on the show a guest will be from the East Harlem neighborhood sold out by Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito and City Council
In late 2001 Lil Kim was scheduled to be in a move with Roots member Tariq Totter named '10029' about the life of 4 people…
Autumn Bush an amazing alumni from the pioneering TYWLS school at East Harlem.
Fake Bronx Real Estate Agent Stole $250K in Down Payments, DA Says: Dan Stern has been accused of stealing money…
: | Every Wednesday I travel by subway to east Harlem to teach a wonderfu…
Kathryn Garcia: Fund a consolidated sanitation garage in East Harlem and move trash trucks off our st... via
(1) East Harlem defeats (10) Millennium high 47-46 to win the Girls PSAL 'B' Championship. Up next are KIPP NYC & Jane Addams for the Boys!
12 Mar 2014 – A gas explosion in the New York City neighborhood of East Harlem kills eight and injures 70 others.
Room for rent in Awesome loft immediately available (East Harlem) $900
I agree. Walking east from Fifth Avenue shows stark contrast in character & development. East Harlem is other side of tracks.
So far he's only really been in the Bronx and Harlem and the lower east side. Not midtown. So I'm hoping I'm okay
where in east Harlem? You know my friend lives in east Harlem too
Police Save Suicidal Woman by Tracing Her Cellphone, NYPD Says: The 39-year-old woman was found semi-conscious…
if you have a moment while you're in NYC, come up to East Harlem, almost sure I've seen one of them in a local hardware store.
Why Bill’s zoning plan is in trouble. Harlem.
Ready for in Read more about what the East Harlem Neighborhood Plan will bring this season!
As the city rezones East New York, East Harlem, Flushing & other neighborhoods, groups are pushing for local jobs:
I'm gonna tour east harlem
Got smoked up by the owner of east Harlem 🔥
Was pizza 'd out, went for the healthy alternative. I got my guy Cam Newton! @ East Harlem El…
Evidence of colonial-era African-American burial ground found in e. Harlem:
Harlem, Brooklyn (Williamsburg, Bed Stuy, Buswhick), Lower East Side, the Village, Soho.. Those are good spots to chill nexttime
Found myself in East Harlem this trip quite a place overall not a fan of the classic cars in the area
Compare health ratings for restaurants in East Harlem before you eat 20160207
The difference between the prenatal yoga crowd in Harlem vs. the Upper East side is so noticeable it's a posterchild. 🙏
After housing fight in East Harlem building, nine affordable units open to applications:
Do you Follow us for a behind the scenes look @ East Harlem
bbc6music is now listening to Let's Get it on by East Harlem Bus Stop
A new favorite: East Harlem by Calvin Chandra on
Loved our dinner at Mountain Bird in East Harlem. Great meal. Worth the travel from BK
MonVLisV ft Dave East X comment, like, and share.
Take her to Langston Hughes stool on the east side of Harlem and read her poetry you wrote
.has mad love for Harlem. He showed some of his favorite spots:
2016's African American History Month opens with the discovery of a sacred burial ground in East Harlem.
Did your favorite East Harlem restaurant make this list?...
There's unearthed evidence in East Harlem of an African burial site.
gotta watch it sonson it's in east Harlem
What y'all think about that new rap cat from Harlem Dave east ?? Nas new artist
Cool photo of Lady Liberty: East Harlem Art. by fmiranda86 Great shot!
Ima be in east Harlem later bro. Not turning up or nothin but maybe we can meet up
Looking for the best food in Look no further:
I picked the worst time to be in east Harlem.
Veggie life, a little over 3 years now. Lifestyle. @ East Harlem El Barrio Nyc
seeking improvers of colorfor300seat theater in harlem rehearse Sunday 1/17 at 5pm to 9pm at 240 east 123st New York, NY
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Find out where the Steering Committee want to rezone East Harlem.
Seconds before the carnage. God bless the Philippines. East Harlem, January 2016
Based on what I see families purchasing at an East Harlem market, this is needed!
El Barrio could get a lot more crowded under a new rezoning proposal:
E. Harlem rezoning would upzone existing resi zones – *very* rarely happens in NYC, almost never in Manhattan:
Your internal biases became apparent when thecaller said he was from East Harlem not Brooklyn. NY is segregated.
North East • Harlem : sha-hef " stain gang " * new*: As i been 3 ny rappers…
When I say Harlem on the rise>you know may the east side be implied!
Harlem's and Wave Blaze link up on "Get Money, Stay Out The Way"
Adriana Garcia is one of a group of new Posse Scholars headed to college from East Harlem and other NYC communities. http…
How to eat your way through East Harlem:
Beautiful garden fairy brings sunshine and magic to Pleasant Village Community Garden. Harlem
See the celebrations of Three Kings Day in New York City's East Harlem.
Today's the last day for East Harlem independent bookstore
La Casa Azul bookstore in East Harlem is closing for a reason! Looking forward to evolution.
Independent bookstore in East Harlem closing Saturday to "evolve" its business model, owner says:
John Medina of spaking up for East Harlem truly affordable housing and good jobs!
Excited to join Friday's Peace March alongside & other great East Harlem and Citywide orgs!
Choosing not to release rage-face on the City Year Corps Member walking into East Harlem to greet school children WHILE SMOKING A CIGARETTE
I'm looking back over the year and it was all upper east side, midtown, or harlem mostly. -Natalie
Did you know that there are 50,000 Mexicans living in East Harlem?
Con Ed is accused of 11 violations of gas-safety regulations in 2014's East Harlem building blast that killed 8.
Some coaches take the field, others take the classroom! We're looking for Homework Coaches for our middle schoolers! https:/…
Street art walk through East Harlem.. This new was my favorite
Dam... chair says "We wrestled with MIH was born in East Harlem. But plan wasn't our …
East Harlem residents express their dissatisfaction with proposal at CB11 Meeting! . h…
Community Voices Heard out in full force to reject luxury rezoning in East Harlem.
East Harlem Movement for Justice "say no to Mayor s luxury housing plan.
Yeah... has right to break from on upzonings @ any time. East Harlem & Bronx just did
A new hope from Harlem to save New York. Chicago and ATL gota the market.
Dave East – Rich Or Broke: Harlem’s Dave East is gaining traction, popularity and all that stuff and here’s his…
Domino's Delivery Man Mugged for $20 in East Harlem, Police Say: The gunman laughed as the victim handed over cash…
Real Estate Prices are Rising Fastest in These Manhattan and Brooklyn Areas: Manhattan saw median rents rise to…
:0 chair says MIH was born in East Harlem & rejects what turned it into. .
Wow. member asks if HPD can guarantee housing to East Harlem if court throws out community preference. HPD can't
Cafe Bustelo the PBR of hipster coffee, was born in East Harlem.
Watching the NYC marathon at home, heading to East Harlem later to catch the live action!!
The 33-year-old NYPD officer who was fatally shot in the head last week while on duty in East Harlem was remembere…
You're there! Search: East Harlem, 11/1-11/5, 2 guests>Private Room, max price: $100. There are 16 listings left and yours is
New York Police Officer Dies After Being Shot in East Harlem: Randolph Holder, 33, was shot in the head around...
So sad. NYPD officer dies after he's shot in East Harlem: sources
.Slugger Mark Teixiera celebrates the opening of an East Harlem chater school's new $84m home
"...A special district was created linking the planned tower with public-housing projects in East Harlem."
Learn about Latino history and Puerto Ricans in New York with a series of events at El Museo dEl Barrio in East Harlem. 2:30 p.m.
East Harlem artists fuming over snub by council speaker's mural program:
Meet Black Singles 300x250
SCAM -- free professional massage for a gentleman East Harlem (Upper East Side)
I'll never get used to hearing East Harlem referred to as the "upper east side".
La Casa Azul in East Harlem features books by Latino writers - WABC-TV
More on on today's in Washington Heights, The Bronx and East Harlem. Spoke with and
Come on out! I will be at La Casa Azul Bookstore in East Harlem, reading from A Decent Woman and…
Yesterday I was part of a community health fair in East Harlem, put on by and
117th and Malcolm X is where I got struck. They don’t play. I’d say central East Harlem is worse than close to the river.
Bronx man charged with murder in East Harlem umbrella brawl
East Harlem kids "very excited" for Pope Francis' visit to school, plan questions for him:
NYPD: Prisoner Escaped Custody In Handcuffs - Police in East Harlem were on the hunt Sunday morning for a man ... -
East Harlem pricing hits new record | Real Estate Weekly
Autistic man who suffers from seizures missing from East Harlem | New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV
Uptown, we only get 20 seconds to cross Park Ave. In midtown, you get 30 seconds & just as wide. Why not in East Harlem?
New listing! 2br, East Harlem, Dishwasher, $2,750. Contact me to schedule a viewing.
no wonder you bored. Go uptown to Harlem or you can stay downtown to the east village,lower east side for cool weird vintage shop
don't know about Mia , but if you ever in NYC again, my cousin owns a boutique in East Harlem and he got 🔥🔥🔥
I mean look at where he's going when he's here. A school in East Harlem, a correctional facility in Philly, the White House
Nine people stole $2.7M through food stamps scam out of East Harlem grocery ... - New York Daily News -
"De Blasio! Four more years!" East Harlem onlooker who is apparently In a hurry for election year yelling at
Stickball Festival in East Harlem. Still goin on. Bronx Boro Pres just struck out lol.
My arteries are killing me just lookin at these frituras in East Harlem. Harlem. . RT
What's the Stickball Festival in East Harlem without frituras?. Harlem.
That's exactly what has happened in NYC- Harlem, Bronx, Brownsville, East New York, Bed-Stuy- communities of color!
Playing today w/ the Mambo Legends Orchestra @ the Old Timers Street Festival in East Harlem. We hit from 3:30-5pm @ 111th st and 5th ave!
Lin-Manuel (Hamilton) Miranda's "In the Heights" performed bouyantly by Harlem Rep in East Harlem only 30 blocks south of Washington Heights
free professional massage for a gentleman East Harlem (East Harlem)
This is what Yorkville and Lower East Harlem need to do! We are thousands strong but only when we stand united
Please don't forget to tell that Yorkville and Lower East Harlem residents deserve clean air
Such a grand day in the City. Resting my head in East Harlem for the last time tonight. New York, New York.
Dave East putting on hardest for Harlem right now imo
Jax would burn East Harlem to the ground!
Unexpected wisdom from an East Harlem pizzeria... ❤️🍕
What the heck and where in East Harlem?
Starting to feel the sun set on summer. @ East Harlem
Every Friday night in the Lorenz Latin Dance Studio in Glendale Queens and in East Harlem, and every Saturday...
East Harlem teacher explore city, community with students: Social stu... After School Program
Word is out: is thrilled to host Pope Francis at Our Lady Queen of Angels school in East Harlem!
Search on for gunman after 4 wounded in shooting in East Harlem
2 BR (East Harlem) $2400 2bd: Steps to Marcus Garvey Park and at the center of The 21st Century Harlem Renaiss...
According to NBC New York, a gas explosion at a residential building in East Harlem last year was likely due to a...
An improperly installed Con Edison joint and a break in an old city sewer line caused the East Harlem gas explosion last year.
Construction on Harlem River Drive SB from Willis Avenue Bridge to Exit 19 - East 127th Street
Hunter East Harlem wants to familiarize you with East Harlem's activist past:
The North Star is shining bright over East Harlem tonight
yea I know I'm literally saying ... I either want to have my child in North or East of Africa
Everyone is welcome to celebrate May 5 which it will be on sundày May 3rd at 109 East Harlem between 2nd and 3rd...
am participating in the new Flux Art Fair coming this May!
The Harlem riot of 1935 and the 1917 riot of East St. Louis were both race-riots that resulted in extensive damage of property.
Take a tour of w/ in this blog post on the nabe's top 10 most epic signs
Did you come out to today's East Harlem street games? Stopped by our table we shard with Friends of Thomas...
The "New" East Harlem aka "SpaHa" as it's being marketed. Pick a color (or scheme). And that round…
Career Night inspires East Harlem girls (or as we call them: future leaders)
Yo! NYC bus struck by bullet in East Harlem; pedestria
CPE Faculty pose at their 40th Anniversary. Harlem. Harlem.
NYC Comptroller sends a Proclamation for anniversary. Harlem. Harlem.
Going ham in East Harlem right now. Utilizing my Spanish skills!
In East Harlem at the crash site of Jerrison Garcia for 1-year memorial, breaks my heart Rodriguez
Lunch for Central Park East's 40th anniversary provided by Sabor Borinqueno :). Harlem. Harlem.
Staff Pick of the week! takes us on her lyrical journey living in East Harlem, NY
UPDATE: room added to Explore EAST HARLEM, MANHATTAN now!
Update your maps at Navteq
in East Harlem. Now till 4pm at 106th btw Madison and Park. Harlem.
Sun shines on the anniversary in East Harlem. field. Harlem.
"There is a crack in everything. And thats how light shines through" -Yvonne Smith. in Harlem.
Harlem varsity softball at St. Charles East is cancelled for today. F/S Tennis at Freeport is cancelled as well.
Boerum Hill in Brooklyn. But they visited me when I lived in East Harlem, too!
SEE IT: Shooting in East Harlem caught on video A shooter blasted away at a 23-year-old man in East Harlem,...
Took this in East Harlem at 6 am...Vintage filters added.East River morning . Photo by…
Aurora Anaya-Cerda, founder of La Casa Azul bookstore in East Harlem, White House "Champion of Change"
vet hospital staff in the East Harlem are extremely caring and professional.
Small business owners in East Harlem are anxiously awaiting a New York State Supreme Court decision on their...
Look what folks can do when they get a chance. Take note. matters
He backed up off the barrier, then kept going. It was at East 138th Street and Major Deegan. Hellish intersection.
"Its in harlem lets go, wait its in the upper east side, i dont wanna go there"
East Harlem students thriving thanks to robotics competition that teaches engineering
Dame Dash ego blocked his blessings. He could have been the LA Reid of the east coast but nope, he's stuck in that Harlem mindset.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Carnival Cruise Lines seeks keyboardist for immediate…
East Harlem parents protest Cuomo for withholding $$$ for NYC public schools.
talkin bout afrobeat are u coming to the workshop in east London tomorrow?
East Harlem students thriving thanks to robotics competition via
How did the 2014 East Harlem explosion impact you?
Welcome Gerard Marrone who takes on the role of East Harlem wiseguy, "Domenic Vico", in my upcoming feature film.
Get informed on our capital plan. Next Annual Plan town hall in East Harlem on 3/15, 6-8:30pm.
reporting! “I remember putting a jacket over my pajamas, running into the street & calling into NY1” —
East Harlem students thriving thanks to robotics competition
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